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>> No. 60378 Auntiefucker
30th March 2018
Friday 9:34 am
60378 spacer
The Novichok was found on the front door of the skripal's house.

There are photos of countless police officers guarding the house and standing right by their front door yet not a single one of them has fallen ill.

When litvinenko was poisoned there were countless images of him in his hospital bed, yet there are none of the skripals.

They supposedly fed ducks and birds after being contaminated but there have been no poisoned ducks. Not a single quacker.

There has been no visit from Theresa May or Amber Rudd to thank the staff at the hospital.

There has been no police appeal for people who know the skripals to come forward.

The police searched the skripals house an hour after they had collapsed and no officers have been contaminated in this way.

Neither has their post man.

Why were the army running a chemical warfare exercise days before the skripals collapsed?
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>> No. 60379 Billbob
30th March 2018
Friday 10:11 am
60379 spacer

>> No. 60380 Auntiefucker
30th March 2018
Friday 10:26 am
60380 spacer


That copper responded to the scene where they collapsed. None of the rozzers who stood for several hours keeping watch right next the actual source of the nerve agent attack have been taken ill.
>> No. 60381 R4GE
30th March 2018
Friday 11:16 am
60381 spacer

So what's the conclusion to draw here? The Skripals were infected with special MoD virus that only effects the first police officer to go near them, but not anyone in the restaurant, pub, park, beforehand?

How much of the 'source' was left? If it had mostly been transferred to the occupants then would we not expect such a result?

Help me out here, I'm not an expert on chemical warfare.
>> No. 60382 Crabkiller
30th March 2018
Friday 11:19 am
60382 spacer
It's a two part thing.
>> No. 60383 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 11:24 am
60383 spacer

That's true, it is a binary agent, but wasn't it active as Novichok at the house?

Further, how long does this stuff last, how much contact do you need? I get that it's fucking nasty, but if most of it's been transferred by the Skirpals touching it on the door handle etc, is that not enough to remove enough of it from the scene that it's no longer an effective dose for officers inside or near the house?

I'm all for a good conspiracy, but OP, you need to explain the science a bit more.
>> No. 60384 YubYub
30th March 2018
Friday 11:34 am
60384 spacer

I'm not saying whether I believe in a conspiracy or not, (and I know this is /IQ/), but the fact that no one else has been taken ill is absolutely meaningless.
It's not airborne. Standing around and picking your nose outside that front door carries absolutely no risk at all.

Also remember something regarding the nature of conspiracies, no one can plan for every single eventuality, there are so random chances or random choices by people which could make a plan go tits up. When you try and build a conspiracy theory, you fall into the trap of assuming that everything that happened was intentional.

Neither am I, but my assumption would be that the officer got a bit too intimate with an attempt at CPR which exposed him to the nerve agent in a way that no other person the Skirpals met that day was.
>> No. 60385 Moralfag
30th March 2018
Friday 1:16 pm
60385 spacer

What if I lick the door knob?
>> No. 60386 Searchfag
30th March 2018
Friday 2:52 pm
60386 spacer

Assuming that the huge team of NBC specialists haven't decontaminated the scene, then you're deader than a dead man who has just been awarded an honorary doctorate in Being Dead Studies.
>> No. 60387 YubYub
30th March 2018
Friday 3:45 pm
60387 spacer

Also while you're fading out, you'll hallucinate really badly. Your last moments of consciousness will be like "Come to Daddy".

>> No. 60421 YubYub
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:48 pm
60421 spacer
BREAKING NEWS: Porton Down experts say they CANNOT prove nerve agent used to poison spy was from Russia


It's like wmd all over again.
>> No. 60422 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 6:30 pm
60422 spacer
Well shit lads, it must be true coz it says so in the Mail.
>> No. 60423 Are Moaty
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 7:05 pm
60423 spacer

>its deployment was 'probably only within the capability of a state actor', but that establishing its origins required 'other inputs'.

>What you’ve seen today is one piece of the jigsaw from Porton Down – world class scientists, but what they are not able to do is interpret and understand the human activity that accompanied what led up to the awful events here in Salisbury.

Chemical analysis is not our only source of evidence. If SIS have got a mole in the FSB or if GCHQ are eavesdropping classified Russian communications, they're hardly going to splash it across the tabloids. It's conceivable that some other state actor was responsible for this crime, but Russia are the only country who are known to have the means, motive and opportunity.
>> No. 60424 Crabkiller
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 7:37 pm
60424 spacer
What's the motive? Deterrence against betraying the Federation?
>> No. 60425 Billbob
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 7:57 pm
60425 spacer
Pretty much, yeah. "If you fuck with us, nowhere is safe."
>> No. 60426 YubYub
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 8:03 pm
60426 spacer

You want to send a message to would-be defectors, and deal with present ones as terminally as possible. A live spy can remain a useful tool.
>> No. 60427 YubYub
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 8:06 pm
60427 spacer
Russia has also been sus as fuck about it. Their international response hasn't been much like an innocent party, more like a kid trying to deny they've been in the biscuit tin.
>> No. 60428 Moralfag
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 8:28 pm
60428 spacer

Makes the perfect conditions for a false flag attack.
>> No. 60429 YubYub
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:53 pm
60429 spacer

I want you as my lawyer when my murder trial comes up.
>> No. 60430 Auntiefucker
4th April 2018
Wednesday 12:32 am
60430 spacer
They don't want to deny it too fervently because then the defectors wouldn't be scared.
>> No. 60431 Crabkiller
4th April 2018
Wednesday 6:29 am
60431 spacer
This. It's like America and 9/11 all over again. They didn't do it, but they're going to let the suspicion linger that they're sinister enough to have done it if they wanted to.
>> No. 60432 Paedofag
4th April 2018
Wednesday 9:57 am
60432 spacer

>> No. 60928 Samefag
4th July 2018
Wednesday 6:42 am
60928 spacer
>A man and woman feared to have been exposed to an unknown substance are in a critical condition, prompting police to declare a major incident.

>The pair, both in their 40s, were found unconscious in Amesbury, Wiltshire, on Saturday.

>Officers initially thought the collapse was drugs-related but have since said they are "open-minded" as to the cause. Wiltshire Police said further tests on the substance were being carried out in a bid to identify it.

>Amesbury is about ten miles from Salisbury, where former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia were poisoned by a suspected military nerve agent in March.


Itz happening.
>> No. 60929 YubYub
4th July 2018
Wednesday 7:14 am
60929 spacer

I was hoping my last moments would be more like windowlicker.
>> No. 60942 Billbob
4th July 2018
Wednesday 10:16 pm
60942 spacer
This is an actual mental development to the story.
>> No. 60943 Crabkiller
4th July 2018
Wednesday 10:58 pm
60943 spacer

> Email HaveYourSay@bbc.co.uk as we play "smack overdose or critical hit on our chemical weapons staff at their own home?"

The winner, selected at random from the pool of people who guess correctly, will win their own Novichok-proof grade hazmat suit!
>> No. 60946 YubYub
5th July 2018
Thursday 10:45 am
60946 spacer

Novichok confirmed.

>> No. 60947 R4GE
5th July 2018
Thursday 1:04 pm
60947 spacer
So does nobody else think it's a bit odd that both poisonings happened within spitting distance of Porton down? I mean, of all places to have a deadly experimental nerve agent incident.
>> No. 60948 Crabkiller
5th July 2018
Thursday 1:30 pm
60948 spacer

Agreed, though do we think it's a shady, deliberate test, or some sort of hilarious blunder?
>> No. 60949 Billbob
5th July 2018
Thursday 1:36 pm
60949 spacer

It would seem far too stupidly local for any sort of MK-Ultra style experiment. I suppose if someone on site turned serial killer it would make sense, but the first 2 victims were so profoundly specific that they would have had to do a lot of research to target them and the coincidence is too incredible to not be deliberate for me.

What I presume this is, is Russian damage control to make it look like it wasn't them by targeting local randoms to make it look like one of the above scenarios and throw doubt on the idea that it was them.
>> No. 60950 YubYub
5th July 2018
Thursday 1:49 pm
60950 spacer
That sounds like the worst damage control plan ever, which is why no reasonable person would suspect it, which in turn is probably why they did it.
>> No. 60951 YubYub
5th July 2018
Thursday 2:24 pm
60951 spacer

The leading theory at the moment is that the Skripal assassin carelessly discarded some leftover novichok. Nerve agents are relatively stable, so a half-empty phial could still be lethal after several months.
>> No. 60952 Samefag
5th July 2018
Thursday 5:57 pm
60952 spacer

Which in turn is why it's so transparently obvious.

I heard the Russian state bloke on the radio earlier and has statement was basically the equivalent of a mischievous shrug, "Oh myyyy, however could that have happened, I surely have no ideeeeaaa..."

But in all seriousness I don't think it was the Russians. It's too much of a sloppy obvious job. And frankly, I'd expect spy stuff like that to be kept hush hush, whether it's us or them doing it- the fact it's in the mainstream and the pleb politician goons are allowed to talk about it makes me think something else is afoot.
>> No. 60954 Moralfag
5th July 2018
Thursday 6:10 pm
60954 spacer

You couldn't have hidden the original case even if it was spy stuff, unless the government was willing to let the police and an entire community potentially spread the agent further.
>> No. 60959 R4GE
5th July 2018
Thursday 8:54 pm
60959 spacer
>> No. 60963 Paedofag
5th July 2018
Thursday 10:05 pm
60963 spacer

You could though, quite easily- just do it in another way than using a Soviet nerve agent and then leaving the bodies to be found. Simply disappear them like the old days.
>> No. 60967 Crabkiller
5th July 2018
Thursday 11:03 pm
60967 spacer

Russia are fond of bumping people off in blatant but just-about-deniable ways. Enemies of the Russian state receive a very clear message, but the conspiracy theorists can dream up all sorts of FUD.

>> No. 60968 R4GE
5th July 2018
Thursday 11:09 pm
60968 spacer

I don't understand how that makes sense in context to the post you're replying to.

If you wanted to keep it under wraps, you wouldn't have used a nerve agent, as that's almost impossible to keep under wraps.

By 'original case' in that post I mean 'novichok'. Perhaps you thought I meant killing the Skripals? Obviously you could have done that a different way if you didn't want it making the news. I think we are in agreement.
>> No. 61037 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 7:38 am
61037 spacer
>Novichok that poisoned a couple in Wiltshire came from a small bottle found in the home of one of the victims, police say.

>A bottle was found in a search at Charlie Rowley's Amesbury house and was tested by scientists at Porton Down, the Metropolitan Police said.


Bloody skagheads. They find a vial of nerve agent so they take it home with them to try and get off their tits with it.
>> No. 61038 Ambulancelad
14th July 2018
Saturday 10:41 am
61038 spacer
It's an amazing story really. Glad they found the bottle.
>> No. 61039 Crabkiller
14th July 2018
Saturday 7:40 pm
61039 spacer

Yeah because that answers so many questions. What the fuck were they doing with a whole fucking bottle of novichok and wouldn't a whole bottle of the stuff be enough to wipe out everyone within a couple dozen miles?

If anything, this all makes even less sense than before. Which is probably what they (whoever 'they' are) want. Sigh.
>> No. 61040 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 8:00 pm
61040 spacer
If you were covertly smuggling nerve toxins (or constituents thereof), I doubt you would carry it in a bottle labelled "DANGER NOVICHOK".
More likely you would use something innocent in appearance, and assuming the quantities involved, that would mean something like a perfume bottle. It is still a bit odd that it ended up in their hands though, and wasn't disposed of a bit more carefully.
(Maybe the woman had been moonlighting as a rubbish sorter at the local recycling centre.)
>> No. 61041 Moralfag
14th July 2018
Saturday 8:57 pm
61041 spacer
The Russians obviously planted it to throw us off the scent.

It's not fucking rocket science. How dim can you be?
>> No. 61042 YubYub
14th July 2018
Saturday 8:59 pm
61042 spacer
What scent?
>> No. 61043 R4GE
14th July 2018
Saturday 9:09 pm
61043 spacer
It's simple. Skagheads are better at locating chemical weapons than the intelligence agencies.
>> No. 61044 Billbob
14th July 2018
Saturday 9:31 pm
61044 spacer
The scent of your mum's farts, which can be smelt all the way in Moscow.
>> No. 61045 Billbob
14th July 2018
Saturday 9:53 pm
61045 spacer
Doesn't the military conduct drug testing? Explains why they couldn't find shit in Iraq.
>> No. 61046 Are Moaty
14th July 2018
Saturday 11:21 pm
61046 spacer
Exactly. If we'd sent a team of drug addicts to Iraq they'd have found wmds in no time at all. They're like bloodhounds.
>> No. 61136 R4GE
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:43 pm
61136 spacer
The Novichok was mixed with perfume.


You've gotta love scratters. They find a bottle of perfume on the street so they decide to take it home with them.
>> No. 61137 YubYub
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:02 pm
61137 spacer

They've also cordoned off a bin, my hypothesising in >>61040 is starting to look surprisingly accurate.
>> No. 61139 Paedofag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:16 pm
61139 spacer
Bin raiding tramps. Bet the russkies never accounted for this.
>> No. 61140 Paedofag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:25 pm
61140 spacer
>> No. 61143 Moralfag
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:30 pm
61143 spacer



>> No. 61145 Billbob
17th July 2018
Tuesday 10:48 pm
61145 spacer

She's rough as fuck. All those years of heavy drinking and taking drugs have clearly taken their toll.
>> No. 61150 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
61150 spacer
I honestly had to squint to work out that the one on the right was indeed female

What is it about being over a BMI of 25 that seems to remove any identifying sexual dimorphism
>> No. 61151 Billbob
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:31 pm
61151 spacer
Fat men also have great big titties.
>> No. 61152 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:57 pm
61152 spacer
No way does that start at 25. You can approach 30 and wearing clothes it's not even obvious you're fat.
>> No. 61161 Billbob
22nd July 2018
Sunday 3:13 am
61161 spacer

body of a 13 year old with a face o a 50 year old

i would
>> No. 61168 Anonymous
24th July 2018
Tuesday 7:10 pm
61168 spacer
>Mr Rowley told ITN News that he so ill he didn't even know who Ms Strugess was when he came round after being exposed to the deadly Russian nerve agent.

>He revealed how he found the perfume and gave it to Ms Strugess on the morning that she collapsed, saying 'I had showed Dawn what I’d found. It might’ve been hanging around the flat for a couple of days. 'I find things and it looked expensive. It looked expensive. Unfortunately it turned out to be…to be a bad find.'

>It comes after MailOnline revealed the first images of Mr Rowley since the attack. Grinning and looking healthy despite a slight limp he was captured on CCTV at a shop in central Salisbury buying lager yesterday afternoon.


I founds it, precious.
>> No. 61434 R4GE
5th September 2018
Wednesday 4:58 pm
61434 spacer
It was the sneaky fucking Russians all along.
>> No. 61437 Are Moaty
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:49 am
61437 spacer

Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time.

These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.

There is no physically possible explanation for this. You can see ten yards behind each of them, and neither has anybody behind for at least ten yards. Yet they were both photographed in the same spot at the same second.

The only possible explanations are:
1) One of the two is travelling faster than Usain Bolt can sprint
2) Scotland Yard has issued doctored CCTV images/timeline.

I am going with the Met issuing doctored images.

>> No. 61438 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 7:22 am
61438 spacer
It's pointless for the likes of us to hypothesise about things like this.
Yes it's obvious the met have doctored the image, the images he's published are genuine, the ones on the mets own site are the same.
But... we haven't got a single fucking clue why they've been doctored. Yes it is possible that they've entirely fabricated a case against these two men and Russia, but it's just as likely that these images have passed through the hands of all the intelligence agencies and they've very very carefully selected and modified what gets released publicly, in order to control what Russia knows about their investigation.
>> No. 61439 Billbob
6th September 2018
Thursday 10:12 am
61439 spacer

The time code seems like such an obvious thing I feel like there is another explanation as to where that code came from maybe the time is based off of the current time when the images were captured and has no relation to the cctv footage it self.
>> No. 61442 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 1:39 pm
61442 spacer

What if they're both at different gates/jetways and just happened to have been under their respective cameras at the exact same time? If they weren't sat together it would be possible, if a little unlikely.

I can't think of any reason for such a basic mistake with timecodes to have been made, otherwise. I know our government is a bit incompetent, but our intelligence services aren't, and if they're planning to fabricate a conspiracy against another state, you'd think they'd have spotted this mistake before publishing it.
>> No. 61443 Ambulancelad
6th September 2018
Thursday 3:02 pm
61443 spacer

Men "working with the most deadly military grade toxin of high purity”. How many differences can you spot?
>> No. 61444 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 3:11 pm
61444 spacer
The ones on the right are being careful to not get exposed to a neurotoxin, while the ones on the left are being careful not to get exposed as carrying a neurotoxin.

Where do I claim my prize?
>> No. 61445 Moralfag
6th September 2018
Thursday 3:41 pm
61445 spacer

It was definitely 2nd March when they allegedly flew over.
>> No. 61447 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:33 pm
61447 spacer
The other question to ask is, why have they even bothered to publicise this at all, including this detailed time-line they've pieced together? It's 100% politics and propaganda.
Whether the Russians did this or not, they're going to be going through this press release at microscopic detail.
I'm very much inclined to believe that our intelligence services had a damn good reason for inserting this apparent cock-up.
Or MI5.3 are just baiting the conspiracy theorists for shits and giggles.

There's another difference, the ones on the left know exactly where the neurotoxin is, the ones on the right don't.
>> No. 61448 R4GE
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:42 pm
61448 spacer

Also, the ones on the left have a sealed container of neurotoxin, the ones on the right have to find it smeared on doorknobs and that.
>> No. 61449 Searchfag
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:46 pm
61449 spacer

>Or MI5.3 are just baiting the conspiracy theorists for shits and giggles

Or perhaps they're baiting conspiracy theorists to create an appropriate smokescreen of white noise in the informational noosphere.
>> No. 61450 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:50 pm
61450 spacer

Because conspiracy theorists have such broad audiences compared to the rest of the media.

That's like trying to make your smokescreen with a wet cigarette.
>> No. 61451 YubYub
6th September 2018
Thursday 6:53 pm
61451 spacer
Thank fuck they included Worcester on that map. I'd have no idea what it was trying to depict otherwise.
>> No. 61452 Samefag
6th September 2018
Thursday 7:05 pm
61452 spacer
Think about it. If you were a tourist visiting Worcester you'd want to know how close you were to the nerve agent poisoning. Without such information the Worcester sauce industry would collapse overnight, as people stay well away from it for fear it has been contaminated with Novichok. These are people's livelihoods we're talking about here.
>> No. 61454 Searchfag
7th September 2018
Friday 9:37 am
61454 spacer

They actually do though mate. I'm not just talking about Alex Jones and David Icke, it's a broad spectrum that includes your mate Dave who keeps posting anti-vax site on Facebook. It has enough reach without the traditional media and creates enough confusion to obfuscate the truth.

I'm telling you lads. Conspiracy theories themselves are the real conspiracy. They want you rolling your eyes at nonsense like chemtrails and 9/11 being an inside job, in order to discredit the entire idea of government conspiracies and people who believe in them. Refuge in audacity.
>> No. 61455 Crabkiller
7th September 2018
Friday 10:21 am
61455 spacer

>I'm telling you lads. Conspiracy theories themselves are the real conspiracy. They want you rolling your eyes at nonsense like chemtrails and 9/11 being an inside job, in order to discredit the entire idea of government conspiracies and people who believe in them.

I don't see how they could possibly have any control over the people who believe these things, if everybody they have ever met isn't enough to convince them that the world isn't flat, I don't see how the government, could be secretly able to influence them the other way through the one guy who says the oppersite on youtube, much more logical to conclude that they are contrarian, or doubling down over ego defence.

How elaborate exactly do you believe real conspiracies to be? And how competent would the perpetrators need to be. I believe low level white lie by omission happens all the time, but highly organised operations that is more questionable, unless everyone involved believes the ends justify the means it is going to leak like a sieve.
>> No. 61456 Samefag
7th September 2018
Friday 10:24 am
61456 spacer

Piece of piss, you just discredit anyone who does leak it by giving them a spread in the tabloids and a netflix documentary. Then it seamlessly slides in alongside all the other wackos and people go on believing it's nonsense.

There are people out there who believe Edward Snowden was a Soviet sleeper agent and nothing he said was true. If that doesn't show these tactics to be effective I don't know what does. We have no way of ever knowing which side is true and which side is disinfo.
>> No. 61457 YubYub
7th September 2018
Friday 11:53 am
61457 spacer

The reality is mate that the government does whatever the fuck it wants, and the shadiest parts are good enough that the real 'conspiracies' never actually become conspiracies because either they don't leak, everyone involved is 'terminated', or they straight up just fucking tell us about the horrific stuff they've done.

That latter part is what I don't really get, I'm not sure why people get hung up on conspiracy theories when we know for sure stuff like MKULTRA actually happened.

Of course the government is shady, and guess what, you're powerless to stop it, so accusing them of clever misdirection is stupid and pointless - everything they want to hide is fully hidden, and even when it's not (see: russia) they carry on doing it anyway.

I suggest the time spent chasing down clues that our government is awful is better allocated elsewhere, as this is something we already know.
>> No. 61458 Auntiefucker
7th September 2018
Friday 12:01 pm
61458 spacer

>2 different gateways
>no queue, both men went through at the same time
>> No. 61459 Auntiefucker
7th September 2018
Friday 12:50 pm
61459 spacer

>> No. 61461 Crabkiller
7th September 2018
Friday 1:03 pm
61461 spacer

plus they were used to walking together and walked at the same speed.
>> No. 61462 Samefag
7th September 2018
Friday 2:48 pm
61462 spacer
All KGB agents are taught to walk at the same speed as part of their training.
>> No. 61463 YubYub
7th September 2018
Friday 2:59 pm
61463 spacer

It's true, during the cold war mi6 officers were taught to identify potential infiltrators by precisely timing their footsteps.
>> No. 61464 Anonymous
7th September 2018
Friday 4:56 pm
61464 spacer

Several senior Russian officials are identifiable as ex-KGB, because they don't swing their right arm when they walk - they used to be trained to keep their hand close to their pistol holster at all times.


US Secret Service agents are often easy to spot, because they never button their jackets to provide easier access to their holster. In a crowded area, they hold their hands at chest height or hold on to their lapels to ensure that their arms cannot be pinned at their side in a crush.
>> No. 61465 Are Moaty
7th September 2018
Friday 11:31 pm
61465 spacer
>US Secret Service agents are often easy to spot

You don't say. I was in DC last week and they were all riding bicycles with jackets that said 'Secret Service' on the back.
>> No. 61466 Samefag
7th September 2018
Friday 11:46 pm
61466 spacer

You sure it wasn't "postal service"?
>> No. 61467 YubYub
8th September 2018
Saturday 12:12 am
61467 spacer

You're thinking of the 'going postal service', Americans just call them cops for short.
>> No. 61468 Searchfag
8th September 2018
Saturday 12:54 am
61468 spacer
am i alone in not caring about this whole thing at all
swear foreign affairs were never this boring 15 years ago
>> No. 61469 YubYub
8th September 2018
Saturday 1:06 am
61469 spacer
everything happened much more slowly back then, just watch the old 'Tinker tailor soldier spy'
>> No. 61470 Moralfag
8th September 2018
Saturday 3:16 am
61470 spacer
This. The last time things were properly quiet was back before we had colour. Everything happened in black and white back then. I've no idea how anyone managed to follow football or anything.
>> No. 61471 Paedofag
8th September 2018
Saturday 5:07 am
61471 spacer
No, these guys all definitely had two balls.
>> No. 61564 YubYub
12th September 2018
Wednesday 4:12 pm
61564 spacer
So now it's come out that the two Russian suspects were neither military agents nor criminals. It makes you wonder why our media went along so easily with the Met press release.
>> No. 61565 Paedofag
12th September 2018
Wednesday 4:51 pm
61565 spacer

Yeah - Putin said that. It's intriguing that you're so quick to believe the Russian government, the ex-KGB president, over our MOD.
>> No. 61566 Crabkiller
12th September 2018
Wednesday 4:56 pm
61566 spacer
Mods = gods?
>> No. 61567 Anonymous
12th September 2018
Wednesday 5:42 pm
61567 spacer
>> No. 61569 Billbob
13th September 2018
Thursday 11:48 am
61569 spacer
They said it themselves: they're just tourists.
>> No. 61595 Billbob
15th September 2018
Saturday 10:22 am
61595 spacer

How could homo tourists do any wrong?
>> No. 61596 Samefag
15th September 2018
Saturday 3:51 pm
61596 spacer

They came from Russia, had a thirst for knowledge,
Liked their spires, were passing Wiltshire College
That’s where I
Caught their eye
All their texts back home were encoded,
Said they knew the way from the station…blindfolded
I said fine
And in 30 seconds time they said
>> No. 61597 R4GE
15th September 2018
Saturday 8:41 pm
61597 spacer

lads they were tourists, here's the proof, jeremy corbyn was right about a deep state conspiracy with jews to control the world
>> No. 61598 Anonymous
15th September 2018
Saturday 9:29 pm
61598 spacer
Seems like a malicious communication to me.
>> No. 61599 Samefag
16th September 2018
Sunday 12:10 am
61599 spacer

reckon jeremy is sat with them drinking tea and talking about the jews

before he gets novichoked
>> No. 61614 R4GE
16th September 2018
Sunday 9:34 pm
61614 spacer

Fresh drama in novichok city: Police in hazmat suits seal off Prezzo restaurant in Salisbury after two diners fall ill as woman sitting next to them claims they were RUSSIAN

>> No. 61615 Auntiefucker
17th September 2018
Monday 5:36 am
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I guess I know now why train tickets from Bristol to London are cheaper via Salisbury. Longer journey, and a risk of nerve agent contamination on the rail replacement bus service.
>> No. 61692 Anonymous
26th September 2018
Wednesday 7:13 pm
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I am but humble military intelligence agent on holiday.

>> No. 61694 Billbob
26th September 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
61694 spacer
He looks almost identical to a guy I used to work with, except with a beard.
He claimed to be a Lithuanian but no one believed him.
>> No. 61695 Samefag
27th September 2018
Thursday 9:33 pm
61695 spacer

Not to inadvertently aid in a Russian disinfo campaign or nowt, but if you told me he was any of these lot I'd probably believe you.

Wash your knobs, lad, can't be too careful.
>> No. 61696 Billbob
28th September 2018
Friday 2:12 am
61696 spacer

This picture isn't really the important part, and it should be noted that the chap who did the research about this lad being an agent is not at all claiming that this is a picture of him, presumably because he knows it's very easy to deny that sort of likeness.
>> No. 61707 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 8:24 am
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Saw this in this morning’s local.

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