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>> No. 18914 Anonymous
9th April 2019
Tuesday 5:38 pm
18914 spacer
Department store Debenhams has officially gone into administration after the shop rejected plans by Sports Direct's Mike Asheley to save it.

FTI Consulting has now been appointed as administrators for the chain, whose shops will continue trading for now. Debenhams is expected to close 50 of its 165 stores in the future, but no timescale has been announced yet.


How come it seems like almost every high street shop is either in administration or on the brink of it?
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>> No. 18993 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 2:00 am
18993 spacer

Just ask brexiteers
>> No. 18994 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 4:16 am
18994 spacer

>> No. 18996 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 8:57 am
18996 spacer
>> No. 19029 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 1:04 am
19029 spacer

mcbain bumders.jpg
>> No. 19413 Anonymous
5th June 2019
Wednesday 9:10 pm
19413 spacer




>> No. 13168 Anonymous
12th August 2017
Saturday 8:38 pm
13168 spacer
Violent clashes have erupted between white nationalists attending a far-right march and counter-protesters in the US state of Virginia.


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>> No. 19405 Anonymous
28th May 2019
Tuesday 3:39 pm
19405 spacer
I don't agree with your conflation of what we're "able" to do and what's "cheaper".

Places like Detroit and Cuba show that it's entirely possible to grow food locally to feed people for next to nothing, even in urban areas. The less we import, the more chances farmers in distant places have to grow their own food to subsist on instead of being stuck growing cash crops for other people.
>> No. 19406 Anonymous
28th May 2019
Tuesday 3:53 pm
19406 spacer
Growing locally is going to get you gluts of things as they come into season, and that's a good way to increase dumping. I wouldn't even call it waste, particularly. To get enough tomatoes, say, for a 6 month season, the peak months are going to be an excess, unless you're proposing every locality has its own processing facility, or a load of logistics that nobody's going to want to pay for to get the excess to a more central processor.
Having started growing things at home recently, and being surrounded by proper farms, has given me an appreciation of the effort that goes into delivering food to gobs. Also the absurdly short growing season this far north, and how decoupled we are from its effects. Hay, grain stores, cold stores full of fruit, butter, cheese - all variously tortuous ways of storing sunlight for winter time.
>> No. 19408 Anonymous
28th May 2019
Tuesday 3:59 pm
19408 spacer

>Places like Detroit and Cuba show that it's entirely possible to grow food locally to feed people for next to nothing, even in urban areas

Cuba is not a good example, as it has heavily depended on foreign food imports in the past because its poorly equipped and inefficient agricultural sector was unable to feed all their citizens. And the foods they exported, at least after the revolution, tended to be of mediocre quality as well. Cuba used to supply half the Communist Bloc with oranges, for example, but they were juice oranges, not table oranges. The difference as such is marginal, and in terms of taste, fully ripe juice oranges are actually superior to table oranges. But juice oranges usually look a bit unappealing, they tend to have green or dark spots and pockmarks on their outer skin, and they are usually noticeably smaller than table oranges. Not a problem if you turn them into juice, but for a long time, they were passed off as table oranges in countries like the German Democratic Republic or Czechoslovakia, and people used to form long queues in front of state owned grocery shops because even then they were a rare commodity.

Not sure how I got from efficient food distribution to Cuban juice oranges, but oh well.
>> No. 19409 Anonymous
28th May 2019
Tuesday 4:10 pm
19409 spacer
And I don't think Detroit's a particularly convincing argument that local people can grow (enough) food for next to nothing.
It's a fine thing that people are growing green stuff in cities, and that they're doing it for free, but the tedious gruntwork of growing grains and bulk plants is neither free nor sane on a small scale. People moved into cities away from agricultural labour because it's fucking hard work, especially if manual labour's involved, rather than running expensive machines over big fields.
Go back to manual farming, and I suspect there would be riots about food prices, and a lot less obesity. Possibly rationing. Good times!
>> No. 19410 Anonymous
28th May 2019
Tuesday 4:12 pm
19410 spacer
>It's incumbent on those of us who are already on the right of the graph to curb our consumption now

Fuck that. There's a myriad of solutions we can devise to boost productivity and, under GMO or vitro meat, even have a more environmentally friendly agricultural system. With the sheer amount of money involved our greed shall propel us toward a brighter future.

If you want to live on a loaf of bread a day then go back to Sparta.

This isn't how famine works and flooding domestic/international markets with surplus would do more than good. You can't stop a warlord blocking aid convoys with potatoes (unless you threw them at him) and you can't sort out the local farm economy by dumping food.

>> No. 19319 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 3:03 pm
19319 Jamie Oliver restaurant empire collapses, risking 1,000 jobs

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire is calling in administrators, putting more than 1,000 jobs at risk.

The company, which includes 23 Jamie’s Italian outlets, plus the Fifteen and Barbecoa restaurants in London and Jamie’s Diner at Gatwick airport, said KPMG would be appointed as administrator.

Oliver said: “I am deeply saddened by this outcome and would like to thank all of the staff and our suppliers who have put their hearts and souls into this business for over a decade. I appreciate how difficult this is for everyone affected.
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>> No. 19352 Anonymous
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 5:55 pm
19352 spacer

This is something that takeaways have done for a while, so I could see it happening. I feel like people want to imagine their food coming from a real, proper restaurant, but I suppose they never need to know it's actually a warehouse on an industrial estate, and the associated increase in quality and lower price you'd be able to swing from such a venture would work out.

It's hard to say as the public is fickle and buying restaurant food has always been skewed in favour of image over substance. But I reckon calling it a cloud kitchen might be enough to sway them.
>> No. 19353 Anonymous
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 10:09 pm
19353 spacer
Maybe not an industrial estate, you'd still want to be within 10-20 minutes of your resdiential catchment area to keep delivery times short. The rest feels spot on, however. If you could ditch the shop front etc. you forgo the chance at becoming a "happening" place that makes money from walk ins, but who opens Just Eat, Deliveroo or whatever to look for the last place they had a nice sit-down meal and have it delivered? Delivered food is a separate skill. Food needs to be compatible with being delivered, though, potentialy in an insulated hotbox for an hour. Wet things in box plus sauce based thing wins without effort.
>> No. 19354 Anonymous
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 10:26 pm
19354 spacer

>Maybe not an industrial estate, you'd still want to be within 10-20 minutes of your resdiential catchment area to keep delivery times short.

There's an industrial estate ten minutes from where I am, surely that's normal for a city.
>> No. 19355 Anonymous
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 11:40 pm
19355 spacer
Depends on where you live, I guess. London is vast, Birmingham is big, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow.
>> No. 19356 Anonymous
23rd May 2019
Thursday 12:04 am
19356 spacer

Sticking the auxiliary kitchen a bit further out in the suburbs is an advantage, because it extends the delivery range. In a major city like London or Birmingham, you ideally want the second kitchen a few miles from the restaurant to minimise the overlap between the two.

>> No. 19143 Anonymous
29th April 2019
Monday 10:14 pm
19143 spacer
Rape victims among those to be asked to hand phones to police

Victims of crimes, including those alleging rape, are to be asked to hand their phones over to police - or risk prosecutions not going ahead.

Consent forms asking for permission to access information including emails, messages and photographs have been rolled out in England and Wales. It comes after a number of rape and serious sexual assault cases collapsed when crucial evidence emerged.

Victim Support said the move could stop victims coming forward. But police and prosecutors say the forms can plug a gap in the law which says complainants and witnesses cannot be forced to disclose relevant content from phones, laptops, tablets or smart watches.

Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill said such digital information would only be looked at where it forms a "reasonable" line of inquiry, with material going before a court only if it meets stringent rules.


This seems like a worrying turn of events and the unintended consequence of the political pressure to increase the number of rape convictions spearheaded by Alison Saunders.
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>> No. 19307 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:14 pm
19307 spacer
>Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, and AT&T have all refused to hook their data centers up to Netflix's servers without payment from the video streaming service.
There are two ways to get your network hooked up to another. This arrangement of getting direct links to exchange traffic is called peering. The other network agrees to carry your traffic in return for you carrying theirs. The other way to do it is transit, where you pay the other network to carry your traffic. Comcast basically demanded an arrangement where they got to act like peers but Netflix still paid for transit. Throw in that Comcast owns NBC and Hulu and the motivations become a little clearer. An awful lot of backsliding on the internet has come about from consolidation between comms and media, and the inherent conflicts of interest that come with it.
>> No. 19311 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 6:16 pm
19311 spacer

The argument was that peering with Netflix isn't a traditional peering arrangement, because the traffic flow is effectively unidirectional. They're not joining up two networks for their mutual benefit, they're building an express lane for a massive data hog. We can debate the merits of that argument, but it isn't prima facie wrong.
>> No. 19315 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 6:41 pm
19315 spacer
>They're not joining up two networks for their mutual benefit
How is it not to Comcast's benefit to provide their customers with a better connection to a service that evidently a significant number of them make significant use of?
>> No. 19317 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 7:07 pm
19317 spacer
They don't give a shit about their customers.
>> No. 19318 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 10:14 pm
19318 spacer
In many places in Seppoland, there is only one broadband provider; they often use litigation to enforce their monopoly.


>> No. 19308 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:45 pm
19308 spacer

I'm hoping this is a case of beat coppers getting the law mangled, the pessimist in me thinks this is going to become the norm
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>> No. 19309 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:50 pm
19309 spacer
dunno but the US just broke the Vienna Convention
>> No. 19310 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:56 pm
19310 spacer
He's white so he almost certainly did what he's accused of. It's mainly black and East Asian faces it fails on.

>> No. 19168 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 1:15 am
19168 Who to Sue When a Robot Loses Your Fortune

>The idea of a fully automated money manager inspired Li instantly. He met Costa for dinner three days later, saying in an e-mail beforehand that the AI fund “is exactly my kind of thing.”

>Over the following months, Costa shared simulations with Li showing K1 making double-digit returns, although the two now dispute the thoroughness of the back-testing. Li eventually let K1 manage $2.5 billion—$250 million of his own cash and the rest leverage from Citigroup Inc. The plan was to double that over time.

>But Li’s affection for K1 waned almost as soon as the computer started trading in late 2017. By February 2018, it was regularly losing money, including over $20 million in a single day—Feb. 14—due to a stop-loss order Li’s lawyers argue wouldn’t have been triggered if K1 was as sophisticated as Costa led him to believe.
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>> No. 19169 Anonymous
9th May 2019
Thursday 1:27 am
19169 spacer

His face looks like it's made out of the same plastic as cheap shopping bags.

>> No. 18489 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:27 pm
18489 spacer
Counter-terror police are investigating three packages containing explosives found at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Waterloo station.

The "small improvised explosive devices" were found in A4 postal bags, the Metropolitan Police said. The Met's Counter Terrorism Command is treating it as a "linked series" and "keeping an open mind regarding motives".

No-one has been hurt, the force added.

The Compass Centre in Heathrow's grounds was evacuated after a package was reported to police at about 09:55 GMT. The device set alight when staff opened the bag.


The IRA are up to their old tricks, the little scamps.
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>> No. 19101 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 4:58 pm
19101 spacer

>Historically Irish were not considered properly white

well I've heard the term potato nigger for the Irish, but if you have ever really been to Ireland, the Irish tend to be white as a ghost. In a skin tone kind of way at least.
>> No. 19113 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 4:35 pm
19113 spacer
> potato nigger
That's Belarus.
>> No. 19114 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:18 pm
19114 spacer
Bog Wog, I believe. Goodness knows what that'll get filtered to, but the second word rhymes with the first.
>> No. 19115 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:35 pm
19115 spacer
I remember when it has casual racism been acceptable around heeere?
>> No. 19116 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:36 pm
19116 spacer
How is that filter ever supposed to work properly?

images (20).jpg
>> No. 19039 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 10:15 pm
19039 Notre Dame cathedral ablaze
Very sad news. It's home to many priceless artefacts and artworks, including woodwork that dates to the 13th century. It's believed to have started due to the current construction work.

If there's one small, silver lining, it's that we'll probably take extra precautions when renovating the House of Commons.
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>> No. 19087 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 7:02 pm
19087 spacer
Please explain for the benefit of us normies, enlightened schizolad.
>> No. 19090 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 11:47 am
19090 spacer

This plays into US politics they have a hard on for the preservation and promotion of Christian culture and values above and beyond the normal historical value that this gives them a chance to exercise. It is an easy win for him.
>> No. 19091 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 11:50 am
19091 spacer
I think otherlad meant Macron rather than Trump when he said President Frog.
>> No. 19092 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 12:23 pm
19092 spacer

Ah the president OF the frogs, not the president of the frog meme. Gotcha
>> No. 19093 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 12:52 pm
19093 spacer
You might want to think about taking the night off.

>> No. 18997 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 9:00 am
18997 spacer
Fraudster Darren Carvill stole more than £250,000 from Strood employer Mr Clutch to blow on drugs and prostitutes

A miserable accounts worker – bullied by workmates – ripped off £250,000 from his bosses... and blew it on drugs and escort parties.

Lonely Darren Carvill stole the money while working for national car servicing company "Mr Clutch" at its head office in Strood. In two-days, the 38-year-old took more than £170,000 which he then spent on glamorous parties with high-class hookers and drugs. Carvill claimed that when he realised he would be caught he wanted to "go out with a bang".


What would you do with an embezzled a quarter of a million?
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>> No. 19026 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:15 pm
19026 spacer

I am quite sure that he has a fat little Bitcoin wallet hidden somewhere. As long as you do not put the crypto on an exchange there is no way it can be found and seized.
>> No. 19084 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 11:30 am
19084 spacer

>The place where fraudsters always go wrong is what they spend the cash on. If I were so inclined to nick £170k from my employer, and actually managed it, the last thing I would spunk it on is hookers and blow - that's just asking to get caught.

Yes but what do you do with that money instead to keep a low profile. You can't really put it into a bank account without providing documentation as to where that money came from, you can't have it paid out to you in cash little by little and then travel abroad with a bag full of banknotes, for reasons including that customs will certainly not just let you enter a foreign country with that kind of money in cash without asking questions, and you also can't invest it in property, because you will also have to tell authorities where your £175K came from.

Blowing it all on drugs and hookers, and a few consumer goods, is actually the only way that you will get your money's worth out of it. And if you do it right, it's actually one of the best ways to keep a low profile and not let everybody know that you nicked a six-figure sum from somewhere.
>> No. 19085 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 5:41 pm
19085 spacer
>Blowing it all on drugs and hookers, and a few consumer goods, is actually the only way that you will get your money's worth out of it

Would £170,000 be enough to own a few hookers and become a pimp? I can't imagine they'd seize prostitutes to try and recoup the money.
>> No. 19088 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 9:34 pm
19088 spacer
Being a pimp requires more than money. Pimping is rent seeking, so they need to convince the prostitutes that some or all of what they earn is not theirs after all. Since pimping in the UK is illegal by itself, they can choose any legal or illegal means to do so, be it by charm or coercion. Some cash is great for projecting wealth and a promise of more, but it's like being at the top of a pyramid scheme: as long as the money keeps coming in you can dazzle the newcomers.
>> No. 19089 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:50 pm
19089 spacer

If you read the k/uran it's full of pimping. Underage, non believers, fucking horrible.

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 18964 Anonymous
11th April 2019
Thursday 9:19 pm
18964 Assange Arrest
Here's the proper thread. To confuse future generations of .gs users I'm using this photo of his cat that was featured on the Guardian Live Blog.

From the sounds of it he was acting a bit of a tit within the embassy, playing footy indoors and arguing with staff, which didn't help, and while I'm sure he is a bit of a tit, I can't imagine keep sane being couped up like that for so long. However the US have leant on the Ecuadorians for some time now and this whole thing stinks. The shite Trump's coming out with about not knowing a thing about Wikileaks is on another level.
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>> No. 19056 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 5:59 am
19056 spacer

That explains a lot, tbh
>> No. 19057 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 7:33 am
19057 spacer
But you're not calling out a disability benefit fraud. You're seeing someone in a wheelchair and reflexively claiming without further evidence that their claim is a fraud. That's nothing to do with the particular instance at hand, it's straight up prejudice.
>> No. 19058 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:27 am
19058 spacer

I don't think Shaun's really a midget, unless he stood on a box for this photo.

>> No. 19059 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:36 am
19059 spacer


I liked when he called them scamps but I'm not sure it was the word he was looking for.
>> No. 19060 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:46 am
19060 spacer
Skanky tramp portmanteau.

>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”


Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
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>> No. 19024 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 6:41 pm
19024 spacer
This. I thought the whole shitting-all-over-the-world-and-leaving-the-locals-to-clean-up thing was supposed to have finished with the end of Empire. Unless this is part of a strategy to court reactionary voters with "look, we're bringing back the good old days".
>> No. 19025 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 10:44 pm
19025 spacer

We've discussed this at length; "bringing her back" is complex and risky, however you slice it.
>> No. 19027 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:32 pm
19027 spacer

Can we at least make her pay her TV licence?
>> No. 19028 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:53 pm
19028 spacer
I doubt it. She's even getting legal aid now, PAID FOR WITH MONEY TAKEN FROM HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS.

>> No. 19603 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 8:31 am
19603 spacer
She's now wheeling him out to appear in unboxing videos on YouTube for shit she's being paid to promote.


(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 18930 Anonymous
10th April 2019
Wednesday 7:14 am
18930 spacer
Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

When a young Taiwanese woman named He took herself to a hospital this week complaining of a swollen eye, she expected to be treated for a simple infection.

Instead, the 29-year-old and her doctor were horrified to discover four bees living under her eyelids, feasting on her tears. Doctors at Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan described the incident as a “world first”, having successfully managed to extract all four sweat bees alive from He’s tear duct.

Doctors at Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan described the incident as a “world first”, having successfully managed to extract all four sweat bees alive from He’s tear duct. Speaking at a press conference, the hospital’s head of ophthalmology Dr Hung Chi-ting said: “I saw something that looked like insect legs, so I pulled them out under a microscope slowly, and one at a time without damaging their bodies.”

According to CTS News, He, who was referred to by her surname only, had been tending to a family member’s grave and was pulling out weeds when she felt something go into her eye. Presuming it was soil, she washed it out with water but by night it had begun to swell up and she felt a sharp stinging pain under her eyelid. At the hospital the next morning, Hung had suspected an infection, but when he looked at He’s eye through a microscope, he saw the tiny legs of the bees wriggling in her ducts, where they were feeding off the moisture and salt of her tears.

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>> No. 18946 Anonymous
10th April 2019
Wednesday 7:37 pm
18946 spacer
My favourite thing about this article is that it contains the phrase "He took herself" and it's a completely valid construction.

>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 18909 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 7:51 am
18909 spacer

>If you have to apologise for mistaking someone who looks like a man for a man

They're probably more needing to apologise for saying "erggh" in response, you blinkered pillock.
>> No. 18910 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 8:00 am
18910 spacer
Nobody actually says 'erggh' in real life conversation and noises like that can be highly subjective; one person's 'erggh' can be another person's 'ahh' or 'ohh'.
>> No. 18911 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 8:20 am
18911 spacer

>> No. 18912 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 10:57 am
18912 spacer

hmm. 🤔
>> No. 18913 Anonymous
8th April 2019
Monday 10:59 am
18913 spacer

>> No. 18426 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 7:04 am
18426 spacer
Strictly's Stacey Dooley SLAMMED by MP for her Comic Relief work

Strictly Come Dancing champion and TV documentary maker Stacey Dooley has been slammed by Labour MP David Lammy, who has criticised her for her trip to Uganda for Comic Relief.

The 31-year-old investigative reporter had travelled to Africa to film a documentary for the charity but the MP for Tottenham has accused Stacey of perpetuating "tired and unhelpful stereotypes".

Stacey had shared pictures on her social media from Uganda, with one snap showing her posing with a young child while another showed her during filming ahead of Red Nose Day.

Mr Lammy, who has been the MP for the north London borough since 2010, said on Twitter that Stacey was reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes about Africa. He said: "The world does not need any more white saviours. As I've said before, this just perpetuates tired and unhelpful stereotypes. Let's instead promote voices from across the continent of Africa and have serious debate."

Mr Lammy said his issue was not personal with Stacey and that he does not question her "good motives". Instead, he said he had a problem with 'British celebrities' being flown out to Africa by Comic Relief to make films which send "a distorted image" of the continent and perpetuate "an old idea from the colonial era".


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
77 posts and 5 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 18794 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:23 pm
18794 spacer


I can't wait to hear your tales of that peado den
>> No. 18795 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:46 pm
18795 spacer
>> No. 18796 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:53 pm
18796 spacer

Now you have to start to plan how you (we) subvert the system you have been placed in.
>> No. 18797 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 8:03 pm
18797 spacer


I meant what I said.
>> No. 18798 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:21 pm
18798 spacer

>I must have come off as a bumder, at least.

Might come in handy if a female coworker ever accuses you of sexual harassment.

"No, boss, when I said I liked her firm buttocks, what I meant was I wished mine looked like that!"

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