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>> No. 20439 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 7:19 am
20439 spacer
Remembrance Day will now honour civilians and victims of terror after the Royal British Legion announces the red poppy isn't just for fallen soldiers


Watch out, lads. Big Poppy is getting bigger. The Cookie Monster wasn't enough for them.
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>> No. 20642 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 11:12 am
20642 spacer
Oh shit, I forgot about Poppy day.

Soz, lads.
>> No. 20643 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 12:08 pm
20643 spacer
Don't worry, you're allowed to do it tomorrow instead.
>> No. 20644 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 5:11 pm
20644 spacer
A man who disrupted a Remembrance Sunday event with fireworks had to be rushed away from angry veterans by police.

The fireworks exploded in the sky as hundreds of people stood in silence at 11:00 GMT and listened to the Last Post at the cenotaph in Eccles, Salford.

A man had set them off from a window ledge in a disused pub across the road. Angry veterans began shouting, "Get him out!" and trying to break down the pub door before officers took the man away.


I don't think anything this year will top last year's paedo-vigilantes.
>> No. 20645 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 5:15 pm
20645 spacer
I've heard/seen so many complaints about poppy burners this year yet I don't think anyone new has actually done it this time around.

People get really angry at the argument that burning something as a symbolic or political gesture is exactly the sort of thing that you're only really allowed to do because of the freedom are lads fought for.
>> No. 20646 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 5:52 pm
20646 spacer
There's a video doing the rounds of an Irish woman burning a poppy in London. Probably a Labour voter.

>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 20624 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:30 pm
20624 spacer

That too. Still not "Funny when...".
>> No. 20625 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:40 pm
20625 spacer
That's how the character Switch got their name. You know, the "Not like this..." one. I doubt the removal was political since nobody knew enough about transexualism back then to object to it. But it would have been one more weird element in a film that execs already worried would be too hard to understand for the general public.
>> No. 20627 Anonymous
7th November 2019
Thursday 12:53 am
20627 spacer

That's the one. I tried to find a picture but couldn't remember the character's names. But yeah, I suppose they already got away with a lot in that movie. It's more or less a kitchen sink of philosophy and speculative sci-fi ideas.
>> No. 20629 Anonymous
7th November 2019
Thursday 10:14 am
20629 spacer

>It's more or less a kitchen sink of philosophy and speculative sci-fi ideas.

Nearly all of which were pretty much nicked from other sci-fi movies and franchises. In that sense, the Matrix was kind of a pastiche of all the ideas about a high-tech dystopian future that were already out there.

Even the production design wasn't as groundbreaking as everybody said (bullet time aside), and took loads of inspiration from films like Men in Black. Not even the effect of (faux) Japanese characters running down a monochromatic computer screen was new, it could first be seen in Independence Day while they're aboard the alien mother ship.

Ok, so bullet time was the one effect that the Matrix genuinely created. Good for them. Everything else, they copied.
>> No. 20630 Anonymous
7th November 2019
Thursday 10:26 am
20630 spacer
>Everything else, they copied.
Duh it's a simulation

>> No. 20617 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 9:48 pm
20617 James Dean to be 'resurrected' for new Vietnam war drama

You aren't even allowed to die if they don't want you to. I can't put into words how this kind of thing bothers me, but it is deeply disruptive an I wish it wasn't happening.
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>> No. 20620 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 9:54 pm
20620 spacer
>“We feel very honoured that his family supports us

Sounds like his heirs need more money.
>> No. 20623 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:22 pm
20623 spacer
I'm going to re-watch Hypernormalisation and then go to bed. Here's the IDF doing the Friends intro.

>> No. 20626 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:42 pm
20626 spacer
The future is fucked.

>> No. 20401 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 7:24 am
20401 spacer
Slow walking at 45 'a sign of faster ageing'

How fast people walk in their 40s is a sign of how much their brains, as well as their bodies, are ageing, scientists have suggested.

Using a simple test of gait speed, researchers were able to measure the ageing process. Not only were slower walkers' bodies ageing more quickly - their faces looked older and they had smaller brains.


I knew it. I fucking knew it. Slow walking mouthbreathing mongs have smaller brains. This explains a lot. Fast walking master race for life.
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>> No. 20405 Anonymous
12th October 2019
Saturday 12:46 pm
20405 spacer
If he did he did it in record time.
>> No. 20406 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:36 am
20406 spacer
>Fast walking master race for life.

I'm fast wanking. Does that count?
>> No. 20414 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 6:56 am
20414 spacer
Does it increase your oxygen intake to give you big brain energy?
>> No. 20416 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:34 am
20416 spacer
It's called the Caradine Effect, I believe.
>> No. 20600 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 1:16 pm
20600 spacer
Stroke recovery clue from patient walking speed


The evidence that the world belongs to the fast walking master race is growing.

>> No. 19943 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 3:05 pm
19943 https://news.yahoo.com/jeffrey-epstein-found-dead-jail-132552127.html
How is it possible to hang yourself while on suicide watch? Are we being told the full story?
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>> No. 20074 Anonymous
24th August 2019
Saturday 11:03 pm
20074 spacer

>No one sucks the life out of conspiracy theories like fucking conspiracy theorists.

That's what THEY want you to think.
>> No. 20598 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 10:08 am
20598 spacer
He was 100% murdered.
>> No. 20599 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:28 am
20599 spacer

Pretty face jewelry.jpg
There was a picture floating around of the supposed body with significant differences in the ear compared to known images of the old Ep.

An extremely rich and powerful man with apparent investments in bio-engineering.
I don't suppose it'd be a difficult for such wealth and networks to source a replacement body, using ones own stemcells if need be, for just such an occasion.

He owns an island for fuck sake. E's not dead.
>> No. 20614 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 9:21 pm
20614 spacer
>> No. 20631 Anonymous
7th November 2019
Thursday 10:40 pm
20631 spacer
Where you following are lad's blog before he deleted it? Do you know why he did it?

>> No. 20508 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 2:58 pm
20508 spacer
Emergency services are awaiting the arrival of a cherry picker to recover a man stuck 270ft up a chimney.

Police were first called at 2.22am to reports of a man trapped on the top of Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle, Cumbria. His condition is not known but he has now been trapped upside down at the top of the structure for around 11 hours


Someone send for Dibnah!
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>> No. 20552 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 7:22 pm
20552 spacer

You really won't let it lie will you. If it wasn't notable to you, you wouldn't never have noted it. But you did, so it was.

Either way, my point hardly hinged on you. Please go away.
>> No. 20553 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 7:31 pm
20553 spacer

It's hard to take it when your carefully projected reality is questioned, I understand.
>> No. 20554 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 11:14 pm
20554 spacer

Oh I get what's happening now. Never mind.
>> No. 20555 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 11:16 pm
20555 spacer

You've come up with a new projection? Well done, only took most of a day.
>> No. 20556 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 12:51 am
20556 spacer

>only took most of a day.

I was on a 12 hour shift mate, didn't have time to check in here.

>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years


That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 20303 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 11:05 pm
20303 spacer

Still nothing wrong with backing up your claim by showing the knife. You're already in for armed robbery anyway, regardless of whether or not you actually have a knife. I think there have been court cases where somebody got done for armed robbery just for poking his index finger through his coat pocket and saying he had a gun.

So why not present your weapon to the poor lad you're robbing so he'll at least know you're not a pretentious cunt.

And besides, why say you've got a knife. If you're bullshitting anyway, why not say you've got a gun in your coat pocket. Would convince me more than the prospect of getting grazed by an imaginary knife across the counter.
>> No. 20364 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 6:10 pm
20364 spacer
>A Russian man has launched a lawsuit against Apple, claiming an iPhone app turned him gay.
>> No. 20365 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 7:01 pm
20365 spacer
> In a suit filed on 20 September, it is claimed a crypto-currency called "GayCoin" was delivered via a smartphone app, rather than the Bitcoin he had ordered.
> According to the complaint, the GayCoin crypto-currency arrived with a note saying: "Don't judge until you try".
> "I thought, in truth, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try same-sex relationships," the complainant wrote.
>> No. 20383 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 2:47 pm
20383 spacer
The truth is, he must have already taken it up the arse many times whilst in prison. Straight blokes s rayona don't receive donations in gay coins.
Once a petooh, always a petooh.
>> No. 20533 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 12:56 am
20533 spacer
>A man has been fined for being drunk and disorderly in Workington.

>Troy Berwick, of Thwaite Bank, Northside, admitted the offence, which took place on October 6 at Washington Street. West Cumbria Magistrates Court was told that Berwick had been part of a group of males shouting in the street at around 4am. When approached by police, Berwick began flexing his muscles and shouting, "I'm a big lad". He was unsteady on his feet and continued shouting when asked to quieten down. Berwick told police, "you won't arrest me" but was then arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

>He told magistrates: "I've stopped drinking now. I'm getting into bad habits." Berwick was fined £280 and must also pay £85 costs and a £32 surcharge to fund victim services.

Sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about all the biglads flexing on our streets.

>> No. 20447 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 8:45 pm
20447 spacer
'Josef the Austrian' who rented farmhouse where family 'waited for end times' for nine years is arrested for imprisoning them in 'secret room' as it emerges some of the 'victims' can no longer speak


What the fuck is it with Austrians?
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>> No. 20456 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 11:37 pm
20456 spacer
I heard about it on the BBC's Global News Podcast and it seemed that no one was terribly sure what was actually going on.

Apparently the first thing the absolute lad who made a break for it did was go to the pub and sink five pints, so I'm thinking the beer ran out and that was the final straw.
>> No. 20458 Anonymous
17th October 2019
Thursday 2:10 am
20458 spacer

>What the fuck is it with Austrians?


>In a bizarre attempt to defend his conduct he said Hitler’s Germany had instilled “a high regard for decency and uprightness” in him.

Next thing we'll know, they were all just following orders.
>> No. 20459 Anonymous
17th October 2019
Thursday 7:05 am
20459 spacer

They sound a bit complicit in the whole thing.
>> No. 20461 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 12:53 pm
20461 spacer
>The father of a family that spent nearly a decade living in a secret room in a Dutch farmhouse once belonged to the Rev Sun Myung Moon’s controversial Unification church and was trying to found a cult of his own, Dutch media have reported.


The plot thickens.
>> No. 20504 Anonymous
22nd October 2019
Tuesday 1:05 am
20504 spacer

I've thought about starting my own cult. I'm already a quite narcissistic personality, and the thought of people worshipping me and throwing all their money at me seems more appealing to me than it ever should. Even if the average person will never be so gullible, all it takes is a few dozen people who are willing to blow their life savings on the prospect of eternal salvation, and you're golden.

Or maybe I'll start selling esoteric items on eBay or Amazon. There seem to be huge profit margins if you convince people that quite ordinary items that you can make from £10 worth of raw materials possess healing powers:


>> No. 19531 Anonymous
20th June 2019
Thursday 12:25 am
19531 Porn Ban Binned (for a time)

>The UK’s age-verification system for online pornography is expected to be delayed indefinitely, just weeks before it is due to be launched.

>A delay could see the issue of age verification fall under the responsibility of whoever wins the contest to be prime minister, such as the frontrunner Boris Johnson.

>The age block was due to be one of the first of its kind anywhere in the democratic world. Websites that refused to implement the checks face being blocked by UK internet service providers or having their access to payment services withdrawn.

>Age verification was first proposed in the run-up to the 2015 general election by Sajid Javid, when he was culture secretary in the coalition government. However, despite coming close to completion the government has struggled with the details of implementing the policy.

So no, otherlad, the porn ban is not for real. And I have to assume the use of "coming close close to completion" was not an incidental one by the Guardian.
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>> No. 19533 Anonymous
20th June 2019
Thursday 1:02 am
19533 spacer
It's already been delayed twice. It's stuck in some weird slow-motion race of unworkable policies, glaring at Brexit like a match sprinter on the upper banking.

>> No. 19534 Anonymous
20th June 2019
Thursday 1:07 am
19534 spacer
Absolute fucking waste of time and money to begin with. So yeah I guess also like Brexit.
>> No. 20442 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 8:14 pm
20442 spacer
Aaaand it's gone entirely.

Worryingly Diane Abbott is tweeting in support of it. So don't vote Labour if you like easy access to the wank bank lads.
>> No. 20443 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 8:16 pm
20443 spacer
Who in their right mind would vote Labour anyway? I mean who hates having money?
>> No. 20444 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 8:22 pm
20444 spacer
I read this thread thinking "didn't I make one just like this months ago?", before checking the date and realising it was this one.

pedo dead.png
>> No. 20431 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 7:36 am
20431 spacer

He's dead!
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>> No. 20434 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 10:06 pm
20434 spacer
There was something on the BBC News website the other day about how the Sex Offender Treatment Programme increases the rate of reoffending because it ends up normalising sexual assault and they all pick up pointers on how to get away with it next time.

>> No. 20435 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 10:13 pm
20435 spacer

Prison is the university for criminals.
>> No. 20436 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 10:17 pm
20436 spacer

>Another prisoner, who had himself been a victim of sex abuse as a child, told him he had been asked to give details of what had happened to him in front of paedophiles who had became aroused as a result.

How was this not an obvious outcome.

>> No. 20437 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 11:17 pm
20437 spacer

>> No. 20438 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 7:05 am
20438 spacer


>> No. 19750 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 2:09 pm
19750 spacer
What's all this about Hong Kong then? I've started seeing ads asking me to pressure my MP and defend the joint-declaration.

I assume you lads will have an opinion as blocking as the roads and discouraging air-travel will no doubt reduce carbon emissions.
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>> No. 20425 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 12:35 am
20425 spacer
cheers m8 pretty drunk when i typed that and drunker/higher now. But yeah, God speed China and the handful of other countries protesting/rioting against their shite governments that's barely getting any news coverage. It's like a new Arab spring going on right now and hardly anybody knows. Can only hope it continues and spreads.
>> No. 20426 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:04 am
20426 spacer
See >>/b/431337
It's not just China.
>> No. 20428 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:27 am
20428 spacer
Some pillocks standing around Piccadilly isn't equivalent to people fighting for democracy against a system that operates concentration camps. Don't hijack a thread to bring attention on your pet project.
>> No. 20429 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:31 am
20429 spacer
State enforced media blackouts are absolutely equivalent to state enforced media blackouts, don't be such a twat.
>> No. 20430 Anonymous
14th October 2019
Monday 1:49 am
20430 spacer

>Blizzard bosses reduce gamer's ban and release prize money

>US gaming publisher Activision Blizzard has reversed its decision to withhold prize money from a player who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests. Professional gamer, Ng Wai "Blitzchung" Chung, said in Mandarin, "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age," on a live broadcast after a tournament. He was banned for one year and said was told he would not get any prize money.

>In a new statement, the company said: "In hindsight, our process wasn't adequate, and we reacted too quickly." The hashtag #Blizzardboycott trended on Twitter after the 21-year-old was banned, and some players tried to delete their accounts in solidarity with "Blitzchung". Even some US politicians commented on Blizzard's initial decision.


It's fun seeing companies flop around in the face of Hong Kong protests after they've spent so long now kowtowing to Beijing. Who knows, maybe someone will question if having China so invested in our nuclear power plants might be a bad idea again.

It's not state enforced. Nobody cares. Sky News still has a feature on their front-page and still it's nowhere in the top most read stories.

>> No. 20318 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 10:11 am
20318 Thomas Cook collapses as last-ditch rescue talks fail

Thomas Cook has collapsed after last-minute negotiations aimed at saving the 178-year-old holiday firm failed.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the tour operator had "ceased trading with immediate effect".

It has also triggered the biggest ever peacetime repatriation, aimed at bringing more than 150,000 British holidaymakers home.

Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook's chief executive, said the firm's collapse was a "matter of profound regret".
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>> No. 20413 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 3:32 am
20413 spacer

Yeah but how much compo did you get?
>> No. 20415 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 11:27 am
20415 spacer

We did not get compensated at all, beyond the €10 vouchers.
>> No. 20417 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:16 pm
20417 spacer

You should have -

>> No. 20418 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:32 pm
20418 spacer

Well it was 14 or 15 years ago. Maybe it was different then, or maybe I was just never made aware that I was entitled to compensation. Your link does state that the directive was only passed in 2004.
>> No. 20419 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 1:21 pm
20419 spacer
The link doesn't call it a directive, because a regulation is distinct from a directive, but they do erroneously suggest it came into force the same year it was passed.

>> No. 20384 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 7:03 am
20384 spacer
Lorry drivers stuck in IIIWW traffic jams may cause rise in ‘dogging’

Ministers working hard to prepare for a no-deal IIIWW have been dogged by an unlikely new problem with 25 days to go. Officials planning to ease any congestion on the transport links to Dover have encountered the potential for an embarrassing issue: a rise in “dogging”.

At the Conservative Party conference last week, one member of the cabinet confessed that a side effect of increased congestion in Kent from stalled truck drivers would be an increase in the number of lorry drivers visiting voyeuristic sex sites in the Garden of England.

“One of the things we talk about in these no-deal meetings concerns hauliers and their activities,” the minister said. “The main thing is whether they will turn up at the Channel ports with the right paperwork. But there are also dogging hotspots all over the place.” Ministers believe the issue is more likely to flare up with British truckers. “Do Europeans even do dogging?” the minister asked. “There is something deeply British about dogging.”

4 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 20389 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 5:27 pm
20389 spacer
>>20387 There are compulsory dogging breaks, what did we expect?
>> No. 20390 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 6:00 pm
20390 spacer
I only know one lorry driver. He plays truck simulators in his spare time.
>> No. 20391 Anonymous
8th October 2019
Tuesday 11:42 pm
20391 spacer
They should just build a more shady park and turn a blind eye to all the filth that goes on there. It'll be like the Amsterdam of dogging attracting middle aged perverts from across Europe along with their money.

Maccies will make a fortune.

They'll put a sex mod in anything these days.
>> No. 20392 Anonymous
9th October 2019
Wednesday 12:39 am
20392 spacer
I was wondering how they'd do it in something like OpenTTD, but then remembered that years ago someone changed the "company owner statue" to a glamour shot.
>> No. 20393 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 8:35 pm
20393 spacer
It'll never be like the good old days again.


>> No. 13168 Anonymous
12th August 2017
Saturday 8:38 pm
13168 spacer
Violent clashes have erupted between white nationalists attending a far-right march and counter-protesters in the US state of Virginia.


839 posts and 103 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 20378 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 10:16 pm
20378 spacer

This does sound like me.

Doorman in this context would be more like a host, or maitre'd or even the bloke outside Harvey Nicks wot opens the door for people, rather than a bouncer. I've worked in places like that. I have also worked in a 'gastrobar' that had actual bouncers, but posh ones in suits.

I don't remember being rejected from my own establishment, nor have I ever had my name above the door, at least not in a literal sense, with a big sign or anything. Certainly if you googled my name you would find it linked to certain West Yorkshire establishments. Maybe that's what I meant, or I was just trying to impress everyone here by implying I owned the place.

I was also on a lot of drugs back then though, so it's entirely possible I've either forgotten the doorman story or made it up in a haze of coke after being turned away from a nightclub I had nothing to do with.

It does seem like it was definitely me dropping these clues though, unless there was another Leeds/Yorkshire based chef on here two or three years ago too, but I probably would have noticed that.
>> No. 20379 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 10:18 pm
20379 spacer


I do remember the doorman thing. It was the pretentious posh bar/restaurant place, and the bloke was new. He wouldn't let me in, to go to work, and I kicked off. I think I showed him my knives, which probably didn't help, upon reflection.

I was likely off my tits too, so he was doing a good job by keeping people like me out.
>> No. 20380 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 10:20 pm
20380 spacer
>I still have one foot in the business as the consultant work

Also known as putting as many black pudding towers into the Greene King menu range as possible.
>> No. 20381 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 11:54 pm
20381 spacer

This genuinely reads like one of those Viz Drunken Baker comics.
>> No. 20382 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 11:56 pm
20382 spacer

What sort of consultancy?

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