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>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
/b/426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:
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>> No. 451584 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 1:10 pm
451584 spacer
I reckon you two would play with it for a couple days and then I'll be the one walking and cleaning up after it.
>> No. 451672 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 2:12 pm
451672 spacer
Got a new job as a lift attendant for a school, which had only two floors. Entered the lift, and a 20ish years old pretty blonde girl introduced herself as the school's rabbi. She says she hates her job so hides in the lift all day so I shouldn't spill her secret. I get off on the second floor and look out the window. Beautiful ocean surrounding the school. Go into one of the classes. Teacher talking about how Civ IV had a really good song. They search "Civ V opening theme". I say "just search Baba Yetu". She searches "Civ Colonisation theme". I once again say "the song you're thinking of is Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin". She searches "Civ VI Christopher Tin". I ran away and the dream ended.
>> No. 451676 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:50 pm
451676 spacer

>> No. 451680 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:29 pm
451680 spacer

There's something quite likeable about her as the Fanny Godmother, giving out advice like some kind of menstrual Martin Lewis.

Also, why are all the other women incredibly skinny? Did they hire actors in their twenties to represent adolescents? Is there some kind of one-BBW-per-advert limit? Has Our Scarle been nicking everyone's dinners?
>> No. 451682 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 7:10 am
451682 spacer
Maybe she has it in her contract that she can be the only hefty lass in a scene.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 31740 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 3:03 pm
31740 spacer
I get what you're saying, but there's a big gap between discussing a crush and smiling at your lass from a closet while she gets railed bareback by Pablo the barback. We've chatted about other people before albeit only from a physical perspective, kissed other people in front of each other, and discussed what we would feel comfortable with quite honestly.

I agree that there is a bit of cultishness around the progressivism in personal relationships, and I have no doubt the next generation will judge their predecessors for not being polyamorous by default, but that's simply not how most people are wired, and expecting them to be will just cause trouble.

It's definitely something I considered a while and tried to phrase delicately, and sharing it made it feel less significant in a way. Now she's almost just a random fit lass.
>> No. 31741 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 5:27 pm
31741 spacer

How realistic is it to blame your life circumstances on lacking one thing or another? It sounds self indulgent, right? If only I had thing, i could be happy, successful, or just plain 'better than this'. Happiness comes from within, but what about this Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Does avoiding sexual intimacy impact a persons ability to grow? Does that justify a life of minimal effort and care?

For years I've thought everything would be alright if I could just openly enjoy sex but I don't know if that's true anymore. I dare say the objects of my attraction would remain objects even if I could engage with them. It wouldn't change my heart - on the contrary it might corrupt it futher.
>> No. 31742 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 6:29 pm
31742 spacer

I think problems can broadly be put into two categories. Things that you have the power to change, and things you don't. The difficulty lies in separating the two and understanding your relationship with them.

There are lots of things about your life that can and will affect your outcomes, things that are, in essence, "not your fault". Your social class, your race and gender, how encouraging your parents were, if you had good teachers in school or ones that didn't care, etc... I think it's just as healthy and important to recognise those things and take the burden of blame off yourself, as it is to regognise the things that are "your fault" and to pro-actively find solutions.

I notice a lot of people have an unhealthy attitude to life and their mental wellbeing as a result of veering too hard into one side or the other of that coin- My ex girlfriend for instance, was the classic Tumblr woke girl, so for her, everything in life was somebody else's fault. She had an excuse for everything, and retreated entirely into that mindset that she was always a victim, and there was nothing she could do about it, therefore she never did anything about it. It was as if she thought the very concept of self-improvement was inherently right wing propaganda.

By the same token if you go too far the other way, you're only going to end up disillusioned when your hard work doesn't pay off in some area of life, because some things are out of your control. Your boss will still snub you on that promotion for the arse-licker sycophant, you will stil get passed over on dating apps no matter how much you work out, people will still think you're less intelligent if you have a thick Northern accent, etc etc. A post a bit earlier on mentioned the cult of acceptance, the view that you can twist your brain like a contortionist into accepting whatever shitty circumstances affect your life and be at peace with them, but to me that's where the horseshoe meets in the middle for these two extremes.

I don't put a lot of stock in Mazlows heirarchy, because it's the heierarchy of Mazlow's needs, not your needs, or my needs.Beyond the very basics, I believe everyone's needs are different, and I don't think it's a heirarchy either. It's a balance of factors which you need to be in harmony. We're more like sims with little bars that all need to be at a comfortable level, and we get depressed when one or more of them runs low. Mazlow's heirarchy makes more sense when you're looking at society on a zoomed out macro level, not an individual person.

For instance sex is very important to me, and having a good sex life is a cornerstone of my self-esteem. Some clever cloggs fisherperson academic out there might tell me this is "toxic masculinity" and I should "work on myself" until I'm fine with being a sexless loser or a cuckold or whatever, but fuck that. Having good sex frequently makes me happy, and that's about as simple as I need it to be; it seems absurd to me to suggest that I should brainwash myself into not needing sex when it would be far simpler and more fulfilling to simply seek out a partner who will give me good, reliable sex. It's not up to anybody else to tell me if that's right or wrong, that's just how my individual psychology works.

Think about what your goals are, think about what you can do to get there, and make a plan. Be realistic about what obstacles you will face, and don't blame yourself if those obstacles cause you problems along the way.
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>> No. 31743 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 3:13 am
31743 spacer
There's this chubby gal who desperately wants me to bang her but I'm not totally feeling it. She's okay looking and has a fun personality, but I have literally never fapped to a chubby chick in over 16 years of being a wanker.

Is there a way around this conundrum? Should I start fapping to porn with fat chicks to condition myself to this untapped vein of desperate and horny portly birds?
>> No. 31744 Anonymous
23rd May 2022
Monday 5:43 am
31744 spacer

Fill your boots m8.



>> No. 70947 YubYub
18th May 2022
Wednesday 2:36 pm
/iq/70947 Silly internet things
I think we've brought it up before that normal human relationships these days require a low-level flow of silly internet images. I don't know why it's like this but otherwise you might be viewed as antisocial. Can you two post some images and maybe videos so I can have an archive for when I know I need to contact someone to make them believe I'm a normal human being but don't have anything to say (because I'm a cunt)?
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>> No. 70970 Paedofag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:57 pm
70970 spacer

here's a funny cat picture i found
>> No. 70971 Ambulancelad
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:29 am
70971 spacer

activate skeleton.jpg
I don't see why I, an embittered and miserable bachelor, am posting assistance to help the rest of you fucking pussy-patrollers get laid yet again. Perhaps I should only post bad images from now on.
>> No. 70972 Paedofag
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:34 am
70972 spacer


>> No. 70973 Auntiefucker
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:51 am
70973 spacer


That's the thing lad, the worse they are the more birds like them. It's like dad jokes, but memes. Dad memes.
>> No. 70974 Auntiefucker
23rd May 2022
Monday 12:52 am
70974 spacer



>> No. 90725 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 5:49 pm
/pol/90725 spacer
>Mr Johnson also channeled the spirit of Thatcher's 1980s revolution by pledging to save the dream of home ownership for a new generation, with the government underwriting 95 per cent mortgages for around two million first-time buyers.

>The government has yet to give details, but it seems some of the 'stress test' rules imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis could be relaxed to facilitate long-term fixed rate mortgages at 95 per cent of a property's value. The government could instead accept some of the risk through a guarantee scheme - although this would leave the taxpayer on the hook for potentially huge sums.

https://www.If I post a link to this website again I will be

Let's overheat the housing market further by softening the measures brought in as a result of the financial crisis. What could possibly go wrong?
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>> No. 95885 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 2:06 pm
95885 spacer
>If the landlords hate it so much, why don't they just work more hours or get a better-paying job?
On a phone call with my letting agency, they told me that some rent arrears were negatively affecting my landlord and I asked them if the landlord had tried budgeting.
>> No. 95886 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:23 pm
95886 spacer
Also landlord related, Priti Patel rejected a recommendation from the Grenfell Tower inquiry that renters have what are called personal emergency evacuation plans, or PEEPs for short. They are exactly what their name suggests. As best as I can tell, translating from the governmentese, the "counterproductive" part of implementing these plans would be that landlords would have some responsibilities to their tenents. Patel also heaps blame on the fire service, without explicitly blaming them. Merely stating their need to learn lessons and so on, despite an official one-size-fits-all stay put policy dooming them to failure in the instance of another Grenfell-like event. Conservatives create unsafe housing regulation, cut fire and rescue services to the bone and then reject measures that might prevent the exact same situation from arising again in the future, before blaming the men and women who went into a pitch dark with smoke building trying to rescue people, despite the concerns of some that it could have collapsed around them such was the intensity of the incident. It's actually beyond sickening, it's disturbing. It's institutional callousness at the highest levels and I'm so frustrated that it's only freaks like me who are paying attention to any of it.
>> No. 95887 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:42 pm
95887 spacer
I try not to pay too close attention to what she's doing because it's always something disgustingly cruel. She's so far beyond the pale.
>> No. 95888 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:42 pm
95888 spacer
I understand entirely. However, it's important to remember that May or Javid would have been unlikely to have taken a different decision. The only difference is Patel's perma-smirk makes the passive villainy of Conservative inaction more transparent than ever.
>> No. 95889 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:45 pm
95889 spacer
My previous statement could probably apply to the entire party.


>> No. 450329 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:24 am
/b/450329 New Weekend Thread
How's it going, lads?

What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 451671 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:10 pm
451671 spacer

>As long as the bottle remains sealed, wine is safe to drink pretty much indefinitely.

I guess there's a difference between being enjoyable to drink and being toxic to the point of a health risk.

Wine ages, and a lot of the time, not in a good way. Most table wines you buy have a plastic cork, which means a lot of oxygen diffuses into the bottle over time and reacts with the wine and oxidises it. There are white wines that will go off within three or four years of bottling. Yes, you can still drink them after that, but the smell and taste of oxidation will not make it pleasurable. These are wines that are meant for somewhat immediate consumption. When my nan died, we found a bottle of white wine in the back of her livingroom cupboard, it was fifteen years old, and the smell and taste when we opened it was pretty rank. Granted, a livingroom cupboard is no place to store any wine for any length of time. Least of all in an upright position, which causes the cork to dry out and let even more oxygen in.

Red wine, on the other hand, contains plenty more antioxidants than white wine, especially tannins and phenols, and they protect the wine from oxidation, to the point that a well-stored red wine with a full natural cork can indeed last decades and in some cases centuries. Capping it with wax, like in the video, can also greatly increase a wine's lifespan.

A red wine of that age will have little in common with one you've just bought in the shop. I've never had one that was aged multiple years or decades, but they're said to taste quite profound and earthy, and much of the fruity notes will have been replaced by flavours that are more akin to a port or sherry.
>> No. 451677 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:14 pm
451677 spacer
>I spent more than £300 on a pair of fitted suits today

Not that bad for a couple of suits. I paid that 10 years ago and they're still with me despite becoming a patchwork of repair stitches that I can no longer button up.
>> No. 451678 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:57 pm
451678 spacer

So does it get you more pissed the older it is?

I got sucked down a rabbit hole a bit ago of watching people dry age steaks. Seems to have been a fad at one point. They always describe it as "funky" smelling, then cut off a little sliver and eat it raw. It always looks fucked to me, but none of them are dead, so who the fuck knows. Can I just crack open a thirty five year old tin of Spam I found at my nan's and it's a delicacy now?

Only adds credence to the idea of things going off being a myth made up by Big Fridge.
>> No. 451679 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:01 pm
451679 spacer

>So does it get you more pissed the older it is?
>> No. 451681 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:32 pm
451681 spacer
The past is a foreign country.


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 14993 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 12:26 am
14993 spacer
Is Leeds Live a newspaper? Is that review likely to have been printed on actual paper? This would be the final insult to trees if so, to know your brethren were felled to accommodate a manchild's blog post about McDonald's.

(Obviously I am very sorry if the shite journalist in question happens to post here).
>> No. 14994 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 12:36 am
14994 spacer
A lot of local newspapers have fallen under the 'Live' umbrella, e.g. the Hull Daily Mail is Hull Live online, the Birmingham Mail is Birmingham Live online, the Stoke Sentinel is Stoke Live online, etc.

They're all owned by Reach, who also own The Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Express and OK Magazine, amongst others, which is why you'll constantly see stories regurgitated from one of the local papers they own into the nationals and vice versa.

Actually, looking into it, I think Leeds Live are completely separate and are just looking to piggyback off the Live branding.
>> No. 15145 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:29 pm
15145 spacer
McDonald's drive-thru in Leyland blocked by angry man who refused to wait for sausage and egg McMuffins

The stalemate began at around 9.30am shortly after the customer, Stuart Yates, 55, drove up to the restaurant on Churchill Way and requested the two breakfast meals.

He said: “A week ago I got made to wait in the car park for over 15 minutes. A lad spotted me and said ‘oh, it’s him again’, because last time I complained. They said go and wait in the car park… I said ‘I’m not going anywhere until I get my food’.”

The drive-thru lane has been closed and police have been called to the scene.
>> No. 15146 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:55 pm
15146 spacer

"I want breakfast".
>> No. 15147 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:10 pm
15147 spacer
After blocking the drive-thru for two hours and being moved on by the police he went home and ordered a couple of Big Macs through Uber Eats.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 33201 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:06 pm
33201 spacer
I think DS4Win might have been the problem, yeah. I closed it at one point and it didn't have an effect, but preventing it from starting on start-up has stopped any silly business. I swear that programme was perfect two years ago, but it kept getting updates anyway.
>> No. 33202 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:14 pm
33202 spacer

dead thread dead board.jpg
You guys are so fucking petty it's unbelieveabe. Do you want people to use these boards or not?
>> No. 33203 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:16 pm
33203 spacer
People, not Americans.
>> No. 33204 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:34 pm
33204 spacer

No, go away.
>> No. 33205 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:56 pm
33205 spacer

I did a load of sniffing at the weekend and now my nostril is clogged, a bit sore and I'm incredibly tired. Quite parched as well.

If supermarkets weren't shut early on Sunday I'd have a chocolate éclair right now.


>> No. 451674 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:28 pm
/b/451674 Ironic photograph Locked
Post your reaction to this image

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 451675 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:47 pm
451675 spacer
A thread died for this.


>> No. 12985 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 12:11 am
/beat/12985 What you feeling right now? Part VI: The Undiscovered Compilation

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>> No. 13163 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 1:03 pm
13163 spacer

Jamaican Patois can be pretty unintelligible at the best of times, and being sung by a German, it's not going to help much.
>> No. 13164 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 6:43 pm
13164 spacer
>> No. 13165 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 8:35 pm
13165 spacer

Reminds me of
>> No. 13166 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 8:56 pm
13166 spacer

The percussion was later recycled for Spiller's Groove Jet (probably around 5:47).
>> No. 13169 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 2:13 pm
13169 spacer


>> No. 13134 Anonymous
14th May 2022
Saturday 8:53 pm
/beat/13134 Bare Summer Tunes
You know what I mean. Blistering heat, 1998, Corsa B, Radio Aire, Asda car park. Holiday to Maga wit' lads in a fortneyt.

Summer anthems.
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>> No. 13156 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 6:00 pm
13156 spacer

I guess it's also to do with the kind of music they're making. Most bands evolve and age with their fans. While Scooter have spent the last 28 years since Hyper Hyper making Eurotrash dance music for deliriously drunk 18 year olds. I mean seriously, if you're in the kind of age group that was young in the 90s, would you still go to one of their concerts today? Take That have their market segment cornered catering to middle-aged mums with fond memories of their own youth these days. But remembering those times you woke up drunk on the beach in Magaluf with vomit stains on your shirt after partying to Scooter probably doesn't have the same appeal.
>> No. 13157 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 6:55 pm
13157 spacer
Scooter have evolved. They used to be good. But for the past 15 years or so, they really haven't been.
>> No. 13158 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 9:42 pm
13158 spacer

>They used to be good.

Bit of a strong word there.

This song was fucking. everywhere. all. the. time in mid-1997. We were on holiday in Alicante and every two-bit beach bar was playing it five times a day. Children in the street were singing it and clapping to it.
>> No. 13167 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:10 am
13167 spacer
I still hear Samba de Janeiro every so often even now. It's a classic. Meanwhile, BBC2 had a documentary on the music of 1998 earlier, and it briefly played a clip of this song, which was also everywhere for years afterwards but which I had since completely forgotten about.

I don't know why it's been scrubbed from history; it's just as good as Samba de Janeiro and it's almost the same song. Perhaps it was written by paedophiles. Although, according to the comments on that video and confirmed by Wikipedia, Would You..? was actually written by the same man who wrote the BBC News theme tune. Mad if true.
>> No. 13168 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:05 pm
13168 spacer


>> No. 42587 Anonymous
5th February 2022
Saturday 12:33 am
/x/42587 chubby / bbw / ssbbw
The hide button is that way ->
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>> No. 43029 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 7:18 am
43029 spacer


>> No. 43030 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 7:19 am
43030 spacer


>> No. 43033 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 6:11 pm
43033 spacer


>> No. 43034 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:53 am
43034 spacer

Sauce please?
>> No. 43035 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:37 pm
43035 spacer

Found under the unapealing title of "TianasTummy".


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 70964 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:51 am
70964 spacer
It was a bunch of normal-sized cockroaches if I remember correctly, rather than one specific alien. On an unrelated note, large groups of insects are probably very good at counting, and they're honestly probably quite good at maths in general.
>> No. 70965 Ambulancelad
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:19 am
70965 spacer

I'd sprinkle my vinegar on her tripe iykwim.
>> No. 70966 Searchfag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:49 am
70966 spacer
How else would you do it? Magic seams at the back are only a thing in 3D porn comics found on t'internet.
>> No. 70967 Searchfag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:53 am
70967 spacer

Nah it was definitely one big bad bug, but he did have shitlods of roaches inside his sleeves for some reason. Maybe he was bug jesus and they were his flock.
>> No. 70968 Billbob
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:00 am
70968 spacer
Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be a female bug? A queen?


>> No. 95867 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 5:51 pm
/pol/95867 spacer
This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 95875 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 10:29 pm
95875 spacer
Build Back Better hehe

Enjoy your WEF puppet

Ozzie Macron
>> No. 95876 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 10:41 pm
95876 spacer
God I wish we had AV over here. I don't know much about Aussie politics but by the sounds of what I heard on the radio, it at least makes elections a lot more interesting. None of this endless hung parliament gerrymandering shite like we get over here.
>> No. 95877 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:09 pm
95877 spacer
One thing I have found out, and like, about Aussie politics during my passing interest with this election is that they have a ban on politicians employing spouses and relatives. It never occured to me you could just stop it like that. I'd never have to hear about £60,000 a year of public money being laundered through some oafish MP's missus.
>> No. 95878 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:26 pm
95878 spacer

What I find, being from Yorkshire, real Aussies will speak their mind. Call you a cunt until you put in the yakka. Metro Melbos fucked it.
>> No. 95879 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:43 am
95879 spacer
ABC coverage was available to stream on YouTube. You'll see the legend that is Antony Green talking through the numbers from time to time. He's like John Curtice but less academic and more techy.

A couple of years ago I met him and he described how it all works. The AEC decides in advance who the top two candidates are going to be. Ballots are counted at polling station, and they initially report the first preference totals and the two-candidate preference totals. If it turns out they guessed wrong or there's a closer run for second place than expected, then they stop reporting 2CP and just report out the full count, which takes longer as they need to wait for all the stations to count each round individually. They were waiting days for a result in 2016 because the AEC got a lot of their 2CP calls wrong, and so both sides were stuck in the 60s with a dozen full counts to do.

Green's evaluation of the UK going to AV was that we would need to be prepared to give up election night if we insisted on bringing all the ballot papers to count centres and only putting out numbers when complete rounds of counting were completed. He's able to make projections after a few hours only because numbers are available for individual locations.


>> No. 2130 Anonymous
31st March 2010
Wednesday 11:01 am
/A/2130 Alcoholics
Are there any 'resting actors' out there?

I'm back up to about a litre of whisky a day again. :(
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>> No. 8549 Anonymous
23rd April 2022
Saturday 9:20 am
8549 spacer
Lost a few days, probably going to lose a few more. My spellimg is faltering, so I give up.
>> No. 8550 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 12:30 am
8550 spacer
You and me both (am I talking to myself). Easter was a loss, went down Friday, cam up Tuesday, barely in time for work. Should not have bothered. Should just have died.
>> No. 8551 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 12:13 pm
8551 spacer
I managed to verify that I'm talking to myself.

I have spells of sobriety. They last 1 or two days, then I fall into the abyss. Work is accomodating for now, but I doubt thery'll put up with it much longer.

I've been drinking for 25 years now. I gained a lot in cameradery, but sometimes I still wish I'd never touched that first drop.

Because it opened the doors. I smoked weed for a while, then started growing my own weed and vaped it, I've taken DPH and DXM. All those, but it's only alcohol that has me coming back. I wish I could be the fun drunk in a pub.
>> No. 8552 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 12:28 pm
8552 spacer

How much does the habit cost you, out of curiosity?
>> No. 8553 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:06 am
8553 spacer
Right now about £10/day by drinking 9% cheap beer (Karpackie). I've sort of graduated from Debowe and Perla (both around 7%). Fortunately, there's an Aldi near by that has 0.7l of 37.5% "Tamova" vodka for around £11. So £300 per month, depending on how bad it gets. As addictions go, I suppose that's relatively cheap and affordable and I don't think I'll escalate much further.


>> No. 36687 Anonymous
21st January 2022
Friday 7:58 pm
/news/36687 Ukraine Crisis
Let's take a break from Thatcherlad arguing with Marxlad and talk about geopolitics. So what do we reckon about this year's bi-annual lurching forward of the doomsday clock?

I think this is a pretty sensible breakdown.

Standing back from the situation it seems obvious that US led brinkmanship and almost psychopathic foreign policy only makes a bad situation worse. The extent to which the media portrays Russia as the unambiguous bad guys while NATO continues to push them borders on completely delusional, like saying the sky is green or the sea is made of sand. Russia and Putin are no saints by any means, but what did we (the West) expect by constantly encroaching on their security interests?

The UK and EU badly need to distance themselves from America, I feel like they are going to become dangerous friends to have if moments like this and China's overtures on Taiwan play out as their own Suez crisis.
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>> No. 38468 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:09 am
38468 spacer

Go away mate. You haven't uncovered The Truth, you've just concocted your own reality to make yourself feel clever. I assume that the mods are all out on the lash, because you've been getting away with murder over the last couple of hours.
>> No. 38469 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:17 am
38469 spacer

>> No. 38470 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:24 am
38470 spacer


I'm not surprised that being a fingerman you deserve being pointed at, scorned, and deservedly a comeuppance with clenched fingers.
>> No. 38471 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:57 am
38471 spacer
Does he have incredibly pointy fingernails, or is that her hand? It looks horrifying either way. If I was the original wife, I would leave just to avoid getting my eyes sliced open like Un Chien Andalou.
>> No. 38472 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:53 am
38472 spacer
I'm not sure what relevance the ugly Hitchens brother has to do with this. Given his opinions on the western interventions that took place before his death, I doubt he'd oppose the current stance NATO and pals have taken.


>> No. 451186 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 10:19 pm
You knows it.
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>> No. 451651 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 12:58 am
451651 spacer

>another man who doesn't really believe women have to deal with even half the shit they complain about

No, you're still missing the point. I absolutely believe her. I just don't think it's a big deal.

If you'd ever been in a relationship with one, you'd be well aware half the shit they complain about is bollocks.
>> No. 451652 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 1:49 am
451652 spacer

>you'd be well aware half the shit they complain about is bollocks.

Maybe your testicles are just subpar then.
>> No. 451665 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:36 am
451665 spacer
>women really do absolutely feel like their life is in danger whenever they see a willy they weren't expecting

So do guys when they see a knife they weren't expecting. More men die from knife violence than women from rape. I'm not counting numbers here.
>> No. 451667 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:29 am
451667 spacer
Go and threaten someone with a knife then, if it's the same. See if you get in more trouble, less trouble, or the same amount of trouble.
>> No. 451668 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:49 am
451668 spacer
Even Arr Greenandpleasant is making jokes along the lines of "I wish he'd shown me instead, I could do with $250k".

When even Rudgwick turbo-lefties are making light of it, I think it's probably worth picking another issue to show off how much of a woman respecter you are.


>> No. 451641 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 10:00 pm
/b/451641 spacer
I know this is pretty fucking childish and odd, but I'd quite like to make a Twitter account and troll people. I've never had any form of social media, I never get into shit slinging online, but for some reason I've been thinking today that it might be a laugh.

Any suggestions on topics/tactics? I draw the line at anything truly mean/illegal, but something spicy I can do some damage with.

Is that weird? I know it is, I just fancy it for some reason.
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>> No. 451660 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 6:09 pm
451660 spacer
Use a VPN and Tor so you don't get done by the Malicious Communications Act if someone has a teary.
>> No. 451661 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 10:54 pm
451661 spacer

Buy the dip, stick a few grand on Twitter Inc. It's flatlining due to Elon weeding out the socialist workforce, no drive that milk the advertising revenue and push bots. Once Elon acquires and develops the platform through ecommerce (open market - free speech = advanced society), Twitter will no longer be held to ransom by corporatists.
>> No. 451662 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:01 pm
451662 spacer
You appear to be confused. OP asked for advice about doing something retarded, not advice from someone who is retarded.
>> No. 451663 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:04 pm
451663 spacer
I enjoy sending @beefybotham a picture of his own cock.
>> No. 451664 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:13 am
451664 spacer


I don't think how you know how spergs think.


>> No. 23810 Anonymous
31st December 2011
Saturday 10:22 pm
/x/23810 Guilty Would
Since this image wasn't that well received in The Ginger Thread, and by the recommendation of some lad in /b/: this is the "Guilty Would" thread.

Post women which aren't generically attractive, but which (for whatever reason) you'd shag the heck out of given the chance.
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>> No. 42942 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 11:54 pm
42942 spacer

margo marshall.png
Some drag queens can look pretty hot (no homo)
>> No. 42943 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 1:32 am
42943 spacer
See, I prefer a nice crossdresser to a trans. Drag has become passé and probably the wrong word but I'd rather fuck dominate a bloke in a crude wig and dress than the alternative. If Rome wouldn't call it homo then it's no homo.

I'd post another example but 99% of them are 40 year old blokes.
>> No. 42944 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 2:48 am
42944 spacer
In antiquity you would be considered more of a poof for licking a minge than fucking a man.

I prefer crossdressers to bonafide trannies as well. Gender bending is hotter when they don't cheat with drugs or surgeries and can blur the lines between gender instead of fully hopping across.
>> No. 43031 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:18 pm
43031 spacer

Just want a bubbly blind gf. Real like Katawa Shoujo.
>> No. 43032 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 4:23 pm
43032 spacer

Stop watching anime, wash your knob and volunteer at your local RNIB.


>> No. 4766 Anonymous
29th June 2013
Saturday 8:52 pm
/spo/4766 LAURA ROBSON
I hope she reaches the finals. I-I t-think I am in love. She ticks all my boxes;
>Beefy thighs
Fucking check check check.
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>> No. 8690 Anonymous
13th September 2018
Thursday 1:31 am
8690 spacer

>> No. 8794 Anonymous
29th January 2019
Tuesday 5:01 pm
8794 spacer

Andy Murray's found a novel way to broadcast a dick pic to the world.
>> No. 8851 Anonymous
13th July 2019
Saturday 4:25 pm
8851 spacer

Another slam for the former titty monster.
>> No. 9861 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 1:16 pm
9861 spacer

>Wimbledon: ATP & WTA strip ranking points from Grand Slam over ban for Russians and Belarusians

>Players will not receive ranking points at Wimbledon following the decision to ban Russian and Belarusian competitors from the tournament.
>Players from the countries have been banned by the All England Lawn Tennis Club from all UK grass-court events after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

>"The stance we are taking is about protecting the equal opportunities that WTA players should have to compete as individuals," added the WTA, the women's governing body.
>"If we do not take this stance, then we abandon our fundamental principle and allow the WTA to become an example to support discrimination based on nationality at other events and in other regions around the world."

And my personal favourite highlight:
>The ATP decision means Serbia's Novak Djokovic - the defending men's champion - will lose his status as the world number one.
>Djokovic, a six-time champion at the All England Club, will be unable to retain the 2,000 ranking points he earned by winning the title last year and is only 680 ahead of nearest rival Daniil Medvedev.
Daniil Medvedev is Russian. Oops!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 9862 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 2:22 pm
9862 spacer

Alternative compromise: Russian players can still compete, but every available surface of the players and court is emblazoned with the words "Vladimir Putin is a homosexual" in Russian.


>> No. 13192 Anonymous
22nd January 2020
Wednesday 5:53 pm
/nom/13192 spacer
This is going to be our food review thread.
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>> No. 15140 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 6:10 pm
15140 spacer

That's half the protein and 50% more expensive than the Peak Supps one.
>> No. 15141 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:05 pm
15141 spacer

The first Heck veggie sausages I've had that aren't utter shite.
>> No. 15142 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 7:58 pm
15142 spacer
They've done a good job at making them look like literal utter shite though.
>> No. 15143 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 8:01 pm
15143 spacer

Eat less spinach.
>> No. 15144 Anonymous
20th May 2022
Friday 8:04 pm
15144 spacer

There's definitely worse out there. I can't even remember which brand they were but a while back I fried red ones that looked like I was cooking a pan full of used tampons.


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