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>> No. 23980 Cockernay
10th April 2017
Monday 7:45 pm
23980 Immigrant chans looking for a handout thread. Stickied

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>> No. 24007 Raoul
18th June 2017
Sunday 10:18 pm
24007 spacer

>> No. 24298 Britfag
17th September 2021
Friday 3:36 pm
24298 spacer

>> No. 24299 Cockernay
19th September 2021
Sunday 2:33 am
24299 spacer
Buttery biscuit.
>> No. 24300 Fairy
19th September 2021
Sunday 5:02 am
24300 spacer

>> No. 24301 Pornstar
19th May 2022
Thursday 3:19 am
24301 British vs Catholic Church vs other churches
what's the British church like?

I only know of the Catholic church, but one thing I do know is Presbyterian churches in the states are sometimes reorganized into the Catholic church.
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>> No. 24302 Cockernay
19th May 2022
Thursday 4:13 am
24302 spacer
We don't have the separation of church and state, so we have an official national church - The Church of England. They basically practice an extra-mild Christianity. In theory the closest American parallel would be the Episcopal Church, but the CofE is arguably closer to the Universal Unitarians. They don't really hold a strong position on much of anything apart from being nice. Most people in this country aren't particularly religious and only a tiny percentage are regular churchgoers, so most of our churches try very hard to be accessible to atheists and agnostics. The church has almost no political or social influence despite being deeply embedded in the establishment, because very few people are interested in what they think.

This interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England) might shed some light.

We do have a variety of other churches. There's a significant Methodist tradition here, a smattering of Pentecostalists and Baptists, but the only churches that are actually growing are foreign-influenced Evangelical churches and Mormonism. The major Evangelical churches are strongly influenced by American Evangelism (although they tend to be less vocal about things like abortion), but the racial aspect is very different. We didn't have slavery, so nearly all black people here are immigrants or the descendents of recent immigrants. In major cities, you'll find dozens of different churches of various nationalities - Polish, Romanian, Congolese, Ghanaian, Angolan, you name it. There aren't really "black" churches as you'd recognise them in the US, because there isn't a singular black culture.
>> No. 24303 Cockernay
19th May 2022
Thursday 12:53 pm
24303 spacer
In London inb particular there are also a few wealth doctrine cults. They are a disgusting American import and seem to be mostly popular in the black community.
>> No. 24304 Fairy
19th May 2022
Thursday 4:05 pm
24304 spacer
That was really quite interesting. Thanks.

african ministry of silly walks.jpg
>> No. 24180 Cowboy
2nd March 2019
Saturday 10:25 am
24180 Filename
post your best filenames here
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>> No. 24263 Britfag
4th October 2019
Friday 10:51 am
24263 spacer
Post the filename as a caption in the text field, then we'll talk. It's just annoying as it is.
>> No. 24264 Britfag
4th October 2019
Friday 12:07 pm
24264 spacer
I use filenames to sort my folders. None of this tag nonesense, just good old prefixes seperated with a dash (-).
>> No. 24288 Pornstar
4th February 2020
Tuesday 12:26 am
24288 spacer

>> No. 24289 Britfag
4th February 2020
Tuesday 7:13 pm
24289 spacer
I only sort my folders by last modified. If I want to reorder things I rename all the folders twice (first add a character and then remove it) in reverse order.
>> No. 24296 Raoul
3rd April 2021
Saturday 1:54 am
24296 spacer

master has given dobby clothes.jpg
These were good.

>> No. 24295 Monkey
31st March 2021
Wednesday 1:50 pm
24295 spacer
Anyone lived in Oz? Prefer it to the UK?

>> No. 24293 Redneck
3rd August 2020
Monday 12:09 pm
24293 spacer


Are there any surviving descendants NOT from the royals? It is imperative that I find them and will my inheritance to them.

an austistic hkikkomorri man
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>> No. 24294 Dubya
3rd August 2020
Monday 12:26 pm
24294 spacer
>There is no evidence that Edgar married or produced children apart from two references to an "Edgar Adeling" found in the Magnus Rotulus Pipae Northumberland (Pipe rolls) for the years 1158 and 1167.[28] Historian Edward Freeman, writing in The History of the Norman Conquest of England, says that this was the same Edgar (aged over 110), a son of his, or some other person known by the title "Ætheling". This is the only evidence that the male line of England's original royal family continued beyond Edgar's death.[3]


>> No. 24291 Fairy
1st July 2020
Wednesday 7:59 am
24291 spacer
Greetings from the Nichan, my foreign friends!
Welcome to the our /int/:
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>> No. 24292 Fairy
1st July 2020
Wednesday 10:21 am
24292 spacer
Thank you.

>> No. 24267 Cowboy
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 8:39 pm
24267 UK.. I've come back, and I need your help
I am a 24 year old American who has never had a job because I am a socially anxious diagnosed autist with no frens and my father keeps breathing down my neck to get one.. I've tried my hardest to find and get one but no one cares. And I would do other things like go to university but I'm a disorderly idiot at that and I can't do the military either because I don't want to fight for Israel plus I'd fail at that because I'm physically weak. I would create a business but I lack fuck all for that as well.

What do I do, UK? I'm so fucked...
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>> No. 24282 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:02 pm
24282 spacer
Yeah, but handing in CVs you could get an interview for a job that hasn't been advertised or at least one that hasn't been advertised some place where candidates are machine gunning in applications. The competition would be much less stiff.

If you're sending 100 applications a day there's a very good chance you're doing it wrong anyway.
>> No. 24283 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:14 pm
24283 spacer

Nah, that's very much doing it right; at least for entry level jobs, which sounds like the sort of advice this thread pertains to. Usually a job that hasn't been advertised is something much more specialised, so while there might be less competition it's less likely you'd actually be qualified for it. That's not just a needle in a haystack, it's a diamond ring of exactly your size in a cornfield.

There's a myth about copy/pasting applications meaning you'll get binned every time. It's got a grain of truth to it, but not quite. Nowadays, applications are scanned by software multiple times before they even make it to a person; if you have the right keywords and structure in there that the software looks for you've won half the battle.

Wasting your time writing up a fresh application from scratch for every shite call centre job is a waste of time thanks to the same principle as the hunter analogy.
>> No. 24284 Cockernay
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:52 pm
24284 spacer
Not him, but if I got handed a paper CV that someone had brought in in person I'd pay it much more attention that the dozens of electronic applications I had to process that day. You're probably right about the numbers game but I think you hit a point where you've applied to all the potential jobs you can online - pounding the pavements is a perfectly good decision at some stage. Not least to get you out the house for a bit.
>> No. 24285 Fairy
29th October 2019
Tuesday 9:15 pm
24285 spacer
I think if you have a confident personality, and can pitch yourself well in a couple of sentences, turning up in person like that can really work. Most people (particularly those who are jobless) don't have that kind of personality though.
>> No. 24290 Redneck
5th March 2020
Thursday 6:48 pm
24290 spacer
Stay positive and stay productive, you must find the will. your decision this very second affects every second here after.

>> No. 24088 Fairy
21st March 2018
Wednesday 7:46 pm
24088 spacer
It's official, it's dead.
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>> No. 24129 Cockernay
3rd June 2018
Sunday 12:34 am
24129 spacer


I'll really miss it. It kind of felt like an international version of this place. Just cosy discussions without any boring shitposts and memes.

Kohlchan has now emerged as the successor but it's just KC 2.0 with all of the same problems.

I guess I should find better things to do than waste time on imageboards.
>> No. 24225 Fairy
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:51 pm
24225 spacer
I know I'm replying to fucking old posts, but I think this really presents just what a plague 4chan and /pol/ are. People have been going to Krautchan for years, but in the last few years or so it's become truly unbearable, like so many other places.
>> No. 24265 Fairy
9th October 2019
Wednesday 10:28 pm
24265 spacer
Kohlchan is down now, rumour says it's due to cloudfare removing them for ties to this shooting in Germany. Could be bullshit, but...
>> No. 24266 Wastelander
10th October 2019
Thursday 1:54 pm
24266 spacer
Yeah, probably. The same shit's going to happen to big chan sooner or later.

I'm not too arsed.
>> No. 24286 Redneck
16th November 2019
Saturday 11:18 pm
24286 spacer
Up and down and up and down
You spin me right round, Casey
Right round like a record, Casey
Right round round round

>> No. 24226 Raoul
4th August 2019
Sunday 9:26 am
24226 spacer
I'm flying with these fuckers soon and honestly I thought it would be hard to find an airline I'd despise more than Ryanair.

They've changed their baggage policy such that, you can only take a small backpack into the cabin, free of charge. For a trolley bag you have to pay extra.

I have a trolley bag that can be worn as a backpack but it's 4cm too wide and 10cm too tall to be within the free requirements. So it'd be a £30 charge to take it on board.

Do you lads have any experience with sneaking bags onto WizzAir flights? A friend of mine is risking it with his saying they hardly ever check but I've seen some horror stories online, where they force you to pay £60 or they refuse you boarding.
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>> No. 24253 Boyo
5th August 2019
Monday 7:24 am
24253 spacer
>What sort of flight wants empty seats though?
Two reasonably common scenarios:

Slot savers: You have a bunch of slots at a major airport and use them to fly a seasonal route. When it's not profitable to fly the route, you don't want to fly it, but you also don't want to lose the slot, so you use the slot to fly a short regional route that's probably already saturated, or if you really can't be bothered to pay for ground crew, just fly empty to somewhere that's close enough and quiet enough to get back.

Over-range: You want to fly a long-haul route, but you don't have any long-range aircraft, and couldn't reasonably fill one. You fly it with a smaller plane, but can't take a full load becauase of the amount of fuel required.
>> No. 24254 Cockernay
5th August 2019
Monday 9:06 am
24254 spacer
I already reminded them earlier in the thread.
>> No. 24255 Monkey
5th August 2019
Monday 11:42 am
24255 spacer

>Slot savers

It would still be profitable to fill your plane up, but then it wouldn't be a slot saver anymore.


>> No. 24256 Porridgewog
5th August 2019
Monday 12:31 pm
24256 spacer
Don't think they care for actual bags/backpacks since you can squash them into places, pretty sure they're only concerned about hard cases. Will find out for myself in a few days.
>> No. 24257 Raoul
5th August 2019
Monday 1:03 pm
24257 spacer

Do report back.

>> No. 24134 Pornstar
9th July 2018
Monday 5:33 pm
24134 Br*ts
Never in human history has there been a nation so manipulative, pathetic and evil as the British Empire. It survived only because of its vast navy and “keeping the balance of power”, weakening the continental states then shifting their attention to more conspicuous, “real” threats like Napoleon.

Don’t forget it couldn’t have made it without constantly allying with other nations either, it could never do things alone against other formal Western powers.

Also it has precipitated much of the world’s problems, the ones we face now such as a perpetual war in the Middle East, screwing up the EU, destabilizing regimes all
across 3rd world countries, making countries poorer than what they already are, something we Americans do tol (don’t get me wrong) but you were the first.

Your nation should’ve been destroyed, that is the only logical conclusion that any good person can make of your twisted, psychopathic history.
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>> No. 24217 Britfag
6th June 2019
Thursday 6:43 am
24217 spacer

Yes lad, well done. You really trolled us good and proper.
>> No. 24218 Dubya
6th June 2019
Thursday 8:00 am
24218 spacer
Ah yes, the sarcasm. I expected this.
>> No. 24219 Cockernay
6th June 2019
Thursday 3:18 pm
24219 spacer
Nanny Gub'mint won't let us buy guns, we have to have our fun somehow.
>> No. 24220 Britfag
6th June 2019
Thursday 6:28 pm
24220 spacer
The penis is mightier than the sword, and all that.
>> No. 24224 Fairy
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:37 pm
24224 spacer
To be honest, on other imageboards, this sort of sentiment is now far more common than it was five years ago; so I usually just expect people to be genuine when they complain about us (though I've found the manner in which they do it laced with a lot of cognitive dissonance).

>> No. 23869 Gasthief
24th August 2016
Wednesday 4:19 pm
23869 spacer
GLORY to Ukraine!
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>> No. 24179 Raoul
28th February 2019
Thursday 7:15 pm
24179 spacer
хохол на хуй.
>> No. 24191 Gasthief
1st April 2019
Monday 11:09 am
24191 spacer
The results of the 1st round presidential elections are... interesting.
>> No. 24221 Gasthief
11th June 2019
Tuesday 12:24 am
24221 spacer
Geroyam Glory
>> No. 24222 Cockernay
14th June 2019
Friday 3:08 am
24222 spacer
How is life on the Ukraine right now? Does the new government look any better than the last?
>> No. 24223 Gasthief
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:04 pm
24223 spacer
It hasn't massively devolved since the last major devolution in 2013-2015. Yet.
Since the last presidential elections (which, frankly, at least somewhat look like a large-scale psyop) it's all hanging by a thin thread. Feels like it's about to crash down once again.

>> No. 24194 Raoul
30th May 2019
Thursday 3:49 pm
24194 spacer
Is it just me or has China just enacted a Black Mirror storyline?
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>> No. 24211 Fairy
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:40 pm
24211 spacer
>The single number administered by the national government to every citizen is the central detail in the social credit hysteria
Yes, lad. What everyone's complaining about is definitely the single number and not the consequences of having poor "social credit". That's definitely the main point in the arguments about it.
>> No. 24212 Terrorist
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:52 pm
24212 spacer
That's correct, it is, because the consequences of having poor social credit are entirely different if it's a single score administered by the central government.
>> No. 24213 Raoul
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:55 pm
24213 spacer
I, for one, welcome our new sixth form debate club overlords.
>> No. 24214 Fairy
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:57 pm
24214 spacer
It is being administered by the Central government.
>> No. 24215 Aki
30th May 2019
Thursday 9:05 pm
24215 spacer
Just lowering myself to explainin the fundementals for you, when you move past me needing to explain them then we can have a proper discussion.

>> No. 24168 Fairy
13th September 2018
Thursday 10:11 pm
24168 spacer

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>> No. 24169 Monkey
13th September 2018
Thursday 10:17 pm
24169 spacer
Yo dawg that's loud.

>> No. 24055 Redneck
4th March 2018
Sunday 10:48 pm
24055 spacer
Why is your imageboard so dull and boring? What is the matter with you, Bri’ain? You’re really making me depressed.
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>> No. 24161 Britfag
13th August 2018
Monday 6:26 pm
24161 spacer

You have my condolences.
>> No. 24162 Cowboy
13th August 2018
Monday 6:47 pm
24162 spacer

To be fair America is one great big fuck off country and some places are infinitely better than others. There are places where a week seems like a year and even a day feels like too long and there are places where you think "you know, I could settle down here and bring up a kid", and most everything in between.

One of my growing list of regrets is never being able to tick "properly explore new york / manhatten" off my bucket list. Sigh.
>> No. 24163 Britfag
13th August 2018
Monday 6:52 pm
24163 spacer

What's stopping you? Last I checked it was still there.
>> No. 24164 Raoul
13th August 2018
Monday 8:58 pm
24164 spacer

He probably keeps searching for tickets to 'manhatten' and when nothing comes up he just assumes it's disappeared entirely.
>> No. 24165 Redneck
14th August 2018
Tuesday 7:26 pm
24165 spacer

Until my kid's old enough for me to pack him off to the army or at least some kind of boarding school for a few months I'm kind of snookered, sadly.

> He probably keeps searching for tickets to 'manhatten' and when nothing comes up he just assumes it's disappeared entirely.


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