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>> No. 63606 YubYub
5th July 2019
Friday 4:54 am
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Mods are asleep

Post Ossett
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>> No. 65305 Auntiefucker
20th April 2020
Monday 4:56 am
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Took me ages to dig this up.
>> No. 65306 Auntiefucker
20th April 2020
Monday 4:57 am
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>> No. 65307 Auntiefucker
20th April 2020
Monday 9:12 am
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I think I was lurking IRC at home during the partay, feeling at least a little bit of FOMO, though we didn't have an acronym for it at the time. I do sometimes wonder if my life would have been appreciably different if I'd travelled the length of the country to get drunk with some internet strangers that one time. Probably not.
>> No. 65308 R4GE
20th April 2020
Monday 9:37 am
65308 spacer
I did discuss it at the time with a mate of mine but he wasn't up for it and I wasn't going alone. Might've been fun, who knows.
>> No. 65309 YubYub
20th April 2020
Monday 9:50 am
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Fuck me, never get the 117.

126/7 or 268A are the superior options.

>> No. 65297 Crabkiller
19th April 2020
Sunday 2:08 am
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>> No. 65287 YubYub
17th April 2020
Friday 11:24 am
65287 Sword or sheath?
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen
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>> No. 65290 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 4:04 pm
65290 spacer

phil mcknight.jpg
Looks too much like a youtube guitarist/e-celeb I occasionally watch.
>> No. 65291 YubYub
17th April 2020
Friday 5:34 pm
65291 spacer
or too little iykwim
>> No. 65292 Moralfag
17th April 2020
Friday 5:57 pm
65292 spacer
8/10, excellent dominatrix energy, would sign up to live in a cage under her bed any day.

>> No. 65279 Are Moaty
16th April 2020
Thursday 8:52 pm
65279 spacer
Is there any actual evidence that the robot moon oven is indeed a robot moon oven? It's certainly a robot. It's on the moon. However, is it an oven? You got dials and knobs like that on washing machines in the 80s and I've heard of coin operated washing machines but never a coin operated oven. It might just be a robot with no real function; people could simply be anthropomorphising a robot into an oven because it's a familiar kitchen appliance to them. If you have a look at the plot on Wikipedia:

>Cheese-loving inventor Wallace (Peter Sallis) and his dog Gromit run out of cheese. As "everyone knows the moon is made of cheese", they build a rocket and travel to the Moon in it. They encounter a coin-operated robot. Wallace inserts a coin, but nothing happens. After he and Gromit leave, the robot comes to life and gathers the dirty plates left at the picnic spot.

>The robot discovers a skiing magazine and yearns to travel to Earth. It repairs a broken piece of landscape, issues a parking ticket for the rocket, and is annoyed by an oil leak from the craft. The robot sneaks up on Wallace and prepares to strike him, but the money Wallace inserted runs out, and it freezes. Wallace takes the robot's nightstick as a souvenir, inserts another coin, and prepares to leave with Gromit.

☑ Robot
☑ Moon
☐ Oven

There you have it.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 65280 Ambulancelad
16th April 2020
Thursday 9:03 pm
65280 spacer
According to this transcript it's a refrigerator!

>[the bat hits Wallace, dialing to 0]
>Wallace: Hum? Camembert? [gets up, hitting the bat, then taking the bat, putting a coin in the refrigerator] Where you off to now? [takes a basket] Leave me to carry the basket, won't you?
>[the refrigerator dials to 10p, stretching his arms, grabbing a telescope, looking at the rocket, and the earth, then thinking of a refrigerator sliding down, putting the telescope back in, rolling to Wallace, climbing up, then the refrigerator tries to climb up, putting the ladder down]
>Wallace: Emergency countdown! Ten seconds and counting!
[the refrigerator takes out a pliers, cutting the rocket]
>Wallace: Hold tight, lad, and think of Lancashire hotpot.
>[the refrigerator continues cutting the rocket, going in, moving the pipe, pouring water, grabbing a box, lighting a match]
>Wallace: Ah! The fuse! You forgot to light the fuse!
>[the refrigerator light up with the skull, saying, "DANGER FUEL", firing the fuse, rumbling, taking the piece out, firing up out of the moon, flying back to earth, then they look at a refrigerator, dropping the pieces, blowing the wind, putting skis on, sliding down, waving it, waving to the refrigerator, then the refrigerator continues sliding down]
>> No. 65281 R4GE
16th April 2020
Thursday 10:44 pm
65281 spacer
I've always found that thing deeply unsettling. how does it propel itself when it clearly only has casters? who put it there? why is it coin operated? where did it get all the junk it already has in its drawer?
>> No. 65282 YubYub
16th April 2020
Thursday 11:03 pm
65282 spacer

Mods are part of the cover up!

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 65284 Samefag
17th April 2020
Friday 1:21 am
65284 spacer
I always felt like the reason a matter of loaf and death was the worst one was that all of the others are secretly horror films whereas that one is on the nose and that makes the horror troupes not as funny when they come up.

Even curse of the were rabbit subverts the troupe by making the monster and the priests rants absurd, the title gives the game away a bit. It was originally going to be called 'the great vegetable plot'.
>> No. 65285 Ambulancelad
17th April 2020
Friday 1:39 am
65285 spacer

You're lucky this is fuckin /IQ/ m8

>> No. 65277 Anonymous
15th April 2020
Wednesday 2:31 pm
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>> No. 65271 Auntiefucker
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:56 pm
65271 spacer

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>> No. 65272 YubYub
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:57 pm
65272 spacer
>> No. 65273 Searchfag
12th April 2020
Sunday 11:04 pm
65273 spacer
Analprint scan
>> No. 65274 Ambulancelad
13th April 2020
Monday 12:18 am
65274 spacer
Created an autonomous health monitoring system that uses facialsphincter recognition to categorise household member's poo based metrics like the Bristol stool chart and tell the lizard folk who is ripe for eating and who needs fattening up first.
>> No. 65275 Anonymous
13th April 2020
Monday 1:20 am
65275 spacer
I rue the day that Soviet submariner prevented nuclear annihilation.
>> No. 65276 Ambulancelad
13th April 2020
Monday 3:55 am
65276 spacer

>> No. 65267 Searchfag
12th April 2020
Sunday 7:29 pm
65267 spacer

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>> No. 65268 Ambulancelad
12th April 2020
Sunday 8:01 pm
65268 spacer
The only real challenge in that is getting them all up before they melt.
>> No. 65269 Samefag
12th April 2020
Sunday 8:53 pm
65269 spacer
If I need to pick something out of hot water I rinse my hand under the cold tap first. If you need to shove creme eggs up your bum freeze them first.
>> No. 65270 R4GE
12th April 2020
Sunday 10:42 pm
65270 spacer
you're assuming he meant at the same time. The guy looks like he's in his late 30s. 9 creme eggs over, say, 37 years isn't that bad.

we've also assumed that he unwrapped them, he might not have.

>> No. 65253 Auntiefucker
8th April 2020
Wednesday 8:40 pm
65253 spacer
Has the absolute fruitcake in earlsHeaton branched out or is there more than one of them?
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>> No. 65258 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 12:14 pm
65258 spacer


>> No. 65259 Anonymous
9th April 2020
Thursday 12:29 pm
65259 spacer
I made it a minute. The moment he said "we all remember banks" I had to switch off.
>> No. 65261 R4GE
9th April 2020
Thursday 6:48 pm
65261 spacer
You mean you tube?
>> No. 65264 Samefag
9th April 2020
Thursday 8:53 pm
65264 spacer
I feel like I might have spent an evening talking to this bloke in inns of court after a bit of coke.

he certainly seems to have done his research.
>> No. 65265 R4GE
9th April 2020
Thursday 9:20 pm
65265 spacer
TBH mate i can barely use google as became apparent in that Zogs thread. I for one welcome the simple instructions.

>> No. 65203 Anonymous
4th April 2020
Saturday 11:23 pm
65203 spacer
Lembit Opik: top shagger

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>> No. 65241 Moralfag
6th April 2020
Monday 10:19 am
65241 spacer

>> No. 65242 Billbob
6th April 2020
Monday 10:29 am
65242 spacer

this is a popular misconception, but big dick energy is not a term to describe someone with an actual big dick. that's just someone with a big dick.

big dick energy is for someone with an average or small penis, or even no penis at all, in the case of women, but whom act with the presumed confidence and cockiness of someone with a big dick. hence big dick energy.
>> No. 65243 YubYub
6th April 2020
Monday 1:37 pm
65243 spacer
Pretty sure it refers to a genuine confidence regardless of cock size.
>> No. 65244 YubYub
6th April 2020
Monday 2:56 pm
65244 spacer

While it's true you can have big dick energy with any size of knob, or even none at all, the phrase does not preclude those with actual large penises.
>> No. 65251 Auntiefucker
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:12 pm
65251 spacer

Did Roland Scholten have a massive knob or was he just pretending?

>> No. 65190 Moralfag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 5:05 pm
65190 spacer
if you & your dad were in a terrible accident where he was killed and your penis was smashed to pieces would you let them transplant his on to you?
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>> No. 65197 Paedofag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 10:22 pm
65197 spacer

She has expressed interest in the past, or at least I believe so. I think I might have posted about it here once.

She's attractive, but not attractive enough to make it worth having my knob blown off first.
>> No. 65198 Auntiefucker
3rd April 2020
Friday 6:07 pm
65198 spacer
Depends if the frenulum is intact.
>> No. 65199 Ambulancelad
3rd April 2020
Friday 9:17 pm
65199 spacer
What about the balls? I think they're just as important.
>> No. 65200 Paedofag
3rd April 2020
Friday 10:30 pm
65200 spacer

If you had your dad's balls surgically attached and then got a woman pregnant, would your child also be your sibling?
>> No. 65232 Ambulancelad
5th April 2020
Sunday 11:07 pm
65232 spacer

Have you been following dick-burner?

>> No. 65177 Auntiefucker
30th March 2020
Monday 9:10 pm
65177 spacer
What do you lads make of this? Personally I'd be convinced were it not for the fact that whoever made these posters can't even spell widely.
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>> No. 65185 Samefag
31st March 2020
Tuesday 1:15 am
65185 spacer
Well, it fluctuates because it's where highly-energised particles from the sun collide with the Earth's magnetic field. It's very sparse but can get very, very hot - superheated plasma temperature hot if you're unlucky. It veers between too cold for life and too hot for it, while having such a low density that any liquid water will instantly evaporate. Overall it's the last place you'd expect a microorganism to stick around. On top of everything you've got very little protection from cosmic radiation.
>> No. 65186 YubYub
31st March 2020
Tuesday 1:21 am
65186 spacer
A bit like the moon?
>> No. 65187 Searchfag
2nd April 2020
Thursday 3:49 am
65187 spacer
What I want to know is, why do the same people who refuse to believe that Covid-19 is a natural virus also refuse to believe that global warming is man-made?
>> No. 65188 Are Moaty
2nd April 2020
Thursday 7:39 am
65188 spacer

In both cases, they're choosing a psychologically easy lie over a difficult truth.

If COVID was man-made, we can track down the bastards who made it and torture the antidote out of them or something. It's easier to believe in a government conspiracy than the fact that our entire way of life can be disrupted by the random mutation of a microorganism.

If climate change is just a natural event caused by the sun or whatever, then there's nothing we can do and no point worrying about it. We don't have to take responsibility for our actions, deal with the guilt of having wrecked the climate and radically change our way of life to avert total disaster.
>> No. 65189 Are Moaty
2nd April 2020
Thursday 11:15 am
65189 spacer

“You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to," Moreno told investigators, according to the complaint. "People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

>> No. 65176 R4GE
29th March 2020
Sunday 8:17 pm
65176 coronavirus special
So lads I hear they are going to give everyone a free lasagne?

>> No. 65174 Ambulancelad
27th March 2020
Friday 6:12 pm
65174 spacer

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>> No. 65175 Moralfag
27th March 2020
Friday 6:48 pm
65175 spacer
u fuckin wot m8?

>> No. 65172 Auntiefucker
26th March 2020
Thursday 9:59 pm
65172 spacer
ladm9s who is this actress? She's on the Paddy Power ad breaks on The Walking dead. It's been doing my head in for weeks because I'm sure I've seen her in something before
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>> No. 65173 Paedofag
26th March 2020
Thursday 11:01 pm
65173 spacer
Only a carpet-bagger needs a quick response.

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