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>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
/b/430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 442563 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 3:16 pm
442563 spacer
There are vimeo codes you can use similar to youtube but they mysteriously stopped working a year ago when I started posted rats girls in erotic music videos.
>> No. 442564 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 5:02 pm
442564 spacer
Less than a mile before brand new inner tube and tyre grenaded themselves. Serves me right for buying eBay's cheapest, but I've never had a problem before.
>> No. 442566 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:20 pm
442566 spacer

How can you be too stingy to spend five quid more on a brand-name tube.

I've had ContiTube tubes in my tyres for many years now, and never had problems. Gerry knows what he's doing.

(don't buy directly from Continental's web shop, you'll find them a few quid cheaper through third-party online retailers)
>> No. 442567 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:05 am
442567 spacer

Did you see what caused the puncture? Either you've got terrible luck or there's something wrong with the rim or rim tape. It's no good mending a puncture if the cause of the puncture is still there. A sharp edge on the valve hole, a spoke poking through the rim tape or a sliver of glass stuck deep in the tread will cause repeated punctures.


Likewise, buy a Rema Tip Top puncture repair kit - they're hardly more expensive than the off-brand ones, but vastly better quality. If you bother to read the instructions, the repair will be stronger than the undamaged tube. I always carry a spare tube and a repair kit, because sod's law says that you'll get no punctures for ages and then three on the same ride. "Glueless" patches are uniformly shite.
>> No. 442569 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:18 am
442569 spacer

When I put nice things on my bike, it gets stolen. I've had D-locks ground through before for £30 rusty ebay bikes, so I generally don't like investing money into these things. The road bike I keep in my parents' garage gets Schwalbe Marathons and decent contitubes, this is just a shitty heavy 'hybrid' bike that a couple of days ago was rotting in a neighbour's garden, and I fixed up enough to get it going with cheap parts.

No idea, it went with a deafening high pitched pop (not unlike champagne decorking). There was an inch-long gash in the inner tube and the tyre separated from its metal frame. It was only inflated to 50PSI, and the tyre and inner tube were apparently rated for 75.

I don't think I've ever had a catastrophic puncture before in years of biking. I've had small cuts but never been stranded by an exploded tyre. Thankfully this was only about a three-quarters of a mile from home so the walk back wasn't too painful.


>> No. 13598 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 12:55 pm
/job/13598 Just got 5 people sacked at work (1/3 of the firm). Feels a bit weird.
Hi gents,

Just woke up to a message from a colleague that he'd been suspended with pay, along with 4 other people including me, from our accountancy firm. He's fairly certain we're on the fast track to the sack. Excuse me if I ramble slightly.

We have a slack chat (yes, this is predictable) that I set up a few years ago, and that we got complacent about using in work outside of Microsoft Teams to coordinate, and sometimes vent about our boss. Over the years we became less careful and more vitriolic, and finally I was furloughed on a weekend and didn't go back into the office due to pandemic, leaving my work computer locked and logged on with a slack window open somewhere. Dum dum duhhhm. Everyone on it gets a call from HR warning of suspension, apart from the newest guy who gets terminated.

So, 2 of them are elated. They described it as being in a toxic relationship and suddenly having it ended for you. The 3rd guy was on the ropes with his relationship with our boss, who wasn't happy with his output and has been looking at sacking for a while, while the fourth guy is newly joined, basically trusted that he was being let into something secure, and I now feel very bad about him. We have contacts, we can provide references, so he's going to be able to get something else. Since he was so new he's been terminated for 'rude messages' apparently, officially 'misconduct'. Personally I was already looking for jobs because I've just hit my 2 year and that was my limit.

I'm about to go for a joint and buy a beer and sit watching Star Trek while it all seeps in. I've changed the password and deleted the workspace so nothing more can be collected, if anything was. I hope to god the boss has got some screenshots otherwise I might be tempted to ask for proof and be a dick about it. Anyway, he probably has so he can pass them on to HR. How does one prepare for a meeting where you know that someone you have absolutely no respect for is going to try and make you feel bad for mocking them? Also, if I'm on furlough and the HR lady is calling me on whatsapp, am I under any obligation to answer?

He's literally got 1/3 of his staff on line for the sack. He heard a few weeks ago of a woman who had £250,000 worth of client turnover and was doing the whole thing herself on Xero, so now he thinks "I have a million quid turnover, surely I can do this with 4 people", forgetting that she has dictated the client relationships and records processes from the start, whereas half our clients are builders or mechanics whose idea of good recordkeeping is to make sure that only half the crumpled receipt is covered in splotches. It's all going to end in flames for him, the remaining seniors are leaving as soon as their 2 years are up. Everyone who's been suspended is prodding at the idea of whistleblowing (our boss engages in dodgy practices) now that we have nothing to lose. Also leaving glassdoor reviews.

Anyway, I digress. I've got some jobs to look at now! Feel free to call me a twat for not practising good opsec.
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>> No. 13743 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:14 pm
13743 spacer
You say you haven't taken any. If they ask your GP for medical records they will promptly be told to fuck off.
>> No. 13744 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:22 pm
13744 spacer
Wait, why are they even asking for your GP? That's highly irregular.
>> No. 13745 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:49 pm
13745 spacer

>They've asked for my GP details, so presumably they'll be contacting them to verify official sick days

Sharing your medical data without your explicit consent is very illegal.
>> No. 13746 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:55 pm
13746 spacer
>They've asked for my GP details

Does this job require a security clearance?
>> No. 13747 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:13 am
13747 spacer

Even if it did, they still shouldn't need medical details, at least not for anything I've ever seen. If they need to verify you're fit to work it should be through a third party medical exam, rather then your entire history.


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
/nom/13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 14225 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 1:45 pm
14225 spacer

These were a disappointment. The 'ruby' chocolate is essentially softer white chocolate, so it didn't have that satisfying crunch when you bite into it. There also wasn't enough raspberry sauce in the ice cream.

It also didn't help that these were four for a quid in Farmfoods but it scanned in as a chocolate cream tart and I was charged £1.99 for them.
>> No. 14226 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 3:37 pm
14226 spacer
I had some bacon cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch. Very good they were. I'm sure any half-decent bacon, cheddar and bread will do. Later I'll be going out for a walk to try and move some of all that fat out of my arteries.
>> No. 14227 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 4:50 pm
14227 spacer
I tried that before and on paper it seemed like genius, but I couldn't enjoy it in the end because it was just too salty. Did you add any tomato or greens?
>> No. 14228 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 8:02 pm
14228 spacer
Bell peppers, grand.

Beetroot, get rid.
>> No. 14229 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:08 am
14229 spacer

Never trust a vegetable that occasionally tricks you into thinking that you've got bowel cancer.


>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
/b/441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 442537 Anonymous
25th February 2021
Thursday 2:25 am
442537 spacer

That's happened to me a couple of times. The screen is damaged, just not the e-ink portion of it. It's a little crack that lets too much of the backlight through, essentially.

My solution has been to ignore it. I doubt it's worth replacing the screen for. If it helps, my spot is right in the middle of the page.
>> No. 442538 Anonymous
25th February 2021
Thursday 7:40 am
442538 spacer
Amazon will replace it for free - just contact customer service and be really nice. Even if out of warranty. Just be nice to them on the line and they will.
>> No. 442544 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 9:38 pm
442544 spacer
I've eaten an entire cantaloupe in little over a day. I can't get enough of them at the moment.
>> No. 442565 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:12 pm
442565 spacer
Does it matter how quickly after making an Amazon order you cancel the subscribe and save? It's a few quid cheaper ordering that way, but I've no need for a regular delivery of them.
>> No. 442568 Anonymous
1st March 2021
Monday 12:07 am
442568 spacer

>Does it matter how quickly after making an Amazon order you cancel the subscribe and save?

No, assuming you wait long enough for them to actually dispatch the item.


>> No. 8551 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 1:51 pm
/£$€¥/8551 spacer
>Six million accidental savers 'created by Covid crisis'

>More than six million people have become "accidental savers" during the pandemic by keeping jobs while facing fewer outgoings, a report has said. While many people have faced greater debts, redundancy, or reduced income during furlough, others have seen their financial position improve. Lower travel costs and fewer holidays or meals out have contributed, financial consultancy LCP found. Longer-term home working could extend the benefits, it suggested.

>Millions of people have seen their finances hit hard by Covid, particularly those already on lower incomes. Pressures of bigger energy and food bills, as well as other costs owing to children remaining at home, and a 20% cut in income while on furlough, have contributed to the squeeze. More than nine million people had to borrow more than they usually would by December, owing to the coronavirus crisis, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed.

>However, the LCP report suggests that another six million people have seen their bank balances benefit from fewer outgoings during the restrictions on movement. Many of them could have saved thousands of pounds. Employees who have been able to work from home - often not those in the youngest age groups - have seen commuting and travel costs fall. Those aged over 55 had been most likely to save as a result of holidays being cancelled or not booked, and older people were also most likely to have cut back on eating out, the report said. While some of these issues might only be temporary, the likelihood of a long-term change in the mix of office and home working could see people continue to save on travel costs.

>The report suggested the money saved could be put to good use by cutting existing debts, putting money aside in a rainy day fund for unforeseen emergency bills, or put into longer-term savings pots such as pensions. However, interest rates for savers are low in the current economic climate. Heidi Allan, co-author of the LCP report, said: "Employers will have a key part to play in ensuring that workers take advantage of this opportunity and do not simply allow these increased balances to sit in current accounts and gradually drift away."

>Former pensions minister Steve Webb, a partner at LCP and another author of the report, said: "There are few silver linings from the current crisis, but the emergence of a large group of accidental savers could be one of them. "A concerted effort is needed to use this unexpected opportunity to create more of a savings culture, especially among those who may permanently benefit from reduced outgoings as a result of a switch to greater home working."

How are you handling all the extra money at the end of the month, did you get into investing like everyone else? Have you started using some of the money for other things? Do you have any big plans for your savings?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 8554 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 2:23 pm
8554 spacer
>principles of economics

This is like teaching the architectural styles of ancient civilisations in CDT. Just send their parents a letter explaining that their kid will be doing the weekly shop just the once, and let the inevitable shitkicking learn 'em. You can't teach fiscal responsibility in school.
>> No. 8555 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 2:46 pm
8555 spacer
Wait, does this mean we can post images on this board again?
>> No. 8556 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:30 pm
8556 spacer
Well right now it's just sitting in my current account, because my ISA only lets me put £200 a month in, but I figure it'll be nice to have some money set aside to do a bit of improvement work on the house I fantasise about one day being able to buy.

Call me cynical, but I've got a bad feeling there will be some bankster politico lobbyist cunt who comes along and goes "Oh, sorry, there's been a mistake. You weren't supposed to have all this extra money, it's awfully bad for the economy having all this money taken out of circulation. It would be irresponsible not to take action to correct this error" and then we all get it stolen by the taxman to prop up failing arms manufacturers.
>> No. 8557 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:08 pm
8557 spacer
Dishy Rishi has me worried as well, he's apparently ruled out a proper tax raid on Wednesday with band freezes and a delivery tax instead but maybe he would say that. At a minimum Autumn will be a bloodbath to put up upstart aspirational types in our place.

There's other places you can put that money even if you've eaten the ISA. Green bond being announced this week.
>> No. 8558 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 11:25 pm
8558 spacer
I hate each and every one of them.


>> No. 68174 Auntiefucker
28th February 2021
Sunday 4:15 pm
/iq/68174 spacer

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>> No. 68175 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:24 pm
68175 spacer
Maybe this would be sorted quickly enough for the complainant's satisfaction if more Wimmin were bothered enough to do those sort of jobs in the first place. Since they're desperate to get away from working in the Kitchen.
>> No. 68176 YubYub
28th February 2021
Sunday 10:51 pm
68176 spacer
Women complaining about men not finding the clit is the most ridiculous thing - it's entirely their fault. If a woman's fingering my bumhole and she's not hitting my prostate, I'm sure as fuck going to direct her to it, rather than go through life complaining that she couldn't find it. Women just need to take some fucking control over their lives for fucks sake. and they wonder why they get subjugated - it's because you can't do anything for yourself, love. I've met countless women who can't even decide where they want to eat, literally ever, yet complain men tell them what to do. It's because you're incapable of making decisions.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 31534 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 7:48 pm
31534 spacer
I used to be on your side of the fence on this but realised that 4 is really too much while 2 is for children. Three is a happy medium with the true mark of the gentleman-connoisseur being to only add half the milk you would for any other cereal to maintain the crunchy texture.

Or more likely fuck breakfast off and get up at lunchtime.

They also come in a multiples of 12 but you'll never fit all that in your bowl will ya, Carol.
>> No. 31535 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 7:49 pm
31535 spacer

She could squeeze my genitals until they bleed IYKWIM.
>> No. 31536 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 8:56 pm
31536 spacer

This is unironically my fetish. I've never found a lass with either the strength or the courage to squeeze my plums hard enough to do any damage. Which is probably for the best, but it does spoil that risky thrill which, when you're being honest with yourself, is half the fun for a kink like that.
>> No. 31537 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:18 pm
31537 spacer

I'm a scumbag Northerner with a washing-up bowl, just watch me fit 48 banana-flavoured ones in the fucker.
>> No. 31538 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:22 pm
31538 spacer

Knew you sordid lot would appreciate that image.


>> No. 30481 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 12:19 pm
/emo/30481 spacer
I think lockdown got to me.

I had to make a decision based on my career between picking two jobs and I went a bit nuts. Nothing crazy but I stopped sleeping, eating properly or living my life. My work faltered and I just kept delaying decisions and caused a mess. It led to some trouble for me.

This somehow concluded in me pacing around my flat and generally just feeling like I wasn't myself as I twitched my neck and did stuff that generally I don't associate with myself. Heart racing, lots of pacing, lots of just generally odd behaviour and spiralling. Started to feel like not a huge amount mattered anymore and just needed a break and to start again or start fresh despite that not being a clear or sensible choice. I also stopped engaging with people and thought through every possible scenario ever and got no further along.

I've looked into getting a therapist.

Has anybody had this? I don't know if I should be worried about the fact I've spiralled in such a way or just accept it's partly due to the stress of lockdown and maybe I'm not alone.

It was quite scary and I felt in a very, very, dark place. Can anybody advise? Is this to be expected being locked up inside or is this something to be worried about?
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>> No. 30490 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 4:05 pm
30490 spacer
Shouldn't have pressed post so early - last bit I should add. Triggering thoughts:

-Fear of unknown
-Fear of letting down old team who liked me and made space for me and went out of their way
-Fear of wishing I'd not chased money and stuck with a place I'd liked
-Fear of going back to the place I'd liked and wishing I took a higher salary and promotion
-Fear of making a bad choice between the two and regretting it
-Fear of significant upheaval in my life and not handling it
-Fear of returning to a dark place where I hated my job, my life and everything surrounding it.
>> No. 30491 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 5:46 pm
30491 spacer

Happiness is always more important than money, and you have the luxury of being in a position where you wouldn't be poor in either case. If you have even the slightest reason to believe that the grass isn't actually greener, don't do it.

Most people will give you the same old "you'll never get anywhere if you don't take risks!" bullshit, but that only applies if you're not already in a job you like. If you are, I think you should always think very, very carefully about leaving.

Bit like my mate who divorced his wife last year and now wants her back- You'll be very lucky to get a second chance.
>> No. 30492 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 5:51 pm
30492 spacer
Thank you anon. I've spent months agonising and your post has helped me to relax somewhat.

I really need to get better at decisions that have both downsides and upsides.

Everybody tells you to always push yourself but at what point does it end?

I know a girl who quit her inner city London law job to become a photographer and wish I was that brave. I asked her why and she said when you're 15 you kind of start making choices about your career and your life and I studied and studied for years and worked for years without ever asking do I still want to do law? She said when she took two weeks off she realised the resounding answer was no and she's delayed quitting because being the successful lawyer had become her identity and that was it.
>> No. 30493 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 8:04 pm
30493 spacer

Whatever you choose to do, it's good to remember that very few choices in our life are binary or permanent. There are usually more options than you think and the cost of making a bad choice is rarely as bad as you think. The fear of failure usually has far worse consequences than failure itself.
>> No. 30494 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:17 pm
30494 spacer

You're welcome ladm9.

I've had my fair share of shit jobs, and thanks to that I developed a different sense of perspective than that which most people seem to have. From where I'm sitting, a job you don't actively loathe is something precious worth holding onto, because you can't say the same for the great majority of jobs.

I'm the type of person who's never been able to stick with anything I don't enjoy, and that's a big reason my life was going absolutely nowhere until my mid 20s. But on the flipside the perspective of the law lass you mention feels completely alien to me. I find it difficult to understand how people get that far in life as though they're just on rails, without ever questioning the fact they're utterly disinterested in what they're doing. I think the common wisdom regarding "pushing yourself" and all that is actively unhealthy for us in a great many cases.

Money is the obvious answer, I know. I suppose it's because I never had money to begin with that I never felt I was missing out on much. I've walked out of jobs at lunch time and been back on the dole by that afternoon, because at the end of the day, if your days will be miserable regardless, what's the point?

But yeah. Don't beat yourself up about what could have been or if you're letting yourself down somehow. Go with your gut.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 31462 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 12:55 pm
31462 spacer

You can buy prints of his big Art Attacks.

I wonder how much it'd cost for Neil to make one of these that I can look at from my bedroom window.
>> No. 31463 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 1:21 pm
31463 spacer

He's also in a metal band. Or at least he was a decade ago.
>> No. 31543 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 6:49 pm
31543 spacer

There were unfounded rumours that the lorry carrying fruit had collided with a transit van overloaded with nuts.
>> No. 31552 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 9:12 pm
31552 spacer

>> No. 31562 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 4:42 pm
31562 spacer
I'm very tired and read that as MI6. I was rather alarmed for a second.


>> No. 23810 Anonymous
31st December 2011
Saturday 10:22 pm
/x/23810 Guilty Would
Since this image wasn't that well received in The Ginger Thread, and by the recommendation of some lad in /b/: this is the "Guilty Would" thread.

Post women which aren't generically attractive, but which (for whatever reason) you'd shag the heck out of given the chance.
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>> No. 42000 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 4:58 pm
42000 spacer

I didn't get it until she said we have to pray for all government authorities, and then I got rock hard.
>> No. 42002 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 5:47 pm
42002 spacer

The internet has given me some weird kinks, but I didn't expect softly-spoken Catholic fascists to join the list.
>> No. 42006 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 12:28 pm
42006 spacer

The individual things going on here wouldn't normally work for me, but here, in the same woman, they all do. I really hope she snorts when she laughs, because that would make her so complete.
>> No. 42007 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 3:20 pm
42007 spacer

guilty would.jpg
Now that's some shewable mutton right there
>> No. 42008 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 3:37 pm
42008 spacer
I find it ironic that the video's title contains the word "innocent" even though she's selling overpriced bits of tat.


>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
/news/15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 31528 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 2:43 pm
31528 spacer
I don't think he said that. But I guess the implication of his post that people need to turn back toward the centre so sensible discussions could take place.
>> No. 31534 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 3:55 pm
31534 spacer
Why? If the problem is that media/algorithms are just amplifying the extremes then "we all need to turn back toward the centre" is a useless thing to say because it's addressing the symptom and not the cause. Further to that, if it was possible for us "all" to make a unified political shift like that then it would be just as much a solution to all move left, or right. All he's doing is jerking himself off for being a "fence sitting wimp", as he puts it. As though centrists haven't always felt justified in being centrists as much as anyone of any political stance feels justified in that.
>> No. 31554 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 2:51 am
31554 spacer

I would suggest it's not about coming back to the centre. It's not even about being far left or far right. There are rational and sensible people on both extremes, they're just outnumbered by the nutters the extremes tend to attract.

What it's about is keeping a healthy scepticism of alarmist, sensationalised viewpoints. These are the hallmarks of our time. For every fake outrage about Xr. Potato Head, there's some Yank college professor being sacked for doxxing all their students as racists, and then being outed as a "race faker". The kulturkampf has destroyed all capability of nuance and discussion on some subjects, because it all becomes drowned out in nonsense.

I know there's one or two of you here who like to bury your head in the sand and pretend it's nothing, but I'd suggest there's a very real reason we all post here instead of mixing with the normals on facebook or Twitter. It's because they're always on about this brain rot. Anit-vaxxing one week, hate crime the next, vegan pasties the one after. In the past this stuff was contained to tabloids you really could dismiss because most of the people reading those were only interested in the footy results and the telly planner, but now it's all different. It's ubiquitous.

There's four positions here. You're either a mentalist with a chip on your shoulder, you're an anti-mentalist with an bag of spuds, you're "well, both sides, I am smart", or you're the fourth and most intolerable; which is "I am so very smart that I shall post that one XKCD comic. None can touch me from this position of ultimate superiority."
>> No. 31557 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 10:08 am
31557 spacer
>You're either a mentalist with a chip on your shoulder, you're an anti-mentalist with an bag of spuds
The "bag of spuds" wordfilter was only ever meant as a placeholder until we thought of something better but it's worked surprisingly well here.
>> No. 31561 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 1:20 pm
31561 spacer
>I know there's one or two of you here who like to bury your head in the sand and pretend it's nothing, but I'd suggest there's a very real reason we all post here instead of mixing with the normals on facebook or Twitter.

I mostly just post here because Otherplace has awful taste but the other imageboard alternatives I'd consider don't have enough British posters to have a good conversation on some topics. You're spending too much time here if you think the views of the board are worth the price of reading them.


>> No. 27266 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 5:21 pm
/news/27266 Corona thread #3
Right, now that the last corona thread is over 1,700 posts long, maybe it's time for a new one.

How long do you think it will be until we're fully back to normal?
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>> No. 31555 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 7:44 am
31555 spacer
That is good news.
>> No. 31556 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:15 am
31556 spacer


>> No. 31558 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 12:08 pm
31558 spacer


>California Covid variant 11 times more deadly than South Africa strain, study suggests

>A new study from the University of California, San Francisco, suggests those who survive the California variant of coronavirus are left with two-fold less antibodies than other strains
>> No. 31559 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 12:48 pm
31559 spacer

Imagine what the world might have been like now if we had shut international borders like a not doomed species would have.
>> No. 31560 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 1:04 pm
31560 spacer
>The statistics suggesting that patients carrying B.1.427/B.1.429 variants were more likely to die was based on the charts of 69 patients who were admitted to the hospital in the first place because they had very severe Covid-19.

>“If you only look at the sickest people you’re gonna see something different than if you look at the population as a whole,” said DeRisi, who was not involved in his colleagues’ study. Neither study tells us exactly why transmission rates are higher. The virus could be becoming more common by some fluke, or because it is slightly more transmissible.

>“I don’t think there’s any question that this lineage is becoming more common in California,” said William Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. “But I think the amount of sampling in California is not sufficient to fully define why. And I think that we should be wary, before we categorize every locally emerging hopeful monster as a ‘variant of concern’.” He noted that although the California variant has now become more common in the state, researchers think it has most likely been around since at least May. “You’ve got to ask yourself why it’s been around for so long and hasn’t taken the world by storm,” he said.

>“I am not panicked, and you shouldn’t be either,” said Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert at UCSF. “It’s not unexpected that we’re seeing more variants,” she continued. “Viruses mutate, and often, these mutations will allow them to become more transmissible.” That’s the modus operandi of a pandemic-causing virus. And it’s scientists’ job to keep track of them, and test whether new variants can better evade our immune systems and vaccines.

>But for now, Gandhi said she was not particularly worried about B.1.427/B.1.429, or the variant that researchers this week flagged in New York. In both states daily deaths and hospitalizations are going down despite these new variants being in circulation, she noted. “So far, none of these variants have evolved to the point where they can completely get through masks, or they can overcome social distancing, or any of the other public health measures we’ve implemented.”

>“These emerging variants tell us we need to be vigilant, that maybe we shouldn’t be making summer vacation plans today,” said Waleed Javaid, an epidemiologist and the director of infection prevention and control at Mount Sinai hospital in New York. “But let’s wait and see before we worry too much.”

We'll be able to get our haircut soon, lad.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
1764 posts and 82 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 30468 Anonymous
25th February 2021
Thursday 12:25 am
30468 spacer
I never said the dirty fucking hippies would win, I just said that they were right.
>> No. 30473 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 4:25 pm
30473 spacer
I recognise that this is just a load of buts and the answer is simply to go sit outside and get used to it, but i'm really anxious about going out at the moment because the weather is nice there are a lot of attractive people about wearing pretty clothes.

Being fat adds an element of shame but it's like this every fucking year regardless.
>> No. 30474 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 11:24 pm
30474 spacer
Do you ever come across people that are so sweet and kindhearted that it makes you feel bad? As in they're just so absolutely unprotected by their very core being from all the horrible shite in the world that it pains you that they have to experience it anyway?
>> No. 30478 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 8:30 am
30478 spacer
I wonder how they manage it.
>> No. 30479 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 10:31 am
30479 spacer
I've been pretty emotionally vulnerable lately, I can't decide if this is me losing my mind from isolation or if this is me healing enough that I can feel my emotional pain again.


>> No. 2885 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 12:27 am
/eco/2885 spacer
What is the lowest maintenance garden an eligible bachelor could get away with without either paving it over or upsetting the neighbours?

I want to buy a first home for myself, a leasehold feels like poor value so I'm looking at houses. The problem is they all have a small garden out back and sometimes even a front one, nothing ridiculous (think terraced house or those ghastly new build gardens) but it's just me and I don't know my rhubarb. Do I just throw some grass seeds down and risk ecolads
wrath? Pay a gardener to handle this for me?
4 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2890 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 9:15 am
2890 spacer
>Do I just throw some grass seeds down and risk ecolads wrath?
Not if you're after zero maintenance. Grass needs cutting multiple times a year. Putting down a sheet for a month or two to kill off any grass then just chucking down wildflower seeds would reduce the maintenance to maybe strimming it a bit in Autumn.

Really though you'd have to be in a fairly posh place for the neighbours to actively object.
>> No. 2891 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 9:36 am
2891 spacer
My local council has recently discovered that a badly overgrown verge is socially acceptable if you rebrand it as a "wildflower meadow". The seeds are cheap as chips, wildflowers actively prefer poor soil and it only needs mowing a couple of times a year in late summer and autumn.

Mix in a bit of paving and you're sorted.
>> No. 2892 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 6:56 pm
2892 spacer

That would be a question for when I settle on a place. At the moment I'm just trying to understand feasibility and the kind of garden I'd be looking to either buy, make or avoid.

The opposite end of the spectrum is gardens where someone has paved over the whole thing. That feels like a design that would kill me in the summer so would ripping that up be a simple job or do I need to fart about with the topsoil?

Interesting, if I wanted to have a barbeque at some point or just catch some rays would I merely need to mow it or do I need to keep a bit of grass?
>> No. 2893 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 7:00 pm
2893 spacer
I'd suggest keeping a small patio to put your barbecue/sun lounger on and turning the rest over to wildflowers. Reduced heat and maintenance but still some stability. The added bonus of wildflowers is that they don't particularly like rich soil, you can throw down some of the cheapest and they'll thrive.
>> No. 2894 Anonymous
28th February 2021
Sunday 9:29 am
2894 spacer
There have been quite a few initiatives the last five or six years to spread wildflower seeds on verges and the like.


>> No. 8117 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 8:22 am
/£$€¥/8117 spacer
Several lads here seem to have a grasp of investments and so on. Do any of you have a regular income outside "earner income"? What kind of category does it fall into, and how did you come into it?

I had a nice image, but brian isn't playing ball today. It's a list of different (very broad) types of income:
1 Earner income : work a job
2 Profit income : buy and sell
3 Interest income: lending money
4 Dividend income: owning stock
5 Rental income: renting out property
6 Capital gains : assets increase in value
7 Royalties: others use your work
291 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 8546 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 4:00 pm
8546 spacer
I think this is the thing that gets lost on people. With the irregular activity, Robinhood's clearing broker upped their capital requirement from something like 2% of volume to 100%, meaning they had to front up the entire purchase price of any orders their customers placed before settlement, and deposit enough cash to cover the entire position.
>> No. 8547 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 2:27 am
8547 spacer
>What was the restraint of trade?
>decided to restrict sell orders
It is a mystery you have evidently answered.

> Because they didn't have enough capital on hand to cover their NSCC deposit requirements
That is up for debate. Apparently US congress consider it worthy of enquiry but you consider the whole thing solved already.
>> No. 8548 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 9:58 am
8548 spacer

>It is a mystery you have evidently answered.

That's not a restraint of trade; Robinhood's decision didn't prevent their customers from placing buy orders through any number of other brokerages. "Restraint of trade" has a specific legal meaning.

>US congress consider it worthy of enquiry

Congressional investigations have been little more than political showboating for many years.

>> No. 8549 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 10:59 pm
8549 spacer
If Robinhood were unable to facilitate trades because it was economically unviable for them to do so, they would have said that. Instead they press released some bullshit about protecting their users.
>> No. 8550 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 11:47 pm
8550 spacer
They didn't, huh?


>> No. 5665 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 5:22 pm
/fat/5665 spacer
Should I take vitamin tablets and other supplements or are they largely snake oil?
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>> No. 5676 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 7:28 pm
5676 spacer
Just because you might have a better diet than a serf in the dark ages doesn't mean it's not bad. We all probably don't get the same amount of greens as back then - when's the last time you had a hearty pottage or made horse bread?
>> No. 5677 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 7:50 pm
5677 spacer

My point is human diets were 'never good' they were always a ham fisted 'good enough' our current health looks like it well on the way to powering quite probably millions of under 30s in the uk over the age of 100. Unless the implication is that we would live to be 200 if only we ate a bit more kale I fail to see what meaningful implications bad diet could mean that can't be patched with a few multivitamins.

If anything the biggest threat diet wise is that we eat too much not that we are eating the wrong things.
>> No. 5678 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 7:54 pm
5678 spacer
If anything thinks we've never had it so good they need to compare a bar of Cadburys now with what it was like before the takeover.
>> No. 5679 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 7:55 pm
5679 spacer
Galaxy has always been better anyway.
>> No. 5680 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 8:54 pm
5680 spacer
>I fail to see what meaningful implications bad diet could mean that can't be patched with a few multivitamins.

My original point was exactly that we need multivitamins. And no, on your broader point life expectancy evidently does vary wildly across the country demonstrating the continued importance of diet - this saying nothing of the years of good health.

>If anything the biggest threat diet wise is that we eat too much not that we are eating the wrong things.

People in this country have dry flaky lips and kidney stones because they don't drink enough water. This clear liquid being something that is piped into peoples homes.
74% of people have suboptimum amounts of Vitamin D with 24% outright deficient - symptoms include depression, hair loss and poor immune health. We have rising levels of rickets ffs.


>> No. 90725 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 5:49 pm
/pol/90725 spacer
>Mr Johnson also channeled the spirit of Thatcher's 1980s revolution by pledging to save the dream of home ownership for a new generation, with the government underwriting 95 per cent mortgages for around two million first-time buyers.

>The government has yet to give details, but it seems some of the 'stress test' rules imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis could be relaxed to facilitate long-term fixed rate mortgages at 95 per cent of a property's value. The government could instead accept some of the risk through a guarantee scheme - although this would leave the taxpayer on the hook for potentially huge sums.

https://www.If I post a link to this website again I will be

Let's overheat the housing market further by softening the measures brought in as a result of the financial crisis. What could possibly go wrong?
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>> No. 92447 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 11:23 am
92447 spacer

I hate this shit. Deposit is not the issue. I have just under £30k saved but 4.5x my salary gets me nothing.
>> No. 92448 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 12:36 pm
92448 spacer

It's almost as if the government are propping up the property market for the benefit of boomer BtL scum.
>> No. 92449 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 3:08 pm
92449 spacer
I'm not sure having banks lend more, with the resulting rise in interest, would be a good idea. The 5% mortgage and Help to Buy are mental enough and will no doubt cause problems in a rising interest rate scenario while bumping house prices.

I'm in a similar situation living in London but have found that if you go outside of the South-East it's not so bad. If the government had instead stumped up on making these places viable by encouraging employers to offer a guaranteed option of living in the provinces then it would be much more sustainable.

I don't see how this would help BtL. These programmes are for first-time buyers.
>> No. 92450 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 3:28 pm
92450 spacer
>It is not restricted to first-time buyers or new-build homes, but there will be a £600,000 limit.
>> No. 92451 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 3:57 pm
92451 spacer
Why wouldn't they? Many politicians are landlords, the Tories get a substantial amount of donations from property developers and the higher property prices go up, the more the government will be paid back by people who took out Help to Buy mortgages.


>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
/news/18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”

Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
322 posts and 17 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 31513 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 10:19 am
31513 spacer
That doesn't really track in my opinion. Statelessness is defined in law, skint is just being skint. Also you don't have a legal guaruntee to employment, as far as I know, and the government have to give you UC unless you've got savings, again, as far as I know, so I'm not sure this metaphor covers remotely the same kind of ground as Begum's case.
>> No. 31514 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 10:20 am
31514 spacer
Ah, fuck, *guarantee.
>> No. 31515 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 11:24 am
31515 spacer
>The SIAC says otherwise.
Then they are wrong. This is a long-settled provision of international law. It doesn't matter how many citizenships you're entitled to claim, if you only hold one and that government removes it, it has rendered you stateless. It doesn't matter whether or not you can fix it. The prohibition on statelessness has no provision for someone to go anywhere else. It is plain a simple - a government cannot render someone stateless, even temporarily. We also have case law that says that a government cannot unilaterally determine your citizenship on your behalf, without having to consider that it's for the government of Bangladesh to decide who has citizenship there.
>> No. 31519 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 12:34 pm
31519 spacer

At the point that Begum's British citizenship was revoked, Bangladeshi law automatically granted her Bangladeshi citizenship. If the Bangladeshi government fail to uphold their obligations under the UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness and arbitrarily failed to recognise Begum's status, that's their problem; the UK has no obligation under international law to pre-empt the lawless actions of other states. The matter is long-settled, but not in the way that you think.
>> No. 31520 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 12:46 pm
31520 spacer
>At the point that Begum's British citizenship was revoked, Bangladeshi law automatically granted her Bangladeshi citizenship.
That doesn't matter. The British government simply doesn't get to make that determination. That's between her and Bangladesh.


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
456 posts and 177 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 68167 Are Moaty
24th February 2021
Wednesday 7:45 pm
68167 spacer

>> No. 68168 Anonymous
24th February 2021
Wednesday 7:45 pm
68168 spacer

Vordermask with stains on her chest.
>> No. 68170 Auntiefucker
26th February 2021
Friday 6:20 pm
68170 spacer

Vorderman on the way to get her vaccine.
>> No. 68171 Ambulancelad
26th February 2021
Friday 6:20 pm
68171 spacer

Vorderman mid-jab.
>> No. 68172 Samefag
27th February 2021
Saturday 2:46 am
68172 spacer


>> No. 19750 Anonymous
27th July 2019
Saturday 2:09 pm
/news/19750 spacer
What's all this about Hong Kong then? I've started seeing ads asking me to pressure my MP and defend the joint-declaration.

I assume you lads will have an opinion as blocking as the roads and discouraging air-travel will no doubt reduce carbon emissions.
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>> No. 31494 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 7:14 pm
31494 spacer
Use the report function then.
>> No. 31495 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 7:21 pm
31495 spacer
Sometimes when you report people the mods ban you, with the message that you should be calling people out for shitposting/poor spelling and grammar rather than solely relying on them.
>> No. 31496 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 7:30 pm
31496 spacer
The report function isn't for reporting posts you disagree with.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 31497 Anonymous
26th February 2021
Friday 7:43 pm
31497 spacer
We'll see about that...
>> No. 31504 Anonymous
27th February 2021
Saturday 2:20 am
31504 spacer

>Sometimes when you report people the mods ban you, with the message that you should be calling people out for shitposting/poor spelling and grammar rather than solely relying on them.

Good idea, we shoud have a role on this website to performs this task.


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