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>> No. 1547 Anonymous ## Mod ##
14th December 2010
Tuesday 3:19 am
1547 spacer
Locked Stickied
No drug hookups. Don't even try to be sly.

Sorry lads, that's just how it is.

>> No. 1609 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 12:18 pm
1609 spacer
Bristol anyone?
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>> No. 3137 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 9:11 am
3137 spacer
>> No. 3235 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 7:58 pm
3235 spacer
Southmead reporting
>> No. 3253 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 1:53 am
3253 spacer
South glos fag - reporting in - meet up ?
>> No. 3254 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:19 am
3254 spacer
Black and White cafe? You got a pair of ripped trousers for the fedman to compensate?
>> No. 3255 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:26 am
3255 spacer

You all speak shite

>> No. 3251 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 1:40 am
3251 spacer
Does anyone here hail from Harlow? I need to speak to another human being. Not that I have anything to say, I just don't know anyone around here and am a bit lonely.

>> No. 3236 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 1:49 pm
3236 Moving
I currently live in Wales doing an undergraduate degree. I graduate this year and I want to move to Brighton.

I don't really know how to do this.

I won't be getting a decent graduate job or anything like that, so I'll have to get a shitty bar job or retail or something to start off with. I've been told to get a live-in carer job, but I don't drive and it seems you need to to get a job like that.

Also I'll be moving alone and everything seems so expensive. I've been told about the cheaper areas in and around Brighton, but I still don't know how I'm going to find a place to afford with a job nearby.

How do I do this?

graduating soon, want to move to Brighton, alone/poor/unskilled, can I/how do I find a place and a job?
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>> No. 3246 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 4:49 pm
3246 spacer
Well I'm in a London tech job and sorry to say that isn't my experience, unless non-London tech jobs pay less than minimum wage. Not that it's bad mind, and most companies do pay a premium for London-based employees.
>> No. 3247 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 5:00 pm
3247 spacer
There are jobs that pay that much more, but they're mostly shit. They pay silly money because they have to. Chances are if someone in London is advertising a dev job at £100k, either they need a highly specialised skill (as in there are about five people still alive that can do it) or they have to pay people that much to work for them. Guess which is more likely.
>> No. 3248 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 8:14 pm
3248 spacer
Gay in Brighton here.

Honestly it's a very hard city to move to. Just about manageable 7 years ago, but now...if It were me I'd be looking at somewhere like Manchester or Birmingham instead. I could go on and on about how everything decent about Brighton died years ago, but I'll stop.

Your best bet for employment is call centers (through various shady employment agencies) and your best bet for housing is a house-share through friends. There is a gay housing Facebook group "Brighton Homes for Queers", but good luck with that group if you eat meat or don't practice yoga.
>> No. 3249 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 9:30 pm
3249 spacer

>Honestly it's a very hard city to move to.

Nice in your end o gaylad.
>> No. 3250 Anonymous
5th February 2017
Sunday 7:55 am
3250 spacer
Former Brighton lad here. Firstly the place sucks nowadays. Secondly, there is fuck all good work.

You want a place in Hanover. You want a job with Amex - especially if you can get in their travel section, that pays actual money, and while shift work, is fun. You might want to ensure you can speak a foreign language.

Aside from that, The Park Crescent used to be a cracking pub, although working out how to find it is always fun.

Avoid Whitehawk and Moulsecoombe like the fucking plague. Hanover can still offer small but not unreasonably (for Brighton) priced accommodation.

It really is a "graduate call center graveyard". Carer work does not need driving, public transport is good.

You will find yourself living in penury and surrounded by drugs and hipsters. Bristol might be a better move, TBH.

Or Berlin.

>> No. 632 Anonymous
3rd August 2009
Monday 1:19 pm
632 spacer
Anyone in the north-east?
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>> No. 3114 Anonymous
5th August 2015
Wednesday 9:58 am
3114 spacer
Went for an interview there. It was shit. Like, abysmally shit.

Also I'm in Wakey
>> No. 3161 Anonymous
28th January 2016
Thursday 4:36 pm
3161 spacer
I'm here
>> No. 3212 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 9:00 pm
3212 spacer

Ex TU, ex borofag here.

Get out while you can. I made a few posts in this thread before, get out of Boro as soon as you can.
>> No. 3213 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 9:00 pm
3213 spacer

Ex TU, ex borofag here.

Get out while you can. I made a few posts in this thread before, get out of Boro as soon as you can.
>> No. 3234 Anonymous
25th August 2016
Thursday 12:03 am
3234 spacer

ss (2014-09-15 at 12.19.20).jpg
At uni in durham but used to live just outside the meadowwell, can't get much more of a contrast tbh

>> No. 1277 Anonymous
4th July 2010
Sunday 1:26 am
1277 spacer
Awright lads. Anyone fae Edinburgh?
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>> No. 3042 Anonymous
29th December 2014
Monday 9:27 am
3042 spacer
You're new here aren't you?
>> No. 3129 Anonymous
9th August 2015
Sunday 6:59 pm
3129 spacer


>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the 2015 audience.
>> No. 3231 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 12:24 am
3231 spacer


>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the 2016 audience.
>> No. 3232 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 1:42 am
3232 spacer
Oh God. Why must you depress me?
>> No. 3233 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 9:00 pm
3233 spacer

Do locals not like half the UK's student performers turning up on their doorstep?

>> No. 3214 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:42 am
3214 spacer
Evening lads,

I have myself a graduate job (£24k/year) and after deductions for various things Ill have £1300ish a month to live off. The job is outside London and I'll need access to the M11, so I've been looking at Walthamstow area. Rent seems to be surprisingly cheap at about £110-120 per week, which'd give me around £800 for expenses each month.

How feasible is this? I'll have to run a crappy car to get to work and honestly I have no idea how much that'll cost. I'm not very good at big leaps like this, I just kind of make it work when I get there but given that I'll be responsible for my entire income and expenses I want to be more careful.

Note: I know I can live outside London but I have friends there and I'd kill myself if I had to live in Bishop's Stortford or Harlow.
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>> No. 3225 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 11:53 pm
3225 spacer
Thanks for reading the thread properly.
>> No. 3226 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 2:21 pm
3226 spacer
Ok I haven't gone anywhere yet a I haven't started work and looking at websites like spareroom and such it doesnt seem like the area around where I'm working is much cheaper either.

I'm beginning to shit myself, I have no idea how I will not run out of money.
>> No. 3227 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 5:20 pm
3227 spacer


The London area is just brutally expensive, hence all the people living in total shitholes. Only you can decide if it's worth paying a premium to be more central.

I'd highly recommend working out a budget ASAP. There's a great tool on Moneysavingexpert.com. It's much easier to make decisions if you've got all the numbers down in black and white.

>> No. 3229 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:01 am
3229 spacer
Being more central is of no use to me since I'm working outside London, I just want to be connected so I can go for a pint with people I know from time to time without having to crash at a mate's house just because I wanted two pints. It just worries me how all rents in the area in and around London in that neck of the woods are ~£500/month.
>> No. 3230 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:56 am
3230 spacer
£500 per month is pretty reasonable for London, not sure what you were expecting really.

http://media.timeout.com/images/102882214/image.jpg (attaching link because image is too large to post here apparently).

>> No. 3210 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 5:17 pm
3210 Kent Surrey and Sussex
Alright Lads. Any in me locale?

CT1 reporting in.
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>> No. 3211 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 10:51 pm
3211 spacer
Homoland here, BN2.

>> No. 3192 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 3:46 pm
3192 spacer
What's the cheapest way to get to Sweden? Megabus doesn't cover it.
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>> No. 3205 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 6:52 pm
3205 spacer
ABBA reunion.
>> No. 3206 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 6:58 pm
3206 spacer

Try and check out the museum while you're there.
>> No. 3207 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 7:33 pm
3207 spacer

I imagine he's hoping to pork some emo bird he met on WoW.
>> No. 3208 Anonymous
23rd April 2016
Saturday 8:41 pm
3208 spacer
I'm hoping to go wilderness hiking with an old friend who happens to live there.
>> No. 3209 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 12:47 am
3209 spacer

The Yorkshire troubles.png
>> No. 3176 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 4:08 pm
3176 spacer
Pretend for a moment that the Midlands exists. Where would you place 'the North' in relation to this and does this include South Yorkshire?

You' see, I was winding someone up today about Sheffield being in the 'North Midlands' but thinking about it there is certainly an argument to be made. That said I'm a Southern poof so I'm too ignorant of the simmering geo-cultural divides of your societies to comment.
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>> No. 3187 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 12:10 am
3187 spacer
Skegness bisects the north and south, everyone knows that. If you say it's Sheffield, then somehow Mansfield is Southerm.
>> No. 3188 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 12:13 am
3188 spacer
I think the Yorkshire Troubles could easily become a thing you know. Once we're out of Europe the country could easily factionalise like this.
>> No. 3189 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 12:21 am
3189 spacer
If the north in general seceded then us southerners and aspiring southerners would be rolling in cash.

Deus vult.
>> No. 3190 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 12:25 am
3190 spacer
I'm also a cantab and I'd definitely consider it southern. Mostly because half the student population is from the home-counties or London and the other half are from China. It's like a little peninsula of southern-ness into a dark and strange land.

Harrogate on the other hand is the south's northern embassy.
>> No. 3191 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 12:47 am
3191 spacer
You're a native or one of the students?

Students are like a big migrant population, its like claiming Birmingham is actually part of the subcontinent, totally justified.

I'm a native Cantabrigian and it just doesn't strike me as having anything to do with the South aside from being well off and English. None of East Anglia really does.

>> No. 3164 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 6:14 pm
3164 spacer
What's the best way to get a Bar gig in Amsterdam for two months or so?

I've got a month away from Uni, and would rather go out and make some money than be treated like I'm 12 again at home. I've bartended for years (with beer training up the arse) so experience isn't a problem, but finding a bar that'll take me for a short time is, and finding one whilst I'm based in the UK is the problem.

I'm thinking of volunteering at a hostel to stay for free/cheap. Has anyone got any experience of that? Advice?

cheers lads.
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>> No. 3171 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 7:48 pm
3171 spacer

are stu.jpg

Wait, are you questioning his Englishness, or the validity of being "English" as a concept altogether?
>> No. 3172 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 8:15 pm
3172 spacer
>>3171 he just seems to believe that being "English" is a bonus for an employer abroad. It's not. I would rather hire a luxembourgois who can speak 3 languages with my customers/tourists.
>> No. 3173 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 8:31 pm
3173 spacer

But what about if he was "French"? or "German"? Do either of these "nationalities" have more appeal?
>> No. 3174 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 8:36 pm
3174 spacer
>>3173 Business doesn't care. If you are a spotty man who will make more profit than others you are welcome to get a job. Market is the most anti racist, anti patriot. Profit above politics. Always.
>> No. 3175 Anonymous
2nd March 2016
Wednesday 9:59 pm
3175 spacer
I'm in a similar situation, except I have most of July and August between graduating and starting work where I will be doing fuck-all. Might as well go somewhere interesting (read: not the UK) with my time if I can. What I do and for how long depends very much on what my bank balance looks like by the time I graduate, but sustaining myself on a casual bar gig could be an attractive option. Anyone have any experience of this, in Europe or otherwise?

>> No. 3149 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:18 am
3149 spacer
Any of you lads done to Coast to Coast?

Got it in my head this morning that this is something I should do. I've got no real knowledge of anything about it other than it would be fun. Can any of you point me in the direction of any information? It seems most of the forums are long dead.
6 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3156 Anonymous
27th January 2016
Wednesday 5:54 am
3156 spacer

There's whole highways dedicated to the thing. Would recommend looking into the Lincoln highway, goes (or used to, check out the PBS documentary) from Times Square in New York right through to beachfront San Francisco.

OP Here, decided this is definitely I should do- peer pressure from .gs and alcohol be damned.
>> No. 3157 Anonymous
27th January 2016
Wednesday 10:55 am
3157 spacer
You should have a skeg at the Amtrak holiday (vayyycaayyshun in the local vernacular) routes. Stuff like Chicago to Seattle, but via the Colorado Rockies and Nevada so it takes like three or four days. They cut through national parks and all that stuff, some of them look magnificent.
>> No. 3158 Anonymous
27th January 2016
Wednesday 1:53 pm
3158 spacer

Cyclists do race from coast to coast in America. The Race Across America is run non-stop, with the clock starting at the Atlantic and ending when the rider reaches the Pacific. The current solo record stands at 7 days, 15 hours and 56 minutes. The biggest challenge posed by RAAM is sleep deprivation; by the end of the race, most of the competitive riders are hallucinating and barely able to ride in a straight line. This article about five time winner Jure Robič gives a flavour of the race:

>> No. 3159 Anonymous
27th January 2016
Wednesday 11:18 pm
3159 spacer

Thanks for this article, very interesting. I was gutted to find out afterwards he died in 2010 whilst training in Slovenia.
>> No. 3160 Anonymous
27th January 2016
Wednesday 11:35 pm
3160 spacer


amazed bookseller.jpg
>> No. 3141 Anonymous
24th December 2015
Thursday 8:23 am
3141 spacer
"Wagwan me bredrunz", how far north do I have to travel to escape the "bare sick mandemz" who speak MLE/Jafaican? I used to think it was just a London "ting", but I've heard that it's spread to pretty much every large population centre in the south east.
Expand all images.
>> No. 3143 Anonymous
24th December 2015
Thursday 10:12 am
3143 spacer
Once you get past Birmingham it tends to dissipate so long as you stay away from any "yoots" that might want to "axe" you a question.

Although you really shouldn't be a man who runs away from his problems. Be proactive in solving what bothers you.
>> No. 3144 Anonymous
24th December 2015
Thursday 11:10 am
3144 spacer
It's a class and culture thing more than it is a geographic one.
>> No. 3145 Anonymous
24th December 2015
Thursday 11:44 am
3145 spacer

No. Up north we have our own grating youth dialects.

>> No. 3146 Anonymous
24th December 2015
Thursday 11:53 am
3146 spacer
I said "more", not " entirely ". It's perfectly possible to live in darkest London and never need to interact with anyone who speaks the way the OP is referring to.

>> No. 2961 Anonymous
4th September 2014
Thursday 1:05 am
2961 spacer
Any Isle of Sheppey fags here? Is it true that you have nudist beaches there?
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>> No. 2973 Anonymous
16th September 2014
Tuesday 10:34 pm
2973 spacer
Also; there is a black horse. So maybe 4. The black horse tried to hold up a bank, so... yeah.
>> No. 2974 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 12:08 am
2974 spacer

Did they run out of walls?
>> No. 3138 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 11:09 pm
3138 spacer
>>2971 Not since the Zulus broke up
>> No. 3139 Anonymous
19th November 2015
Thursday 11:49 pm
3139 spacer
About 200 eskimos and black people live here. Do come lad. We need more white people to race-mix with.
>> No. 3140 Anonymous
20th November 2015
Friday 1:24 am
3140 spacer
I love Sheppey!

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