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>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 11664 Anonymous
5th November 2017
Sunday 10:47 am
11664 spacer
>the council might also consider refusal to enter as circumstantial evidence of being a couple
Do you know for a fact that that is legal?
>> No. 11672 Anonymous
21st November 2017
Tuesday 6:24 pm
11672 spacer

I'm on the verge of ending my decade-long unemployment spell but if my employer can't grease the wheels and make a formal offer before Universal Credit comes in next month I'm gonna lose out. And if they offer me fewer hours it just gets worse. Thanks for helping me into work Theresa.
>> No. 11673 Anonymous
21st November 2017
Tuesday 11:21 pm
11673 spacer
I cant see UC ever making it completely out of the blocks. Way too much uproar over it nowadays. Even the Tory Rags are slamming it.
>> No. 11674 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 7:55 am
11674 spacer
Credit For All will be fine, though.

>> No. 11675 Anonymous
23rd November 2017
Thursday 10:15 am
11675 spacer
Isn't this against the equality act?


>This internship is only open to candidates from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background.
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>> No. 11683 Anonymous
23rd November 2017
Thursday 7:14 pm
11683 spacer

I felt like his post was, deliberately intended or not, exactly the kind of catalyst to start a cunt off. It is Ironic process theory 101 here particularly when it is phrased in a confrontational manner like it was.
>> No. 11684 Anonymous
23rd November 2017
Thursday 7:59 pm
11684 spacer
Good thing I'm black. Thanks for posting OP.
>> No. 11686 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 12:34 am
11686 spacer

Christ, I'm getting too old for this shit.
>> No. 11691 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 3:12 pm
11691 spacer

It's weird, but the internship comes from Creative Access. They're an organisation 'dedicated to recruiting BAME talent in the creative industries', by working with companies to let them give out internships.

I guess, working all that through, it becomes a requirement of that internship to be non-white. Being white and taking it, from the limited pool of internships available, would genuinely be of no use whatsoever to Creative Access.
>> No. 11695 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 4:56 pm
11695 spacer
Also, as you'd expect from an organisation trying to get people from disadvantaged backgrounds into an industry where they're under-represented, they're paid internships, at a rate of at least the local living wage, and the money is classified as a "training allowance" so it isn't taxable.

>> No. 11347 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 3:32 pm
11347 spacer
I hate the place I work, I don't interact with my colleagues, nobody knows who I am and I'm not interested in knowing them, the guy I primarily work with is an utter cunt and I hate him. I don't like what I do (quality engineering, non software), it's dull and I don't feel like I contribute to anything. I hate where I live, it's an utter shithole and I don't know anyone here. All my m8s are in London and I've had the most forgettable year of my life, I just go to work then come home and masturbate I don't speak to anyone outside of work and barely anyone inside it. The only job with a salary higher than what I I've got now (which is enough but not impressive, 24k) which I've been approached about is basically the same role as I have now but in somewhere different and equally unappealing. Jobsites only list business development, recruitment, sales or IT, none of which I have an interest in or am qualified to do. I don't have any hard skills, I'm not an engineer. I feel trapped and I hate the situation.
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>> No. 11689 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 1:16 am
11689 spacer

You can't post Goodbye and fuck off, I'm not having it. Lets have a chat. I'm here, we have IRC if you want to talk anon. I won't patronise you, I'll just listen to what the situation is.
>> No. 11690 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 11:28 am
11690 spacer
You say goodbye and I say hello.
>> No. 11692 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 3:59 pm
11692 spacer
my car broke down on my way to my date with destiny
>> No. 11693 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 4:38 pm
11693 spacer
Couldn't you have got him to pick you up in his Ford Focus RS?
>> No. 11694 Anonymous
24th November 2017
Friday 4:44 pm
11694 spacer
It was perfect is all honesty. Brake failure.

>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 11654 Anonymous
31st October 2017
Tuesday 8:10 pm
11654 spacer
Colleague: "My computers not working properly/is slow/etc."
Me: "If you look in the phone directory, there's a number for a company we pay to fix our computers."
Colleague - 5 minutes later after doing absolutely nothing: "It's still not working."
>> No. 11658 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 7:13 pm
11658 spacer
My team lead had the temerity to criticise me for browsing the web in the office while he's basically refusing to do parts of his own job. His manager's head is stuck in the clouds so naturally nothing will come of this either way.
>> No. 11659 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 8:00 pm
11659 spacer
How is he employed if he doesn't do his job? You should take lessons from him.
>> No. 11660 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 8:26 pm
11660 spacer
That's the public sector for you.
>> No. 11685 Anonymous
23rd November 2017
Thursday 8:48 pm
11685 spacer
"Hey anon can you do Task 1, it is very imporatant that we get it done as quickly as possible?"

"Okay, but I'm already doing important job A which has to be done as soon as I can, which one should I prioritise?"


Bonus Content:

"Can you make x?"

"It'll take 2 hours"

*condecending look* "You can do it in 1."

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>> No. 11665 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 6:52 pm
11665 spacer
So I have had a work offer withdrawn due to reference. The employing manager reasons sound like she was given inaccurate information in that reference which is misleading

So what steps do I need to take I will request a copy of that reference. I know I have dyslexia and my current has already used that once to discriminated against while offering no support or help based on recommendation made to them from Occupational health.

This is in the NHS by the way moving to another NHS trust.
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>> No. 11666 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 7:37 pm
11666 spacer
Employers are not obliged to provide copies of references, as there's a specific exemption in the Data Protection Act. The best you can do is make a polite request in writing and hope for the best.
>> No. 11667 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 10:23 pm
11667 spacer
>>11666 I was always under the impression that you couldn't give a bad reference and that if you had been a naughty boy all they did was confirm that you worked for them.
>> No. 11668 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 10:33 pm
11668 spacer
unless your manager is a cunt in OP case

You can request the reference and if it is not truthful go as high as you can
>> No. 11669 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 10:38 pm
11669 spacer
The employer providing the reference is exempt, the prospective employer receiving it is not.
>> No. 11670 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 1:08 am
11670 spacer
If it's about your dyslexia then you probably want to read up on the Disability Discrimination Act, if you haven't already. The NHS (and other government bodies) tend to toe the line when it comes to that kind of thing; they have a legal obligation to accommodate your disability. You are not disabled, you have a disability, and it's up to them to deal with it. You can demand mediation and even (threaten to) take them to court over it if necessary.

>> No. 11612 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 7:42 pm
11612 spacer
Hello friends, how do I find the mythical grad job?
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>> No. 11616 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 12:08 am
11616 spacer
They're anything but mythical lad. They're saturating the market. Go to a recruitment agency.
>> No. 11619 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 1:49 pm
11619 spacer
Actual schemes with big companies are golddust dust. It's fucking hard work finding your first professional job but its a lot easier thereafter.
>> No. 11620 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 1:54 pm
11620 spacer
Despite what the job adverts might claim, handing out flyers in town on a Friday night is not really a proper grad job.
>> No. 11621 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 3:34 pm
11621 spacer
Exactly, the only thing the job market is 'saturated' with is scams. Pyramid schemes, zero-hours contracts, and commission-based timewasters.
>> No. 11622 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 10:28 pm
11622 spacer
£10 an hour nights at recycling plants.

>> No. 11608 Anonymous
4th October 2017
Wednesday 11:14 am
11608 spacer
What have I gotta do to get off universal credit? Just started a new part time job in which the yearly salary is £10,000 and the last time I spoke to the dole they said I'll need to declare it to the service centre. Tried calling them from a mobile in which the call is charged and got nowhere, even checked in my local centre and they removed all the phones they used to have and the guard just had to apologise and say I'd have to try the number again that I've been ringing.

Been told I could easily just not turn up to my next interview and they would sign me off that way for not committing but I don't know what implications that holds for the future. The dole have been fairly lax on me throughout the year because I've appeared incensed to them and have largely been on zero hours work but this is my first properly salaried job in the year, I'd just like to now be able to do my own thing and not commit to further job hunting if I'm in something I can put my efforts into.
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>> No. 11609 Anonymous
4th October 2017
Wednesday 11:18 am
11609 spacer
>>Been told I could easily just not turn up to my next interview and they would sign me off

can you get that in writing? the fucking twats for suggesting that. maybe speak to your employer if you're on good terms with them?
>> No. 11610 Anonymous
4th October 2017
Wednesday 11:46 am
11610 spacer

>maybe speak to your employer if you're on good terms with them?

What exactly would I be asking in this case?
>> No. 11611 Anonymous
4th October 2017
Wednesday 8:01 pm
11611 spacer

Can I use the phone, please?
>> No. 11617 Anonymous
6th October 2017
Friday 8:14 am
11617 spacer

I work evenings.

I spoke to the service centre today, and they said they don't sign off from UC and that it has to be open for another 6 months.

Don't get this.

>> No. 11572 Anonymous
28th July 2017
Friday 1:41 pm
11572 Quitting 2 days in
I've been in-and-out of work this as I've mostly been doing zero hours work such as cleaning and warehousing.

I had a good few solid months of work with a cleaning firm but then that dried up and my hours became very minimal, to help pay my rent I started looking elsewhere because ultimately I am going to need something more permanent that pays better in the long run.

I've just started another cleaning job, basic rate of £7.50 an hour, however next week an agency want me to go to training for a warehousing/drivers mate job which actually offers more money and slightly better hours (40 hours as opposed to constantly fluctuating cleaning hours). They've said you then get interviewed by the actual company after the training, I dislike this premise but it seems to be the standard among agencies and I had a similar experience earlier this year on a similar course.

Basically, I think I'm going to be quitting this new cleaning job only two days in and this is not something I've done before. What's the best way I do this? I checked my contract and I couldn't find anything about a notice period.

Pic unrelated.
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>> No. 11573 Anonymous
28th July 2017
Friday 9:34 pm
11573 spacer
Does the training last longer than a day? Pull a sickie or something. Don't just quit before you even have a confirmed job lined up.
>> No. 11574 Anonymous
29th July 2017
Saturday 10:55 am
11574 spacer

It's four days of training.
>> No. 11575 Anonymous
29th July 2017
Saturday 5:22 pm
11575 spacer
Try to get some time off mate. I don't like the idea of leaving work without having nothing else lined up.

>> No. 11549 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 6:05 pm
11549 spacer
Anyone worked for these guys before?
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>> No. 11556 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 10:17 am
11556 spacer
I've not worked for them, but I will say that the name contains all four of letters in "cunt". Make of that what you will.
>> No. 11557 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 1:52 pm
11557 spacer
What are they?
>> No. 11560 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 7:05 pm
11560 spacer
Indians outsourcing everything to India.
>> No. 11565 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 9:00 pm
11565 spacer
Similar to PWC/KPMG I think.
>> No. 11567 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 9:16 pm
11567 spacer
No. It is way worse.

>> No. 11545 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 6:20 pm
11545 spacer
Can anyone explain this bullshit? Who the hell actually does anything?
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>> No. 11546 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 6:22 pm
11546 spacer
>Who the hell actually does anything?

>> No. 11547 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 6:22 pm
11547 spacer

Also robots.
>> No. 11548 Anonymous
17th July 2017
Monday 6:39 pm
11548 spacer


my last boss.jpg
>> No. 11542 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 5:41 am
11542 spacer
Arseholes at the last job I worked at have underpaid me to the tune of 150 quid and are not answering emails.

Who do I talk to?

Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 11543 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 8:20 am
11543 spacer

Call them? Go and visit them to see what the bloody hell's going on, or failing that go and see your local CAB.
>> No. 11544 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 4:21 pm
11544 spacer
Try http://donotpay.co.uk for free legal advice from a chat bot bruv.

>> No. 11508 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 5:34 pm
11508 Workplacce Annoyances
Old thread is just a thinly veiled excuse for a tedious political cunt off, so I made a new one.

Have at it chaps.
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>> No. 11519 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:09 pm
11519 spacer
>> No. 11521 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:09 pm
11521 spacer
We've already got a precedent for threads being retired when they get to a couple of thousand posts or so. The /101/ minor rants is on number 6 by now, there have been other threads such as Corbyn and Trump which have been split into new ones too.

Yes you can view just the last 50 posts, but it's not a perfect solution. For example clicking on a quote that's earlier than the last 50 will force the entire thread to load which is a massive ballache.
>> No. 11523 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:16 pm
11523 spacer
a) This is a slower board than /101/ and this thread tends to have more actual conversations in it, which can be a mildly amusing way to pass the time by looking back on.

b) Learn to hover over quoted posts. I can do it on my phone no bother.

c) Fuck off, you're not Postmaster General.

There is absolutely no need for a new thread.
>> No. 11524 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:20 pm
11524 spacer
>c) Fuck off, you're not Postmaster General.
>There is absolutely no need for a new thread.
Word, lad. Have one.
>> No. 11525 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:36 pm
11525 spacer


What could be more fitting?

>> No. 11406 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 5:51 pm
11406 Workplace annoyances
Old thread isn't showing my text, so I made a new one.

I got into a political argument with a colleague.

I tend to avoid political talk due to that old adage. I mentioned how the health service was underfunded due to Tory cuts.

She countered by saving it's because of staff doing agency work. So a nurse at one hospital doing agency work at a different hospital, instead of overtime at her own. Apparently, they get triple pay via the agency. Her argument was essentially the NHS is adequately funded but the funds are mismanaged and poorly spent.

I also mentioned that if there were enough nurses to start with they'd probably wouldn't have to use agencies to begin with but she did not agree. Whilst agency fees may be a factor in the NHS funding crisis, it is probably a drop in the ocean compared with chronic Tory underfunding.

She moved on to how schools are struggling because there's too many immigrant children in schools like in Boston and teachers are struggling to cope with this and increased class sizes. I thought of rebutting her by saying increased class sizes are due to chronic Tory underfunding but what's the point, eh?

To complete the trinity of bigotry, she said there's too many immigrants coming over here claiming bennies and having too many children. I tried to point out that it's mostly younger healthy migrants who come here to work and don't use the NHS as much as the elderly do. Also the fact that birth rate is declining, who do you think will support the elderly population?

She religiously gets the Daily Heil™ everyday, so I don't know what I was expecting.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11513 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 6:50 pm
11513 spacer
I take it you can't earn more because you are a moron, right?
>> No. 11518 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:07 pm
11518 spacer
Careful, lad. You'll only make people angry if you insinuate poor people are stupid.
>> No. 11527 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 7:59 pm
11527 spacer
Speaking of public sector strife, I'm keeping on this because it annoys me: Remember the wank about how the post-office strike, southern strike and airline strike and whatever were going to ruin Christmas in a a politically motivated strike attempting to bring down the government, so the government should step in and biff the trade unions on the nose again? Remember that second Winter of Discontent? No?

Yeah, exactly. Because it was nothing. Because the press lied. They want to see trade unions fucked some more even though they're already below George Galloway in terms of power held. They'll lie again, they'll do it for more mild labour disputes in the hope of getting our already stringently regulated trade unions to piss off entirely. I'm incredibly unhappy about it, from a press-honesty standpoint as much as anything else.

>if not for the fact anyone who's actually competent will land a much better job elsewhere?
I think there's a legitimate case to be made that a secondary reason is political ideology, vaguely encompassed in the Blair era obsession with statistics. Rather than develop on this, I'll just stick with the strike angle: I've always been drawn to the idea of service deliverers going on a sort of "paper strike". i.e. they won't fill in stupid self-assessment forms or other data-generating exercises secondary to their real job, but they'll continue to show up to work and provide the frontline services they're actually paid to perform.

Not work to rule, where they tediously follow the exact write-up of the job they're paid to perform (often disrupting services): Doing their actual day job and skipping the rules about target-sheets that get in their way. Obviously I don't mean fill in zero paperwork, but there's a pretty clear difference between marking your students' essays and going through a mini struggle session on form 25A about what you think your own failings are and how you'll improve them for review by the staff department. (Don't worry, it's not actionable, you just have to do it!)

Either we'd see the crucial importance of many apparent middle-class-job-creation exercises, or a lot of managers would start looking very flustered indeed as they're all forced to sit at their desks playing solitare while occasionally grabbing the phone and feigning conversation. Now wouldn't that release quite a burden from the public purse: Free Doctors, Teachers and Nurses...
>> No. 11528 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 8:39 pm
11528 spacer
Oh no, nobody's doing that. He's insinuating stupid people are usually poor.
>> No. 11529 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 9:38 pm
11529 spacer
It's okay lad. Soon the press will be regulated, and so will the internet. I'm happy as long as everyone else gets fucked with - especially poor people who vote for these sort of things.

>> No. 11514 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 6:51 pm
11514 Workplace Annoyances Rev.II(c)
Because what else is more annoying than that informative poster with a shutterstock watermark over the top that your boss made and stuck on the canteen noticeboard.

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