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>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: 9e6fd4 No. 15931 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 6:07 pm

ID: 9e6fd4
15931 spacer
Well, it ended up that I said something about another banned poster to the effect of 'What that person said is fine because it made me laugh' and then the delicate mod banned me with 'Well banning you made me laugh so it's ok' or something.

I'm just happy that they agreed with me.
>> ID: eedc2f No. 15932 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:39 pm

ID: eedc2f
15932 spacer
I know it's only a one-hour ban, but it seems unfair to fall foul of a banned link filter just because you wanted to tease someone.

I mean, what happens if you want to take the piss out of a libertarian loon for invoking medieval common law (which has been legislated into oblivion anyway)? Or if the Appleby Magna massive want to big themselves up by extending some vowels? Because Brian never learned regex, THEY CANNOT.
>> ID: fa7886 No. 15933 Anonymous
14th June 2022
Tuesday 6:35 pm

ID: fa7886
15933 spacer
I don't think I've been banned, but I don't understand why my Lenny Henry thread, as well as all posts I've made over at least the past 24 hours/subsequent replies to them, have been removed.

Is shitposting no longer allowed on /iq/ or is posting The Guardian links now blacklisted or something?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: d65153 No. 15934 Anonymous
14th June 2022
Tuesday 6:44 pm

ID: d65153
15934 spacer
I think you mean denylisted.
>> ID: a19bd9 No. 15935 Anonymous
14th June 2022
Tuesday 10:05 pm

ID: a19bd9
15935 spacer
Wait, can we not post Guardian links now?

>> ID: da7644 No. 15432 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 7:31 pm

ID: da7644
15432 fixing some bugs
So please report in if you see something shit.
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>> ID: 2734de No. 15918 Anonymous
2nd March 2022
Wednesday 10:36 am

ID: 2734de
15918 spacer
No, seriously, when? Did I miss something? Has this been abandoned? Is it something I need to fix on my end? What's happening?
>> ID: fd2b7c No. 15919 Anonymous
2nd March 2022
Wednesday 10:49 am

ID: fd2b7c
15919 spacer
I fixed it in a test version of the site. Soon.
>> ID: 3215b6 No. 15922 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 2:06 pm

ID: 3215b6
15922 spacer
Is sage only meant to be broken on /*/? Because I tried to visit a thread on its actual board before replying to it, to ensure I could reply and definitely not bump it, but it got bumped anyway.

It's hardly a crisis so I'll sage here too and see if this one also bumps. If so, I guess it's every board where sage is broken.
>> ID: 3215b6 No. 15923 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 2:21 pm

ID: 3215b6
15923 spacer
To save anyone else making test posts, my post above is now saged on /shed/ but not saged on /*/. Perhaps /*/ ignores sage completely.
>> ID: d73cb2 No. 15924 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 2:33 pm

ID: d73cb2
15924 spacer
Sage has never worked on /*/sfw/, nor should it.

britfags firefox.jpg
>> ID: f9bf35 No. 15914 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 10:24 pm

ID: f9bf35
15914 spacer
As copied directly from the discord server having recieved the suggestion to post here;

"I don't suppose anyone else noticed that weird thing happen to britfa.gs around 17:00 today? I was occupying myself in the BBW thread when all the image links broke and the site was apparently blacklisted by Firefox for a 'potential security risk'. Resetting router and PC multiple times did nothing, only managed to regain a connection up to an hour later"

My connection has been on and off more than usual today and I'm begining to doubt which end the problem may have occured, but I was able to connect to other sites while britfa.gs was apparently effected.
Pictured is the generic warning message recieved from Firefox.

Do you have anything unusual in the server records? Specifically between 16:50 to 18:20.

What can I check on my side?
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>> ID: 3215b6 No. 15915 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 10:48 pm

ID: 3215b6
15915 spacer
I have no involvement in the running of this site, so by all means ignore me, but that error message means the website's SSL certificate (green padlock in the URL bar) expired. Looking on an SSL checker website, the site's current SSL is a Let's Encrypt one which expires in three months, suggesting it has just been renewed.

So either it was meant to auto-renew and it didn't, or someone had to manually renew it and they forgot. It's nothing to do with your connection, although you can change the URL from https:// to http:// and then you should be able to come here as normal.
>> ID: f9bf35 No. 15916 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 11:01 pm

ID: f9bf35
15916 spacer

This is pretty much the response I got last time I posted such a screenshot. Thanks for taking the time to explain, and offer a way I can check for myself in the future.

I guess it freaked me out to see the certificate renewal happen in real time, especially with the war, hacks and >>/news/37479 going on. best renew that tinfoil under my cap huh.
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15917 Anonymous
2nd March 2022
Wednesday 1:31 am

ID: 8c0cdb
15917 spacer
I don't know if it's ever been auto-renewed. When it was first rolled out, the site breaking every 3 months became a running joke.

Having said that, I recently stumbled upon a site with an early Let's Encrypt certificate installed several years ago which looks like it was never renewed.
>> ID: fd2b7c No. 15920 Anonymous
2nd March 2022
Wednesday 10:54 am

ID: fd2b7c
15920 spacer

That was just the renewal script breaking as per usual.

So no, don't panic, it was me - and you might see things move change as I have my once-every-few-years time off work between jobs and fix things around the house/shed.

I've been working over the past month to move the server from its old place in Dublin to a new place in London AWS, on a new server too. Testing got a bit expensive, picture related - will complete that this week.
>> ID: 3215b6 No. 15921 Anonymous
2nd March 2022
Wednesday 8:40 pm

ID: 3215b6
15921 spacer
Does this website really cost around £100/month to run? My work could provide you a server to run it for less than that. You're being robbed. I do pretty good customer service for them too. You should look us up. I'm at home now, but I post here from my work as well, and if you see an IP address that starts with 78 from a company beginning with T, you could get some outstanding cloud hosting and we'd never even need to speak to each other. It's all active-active, dual-site, resilience, blah, and we'd charge you based on the resources you'd use but I'm convinced you'd pay less than what you pay now.

Or you can tell me to go fuck myself, and make a note that both IP addresses are me, so that if I get banned from one, you can ban the other one too and really punish me properly.

>> ID: 02bce9 No. 11260 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm

ID: 02bce9
11260 spacer
May we have the maximum image size on /spo/ increased so we can have a .gif thread, please?
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>> ID: dda308 No. 15879 Anonymous
18th August 2021
Wednesday 12:55 am

ID: dda308
15879 spacer
What is the point of .webp? It's a Google image format, and is therefore inherently untrustworthy, and other formats work just fine for viewing images anyway. It's not like .webm which can play sound and can be paused and assorted other advantages over gifs. The webp format adds nothing, surely.
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15880 Anonymous
18th August 2021
Wednesday 1:09 am

ID: 8c0cdb
15880 spacer
Be that as it may, it's a format that exists and is in common use, and it's not going away any time soon.
>> ID: 321588 No. 15881 Anonymous
18th August 2021
Wednesday 1:21 am

ID: 321588
15881 spacer
All the more reason to tell it to fuck off, it's a format for people who don't try.
>> ID: b4ef76 No. 15910 Anonymous
20th February 2022
Sunday 8:14 am

ID: b4ef76
15910 spacer


>> ID: 8c9005 No. 15911 Anonymous
20th February 2022
Sunday 10:45 am

ID: 8c9005
15911 spacer

It's much more efficient. WebP images are essentially a single-frame VP8 video, so they take advantage of the massive amounts of research and development that has gone into video compression. WebP files are significantly smaller than JPEG or PNG files of an equivalent quality. Most modern computers, phones and tablets have VP8 hardware decoding support, which reduces power consumption significantly over software decoding. The format is fully open source and unencumbered by patents, unlike JPEG.

>> ID: 6ed3b8 No. 15906 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:57 am

ID: 6ed3b8
15906 irc
still around?
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>> ID: 6d4190 No. 15907 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 7:26 am

ID: 6d4190
15907 spacer
I think they all dick around on Discord these days instead.
>> ID: 4e7144 No. 15908 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 12:20 pm

ID: 4e7144
15908 spacer
IRC, no.

Discord is here >>/e/23592 but there's obviously only some overlap in terms of participants from then and now.
>> ID: 09908d No. 15909 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:54 pm

ID: 09908d
15909 spacer
> IRC, no.

Well that's just incredibly sad.

>> ID: 40e7ed No. 15886 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 11:49 am

ID: 40e7ed
15886 spacer
Purp would you feel comfortable giving us some stats about the site? Where us 3 are from, how many visitors, etc. Maybe I'm just a saddo but I find analytics like that interesting.
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>> ID: 6d4190 No. 15888 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 1:57 pm

ID: 6d4190
15888 spacer
>Where us 3 are from

>> ID: cdf663 No. 15889 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 2:24 pm

ID: cdf663
15889 spacer

Yeah, good luck with that. Here's all the places I am, given a quick trawl of some geolocators. Who needs VPN when I'm hidden behind 10 CGNATs ?
Napton on the hill, Pop:1100 maybe?
Great Bolas? Pop:340
Ah, one day maybe I'll have an address to call my own. (Where's my fucking Starlink, Elon?)
Anyway, OP - you may find analytics interesting, but beware the poisoned data.
>> ID: 1304f2 No. 15890 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 2:56 pm

ID: 1304f2
15890 spacer
I had forgotten about sentry. It's dangerous because looking down the list of yank posts makes me want to commit the faux pas of asserting that I know one of them.
>> ID: 0f5aaf No. 15891 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 8:39 pm

ID: 0f5aaf
15891 spacer
I used to do that a load, but nobody ever cared and nobody ever believed. Three of us.
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15893 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 2:51 am

ID: 8c0cdb
15893 spacer
That's nice but if your GP won't prescribe CGNAT it's probably for the best.

>> ID: d38169 No. 15822 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 6:32 pm

ID: d38169
15822 spacer
Can we have a wordfilter for trannies?

Every fucking week it's either a cunt-off about trannies or a cunt-off about XR. It's doing my nut in.
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>> ID: 98b64e No. 15866 Anonymous
8th July 2021
Thursday 1:13 pm

ID: 98b64e
15866 spacer
Doesn't that make it one of the most recent threads?
>> ID: d38169 No. 15867 Anonymous
8th July 2021
Thursday 1:17 pm

ID: d38169
15867 spacer
Two examples in a month = every other week.

Can't you lads just vary up your cunt-offs a bit more?
>> ID: 615be1 No. 15868 Anonymous
8th July 2021
Thursday 1:24 pm

ID: 615be1
15868 spacer

Then where are the examples from last month, or the month before last, and so on?
>> ID: d38169 No. 15869 Anonymous
8th July 2021
Thursday 1:26 pm

ID: d38169
15869 spacer
They'll be around.
>> ID: b9f5ee No. 15870 Anonymous
8th July 2021
Thursday 1:26 pm

ID: b9f5ee
15870 spacer
My post here >>/v/23708 might be an example? I said I enjoy the work of Graham Linehan despite him turning out to be totally unhinged; someone asked what I meant; someone else explained; and then yet another lad showed how little he cares but ranting about how little he cares, and the thread went into a mini cunt-off.

That being said, I don't support wordfiltering and don't recognise the OP's depiction of the boards.

>> ID: 3d511f No. 15785 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:17 pm

ID: 3d511f
15785 spacer
Take away the sage option. It's causing new, potentially interesting threads, to sink beneath the weight of weekend generals.
We haveve fewer users enough as it is, we don't need to show newcomers that original content isn't welcome here.
It's like we're saging the whole site for fuck sake.
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>> ID: 778c5e No. 15786 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:23 pm

ID: 778c5e
15786 spacer

Real men browse with /*/ and the sage does nothing.
>> ID: 3d511f No. 15787 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:27 pm

ID: 3d511f
15787 spacer

You don't mean to say we're simply not that interesting here?
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15788 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:33 pm

ID: 8c0cdb
15788 spacer
We're three blokes in sheds, but we're interesting enough to each other and that's what counts.
>> ID: 20a6c4 No. 15789 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:37 pm

ID: 20a6c4
15789 spacer
I use /sfw/ just in case the munter thread has been bumped on /x/.
>> ID: 45cd14 No. 15790 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:50 pm

ID: 45cd14
15790 spacer
Indeed. Why would I browse individual boards when the site as a whole gets about 30 posts a day? /map/'s got posts from 2018 on the front page, not exactly warp speed posting over there.

>> ID: e5d3a2 No. 13159 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 9:08 pm

ID: e5d3a2
13159 spacer
May we have 'benefits' word filtered to 'bennies', please? Only having it on /pol/ would suffice
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>> ID: 09908d No. 15723 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 5:17 pm

ID: 09908d
15723 spacer

I believe the wordfilters are just PHP strcmp()/str_replace() calls. It'd be nice if they used preg_replace() for things like this but I don't see it happening.
>> ID: 09908d No. 15724 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 5:19 pm

ID: 09908d
15724 spacer

Actually if I'm right then putting the reddit.com filter before the reddit filter would work, while having reddit before reddit.com would break.
>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15725 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 5:24 pm

ID: bb7c62
15725 spacer
The filters arrange themselves according to some vaguely unfathomable logic. I can't change which comes first.
>> ID: 09908d No. 15726 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 5:28 pm

ID: 09908d
15726 spacer
> The filters arrange themselves according to some vaguely unfathomable logic.

Somehow that seems totally appropriate. Actually trying to migrate the system to preg_replace() would probably suck the entire site and the shed it lives in into the void like in that YubYub gif.
>> ID: 3e7a92 No. 15727 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 5:48 pm

ID: 3e7a92
15727 spacer
I don't even know where rudgwick came from or why. I assume I missed a hilarious joke somewhere. or maybe I did it when I was full of pain pills that one week and don't remember

>> ID: 9cd0ed No. 14494 Anonymous
26th February 2018
Monday 7:46 pm

ID: 9cd0ed
14494 spacer
Where does The Wall allow us to enter from these days?

Asking for travel and VPN reasons.
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>> ID: acd590 No. 15632 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 5:52 pm

ID: acd590
15632 spacer
Is he still around? I always found his ever more subtle attempts at introducing his 'ideas' to be amusing.
>> ID: a36a7b No. 15633 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 5:55 pm

ID: a36a7b
15633 spacer

Pretty sure it was him the other day arguing about when the "magic responsibility switch" or whatever it was goes off in people's heads.
>> ID: 74120c No. 15635 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 6:19 pm

ID: 74120c
15635 spacer
No, that was me. I just want kids to be tried as adults, and for capital punishment to be brought back. How does that make me a seppo?
>> ID: 8468c3 No. 15641 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 7:28 pm

ID: 8468c3
15641 spacer
>It's not worth walling the whole of the US
I couldn't disagree more.
>> ID: 364fb1 No. 15643 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 7:48 pm

ID: 364fb1
15643 spacer
I agree - there are far fewer US posters than you think, it's the yoof who have adopted their speaking/posting habits most of the time.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 124009.jpg
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15603 Anonymous
5th January 2021
Tuesday 12:41 pm

ID: 8c0cdb
15603 spacer
Trying to post an image on /cash/ gets me this.

Is Brian okay?
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>> ID: 6d94c8 No. 15604 Anonymous
5th January 2021
Tuesday 12:51 pm

ID: 6d94c8
15604 spacer
Yeah. I get this too, but only on /cash/
>> ID: 5ff34b No. 15605 Anonymous
5th January 2021
Tuesday 5:09 pm

ID: 5ff34b
15605 spacer
I think it has always been this way. I'm not no computer fixer man, but I've deduced that brian probably doesn't like the currency symbols.
>> ID: eff1a0 No. 15606 Anonymous
5th January 2021
Tuesday 5:19 pm

ID: eff1a0
15606 spacer
It worked until about 6 months ago.
>> ID: 5ff34b No. 15607 Anonymous
5th January 2021
Tuesday 5:25 pm

ID: 5ff34b
15607 spacer

I did say I was no computer fixer man.

>> ID: 1e8db1 No. 15588 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 3:59 pm

ID: 1e8db1
15588 spacer
Can anyone please tell me why I'm being welcomed to the cum zone?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> ID: d88566 No. 15590 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 4:09 pm

ID: d88566
15590 spacer
You what mate?
>> ID: 4c3350 No. 15591 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 5:39 pm

ID: 4c3350
15591 spacer
You're using a garbage old browser. Modern browsers block auto-playing audio by default.
>> ID: 599875 No. 15592 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 5:57 pm

ID: 599875
15592 spacer
There's a "cum zone" and I wasn't invited? Tossers.
>> ID: 660d7a No. 15593 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 6:13 pm

ID: 660d7a
15593 spacer
So you say, but both versions of Chrome (stable and canary) I tested allowed it.

Not sure if this documentation remains current. Gs doesn't seem to have crossed the MEI threshold and has the "Automatic (default)" permission for Sound.

>> ID: bb7c62 No. 15595 Anonymous
12th December 2020
Saturday 9:22 pm

ID: bb7c62
15595 spacer
It didn't work on my Chrome variant or FireFox so thanks, if you hadn't let us know it did work for you I'd have assumed it didn't work and never bothered doing it again.

>> ID: 98ca28 No. 15546 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 2:06 pm

ID: 98ca28
15546 spacer
Oi purps, can you whitelist a friend of mine in Germany who can't access the site?

He's a Hampshire lad originally.


Feel free to delete thread after whitelisting to hide his IP
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>> ID: a7556e No. 15552 Anonymous
27th September 2020
Sunday 11:28 am

ID: a7556e
15552 spacer
I'm sure he'll be along soon, even if it's just to explain why he can't.
>> ID: bdfd82 No. 15553 Anonymous
27th September 2020
Sunday 12:05 pm

ID: bdfd82
15553 spacer
Whitelisting individual IPs is a pain in the arse, apologies.

Let me do a bit of research and I'll let you know. Not convinced I want to open up Germany for one person, but let me look at some logs and consider.
>> ID: 98ca28 No. 15557 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 6:07 pm

ID: 98ca28
15557 spacer
Thank you modm8s.

>> ID: 5e0a4d No. 15505 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 8:29 am

ID: 5e0a4d
15505 spacer
Could /emo get a slight background tinge, perhaps blueish, when shown in /* as a visual cue to remind us not to shit it up. I find myself having to delete posts post-posting once I've realised it's /emo.
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>> ID: 0732b7 No. 15506 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 8:34 am

ID: 0732b7
15506 spacer
You could always stop being a cunt shitting up the rest of the boards.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 15507 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 12:28 pm

ID: ec74d0
15507 spacer

There already is, is this a phone posting problem?
>> ID: bdfd82 No. 15508 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 12:54 pm

ID: bdfd82
15508 spacer
Yeah - certain browsers don't see the colour.

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