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>> No. 6068 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 2:16 pm
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Afternoon chaps.

I've recently inherited a sum of money. Nothing huge, but not insignificant either. Instead of blowing it on a year's supply of fags and Jack Daniels as I would've in my younger years, I'm hoping to invest it wisely, and hopefully grow it a bit.

I don't come from a well off background so all of this is pretty unknown to me. I cant tell the difference between stock trading and betting on the horses in practical terms. However, it doesn't take a genius to spot that when the government privatises state assets, it nearly always sells them off considerably undervalued. Therefore, it should be a pretty safe bet if I want to grow my cash by a decent margin in the short to medium term, to invest a few grand in the next big sell-off. Am I correct?

Give it to me straight lads.
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>> No. 6069 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 2:32 pm
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It all depends on how much you're willing to invest, how long you're planning to invest for, how much risk you're willing to take and how you'd feel if you lost some/most/all of it.
>> No. 6070 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 2:49 pm
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Why do I feel like I've seen this exact thread before?
>> No. 6071 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 4:05 pm
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Was have threads along these lines every now and then, I think the most recent bring >>5803. To my knowledge, none of them ended up actually investing anything.
>> No. 6072 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 6:11 pm
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I it's below the threshold for what you can shove in an ISA, then put it in one of those ones where you can't access the money for X amount of years.

My friend got 12 grand insurance money a few years ago which she put in one and got a decent return on it and wasn't tempted to spend it. because accessing the money is a chore until the time ends.

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