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>> No. 3825 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:44 pm
3825 worst drivers
Who do you think the worst drivers on the road are?

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>> No. 3831 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 10:08 pm
3831 spacer
What the fuck is a 'Vauxhaul'?
>> No. 3832 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 11:38 pm
3832 spacer
African women, certainly.
>> No. 3833 Anonymous
4th April 2017
Tuesday 3:30 pm
3833 spacer
The worst drivers drive me round the bend. Sage for shit joke.
>> No. 3834 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 12:11 am
3834 spacer
The old joke about BMW drivers not using their indicators seems to be true, and I seem to get tailgated by Audis and white van men a lot.

The taxi drivers in West Yorkshire are aggressively bad drivers, and drive right up your arse too, especially at night.

As for stereotyping, mid thirties asian women drive like they're playing a turn based strategy game, mid fifties white women have terrible road rage while failing to follow basic rules of the road (I've seen my mother shout at someone for swerving because she cut them off) and old men tend to drive like they're 20 but have lost the reaction time.
>> No. 3835 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:37 pm
3835 spacer
>white van men
Having driven a white van in an old job, let me tell you, when you're in someone else's vehicle, on their petrol, with a big fucking motor under the hood, it's bloody tempting to floor it, especially if you're on a tight deadline. I managed to resist it for the most part, but the pressure might've got to me if I'd been on a commission.

I'll throw in a vote for mums with young kids. It's alright dear, you stop right there at the exit of Tesco to lecture your progeny at length - we'll all just sit and wait.

>> No. 3767 Anonymous
30th November 2016
Wednesday 9:43 am
3767 spacer
Lads, car music system retard here again.

My shitty Megane's brakes are stuck on, I was driving to work and the MPG is like half of what it usually is and it's super heavy to drive. Got out and had a look and the rear left brake is jammed on. Drove the couple of miles home again, stupidly touched the brake disc and burnt my fingers, got under the car and the... cabley bit that attached to the brake mechanism is visibly stuck on versus the other, working one.

Could this be due to the cold? My car said it was -5C this morning here.
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>> No. 3806 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 7:52 pm
3806 spacer


>> No. 3807 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 7:39 pm
3807 spacer
This is why I'll only ever buy Japanese cars. Maybe German too.
>> No. 3822 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 5:21 pm
3822 spacer
Approximately how much is a windscreen repair? It's just a small chip. Can't really find anyone giving figures on the internet. They don't inform your insurer do they?
>> No. 3823 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 5:42 pm
3823 spacer
Never mind, I found I can get a quote on Autoglass.

£134. Fuck that you fucking cunts.
>> No. 3824 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 6:49 pm
3824 spacer
I've bought a new windscreen for less than that.

drive graham.jpg
>> No. 3811 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 5:01 pm
3811 spacer
So I failed my driving test today. I was too busy checking my mirrors and my lane positioning at a roundabout to notice the solid amber light which turned red as I drove past it, and I got a few minor faults for waiting behind buses when I should have come around them. It didn't help that my examiner was fairly friendly and chatty, which lulled me into complacency.

Failing is a learning experience so I'm not too bothered about it, but what really annoys me is that the next available slot for a test in my area is in the middle of June. There are cancellation checker services out there that can often find an earlier slot, but I'd probably get a cancellation for mid to late April, and in the meanwhile the skills I've built up will start to get rusty.

Is heading to somewhere a bit more depopulated or rural a good bet? I can get a test in somewhere like Cumbria or the Scottish highlands for next week. I've always wanted to see those places and the test centres there have pass rates ranging from around 60%-80% compared to 45%, so a practical exam/holiday wouldn't be as far-fetched as it initially seems.
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>> No. 3817 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 8:50 pm
3817 spacer
Sounds like a good idea. Don't listen tot he cunts above me. Your main aim should be to pass the test, nothing else.
>> No. 3818 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 11:43 pm
3818 spacer
I'm learning to drive in north London, and fuck me do people drive/cross the road like nutters around here. I did think about whether it's worth trying to get a practical test booked in Hertfordshire or something. I'll probably be limited by how far my instructor wants to go though, as I'll want to use the same car I've been learning in. Probably something to bear in mind if you decide to go on a holiday/test - worth giving yourself a solid day or two with whatever car you will use.
>> No. 3819 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 1:09 am
3819 spacer
Go up to Borehamwood. Quiet roads, a couple of roundabouts, and a good pass rate they got.
>> No. 3820 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 9:11 pm
3820 spacer
But then I might have to interact with woodites *shudders*.
>> No. 3821 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 1:00 am
3821 spacer
The amount of females that offer suckjobs for a pass.
Is equal to the amount of females that don't know what an indicator is for.

>> No. 3808 Anonymous
3rd March 2017
Friday 8:21 pm
3808 spacer
Why is there less traffic on Friday mornings?
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>> No. 3809 Anonymous
3rd March 2017
Friday 8:26 pm
3809 spacer
It's the day of the week people are most likely to take off work. 3 day weekend, innit.
>> No. 3810 Anonymous
3rd March 2017
Friday 11:46 pm
3810 spacer
This. Also, when people work weekdays part-time, they're less likely to work Fridays. In our office, we've got two people who work 3-day weeks, both Tuesday-Thursday.

Friday evenings are a very different prospect, though. Lots of people getting away for the weekend.

>> No. 3797 Anonymous
5th February 2017
Sunday 11:45 pm
3797 spacer
Lads, do I need to declare getting a new Windscreen through my insurance as a claim when getting new quotes?
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>> No. 3798 Anonymous
6th February 2017
Monday 12:04 am
3798 spacer
If in doubt, declare it. Most insurers don't rate them, and most of those that do don't count it as a "proper" claim, so it might only add a few quid to your premium. Worst case if you declare it is you pay a bit more. Worst case if you don't declare it is your policy voided for material non-disclosure, with all the consequences that entails (declaring that fact for life, potential vehicle seizure, etc.).
>> No. 3799 Anonymous
6th February 2017
Monday 12:35 am
3799 spacer
Fair enough. Thanks chap.
>> No. 3800 Anonymous
6th February 2017
Monday 12:48 am
3800 spacer
Note that it's probably the dirt-cheapest that will tend to care more about it, but then again they tend to be the ones with the most awful claims handling so if you've got any sense you'll probably be avoiding them anyway.

>> No. 3753 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 8:02 pm
3753 spacer
I don't understand car music systems. I don't understand audio tech in general but car stuff really fucking confuses me. I just can't wrap my head around it.

I have a stock (Renault) head unit and CD changer with stock speakers. I'd like to buy a new head unit with jack/bluetooth. Will this kill the stock speakers? I don't know if all the connections and shit are standard either, I've been looking at this for a couple of days and really can't fucking understand. I'm sure I'm just being dumb.

I don't particularly want to change the speakers because I probably won't have this car for long but will probably transfer over the head unit I get.
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>> No. 3791 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:38 pm
3791 spacer

Don't know where this came from if I'm honest. Not sure what it is.
>> No. 3792 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:39 pm
3792 spacer

More mysterious cables.
>> No. 3793 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:40 pm
3793 spacer

I was going to write a bit about each one but forgot what they were.
>> No. 3794 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:41 pm
3794 spacer

Finally this is what stuck in the stock stereo. The small ones are the speaker outputs I think. How I get from those to the ones on the back of the new stereo is anyone's guess.
>> No. 3795 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 11:24 pm
3795 spacer
I worked it out, turns out it's easy as pie and I was just being a mong.

Now I have to find a way of fitting it in my dash.

>> No. 3769 Anonymous
11th January 2017
Wednesday 9:07 pm
3769 spacer
Can anyone recommend any hands free kits?

I take it I need need blue tooth voice dialing to legally make calls.
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>> No. 3773 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 6:50 am
3773 spacer
Is it legal to dial a call behind the wheel?
>> No. 3774 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 11:33 am
3774 spacer
Legal or not, there's good evidence that it's not a particularly good idea.
>> No. 3775 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 2:32 pm
3775 spacer

Recent versions of Android include hands-free voice dialing and hundreds of other voice-based interactions through the "OK Google" feature. All you need is a holder and 12v charger, which you can get on eBay for about a fiver.

>> No. 3777 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 7:06 pm
3777 spacer

>> No. 3785 Anonymous
15th January 2017
Sunday 2:22 pm
3785 spacer

You may want to try Android Auto, which is meant to be designed especially for car use. Easy access to the 'driving mode' in Google maps, your music, that sort of thing.

2016-08-13 21_45_52-M62 - Google Maps.png
>> No. 3734 Anonymous
13th August 2016
Saturday 9:46 pm
3734 spacer
What are these markings? Can't find anything in the HC or on Google.
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>> No. 3736 Anonymous
13th August 2016
Saturday 10:16 pm
3736 spacer

Google knows all.
>> No. 3738 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 12:54 pm
3738 spacer

This seems like a good thread to put this in, and I don't know what to google to find this. There are some roads that have assigned numbers, but no classification. They are minor roads, not worthy of two numbers. I thought they might be cycling routes but searching 70, for example, (http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route-70) brings up Cumbria rather than the Wirral where this road is.

What are these numbers?
>> No. 3739 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 3:57 pm
3739 spacer
Never mind. There are regional routes and national routes with overlapping numbers. Confusing as fuck.

l plate.png
>> No. 3728 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 8:20 pm
3728 spacer
I've got a copy of the 2013 Highway Code and a few driving test DVDs from 2012 which I'm finally going to start using. Did the DVLA change any rules from 2012-2016 or am I good to go with the DVDs I have?
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>> No. 3729 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 8:48 pm
3729 spacer
Check their website. Something about new changes was on the paper a couple of weeks ago. Something about being asked to use your SatNav and more time with independent driving.
>> No. 3730 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:24 am
3730 spacer
It's all going to be self-driving cars soon lad, no point doing your test.
>> No. 3731 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:38 pm
3731 spacer

No doubt you'll need to be licensed to "operate" a self-driving car. And pay a special tax, too.
>> No. 3732 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 3:16 am
3732 spacer
The Highway Code changes all the time, you always take a big risk using materials that aren't current.
>> No. 3733 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 4:02 am
3733 spacer
The highway code is available for free online.


The theory test is absolutely piss easy. The pass mark is 43/50 and most of the answers are completely obvious. There are a few questions that require actual knowledge, but most of the questions are just a test of common sense. Take a practice test online, you'll see.

For example:

>You're driving in town. Ahead of you a bus is at a bus stop. Which of the following should you do?

> a) Flash your lights to warn the driver of your presence
> b) Continue at the same speed but sound your horn as a warning
> c) Watch carefully for the sudden appearance of pedestrians
> d) Pass the bus as quickly as you possibly can
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 3720 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 1:02 am
3720 spacer
Lads. I'm looking for a fairly sporty looking 2.0-2.2L diesel in the £2.5-3k range, preferably 2005 or newer, under 120k on the clock, and won't immediately die on me.

Is this pie in the sky? I've seen a 05 BMW 320(C)d and an 07 Lexus is220D that seem to fit my requirements.

While I like the look of the Beemer, I have a feeling that at this price mark I'll be buying myself trouble.

The Lexus, however, I've no idea about. Anyone had any experience with them? I know they are Toyotas with fancy badging, but does that mean the maintenance and reliability will be the same? Will I be shooting myself in the foot and buying trouble with this one too?

Lastly, are there any glaring options I've missed?

Thanks lads.
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>> No. 3723 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 1:40 am
3723 spacer
I offer to help and you give me abuse? Fine, you can look for your car yourself.
>> No. 3724 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 2:27 am
3724 spacer
I think he was attempting to make a joke.
>> No. 3725 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 1:14 pm
3725 spacer
I like that the stump somehow looks like the focus of the photograph, instead of the car.
>> No. 3726 Anonymous
12th July 2016
Tuesday 1:26 pm
3726 spacer

AutoTrader. There are some truly awful photos. Why would you not even give it a vac out before taking photos?
>> No. 3727 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 10:18 am
3727 spacer
Maybe a Honda Accord

E31 - Metallic Maritius Blue.jpg
>> No. 3717 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 5:35 am
3717 Unreasonable Laws

"Under continuous insurance enforcement (CIE) it will be an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured."

So now we have to pay insurance companies £1000 to £2000 a year just to keep a car we're not using, a car we're perhaps repairing or restoring.

This is fucking ludicrous.
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>> No. 3718 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 5:52 am
3718 spacer
Click on the blue Anonymous to delete your embarrassment of a thread once you've bothered reading what you've linked to.
>> No. 3719 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 12:21 pm
3719 spacer
Don't read the link about SORN.

>> No. 3715 Anonymous
3rd June 2016
Friday 7:58 pm
3715 spacer
How reliable are Suzuki's?

I saw a Suzuki Kizashi today for the first time and it looks quite nice, so I might factor it in when I come to getting my next car.
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>> No. 3716 Anonymous
3rd June 2016
Friday 9:38 pm
3716 spacer
Suzuki ranked third in the most recent J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study.


>> No. 3705 Anonymous
29th March 2016
Tuesday 7:25 am
3705 spacer
Which cars have the best combination of looking alright, being fun to drive, being really really cheap, and being really reliable?

The only cars I can think of are the entry level Japanese sports cars of the 90s, e.g. the 200SXs and the Preludes.
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>> No. 3709 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 2:08 am
3709 spacer
There's a few Mazdas that fit that bill, or almost. The MX5 is definitely all of those things, provided you're careful about picking a one that hasn't rusted (very easy to spot). They're not incredibly fast, but they handle so well they don't need to be. Also, only two seater, so may not suit your needs.

The Mazda6 is a turbo diesel that you can pick up for six hundred quid these days.

The RX8 is genuinely the most fun car I've ever driven, and kick out 180 to 220 BHP depending on the model, from a 1.3 rotary engine. But although you can get a great example for under a grand, you'll be paying £500 a year in tax, and if it goes wrong, you're probably better off just buying another one. They run great and don't often actually break down, but engine trouble will usually call for a rebuild or a swap.

Other things to consider are the sportier Volvos. You can get a TD5 that will absolutely shit you up, they're powerful as hell. An S40 is more serene, but still fairly responsive. Any Volvo will outlive all of us.

Something like a Peugeot 206 GTi might work as well, but they're French. But they're basically a street rally car for 800 quid.

One of the older generation Audi TT's might be worth a look, though personally I think appearance wise they're fuckugly.
>> No. 3710 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 11:43 pm
3710 spacer
Yeah I have a TT - you can pick them up for 3 or 4 grand.
>> No. 3711 Anonymous
15th April 2016
Friday 12:08 am
3711 spacer
A Nissan Micra K11
>> No. 3712 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 12:56 am
3712 spacer
An old 3-series, E36, E30's in good condition are getting too expensive.
>> No. 3714 Anonymous
28th May 2016
Saturday 10:41 pm
3714 spacer

>One of the older generation Audi TT's might be worth a look, though personally I think appearance wise they're fuckugly.

Their design hasn't held up well since they were first introduced 18 years ago. In their own way, they were revolutionary back in the day, but that was nearly two decades ago and they haven't proved as timeless as one would have hoped.

On the other hand, most models which Audi and VW released circa around the year 2000 up until 2005-2007, give or take, were positively boring and uninspired looking. Many of them were good solid cars that were decently engineered, but the design was just too tame. It looked like something which was agreed upon between engineers and accountants in boardroom meetings while crunching the numbers, and not like something where designers were able to run free with their ideas and produce cars that could have won buyers over emotionally.

Audi is doing much better these days. I have to say I quite like their current A3 saloon. Not the worst choice if you can afford to spend that kind of money.

>> No. 3701 Anonymous
28th March 2016
Monday 7:26 pm
3701 spacer
What're my options regarding medium term (1-3 months) car insurance? I can't find anything between 1 day and 1 year. Isn't there just a pay monthly thing which you're not tied to for a year?
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>> No. 3702 Anonymous
28th March 2016
Monday 7:30 pm
3702 spacer

You could rent a car for the period, or simply insure yourself to drive any car and just keep the policy ticking over and renew it with a different company each year so your premium doesn't rise, earning you no claims. That way you're always prepared to get behind the wheel and if you're an older driver with experience your premium will be tiny for the year.
>> No. 3703 Anonymous
28th March 2016
Monday 7:48 pm
3703 spacer
Adrian Flux will quote you a price for pretty much anything.

>> No. 3704 Anonymous
29th March 2016
Tuesday 12:24 am
3704 spacer
Lad where the fuck did you look?


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