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>> No. 417684 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 1:51 am
/b/417684 Fellas
Now then chaps, I'd like to thank every single one of you for being who you are, and for always making sure no fucker gets left out. I was a poster 4 years ago, now lurker. We've got a good community here! Keep it up!
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>> No. 417685 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 6:05 am
417685 spacer
Did you mean to post in the guilty would thread?


>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
/101/25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 26953 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 10:55 pm
26953 spacer
I found a chinese that are consistent, but they are cash only so I always have to collect it and I've drove pissed to get cash and collect it before rather than order from Just Eat.

Even if they're good, there is always a catch.
>> No. 26954 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:16 pm
26954 spacer
Apparently it's a thing where a couple expecting a baby invite friends and family round and they pop a balloon with either blue or pink confetti inside to let everyone know whether it's a boy or girl.
>> No. 26955 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:20 pm
26955 spacer
Yeah, that's a 'gender reveal party'. Pretty embarassing stuff, and also something I hope will go away as quickly as I became aware of them, thanks to the post-gender social justice movement taking the piss out of them.
>> No. 26956 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:56 pm
26956 spacer

It's funny how I seem to live on a different planet to the human race I keep reading about on the internet. These hypothetical people have "baby showers" and babysit for one another.

In my circle of friends, when somebody announces they're expecting a kid, we stop inviting them out and never visit them again, so that they may not remind us of our increasingly unacceptable late 20s adolescence.
>> No. 26957 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 1:53 am
26957 spacer

That sounds like being glad that you have a brain tumour because it will distract you from worrying about your broken leg.


>> No. 417642 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 9:46 pm
/b/417642 spacer
A cold war nuclear bunker in the remote Scottish countryside is on the market for just £20,000. John Letham is selling the bunker, which was built in 1962, in it's original condition after plans to renovate it fell through.

The 54-year-old bought the bunker in Traquair, Scottish Borders, 'on a whim' in 2003 and had hoped to possibly convert it into a holiday home. But after moving to the Philippines, Mr Letham, who is an art and antique dealer, decided to sell the underground relic and the 2,500 square feet of land surrounding it.

Come on, lads. If everyone chips in we can afford our very own nuclear bunker.
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>> No. 417677 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 6:43 pm
417677 spacer
>Might as well get Private Eye too when you're there.

I'm the lad who had a Private Eye subscription but let it lapse because they were printing them faster than I was reading them.
>> No. 417678 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 7:27 pm
417678 spacer
I thought the drunk bakers were supposed to be worth the subs alone?
>> No. 417679 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:53 pm
417679 spacer

Between Viz and Private Eye that was basically my printed reading material for years.


All I have to do is try to bake a cake then look in the mirror.
>> No. 417680 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 10:34 pm
417680 spacer

The author of Drunken Bakers has just written a book, if anyone's interested:
>> No. 417683 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 1:22 am
417683 spacer

It pisses me off no end when a newly published book has no Kindle option, or (presumably) any digital download option at all. For all the love I have for paper books I simply can't be doing with lugging several hundred kilos of dead trees around with me; the really rare books - the rare first editions, the signed, the single editions, are all looked after safely but if I'm forced into buying an actual printed book then I usually find myself giving it to a charity shop the next time I move on and then pining for the fucker some time later.

Sage for any nothing of any consequence at all.


>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
/b/364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 416953 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:28 pm
416953 spacer

I'm by no stretch of the imagination more than a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale Ok maybe a 2 on really good MDMA. but have been obsessed with Polari for years. I watched a good documentary about a radio comedy called "Julian and Sandy" which caused quite the furore in certain circles at the time.
>> No. 416954 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:47 pm
416954 spacer

I enjoyed your second dream, made me chuckle.
>> No. 417107 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 3:21 am
417107 spacer
Just woke up from a dream where the missus and I apparently had two kids, one was about four and the other seven. We'd just moved into a new house and we were all mucking about in the way that young families do. I felt indescribably happy and I honestly think I woke up because my conscious mind thought I had died or something. I'm feeling very odd about the whole thing, considering neither I nor the missus want kids at all. I've never felt so strongly in a dream though, or possibly in real life even. I'm rather shaken.

Maybe my biological clock has finally started ticking. Urgh.
>> No. 417670 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:30 am
417670 spacer
Peggy Mitchell was having a conversation with Rita from Coronation Street, bemoaning the death of the high street and how people shop differently these days. Peggy told Rita she could close her shop early that day.

I'd been busy rimming my friend's mum in her living room after I propositioned her during a lift home, but I spoiled it when I anally fisted her as she got really mad that it would make all of her organs fall out. I then went to do a shift in a restaurant and everyone was about to leave because Peggy Mitchell told them they should close early so I had to remind them that we had a table booked for later. I then had to be a waiter to one person in an otherwise dead restaurant.
>> No. 417682 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 12:49 am
417682 spacer
I really enjoy the level of depravity that your subconscious mind ventured off to. Are you Clive?


>> No. 416056 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:05 am
/b/416056 spacer
New weekend thread? New weekend thread.

How's it going, ladmates?
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>> No. 417621 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 3:55 pm
417621 spacer
> I reckon most apps will ask for your Facebook login as it's a quick way to populate your profile with pictures and interests

There are still some apps (Happn for example) that still rely entirely on Facebook as their method of ID/auth, although I think that this will change if the Facebook exodus continues.

Regardless, as pointed out by another lad, asking for a phone number is a much more reliable method of ensuring your identity in any case.
>> No. 417655 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 11:57 am
417655 spacer
My town's Gala day is today and I haven't heard a single flute band, Scotland is changing.

I'll miss the famine song being unashamedly blasted from the hall at the end of my street at 8am, I will, honest, but it's probably for the best.
>> No. 417656 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 5:39 pm
417656 spacer
Weekend of stress, waiting for a tenancy application to be approved, so the bank holiday means an extra day of waiting.
>> No. 417664 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 8:06 pm
417664 spacer
I just had a shitty experience with an application too.
Turns out the agency has a policy of taking multiple applications before choosing a tenant. It started with a phonecall after I viewed the property saying "we've just took another application so get here quick". I should have just said no at that point but I really wanted this house. Next I had to sign waivers giving them permission to give my details to virgin media, and to a company that would act as a middle-man signing me up to the utilities when I moved in. Again I should really have said no. Then I was told that my application was successful but I had to move in on the 31st or earlier (2 weeks away at that point.) So I drew the line there and said 2nd week of June or never. So they gave the tenancy to someone else instead.
>> No. 417681 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 11:48 pm
417681 spacer

Fucking dog downstairs was howling again the whole evening. That dog is a real nuisance. My neighbours downstairs in the flat, an early middle aged couple, both work shifts at the nearby factory here. So when they work late shift, that dog doesn't know what to do with itself and just howls at the door from the inside all evening, which then travels up the entire stairwell in the building.

I'm not aware that they work weekends also, so I guess tonight they just went somewhere without the dog.

That dog kind of strikes me as a bit thick everytime I run into my neighbours. I don't know, it just seems like it's not really "with it". Maybe there is such a thing as retarded dogs. My uncle's German Shepherd was one of the smartest animals I've ever known, but this dog (a poodle) somehow just comes off a little dim. Hard to really give you examples... it just does.


>> No. 26482 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 12:31 am
/g/26482 Replacing my WRT54G
I found a WRT54G in a skip about a decade ago, dried it out, installed Tomato on it and it's been working ever since. It still works just fine as a WiFi access point for my internet connection, but it's starting to fall flat for my in-house needs. The 1000Mbit LAN ports don't cut it anymore and same-network WiFi connections are lagging behind what's possible on even the cheapest devices out there now.

There are plenty of suggestions on them there interwebs, but I'm curious: do you lot have any suggestions or hands-on experience with more modern Open/DD-WRT-alike compatible WiFi routers?
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>> No. 26496 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 7:42 am
26496 spacer
Are other consumer routers similarly vulnerable? Is there a router that isn't leaky like a sieve?
>> No. 26498 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 7:11 pm
26498 spacer
> Are other consumer routers similarly vulnerable?
Yes. Both home/small business and corporate.

>Is there a router that isn't leaky like a sieve?
For home or small business use you want OpenBSD with PF and a copy of or something very much like it.

Most corporate risk analyses assume that the network is compromised and work on segregating data, incident response, and "need to know" policies. In other words I wouldn't trust a Cisco more than a Juniper more than I would MS Word 2007 - they're all heaps of shit to begin with before we even start talking about bugdoors.
>> No. 26569 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:08 pm
26569 spacer
> For home or small business use you want OpenBSD

Running on what? Look for something small, fanless and entirely libre and OpenBSD compatible and options quickly shrink.
>> No. 26570 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:50 pm
26570 spacer

Can't you just throw OpenBSD on a rpi and be done with it? What do you need "libre" anything for? Everything you want in a routing / firewalling setup comes pretty much out of the box.

Of course if OpenBSD never got around to doing an ARM port just ignore my ignorance and try buggering around with iptables on a locked down Linux instead.
>> No. 26571 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:51 pm
26571 spacer
You can get loads of PFsense boxes on ebay.


>> No. 26574 Anonymous
2nd May 2018
Wednesday 7:09 am
/emo/26574 The shit lottery of life
Lads I feel really really hard done by and really fucked up in the head. I mean seriously, my mental health is really becoming affected. When i say becoming affected i suppose i should say more and more affected as time goes by.

Last year I met this girl who whilst very attractive i never gave her a second thought. Then one night i ended up paying a visit to her out of boredom and having nothing else to do. So it turned out that we had loads in common and we chatted away for the night ended up kissing etc and telling her i really fancied her. It turned out that she felt the same too and we were inseparable and lived together for six months of living together.

After the pair of us had just explained to each other that we both felt the same way circumstances beyond our control meant that we could no longer live together and we were to be apart. As if that wasnt bad enough we live close in proximity but if we want to be together we have to get a hotel room but these meetings are few and far between due to the cost. We sometimes meet in the street but its not enough.

Thats the basic background but what is really fucking my head up is the fact that there is not one minute of any single day where she is not on my mind. Most frustrating is at night time in bed. I just think of her constantly, it just goes round and around in my head. I thought it would get easier with time but its just gotten worse and worse. And when it does start to ease thats when we end up having another liaison and the cycle starts anew.

Im not a young man so i find it hard to deal with this heartache as ive never felt like this for anyone before. Im so in love with her its untrue. Also very soul destroying is the fact that she loves me too and its just utter bullshit circumstance that is causing the problem and the only solution is going to a while til it arrives.

How do i deal with these intense feelings and the issue of being separated from someone i love so much when we are so well suited and feel the same? Last time were at the hotel obviously i enjoyes the sex but by far the best thing really was laying watching tv and kissing and cuďling and breathing in the smell of her hair whilst stroking her back.

Jesus i know i must sound like such a soppy cunt and i wish i could switch these feelings off but with this girl i feel like i could very happily just spend all of my time with her and i together in a room enjoying each others company.

Is dont know what to expect in reply but i really needed to get this off of my chest as its really eating away at me. I just cant keep it out of my mind for a single moment and ive even had thoughts about ending it all if things dont eventually work out. I really do fear what i may do if it were to all go wrong and that it was final that no workable solution will ever reachable.
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>> No. 26695 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 1:47 pm
26695 spacer

Can you be trusted about tying your own shoelaces when you cannot understand what an example is?
>> No. 26696 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:04 pm
26696 spacer

You keep posting shitty meme pictures though, so I'm pretty sure it was your fault that the relationship ended. People who like normie memes are doomed to die alone, that's a God damn fact.
>> No. 26698 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 4:08 pm
26698 spacer

If my experience on POF and Tinder has taught me anything, "normie memes" are the lifehack for getting into millennial girl's pants. One minute you're sending them doggos and the next minute they want to sit on your face.
>> No. 26699 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 7:51 pm
26699 spacer
I just searched "normie memes" and Google synonymised it with "harambe".
>> No. 26700 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:49 pm
26700 spacer

This made me laugh far more than it should.


>> No. 8301 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 10:44 pm
/spo/8301 spacer
Agent Ramos, return to base.

Mission accomplished.
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>> No. 8312 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 2:54 pm
8312 spacer
You say you only know what your own team is up to, and then you go on to say you know what a load of other teams are up to. I think you're being disingenuous. I know what 'supporting a football team' and it isn't what I'm talking about.
>> No. 8313 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 3:40 pm
8313 spacer

I never said I only know what my team is up to, I said I only care about what my team is up to.
>> No. 8314 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 4:44 pm
8314 spacer
Nope. I shitpost on the Grauniad, but rarely on the football pages.
>> No. 8315 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 8:35 pm
8315 spacer
If you want to know why people don't like Ronaldo then watch his reaction to Bale's second goal. He's visibly annoyed the ball didn't rebound out so he could tap it in and that Bale would be the one grabbing all the headlines.
>> No. 8316 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 9:33 pm
8316 spacer


People who are very severely depressed tend not to kill themselves, because they just don't have the energy. The most dangerous time is when they've just started to recover. They still feel that life isn't worth living, but now they've got the will to actually do something about it.

That's what being a Sunderland supporter is like. I can take the despair - it's the hope I can't stand.

Stewart Donald had better not fuck it up.


DeE-n-ZWAAALzAW.jpg large.jpg
>> No. 60723 Crabkiller
26th May 2018
Saturday 8:22 am
/iq/60723 spacer
Britain's finished, lads.
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>> No. 60731 Anonymous
27th May 2018
Sunday 1:09 pm
60731 spacer

This is one of my workplace gripes, people will spend all day dicking around having pointless conversations whilst you sit working but god forbid you leave 20 minutes early (20 minutes you made up for whilst they were fucking about with the coffee machine and talking about where they're taking their kids for the weekend) and you get 'HURRR HALF DAY IS IT??'
>> No. 60732 YubYub
27th May 2018
Sunday 1:15 pm
60732 spacer
Contributing to making a workplace pleasant if not enjoyable for your coworkers is 10% of any job.
>> No. 60733 Are Moaty
27th May 2018
Sunday 1:23 pm
60733 spacer

The false assumption there is that standing around gabbing makes the office a more pleasant place for everyone. Or that socialising is always a positive thing (gossiping and bitching are also social activities).

Poster >>60731 is bang on the money, people can coast once they've become a part of the social fabric of a workplace, regardless of whether their influence is positive, benign, or utterly toxic.
>> No. 60734 Are Moaty
27th May 2018
Sunday 4:24 pm
60734 spacer

I completely agree and am not 100% innocent of it myself, but there's a difference between a casual laugh and taking an interest and the people who spend 5 hours pressing their coffee or waiting for somebody to make a mistake so they can gossip.

It's doubly (is doubly a word? I'll take the risk) annoying when they then seem annoyed that you don't stay until half 5.

I only drink water and it takes me about 20 seconds to fill my flask 4-5 times a day, yet people going for a tea break take about 5 minutes, that's like 25 mins of time there alone.

I'm not bothered, I'm not one of these people that tracks everybody coming and going and gets incensed about it because I don't really care, but I do care when people seem mad that i leave early despite me getting there 30 mins before them and not spending half of my time messing about.

Whilst we're at it, people who seem to think every meeting needs a meeting about a meeting about a meeting about a meeting. Not everything needs a meeting and some people enjoy sitting in meetings just talking inane points of contention that don't actually matter, but somehow suck everybody in like a bad troll in a good thread here.
>> No. 60735 Searchfag
27th May 2018
Sunday 4:53 pm
60735 spacer

We've got a full thread wherein your specific woes have been outlined three or four times already.

I work for the NHS (non-clinical) so time wasting is seen as something of a perk of the job. Everyone mutually turns a blind eye to everyone else's utter disregard for the concept of time keeping, but you always get that one bad egg who thinks they do more work than everyone else and know the job better than anyone else and never shuts the fuck up about it, when in reality we'd all be better off without them.

I think this sort of thing is universal, except possibly in germany.


>> No. 13168 Anonymous
12th August 2017
Saturday 8:38 pm
/news/13168 spacer
Violent clashes have erupted between white nationalists attending a far-right march and counter-protesters in the US state of Virginia.

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>> No. 15492 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 3:38 pm
15492 spacer

*per half
>> No. 15493 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 4:08 pm
15493 spacer
The objectives are at each end of the pitch, not at the sides.
>> No. 15494 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 4:35 pm
15494 spacer

Right, but it's still ground to cover, and you were the one who brought up the the size of the pitch to suggest that football players aren't fit.
>> No. 15495 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 5:08 pm
15495 spacer
No they play the match with the ground covers off.
>> No. 15496 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 5:30 pm
15496 spacer


>> No. 411972 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 5:14 pm
/b/411972 spacer
Alright, lads.

How's it going?
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>> No. 417639 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:42 pm
417639 spacer
I'm very happy to hear you've been experiencing a confidence boost but really mate, do not shag anyone you plan to still be working with 6 months down the line. Don't shit where you eat and all that.
>> No. 417640 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 8:10 pm
417640 spacer
I want to set fire to a van and smash someone in the face with a brick every time I leave the house. I'm such a prick.
>> No. 417641 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 8:26 pm
417641 spacer
>The girl at work can't keep fighting off dinner invites from other people too, which makes me all the more flattered when she joins me to listen to me talk shit.

There's a reason she's letting you know all about the other lads interested in her. She wants you in her clopper.
>> No. 417649 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 11:16 pm
417649 spacer
Fuck. I just spent almost ten minutes putting 500 cotton swabs neatly back in their box which I dropped on the bathroom floor. I was going to just throw them back in the box indiscriminately, but this being a brand new box, they just didn't fit in it that way. Instead, I had to replace them neatly, a few at a time. Fucking annoying.
>> No. 417652 Anonymous
26th May 2018
Saturday 2:27 am
417652 spacer
I had the strangest drunk experience last night. I had about 6 pints, alone, which is usually enough to make me a bit of a state, but I didn't even feel physically drunk.

Just absolute, crushing despair; past the point of crying even, just grim acceptance that whatever happens, I'll still be me and I can't escape that. I don't know what happened but I usually drink to escape those thoughts, not amplify them to deafening levels.

Ah well, I'll be drinking all day at a event tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12534 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 6:46 pm
12534 spacer
Cineworld has changed their partner restaurants for Unlimited subscribers, so now I can't get 25% off F&B and Pizza Hut any more and they're changing it to 6 restaurants that don't exist in my town. However, Nandos apparently honour it despite not being officially affiliated so I'll probably start eating there and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
>> No. 12535 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:02 pm
12535 spacer

Nandos is certainly a lot better than Frankie and Benny's.

Haven't ever had Pizza Hut so I can't comment on that, but even a shite pizza is pretty good so perhaps that's a shame.
>> No. 12536 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:24 pm
12536 spacer
Pizza Hut have a free salad bar, so you can fill up on salad and ask for your pizza to be boxed up. Two meals for the price of one.
>> No. 12537 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 10:49 pm
12537 spacer
Pizza Hut has an obnoxious menu, but the free salad bar and the topping selections makes up for it. The Vegi Hot One with chicken is a cracking pizza.

F&B wont be to much of a loss, I suppose. I'll give Nandos a try.
>> No. 12538 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 11:10 pm
12538 spacer

As grim as Nandos is as a venue, there's really nothing wrong with chicken and rice, it's a solid meal for sure.


>> No. 26548 Anonymous
19th May 2018
Saturday 1:10 am
/g/26548 spacer
Anyone fucking around with GDPR?

I've just found out that it will change the cookie law to require explicit consent. I've already come across one website that has thrown up a splash page to harvest my consent before it redirects to the page I actually want.

I don't care about cookies, but the problem here is that I have to enable scripts before I can click the button and visit the page I actually want. So if that gets rolled out across all websites it will defeat the point of me browsing without scripts in the first place. Grrrrr.
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>> No. 26564 Anonymous
24th May 2018
Thursday 3:11 pm
26564 spacer
You say what they are doing "works every time", and you've illustrated it with an image suggesting they are 'shooting themselves in the foot'.

Well which is it?
>> No. 26565 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 12:36 am
26565 spacer
Very happy we are finally here with it.
>> No. 26566 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 4:46 pm
26566 spacer
I've managed to get a handful of GDPR emails from sites I've never used, so now I can see where people have used my details or which idiots don't know their own email addresses.
>> No. 26567 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 5:44 pm
26567 spacer

There's an american bloke who has the same name as me, and it seems his email must have an underscore or a dot in it somewhere but is otherwise identical to mine, so I keep getting emails about the warranty expiring on his Buick and the occasional forward from his family when people type it wrong.
>> No. 26568 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:26 pm
26568 spacer
I think it is gmail which ignores the dots - have seen the same.


>> No. 60720 Are Moaty
25th May 2018
Friday 5:53 pm
/iq/60720 spacer

Hook tube for those that don't want to give RT the clicks:

Boris rumbled them pretty quickly, after 18 minutes...
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>> No. 60721 Searchfag
25th May 2018
Friday 7:20 pm
60721 spacer
Interesting that they say he was "the first time we spoke to someone who is not an idiot".

Boris must be the only politician who comports himself in private better than he does in public.
>> No. 60722 Samefag
25th May 2018
Friday 7:24 pm
60722 spacer
It is a shocking lapse in security.


>> No. 2203 Anonymous
22nd October 2009
Thursday 9:06 am
/com/2203 spacer
Clarissa is brilliant.
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>> No. 2591 Anonymous
26th December 2009
Saturday 11:41 pm
2591 spacer
Quite interesting, yeah, but how much can you make of a sexually abused girl as basis for a series of comics?

Reading these things one after the other it just becomes a bit grim; I don't really see what the author is trying to acheive.
>> No. 2592 Anonymous
27th December 2009
Sunday 7:28 pm
2592 spacer
It isn't an actual series though, it's just a small part of Deep Fried.
>> No. 21142 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 12:49 am
21142 spacer
>> No. 21435 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 2:55 pm
21435 spacer
Well now I feel sad.
>> No. 21436 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 3:37 pm
21436 spacer
Never trust a soft toy.


>> No. 26673 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 1:58 pm
/emo/26673 My mind is slipping away
I am becoming crazy /emo, and I cannot get any help.

I had spent two weeks in the ICU after surgery and a lung infection. I immediately noticed a cognitive decline and memory problems, but the doctors either ignored me or told me to just wait it out. Now it has been almost two years, and it is just getting worse. Short term memory is completely fucked, sometimes I just walk into a room and flatly out forget what the fuck I was going to do. I cannot remember anything for the life of me, and often the memories are distorted. I cannot trust myself anymore, all my memories are unreliable. It's a nightmare, a fucking nightmare. I tried rereading books or movies that I used to enjoy, now they feel like nuclear rocket surgery.

I tried asking for help to the NHS, no goddamn way. The CT brain scan did not show any damage. I tried speaking with somebody from the healthy minds, but they claimed to be unable to treat such a problem so they discharged me. After 8 months of waiting I saw a psychiatrist, but it was useless. He told me that I am in way too good shape to be diagnosed with dementia. Then, he offered me some happy pills, what the fuck I am looking for help with my mental decline, not looking for some chemical recreation.

I have some memories that cannot possibly be happened to me or to any normal human. I went back to places that I proved myself to have visited years ago, and they look nothing like my memories say. I had people greeting me and calling me by name, but I cannot remember ever meeting them.

I do not know where to get some help. Do I need to strip naked and take a shit in a council office to get some psychiatric help? I do not want to end tied up in a bed and force fed medication until I become a drooling vegetable. I've seen it happen, that poor guy came back from the psych ward looking like a zombie.
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>> No. 26680 Anonymous
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 6:54 pm
26680 spacer

>My overall impression is that as long as you are alive and breathing unaided, the NHS regards you as "healthy enough". Correct me if I am wrong.

To a certain extent you are correct, but you have to understand that there are a lot of, for lack of a better word, time wasters clogging up the service's resources. This unspoken rule has developed in order to filter some of that out.

Having said that though, this doctor sounds like a dickhead. I know we would like to think doctors are all hard working and compassionate, but with GPs especially, I would never rule that possibility out. Have you had a second opinion?
>> No. 26685 Anonymous
24th May 2018
Thursday 7:47 am
26685 spacer

I tried with two different GPs and they told me the same thing. I think it's a matter of protocols and procedures rather than dickheadness. Probably NHS resources are stretched so thin that there is no way to handle anything except absolute emergencies or situations that can be addressed with little investment.

By the way, AFAIK getting mental healthcare is more difficult than winning the Eurolottery. I live in a city that cannot even care for paranoid schizos with histories of violence:
>> No. 26686 Anonymous
24th May 2018
Thursday 8:09 pm
26686 spacer
I'll throw in my anecdotal evidence that no one cares about:

A few years ago I had a cyst on my neck that had been growing for years, it got to the point where it was causing me pain, got infected and started leaking pus, and forced me to get a prescription for antibiotics. I got referred to a consultant surgeon, who with a dead-pan delivery, told me that it was "cosmetic". I then asked about going private, and he straight away said "yes I've got an appointment free next week."
>> No. 26687 Anonymous
24th May 2018
Thursday 10:49 pm
26687 spacer

If you're referred for non-urgent consultant-led treatment, there's a waiting target of 18 weeks. If your NHS trust fails to treat at least 92% of patients within that time, they're subject to fines. That quickly turns into a vicious cycle - missed targets, less money, lack of resources, missed targets, less money. In that regime, there's a strong incentive to refuse referrals just to keep people off the waiting list.
>> No. 26688 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 10:45 am
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How much did you had to pay, if you don't mind me asking?


>> No. 60714 Moralfag
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 8:19 pm
/iq/60714 spacer
Lads, I'm conflicted.

It's five years to the day since Lee rigby was multiculturally enriched and it's also one year to the day since Manchester Arena was multiculturally enriched.

Which one am I meant to be most commemorative of?
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>> No. 60715 YubYub
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 9:17 pm
60715 spacer
Manchester because I've seen fuck all about Lee Rigby until this post.
>> No. 60716 Ambulancelad
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 9:26 pm
60716 spacer

You clearly don't associate in the right circles.

I don't know how to quantify how many ordinary lives one soldier is worth. If it was how many footballers lives a soldier was worth I'd have no problems working it out.
>> No. 60717 YubYub
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 11:09 pm
60717 spacer
it's not the 7th yet, what's this about
>> No. 60718 Billbob
24th May 2018
Thursday 5:05 pm
60718 spacer

You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.
>> No. 60719 Billbob
24th May 2018
Thursday 8:03 pm
60719 spacer

Are we nearly there yet?


>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
/beat/10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.
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>> No. 11027 Anonymous
16th May 2018
Wednesday 3:55 am
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>> No. 11028 Anonymous
16th May 2018
Wednesday 11:21 pm
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My music taste complete changes during exam period. I don't like jungle normally.
>> No. 11030 Anonymous
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 1:24 am
11030 spacer

The guy behind Ratboy Genius is great.
>> No. 11031 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 9:24 pm
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>> No. 11032 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 10:00 pm
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>> No. 416958 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 8:29 pm
/b/416958 spacer
Lads, I can't believe it's that time of year again already.

It's time to pick your filly.
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>> No. 417624 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 7:49 pm
417624 spacer

I'd choose the latter too, if I could only get a shag.
>> No. 417625 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 8:51 pm
417625 spacer

Oh, yeah... shit.
>> No. 417626 Anonymous
21st May 2018
Monday 2:42 am
417626 spacer

>or shagging your way to money

How does the saying go... you can get a person out of a council estate, but you will never get the council estate out of that person. Or something.

The Americans call it "white trash with cash".
>> No. 417627 Anonymous
21st May 2018
Monday 11:29 pm
417627 spacer
Fuck is that man
>> No. 417628 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 8:46 pm
417628 spacer

her makeup certainly borders on that of a drag queen.


>> No. 15470 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 12:20 pm
/news/15470 New York parents sue 30-year-old son who refuses to move out

The parents of a 30-year-old man have resorted to drastic measures in an effort to get their son to fly the coop: they are suing him.

Court documents say Michael Rotondo does not pay rent or help with chores, and has ignored his parents' offers of money to get him settled.

Despite doling out five eviction letters, Christina and Mark Rotondo say their son still refuses to move out.

Michael is arguing that legally, he was not given enough notice to leave.

Mr and Mrs Rotondo filed their case with the Onondaga County Supreme Court, near Syracuse, New York, on 7 May, after months of unsuccessfully urging their son to leave.

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>> No. 15479 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 5:37 pm
15479 spacer

>He doesn't seem like somebody who normally wears a suit.

Except when he goes alt-right LARPing.
>> No. 15481 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 7:14 pm
15481 spacer
I'm with the parents, dude seems like a wanker.
>> No. 15482 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 7:23 pm
15482 spacer
Evict, or bury under patio? Tough call.
>> No. 15484 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 7:33 pm
15484 spacer

I know what my choice would be.
>> No. 15486 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 8:44 pm
15486 spacer


For a moment, I thought that that was the midget from Fantasy Island.


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