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>> No. 16398 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:08 pm
16398 Six times the limit mum causes four-car smash
This is the irredeemable arsehole of an ex-wife who has got the cheek to claim my best mate, best man at my wedding and hardest working man I know, is a bad parent and forced him through the courts to see his own kids by lying about him to social work about how they split up.


She'll still keep custody, despite this, unless she gets the jail. How likely do you think it is that this could warrant a custodial sentence?
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>> No. 16409 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:22 pm
16409 spacer
Four times the limit in England.
>> No. 16411 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:33 pm
16411 spacer

>> No. 16412 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:35 pm
16412 spacer
I could not give a single fuck about you or your mate, you complete bumder.

Imagine bringing your Facebook drama to an anonymous imageboard, the delusion astounds me.
>> No. 16413 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:37 pm
16413 spacer
wont no wot hit im.
>> No. 16415 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:49 pm
16415 spacer

A car driven by a drunk Scots bird, innit

>> No. 15932 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 8:52 pm
15932 Teacher Eleanor Wilson 'had sex with pupil on plane'
> An allegation of the affair only came to light after another male pupil at the school became aware of the relationship and threatened to expose Miss Wilson unless she had sex with him, prosecutor Virginia Cornwall told the court.

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>> No. 16164 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 5:02 pm
16164 spacer
I'd chew on her dried beef strips IYKWIM.
>> No. 16165 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 6:01 pm
16165 spacer
I had one teacher I fancied, a lot. Redhead, no older than mid twenties, always wore tight black clothes. We got on very well.

As an adult looking back, I'm pretty sure she was open to the idea of shagging a student. Even though I was shagging a fair few girls my age at the time, I was still a naive teenage and didn't pick up on the fact that she'd comment on the reputation I had with the girls, what I was wearing, how I'd obviously started going to the gym, she even said something vaguely snide about a girlfriend once; things like that.

I would fully have understood the intention behind such comments from a girl my age, but I suppose for whatever reason I just ignored it coming from a teacher as I just assumed that no 'adult' would be interested in some edgy seventeen year old.

Maybe it's just my memories being exaggerated now and I'm wrong, but the more stories like this I read the more I think, maybe not.

I'm sure it's for the best I didn't shag her but it would have been great, wouldn't it? If you're reading this, Miss Hallat, give us a ring, I'm legal now, if that doesn't ruin it for you.
>> No. 16182 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:00 pm
16182 spacer


The youngest and most beautiful of my teachers was 54 years old and with the same curves (and smell) of a long dead beached whale. I think it has fucked up my sexual development.
>> No. 16183 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:56 pm
16183 spacer

I'd stick my dick in her blow hole IYKWIM.
>> No. 16316 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 10:28 pm
16316 spacer

I think it's just the blouse and coat that make her look older.

When I was starting out in the job world after uni, my senior coworkers at my first job, although only a good five to ten years older than me, really looked very old to me in their suit and tie they wore every day. About six months later when we all met in casual wear for a company picnic on a spring weekend, they really actually didn't look so old anymore while we were all kicking a ball around in shorts and T-shirt.

Formal wear can really add some years to your appearance. Just take a good look at your own pictures for comparison.

>> No. 16056 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 7:19 pm
16056 Moaty Junior

This guy has been on the run from the police for 94 days after breaking a court order.
During that time he's been posting to Facebook giving the police clues about where he is, he's filmed himself driving up the M6 behind a police car for miles, and apparently has been caught and ran away again.
Now he's planning a party to celebrate 100 days then says he'll hand himself in.
It's a shame that he doesn't seem to have reached national news.
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>> No. 16065 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 8:48 pm
16065 spacer
At what point does this thread become incitement?
>> No. 16066 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 9:27 pm
16066 spacer
>In a post of more than 800 words, it explains how he was in a garden when he spotted a high-viz jacket before vaulting a fence, diving through nettles, wading through a brook and crossing fields to make it from Crewe to Alsager – all while wearing no shoes.
I mean he makes it sounds like he's having to go to great lengths to escape the cops so I'd hardly call them stupid or incompetent.

>They've f****d with the wrong man
Remember lads, REAL hard men do runners and hide.
>> No. 16067 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 10:01 pm
16067 spacer
That, or not take a shit for weeks.
>> No. 16075 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 12:31 am
16075 spacer
>REAL hard men do runny shits
couldn't agree more m8
>> No. 16296 Anonymous
28th October 2018
Sunday 8:28 pm
16296 spacer
In a similar vein:

>'You lot will never catch us': Taunting fugitive caught
>A wanted man who taunted police that they could not catch him - has been jailed for five months.

>On 23 October North Wales Police issued a social media appeal to locate Jamie Worrall, 29, of Flint, wanted for assaulting his former girlfriend.

>He responded on Facebook saying "you lot will never catch us".

>Within 12 hours of the exchange, police had traced him to Blackpool and arrested him and another wanted man whom Worrall named in his taunts.


>> No. 16265 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 12:21 am
16265 spacer
Phillip Green revealed to be massive bellend. Shocker!

Quite proud of the Telegraph (not often I utter that) for exploiting the Streisand effect so well. Surprised there isn't a thread yet.

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>> No. 16269 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 8:03 am
16269 spacer
Potential plot twist: According to one of the complaints, he is.
>> No. 16270 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 8:49 am
16270 spacer

>> No. 16286 Anonymous
28th October 2018
Sunday 7:47 am
16286 spacer

>> No. 16287 Anonymous
28th October 2018
Sunday 12:49 pm
16287 spacer

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.49.07.png
They have also both always looked like wrong-uns.
>> No. 16288 Anonymous
28th October 2018
Sunday 12:53 pm
16288 spacer
That's incredibly anti-semitic. They can't help being Jewish.

>> No. 16120 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:55 pm
16120 spacer
Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for abusing vulnerable girls

Twenty members of a “vile and wicked” grooming gang have been convicted of trafficking, drugging and raping vulnerable girls in a harrowing campaign of abuse across West Yorkshire. It can now be reported that the ringleader of the group, 35-year-old Amere Singh Dhaliwal, was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of 54 offences, including countless rapes of children.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the crimes against 15 girls far exceeded anything he had previously seen. The gang’s “persistent and prolonged” offending, he said, was “at the top of the scale” of severity.

Details of the case, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution, can be disclosed after a judge agreed to lift reporting restrictions on Friday, following a legal challenge by media groups including the Guardian. One of the trials had previously almost collapsed when the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson filmed defendants in a live Facebook video outside Leeds crown court.

Jurors in the three trials heard how the men, mostly from Huddersfield, plied girls as young as 11 with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them in car parks, hotels, takeaways, snooker halls, on moors and by reservoirs across the region.

Fifteen severely vulnerable girls fell victim to the gang between 2004 and 2011. One girl, aged 11 or 12 at the time, was abducted from a care home and supplied ecstasy before being made to perform sex acts, Leeds crown court heard. Many of the victims described how they were plied with drink and drugs at house parties then raped “one by one” by the men, who used plastic bags as condoms.

Dhaliwal was at the heart of the group, who referred to each other using nicknames including “Dracula,” “Beastie” and “Chiller” in monikers that were used in the three trials.

The girls were deliberately targeted for their vulnerabilities. All had troubled home lives, including one whose mother was unable to care for her due to drink and drug addictions.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16177 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 9:55 am
16177 spacer
It's funny how, reading about Edge of the City, the UAF only got involved after the BNP started promoting the documentary in advance of its broadcast and calling it a "party political broadcast". The way you've written it is to suggest well-meaning people were allowing the BNP to exploit it by pre-emptively campaigning against it, when the BNP were exploiting it anyway.
>> No. 16178 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 10:06 am
16178 spacer
Oh, we're on to semantics. Fantastic.
>> No. 16179 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 11:55 am
16179 spacer
No, as I said, >>16175 is arguing that 'banning discussion of controversial topics allows the far-right to gain ground', and I'm undermining that facile premise by pointing out they have their facts wrong.
>> No. 16180 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 12:19 pm
16180 spacer
Channel 4 made clear that they did not delay broadcast because of the BNP bandwagoning. It was due to lobbying from the likes of UAF and eventually the police. It's semantics due to your interpretation twisting what was said solely to suit the point being made.

You're being incredibly myopic by only focussing on the documentary. The BNP were making a lot of noise about child grooming for the better part of a decade before the Rotherham scandal was unveiled. It was barely discussed in the meantime and it's exactly this what the far-right look to exploit; it gives them unwarranted credibility. It is exactly the same tactics Tommy Robinson is disingenuously using over Huddersfield. You do not give these people the opportunity to paint themselves as victims.
>> No. 16181 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 3:51 pm
16181 spacer

>is arguing that 'banning discussion of controversial topics allows the far-right to gain ground', and I'm undermining that facile premise

Details of this particular example aside, this is EXACTLY how grassroots movements build. People become far more interested in politics, and entrenched in their views, when they feel they're being suppressed. It adds a lot of momentum.

>> No. 14587 Anonymous
14th April 2018
Saturday 6:48 am
14587 spacer
So, we're bombing Syria alongside the Seppos and the Frogs.

Here we go again.
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>> No. 15991 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 3:09 am
15991 spacer

If I weren't already a complete and utter monster raving loony then I'd find it somewhat worrying that we, by dint of trying to oust Assad and oppose Russia's involvement by backing the other side, were actually the bad guys there.
>> No. 15994 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 1:28 pm
15994 spacer
I'd find it more worrying that someone on this board was stupid enough to think that way.
>> No. 16001 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 9:23 pm
16001 spacer

Yeah we fully invented ISIS, and I'm more or less certain that our governments intended them to exist as a destabilising force in the region.

We were the ones selling weapons to Assad's opponents five or six years ago, and then what do you know, ISIS popped up out of nowhere like the rebels on a Total War campaign map. Suddenly the media narrative changed and we never heard a thing about the fact we'd been selling weapons ever again.

We, by which I really mean the Yanks, have always been "the bad guys" in the middle east.
>> No. 16003 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 11:22 pm
16003 spacer

It's the curse of the oil and other fossil resources. What goes on in the Middle East today is still the consequence of Britain, the U.S. and other countries liberally dividing the Middle East up among themselves into different client states and effectively oil supplier countries that fuelled much of Western industrial and technological development from the early 20th century onwards. Does anybody think that otherwise, the U.S. and Britain would have given a toss about some nomadic desert peoples that still lived in archaic tribal communities like they had been doing for milleniae, and to whom even the concept of a nation state was entirely foreign?

It was the oil beneath their feet that meant the West had a vested interest in the region and decided to install an assortment of client state governments that would ensure a secure and steady supply of crude oil. Whatever else these often despotic regimes were doing, nobody really cared about as long as the oil kept coming. It was only when some of those corrupt leaders turned rogue and bit the hand that had been feeding them, or were overthrown by revolutionary governments that the West declared it a humanitarian duty to step in, while at the same time accepting zero responsibility for the events that had led up to whatever mess was unfolding.
>> No. 16005 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 12:03 am
16005 spacer

lol Jooooz

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 15945 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 11:28 am
15945 Post-brexit damage control
>Many Britons feel they have to watch the pennies after recent inflation rises and years of flatlining wages.
This extends to their supermarket shop, with four in 10 people reporting they are concerned about the cost of food.
Against this backdrop, grocery giant Tesco has joined the discount retailers, which the launch of "value-orientated" chain Jack's.
Yet in relative terms, the British grocery shop remains one of the cheapest in the world.


Thanks, BBC. Now it wont chafe as much when the price of bread triples. 10/10, would be misled again. God the BBC is fucking shit.
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>> No. 15951 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:07 pm
15951 spacer
IMO the article can be summed up as
>You don't know yer born, lad.
When in fact, I do. I grew up in communist Poland, I know what hunger and actual propaganda look like and this reads like the shit my Primary School teachers used to chat bollocks about. We got told people in Germany were poor and had no food and that, actually, we were quite well off in comparison because we had so much potatoes. My Dad managed to get out to Sweden to work, which was allowed in the 90s to avoid the draft, and he taught us it was bollocks.

Beware the BBC, lads. They're not the bastion of impartiality of old. It's misleading shit like this, I feel, that makes people want us out, as we recognise it for what it is and it gets their backs up. I'm a British citizen now, I have two passports, but if you see us heading back to shitholes like Lublin rather than tough it out, you're less appealing than a post-communist block country with endemic corruption in society.
>> No. 15954 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 12:40 pm
15954 spacer

Yeah, reporting that the UK has 8% cheaper food, when expressed as a share of income, than the EU average (which includes the likes of Greece) is of a similar ilk to claiming the third richest country in the world is in famine.

Sure thing, mate.

What do you think are the BBC's propaganda aims when they report our trains are more expensive than European ones and London has the most expensive transport in the world?
>> No. 15956 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 1:13 pm
15956 spacer
Slide the bullshit down with a spoonful of truthful sugar, m9. It's indicitive of the kind of thing I used to see a lot of. When prices shoot up, you'll see a lot of "realistic rebalancing of costs" and calls to "tighten our belts" now we're out of the evil EU. Medicines nd food being scarce will be the EU's fault, we're already seeing Jeremy Hunt liken them to Soviet despots. "Actually, a lot of countries support us but big bad Germany wont let them!" when that's catigorical bollocks. The BBC reports this stuff without challenging it already, the amount of limp-wristed soft questions Politicians get on the BBC nowadays is laughable.

You should see the stuff BBC Scotland gets up to as well, Ofcom has had to investiagte them for anti-SNP bias twice after they ruled themselves fair an impartial via internal processes.

That's all hauntingly familiar and what I would expect of the likes of the Daily Mail, not the BBC which is supposed to be a pillar of trust in our society.
>> No. 15959 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 3:23 pm
15959 spacer
>I'm a British citizen now, I have two passports, but if you see us heading back to shitholes like Lublin rather than tough it out, you're less appealing than a post-communist block country with endemic corruption in society.

From the get-go I was suspicious of your post, but this sentence outs you.

Lublin is lovely. Put more work into your former sufferer under Communist schtick.
>> No. 15960 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 3:48 pm
15960 spacer
To be fair, Poland as a whole is a lot different these days from what it was like in the 90s. Dodging down alleys to hide from the military police to avoid getting drafted was an every day occurrence for a lot of young men. Lublin was especially grim, but it at least had a vibrant underground music scene.

Me calling Lublin shit is the equivalent of Edinburgh natives calling it a shithole, when I think it's lovely.

>> No. 15898 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 12:56 pm
15898 Brit found with tortoise in vagina in Tenerife

>The British ex-pat, living on Tenerife, went to hospital after complaining about abdominal pains.

>Shocked doctors discovered the dead reptile inside her and removed it.


>A police source said: “This incident did happen and the reports are true. The woman does not know how the reptile ended up where it did and we don’t either.”
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>> No. 15913 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 1:09 pm
15913 spacer
I heard that one too. Belongs in the realm of taking acid and turning into an orange or glass of orange juice. Wonder what makes certain urban legends stick around and others not.
>> No. 15914 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 1:28 pm
15914 spacer

>I think I'd worry more about temperature than oxygen.

That, too. Temperatures inside the uterus should be pretty close to a human body's normal core temperature, and lobsters usually live in temperate waters that don't go much above 20-24 °C. At least not the familiar North Atlantic species that you get to buy in stores most of the time. Maybe some tropical species exist that can handle water temperatures of 30 °C, but again... a lady's private parts just don't seem like a good environment for lobster eggs to develop.
>> No. 15915 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 6:56 pm
15915 spacer
They should do it on Mythbusters
>> No. 15916 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 7:05 pm
15916 spacer
Chap with awkward silences on /emo/ should use it as a conversation starter.
Note: No, he really shouldn't.
>> No. 15917 Anonymous
24th September 2018
Monday 5:07 pm
15917 spacer

That seems like a great idea for the chap to try out.
Note: maybe not.

>> No. 15880 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 3:27 pm
15880 Holiday hero slammed for expecting compensation after saving two children

>Hundreds of people have responded to a man who wants compensation for saving two children from drowning on holiday.

>Steven Tartt, from Seaforth , leapt into action when he spotted two children, a boy, aged seven, and girl, aged six, struggling in the water at the Victoria Playa hotel in Santo Tomas in Menorca.

>The dad-of-two hauled the kids to safety and was furious that the on duty lifeguard, who has since been dismissed, failed to respond to the emergency.

>Two months later, Steven has expressed his disgust that he was not compensated, claiming his holiday was "ruined" by the emergency.

What a fucking cunt.
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>> No. 15886 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 5:00 pm
15886 spacer
A local councillor saved someone from choking then went on Facebook and made a post starting "I did something remarkable today" then went to the press about it. Way to save someone's life in the most arseholeish way possible. I'd be the one the family would be making public appeals to saying "can you come forward so we can thank you?" and I'd be like "A ha... No."

I wonder if this guy went to the press himself. They might have even paid him for his story.
>> No. 15887 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 5:02 pm
15887 spacer


ARE Jim'll probably would have begged to differ.
>> No. 15888 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 5:16 pm
15888 spacer
He should sue the shitty kids for being so bad at swimming.
>> No. 15889 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 5:22 pm
15889 spacer
Scouser acting like a Scouser. More at 11.
>> No. 15890 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 9:06 pm
15890 spacer
When my older brother and I were weelads of 9 and 13 years of age, our parents took us to Sri Lanka. Swimming in the Indian Ocean there is constantly slightly dangerous, and on our beach, they pretty much never took down the red flag. But I guess it must have been relatively quiet that day, as our parents let us go in the water within their line of view. But at one point, my brother got caught in a high wave and lost his footing in the chest high water, and the currents began to take him out to sea. A couple from Leeds from our hotel happened to be near us in the water, and the man, a 50 year old, didn't hesitate for a second and went after my brother to rescue him and get him back to the shore. It really looked dramatic, and I remember I could see that my brother was really beginning to panic, flailing his arms and crying for help.

Anyway, the chap really may have saved my brother's life that day. Only he was so humble about it that he was almost embarrassed at the way my parents, who had seen the whole thing from dry land in complete horror, then came up to him and were overjoyed that he had saved my brother. He never wanted any kind of thanks or praise, he just said he was glad that he was in the right place at the right time at that moment. We kept in touch for many years. Very lovely couple.

>> No. 15581 Anonymous
16th June 2018
Saturday 6:30 am
15581 Article 13
I'm really surprised that nothing has been posted about this here. The EU is discussing and voting on a proposal which would require "online hosting providers" to actively monitor and filter all user-uploaded content. As far as I am aware, this is the biggest threat to the freedom of the internet that has ever existed. Are you lads already aware and just assuming that it won't pass because it's unworkable in practice?



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>> No. 15875 Anonymous
14th September 2018
Friday 1:51 am
15875 spacer
And yet I'm sure there's a bore somewhere who'll point out that the speeds and patience you had to exercise with dialup to access those first pages of BBS interaction and grainy Scooby Doo porn actually played a big role in how much of an impression the internet made on you back then. Like vinyl nerds or vintage bike enthusiasts, the work you have to put in to every experience is an integral part of it, and gives it the lasting emotionality that instant access 500,000 YT videos all broadcast in 1080p just can't. Time is linear and finite for us mortal creatures, so naturally we seem to attach more importance to things which take up more of our rather fleeting lifespans, like marriage or the raising of our children to maturity.

Oh - hang on - it's me. I'm the bore. Oh.
>> No. 15876 Anonymous
14th September 2018
Friday 3:00 am
15876 spacer
Yes, there'll be a bore, and they'll be wrong as usual.
>> No. 15877 Anonymous
14th September 2018
Friday 3:12 am
15877 spacer
You just made me look up YTMND and it's still there!
>> No. 15878 Anonymous
16th September 2018
Sunday 12:23 am
15878 spacer


Agreed, sleepwalkers wandering into abandonment.
>> No. 15879 Anonymous
16th September 2018
Sunday 6:36 am
15879 spacer


>> No. 15816 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 5:36 pm
15816 Big Brother

A man has been arrested after "distressing" photos of the aftermath of a fatal crash were posted on Facebook.

Police said a 44-year-old man had been arrested under the malicious communications act.

It seems as time goes on, the Internet becomes more & more restricted, what do you lads think the future holds?
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>> No. 15851 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:39 pm
15851 spacer

Freedom of speech doesn't exist here, in any form. As long as a police officer and/or a judge decides something you've said is hateful, you will be prosecuted for saying it.
>> No. 15852 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 4:04 pm
15852 spacer

>As long as a police officer and/or a judge decides something you've said is hateful

And that's going to be the end of it, is it? Judgements don't get overturned?

Also, police have no power to decide something you've said is hateful. All they can ever do is investigate, and in some cases temporarily detain you when there is a suspicion that you could have committed a criminal offence. They can only charge you with that offence. They do not get to decide if you are guilty of it.
>> No. 15853 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 4:18 pm
15853 spacer

Also judges don't decide your guilt - magistrates and juries do.
>> No. 15854 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 4:59 pm
15854 spacer
>Also, police have no power to decide something you've said is hateful. All they can ever do is investigate, and in some cases temporarily detain you when there is a suspicion that you could have committed a criminal offence. They can only charge you with that offence. They do not get to decide if you are guilty of it.
Semantics, lad. Try arguing that with a copper who's busy arresting you for Section 5 because you swore in front of him.
>> No. 15867 Anonymous
13th September 2018
Thursday 12:39 pm
15867 spacer
The idea of censorship has grown on me the more I read about old television. I'm not pro-censorship for it's own sake, but forcing creatives to work around it often seems to lead to a much better end product since they've got to think of something creative instead of bluntly having a character saying "fuck off, you cunt." Now that we're increasingly willing to show everything-and-anything on television and there's no limits to what you can find online, there's no subversive joy in thinking "how the hell did they get that one past the censors?"

>> No. 15805 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 6:00 pm
15805 spacer
>releasing his first album to raise awareness of mental health... and he's recorded it in his own modified shed!

This is obviously one of you two isn't it?

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>> No. 15809 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 8:30 pm
15809 spacer
The geometric distortion of your mum really messed with my head.
>> No. 15810 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 8:36 pm
15810 spacer
Your mum messing with my mum really messed with my head.
>> No. 15811 Anonymous
25th August 2018
Saturday 12:14 am
15811 spacer
Nah, I do all my mentally ill recordings from a first floor flat bedroom.

A shed would be living the dream.
>> No. 15814 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 2:00 pm
15814 spacer

At first I thought he lived in that shed when I read the story.

Now THAT would have been depressing.
>> No. 15815 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 3:02 pm
15815 spacer

You'd pay £900 a month for it in That London.

>> No. 15734 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 5:34 pm
15734 spacer

Plane stolen by ‘suicidal’ airline worker crashed as fighter jets pursued it outside Seattle

A Horizon Air employee described as “suicidal” commandeered an empty turboprop passenger plane at Seattle’s main airport Friday night and roared low over Puget Sound with a pair of Air Force F-15s in pursuit before crashing it into a small island, authorities said.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer ruled out terrorism, describing the suspect as an unnamed suicidal 29-year-old man from the county “doing stunts in the air” before the crash.

The man, referred to as “Rich” and “Richard” by air traffic controllers in tense recordings, said he was “just a broken guy” as authorities tried to divert the 76-seat Bombardier Q400 away from populated areas.
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>> No. 15800 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 5:59 pm
15800 spacer
Well I don't have any mates to stop hanging around with and dont encouner anybody anyway.

Please refrain from suggesting some sort of social interaction is going to happen, it never has and there's no reason for it to do so.
>> No. 15801 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 6:05 pm
15801 spacer

>it never has and there's no reason for it to do so.

That might be the real issue here, no?

Even introverts get lonely eventually.
>> No. 15802 Anonymous
20th August 2018
Monday 1:00 pm
15802 spacer

>> No. 15803 Anonymous
20th August 2018
Monday 1:36 pm
15803 spacer
Oh. 'Story of my life' post. I still enjoy my tea and coffee though, and a bunch of favourite meals.

Rage thoroughly checked.
>> No. 15804 Anonymous
20th August 2018
Monday 3:20 pm
15804 spacer

Not him, but I've been through that phase including dropping all my mates and fucking a an ex-anorexic with drug problems. Currently lost and requesting advice on what to do next.

>> No. 15761 Anonymous
13th August 2018
Monday 9:21 pm
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A GRANDMOTHER has hit out at a holiday company for recommending her an unsuitable Benidorm hotel that had ‘too many Spaniards in it’.

Freda Jackson, of Intack, said she endured a two-week ‘disaster’ trip with her friend, from Shadsworth, at the Spanish holiday resort in May.

Ms Jackson, 81, and her 61-year-old friend paid £1,133 for the holiday and have demanded a full refund or a free holiday from Thomas Cook. Instead bosses offered them a £75 holiday voucher as compensation for the ‘disappointing’ trip abroad.

The 81-year-old from Blackburn, who has been on holiday to Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Tenerife, said: “I have never complained about a holiday before but it was a disaster from start to finish.

I have never been to Benidorm and was really looking forward to it. My friend and I paid for it from our pensions. It was a struggle trying to fund it over 12 months and the holiday was totally ruined. I cried after."

Ms Jackson, who had never booked with the British holiday company before going to Benidorm three months ago, said Thomas Cook ‘mis-sold’ and ‘ruined’ her dream holiday. She claims that one of her biggest disappointments with the holiday was the ‘rudeness’ of other Spanish holidaymakers and the lack of entertainment catered towards British tourists, such as English tribute acts.

The former care assistant, who was born in Whalley, said: “The hotel was full of Spanish holidaymakers and they really got on our nerves because they were just so rude.

One evening a Spanish guy nearly knocked me flying and he just walked off without even apologising. The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish. Why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?”
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>> No. 15776 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 9:07 pm
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> Think about it, lad. If you were a massive racist why would you go to Turkey? It's full of Turkish people.

It worked out well enough for Rudyard Kipling in India.
>> No. 15777 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 9:40 pm
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Enoch Powell spoke fluent Urdu.
>> No. 15778 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 12:42 am
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This made it to the front page of the Daily Star, Britain's most well-respected newspaper.
>> No. 15784 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 5:54 am
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She went to Spain and complained about the Spanish, presumably her hotel in Turkey wasn't full of Turks.
>> No. 15786 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 9:17 pm
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Correct. Strangely enough, holiday resorts marketed to the British don't tend to attract local people looking to learn more about their own culture.

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