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>> No. 28551 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 3:52 pm
28551 Potential ITZ
Attempted hijacking of oil tanker reported off Isle of Wight.

Police dealing with incident involving Liberian-registered vessel south of Sandown.

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>> No. 28552 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 3:55 pm
28552 spacer

"Unconfirmed reports suggested that a number of stowaways may have attempted to take control of the ship as it approached the United Kingdom."
>> No. 28553 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 3:56 pm
28553 spacer

Yes, I've been watching the Coastguard and Police helicopters circling the vessel for the last hour.

Nice practice for the SBS.
>> No. 28554 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 4:46 pm
28554 spacer
I'm still scratching my head over why so many immigrants risk their lives to come here. Surely it's easier to just go somewhere like the Flemish part of Belgium and become a local hero by saying you initially went to the south but found Walloons to be worse than anything you faced in Syria.

Anyway the insurance company for the ship has come out that it's not a hijacking but that the crew had been aware of stowaways. Probably means they've been barred from docking and will spend the next few months at sea waiting for someone to allow them into port like usually happens in the Mediterranean.
>> No. 28555 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 4:49 pm
28555 spacer

That's a bit of an anticlimax. Ah well, maybe next time.
>> No. 28556 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:47 pm
28556 spacer
I admire their chutzpah and understand that despterate times call for desperate measure that aren't always particularly well thought through, but I do have to wonder what they were planning to do with the ship once it was in their hands? I'm arrogantly and insanely confident I could fly a plane because I've played a lot of Il-2 Sturmovik with a Playstation controller, but oil tankers seem like they'd be immensely difficult just to start sailing one, let alone park it up and get off without raising an eyebrow.
>> No. 28557 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:53 pm
28557 spacer
Presumably you wouldn't need to do anything. Just wait for the police to arrive and take you away at which point you claim asylum.
>> No. 28558 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:10 pm
28558 spacer
It's too late, lad, I've set our course. BRACE FOR IMPACT!
>> No. 28559 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:23 pm
28559 spacer
Well, the police and the coastguard are no longer flying in rings above the ship, so either the SBS or Marines have already boarded and killed them all, quietly, or they've decided they're not a threat anymore.

Video related - this is the Marines practicing in much the same area this ship is in. Sci-Fi stuff.

>> No. 28560 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:31 pm
28560 spacer
>Video related
This is exactly the same as that Egyptian Police video but with slightly better production values.
>> No. 28561 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:33 pm
28561 spacer
Fun stuff, but probably had very limited practical use in any sort of real combat situation.

Aside from the fact that the user is a sitting duck for anyone with a gun on board the ship, they'll be very limited in the weight they can carry so limited arms and armour. It would be pretty much impossible to handle a weapon while the jets are attached to their arms, which means that even if they carry a rifle slung to them, they've got to find a quiet spot to land and hope that no one bothers them while they're unstrapping the jets.
>> No. 28562 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:39 pm
28562 spacer
Combat situation, sure - but for quickly boarding a rusty old Liberian tanker, with seven malnourished idiots at the wheel? Easy peasy.
>> No. 28563 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:44 pm
28563 spacer
Easy peasy if they somehow know ahead of time those seven malnourished idiots won't come at them with a wrench while they're unstrapping the jets.
>> No. 28564 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:46 pm
28564 spacer
Sky News are confirming it's all over - 16 SBS boarded the ship (using helicopters rather than jetpacks, sadly) and they're all under arrest.
>> No. 28565 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 9:19 pm
28565 spacer
Spent my evening completely unaware this was going on, and reading it back it seems like a storm in a teacup.
>> No. 28581 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 8:55 pm
28581 spacer

>> No. 28582 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 12:25 am
28582 spacer
They weren't trying to take it over per se, they just got unruly. They snuck onto the ship (crews for these ships are tiny and mostly made up of low payed sailors, the ship is a quarter kilometer behemoth; it happens). The crew is skeleton as is, fewer people could not operate the vessel unless they were excepionally well trained... and these guys clearly were not that.
>> No. 28583 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 12:28 am
28583 spacer
If you ever post this shite again I'll kill and eat you.
>> No. 28584 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 7:48 am
28584 spacer
He's just saying it as it is. The voice of reason.
>> No. 28585 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 3:34 pm
28585 spacer

I watch this when I need cheering up.
>> No. 28609 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 6:24 pm
28609 spacer
I use this one for the same purpose.

>> No. 28610 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 7:23 pm
28610 spacer
Have some fresh hot Davidson.


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