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>> No. 24343 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 9:54 pm
Why are more ethnics dying of the virus compared to the natives? Why is it the same across the West?

On a side note, can viruses be created to target certain ethnicities?
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>> No. 24345 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 10:02 pm
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On this side of the water, they're disproportionally represented in the health system. Over on the other side, they're poor and don't have access to the health system so are more likely to take the risk of going out.
>> No. 24346 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 10:04 pm
24346 spacer
I assume when you say 'ethnics' you mean 'blacks and browns', only because East Asians tend to be both more anal about these things and generally better off.

'Blacks and browns' I suppose are more likely to work in low paid jobs, live in close quarters, or possibly engage in silly behaviours. Just one of those factors would increase risk quite a bit.
>> No. 24349 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 10:35 pm
24349 spacer
-widespread prevalence of 3-4 generational households compared to white british (hence the elderly not being able to effectively isolate from younger family members who are still working)
-possibly in part due to a large number immigrant and ethnic workers in the NHS
-Allegedly many igloos contravening lock-down rules and staying open (albeit this might be an insignificant number actually doing this, not seen much in the way of evidence)
-An apparent higher prevalence of diabetes and heart disease in certain ethnic backgrounds.
-Possibly simply being reported higher due to higher hospital admissions, as many non white-british people in their old age are cared for by the family, so when they're falling ill they're being sent to hospital. Whereas care homes are full of old white people because us brits can't be arsed to look after them. So this could skew numbers due to the care home deaths not yet showing up in the official figures.
>> No. 24352 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 10:49 pm
24352 spacer

The fact that the largest early outbreaks were in London and Birmingham and the only study into this is based on this has skewed figures.
>> No. 24356 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 10:38 am
24356 spacer
Isn't there also a relationship to Vitamin D?
>> No. 24360 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 2:54 pm
24360 spacer
If that were true we'd all be at risk given we're all indoors and just came through the winter and live in Britain. And I imagine key working manual labourers, cleaners and care workers and so on travelling around every day are getting somewhat more sun exposure than white collar twats furloughed or working from home like me.
>> No. 24363 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 4:15 pm
24363 spacer
>On a side note, can viruses be created to target certain ethnicities?

Sure can, there are different cell receptors and cell formations that make different groups resistant to some diseases others aren't. Diseases are basically the quickest mechanisms for evolution as they eliminate all those that aren't resistant leaving only the ones who are resistant to reproduce. If you find a disease one genetic makeup isn't resistance to but others are you can wipe out certain groups, it basically happened by accident when people came from Europe to the Americas. Europeans had a load of illnesses that were minor inconveniences to them but a deadly plague to the natives.
>> No. 24365 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 4:38 pm
24365 spacer
>On a side note, can viruses be created to target certain ethnicities?

There were theories a long while back that China have been brewing something up, ever since the He Jiankui affair I think, to aid their genodice against the Uyghur. I'll get my tinfoil hat.
>> No. 24366 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 4:41 pm
24366 spacer
You can't be genetically eskimo though can you?
>> No. 24367 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 4:45 pm
24367 spacer

You can be born without a foreskin, that much is certain.

>> No. 24368 Anonymous
23rd April 2020
Thursday 5:37 pm
24368 spacer
I never knew the proper word for my pisshole was meatus.
>> No. 24380 Anonymous
24th April 2020
Friday 11:27 am
24380 spacer
God's chosen.
>> No. 24424 Anonymous
24th April 2020
Friday 11:55 pm
24424 spacer
>An apparent higher prevalence of diabetes and heart disease in certain ethnic backgrounds.

I used to date a doctor who hated dealing with Black and Asian minorities for this reason. Part of it is genetics but there's also a distinctly unhealthy culture that exacerbates this.

Then again, she also hated dealing with Asians because she found them to be emotionless robots.

I've heard similar reports from South Africa but don't want "virus that kills black people" to be on my search history so you'll have to settle for sterilisation agents in the water and using MDMA for crowd control:

South Africa in general has an interesting history when it comes to disease. In the early days of the Dutch Cape colony they had some idea of pathogens so when a ship turned up offshore whose crew was infected with smallpox they anchored offshore. Unfortunately, they still sent their clothing ashore to be cleaned which first created a pandemic in the white and slave populations before it almost completely wiped out the local Khoi population who ran into the interior to escape - only to take smallpox with them causing the neighbouring clans to start killing them.

And so it was that a pair of dirty underpants changed the Cape forever.
>> No. 24430 Anonymous
25th April 2020
Saturday 1:31 pm
24430 spacer
The doctor hated dealing with sick people because they were more sick than the average person? wut
>> No. 24431 Anonymous
25th April 2020
Saturday 1:40 pm
24431 spacer

There are trends you notice that it becomes clear certain groups have somewhat reckless attitudes to their health in some regards, and when your job is to keep people healthy despite their lack of regard for it it does become frustrating.

For example, I'm forever having to carry out parasitology investigations on Asian kids because they always take newborns back to laplanderstan or India, presumably to see the extended family. But it just seems like common sense not to take a 9 month old to a country with an almost complete lack of modern sanitation, healthy adults are lucky not to come back from those countries without explosive shits, let alone bairns.

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