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>> No. 22422 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 9:52 pm
22422 Disenchantment
Well, I liked it.
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>> No. 22494 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 10:34 pm
22494 spacer
Not him, but I could call you filthy het scum if you want.
>> No. 22495 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 10:38 pm
22495 spacer
There are basically two ways this can go depending on how the original pitch was done.

1) Netflix phones up Matt and says "hey we've got a few million bucks hanging around doing nothing, want to cook us up a pilot series for a new show?" The result will be an obvious load of total bollocks (actually what we've seen so far in season one)

2) Matt has a fantastic idea with a layered and self-referencing plot, a la Futurama, and has convinced Netflix to back this new vision. Hopefully, the result of this will be a fantastic show.

Tl;dr - the future of this show was decided when it was pitched, by who pitched it to whom.
>> No. 22496 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 10:54 pm
22496 spacer
I admittedly didn't watch much of Futurama past the first season but I got the impression that was a load of bollocks too. Cardboard cutout characters in a setting where literally anything can and does happen.
>> No. 22497 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 1:28 pm
22497 spacer
You said as much yourself in the post though. You didn't leave me anything to disagree with you selfish cunt.
>> No. 22498 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 3:42 pm
22498 spacer

I don't want to drop spoilers here but there are plot points way down in season five and six and if you zoom back to s1e1 and check for.... things.... it was all pre-planned from the start, which was pretty impressive for an animated show that most people just wrote off as "Simpsons In Space" when it first came out.

>> No. 22481 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 5:14 pm
22481 Detective Pikachu


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>> No. 22482 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 12:21 pm
22482 spacer
Yeah, bit of a weird one that.
>> No. 22483 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:28 pm
22483 spacer
I think they're trying to test the theory that Ryan Reynolds can make anything brilliant. I can only assume they haven't seen Green Lantern.
>> No. 22484 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:37 pm
22484 spacer
It's aimed at people who grew up with Pokémon Red/Blue, who are now in their thirties.
>> No. 22486 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 2:59 pm
22486 spacer
Why would people in their thirties want to watch a children's film? You mean parents?
>> No. 22488 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 3:07 pm
22488 spacer

Because people in their thirties grew up with pokemon. Nostalgia is big business. It does look like it's been made to look like a gritty netflix special, despite it obviously being a kiddie film.

>> No. 20473 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:00 pm
20473 Star Trek
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at http://vaughnlive.tv/downlorrd .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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>> No. 22429 Anonymous
1st September 2018
Saturday 12:10 pm
22429 spacer
There's an app for that.
>> No. 22430 Anonymous
2nd September 2018
Sunday 2:50 pm
22430 spacer
I'm just doing a TNG rewatch at the minute actually. I know every episode back to front but I've not actually seen the blu-ray edits before and I'm totally blown away by how bright and clear everything is.

I'd definitely be up for some kind of discussion (here or elsewhere) about any episode of Trek (except Discovery) whenever really. I have a lot of free time and I ate, slept and breathed my old VHS tapes of TNG in particular from as far back as I can remember.
>> No. 22476 Anonymous
29th October 2018
Monday 12:03 pm
22476 spacer

This is what Jake Sisko looks like now. Bit weird, innit?
>> No. 22477 Anonymous
29th October 2018
Monday 12:28 pm
22477 spacer
Not really, but he does look like he's trying to be Avery Brooks Jnr, but I can't think of a good reason not to.
>> No. 22479 Anonymous
29th October 2018
Monday 1:56 pm
22479 spacer

Only in that he is immortalised as a teenager in my mind.

>> No. 22470 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 8:13 pm
22470 Killing Eve
This is a very good show, even though I bet none of you watched it because the oversaturation of ads the Beeb put out annoyed you.
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>> No. 22471 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 8:38 pm
22471 spacer
> because the oversaturation of ads the Beeb put out annoyed you.
>> No. 22472 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 9:27 pm
22472 spacer
I thought it was better than Bodyguard.
>> No. 22473 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 11:12 am
22473 spacer
I really liked this and found it really funny. Not sure how much I have to add beyond that. I'd certainly recommended it to the rest of the Mansfield Massive.

>> No. 22448 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 9:57 pm
22448 Does anyone remember
the name of some sitcom, can't have been more than one season maybe just a few episodes. About housemates I think? Female ensemble cast, I thought it was called Vodka Diaries but apparently it's not. All British except for the Irish one who wasn't Aisling Bea, at least I can't find it on her imdb page but I could have sworn it was her.
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>> No. 22461 Anonymous
22nd September 2018
Saturday 5:13 pm
22461 spacer
Don't think I didn't go to her imdb page first to know you're now telling porkies (at least by omission).

And it definitely comes up in search as well. You just had to click "See all results".
>> No. 22462 Anonymous
22nd September 2018
Saturday 6:02 pm
22462 spacer
Can definitely recommend this if you're holding off on watching it. It's got some scenes in it that'll make anyone who's posted in the resting actors thread feel distinctly uncomfortable, which is a credit to the writing.
>> No. 22463 Anonymous
22nd September 2018
Saturday 11:50 pm
22463 spacer

Why would I click see all results when it doesn't come up under its own name? Anyway it's found now.
>> No. 22468 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 12:09 pm
22468 spacer
Series 3? I never knew this got beyond the pilot.
>> No. 22469 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 12:10 pm
22469 spacer
I'm also an idiot because it WAS the pilot on series 3 of Comedy Feeds.

Fucking depression.jpg
>> No. 21977 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:37 am
21977 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting lore breaking dues ex machina fuckery and overt character assassination.

It's fucking shite.
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>> No. 22445 Anonymous
19th September 2018
Wednesday 6:41 pm
22445 spacer
It wasn't Jenny.

All that really happened was a bit of abuse on Twitter whilst it was airing, most of it seeming to come from the type of person who'd have a crazy clown as their profile picture, but it's water off a duck's back. My work colleagues had compiled the worst ones to share with me the following day.
>> No. 22446 Anonymous
19th September 2018
Wednesday 6:59 pm
22446 spacer
>>22445 When was it shown? Which Chaser did you get?
>> No. 22447 Anonymous
19th September 2018
Wednesday 7:10 pm
22447 spacer
They've only been showing new episodes of series 12 since the start of this month. Not saying which Chaser because one of you moon ovens would probably be able to identify me from that information alone.
>> No. 22466 Anonymous
7th October 2018
Sunday 10:05 pm
22466 spacer

Speaking from experience, if you got abuse on Twitter you probably took the minus offer, which is a cunt's trick and if so you deserved to lose, or you were so unbelievably thick that you infuriated viewers.


Mr "I went on national telly and I'll tell you just enough to show off but not enough for you to be able to actually SEE me!" Except by telling us that you got abuse on Twitter you have probably given away too much anyway.
>> No. 22467 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 1:59 am
22467 spacer
Hmmm. I wonder why they didn't want to identify themselves.

>> No. 22464 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 11:29 pm
22464 spacer


>> No. 22419 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 2:34 pm
22419 Down With This Sort Of Thing

A cathedral is pressing ahead with plans to show two “not for the faint-hearted” horror films and Monty Python’s Life of Brian on an inflatable big screen – despite opposition from some church wardens.

The Dean of Derby, The Very Reverend Dr Stephen Hance, said the decision to host the city’s QUAD cinema’s Fright Club and other films in the nave would not compromise the cathedral’s holiness.

Critics of the plans have claimed 1970s classics The Wicker Man and Don’t Look Now are inappropriate for a place-of-worship because of a graphic nude sex scene and themes of paganism.

Going too far lads? Some of the comments are gold as to be expected.
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>> No. 22420 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 4:03 pm
22420 spacer
You wouldn't catch them showing East Is East in the local masjid.
>> No. 22421 Anonymous
24th August 2018
Friday 4:05 pm
22421 spacer
You should see some of the raves the Dutch throw in the Westerkerk. Fuck being a Belieber, Anne Frank would have been off her tits on pingers.

>> No. 16455 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:11 am
16455 Game of Thrones
Are you all just going to pretend this isn't happening?

I assume everyone's already illegally downloaded last nights episode? If so you'll definitely understand my next question...


I'm reckoning Cersei at a daring 50/1.
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>> No. 22310 Anonymous
5th May 2018
Saturday 10:55 pm
22310 spacer
Not this thread again. How many fucking times am I going to have to see Matt Berry gurning through a hedge before GoT loses its appeal?
>> No. 22311 Anonymous
5th May 2018
Saturday 11:08 pm
22311 spacer
Likely a couple of years as it's not like we'll get enough posts to clear it off the list by then.
>> No. 22312 Anonymous
6th May 2018
Sunday 11:23 am
22312 spacer

More of a gawp, really.
>> No. 22313 Anonymous
6th May 2018
Sunday 12:21 pm
22313 spacer
Yes sorry, that was the word I was looking for.
>> No. 22410 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 3:33 pm
22410 spacer


>> No. 22393 Anonymous
10th August 2018
Friday 8:37 am
22393 Tarantion Style Commercial
I've made a grade B style fake commercial. Please tell what u think

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>> No. 22404 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 4:14 pm
22404 spacer
Yeah you should cut the voiceover, at least during the interstitials.
>> No. 22405 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 11:08 pm
22405 spacer


>> No. 22406 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 11:47 pm
22406 spacer
Genuinely loved that and not what I was expecting, and Iowa was the perfect choice of state- well done.
>> No. 22407 Anonymous
12th August 2018
Sunday 10:38 am
22407 spacer
Good work, nice twist.

As other lad said, voiceover needs some work.
>> No. 22408 Anonymous
13th August 2018
Monday 12:49 am
22408 spacer
I wasn't going as far as to say cut it, just rerecord it. It might turn out it is better dropped but that is really more of a creative decision then I think this board is capible of making from our armchairs.

believe nothing.png
>> No. 22385 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 4:41 am
22385 spacer
Found this obscure gem the other day and just watched all of it. Which is sadly only six episodes.

Made by the same team as The New Statesman and has Rik Mayall in it.


No embed because it's a playlist with all the episodes and the outtakes after. Also a really good interview with Rik. For some reason the playlist has a trapeze video stuck on the end but that's nothing to do with me.
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>> No. 22387 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 4:01 pm
22387 spacer
I bring you comedic gold and the best you can muster is "Hmmm"?
>> No. 22388 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 4:44 pm
22388 spacer
It's funny in parts. It grew on me with each episode to the point where I don't regret spending my time on it but it's not "comedy gold".

-not a Rik Mayall fan
>> No. 22389 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 9:34 pm
22389 spacer
Maybe that's the difference. I am a Rik Mayall fan. I thought it was very well written though.
>> No. 22390 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 10:34 pm
22390 spacer


> -not a Rik Mayall fan

>> No. 22391 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 10:45 pm
22391 spacer
I actually saw the prune danish bit somewhere recently, but I'm not sure where. Possibly some NASA fake ISS conspiracy videos.

>> No. 22374 Anonymous
29th July 2018
Sunday 4:30 pm
22374 Stewart Lee: Content Provider
What did you lads think of ARE STEW's new special?


Watching it now, he does seem to repeat himself a little less, but I'm only half way through.
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>> No. 22380 Anonymous
30th July 2018
Monday 6:29 pm
22380 spacer
Yeah I don't get ARE STEW anymore. I'm not sure if he's playing an aging, paunchy bore ironically, or that's just him now.
>> No. 22381 Anonymous
30th July 2018
Monday 6:59 pm
22381 spacer

I used to be in a band, and we didn't rehearse very much. When people came up to us saying it sounded a bit ropey we would tell them that was part of the act. Are Stew is very much just doing the same thing.

The interesting part is that he's very deliberately self aware about it, and plays on it in the act. I think part of him is rather cynically exploiting the "metropolitan liberal elite" who keep coming to see him, and he directly attacks his snobbish audience during this show.

He all but admits he's sinmply putting on an act Guardian reading ponces will enjoy in order to pay his mortgage, and thanks to the way he's cultivated the image, even being so blasé about it does him no harm.
>> No. 22382 Anonymous
31st July 2018
Tuesday 4:41 pm
22382 spacer
Good review here.

>> No. 22383 Anonymous
31st July 2018
Tuesday 4:49 pm
22383 spacer
tl;dr Most leavers won't like it.

Well imagine my shock.
>> No. 22384 Anonymous
31st July 2018
Tuesday 4:52 pm
22384 spacer
Jesus Christ, that review was stupid enough to make me actually like ARE STEW's special.

>> No. 22314 Anonymous
15th May 2018
Tuesday 11:13 pm
22314 Industrial thread
I can't be arsed to look past page 2 to find where we last did this, but I've ended up on another bender watching industrial productions again.

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>> No. 22326 Anonymous
18th May 2018
Friday 11:11 pm
22326 spacer

The endless disparagement of "elf n safety" is a major contributory factor IMO. It's hard to believe that something as ordinary as sugar could cause a devastating explosion. When people are primed by the tabloids to see health and safety as being bureaucratic, overprotective and out of touch with reality, it's doubly difficult to persuade them to take these sorts of risks seriously. Many industries have these sorts of subtle, insidious hazards.
>> No. 22327 Anonymous
19th May 2018
Saturday 1:20 am
22327 spacer

The regulations for this industry like many others are built on the backs of tragedy. Similar to how Grenfell will usher in a new set of rules for cladding, the explosive dust and gas regulations have built up over time gradually since Victorian mining disasters. Anyone involved should be well aware of the risks, and most are, to varying degrees.

Layers of dust are only really an issue if they cause something that needs ventilation for cooling to heat up. Ignition occurs when it reaches the auto-ignition temperature of the dust mixture. Clouds can be much more dangerous and any spark with enough energy can potentially set it off.

Sugar, flour, etc. are seemingly innocuous materials but the calories they contain are energy in joules in the same way that a battery or a stick of dynamite stores energy densely (I think?).

>> No. 22328 Anonymous
19th May 2018
Saturday 7:44 am
22328 spacer
>Layers of dust are only really an issue if they cause something that needs ventilation for cooling to heat up.
Or if a sudden draft or something dislodges it and turns it into a could, especially if it's high up. Or where an initial explosion dislodges more dust setting off a chain reaction.

I worked somewhere with a serious dust problem, it wasn't a combustible dust, but it was still a deeply unpleasant environment for the people who had to work in it and it still stems from the same management attitude.
>> No. 22329 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 8:36 am
22329 spacer


Sorry to bore you lads, my dad would come home after every shift telling me that everyone in his shift would spend at least an hour pipe-vacuuming all the aluminium powder ready for the next shift, and those working the shift after his couldn’t be arsed doing a good enough job cleaning/vacuuming therefore everyone was in the shit from H&S. So this lead to a very bad atmosphere, and passive-aggressive finger-pointing from those who didn’t give a shit about the safety of others. My dad, in particular who genuinely cared about the safety of those he worked with and doing a good job of things, was one of those at the brunt of all this.

Aluminium powder is fucking explosive.

Whinging ‘cos some of the Welsh are wankers.
>> No. 22330 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 6:12 pm
22330 spacer
Sadly there is probably a lot of that mentality in all walks of life. Only after shit goes down do people wake up to the risks. I wonder, is it better to be blissfully unaware, or to bury your head in the sand?

One positive note is that because the sales and marketing people at the companies where kit for places like this are made are mostly incompetent, a lot of kit is approved to a way higher spec than it actually needs. This additional safety factor might inadvertently help to accomodate for some of the general apathy.

>> No. 21874 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 5:18 pm
21874 Youtube Recommendations
The other thread got me wondering about what youtube channels you lads can recommend. Topic can be anything, just what you find to be good and interesting to watch.

>Issac Arthur
I posted one of his videos awhile ago but it's well worth repeating. Every Thursday he does a really interesting and in-depth look at science and futurism concepts and does a really good job of explaining them simply but also covering the unnoticed drawbacks and benefits.

He has kind of gone to shit over the past few months but this is still a good channel for basic electrical engineering fun.

>Tom Scott
Mostly for his 'Things You Might Not Know' series. He goes over some pretty interesting things that you might never notice but are all around us.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 22302 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 9:15 pm
22302 spacer

I find him very endearing because he's ultimately a bit crap but still manages to be quite entertaining.
>> No. 22303 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 10:21 pm
22303 spacer

I wonder what fork in the road separates the life stories of Jeavons and Beno. Decent parenting? Two notches on the autism spectrum? Therapy? There but for the grace of god.

>> No. 22304 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 3:47 am
22304 spacer

Jeavons seems to bear the haunted look of a man whose parents had enough money to send him to boarding/private school, but not enough money for him to fit in at all.
>> No. 22305 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 2:32 am
22305 spacer
I'm very tired and on my phone so can't quote the post but I vaguely remember people talking about Edd China and car shows in general.

>> No. 22306 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 2:34 am
22306 spacer
Seems youtu.be links don't get picked up.


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