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>> ID: 26307d No. 12259 Anonymous
30th November 2014
Sunday 3:03 pm

ID: 26307d
12259 .GS Time Capsule Thread
Post .GS memes and such for future Anons to see.
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>> ID: 26307d No. 13347 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 12:22 am

ID: 26307d
13347 Chairlad
Jeff's Chair.jpg
Just seen this posted on the other chan. Pretty sure it's Chairlad's chair, does this mean Chairlad never existed and it was just an image taken from the Internet?
>> ID: 16c885 No. 13348 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 3:09 am

ID: 16c885
13348 spacer
It originated on Reddit. You can probably dig up the thread if you spend a bit of time on google.
>> ID: 7152d7 No. 14351 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 9:48 pm

ID: 7152d7
14351 spacer
I'm trying to work out the timeline of Britchan's demise. So it went down for good early Feb 2009, but it also seems to have gone down in oct/nov 2008, which sparked the ceration of /uk/ on Krautchan, is this correct?
>> ID: 1c3d9b No. 14352 Anonymous
27th October 2017
Friday 12:13 am

ID: 1c3d9b
14352 spacer

Wasn't the monthly bandwidth limit getting rinsed every month causing the site to be available roughly one week out of four before they gave up the ghost for good?
>> ID: c2466e No. 14353 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 1:31 am

ID: c2466e
14353 spacer
What was the toast and scat board going to be called again?

>> ID: 57c52f No. 14344 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 10:41 pm

ID: 57c52f
14344 Thanks
You know what you did.
Thank you.
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>> ID: 5c556b No. 14345 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 10:50 pm

ID: 5c556b
14345 spacer
>> ID: 955c0f No. 14346 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 11:05 pm

ID: 955c0f
14346 spacer

Purps read a book by Kafka and got it all wrong.
>> ID: 5bbad8 No. 14347 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 11:13 pm

ID: 5bbad8
14347 spacer

Well I'd like to be the first to wish him luck on his new life as a giant beetle. May he oviposit neg holes to his heart's content.
>> ID: 33ec51 No. 14348 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 11:50 pm

ID: 33ec51
14348 spacer
I have no idea what is going on, but it is the most interesting thing since that accidental r9k raid, so I am watching with eager anticipation.
>> ID: efeb8c No. 14349 Anonymous
15th October 2017
Sunday 6:58 am

ID: efeb8c
14349 spacer

Broken Hero title.jpg
>> ID: 9d9283 No. 14329 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:43 pm

ID: 9d9283
14329 Hosting issues
AWS are having issues this evening - the site is fine per se, but you might well see connectivity issues over the next hour.

Try not to be alarmed lads.
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>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14339 Anonymous
4th September 2017
Monday 9:29 pm

ID: 326ba2
14339 spacer

Before we found all the natural gas in the north sea, we used to make gas by heating up coal. The gas board would bake coal in giant ovens, producing coal gas and coke. Coal gas was good stuff, but it was also very high in carbon monoxide. If you stuck your head in the oven and turned the gas on without lighting it, you'd be fatally poisoned within minutes.
>> ID: c57107 No. 14340 Anonymous
5th September 2017
Tuesday 10:34 pm

ID: c57107
14340 spacer

I wonder how many people have baked themselves to death in a misunderstanding.
>> ID: cb9d0d No. 14341 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 7:31 am

ID: cb9d0d
14341 spacer
A lot fewer than those who tried and failed, no doubt.
>> ID: 57c52f No. 14342 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 10:34 pm

ID: 57c52f
14342 spacer
Time to shine. My neck of the woods this in many ways. the gas was called Town Gas very stable old engineers tell me. and heres a website of a place near me that still has all the stuff to make it.


I've been a few times good stuff. There's also a gas museum in Leister. but that's all to do with natural gas and the million uses they had for it when ti was first discovered.
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14343 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 10:43 pm

ID: 4260c9
14343 spacer
I love places like that and have a real passion for proper, old, gas holders. The ones in Kings Cross used to be a particular favourite of mine.

>> ID: e51004 No. 14322 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 7:53 pm

ID: e51004
14322 spacer
Could we perhaps have a feature (function or whatever) that takes you back to /*/ when posting from there? Often I'll find myself browsing specific boards after making a reply from /*/ and only realise after I've bumped a few long dead threads.
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>> ID: 2082fa No. 14324 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 7:59 pm

ID: 2082fa
14324 spacer
As long as it doesn't receive a cunt-off from months ago, which has happened more often than not, then you're alright.
>> ID: a4c1de No. 14325 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:01 pm

ID: a4c1de
14325 spacer
It works that way already? Or at least it certainly does for me.

It takes you back to the relevant board and not /*/ when you delete though.
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14326 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:08 pm

ID: 2082fa
14326 spacer
He probably means if he clicks into a thread, otherwise I don't know what he's on about.

>> ID: c4469a No. 14234 Anonymous
4th August 2017
Friday 9:17 am

ID: c4469a
14234 Build the wall
Foreign visitors will losbe posting rights for a couple of days whil i stem the tide of filth. Normal service will resume soon.
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>> ID: 695499 No. 14318 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 8:37 pm

ID: 695499
14318 spacer

Ah jesus lads, it keeps happening.
>> ID: 9d9283 No. 14319 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 8:44 pm

ID: 9d9283
14319 spacer
We have a potential fix coming for people who create too many threads in one go. Working on it now.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14321 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 9:09 pm

ID: ec74d0
14321 spacer
Very speedy deletion there, good work.
>> ID: a4c1de No. 14327 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:18 pm

ID: a4c1de
14327 spacer
Message me on IRC if you get a chance.
>> ID: 2911cf No. 14328 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:25 pm

ID: 2911cf
14328 spacer
An elegant solution!

>> ID: e36cd9 No. 10933 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 6:29 pm

ID: e36cd9
10933 HTTPS
Please make .gs use HTTPS so the three/four letter agencies have it a little more difficult.
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>> ID: 5b36c0 No. 13830 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 8:00 pm

ID: 5b36c0
13830 spacer

Anything that threatens or inconveniences the government is regarded as a security threat. Environmentalism, animal and human rights, pacifism, you name it. There are a web of secretive organisations whose sole function is to infiltrate and undermine political activist groups.


The family of Stephen Lawrence were put under surveillance by the Met. An undercover officer was tasked with smearing the family to damage the credibility of their campaign.


When the undercover officer Mark Kennedy secretly recorded evidence that would have exonerated six environmental protesters, the Met buried the evidence. Over the course of seven years undercover, Kennedy provided intelligence to the police forces of 22 countries.


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> ID: 165961 No. 13831 Anonymous
27th June 2016
Monday 8:05 pm

ID: 165961
13831 spacer
It's an indirect threat. It may prevent action to thwart direct threats elsewhere. See Syria, for example. Protests against engagement persuaded the pollies to prevent us from going in, and the net result was ISIS taking over half the place.[oversimplification]
>> ID: 5e6338 No. 14231 Anonymous
27th July 2017
Thursday 7:29 am

ID: 5e6338
14231 spacer

>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14232 Anonymous
31st July 2017
Monday 6:12 pm

ID: ec74d0
14232 spacer
Sorry about that lads.
>> ID: cffd41 No. 14280 Anonymous
11th August 2017
Friday 2:00 pm

ID: cffd41
14280 spacer
I'll be setting up LetsEncrypt and HTTPS in advance of the October deadline from the Google Chrome team - at that point, any site that is submitting forms and suchlike will get an insecure content warning, which would be quite boring.

>> ID: 7de083 No. 14176 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 1:16 am

ID: 7de083
14176 spacer
Can we get a fix for "£" and such showing up with weird characters around it in threads? And why does it work fine in *, for that matter?

Also, could /help/ get a line on how to do links to threads or individual posts. For instance, I know this isn't going to work, I can never remember exactly how to do it: g/25899/25900
That thread has a few has a garbled pound signs http://britfa.gs/g/res/25899.html
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>> ID: cbd38a No. 14200 Anonymous
27th May 2017
Saturday 6:04 pm

ID: cbd38a
14200 spacer
Seriously though, this is fucking up /£$€¥/, can we get a fix please?
>> ID: 607023 No. 14229 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 1:07 pm

ID: 607023
14229 spacer

This problem is really weird in that the exact same posts appear differently depending on the page you're viewing them from.
For example see the attached screenshots of how the same post appears in /*/ and /zoo/, and in the thread itself.
>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14230 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 1:19 pm

ID: 326ba2
14230 spacer

Brian is old and confused and doesn't understand this newfangled Unicode nonsense.

>> ID: 87ad8f No. 14201 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 4:24 pm

ID: 87ad8f
14201 Wordfilter request
Requesting a wordfilter for 'nonce' being used as a generic insult in thread after thread...it's like the Dianne Abbott thing, it feels like someone is trying to force a meme and it's a bit annoying. I mean fair dos if it's actually a thread about Rolf Harris or something but it seems to be a default response to unrelated posts

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> ID: c95d26 No. 14224 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 4:28 pm

ID: c95d26
14224 spacer

Pallet land is just off St Helens Linkway/A570.
>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14225 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 6:19 pm

ID: 326ba2
14225 spacer


>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14226 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 8:19 pm

ID: 326ba2
14226 spacer


>> ID: 607023 No. 14227 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 9:17 pm

ID: 607023
14227 spacer

nae pallets here M90.jpg

>> ID: 80a4b4 No. 14228 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 11:40 am

ID: 80a4b4
14228 spacer

My mam lives near the coast road

>> ID: d80efc No. 14162 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 12:14 am

ID: d80efc
14162 What's going on?

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>> ID: 80b2bd No. 14178 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 8:02 pm

ID: 80b2bd
14178 spacer

Should I concerned?

Keep in mind that I am 52 and don't know much about cyber-security.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14180 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 9:02 pm

ID: ec74d0
14180 spacer
Only if you were planning to give us your bank details, in which case I'm not sure.
>> ID: 2b831f No. 14196 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 6:13 pm

ID: 2b831f
14196 spacer
Can't be arsed to make a new thread for this, but is anyone else finding that if they view a whole thread from /*/ the most recent posts don't show up? Instead I'm having to expand the thread in /*/
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14197 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 6:17 pm

ID: 2082fa
14197 spacer
I'm having that if I use last 50 posts, but it works if I refresh it.
>> ID: 607023 No. 14199 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 8:08 pm

ID: 607023
14199 spacer
There's a glitch were it seems to load your last cached version of the page.
Just hitting F5 should make the missing posts appear.

>> ID: cb1677 No. 14194 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:37 pm

ID: cb1677
14194 spacer
When are we celebrating the 10 year anniversary of .gs? Don't tell me I missed it.
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>> ID: 607023 No. 14195 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:48 pm

ID: 607023
14195 spacer


.gs is eternal with no beginning and no end you daft nonce.

>> ID: a91ede No. 14190 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 5:00 am

ID: a91ede
14190 spacer
Why can't I post in g/2?
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>> ID: a91ede No. 14191 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 5:05 am

ID: a91ede
14191 spacer
Can't post without an image, it seems.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14192 Anonymous ## Mod ##
18th May 2017
Thursday 12:46 pm

ID: ec74d0
14192 spacer

>> ID: 6684db No. 14181 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 11:22 pm

ID: 6684db
14181 spacer
It seems that whilst making a post I managed to activate the mod panel. I'm not sure how I managed it but it doesn't seem to be open anymore.

Am I just horribly confused or is .gs living on borrowed time before we all decide to annihilate one another in the next cunt-off?
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>> ID: cb1677 No. 14183 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 1:13 am

ID: cb1677
14183 spacer

>> ID: f9e5cc No. 14184 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 1:37 pm

ID: f9e5cc
14184 spacer
Which thread is that pictured? The obscured text looks interesting.
>> ID: cb1677 No. 14185 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 3:57 pm

ID: cb1677
14185 spacer
Given you can just about make out "NATO's intervention" I think it's the /pol/ 'Tory pigs must die' which is currently discussing war and peace.
>> ID: 765048 No. 14186 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 6:03 pm

ID: 765048
14186 spacer
Click to the right of the "e" in "File"
>> ID: db02f4 No. 14188 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 6:50 pm

ID: db02f4
14188 spacer
That book is overrated anyway.

>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
198 posts and 15 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14171 Anonymous
30th April 2017
Sunday 8:52 pm

ID: ec74d0
14171 spacer
Perhaps you should have reported the posts drifting towards mobile phones and rape instead of joining in. Regardless, ban lifted.
>> ID: d80efc No. 14172 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:04 pm

ID: d80efc
14172 spacer

Same deal, I was a silly shitposting sausage may I have my Emo priviliages back? post >>/emo/24859
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14173 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:26 pm

ID: ec74d0
14173 spacer
Yes but only if you promise to learn to spell privileges.
>> ID: db1008 No. 14174 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:32 pm

ID: db1008
14174 spacer
Privily Argh-Jess.
>> ID: 80b2bd No. 14175 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:14 am

ID: 80b2bd
14175 spacer
Since everyone's begging, can I have access to /emo/ too? I really need to help the stupid balding woman.

>> ID: e51004 No. 14147 Anonymous
9th April 2017
Sunday 5:17 pm

ID: e51004
14147 spacer
Could we have one of those 'reverse-reply' features for posts? So we can see who's replied to the post, rather than just who is replying. I don't know what to call it.
It's be much easier to keep track of conversations in some of those longer threads.
8 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> ID: d80efc No. 14156 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 10:35 pm

ID: d80efc
14156 spacer


Perhaps a collapsible table then? Something which will conceal the ugliness until interrogated. Like a Martian hiding a psychic mutant resistant leader on their belly.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14157 Anonymous
10th April 2017
Monday 11:06 pm

ID: ec74d0
14157 spacer
That's posters, I don't have access to how many people are lurking.
I don't feel strongly about it one way or another, but it's not really my call anyway. These other minor chans seem to be having minor spam conniptions to lure in more posters but it's not like there's some untapped mass of people suited to this environment just waiting to find it.
>> ID: f1e43d No. 14159 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 12:04 am

ID: f1e43d
14159 spacer

I always thought there was a quasi philosophical reason for not advertising this place, but I'd not be adverse to it. But honestly we'd probably just annoy people, by 'inviting' them here with ads, then immediately banning them for their grammar.
>> ID: 7aac8f No. 14160 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:54 pm

ID: 7aac8f
14160 spacer
>run a small scale advertising campaign?
"Britfa.gs: the number one destination for all you arse-pissers and auntie-fuckers out there"

We could see if 0891 50 50 50 is available these days and then put it up on the porn channels on Sky that nobody watches any more.

I should work in advertising.
>> ID: 7aac8f No. 14161 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:59 pm

ID: 7aac8f
14161 spacer
Occasionally someone makes a post on 4chan saying "go abroad and bring something back" with links to foreign chans, this one among them.

They don't last long.

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