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>> No. 58440 Ambulancelad
3rd August 2017
Thursday 6:37 am
58440 spacer
At home with Sam Cam: Inside the £1.5m Cotswold cottage that's 'rotting, slightly falling down' and full of knick-knacks from mummy’s posh store


Lads. I think we need to set up a just giving page for the Cameron's. Nobody should have to live in such squalid conditions - a rotting house that's falling down and having to rely on hand-me-downs from parents. Broken Britain. They've only got a 40 inch telly, too - I've seen bigger ones on the local council estates so they must be really hard up.
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>> No. 58446 Anonymous
4th August 2017
Friday 3:31 pm
58446 spacer
They've even got porn on the goddamn walls. Someone really ought to do something.
>> No. 58447 YubYub
4th August 2017
Friday 3:58 pm
58447 spacer
This is the third time I've seen this article. Why does anyone care?
>> No. 58448 R4GE
4th August 2017
Friday 4:55 pm
58448 spacer
I, too, get irrationally angry when I see threads on an imageboard I have little interest in.
>> No. 58449 Are Moaty
4th August 2017
Friday 6:26 pm
58449 spacer


Just hide the thread/s.
>> No. 58450 Paedofag
4th August 2017
Friday 9:40 pm
58450 spacer

Nice to see that we're getting revenge for all those lads with the hanzi for "black bean sauce" tattooed on their arm.
>> No. 58451 YubYub
4th August 2017
Friday 9:44 pm
58451 spacer
Guilty would.
>> No. 58452 Moralfag
4th August 2017
Friday 10:02 pm
58452 spacer
I'm surprised their sofas are little over a grand. Mine from John Lewis cost more than that.
>> No. 58453 Auntiefucker
4th August 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
58453 spacer
You spent more than £1,800 on your settee?

What's the merit of spending so much on them?
>> No. 58454 Ambulancelad
4th August 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
58454 spacer
Surely any property they own immediately increases in value just by them having lived in it, they should just buy a new larger home every month with the money they make off the increased selling price of their previous home. If my calculations are correct (and they rarely aren't) then in 5 years they would own a house of equivalent size to Germany and their annual profit would be the equivalent to the GDP of Micronesia.
>> No. 58455 Moralfag
4th August 2017
Friday 10:42 pm
58455 spacer

No one ever spend that much money on them, all Sofas are constantly 'on sale' the RRP exists purely as a theoretical number to be reduced from.
>> No. 58456 Are Moaty
4th August 2017
Friday 11:04 pm
58456 spacer

I don't claim to be a furniture expert, but they're the ones I liked the look of and the most comfortable ones I sat on.

Now that I look at the picture again, it does seem my living room is worth more than Dave's, though the fact the art's prices aren't listed could change that dramatically.

I'm not sure if I'm bragging or just admitting I'm shit with money.
>> No. 58457 Paedofag
5th August 2017
Saturday 5:16 am
58457 spacer


First-rate furniture is spectacularly expensive.

You know that chair off Mastermind? That's an Eames EA 216 Soft Pad Chair, which costs £2,800. A genuine Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair will set you back £5,500, plus another £3,000 for the matching ottoman. A sofa from Cassina, Zanotta or Knoll will cost you somewhere in the £6,000 - £12,000 range. Furnishing a three-bedroom apartment to the highest standards could easily cost in excess of £100,000.
>> No. 58458 Billbob
5th August 2017
Saturday 5:37 am
58458 spacer
Sometimes you just need to pull back the curtains and declare that the emperor has no clothes on.

A chair is a chair.
>> No. 58459 Are Moaty
5th August 2017
Saturday 6:16 am
58459 spacer


>> No. 58460 Samefag
5th August 2017
Saturday 6:43 am
58460 spacer

Having had 3 cheap office chairs break underneath me, all just outside their guarantee, I disagree.
The chair I've got now cost about £300, and whilst it's built pretty solidly, it still suffers from a range of creaks and clunks.
>> No. 58461 Paedofag
5th August 2017
Saturday 7:48 am
58461 spacer

If you'd ever sat in one, you'd know otherwise. The leather is flawless, whole-grain and buttery soft. The frame is solid aluminium, impeccably chromed and polished. The four-legged base is one complete casting, with no welds or bolts. Vitra offer (and honour) a 30 year warranty, even for commercial use.

£2,800 is an absurdly extravagant sum to pay for a chair, but you can see where every penny is spent.
>> No. 58462 Auntiefucker
5th August 2017
Saturday 7:48 am
58462 spacer
Are you sure the problem isn't your big fat arse?
>> No. 58463 Crabkiller
5th August 2017
Saturday 9:16 am
58463 spacer
Now that I think about it, I only started buying expensive furniture after purple encouraged me to buy a Herman miller aeron.
>> No. 58464 Crabkiller
5th August 2017
Saturday 10:47 am
58464 spacer

I own high quality furnishing, but all you did is name brands, and at that brands for people with more money then sense. They aren't worth that amount that is just what people are paying.

If you disagree explain to me why the socks in this shop are 'worth' $95 dollars and the black raincoat is $560
there is no 'hidden quality' to these things. They are just ways of separating the vain and the stupid from their money.
>> No. 58465 Moralfag
5th August 2017
Saturday 11:15 am
58465 spacer
Especially if you've got kids. If you spend a four figure sum on a settee when you've got kids then you're just crying out for them to smear it with Chocolate.
>> No. 58466 Ambulancelad
5th August 2017
Saturday 12:31 pm
58466 spacer
>>58464 They do seem to cater for those with freakishly long arms, though. $1500 for a hoodie seems fair.
>> No. 58467 Anonymous
5th August 2017
Saturday 4:53 pm
58467 spacer
Maybe it's a seppos thing. I recently ordered a medium t-shirt from America and it's almost down to my knees. I'm 5'11".
>> No. 58468 YubYub
5th August 2017
Saturday 8:10 pm
58468 spacer
>A chair is a chair.
I thought the same until I inherited the one I'm sitting on. ~£800 height adjustable desk chair. It's been with me over a decade and is just now getting to the point where it need reupholstering. It is lovely and every time I sit in someone else's desk chair I am reminded just how uncomfortable they are by comparison.

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