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>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
/news/15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 20485 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 3:51 am
20485 spacer

>The police already chase up "transgender hate crime" simply because someone doesn't want to have sex with someone that has a penis

I find this hard to believe, but also wouldn't be hugely surprised if it was true. Do you have an example? Not that it matters to me, if I pulled a girl and they ended up having a cock it'd only improve the experience.


None of us are normal here mate. You're as welcome as anyone.
>> No. 20487 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:13 am
20487 spacer

Is anyone watching Drag Race UK? I'm a little bit in love with Scaredy Kat and I really want to go on the lash with Baga Chipz.
>> No. 20488 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:14 am
20488 spacer

>None of us are normal here mate. You're as welcome as anyone.

Can we do this on /shed/? I want to do this but I already know the answer, "everyone is welcome here" and all that bollocks. The average poster, hell the average mod can tell the difference between a normal person and a mentally ill person.

As a fucking nutter I'm telling you that allowing us to exist will drive down the quality of this site until the normal people leave and you're left with spastics and people who believe that spastics are just as valid as anyone else.

This site is one of the bastions of what I deem society. I'm going to stop posting here because my ideas are not in keeping with the culture (how I present them, I'm just an obnoxious cunt, so .gs is usually like a --> b --> c --> d and I'm like a --> d and you're all cunts which stops everyone getting to d, not because I'm intelligent, but because I'm autistic). I'm going to stop posting on .gs, except on the relevant /shed/ thread if it comes to exist.

Every mod/IRCfag who saves face by saying he/his ilk are welcome are fucking liars who deserve to be shot. You can FEEL that I disrupt the conversation yet you tolerate me because nutters/people with a backstory are "to be tolerated" because the women (or the men who want approval from women) will withhold approval if you fail to support me and my ilk. This is not sexist, this is humanist. If no women were here it would be men who wanted approval from men they believed to be higher in the hierarchy than them.

I love everyone here, and I'm sure you all love me, but you should experience that love in an "aww isn't it great that spastics exist but I don't want them here" sense. I am detrimental to you, you should excise me. There is nothing wrong with that. I do not dislike you for it, in fact I dislike you for (in a broader sense) condemning me and my ilk to life.

tl;dr ur mum m8
>> No. 20489 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:26 am
20489 spacer

Perhaps instead of beating yourself up for being a looney, you could just make an effort to raise the average quality of your posts? A quick perusal of /emo/ should show that we do in fact have lots of users with mental health problems. I've been sectioned a couple of times and I've given advice about medication or therapy in dozens of different threads.

You're obviously a smart lad and you're perfectly capable of making a positive contribution, just lay off the self-pity and the eugenics chat, yeah?
>> No. 20490 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 5:15 am
20490 spacer
>Does this mean that if a tranny that identifies as she/her puts "her penis" in my anus without my consent that (s)he'd only be charged with sexual assault?


hqdefault (1).jpg
>> No. 12187 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:16 pm
/beat/12187 spacer
The name of the sampled instrument in these tracks is called a Rhodes piano, right?

It sounds amazing when it's paired with hip hop drums. I'd happily listen to albums of just this alone.
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>> No. 12191 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:40 am
12191 spacer
Yep, it's a Rhodes piano. Probably best known in recent years from the intro to Portishead's Roads. You might enjoy Miles Davis' landmark album In A Silent Way, which heavily features the Rhodes.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 29013 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 9:56 pm
29013 spacer

giphy (3).gif

Easy, they just sort of come naturally to me.
>> No. 29015 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 6:38 pm
29015 spacer

I've never really dated anyone before. I going for walks good enough? I don't particularly like cinemas or bars, nor restaurants. Walking the dog or whatever might be ultimately boring and un-exciting but at least you could keep the person talking about themselves. I don't know; ijust feel as though doing what i usually do probably isn't enough, but i don't want to pretend to be something i'm not. Maybe I could do new things with whoever - but how many times can you actually go to the zoo or a garden center (if that's even suitable)? Fuck knows, man, i'm just prepairing to make a fool of myself.
>> No. 29016 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 7:29 pm
29016 spacer
Take someone for a walk on a date and they'll think you're going to rape them.
>> No. 29017 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 7:32 pm
29017 spacer

Not once they see him ambling alongside with a hefty bag of dogshit swinging in step with his movements, then it'll just be funny.
>> No. 29018 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:19 am
29018 spacer

That very much depends on who you're dating. If you're going out with an outdoorsy type then it's absolutely fine, although I'd almost certainly opt for coffee or a drink for a first date. Find out what they like doing with their free time and try to find something that you'll both enjoy.


>> No. 20439 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 7:19 am
/news/20439 spacer
Remembrance Day will now honour civilians and victims of terror after the Royal British Legion announces the red poppy isn't just for fallen soldiers

Watch out, lads. Big Poppy is getting bigger. The Cookie Monster wasn't enough for them.
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>> No. 20449 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 9:09 pm
20449 spacer

I deleted my own screencap of a bunch of DM comments because I considered it to be a weak and lazy addition to the thread. The iron fist of mod-kind played no role, nor did Big Poppy.
>> No. 20450 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 9:15 pm
20450 spacer
How do you blink a dash and how do you blink a dot? Is a dash just a long blink?
>> No. 20451 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 9:18 pm
20451 spacer

Yes, and he nods his head slightly for a dash.
>> No. 20460 Anonymous
17th October 2019
Thursday 11:14 am
20460 spacer

I'm always impressed someone picked up on what he was doing. I know morse code to an extent, but I'm not sure I'd have recognised that's what he was doing unless told. I suppose US intelligence bods would be much more likely to think about the possibility. Or maybe it's a thing they'd be trained to do, though the story told never makes it out like that.
>> No. 20486 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:10 am
20486 spacer

There's a huge difference between knowing Morse code and knowing it fluently. I'd expect any military-trained radio operator of that era to pick up on it immediately. For reference, this is what an exchange between two skilled Morse users sounds like:


>> No. 430168 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 7:08 am
/b/430168 spacer
When was the last time you committed a random act of kindness and what was it?
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>> No. 431489 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:21 am
431489 spacer
Those are different people, though.
>> No. 431494 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:16 am
431494 spacer
I think the point stands.
>> No. 431498 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:42 pm
431498 spacer
But in Soviet Russia period uses you.
I'll get my coat.
>> No. 431545 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 1:41 am
431545 spacer
Stopping someone being a socialist

>> No. 431549 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 2:51 am
431549 spacer
How did you manage that?


>> No. 428949 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:19 pm
/b/428949 spacer
New weekend thread: Highland Toffee edition.

How goes it, lads? What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 431496 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:28 pm
431496 spacer

You mean, crossing the road and getting between the cars?
>> No. 431540 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:34 pm
431540 spacer
I'd ask what everyone did with their Saturday, but it looks as thought you were all indoors and arguing on .gs.
>> No. 431541 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:38 pm
431541 spacer

Still indoors, still arguing on .gs, wanna fight about it?
>> No. 431547 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 1:51 am
431547 spacer

White wine, clonazepam, and Cialis. Heading out in a bit to see a lass who I'm either going to fuck to death or vomit on and pass out on top of.

I'm happy either way.
>> No. 431548 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 1:54 am
431548 spacer

This reminds me of when I lived in Amsterdam and people actually parked on the fucking pavement and you had to walk into the street to get around their fucking cars.

And yes, I did take pictures of the cunts and made a massive blog titled something like "why Amsterdam is a shithole full of cunts and you should never live here".

Sage for ten year old memories.

Also doesn't that mean it was the britfa's 10 year anniversary this year?

Where are the party hats you lazy mod fucks c'mon.


>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
/b/425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 431537 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 10:09 pm
431537 spacer

I agree. Have you heard about that XR lot then? I hear they're dressing up in red to represent the blood of the species or something insane like that.
>> No. 431538 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 10:33 pm
431538 spacer
I think it's to do with them menstruating, because they're all massive vaginas.
>> No. 431539 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 10:40 pm
431539 spacer
Gosh, you're so BRILLIANT.
>> No. 431543 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 1:31 am
431543 spacer


>Gosh, you're so BRILLIANT.
>> No. 431546 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 1:41 am
431546 spacer

You're a bit early with the image discussion m8.

I find it continually endearing that there's one Brightonlad here who always gets unmistakably bumsore that nobody takes his pretentious hipster art degree mate's antics seriously. They did look daft, mate. I'm sure it all sounded really poignant and romantic in the meetings, but regular people don't think about things like that. It's okay.

The thing is it would have been poignant if they'd all turned up and, symbolically, slashed their own wrists in front of that copper. That would have got some attention, it would have been more meaningful. Blood of the species, you know? But they didn't do anything like that, they just showed up in red, and they probably think they're dead special for having such an impact.


>> No. 85279 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:45 pm
/pol/85279 spacer
I think the UK has become like one of those girlfriends that's always threatening to dump you, but never does.
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>> No. 86483 Anonymous
10th August 2019
Saturday 1:35 pm
86483 spacer
We should definitely build more boats though.
>> No. 86922 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:46 pm
86922 spacer
Are Western freedoms even worth it if we don't get bangers like this?

>> No. 86923 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 6:26 pm
86923 spacer
>>86922 That's splendid.

Have I just ignored / missed a load of songs (protest or otherwise) about IIIWW? Surely there have been some. (quick trawl of youtube later: sweet christ. I really wish I hadn't).
So: any decent songs about it? Either side.
>> No. 86924 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 7:34 pm
86924 spacer
This will never be beaten.
>> No. 86925 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 8:21 pm
86925 spacer
Oh no, the BRILLIANCE is spreading.


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 13036 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 2:49 pm
13036 spacer

You're supposed to eat it cold, while slumped on the kitchen floor in a hungover mess.
>> No. 13037 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 6:08 pm
13037 spacer
Anyone should know that leftover pizza is one of the best things to exist in this miraculous universe of ours.

However, that's yet another way Domino's and their ilk fall short. Their pizza dries out and loses flavour overnight, and it doesn't take reheating well at all. This is contrary to the cheap, dirty kind of pizza you get from Alis Kebab Shack, which only improves to a subtler depth of flavour and richer texture when consumed cold; and develops a satisfying crisp tanginess when reheated.

It's like anything Yank made. Cars, donuts, guitars... You're paying over the odds for something that is objectively worse in almost every possible metric.
>> No. 13105 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 7:38 pm
13105 spacer
I've had an XL bacon double cheeseburger meal today. It was a bit of a disappointment. Definitely not worth the £7.50 it cost. Burger King seem to have gone right downhill.
>> No. 13106 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 7:46 pm
13106 spacer
Never been a lover of dominoes, it's just soggy bland muck. Papa johns is overprices but tastes nice at least, I think it's good cold too.
Local independent pizza shops and kebab shops and their ilk, ehhhh too hit and miss. They use the crappiest ingredients they can get their hands on to get the price down to compete with the franchises.
>> No. 13107 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 8:04 pm
13107 spacer

Chicago Town > Domino's.


>> No. 4831 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:51 am
/boo/4831 Aliens
The Area 51 thing was a massive wet fart, but it got me nostalgic for the old days where it wasn't all about chemtrails, Jews being behind 9/11, and flat-earth nonsense. Back then it was believable, grounded stuff like flying saucers and men in black. So let's talk about aliens.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe we are visited by aliens? Have you ever seen or encountered any aliens? Does the government know about aliens but cover it up? Did aliens visit and influence our ancestors in the past? Are aliens friendly, benign, or threatening?

Aliens are a very compelling subject. Why is the classic description of a grey so fundamentally creepy? Why have aliens and the things that surround them, UFOs, men in black, become such an ingrained part of modern folklore? Why have they fallen into the background in modern times, to be replaced with anti-intellectual/anti-science conspiracy theories for home schooling bible-bashing wierdos? Is this paradigm shift representative of the cultural era we have moved into?

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4836 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:44 am
4836 spacer
No, you're making assumptions about me that are wrong and I hate that. Frankly, you're so busy assuming so you should have been able to figure that out.

I think aliens are frightening because once aliens exist and/or are on Earth then we're no longer the dominant species. Intellectually speaking, anything that can make its way here in due order is probably far smarter than ourselves. Alien contact would completely alter humanity's place in the universe and these aliens aren't going to be like my old pals Garus and Tali or sexy, sexy Lwaxana Troi, we've got no idea what they're going to be like. They might be alright, but something totally alien and so advanced as to be hopping from solar system to solar system could have motives and machinations completely beyond our understanding. What if they take all the tortoises? Or try to greet us by bombarding the planet with gamma radiation? What if they just sailed on by and ignored us? This shit's scary. Signs flipped my lid as a kiddy, but the aliens in that are basically dumb animals, we have machine guns and Brimstone missiles to deal with that sort of thing. But what kind of firearm do you use against the species that leaves an untranslatable message before hurling itself into the Sun? There isn't any weapons system that can kill cripping existential distress.
>> No. 4837 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:21 pm
4837 spacer


I did say something "genuinely outside our understanding or control", but point taken.

I can say for myself it's largely the presentation of those documentaries, with their eerie music and such, that makes the prospect of meeting alien life seem scary.

The truth is more along the lines of what you describe. We would have absolutely no idea what to expect, and nothing to compare it to in our history. Some people look at the meeting of different cultures during the European conquests, but even that's humans meeting humans on the planet earth.

It's interesting that all our science fiction seems to focus on face to face meetings with alien life. I could have this totally wrong, but it seems more likely that there'd be extremely distant communications, first.
>> No. 4838 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:26 pm
4838 spacer
>what kind of firearm do you use against the species that leaves an untranslatable message before hurling itself into the Sun?
You probably don't need to as it just hurled itself into a sun
>> No. 4839 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:30 pm
4839 spacer

ayy lmao.jpg
>I wish I could find it, but I'm sure I've read somewhere that the FBI encouraged rampant speculation about the JFK assassination and UFOs in the 1960s to draw attention away from Cointelpro -- a true conspiracy involving propaganda and outright murder of U.S. citizens.

My understanding is that the JFK conspiracy was fanned by the KGB and UFOs were a cover for the B2 programme.

I used to be the same but then memes happened so I'd probably just laugh at an alien these days.

If you apply some logic then you can easily enough work out how they'd behave. Interstellar aliens would have to be curious and pro-social to even get to our level and they wouldn't be some sinister uniform civilisation but lots of divergent personalities with mundane objectives.

I think the fear is explainable in just how they represent a hostile tribe. Hence their almost synonymous identity in our imagination with demons.
>> No. 4840 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 6:20 pm
4840 spacer

>and they wouldn't be some sinister uniform civilisation but lots of divergent personalities with mundane objectives.

I don't know about that. I know it's a very Sci-Fi thing to say, but they could all share a consciousness or be the last surviving community on a planet that worships a cult like figure obsessed with blue planets or anything really. You're probably right that they need to be curious and social, but even then, I don't think it's impossible to end up with some sort of intelligent fungus with legs that just wants to eat every tree they can find.


sler cucker.jpg
>> No. 13078 Anonymous
29th September 2019
Sunday 3:34 pm
/nom/13078 Slow Cooker Curry
What am I doing wrong, lads? Every slow cooker curry I make turns out more like a watery broth; there's absolutely no thickness to the sauce and it just doesn't... taste like a curry. It has all the flavours but it doesn't quite mesh right.

My process is:
Fry chicken pieces with onions, carrots, and broccoli until browned off.
Put in slow cooker with box of passata, 4 or 5 heaped tablespoons of madras curry powder, and a whole chilli. Sprinkle Oxo cube in too.
Give it a mix, put the lid on, low for 8 hours or high for 6.

Add chopped coriander, leave for 5 mins with lid off, serve.

Every time, as I say, it's just far, far too watery. The most recent batch I froze individual portions of just have no sauce at all. What do?

Thanks lads.
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>> No. 13089 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 8:24 pm
13089 spacer

Have you ever tried to cook something on the hob for eight hours?
>> No. 13090 Anonymous
2nd October 2019
Wednesday 11:33 am
13090 spacer
Add some lentils, OP. It's a better way of adding some body to a curry than cornstarch.
>> No. 13097 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 4:40 pm
13097 spacer
Another advantage is that it uses substantially less energy. The ceramic pot/insulation and lid mean that it loses remarkably little heat.
>> No. 13103 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 4:13 pm
13103 spacer
I always felt my curries were lacking a certain thickness/creaminess until I discovered cashew paste, but then tikka masala is my favourite. Soak some cashews in about the same volume of milk for a couple of hours, blend well, then chuck in the curry towards the end of cooking.
>> No. 13104 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 6:10 pm
13104 spacer
My solution to that was simply to add double cream. It's like a cheat code for tasty curry.


>> No. 429121 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 1:36 am
/b/429121 spacer
New mid-week thread.

Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the balmy nighttime temperatures, having a few Stellas. Celebrating the fact that I get to do this at 01:30 am on a Wednesday morning at the moment.

Ah, temporary unemployment.

Before you lads lose your shit get all finger pointy at me, my next tenure as an office slave is already as good as secure and will begin in a few weeks' time.
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>> No. 431497 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:40 pm
431497 spacer
> look at how your wrists bend when you're on the home row in a proper typing position, they're bent in at an angle.
Exactly why I asked.
> The idea behind a keyboard like this, both in size and the arrangement of keys in a grid rather than your normal stagger
Why they arrange it in a stagger anyway?
> so do what you like lad.
Not to you and your band, mate. To Warner, though I doubt they care.
I 'grew up' [0] with Model M and a lot of its replicas of various levels of shite. I still like my Dell KB-216 way too much for some reason.
Same for the keyboard of my laptop. Both are nothing like Model M.

[0] I got introduced to computers somewhat late in my life.
>> No. 431499 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:00 pm
431499 spacer

>Why they arrange it in a stagger anyway?

Typewriters needed staggered keys to make sure the metal bars they triggered were spaced far enough apart that they didn't interfere with each other, and we've not really bothered changing it for computer keyboards since.

There's a lot of little things that make the standard keyboard an imperfect device - they're not really that ergonomic, some keys take up a lot more space than they need to (caps lock is in a needlessly prominent position, the right shift on ISO keyboards is too big, etc) and the most popular* keyboard languages, QWERTY/AZERTY are not really designed for fast typing anyway.

*not counting chinese
>> No. 431500 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:03 pm
431500 spacer
That makes sense. I forgot about typewriters and their peculiarities.
>> No. 431503 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 2:25 pm
431503 spacer
>QWERTY/AZERTY are not really designed for fast typing anyway.
I know it's not what you're saying, but it's awfully close to the "QWERTY is designed to slow you down" myth.
>> No. 431521 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 6:10 pm
431521 spacer

While not designed to slow you down, QWERTY was, at least in part, designed (or rather, iterated) to account for the placement of type bars and their interaction with each other, placing certain common pairings far enough away from each other to reduce the issue. While not a deliberate attempt to slow users down, it's a layout that isn't really that efficient.

I've heard plenty of people say that even the 'clashing type bars' thing is a myth, but there are letters between Sholes (the brains behind the layout) and some of his business partners that do confirm that the layout was at least in part motivated by mechanical limitations.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 29089 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 3:13 pm
29089 spacer


Now I'm not in any way berating you or implying that your inflexible stance on such a trivial and overblown issue is unnecessarily divisive, all I'm saying is you probably don't get invited to many parties.
>> No. 29090 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 3:16 pm
29090 spacer
I'm sure that used to be Tim, not Tom. I remember sending it to a friend named Tim because it was his name. It's that there Mandela effect.
>> No. 29091 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 3:17 pm
29091 spacer

>stooooop IIIWW
>For the umpteenth time

Fucking hell, the news needs to stop filming outside Parliament.
>> No. 29092 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 3:20 pm
29092 spacer

Your mate Tim was probably sat there thinking "why the fuck has he sent me this? Does he think I'm Tom? Should I change my name to Tom so he notices me?"

Poor Tim.
>> No. 29093 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 4:28 pm
29093 spacer
If they'd just hurry up and stop it already he wouldn't need to be there shouting in the first place.


>> No. 431358 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 5:53 pm
/b/431358 spacer
Alright lads, I need some input on whether to move to the other side of the world. (Yes I posted >>13299 but I can't delete the thread because it has too many replies).

I'm consulting friends, family and now this place as none of you know me and can be as unbiased and not care about hurting my feelings. Yes I know ultimately it also has to be my decision.

With that said, have any of you lads ever been to NZ? Lived there? Know people that lived there? Lived anywhere that's not the UK? It's a small country but trying to find anybody who has actually lived there is a bit of a pain.

I've been offered a job I wasn't expecting, it's more money (About 100k NZ dollars which is about 50k GBP), it's in a well known place and it means that I'll get lots of fresh air, lots of nice scenery and compared to living in London I can afford my own one bed/studio rather than a houseshare with strangers.

That said, I'm worried it just looks...well... boring. I love the outdoors, but it seems like you really have to enjoy that and the isolation, otherwise it's fucking lonely. London has its faults, but I'm never bored, I have my network here and I have lots I can do here, even if it can be a bit polluted and grimy at times.

Having consulted with people I know (even my gf), they all think it's ridiculous not to take it and try it out and if it's shit come back after a year or so, find a new job and carry on living my London life. My gf said if it's good she will come visit and then come and join me after 6 months or so.

Any of you lads got any opinions on NZ or wanna shout out things in general to consider about moving abroad? I've only ever lived in the UK so I feel like I am trying to weigh up the wrong things.
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>> No. 431475 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 8:03 pm
431475 spacer
>> No. 431476 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 8:04 pm
431476 spacer
Best wordfilter ever.
>> No. 431477 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 8:31 pm
431477 spacer
Try it the other way around.
>> No. 431501 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 2:13 pm
431501 spacer
The Mrs didn't take to kindly to it.
>> No. 431502 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 2:17 pm
431502 spacer

Did you have the one with the flanged base?


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 23114 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 3:27 am
23114 spacer


>Most of that about Doom isn't true, you know. Enemies on harder difficulties deal double damage, they also increase in speed (which is arguably an arbitrary way to make them harder to kill), and the hardest difficulty has double ammo, not less.

ITYTD had double items and the player takes half damage.

NM had double items, fast monsters, respawning monsters, and cheat codes were disabled.

HNTR, HMP and UV all had "normal" game parameters. Doom never increased the damage the player took on any difficulty.

The middle three represent easy, normal, and hard. The first and last represent mentally challenged baby mode and not even remotely fair mode, respectively- Most players don't consider NM to be a real difficulty choice, it's more of a distinct challenge mode. Indeed, the initial release of Doom as shareware didn't have it, so arguably it was DLC.

I spent an entire summer when I was unemployed making Doom maps. I know my Doom and I am prepared to defend my honour on the internet even at these small hours.
>> No. 23115 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 10:17 am
23115 spacer
>ITYTD had double items and the player takes half damage.
Another way of putting this is that every mode other than ITYTD deals twice as much damage.

>The middle three represent easy, normal, and hard. The first and last represent mentally challenged baby mode and not even remotely fair mode, respectively
Agree with all this, at least.

Any of your Doom maps still knocking around? I haven't fired up a WAD in a long time, would be a nice excuse.
>> No. 23116 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:00 am
23116 spacer
I've spread a few WADs in my time IYKWIM.
>> No. 23117 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:04 pm
23117 spacer
I can easily lose a whole weekend on KSP. Looking forward to version 2.
>> No. 23118 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:57 pm
23118 spacer
> Numa Numa
Do I get to play as Dan Balan in it?
Awright, back to the topic. Negative. I never got around to install it, life gets in the way.
Mind you, I had a similar feeling about the P:T initially. It was just too odd and made little sense. Then it clicked; now it's one of my favourite games.


>> No. 64184 Crabkiller
18th October 2019
Friday 5:21 pm
/iq/64184 spacer

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>> No. 64185 Billbob
18th October 2019
Friday 5:32 pm
64185 spacer
>> No. 64186 YubYub
18th October 2019
Friday 6:11 pm
64186 spacer
It's the first time in a while something on the internet has been so edgy that it's made me actually say "oh wow" out loud.

Shared on Facebook by someone who, unsurprisingly, is a massive Corbyn fan and on the dole.
>> No. 64187 Moralfag
19th October 2019
Saturday 11:23 am
64187 spacer
What a shit meme. It's not even in the right font.
>> No. 64188 Billbob
19th October 2019
Saturday 12:39 pm
64188 spacer
Image macro. Not meme. Image macro.


>> No. 23810 Anonymous
31st December 2011
Saturday 10:22 pm
/x/23810 Guilty Would
Since this image wasn't that well received in The Ginger Thread, and by the recommendation of some lad in /b/: this is the "Guilty Would" thread.

Post women which aren't generically attractive, but which (for whatever reason) you'd shag the heck out of given the chance.
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>> No. 40860 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 10:35 am
40860 spacer
The Charlie Dimmock of Auchwitz
>> No. 40861 Anonymous
10th October 2019
Thursday 8:13 pm
40861 spacer

She may well have gone to seed, but I'd still let her water my butternut squash, IYKWIM.
>> No. 40862 Anonymous
15th October 2019
Tuesday 1:47 am
40862 spacer


>> No. 40863 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 9:50 pm
40863 spacer
Is that Len Goodman?
>> No. 40864 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 10:19 am
40864 spacer



>> No. 4633 Anonymous
1st August 2010
Sunday 2:24 pm
/nom/4633 spacer
Look at this fucking thing, /nom/. Gaze upon it.

Fucking yum.

(It's five or six inches in diameter, in case the scale isn't obvious.)
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>> No. 13098 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 4:58 pm
13098 spacer

yellow stainer ring.jpg
It's that time of year again, lads, and I've moved to somewhere that has grass and greenery and all that. So I'm on the hunt again, after five years of missing out. Earlier this month I had some brown birch boletes, which were nice in texture but unremarkable in taste.

Today I was wandering along and saw this, at least a hundred of them in a 15m ring, and I thought I'd hit the field mushroom jackpot. It turns out they're yellow stainers, though, which are not deadly poisonous but cause stomach upsets in most people. However, some people can eat them with no apparent ill effects.

Well, I've got a bag full of the fuckers so I'm going to find out. I should know within 2 hours tops, I'll either be shitting my guts out and cradling my stomach like a stab wound, or I'll be plating up another serving to go alongside the handful of shaggy inkcaps I also found. Wish me luck, .gs.

(I'll take my camera with me from now on, get proper shots of what I find.)
>> No. 13099 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 5:41 pm
13099 spacer
Godspeed, you dicky tummy adventurer
>> No. 13100 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 5:53 pm
13100 spacer
I went out picking at the weekend. Got loads of the buggers. But I only have a small flat, so there's not mushroom to store them.
>> No. 13101 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 6:57 pm
13101 spacer
I saw a load of leucocites in Victoria Tower Gardens today. Made me smile.
>> No. 13102 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 10:01 pm
13102 spacer
I'm still alive and my arse is behaving. I am immune!

This must be what being a superhero feels like.


>> No. 28846 Anonymous
24th August 2019
Saturday 10:06 am
/emo/28846 spacer
Has anyone here managed to cure their hard-flaccid?

I'm nearly 40 and I've had this since i was about 12. I think it was caused by bad masturbation technique in which I'd tense up my kegel muscles to achieve quicker orgasm.

Is it too late to cure now?
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>> No. 28865 Anonymous
25th August 2019
Sunday 12:31 am
28865 spacer

I'm younger than you, and it's not the same thing... But I messed up my penis as a teenager and for a good decade it would only get hard in parts/lumps unless I massaged it to help the blood get to the parts it was supposed to go.

My condition eventually got better.
>> No. 28877 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 11:40 am
28877 spacer
Yesterday I bought eggs for the first time in ages and i think it's because of this thread.
>> No. 28879 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 4:21 pm
28879 spacer
Big Egg shilling on .gs, m8. What a world.
>> No. 28880 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 6:57 pm
28880 spacer

Big Egg shelling
>> No. 29014 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 1:16 pm
29014 spacer


>> No. 20447 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 8:45 pm
/news/20447 spacer
'Josef the Austrian' who rented farmhouse where family 'waited for end times' for nine years is arrested for imprisoning them in 'secret room' as it emerges some of the 'victims' can no longer speak

What the fuck is it with Austrians?
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>> No. 20455 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 11:01 pm
20455 spacer
It's the Mail, so probably force of habit.
>> No. 20456 Anonymous
16th October 2019
Wednesday 11:37 pm
20456 spacer
I heard about it on the BBC's Global News Podcast and it seemed that no one was terribly sure what was actually going on.

Apparently the first thing the absolute lad who made a break for it did was go to the pub and sink five pints, so I'm thinking the beer ran out and that was the final straw.
>> No. 20458 Anonymous
17th October 2019
Thursday 2:10 am
20458 spacer

>What the fuck is it with Austrians?

>In a bizarre attempt to defend his conduct he said Hitler’s Germany had instilled “a high regard for decency and uprightness” in him.

Next thing we'll know, they were all just following orders.
>> No. 20459 Anonymous
17th October 2019
Thursday 7:05 am
20459 spacer

They sound a bit complicit in the whole thing.
>> No. 20461 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 12:53 pm
20461 spacer
>The father of a family that spent nearly a decade living in a secret room in a Dutch farmhouse once belonged to the Rev Sun Myung Moon’s controversial Unification church and was trying to found a cult of his own, Dutch media have reported.

The plot thickens.


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