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>> No. 3105 Anonymous
8th July 2022
Friday 6:23 pm
3105 Kneepads
Any of you lads use kneepads at work? I've recently been given cause to use them myself, but I don't really know if there's such a thing as a 'good' or 'bad' set. I will be kneeling on metal floors more than anything, not particularly often, but in all weathers. If they can fit under my work pants (relatively baggy cargo pants) all the better.

Basically just looking for a dependable brand name.
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>> No. 3106 Anonymous
8th July 2022
Friday 6:46 pm
3106 spacer

You've basically got two varieties - simple foam kneepads that cost about a fiver a pair and much more elaborate kneepads designed for the trade that range from £15-£40. Fit is the most important thing, so you're best off going down to Screwfix or Toolstation so you can try a few pairs on.

You'll probably want to wear them over your trousers, because unless they've got reinforced knees you'll shred them in a matter of days. I wear work trousers with built-in kneepad pockets, but it's really a matter of personal preference.
>> No. 3107 Anonymous
8th July 2022
Friday 7:06 pm
3107 spacer

Sorry, should have mentioned - my current work pants don't have the kneepad pockets, but I could get them if I really wanted. I think the strap on (oh err) type will work better for me, as I won't need them all day every day so can just chuck them somewhere when not needed.

Anyway, appreciate the input. Bothering Screwfix was my first thought, too.
>> No. 3108 Anonymous
8th July 2022
Friday 7:17 pm
3108 spacer
My work gave me a pair, which I don't need now and rarely needed then, and they kept falling down. Falling down is the worst thing about kneepads, so if you can make sure they're tight rather than just shitty second-hand velcro straps, that will make a world of positive difference. Perhaps somewhere makes kneepads with belt buckles.

>> No. 2916 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 4:10 pm
2916 Mosquito Proofing
Mosquito season is nearly upon us and I refuse to be eaten alive like last year. Do either of you have any tips to keep them at bay?

Reason I ask on a glue board is that I've looked into netting for the window on my flat

These make use of adhesive magnets but I wonder if that is going to leave marks which is an issue as I'm renting. Any past experience using these or ways of avoiding permanent marks from adhesives would be appreciated.
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>> No. 3100 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 2:00 am
3100 spacer
Where I live now, it happens so often that people will move in for a few weeks and then vanish in the middle of the night that my tenancy agreement contains no deposit at all, but rather, the first and last month's rent. That way, if I leave, I have already paid my rent for the last month. I won't get my money back under any circumstances, but since it's rent I don't expect to. I have lived here for eleven years. Perhaps renting from a private landlord rather than a company was actually the answer all along.
>> No. 3101 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 4:26 pm
3101 spacer

>even though landlords should be beaten up

I guess he didn't beat him up, but grabbed his landlord by the collar and shouted in his face and pushed and shoved him around a bit. At least that's what happened according to another friend who told me about it. But that would still have counted as physical assault, and it's something no landlord needs to take from you. I think I remember he was given a week to leave, but I might be wrong.
>> No. 3102 Anonymous
14th June 2022
Tuesday 9:39 pm
3102 spacer
So I did the front door and it was incredibly easy despite being over on size. I didn't need to do it but if you're drastically over you can always fold and staple to the size you need with no bother aside from chunky flaps.

Standard black magic tape will probably leave black marks but fuck it, with some white spirit I'll probably get it off faster than angrymodlad and a thread about the bloke-who-divorced-Dawn-French. The real test will come in a couple weeks when I get the big bastard screen for the double doors on the balcony and have to do it on the inside.
>> No. 3103 Anonymous
15th June 2022
Wednesday 1:21 am
3103 spacer

This is sick. I've got the door on and light on and I'm laughing at the bastard moths hitting the netting and getting furious that they can't land on my clothes and lay eggs everywhere.

Eat shit nature.
>> No. 3104 Anonymous
15th June 2022
Wednesday 7:20 pm
3104 spacer
Pride goes before an infestation. Enjoy your mothpocalypse.

>> No. 3065 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 11:48 am
3065 spacer
This door handle has one (or maybe more than one) of its screws going all the way through the door, but the tiny top bit that secures it has been lost and I need a replacement. What do you call these things? It looks like the top of the screw but it has a hole in the middle for the other screw to go through. I've been searching for stuff like 'screw caps' and it's not helping.
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>> No. 3072 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 1:38 pm
3072 spacer

Why do you think it's a troll? Am I asking a weird or stupid question? I'm just looking for an equivalent to the thing that I lost. I drew a picture of it. Maybe it came with the door handle I dunno. Not sure if a barrel nut is the right thing.
>> No. 3073 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 2:13 pm
3073 spacer

That's a nut m8. It's round and it's got a slot in it, so you want a slotted round nut. If it's a metric thread, then you just need to measure the outside diameter of the screw around the largest part of the thread to find the right size. If it measures 4mm you need an M4 nut, if it measures 5mm you need an M5 etc. If it isn't a round number of millimetres, you've probably been cursed by the Imperial Fasteners Fairy and I'd suggest taking the bolt into a decent hardware shop.

>> No. 3074 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 2:38 pm
3074 spacer
Fair enough I suppose, thank you. I'm just worried about finding the right size for the hole because nuts are generally quite thick, whereas the thing I lost was very thin and a bit tapered and probably came with the door handle to fit the hole perfectly flat.
>> No. 3075 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 5:21 pm
3075 spacer

I think perhaps you're describing an insert nut. You screw it in with an allen key, and then it takes a bolt through the center.


But I would also go with the other suggestion in the thread, to simply rotate the entire thing by a few degrees and just use normal screws. Captive insert nuts like this are usually used to fix bits of furniture together, that might need to come undone later - something like a large worktop, desk or table.
>> No. 3076 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 7:41 pm
3076 spacer
For 5 seconds of googling it seems it might be called a sleeve.

>> No. 3052 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 10:00 am
3052 spacer
How the fuck do I use this? I don't even know how to buy fuel for it. "Normal petrol"? What does that mean? Will the petrol station sell me one of those bottles to put it in?
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>> No. 3060 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 12:15 pm
3060 spacer

Thanks, I couldn't find that.


The cord still won't retract so I can't try again.
>> No. 3061 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 1:30 pm
3061 spacer

The recoil spring might be buggered, but it's worth checking the pull cord for kinks or knots. It's not massively difficult to take off the pulley cover. You can find the manual for the engine at the link below.

>> No. 3062 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 5:36 pm
3062 spacer
What's a respectful amount of time to wait to ask OP how the fuck they ended up with such a specific piece of machinery with no idea how to operate it?
>> No. 3063 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 8:11 pm
3063 spacer

A missing bolt on the cage wheels meant the weight of the whole generator was pressing the axle against the recoil spring casing. That had bent it out of shape so it pressed against the internal bit that's supposed to spin, acting like a brake. I propped it up on some bricks to relieve the weight and bent the casing back into shape, running perfectly now.


Man has to start somewhere.
>> No. 3064 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 12:13 am
3064 spacer
5 nanoseconds.

>> No. 3042 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 10:32 pm
3042 spacer
Do I have to get planning permission to move my fence up to the side of the pavement? It's about 2m tall.

Some of the neighbours have tall fences up against the pavement, some have short fences with hedges over them and some have just tall hedges.
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>> No. 3044 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 2:07 am
3044 spacer
How will you get your car through the fence?
>> No. 3045 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 9:03 am
3045 spacer
This site says otherwise
I'm lost.
>> No. 3046 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 10:40 am
3046 spacer
If someone said something, you could use the neighbours as an excuse as it set a precedent. Just do it and if someone from the council turns up and is a jobsworth, you can get planning permission retro-actively for an already completed structure. There is a guy on youtube who built a bunker under his house and then asked for PP, because they weren't exactly going to tell him to dig it out.
>> No. 3050 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 7:23 pm
3050 spacer


They could pretty easily tell me to take down a fence but I've done it now anyway. Just 6" bolts holding it up, no sunken concrete like >>3043 said.

Need to put another one up along the side of the driveway and I'm thinking to dig a trench through the concrete inside the top one, stick a hedge there.
>> No. 3051 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 7:41 pm
3051 spacer
Yes, but the worst that can happen is that the council make you move it back.

>> No. 3047 Anonymous
16th April 2022
Saturday 3:47 pm
3047 spacer

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>> No. 3048 Anonymous
16th April 2022
Saturday 3:54 pm
3048 spacer
That was very pleasing to watch, thank you.
>> No. 3049 Anonymous
16th April 2022
Saturday 4:11 pm
3049 spacer
Did anyone notice how the glass merchant slides the ruler under the glass to break it?

>> No. 3039 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 1:51 pm
3039 spacer
Is this grouting a big issue? Top image is undamaged example. Also the tiles can move, like there's sponge behind them, when I push them, while the undamaged tiles are rigid.

I want to know if this can cause water damage to the walls, or whether the grouting is coming away because water damage is occurring from something else. I have damp on the ceiling in my kitchen, most of it is directly underneath where these tiles are in my bathroom, but I've been told I have penetrating damp all around my property so I what's causing what. If it's the damp I should get that sorted and then the grouting, but if this is causing a leak through to my kitchen I should do this first, right?
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>> No. 3040 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 1:58 pm
3040 spacer
> I have damp on the ceiling in my kitchen, most of it is directly underneath where these tiles are in my bathroom

Unless these tiles are directly inside your shower cabin and are immediately exposed to water everytime you shower, there shouldn't be enough water going through cracks in the grouting to cause damp spots on your kitchen ceiling underneath. There are probably more serious problems at play.

>but I've been told I have penetrating damp all around my property so I what's causing what

Find the points of entry of that penetrating damp into your house and then take it from there.
>> No. 3041 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 2:34 pm
3041 spacer
>Unless these tiles are directly inside your shower cabin and are immediately exposed to water everytime you shower

They are. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. Bath with shower at one end, these tiles are at the same end, opposite the shower curtain.

>> No. 3032 Anonymous
26th February 2022
Saturday 2:47 pm
3032 What's an inch between friends?
Storms C, D & E destroyed some clear roof panels here - I bought new ones but they're on a 4" pitch, not 3" like I need, and it's really not bodgeable. They're individual clearish panels in a fibre cement (probably asbestos, joy) roof.
Any hints how to find what I need? (2 foot 6 wide or more, 2m long or more, clear or translucent, preferably polycarbonate but will take what I can get, although the installation is such a bitch that I doubt PVC sheets will survive the wrestling.)
Pitch s the word I'd use to describe the corrugations, but it's overloaded in roofing sites enough to not be a useful search term, and' '3' is fuck all use.
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>> No. 3034 Anonymous
26th February 2022
Saturday 3:01 pm
3034 spacer
76mm, not 75mm, gets the solution. Corrapol low profile, for anyone in the same hole.
If I had the cash I'd have someone remove all the asbestos sheet, it's pretty crumbly. Fuck's sake, I was hoping to get away with it for a few more years.
>> No. 3035 Anonymous
26th February 2022
Saturday 3:15 pm
3035 spacer
Cheers - sheets ordered, and an asbestos test booked. The old 'leave it alone and it's harmless' plan may not work for much longer. I'm perfectly happy sticking a new roof on, but old asbestos gives me the willies.
Also, what's up with 95mm? It's nothing sensible in imperial or metric.
>> No. 3036 Anonymous
26th February 2022
Saturday 4:28 pm
3036 spacer

Removing an asbestos cement roof is relatively low risk if you approach it sensibly. It's not licensed work so you can legally do it yourself. Wear a disposable suit and a proper respirator, wet everything down before starting work, wrap everything in two layers of thick polythene as soon as you remove it, wipe everything down (including your suit) with damp rags after finishing work. You'll want two pairs of hands to avoid dropping the sheets and you will need a licensed skip to take it away.
>> No. 3037 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 12:02 am
3037 spacer
Sounds like a slightly less terrifying version of the roof scene in HBO's Chernobyl. Nasty, nasty stuff.

I remember our Health and Safety guy at work talking about bumbling through some asbestos DIY removal the fucking dafty.
>> No. 3038 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 10:09 am
3038 spacer
You should definitely not get a wire brush and scrub your asbestos roof clean, like my next-door neighbour did during lockdown.

>> No. 2991 Anonymous
5th February 2022
Saturday 9:39 am
2991 spacer
I get a lot of drafts from the open chimney through the fireplace. I'm considering boarding the chimney up with some plywood or plasterboard, leaving a slight gap for circulation. Is this the best idea? Or should I use a chimney draft excluder? Or do both?
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>> No. 3027 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 12:41 pm
3027 spacer

Goodness me someone really is anally aggrieved. There, there, m9. It's okay.
>> No. 3028 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 7:23 pm
3028 spacer

I wasn't quite aware that burning wood is such a contentious issue. Even nonces get less unmitigated hatred on .gs.

It doesn't change the fact that burning dry wood is actually more eco friendly and carbon neutral than gas or coal.



The only true disadvantage of an open fireplace is its poor energy efficiency of about 25 percent. But again, this only being a once in a while thing for us for a few hours, it hardly matters.
>> No. 3029 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 7:44 pm
3029 spacer
>about as helpful as someone joining in a conversation about Plato and bringing up pederasty at every turn
You had one chance to say that someone is as useful as a chocolate fireguard, and you fucked it.
>> No. 3030 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 7:52 pm
3030 spacer
Tell me, 3026lad, do you have a wet nurse?
>> No. 3031 Anonymous
12th February 2022
Saturday 2:33 pm
3031 spacer
Just finished trimming one of our yewtrees in the back garden and cut the thicker branches into logs to use as firewood. It yielded well enough wood for one fireplace night. It's now in the basement boiler room, which has excellent conditions for wood to dry.

Yew is quite decent firewood, although it's not used much. It gives off a nice earthy smell as it burns. It was held in very high regard in past centuries due to its hardness and flexibility and was used for longbows in particular as well as furniture and veneer. Which drove yewtrees to near-extinction in Britain, because at some point in the Middle Ages, per royal decree every man over the age of 14 was required to have his own yew longbow. Logging was intense, while the tree itself is very slow growing, much unlike other conifers like spruce or pine. Also, yew is highly poisonous, a few twigs of it contain enough toxin to kill an adult horse, which meant it was a hazard to feeding cattle or horses, so it wasn't normally grown as ornamental trees outside forests.

Burning yew is no problem though despite its toxicity, because the heat from the fire completely breaks down the toxin before it can escape into the ambient air.

Self sage for pointless rambling.

>> No. 3014 Anonymous
7th February 2022
Monday 8:17 pm
3014 spacer
The tilt/turn window in my rented flat's bedroom is stuck completely open.


I've tried moving it into tilt mode and back again and it's still stuck. I'm completely out of ideas for what else I could possibly even try. Any ideas lads? Cheers.

I've phoned the number in the communal area and they told me I was a cunt and that I should kill myself for ringing the number in the common area because that was for common area issues only. The landlords are only open business hours and of course don't provide an out of hours number.
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>> No. 3015 Anonymous
7th February 2022
Monday 8:18 pm
3015 spacer
>> No. 3017 Anonymous
7th February 2022
Monday 8:37 pm
3017 spacer
... I wanted it to thumbnail-ise.
>> No. 3025 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 9:21 am
3025 spacer

I think you need the www in there for the thumbnail:

If you can, it might help to take the curtain off and record what's going on at the hinges from both sides, taking care not to drop your phone out of the window.

It's not terribly uncommon for the tilting and locking mechanisms of these things to get stuck. Sometimes it's just a matter of jiggling the bastard around until something moves correctly. You might try gently lifting the window up vertically, so the weight of it is off the hinges, then moving it back and forth to see if anything pops back into place.

It could also be a proper locking mechanism intended to keep the window open. Look around the frame for a sticker or any brand name / model number printed onto it, then do a Google search on it. You might get lucky and find an instruction manual, then you can see if it's actually intended to lock open or not.

Again, I emphasise, don't fall out of the fucking thing.

>> No. 2986 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 5:58 pm
2986 spacer
I'm replacing a bulb in my cooker hood. The manual says G4, 12V, 10W.
But the one I found says 17W but it's got an equal sign, equating to 1.5W.

I'm assuming the one I found is fine? See picture.
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>> No. 2987 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 6:33 pm
2987 spacer

The much lower wattage is because it's an LED. I replaced my cooker hood bulbs just this week, too - I found these tiny little LED bulbs on Amazon - I thought they were too small, but they fit just great.

>> No. 2988 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 2:22 pm
2988 spacer
So are you saying the bulb in the OP should be fine for the cooker hood?
Thanks for the link but I don't buy from the scum .
>> No. 2989 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 4:20 pm
2989 spacer
There's a slim chance that in a cooker hood they might get too hot to burn out, but it's not too likely and it's not going to damage anything if they do.
>> No. 2990 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 2:03 am
2990 spacer

I bought ones similar to those for two light fixtures left and right of the mirror near the front door. The only problem was that the ones I got off eBay were for 12 volts, although they looked identical to 230V ones further up in the search result for a quid more. I installed them and they said their goodbyes with a subdued flash of light and a disturbingly loud bang, and looked pretty charred.

Ten quid well spent.

>> No. 1531 Anonymous
5th October 2013
Saturday 8:30 am
1531 spacer
Do you lads fancy a pumpkin carving contest?

You've got just under four weeks to work on your designs and hone your carving technique.
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>> No. 2471 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 4:13 pm
2471 spacer
what part of "lazy" don't you get?
>> No. 2472 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:00 am
2472 spacer

My mate made a harambe one 2 years ago
>> No. 2981 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 6:57 pm
2981 spacer

Throwing down the gauntlet for this year.
>> No. 2982 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 7:57 pm
2982 spacer
Never carved a pumpkin before, but I've bought one, what's going on? Was I supposed to carve it before the 31st? It's Sunday so we've got time. Doesn't it start rotting the earlier you do it?
>> No. 2983 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 8:03 pm
2983 spacer
A carved pumpkin will last somewhere around a week, depending on the weather and conditions it is kept in, so you haven't left it too late.

Make sure you toast the seeds and some of the flesh when you scoop it out.

fish bowl helmet.jpg
>> No. 2977 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 1:22 pm
2977 spacer
how to build a shed?

i want to build a wooden shed in my garden but i don't know where to start

pls give me some tips
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>> No. 2978 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 1:46 pm
2978 spacer
You buy them ready made, in a kit, and assemble them yourselves. Unless you're a good carpenter and have all the tools, that is the best way.
>> No. 2979 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 2:34 pm
2979 spacer
What you want to do is pop down to Jewson's and buy some good sturdy capital letters.
>> No. 2980 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 3:15 pm
2980 spacer
you'd probably want to start in the garden, because carrying a shed from elsewhere will prove very awkward

download (7).jpg
>> No. 2919 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 2:11 pm
2919 Sit-to-stand desk adjustments
I quite like the position and height of my desk but would like to stand sometimes, so I thought a sit-to-stand solution would be ideal. These can run a bit expensive, though, like the pictured for about 400 GBP.

Do you lads have any good cheap options or DIY solutions for this?
14 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2942 Anonymous
11th July 2021
Sunday 4:19 pm
2942 spacer
>I now have to decide if it's worth standing for - evidently [...] and britfa.gs are not.
What is this heresy, lad?
>> No. 2943 Anonymous
11th July 2021
Sunday 5:04 pm
2943 spacer
Well that's not going to last. That monitor will be back down on the desk before the month's out.
>> No. 2944 Anonymous
11th July 2021
Sunday 6:03 pm
2944 spacer
Mate my chair broke 4 weeks ago.
>> No. 2945 Anonymous
11th July 2021
Sunday 11:46 pm
2945 spacer
You've needed a new one for about 8 years since you last posted a pic of it, you mucky bastard.
>> No. 2976 Anonymous
28th September 2021
Tuesday 7:41 pm
2976 The image was unfortunately created for /*/, before realising /uhu/s uniqu
Office wank.jpg
It was a tossup between Scifi Throne and Office Wank - after 15 weeks at a standing desk, with up to 8 hours maximum stretch, I stuck with what I know and went with the latter. I still have the monitor up high and with wireless peripherals - I hope to continue using the standing function from time to time. My back hurts.

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