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>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
/e/22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 25408 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 4:26 pm
25408 spacer
A quick search online suggests they're on par, with both in the US$40-50 billion region.

As a side question, is the overall revenue of the gaming industry really a very good indicator of its quality and cultural worth? You hear it brought up a lot that the games market is rivalling film/TV for its income, but I always think a deeper dive and some other metrics need to be considered. It's like when Americans insist the US is a first-world country because of its high GDP, despite the absolute shitshow that their day-to-day life is.
>> No. 25409 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 4:55 pm
25409 spacer
If this means that CoD games are coming to Game Pass, particularly on day one, this could be a very beneficial move for me. CoD games don't go on huge sales very often, and £70 for the cross-gen edition of Vanguard is ludicrous. If I can get them for a reasonable subscription fee, I'd be over the moon. The new Rainbow Six game is day one Game Pass, soon I'll never have to buy a game again!
>> No. 25410 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 5:12 pm
25410 spacer
I've never actually managed to play Cod, but it seems a bit nuts to me that games I associate with my PlayStation childhood, like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Crash Bandicoot, are now owned by Microsoft.
>> No. 25411 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 5:25 pm
25411 spacer
Yeah it's odd, but then you look at it and see Crash and Spyro have both been multiplatform for over 20 years. Their Playstation exclusive years were a small part of their overall history.
>> No. 25412 Anonymous
19th January 2022
Wednesday 9:15 am
25412 spacer

Asda are having a clear out of their old Switch bundles.


>> No. 12985 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 12:11 am
/beat/12985 What you feeling right now? Part VI: The Undiscovered Compilation

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>> No. 13038 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 9:02 pm
13038 spacer

I think I used to listen to this on GamingFM, that online radio station with about 4 or 5 channels of videogame music.
>> No. 13039 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 2:30 pm
13039 spacer
>> No. 13040 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 2:43 pm
13040 spacer
>> No. 13041 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 6:25 pm
13041 spacer
>> No. 13042 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 7:16 pm
13042 spacer

"Slave to the Rhythm" was actually written for Frankie Goes To Hollywood by Trevor Horn. The latter then decided at the last minute before he let FGTH have a go that it was more suited for Grace Jones. A ground-up reworking of the track then resulted in the swingin' little number that became one of the most iconic pop music singles of the mid-80s.


>> No. 27146 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
/news/27146 spacer
I suppose it's time for a new thread seeing as the previous one is almost at 1,700 posts.

It's been kicking off in America (again) after the police have shot a black man (again). A couple of protesters/rioters have been killed after they were driven by the police towards an alt-right militia, with this planned in advance.
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>> No. 36188 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 1:03 am
36188 spacer
What's Orwellian is trying to have a rulebook of the English language at all. When it comes to how to use the language we're not Frenchmen bowing before an Académie on matters of the langue française and we're not Oceanians bowing before a Ministry on matters of Newspeak. We're Englishmen and in English every man's idiolect is his castle. Simple as.
>> No. 36189 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 1:22 am
36189 spacer
I don’t think the mods share your radical new thinking.
>> No. 36190 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 4:06 am
36190 spacer

>Some deaf people describe themselves as Deaf with a capital D too.

That's a fantastically useful linguistic invention, providing a distinction between people who can't hear and people who have a different native language and cultural identity. You could use a term like "culturally deaf", but that has subtly different connotations to "big-D deaf" that make it a less useful identifier for the Deaf community.
>> No. 36678 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 7:21 am
36678 spacer
The house of Lords voted down every (14) of the bits of the policing bill that they possibly could, last night.

It's too late for the gypsies (see earlier in the thread) but at least that can still be protested about.
>> No. 36679 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 10:52 am
36679 spacer
So they protected our freedoms and rights, but didn't protect gypsies? God I love the House of Lords. They are amazing and democracy is overrated.


>> No. 31414 Anonymous
10th January 2022
Monday 2:52 pm
/emo/31414 people felt this needed it's own thread so...
It has taken a lifetime of cruelty that I have bared with a grin to reach this point. But I fucking hate women.

I hate them because a narcissist delusion that they are always the victim and hard done by even when they are sickly spoilt, they aren't hard done by at all they are entitled. You know when you see someone who is used to getting their own way doesn't get their own way and they throw a tantrum, that's women, that's the entire modern fisherperson movement.

They have no concept of how minor their problems are, or that men can be treated like a level of human garbage that no one else will stick up for and expected to unfuck themselves, only to have women tell them the entire time how privileged they are and how we should all feel guilty that they have imagined they are fat by choosing to read beauty magazines. This is not some hypothetical extremes either this is real world situations I have been in.

You know why women make less than men. It is because the men who were making less were either driven to suicide (at a rate that if it was women would be seen as proof of sexual inequality but because it is men it doesn't count) or aren't counted because they are homeless and therefore unemployed ( again at a rate that would be considered definitive proof of sexual inequality if it was women), one pretty women gets murdered by one copper and middle England loses their collective minds. The suffering of men as victims of the majority of crimes is normalised and is irrelevant, an isolated incident for a woman is worthy of mass protest.

Women don't take the initiative to do the hard graft, they can fucking complain, but you don't see them changing jobs to work as petroleum engineers to get higher pay do you, no they want everything to change for them rather than to change the one thing they have control over? Why because if they tried make the change they would have to accept some responsibility for their failures, the way men have to.

The game is simple women are the victims even when they demonstrably aren't, domestic violence, a problem women preach how they are at danger of constantly and blah blah blah, in reality biggest domestic abusers... fucking women, safest relationship is a gay one. Most dangerous lesbian, they evidently can't control their natural feminine instincts for violence. And there is a vast list of situations that Women are objectively in a better status than men, but they don't count because they violate the mantra. Women are the victims of society isn't a point based On evidence it is an article of faith and no evidence to the contrary could ever change it. It wouldn't matter if women out performances men in every measurable sense in our societypeople would still be preaching women are the victims.

It is the equivalent of nazi Germany externalizing all of their problems and playing victim to a minority, even when they had the control and power, women run the world, or close enough at this point but spend all their time chasing shadows of imagined boggy men, they can blame for their failures. I can't play the game again it sickens me every time a man humours them and invalidates his own struggle just to try get laid. Men appealing to women's insecurities seems like a poison the women never learns to stop being self indulgent, and the man never acknowledges his own pain.

We do this to our fucking selves there is no toxic masculinity there is just an inability to talk about mens problems because women can't stand the idea they are fuck ups so we aren't allowed to talk about how men are shat upon. Because men aren't allowed their own space and men doing worse than women is considered 'problem solved'. We condition women to feel like they are hard done by even when they aren't. You want true equality start letting women fail the way men do and watch how they suddenly fall in line and stop complaining and start appreciating the value of what they have. Of course there are other mechanisms here society actually wants women to be needy narcists because needy women buy more shit. The consumer market seems driven by women buying clothes and children impulse buying shiny crap.
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>> No. 31470 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 2:21 pm
31470 spacer
>I think (on /emo/ at least) we should try to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to evaluating their own experiences.

You should never be a dick on /emo/, but that doesn't mean people should never have their views and experiences challenged or you're at risk of creating an echo chamber.

When other replies to this thread include "I was told I was making a lady feel uncomfortable and made to feel like a sex pest when all I did was treat her like one of the lads" I would say that a bit of introspection is necessary. Rather than blaming other people, say, it may be worth reflecting on how some of these lads come across. When there's posters here who think it's acceptable to be the older guys preying on drunk 18 year olds during freshers week I think it's not a stretch to say there's a fair few creeps on here who need to take a hard look at themselves.

>I don't often see the same happening with sweeping observations about men just wanting sex or being violent or struggling with expressing themselves emotionally or other broadly accepted stereotypes.

When are they ever brought up here, apart from the instances when you lads get too horny and spend hours posting about fat lasses and their robust chins?
>> No. 31471 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 4:02 pm
31471 spacer
>You should never be a dick on /emo/, but that doesn't mean people should never have their views and experiences challenged

Very much agree. We created /emo/ as the kindest/safest space on the site, and we'll always make sure that's enforced - but this definitely isn't an echo chamber where people will automatically agree with you.
>> No. 31472 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 5:14 pm
31472 spacer

I agree that we shouldn't create an echo chamber, what I'm saying is that just dismissing someone's observations which they've got through anecdotal experience with another anecdotal experience isn't very convincing or helpful.

I also don't think it's fair to push the whole responsibility of a perceived problem back onto the person expressing it. I would think the same if someone posted, "I'm lonely, and I think the problem is x" and someone responded "it's you, it's easy to meet people", or if another thread went "I've only ever had bad relationships, and I think it might be for y reason" is not always a case of "it's you, you spend time with the wrong people".
>> No. 31473 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 7:21 pm
31473 spacer
The person who posted >>31466 opened with "feel free to offer counterpoints or what have you" so I'm not really sure what your issue is?
>> No. 31474 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 2:14 am
31474 spacer

As the lad who posted in the first place and did indeed specifically say you're welcome to provide counterpoint, I will just say that I'm not at all miffed at you/whoever disagreeing with me. What does miff me is that it was really a pretty boilerplate response without much substance beyond empty contrarianism, and all it served to do is derailus into this kind of navel gazing nonsense. That's alright in a /news/ thread about BoJo's booze ups, but I do feel like /emo/ should be a place for good faith engagement.


>> No. 14583 Anonymous
10th August 2021
Tuesday 2:13 pm
/nom/14583 The Great Apple Juice scam
"Tropical" pressed juice from Co-Op. 55% apple juice, the highest proportion of any juice in the product.
Volvic L'mon "Lemon and Lime". 21.3% apple juice, the highest proportion of any juice in the product.
Soda Folk "Blueberry Muffin Soda". 40.9% apple juice. A pitiful 3.1% blueberry juice.
Why are the big food corps padding out drinks with apple juice, the third worst mainstream juice after tomato and grapefruit? I want my lemon drink to be lemon, not apple.
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>> No. 14605 Anonymous
13th August 2021
Friday 3:10 pm
14605 spacer
Going to uni isn't an achievement, you just give them 3 or 12 grand a year depending on what year it was when you were 18.
>> No. 14612 Anonymous
17th August 2021
Tuesday 6:08 pm
14612 spacer

I remember getting into a cuntoff with a lad in 2010 because I said that a Masters degree today was kind of equivalent to what a Bachelors was in the 90s and he was extra naffed off when the Professor agreed with me. I did a PhD and knowing what I know now I wouldn't have bothered going to Uni at all. It's a Cult, a Scam, or Finishing School for the better classes depending on your socioeconomic status and/or level of commitment.

If I somehow manage to defy the odds and become economically viable enough as a person in my 40s to have a family I'll be telling my kids to be hair dressers.
>> No. 14613 Anonymous
17th August 2021
Tuesday 6:50 pm
14613 spacer

>Going to uni isn't an achievement

It is for someone who grew up like I did. Being alive past 30 is also a significant milestone.
>> No. 14885 Anonymous
31st December 2021
Friday 1:44 pm
14885 spacer
My Co-Op Jam Doughnuts have not just raspberry jam as is tradition, but also plum and apple. They can't keep getting away with it.
>> No. 14921 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 10:49 pm
14921 spacer
Why are there not more purely apple doughnuts though?

>> No. 448866 Anonymous
8th January 2022
Saturday 9:09 am
/b/448866 New Weekend Thread
How's it going, lads?

What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 449074 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 3:30 pm
449074 spacer
Proper old. Last year I informed you all of my ordeal with a rogue eyebrow hair after a lifetime of perfect zero-maintenance eyebrows. And just this weekend I realised I had nose hair that needed some attention, again after a lifetime of perfect zero-maintenance nose hair. It felt like it needed a good pick, but after a few attempts I realised it wasn't a bogie but a hair. Now I know why people have those little nose scissors.
>> No. 449075 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 3:43 pm
449075 spacer
>>449074 just wait for the ear hairs, they're annoying bastards.
>> No. 449076 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 4:04 pm
449076 spacer
I've seriously thought about one of those ear/nose trimmers, but they look faintly barbaric and I'm scared it's going to end in a lot of blood.

Also, ears are fine, but pulling out nose hairs really really fucking hurts.
>> No. 449077 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 6:02 pm
449077 spacer
Did you find a solution for the increasing eyebrow wildness? Mine are getting more and more mental as the years pass, I pluck out the odd one that decides to go full rogue but it doesn't seem sustainable.

I had an ex who used to use some sort of product on them and had a little brush, I don't think she'd appreciate a message asking about eyebrow maintenance though tbh.
>> No. 449078 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 6:05 pm
449078 spacer

Turkish barbers m8. They'll sort out the lot - ears, nose and eyebrows.


>> No. 28996 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 3:49 pm
/news/28996 spacer
Fewer people believe the BBC to be an impartial broadcaster than ever before, with the corporation’s news output falling below Sky, ITV/STV, Channel 5, and Channel 4 in the latest Ofcom report.

According to Ofcom’s BBC Performance Tracker, only 54% of UK adults agree that the BBC provides news that is impartial. However, separate research comparing the BBC to other UK broadcasters found that 58% of people thought the corporation was impartial. This is compared to Sky’s 69%, Channel 4’s 66%, ITV/STV’s 63%, and Channel 5’s 61%.

Perception of the trustworthiness of the BBC’s news output also varied across the socio-economic spectrum. The Ofcom report found that 60% of people in the higher AB socio-economic group thought the corporation was impartial, compared to just 49% in the lower CD group.

Younger audiences are treating BBC services such as iPlayer as an afterthought, according to a warning from Ofcom, as the media regulator revealed that people aged 16-34 spend less than an hour a day consuming BBC content.

This age group has reduced its use of the BBC by 22% in three years, according to Ofcom’s annual appraisal of the corporation’s performance. People in the age bracket are drifting away from traditional broadcast channels such as BBC One and instinctively heading towards YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, rather than the corporation’s online services. As a result younger audiences tend to only use iPlayer “when they know what they want to watch, rather than as a destination to browse for new content”.

The loyalty of older and wealthier BBC viewers is draining away as the corporation desperately tries to attract younger audiences, a report from the media regulator has revealed. Ofcom also said yesterday that the corporation was out of touch with large swathes of licence fee payers around the UK, as its audience continues to fall.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 36666 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 1:35 am
36666 spacer
>Why don't you like the BBC

Face it lad, there's not much worth watching on the BBC. That's the real reason it has become a vote winner to scrap the tv licence and why so many people dodge the detector van.

>and what alternatives do you prefer?

Like otherlad I spend a surprising amount of time watching Youtube these days. I don't really need to have content curated to me by some central body and where I do I prefer more specialised content either to my tastes, what internet people recommend or what I stumble upon. Not HIGNFY taking clips off of youtube because they've long-since run out of ideas.

Think of television as like watching a 24 hour news channel, you might get some things you want but it's surface deep and buried under shit you don't care about to the degree that it actually makes you angry how little control you have.
>> No. 36667 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 7:20 am
36667 spacer
Are competition laws really the reason they don't do that? One reason I've always resented the licence fee is that despite the public funding old programmes, if they want to re-watch them they're still expected to buy a DVD or Bluray (at full price) rather than being made available freely or at nominal cost. That rather feels like double-dipping - get the public to pay for production costs, then rake in more cash on selling the finished product.
>> No. 36669 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 12:42 pm
36669 spacer
>Are competition laws really the reason they don't do that?

I don't know chapter and verse, but I do recall about 10+ years ago this being a big thing; there was a general feeling that if the BBC had completely free rein to do what it liked online, it would stifle a lot of other potential websites - I believe the actual argument was over the "recipes" section of the BBC site.
>> No. 36670 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 12:44 pm
36670 spacer
>I spend a surprising amount of time watching Youtube these days

Me too and I'm relatively late to the party - I am likely to replace the TV license spend with a YouTube Premium account.
>> No. 36671 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 4:23 pm
36671 spacer

>Are competition laws really the reason they don't do that?

Not quite, but the BBC Charter (and how it is interpreted by the BBC Governors and Ofcom) has massively stunted iPlayer.

11. Market impact
(1) The BBC must have particular regard to the effects of its activities on competition in the United Kingdom.
(2) In complying with this article, the BBC must-
(a) seek to avoid adverse impacts on competition which are not necessary for the effective fulfilment of the Mission and the promotion of the Public Purposes;
(b) have regard to promoting positive impacts on the wider market.

Initially, Ofcom were reluctant to allow iPlayer to include whole series rather than just the last episode; box sets of old series were totally out of the question. Only in the last couple of years have the BBC been allowed to upload iPlayer-only content that hasn't been recently broadcast on TV. The BBC aren't allowed to just make the best streaming platform they can, but have to prove that any improvements they make won't harm their commercial competitors.

ITV, Channel 4 and the BBC wanted to launch a combined streaming platform in 2009, but this was blocked by the Competition Commission. BritBox was eventually allowed because of the rise of increased commercial competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> No. 5907 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 6:50 pm
/poof/5907 Watches
I was sure we had a wristwatch thread, but maybe the topic just came up elsewhere. A relative of mine has just offered to get me a watch for Chrimbo, with a budget of up to 120 quid-ish. I'm in over my head so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I've narrowed down my options but only slightly.

First option is a fitness watch. I bought a £20 quid Fitbit knockoff a year ago that inevitably broke and whose heart monitor was a bit shit, but is the extra Fitbit functionality worth paying four times the price? I actually quite liked the look of it, but I wouldn't feel great wearing it on a date.

Next option is just a classic Casio digital watch, but will I look like a complete tryhard arse wearing one? I have no idea what the fashion protocol is here. And I suspect that women would be rather put off by it. Which is a vain concern admittedly, but vanity has to be at least a small factor in this decision somewhere.

Lastly, and probably my preferred option, is just a classic analogue. Absolutely nothing that has gold on it, and nothing that's the size of a dinner plate and adorned with lots of pointless doodads that clutter the face. I like silver, white and black minimalist styles that don't look too feminine if that helps - pic related is my sort of style, although the face is a bit large for my liking. Does anyone know of any decent brands in the £100 range? I'm getting good at identfying the Chinese knockoffs with vaguely-European sounding names, but it's a lot to sift through. If there's a British manufacturer in this range than all the better.

Apologies for having an unhelpfully large scope, I'm under a bit of time pressure since they want to order it this weekend. Any help is greatly apppreciated.
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>> No. 6497 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 12:42 pm
6497 spacer
That's because those straps are made of composite leather. They will be layers of materials, of which most won't be real leather. Compared to an expensive leather strap that will made from one solid leather piece.
>> No. 6498 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 2:29 pm
6498 spacer

Amphibias are great, especially for a sub-£100 automatic. I love how customizable they are.
>> No. 6499 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 9:52 pm
6499 spacer

Love the look of these too and they're quite reasonably priced.

Zalsach. It's a watch for blind people.
>> No. 6500 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 10:01 pm
6500 spacer
They remind me of the puzzles you'd get in a Christmas cracker.
>> No. 6501 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 12:34 pm
6501 spacer

This is a CWC SBS - the official watch of the SBS, Marines and Special Forces - waterproof to 300m. Nice looking watch, but not sure it's worth 600 quid more than the Amphibia.

Interesting story in the rags today about a sailor who got caught nicking them from Naval stores and selling them on eBay.


>> No. 70257 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 1:25 am
/iq/70257 Trains
>Gender transition is the process by which some people strive to more closely align
their internal knowledge of gender with its outward appearance.

>Use gender-neutral language when you’re unsure. This means saying “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant woman” or referring to specific anatomic terms (i.e., “uterus” or “chest”) instead of “breast” or “female reproductive system.”

>Dommy; queer, mixture of mommy and daddy (note: sounds like Dom/me, a BDSM term)

>Muddy; queer, mixture of mummy and daddy.

>Nini; queer, based on the N in NB, similar to mama and papa/dada.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 70317 Samefag
16th January 2022
Sunday 9:58 pm
70317 spacer
This is why they make you spend two years as a man in a dress before they'll cut anything off. Surely you both remember that this is part of the procedure.
>> No. 70318 Ambulancelad
16th January 2022
Sunday 10:05 pm
70318 spacer

How dare you.

But if a woman has deformed tits then that's fine in my book. I used to date a woman with tits like the woman in the guilty-would thread and as you can imagine it definitely impacted her life, not really so much on the outside because she had special cups and stuff (and I was just happy to be putting my willy somewhere) but she was insecure to the point of paranoia about anyone seeing her naked. I think that's fine grounds, like if you had a micropenis then it's not unreasonable to get a penis enlargement.
>> No. 70319 R4GE
16th January 2022
Sunday 10:27 pm
70319 spacer
I'd be happier living as a 6'2 man with a straighter nose and a slightly better chin, but I'm not, and the only way I can get that is by faking it through surgery. I wouldn't be that thing though, I'd still be me underneath, even if my physical form felt like something I should be or wanted to be.

It would surely be better for me to try and become happy with what I am, if I don't have gender dysphoria, rather than cosplaying as someone I want to be when I'm obviously not.

But then I do wonder about in the future, when we presumably have mastery of the atom and can simply adjust our form on the fly. I think we're caught in an unfortunate inbetween where it's kind of possible to change yourself physically but you're still going
to be the person you were because we can't change that yet.

And it's so optical - many people seem to be saying "I feel like I identify more with things that are culturally masc/fem so I should be masc/fem and if I'm referred to as the opposite it's offensive" despite these things being completely arbitrary. Like denying that you have breasts because you associate breasts with femininity, but this being counterproductive in terms of normalising things like breast cancer in men.
>> No. 70320 Paedofag
16th January 2022
Sunday 10:32 pm
70320 spacer

If you only need one tit doing, do you still have to pay full price?
>> No. 70321 Crabkiller
16th January 2022
Sunday 10:55 pm
70321 spacer

>I'd be happier living as a 6'2 man with a straighter nose and a slightly better chin, but I'm not, and the only way I can get that is by faking it through surgery.

Yes but you are presumably not a debilitatingly ugly lad at the moment, just somebody who thinks nature could have been more generous with him in terms of physical attributes.

I'm not saying that plastic/cosmetic surgery won't improve your self image, but unless you really have a remarkably wonky nose - or tit - that causes you considerable psychological suffering, I think a lot of people who get plastic surgery do so not because they objectively need it, but because they have never learned to accept themselves for who they are. Plastic surgery is a way for some of them to become somebody else. Because somewhere deep down, they have low self esteem or even had an unhappy childhood where nobody ever gave them a sense of self worth.

On the other hand, I'm sure you've noticed that people with the biggest self confidence who get shags left right and centre aren't always the ones who look picture perfect. Usually, they are somebody who likes and enjoys who they are and doesn't worry too much about their nose or breasts, and they then project that. Self confidence, in the right dosage, is a powerful trait that attracts both friends and sexual partners.

You can then still say, yes, but I'm really doing plastic surgery just for myself. To feel better about myself when I look in the mirror. And that's probably not unreasonable, but again, unless you objectively look shit, the more profound and long-term fix is quite often to accept yourself the way you are.


>> No. 70222 Billbob
13th January 2022
Thursday 9:55 am
/iq/70222 spacer
>Midget Gems renamed after claims name is hateful towards people with dwarfism

>Marks & Spencer has changed the name of the favourite childhood sweet Midget Gems to avoid offending people with dwarfism. The retailer dropped the term midget and has rebranded the sweets Mini Gems after a leading disability studies academic warned it that the word can be “highly problematic”.

>Dr Erin Pritchard, a lecturer in Disability and Education at Liverpool Hope University, has condemned the term midget as a form of hate speech which is deeply insulting to people with dwarfism. The academic, who herself has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, has criticised other UK retailers, including Tesco, for continuing to use the word.

>Dr Pritchard said: “The word midget is a form of hate speech and contributes to the prejudice that people with dwarfism experience on a daily basis. Having spoken with various firms about the use of the word midget, it’s clear that many companies are simply unaware of just how offensive the term is, and I’ve had to explain to them why it’s such an issue.”

What's the PC term for midget porn?
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>> No. 70288 YubYub
15th January 2022
Saturday 11:29 pm
70288 spacer

Fun fact - a bassoon is called a fagotto in Italian. One of my Italian friends at uni whose English was a bit patchy when she first arrived here told me that her brother was an avid fagotto player back home. Which was a bit bewildering, and the hand gestures she was making to explain the word "fagotto" to me weren't helping.
>> No. 70294 YubYub
16th January 2022
Sunday 8:51 am
70294 spacer
Well at least you weren't arriving to class late.
>> No. 70311 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 6:45 pm
70311 spacer
>> No. 70314 Billbob
16th January 2022
Sunday 7:10 pm
70314 spacer

No, it is pronounced "fagotto". The "g" only becomes soft in Italian when it is followed by an e or an i.

Lamborghini, on the other hand, is pronounced with a hard g, because of the h right after it. You can show some culturedness there.
>> No. 70316 R4GE
16th January 2022
Sunday 8:03 pm
70316 spacer


>> No. 68192 YubYub
8th March 2021
Monday 9:45 am
/iq/68192 spacer
My money is on Princess Michael of Kent.
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>> No. 70308 Paedofag
16th January 2022
Sunday 5:24 pm
70308 spacer
Right, but if there are important parts of the story which they actively leave out (for example, nobody else has to pay for Prince Harry's bodyguards; he will pay for them himself) then no amount of knowing they're lying will reinsert that part of the story. You'd need to read it somewhere else. Why not just go there in the first place?
>> No. 70309 Paedofag
16th January 2022
Sunday 5:36 pm
70309 spacer
You're being a bit disingenuous yourself when there's nothing stopping him paying for security. What he wants is access to public security services with an explicit intention being intelligence gathering, justified because some paps followed him from a charity event.

You would be using police resources including manpower, Harry. You can't expect special treatment compared to other celebrities or that money magically makes it okay.
>> No. 70310 Samefag
16th January 2022
Sunday 5:47 pm
70310 spacer
You're being entirely disingenuous if your response to "they left some information out" is "you're wrong because here's even more information left out".

A bit like the implication that he's any more/less entitled to public money or services than the rest of the royals, made by arguing about him in particular.
>> No. 70312 Moralfag
16th January 2022
Sunday 6:56 pm
70312 spacer

The venn diagram of their audience is very heavily overlapping. But it's not specifically /pol/, it's just that the Mail panders to an American audience nowadays, and therefore the majority of /pol/.

It's partially because it typically runs the kind of story that validates a lot of their right wing prejudices, and from an international perspective, even the more moderate yanks love a bit of that "Bloody hell Double darn dagnabbit, you can't even buy a spoon in sharia britain!" type outrage bait. It makes them more comfortable in the illusion of their own freedom to see other countries having silly laws and brown people, and they lap it up.

I'm forever telling Yanks on another forum I visit that the Mail is basically the real life equivalent of that mad one that prints barmy nonsense in harry potter, like alex jones in newspaper form. But they don't believe me, because they would genuinely, consciously rather believe you can't eat pork in manchester or whatever. they like it that way.
>> No. 70313 Moralfag
16th January 2022
Sunday 7:03 pm
70313 spacer

When it's literally the second sentence in their article, how have they left it out?


>> No. 42530 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 11:15 pm
/x/42530 By popular furquest
There's at least 3 of us here who want to see this, and we all know what that means.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 42556 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 6:40 pm
42556 spacer

>> No. 42557 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 6:44 pm
42557 spacer

>> No. 42564 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 10:11 pm
42564 spacer
I forgot this artist existed. Such familiar faces and vaginas, lol.
J Nalor comics are pretty good.

>I have no objection to vanilla furry stuff.
>I have a number of objections to the stuff in this thread.
When you say vanilla, do you mean softcore? I can see nothing here that's not vanilla furry, apart from some possibly light BDSM (a few chains, a lead, etc)

>It brings to mind the old received wisdom that men prefer visual stimulation, and women prefer mental stimulation. I'd disagree with that, because I'm firmly in the latter camp and I'm certainly a bloke, but I think that's basically the dynamic at play.
>(Unless that means I'm actually trans, but I don't think it does)
I call it 'concept porn' more about non-generic scenarios and worldbuilding. For better or worse it's really difficult to find anything worthwhile, although 'horror porn' seems to be a growing genre.
>> No. 42565 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 12:15 am
42565 spacer
>When you say vanilla, do you mean softcore?
Depends what you mean. I just know that nipples that look like plungers, the weird metallic sheen that others have mentioned, the lip-spreading of what looks like a sphincter, the unrealistic amount of fluid everywhere... none of it's a turn-on. Post some fuckin' Peaches and Cream instead or something.
>> No. 42566 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 12:34 am
42566 spacer


It's all very Tom of Finland.


>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
/boo/2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

946 posts and 111 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 5377 Anonymous
30th December 2021
Thursday 11:59 pm
5377 spacer
>with a painting of Tsar Nikolas II prominently displayed in the background.
Because he approves of the tsar or to imply he and Tutu were on the same wavelength? That is very, very confusing. Nicholas II makes Oswald Mosely look like a member of Labour Friends of Israel ffs. Dershowitz is such a freak and it's concerning he can just rock up for an interview no questions asked on the BBC. Someone at the Big British Castle is very out of touch these days and given my fondness and respect for the institution that's concerning.
>> No. 5378 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 6:46 pm
5378 spacer
And thanks to the OJ case, we also ended up with the Kardashian clan.
>> No. 5379 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 7:24 pm
5379 spacer

I'm usually very sceptical of the "Great Man" theory of history. But there are some cases where it's striking just how much evil really does come back to one person in the end.
>> No. 5380 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 8:21 pm
5380 spacer

Any of you lads seen 'the Scary of Sixty-first' (2021) yet?
>> No. 5381 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 9:53 pm
5381 spacer
>After two mismatched roommates discover that their new Upper East Side apartment once belonged to the late pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, the pair find themselves compelled to uncover—and relive—the murky secrets of their domicile
What the fuuuuck


>> No. 28076 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:34 pm
/g/28076 spacer
Which memory sticks/flash drives, if any, would be able to handle playing games off if I copied the files over to them?

Specific games I'm thinking of are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim.
Expand all images.
>> No. 28077 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 3:35 pm
28077 spacer
It's a good question.

Personally I would think about buying a little M.2 drive and putting it in a USB case - that would rock.
>> No. 28078 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 7:55 pm
28078 spacer
Most decent-quality USB 3 flash drives will approach hard drive levels of performance, which may or may not be acceptable to you. Do be careful about where you buy from, because Amazon and eBay are full of counterfeits.

The better (but more expensive) option is to go with an external SSD. The Samsung T5 500GB is available for under £70 and has all the performance and durability you'd expect from a Samsung SSD.

If you've got an older laptop with limited storage, I'd recommend just installing a decent-sized SSD. It's not all that difficult, SATA SSDs are cheap as chips these days and you'll see a huge increase in responsiveness if you're still booting from a hard drive.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 42559 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 9:47 am
42559 spacer
Is this recent? If so, she is making some girl very happy.
>> No. 42560 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 10:29 am
42560 spacer

That picture is about six years old. These days her face is puffier from the drugs/booze/antidepressants; I know she went off the rails a bit and lost custody of her daughter to Klitschko.
>> No. 42561 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 4:54 pm
42561 spacer
I for one think she looks better now. But knowing this place, is that really a surprise?
>> No. 42562 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 5:41 pm
42562 spacer
Yeah, those cheeks are looking lovely and squirrely.
>> No. 42563 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 6:11 pm
42563 spacer

Olha Stefanishyna, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, would get it. Hoo boy. What a babe. She probably also disapproves of Vladimir Putin, as I do, so we might even get on and enjoy each other's company too.


>> No. 70251 R4GE
14th January 2022
Friday 7:09 pm
/iq/70251 spacer
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>> No. 70252 Ambulancelad
14th January 2022
Friday 7:19 pm
70252 spacer
Your mums a mysterious isochronous curve.

(This doesn't really seem like an /IQ/ thread though)
>> No. 70277 Billbob
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:49 pm
70277 spacer

i first thought it was a parody of kids science shows fromt he 70s and 80s but i've found out it was a real show

i thought some youtubers were making these videos today and making them look 40 years old
>> No. 70278 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:57 pm
70278 spacer


>> No. 95169 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 2:04 am
/pol/95169 Angela Rayner
Boris is looking completely lost, Keir is a bit of wet rag and I'm unsure of her connections to the Corybnista loonies. But that said, Boris is over and done now - I like her very much, and she will probably be the next Prime Minister and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 95224 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 6:33 pm
95224 spacer

The Tory party is a loose coalition of people with very different ideological positions. There are certainly small-state libertarians, but there are also nationalists, populists and reactionaries. The party is and always has been irreconcilably divided on a multitude of issues; the main thing they have in common is a willingness to work together.

Covid hasn't caused the party to explode. The drawing to a close of Brexit did bring up a lot of internal divisions, but the party is remarkably resilient to that sort of thing. The leadership has collapsed, but that's a very different matter. CCHQ is still in fighting form and they've got half a dozen leadership candidates who could win an election. It doesn't matter which of those people become leader; the party will give them their full support (at least in public) and build a campaign around them.
>> No. 95228 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 8:33 pm
95228 spacer
There's something about women's voices in general, I think. I remember having a 1980s voice simulator on the Commodore 64, and the instruction manual explained that the robotic voice was female because women's voices are easier to understand than men's voices. And indeed, all the voices on trains and things are nearly always women. So perhaps it's to do with that. However, I know a soft-spoken Southern lady with a genuinely retarded voice, like she properly goes "duhhhh" when she speaks, and I don't mind her voice because it doesn't really have an accent. Meanwhile, that BBC voiceover woman from Blackburn is fucking awful. Her accent is so deliberate, so forced, so obviously chosen by committee to sound "ordinary" and, most offensively of all, "just like you, you ignorant peasant". I could actually go to Blackburn and never once hear an accent as strong as hers. I hate her.

So it's probably the Northern thing rather than sounding like a moron. But then, I think a few of the posters here type like dickheads with your "cop wor lass's tits, aye" bollocks. Again, if you don't know anyone who talks like that in real life, it sounds so fake.
>> No. 95232 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 10:23 pm
95232 spacer
Come to think of it, since I posted this, I have also remembered that I hate Danny Dyer and anyone with too much of a Bristol accent too. So I guess people (=me, the ambassador of all humanity) hate Angela Rayner because she has a strong accent, rather than anything beyond that.
>> No. 95237 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 11:11 pm
95237 spacer

My only objection to this is that they have a pretty valid point and then they have to spoil it by going all "Ehhhr but the poooor woeeemmeeenn :( :( :("

Let's say I had a telephone interview, prior to a full interview, with some fancy City of London family company. Do you reckon I'd improve my chances if I covered up my thick Sarf Leeds chav drawl and pretended to be posh? Yes, the answer is definitely and unequivocally yes.
>> No. 95239 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:29 am
95239 spacer
Accent bias is absolutely a thing. Isn't it Brummies who are perceived to be the least intelligent in the UK according to accent bias? Least trustworthy at least.

She's thoroughly up her own arse if she thinks this specific thing is about gender. It's mindboggling that one could even isolate it to that considering how massively obvious it is that 'working class' accents exist and 'northern' accents are looked down on, while RP accents are seen as a mark of quality and intelligence.

It must either be clickbait or complete self absorption.

>So it's probably the Northern thing rather than sounding like a moron. But then, I think a few of the posters here type like dickheads with your "cop wor lass's tits, aye" bollocks. Again, if you don't know anyone who talks like that in real life, it sounds so fake.
I remember the first time I heard a geordie say 'pal', and when I sounded it out it felt so wrong. A few years of living in the area and it's now completely natural and feels normal for me to say.

And you're going to find people hamming it up here, especially now they know you find it annoying.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 25401 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 12:25 pm
25401 spacer
> I don't want to fall into typical boomerish nostalgia about how everything was better when I was a young 'un (even if it was), but if I was to try and look for a rational explanation I'd say it's because games are bigger money and bigger budget than ever before; as a result development cycles take longer, and there are fewer risks being taken by big publishers. Thus nowadays, there are maybe two or three truly high quality games each year, where we could have dozens in years gone by.

You're spot on though, it was massively better when things were worse.

1) Devs no longer have to deal with as many technical constraints, reducing innovation.

2) DLC means gone are the days of unlocking everything in the game through your own hard work/luck. Fighting games in particular have been shocking for this, considering the golden age around PS1/PS2 era was full of unlockables and rewards which are now paywalled.

2.5) The resulting slowdown in production of new titles/taking risks as you mentioned, Rockstar being the most egregious example of this with their ridiculous GTAV lifespan.

3) Market increasing massively with far too many casual gamer wallets dictating the direction of gaming, meaning low effort annual releases like FIFA/NBA/NFL, and CoD. Safe, very slight changes to formula at best between instalments, mainly just milking people.

4) Prepurchasing. Fuck prepurchasing.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 25402 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 12:44 pm
25402 spacer
I think I've complained about this before, maybe in this thread, but battle passes are to me the worst part of modern gaming (at least now lootboxes are dying out). I like the idea of unlocking stuff through gameplay. But with the battle pass I have to pay money to earn the right to unlock stuff through gameplay. So if I want the super shiny armour, I need to grind XP to level up to 100, and also drop £7 or whatever to unlock what I rightfully unlocked. Absolute madness. Stealing your time and your money.
>> No. 25403 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 1:43 pm
25403 spacer
Modern gaming is an alien world to me, but have some genres completely vanished? I hear about FPSes and third-person shooters and sports games, and that's basically it. Does anyone still make strategy games? Or Dungeons and Dragons RPGs? There hasn't been a new SimCity for a while, or Baldur's Gate, has there? Are the entire genres extinct?
>> No. 25404 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 1:55 pm
25404 spacer
Baldur's Gate 3 has been in early access for over a year, by the same devs who did the (massively highly rated and successful) Divinity Original Sin and its sequel. There was a D&D based action RPG last year where you play as Drizzt, it was shit but it exists. Sega do a lot of strategy games, like the upcoming Total War Warhammer 3, and in the last few years there's been lots of Total Wars, Humankind (very disappointing), Two Point Hospital. Age Of Empires 4 came out a couple of months ago. SimCity effectively died after the last big installment failed, but there's Cities XL and its many expansions to fill that niche. Also weirder city builders like Frostpunk and the one where you make a society of intelligent beavers.
>> No. 25405 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 8:12 pm
25405 spacer
> Does anyone still make strategy games?
Strategy games I'm not too up on, if you mean RTS then I really don't know. Grey Goo and Planetary Annihilation were both released after SC2, but they're also more than a few years old at this point

> Or Dungeons and Dragons RPGs?
The RPG genre is doing very well, but D&D mechanics not so much. To a modern audience that's never played D&D the hidden rolls are a bit opaque, I guess. But as >>25404 points out, Baldurs Gate is, in theory and barring Kickstarter hell, going to continue.

> There hasn't been a new SimCity for a while
There was one, it was shit. Cities Skylines is the most recent Sim City like game that's highly regarded. Anno 2205 is more Sim City than Anno, though it's much simplified in comparison. But those two are also more than a few years old.

I think the city builder has been, at least in part, replaced by the factory builder, which is alive and kicking and scratches much the same itch.


>> No. 95183 Anonymous
9th January 2022
Sunday 6:18 pm
/pol/95183 spacer

tl;dr rich getting richer, poor getting poorer, middle class is getting eroded, minimal hope for young generations unless they stand to inherit wealth

Is there a way out?
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>> No. 95206 Anonymous
11th January 2022
Tuesday 8:53 pm
95206 spacer

>Trotsky went around insisting the USSR was capitalist. Granted, Stalin evidentially didn't like that one bit.

As far as I can tell, nobody really liked Are Leon all that much. Not sure what the beef was mind you, because I'm not enough of a nerd to have read up on him yet.

>Lenin also argued positively for state capitalism in the earlier part of the USSR's existence.

I think Lenin was more towards that OG Marxist type of sentiment that communism has to come about as the inevitable end-point transformation of capitalism itself, or else it will fail. I tend to agree with that. The trouble with most communist countries throughout history is that they forced it in too soon, when those countries were barely industrialised before it.
>> No. 95207 Anonymous
11th January 2022
Tuesday 9:07 pm
95207 spacer
Stalin believed in "socialism in one country": if you can achieve glorious communism in your own country, all the other countries will follow suit when they see how good it is, so you don't need to go interfering in their business until then.

Trotsky preferred "permanent revolution": seize every opportunity to bring every country closer to communism, so that they eventually all become communist around the same time.

So yes, Trotsky sounds like he had the potential to have been even more of a madman than Stalin was, crazy though that seems.
>> No. 95208 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 7:27 am
95208 spacer

>it pivoted to state capitalism
>an extremely authoritarian capitalist state.
>China isn't communist. It is ex-communist.

State capitalism isn't a real thing though, it's a distraction. Capitalism is private ownership, communism is public ownership. State capitalism means the state (the public) in control of the capital. Essentially, when communism becomes authoritarian, call it 'state capitalism' so it doesn't look bad. As we did with that German politician from the 30s and 40s.


The randy Scandi socialism thing is a bit of a myth, in part they're currently more free market than the USA. They did have a very socialist period in the 70s or 80s.

Some of these things are cultural and the overlap is weird. Sweden's response to COVID is more like that of a red-state, but people in Sweden are more compliant and trusting of their government as they're more collective culturally.
>> No. 95226 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 6:41 pm
95226 spacer
Somewhat ironic that this article was posted on the same week that a consortium of doctors and academics decided to try to take down Joe Rogan.
>> No. 95227 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 7:01 pm
95227 spacer

>No no no, you see, words mean what they mean when I like what they mean, if nit then they don't.

Ah, well then that settles the issue.


chicken boy puzzled.jpg
>> No. 4814 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 7:24 pm
/lab/4814 spacer
Scientifically speaking, what's the best form of poo?
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>> No. 5046 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 6:17 pm
5046 spacer

Dragon Dildo Den?
>> No. 5047 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 6:17 pm
5047 spacer
I think he's right. Sometimes I find myself becoming randy when I need to take a piss or shit. It's like how you can wake up in the morning and masturbate but if you get up to pee first then you suddenly have others things on your mind.
>> No. 5048 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 6:19 pm
5048 spacer
I think you both have prostate problems.
>> No. 5049 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 6:21 pm
5049 spacer

On the contrary, our prostates are working exactly as nature intended. Yours must have something wrong with it if you don't get randy when you need a shit.
>> No. 5058 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 10:07 am
5058 spacer
If someone has a near-death experience will they wake up to find that they've shit themselves or will they also have had a near-poo experience?


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