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>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 11672 Anonymous
21st November 2017
Tuesday 6:24 pm
11672 spacer

I'm on the verge of ending my decade-long unemployment spell but if my employer can't grease the wheels and make a formal offer before Universal Credit comes in next month I'm gonna lose out. And if they offer me fewer hours it just gets worse. Thanks for helping me into work Theresa.
>> No. 11673 Anonymous
21st November 2017
Tuesday 11:21 pm
11673 spacer
I cant see UC ever making it completely out of the blocks. Way too much uproar over it nowadays. Even the Tory Rags are slamming it.
>> No. 11674 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 7:55 am
11674 spacer
Credit For All will be fine, though.
>> No. 11787 Anonymous
29th December 2017
Friday 11:30 am
11787 spacer
Haven't been paid "muh dole" for tomorrow, guess it's time to argue on the phone.

>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 12112 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 9:18 pm
12112 spacer
He probably just fancies a bum.
>> No. 12113 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 9:20 pm
12113 spacer
He is a she. She's single and over a decade older than me, but there is definitely no attraction from either side.
>> No. 12114 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 9:25 pm
12114 spacer

Well, you're wrong.
>> No. 12118 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 11:04 pm
12118 spacer

She definitely wants it.
>> No. 12122 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:16 am
12122 spacer

There's never been a meeting where I haven't failed to fall asleep in, the whole pretense just becomes too much during them.

>> No. 12102 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 6:45 pm
12102 Looking for jobs outside NHS
So I've worked for the NHS most of my adult life and whenever I've needed a job I've just gone on the NHS jobs website. I'm now considering leaving the NHS and looking for something maybe related but not with the same level of bullshit, I guess.

How do normal people find jobs?
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>> No. 12116 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 10:02 pm
12116 spacer
>>12115 It's not the higher pay, and I'm fully aware that the NHS has good pension, good workers rights and more annual leave. To be honest, I work for a trust that's in very bad shape and I'm just getting sick of the sense of hopelessness, being asked to do more with less and short-term political manoeuvres in upper management that just tick a box and do nothing to improve patient care.

I suppose I've been a bit vague in what I'm after. I'd quite like something perhaps in a school or university or GP surgery, so I'm not completely selling out and going fully private healthcare. I've got a fair bit of experience and additional qualifications so I wouldn't be looking at being a staff nurse, I'd want to be looking at having something more independent, I guess. Just with less of the bullshit.

But I'll fully admit, you might be right that I might be just be thinking the grass is greener.
>> No. 12117 Anonymous
6th March 2018
Tuesday 11:03 pm
12117 spacer


You'll have to sift through a lot of shitty support worker jobs offering £7.80 an hour, but there are a few interesting vacancies mixed in there.


>we generally aren't the most popular of folk

I don't know why. You do a fucking hard job for nowhere near enough money in a totally broken system. Fair play, I couldn't stick it.
>> No. 12119 Anonymous
7th March 2018
Wednesday 1:54 am
12119 spacer
I should listen to Goblin again.
>> No. 12120 Anonymous
7th March 2018
Wednesday 2:06 am
12120 spacer
Try and get a job in a prison, my mate worked in one for a year after he graduated and he said it's interesting and because you're the gate keeper of the drugs they are very polite.

Or, now bear with me, you could move to Scotland. They have the best performing NHS in Britain and if you're experienced I foresee no issues in securing a job before you flit.
>> No. 12121 Anonymous
7th March 2018
Wednesday 6:56 pm
12121 spacer
Actually, a big part of the price premium is to do with the funding model.

As a member of permanent staff, your post is funded from the trust's operational budget, which means it's subject to the stresses of below-inflation increases (i.e. real-terms cuts), and the resulting pressure on the trust to identify what they do best and find more ways of doing less of it better. If they need an extra nurse but there's no headroom in the operational budget, they can't create the post.

As agency staff are effectively either at-will or for a fixed term, the accountants can do a bit of voodoo and charge them to capital budgets. If they need an extra nurse but don't have the funding to create a post, they can spend money from other budgets on agency and contract staff.

The agencies know that they are providers of last resort, so can gouge to fuck. They also know that if they can poach staff away from payroll, that directly increases demand for their services. That means an agency can effectively take an NHS employee away from and hire them back to the same trust at a premium. In order to be able to attract staff, knowing they aren't offering the same benefits they have to offer significantly higher pay, otherwise nobody would join them.

tl;dr fatcats gonna fat.

>> No. 12053 Anonymous
25th February 2018
Sunday 10:28 pm
12053 spacer
I'm 25 and working in engineering (though not an engineer) and cannot countenance the idea of being paid as shittily as I am now the rest of my life.

How do I train myself up to go into fintech or something like that? Don't really care what it is. Just something with decent money. I'm fucking sick of being a poor cunt.
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>> No. 12059 Anonymous
26th February 2018
Monday 5:11 pm
12059 spacer

That raises more questions than it answers.
>> No. 12060 Anonymous
26th February 2018
Monday 6:52 pm
12060 spacer

>I have two degrees

Look into graduate schemes then, mate. Honestly if we're having to tell you this then I'm not sure you have much hope.


Is it not a dodgy MR2 replica or summat?
>> No. 12072 Anonymous
27th February 2018
Tuesday 8:43 pm
12072 spacer
Definitely a bodykit on a cheap car. The main giveaways being the engine cover/c-pillar area and the wheels.
>> No. 12076 Anonymous
28th February 2018
Wednesday 1:08 am
12076 spacer
It's an MR2 bodykit, I'm 99% sure.
>> No. 12078 Anonymous
28th February 2018
Wednesday 3:30 am
12078 spacer

It's the C pillar that gives it away for me, plus those indicators on the front look like they're off an MX5, far too wide for an F50, and I don't think the rear wing would ever sag like that on the real car as I think it was fibreglass.

>> No. 12012 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 4:36 pm
12012 Employment misery
I've been stuck in the same job nearly six years. I'm pretty good at what I do but the work is unerringly bland without much in the way of deviation. This has inevitably caused me to become complacent but in a way that stymies any satisfaction I once found in a job well done.

Everybody tells me my employer doesn't know my worth but I just can't find myself to apply anywhere else. I'm probably just lazy but it's like I can't muster any motivation or even excitement at the prospect of even sorting my CV out to apply for something new even though it would inevitably be better in pretty much every respect.

Am I depressed? If so, does that make most of the working / lower-middle class workers I know depressed? How can you break the cycle?

Sorry for the spam. Originally posted this in /b/ like a daft sod.
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>> No. 12018 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:24 pm
12018 spacer

Leave life behind and join the site's sponsor, the Merchant Navy!
>> No. 12019 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:50 pm
12019 spacer

Or better, go buy some new Nikes and get fit!
>> No. 12037 Anonymous
16th February 2018
Friday 2:14 pm
12037 spacer

I have a good friend who was in there for years. He absolutely loved it, made loads of money, and the way you get time off in huge chunks of the calendar is appealing too.
>> No. 12038 Anonymous
16th February 2018
Friday 2:14 pm
12038 spacer

Is there much bumming? I'm not interested if there's no bumming.
>> No. 12039 Anonymous
16th February 2018
Friday 2:18 pm
12039 spacer

There's lots of fucking in general apparently, now that plenty of birds work on the ships too. I'm sure there's more than enough bumming, but it might not be the most popular mode of fucking these days.

>> No. 11978 Anonymous
6th February 2018
Tuesday 11:11 am
11978 spacer
Lads... So how can I get references from Carillion now that it has gone bust? I doubt HR will have it if I honestly tell them that I can't get them anymore.
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>> No. 11988 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 4:20 pm
11988 spacer
Just started a new job and they checked all 3 of mine.
>> No. 11994 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 7:38 pm
11994 spacer
Well I think it's only really minimum wage jobs they check them for, to make sure you're not going to pilfer the tills or anything.
>> No. 11995 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 1:39 pm
11995 spacer
It's actually the opposite. Only shite jobs never check it. So can you fuck off if you have nothing useful to add?

>> No. 11996 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 9:10 pm
11996 spacer
I've been working in the high end of IT for the last fifteen years and I've never once had someone check a reference.
>> No. 11997 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 9:14 pm
11997 spacer
The other lad's just talking bollocks and in denial that he's in a bullshit job.

>> No. 11944 Anonymous
1st February 2018
Thursday 10:27 am
11944 Ethics and that
Would you take a three figure salary to work at a corporation widely regarded as horrendously unethical?

It's a position you'd love, excel at, and be able to make some changes to a couple of the evil policies, but not all of them. It's a significant step up for you, career wise. You've been headhunted and you have scope to define your own role - the dream basically.

Could you do it? Would you? I'm in this predicament myself. I feel like if I really have to ask then I already know the answer, but I can't pretend I'm not tempted.

I probably shouldn't name the company but yes, it's the one you're thinking of.
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>> No. 11967 Anonymous
1st February 2018
Thursday 8:41 pm
11967 spacer

>> No. 11968 Anonymous
1st February 2018
Thursday 8:47 pm
11968 spacer
What are the ethical struggles that come with being Nicholas Cage?
>> No. 11969 Anonymous
2nd February 2018
Friday 8:41 am
11969 spacer
I could only do it if I were working it into a greater plan. Right now I'm working for an industry that's a grey area, ethically, but I'm saving up specifically to take another related qualification and move into a better field.
>> No. 11970 Anonymous
2nd February 2018
Friday 1:51 pm
11970 spacer
OP this is what is known as an "ethical compromise under capitalism".

We all have to make such compromises in order to live comfortably. On the one hand, working for Nestlé in and of itself is not evil, unless you are head of the African Milk Division as the above poster has said. On the other hand, the fact you would have influence over policy and would have a six figure salary suggests you are skilled enough to easily find similar employment elsewhere, so it doesn't seem like something you don't have a choice in.

In the end only you can decide whether it is something you can do and still live with yourself in the long run.
>> No. 11971 Anonymous
2nd February 2018
Friday 4:17 pm
11971 spacer
There's things you could do to mitigate your ethical concerns.

You could use it as a stepping stone to something more ethical. It's inevitable that making a living somewhere and spending the majority of your time there will draw you into that culture and sap you of the will to try anything else. It will be extremely well paid and comfortable. It will take a tremendous amount of willpower to resist this and not have your values dulled over time.

Also you could maintain an openness about what it is you do for the company, and tell people you trust honestly about the ethical concerns you have. Don't portray the career in a better light for the sake of pride. If you're prepared to take the risk, you could share your views anonymously with relevant activist groups. You could even one day be a whistleblower if the opportunity arises.

>> No. 11940 Anonymous
26th January 2018
Friday 7:46 pm
11940 Actuaries in UK
What’s the deal with actuarial analysts in a country with public healthcare? It appears they focus on secondary insurance markets but I assume you could still work with car/property insurance privately.
Has anyone known a British actuary?

t. would like to live in the UK
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>> No. 11941 Anonymous
26th January 2018
Friday 8:59 pm
11941 spacer
You'd probably find a job in Lloyds (the insurance market, not the bank) in London with those skills. The pensions market uses actuaries a lot. I haven't met one for years though.
>> No. 11942 Anonymous
26th January 2018
Friday 9:27 pm
11942 spacer
An odd question from an actuary, of course there'ss loads of actuarial roles in the UK, just search in London on any job site.
>> No. 11943 Anonymous
26th January 2018
Friday 10:03 pm
11943 spacer
I know an actuary. She's exactly as boring as predicted, which I suppose is a sign of a good actuary.

>> No. 11932 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 2:04 pm
11932 Admin test
I've got a job interview next week, and it involves a "short admin test". Was wondering if anyone on here has applied for an admin position before and what that test could entail?
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>> No. 11935 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 8:25 pm
11935 spacer
Doing a round of hot drinks for at least five people, mentally noting all drinks and milk/sugar preferences, no notepad allowed.
>> No. 11936 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 8:42 pm
11936 spacer
That would definitely be a reasonable test. Send 'em to Starbucks for the whole team and see if they remember the order. Forget my soya mocha and you're out the door now.
>> No. 11937 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 9:33 pm
11937 spacer
Yeah, this. Also Vlookup.

I've gone for tests in interviews before in admin/finance positions; they can involve a GCSE-level numeracy exam, data entry in Excel, spotting mistakes in a data set, typing out a letter, stuff like that.

If they're not giving details, it probably isn't very complex and will be along the above lines. If you've got the interview through an agency, ask them, they will probably know what it involves.
>> No. 11938 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 9:42 pm
11938 spacer

>Also Vlookup

Everyone uses this, and thinks it is the height of excel use, even people who should know better, but it is just terrible. If you can master a nested match index that is better, it is more versatile(it can go back as well as forwards or even to other sheets, and you don't have to count columns like a wally.
>> No. 11939 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 12:08 am
11939 spacer
When I did my placement year, my programming knowledge basically made me The Excel Bitch for the whole place I was working at, and I often had people make insane uses of VLOOKUP when a 5-line Range.Find script would have done the job just as well.

>> No. 11921 Anonymous
21st January 2018
Sunday 6:49 pm
11921 Earning outside main job
I've been racking my brain on how to earn more money outside of my main job. I'm in a relatively non-demanding full-time 9 to 5 but, having just started, am not currently in a position to negotiate pay. I also currently live extremely minimally; I live with family and ride a motorbike rather than own a car.

At this stage, I'm open to any suggestion. Long and short-term strategies. Here are a few I've tried already:

- Working as a hospital filing clerk at night, i.e. returning bulky patient records to storage. Result: Treated like dirt by managers. The people I worked with ranged from pleasantly quirky to having genuine mental health problems.
- Working in a clothes shop on weekends, i.e. folding clothes into plastic bags. Result: Many temporary workers were let go after a temporary period, quite disorganised and frantic work; unreliable.
- Selling artwork and trading sundries online, i.e. desperate eBaying. Result: Massive timesink. Though satisfying for other reasons, it works out to a fraction of minimum wage (even when shifting items worth £300+).
- Medical transcription, i.e. get sent dodgy .wavs of doctors talking and typing it out. Result: The pace necessary to even scrape minimum wage was unrealistic, and I'm generally about 80wpm.
- Weekend warehouse work, i.e. picking and stowing Amazon orders. Result: Pay is fine, but damaging in just about every other way.

Things I am considering trying:

- Remote/home-based programming work, especially centering around statistics packages. Obstacles: I only have quite specific knowledge, so it's hard to find job matches.
- Writing projects. Putting practical knowledge into an e-book for sale, or a monetisable blog. Obstacles: I'm not sure there isn't anyone who isn't already doing this. Potentially a dead-end.
- Online tutoring. English language and maybe one or two other subjects. Obstacles: Only as much work as you can find.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11927 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 12:19 am
11927 spacer
When you're a millionaire you can do that kind of shit though - once you have a bunch of money, its quite easy to make some more - the OP isn't anywhere near that position.
>> No. 11928 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 1:49 am
11928 spacer

Get your SIA badge and do a door on the weekend mate. It's easy money if you're able to talk to people respectfully and thrive in the somewhat macho atmosphere.

I've got a few years experience in the security industry, and I recommend it on the side. Don't do it full time though or you'll go a bit mad.
>> No. 11929 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 5:45 pm
11929 spacer

>What is it that you really, really want to do?

I have a pretty strong sense of direction. I'm lucky in that my day job also relates to (or at least is a path to) my 'dream career'. At the moment, I'm saving to live and study as a postgraduate in the EU for a while.

>Have you tried delivering stuff on your bike? I hear Deliveroo isn't terrible pay, considering.

This is a good shout. I was bitten by the bug a year ago, so riding the bike is a pleasure, even through rain and heavy traffic. I'd have to remove my own top box and replace it with their godawful thing on the weekends, but I could make it work.


Do you know how your mates find students? What websites should I use? Are there any particularly lucrative subjects to teach?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 11930 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 7:32 pm
11930 spacer
>I was bitten by the bug a year ago
Hot as fuck.
>> No. 11931 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 8:19 pm
11931 spacer

Not that bug, you fucking degenerates.

>> No. 11860 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 11:38 pm
11860 Moving into IT
Lads, I want to start a real career and I'd like to ask for your help.

I've been working as a private Mathematics tutor for nigh on five years now and I'm in a rut. Due to a combination of immaturity and personal issues whose details I won't bore you with I underperformed at uni and walked away from Manchester with a third in Physics. Not brilliant, but my own fault. I stumbled into the tutoring lark while looking for jobs but once I'd found I could make a comfortable living doing it little has changed in my life. I've been happy enough cruising through my twenties with my own place, girlfriends, , plenty of free time, all that good jazz, but something terrible has happened.

A few days ago I woke up and realised I'm hurtling towards 30 without any kind of solid career and little idea on how to retrain and at what level. As much as I enjoy being a tutor there isn't much in the way of progression and it's something I now feel I'd be happier doing to stay active when I'm retired. My friends have developed this alarming habit of getting married, one git actually has children as well, and I'm getting more left behind every day. I'm at the stage where people I know are always getting promoted or discussing mortgage and when I'm asked what I'm doing I start to wince at hearing myself repeat the same story.

Despite my third I'm not a complete thicko. I'm very good at Maths, as is expected of me, and I can write basic programs in quite a few languages, mostly C++, Java and Python. But my CV is all but empty spare for my tutoring and a clutch of very good A-levels which I'm sure count for fuck all. I have no references, no internships, essentially no indication that I can do much at all. I've been forbidden from entering teaching proper, not that I'd fancy doing it anyway, so for any other line of work I look like a blank slate.

Beggars can't be choosers and I'm not fussy about what area of IT I'd train for but would prefer something neither crushingly dull or likely to be automated within a few years. If I had the freedom to choose it would be something like data analysis, since I actually enjoy identifying statistical trends and building models based on them. What areas would you recommend and what qualifications are worth pursuing/ignoring?

Apologies if this is all a bit vague. Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 11864 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 3:13 pm
11864 spacer

I'm not sure what's more worrying; this being true, or people accepting it as the new normal.
>> No. 11865 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:08 pm
11865 spacer

My grandfather spent most of his late twenties picking through the rubble of Berlin looking for plump rats. We're doing alright.
>> No. 11866 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:22 pm
11866 spacer

My parents spent their late twenties shopping for a three bedroom semi in which to raise their two kids, while my father worked a secure job and my mother started working a secure job. You can shove your rats up your arse.
>> No. 11867 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:45 pm
11867 spacer

>You can shove your rats up your arse.

Those devious bloody Germans.
>> No. 11870 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 5:37 pm
11870 spacer

My dad is 59 now and nevet had a proper full time job until he was 27, he just coasted until then. He's doing alright now.

>> No. 11784 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 9:51 pm
11784 Escaping Wage Slavery
Binance was the fastest growing exchange of 2017. With their frequent token additions, superior customer support, and the proprietary fee reducing BNB token, they went from a rank 60 exchange to a rank 3 exchange in the course of several months.

The first people to join Binance are essentially retired. They purchased BNB token for a fraction of a dollar. And they were able to spread many referrals as the exchange was up and coming. I know people who are living lavishly off passive income solely from their web of binance. Anyone who takes trading seriously is registered there.

Dividend paying exchanges are going to surpass Binance in 2018. Why would you hold a token that gives you a fee reduction when you can hold a token that gives you a share of the exchange's daily profits? Combined with a lucrative referral program, the user is incentivized to draw traffic to the exchange, further increasing their profits.

Why am I telling you this? Well you probably already know. More referral bullshit yes. What separates an MLM pyramid scheme from a valuable referral program? Legitimacy of the product. If you are peddling essential oils and bullshit makeup products then you are quite literally promoting a scam. If you support cryptocurrency then you have no choice but to get behind Binance.

Currently the exchange is overwhelmed with new user registration. This is increasing daily.
1500 referrals on binance to active traders nets between 50-100k per year passive income (and increasing) for the few people I've seen.

If you believe the crypto market is going to continue growing as a whole in 2018, then this is very valuable.

In exchange for sharing this info with you, all I ask is that you use my referral code upon signup. At the very least sign up so you can buy Ripple in time for the moon this quarter. You lose nothing for signing up with my referral. I will send the first several people who do so 100 XRP.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11785 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 10:57 pm
11785 spacer
Assuming each person recruits five people, by 'level' 14 of the pyramid, we're at 6.1bn people. It's completely unfeasable unless you're at the top level.
>> No. 11786 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 11:15 pm
11786 spacer
I was going to ban him for advertising, but it is such a pathetic pitch, I'm tempted to leave it up. It reeks of the collective delusion that Bitcoin needs to survive.

>> No. 11774 Anonymous
11th December 2017
Monday 1:59 pm
11774 spacer
I have an important interview tomorrow that requires I wear a proper suit. Unfortunately it's been over a year since I've had to wear a suit and mine appear to have mysteriously shrunk in my wardrobe to the degree where I struggle to get the trousers on and the jacket cant be buttoned.

Any ideas on how to cover this up? I'd rather not buy a new suit just to have it tailored down over the Christmas season once I've put the mince pies down. Yes I probably should have tried it on earlier but you know how it is.
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>> No. 11779 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 8:33 pm
11779 spacer
Have you started letting out a slight sigh or wince when you get up/sit down?
>> No. 11780 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:05 pm
11780 spacer

Chairs are definitely lower than they used to be. The text in books is smaller. TV remote controls are more confusing. Everyone speaks too quietly on telly. Drivers shout "get off the road you daft old cunt" a lot more.
>> No. 11781 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:21 pm
11781 spacer
I've noticed that police persons are really fucking young.
>> No. 11782 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:34 pm
11782 spacer
Police officers, lad.
>> No. 11783 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 11:08 pm
11783 spacer

It's political correctness gone mad.

cat toilet.jpg
>> No. 11765 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 1:04 am
11765 spacer
Is it illegal to lie about your work history when applying for a job? Say it's just a labouring job, nothing important.
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>> No. 11769 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 3:38 am
11769 spacer
Everybody does it, just make sure you don't behave like a typical KC user on the job because they might actually look it up.
>> No. 11770 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 3:51 am
11770 spacer

It's only warehouse work. I've been a social recluse and unemployed for a decade and I thought I'd make up some work history.
>> No. 11771 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 4:14 am
11771 spacer
Use companies that have gone into administration. There's been plenty over the past decade; Kwik Save, Comet, Jessops, BHS, Woolworths, Phones4U, etc.
>> No. 11772 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 4:43 am
11772 spacer

Nice tip.
>> No. 11773 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 9:05 am
11773 spacer

It looks a bit suspicious if you list the well-known bankrupt firms. I'd suggest searching The Gazette instead - there are thousands of insolvent companies that nobody has ever heard of.


Self-employment can also be a good CV filler. Nobody is going to look particularly hard to check if you were really a handyman, a casual labourer or an Uber driver.

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