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>> No. 61985 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:21 pm
/iq/61985 spacer
According to an industry insider present, the environment secretary was left reeling by a briefing from the Food and Drink Federation that of the 21 ingredients that make up a Mars bar manufactured at their factory in Slough, two imported products go off within a few days.

In the event of no deal, gridlock at the port of Dover would effectively shut down one of the country’s main routes for food imports. The ingredients couldn’t be stockpiled. The experts told Gove the UK’s entire supply of Mars bars would run out within two weeks.

pack your mars bars, lads.

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>> No. 61986 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:27 pm
61986 spacer

If my PHD in chemistry from the university of wikipedia can be trusted, I'm sure they can cook up some alternatives in no time.
>> No. 61987 Ambulancelad
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:32 pm
61987 spacer
I've looked it up and only 19 ingredients are listed in a mars bar. Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Sunflower Oil, Milk Fat, Lactose and Protein from Whey (from Milk), Whey Powder (from Milk), Palm Fat, Fat Reduced Cocoa, Barley Malt Extract, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Salt, Egg White Powder, Milk Protein, Natural Vanilla Extract, Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14% minimum, Milk Chocolate contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.

Good fucking luck sourcing the two top secret unlisted ingredients we can only get from Europe.


>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
/b/364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 422048 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 1:00 pm
422048 spacer
I had a dream that I was at a self service canteen type of restaurant, in the middle of lunch service, and suddenly they closed down the counter with the hot food for no apparent reason by putting a sign over it that said "We're sorry, this counter will be closed for 45 minutes". I was a bit upset that they would do that right in front of my nose, and then I moved down the line a bit and suddenly I slipped on a bit of water on the floor and fell right on my arse. I was furious and demanded to speak to the manager, but then for some reason I woke up.

I will never know what the manager would have said to me as an excuse for the shit way his restaurant was being run.
>> No. 422050 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 2:41 pm
422050 spacer
I dreamed I opened a can of Monster or Relentless or some other energy drink and before even taking a first sip I was thinking it was going to be way too much and I didn't really want the whole thing.
>> No. 422055 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 12:34 am
422055 spacer

I'd fuck Lauren Southern at half a chance just for the kink of shagging a bloke.
>> No. 422060 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:04 pm
422060 spacer

She kind of looks like a young Britney Spears had sex with a member of the Blue Man Group.

I'm sure she gives right-wing reactionaries plenty to spaff over.
>> No. 422061 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:06 pm
422061 spacer
She is cosplaying as Samus Arran from Metroid. Do people not know Samus? I thought she was relatively well known.


>> No. 16485 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 2:14 pm
/news/16485 UK austerity has inflicted 'great misery' on citizens, UN says

The UK government has inflicted “great misery” on its people with “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous” austerity policies driven by a political desire to undertake social re-engineering rather than economic necessity, the United Nations poverty envoy has found.

Philip Alston, the UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, ended a two-week fact-finding mission to the UK with a stinging declaration that levels of child poverty were “not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster”, even though the UK is the world’s fifth largest economy,

About 14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty and 1.5 million are destitute, being unable to afford basic essentials, he said, citing figures from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. He highlighted predictions that child poverty could rise by 7% between 2015 and 2022, possibly up to a rate of 40%.

“It is patently unjust and contrary to British values that so many people are living in poverty,” he said, adding that compassion had been abandoned during almost a decade of austerity policies that had been so profound that key elements of the postwar social contract, devised by William Beveridge more than 70 years ago, had been swept away.
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>> No. 16544 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:40 pm
16544 spacer

Exactly. I do not care if there are vacancies, if they are minimum wage zero hours contracts in London or in the middle of nowhere in Scotland I am not going to go. I would spend more in travel and living expenses than what pitiful wage I would get.
>> No. 16545 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:50 pm
16545 spacer
>There will always be people at the bottom of the scrapheap and it's up to you to ensure you don't end up there; there's no excuses.
See, this tips right back in the other direction. It might be cathartic to say "there's no excuses" to avoid confronting that life is bollocks, but if there's always going to be someone at the bottom of the scrapheap then clearly there is an excuse: It's inevitable. It's baked into the system. "Just be better at competing to not wind up in that position!" leads you to the position we're in now of insecure, unknown hours, low-paid work so that you can be marginally above the very bottom.

Just because you can't point to one individual and blame them doesn't mean it's not the fault of the system we've got at the moment, and the responsibility of those in power to change that system to better meet human needs.
Alternatively, let's say fuck it and go back to organising ourselves like the Romans.

The structural existence of the poor. When you move away from the mathematical definition (which is just an attempt to approximate it), there isn't strictly a need for people to be in relative poverty. You could theoretically have a society in which everyone is able to live around the average standard of living, where nobody's struggling to get by. Once we're saying "He works 30 hours a week and can't afford a holiday to Australia without saving for a year!" rather than "He works 50 hours a week and can't afford a new Freezer!" we'll know we've arrived.

Alternatively, and much less theoretically, the arbitrary and luck-based structure of opportunity. Actually try to give everyone a fair chance and encouragement through some big, integrated, overarching guidance, education and employment system. Make it so that if you work hard and try your best, you really will get ahead, and make people know the avenue is open.

We still have a labour surplus. When everyone learns a trade, who the hell is going to stack the shelves at Tesco? When we've got labour scarcity, Tesco will bid up wages and all will be well - but until then you're pushing on a string. You can't say "Everyone has a chance to do better!" and then build a society dependent on some people not doing any better.
>> No. 16547 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 5:20 pm
16547 spacer

Common scenario:

Somebody wants to hire an employee to do the job of X, which may well require a uni degree and five years of experience. The catch is, when you go there for a job interview as somebody who has the degree in X and five, or any number of years of experience, they will tell you that your (reasonable) salary aspirations are far beyond what they are prepared to pay you, and for the meager pay they want to give you, you are going to have to work 50 to 60 hours. Or if you exceed the criteria mentioned in the ad, they will say you are overqualified for the job in the first place.

It's pretty much standard folklore nowadays that many companies want highly skilled staff at the biggest possible discount. And they will blag you into it any way they can. And now let's talk again about how being poor or at least not earning what you are worth is your own fault for not trying hard enough. To avoid going on the dole, many people will eventually cave in and take up a job like that where the work conditions aren't short of an insult to their education and qualification. Precisely because they are ambitious, they will agre to taking up a shit job in the distant hope that somewhere down the line they will get to make something better of themselves again. And employers are exploiting it.
>> No. 16548 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 6:07 pm
16548 spacer
>It's pretty much standard folklore nowadays that many companies want highly skilled staff at the biggest possible discount.
As a highly skilled individual currently looking for work, I can confirm this. I've had more than one employer come back and say they can't meet my very reasonable salary expectations. Conferring with peers has confirmed that, without exception, said employers were not the sort I'd want to work for. By contrast, those employers that were of the sort I'd want to work for invariably turned me down because they didn't have a vacancy I'd fit into.
>> No. 16549 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 7:02 pm
16549 spacer

And once you've taken the bait and agree to work for much less than you are worth, they will keep telling you that if you put your back into it, you will get a raise in no time at all. But then when the time comes to ask for that raise on account that you've proved yourself as a good employee, they will tell you that the company's current situation doesn't allow it, or any excuse they manage to come up with. And so the cycle continues...


fuck man.jpg
>> No. 422056 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 5:22 pm
/b/422056 spacer
>we have to FUCK people
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>> No. 422057 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 5:31 pm
422057 spacer
U wot m8?
>> No. 422058 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 5:47 pm
422058 spacer
Why do we have to do that?
>> No. 422059 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 6:42 pm
422059 spacer
I've found the video the still's from. It doesn't shed any light.


>> No. 6378 Anonymous
31st October 2018
Wednesday 8:43 pm
/uni/6378 75% crap
I am studying for an HND in networking, Cisco stuff and whatever.

I had to admit that 75% of my course is utter, absolute crap. One of my tutors is extremely serious and professional, he's in charge of all technical subjects. All the others are totally useless, the kind of people that never left academia in their lives and survive by "teaching" things with absolutely no professional value. All that they can do is recite inane Powerpoint slides and write useless assignments that can be done with a Google search. I asked to drop some of the useless subjects and to put some useful course instead, everyone at school looked at me like I was an idiot.

Is that normal? Did I end up in a shit school? I resolved to teach myself something useful, but I am still forced to attend classes of NO FUCKING VALUE. Why?

BTW, I spoke with my course mates. Never seen such a bunch of thick, inbred, useless sheep shaggers in my life. They managed to get an HNC in Networking, but they do not even know how to turn on a goddamn router. At least, I will not have to fear their competition in the workfplace!
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>> No. 6385 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 10:59 am
6385 spacer

>AFAIK recruiters won't even look at your CV unless you have a degree.

Recruiters are scum. Hiring managers for the kind of companies you want to work for are often very interested in self-taught candidates, because they know just how utterly useless a lot of graduates are.


I've seen worse. The quality of teaching at Manchester has become distinctly patchy since the UMIST merger.
>> No. 6386 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 2:20 pm
6386 spacer
I do electronic engineering and we were taught that in first year. I was amazed at how little CS students seem to do; stuff we did in third year about computer architecture far exceeded what they ever did, and stuff we did in first year is third year for them. I can't really fathom what it is they actually do in CS.
>> No. 6387 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 7:32 pm
6387 spacer


Well, I can give you my current understanding and if I'm wrong about anything I'm happy to be corrected.

They're both sections of RAM set aside for program execution that respectively deal with static and dynamic memory. What this means in practice is that the stack is faster and more procedural as the size of all objects is known at compile time and when moving between them the stack pointer is simply incremented or decremented accordingly as LIFO is systemically applied. The heap, as its name suggests, is larger and less structured so generally slower, although the degree to which this manifests is dependant on the processor architecture. In compensation it is more flexible, not only capable of handling larger objects but also ones whose size isn't constant at compile time. For instance, in C++ one cannot create an array with a variable as a size without having to employ pointer syntax that places the array on the heap.

The heap can also be less secure since in languages without garbage collection - again, C++ would be a prime example of this - improper use can lead to memory leakage if objects aren't manually deleted. For programs that handle sensitive information this would be a security issue. Ideally I'd put as much onto the stack as possible for the sake of performance, particularly any computationally costly algorithms while reserving the heap for objects of uncertain size like user inputs.

If there are any glaring mistakes or gaps in my knowlege please let me know. Also why is it so strange for a webpage to be coded in Java? It sounds odd to me since most websites are a mixture of JS, PHP, HTML/CSS and things like Ruby while Java (I think) is generally used for Windows desktop applications but am I missing something else?
>> No. 6388 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:52 pm
6388 spacer


OP again here.

I had a good talk with the tutor, the only teacher that made some sense. I learned something interesting: the good part of the syllabus, the Cisco qualifications and the lab work, are completely optional. Some tutors decide to put those parts in from the kindness of their hearths, not because the department for education tells them so. However, all the useless part of the course are made mandatory by the Pearsons.

So, the government is actively pushing to make the courses as useless as possible. The few colleges that manage to teach useful skills and qualifications are doing it against the will of the gov't.

By the way, if you are in a crappy college you can get a Level 5 networking qualification and not be able to console into a router with a laptop. Now I understand why so many recruiters laugh off people with HND/HNC, many of them have absolutely no marketable skills. Fuck.
>> No. 6389 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 6:37 pm
6389 spacer

You're about 80% there.

Using too much stack is generally a bad idea, as each process (thread) only has so much stack allocated to it. If you allocate huge buffers on the stack and then do some nested function calling you're going to run out of stack space and go boom.

The stack should be used purely for singular variables like integers or pointers.

In C++11+ there is almost no excuse to use the stack for storage.

If you want to store data in a super fast and easy place to be found then you can use the .bss / .data segments of your executable, albeit increasing the size of the eventual program.

Everything that is greater than the size of a pointer on your architecture should probably be stored in the heap. Compiler optimisations and wonderfully architectured heaps such as Windows LFH and things like jemalloc for *nix mean that the old overhead of dlmalloc() is a thing of the part.

tldr - the bottleneck in your code isn't going to be the heap implementation written and tested by probably millions of people.


>> No. 12855 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:06 pm
/nom/12855 spacer
Cooking instructions are maddeningly verbose to me. I just read an article on how to cook rice that somehow stretched to 200 words, when it could have been summarised in "rinse if you want to, cover it with water in a lidded pot and boil it until it's soft".

Are there any decent websites that just tell you, stick X in gredient in Y pan for Z minutes? What's the cooking equivalent of a Hayne's manual?
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>> No. 12856 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:13 pm
12856 spacer
Cooking blogs have to write an entire article about the recipe, as a small list of ingredients and a method alone would tank their search engine prioritisation. Google doesn't seem to like to push 'low effort' webpages, which is what the algorithms see a recipe alone as.

I've never seen one of these sites that doesn't, somewhere on the page, display said simple list of ingredients and a step-by-step list of the method.
>> No. 12857 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 5:33 pm
12857 spacer
Haynes do cookbooks, m8.


>> No. 61970 Crabkiller
17th November 2018
Saturday 12:07 pm
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>> No. 61980 Searchfag
18th November 2018
Sunday 12:17 am
61980 spacer
>> No. 61981 Samefag
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:31 am
61981 spacer
It's start=999.
>> No. 61982 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:43 am
61982 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 61983 YubYub
18th November 2018
Sunday 8:57 am
61983 spacer

>> No. 61984 R4GE
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:59 pm
61984 spacer



Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 00.04.22.png
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14792 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 12:06 am

ID: 4260c9
/shed/14792 dark mode
I installed MacOS Mojave tonight.

We were years ahead of our time lads. Dark mode rules.
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>> ID: 6fe8a3 No. 14799 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 5:11 pm

ID: 6fe8a3
14799 spacer

Picture 7.jpg
Oddly enough, while Classilla renders thje page better, it simply refuses to let me change into Luddite mode, so IE5 wins this round. Annoyingly, OS 9 saves screenshots in the archaic .PICT format, meaning I have to use PhotoShop 7.0 to resave as a jpg and it's all a bit much for this 400MHz CPU.

OS 9 has some really weird paradigms, too. The file system is completely baffling , it doesn't seem to have scroll wheel support, and changing between programs is done by a little button at the top right.
>> ID: 6fe8a3 No. 14800 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 5:18 pm

ID: 6fe8a3
14800 spacer
Turns out that Classilla blocks JavaScript by default and you have to manually allow it on all domains. Explains that, then. Still, we now know that Brian is compatible with Mac OS 9.2.1/IE5.

Also Jesus Christ OS9 is bad at multitasking.
>> ID: a05a00 No. 14801 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 9:39 pm

ID: a05a00
14801 spacer

>All these incompetent, balding, limp-wristed aficionados of "Jobbo's Fisher-Price OS catalogue for housewives; documentation courtesy of Ladybird"

I am disgusted, .gs. Disgusted but not surprised.

Install Arch Linux.
>> ID: 173e15 No. 14802 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 9:47 pm

ID: 173e15
14802 spacer

OS X straddles the line between useful, streamlined gloss and core UNIX functionality. It is, in many ways, the best OS for professionals from lots of different fields.

Their hardware is fucking shit right now, though. Touch Bar my arse.
>> ID: 34f520 No. 14803 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 11:50 am

ID: 34f520
14803 spacer
It's an older shitpost, but it checks out.


giphy (13).gif
>> No. 27747 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 9:12 am
/emo/27747 spacer
I haven't had been in a relationship or had sex for over 2 and a half years.

There's probably lots of things factoring into this. A year and a half of it I was working in a small office, not really interacting with many new people. I also spent immense amounts of time studying, saving money and planning for the future during my free hours. This has paid off, now, but I think there's more to it. There's an underlying issue here.

I know it's not down to my appearance or social skills, because even with this ascetic kind of life I would still occasionally get interest from the odd work colleague or friend-of-a-friend.

I think it's more down to the fact my last two relationships were really traumatic in a way I haven't fully acknowledged. One simply cut off contact without preamble and never gave a reason why. The other cheated during a period of long distance, and let me find out by myself after months of lying.

It's made me extremely reluctant to reach out to people, even if I find them attractive. I'm a sensitive person, anyway, but combined with that rough history I find myself overanalysing the words and actions of others looking for signs that I might get hurt again. Even worse, the more I look at relationships as a whole, the more I realise this kind of thing isn't atypical in the slightest (you could even argue I've got off lightly in terms of baggage). I've started to find how people treat eachother a little disgusting, and even dangerous.

I really value love and close one-to-one relationships. I have a degree of closeness with friends, but there's no physical intimacy at all, nor a sense of really experiencing life "together".

This leaves me with a painful ambivalence that's hard to let go of. I truly want to meet people and believe I have a lot to give, but I am also hyper-cautious and finding myself becoming increasingly critical of people and bitter about what happened -- making it very unlikely I'll ever get past those tricky first hurdles with any new person.

I've been telling myself that I've just been focusing on myself and my career. I have had plenty of success there. But that's not the reason I've remained single.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 27755 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 3:58 pm
27755 spacer

How old were you in 2001?
>> No. 27756 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 10:07 pm
27756 spacer

I realise you might not be able to reply yet but I'll wait for an answer. What part of revealing in your misery do you think is positive? There is nothing to beneficial to being long suffering and it isn't a contest. Please don't take what I just said the wrong way. I want you to be happier and more satisfied with life, but you aren't doing yourself any favours by sneering at others, you can't get out of a hole by digging yourself deeper into it and trying to pull down others who are trying to get out. If you want help I'm sure we are happy to listen and be constructive, but don't just shit on others.
>> No. 27757 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 10:16 pm
27757 spacer
It reads like complaining about only having a few million in the bank.
>> No. 27758 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 12:21 am
27758 spacer

Does it? Or are you irrationally embittered? If I brake my toe and fucking hurts the fact you lost your leg in a car accident years before doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be in pain and mention that I am. If i lose my child you shouldn't be telling me a hundred children starved to death in Bangladesh so i can't complain.

What you are doing is a form of narcissism. You are thinking only of how things apply directly to you. But paradoxically you You don't look to your achievements you look to how much you have suffered. No one is allowed to suffer unless they have it worse then you. You despise sympathy others receive because you are envious of it. You feel you deserve that sympathy but no one is giving it to you. None of this is constructive to helping you feel better. No one can actually help you if you wallow in your misery. At the moment you are just forcing yourself lower.

If you want help ask for it. Don't just be bitter because someone else did and they got it.
>> No. 27759 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 3:40 am
27759 spacer



Kim II.jpg
>> No. 4722 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:22 pm
/fat/4722 spacer
Any of you lads have or have had travel sickness and beat it?

I'm starting a job in January that is further than my current and I'd want to use that time on public transport doing something useful like reading. The problem is I can go about 1 minute of reading while moving before I feel dizzy and get a headache. I'm fairly certain it would then evolve into a migraine.

Looking out the window will get fairly boring.
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>> No. 4726 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:48 pm
4726 spacer
A few practical suggestions spring to mind. If you need glasses, wear them. Similarly, books with larger and easier to read print are likely to be less aggravating. Experiment with facing different directions and places on the vehicle and see what works best for you. If you don't want to take medication, I've found ginger really helps as an antiemetic.

The nausea, in my experience, is actually caused by trying to hold the book too steady. Your inner ear feels your body moving, but you're focused on a book you're doing your best to hold still. It's these mixed signals that make you feel sick. Personally I relax my hands and arms so the book moves along with any bumps or swaying.
>> No. 4727 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:48 pm
4727 spacer
It might come down to that, I do like owning physical books though which is why I'd rather read.
I'll have to try this.
>> No. 4728 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 6:54 pm
4728 spacer
I got over it just through repeated exposure. When I started taking flying lessons I would get it quite badly, but by the time I got my licence it was no longer an issue.

It would be unpleasant to put yourself through it, but you could find that by just forcing yourself to do it every day (stopping well before you actually vomit of course) could get your body used to the sensation.
>> No. 4729 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 8:06 pm
4729 spacer
The missus combats this by sort of leaning her head towards the window, so the movement outside is still in her periphery while she's reading. In my mind that seems like it'd make you feel worse, but it works for her. She's a bit odd though.
>> No. 4730 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:38 am
4730 spacer



>> No. 16184 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 1:09 am
/news/16184 spacer
Manchester Evening News: Aldi refused to sell alcohol to this 66-year-old because his 26-year-old daughter was with him.

"I wanted to take this up because of the offence caused to my daughter. I'm not bothered about me, but I'm fuming about what they did to her.

"What I want from the is a public apology and for them to review their policy.

"I'd also like them to give my daughter a £50 gift token or something like it, to say sorry."
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>> No. 16262 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 4:48 pm
16262 spacer
> Your post reeks of unstable paranoia.
I thought it reeked of cunt-off-instigator.
>> No. 16263 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 5:04 pm
16263 spacer
>Did you have a nice Thursday?

I spent it bickering over whether one of the blokes from Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! should have been served at Aldi with a bunch of strangers on Britain's number five forum for shed enthusiasts.
>> No. 16264 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 6:48 pm
16264 spacer

Oh fuck, I've been had haven't I?

Trolled 2 tears, fair play.
>> No. 16271 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 12:11 pm
16271 spacer


>> No. 16519 Anonymous
18th November 2018
Sunday 1:09 am
16519 spacer


>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
/news/15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 16458 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 2:11 pm
16458 spacer

What about the white boys who quite like rap and electronic music?
>> No. 16459 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 3:01 pm
16459 spacer

That describes myself, and I'm weird as fuck, but I like to think I get away with it.
>> No. 16460 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 6:03 pm
16460 spacer
They'll catch a jpeg to the head!
>> No. 16510 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 11:10 pm
16510 spacer

>> No. 16513 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 11:40 pm
16513 spacer


>> No. 61975 Paedofag
17th November 2018
Saturday 7:12 pm
/iq/61975 spacer
I told you all it was a good idea but did anyone listen, no.
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>> No. 61976 YubYub
17th November 2018
Saturday 10:51 pm
61976 spacer



>> No. 11345 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 2:51 am
/beat/11345 Late 90s or early 2000s house/electronic thread
which is nostalgic if you didn't even necessarily like the track at the time.
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>> No. 11387 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 10:04 am
11387 spacer
>> No. 11389 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 5:09 pm
11389 spacer
>> No. 11390 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 2:11 pm
11390 spacer
>> No. 11391 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 3:37 pm
11391 spacer
>> No. 11392 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 5:54 pm
11392 spacer


>> No. 22530 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 1:31 pm
/e/22530 spacer
Are any of you multiplayer lads still knocking about? I was thinking recently about that stint we all played Warsaw, that was nice.
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>> No. 22531 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 2:54 pm
22531 spacer
I have fond memories of the Minecraft server.
>> No. 22532 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 3:06 pm
22532 spacer

I ran the first one we had, I enjoyed that too. I was going to mention it but I thought people would't be into that sort of thing anymore.
>> No. 22533 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 3:40 pm
22533 spacer
Minecraft or human interaction? I have minecraft on PC, haven't played it in ages. I've been playing Warframe a bit though, it's a decent multiplayer game.

What would you all have in mind to spunk some time on?


>> No. 420674 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 5:39 pm
/b/420674 spacer
Weekend thread: low sun being a cunt edition.
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>> No. 422043 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 10:01 am
422043 spacer

Bring water wings.
>> No. 422044 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 11:30 am
422044 spacer
Amazon sent me a motorcycle lift instead of a set of dumbells and weights. I'm probably just going to flog it on eBay rather than complain seeing as it retails at about a tenner more than the weights would have.
>> No. 422045 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 12:06 pm
422045 spacer
Remember that eBay take 10% of whatever you sell your thing for, and you probably aren't likely to get retail value for it. That'll probably wipe out that extra tenner.
>> No. 422046 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 12:25 pm
422046 spacer
That did occur to me, but then I checked the tracking on my weights and it says they haven't even been delivered, so now I don't know what to make of it.
>> No. 422049 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 1:16 pm
422049 spacer

I ordered one USB A to B cable when I was at uni, and Amazon sent me a box of 100. They didn't seem to notice so I started selling them on eBay, made about six hundred quid, cheers Jeff.


>> No. 59246 YubYub
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
/iq/59246 spacer
>A homeless man who stole a purse and a phone from victims of the Manchester Arena attack has admitted theft.

>Chris Parker, 33, was initially dubbed a hero after claiming he comforted a seriously injured girl. CCTV footage played to Manchester Crown Court showed him wandering between stricken victims. He kept returning to injured Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter lay dying nearby, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to steal her purse.

I don't get why bleeding heart do-gooders bleat on about the homeless. They're all scratters who are on the streets through choice, usually because they choose not to stay in a hostel as they know they wouldn't be allowed to do drugs there.
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>> No. 61965 Crabkiller
16th November 2018
Friday 5:15 am
61965 spacer

but it helps!
>> No. 61966 R4GE
16th November 2018
Friday 7:10 pm
61966 spacer

I don't. Maybe if your knee stopped jerking you'd actually be able to read well enough to comprehend what I said.
>> No. 61967 Are Moaty
16th November 2018
Friday 7:57 pm
61967 spacer
A cunt-off and spite?

A great night!
>> No. 61968 Moralfag
17th November 2018
Saturday 9:32 am
61968 spacer
Why don't tramps go and join hippy communes?
>> No. 61969 Ambulancelad
17th November 2018
Saturday 11:40 am
61969 spacer
Because it's not 1972 anymore.


>> No. 83382 Anonymous
27th August 2017
Sunday 9:19 am
/pol/83382 spacer
Beleagured Theresa May 'to quit as Prime Minister on August 30, 2019 in a bid to stop a leadership challenge' - as she tries to calm rivals with a prosecco party at Chequers

Theresa May is said to have revealed the date she will quit as Prime Minister - giving herself two years to see Brexit through first.

She has chosen Friday August 30th 2019 as the day she will step down from 10 Downing Street, it has been reported.

It comes amid a major charm offensive by Mrs May in a bid to win the support of her MPs and avoid an awkward leadership challenge.

This man is going to become Prime Minister on 1st September 2019 and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 84540 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 8:48 pm
84540 spacer
Because her civil servants couldn't give her decent information about the shit that happened on May's watch in the Home Office.
>> No. 84541 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 12:02 am
84541 spacer
Yeah how dare anyone suggest what happened was her fault.
>> No. 84542 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 12:19 am
84542 spacer
Brexit aside, I've properly got the horn for Penny Mordaunt.
>> No. 84543 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 8:43 am
84543 spacer

She looks like she's into pegging.
>> No. 84544 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 8:55 am
84544 spacer



>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
/g/25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 26811 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 2:33 pm
26811 spacer
Hello again lads. I still haven't bought a new bastard laptop and have been struggling along with the X100e. It's unusably slow.

At some point I intend to drop £300 - £400 on a decent one. The other ThinkPads looked great, but I've also been tempted away by the IdeaPad.

That aside, is there anything I can do to make the x100e perform better until I'm sure I can spunk the money? It's crippled with running a few tabs with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 at the moment. Any recommendations?
>> No. 26812 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 2:40 pm
26812 spacer
Install an SSD, if it doesn't already have one.
Install more RAM, if it's not already maxed out.
Install a lightweight Linux distribution if you swing that way, such as Xubuntu.

If you want to stick with Windows, try disabling all graphical effects and the like.
>> No. 26813 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 3:04 pm
26813 spacer

As said, an SSD is a huge performance boost in older machines. You can also try to blast out any dust that might (definitely will) be caking the cooling fans and vents, as if it's running hot enough the CPU might be thermal throttling too, I've seen that happen a lot.
>> No. 26814 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 4:59 pm
26814 spacer

It probably isn't worth upgrading. The x100e has a feeble single-core Athlon Neo processor with a PassMark score of 409. It was piss-poor in 2010 and it's utterly unusable today. By comparison, the slowest processor in Intel's current desktop lineup has a Passmark score of 3,269 and an i7-7700k scores over 12,000. No matter what you do, it's grossly bottlenecked by that dog of a processor.

You don't need to spend £300 to get something vastly quicker than your current machine. A Thinkpad X220 will set you back about £120; the default processor in that machine is an i5-2520M, which has a Passmark score of 3,588. The very cheapest Chromebook would be a significant upgrade, as would any old laptop with an Intel Core-series processor.

A lightweight Linux distribution might help a bit. If you're not using an adblocker, for the love of god install uBlock Origin - ads and ad trackers have a huge CPU load. Firefox Reader Mode is very useful on slow machines, because it strips out all of the CSS and Javascript.
>> No. 26815 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 8:09 pm
26815 spacer
Excellent advice. SSD and RAM is always the way to rescue a slow, old computer.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
3234 posts and 111 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 12718 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 6:43 pm
12718 spacer
These are the people who watch Love Island.
>> No. 12719 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 7:04 pm
12719 spacer
I don't know if it's because I was too young to be fully aware of this beforehand, but it seems that ever since Jade Goody went on Big Brother people revel in their ignorance and boast about how they don't know things as if it's something to be proud of.
>> No. 12720 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 7:46 pm
12720 spacer

Funny how far not being a knob will get you in the workplace.

We've one woman at our place who insists that when she leaves she doesn't want a collection or a do. She says she doesn't want a fuss. The reality of it is she knows no fucker would come out for it because she's a horrible cunt, and doesn't want the embarrassment.
>> No. 12721 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 10:28 pm
12721 spacer
Every supervisor in retail is the same.
Whenever they go for their training they get a lobotomy and lose their common sense.
>> No. 12722 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 7:19 pm
12722 spacer
Some people genuinely don't like a fuss being made and would rather keep themselves to themselves. I worked with someone who was fairly quiet and private who lived next to a canal so we all joked was the pusher and he didn't like attention on him. We managed to convince him to go to a nearby pub for lunch on his last day, just a few of us, and he was chuffed with his send off in the end.


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