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>> No. 31305 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:50 pm
/emo/31305 spacer
As a 30 year old male, should I not be using Discord?
Recently I took to exploring Discord community servers in hope of finding a group that's active enough to warrant casual participation - simulate some social context and maybe even physically talk to people, learn some skills, etc. But each server I've found seems to be full of teenagers discovering their identities and I feel like I really shouldn't interact with these people.
We've all heard of the estrogen hidden in drugs, sold outside the school gate, Discord story (or perhaps not) but I've just found a server that explicitly allows discussion of child abuse, fostering and cult activity. What's worse is that the community apparently acts behind a soft and colourful front of making the internet a more nostalgic place - which appear to actually attract members, including vulnerable young people. No doubt this particular server is full of undercover agents, thank god.

It troubles me that every fucking time I try to develop my social life this horror of child abuse rears its head.
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>> No. 31328 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 4:11 pm
31328 spacer

Chicken and egg sort of situation I think.

This is something I almost touched on in my own post, but I went on a tangent and forgot; but part of the reason women's capacity to consent was never taken as seriously, and seen as a different matter to gays allegedly bumming little boys, is that in essence, in the dark old pre-fisherperson times, women were treated as perpetual children. They didn't have the same expectations made of them as real adults, because they weren't. They were women. In that light you can see how it was never seen as a big deal to bang a particularly up-for-it 15 year old, because from that perspective there really actually isn't a lot of difference between her and a 21 year old, they're women, and therefore child-like, either way.

The hold over from this and the only partial change of attitudes we've had since then is what causes a lot of strife and conflict over fisherfolk and the role of women participating in today's society. There are undoubtedly people out there who want to have their cake and eat it, knowing full well that they're benefiting from a double standard; but then there are also women who would love to escape it who, thanks largely to the former group, are still trapped under the remnants of old gendered expectations. When it comes down it, things like #metoo are trying (unsuccessfully) to walk the line down the middle between those two, instead of taking a harder stance on what responsibilities should go with women's rights- Because you can't have rights with out responsibilities, they are two sides of the same coin.

So it's a struggle, for women, because it's not really their fault they're idiots. But what can you do? Certainly it's not my place as a man to say, is it.
>> No. 31329 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 7:19 pm
31329 spacer

I guess some of it also depends on how far down the red pill rabbit hole you want to go. Certain factions of the manosphere/MRA movement maintain that those evil fisherpersons want to raise the AOC to 18 or whatever other considerably higher age because they don't like adult men shagging barely legal or even barely illegal young lasses. Some of that particular current of manosphere thinking goes along the lines that the only women ever worth shagging are in their early 20s at the most, and often disturbingly younger than that, and that all the women above that age gradually turn into mean old hags who, instead of just accepting the loss of their youth and all their shagability, want to make it illegal for men their own age to keep bonking 17 year olds all their lives. And so they will march through the institutions as they get on in years, and eventually succed at banning sex with underage girls by law.

It's a weird mix of projection, paranoia and repressed sexuality, all of which really make that strain of MRAs nothing more but sad old cunts in my view.
>> No. 31330 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:18 pm
31330 spacer
Those people are almost certainly teenagers themselves, or paedophiles. I'm 34. If I met a girl who was born in 2002, say, she'd be entirely legal, but I wouldn't want to because it would be just too weird. 2002 was only three or four years ago, wasn't it? If she was astonishingly beautiful I might consider it, and if she offered I might lose all my backbone immediately, but in neither of those cases am I suddenly deciding she'd be great relationship material for me. I'd be judging her purely on her appearance, and that's bad too, and therefore it is okay to call these people freaks and perverts.
>> No. 31331 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:49 pm
31331 spacer
But can you define why it would be weird? I know what you mean but I honestly felt more of that at 24 than I do at 32, now I'm just of the view that I'd be completely straightforward with them and if they were still up for it, c'est bien. I don't know what exactly this change was marked by, though it does coincide with me becoming a lot more comfortable in the dating world and not much else beyond a further 8 years of smoking weed.

I'm definitely biased in this because at 13 I was diving into the furry scene because people would talk about sex with me and all I had to do was pretend to have a tail. I ended up making friends in some furchat thing with this woman and then pursuing her for a couple of years until mentioning I was actually now 15 and not 22, at which point we didn't talk for a few weeks but I, again, pursued her and ended up having this weird but really nice LDR for a few months.

It does actually make me wonder dangerous thoughts, like "Was this actually a good relationship for me", because frankly she was the most stable of any girlfriends I had around that time, and she didn't hold me back from anything and encouraged me to do so. Like a big sister who also did dirty virtual things. I've got a little theory (based on her initial reluctance) that much like seeking power, relationships with minors should not be 'held' by anyone who actively seeks them.

It's incredibly hard to have a conversation about this online without being accused of enabling carpet-baggerry, which is frustrating because it's just a general sign of the times, in that if you're not firmly against something then you must be in favour. The problem is that I can partially see the problem, because as soon as you start saying "Well hold on a minute", kidfucker13 will hop in to reiterate that we're all pink on the inside. I just want to explore the topic without being mistaken for endorsing the knobbing of toddlers.
>> No. 31332 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 9:45 pm
31332 spacer

I'm more than ten years older than you and even at my ripe old age I don't mind wanking to pictures of 20 year olds and I think nothing of having sexual thoughts when I see a fit one in real life.

But that's where it ends for me. Twenty was an incredibly long time ago for me, and it'd be impossible to pretend that I'm still 20 or even 25, and therefore in the age range that you would have to be to have a meaningful relationship with a 20 year old lass that wouldn't just consist of shagging and you not being able to look yourself in the mirror afterwards every time.

We had our time, and if you didn't get to shag 20 year olds to your heart's content during that time, then that's too bad, but it is something you cannot make up for anymore in middle age. That moment in time is gone.


> which is frustrating because it's just a general sign of the times, in that if you're not firmly against something then you must be in favour.

True. There is a certain kind of orthodoxy that you are forced to comply with or at least acknowledge. I think you absolutely need a word with yourself if you fancy 15 year olds at age 28 or thereabouts, but at the same time, even though the law says sex is illegal with anyone under 16 regardless, it's a different order of magnitude compared to somebody who is into prepubescent girls, for example.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> No. 94963 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 8:14 am
/pol/94963 spacer
The criminal drug trade is run by dangerous people whose evil has no limits... I won't stand by while evil gangs exploit our children, writes Home Secretary PRITI PATEL

Today, the Government is publishing a ten-year drugs strategy. Our focus is on reducing crime, saving lives, and sending a clear message to the criminals – if you peddle these substances across our community, we will come after you with the full force of the law.

By breaking the cycle of crime, we will support treatment and recovery for drug addicts. We will work in schools on prevention to intervene early, and support young people and families who are vulnerable and in need of help. And, when drug misusers are sentenced, they will be referred into treatment, as will prisoners after their release.

As we work to cut and reduce the demand for drugs, we will impose tougher sanctions for those who break the law. This means tougher penalties for those so-called ‘recreational’ users, such as students who ignorantly take drugs with no thought to the criminality they are supporting and those they are exploiting. Their actions are directly leading to an increase in violent crime and people dying – but they pay no price.

That will change. We will bring down the harshest possible legal sanctions and consequences for these users, including criminal sanctions, fines, curfews, compulsory drug- awareness courses and the removal of their passports.

It is a fact that certain people are more likely to fall into the drugs trap than others. It is a sad truth that misuse is rife among those who are homeless, and it is also more frequent in northern cities, seaside towns and central London boroughs. It is in everyone’s interests that we beat the problem.

https://www.Please don't ban

Hide your passports, lads. Priti is coming for them.
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>> No. 95003 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 4:57 pm
95003 spacer
Lol. Lmao.
>> No. 95004 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 7:07 pm
95004 spacer
>By breaking the cycle of crime, we will support treatment and recovery for drug addicts.

>we will impose tougher sanctions for those who break the law.
These two sentences really don't go together...

>such as students who ignorantly take drugs.
So yeah you can read that as "We're going to go out of our way to hand criminal records out to young , otherwise law-abiding people, thereby sabotaging their future opportunities to be useful productive members of society."

What the actual fuck is wrong with this governement.
>> No. 95005 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 7:12 pm
95005 spacer
I'd support the deletion of this thread if it wasn't such a delightful demonstration of the perverse, ouroborotic nature of .gs shitposting. >>94998 is clearly a bellend though.

If this doesn't get a ban then I'll drink another beer. Don't think I won't.
>> No. 95006 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 6:06 am
95006 spacer
It's a prime example of what can go wrong when you give someone mod powers and it goes to their head.

I'm fairly certain the mod is the one you've identified as clearly being a bellend.
>> No. 95007 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 9:43 pm
95007 spacer

Give the public what they want.


>> No. 9017 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 6:33 pm
/£$€¥/9017 spacer
So I've got burned buying Tesla stock for $1,180. It was briefly down to $950 today.

When I bought the shares in early November, there was a lot of euphoria, with predicted near-term price targets of up to $1,500, but now suddenly, everybody says it's way overpriced, even at $1,000. And not only is Elongated Muskrat dumping ten percent of his shares, but institutional investors seem to be shunning Tesla as well.

Will my investment still appreciate, or am I screwed for good? Some analysts have now set price targets at less than half the stock's current value.
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>> No. 9021 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 7:03 pm
9021 spacer
If you wait long enough, you should eventually get an opportunity to cash out for a profit. Quite when that will be, nobody can say. But people are only going to buy more electric cars, so I'd assume you'll be doing all right within 5-10 years. Maybe even sooner!
>> No. 9022 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 9:07 pm
9022 spacer

>So it could go either way!

If any share price is as good as the next, and if it's all just silly buggers anyway with Tesla, then what's to stop that stock from doubling yet again. The current price earnings ratio is about 100, which is daft in its own right, but you can't say that a PER of 200 would be fundamentally more daft. There are also rumours about a stock split, perhaps even this week, as Musk apparently has a big public announcement planned for December 9. Stock splits often lead to an increase in the mid-term, as liquidity suddenly increases.

I'll admit I took a gamble, and I know you should never allow yourself to be swept by euphoria, but it seemed like a good bet, in the literal sense of the expression.

I never got into crypto, because I figure even with a stock with a lofty valuation, you still have a physically existing company which has tangible assets, and which has a business strategy, and which will by and large have an idea how to make money in the near future and pay its shareholders. It can still falter and end up coming to nothing, but with Bitcoin etc, all you literally have is the hope that somehow for some reason, the price will just keep going up, frequent dramatic crashes notwithstanding.

What I underestimated with Tesla is that Elon Musk runs his company like a pound shop Donald Trump, and can move the company's share price seven percent in either direction with just one tweet. I read somewhere that he's a diagnosed sperg, which might explain why he often makes his announcements at somewhat odd points in time.
>> No. 9023 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:47 am
9023 spacer
Isn't the whole market overvalued anyway? With all the silly money printing exercises, the low interest rates, wouldn't all that money just be used to inflate shares?
>> No. 9024 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:56 pm
9024 spacer

> I doubt they'll ever crash much lower barring any major catastrophe but I think it's fair to expect mostly stagnation around the current levels.

Hahaha. Tesla could easily crash and take a decade to recover.

Pic related: Microsoft share price after the dot-com bubble.
>> No. 9025 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 9:25 pm
9025 spacer

I'm not sure the dotcom bubble is a fair comparison, because it was marked by a market wide astounding naivety by institutional investors and retail investors alike that this wondrous new thing called the Internet would offer unlimited possibilities - and unlimited return on investment - as long as a company even remotely had anything to do with the online world.

Even with exuberant valuations as we are seeing them today, there is much more realism in the investing world nowadays. The problem isn't wide eyed investors with a scant grasp of the possibilities, it's that there is just too much cash and liquidity going around. And the more money is earned in the stock market, the bigger your problem gets of reinvesting profits for the same kind of return on investment. Which then again drives stock prices up.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 25331 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 3:17 pm
25331 spacer


>Texture smoothing? On a PS1?

You're quite right, that's why there's none in that picture you wee daftie. Wipeout just actually looked that good.

There is the option to correct the Playstation's distinctive z-buffer wonkiness though, which makes most games look a lot more solid. It makes a bigger difference than you might think.
>> No. 25332 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 4:57 pm
25332 spacer

The new Gamesmaster is alright.

Looking to the book that's coming out about the 90s show.
>> No. 25333 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 6:19 pm
25333 spacer
I'm a bit worried it'll be all modernised and full of casuals instead of the lifestyle nerds who deserve this platform. And Henry Cavill. Is it similar to the original or all sanitised?

After reading a fascinating article on scanlines and sprites, which may or may not have been this one - - I still don't get it. Or rather I get it, but it doesn't work on me, and I can't appreciate them. I wonder if it's an ADHD thing.

Wip3out looks lovely though, good shout.
>> No. 25334 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 7:06 pm
25334 spacer

>it'll be all modernised and full of casuals

I'm saying nothing, except for the fact that the contestants on the first episode included a non-binary graphic designer and a lesbian couple.
>> No. 25335 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:14 pm
25335 spacer



>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
/b/441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 448246 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 2:55 pm
448246 spacer

I started in a (temporary) IT role for the council in the summer. So far it's been half a year of me doing about an hour of work every day, max. I want to do more, I have asked to do more, but I genuinely have nothing to do most of the time.

I've spent my time reading, learning new languages, technologies, painting 40k miniatures and recently, starting an Etsy business. I've enjoyed hobbies and expanded my 'employable' skillset in terms of tech/tools etc. I'm well happy.

Although it's going to be fucking shit when I get back into the private sector I'm sure, but at least my pay won't be as dreadful.
>> No. 448247 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 3:00 pm
448247 spacer
You're supposed to get a second job. Apparently it's a piece of piss if you've got a tech role and and have loads of downtime.
>> No. 448248 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 3:00 pm
448248 spacer

>She was genuinely being a cunt who was trying to manipulate me

Sounds worth your time again, sure.
>> No. 448249 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 3:06 pm
448249 spacer
I have considered this, and I could easily get one, but I am genuinely enjoying the time I have to work on hobbies or things I wish to pursue professionally in the future.

I worked in a much better paying, more intense role for years beforehand and I enjoy my life far more now.
>> No. 448250 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 3:32 pm
448250 spacer
I have a similar job in the private sector. Yesterday I worked all day and it was horrible. Today, we're back to normal and I'm about as busy as you are. We have a pool table in the office. I haven't done too well with the new professional skills, but I am bloody sick at pool now.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 32636 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:22 am
32636 spacer
Gameplay is fun, but unlocking most customisation stuff requires you to pay £8 for the battle pass, then grind challenges to progress in the pass and actually unlock the items. Better than lootboxes I suppose.
>> No. 32637 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:58 am
32637 spacer
A shame. I can't stomach things like that. I bought, and later returned, one of the recent 2k golf games last year and it was jam packed with that sort of thing. Turns the whole game into an ever present billboard, which saps my enjoyment totally.
>> No. 32638 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 1:23 pm
32638 spacer
Selling with a tenant in place is apparently less ideal than it sounds, which is why mortgage lenders typically write into their terms that any tenancy must be shorthold. There are some TUPE-like protections for tenants if a home is sold with an existing tenant that mean the new owner can't just turf them out or immediately hike the rent. Banks also get itchy about mortgages for properties with an existing tenant.
>> No. 32639 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 2:35 pm
32639 spacer

I don't undrstand this shit. Fair enough if you have to grind for it, fair enough if you just buy the shit, but if you pay in order to be able to grind for it?

It's just the gaming equivalent of being a cuckold I swear to god. Paypigs is really the only word for people who think this is fine.
>> No. 32640 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 2:47 pm
32640 spacer
Isn't this what Fortnite has done all along? You buy the battle pass but then you have to keep grinding to get enough points to get the battle pass for free during the next season.

Is Fortnite still a thing?


gary larson predicts wuhan.png
>> No. 33825 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
/news/33825 Coronavirus #4
Thread #2 was over 1,700 posts long; thread #3 (>>27266) is now close to 2,800 replies and no longer loads on my phone at work. Let's have a new, hopefully final thread.

The current situation:
Everything is expected to reopen on the 21st of June 2021.
It might not, because cases are rising from the lesser reopenings and the dreaded Indian variant.
Vaccination is going well in rich countries. UK deaths are ~10/day.
Speculation is starting again that the virus might have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because it's such an intriguing coincidence, but reasonable people do not currently believe it was a deliberate Chinese conspiracy.
India is currently the country with the worst COVID-19 horror stories.

Will Dominic Cummings give any more evidence about the ineptitude of government handling, or has he said everything he wanted to say now?
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>> No. 36246 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 3:56 pm
36246 spacer

Bracing for another hilarious joke about killing people's grans. If that fails, just pop into the climate change thread and tell everyone you don't care.
>> No. 36247 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 4:13 pm
36247 spacer
It's time to wake up lad. Everyone else is out and about and not giving a shite.
>> No. 36248 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 4:57 pm
36248 spacer
0/10, you forgot to call him a sheep as well, this is just getting sloppy.
>> No. 36249 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:01 pm
36249 spacer
The "sheep" are all out and about.
>> No. 36256 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 2:44 pm
36256 spacer
I'd like to point out that as the teenlad who made those troll posts, I've since given up. So you can safely assume it's the other bloke doing it this time.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 14183 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 4:39 pm
14183 spacer

My lot still do this, but with biscuits - sometimes it's Jammie Dodgers, custard creams, that sort of thing, sometimes it's those Fox's selection boxes. They put them in the crew room and after some amount of casual conversation will directly offer you one, as if a load of fully grown adults in charge of various departments and hundreds of people would be too shy to pick up a bourbon and eat it unprompted, if they fucking wanted one.

There's a twist at my place, though - you'll come back half an hour later and all but one biscuit will have been eaten, I assume by the people who brought them in. It's a sick, disgusting mind game and I refuse to be part of it. Unless someone ever brings in some of those pink wafers, I've decided if that happens I'm just going to pick up a big fistful of them and waddle back to my desk, pink crumbs following me all the while.
>> No. 14184 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 5:22 pm
14184 spacer
>as if a load of fully grown adults in charge of various departments and hundreds of people would be too shy to pick up a bourbon and eat it unprompted, if they fucking wanted one.

You say that, but it's quite common for people to wait for someone else to open a packet of biscuits. As soon as one person does this everyone else piles in.

I'm fully WFH now, but whenever I've had to briefly pop in the office to drop things off I've noticed they have at least two desks that seem to be constantly full of cakes. They're recently hired an absolute lech who is a sexual harassment case waiting to happen and he's got a habit of going up to the pretty girls with a chunk of brownie in his hand trying to encourage them to take it.
>> No. 14185 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 4:46 pm
14185 spacer
On weekends we work with a skeleton crew, so it's pretty hit and miss who you get. Today I've drawn the short straw of having the most boring set of fuckers and it's dragging like fuck.

The one I'm working directly alongside is one of those people who's as thick as porridge, completely fucking empty headed, they type where you can't even make jokes because they'll just look at you in confusion. It's honestly making the job harder just having to tolerate such a bland fucking person.

Oh well. Sundays are the most lucrative pay rate and I'm working every single one this month. Night shift on boxing day so I can still get pissed for Christmas as well as make that bank holiday double time bank. I suppose it's worthwhile in the end.
>> No. 14186 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 10:59 am
14186 spacer
How much am I supposed to contribute to someone's retirement collection? There's someone else leaving this month as well. It does get out who has and who hasn't contributed to these things.
>> No. 14187 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:48 am
14187 spacer
If you don't like them - £0.
If you like them - £2.


>> No. 12985 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 12:11 am
/beat/12985 What you feeling right now? Part VI: The Undiscovered Compilation

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>> No. 12992 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 6:59 pm
12992 spacer
>> No. 12993 Anonymous
18th November 2021
Thursday 1:13 am
12993 spacer
Spekaing of The Brave Little Toaster, the AC unit had something to say:
>> No. 12994 Anonymous
26th November 2021
Friday 6:57 pm
12994 spacer
>> No. 12998 Anonymous
1st December 2021
Wednesday 8:26 pm
12998 spacer
Horslips are Ireland's greatest ever rock band. They shit all over U2, and I would say they slightly edge out the Cranberries.

By the way, when do you think that last song came out? It sounds 20 years more recent than the other two, but from my research, it actually came out in 1979.
>> No. 13000 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 1:45 am
13000 spacer


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 36216 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:59 am
36216 spacer
You can find it with a little effort. Tongue goes in, tongue goes up, pull tongue back, it's near there. Also, have large tongue.

I get frustrated myself when that isn't enough, even though obviously it wouldn't be. There's this notion that a clitoris is the ultimate orgasm switch, and if you can lay a finger on it then she'll suddenly thrash about like you've shot her with a Taser. Silly men; the only reason - the ONLY reason - you're not the king of the bedroom is you can't find the clitoris. Then you find it, and absolutely nothing happens. Of course it doesn't; it's basically the female banjo string. You find it and then the real work begins. But nobody says that. In the end, I give it a vigorous lick and expect the room to light up like New Year's Eve fireworks, and I feel inadequate when that doesn't happen. And it's the fault of women like her, and her massive overselling of the mystical magic properties of the lady-bellend. Cow.
>> No. 36217 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 3:54 am
36217 spacer

>I'm sure it's very easy when it's attached to you, but not so much when you're fumbling about in a dimly lit room.

It's not as if it's hidden away, you just follow the flaps and there it is. If you're actually paying attention rather than just mindlessly pawing at her groin, it's absolutely trivial to find the clit by touch.

The problem, as >>36216 suggests, is that most women are bloody hard work.
>> No. 36218 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 7:16 am
36218 spacer
I've always assumed "find the clitoris" meant pay attention to it rather than focusing solely on the hole, instead of it being difficult to locate.
>> No. 36222 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 12:04 pm
36222 spacer

>you’ll probs be shocked to learn it’s NOT another overly confident white man. Instead, you’ve got me, Vic, an average Northerner in London, bumbling about the East, seemingly pissing off all of the right people.

I was however not that surprised that she's a white woman who went to a russell group uni.
>> No. 36255 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 12:30 am
36255 spacer
They've been flyposting fucking stickers all over Kirkstall and Burley the past month too like some BRILLIANT guerrilla marketing campaign. I wish they'd just fuck off.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 42466 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 1:55 pm
42466 spacer


>> No. 42467 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 4:35 pm
42467 spacer
I'm going to need a sauce on that, lad.
>> No. 42468 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 5:01 pm
42468 spacer


Confirmed third tit enjoyer.
>> No. 42469 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 6:49 pm
42469 spacer
Fairplay to them tbh.
>> No. 42511 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 12:15 am
42511 spacer

Avril Lavigne has definitely had her tits done.


>> No. 31315 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 7:32 pm
/emo/31315 spacer
I never want to commit to anything because I'm scared that if I do I'll miss out other opportunities that are better. I'm coming up 30 and I've no fucking clue what I actually want to do with my life.

On paper my life is great. 50k salary likely to go up, lovely attractive girlfriend earning double what I do but not an arse about it, my health (as far as I know), family, reasonable friend circle. Just not quite happy and feel there must be more to life.

This is in everything from my career (try climbing the ladder without being specialised in case you want to do tech, or law, or something else), my attitude to life (do I leave things quite high level in case I want to pack it up and go travel?) and just generally everything.

I'm pretty miserable because of it. How do I commit to things and not worry about what might have been instead of always thinking I need to be able to immediately run from what I have to something else?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 31317 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 8:26 pm
31317 spacer
It's a very good point, I think my brain subconsciously accepts that though, because everything I could be is still possible as I've not yet decided, whereas if I decide it shuts out the rest. It feels that if I don't decide, I can still pick that option, or some of the others.

In my free time I like to exercise, read, relax and generally just be quite cosy. I will go for long walks then eat and nap with the window open - that kind of cosy.
>> No. 31318 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 8:47 pm
31318 spacer
The unwritten book will always be perfect, right?
I'm not so sure that picking a route stops you from changing course - It'd lead you elsewhere, sure, but you can always turn around or take an unexpected direction. I do that all the time when out and about.
Plenty of people do a lot of stuff with their time. There's no reason why you couldn't persue multiple projects across your days, months and even years.

Do you feel that you're not doing enough? Not experiencing enough of life? Having mentioned travel specifically, is there anything you're particularly interested in seeing?
Have you watched "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" lately?
>> No. 31319 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 9:03 pm
31319 spacer
You are a living example of the hedonic treadmill effect in action.

No matter how much you have you'll always feel you're missing out on something, something that's just out of reach. I earn half what you do, I've got a nice but deeply flawed girlfriend, and I can count my friends on one hand. But I'm content. It's not that I don't have ambitions, but I have to be realistic in my scope, because I've never had the world laid out in front of me for my taking, everything has been an uphill struggle. Everything I do have, I'm pretty fucking grateful for, truth be told.

You might not think this is practical advice, you might not think it's helpful in real terms, but I constantly see people who are better off than me, yet less happy. I think there has to be something to it. The youngsters who start off at my place of work and discover the job isn't what they thought it'd be, and how quickly despondent they get. I wish they felt the way I do, glad to be there because at least it's not answering the phones all day for Plusnet or Curry's. I wish they knew what a really shit job was, not in a "could be worse" sense, but simply in order to have some perspective.

How adventurous has your life been? Did you do the "gap year" thing and go travelling or whatever, or have you been straight on that career path grind since uni? How often do you cut loose and go on a several day long drugs and booze bender? Have you slept with many women? I think all these questions have an effect on your ultimate outlook as you begin to stare down the barrel of middle age. You start to realise you don't have all the time in the world and you can't do everything. You only get one go. "And then one day you find... Ten years have got behind you..." etc.

Personally I did a lot of that in my youth- I mean, that's why I don't have the successful career you do, I fucked it all off to play at being a rock star. It was great fun for four or five years, but you can never go on like that forever, especially not as a complete povvo in reality. Ultimately though I think that's part of why I'm so content now, despite my modest circumstances. I think it's basically this reason why so many men have the typical mid-life crisis, whereas I can pretty reasonably say I've been there and done that.

It sounds to me like the reason you don't want to commit to things is because frankly, you're not ready to. You haven't satiated that youthful lust for adventure. You haven't lived enough to be content with it and settle down. It's not that there's more to life, it's just that you haven't had your fill to begin with. Once you've had enough, the desire to calm it down and plan for the longer term comes naturally, like putting your feet up after a long day of work and dunking a hob nob in your brew.
>> No. 31321 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 9:38 pm
31321 spacer
Yes, yes I do, but I don't know if I'm being unrealistic. I have seen Walter Mitty and it's exactly what I had in mind except my life is probably a bit more rounded than his.

I'd love my Walter Mitty moment but I wonder if I'm being a stupid cunt and not accepting life isn't a fairytale.

I wish I'd done a bit more off the beaten path things. I've done a few, but not enough, but I'm not sure why that means I can't commit or pick a career. That's just me being unhappy with personal experiences.

This post hits hard. I also started from a less than ideal place like you and am very much aware of the could be worse. I think that's the problem though, you lived your life and then got through it, I never really lived mine and so I'm scared that just jacking it all in and backpacking across aus or something will mean throwing away the material comfort I've built for myself.

Your post hit home, it is to do with running out of time. I just wonder if whatever I choose I'll always be upset I didn't pick the other? Picking fruit in aus wishing I'd picked the comfy office - earning my comfy office salary but wishing I was slumming it in aus.

Tell me sage lad, what would you do if you were me?
>> No. 31323 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 11:50 pm
31323 spacer

You'll always regret the chances you didn't take. If they don't work out, there's loads of boring comfy offices all over this country, and every other country, all over the world. They're all the same. You're not missing out on anything special there.

If I were you I'd take a sort of middle path. You earn plenty of cash as it is, so you can certainly save up a chunk; and you-know-what is still going to be a big deal as far as travel is concerned for at least another year I reckon. So plan your move and don't do it straight away- But in essence, just fuck everything off for a year or two and go have your adventures. It'll gnaw at you if you don't. You're scared to actually take the leap of faith, but I can assure you the realisation you're on the ride now, and you're not getting off until it's done, is worth it.

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't sensible or considered advice, and I have had a couple of beers, but nevertheless. The times I've felt most alive were those occasions I'd just got up and walked out of my job with no intention of going back, and just saying "Fuck it. I'll survive somehow." and then driving off, sunglasses on, arm hanging out the window, fag in hand. The coolest, biggest bollocked, no fuck given bad ass.

Terrifying, obviously, and foolish. But the exhilaration of just having to sink or swim, free falling until you learn how to glide. It's quite the thing.

Of course, people like us are fortunate to be able to do that with the knowledge will never come to any real harm- There is a safety net, ultimately, for most of us; and in my case it was back when the benefits system was still rather exploitable. In your case it's that you can put enough money away that you wouldn't have to worry, and you will always still have a career waiting for you. I doubt a year or two backpacking would see you resigned to working the tills at Tesco, anyway.


>> No. 31683 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 7:27 pm
/news/31683 spacer
Almost all young women in the UK have been sexually harassed, survey finds

Virtually all young women in the UK have been subjected to sexual harassment, according to a survey from UN Women UK, which warns that most women have lost faith that the abuse will be dealt with. Among women aged 18-24, 97% said they had been sexually harassed, while 80% of women of all ages said they had experienced sexual harassment in public spaces.

Should we, as a gender, be doing more to tackle sexual harassment?
866 posts and 52 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 36250 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 6:52 pm
36250 spacer
Pestering women in the street to be outlawed

Pestering women in the street or in pubs and making lewd comments at them could become an offence under plans to criminalise “public sexual harassment”, which are set to be announced next week.

A government-commissioned review of hate crimes will call for public sexual harassment and inciting hatred against women to be made criminal offences as part of an overhaul of laws to protect women and girls against violence. But the review by the Law Commission - the body responsible for framing hundreds of the UK’s laws - will reject demands for misogyny to be made a hate crime because it believes it would be ineffective, according to Whitehall sources.

The new offence of public sexual harassment is seen as a more effective way of protecting women against violence than classing misogyny as a hate crime alongside race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or evangelist christian korean youtuber identity, Whitehall sources have said. The Law Commission also decided it could make it harder to prosecute crimes such as domestic abuse and would create two-tier sentencing, depending on whether a sexual offence was shown to be a hate crime.

In the wake of Miss Everard's killing, ministers said they would consider if there should be a new offence of street harassment that would criminalise explicit sexual and abusive behaviour or comments made in public. Draft legislation prepared by campaigners covers behaviour including intentionally pressing against someone on public transport, persistent sexual propositioning or cornering someone, making sexually explicit comments, leering at a person and cat-calling. It makes clear that police and prosecutors would have to show the behaviour would cause “harassment, distress or alarm” with an intent to “humiliate or degrade” an alleged victim.
>> No. 36251 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 10:19 pm
36251 spacer

Threatening or abusive behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress is already illegal under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

Am I missing something?
>> No. 36252 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 10:43 pm
36252 spacer
Nope. It's a good thing this kind of behaviour is getting explicitly mentioned, but in terms of practical changes the impact is minimal.
>> No. 36253 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 10:54 pm
36253 spacer

>inciting hatred against women to be made criminal offence

Imagine making 20k a year and having to arrest blokes for complaining about women down the pub. "Ello ello ello, not all women are such an utter pain in the arse that you consider pursuing a homosexual relationship with your effeminate friend who has now grown his hair out."

Or complaining about the way our society is structured that has alienated young men, however poorly the argument is made and whose fundamental complaint of isolation has been twisted by the only people in the world who seem to give a fuck about them. It's really quite shocking how we brush this issue under the rug like we're not going to end up with a society run by alt-right and Peterson fanatics in a generation.

>cornering someone

How did the mating ritual of Japanese anime people lead to a police officer rape-killing a woman?

We have to have special rules for women now because we forgot how liberal humanism works.
>> No. 36254 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 11:21 pm
36254 spacer

>It's really quite shocking how we brush this issue under the rug like we're not going to end up with a society run by alt-right and Peterson fanatics in a generation.

You know, the longer it goes on the more I'm starting to think that's part of the plan. The ruling elite has decided allowing the fisherperson and larger civil rights and sexual revolution of the 60s happen was a mistake and we need some good old fashioned social norms bringing back into society.

Of course, that men will have to carry on enduring all the harmful things men endured before feminism, that fisherpersons never did anything about even though they constantly talk about doing things about them, but now they will carry on enduring them after feminism has been defeated too. Thank goodness for that eh.

It's almost like the whole thing was a diversion in the first place to stop us getting carried away making actual structural, material societal changes at a time of great historical turbulence. Of course, we're in much steadier waters in current year, we needn't bother with all those concessions.


>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
/shed/13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: 078ea8 No. 15896 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 12:24 pm

ID: 078ea8
15896 spacer
First they came for the Patel posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not into hatefucking.

Then they came for the Millican posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not a chubby chaser.

Then they came for the Vorderman posters, and I did not speak out-
Because I am not into excessive plastic surgery.

Then they came for me-
And there was no one left to speak for me.
>> ID: 13c32f No. 15897 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 12:56 pm

ID: 13c32f
15897 spacer
I agree. If you can't subvert a thread discussing something a woman has done by making lewd comments about said woman, then this is the beginning of the end for Britain's preeminant discussion forum, and I won't be renewing my membership.

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells
>> ID: 223e0e No. 15898 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:00 pm

ID: 223e0e
15898 spacer
This isn't quite what this thread is for, but I was trying to post from the cinema (the film hadn't started, I'm not a monster) the other week, but I was perma-banned, so I was wondering, did one of you lot work in a cinema at some point? Or was it some kind of "range ban" which I don't really understand, but whatever.
>> ID: 13c32f No. 15899 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:01 pm

ID: 13c32f
15899 spacer
Well was it on the cinema's Wifi, or on your mobile data?
>> ID: 43608d No. 15900 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 8:45 pm

ID: 43608d
15900 spacer

>Then they came for the Millican posters

I must have missed that.


>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
/beat/8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)

Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)

Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)

I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 12991 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 2:02 pm
12991 spacer
>> No. 12995 Anonymous
26th November 2021
Friday 7:39 pm
12995 spacer

Remix of the sound they play at train stations in France.
>> No. 12996 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 1:41 pm
12996 spacer
>> No. 12997 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 1:45 pm
12997 spacer
>> No. 12999 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:12 pm
12999 spacer


>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
/b/425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 448198 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 10:26 am
448198 spacer

It seems the format changed a bit for this one, but the character would usually feature in shorter videos as a news reporter that goes on impassioned rants at his production crew about what he was "really" reporting on, then the videos would end with him quickly recomposing himself and delivering a typical dry and restrained BBC style report as the camera fades out.

I suppose the comedy was in feeling like you're seeing something you shouldn't, where a normally composed, neutral figure goes wildly out of character. It was a fine format for satire, but as >>448174 says, maybe it had its limits.

In his defense, we have other longer-running and even more tedious comedy characters in British culture.
>> No. 448199 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 11:23 am
448199 spacer
I've never encountered this man before so I'm not yet shied. It's fairly on the nose and there's a few instances of what others have described as his shtick ('Network' style candid rants but Funny), but it's great watching them get Caroline Lucas in on it. Greater still if she's genuinely unaware and her impassioned speech was off the cuff. Though I imagine there's some complicity on her part since she waited around after the frog-fucking comments.
>> No. 448200 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 12:54 pm
448200 spacer

I'm fairly sure that the people involved (Lucas, Monbiot, Miliband) are complicit in the act.
>> No. 448202 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 1:40 pm
448202 spacer
Wildfires currently due to heat and drought in a place that usually has snow from November until Spring. More unrelated "weather not climate" no doubt.
>“We’re looking at conditions we haven’t seen for a thousand years in Montana and probably longer in terms of the drought,” she said. “Temperatures are exceeding what we have seen for the last 11,000 years.”
>> No. 448235 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 1:06 pm
448235 spacer
>Greater still if she's genuinely unaware and her impassioned speech was off the cuff
What? You really think any of his guests aren't aware of the premise? I'm sure Lucas meant every word she said but it was definitely 'scripted'.


Nosehook 01.jpg
>> No. 42485 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 12:10 pm
/x/42485 spacer
Do you ever go through the picturesd folder in your computer and thing "Damn this is really telling of me", especially when you consider all the other, SFW shit that you've clearly an interest in?
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>> No. 42506 Anonymous
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:32 pm
42506 spacer
There are more posts on .gs right now that I would expunge from all records with immediate effect than at any other time I can remember.
>> No. 42507 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 12:37 am
42507 spacer
Just for once I wish /x/ had a thread that wasn't about posting the most unattractive picture you have.
>> No. 42508 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 8:27 am
42508 spacer


>> No. 42509 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 11:29 am
42509 spacer

Simpsons bart.jpg
>"I don't think the fields they want me to fertilise .."
>> No. 42510 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 11:55 am
42510 spacer
I think it was the Sunday Sport. I've tried Googling Abbey Johnstone to see what she looks like ten years on but not had any luck.


bdc blue logo png.jpg
>> No. 443472 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
/b/443472 New Weekend Thread
Alright lads, how's it going?
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>> No. 448223 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 7:09 pm
448223 spacer

Yes, I know she's trying to be cool and BRILLIANT, but there's nothing cool about a bright red rash on your piss flaps. She'll regret it later on.
>> No. 448224 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 7:20 pm
448224 spacer
Maybe some of you aren't piss fetishists, but if she wants to wipe, there's always my face. I'll get her clean.
>> No. 448226 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 9:40 pm
448226 spacer
I see the appeal of piss, but whenever I taste my own it makes think I couldn't stomach a whole stream of it, even if it is from a sexy lady. Very bitter.
>> No. 448227 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 10:18 pm
448227 spacer

It's probably fine if it's from someone as well hydrated as she was.
>> No. 448228 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:23 am
448228 spacer
Don't know if I've ever been too miserable to go to sleep before, but it's great to know there are new experiences for me even in this bleak non-existence I call a life.


>> No. 448152 Anonymous
1st December 2021
Wednesday 12:02 am
/b/448152 Christmas 2021
It's the first of December. It's that time of year again.

Open your advent calendar chocolates, listen to Andrew, put up your tree this weekend, put off the present shopping for at least a fortnight, surviving the Christmas party at work, watching shit on telly.

You know the drill by now, lads.
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>> No. 448209 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 11:41 am
448209 spacer
I've been wearing as mine as well, but that's largely because it's cold working from home and nobody is really going to see me wearing it.
>> No. 448214 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 4:32 pm
448214 spacer

I tried that "Cookies and Leather" Lynx recently, and I think I may have expereienced the opposite of "olfactory fatigue". It's not a disgusting scent, but it's extremely distracting. It made me wonder if aniyone within nostril distance thought I was a bumder wot lost their bottle of J₀⁰p!.
>> No. 448218 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 5:27 pm
448218 spacer
In my experience, Christmas jumpers are always clumps of acrylic nothing that are utterly freezing to wear. Your jumper might keep you warm at home, but don't go outside in it or you'll die from hypothermia.
>> No. 448220 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 5:47 pm
448220 spacer
I wear Joop. You can often get 100ml of Joop Go for <£15 on Amazon.
>> No. 448225 Anonymous
5th December 2021
Sunday 8:23 pm
448225 spacer


>> No. 70023 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 5:17 pm
/iq/70023 spacer
Are white men more racist than white women?

The reason I ask is that an interracial couple of black man, white woman is far more common than white man, black woman. I know you get white men with a thing for Chinks, but they're always a bit creepy.
25 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 70052 YubYub
4th December 2021
Saturday 11:45 pm
70052 spacer
Wouldn't this also be the case for people who don't have race fetishes? dolphin rape's one of those things that's very hard to define, too, since everybody is racist in some ways but not others.
>> No. 70053 Ambulancelad
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:10 pm
70053 spacer

Sorry, but I am class reductionist lad. There are only three of us remember, many of these identities overlap.

I did once pull a posh bird in a nightclub once by aggressively telling her I'm a working class lad and she should buy me a drink. I was amazed that it worked but I only felt a little bit dirty and used afterwards.

I'd definitely go for lucy worsley though. Phwoar.
>> No. 70054 YubYub
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:39 pm
70054 spacer

>> No. 70055 YubYub
5th December 2021
Sunday 2:48 pm
70055 spacer
Did winkleman get paralysed in a car crash or did I imagine it?
>> No. 70056 Paedofag
5th December 2021
Sunday 3:03 pm
70056 spacer

Lady Frederick Windsor broke her back, but didn't get quadrispazzed.

Her chauffeur swerved to avoid a deer, which is the poshest car crash I can imagine.


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