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>> No. 80531 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 11:01 am
80531 Corbyn Mk III: Electric Boogaloo
I think it's time for a new Corbyn thread.

The previous thread (>>73072) is reaching critical mass. In combination with the original thread (>>64990) we've had over 4,700 posts on Dear Leader since August last year. That's a lot of shitposting. Keep up the good work, lads.
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>> No. 84288 Anonymous
29th May 2018
Tuesday 10:25 pm
84288 spacer
I've sat through a minute's silence for a dead Tory for crying out loud, it doesn't mean you have to respect anything they stood for or did. Christ alive.
>> No. 84289 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 6:24 am
84289 spacer
Yes, but she was a Blairite. There's nothing these people loathe more than the Blairites.

Also, bringing up Gaza gives them an opportunity to continue their Jew hating obsession. Criticism of Israel is not in itself anti-Semitic, but there are people within Labour who like to criticise it a lot when they don't show the same level of concern for abuses by other nations in the Middle East, such as what's happening in Bahrain or Yemen.
>> No. 84290 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 10:37 am
84290 spacer

Japan on kitchen.jpg

>they don't show the same level of concern for abuses by other nations in the Middle East, such as what's happening in Bahrain or Yemen.

Your whataboutism is so bad I wonder if Mossad had their Psi-Ops budget cut.
>> No. 84291 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 5:03 pm
84291 spacer
>He was suspended over two years ago for very public comments. Over two years ago and it was only this week the NEC were to discuss it.

That's not accurate at all. He was provisionally suspended two years ago (within hours of making the original Hitler remarks, by the way), and the NCC met last year (they only meet once a year) and ruled that he wouldn't be expelled, but be given a two year suspension. Taking into account the time he'd already been suspended for, that was due to run out earlier this year. Then, in light of the fact that he publicly stood by his original remarks, his suspension was provisionally extended, and he was due to see the NCC again.

>It was a massive failure of leadership for this not to have been resolved more quickly.
Disciplinary procedures really aren't up to the leadership.
>> No. 84292 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 5:24 pm
84292 spacer
A noticeable number of people, particularly those on the left or within the Labour party, are disproportionately critical of Israel when compared with other nations committing similar atrocities.

It's almost as if there's a hidden agenda. If I started criticising the likes of the WASPI movement or content on Jezebel then that wouldn't necessarily mean I had a problem with women. However, if I was preoccupied with criticising them whilst giving male oriented things of a similar calibre a free pass then people would start suspecting I was a misogynist.

Now what could it be about Israel that sets it apart for particular vitriol?
>> No. 84293 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 5:26 pm
84293 spacer

You don't think Israel is a prominent concern due to the apparent exceptionalism it is subject to?

I couldn't give a fuck about which ancient desert tribe did what to which other ancient desert tribe, but from a pleb's perspective it just seems like Israel does things other nations would be tried for warcrimes over every other week and anyone who seems to notice that is an anti-semite.

I don't want to start suggesting there is one, but I mean it doesn't exactly help dispel the idea of an international Jewish conspiracy, does it.
>> No. 84294 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 5:42 pm
84294 spacer
I don't think the list of countries which claim to be a bastion of democracy and civil rights despite operating an apartheid regime, to which Britain's strategic interests are allied, to which Britain sells millions in arms annually, etc. is especially long.
>> No. 84295 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 6:02 pm
84295 spacer
There's enough similar candidates in that neck of the woods. For example, the Saudi blockade in Yemen and subsequent famine and cholera outbreak has to be up there in the dickish stakes yet the calls for the Yemen to be liberalised aren't anywhere near the same level as Free Palestine.

Don't get me wrong, Israel the nation state is a monumental cunt. However, when people get fixated on criticising Israel to this extent it does indicate an ulterior motive at play.
>> No. 84296 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 6:14 pm
84296 spacer
>from a pleb's perspective it just seems like Israel does things other nations would be tried for warcrimes over every other week
I think you're forgetting that Saudi Arabia does the same sort of thing. I mean, in fairly recent history they were actual state supporters of terror.
>> No. 84297 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 6:28 pm
84297 spacer


Consider Saudi Arabia. It's a totalitarian regime. It beheaded 150 of its own citizens last year, many of them on trumped-up charges of "terrorism" for speaking out against the regime. It's fighting a war in Yemen of very questionable legality; several international organisations have accused Saudi Arabia of deliberately targeting civilians. We've sold them £3.3bn worth of arms since that war began. On his visit to the UK this March, crown prince Mohammad bin Salman was warmly received by Theresa May and signed a £65bn trade deal.

We have no morals, only strategic interests.
>> No. 84298 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 6:38 pm
84298 spacer
Strategic interests is a perfectly valid card to play. Especially when the alternative is the Americans receiving money for the exact same product as that which is controversial. Relevant ex defence industry.
>> No. 84299 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 7:38 pm
84299 spacer
The left are, of course, famously reluctant to criticise Saudi Arabia.
>> No. 84300 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 7:39 pm
84300 spacer
Do you think that might have something to do with the fact that the Saudi intervention in Yemen is a few years old, compared to the decades that the Israeli occupation of Palestine has been going on for?
>> No. 84301 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 7:43 pm
84301 spacer

The key difference being you can call Saudi Arabia the backward shithole it is without getting suspended from the Labour party.
>> No. 84302 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 7:46 pm
84302 spacer
>in fairly recent history they were actual state supporters of terror
Is that why they get along so well with Britain then?
>> No. 84303 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 7:55 pm
84303 spacer
In Palestine is there 17 million people starving and over 1 million people with cholera? Besides, the Saudis weren't exactly classed as a great bunch of lads before the blockade

If you're the type of person to disrupt a minute's silence for Tessa Jowell, organised by people who knew her personally from her days in the CLP, because you think it'd be more worthy to have one for Gaza instead then there's a reasonable chance you're a latent anti-Semite.
>> No. 84304 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 8:05 pm
84304 spacer
It's not a contest of who's suffering more, mate, the point is that there are dedicated pro-Palestinian campaigners and groups, the issues have been well publicised, and it's been an ongoing concern for half a century. That's why it continues to be a high profile issue. Please do us all a favour and give the whataboutery a rest.
>> No. 84305 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 8:17 pm
84305 spacer

We come back to the point made by >>84292. The Parliamentary Labour Party has a "Friends of Palestine & the Middle East" group with 129 members. This group almost exclusively talks about Israel and Palestine. I could only be bothered to go through the last five pages of their "updates" feed, but every single one of them was about Israel and Palestine. In their list of Early Day Motions, Parliamentary questions and debates, every single one was about Israel and Palestine.

I'm not saying that Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people is anything less than a grotesque abuse of human rights, but when a political party seems overwhelmingly concerned with the human rights of one particular group of Arabs, it starts to look a bit suspicious. Even if the Labour party are unimpeachable with respect to anti-Semitism, they need to do something about the optics.

>> No. 84306 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 8:32 pm
84306 spacer
I wonder if people in the 80s whinged about anti-Afrikaner bias on the left.
>> No. 84307 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 8:54 pm
84307 spacer

We were definitely moaning about Labour politicians hailing any post-imperial leader as a glorious freedom fighter.
>> No. 84308 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 9:00 pm
84308 spacer
Personally I'd rather they kept pushing for an end to those grotesque human rights abuses, even if they do risk appearing "a bit suspicious", but that's just me.
>> No. 84309 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 9:02 pm
84309 spacer

I really loathe the way this image of Corbyn gets bandied about.

All it really proves is that Corbyn was associating with questionable people back in the eighties.
>> No. 84310 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 9:13 pm
84310 spacer
Do you mean the police?
>> No. 84311 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 9:39 pm
84311 spacer
In 1984 the police moved to get rid of a non-stop picket outside of the South African embassy organised by the Anti-Apartheid Movement ahead of the visit by Botha.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement decided to challenge this in the courts. The City of London branch of AAM, which had a reputation for infantile stunts and nasty behaviour that ultimately led them to be expelled from the organisation, decided to demonstrate outside of the embassy whilst the challenge was going through the courts. The AAM made clear to the City of London branch that they didn't want the demo to go ahead, especially as it could undermine the court case, but they went and did it anyway.

The City of London branch at the time was largely populated by the Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein financed Workers Revolutionary Party, later exposed as a cult and of spying on people on behalf of the aforementioned dictators, and the Revolutionary Communist Group who had a penchant for the PAC phrase of "one settler, one bullet".

There you have Jeremy Corbyn in a nutshell. Associating with people with dubious reputations and being more interested in rabble rousing protests than being pragmatic and trying to get things resolved. Judging by his behaviour as leader, giving the impression that he wants to be the party of permanent protest rather than the party of government, he hasn't moved on from his level of sixth form student politics.
>> No. 84313 Anonymous
30th May 2018
Wednesday 10:47 pm
84313 spacer
Actually somewhat impressive that you wrote that much without ever coming close to stating a fact.

For one thing, the non-stop picket didn't start until 1986. The picket ahead of Botha's visit was a different matter, and happened prior to City Group's affiliation with the national Anti-apartheid movement ended (which happened because they staged events outside the boundaries of the city of London).

Also, there was no challenge going through the courts. The national AAM agreed with the police on a ban on protesting outside the embassy in order to avoid confrontation, and they did so without being compelled by legal action. City Group defied the example of the national AAM, staged a picket and had dozens of demonstrators arrested. It was only after one of the City group arrestees (Richard Roques) went to court as a test case that the ban was found to be illegal.
>> No. 84314 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 1:05 am
84314 spacer
new Labour was terrible. not for any of your normal boring policy reasons or because of this or that stupid war or failure to nationalise the trains, you wanna know why it was terrible? because it's an inferior tribute act to Australian Labor in the 80s. We even copy-and-pasted the Kirribilli agreement into the Granita pact. Except while Tony Blair was weird, mildly unsettling and had a spectacular fall from grace, Bob Hawke was actually a cool real person and people still like him, and while Brown was a complete liability Paul Keating went on to deliver A VICTORY FOR THE TRUE BELIEVERS. Once you actually know this story, all the pretence about doing something new, modern and world-leading goes out the window. We didn't produce a third way or any of the nonsense synthesis of rights and responsibilities New Labour tediously tried to signal they were doing. We produced a massively inferior counterfeit of a product from an ex-colony that still exports things they've dug up out of the ground.

>Now what could it be about Israel that sets it apart for particular vitriol?
You're hinting it's the Jew thing, which misses what it really is.
There was a wonderful article somewhere - I'm too lazy to find it since it's probably long gone - which went on about this. The thing is, Israel isn't important in itself but Israel is tied to everything else. Back the unification of Ireland? You're also pro-palestine. Ulster Unionist? You'll also be flying an Israeli flag then. Blairite? Well, naturally you'll be on Israel's side too. Celtic football club supporter? Palestine. Pepsi? Israel. Cola? Palestine. everything.

It's all heuristic politics. Theoretically there's no reason you couldn't think the Iraq War was legal and good while also being a communist, but if you start defending the Iraq war the immediate - and generally accurate assumption - is that you're of a Blair-y-Cameron-y persuasion. Israel is just the contentious centre point for this. (You could even go further - pro-Iraq war? Israel. Anti? Palestine.) Even if you don't hold these views, why would you make a fuss? If I can get people to back my economic policies by ranting about a land dispute a thousand miles away, why wouldn't I do it?

Every party also has a "Friends of Israel" group. You can easily run this the other way and go "Isn't it suspicious there are so many pro-Israel organisations? HMM almost like they DO have unreasonable influence." (And yeah, that's also bad optics, and yeah, that's also tied into heuristic nonsense. Basically it's a worse hill to die on than the Golan Heights)

>Workers Revolutionary Party, later exposed as a cult and of spying on people on behalf of the aforementioned dictators
hahaha, imagine taking a bunch of trotskyist actors LARPing seriously.
>he hasn't moved on from his level of sixth form student politics.
And you'll be a well adjusted bloke who's moved on from 1997, right?
>> No. 84315 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 1:58 am
84315 spacer
> And you'll be a well adjusted bloke who's moved on from 1997, right?

Not him but Blair is my fucking Nixon and I won't sleep until I see the cunt's corpse burnt in a fucking skip.
>> No. 84316 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 12:58 pm
84316 spacer
Weird hypocrisy to say speculating about Israel's influence is "bad optics" immediately after an extended essay on how literally every political issue is related to it in some way? What, climate change? Pinochet? The Common Agricultural Policy? The Vietnam War? Transgender rights?
>> No. 84317 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 3:28 pm
84317 spacer
None of those issues are actually related. It's just a quick and easy way of getting into a scrap. More likely than Mossad going out and paying people to associate Israel with a chronic inability to realise the 1990s have ended, the connection has evolved organically as people (a) project their own situation onto a foreign conflict, (b) make alliances of convenience, (c) try to attract a wider audience, and so on.
>climate change?
Alright, you've got me. (Although on methods of control, Israel = Market Solutions, Palestine = Ban things.)
Vague apologia oh arresting him is just left revenge fantasy wasn't Allende a bugger: Israel
Under no circumstnaces should he ever have existed Allende should've gone full tankie: Palestine
>The Common Agricultural Policy?
1970s-Early 1980s: Anti = Palestine, Pro = Israel
Now: lol who still talks about the CAP oh no where did all the farms go
>The Vietnam War?
Apologia: Israel
Irrelevant bringing up of haha america got beat: Palestine
>Transgender rights?
tactfully avoiding occasionally TERF-y: Israel
very_strong_opinions: Palestine
>> No. 84318 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 5:40 pm
84318 spacer
I'm not sure what you're trying to do here; you seem to be bringing up the differing opinions of people who live in Israel and Palestine and their supporters, and then concluding that means everything comes back to Israel-Palestine. Isn't it more likely that these are divisions roughly along, oh I don't know, left and right-wing lines?
>> No. 84319 Anonymous
1st June 2018
Friday 7:42 pm
84319 spacer
It seems even trying to skirt the issue, Israel/Palestine remains a hill we're obligated to die on.
My conclusion is that because Israel-Palestine is a shibboleth for so many other positions, Israel receives a disproportionate amount of vitriol (And apologia!)
>left and right-wing lines?
Not quite so neatly. Support for Israel is often a boring centrist/"establishment" position. (And perhaps historically, around oil-crisis-y times, pretending to support the Arabs likewise.)
>> No. 84321 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 3:53 am
84321 spacer
Lads what the fuck is a melt?
>> No. 84322 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 3:59 am
84322 spacer

>> No. 84323 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 1:18 pm
84323 spacer
Was looking for a definition rather than a video of some teenlad mocking people funnier than him for five minutes.
>> No. 84324 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 1:31 pm
84324 spacer

>> No. 84325 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 1:47 pm
84325 spacer
Absolute fucking melt.
>> No. 84327 Anonymous
6th June 2018
Wednesday 2:29 pm
84327 spacer

A melt is a type of closed sandwich with a non-cheese filling, and a layer of cheese on top which is grilled or fried until the cheese melts.
>> No. 84385 Anonymous
19th July 2018
Thursday 7:52 pm
84385 spacer
Why is it anti-semetic to compare Israeli policies on Palestinians as similar to those done by the Nazis?
>> No. 84386 Anonymous
20th July 2018
Friday 6:13 pm
84386 spacer
>British author Howard Jacobson has suggested that comparisons between conditions faced by Palestinians and those of the Warsaw Ghetto are intended "to wound Jews in their recent and most anguished history and to punish them with their own grief" and are a form of Holocaust denial which accepts the reality of Jewish suffering but accuses Jews "of trying to profit from it". "It is as though," he says, "by a reversal of the usual laws of cause and effect, Jewish actions of today prove that Jews had it coming to them yesterday."

Open to debate of course. Not all Jews agree with this.
>> No. 84387 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 11:50 am
84387 spacer

Screenshot_2018-08-01 Gideon Falter ( GideonFalter.png
It's alright, definitely no political bias here, and don't forget any Jews who disagree with this lad aren't really Jews, they're "fringe Jews".

The right wing is killing Corbyn's Labour party for purely political means because they deem his policies unacceptable, and it's nothing to do with the bossman being an "existential threat to Jews". Wall to wall half-truths have completely muddied the waters and now there's carte blanche to call the Labour party anti-semetic.

I'm not voting, ever again, there's no point, the moment a genuine opposition party emerges they're crushed, wholesale, by the media and right wing agitators.
>> No. 84388 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 1:10 pm
84388 spacer
It isn't - but conflating the actions of a state with all jewish people is. It isn't a difficult definition to understand, unless you mean to.
>> No. 84389 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 1:13 pm
84389 spacer
Well what do you know? The whole "the boundaries favour Labour" argument was bollocks after all.


>Recent polls put both Labour and the Conservatives on 38 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent. If those numbers were replicated at a general election based on the new constituency boundaries, the Conservatives would gain 285 seats (43 per cent of the total) to Labour’s 245 (38 per cent). The Lib Dems would win 14 seats.

>Without the changes, the same vote shares would give the Tories 21 seats more than Labour, meaning the boundary changes could double the Conservatives’ advantage over their main opponents.
>> No. 84390 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 1:17 pm
84390 spacer
>but conflating the actions of a state with all jewish people is
That's not what the definition says, and it's not what the people complained about are doing. Indeed, Corbyn is explicitly not doing this.
>> No. 84391 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 2:26 am
20 grand, cheap fucker

>> No. 84392 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 4:13 pm
84392 spacer

It must be awful feeling so guilty for your own existance all the time.
>> No. 84393 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 11:52 pm
84393 spacer

Dear Leader giving remembrance to the sacrifice of Black September brothers
>> No. 84394 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 11:57 pm
84394 spacer
They did.
>> No. 84395 Anonymous
12th August 2018
Sunday 12:49 am
84395 spacer
What is it about Tories and facts that they don't seem to mix too well?
>> No. 84397 Anonymous
12th August 2018
Sunday 1:18 am
84397 spacer

Facts are facts, non partisan, non political

>> No. 84400 Anonymous
12th August 2018
Sunday 2:44 am
84400 spacer


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