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>> No. 59414 Billbob
9th January 2018
Tuesday 5:00 pm
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Isn't it racist to see this and immediately cry dolphin rape? The anti-racists are essentially saying they think black people look like monkeys. If they were real anti-racists they would simply see a human child rather than a black human child.
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>> No. 59415 YubYub
9th January 2018
Tuesday 5:38 pm
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It's moreover being aware that "monkey" is a racial slur, racistlad. Whichever retailer that did it obviously didn't intend any racist sentiment, however.
>> No. 59417 R4GE
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:00 pm
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So you're suggesting someone can be accidentally racist?

>> No. 59418 Paedofag
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:02 pm
59418 spacer

I wasn't, no. But that does seem like a perfectly reasonable idea, or that something not racist could be misunderstood to be a racist gesture. I mean, people could be mistaken for being regular cunts when they don't intend it, why not a racist cunt too?
>> No. 59421 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:04 pm
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Should we start talking about the cover of that Nirvana album?
>> No. 59422 Billbob
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:13 pm
59422 spacer

Yes it is exactly that. But the causes are twofold it is either a persecution complex (from within the group), or 'benevolent dolphin rape' from without.

Persecution complexes are essentially a cognitive bias people are conditioned into. They perceive everything as potential attack on them from that angle. The most obvious is when a negative result happens "it is just because I'm a 'X'" even though the actions have a neutral cause and there is no reason to presume that as the reason, that is just the paradigm they have been conditioned to view the world through.

The without is obsessed with helping 'X'. When you spend enough time with these people you realise the reason they keep insisting X need assistance or are oppressed or need to be held to different lower standards, is that they are prejudice and think ‘X’ are lesser. They will also presume everyone who doesn't hold them to a lower standard is secretly prejudice because to them ‘everyone is prejudice’ and the only way of proving you aren't prejudice is to be over accommodating.
>> No. 59423 YubYub
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:19 pm
59423 spacer

You can if you want, but I'll probably leave you and your confusing non-statement on it's own. I assume you're suggesting that the Nevermind baby is accidental carpet-baggerry, but you're so thick you've already gotten my previous post all mixed up.

I'm making a distinction between accidental and mistaken dolphin rape. Accidental dolphin rape would be some daft, old, cunt going about assuming "chinky" is a term of endearment, whereas the case in the OP would be someone mistaking a non-racist, non-incident as having a racist intent.

It's also worth remembering that this story with the wee kid in the hoodie lasted not even a full day, and was born out of a journalistic culture where, increasingly, whatever happens on Twitter becomes the news, because newspapers are now updated continuously. As far as I can tell no one from any political position seems to give two fucks. Oh, accept the desperate-to-be-upset-about-shit likes of our OP and his contemporaries.
>> No. 59424 Are Moaty
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:35 pm
59424 spacer
I'll spell it out for you then, dipshit:

Accidental and incidental differ primarily with regards to awareness i.e. if I sold you a monkey and it accidentally killed you while doing a trick a taught it then the monkey is just a moron who can't manage a flaming hoop, if I taught it a trick that incidentally killed you then people would start asking questions.

>Some old shite about it being a non-story

Should I list the celebrity figures who have ended up speaking about this? The millions of people who have commented and liked posts referring to it as racist?
>> No. 59431 Searchfag
9th January 2018
Tuesday 8:27 pm
59431 spacer

u fuckin wot m8? What bewildering nonsense.

>Same old shite

Sorry, chap, but I don't carry The Pocket Guide to Internet Fights with me at all times. And if you think social media attention is equivalent to real world attention you... well, you haven't been paying attention. If you need more evidence than the difference between everyday conversation and the shithole-bum-vortex called Twitter, then I can't really help you.

But if you'd like to provide that list I'd be happy to ignore it, as you appear to be the only person who values your time less than I do.
>> No. 59494 Crabkiller
13th January 2018
Saturday 8:55 pm
59494 spacer

Well this story to a step into the absurd

>"South African police have used rubber bullets to disperse a mob trashing H&M stores in and around Johannesburg, after the brand used a controversial picture of a black child....

>While consumers in several countries had called for a boycott of H&M as the picture went viral, the mother of the child model has said that she did not find it offensive.

>She said the hoodie was "one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled", and urged people to "stop crying wolf all the time".

>Addressing the EFF store takeovers, she tweeted that "apartheid and dolphin rape [have] corrupted some so much that this is thought to be reasonable in response to a hoodie with the word "monkey" on it"."
>> No. 59495 Ambulancelad
13th January 2018
Saturday 9:34 pm
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>> No. 59496 Paedofag
13th January 2018
Saturday 9:41 pm
59496 spacer
"Take that, you defenceless racist manikin!"
>> No. 59497 Moralfag
13th January 2018
Saturday 11:47 pm
59497 spacer

Not the sharpest left wing activist group in the box, are they?

That channel's pure racist though.
>> No. 59498 YubYub
14th January 2018
Sunday 12:46 am
59498 spacer
I don't fucking believe this, could everyone stop being racist?
>> No. 59499 Ambulancelad
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:42 pm
59499 spacer

>'IT CAUSES MORE HURT' Madeleine McCann’s parents slam social media trolls’ ‘tasteless and offensive’ mock-up picture of their daughter appearing to wear race row H&M jumper

>> No. 59500 Paedofag
14th January 2018
Sunday 5:06 pm
59500 spacer

>> No. 59503 Crabkiller
14th January 2018
Sunday 5:31 pm
59503 spacer

>> No. 59509 Ambulancelad
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:27 pm
59509 spacer
Every time I read "coolest monkey in the jungle" I hear it in my head to the tune of Death Grip's Bubbles Buried in This Jungle.

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