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Purple Aki.png
>> No. 65416 Samefag
20th May 2020
Wednesday 12:06 am
65416 Purple Aki
According to the sentry we have a Birkenhead lad here, can you enlighten us on the truth about purple Aki? Is Akinwale Arobieke the one true Aki or are there others? Have you ever seen him?
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>> No. 65419 Billbob
20th May 2020
Wednesday 12:51 am
65419 spacer
BBC Three did a documentary about him, for some reason.

>> No. 65420 Ambulancelad
20th May 2020
Wednesday 12:59 am
65420 spacer
I feel like once BBC3 do a documentary about something it's officially a dead meme, but you can keep repping it 2010 style if you want, OP.
>> No. 65471 Anonymous
22nd May 2020
Friday 11:40 am
65471 spacer
The Legend of purple Aki has faded to lilac, yet the Birkenhead Tranny endures.

>> No. 65472 Samefag
22nd May 2020
Friday 11:48 am
65472 spacer
He was last spotted in Newcastle, possibly for the fantastic totty.

>One eyewitness told Chronicle Live: "I locked eyes with him and he scurried behind a wall next to WH Smith.
>"I asked can I get a photo of you squeezing my muscles but he said 'no, no I can’t – I’ll get into trouble'."

>> No. 65473 Crabkiller
22nd May 2020
Friday 12:14 pm
65473 spacer
I'm sure this has already been posted in the last few weeks in another thread. I think we need to let Aki go.
>> No. 65474 R4GE
22nd May 2020
Friday 12:27 pm
65474 spacer
It's quite evident we have posters here who can't let go of the Britchan days.
>> No. 65484 Billbob
22nd May 2020
Friday 6:58 pm
65484 spacer
They most likely never lived them and think by discussing them they are fitting in.
>> No. 65487 R4GE
22nd May 2020
Friday 7:07 pm
65487 spacer

i don't miss britchan specifically, i think i was only on it for a few months before it died and we all had to bgrudgingly move here. but i definitely miss "those days". it's not like anything good has happened in the past twelve years.
>> No. 65497 Ambulancelad
22nd May 2020
Friday 9:42 pm
65497 spacer

be the change.jpg
>it's not like anything good has happened in the past twelve years.
That's because you haven't made it happen, lad. Go out and sqeeze some muscles.
>> No. 65502 YubYub
23rd May 2020
Saturday 2:11 am
65502 spacer

ARE MOATY and the riots were a decent laugh.

>> No. 65509 Billbob
23rd May 2020
Saturday 7:23 am
65509 spacer
When this place wasn't taken so seriously and we had people like bike thief and crab killer it was alright.
>> No. 65510 YubYub
23rd May 2020
Saturday 7:43 am
65510 spacer


When was that, week one?
>> No. 65511 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 10:01 am
65511 spacer
Have a look in the archive. I'd say it's only in the past 5/6 years that the mods decided to make this place more stilted and get trigger happy at anyone joking around.
>> No. 65522 Billbob
23rd May 2020
Saturday 5:07 pm
65522 spacer

The archives have been a bit of a reminder that there used to be a lot more shitposting and a lot less "serious discussions in /pol/" around here 8-10 years ago.

I think at some point we all sobered up and now you can't go a thread without some cunt mentioning socialism or the "fucking tories" or what have you.
>> No. 65523 Paedofag
23rd May 2020
Saturday 5:34 pm
65523 spacer
I think it's more that people just got fed up of lengthy bans for making clearly tongue in cheek comments.
>> No. 65524 Searchfag
23rd May 2020
Saturday 5:58 pm
65524 spacer
>>65523I think purps has loosened up a bit now, you can say words like darkie or poof which would have got you banhammered in the olden days.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 65525 R4GE
23rd May 2020
Saturday 8:05 pm
65525 spacer

I mean plenty of good things have happened for me personally in those twelve years. i've had literally all the sex i've ever had in my life within that timespan, for example.

but as far as the world around us is concerned it's felt like a slow and constant descent into insanity. maybe i'm just a cynical cunt but I really can't think of one thing that's changed in a positive way since 2008.

the rise of e-cigs instead of fags maybe? that's how far i have to stretch.
>> No. 65531 Are Moaty
24th May 2020
Sunday 11:49 am
65531 spacer
Certainly seems to >>/iq/65507

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