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>> No. 21372 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:12 pm
21372 Could this be Britain's worst toilet?
A locksmith has discovered Britain's worst TOILET - after breaking into a house inhabited by squatters.

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>> No. 21373 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:14 pm
21373 spacer
No, there's just no way that's the worst in Britain.
>> No. 21374 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:21 pm
21374 spacer
> He said that a number of drug addicts had been living inside the building - letting it fall into a shocking state of disrepair.

>But no room was worse than the toilet - with a vomit-inducing picture appearing to show mounds of faeces bulging from the loo

I guess you really have to be a full-on drug addict to not care that the heaps of unflushed shit in your toilet bowl will only turn into even bigger heaps of unflushed shit by you continuing to shit on top of them.
>> No. 21375 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:37 pm
21375 spacer
And you'd be wrong.
>> No. 21376 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:43 pm
21376 spacer
Indeed. If you're a career for people with severe mental health issues, scenes like the OP are not uncommon. At least they had the decency to shit in the bowl.
>> No. 21377 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 8:40 pm
21377 spacer

I sometimes go to a small supermarket that's next door to an NHS care home for the mentally ill. It's not a doors-locked secure unit, the inhabitants are free to leave during the day. One time, I was getting out of my car in the supermarket's car park in the dark, and suddenly I saw a man crouched in the space next to me with his shell suit trousers down, having a poo. Not something that's extremely out of the ordinary around that NHS home, you get far worse unusual behaviour when they go shopping in the supermarket, but what poolad did was that he inadvertently shat down the back of the whole left leg of his track pants, and then just pulled them up and walked off and into the supermarket. And he obviously had diarrhea, so the leg was covered from top to bottom.

Didn't seem to make any difference to him, but he stank up half the supermarket, and then ended up in front of me at the queue. I almost literally threw up. But poolad either didn't seem to notice, or he just didn't care. Amd he really didn't seem drunk or anything like that. While supermarket staff were actually trying to mask the smell by getting air fresheners off the shelves and spraying them liberally up and down the aisles where he had been.

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