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>> No. 436810 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:10 am
/b/436810 spacer
Are most people in a relationship happy?

I seem to have a number of friends who like to portray themselves as being in a perfect relationship when the reality tends to be markedly different. Do people stay in an unhappy relationship because they find it preferable to being alone or they find the breakup itself too much hassle; you have to unwind yourself financially from someone, you may be accustomed to the lifestyle supported by two incomes, there may be kids involved, you may feel there's social stigma involved in a failed relationship or you simply lack the balls to do initiate it. Do a lot of people just settle?

I'd be interested to know your thoughts.
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>> No. 437146 Anonymous
19th May 2020
Tuesday 12:50 pm
437146 spacer
The poof and the pauper, title of your wedding video?
>> No. 437154 Anonymous
19th May 2020
Tuesday 3:16 pm
437154 spacer

>> No. 437954 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 3:57 pm
437954 spacer
I just caught myself going through the Facebook profile of someone who I was acquainted with as a teenlad. I found myself judging them for not "growing up" in the past 15 years, which was based squarely on what he was wearing, his hairstyle and the expressions he was pulling.

He's a local DJ so he's probably having more fun in life than I am and shagged more lasses than I ever will. I don't know why my mind went straight to judging him like this and it makes me feel bad.
>> No. 437956 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:13 pm
437956 spacer
The "I wonder where they ended up" thing soon passes in your twenties. Usually a few minutes after you make the mistake of meeting up with one of them. Social media definitely makes this process more difficult though.
>> No. 437957 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 6:31 pm
437957 spacer

I stopped doing it after discovering that one of my exes is now a world renowned researcher in quantum cryptography.


>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
/fat/3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 5261 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:02 pm
5261 spacer

Christ you're thickdense.
>> No. 5262 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:29 pm
5262 spacer

In other words, when you get a stiffy, the rest of you shrinks?
>> No. 5263 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:49 pm
5263 spacer
I thought a stiffy is when blood fills your willy. So a normal state might be 10 litres of blood in the rest of the body and 10 ml in penis. When aroused, it's 1010 ml of blood in your penis and 9 litres in the rest of your body. So it's still the same amount of blood weight, just distributed differently.
>> No. 5264 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 6:07 pm
5264 spacer

>> No. 5265 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 6:17 pm
5265 spacer
There's more to a stiffy than just blood. The muscles become fully engorged.


>> No. 420492 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 11:16 am
/b/420492 spacer
Lads, I've been having a think.

The modern world means that you can stream whatever form of entertainment you want directly into your living room; sports, films, TV, you name it. I think we need to stop looking at streaming in a purely digital sense and start looking at it in a physical sense.

Imagine having a tap which means you can stream whatever you want that can flow down the pipes. You want some custard? There's a tap for that. You want some mashed potato? There's a tap for that. You want some gravy? There's a tap for that. We need to move from apps to taps and pipes. It would be revolutionary. Imagine the carbon footprint saved from lorries no longer having to deliver these loads to the supermarket and then for individual shoppers to go one-by-one to buy it and take it home. The likes of warm custard cooked en masse in one central bulk must surely be more efficient than the piecemeal approach of innumerable households cooking meals themselves on hobs and in ovens.

Obviously Big Shop will kick up a fuss as we cut out the middleman and there will be the initial outlay of creating a national network of pipes, but the long-term benefits would far outweigh it. It would be the next true industrial revolution.
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>> No. 437946 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:10 am
437946 spacer
I think the current pandemic makes clear the need for a national network of pipes. People do not want to physically go to the shops while Mars and Earth align; it is clearly becoming obsolete.

What better way to get foodstuffs to those who are isolating than pipes?
>> No. 437947 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:52 am
437947 spacer
I certainly agree that a hot tap in the kitchen that actually dispenses custard would be fantastic. Why hasn't science delivered?
>> No. 437948 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:59 am
437948 spacer
They're in the pocket of Big Shop.
>> No. 437953 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:57 pm
437953 spacer

I'll give you a pipe that dispenses hot custard IYKWIM.
>> No. 437955 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:11 pm
437955 spacer
Much prefer sweet over salty if I'm honest.


>> No. 26171 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 8:02 pm
/news/26171 spacer
Millennials throw away 633 meals a year because they don't know how to reheat leftovers

Millennials throw away 633 meals a year because they don't know how to reheat leftovers. Those who took part in the poll said they would rather bin food than re-heat it, admitting good food is going to waste.

Researchers found the amount of food millenials confessed to throwing away adds up to more than 1,700lbs. The poll, conducted by cookware brand Pyrex, found millennials - aged 18 to 34 - waste more than three times as much as people aged above 34 who throw out the equivalent of just 186 plates of a food a year - 225 kilograms or 493 lbs. And the millennial food waste mountain is more than double the average food waste in the UK of 300 plates of food - just over 800 lbs per household.

Almost a quarter of millennials (23%) admitted they do not know how to deal with leftovers. By comparison just six per cent of people aged over 55 said they did not know what to do with leftover food.

A further 18 per cent of millennials said they eat out instead of eating the food they have at home leading to even more waste. Just four per cent of those aged over 55 said the same.

A fifth of millennials (21%) said they create yet more waste because they get bored eating what they already have at home compared to just seven per cent of those aged over 55. One of the other main reasons good food is thrown out is because 38 per cent of people fear they will get sick if they eat it after its 'best by' date.

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>> No. 26374 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 6:01 pm
26374 spacer

You do have to factor in that America is generally a more violent society. Which isn't limited to the fact that they've all got guns. The U.S. also leads much of the developed world in physical non-gun violence. But also, you are not going to get through to a ghetto kid in the Bronx who's just robbed a convenience store by playing social worker as a police officer. You'll be up against somebody who has never known anything besides gangbanging and selling drugs for a living. By that point, you're already dealing with decades of neglect by the social system. Which is no excuse for cops risking the death of a suspect, but as a culture, you do get garbage in - garbage out. If your attitude towards violence as a culture is cavalier, then your police will also have that same kind of attitude.

I'm not saying that there aren't council estate hoodlum yoofs in Britain who've never worked an honest day in their lives and whose criminal records fill several pages, despite all the best efforts of the council and social workers. But I think as a society, we spend more resources on taking care of people before they get to that point. There are plenty of taxpayer-funded juvenile crime prevention programmes, while institutions like that generally tend to struggle in America and desperately depend on donations from the public. In the U.S., the answer to youth crime is therefore very frequently juvenile prison or boot camp. Which will only harden teenagers, but not discourage them from becoming career criminals.

If you fix that problem, then you will also see American culture become a good bit less violent.
>> No. 26379 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 6:41 pm
26379 spacer
>If your attitude towards violence as a culture is cavalier, then your police will also have that same kind of attitude.
There's "our cops are violent because all of us are violent" and there's "our cops are trained to be and selected for being extra violent, on top of all of us being violent". If you read the article.
>> No. 26401 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:51 am
26401 spacer

You know how people point at failed communist countries and say "look, socialism bad,no food"?

America is kind of the anti-thesis of that, so many of their problems basically come down to that laissez faire everyone for themselves approach to society with absolutely barebones social spending.

Remember ye olde Virgo Roof Guard advert. Prevention is cheaper than the cure.
>> No. 26410 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:59 pm
26410 spacer

Pretty sure I prefer the Proton impian if I'm being brutally honest.
>> No. 26411 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:10 pm
26411 spacer
Surprised their aren't whole communities devoted to crap looking police cars.


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
/nom/13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 13507 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 2:53 pm
13507 spacer
I'd have put it after sausage; let it roll down the hot counter.
>> No. 13508 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 1:13 pm
13508 spacer

Between meat and free for me.

I want my cheep meat and my bonus sausage roll. None of that vegan muck for me thanks!
>> No. 13509 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 1:43 pm
13509 spacer
Apologies lads, yesterday was my first caffiene-free day and I couldn't really think straight.

I'll rephrase:

Got 17 reduced sausage counter p free meat from hot Asda counter roll.
>> No. 13510 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 1:59 pm
13510 spacer

Gourmet ketchup apparently means mixing burger relish with shitloads of cider vinegar.
>> No. 13511 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 5:09 pm
13511 spacer
How is that in the least bit gourmet? We need some poor volunteer to do a taste and report.


>> No. 33915 Anonymous
26th May 2014
Monday 12:52 pm
/x/33915 Plus sized girls
I have a fetish for them. Not just fat, but big, heavy girls with big knockers. My GF looks a lot like her, I am so lucky to have found a GF that satisfies my fetish!
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>> No. 41327 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:34 pm
41327 spacer
I was going to post an 800lb model I found but nobody, not even me, wants to see that.
>> No. 41328 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:43 pm
41328 spacer
She reminds me of a lass my friend went to uni with, except she got her parents to pay for a gastric band so she didn't end up as hefty.

I remember her going to a house party and eating several boxes of cereal, dry, in a bedroom.
>> No. 41329 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:50 pm
41329 spacer

>I remember her going to a house party and eating several boxes of cereal, dry, in a bedroom.

I'm genuinely aroused by that sentence.
>> No. 41330 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 2:35 pm
41330 spacer


>> No. 41331 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 3:27 pm
41331 spacer


greek poverty.jpg
>> No. 437886 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 9:49 pm
/b/437886 Poverty Protips
Due to various poorly timed low-IQ schemes collapsing thanks to Based Virus I got what I deserved and have been catapulted from posh cunt to getting £525.2 a month without any significant savings.

Now I think I have it somewhat under control by simply not going out and learning to cook poorly at home - but I realized doing my grocery shopping that I lack any good sense on what to buy and what's price efficient. Can some protips be shared here anonymously for idiots like me?

One thing I can contribute, which may be common sense again, is that I had never realized my broadband/phone contracts were negotiable. Apparently if you call and whine a bit the call center lad has the authority to give you a discount.
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>> No. 437899 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 12:51 am
437899 spacer

Annotation 2020-07-13 004929.png
Assuming you mean the Amazon-owned chain, then that puts you in a very expensive area of London - the pictured outlets are the only ones in the entire country.

How do you survive on £500 a month unless you own a house?
>> No. 437927 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 7:37 pm
437927 spacer
I found a lot of discounted pasta/sauce today in Tesco actually, I'm guessing demand was high during the lockdown and now they're stuck with too much of it. I'll add some beans and be healthy on top of it. I also learned about 5kg "ugly veg" boxes in lidl from moneysavingexpert, I'll get one of those in the weekend and maybe learn to make some fresh sauce from that.

Missus is covering the rent for now in exchange for my sexual services, but with my contribution gone her whole wage just about covers rent+council tax. So it's not that terrible, though the money needs to feed two.
>> No. 437949 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:21 pm
437949 spacer

>I found a lot of discounted pasta/sauce today in Tesco actually, I'm guessing demand was high during the lockdown and now they're stuck with too much of it.

Isn't dry pasta among the food items that are supposed to not go bad for five years?

I remember reading something that expiration dates on things like dry rice, peas, pasta, and even sugar really don't make a lot of sense, unless you keep them in a cupboard for more than ten years.
>> No. 437950 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:30 pm
437950 spacer
It'll be a rebrand. They'll change the design on the packaging and flog all the old stuff on the cheap.
>> No. 437952 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:55 pm
437952 spacer
Yeah they have loads of weird brands too - obvious over-ordering from early on in the corona panic.


>> No. 435367 Anonymous
16th March 2020
Monday 8:52 pm
/b/435367 LADS
I've suddenly got two weeks off work, fucking class, and I was wondering what you two were doing and how we should celebrate? I'm not leaving the house.

That other fucking thread is miserable, and full of lies. If the virus is going to take us, we might as well go down ranting, happily.

What are you doing with your recently found time off?
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>> No. 437940 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:14 am
437940 spacer
Do you think if I built a PC in a Tropicana carton anyone would buy it?
>> No. 437941 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:25 am
437941 spacer
So, a Raspberry Pi, then?
>> No. 437942 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 11:35 am
437942 spacer
I thought maybe I could bend one of those tiny motherboard in of itself, but maybe on of those, yeah.
>> No. 437945 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:06 pm
437945 spacer
I've also spent the last couple of days painting the inside of my garage, which is my current "shed". Painting walls white is very satisfying indeed. Have put up some nice curtains and added a couple of lights. DIY is cool when you're in the mood for it.
>> No. 437951 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:44 pm
437951 spacer

Well this is part of a larger project of refurbishing the garage. It's got a flat roof and an inside rainwater pipe, which an architect friend has told me is a feat of engineering if you manage to build it properly so that the roof doesn't start leaking after just a few years. He said that 35 years without leakage was still a very good time frame, but the last two years or so, it began leaking profusely, especially this past winter, and there was a big water stain down the adjacent inside wall of about two square metres. It would have been easy to just paint over the water stain and be done with it, but the whole inside of the garage was in a worn state, not just from scrapes and scuffs on the walls and darkened areas from car exhaust emissions. There was rubbish everywhere and boxes of unspecifiable car parts and accessories, so I took to them with two large bin bags and cleared it all out. Some of it, like a new old stock unused Bosch ignition system for a Volkswagen T3, could be worth selling on eBay for a few quid.

Now that the walls are painted, the next step will be sealing the concrete floor with a polymer coating. Which will add to a nice refurbished appearance. And then it's on to the roof itself. I stripped off all the old weatherproofing down to the bare reinforced concrete, and I will have to rebuild it layer by layer.


>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
/news/18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”

Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
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>> No. 19603 Anonymous
7th July 2019
Sunday 8:31 am
19603 spacer
She's now wheeling him out to appear in unboxing videos on YouTube for shit she's being paid to promote.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 26404 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:01 pm
26404 spacer
Shamima Begum can return to UK to fight for citizenship, Court of Appeal rules
>> No. 26407 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:23 pm
26407 spacer
Good. The human right to a fair trial should be absolute.
>> No. 26408 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:24 pm
26408 spacer
We all VOTED to ABOLISH human rights and LEAVE the EU. Stop being a sore loser.
>> No. 26409 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:28 pm
26409 spacer
I think you'll find we voted to get rid of the liberal elites, including those who control the legal system in this country.

The liberal elites in charge of the BBC have cancelled Andrew Neil this week for not being a leftie.


>> No. 5175 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:00 pm
/fat/5175 spacer
I'm relatively new to weight training. How much would you need to lift to have a body similar to Mac's? I know the aim is to continually increase the amount you can lift but I've genuinely no idea when looking at various physiques how much they'd roughly be able to and it'd be nice to have a mental benchmark to be working towards.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 5239 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 8:50 am
5239 spacer
Nope, she was isolating with a vulnerable family member and I went home to my parents.
>> No. 5240 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 4:09 pm
5240 spacer

>Will probably continue the diet for another month at least but start working on growing my arms and man tits for the next month.

I am beginning to understand why people usually split strength building and weight loss into different stages, it has been 5 days since I added muscle building to my routine and I feel weak as a kitten.
>> No. 5251 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 3:25 pm
5251 spacer
Any tips on how to stop arching my back during an overhead press? I'm now too conscious of it and that's making it worse.
>> No. 5252 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 5:34 pm
5252 spacer

Try to concentrate on pushing 'through' your shoulders if you get what I mean.
>> No. 5258 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:26 pm
5258 spacer
Are you bracing?


>> No. 26392 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:26 pm
/news/26392 Twitter serious hack
This one looks bad.
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>> No. 26398 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 10:57 am
26398 spacer

100k is a lot more than I would expect (mostly because the BBC says £80k).

I assume a person tech savvy enough to have bitcoins wouldn't fall for that scam, for one thing the internet is so rife with people trying to seperate them from their bitcoins that I would assume that the ones quite this stupid would have been weeded out already. [cue argument that bitcoins were always a scam anyway]

Aren't bitcoin transactions so slow now that unless you already had the bitcoins ready there is no way you could possibly send them in 30mins?
>> No. 26400 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:37 am
26400 spacer
This is a perfect example how this type of scam works really. Even if only one in a million people is thick enough to fall for it, the audience is so vast that's still a good few hundred people, and you only need a grand off each of them.

Poor old Nigerian Prince. He's been trying to help us for years and we'd rather send our money to Elon. Makes you think eh?
>> No. 26402 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:51 am
26402 spacer
There are reports an insider got compromised somehow and it was all done through "admin" level access, rather than a pure website breach. Same effect on confidence though.
>> No. 26405 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:02 pm
26405 spacer

Assuming you pay transaction fees that match market conditions transaction time is equivalent to block time. That doesn't get slower, no.
>> No. 26406 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:02 pm
26406 spacer

And these are the market conditions.


>> No. 23797 Anonymous
7th April 2020
Tuesday 1:24 am
/news/23797 ITZ 48K - 8 Bit Edition
Bozza dead by next week, bet your house on it.
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>> No. 26389 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:22 pm
26389 spacer

Allegedly the change in the mask rules is because Gove went to a Pret without one.

Penis bulge.
>> No. 26390 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:23 pm
26390 spacer

In his defense, as a non-human he isn't susceptible to human diseases?
>> No. 26391 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:49 pm
26391 spacer
>if you're wiping the toilet paper or the toilet paper is wiping YOU

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
>> No. 26393 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:35 am
26393 spacer
There is at least one Popbitch post which says that he is hung like a fucking horse.

I honestly don't really give the slightest fuck whether he is wearing a mask to Pret or not. I hope he's bought the whole office one of those little cake slices, at least. I would judge him more on that.
>> No. 26399 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 11:34 am
26399 spacer
I think the government should adopt a reverse psychology approach where their messaging is "DO YOUR BIT TO LOWER THE PENSION BILL- LET ALL THE OLD PEOPLE DIE #scroungers #fuckem" and see if people reflexively start wearing masks 24/7 and donating huge amounts to care homes to own the government.


>> No. 66033 Crabkiller
16th July 2020
Thursday 2:38 am
/iq/66033 spacer


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 30449 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 3:52 pm
30449 spacer
>My girlfriend doesn't believe in preheating the oven.
Are you dating Jez from Peep Show?
>> No. 30450 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 4:57 pm
30450 spacer
Let's say you preheat the oven. It takes 10 minutes to heat up and 20 minutes to cook = the oven is on for 30 minutes.

Let's say you don't preheat the oven. It takes 25 minutes to cook.

That's a saving of 5 minutes, or 16.67%. Big Appliance are laughing at you.
>> No. 30451 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 5:10 pm
30451 spacer

It also means your food is slowly brought up to temperature for the first 10 or so minutes, which at best makes food less crispy/more soggy and at worse increases the risk of food poisoning.
>> No. 30452 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:27 pm
30452 spacer
Wikipedia's "History of the British canal system" article is a mess.
>> No. 30453 Anonymous
16th July 2020
Thursday 12:56 am
30453 spacer
Every canal and boat I have ever visited is a joy to me. I think it is one of those bits of our heritage and culture we will discover too late.


>> No. 23960 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
/e/23960 Most disappointing game you've ever played?
Not necessarily the worst, but the game which failed to meet your expectations. For me it's a toss up between Brink and Kingdom Hearts 3. Brink had a really cool setting but it was a pretty mediocre team based FPS. I thought it would be the defining game of the time but it seemed to peter out within a matter of weeks. Kingdom Hearts 3 was an unsatisfying conclusion to ~15 years of build up, and has probably the worst story I've ever seen in a AAA production.

How about you lads?
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>> No. 23974 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:31 pm
23974 spacer
I hadn't heard of Amped 3 before, but reading this line of the synopsis has piqued my interest.

>The game ends with a musical number featuring the main characters in the story. At the song’s conclusion the comet hits the Earth and destroys everything.
>> No. 23975 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 9:34 pm
23975 spacer
Dragon Age 2. The death rattle of Bioware and EA for me.
>> No. 23976 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:13 pm
23976 spacer
>> No. 23977 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:28 pm
23977 spacer
If you like snowboarding/skating games and have a 360 lying around I'd recommend it.
>> No. 23978 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:36 pm
23978 spacer
Autonauts. It should be right up my alley, I like Clonk, Terraria, Factorio, Starfall, some of them alone, some only with friends but Autonauts just gets the loop wrong. The map can get resources wrong by placing them far apart, so you may have a different experience, but for me I automated what I could and then had to hunt around for the one resource that would let me move on. By hiding it in the map.

I don't mind hunting for unattainable resources because I lack the XYZ for it,but running around a map to hunt for $basic_resouce so I can get to the next level is more tedious than fun.


>> No. 27495 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 12:07 pm
/g/27495 spacer
How do I get better at Excel? I can do the basics but that's about it.
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>> No. 27521 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
27521 spacer
Showing the middle aged people at my old work that they can just use Ctrl+D to copy the cell above, I swear they were about to dip me in the paint wash tank to check if I was a witch.
>> No. 27522 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 5:23 pm
27522 spacer

How did they react to selecting a range and then using control+enter to enter that formula in to every cell in one go?
>> No. 27523 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 7:31 pm
27523 spacer
Good Excel/VBA people can easily get 400 quid per day contracting.
>> No. 27524 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:27 pm
27524 spacer
I'd just like to say that as someone who spent two years of his miserable life staring at Excel through the lens of IDA Pro it's quite amusing to see a thread full of people who know how to use things like pivot tables to do the things they're actually intended to do rather than to cause an invalid memory access. Carry on.
>> No. 27525 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:51 pm
27525 spacer

I've done that before for that number, it was really more VBA work than anything, with pure excel people usually know enough to think they are using excel well, but don't know enough to know that their current models are crap, and when people do know enough to know their models are crap they usually fix it themselves, so it is harder market to work in than you would think.


>> No. 13464 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 12:11 pm
/job/13464 spacer
Say you worked a remote IT job for a company based in, I don't know, Germany, but you actually lived in Japan via the 6 month visiting visa.

If you didn't pay those taxes... How would they even find out? I have friends who get away with it, but it's all cash in hand...
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>> No. 13472 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 8:25 pm
13472 spacer
> Sadly they don't work if you work for US company while living outside the US.

I'm double guessing myself there, I think. Technically if you live in the UK and work for a US company then you're self employed in the UK. Although you'd probably have to at least set up a limited company and pay yourself a proper PAYE wage in order to swing this visa, which is all very painful.
>> No. 13473 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 8:34 pm
13473 spacer
You wouldn't be working for a US company while living outside the US. You'd be carrying out work for your UK company while temporarily in the US.
>> No. 13474 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 8:38 pm
13474 spacer

Technically I'm "paid" by a US based consulting company and I declare taxes in the UK as self-employed. Would that be a good enough excuse to get a "B in lieu of H" visa?

I feel like showing up to the consulate and saying you're self employed in the UK and going to work for a US company for a few weeks unlikely to go over well and that you'd have more luck if you had a proper limited company with PAYE payroll set up.
>> No. 13475 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 8:02 pm
13475 spacer
>saying you're self employed in the UK and going to work for a US company for a few weeks unlikely to go over well

It really does not. The only issues I've ever had at the US border was when I was in this situation. It was bona fide too, my company in the UK had employees, accounts, etc; we were doing a couple of weeks work on an installation - temporary - but it's the only time I got stopped at the border and then taken off to an interview room. Terrible and frightening.
>> No. 13476 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:19 pm
13476 spacer

If you're going over on a visa waiver you should just say you're visiting a client, it's never failed me in maybe a dozen work trips (knock on wood). It's a really stupid grey area where meetings are fine but actually doing work that money is changing hands for requires a work visa.

Or if you're really paranoid just go in via Las Vegas and get a connecting flight the next day. Just try not to max out your entire expense budget on blackjack and the drugs every damn cab driver will oh so subtly hint they can get you.


>> No. 66014 Auntiefucker
14th July 2020
Tuesday 1:59 pm
/iq/66014 spacer
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>> No. 66025 YubYub
14th July 2020
Tuesday 9:10 pm
66025 spacer
why are her eyes so far apart?
>> No. 66028 Are Moaty
14th July 2020
Tuesday 9:44 pm
66028 spacer
>> No. 66030 Searchfag
15th July 2020
Wednesday 3:19 am
66030 spacer

Tigers don't like to attack from the front, so by having eyes on the side of your head you reduce the risk of an ambush greatly.
>> No. 66031 R4GE
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:41 am
66031 spacer
I reckon she's autistic. Nobody who isn't a bona fide autist behaves like her. Doctor Antle and Joe Exotic are straight up groomers, and Jeff Lowe is a psychopath. Carole is the only one who isn't a straight up awful human being.
>> No. 66032 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 7:53 pm
66032 spacer


>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
/b/426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:
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>> No. 437788 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 3:06 pm
437788 spacer
I was at the theatre and was seated next to the racist one from the last Apprentice series. I told her I thought she was demonised unnecessarily and she was very appreciative. We then went clay pigeon shooting together. It was nice.
>> No. 437792 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 6:04 pm
437792 spacer
I got to see my grandmother who has been gone for a couple years now. It was weirdly vivid, just hanging out in her flat, spending time together. I went to the kitchen for something and suddenly realised "Oh, you're dead" and somehow managed to hold on long enough to give her a big hug and tell her I loved her. Woke up in tears. This has happened twice before over the years with other family who have passed, I'm not sure if it means anything but I'm glad for it, it was sad, but a happy kind of sad.
>> No. 437810 Anonymous
27th June 2020
Saturday 10:49 am
437810 spacer
I dreamt I was Olivia Colman working as a police officer- possibly Hot Fuzz had drifted into my subconscious - and doing a desk job and getting everything hilariously wrong.
>> No. 437938 Anonymous
14th July 2020
Tuesday 7:33 am
437938 spacer
Went outside to discover that my car had been clamped with ransomware - the clamp had a screen on it that was telling me to send bitcoin to a wallet "or else". My immediate thought in my dream was this was a great excuse to buy a new car, so I think I have to take that into consideration. I was planning to just defeat the clamp's mechanisms, but I woke up, and now I'm frustrated because it feels like they won.
>> No. 437944 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 5:20 pm
437944 spacer
I had a dream that I was picking up a lass at a bar and she said she was in the mood for a threesome, and if I would mind coming to her place to meet her friend and then have that threesome. I said, yeah, that sounds like fun, so we went to her flat, and she said, "This is my friend!", and it was a male friend who was also her flatmate. So I said, oh wait, no no no, this is not what I agreed to, and she said, "Come on, it'll be fun!". But I just said to her "Next time, be a bit more clear on the details before you expect a guy to fuck you!", and then left.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 23956 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 10:52 am
23956 spacer
I avoided playing this game because someone described the storyline as "a punch in the eye for brexiteers" and I hear enough lecturing from both sides already.
Is it actually a heavy handed "right wing = bad, bad = right wing" political allegory, or was that reviewer just projecting their own biases?
>> No. 23957 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:09 am
23957 spacer
I'm only a little bit through the game, but as far as I can tell it's simply a dystopian satire heavily inspired by Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World. It doesn't really have any relation to real-world politics beyond that - none of the Randian stuff that was in BioShock. If Brexiteers are seeing themselves mocked in the game it's probably the way it takes the piss out of the 'stiff upper lip'.
>> No. 23958 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 11:32 am
23958 spacer
So I've been experimenting in one of the starting zones, and as a level 1 priest it took six uses of Smite to kill a level 1 trog. As a level 7 priest, it took six uses of Smite to kill a level 7 trog. When I am fighting alongside a player several levels below me, they are doing just as much damage as me (give or take a slight difference due to being a class with less/more damage output). So essentially there's no progression - you're pretty much always the same level of power. The only thing I've not taken into account is gear that boosts your stats (as that isn't readily available at this point), so maybe higher level gear is what actually makes an impact.
>> No. 23959 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 12:21 pm
23959 spacer
I loved the setting and atmosphere, but couldnt get on with the game itself.
>> No. 23962 Anonymous
15th July 2020
Wednesday 2:06 pm
23962 spacer
I think we can agree this game has shown a lot of potential, especially for indie devs.

Oh I just read that Microsoft bought them. Well fuck all that then.


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