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>> No. 65445 Samefag
21st May 2020
Thursday 10:14 am
65445 spacer
Stay alert! Lazy British working-class workers. Die at your posts for Dominic Raab. Die in your warehouses for Jacob Rees-Mogg. Die in your care homes for Dominic Cumming. Middle-class workers. Work safely from home at your laptops. Text each other photographs of your Ocado deliveries, and dream of Center Parcs and Forest Holidays.
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>> No. 65446 Auntiefucker
21st May 2020
Thursday 10:17 am
65446 spacer
Yeah I read the column too, well done.
>> No. 65447 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 11:12 am
65447 spacer

I've done no research
>> No. 65448 YubYub
21st May 2020
Thursday 11:25 am
65448 spacer
What makes anyone think the middle class gives a shit about the working poor. They may protest about environmental issues but anything which might increase the price of the shit they order online is unthinkable
>> No. 65450 Are Moaty
21st May 2020
Thursday 11:39 am
65450 spacer
How dare you post that vicious antisemite here.
>> No. 65452 Moralfag
21st May 2020
Thursday 1:09 pm
65452 spacer

But his name is unusual. Trust me in the hands of a skilled comedian that is comedy gold.
>> No. 65457 Crabkiller
21st May 2020
Thursday 3:33 pm
65457 spacer
His stand-up can be great, but his columns are atrocious. Real sixth form level of humour.
>> No. 65458 YubYub
21st May 2020
Thursday 3:39 pm
65458 spacer
Couldn't agree more.
>> No. 65459 Paedofag
21st May 2020
Thursday 3:39 pm
65459 spacer

britfags upvote.png
>> No. 65460 YubYub
21st May 2020
Thursday 3:40 pm
65460 spacer
I think he was interviewed about his columns, and he says that, just like on stage, he's playing a character. Not the same one he is on stage, but a pathetic hack who is writing each one as though it is his last.

It still doesn't work, does it?
>> No. 65461 Crabkiller
21st May 2020
Thursday 4:33 pm
65461 spacer

I think a lot of people just don't like it because they are the butt of the joke- navel gazing middle class diet-socialists.

his own personal politics are somewhere in the vicinity of alan moore or alexi sayle.
>> No. 65462 Billbob
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:02 pm
65462 spacer
>Alexi Sayle
That fucking guy with his shouty presentation. It's not even Brian Blessed style, but vicious. I love to hate his shows on the radio. I can't imagine being around someone so opinionated.
>> No. 65463 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 5:06 pm
65463 spacer
It's difficult to appreciate Alexei Sayle now, without the context of his work in the late eighties. I found him difficult to like at first, even back then at the height of his pomp, but he is one of those people whose intelligence and humour gets right under your skin, even if politically or culturally you might not be where he is from. I find him extremely amusing to watch, but I am pretty sure I would never want to meet him.
>> No. 65464 Crabkiller
21st May 2020
Thursday 6:04 pm
65464 spacer

If you've spent time in Liverpool, you'll know exactly the sort of character he is lampooning.
>> No. 65465 Crabkiller
21st May 2020
Thursday 10:23 pm
65465 spacer
I remember him talking about it here in this otherwise excellent interview:

>> No. 65466 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 10:25 pm
65466 spacer
What's that then?
>> No. 65467 Crabkiller
21st May 2020
Thursday 11:06 pm
65467 spacer
I dunno what he's on about. Alan Moore is an anarchist. Alexei Sayle is a communist. Stewart Lee, I believe, is neither.
>> No. 65482 Auntiefucker
22nd May 2020
Friday 6:39 pm
65482 spacer


>> No. 65483 YubYub
22nd May 2020
Friday 6:51 pm
65483 spacer

Jesus Christ, this government really is beyond parody.
>> No. 65485 Searchfag
22nd May 2020
Friday 7:02 pm
65485 spacer

Yeah, but his columns have the advantage in that you can reach the punchline in far less than 20 minutes.
>> No. 65486 YubYub
22nd May 2020
Friday 7:03 pm
65486 spacer

I dunno, I can see it working pretty well. we've got so many people furloughed right now who proudly voted tory to clamp down on them bloody workshy scroungers, so naturally they'll jump at the chance to muck in and do their bit, won't they? I mean, obviously they will, because otherwise that would make them gigantic fucking hypocrites. So obviously they will.
>> No. 65488 Ambulancelad
22nd May 2020
Friday 7:21 pm
65488 spacer
> Britain needs 70,000 fruit and veg pickers

Did they run out of Eastern Europeans willing to do it for £4 an hour?
>> No. 65489 Searchfag
22nd May 2020
Friday 7:35 pm
65489 spacer
Not sure but something happened in 2016 that put them off?
>> No. 65490 Anonymous
22nd May 2020
Friday 8:37 pm
65490 spacer

i suppose they'll have to pay a respectable amount for it then. scandalous.
>> No. 65491 Anonymous
22nd May 2020
Friday 8:44 pm
65491 spacer

Don't be daft, we've all got professional jobs we can do from home. Think of this as a great opportunity for all the scrounging commies who voted Jezza to have a taste of what their agrarian utopia would be like. And no bennies, cheap cider or happy pills until you've met your quota. If I'm going to pay for your existence you can pick my fucking asparagus.
>> No. 65492 R4GE
22nd May 2020
Friday 8:44 pm
65492 spacer
IIRC the farmers tried making it hard for people to apply for the scheme so they'd be more able to rely on cheap seasonal foreign labour in the future.
>> No. 65493 YubYub
22nd May 2020
Friday 9:00 pm
65493 spacer
We should just kill farmers. I've never met a farmer that wasn't clearly a wrong'un in one way or another.

Ah, no, then all the people who know how to farm would be dead. I suppose we'll just have to use "laws" and "the government" to sort this out. Be only after we've killed all the lawyers and politicians.
>> No. 65495 Billbob
22nd May 2020
Friday 9:30 pm
65495 spacer
More that the entire seasonal labour system is geared up to the basic system whereby entire busloads of workers are ferried between the shared caravans and the places they need to do work.

The agencies and farmers likely just balked at the nightmare of logistics involved in managed vast numbers of students and furloughed workers who all want to make their individual ways there.
>> No. 65506 Searchfag
23rd May 2020
Saturday 3:45 am
65506 spacer

farmers were the number one fans of slavery too, sodding darkie enablers
>> No. 65508 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 4:42 am
65508 spacer

>> No. 65512 YubYub
23rd May 2020
Saturday 10:26 am
65512 spacer

Are stew has landed himself in hot water
>> No. 65513 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 10:37 am
65513 spacer
>Lee’s publicist told Chortle he would not be commenting on the row, other than to accuse Spiked of "pathetic the shipping forecast'.

Hah. Nice.
>> No. 65514 Searchfag
23rd May 2020
Saturday 10:56 am
65514 spacer
>playground-level dolphin rape
>being offended while claiming the maturity high ground

Pick one.
>> No. 65515 Moralfag
23rd May 2020
Saturday 12:26 pm
65515 spacer
I feel this is a watershed moment in the accusations of Anti-Semitisim. It must be apparent at this point that the word has evidently lost all meaning.

If everyone and everything is anti-Semitic than nothing is, the word losses all power. I don't think I will be able to take a public accusation of anti-Semitism seriously again, I can’t take it on good faith that they are. And even if I found proof someone was a genuine wrong'un I wouldn't be able to explain to others, because they would assume anti-Semite turned out to mean they insulted someone who happened to be Jewish once.
>> No. 65516 YubYub
23rd May 2020
Saturday 1:26 pm
65516 spacer

It's been a wierd kind of establishmentarian dog-whistle for years now, and I think just about any sensible person knows there has been a certain amount of crying wolf in recent times.

I have to simply hope that before long, society at large will have learned to filter out the nonsense, in the same way nobody believes the Prince of Nigeria any more. Poor lad's been trying to shift that money for decades. Accusations of aquatic mammal molestation, Cancel culture and the twitter pitchfork mob will burn itself out.
>> No. 65517 Billbob
23rd May 2020
Saturday 1:39 pm
65517 spacer

It'll just be usurped by the next new thing.

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