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>> No. 26392 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:26 pm
26392 Twitter serious hack
This one looks bad.
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>> No. 26394 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:55 am
26394 spacer
Also this https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#0,24h
>> No. 26395 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 9:30 am
26395 spacer
I would assume they hacked Twitter itself rather than those people's passwords. And this is about the most boring and obvious thing you could do with that ability. I doubt they made any money at all.

They could get people to 'slip up' and say things that people would believe they would say and it would haunt those people forever and have real world impacts.
>> No. 26396 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 10:07 am
26396 spacer
According to BBC they made ~$100k
>> No. 26397 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 10:10 am
26397 spacer
Just the address pictured received almost £100k. Playing a silly prank or scamming enough money to buy a house? Yeah, I imagine they don't mind boring you. Sure you could probably make more than that by giving the impression certain people are saying something they're not if you had the right buyers lined up, but the hacker is likely not that well connected.
>> No. 26398 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 10:57 am
26398 spacer

100k is a lot more than I would expect (mostly because the BBC says £80k).

I assume a person tech savvy enough to have bitcoins wouldn't fall for that scam, for one thing the internet is so rife with people trying to seperate them from their bitcoins that I would assume that the ones quite this stupid would have been weeded out already. [cue argument that bitcoins were always a scam anyway]

Aren't bitcoin transactions so slow now that unless you already had the bitcoins ready there is no way you could possibly send them in 30mins?
>> No. 26400 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:37 am
26400 spacer
This is a perfect example how this type of scam works really. Even if only one in a million people is thick enough to fall for it, the audience is so vast that's still a good few hundred people, and you only need a grand off each of them.

Poor old Nigerian Prince. He's been trying to help us for years and we'd rather send our money to Elon. Makes you think eh?
>> No. 26402 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:51 am
26402 spacer
There are reports an insider got compromised somehow and it was all done through "admin" level access, rather than a pure website breach. Same effect on confidence though.
>> No. 26405 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:02 pm
26405 spacer

Assuming you pay transaction fees that match market conditions transaction time is equivalent to block time. That doesn't get slower, no.
>> No. 26406 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:02 pm
26406 spacer

And these are the market conditions.

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