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>> No. 80531 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 11:01 am
80531 Corbyn Mk III: Electric Boogaloo
I think it's time for a new Corbyn thread.

The previous thread (>>73072) is reaching critical mass. In combination with the original thread (>>64990) we've had over 4,700 posts on Dear Leader since August last year. That's a lot of shitposting. Keep up the good work, lads.
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>> No. 82193 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 3:54 am
82193 spacer

The only people that'll be voting Labour are indoctrinated students, j i h a d is and Liverpool.
>> No. 82194 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 4:26 am
82194 spacer
Also everyone in the bottom ~70% of earners who isn't a tremendous fucking mug.
>> No. 82195 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 4:36 am
82195 spacer
You won't find many of those.
>> No. 82196 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 5:01 am
82196 spacer

Please, please, please, fuck the fuck off.
>> No. 82197 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 5:19 am
82197 spacer
Jeremy Corbyn's son is planning to stand for a seat in the House of Commons, sources have told The Telegraph.

Seb Corbyn is reportedly preparing to mount a campaign to replace his father's political aide Steve Rotheram, the sitting Liverpool Walton MP, who is standing down at the election in June. Mr Corbyn's son and his political secretary Katy Clark are both said to be seeking a seat in the Commons according to three separate party sources.

A deal could be struck with the National Executive Committee which would see seats divided between pro-Corbyn and moderate candidates.

The NEC has the power to choose a candidate without a ballot because Theresa May has called a snap election with just weeks to go until polling day. The party does not have an approved candidates list of people who are ready to stand when requested, like other parties do.


Hurrah for nepotism and cronyism. Hurrah for Corbyn and his principles.

Marine Le Pen.jpg
>> No. 82167 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 5:13 pm
82167 French election 2017
This woman is going to be the next President of France and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82186 Anonymous
22nd April 2017
Saturday 3:05 am
82186 spacer

>Macron needs to win the second round vote of a lot of people who don't really like him.
Not really. He just needs them to like Marine even less.
>> No. 82187 Anonymous
22nd April 2017
Saturday 9:33 pm
82187 spacer
>The final hours of many electoral campaigns are frantic affairs, dominated by last-minute pitches, late-breaking polls and massive social media campaigns aimed at drumming up turnout. Not so in France.

>Rules dating back more than half a century impose a 44-hour time out ahead of the polls' closure Sunday, meaning that politicians, journalists — and even ordinary citizens — are supposed to refrain from broadcasting any form of "electoral propaganda."

>The national time out lasts from midnight Friday to 8 p.m. on Sunday in France and is intended to give voters time to reflect on their choice free from the distraction of surveys, radio commentary, and televised rallies. The rules apply online as well, meaning that candidates and their campaigns can't do so much as post updates to Facebook or Instagram. The rules even apply to French voters — meaning that someone posting a pro-Socialist or pro-Republican message online could fall afoul of the law, at least in theory.


Just imagine that. You potentially suffer months of being bombarded with political slogans and shouting but for one weekend there is suddenly nothing.
>> No. 82188 Anonymous
22nd April 2017
Saturday 9:45 pm
82188 spacer
Would be nice if we could have that here. Actually, make it every weekend. It's only been a few days and already it's starting to get on my tits.
>> No. 82189 Anonymous
22nd April 2017
Saturday 9:55 pm
82189 spacer
I've always found election days weird. Days of campaigning and broadcasts and then on election day itself the news acts as though nothing's happening, except for a news article that people are going to the polls.
>> No. 82192 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 3:44 am
82192 spacer
Le Pen will win

Make Britain great again Donald Trump%27s wife .jpg
>> No. 82141 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 2:06 pm
82141 spacer

I'm considering joining the Conservative party.
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>> No. 82146 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 5:33 pm
82146 spacer
>> No. 82147 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 6:15 pm
82147 spacer
>> No. 82150 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 6:33 pm
82150 spacer

I have a shirt in exactly that tartan.
>> No. 82151 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 6:50 pm
82151 spacer
To match the wife, eh Phil?
>> No. 82179 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 9:41 pm
82179 spacer

If you ask really nicely it's one of these

>> No. 79922 Anonymous
10th November 2016
Thursday 2:41 pm
79922 UK election 2020
This man is going to be the next UK Prime Minister and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82175 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 7:09 pm
82175 spacer
Wikileaks is just a publisher with a strong level of control from leakers on when the information they share can be released. Beyond that its just speculation, I mean you wonder what the Russians could offer with good reason because its not like they can stage a rescue.

Who is going to replace Dimbleby when he retires anyway? It seems like the BBC is going to have a real problem in a few years time not just with him but also Andrew Neil.
>> No. 82176 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 7:46 pm
82176 spacer

>Who is going to replace Dimbleby when he retires anyway?

Andrew Marr?
>> No. 82177 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 7:53 pm
82177 Question Time 2018
This man is going to replace David Dimbleby, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
>> No. 82178 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 8:34 pm
82178 spacer
Huw Edwards was lined up to do the election in 2020, and is still the preferred successor for election night. I could see Marr taking on QT. He has the tenor to chair the debate and the hands to point at the audience members. John Humphrys has filled in before but he's only a few years younger than Dimbleby. Based on his performances on Newsnight, I'd keep an eye on James O'Brien.

My personal theory based on observations in 2010 and 2015 is that Dimbleby is actually dead and has been replaced by a robot. There's no way a 77 year old could have kept going from 10pm to 6pm with only a couple of hours sleep in the middle.
>> No. 82180 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 10:22 pm
82180 spacer
Oh Christ here we go again. Brace yourselves, lads.

hufflepuff pride.jpg
>> No. 75779 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 1:55 pm
75779 spacer
The Liberal Democrats have started a consultation process on what the parties next manifesto should look like. Its open to non-members and I thought everyone could benefit from you lads giving views.


It asks an interesting question: What would you spend £2 billion on?

I thought about putting the money towards adult education programs. Things like the Open University are fundamentally good ideas that gives people who otherwise can't study because of career and family commitments the chance to learn new skills and achieve lifelong learning. It sounds non-controversial but I'm sure there is ample chance to start a cunt-off on that idea.

Another interesting question is that it asks whether the Lib Dems should focus on staying in the European Union or on what Brexit should now be. An interesting option given the party is fervently pro-EU and I wonder what will fill the vacuum if its abandoned.
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>> No. 82121 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 7:03 pm
82121 spacer

>Tim Farron: I don't think being gay is a sin

>> No. 82123 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 7:16 pm
82123 spacer
It only he'd given a straight answer to Channel Four last night.

They'll be asking him whether women who have abortions are sinners next.
>> No. 82127 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 7:26 pm
82127 spacer
You never know he might get away with it. All he needs is for Corbyn to say something daft as usual.
>> No. 82128 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 7:31 pm
82128 spacer

No, Corbyn's problem is that he doesn't really say much of anything. I think people thought they were getting one of those grandstanding European socialist types, but he's just not that guy.

Sage for wrong wonk.
>> No. 82153 Anonymous
20th April 2017
Thursday 6:59 pm
82153 spacer

>Farron 'welcomes challenge' of fish finger
>Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said he "welcomes the challenge" posed by 'Mr Fish Finger', who has pledged to stand against him in the General Election.
>However, the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP told ITV Border he is "more of a chips and mushy peas man".

The man of God goes up against the man of Cod.

>> No. 81994 Anonymous
5th April 2017
Wednesday 9:33 am
81994 spacer
Did Livingstone say anything wrong?
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>> No. 82026 Anonymous
7th April 2017
Friday 10:57 pm
82026 spacer
Because, if he doesn't think being labelled as a Jewish commentator "sounds great", then only writing about Jewish issues won't help.

Sage for explaining simple logic to a simpleton
>> No. 82090 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 1:21 am
82090 spacer

leftoid twatmonkeys eating themselves alive

that is about it
>> No. 82100 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 10:40 am
82100 spacer
You have to let go of the hate.
>> No. 82109 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 2:34 pm
82109 spacer
The truth is rassssssssssisssssssssssssssssssss now. It doesn't matter if he states simple facts. All must submit to the demands of the Party and their narrative of ever shifting reality and history, written to suit their current plans. Reality is ignored. Study of reality instead of the model they construct to replace it is forbidden. Facts must be buried. Dangerous commies are good at burying stuff, often millions of the dead they murdered, but also facts.
>> No. 82110 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 2:41 pm
82110 spacer
>It doesn't matter if he states simple facts
Which incident are you referring to? Clearly not the Hitler thing since those were only facts in the alternative sense.

first orange president.jpg
>> No. 64250 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:46 pm
64250 US elections 2016
This man is going to be the next President of the US and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82055 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 9:17 am
82055 spacer

Tangentially (or not) related.
>> No. 82056 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 12:00 pm
82056 spacer
Whatever keeps the Syrian civil war going I support.
>> No. 82058 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 1:33 pm
82058 spacer

Shouldn't you be confined to /zoo/, Ares?
>> No. 82059 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 6:06 pm
82059 spacer

So are we saying we want to bring interventionism back?

You'll have to add it to the list, I'm afraid, we have to go through Lennon shades and ponchos first.
>> No. 82093 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 1:30 am
82093 spacer

so let me get this straight

Saudi sponsored islamofascists, in possession of chemical weapons, accuse assad of a chemical weapon attack on civilians. It is in their interest to topple assad using any means possible

Assad, who has nothing to gain and everything to lose from using chemical weapons apparently did so... because the trustworthy ISIS guys who have nothing to gain from shit-smearing him said so?

Remember the good old days of WMD's? At least their lies were better put together, this shit is insulting

but still we have some dead babies to cry about or something

>> No. 80999 Anonymous
11th December 2016
Sunday 9:10 pm
80999 spacer
Is the alt-right really racist?

I have been along these political lines for 10+ years and I am British born Male (one side Black Jamaican the other side Black Zimbabweans who fled after losing Rhodesian Bush War).

Why does Wikipedia think I'm a self loathing race traitor representing white nationalism? Not one of the popular alt right speakers have ever supported nationalism, socialism, any form of government control.

I strongly feel the established political parties, divisive media organisations and tin hat time, the anti Christian secret societies are on some kind of crusade against people that want smaller government, manageable immigration and less corporate involvement in politics and are being scapegoated as some kind of Nazi party (which is exactly what we are against, big government socialism).

To illustrate what I'm talking about, Wikipedia says; The alt-right has no formal ideology, although various sources have stated that white nationalism is fundamental. It has also been associated with white supremacism. Islamophobia, antifeminism, homophobia, antisemitism, ethno-nationalism, right-wing populism, nativism, traditionalism, and the neoreactionary movement.

Is that just wikipedia fuckery?
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>> No. 81321 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 5:29 pm
81321 spacer
Golly, you're boring. Why do you even bother? All your posts are essentially, "nuh-uh, you're mental".

Just why would you?
>> No. 81322 Anonymous
26th December 2016
Monday 11:16 pm
81322 spacer
Maybe if you weren't so mental it wouldn't need to be said.
>> No. 81323 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 11:20 am
81323 spacer
I'm another lad (I haven't said anything yet that you've dismissed offhand as mental without reason) but I can see you're an irritating cunt.
>> No. 81324 Anonymous
27th December 2016
Tuesday 11:47 am
81324 spacer
>I'm another lad
As am I. Something something anonymous imageboard.
>> No. 82089 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 1:18 am
82089 spacer

anything more right wing than john major is flagged as a Nazi by the comintards

>> No. 81888 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 2:27 am
81888 Nationalism Rising
Ireland said no to the foreigners
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>> No. 81889 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 2:37 am
81889 spacer
Not all foreigners. Just them across the water.
>> No. 81891 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 3:07 am
81891 spacer

Bastards broke ARE BEEB's ticker.
>> No. 81892 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 4:05 am
81892 spacer


>> No. 81938 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 5:13 pm
81938 spacer
Facin Brits.
>> No. 82088 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 1:16 am
82088 spacer

The bogboyos are owned by marxoid social terrorists like the rest of us.

>> No. 82000 Anonymous
5th April 2017
Wednesday 8:57 pm
82000 spacer
How does it feel now,
The Union will defend us to the last person and the best you can hope for is a Norway model, with the free movement but no representation at the Union HQ.
Expect us and learn how to love people, closet xenophobes (at least half of the country)
It's sad that I am leaving soon to CN, I love such a drama you've brought on yourself. Thank you so much (seriously)
I know it's embarrassing, but really, you are not that important anymore in the world.
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>> No. 82011 Anonymous
6th April 2017
Thursday 11:15 am
82011 spacer
Who the fuck are you supposed to be?
>> No. 82014 Anonymous
6th April 2017
Thursday 6:00 pm
82014 spacer
Just a foreign lad
>> No. 82062 Anonymous
13th April 2017
Thursday 9:53 am
82062 spacer

good fuck off
>> No. 82066 Anonymous
13th April 2017
Thursday 6:03 pm
82066 spacer

5th April 2017
Wednesday 11:40 pm 82008 spacer

>I know it's embarrassing, but really, you are not that important anymore in the world.

Lad, you're embarrassing.
>> No. 82086 Anonymous
17th April 2017
Monday 1:10 am
82086 spacer

an obnoxious marxoid drone I suppose?

>> No. 81926 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 8:02 pm
81926 the donald
has finally made me think of defending GCHQ. Of course we're the ones who have wiretapped all his phones and the spies and bad people his people are speaking to. The US outsourced all that to us ages ago.

I can't believe he's made me feel proud of the whole idea.

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>> No. 82043 Anonymous
8th April 2017
Saturday 11:40 pm
82043 spacer
We'll counter your point when you bother making one.
>> No. 82044 Anonymous
8th April 2017
Saturday 11:49 pm

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 82045 Anonymous
8th April 2017
Saturday 11:57 pm
82045 spacer



(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 82046 Anonymous
9th April 2017
Sunday 1:12 am
82046 spacer


Ahhh 1 2 3 4

I knew a leftist that wasn't a nob
Wasn't a nob
Got up before 8 am and got a job
A job (Beatles woo hoo)
>> No. 82047 Anonymous
9th April 2017
Sunday 1:17 am
82047 spacer
Well done lads, you've both made no point and look like twats. Good show.

>> No. 69249 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 12:49 pm
69249 100% Inheritance Tax
Some time ago I came up with the idea of abolishing or massively reducing most of the taxes collected by the government with the exception of one tax, inheritance tax, which I advocated being raised to 100% with no exemptions or minimum threshold. I posted the idea online (it might have been here) and was ridiculed.

Now I am back, having investigated the matter thoroughly and done a lot of number-crunching and I am here to make the case again. Although the primary motivation for my argument is a moral one, the numbers themselves actually do make sense and we would see a net gain to the tax revenue collected each year.

The plan is simple: Close all loopholes regarding inheritance tax, then raise it to 100% but allow people who jointly own a property to have first-refusal on purchasing it back from the government in the event of the other owner's death (providing they have the money or can get a mortgage). This would apply to any and all possessions including personal chattels meaning you will have to pay the government a few grand to keep your telly, furniture and the like if your wife dies.

Why is this a good idea?

1. It completely and permanently removes every single living person from the tax system forever, freeing them up to do what they please with 100% of the money they earn. Whether you think this is a good thing because you believe people should own the fruits of their own labour or you think it's a good thing because it incentivises people to earn money there is not really anywhere you can sit on the political spectrum and disagree with this.

2. It encourages wealthy individuals from all across the world to base themselves in Britain, creating employment opportunities and of course giving our treasury a shit ton of money when they die. Everybody dies and it's not the sort of thing you can really keep quiet so there's not really any way for people to evade it. If every billionaire on Earth moves significant assets here due to the fact that they don't have to pay any tax we will be drowning in money forever.

3. Morally there is no way to justify someone owning what they did not earn. As with point 1, wherever one sits on the political spectrum they at least pretend to agree with this. Even the die-hard supercapitalists who want to create a libertarian free-market utopia claim that their ideology is based upon wanting people to make their own way in the world and not "rely on others for hand-outs".

Just imagine the paradise we would live in. No income tax, no VAT, no looking over your shoulder to see if the taxman is watching you, but all without having to make even a single cut to any public service. Absolute heaven and it's achievable right now, today, here in Britain in 2016. Why isn't anyone making this happen?
129 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 75041 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:34 am
75041 spacer

So you want to take money YOU didn't earn then decide who the beneficiaries will be? ...kind of a step up from the tenuous immorality of inheritance.
100% tax!
So thats home and all things of value?
...Leading slowly to Complete control by the government. Sure would like to be the nepotist in office handling where that money goes. Maybe Ken can slush some of it off to buy votes (again)
>> No. 75043 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:50 am
75043 spacer
>So you want to take money YOU didn't earn then decide who the beneficiaries will be?

This is literally what all tax is.
>> No. 75046 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 11:06 am
75046 spacer
On the upside, it's the only tax you'd ever have to pay, given we could afford to abolish pretty much everything else, and you wouldn't have to worry about passing on the house because the high turnover means that property would be much more affordable.
>> No. 81963 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 3:33 am
81963 spacer
>abandon the country

To go where, pray tell?
>> No. 81964 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 3:52 am
81964 spacer
This is the root reason first world countries need to bring back capital controls across the board.
Having a wealthy class capable of (a) strongly influencing how the world economy is run and (b) not tied to any particular country, capable of eloping with relative ease if things go all 1917 is a recipe for disaster.

History to Soon Repeat.jpg
>> No. 81441 Anonymous
17th January 2017
Tuesday 2:22 pm
81441 We're Going to Get Brexit Harder Than We Ever Imagined
>Brexit: UK to leave single market, says Theresa May

>Theresa May has said the UK "cannot possibly" remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean "not leaving the EU at all". But the prime minister promised to push for the "greatest possible" access to the single market following Brexit.

>She said: "This agreement should allow for the freest possible trade in goods and services between Britain and the EU's member states."It should give British companies the maximum possible freedom to trade with and operate within European markets and let European businesses do the same in Britain. But I want to be clear: what I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. It would, to all intents and purposes mean not leaving the EU at all. That is why both sides in the referendum campaign made it clear that a vote to leave the EU would be a vote to leave the single market."

>She told the remaining 27 EU member states: "We will continue to be reliable partners, willing allies and close friends. We want to buy your goods, sell you ours, trade with you as freely as possible, and work with one another to make sure we are all safer, more secure and more prosperous through continued friendship." Mrs May, who backed Remain in the referendum, called for a "new and equal partnership" with the EU, "not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership of the European Union, or anything that leaves us half-in, half-out. We do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. We do not seek to hold on to bits of membership as we leave."

>After Mrs May's speech Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "Hard Brexit was never on the ballot paper. Ripping us out of the single market was not something proposed to the British people. This is a theft of democracy."


Correct me if I'm wrong lads but I seem to remember some sort of Norway/Switzerland relationship was being pushed very hard by the Brexit campaign? Could this be the beginning of the end for Theresa if her government collapses on the leave vote?
78 posts and 5 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 81826 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 1:37 pm
81826 spacer
So yes, it does.
>> No. 81827 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 2:21 pm
81827 spacer
To a racist, obviously. But then you have to realise that minorities aren't the ones who should be lined up against the wall and executed... It's the racists that should face that. Then we can all have a great and happy world.

Kill yourself.
>> No. 81830 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 8:08 pm
81830 spacer
The vast majority under the axe would be the minorities themselves m8.
>> No. 81831 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 8:37 pm
81831 spacer
If they are racists, then sure.
>> No. 81870 Anonymous
27th February 2017
Monday 6:25 pm
81870 spacer
Heli carriers are more useful than you'd think, what with Crowsnest and anti - sub capability. The real problem is that building carriers takes ages and the cost cutting SDSR that scrapped Ark Royal happened before IS existed and Russia was stirring up shit, not to mention the pressure of recession. Which has left us with a capability gap but thems the breaks and the new QE class tubs look pretty amazing, Wonder if the money could've been better spent getting Sodexo away from the slop jockeys mind.

>> No. 78588 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:02 am
78588 ed balls
I think I love him.
30 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 80742 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:13 pm
80742 spacer
Holy shit thats brilliant.
>> No. 80764 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 6:37 pm
80764 spacer

I'm so happy I'm British, it's shit, but it blows the alternatives out of the water.
>> No. 81491 Anonymous
19th January 2017
Thursday 6:03 pm
81491 spacer
>> No. 81739 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 10:17 am
81739 spacer

Is this Michael Jackson's latest form?
>> No. 81740 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 10:43 am
81740 spacer


Wow, what a great joke, please do another?!

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