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>> No. 6421 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 6:33 pm
6421 History of Capitalism(s)
I'm looking for suggested reading on the history of Capitalism, although I suspect that there may have been several manifestations of it throughout history hence allusion to plurality in the title.
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>> No. 6422 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 6:35 pm
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Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations is a fantastic book and all you need.
>> No. 6423 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 7:43 pm
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That's like saying the Bible is all you need to learn about the history of the Christian Church. It's certainly a good place to start, but you'll be rather lost if someone asks you a minor detail like "what is a Pope".

A few books I would recommend, OP:

The Very Short Introduction series has a pretty good book on Global Economic History. Just a basic overview, gives a pretty conventional reading, puts things in context, etc.

Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? is a look at the role of women and particularly domestic work, which is missing from a great deal of histories of capitalism.

The Invention of Capitalism is a work which serves both as a Marxist history of capitalism and a critique of prior histories (anyone telling you to avoid Marxists because Marx is discredited is an idiot, Smith, Say, Ricardo etc. are all "discredited" and still have a useful perspective, and understanding the interpretation of capitalist history which drove the major deviation away from capitalism is invaluable).

Debt: The first 5000 years is a highly readable examination of the history of debt, and the economic structures which arose around it. Provides a very cogent counter to the received wisdom of money developing out of barter systems and debt developing from money.

For the recent history of financial capitalism, the ECB's favourite economist Yanis Varoufakis wrote a neat little book called The Global Minotaur which provides a highly polemical excoriation of late 20th century financialisation and offers a take on the roots of the global financial crisis.

If you're interested in the crisis (and if you're interested in capitalism, you should be), the best book I know of on the subject is Martin Wolff's The Shifts and The Shocks, which provides a global perspective, as opposed to the often Amero-centric stories we get from writers across the pond, very readable, and from an author who demonstrates an unusual willingness to learn unorthodox lessons.
>> No. 6424 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 9:42 pm
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Posts like this are .gs gold. All that is missing is some toast and racism.
>> No. 6425 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 2:03 am
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I can bring both if necessary.
>> No. 6426 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 2:15 am
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You could start with only using white bread for your toast.
>> No. 6427 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 2:16 am
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Good reading, toast and racism should really be our slogan.
>> No. 6428 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 2:25 am
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We already have one, thicky.
>> No. 6429 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 3:23 am
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Since when did casual racism become acceptable here?
>> No. 6430 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 3:59 am
6430 spacer
Around the same time as mixing up sentence structures.
>> No. 6431 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 6:03 am
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I don't think you understand what racism means.
>> No. 6432 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 6:59 am
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Why can't you all just have one thread without banging on about racism ?

The level of immaturity surrounding it is horrific, especially considering how up their own arse a lot of people on here are. Grow up.
>> No. 6433 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 12:05 pm
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Agreed, let's start to behave how we would in real life.
>> No. 6434 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 1:45 pm
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How should I express my persistent weeping though?

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