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gary larson predicts wuhan.png
>> No. 33825 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
33825 Coronavirus #4
Thread #2 was over 1,700 posts long; thread #3 (>>27266) is now close to 2,800 replies and no longer loads on my phone at work. Let's have a new, hopefully final thread.

The current situation:
Everything is expected to reopen on the 21st of June 2021.
It might not, because cases are rising from the lesser reopenings and the dreaded Indian variant.
Vaccination is going well in rich countries. UK deaths are ~10/day.
Speculation is starting again that the virus might have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because it's such an intriguing coincidence, but reasonable people do not currently believe it was a deliberate Chinese conspiracy.
India is currently the country with the worst COVID-19 horror stories.

Will Dominic Cummings give any more evidence about the ineptitude of government handling, or has he said everything he wanted to say now?
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>> No. 35364 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
35364 spacer
Isn't pain tolerance a sign of autism?
>> No. 35365 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 5:10 pm
35365 spacer
What? How? What pain tolerance?
>> No. 35366 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 6:17 pm
35366 spacer

I think autism manifests itself more in a lack of pain tolerance.

At least if you're a sperg.
>> No. 35367 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:19 pm
35367 spacer
Thank you!
>> No. 35368 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 7:29 pm
35368 spacer
The autism build grants a bonus to environmental and physical damage resistance. The cost is making you more vulnerable to sonic and light based attacks.

>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years


That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 35325 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:06 am
35325 spacer
I think it depends how much butter you use and how often you take it out to stir.

My girlfriend tends to make scrambled eggs in the microwave and they're nowhere near as nice as doing them on the hob. She also cooks most vegetables in the microwave rather than boiling or steaming them.
>> No. 35326 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 4:15 pm
35326 spacer

>> No. 35358 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 2:48 pm
35358 spacer

>A tormented mum claims she was attacked by a "sexually charged" ghost for two hellish years - before the birth of her daughter banished it for good.

>Charlene Smith, from Harlow, Essex, says she was first awoken by the deviant spirit touching her intimately and initially mistook it for her partner. However, over the coming months the mum-of-six says the spectre continued to attack her, forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters, mediums and even a priest to no avail.

>> No. 35359 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 3:37 pm
35359 spacer

>before the birth of her daughter banished it for good

That always does it.
>> No. 35363 Anonymous
24th September 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
35363 spacer
>forcing her to desperately turn to ghostbusters

I'm so confused.

I wish I had a sexually charged ghost. So long as it doesn't start slamming doors and leaving all the lights on.

>> No. 35344 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 3:13 pm
35344 Russia election: Putin's party wins election marred by fraud claims

With almost all of the votes counted, the United Russia party had won nearly 50% of the vote, marking a slight drop in support from the previous election.

Mr Putin's biggest critics were barred from running, and there were reports of ballot stuffing and forced voting.

Russia's electoral commission rejected claims of widespread irregularities.

With more than 99% of votes counted, United Russia's closest rival, the Communist Party, had about 19% of the vote, according to the election commission.
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>> No. 35345 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 3:30 pm
35345 spacer
What did all the supporters of banned opposition do? Did they vote for other parties, or boycott the election completely? Because 50% of the vote is either acceptably decent or a guaranteed failure if elections were fair, depending on whether it's 50% of everyone or 50% of just the people who were allowed in.
>> No. 35346 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 3:58 pm
35346 spacer
Putin's own party got 50%, but at least another 30% went to controlled opposition. Turnout was significantly lower than previous elections so the assumption is that the real opposition simply stayed home.

Also, the fraud this time was hilarious. They didn't even bother with the balloons. There are videos of people quite literally stuffing ballot boxes while polling staff just sit there and watch them do it.
>> No. 35347 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 8:31 pm
35347 spacer


>Also, the fraud this time was hilarious.

Not much point giving them the benefit of doubt.

And those voting machines really are a marvel of technology.

Source: https://twitter.com/ASLuhn/status/1440219181979295744

>> No. 34765 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 9:34 pm
34765 spacer
Priest at criminal’s funeral: The most disturbing liturgy I’ve attended

A parish priest has described the funeral for Dean Maguire, one of the three men killed in a road crash last week, as the ‘most disturbing liturgy I was ever at’.

Chaotic scenes, in which a small number of mourners for Dean Maguire, 29, blocked off roads and intimidated members of the public on the way to St Mary’s Priory church in Tallaght on Friday, have sparked widespread outrage.

Mr Maguire was killed, alongside his friends Graham Taylor, 31, and Carl Freeman, 26, when the car they were travelling in crashed into a truck on the N7. The men, who had over 200 convictions between them and were part of a notorious criminal gang, had been travelling purposely on the wrong side of the road to avoid being captured by gardaí.

During the funeral service for the father-of-two, friends of the ‘career criminal’ placed a torch and screwdriver as remembrance gifts beside his coffin. A professionally printed banner featuring his face on the altar also read: ‘You know the score, get on the floor, don’t be funny, show me the money.’


Mourners who made eulogies said Maguire would not be forgotten. “Sorry for the language, Father – rest in peace, you fucking legend,” said one woman.

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>> No. 34776 Anonymous
22nd July 2021
Thursday 1:20 am
34776 spacer
We had a similar thing last year near my work; a full procession of cars honking their horns, and teenagers on quadbikes, for nearly an hour, all driving past to mourn the passing of some similarly lovable rogues, and those weren't even gypsies as far as I know.
>> No. 35331 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 2:54 pm
35331 spacer
A significant decrease in burglaries in most Leinster counties is being attributed by senior gardaí to the deaths of three prolific criminals as well as a number of arrest operations.

The deaths of Tallaght criminals Graham Taylor (31), Karl Freeman (26) and Dean Maguire (29) made international headlines after the car they were travelling in collided head-on with a lorry as it drove the wrong way down the N7 near Rathcoole on the night of July 7. The three criminals who had over 200 previous convictions between them were main players in a gang who used the motorway network to carry out burglaries in rural areas.

Figures obtained by the Herald suggest there has been a major drop in this type of crime over recent weeks in most of the garda divisions where they were most active.


Proof, if it was needed, that society is so much better off when you remove the small number of habitual criminals.
>> No. 35332 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 3:07 pm
35332 spacer

Yes but how do you remove them when the police are working for them?
>> No. 35342 Anonymous
19th September 2021
Sunday 10:29 pm
35342 spacer
>a gang who used the motorway network to carry out burglaries in rural areas
Not to be confused with the notorious B-Road Gang who terrorised rural homes in Wiltshire during the early 1980s.
>> No. 35343 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 12:14 pm
35343 spacer

>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”


Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
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>> No. 35337 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 6:04 pm
35337 spacer
If he loves her then it wouldn't be a sham marriage.
>> No. 35338 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 12:32 am
35338 spacer
What does love have to do with marriage?
>> No. 35339 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 12:39 am
35339 spacer
It's the most important part of it.
>> No. 35340 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 12:44 am
35340 spacer
That's like asking what does a horse have to do with a carriage.
>> No. 35341 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 6:59 am
35341 spacer
We have horseless carriages these days...

>> No. 21124 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 6:15 pm
21124 spacer
>ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart is stepping down from his role following what ITN called "errors of judgment in Alastair's use of social media".

>In a statement, the veteran broadcaster, 67, said: "It was a misjudgement which I regret." ITN said he had breached editorial guidelines, but did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

>The newsreader's Twitter account has now been deactivated.


What's he done? He's either offended some group or been caught trying to shag a young lass.
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>> No. 35307 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 7:42 pm
35307 spacer
The only thing I'd really heard about it was people telling Are Nice he can't celebrate her success because he once said he wouldn't want to have a group of Romanian men move in next door.
>> No. 35327 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 7:53 pm
35327 spacer
Rupert Murdoch’s News UK has announced plans to launch a national television station called talkTV, which will be a rival to the floundering rightwing channel GB News and provide a platform for the return of Piers Morgan.

In a U-turn after similar plans were cancelled this year, News UK said it would hire “exceptional talent” for the station. Bosses believe Morgan fits in that category and is the biggest name to have signed up to the project.

>> No. 35328 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 8:15 pm
35328 spacer
I don't see how this can possibly work. If it was a good idea, GB News would have done better. Sure, they've had bloopers due to incompetent staff behind the scenes, but BBC News can't spell or done grammer rite in countless onscreen messages and updates, and nobody cares about that. GB News faced boycotts from advertisers; won't talkTV have that too?

And why can't we just have a generic highly-oppositional news channel? Have a few anti-woke stories, but also get ISIS warriors and communists and inc*ls. Let's oppose gay marriage but support sex changes for children. How would that not be exciting? I'm onto a winner here; I guarantee it.
>> No. 35329 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:41 pm
35329 spacer
>I don't see how this can possibly work.

Totally agree - it would be like launching a new physical newspaper. But then, Murdoch has money to burn, so maybe we should let him.
>> No. 35330 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 11:52 pm
35330 spacer

Remember Squarials? Murdoch does. He murdered it, with great big barrowloads of newspaper money and a Luxembourgish satellite.

>> No. 35031 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 5:34 pm
35031 Greensill: David Cameron 'made $10m' before company’s collapse

David Cameron made about $10m (£7m) from Greensill Capital before the finance company collapsed, documents obtained by BBC Panorama suggest.

The documents indicate the former prime minister received $4.5m after cashing in Greensill shares in 2019.

Greensill, which made its money by lending to businesses, went into administration in March, leaving investors facing billions in losses.

Mr Cameron's spokesman said his remuneration was a private matter.

Greensill collapsed after its insurer refused to renew cover for the loans it was making.

Before its collapse, Mr Cameron unsuccessfully tried to persuade ministers to invest taxpayers' money in Greensill loans.

He has since been cleared of breaking any lobbying rules, but MPs said the former prime minister showed a "significant lack of judgement".
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>> No. 35032 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 5:40 pm
35032 spacer
If people burned down Tory's properties enough times, insurance companies would start to raise their rates or refuse to cover them.
>> No. 35293 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 8:37 pm
35293 spacer


>> No. 35264 Anonymous
11th September 2021
Saturday 2:58 pm
35264 spacer
A masked man has been spotted spying on a couple through their window late at night in a village in Somerset. Avon and Somerset Police said officers were called to Claverham on 1 September at 0:15 BST but were "unable to locate the man”.

In 2019 a man in a “gimp suit” charged at a woman in the village terrifying her. Officers said they were keeping an open mind as to whether the two incidents were linked.


A man wearing nothing but a black latex mask was spotted 'staring at traffic' then running through woodland.

Shocked motorist Craig Upton called 999 after coming across the bizarre sight at 7am when he was travelling to work. Mr Upton, from Andover, Hants, said: "He was stood at a five-bar gate in a layby... naked with a latex black mask on. He was just stood, staring at the traffic like a horror movie, and then when we drove back past after turning around, he was running off."

On an other occasion a black-clad ‘gimp’ was seen walking the aisles of Tesco in Colchester, Essex in April 2020.


The gimp is back!
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>> No. 35288 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 4:24 pm
35288 spacer

S.5 Public Order Act 1986. Unless Mr Gimp can show that he sincerely believed that his behaviour wouldn't cause harassment, alarm or distress, then he's bang to rights.
>> No. 35289 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 4:45 pm
35289 spacer
That's why the police would come, not why you would be motivated to ring them about it. We're a nation of curtain-twitchers wasting police time.

I'm dodging a cunt-off over mens rea here because criminal law is mess in this country.
>> No. 35290 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 5:05 pm
35290 spacer

I don't think it's unreasonable to imagine that someone might actually be alarmed or distressed by the sight of a naked man outside their house at midnight.
>> No. 35291 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 6:59 pm
35291 spacer
He's clearly not naked though.
>> No. 35292 Anonymous
12th September 2021
Sunday 7:35 pm
35292 spacer

>A man wearing nothing but a black latex mask

Two separate incidents m8.

>> No. 34443 Anonymous
5th July 2021
Monday 3:31 pm
34443 spacer
>More than 1,000 Afghan soldiers have fled to neighbouring Tajikistan after clashing with Taliban militants, officials have said. The troops retreated over the border to "save their own lives", according to a statement by Tajikistan's border guard.

>Violence has risen in Afghanistan, with the Taliban launching attacks and taking more territory in recent weeks. The surge coincides with the end of Nato's 20-year military mission in the country. The vast majority of remaining foreign forces in Afghanistan have been withdrawn ahead of a September deadline, and there are concerns that the Afghan military will collapse.

>Under a deal with the Taliban, the US and its Nato allies agreed to withdraw all troops in return for a commitment by the militants not to allow al-Qaeda or any other extremist group to operate in the areas they control. But the Taliban did not agree to stop fighting Afghan forces, and now reportedly control about a third of the country.

How long do you reckon it'll be until we're back in Afghanistan? Will China and Iran give it a go?
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>> No. 35255 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 7:23 pm
35255 spacer
Calm down now.
>> No. 35256 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 7:25 pm
35256 spacer
I am also implying that you're furious right now despite there being no particular reason to believe it.
>> No. 35257 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 7:33 pm
35257 spacer
Come lad. Have some warm gin.
>> No. 35258 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 7:36 pm
35258 spacer
Calm down now.
>> No. 35260 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 11:41 pm
35260 spacer
I am also implying that you're furious right now despite there being no particular reason to believe it.

>> No. 35224 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 12:08 am
35224 spacer

>Snippets have trickled out over the years, from suggestions that the prime minister will be alerted by a phone call from a civil servant telling him or her “London Bridge is down,” to reports the death will be announced via a newsflash on the Press Association wire.

>Now the full extent of the preparations undertaken by the royal family and the Cabinet Office’s BRIDGES Secretariat can be revealed for the first time after POLITICO obtained a series of documents laying out in granular detail how Britain will respond when the day comes.
Expand all images.
>> No. 35225 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 12:12 am
35225 spacer
I don't know why this story has reappeared - the whole thing has been well known about for many years.
>> No. 35226 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 7:28 am
35226 spacer
"In a striking assessment of the scenes that could unfold, one memo warns of a worst-case scenario in which London literally becomes “full” for the first time ever as potentially hundreds of thousands of people try to make their way there "

Really? I guess it's good to plan for unlikely cases, but I'd bet pretty hard against this one.
Yeah, Queen's dead, can radio get back to normal programming, please. She's still dead, and I only really need to know if that changes, thanks.
>> No. 35227 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 8:07 am
35227 spacer
I'm really dreading a new coronation ceremony and all the nonsense around it. I'm not some deeply serious monarchist type who knows or cares deeply for convention, but I just know they're going to do some deeply embarrassing nonsense to "modernise" the whole thing.
Not in a vaguely racist "oh no black people are attending and they're not even there as a token gesture to the crown colony of literally just a giant square drawn on the map by some opium addict in the 1800s" kind of way. More in a "fuck off, does there really need to be an iPad and a shoehorned in statement about ""British Values"" which are neither uniquely British nor best embodied by the British shoehorned in here?" way. Doubly so because each little "modernisation" will no doubt be teased in advance and then subject to a mutual masturbation session in the media indefinitely.

At least it's not happening under Blair I suppose. Small mercies.
>> No. 35228 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 9:29 am
35228 spacer
Royalty is a good distraction from things going to shit with coronavirus, Afghanistan or whatever.
>> No. 35229 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 11:11 am
35229 spacer
You probably won't hear the most obvious song for quite some time on the radio after her passing.


>> No. 35193 Anonymous
2nd September 2021
Thursday 7:33 pm
35193 ABBA is back
Not sure what to make of this, at all.
7 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 35203 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 12:52 am
35203 spacer
It seems the new line-up is Digital Agnetha, Digital Frida, Digital Benny and Tom Hardy from Star Trek: Nemesis.
>> No. 35208 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 12:44 pm
35208 spacer
Why bother de-aging them but still motion capturing the OAP versions? Isn't it going to be kind of strange to see a bunch of 30-odd-year-olds shuffling around like they're eighty? Whatever, fuck this.
>> No. 35211 Anonymous
3rd September 2021
Friday 5:40 pm
35211 spacer
Either they need the money, which I doubt because I'm sure Abba royalties still pay out handsomely, or they're crossing off their bucket list.

Never considered myself a fan, although admittedly they had three or four really good songs.
>> No. 35217 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 2:07 am
35217 spacer
>Either they need the money, which I doubt because

I'm guessing it's a tax bill.
>> No. 35220 Anonymous
4th September 2021
Saturday 6:02 pm
35220 spacer

Sweden does tax the fuck out of you.

According to https://taxsummaries.pwc.com/sweden/individual/taxes-on-personal-income , you pay over 50% on employment income over the equivalent of £44,158.

Then again, 30% capital income tax doesn't seem all that disturbing in comparison. I guess being rich in Sweden still has its perks.

>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
1148 posts and 77 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 35049 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 3:31 pm
35049 spacer
In my day it was stuff like smoking, but clearly things have changed a lot if 'pretending to be a girl while having a slash' is considered the apex of adolescent cool.
>> No. 35052 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 4:00 pm
35052 spacer
We seem to have forgotten, as a society, that kids are not innocent little paragons of virtue. In fact quite the opposite, they're tiny fucking psychopaths. They are utterly sadistic to one another because they haven't developed the compassion not to be yet. I remember kids in primary school doing things to their peers that Joseph Goebbels would have considered cruel and unusual.

I'm not sure what the consequences of giving trans rights to kids will be, for good or ill, I just generally don't think kids can be trusted with the kind of responsibility modern people think they can be.
>> No. 35053 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 4:15 pm
35053 spacer
>We seem to have forgotten, as a society, that kids are not innocent little paragons of virtue.
I don't understand why that's relevant and you didn't say anything that ties it to the context.

So what? If they don't get bullied for that they'll get bullied for something else. Boys aren't banned from doing ballet just because they'll get bullied for it. This isn't how we select the criteria of what things children can do.
>> No. 35055 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 4:30 pm
35055 spacer

Who says I was even talking to you, or engaging in the cunt off, gobshite?
>> No. 35056 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 4:39 pm
35056 spacer

The person who asked for your opinion in the first place.

>> No. 27146 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
27146 spacer
I suppose it's time for a new thread seeing as the previous one is almost at 1,700 posts.

It's been kicking off in America (again) after the police have shot a black man (again). A couple of protesters/rioters have been killed after they were driven by the police towards an alt-right militia, with this planned in advance.
687 posts and 54 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 35038 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 9:58 am
35038 spacer

It feels like it's been a while since chronic masturbators made the news.
>> No. 35039 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 10:01 am
35039 spacer
MailOnline headlines need 'Parklife!' at the end.
>> No. 35040 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 10:08 am
35040 spacer
There was a BBC doc about the 2011 riots on last night. They had the three kinds of copper: the senior one in a suit and tie who spoken in abstract truisms; the young beardy one who spoke intelligently about operational deficiencies, the impact of austerity and lessons not being learned; and the bald middle-aged one with Union Jack furniture who described police as the most courageous kind of people and criminals as vermin.
>> No. 35050 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 3:35 pm
35050 spacer
>10 minute rants about life being 'rigged against you', humanity being on the 'brink of extinction'


So the ones who speak above your level of comprehension, the ones who match your views and the one with a Union flag.
>> No. 35051 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 3:36 pm
35051 spacer
I really hope we don't make the news one day. If anything ever happens to Carol Vorderman we're completely fucked.

>> No. 27223 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 9:27 am
27223 spacer
Push to get staff back to offices amid warning of UK's 'ghost towns'

Workers will be encouraged to return to the office as part of a major media campaign to be launched by the government next week. The television and newspaper messages will promote the government’s aim to reduce the number of employees working from home amid fears that town and city centres are becoming ghost areas as workers stay away.

A report in the Telegraph said the campaign would push the emotional and mental health benefits of mixing with colleagues but also said that ministers would warn that those working from home could be more vulnerable to being sacked.


Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off.
270 posts and 16 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 35025 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 4:18 pm
35025 spacer

Can you point out the factually inaccurate statement I made?

This entire debate has swung out from the fact I said "fuck anyone earning over £50,000", that's my opinion and will remain my opinion regardless how many people it applies to, and regardless of any other circumstances. That statement had no bearing on the pay rates in the rest of the civil service, because I wasn't talking about them, I was talking about people earning over £50,000. If I had said something like "everyone in the civil service gets paid £50,000" there would be something to pick at here, but I said nothing of the sort. Furthermore a term like "chunk" is entirely subjective, and in my view 4,000 people is a chunk, so tough shit. You will find no standard index definition of "chunk".

This debate is absurd, it's one thing to be pedantic but there's nothing to even be pedantic about here. Just one lad who read an implication into one post that wasn't actually there.
>> No. 35026 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 4:24 pm
35026 spacer

>You will find no standard index definition of "chunk".

I believe it's 16x16x256 blocks.
>> No. 35027 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 4:31 pm
35027 spacer

There are about 25000 out of almost half a million that are on proper "fuck you" money. More than half of civil servants are on under £30k.
>> No. 35028 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 4:35 pm
35028 spacer

Sounds like a chunk to me.
>> No. 35029 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 4:49 pm
35029 spacer
You're mum's a choh we've already done this one

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