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>> No. 5732 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 1:37 pm
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I need advice on getting a loan, or even a grant from somewhere for starting my own business. It will be a community supporting project rather than me trying to get minted, hence wondering if grants are an option.
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>> No. 5734 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 1:59 pm
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>> No. 5735 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 7:31 pm
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Notwithstanding >>5734, there are options for getting advice out of a human that may be worth pursuing. Unless the Tory cunts have forced them to can it, your local authority should have a business support service which you can access at no cost. Depending on where you are, there will be government schemes that will throw money at you if you're willing to take on people that are out of work, particularly young people.

Some of the grant stuff can be a bit dense, but since by the looks of things you're probably going to end up forming a Community Interest Company, reach out to any social enterprise networks near you. They're usually full of good people who will gladly offer up help and advice to anyone who wants to go a bit of good in the world, and many of them will have faced the same problems when it comes to grant funding as you'll be about to face. Then there's the other usual benefits of networking. If they know someone with similar interests or aims, you might even pick up a business partner.

http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk/ has some decent information both about finance but also about other aspects such as structur, governance and regulation.

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