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>> No. 4767 Anonymous
12th July 2022
Tuesday 4:09 pm
4767 spacer
Speed limit to be lowered to 20mph in Wales


They're always up to something, the Welsh.
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>> No. 4768 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 2:18 am
4768 spacer
The madness of this story keeps me up at night. 20mph in Wales. It might make sense in a dense urban area like central London but it's bloody Wales, by definition it's not going to have loads of people in the road and everyone needs to travel further. Even Cardiff is pushing it and that place is wrong.

>> No. 4769 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 2:57 am
4769 spacer

I see they've even repeated the bullshit "braking distances" from the Highway Code which have used the same nonsense formula for about a century.

>> No. 4734 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 6:43 pm
4734 spacer
Hello again, bikelads.

One of you mentioned in an old motorcycle thread that you had a big BMW bike and I have now joined that club.

It is honestly the most comfortable bike I've ever had out on A roads and motorways, but also the most top heavy and unforgiving at slow speeds. I'm only a bit under 180cm but still find I can only just about tippy-toe the bastard when I need to.

Thinking of maybe trying to lower the seat a bit in the future, but might be redundant for such a big old lump of a bike (170kg or so).

Any tips for slow riding in the city? When will I reach that zen state of never coming to a complete stop?
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>> No. 4739 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 11:29 am
4739 spacer
>Any tips for slow riding in the city? When will I reach that zen state of never coming to a complete stop?

Your instincts are to try and manhandle the bike like a pushbike, hence your concerns about getting your feet down. The trick is to use your leg solely as a kickstand to stop the bike from tipping over. All of your forward momentum and directional control comes from the bike.

The geometry of the steering means that the bike will naturally stabilise itself under throttle unless you disrupt that balance. It doesn't matter if the bike has quite a lot of lean angle when you're stopped, because the bike will pull itself upright as soon as you move off. Look where you want to go, stay relaxed, trust the inherent stability of the bike in motion and the rest will come naturally.

>> No. 4740 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 12:17 pm
4740 spacer
>One thing I did notice is that my hands were feeling the vibrations after a while -- anything I can do about that?

You mentioned you haven't rode a bike for a while - these will be physical issues on your side, and in a few weeks/months will have disappeared. You're probably feeling a bit of a tired neck, some tingling in the hands. There is a natural tendency at first to lean too far forward and actually put too much weight on your hands - it's a core body strength thing - at the same time, if you're too upright, the wind will buffet your head and you'll find yourself thinking about getting a bigger windscreen - don't do that, just practice more.

Incidentally, this is why the BMW RT is the king of all bikes - people complain it doesn't have much character, quite clinical in a way, but it is ruthlessly efficient and very very fast. The seat is much lower, the windscreen is much bigger and the angle of it is electrically adjustable. It means you can adjust the bubble of air you sit in, to the point that the airflow is going correctly just over your helmet - there is a joke among RT riders that when its in the correct position, you could probably smoke a fag while riding along. These ergonomics (and how quick it is) is why its the most popular police bike in the world. I intend to buy one when my wife isn't looking.
>> No. 4764 Anonymous
6th July 2022
Wednesday 9:20 pm
4764 spacer
A big thank you to those who offered a bit of advice and encouragement.

I'm now fully in control of the bike at slow speeds and rarely ever feel the need to try to put both feet down. It's mad how, psychologically, the bike now seems "small" and manoeuvrable.

I'm travelling about 80 miles per day on it for my commute. I've comfortably hit about 90mph, driven it through busy city centres, filtered through traffic, and also stalled and dropped the bastard in my garage (damage now repaired). I've never been so in love with a vehicle, and had entirely forgotten how much I enjoyed motorcycling.

The tingle in my hands were mostly down to giving the poor handlebars the deathgrip. Now that I'm not feeling the same level of nerves, my hands and shoulders are more relaxed and I'm not getting all the engine vibrations.


Great post. The engine is 100% doing the work now, and I realise that my urge to manhandle the bike came from not feeling in control in first gear. In my defence, most reviews on the F800ST seem to criticise that narrow biting point and the gear box more generally (a reviewer on MCN said the first gear felt like second), but now everything very easy.

I'm now practicing getting more lean into my corners and trusting the physics of the bike to keep me off the floor.

I really can't express enough how happy it makes me to ride every day.
>> No. 4765 Anonymous
6th July 2022
Wednesday 11:14 pm
4765 spacer

I'd offer you a thumbs up emoji, but I'm pretty sure that's a bannable offence. Anyway, happy riding m8 and try to keep it shiny side up.
>> No. 4766 Anonymous
7th July 2022
Thursday 1:39 pm
4766 spacer

>> No. 4741 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 2:34 pm
4741 spacer
It seems that "luxury" cars are now quite common. Lots of young guys own Mercs and BMWs, anyone with a pulse seems able to buy a Chelsea tractor for the school run. So what actually stands out as a sign of wealth or quality in terms of cars nowadays? Is it all just about the age of the model? Something more unusual like Teslas or other electric vehicles? Carbon fibre road bicycles?
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>> No. 4759 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:39 am
4759 spacer

Reading the "Fairytale" it sounds like the owners are a bit soft in the head but that makes sense to me as why someone would run such a place, in Hull, for decades.
>> No. 4760 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:07 am
4760 spacer
I think that page was written in the mid-noughties, when everything was a bit more lolrandum.
>> No. 4761 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 12:29 pm
4761 spacer

A date on the music.html page suggests it was last updated in 2001.
>> No. 4762 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:26 pm
4762 spacer

The site supports HTTPS, so someone is actively maintaining it.
>> No. 4763 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 11:42 am
4763 spacer

Nuisance 3.0?

>> No. 4253 Anonymous
18th February 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
4253 Car and bike official weekend thread but also weekdays
Okay might as well try and be polite and keep the oil out of the other megathreads.

Welcome to the motor one. In an attempt to actually get people to post in it, tell me about the car you really want and could feasibly afford. Right now I'm really thinking a lot about a big square 80s Merc as we've been talking about them. Even a Lada would be fun as fuck.
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>> No. 4729 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 9:25 am
4729 spacer
I'm not convinced the squealing is necessarily part of the problem, mind. Are there anti-squeal shims / clips / whatever fitted where the manual says they should be, and the right way round, and with the right amount and placement of goop?

You got photos of the calipers and installation? Just in case it rings any bells.
>> No. 4730 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 7:16 pm
4730 spacer
Finally got a laptop to be able to talk to Techstream.

Code: P0135 Oxygen sensor heater circuit, bank 1 sensor 1.

As I understand it, this should only cause a rough idle when the engine is cold, not constantly. Am I wrong here? Could this be it? It once again raises the question, if I pay a mobile mechanic £250 to come out and replace the sensor (given I can't drive it to anyone), and it doesn't fix it, then I've just pissed £250 up the wall.

I can get some photos later.
>> No. 4731 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 8:19 pm
4731 spacer

>As I understand it, this should only cause a rough idle when the engine is cold, not constantly.

That would be my assumption also, though there's every possibility the sensor is failing in a different way, but being picked up by the ECU as a heater circuit failure. But certainly not likely enough to justify risking that assumption, given your current situation.

Does Techstream give you the sensor output data? That would be very helpful, particularly if there's a bank 2 sensor 1 to compare it to.
>> No. 4732 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 8:43 pm
4732 spacer
I tried looking around Techstream, and I'm sure there is a way, but I can't really find anything.

Think I'm just gonna put it up on some Facebook groups/Auto Trader tomorrow.

If that lad who wants to buy it is actually up for it, then let me know. It's a shame to get rid of it, but I think it's best for my mental health and the car.
>> No. 4733 Anonymous
15th April 2022
Friday 12:09 am
4733 spacer
Well, it's gone, lads.

It was good whilst it lasted. Back into my old Celica.

>> No. 4707 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 8:14 pm
4707 This is fine, yeah?
half /emo/, half /mph/, half /101/
New purchase had milky oil, so I whipped the head to to have a look.
It's a notoriously shit engine, so I'm not surprised really, but I was hoping it was just a head gasket job, not a nuke it from orbit one.
It's a little agricultural thing, choices are:
a) bin it / stick it on ebay as is / put a match to it and claim on insurance
b) $700 gets me a conversion kit to stick a 23hp Briggs & Stratton in, so it's a modern air-cooled v-twin, but keeping the (notoriously fragile) powertrain, which is a belt-driven torque converter and 4WD with diffs that can't really take it.
c) £1000 gets a new head, but I really don't like the idea of running that cylinder. Could get it bored out, I guess, but it's a massive investment in a shit engine.
d) electrify it, ditching the engine and drivetrain. I don't need to get more than an hour out of the battery, and 20kW peak, 5kW sustained would be ample.
It's in really good nick, chassis & running gear wise, and I need it, or something similar. It's agricultural registered, so no need for MOT or anything annoying like that.
Ah, fuckety-fuck. I didn't need another project.
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>> No. 4710 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 10:51 pm
4710 spacer
Fuck me, what happened to it?!

Honestly the insurance job might be the best option, depends how attached you are to the machine in general. I know round mine I could get that head skimmed and bored for a few hundred, but with no real guarantee on longevity for obvious reasons.

Is it a mower? It sounds fun whatever it is.
>> No. 4711 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 11:20 pm
4711 spacer

They just do that - it's a 20 year old Daihatsu 900cc diesel engine.The heads fail, water gets where it shouldn't, and they keep getting driven, since you don't really need much power and it was rattly from new. It was a punt at auction.
I'm quite attached to it, it's perfect for a lot of stuff I need to do, and a more modern one is out of budget.
The head would need a hell of a skim, it's pitted around the gasket, and there are cracks near the injector pockets and weird voids in the roof. Add the cylinder wall and I think this engine is toast. Chassis is pristine though.
Not a mower, it's a little 4x4 tipper / tow truck with enough cab that the dog can ride along.
>> No. 4720 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 11:37 am
4720 spacer

660cc petrols used to be ten a penny on ebay and the like, and you can still buy 'new' blocks and such from aliexpress for them, so that might have been a good route for longevity, but the prices have shot up, presumably because people bought a load of kei cars as projects in the last couple of years.

Looking at the platform, electric might make the most sense, especially if the drivetrain is shite anyway. It's the most straightforward and practical approach (in the context of keeping the thing, I mean), though I'm sure it's a time consuming project still, but it feels like the 'right' way to do it for an actual working vehicle.

Though I know if it was me, I'd probably end up reconditioning the existing engine, purely because I'm a saddo who likes engines and keeping machines the way they were built, regardless of cost, even if they were built completely shite. For context I'm looking into buying a Lada Niva.

>> No. 4700 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 10:31 pm
4700 spacer
>Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range In Latest World Premiere

>The Futa is Ducati's answer to road cyclists looking for an ultra-premium pedal-assist road bike to cover greater distances and higher altitudes. An avid cyclist myself, I found myself drooling at the level of tech Ducati, alongside Thok e-Bikes has thrown into this machine. If its $8,500 price tag means nothing to you, then you should definitely add this sleek machine to your fleet of two-wheelers. That being said, is this exorbitant price tag justifiable? Well, you be the judge.

>Ducati claims that the Futa is the embodiment of the next generation of pedal-assisted road bikes. It flaunts a fancy unidirectional carbon-fiber frame that's been engineered to offer the perfect balance of comfort, rigidity, and ergonomic efficiency. Pair all that with the gorgeous styling of none other than Aldo Drudi, and you have a road bike that's more than worthy of a second glance.

Any of our cycle-lads looking into giving a futa a good ride?
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>> No. 4702 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 11:22 pm
4702 spacer

A Ducati was my first motorbike, absolutely loved it. Really like the sound/look of that thing, though pricey.

I have been seriously contemplating one of these, a GoCycle, which is also quite motorcycle-like.
>> No. 4703 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 11:30 pm
4703 spacer
It's very niche as a term, certainly to people who are rich and corporate enough to willingly spend $8,500 on a bicycle. I must confess that while I am aware of the term, I don't actually know what it is. Is it someone who likes yaoi? Or is that a shota?
>> No. 4704 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 12:58 am
4704 spacer
Give it a quick google, treat yourself.
>> No. 4705 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 7:08 am
4705 spacer

If you're spending that sort of money, consider a Brompton. They look slightly odd, but they're the only folding bike that you can carry rather than manhandle. Electric options are available.
>> No. 4706 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 10:32 am
4706 spacer
I already have a (non electric) Brompton - whilst super convenient and folds brilliantly, I don't really enjoy riding it.

>> No. 4657 Anonymous
23rd January 2022
Sunday 1:18 pm
4657 spacer
What do you lads make of the changes to the Highway Code?
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>> No. 4676 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 12:49 pm
4676 spacer

Are two-wheeled menaces driving you up the wall?
>> No. 4677 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 1:28 pm
4677 spacer
Comments just copping to the fact that lots of drivers react like nutters to the slightest perceived hinderance, ace.
>> No. 4678 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 3:21 pm
4678 spacer

It's always a bit chilling just how angry people get with cyclists, they seem to actually want us to die. This stance seems unique to the UK. And their main argument is the completely incorrect assertion that drivers pay for the roads and cyclists don't. It's quite fun to ask people who say that if they hate sharing the road with cars with £0 'road tax'.
>> No. 4679 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 5:35 pm
4679 spacer

Just me making a post that will be invisible to the cycle-lads.
>> No. 4680 Anonymous
30th January 2022
Sunday 2:57 pm
4680 spacer
I think what you're showing is, it says you can't go left, but every cyclist knows you can just pop on that pavement, cut the corner a little bit, and head off left down that road as you like. Isn't it?

mystery bike.jpg
>> No. 4650 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 9:52 pm
4650 spacer
wat is this bike frame style called?
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>> No. 4651 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 10:11 pm
4651 spacer

Technically it's a truss frame by virtue of the extra tube between the seat tube and top tube, but most bike mechanics would recognise it as "a piece of shit". The odd geometry makes it vaguely resemble a full-susser, but serves only to make the frame weaker and heavier.

Take away the extra tube and the kink in the downtube and you're left with a classic step-through frame.
>> No. 4652 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 1:26 am
4652 spacer
A "fashion" frame. It's functional to an extent, but it is needlessly complex, as evidenced by being both a truss frame with a pointless bend and not the convenience of a step through frame.

I'd recommend a tourer frame if you ever expect to carry or tow weight, and any other kind of simple frame if you want to get about. That kind of fancy frame is going to get you from A-to-B and any bike that gets you there is a good bike, but you can make your life easier by getting the proper tool for the job.

>> No. 4632 Anonymous
10th September 2021
Friday 1:14 pm
4632 Would you like a Mad Max car?
Silly question, of course you would. You'll need to ship it from Oz, but where there's a will, there's a way.

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>> No. 4645 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 12:54 pm
4645 spacer

>Maybe older and simpler combustion engines can handle bad fuel better.

This is definitely true in my experience, particularly with carburetted engines, you just don't need fuel to be that good at all. It's only the modern, computer controlled fuel systems that are looking for precise stoichiometric mixtures.
>> No. 4646 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 1:08 pm
4646 spacer
>particularly with carburetted engines

Four stroke lawnmowers tend to run on anything vaguely flammable, I use my lawnmower to get rid of stale petrol drained from project motorbikes.

However you wouldn't want to be using stale petrol in a carb'd motorbike,and its only in the last 6ish years all/most bikes are injection. The exception being the CG125 which will probably run quite happily on white spirit
>> No. 4647 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 2:42 pm
4647 spacer

I was going to say it was a Briggs & Stratton, but Google says apparently they only make engines for lawnmower manufacturers, and not the actual lawnmowers. But I do remember there was that name on the top of the engine. Not sure if they're good quality or not, but my friend's granddad's lawnmower started up without a big fuss after years of disuse.
>> No. 4648 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 9:27 pm
4648 spacer
Oh, I know nothing about lawnmowers, just Dyson was on a podcast the other day and mentioned something about firing up an old Honda lawnmower first time after ten years or so.
>> No. 4649 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 2:25 am
4649 spacer

Honda is probably decent quality, you don't ever hear much about Honda engines being shit in general.

Reading up on Briggs & Stratton, it appears their lawnmower engines are tried and true, durable workhorses that don't usually give you much trouble and can last a long time. Some people apparently think Honda is superior.

>> No. 4611 Anonymous
25th August 2021
Wednesday 1:12 am
4611 spacer
How much is reasonable to spend fixing a car that is worth about £600, but you got it for free?

It passed the last MoT fine but the engine sounds like it's dying currently. Starts fine mind, it's just chugging like a diesel when it's not one.
Only got 74000 miles on it, so I suspect it's just usual mid-life maintenance that has crept up on me.

My gut tells me that spending a few hundred quid a few times for a naff car that I enjoy is better than spending a couple hundred every month before it even has any problems, maybe I'm just looking for reassurance.
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>> No. 4627 Anonymous
26th August 2021
Thursday 7:42 am
4627 spacer

>Really? Has the market gone up in the last couple of years since I bought a car?

Yes, quite brutally. The cars I bought two or three years ago are worth about 20% more than when I bought them, which is something I've never seen happen before.
>> No. 4628 Anonymous
26th August 2021
Thursday 8:53 am
4628 spacer
I know a few people who have bought a car on finance, made the balloon payment because it's less than they'd be able to sell the car on for due to prices going up, made a bit of profit and then got another car on finance.
>> No. 4629 Anonymous
26th August 2021
Thursday 3:42 pm
4629 spacer

Yeah, my friend did that - he made about six grand profit on a PCP Mercedes, the mind boggles.

I know this is the wrong thread for this, but similarly if you bought a Rolex in 2018 you'd be fucking laughing now. It's not even just that the prices have shot up, you simply can't walk into a shop and buy one right now. And I'm sure we all know about graphics cards etc.

I wonder if this stuff will have any noticable effect on the economy in the medium term.
>> No. 4630 Anonymous
26th August 2021
Thursday 3:49 pm
4630 spacer
There's a watch shop in Whitby with lots of Rolexs for sale in the window, if you can put up with the crowds.
>> No. 4631 Anonymous
26th August 2021
Thursday 7:24 pm
4631 spacer

There's definitely some Rolexes for sale right now, but new ones are on back order, particularly the big hitters like submariners and GMTs.

Anyway I don't really want one - all luxury watches are a bit overpriced, but a Rolex these days you're paying upwards of 8 or 9 grand just for the badge, on top of what the watch should actually go for. I'll stick with the merely moderately ludicrous Omega pricing instead.

>> No. 4594 Anonymous
26th June 2021
Saturday 8:43 pm
4594 spacer
I'm in my 30s and I don't know how to drive. Never had any interest in cars and never learnt to ride a bicycle either. Living in the city my attitude has made sense given running a car here would be ruinously expensive and I also don't have any friends or family who can teach me.

However, I'd now like to learn to drive as it opens the door to not living in the city and would be handy for work. So do I just dial the number of an intensive driving place and say "Yes hello, I would like one driving please" or should I take some extra steps? Should I learn how a car works or pass a theory test before I ever get behind a wheel?
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>> No. 4606 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 11:47 am
4606 spacer

I think he got away with it because it's a pickup truck - the transmission is overbuilt and there's very little weight over the rear wheels. I doubt you'd be so lucky in a car, particularly FWD.
>> No. 4607 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 11:48 am
4607 spacer

Also the drive shaft acts like a torsion bar to limit the peak torque.
>> No. 4608 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 1:54 pm
4608 spacer
What happened is that the wheels lost traction instantly so it's not putting as much torque onto the engine as you'd think. Most of the brunt is taken up by the clutch which would be burning up very quickly while you do this.
If you tried this in a FWD a side effect would be that you would completely lose steering and go into a spin.
>> No. 4609 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 11:15 pm
4609 spacer
To cross this over with homeownership:

Should I learn to drive before I even think about buying a home? At the moment I invest all my savings in funds, I've tried different categories to keep the money split up but in my mind it's all for property and I'm therefore reluctant to take anything out once it goes in. In fact I can't, because I look at the total on my screen and feel proud of myself - I get invested in that number.

I already have about 23k together but probably want to get that to 27k by around January/February to buy a 10% on a 200k home with all the additional bullshit. I mean, it's not that much to learn but it does add up and there's the temptation I'd need to avoid to then buy a car. Perhaps I should instead buy the home so I have more flexibility with savings and live somewhere more car friendly - even if it means a nuisance in moving costs and getting somewhere more central (thereby smaller).
>> No. 4610 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 12:53 am
4610 spacer
I'm aiming for the house first, but that's because I work somewhere where houses are cheap, so I can buy a house right by work and just never see my friends again for several months. Cars have all manner of running costs too, so if you like watching your bank balance go up, it will go up much more slowly once you have to pay for insurance, and petrol, and parking, and an MOT, and so on and so forth.

And if you're looking at buying a house, please remember that banks will only lend you a certain multiple of your annual income. The deposit is pointless if it doesn't make up the rest of the house price. My own numbers are around £28,000pa with about £30,000 in the bank, so I can't buy a £600,000 house with a 5% deposit because banks will only lend me £28,000 x 4.5, or perhaps x 5.5 now. Assuming I can get the x5.5, that's £28,000x5.5 = £154,000, plus the £30,000 I have, so the most expensive house I can buy would cost £184,000. I'm sorry if you know all this already.

toyota mr2.jpg
>> No. 4523 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 11:03 pm
4523 spacer
Should I spend some of my saved up dole money on a Toyota MR2 for around £2000? It seems like the ultimate sporty(ish) yet reliable car that you can get for £2000 or less. The only other car I can think of that can compete with it is the MX5 but it seems like they're getting more expensive because of the meme tax.

Are there any other cars I could consider if I want something sporty and reliable and don't need it to be particularly practical? I could possible stretch my budget to £4000 if it's a particularly badass car.
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>> No. 4589 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:56 am
4589 spacer

It's certainly better than no patch. That looks pretty watertight but there's only one way to find out.

I think if the price is right and the rest of the car is solid it's worth it. There's apparently a bloke in swansea who will reskin your soft top for £300, if that makes a difference.

You can always ask him if he minds you attacking it with a hose when you view it. If he says no then he knows it's fucked.

These roofs are 20 odd years old and have likely been folded up and down thousansds of times, I certainly didn't see any without some holes or gaps in them in my price bracket.
>> No. 4590 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:28 pm
4590 spacer
>They're a doddle to work

In theory, when you have to battle rounded off fasteners, engine bolts and crank case fasteners welded in situ via alu corrosion, exhaust studs and front mudguard bolts snapping off, cross threaded fasteners etc ......
>> No. 4591 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 3:30 pm
4591 spacer

All part of the fun. Nothing more satisfying than extracting a seized bolt, apart from maybe drilling it out in a blind rage when you fail to extract it.
>> No. 4592 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 6:04 pm
4592 spacer

In the broader scheme of things, fucked fasteners are pretty easy to deal with. You'll find the same sort of problems on an old car - a bike might be more exposed to the elements, but it probably won't have done tens of thousands of miles of winter motoring.
>> No. 4593 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 7:29 pm
4593 spacer
fucked fasteners are pretty easy to deal with

Not when the fastener has snapped off with a remainder stuck in an aluminium casing, actually it can be a complete nightmare and can turn a simple job into a pain in the arse.
'just' drilling out a fastner isnt 'just', you might get lucky with a hand held drill but most dont and a badly installed helicoil can be rage inducing

>> No. 4573 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 2:20 pm
4573 Yamaha Motoroid

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>> No. 4576 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:50 pm
4576 spacer
I don't really understand how you're supposed to sit on it. I'm only about 60% sure I know which direction it's supposed to go.
>> No. 4577 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:57 pm
4577 spacer
I think it's got a special fender around your bum to make it more aerodynamic
>> No. 4578 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:04 pm
4578 spacer
I think they've taken a leaf out of the book of those people who won't make their clothes in certain sizes because it would be uncool if fat people could wear them and have made a motorbike only skinny people can ride.
>> No. 4579 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:08 pm
4579 spacer
I'm more of a classic bike person. I love that concept bikes like these exist, but living with that thing would be a fucking nightmare.

I'm obviously a boring fart, but I just want something that still looks cool with a couple of pannier bags and a top box.
>> No. 4580 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:15 pm
4580 spacer

This one could work with drone-panniers that follow it around.

suzuki wagon r.jpg
>> No. 4555 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 3:32 pm
4555 spacer
Are Suzuki Wagon Rs crap? I never paid much attention to them but now I kind of want one after realising there's enough room for a 6' by 2' single bed if you rip out the seats. I like the idea of a cheap mini-camper but if the thing is so intolerable on the motorways that you don't want to drive it anywhere, then it defeats the purpose of having a camper.
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>> No. 4556 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 3:43 pm
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They're good. They're solid cars and there's so many of them you can get parts easily.

Most kei cars are a bit annoying on a motorway, but still capable of doing 70+ so are usable. The Wagon R's in this country are all 1.3's, I think, which is a vast improvement on most kei csrs with 660cc motors, for highway driving.

I'd say get one. There's a reason they're always driven by sensible pensioners. Your only alternatives for affordable microcampers are really kangoos or berlingos, but I would struggle to reccomended either, I simply have had too many problems with french cars in the past.

I'm probably going to do a similar thing with a Nissan Elgrand or Totota Alphard, but they are mich more costly to run and buy.
>> No. 4557 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 3:46 pm
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Forgot to say that the only way you'll really know how they are on a motorway is trying it. We all have different tolerances; I can quite happily sit at 75mph in a rag top sports car for hours, while others would see that as a form of hell.

My grandads kangoo did seem quite unstable at motorway speeds, but if you drove it like a van rather than a car it was fine.
>> No. 4558 Anonymous
22nd May 2021
Saturday 4:09 pm
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I've had a Citroën for about four years and have had no issues other than having to replace the battery, which I think was in part due to barely driving last year. That said, the new Berlingo is incredibly garish.

It might be above budget but I'd probably go for a Ford Transit Courier. A Skoda Roomster may fit the bill.

>> No. 4559 Anonymous
23rd May 2021
Sunday 5:06 pm
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Most campers, except the very modern or high end, are rubbish on the motorway due to a realistic crusing speed of 50/60mph leaving you dicing with HGV's in the inside lane.
Most are essentially large commercial vans with the camper interior being pretty much gross vehicle weight.

As for the Wagon R, its pretty much a rebodied Suzuki Swift which is a good reliable if un remarkable car.

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