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>> No. 1547 Anonymous ## Mod ##
14th December 2010
Tuesday 3:19 am
1547 spacer
Locked Stickied
No drug hookups. Don't even try to be sly.

Sorry lads, that's just how it is.

>> No. 1277 Anonymous
4th July 2010
Sunday 1:26 am
1277 spacer
Awright lads. Anyone fae Edinburgh?
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>> No. 3335 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 12:44 am
3335 spacer

>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the 2017 audience.
>> No. 3427 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 4:47 pm
3427 spacer


>Anyone get up to much during the Fringe this year?

Bumped for the 2018 audience.
>> No. 3428 Anonymous
7th August 2018
Tuesday 12:58 pm
3428 spacer
>Edinburgh Cringe

My sincerest apologies to our simpler northern brothers for my fellow countrylads. Not much makes me visibly recoil in discomfort and shame anymore but when I do it's usually to do with the mile-wide-and-inch-deep provocative stylings of English student performers cum wankers.
>> No. 3429 Anonymous
7th August 2018
Tuesday 8:44 pm
3429 spacer
They're the same cunt wankers you get everywhere at all times, just concentrated in one area.

You don't think local Edinburgher cunt wankers are any less cunt wankers do you?
>> No. 3430 Anonymous
7th August 2018
Tuesday 8:54 pm
3430 spacer
Fringe is like the Guardian has come to life and an example of how mental illness can be called 'theatre'.

>> No. 3353 Anonymous
22nd February 2018
Thursday 6:01 pm
3353 Stoke/Newcastle
I've just accepted a job.
Is Stoke still shite? Is Newcastle-under-lyme any less shite?
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>> No. 3375 Anonymous
24th February 2018
Saturday 7:27 pm
3375 spacer

What kind of future three-thousand shit is an inflatable hot tub and why aren't I posting from one right now?
>> No. 3376 Anonymous
24th February 2018
Saturday 7:39 pm
3376 spacer

Do you have £449.99 and a back garden?

>> No. 3377 Anonymous
24th February 2018
Saturday 7:42 pm
3377 spacer

When I see these not on decking I always think "Why do you hate your grass?"
>> No. 3425 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 6:55 am
3425 spacer
Lads, I've done it. I've moved to Stoke. (Not stoke really, it's Newcastle, but they're pretty much the same place more or less.)
I've got a problem though, I'm the least Stokey person I know. Even the French guy I work with is more Stokey than I am.

To be fair, most of the people who would get an inflatable hot-tub are the same type of people who are replacing their lawn with astro-turf.
>> No. 3426 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 1:49 pm
3426 spacer
I believe they specifically say that they have to go on soft ground - I imagine on hard ground, they're a bit easy to puncture if a small stone or something is underneath.

>> No. 3412 Anonymous
17th July 2018
Tuesday 9:05 pm
3412 South Shields
Alright lads, moving to South Shields in about a month for studying. Any experience of it/newcastle/whatever else is there?

I know that they'll like me there because I'm a haggis merchant - any good recommendations for pubs, music venues? I'm not much for nightclubs but I'm sure the people in the uni accommodations will drag me out to the shit ones.
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>> No. 3420 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 12:46 pm
3420 spacer
Yeah but they don't have a drive-thru Greggs.
>> No. 3421 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 12:50 pm
3421 spacer


>> No. 3422 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 6:22 pm
3422 spacer

I'll be at the nautical college and I hammered the cheap boozing out when I was 18 - I'm more likely to take a book to the pub or study-drink than go out to the nightclubs. I used to work in clubs and it's given me a bit of an aversion to ever going back to that environment again! I'd join a lot of the students once or twice, but I'm honestly more likely to chat to the bouncers.

I love live music, and I play myself too. I'm bringing a couple of guitars with me, so I'd relish the chance to join in at a session or play at an open mic night. I've played in bands in a number of genres - noise rock, abba-influenced pop, hardcore punk. Anywhere I can get involved with bands, I'm happy to hear about.

Jonny Decker. I'm from a place with a similar character - Tam Cupboard (RIP).

Also, I know not to call people Geordies in South Shields, but is sand dancer really the preferred nomenclature?

I'll look into the metro pass - thanks for the heads up.
>> No. 3423 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 7:34 pm
3423 spacer

Fair play on the club thing, it was great to get a proper binge drink on back in the day but I'd agree with you these days.

There's a few nice open mic nights, there's a new one at Passing Clouds, and there's one at Wilders that's been going on every wednesday for at least 20 years, there's one at Rosies, though I've never been, I've just seen my mate's played there before, and there's two a week at the Old George - all fairly standard open mic type things. There's also Tyneside Irish Centre near Chinatown, and that has a proper session type thing going on. I can link all these places if you want but I'm sure you'll find them. Pubs are always looking for artists, too.

Newcastle has a great little band scene that I was a part of for a long time, and you'll surely meet people if you hit open mics, but also get yourself to J.G Windows music shop, they have a bulletin board there where people recruit/start bands. I'm sure there's an internet thing for it these days too, somewhere. Newcastle college has a great, and massive music course so there's never any shortage. I probably still know some organisers if you ever do get a band going.

There's two fantastic local magazine/guide things with loads of information in them, and have been the heart of the band scene there forever. http://narcmagazine.com and http://www.thecrackmagazine.com. The latter used to be the cooler one, but I'm too old to know which is now. You'll find paper copies of these almost everywhere in town, anyway.

Sand dancer is definitely the term and people will always know what you mean, but I'm not sure it's that commonly used. You'll probably impress a few old men in pubs with it but that's about it.

I had forgotten how much goes on up here until this post, to be honest. I've only just moved back up myself. I hope you enjoy it.
>> No. 3424 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 3:13 am
3424 spacer
I miss Tam’s dulcet tones. He once sang me a song because I bought him bucky, I’m 112% sure the words were just “shadabong, verifor, I love you!”

>> No. 3398 Anonymous
14th June 2018
Thursday 8:58 pm
3398 spacer
Today I got a job offer that involves commuting to that London, Hounslow to be precise. It's a job so I can't turn it down but I've personally never had much to do with the city so I'm left horribly confused and would greatly appreciate some insider knowledge if you lads can spare any.

The thing is:
1. Where I'm living now I would get to work in 2.45hrs every morning. Is that good by London commuter standards? I'm thinking that can't be right but looking online I've seen people selling it as 'ideally situated'.

2. I don't have much keeping me where I live now so I could move closer but websites like commutefrom don't make any goddamn sense. Do you have any recommendations for spots I could look at renting somewhere? I've happily done long commutes before using public transport and I'm a big boring lad so the only real consideration I need is somewhere that is not an utter shithole that will depress me.

I've gone through the catalogue and found nothing that exactly deals with this issue but I'm certain I read one years back.
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>> No. 3406 Anonymous
15th June 2018
Friday 5:36 pm
3406 spacer
The earth is round, and the cuveture of the earth affects what direction and distance things are from each other.


I assume what you do is use a system where someone else spent their time calculating for you so things like parts of tunnels matched up rather than just colliding with the earth. And map where someone else did the hard work of working out the most representative projection.
>> No. 3407 Anonymous
15th June 2018
Friday 10:54 pm
3407 spacer
>If you are working in Hounslow then you should try to find a place to live in Hounslow.

You may have missed the part where I wrote that I don't much fancy living in a total shithole. Is Hounslow a shithole? Well I dunno but the internet seems to suggest so and the proximity to Heathrow would, I imagine, at least be vexing.

Now, the reason I bring up shithole avoidance is that I've lived in one before and following that experience would happily get up an hour earlier or pay a few bob more in rent to not deal with a locations 'rough' post-industrial charm and the broken men who populate it. This is not so much a worry born from crime or (obviously) economic opportunity but we can all remember a place we've been to where the air itself is polluted with a crushing sense of decay and despair that after a time insidiously pulls you into the trap. That is what I want to avoid while still budgeting for a just under 30k job.

>If you think Hounslow is that London, then I have shocking news for you, it isn't it. It is suburbs.

I care little for London elitism about being close to the centre, in my book it is in Greater London Area and therefore London. The issue I'm having is it is in West London while the places generally listed as pleasant are either on the wrong end or happen to be ruinously expensive.
>> No. 3408 Anonymous
15th June 2018
Friday 11:14 pm
3408 spacer
The solution to that is to grow up in a place like that - everywhere else feels fresh and invigorating.
>> No. 3409 Anonymous
16th June 2018
Saturday 1:50 am
3409 spacer

The more you talk about what you expect and the more you talk about what you think it is like the less I think you have any concept of London at all. Hounslow isn't a Welsh mining town there isn't a post industrial landscape to speak of, the land is far too valuable for that. It is highly developed it just doesn't have much personally. You also aren't going to find your little enchanted grotto of low rent and decent housing anywhere accessible in London it has been bought and sold 30 times over since that point.

You also have some belief hounslow is some small single culture spot. There are quarter of a million people living there. It is much more diverse then that. There are all levels of economic classes living there.

And a serious word of warning, less than 30k might seem reasonable outside of London. But in London that money amounts to fuck and all. Expect to spend 12k+ a year on rent of a shoe box flat and another 2-4k on travel if you aren't careful. Move near your work save your money. You'll need it.
>> No. 3411 Anonymous
16th June 2018
Saturday 4:44 pm
3411 spacer
> Is Hounslow a shithole?


> And a serious word of warning, less than 30k might seem reasonable outside of London. But in London that money amounts to fuck and all.

Also pay attention to this lad, £30k in London was barely enough for a single bloke to get by without a flatshare even fifteen years ago. These days you'll be lucky to live in a shed at the bottom of the garden of someone who votes UKIP and have to piss in a Hedge. And that's just Hounslow.

>> No. 3391 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:07 pm
3391 Fukushima Streetview
For some strange reason, Google Streetview has been around the Fukushima exclusion zone twice -- 2013, and 2015. Thought you two might be interested in some of the things I've found.
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>> No. 3393 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:10 pm
3393 spacer


>> No. 3394 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:12 pm
3394 spacer


>> No. 3395 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:13 pm
3395 spacer

2 years and it's basically being consumed.
>> No. 3396 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:14 pm
3396 spacer

Wonder what was happening here; afaik they don't usually allow people to go back and get their effects.
>> No. 3397 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 5:37 pm
3397 spacer

From what I've read, residents were officially allowed to return for a two hour visit and retrieve one small bag of personal belongings. In practice, a lot of people sneaked in to the exclusion zone without permission. Items removed from the zone shouldn't pose a significant risk to health as long as they're thoroughly washed.

toilet wilderness.jpg
>> No. 3386 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 2:34 am
3386 spacer
What's life like in Cornwall?

I've heard it's warmer than the rest of England and very "white".
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>> No. 3387 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 2:37 am
3387 spacer
Yes to both - it is a lot warmer, lots of things grow there that won't in other parts of the country. It is very fucking white and it is ruined by tourism. Reminds me of Florida.

Never, ever visit Lands End it is exactly like the Florida Keys - beautiful countryside ruined by people setting up tourist trap businesses of the worst kind.

I think North Cornwall is probably the place to be, or perhaps Devon.
>> No. 3388 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 4:43 pm
3388 spacer
Come to Northumberland. It's cold, desolate and not as wet as Cumbria.
>> No. 3389 Anonymous
23rd March 2018
Friday 4:50 pm
3389 spacer
That picture is cracking. I want a hill throne.
>> No. 3390 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 10:41 pm
3390 spacer
I'd feel a bit exposed and wouldn't be able to go.

>> No. 3378 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 12:41 am
3378 spacer
I want to move

Exeter, Brighton, Bristol, Bath or Liverpool?
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>> No. 3381 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 2:07 am
3381 spacer
> Lots of students and shops that have "Challenge 25" (I kid you not) for fags and booze.

I meant that as a sort of caveat by the way, not as a selling point.

Selling points are as the other the lad said the great architectural beauty, the decent pubs, decent places to get a curry and, well yeah, foreign student fanny. Also you can get a bus from there to stone henge and try to do ket there off an oyster card but lose it all because it's too windy and live forever with the regret that you'll probably never tick Stone Henge off your "Global sites of occult power that I've bumped ket at" ticklist. Or maybe that's just me.
>> No. 3382 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 11:08 am
3382 spacer
Agreed - Bath would also be my choice of that lot. Exeter wasn't bad at all when I visited recently too.
>> No. 3383 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 12:32 pm
3383 spacer
The question of moving to brighton is really a lifestyle one. If you are the sort of person that wants the green party hippy lifestyle that place offers then it is an obvious choice, Bristol is a watered down version of that with homeless everywhere, if you don't want the lifestyle Brighton is selling I'd go Bath, I've never been to Exter so I don't know what it is like.
>> No. 3384 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 4:50 pm
3384 spacer
Exeter is lovely, but it's in the middle of fucking nowhere. You might as well move to Norwich.

Bristol is a surprisingly picturesque crack den.

Liverpool is alright if you don't mind Scousers. Personally I find them to be cloyingly sentimental, but a lot of people like that sort of thing. It's only 50 minutes on the train to Manchester and 2:16 to London, which is nice.

Brighton is full of lovely tosspots. Do you like kale? I hope you like kale.
>> No. 3385 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 5:10 pm
3385 spacer
Any particular reason for narrowing it down to a specific set of shitholes plus Bath?

>> No. 3336 Anonymous
23rd October 2017
Monday 1:34 am
3336 Hello
American newchap here; quick question, is this the international board of your website? Can’t seem to find an /int/ like on 4chan so I just went to /map/.

I’ve been here before but didn’t quite get into it. But I came back because I felt as though I needed to.

If you want to ask me anything in turn I’ll also be glad to answer.
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>> No. 3348 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 9:23 pm
3348 spacer
purple now claims the manifesto was always intended to be ironic, which amuses me greatly.
>> No. 3349 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 10:51 pm
3349 spacer

It was written in an ironic tone but we all knew he meant it. And supported it.

The hoi polloi have ruined this place. It used to be a cosy old man pub with a dog and a fireplace, now it's a wetherspoons full of students and I'm just huddled in the one 'nice' banquette giving funny looks to all the European haircuts.
>> No. 3350 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 11:05 pm
3350 spacer
Simmer down lad, pretty sure it's your round and there's a 2-for-1 on voddy red bulls.
>> No. 3351 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 4:27 pm
3351 spacer
>European haircuts
>> No. 3352 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 5:06 pm
3352 spacer
Just a brit off the top.

>> No. 1609 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 12:18 pm
1609 spacer
Bristol anyone?
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>> No. 3235 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 7:58 pm
3235 spacer
Southmead reporting
>> No. 3253 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 1:53 am
3253 spacer
South glos fag - reporting in - meet up ?
>> No. 3254 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:19 am
3254 spacer
Black and White cafe? You got a pair of ripped trousers for the fedman to compensate?
>> No. 3255 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:26 am
3255 spacer

You all speak shite
>> No. 3334 Anonymous
18th August 2017
Friday 8:28 pm
3334 spacer
26/m/BS1 Looking for a drink and a few games of pool with someone to talk shite witth.

>> No. 3328 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 11:00 pm
3328 spacer
I am in Chester for work.

Any recommendations?
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>> No. 3330 Anonymous
17th August 2017
Thursday 12:36 am
3330 spacer
Can you take me to the milkshake shop near the Cathedral, I asked my mate if he wanted to go the other week and he said it was "sort of for children". ;_;
>> No. 3331 Anonymous
17th August 2017
Thursday 12:38 am
3331 spacer
Well what are you looking to do?

I strongly recommend checking out Garden Lane Cafe for breakfast if you love a good fry up. If you do anything do this.

This time of year it will be pretty quiet (student town) but if you're looking for fanny the standard routine is drinks at Off the Wall followed by either Rosies or Cruise, don't worry the locals are a very friendly sort. Rosies is the better option but you inevitably end up on the top floor sweating your arse off to RnB and the entry fee is a joke.

On your way home keep in mind the police are extremely strict on public urination, do not piss while you are inside the walls of the city due to its historical significance.
>> No. 3332 Anonymous
17th August 2017
Thursday 1:10 am
3332 spacer

>do not piss while you are inside the walls of the city due to its historical significance.

But if you piss off the top of the walls they will make you mayor for twenty-four hours.

>> No. 3257 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 12:34 am
3257 spacer
I'm at a British bar in the states and it's awful.
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>> No. 3258 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 1:36 am
3258 spacer
Sounds about right. I remember going to one in Phoenix and it was like being in a dimly lit school cafeteria.
>> No. 3259 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 6:19 pm
3259 spacer

I imagine Australians think the same thing when they come here and go to a Walkabout.
>> No. 3260 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 8:04 pm
3260 spacer
What's that?
>> No. 3261 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 3:40 pm
3261 spacer
An "Aussie" pub chain around the UK.
>> No. 3327 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 12:54 pm
3327 spacer

if you come back to Phoenix try hitting up the craft beer bars. They're mostly fantastic.

Arizona Wilderness in Gilbert is the best really.

>> No. 3276 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 6:40 pm
3276 spacer
After London, which is our best city?
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>> No. 3319 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 3:03 am
3319 spacer

You sound like a fanny.
>> No. 3320 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 8:43 am
3320 spacer

I bet you are fun at parties.
>> No. 3321 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 9:23 am
3321 spacer
Careful, lad. That knee might hurt someone.
>> No. 3322 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 1:04 pm
3322 spacer
Chester looks traditionally nice, trees, rivers and classical British architecture. Got some great views, but it's basically a big town. One of those cities that is a city by technicality rather than population. The whole cathedral thing.

You'll meet a lot of middle class softies here, nice people and all, but they treat weed like it's heroin, bitch about one another a lot, generally they can come across as a bit snobbish.

I've lived in both the "bad" areas of Chester, and they've been better than any place I've lived previously.

Expensive as shit though. And there's the student masses as well.
>> No. 3323 Anonymous
18th July 2017
Tuesday 1:26 pm
3323 spacer
All of our cities are cities by technicality. There's no such thing as a city by population in the UK. Lots of big places haven't been made cities, and lots of small places have, even in recent years.

>> No. 3214 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:42 am
3214 spacer
Evening lads,

I have myself a graduate job (£24k/year) and after deductions for various things Ill have £1300ish a month to live off. The job is outside London and I'll need access to the M11, so I've been looking at Walthamstow area. Rent seems to be surprisingly cheap at about £110-120 per week, which'd give me around £800 for expenses each month.

How feasible is this? I'll have to run a crappy car to get to work and honestly I have no idea how much that'll cost. I'm not very good at big leaps like this, I just kind of make it work when I get there but given that I'll be responsible for my entire income and expenses I want to be more careful.

Note: I know I can live outside London but I have friends there and I'd kill myself if I had to live in Bishop's Stortford or Harlow.
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3229 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:01 am
3229 spacer
Being more central is of no use to me since I'm working outside London, I just want to be connected so I can go for a pint with people I know from time to time without having to crash at a mate's house just because I wanted two pints. It just worries me how all rents in the area in and around London in that neck of the woods are ~£500/month.
>> No. 3230 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:56 am
3230 spacer
£500 per month is pretty reasonable for London, not sure what you were expecting really.

http://media.timeout.com/images/102882214/image.jpg (attaching link because image is too large to post here apparently).
>> No. 3271 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:46 pm
3271 spacer
Does everybody in London live in tiny rooms in house shares?
>> No. 3272 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:55 pm
3272 spacer
Not everyone. If you're okay with being a few zones out, you can live in a medium room in a shared house.
>> No. 3273 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:05 pm
3273 spacer

Some people also live in shared bedrooms, sheds, sheds in people's living rooms, lock-up garages, cargo containers, derelict petrol stations, brothels, bail hostels, biffa bins, cardboard boxes and shop doorways.

I've heard rumours of people who have their own flat, but I'm starting to believe that it's just an urban myth.

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