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>> No. 6032 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:34 pm
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Lads, I have two supermarkets where I live a Waitrose and an Aldi.

How that works out for demographics I do not know but being raised a God fearing Tesco-man I find that Aldi whilst being cheap is shite. Normally I would write Waitrose off as too expensive but I've decided to give it a go having armed myself one of those membership cards and a copy of the independent.

So what say you lot, can you shop at Waitrose on a budget? Is there some kind of trick to living like the upper middle class while being materially poor?
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>> No. 6033 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:37 pm
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Just go to Aldi.
>> No. 6034 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:41 pm
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Who are you trying to impress? It's actually a bit depressing that you're willing to spend more just because there's more "prestige" or whatever attached to the Waitrose brand.
>> No. 6035 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 3:46 pm
6035 spacer
What's shite about Aldi?
>> No. 6036 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 4:01 pm
6036 spacer
They tend to mark stuff way down in their reduced to clear thng. Go in the evening and you can get decent food for next to nothing.
>> No. 6037 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 4:19 pm
6037 spacer
There are some things that Aldi do very well for very cheap - basic stuff like fruit and veg, milk, eggs to name a few examples. However, their meat is poor quality and almost all of the student classics like ready-meals, pizzas etc. whilst cheap have less taste than the plastic tray they come in. That and the fact that the stores are laid out like a bomb went off in a distribution centre, with more than half the floor space wasted by a massive random jamboree of shit, means I've often ended up only being able to find half of the bits I actually wanted.

Not OP by the way, but someone's opinion of a shop can extend beyond 'trying to impress' some imaginary person.
>> No. 6038 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 4:31 pm
6038 spacer
For a lot of things, Aldi and Lidl rely on returns and remainders to keep their prices down, which means their stock isn't guaranteed. They can only really rely on their shadow brands, and understandably some of them are a bit shit.
>> No. 6039 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 4:54 pm
6039 spacer

Well I did point out that the reason I don't want to shop there is its a bit shite which I will qualify with what the other lad said in regards to quality.

There is no advantage in me spending half as much if I need to buy twice the food because things like the soup contain nothing but padding. The selection is also I will add piss poor but that could just as well be a problem with my local store.

Incidentally it looks like I piss people off by polluting their middle class bubble:

Its interesting that you mention meat because my findings from a trip I just made is that there must be some kind of vegetarian conspiracy at work. Things like ham and corned beef are twice the price but vegetarian alternatives seem to not only be cheaper but also disproportionately on offer.
>> No. 6040 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 7:35 pm
6040 spacer
Waitrose does an 'essentials' range which is priced to compete (and usually match) the other supermarkets own brand ranges, but the quality is noticeably better. Things like normal fruit and veg aren't priced any higher than any other supermarket either, and again, the quality is better. I buy a weeks worth of veg from aldi and I'm lucky if it lasts three days. A waitrose broccoli still has some life in it a week and a half in.

Basically the only real way to spend more in Waitrose is to buy ponce food which you can't even get in other places. So yeah, if you want to spend a tenner on venison pate you can, but three mixed peppers is still only 59p.
>> No. 6041 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 7:37 pm
6041 spacer
Why can't you hyperlink properly? Stick to Aldi please. We don't want morons in our Waitrose supermarkets.
>> No. 6042 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 10:01 pm
6042 spacer
I stopped going to Aldi because after 3 years I got bored of the selection on offer, also the aisles were too small and the clientele absolutely dreadful.
>> No. 6043 Anonymous
17th November 2015
Tuesday 6:59 am
6043 spacer
In my experience, Lidl is alright for crackers, chutney, halloumi, some fruit and veg, Christmas food like stollen, the occasional special buy and selling Branston beans cheaply
>> No. 6044 Anonymous
17th November 2015
Tuesday 4:18 pm
6044 spacer
Aldi occasionally get Yagyu beef steaks, which are only a fiver each. The rest of the time I'm in there I find myself wondering "Do I need a new toolbox? Oh, a digital spy camera. Ah, off-brand Jack Daniels; just what the doctor ordered." Home Bargains seems better all round.

Mostly I shop in Tesco and Saino's.

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