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>> No. 58773 Billbob
11th October 2017
Wednesday 8:09 pm
58773 spacer
Lesbians should be banned from using dildos. If they have chosen the life of minge, then they should stick to it.
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>> No. 58774 Anonymous
11th October 2017
Wednesday 9:36 pm
58774 spacer
should we also ban gays from bumholes as they chose the life of penis?
>> No. 58775 Searchfag
11th October 2017
Wednesday 9:55 pm
58775 spacer
Girldick, innit
>> No. 58777 R4GE
12th October 2017
Thursday 12:11 am
58777 spacer
it always winds me up when fisherperson types whinge about the "objectification" of women, despite happily shoving a manufactured plastic cock up their hole every night.
>> No. 58778 Anonymous
12th October 2017
Thursday 12:39 am
58778 spacer
I had an actual (mild) argument with the missus about this. We were talking about Fleshlights for some reason, I said I'd probably buy one if they weren't like, sixty quid. She thought I was joking and ultimately said she'd think less of me if I owned one. Obviously I pointed out that she has three different rubber cocks, but she was adamant "that's different".

I called her a sexist and asked her what happened to equality. I'm definitely going to buy one now. Probably the green one shaped like an alien fanny.
>> No. 58779 Crabkiller
12th October 2017
Thursday 2:24 am
58779 spacer

The finest part to me is when feminists seem genuinely threatened by sex toys for men or porn as if they were to make women obsolete. I've read countless articles written attacking them and it never fails to get a derisive laugh out of me.
>> No. 58781 Anonymous
12th October 2017
Thursday 8:37 am
58781 spacer
Lads lads lads.

Yes you are absolutely right to point out her hypocrisy and reject her attempt to shame you. She is perpetuating the idea that masturbation is shameful when men do it. She is not feminist.

The point of the whinging, El fucko, is about objectification in general society. Mail Online, harassment in the workplace, etc. You'll rarely find a feminist these days complaining about objectification in porn, where sexual objectification is the whole point of the medium. (If they are complaining it is more likely to be about the whale poacheric themes and male gaze.)

It's quite astonishing how many men are happy to laugh at stupid feminists without having a clue what they actually believe.
>> No. 58782 Crabkiller
12th October 2017
Thursday 9:38 am
58782 spacer

>It's quite astonishing how many men are happy to laugh at stupid feminists without having a clue what they actually believe

And what about those of us who fully understand the idea of intersectionality, but just think the premises and presumptions are utter bollocks and a direct affront to liberalism and science? Are we allowed an opinion or should we be silenced too?
>> No. 58783 Anonymous
12th October 2017
Thursday 11:22 am
58783 spacer

You're clearly too far gone to understand the myriad counter arguments I could make, so I'll leave you to it.

Fucking male gaze. Christ.
>> No. 58784 Ambulancelad
12th October 2017
Thursday 11:40 am
58784 spacer
>It's quite astonishing how many men are happy to laugh at stupid feminists without having a clue what they actually believe.
What's the world coming to when we can't even laugh at stupid feminists? It's PC gone mad.
>> No. 58785 Paedofag
12th October 2017
Thursday 6:25 pm
58785 spacer
I'd save your money mate. From experience fleshlights only complicate what should be a simple operation.

Ah, but are any of these feminists true Scotsmen?
>> No. 58786 Crabkiller
12th October 2017
Thursday 7:39 pm
58786 spacer

You should go all-in, buy a rubber shark-fanny from bad dragon.
>> No. 58788 Paedofag
12th October 2017
Thursday 8:18 pm
58788 spacer
Men have bumholes so it's ok.

Also the scholar Richard Herring said, it is possible to self penetrate, when you have a semi.
>> No. 58789 Paedofag
12th October 2017
Thursday 8:23 pm
58789 spacer


I had suspected that, to be honest. I feel my compulsion would be to jizz inside it, and then what? get up to rinse it out? Fuck that.
>> No. 58793 Crabkiller
12th October 2017
Thursday 10:40 pm
58793 spacer
That is not the half of it. The recommended method is to warm it in the sink beforehand which, yes it feels nicer, but when you're standing by the sink with your kegs around your ankles doing the masturbatory equivalent of watching a kettle boil one tends to do some reflecting on life. Then of course you have to lube it up which is admittedly a pretty erotic fingering operation but it's always the case with lube that as soon you it goes on your fingers the phone will ring or something stupid.
>> No. 58794 Paedofag
12th October 2017
Thursday 11:37 pm
58794 spacer

Lads, please. Fleshlight technology has already been surpassed.

Behold the future of masturbation - a sensation superior to any of your standard vagina replicas, with no ennui-inducing cleanup after you're done. Just chuck it in the bin and bask in hedonistic glory.
>> No. 58795 Crabkiller
12th October 2017
Thursday 11:58 pm
58795 spacer
What a shame, I'd have loved to hear your tired old sissify bullshit.

>a direct affront to liberalism
Audible mirth.

It's bad enough we chuck our condoms in the sea; it seems incredibly polluting to be chucking a big hunk of plastic in the bin every time we have a wank too. Especially if like me you reach the doctor-recommended average of five times a day.
>> No. 58796 Searchfag
13th October 2017
Friday 12:03 am
58796 spacer
is it really worth spending a fiver per wank? My current overheads are an Internet connection I pay for anyway, 2 sheets of toilet paper and the flush of a toilet. I mean it's economic compared to say a hooker or trying to get laid , but is it that much better than your garden variety wank?
>> No. 58797 Auntiefucker
13th October 2017
Friday 1:31 am
58797 spacer
The misty model looks incredible.
>> No. 58798 Moralfag
13th October 2017
Friday 2:00 am
58798 spacer

21st century wanking is all about the prostate.
>> No. 58800 Ambulancelad
13th October 2017
Friday 10:15 am
58800 spacer


You nerds are living in the past
>> No. 58806 Moralfag
13th October 2017
Friday 6:06 pm
58806 spacer
Why do women get super defensive and angsty about wank tech? Nobody's having a teary about their phallic tech, but god forbid you want to wank. Fucking cunts.
>> No. 58807 R4GE
13th October 2017
Friday 6:22 pm
58807 spacer

I've no idea what the fuck "sissify" is, care to explain it to us?
>> No. 58808 YubYub
13th October 2017
Friday 6:31 pm
58808 spacer

There's a certain contingent of the internet that says it's because they're worried they'll lose their secret weapon of waving their fannies about to control men.

I just think they're hypocrites.
>> No. 58810 Auntiefucker
13th October 2017
Friday 6:33 pm
58810 spacer

There's a group of lasses at work who regularly talk about whether or not they are letting their fella fuck them.

I'm dubious that this actually has any efficacy as a control technique, because most of their boyfriends are probably cheating on them and only stay put because of kids/finances (and I would be too if I was in their shoes), however you can't deny there's a number of women who think along those lines.
>> No. 58811 Billbob
13th October 2017
Friday 6:59 pm
58811 spacer
>a direct affront to liberalism
>Audible mirth.

Yes liberalism believes in measuring people by an objective standard and on their own individual merits. Whereas intersectional feminism believes people are just representatives of their classes and should never be held to a universal standard. it is basically the caste system for apologists.
>> No. 58812 Paedofag
13th October 2017
Friday 8:39 pm
58812 spacer

Tenga Cups are amazing technology. I'm not sure I would ever stick my dick in one, but I admire their effort.
>> No. 58813 Paedofag
13th October 2017
Friday 9:24 pm
58813 spacer


The flip hole looks like some sort of cock-devouring robot from a sci-fi film.
>> No. 58814 Auntiefucker
13th October 2017
Friday 9:27 pm
58814 spacer

>sharp edge

Jesus christ you'd think the translator would have caught that one.
>> No. 58815 Billbob
13th October 2017
Friday 9:41 pm
58815 spacer
Good grief. Would not fuck.
>> No. 58816 YubYub
13th October 2017
Friday 11:24 pm
58816 spacer
It's apparently a word filter for the opposite of bluepill.
>> No. 58821 Billbob
14th October 2017
Saturday 6:57 pm
58821 spacer
In Japan you can buy tsurupeta onaholes which are silicone rubber wank fannies for chinkychonks that like young girls but can't get a job at the bbc.

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