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>> No. 6191 Anonymous
6th April 2016
Wednesday 5:37 pm
6191 Can someone help me figure out a fucked up electricty bill?
I get charged quarterly, but I've just had a statement sent through for a period of 20 twenty days that says I've used the same amount of kWh in that period as I would in a full 90.

The estimated meter reading on the letter matches up with the meter in the box, but my smart meter says I've used a third of what they're charging me for in the last 30 days, which would make sense cause that's a third of this quarter.

I renewed the contract at the end of the 20 days the statement refers to, which would explain why they've sent me a statement so soon but I can't figure out where the fuck up is.
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>> No. 6192 Anonymous
6th April 2016
Wednesday 5:45 pm
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How did the previous numbers compare to your actual meter? Were you submitting dated actual readings? (If not, do this in future.)
>> No. 6193 Anonymous
7th April 2016
Thursday 1:10 am
6193 spacer
How long have you lived in the house?

Which electricity company are you with?
>> No. 6195 Anonymous
7th April 2016
Thursday 7:59 pm
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Turns out it was rectifying past underestimation but they worded it like I'd used a shit load of electric in 20 days.

Was British gas and they have this twitter account you can message to sort these things out rather than calling India, it's pretty good.
>> No. 6196 Anonymous
7th April 2016
Thursday 9:06 pm
6196 spacer
>Turns out it was rectifying past underestimation
Sounds about right from your description, particularly in the new estimated reading is close to the current actual. From now on, give them an actual reading about a week before they produce your bill, then at the same time every month. Relying on estimates generally isn't in your interest, since if they overestimate you pay too much, and if they underestimate you'll get a shock. You might also have a problem if they overestimate by too much, where they'll bill you for something like £10k because they think the meter has rolled around.

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