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2001 A Space Odyssey Pic 011_700.jpg
>> No. 2229 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 3:47 pm
2229 New build phone line
This probably is the wrong board for this, but...

I've just completed buying a new build house and have been told that I need to get a phone line installed by BT. BT will charge me over £100 for this unless I get one of their broadband/phone packages which are awful value for money and BT are pretty shit anyway.

I contacted Sky who said they could do it for £20 if I got a package with them and they're a lot cheaper than BT. However, this being a call centre in god knows where, I'm not sure how much I trust them to understand this property has no landline and never has.

So, in short - does anyone here know much about getting phone line installed in a new build and does it have to be through BT?
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>> No. 2232 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 5:15 pm
2232 spacer

Unless you're in Hull or a handful of other areas, there are only two sets of telephone wires in the ground - Openreach and Virgin Media. Every company apart from Virgin uses Openreach to connect to your house. Sky or BT or Plusnet provide the service, but Openreach provide all the wiring. If you can't get fibre via Openreach, then you'd better hope that Virgin have cabled your street.

>> No. 2233 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 10:52 pm
2233 spacer
>>2232 Thank you kindly, a huge help! .gs at it's best.
>> No. 2234 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 9:20 pm
2234 spacer
Are there any major suppliers that have call centres in this country?
>> No. 2235 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 11:22 pm
2235 spacer
>>2234 When I used to be with Virgin they usually tended to be Glaswegian
>> No. 2237 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 7:53 am
2237 spacer
Doesn't Plusnet like to advertise that they only have UK call centres?

>> No. 2207 Anonymous
1st March 2017
Wednesday 12:48 pm
2207 spacer
I just inherited some Halon 1211, whats this baby worth nowadays?
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>> No. 2224 Anonymous
3rd March 2017
Friday 3:08 pm
2224 spacer
Before he started hating women?
>> No. 2225 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 4:52 am
2225 spacer

Rebrand it as an anal fun gun on Ebay, you'll get about 500 quid from someone who wants a Halon inflated arse / bell end.
>> No. 2226 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 5:16 am
2226 spacer



Woman hater....
>> No. 2227 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 5:58 am
2227 spacer

That's almost a post, Anon. Well done.
>> No. 2228 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 12:21 am
2228 spacer
I found what appeared to be a rusty one of these on the beach the other day. It had the 'rifle stock' handle and all. I remembered reading "pressurised container" in this thread and thought I'd better stop kicking at it.

>> No. 2202 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 9:44 pm
2202 Haunted radio
So I got a new DAB radio for Christmas, I think it's a PURE Imagination model of some sort. This evening it has been randomly turning itself on, onto bluetooth and playing music. I've tried to sync it to my phone whilst the radio is turned off and it can't be done.

I've never used bluetooth on it before and always just keep it on DAB which makes it even stranger. Any ideas? The electrics have always been a bit fucky in our house, but seems odd it would turn onto bluetooth and (presumably) sync with a neighbour's device.
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>> No. 2203 Anonymous
6th January 2017
Friday 7:41 pm
2203 spacer
Switch the Bluetooth off..
>> No. 2204 Anonymous
6th January 2017
Friday 9:19 pm
2204 spacer
>>2203 I did. Several times.
>> No. 2205 Anonymous
6th January 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
2205 spacer
Can you pair it to something of yours, and hope that it only supports one set of stored credentials?
>> No. 2206 Anonymous
6th January 2017
Friday 11:24 pm
2206 spacer

If there is a bluetooth module like this on the inside with a built in antenna, you could try and tape some tin foil over it to block / impair the signal.

I could be way off the mark there, though.

>> No. 2196 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 8:19 pm
2196 What are these?
They're scattered pretty randomly along fenland power feeds, and I can't work out what they're for.
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>> No. 2197 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 8:57 pm
2197 spacer
Here you go:

The idea is that they stop birds from accidentally flying into them.
>> No. 2198 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 9:15 pm
2198 spacer

Yeah, I believe that.
There must just be an infestation of really, really stupid birds here. Maybe Mothra is just a bumbling great twat.
>> No. 2199 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 10:51 pm
2199 spacer
I wonder if I can get some for my flat so all those fucking piegons will stop shitting on my balcony.
>> No. 2200 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 12:03 am
2200 spacer

A couple of the flats in the tower block overlooking me have something very similar on their balconies. They look like CDRs and string and perhaps that's what they are.
>> No. 2201 Anonymous
31st December 2016
Saturday 12:46 pm
2201 spacer
>A couple of the flats in the tower block overlooking me have something very similar on their balconies. They look like CDRs and string and perhaps that's what they are.

No, they're just there to scare Emily Thornberrys away.

>> No. 2185 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 6:09 pm
2185 spacer
How much of a pain is it to change a light fitting?

I have one of these and not only have two of the bulbs blown but I can't take one of them out to replace it as the glass cover has broken a bit too and won't come out. I doubt I can buy replacement parts.

Can I just buy any light fitting that takes my fancy and wire it up or do I need to figure out the volts and wattage and stuff? Am I going to need a drill?
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>> No. 2190 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 7:53 am
2190 spacer
No, go to your fusebox/circuit breaker and remove the fuse/flip the breaker for the circuit that your lights run on.

If you needed to ask about that, then you should probably do this job under supervision.
>> No. 2191 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 8:17 am
2191 spacer
By turn off the power to the house I meant flip the main breaker because I don't know which circuits here are which yet and they're not properly labelled.
>> No. 2192 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 8:43 am
2192 spacer
Even if they're labelled, never trust what's written on them unless you're bloody certain. It's all too common for dodgy electricians to spur off other mains circuits to make their life easier when installing a new light fitting, or to not bother properly relabelling after major work.

(Albeit in this case it sounds like OP has one of three lights still working so he could "test for dead" with that, at least. Personally I'd test with a probe just to be sure, and I'd certainly kill everything before sticking my hands anywhere near the fitting no matter how much of a rush I was in.)
>> No. 2193 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 9:11 am
2193 spacer
Electric is scary.
>> No. 2194 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 11:37 am
2194 spacer

240v is positively benign when compared to HV.


>> No. 2179 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 6:59 pm
2179 Boiler problem
Please help lads. I'm at my nan's new house and helping her settle in. She set the wireless thermostat on the wall to 28C because it is too cold. Nothing seems to be warming up. I doubt it is a problem with the boiler since the water is hot as hell but the radiators are just not hot enough.

The boilers pic related. What should I change?
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>> No. 2180 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:07 pm
2180 spacer
Sorry to ask but have you tried putting the boiler's make and model into Google to see if there's a user manual for it out there? To my eyes it looks as if you could with letting some water into the system to bring the pressure up, but you could also do with checking if her radiators need to be bled (are they making a clicking sound when they turn on?) or if they have their own thermostatic dials on them whether those need to be adjusted.

Also, make sure she has a hot water bottle, a blanket over her lap and a nice cup of tea while you're sorting this out. If she can potter about to keep herself warm gentle movement will keep her circulation going. The human body is not excellent at keeping itself warm when you get to your nan's age.
>> No. 2182 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:15 pm
2182 spacer
The boiler is heating the hot taps? And you say it's a boiler problem?

Could be a system with two zone valves (one for CH, one for HW), and the CH one is stuck closed. You can usually force them open with a little lever on the bottom. They can be tough, you need to push them up or down to release it etc.
>> No. 2183 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:19 pm
2183 spacer
Wait a minute, the boiler controls everything? There's no separate heating control panel?
>> No. 2184 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:45 pm
2184 spacer
Thanks mate. I went and got her a small fan heater from a friend just now.

I turned the middle dial as high as it could go, and it seems to have worked because her bedroom radiator is getting nice and hot. But the radiators in the corridor, bathroom and living room are all just lukewarm. All the radiators have the dial thing at the bottom and I turned them up to the highest they go (two go up to III and the other two go up to 6).

The boiler is called Glow worm 30C. I looked for the manual before posting here, and all I could get was the Installation manual.

Seems like it. The only control panel is the one in my OP pic. There's a wireless thermostat that controls the temperature which is mounted in the living room.

The radiator in the living room is behind a sofa. Would it make any real difference if I moved it?

>> No. 1531 Anonymous
5th October 2013
Saturday 8:30 am
1531 spacer
Do you lads fancy a pumpkin carving contest?

You've got just under four weeks to work on your designs and hone your carving technique.
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>> No. 2173 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 7:10 pm
2173 spacer
I've been here for how many years? This thread is like a recurring nightmare.
>> No. 2174 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 7:17 pm
2174 spacer
This board is a recurring nightmare mate
>> No. 2175 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 8:02 pm
2175 spacer

>> No. 2176 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 8:14 pm
2176 spacer

Big ceramic insulators in the background? Something unfeasibly bright? Might it be Photonic Induction? Of course it's Photonic Induction.
>> No. 2178 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 8:40 pm
2178 spacer

I love how casually he stands above it and tips a bottle of meths on top.
I'm not at all averse to using the more advanced BBQ lighting techniques, but I at least do it at arms length and use safety-squints.

>> No. 2168 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:47 pm
2168 not usually tempted by a Kickstarter
But this looks ace. I've always wanted a home CNC lathe but have worried about the noise, mess, costs of the metal ones (I wish I had a larger shed, obviously).

This one does it with big sheets of wood.

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>> No. 2169 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:48 pm
2169 spacer


>> No. 2170 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 11:49 pm
2170 spacer


>> No. 2127 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 7:10 pm
2127 Aux input
This is the same radio as in my car. Just wondering if you can see an Aux input on the rear?

Picture taken from this video

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>> No. 2128 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 8:02 pm
2128 spacer
Not in standard 3.5mm format, no. You'll need a special adapter.

>> No. 2130 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 9:54 pm
2130 spacer

Thanks. Too bad I can't lift the dash out...
>> No. 2167 Anonymous
18th October 2016
Tuesday 11:11 am
2167 spacer

So I'm about to remove the radio and there's 4 bolts, deep under the dash.

I have a power drill with some bits to undo bolts (circled blue), I need some sort of adapter but I can't find any. The ones circled yellow don't fit. Does anything in the photo look as though it could fit the bits circled in blue?

>> No. 2131 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 12:49 pm
2131 Kiiroo Hacking
I thought this would be good here, as I can find no technical documentation on it whatsoever, which I think is a shame because the more the protocol is understood and opened up, the cheaper and more interesting online content would be.

I also don't know where to put this?

So basically, a little background: Kiiroo is a sex toy designed to be controlled remotely by cam girls, or your partner. It can be paired to a dildo, or you can download videos that cost money where the stroking movement is synchronised with the video. It's intensely enjoyable for men and I recommend giving it a try, although I am not sure if the results are the same for women. Girls you need to test it.

Anyway, here is what i found from poking around in the data files so far:

Go to:


(Obviously not safe for work).

Download a free kiiroo video (no registration required). This video will work offline, however kiiroo needs to be online to validate the device ID. So you need to have internet connectivity for kiiroo to pair with the device, then it acts essentially as a device driver which you can send data to. I have verified that the actual videos do not require internet connectivity by sabotaging the proxy settings on my browser, forcing it to operate offline.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 2140 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:36 pm
2140 spacer
Finally, I won't have to convince women to let them stick my knob in their wallets.
>> No. 2141 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:05 pm
2141 spacer
This along with the Rift will be why we'll start seeing the streets a little more empty. Slowly but surely.
>> No. 2142 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:16 pm
2142 spacer
This is a plot to crush every single penis on the planet simultaneously by altering a single line of code at the right moment.
>> No. 2143 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:48 pm
2143 spacer

Burst out laughing. I'm going to start telling people I have a PhD in this.
>> No. 2166 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:32 am
2166 spacer
I'd love to hear of any progress with this.

>> No. 1937 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 9:36 pm
1937 spacer
I want to replace the battery, but there's no obvious sign of it. I'm erring on the side of caution as I wrecked the last watch replacing the battery.
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>> No. 1983 Anonymous
31st August 2015
Monday 8:23 pm
1983 spacer
You cunt. You posted a thread about watch batteries and now my watch has gone flat just a few weeks later.
>> No. 1987 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 8:58 am
1987 spacer
If it's any consolation I replaced mine with ease. Picked up the battery for £1.50 online.
>> No. 1989 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 8:53 pm
1989 spacer
The white bit is a plastic thing which you can remove, in order to fit the battery.
>> No. 1990 Anonymous
1st September 2015
Tuesday 9:21 pm
1990 spacer
Thanks a lot, latechap.
>> No. 2165 Anonymous
30th September 2016
Friday 2:42 pm
2165 Casio Databank CA-55
I have a Casio watch which needs a new battery. To be specific it's a Casio Databank CA-55 with module 437.

Now I've watched half a dozen videos and read guides online. But I can't seem to remove the battery clasp/retainer. I press downwards and try to press outwards too but nothing happens. I've circled the bit I press on. Problem is I can't find a guide for my specific clasp. I've tried the top one as well.

Some reference material:



>> No. 2145 Anonymous
10th August 2016
Wednesday 8:38 pm
2145 spacer
Lads, complete novice here. I need a drill for screwing things and maybe drilling. There are far too many things to choose from, and I have a serious issue with choice. Wired, battery powered, hammer drill, etc. It is all too complicated.

What is a good drill? What should I buy?
7 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2153 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 2:19 pm
2153 spacer
Looks fine to me. Don't forget the drill bits though.
>> No. 2154 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 6:16 pm
2154 spacer

Never ever buy anything from Maplin unless you intend it to be disposable.

Regards, Veteran Ex-Maplineer.
>> No. 2155 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 6:35 pm
2155 spacer
Agreed, it looks like utter wank.

The problem with corded drills is that no one wants them anymore. Economies of scale now mean that a £20 battery powered drill is better quality than a £20 corded drill.

This one is in Aldi next week, £30 might be a bit out of your price range but it wont go wrong. Although a hammer drill might be better if you think you'll need to drill into brick at some point.
>> No. 2156 Anonymous
11th August 2016
Thursday 10:47 pm
2156 spacer
A good drill? Bosch. Mine cost 70 quid. Ryobi is shit nowadays.
>> No. 2157 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 2:20 am
2157 spacer
It's discontinued, mate.

>Economies of scale now mean that a £20 battery powered drill is better quality than a £20 corded drill.
Can you show me a decent £20 battery drill? Just curious, not trying to start a cunt-off.

>> No. 2106 Anonymous
20th May 2016
Friday 7:16 pm
2106 Posting this in /uhu/ and not anywhere else, because.
I somehow can't quite believe that this program exists, but I'm glad it does.

It will only be a matter of time until they actually make and broadcast a program where one episode is nothing but half an hour of James sorting his spanners, and I would watch it.

8 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2115 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 8:50 pm
2115 spacer
>Oh it appears you can buy them on the BBC shop online.
Should be free (to stream at least, if not download) to TV License holders. They are a cheeky bunch of fuckers charging for that.
It would be like funding someone's kickstarter and then not getting a free copy of the album.
>> No. 2117 Anonymous
31st May 2016
Tuesday 4:52 pm
2117 spacer
Apparently he has a decent bicycle maintenance video about, but I've never bothered to find it.
>> No. 2118 Anonymous
31st May 2016
Tuesday 5:01 pm
2118 spacer
I love stuff like this as it reminds me that there is sense of decency that we can all tap into which is extremely ordinary, yet profound.

Bethany Hughes doing a series on calligraphy through history would be my ultimate comfort telly.
>> No. 2119 Anonymous
1st June 2016
Wednesday 11:32 am
2119 spacer
We can't all be BBC managers, m8.
>> No. 2144 Anonymous
22nd June 2016
Wednesday 11:05 pm
2144 spacer

It would have made my day if the final scene was cutting down the flowers on a war memorial, because he couldn't find any grass.

>> No. 2125 Anonymous
18th June 2016
Saturday 6:00 pm
2125 DIY youtube channels
I'm a particular fan of this guy. He's a top lad.


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