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>> No. 5841 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 5:51 pm
5841 spacer
What's your experience with ordering goods from outside the EU and the various fees involved?

For me it's been hit or miss. Sometimes I've ordered small, expensive items from America and somehow completely avoided having to pay VAT and handling fees despite the value being accurately marked on the parcel, other times I've had to pay both fees (but it was still quite a bit cheaper than ordering the item within the UK or EU). How do some parcels slip through the system while others don't?
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>> No. 5842 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 6:01 pm
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My only experience of note is a pair of loafers I ordered from America, which were delivered by DHL and my mate happened to be driving the van that day so he just didn't bother taking the £11 import tax off me. That was nice.
>> No. 5843 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 7:59 pm
5843 spacer

I've never been charged anything for cheap junk from china (helped in part due to the fact that the friendly Chinese box packers usually just write "Merchandise $1" on the label. (I'm somewhat expecting HMRC to make some sort of an attempt at cracking down on this soon.))

I've had a few packages from America recently valued around £30ish, this is shipped with DHL which I believe routes through Germany. I've had nothing yet but it's still possible I have some customs invoices on the way to me in the post.

However, if you buy anything which is shipped with Fedex, without fail Fedex will immediately pay duty on your behalf, plus charge you an extra £12.50 on top of that for the privilege.

Unfortunately I'm left with no choice but to pay Fedexthe cunts, because a particular manufacturer and sole distributor of collectible silicone sculptures doesn't have any other option. If you have to ask, you don't want to know.
>> No. 5844 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 8:33 pm
5844 spacer
I really want to know.
>> No. 5845 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 8:40 pm
5845 spacer

The same goes for other couriers - they make a profit on the "handling charge" for collecting VAT, so it's in their interests to stop every parcel that's liable. Items that go via Airmail rarely get charged IME.
>> No. 5846 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:00 am
5846 spacer
Dragon dildos?
>> No. 5847 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:19 am
5847 spacer

I sympathise with the delivery bloke there. Having worked in a warehouse, I can say I went in with the best of intentions, but a few weeks of slinging around people's consumer goods with suffocating time constraints, the minimum legally allowed time for breaks and all for minimum wage on a zero hours contract, I was throwing delicate electronics, too.

Derailing in this direction is surely better than derailing for the sake of dragon dildoes.
>> No. 5848 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 11:29 am
5848 spacer
You might be subject to a dissipinary policy.

>> No. 5850 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 12:03 pm
5850 spacer

It's buttplugs.
>> No. 5851 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 1:14 pm
5851 spacer

Extremist buttplugs, I bet.
>> No. 5855 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 6:15 pm
5855 spacer
Cleveland Brown is real?
>> No. 5856 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:04 pm
5856 spacer
Having a shit job doesn't give you the right to damage other people's property lad.
>> No. 5857 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:06 pm
5857 spacer
He isn't damaging them. He just doesn't take care of them.
>> No. 5858 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:08 pm
5858 spacer
I didn't kill them kids your honour, I just didn't take care of them.
>> No. 5859 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:28 pm
5859 spacer
Well that doesn't fly since a parent is supposed to care for their kids. That lad was just paid a minimum wage to move boxes around; not to bring it breakfast in bed.

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