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>> No. 11665 Anonymous
24th October 2016
Monday 7:24 pm
11665 spacer
Good night, sweet prince.
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>> No. 11964 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 10:48 pm
11964 spacer
There's an argument that part of the reason for our relative stability over the last 60 years is not chopping and changing our head of state. If Charles were to stand aside in favour of William, we'd surely get a good 40+ years without having to go through yet another expensive coronation.
>> No. 11965 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 11:23 pm
11965 spacer
That's pretty obvious though. Poor lad.
>> No. 11967 Anonymous
29th December 2016
Thursday 7:22 am
11967 spacer

>> No. 11968 Anonymous
29th December 2016
Thursday 12:55 pm
11968 spacer

> that being said the sooner Boy George kicks it the better

Ok, but if Boy George does bite the dust soon, that one's going to be on you. I hope you will be able to live with that on your conscience.
>> No. 11969 Anonymous
29th December 2016
Thursday 12:57 pm
11969 spacer

It would seem he's still got a long, long way to go.

>> No. 11932 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 11:33 pm
11932 Liz Smith 1921-2016

Fuck's sake, 2016.
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>> No. 11935 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 4:45 am
11935 spacer
95, taken before her time.
>> No. 11936 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 8:07 am
11936 spacer


>> No. 11811 Anonymous
23rd November 2016
Wednesday 5:37 pm

>This dramatic image shows the scale of the major flood in a Birmingham suburb which a resident described as “like an earthquake”.

>A road sign is submerged in several feet of water as a result of a burst water main which has spilled out millions of gallons of water into Harborne Lane, Selly Oak.

>Motorists are being urged to avoid the area while residents living on the street have described a “gaping” hole emerging in the road.

>Resident Andy Barr said: “It was like an earthquake had hit.

>“All the water is cascading down the hill and has collected at the bottom, flooding the road.

>“The pavement has caved in and a lamppost has fallen over. I’ve never seen anything like it.

>“There is a huge gaping hole.”
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>> No. 11812 Anonymous
23rd November 2016
Wednesday 5:40 pm
11812 spacer
That sign is resting on the fucking floor.
>> No. 11813 Anonymous
23rd November 2016
Wednesday 5:58 pm
11813 spacer
It's okay, no one important lives there since I moved away.
>> No. 11816 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 1:09 am
11816 spacer
Looks like one of those events with the potential to cause millions worth of improvements.
>> No. 11918 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 11:55 am
11918 spacer
>“There is a huge gaping hole.”

mate that is not a nice way to talk about ur mum
>> No. 11919 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 2:46 pm
11919 spacer
Well worth the bump m8.

>> No. 11795 Anonymous
18th November 2016
Friday 10:31 am
11795 It's fun to stay at the....

What are some ways around this, lads? Always use a VPN?
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>> No. 11875 Anonymous
2nd December 2016
Friday 3:58 am
11875 spacer

The big trick is the Five Eyes alliance. It's perfectly legal to spy on other countries, including your allies. It's perfectly legal for countries to share information that they have gained through espionage. It's like swapsies for mass surveillance.

Not only can you totally ignore your own privacy laws, but you gain a bulletproof layer of secrecy and deniability. If British agents spy on American citizens on behalf of the American government, there's no accountability. American courts can't subpoena British intelligence agencies.

>> No. 11876 Anonymous
2nd December 2016
Friday 8:58 am
11876 spacer
I guess its always gone on but the impact over the past 10 odd years has been to normalise mass surveillance to a degree that it becomes law. No longer is it an outrageous liberty but a right states have and as a result something that will be used increasingly for more trivial matters beyond stopping terrorism.

That is worrying in itself. People have become used to the idea that they are constantly being watched and its no doubt going to be worse for the generations coming up who know nothing but the knowledge they are constantly being watched like we're used to the information sharing that goes on in banking.
>> No. 11916 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 11:41 am
11916 suck my cock

jesus lad is that real?

they came after you for shitposting with a trip on halfchan.

anyway george galloway sucks horse rectums for fun and wears a fedora because he is a sad little virgin. take that old bill!

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 11917 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 11:54 am
11917 spacer
The full list of agencies that can now ask for UK citizen's browsing history:

>Department for Transport
train strike again useless sods
>Department for Work and Pensions
stop killing people with disability cuts cunts
>Food Standards Agency
why does mcdonalds still exist? how did bse slide?
>Food Standards Scotland
>Gambling Commission
stop those fucking ray winstone ads
>Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority
come help me the russians are forcing me to troll
>Department of Health
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>> No. 11920 Anonymous
23rd December 2016
Friday 4:09 pm
11920 spacer
Of course it isn't real. You don't appear at a magistrate's court to be asked to 'make a statement', you go there if you have been charged with something.

>> No. 11747 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 12:28 am
11747 spacer

>New Zealand: At least 2 dead in 7.8-magnitude quake

> (CNN)A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake has jolted New Zealand's South Island and triggered a tsunami, sending people running into the streets in a panic amid a series of aftershocks.
>At least two people died in the series of violent quakes, according to Prime Minister John Key.

>The quake struck some 93 kilometers (55 miles) northeast of the city of Christchurch just after midnight local time on Monday, the US Geological Survey reported. It triggered waves of 2.49 meters above usual tide levels, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) said.
>"This is the highest tsunami wave (that) New Zealand has seen in at least 38 years," said Philip Duncan of Weather Watch New Zealand.
>The tsunami warning has now been lifted.
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>> No. 11790 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 8:41 pm
11790 spacer

I can't see the bat. All I see is toast.
>> No. 11791 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 8:51 pm
11791 spacer

>I can't see the bat. All I see is toast.

>> No. 11792 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 9:11 pm
11792 spacer

All I can see is a three headed monkey.
>> No. 11793 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 9:59 pm
11793 spacer



What do you see in this picture then?
>> No. 11794 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 11:38 pm
11794 spacer
Hey! Do you think we're really that stupid.

>> No. 11572 Anonymous
11th October 2016
Tuesday 12:55 am
11572 How France's TV5 was almost destroyed by 'Russian hackers'

A powerful cyber-attack came close to destroying a French TV network, its director-general has told the BBC.

TV5Monde was taken off air in April 2015. A group calling itself the Cyber Caliphate, linked to so-called Islamic State, first claimed responsibility.

But an investigation now suggests the attack was in fact carried out by a group of Russian hackers.

The attack used highly targeted malicious software to destroy the TV network's systems.

Wednesday 8 April was a big day for Yves Bigot, the director-general of TV5Monde.

His network, which broadcasts around the world, had just launched its latest channel. French ministers had been in attendance at the Paris headquarters.

That evening Mr Bigot went for dinner to celebrate with a counterpart from Radio Canada.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11642 Anonymous
13th October 2016
Thursday 11:22 am
11642 spacer

> If no Nazi Germany ever existed, most of the western world would just be Mini-Nazis.

Right... and we'd all be speaking Jewish.
>> No. 11643 Anonymous
13th October 2016
Thursday 11:37 am
11643 spacer

>propaganda films shot by the Nazis depicted the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto as a big favour that was being done unto the local Jews

Jackson saw the Indian Relocation Act as essentially benevolent. Native Americans were never subject to death camps, but they were subject to death marches and ghettoisation.


The outrages of slavery are of the same order of magnitude as the outrages of the Holocaust.
>> No. 11644 Anonymous
13th October 2016
Thursday 6:50 pm
11644 spacer
Doesn't the Canadian Indian residential school system sound like a plan that the Nazi would come up with?

All the undesirables who weren't culled would have their children kidnapped and forced into boarding schools to "civilise" them while they get physically and sexually abused. Some 6000 kids died in those schools that operate until... 1996.

Yes. 1996.

Oh but I'm sure had the Nazis invaded Canada, all those poor natives would have been put in camps...
>> No. 11645 Anonymous
13th October 2016
Thursday 7:54 pm
11645 spacer
Canada and Australia, for all their cuddly friendly image, have some shocking history on how they've treated their native peoples.
>> No. 11646 Anonymous
13th October 2016
Thursday 10:01 pm
11646 spacer

Shocker. Colonialism not turning out well for those who are colonised.

Who knew.

>> No. 11520 Anonymous
3rd October 2016
Monday 2:26 pm
11520 blah blah blah
4chan is failing to support itself and not sure how to deal with it. Martin Shkreli offers to buy it for a dollar 39 cents. What will happen next?
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>> No. 11555 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 7:07 pm
11555 spacer
>He is even rumoured to have censored topics at the behest of political groups
He's also known to have refused to censor a number of things, so it could go either way.
>> No. 11556 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 8:51 pm
11556 spacer

Brace yourselves lads.
>> No. 11557 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 8:55 pm
11557 spacer
Works for me.
>> No. 11558 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 9:53 pm
11558 spacer
nah. CloudFlare is an obvious and cool thing to do and probably saves them money. I know some of the guys there. It is nginx as a service. We already use nginx.
>> No. 11559 Anonymous
5th October 2016
Wednesday 10:07 pm
11559 spacer
I wonder how much money he got for the users data?

>> No. 11415 Anonymous
4th September 2016
Sunday 6:15 pm
11415 PMS buddy, saved relationships “one month at a time!”
>WHEN my friend told me that her male colleagues were keeping track of her period, my initial reaction was, “Wait? What!”

>“They want to stay away from me when I’m PMSing, because I get a bit moody,” she said.

>She found out her male colleagues were keeping track of her “time of the month” after she had a small argument with one of them, who had asked her if she was on her period.

>It turns out he had been tracking her cycle on his work calendar, sending himself reminders of when her period was about to come up. Making the whole thing worse, he’d sent the calendar to all their male colleagues so they could all keep track of her and their other female friends’ cycles.

>According to the male colleague, who along with my friend, wish to remain anonymous, it’s a “good strategy to track her period cycle in order to avoid unnecessary situations”.

>He justified his action by adding, “I’m just trying to stay away from trouble.”

>He’s got a nickname for a period: “C63”, named “after the Mercedez Benz C63 that moves 0km to 100km in under four seconds ... that’s how fast her mood will change”.

>There are actually apps designed formen to keep track of women’s period.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11425 Anonymous
7th September 2016
Wednesday 5:53 pm
11425 spacer
Fibromyalgia is real, it's just the name given to illnesses that medicine can't explain, it also accounts for a lot of misdiagnosis.
>> No. 11426 Anonymous
7th September 2016
Wednesday 6:08 pm
11426 spacer
I've never really witnessed PMS first hand, not from a girlfriend at least, because it's one of those things that if you're a decent person you should be able to rise above.

I think the idea that women are moody and out of control for a week each month is about as degrading as the idea that men are constantly horny rape machines- Even if there's a grain of truth to it, it's somewhat insulting to insinuate that people are incapable of controlling themselves.

There are the odd cunts out there who will use it as an excuse for shitty behaviour, but what else is new. I know that if I had a girlfriend who treat me like shit and then blamed it on PMS, I'd drop the bitch like a hot bag of offal.
>> No. 11427 Anonymous
7th September 2016
Wednesday 6:23 pm
11427 spacer


It isn't sexism when it is true. It is just uncomfortable, and therefore hilarious. Pms is enough of a reason to plead temporary insanity for murder, this man was just doing his civic duty.
>> No. 11455 Anonymous
14th September 2016
Wednesday 11:57 am
11455 spacer
I dated a lass for a couple of months who seemed to be a nervous wreck because of PMS every month.

Took me a while to figure out that she was really just a very bitchy, emotionally unstable person to begin with. Probably a bit of borderline syndrom knocking about there somewhere as well. When I broke up with her, she threatened to show all my mates the sexually explicit text messages that we had sent each other during the course of our mini-relationship. Which probably would have made her look much more filthy than me. (no, seriously, she sent me sexts that would have made a seasoned porn actress blush with embarrassment)
>> No. 11545 Anonymous
4th October 2016
Tuesday 7:33 pm
11545 spacer
I've had enough girlfriends to realise PMT/PMS is just a cover for a moody bitch. Most women don't suffer from it.

>> No. 11516 Anonymous
2nd October 2016
Sunday 8:10 pm
11516 Ride of the Wheelchair Valkyries

>Department for Work and Pensions says those with severe, lifelong conditions will no longer face six-monthly reassessments.

The point of which I always found barbaric and pointless.

"Dear Anon,

Come in to our office in this industrial estate which is impossible to find so we can see if your MS has cleared up.



I predict a sharp decline in the suicide rates of chronically ill ESA claimants. All we need now is for PIP to be changed to compliment this change and finally they might be able to wash some of the blood off their hands.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11517 Anonymous
2nd October 2016
Sunday 10:17 pm
11517 spacer

I suffer from MS, my DLA has recently ended and I've spent a stressful week filling in a PIP form. I've read that Atos will (probably) be carrying out my face-to-face assessment, and they're mainly comprised of physiotherapists. What the bloody hell do they know about MS and how they can affect people?! Sorry, chaps. I just needed to get that off my chest.
>> No. 11518 Anonymous
2nd October 2016
Sunday 11:33 pm
11518 spacer
>>11517 Not all claims require a face to face interview, just make sure you do a good job on the forms. My wife didn't have an interview for depression/anxiety. Now we receive a pittance that barely covers the council tax (... but I guess it's better than nothing).
>> No. 11519 Anonymous
3rd October 2016
Monday 11:23 am
11519 spacer

Freedom of information allows you to ask you GP's practise for copies of your consultant letters which confirm your diagnosis. I sent them away with my form when I applied and the FTF interview was only about 20 mins long and I declined their physical exam and referred them to my medical notes.

Always send away medical notes. They can't question a physician's diagnosis, they're not trained and the DWP just go with the evidence provided. If you don't provide medical evidence, then they'll just take the Assessor's evidence into consideration, which is a one way ticket to an appeal tribunal.
>> No. 11526 Anonymous
3rd October 2016
Monday 7:48 pm
11526 spacer
>Freedom of information
Data protection, m7. Freedom of information is the one where everyone gets to find stuff out.
>> No. 11527 Anonymous
3rd October 2016
Monday 8:00 pm
11527 spacer

Specifically, it's a Subject Access Request under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.


>> No. 11454 Anonymous
14th September 2016
Wednesday 11:45 am
11454 That's dope, man!

>The World Anti-Doping Agency has confirmed it was targeted by a Russian cyber espionage group during the Olympic Games.

>The group, known as Tsar Team (APT28) or Fancy Bear, gained access to WADA's Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) via an International Olympic Committee (IOC) account.

>WADA confirmed on Tuesday that the group had been able to access athlete data, including confidential medical reports, related to the Rio Olympics and subsequently released it into the public domain.

Anybody else think this sounds fishy?

a) in what universe can you honestly firmly believe that no other nation except for the Russians practiced systematic doping?

b) Therapeutic Use Exemptions kind of sounds like an athlete's version of medical marijuana.
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>> No. 11481 Anonymous
14th September 2016
Wednesday 10:13 pm
11481 spacer
>Between 1987 and 2011, the average international forward gained 8.9kg, while the average international back gained 8.5kg. At the same time, the game has got considerably faster by almost any metric. When players are simultaneously getting bigger and faster, serious questions need to be asked.

You appear to have completely ignored professionalisation.
>> No. 11482 Anonymous
14th September 2016
Wednesday 10:56 pm
11482 spacer
>junior players
No, I said "lower levels" not "age grade". There are currently fifteen players in Wales serving suspensions or bans. Besides a couple of players at semi-pro clubs and an ex-player done for supplying, they were amateur players at amateur clubs.
>> No. 11502 Anonymous
16th September 2016
Friday 5:45 am
11502 spacer
When you think about it, "anti-doping" is just poisoning.
>> No. 11505 Anonymous
16th September 2016
Friday 4:19 pm
11505 spacer
The OP image makes it look like WADA are holding a reddit AMA...
>> No. 11508 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 11:35 am
11508 spacer
You could say that they were, but they just didn't know it at the time.

>> No. 11428 Anonymous
11th September 2016
Sunday 3:18 pm
11428 spacer
Apparently Emily Thornberry thinks it's "sexist" to upbraid a Shadow Foreign Secretary for not knowing who she would be dealing with were she in government (a.k.a. the people actual Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is already dealing with right now).

I'm assuming that next she'll be suggesting that the reason Boris is in the FCO and she isn't is because men prefer blondes.

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>> No. 11495 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 1:38 pm
11495 spacer

Second 'joke' in and the punchline is about 'gay privilege'. No wonder why the alt-right admire him so much, he's just one of them, but in office.
>> No. 11496 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 2:45 pm
11496 spacer
Wait until you get to the one with Merkel.
>> No. 11497 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 3:04 pm
11497 spacer
Don't worry, Donald's on his way.

I miss Ed. Corbyn's a joke too but he's not funny.
>> No. 11498 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 4:17 pm
11498 spacer

Ed was a fucking drip.*

*Not to be taken as an endorsement of Corbyn
>> No. 11500 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 4:43 pm
11500 spacer
Yeah, but he was well funny in that film with the chickens.

>> No. 5603 Anonymous
28th March 2015
Saturday 8:50 am
5603 spacer
>The father of one of three runaway schoolgirl “jihadi brides” marched at a flag-burning rally led by hate preacher Anjem Choudary, it has emerged.


>A father who blamed police when his daughter was one of three schoolgirls to run away to Syria once joined a flag-burning crowd alongside convicted terrorists chanting “jihad”.

>Abase Hussen was filmed holding a burning US flag and chanting “Allahu akbar” (God is great) at the head of a demonstration led by the radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Michael Adebowale, one of the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby.


>Once the crowd is whipped into a fever, an American flag is set on fire and held aloft by a fanatic. Video footage shows Mr Hussen desperately trying to hold the burning flag as the chanting behind him intensifies.

>But last month Mr Hussen gave evidence to Parliament refusing to accept any responsibility for the three schoolgirls’ actions, instead seeking to blame the police, teachers, Turkish officials and others. In an extraordinary exchange at the home affairs select committee, Mr Hussen, who was with the families of the other two girls, denied even knowing what Islamic radicalisation was.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 5664 Anonymous
29th March 2015
Sunday 9:32 pm
5664 spacer
Why not?
>> No. 5665 Anonymous
29th March 2015
Sunday 9:32 pm
5665 spacer
Why not?
>> No. 6034 Anonymous
25th May 2015
Monday 11:54 am
6034 spacer
If a eskimo stops shopping at Marks & Spencer it's a sure sign they've been radicalised.


Nearly as ridiculous as the IRA bombdogs.
>> No. 11392 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 5:58 pm
11392 spacer
One of them has been blown up in an airstrike, with her family claiming she'd been disillusioned with life in the caliphate and was planning to flee home.
>> No. 11393 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 10:50 pm
11393 spacer

If you've worked in Saudi, Yemen, Algeria - you'd know you have to cut out your st Michael labels before you get there. The Moslem is not fond of Marks'. It's not daft.

Candy stripe carrier bags.jpg
>> No. 7910 Anonymous
4th October 2015
Sunday 10:22 pm
7910 spacer
>High street shops fear angry confrontations at tills as ­shoppers fly off the handle over a new 5p charge for plastic bags.


>English supermarkets braced for chaos and confusion at checkouts as 5p plastic carrier bag charge comes into force TOMORROW


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>> No. 11387 Anonymous
31st July 2016
Sunday 4:39 am
11387 spacer
That's nothing. In 2008 I spent months on a forum arguing back and forth with a group of arseholes about whether Obama would close Guantanamo.

l still have it bookmarked and intend to bump it when his term ends to gloat.

I know, I know, it's fucking psychotic, but I can't help it.
>> No. 11388 Anonymous
3rd August 2016
Wednesday 6:30 pm
11388 spacer
Now that's dedication.

Do any of the people you argued with still post there?
>> No. 11389 Anonymous
3rd August 2016
Wednesday 6:55 pm
11389 spacer

I can imagine your face when he closes it down on his last day in office before doing a runner, like how when you're about to quit your job and you raid the stationary cupboard and drink all Sandra's milk.
>> No. 11390 Anonymous
3rd August 2016
Wednesday 7:09 pm
11390 spacer
>stationary cupboard

At the previous place I worked there was a sticker saying 'stationary' on the stationery cupboard.
>> No. 11391 Anonymous
3rd August 2016
Wednesday 7:22 pm
11391 spacer

Well they don't tend to move about much do they.

>> No. 11327 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 10:36 pm
11327 Nigel Farage crashes and burns on live radio after a caller sets the perfec

When Richard from Pembrokeshire called into Nigel Farage’s LBC radio show on Sunday, Farage must have thought all his Christmases had come at once. Richard started his call by telling Farage:

One of my big concerns is people coming to the country and not actually learning English. I don’t see how you can integrate if you don’t speak the language of the country.

The video of the interview shows Farage growing instantly animated, nodding along as Richard spoke and barely able to hold himself back from interrupting him in agreement:

"I couldn’t agree with you more… I think you’re right, and I think that the language is absolutely fundamental…"

But as soon as Farage had walked into the trap, Richard asked:

"I was wondering why you’ve spent more than 20 years living in Belgium, and yet you don’t speak a word of Flemish, German or French?"

Farage first tried to brazen out the accusation with a question: “how do you know that?” When Richard referred to media reports that Farage had to communicate with a French mechanic in sign language, Farage fell back on his usual fact-free nod and a wink:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11378 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 11:38 am
11378 spacer
Let's give the chap a moment to explain himself and his totally wrong opinion.
>> No. 11379 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 7:50 pm
11379 spacer

Kill yourself.
>> No. 11380 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 6:52 am
11380 spacer

Isn't the entire point of Alan Partridge that he isn't funny?
>> No. 11381 Anonymous
24th July 2016
Sunday 11:29 am
11381 spacer

He's funny, but not in the way that he intends. That's where the pathos lies - he thinks they're laughing with him, but they're really laughing at him. Same with David Brent.

Rebecca Front is a goddess.

>> No. 11383 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 2:12 pm
11383 spacer

because those sodding continental wogs should all speak English by now, we didn't create the greatest empire and win 2 world wars to speak another bloody language

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