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Subject   (new thread)
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>> ID: 02bce9 No. 11260 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm

ID: 02bce9
11260 spacer
May we have the maximum image size on /spo/ increased so we can have a .gif thread, please?
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>> ID: 2082fa No. 14724 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 12:55 pm

ID: 2082fa
14724 spacer

>> ID: 2082fa No. 14728 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 7:29 am

ID: 2082fa
14728 spacer


>> ID: 2082fa No. 14798 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 6:14 pm

ID: 2082fa
14798 spacer

Any chance of getting webms?
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14814 Anonymous
14th December 2018
Friday 7:05 am

ID: 2082fa
14814 spacer


>> ID: 2082fa No. 14817 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 1:36 pm

ID: 2082fa
14817 spacer


>> ID: e36cd9 No. 10933 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 6:29 pm

ID: e36cd9
10933 HTTPS
Please make .gs use HTTPS so the three/four letter agencies have it a little more difficult.
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>> ID: 27831a No. 14727 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 1:15 pm

ID: 27831a
14727 spacer
The certificate expired shortly before noon today.
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14787 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 1:15 am

ID: 6e8ac3
14787 spacer
I just noticed its https now and 😍

Really appreciate the work you did for this.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14790 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 10:46 pm

ID: 6e8ac3
14790 spacer
Duly noted, I shall contain myself.
>> ID: 33a0e6 No. 14815 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:33 pm

ID: 33a0e6
14815 spacer

You know that email that Let's Encrypt sends you to let you know the certificate is going to expire, right? Right?

You know, right? Right?

Right, lads? Right?
>> ID: a0932b No. 14816 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:37 pm

ID: a0932b
14816 spacer
We like to let it expire to remind you how secure and private your posts are.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 00.04.22.png
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14792 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 12:06 am

ID: 4260c9
14792 dark mode
I installed MacOS Mojave tonight.

We were years ahead of our time lads. Dark mode rules.
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>> ID: 683367 No. 14808 Anonymous
19th November 2018
Monday 7:30 pm

ID: 683367
14808 spacer
OS 9 uses co-operative multitasking, whereby the OS waits for each individual process to `give up control' of the CPU so it can allow another to run. If the program doesn't give up control, then you're up shit creek.

Windows 95 onwards used pre-emptive multitasking (at least in 32-bit mode), where the OS can forcibly wrest control of the CPU from a program.
>> ID: a0932b No. 14809 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 1:04 am

ID: a0932b
14809 spacer
Microsoft writes all the best operating systems.
>> ID: 34f520 No. 14810 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 1:11 am

ID: 34f520
14810 spacer
U wot m8?
>> ID: 1c3d9b No. 14811 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 1:26 am

ID: 1c3d9b
14811 spacer

> OS 9 uses co-operative multitasking

That's the word I'm looking for, and it's the same model Win 3.1 used. As you say, if a program goes rogue you're up shit creek. I do not miss those days (except I do miss MS-DOS a bit, just a bit).
>> ID: 001bf1 No. 14812 Anonymous
20th November 2018
Tuesday 5:56 am

ID: 001bf1
14812 spacer
Get tae fuck.

Screenshot_2018-09-30 all boards.png
>> ID: 2415ed No. 14729 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 2:50 pm

ID: 2415ed
14729 ?
What's this thing I keep accidently opening while posting?
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>> ID: ede5e0 No. 14752 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 6:59 am

ID: ede5e0
14752 spacer
You're losing your edge.
>> ID: cea6e3 No. 14783 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 8:45 pm

ID: cea6e3
14783 spacer
>> ID: cea6e3 No. 14784 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 8:49 pm

ID: cea6e3
14784 spacer
Sentry is getting my location wrong by well over 400 miles.
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14785 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 9:04 pm

ID: 2082fa
14785 spacer
I don't think the sentry even picks up where I am.
>> ID: 173e15 No. 14786 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 9:53 pm

ID: 173e15
14786 spacer

It looks like you're using EE which has always seemed to confuse sentry (or rather the whois that sentry pulls from). It doesn't look like it's giving you a location at all to me, which it usually does if it doesn't have any regional data.

For the first time in a long while, it's accurate for me. Usually it thinks I'm in Glasgow.

>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: f7106d No. 14778 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 9:54 pm

ID: f7106d
14778 spacer


>:'( You have been banned from posting on all boards for the following reason:

>Absolutely disgusting >>/iq/61724

>Your ban was placed on October 7, 2018, 12:34 am, and will not expire.

I was undeniably being a deliberate silly sausage, but perm ban seems a bit much for a all be it silly post in /iq/ that I hoped would be taken in good humour. it took a lot of willpower to not use an emoji in this post I hope that is appreciated.
>> ID: f6ecc3 No. 14779 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 9:36 am

ID: f6ecc3
14779 spacer
Every single one of us has banned purps at some point. Why, I ban him just to say hello at Christmas so he can feel a shred of affection for once from this pustule of a website. Season's greetings, mate, how're the kids?
>> ID: 7025cf No. 14780 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 10:58 am

ID: 7025cf
14780 spacer

come on mods, least you could do is reply to my grovelling even if it is just to tell me to piss off.
>> ID: b36415 No. 14781 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 1:22 pm

ID: b36415
14781 spacer
>> ID: 433625 No. 14782 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 1:31 pm

ID: 433625
14782 spacer


>> ID: 87cc59 No. 14711 Anonymous
13th August 2018
Monday 6:39 pm

ID: 87cc59
14711 spacer
>/pol/fag bait threads allowed to fester
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>> ID: 2fedc9 No. 14718 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 12:23 am

ID: 2fedc9
14718 spacer
>doesn't want threads with pissing meme arrows
>rewards OPs behavior

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: d51454 No. 14719 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 12:44 am

ID: d51454
14719 spacer

>There is a few newlads that seem to have grew up in vacuum where "don't reply to shitposters" wasn't on the syllabus.

Hmm. I'd never really thought about it, but now you've said it I can think of loads of examples over the last couple of years.

I just remember the beginning, when (nearly) everyone was gushing that the mods would ban people for poor grammar. Kids these days eh.


What's the reward you're seeing mate?
>> ID: 48387e No. 14720 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 2:20 pm

ID: 48387e
14720 spacer

>> ID: dec9e5 No. 14725 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 4:37 am

ID: dec9e5
14725 spacer

>there is

There are, I think you'll find
>> ID: a1140d No. 14726 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 9:05 pm

ID: a1140d
14726 spacer

It's "there am", isn't it?

>> ID: d51454 No. 14670 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 5:11 pm

ID: d51454
14670 spacer
Every couple of days or so, my router decides to stop resolving britfa.gs. It's definitely the router as no device will work and a reset fixes it instantly. I can't identify any pattern to the outages and there's nothing in the logs about it. The only thing I can think of is the DNS I'm using ( being anti-british.

It's hardly a big issue, and /shed/ is probably a shite place for this as it's obviously on my end, but, you know, it's a bit annoying.
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>> ID: 19464c No. 14693 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:30 pm

ID: 19464c
14693 spacer
If you're not a raging torrent-hound, EE's 200 Gig a month for £60, 1 month's rolling contract, might have some charm if you have coverage?
Works for me, where the choice is that, metered satellite, or 150Kbps ADSL from BT through whoever.
>> ID: 19464c No. 14694 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:35 pm

ID: 19464c
14694 spacer
>>14693 adding: other suppliers and data caps exist. EE allow sanely priced topups if you blow through your quota. The EE routers are tolerable Huawei boxes with wired ethernet that you can feed into a real router.
>> ID: 7f59e8 No. 14695 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:56 pm

ID: 7f59e8
14695 spacer
I pay £54 to Plusnet for a ~70mb connection and it's unlimited, gives me Anytime calls and I live in a field. Fibre to Exchange is being rolled out all across the country, I can't imagine the far more densely populated English countryside being left behind with bundled exchanges controlled by BT if my feild in Scotland is unbundled and has upgraded equipmemt, nevermind an actual town or province with double the amount of residents as the glorified village with a Greggs I live in.

We don't even have a Train Station.
>> ID: 19464c No. 14696 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 10:37 pm

ID: 19464c
14696 spacer
>>14695 If I go to BT's rollout checker, it says there's no plans in the forseeable future.
I'll keep on paying for wireless data for a while yet, I suspect.
>> ID: 48387e No. 14698 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 11:04 pm

ID: 48387e
14698 spacer
Give them a call to have your bill reduced. Mention that their new customer deals are far better. When they say "we like to attract customers with good prices but retain them by delivering good value" point out that Virgin do the same. I pay <£30/month (18 months) and that was through the sales department and not retentions. You have a higher call plan but that's worth £8/month tops. You can easily save £200 quid over the year for the price of a free phonecall.

>> ID: 2082fa No. 14684 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 8:20 am

ID: 2082fa
14684 spacer
Can we have a moratorium on computer talk outside of /g/, please?

It inevitably leads to a cunt-off and they're shitting up almost every single thread with their repetitive derailments, stifling of other discussion, petty bickering and pissing contests.
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>> ID: e9d083 No. 14685 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:50 am

ID: e9d083
14685 spacer
It's all computers these days lads. Even this website is running on a computer. You can't get away from it.
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14686 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:55 am

ID: 2082fa
14686 spacer
I thought everything was in clouds these days?
>> ID: 026afb No. 14687 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 10:33 am

ID: 026afb
14687 spacer
The good thing about being stupid is I don't even notice it happening.
>> ID: 7289d4 No. 14688 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 10:54 am

ID: 7289d4
14688 spacer
I see where the OP is coming from, here. Going into the coding of Trello in that other thread wasn't really necessary. It sort of petered out with Cunt A admitting the complexity of a site's coding isn't an indicator of success or utility, and Cunt B conceding that it maybe wasn't a revolutionary bit of programming as much as it was a useful and widely relied-upon tool. Both are absolutely common sense observations, and neither were related to the topic of: how do you plan your life?

Sort it aht, lads.

American complaining about 9 11 jokesfaggots norwe.jpg
>> ID: 3584e9 No. 14657 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 11:25 pm

ID: 3584e9
14657 Hey Adminlad (Ladmin?)
Norwaylad wants me to ask if Norwegian IPs can be permitted as he can't shitpost from his current locale. So there.
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>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14658 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 2:52 am

ID: 4260c9
14658 spacer
It is interesting that multiple nations are asking to be let back in. My concern is that it just creates a lot of extra grief for the moderators.
>> ID: d51454 No. 14662 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 10:28 am

ID: d51454
14662 spacer

It's fine, let them in until I get another job.
>> ID: 39cc10 No. 14664 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 1:56 pm

ID: 39cc10
14664 spacer
Don't be xenophobic ladz.
>> ID: 875835 No. 14665 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 3:50 pm

ID: 875835
14665 spacer


>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14669 Anonymous
30th June 2018
Saturday 10:11 am

ID: 4260c9
14669 spacer
Will make a couple of tweaks this morning, we'll see how it goes. Also going to be doing some OS updates so you might see the odd interruption.

Screen shot 2018-06-25 at 09.31.03.png
>> ID: f6ecc3 No. 14653 Anonymous
25th June 2018
Monday 9:33 am

ID: f6ecc3
14653 She's a bit of a lllouche, it's true
Were you on the lllager when you did this, maroon bab? Did you colllapse before you could check your spellling?

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>> ID: d51454 No. 14661 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 10:28 am

ID: d51454
14661 spacer

>> ID: f6ecc3 No. 14663 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 10:57 am

ID: f6ecc3
14663 spacer
>> ID: 27831a No. 14666 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 3:55 pm

ID: 27831a
14666 spacer
>> ID: 607023 No. 14667 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 7:05 pm

ID: 607023
14667 spacer
>> ID: d51454 No. 14668 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 8:01 pm

ID: d51454
14668 spacer


Illl communication

>> ID: cdd77b No. 14652 Anonymous
24th June 2018
Sunday 3:25 am

ID: cdd77b
14652 spacer
Whatever happened with the minitrue? I just started thinking about it for some reason.

>> ID: 98ca28 No. 14645 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 3:42 pm

ID: 98ca28
14645 spacer
Purpz spotted
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>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14646 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 3:47 pm

ID: 4260c9
14646 spacer
Too much hair.
>> ID: 607023 No. 14647 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 5:16 pm

ID: 607023
14647 spacer
No, the right amount of hair but in all the wrong places.
>> ID: f22922 No. 14648 Anonymous
12th May 2018
Saturday 6:51 pm

ID: f22922
14648 spacer

>> ID: 2d2275 No. 14649 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 12:58 am

ID: 2d2275
14649 spacer


>> ID: 7266cd No. 14632 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 6:43 am

ID: 7266cd
14632 Problem posting.
Hi Uncle marple,

I can't post from my iPad for some reason and having to post from my phone makes me feel like a Blackpool Grime artists. Something which nobody should have to endure.

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> ID: d51454 No. 14639 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 4:45 pm

ID: d51454
14639 spacer

Isn't purpo the richest one of the three of us? It'd be like Richard Branson asking me for a tenner.
>> ID: 2d469d No. 14640 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 6:11 pm

ID: 2d469d
14640 spacer
nah m8 its a few months old but isn’t that far out of date.
>> ID: 8b3693 No. 14641 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:35 am

ID: 8b3693
14641 spacer
I moaned about not that long ago, along with a few others, and he updated it. It's no where near 5 years out of date.
>> ID: 1c3d9b No. 14642 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 4:23 pm

ID: 1c3d9b
14642 spacer

I apologise for being out of the loop. Sorry lads.
>> ID: c781bc No. 14644 Anonymous
29th April 2018
Sunday 11:44 pm

ID: c781bc
14644 spacer
A glance at the sentry shows the only foreign posters we are getting are from the US. I was unable to post on .gs while on my hols recently in a country that is not particularly known for spam. Is the wall just up for everyone now?

>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14513 Anonymous
25th March 2018
Sunday 11:56 am

ID: 4260c9
14513 a little YubYub
ladm9s I'm going to be doing a little bit of YubYub this afternoon, so if you see the odd server unavailable, 404, do not be alarmed.
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>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14628 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 8:20 pm

ID: 4260c9
14628 spacer
Cor, that's lovely!
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14631 Anonymous
13th April 2018
Friday 8:05 pm

ID: 4260c9
14631 spacer

Yeah lads I am going to be tinkering this weekend.

Be afraid.
>> ID: 8e5437 No. 14636 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 10:36 pm

ID: 8e5437
14636 spacer
>They can't see what pages you visited
HTTPS doesn't encrypt the URL you're viewing.
>> ID: 22db0f No. 14637 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 10:45 pm

ID: 22db0f
14637 spacer
Yes it does. The actual HTTP request is sent after the tunnel is established.
>> ID: d896de No. 14643 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 5:58 pm

ID: d896de
14643 spacer
Turns out overcoming this isn't as simple as I'd hoped. How do we feel about having to press play twice? Would it be better to follow 4chan and link to the video instead? I believe this would usually load the YouTube app.

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