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>> No. 3281 Anonymous
28th September 2011
Wednesday 10:58 pm
/poof/3281 spacer
Have any of you chaps stopped using shampoo and conditioner?

I'm considering giving it a go, but I've heard that before your hair starts to clean itself (which usually takes up to 6 weeks) it can be a greasy mess.
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>> No. 6187 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:32 pm
6187 spacer
Soz, I didn't know h2 was that big.
>> No. 6188 Anonymous
8th June 2020
Monday 12:17 am
6188 spacer

That made it funnier somehow.
>> No. 6570 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 11:21 am
6570 spacer
I've recently started using a shampoo bar. It seems to be providing better results than liquid shampoo.
>> No. 6572 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 9:23 pm
6572 spacer
I gave up using shampoo bars because they run out too fast and are a pain to replace, a Pear's soap bar does instead and nobody seems to notice.
>> No. 6693 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 12:58 pm
6693 spacer
If you've got short hair does it really matter what shampoo you use? I can understand why a lass would buy one of those £4 bottles from the shop, but if my hair is only an inch or so long I don't see the point in anything more expensive than a cheapo bottle of Alberto Balsam. It's pretty much all the same thing, right?


>> No. 51150 Anonymous
8th October 2013
Tuesday 9:23 pm
/pol/51150 spacer
Young adults in England have scored among the lowest results in the industrialised world in international literacy and numeracy tests.

A major study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows how England's 16 to 24-year-olds are falling behind their Asian and European counterparts. England is 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries.

Unlike other developed countries, the study also showed that young people in England are no better at these tests than older people, in the 55 to 65 age range. When this is weighted with other factors, such as the socio-economic background of people taking the test, it shows that England is the only country in the survey where results are going backwards - with the older cohort better than the younger.

Cue lots of finger pointing and nothing changing.
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>> No. 96076 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 7:53 pm
96076 spacer
I think people should study what they want to study so they learn and reach fruition as a person. People love to whinge about Blair but people getting an education is a fundamentally good thing and I don't think forcing the arty lad into a career he never wanted is the right idea. If anything it feels like a plaster on more fundamental problems with the education system.

>Training an AI to perform routine clerical work

Truly reaching for the starts there aren't you.

>In a broader sense though, what I'm saying is: Where do you think that classism comes from? It gets drilled into you from somewhere. Some of it is from background social osmosis, TV, films, the like, but in terms of straightforward career prospects, the majority of it is school. When you actually stop and think about the way our "education" system works, the main thing it actually teaches you is your place.

Having done both I think it's fair to say that a lot of people working 'hands on' jobs are cunts. People who have only ever been a corporate drone are also cunts but it's more of that bitchy aspect.
>> No. 96077 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 11:43 pm
96077 spacer
Quite right that getting educated is a fundamentally good thing, but we do need to draw the distinction between that and getting an education, especially nowadays when any cunt can download a copy of Ashcroft and Mermin from libgen and teach themselves solid state physics at their own pace, probably to greater effect than most universities could. I'm saying this as a career academic, higher education is little more than a qualification-printing service and most of the genuinely smart people I've known in science and in life have been self-taught.
>> No. 96078 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 11:55 pm
96078 spacer
It's a good thing universities teach how to learn, think critically and research then.
>> No. 96079 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 3:50 am
96079 spacer

>Truly reaching for the starts there aren't you.

Most people who work in an office are engaged in routine clerical work. They might not think that it's routine clerical work, but they're basically an algorithm in an easy-iron shirt. You have to go a long way up the org chart before you find people who actually have meaningful autonomy; practically everyone else just turns a predictable set of inputs into a predictable set of outputs.


>It's a good thing universities teach how to learn, think critically and research then.

If they're actually trying to do that, then they're failing miserably. Everyone I know who uses scientific literature as a resource has a very poor opinion of academia due to the incredibly poor signal-to-noise ratio of supposedly prestigious journals. It's very rare to find a paper that is actually replicable. At best, no more than 5% of papers contain even a crumb of useful data - the rest are just concoctions of bad statistics, undocumented methodologies and outright fabrication that serve no purpose other than to produce an impressive-looking abstract and a line on someone's academic CV. The literature is drowning in bullshit, because the incentives to publish vastly outweigh the incentives to verify. Given how low the standards are in the hard sciences, I shudder to think of the absolute bollocks they must be churning out in the humanities.
>> No. 96080 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 12:22 pm
96080 spacer
I feel like you wind up with a problem where a bullshit humanities paper might always have a higher value than a bullshit scientific paper. If you bullshit a paper about chemistry or physics then your rocket isn't going to work. The use of the thing is tied directly to practical application. By contrast if you bullshit a paper about philosophy or even about politics or history, you might still have written something interesting and novel that can be built upon in some way.
It feels like the kind of thing that someone would usually say to attack the validity of the humanities as a whole, but I'm viewing it as an entirely neutral difference. I've nothing against paying people to write nonsense without any practical application if they're writing interesting nonsense. Nobody should have to write filler, though. Filler is boring.


>> No. 27146 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 10:54 pm
/news/27146 spacer
I suppose it's time for a new thread seeing as the previous one is almost at 1,700 posts.

It's been kicking off in America (again) after the police have shot a black man (again). A couple of protesters/rioters have been killed after they were driven by the police towards an alt-right militia, with this planned in advance.
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>> No. 38825 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 9:39 pm
38825 spacer


>Atlanta Subway employee shot dead by customer in argument over mayo, police say

Doesn't warrant its own thread.
>> No. 38826 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 10:07 pm
38826 spacer
There's a serious injustice here.

Surely only one of the employees was responsible for administering the mayonnaise.

One of the women shot did nothing to deserve it.
>> No. 38827 Anonymous
27th June 2022
Monday 10:11 pm
38827 spacer

That the manager also had a gun on him and fired back tips this way over the edge of satire.
>> No. 38829 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 2:52 am
38829 spacer
One time I asked for chipotle southwest and they gave me ketchup, and I was too scared to correct them, so I paid and brought it home and threw it away because ketchup makes me sick. If only I lived in the USA, I could have bust a cap in the sandwich artist's ass for doing the wrong sauce.
>> No. 38830 Anonymous
28th June 2022
Tuesday 8:10 am
38830 spacer

The U.S. is truly the land of the free. All we can do is admire with envy.


>> No. 71146 YubYub
27th June 2022
Monday 10:14 pm
/iq/71146 spacer

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>> No. 71148 R4GE
27th June 2022
Monday 10:47 pm
71148 spacer
Who do these people think they are, the Lib Dems?
>> No. 71150 Auntiefucker
27th June 2022
Monday 11:09 pm
71150 spacer
what do you reckon happened to les dennis?
>> No. 71151 Searchfag
27th June 2022
Monday 11:13 pm
71151 spacer
He was on the most recent episode of Would I Lie To You? Unless that was Keith Chegwin. I struggle to tell them apart, but I think it was Les Dennis.
>> No. 71152 Paedofag
28th June 2022
Tuesday 2:48 am
71152 spacer
I don't really know!

Cheggers died a few years ago, so it's unlikely he was on Would I Lie To You recently.
>> No. 71153 YubYub
28th June 2022
Tuesday 3:18 am
71153 spacer


Panto, mostly.


>> No. 71142 Crabkiller
26th June 2022
Sunday 6:25 pm
/iq/71142 spacer
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>> No. 71143 Ambulancelad
26th June 2022
Sunday 6:36 pm
71143 spacer
Well, they were right about the wages.
>> No. 71144 Searchfag
26th June 2022
Sunday 7:23 pm
71144 spacer

One of the worst things about the housing crisis is that even when you get on the property ladder your home is still ugly and likely sitting on a Barratt housing development. I can practically hear the A-road through the image.

Maybe if Herman had pulled his finger out and made a Directive on affordable housing instead of how bendy my banana is we wouldn't have left.

Not if you work in the public sector it's fucking not.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 25694 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 2:03 pm
25694 spacer
it's a bit like the WWE games now, used it's be pretty simple affair and now it's press 8 buttons to throw a punch while micro managing your stamina and crowd pleasing.
>> No. 25695 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 8:32 pm
25695 spacer

EA haven't given a toss about improving Career Mode on FIFA for years, it's basically been abandoned in favour of the cynical cash cow that is Ultimate Team and finding ever more ways to get ten-year-olds maxing out their parents' credit cards in the faint hope of getting a virtual Ronaldo with slightly higher numbers than the one they've already got. I used to prefer Master League mode on PES but now that they've also shit the bed with the utter embarrassment of eFootball (which doesn't even have such a mode), I think I might just stick to the old versions of PES as you can occasionally find modded squad updates for them online.
>> No. 25698 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:12 pm
25698 spacer
I finished the Mass Effect trilogy. Third game had best gameplay, shit story though. I liked the uneasy alliance in 2, Cerberus were morally questionable but they're funding your mission and brought you back from the dead so how much should you trust them?

Then 3 turns them into irredeemable pure evil zombie super soldiers with no redeeming elements. I know everyone pans the ending of 3 (which was bad), but the writing in general was shoddy.
>> No. 25699 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 7:10 pm
25699 spacer
I don't know, mate. You sound a bit naive to think Cerberus were anything other than unambiguously evil. They were attacking the Alliance and conducting dangerous experiments even in the first game, my opinion of them in game two was mostly wondering when they were going to reveal themselves. The only reason they're helping you in two is because you can help them, but really they're just another load of baddies. They don't communicate it all that well in fairness, that's one reason it can feel a bit jarring how certain characters react in two and three when your dealings with Cerberus come up, but they are essentially sciency space SS, the SSSS, if you will.

Three's definitely all over the place with the writing. I really like the overall objective of uniting the galaxy for one last go at winning the war, having a big party on the Citidel and most of the companion interactions. But then you've got stuff like the sad gay pilot and Kai Lang, the ending, obviously, other bits and pieces too. I think it hits way higher highs than game two ever does, which has the worst writing of the three imo, but then I have to play ship's counselor for that pilot I mentioned and it's like, mate, come on, every species in the Milky Way that can use a keyboard is being turned to ash, get your head in the game.
>> No. 25700 Anonymous
26th June 2022
Sunday 2:41 pm
25700 spacer

He's still working on it, and still packing in the Rule Britannia.


>> No. 30805 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 11:35 am
/emo/30805 Horrible Cunt; Needs to Die
I can't do anything, I can't make anything, my brain doesn't work, no one cares and I have no idea what to do about it or anything else. I can't even sit down and watch a film more than once a month, I can't even make fucking Letterboxd account to keep track of the films I don't bother watching. I haven't checked on my universal credit since December, meaning I can't even be bothered to be NEET properly. I am a non-entity. There is nothing to me beyond basic biological needs and occasional bouts of barely contained anger.

For example, I tried getting this thing called a "citizenship card" as a form of ID a few months ago via their website, and after taking my money the site told me I needed to speak to one of the many professionals I knew about having them sign something for me. Obviously I don't know anyone like that, so I just stopped. Keep the twenty quid, who cares? I don't. But that's not normal, is it? You're supposed to be at least a bit bothered when someone takes £20 from you and you get nothing in return? Not me though, I thought about it then and I'm thinking about it again now and it's just nothing, I couldn't give a monkeys.

Go to my GP then? Get some pills that don't do anything. You can't prescribe motivation. Begin some fruitless CBT counselling? I'd just lie to them for a few weeks and then stop attending.
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>> No. 30827 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 1:25 am
30827 spacer
Where do you live? Are there any museums near you that you could volunteer at? I bet there are places of some sort which would love an articulate guy who cares about history, especially if such a guy is willing to do it for free. Do you have a job at the moment?
>> No. 31754 Anonymous
23rd June 2022
Thursday 9:30 am
31754 spacer

Has anyone got any better ideas yet?
>> No. 31755 Anonymous
23rd June 2022
Thursday 9:56 am
31755 spacer

I suspect that you'll have to think of one yourself because your mental state is just going to create reasons why you can't do anything that anyone else suggests.
>> No. 31756 Anonymous
23rd June 2022
Thursday 12:42 pm
31756 spacer
You could just say no, you know.
>> No. 31757 Anonymous
25th June 2022
Saturday 6:03 pm
31757 spacer


Take any advice with the knowledge that it might well do more harm than good:

I think you need to start with some self-compassion. In this thread you've been extremely self-critical, but it might be worth taking into consideration those circumstances beyond your control that led you to this point. A bit of a generic statement, but you've not said much about your background.

You mention you can't prescribe motivation, which is true, but I would also bet that you are one among many people (young men in particular) that have been given the modern expectation of extremely high independence and self-efficacy but very little in the way of encouragement, ideas, practical resources, or role models.

When I was in your position, I did seek out some help. Your cynicism isn't entirely unwarranted, (mental) health services are thin on the ground and there are many more people out there in need with lives just as fucked as yours but also with dependants and all sorts of other issues. That said, CBT or other counselling is accessible and can get you off the ground with some investment on your part. If you do try it, expect there to be a hit-and-miss process of finding someone decent and finding it in yourself to pursue it with good intentions.

There is also the process of finding things which make you actually want to live. I remember a time in my life when I felt so crushed and stifled and had such low self-esteem that basically the only activities I could stomach allowing myself to do were very basic and unequivocally "good". I exercised and read books, because those are about as close to beyond criticism as you can get, right? And most people can afford to join a library and go for a run or do pushups. Those were my very fundamental building blocks, my proof that I was least attempting self-improvement, showing I wasn't just a piece of shit, and no one could take them away from me.

This led to reading a lot of biographies. Reading about people's experiences made me curious about the world and also gave me some blueprints of what works in what circumstances, and slowly life became a new process of connecting the things I care about to things I could really do. I started to make plans to act on. Motivation and ambition crept up on me, and I had reasons to try to live life again. Take from this what you will.

>Obviously I don't know anyone like that, so I just stopped.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> No. 92607 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 3:26 pm
/pol/92607 spacer
You know it's local election time when councillors you've never heard of start creeping out of the woodwork again.
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>> No. 96038 Anonymous
24th June 2022
Friday 4:00 am
96038 spacer
Labour take it with a majority of 5k.

ARE JAYDA got 23 votes, and wasn't even on the stage for the declaration. Lib Dems lost their deposit.
>> No. 96039 Anonymous
24th June 2022
Friday 4:26 am
96039 spacer

>best cheesy chips
A bold claim for any place where chip spice is not the norm.
>> No. 96040 Anonymous
24th June 2022
Friday 4:31 am
96040 spacer
Lib Dems take Tiverton on a majority of 6k. 30% swing.

Swing to Labour in Wakey is around 12%.
>> No. 96041 Anonymous
24th June 2022
Friday 4:18 pm
96041 spacer
These by-election results have driven Oliver Dowden to resign as party co-chairman. That's the best news. He is a seriously ugly motherfucker with a permanently sneering face, a bit like Priti Patel's smirk. I hate to look at him. What excellent news that he hopefully won't be on the telly for a bit.
>> No. 96042 Anonymous
24th June 2022
Friday 6:13 pm
96042 spacer
So far the only political refugee to leave England for Rwanda is Boris Johnson himself.


>> No. 71132 Auntiefucker
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:13 pm
/iq/71132 spacer

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>> No. 71133 Paedofag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:20 pm
71133 spacer
Haha, yes, I remember the 70s. Offal and jam sandwiches, dad dressing up as a gollywog for crimbo and no women in pubs, them were the days.
>> No. 71134 Moralfag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 1:54 pm
71134 spacer

They might want to be careful with that reference.
>> No. 71135 Paedofag
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:15 pm
71135 spacer
Bloody Labour MPs, joining the strikes. Bloody other Labour MPs, not joining the strikes. Why can't they oppose / not oppose the strikes?
>> No. 71136 Are Moaty
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:48 pm
71136 spacer
If one (1) opinion forms in Keir Starmer's head it could destabalise his positronic matrix and kill him in seconds.
>> No. 71137 Are Moaty
23rd June 2022
Thursday 3:48 pm
71137 spacer
He's only gone on TV naming James connelly as his political hero, the fucking idiot.

The right wing press will have a field day with that. What is it with British lefties constantly giving their opponents open goals?


cheese deflation.png
>> No. 35582 Anonymous
14th October 2021
Thursday 10:10 pm
/news/35582 spacer
>Britain's chicken king says the 20-year binge on cheap food is over

>Britain's 20-year binge on cheap food is coming to an end and food price inflation could hit double digits due to a tidal wave of soaring costs that are crashing through the supply chain, Britain’s biggest chicken producer said. As it emerges from the twin crises of Brexit and COVID, the world's fifth largest economy is facing an acute shortage of truckers, butchers and warehouse workers that has exacerbated global supply chain strains.

>"The days when you could feed a family of four with a 3 pound chicken are coming to an end," Ranjit Singh Boparan, owner of the 2 Sisters Group and known as the "Chicken King" said in a statement. "In relative terms, a chicken today is cheaper to buy than it was 20 years ago. How can it be right that a whole chicken costs less than a pint of beer? You’re looking at a different world from now on where the shopper pays more."

>Boparan, who produces around a third of all poultry products consumed in the United Kingdom, said he didn't think the British government could fix all the problems or control inflation. He said the constriction of labour supply would lead to wage inflation and that he would invest in automation. "Less labour means less choice, core ranges, empty shelves and wage inflation, and this isn’t going to change," he said. "Right now I need to be honest about what this means for the consumer as inflation could reach double digits.”

>Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that Britain's economy must kick its addiction to cheap imported labour and that it is positive that wages will have to go up. Johnson's government has denied that Brexit is responsible for the strains on the economy, though no other European economies have faced the same scale of supply chain disruption."I feel confident that there will be good provision of goods for everybody, and we are working our way to remove blockages where we can," Johnson's finance minister, Rishi Sunak, said in Washington.

>Boparan outlined a cost tsunami: feed costs, supplements, veterinary costs and wages have risen 15-20%; an acute trucker shortage; energy and carbon dioxide costs rising more than 500% from last year; and packaging up 20% in six months. 2 Sisters, founded by Boparan in 1993, sells poultry, pizza and pies. It processes 10.4 million birds a week and owns more than 700 farms. Ronald Kers, the chief executive of 2 Sisters Food Group, advised people to shop normally for Christmas and said the company would do everything it could to ensure supplies of festive turkey. Food prices rose by 0.2% in annual terms in August, according to official consumer price data, breaking a nine-month run of declines.

I'm already noticing creeping inflation everywhere. Even my barbers have increased prices which is playing havoc with my budgets, I'm having to make minor adjustments.
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>> No. 38681 Anonymous
8th June 2022
Wednesday 8:24 pm
38681 spacer
I hope this doesn't push up the price of bicycles, like the one I ride because I am both more intelligent and more virtuous than any of you. People are going to want bikes if this keeps going.
>> No. 38683 Anonymous
8th June 2022
Wednesday 9:52 pm
38683 spacer
If you already have one why would you mind?
>> No. 38684 Anonymous
8th June 2022
Wednesday 10:21 pm
38684 spacer
It's impossible to own exactly one bike.
>> No. 38685 Anonymous
8th June 2022
Wednesday 10:32 pm
38685 spacer

The correct number of bicycles to own is n+1, where n is the number of bicycles you own.
>> No. 38809 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 11:19 pm
38809 spacer

>Chancellor Rishi Sunak has defended restoring the triple lock, which could see pensions rise by 10% in line with inflation. It comes as the government warns workers not to expect pay rises to keep pace with increasing costs.

Time to get out and earn some pocket money before dating calendars fill up, lads.


>> No. 71123 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:40 pm
/iq/71123 spacer
Should AI have a chance to become PM? Would it be beneficial for good governance?
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>> No. 71124 Moralfag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 2:43 pm
71124 spacer
Well it's not a person, so no. Not that I don't think even a confused border terrier wouldn't make a better PM than our present one, but I don't want to give the Tories the race to the bottom they so desperately want.
>> No. 71125 YubYub
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:30 pm
71125 spacer

Democracy is an over-idealised dead end, and we would be better off ruled by technocratic management software programmed to allocate resources and maintain infrastructure based on deep learning algorithms designed to predictively model the best net outcomes for all people, independent of ideological motivations, regardless of social class, race or gender.

Some people might not like it, but fuck them, but we can send them to live in Australia or something where they can have all the twitter arguments they want and enjoy living under shite incompetent human governments who don't do anything, while the rest of us transcend to a higher plane of unity and scientific advancement.
>> No. 71126 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 4:58 pm
71126 spacer
AI is shit too. We should just alternate between governments. Let them take it in turns. They won't implement foolish populist bollocks because they don't need to win votes, and they won't turn massively corrupt because they will spend half the time in opposition. And because they know they will win the next "election" each time, they can plan what to do when they are in power.

We could even have a method like the Conservative Party has for its MPs now, where everyone submits letters asking for the other party to take over, and if more than a certain percentage of the country does so, then the changeover happens earlier. But that might be democracy then and all my brilliant plans would be ruined.
>> No. 71129 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 8:23 pm
71129 spacer
I wish Raab would follow Dorries' lead and whore himself on a competitive TV show. The Krauts already have a template that won't require much translation: Schlag den Raab. It might take fewer than six episodes to find out if he's actually good at anything except being a fucking mong though.
>> No. 71131 Paedofag
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 10:35 pm
71131 spacer
The older I get the more in favour I am of sortition. Which, I will add, is what Athenians originally meant by democracy given all candidates are equal as opposed to the corrupt oligarchy that arises with voting.

Give us a driving interest in making every citizen aware of and capable of participating in the system, officials with real skin in the game of what happens to the rest of the population. Or at the very least the candidates we deserve who will hang all the paedophiles, make the anniversary of Dianna's death a national holiday and have political pundits turn to reading entrails to divine the future makeup of government.


>> No. 38781 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 12:36 pm
/news/38781 spacer

>More than 6,000 people have gathered to watch the sunrise at Stonehenge for the summer solstice.

>It is the first time since the pandemic that the stone circles in Salisbury and Avebury have been open to the public for the event.

>Druids and pagans joined other visitors to mark the longest day of the year at the ancient site.

Good on them. Always wanted to go. Maybe for the next winter solstice then.
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>> No. 38794 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 10:29 pm
38794 spacer

I enjoyed it when I had it, but then I heard it was supposed to taste like lasagne, and that thought ruined the second one I tried.
>> No. 38795 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 10:32 pm
38795 spacer

A lasagne sandwich was the low point of my Year of Sandwiches. I'm sure it would have been delicious, but the lack of friction left me with a two-sheets-of-pasta-and-a-bit-of-bechamel-sauce sandwich and stained trousers.
>> No. 38797 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 11:50 pm
38797 spacer
>my Year of Sandwiches

Explain yourself.
>> No. 38800 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 1:19 am
38800 spacer

Inspired by the Olympic spirit, I tried a new sandwich on every day in 2013. Faster, Higher, Stronger, Fatter.

September was slightly derailed by arguments over whether hot dogs count as sandwiches, but otherwise it was a celebration of human ingenuity and the determination to put things between slices of bread. I recommend the tortilla de patatas stottie with brown sauce, served with a side dish of pickled onion Space Raiders.
>> No. 38801 Anonymous
22nd June 2022
Wednesday 10:31 am
38801 spacer

>I never know whether to be happy or sad on this day. Happy it's the highlight of Summer, or the beginning of longer nights.

That's exactly the sentiment when Swedes celebrate Midsommar. It's the height of the light season, which carries some significance in a country which is badly deprived of sunlight in the winter months, but it also marks the return of shorter days, if ever so slightly. So there's always a hint of sadness because you know it's not going to last.

I was on holiday in central Sweden once, and despite the inconvenience of having 11°C there in early July during most of our stay, it was fascinating that the entire night, it never got fully dark. You could almost read a book on the porch at 2 am with no additional light.


>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
/b/430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 451941 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 10:42 am
451941 spacer

old men in the locker room.png
Home nudism, reactionary politics, revisiting all the music you listened to as a teenager, obsessing over large women, you lot are measurably turning into old men.
>> No. 451942 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 10:45 am
451942 spacer
Wasn't the discussions on balding, erectile disfunction and wetting the bed enough of a clue?
>> No. 451943 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 11:09 am
451943 spacer
Calm down granddad, reruns of The Young Ones are on.
>> No. 451947 Anonymous
9th June 2022
Thursday 4:16 pm
451947 spacer

Coupled with the rampant shed enthusiasm, it should have been.
>> No. 452151 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 6:03 pm
452151 spacer
I turned off the age barriers on my dating profile and now I'm getting bombarded with likes from older women in their late-30s and 40s. Sadly I've now realised that it's not nearly as sordid as I like to think given I'm also in my 30s.


>> No. 26516 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 9:48 am
/news/26516 spacer
...It is important to state that it is not communities that commit crimes but individuals. Those convicted are squarely Henry Long, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, not thousands of innocent people who share their heritage. Tarring all Travellers with the brush of these men’s callousness is as unfair as tarring all Catholics for paedophile priests or all eskimos for daft militant wog attacks.

Yet to completely ignore the cultural context of this crime is wrong. Henry Long, the ringleader, was removed from school at the age of 12; he followed his father and grandfather into the thieving “trade”. Albert Bowers left school at 11 and before the trial had already picked up three youth convictions. These young men could not read or write. For years they had not known school or structure. Their education was in petty crime.

Such problems do not solely beset Travellers but they are far more prevalent among Traveller communities. If we want to be a country where all are treated the same, where all live by the same rules and where the state does its best to furnish each with a decent chance in life, we have to end the squeamishness that prevents open talk about Travellers. This squeamishness is down to two fears. First, the fear of retribution. After the verdict on PC Harper’s death it emerged that the judge, Mr Justice Edis, brought the first trial to a temporary halt over an alleged potential plot to intimidate jurors. Extra security measures were brought in. Jurors were referred to by number not name. One juror was dismissed for acting oddly in court, mouthing pleasantries at the defendants. Whether she was motivated by misplaced friendliness or fear of someone up in that public gallery we do not know, but most will not be shocked by revelations of intimidation.

The fear of the bullet, the knife, the burnt-out car; this helps the lawless elements of Traveller culture maintain a certain power, and gives the law-abiding majority of Travellers a terrible name.

The second fear is that of being labelled racist. Since the Equality Act 2010 recognised Gypsy, Roma and Travellers as ethnic minorities, race has been used to shield this culture from due scrutiny. Sensible questions about why those within these groups are more likely to be in prison, more likely to be illiterate or more likely to suffer domestic violence prompt cries of racism. In April a Channel 4 Dispatches programme titled The Truth About Traveller Crime was dubbed “dehumanising” by activists and investigated by Ofcom. Desperate not to offend, the authorities turn a culturally sensitive blind eye.

The fears hush most into silence, and the silence means the stand-off between Travellers and the rest of society continues uneasily. Many feel disquieted to see the mobile homes rolling on to a local beauty spot, a portent too often of littering, mess, anti-social behaviour. Meanwhile those in Traveller communities are hardly “living their best lives”. Travellers die about ten years earlier than the rest of us. They have higher rates of chronic illness. Their suicide rates are six times higher.

You might argue that they choose to live like this, but the babies born into that life don’t. Many are destined to repeat the same pattern: leave school in your early teens, drift into a life of odd jobs and petty crime, never move beyond the circles you were raised in. As long as the culturally sensitive force-field exists around Travellers, these children are abandoned to a fate that should not be tolerated in 21st-century Britain.

It is a scandal that some Gypsy and Traveller children are taken out of school at primary age; that some start work as young as ten; that about 65 per cent of Traveller children are persistently absent from school; that they have the lowest attainment of all ethnic groups throughout their school years and are far more likely to be excluded. Are we to be surprised when they choose crime?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 38595 Anonymous
31st May 2022
Tuesday 7:46 am
38595 spacer
>Horrified families claim their stay at a "luxury" theme park resort was ruined when "out of control" travellers reportedly trashed the campsite, left a tot with a black eye and pooed in the showers.

Yet Pontins got a load of flak, mainly from the type of person who wouldn't ever dream of staying there, for banning gypos from their sites.
>> No. 38777 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 3:54 pm
38777 spacer
Gypsies set up camp on university land, and like clockwork the Co-Op opposite has a security guard. They only ever need security guards when gypsies turn up. Is that an act of racism on Co-Op's part by responding to nearby gypsy incursion with beefed up security?
>> No. 38778 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 4:10 pm
38778 spacer

You should spread flyers informing the student body of this racism and watch the chaos unfold.

I don't envy that security guard. It sounds like a great way to get your car torched and to be utterly powerless to actually do anything beyond provoke a fuck-ton of aggro over a sandwich or a gypsy returning an empty bottle of cider because it was wet.
>> No. 38779 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 5:04 pm
38779 spacer
I assume the gypsies don't know the security guard is only there when they are. As far as they're concerned, he could be outside Co-Op all the time.
>> No. 38787 Anonymous
21st June 2022
Tuesday 4:19 pm
38787 spacer
Police van at Co-Op. Copper inside talking to staff, security guard is manually opening and closing the sliding door, one in one out. These travelling folks sound cheeky.


>> No. 41102 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 11:58 pm
/x/41102 spacer
The thinking man's crumpet.
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>> No. 42926 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 12:31 pm
42926 spacer

I am currently watching Bargain Hunt.
>> No. 42927 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 9:09 pm
42927 spacer

Landscape Artist of the Year, on Sky Arts (which is also on Freeview), doesn't bother to name its judges, annoyingly. That's a shame because there's something for everyone there. They've got the one I obviously meant, Ho Chi Minh for the gays, and Ron Perlman for the truly adventurous.

There's no way to just "move" posts; if you put something in the wrong place just repost in the right one and report the mistake post explaining. Thanks.
>> No. 43026 Anonymous
12th May 2022
Thursday 1:06 pm
43026 spacer
New lass at the chippy looks exactly like her and I fear I might be putting weight on.
>> No. 43085 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 11:50 am
43085 spacer

>>41208 I think she trumps everyone else on here.
>> No. 43086 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 8:26 pm
43086 spacer
She could trump on me IYKWIM.


>> No. 5124 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 5:11 am
/lab/5124 spacer

are we living inside a giant black holes?


>> No. 449104 Anonymous
21st January 2022
Friday 6:35 pm
/b/449104 spacer
Dustbinman's going down the street, eventually he gets to a house who haven't put their bins out. He knocks at the door and a Japanese man answers. He can see some suitcases in the hallway behind him.

"Alright, mate, where's ya bin?"
"I've bin to Tokyo!"
"No, mate, where's ya dust bin?"
"I've dust bin to Tokyo!"
"You've not getting it, mate, where's your wheelie bin?"

The Japanese man, frustrated at not being listened to, stamps his feet and shouts "I've wheelie bin to Tokyo!"
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>> No. 452130 Anonymous
19th June 2022
Sunday 4:10 pm
452130 spacer

Mr Singh walks into a bank London and asks for the loan officer. He says he's going to Europe on business for two weeks and needs to borrow £5000. The bank officer says the bank will need some kind of security for the loan, so Mr Singh hands over the keys to a new Rolls Royce, which costs quarter of a million pounds.

“The car is parked on the street in front of the bank,” says Mr Singh, “and I have all the necessary papers.”

The bank officer agrees to accept the car as collateral for the loan. After Mr Singh leaves, the loan officer, the bank's president and all their colleagues enjoy a good laugh at the man for using a £250,000 Rolls Royce as collateral against a £5,000 loan. One of the employees drives the Rolls into the bank's underground garage and parks it there.

Two weeks later, Mr Singh returns, repays the £5000 and the interest, which comes to £15.41. The loan officer says, "Sir, I must tell you, we’re all a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and discovered that you’re a multimillionaire. Why would you bother to borrow £5,000?"

The man replies, "Where else in London can I park my car for two weeks for only £15.41?"
>> No. 452133 Anonymous
19th June 2022
Sunday 5:18 pm
452133 spacer
I've heard this joke but with a Mr Goldstein instead of Mr Singh. Is there a stereotype that Sikhs are frugal?
>> No. 452134 Anonymous
19th June 2022
Sunday 7:21 pm
452134 spacer
What's got four legs and goes "ssshhhhhhhhh"? Rod Hull's telly.
>> No. 452144 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 12:44 am
452144 spacer
Why did the chicken cross the road?

- to get the fuck out of Ukraine.
>> No. 452146 Anonymous
20th June 2022
Monday 1:00 am
452146 spacer

Getting that joke makes me feel very old.


>> No. 28109 Anonymous
16th June 2022
Thursday 8:41 pm
/g/28109 spacer
I'm trying to get an appointment through an online booking system that only updates with new slots at 23.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. When I've tried booking, the site doesn't load due to increased traffic at those times, and by the time it does load all slots are gone. Phonecalls and emails just refer back to the booking system.

Is there a way of automating this booking somehow, something I can run so I don't have to stay up two nights a week trying to refresh the page? If not, can I pay someone to make one?
Expand all images.
>> No. 28110 Anonymous
16th June 2022
Thursday 11:15 pm
28110 spacer
You can automate browser actions using Selenium/Python.

I used in work for a bit and more importantly when booking my nan tesco delivery slots during the plague days.
>> No. 28111 Anonymous
19th June 2022
Sunday 3:44 pm
28111 spacer


You are top lads. I'll look into this and see if I can get some help writing something to automate this appointment booking.


>> No. 451705 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 4:49 pm
/b/451705 Family secrets
Have you ever discovered or been told anything shocking about family members or relatives? We all remember Phil’s mum, but dogging is normal these days.

I found out recently that my great great grandfather was imprisoned for piracy in North Africa, but the king of Sweden bailed him out for some reason. He was then later accused of being a pirate in Argentina and his ship came under fire. Mostly due to having a very international crew.

I also found out that my cousin worked as a very overpriced escort when she was at uni.
Expand all images.
>> No. 451706 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 5:26 pm
451706 spacer
One of my great-grandads was a habitual felon in the early 1900s and went to prison several times for offences like fraud, extortion, forgery, grievous bodily harm and lewd conduct. My grandad somehow came by some of his old prison medical records, and in one of them, it said something like, commitment to a mental institution should be considered due to the unregenerate nature of the inmate.

Nobody really ever talked much about my great-grandad in my family, also because my great-grandmother eventually divorced him. She then married somebody else, who was from much better social circles and allowed my grandad to enjoy a solid upper middle class upbringing.

My grandad only really started sharing stories about his dad in his old age because he felt they needed to be passed on before he went. I guess at some point when my grandad was an adult, he got back in touch with his biological dad because he felt sorry for him.
>> No. 451707 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 9:01 pm
451707 spacer

Lewd conduct means noncing?
>> No. 451710 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 11:51 pm
451710 spacer

Could be. What is known is that he married my great gran when she was 17 and he was approaching his late 30s. But if I remember the stories correctly, there were also rumours that he was a bit of a closet bumder and had occasional relations with young men, which surely would have counted as lewd conduct back then.
>> No. 452102 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 6:08 pm
452102 spacer
How'd you find stuff like this out? It sounds like you've been on Who Do You Think You Are?. I know finding out about your ancestry is technically something anyone can do, but not everybody has a television production crew following them around.
>> No. 452105 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 7:47 pm
452105 spacer

Unless you're told all those details by your parents or grandparents, I'm sure most of it will just be forgotten about as generations pass, unless your ancestor was actually in any way famous and/or a public figure. Even if you find out via some ancestry site who your great-great-grandparents were, in all likelihood all you'll ever have is their name, but not much information about how they lived out their lives.


>> No. 18964 Anonymous
11th April 2019
Thursday 9:19 pm
/news/18964 Assange Arrest
Here's the proper thread. To confuse future generations of .gs users I'm using this photo of his cat that was featured on the Guardian Live Blog.

From the sounds of it he was acting a bit of a tit within the embassy, playing footy indoors and arguing with staff, which didn't help, and while I'm sure he is a bit of a tit, I can't imagine keep sane being couped up like that for so long. However the US have leant on the Ecuadorians for some time now and this whole thing stinks. The shite Trump's coming out with about not knowing a thing about Wikileaks is on another level.
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>> No. 38768 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 12:19 pm
38768 spacer

I'm not sure where you got that number, but does it seem entirely impossible to you that someone makes up rape charges?

I'm not talking about somebody who actually got raped. I'm saying that as with any crime, there needs to be evidence. I'll acknowledge that evidence can be difficult to establish when a crime solely hinges on verbal assurances or lack thereof, but you can't just convict somebody on a hunch that they may have done something.

There are other equally or more serious offences like murder or grievous bodily harm where we wouldn't accept a lack of concrete evidence, and rightly so.
>> No. 38769 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 12:32 pm
38769 spacer
There's not a court in the world that would convict a man of rape if both parties agree that verbal consent was provided during the act but the woman later regretted it. You're talking absolute bollocks.

A minute ago you were saying it's impossible for a man to exonerate himself by proving what was said in private. Yeah, it is. Now you say the onus should be on the accuser to prove what was said. Yes, it should. And it is. And that's why nearly all rape accusations go nowhere.

Here's my citation by the way. You'll have to muster the intellect to read past the headline and also employ division. (2019 numbers)

Fun fact, make of this what you will: most people convicted of rape in Sweden aren't European. I'd speculate that much of the increase in convictions can be explained by ignorance of the law and people self incriminating.
>> No. 38772 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 12:57 pm
38772 spacer

>One camp which believes in the concept of innocent and proven guilty and that overly trigger happy laws will lead to false convictions, which is overall worse than letting a potential rapist go unpunished;

I had this exact conversation with the wife of a good friend who is a dyed in the wool fisherperson, to the point that I wonder if she shits purple turds. Anyway, she said, well, even if a man is fasely convicted of a rape, he still goes free again if either he is proven innocent after all or in some cases if the real rapist is found. So I said, no, you're essentially arguing that it is okay to lock somebody up, potentially for many years, who either didn't commit a rape or was misidentified as an attacker in the first place. You're destroying someone's life who shouldn't spend a single day in jail at all. While, by chance, the real rapist may still be at large and hurt more people.

It's true that the requirement of evidence beyond reasonable doubt to convict somebody of a crime can lead to unsatisfactory results in a court of law. Murderers and rapists, but also fraudsters will occasionally go free. On the other hand, in most countries, rape and murder have very long statutes of limitation, if they expire at all. So not just technically, a murderer or rapist can be brought to justice years after their crime, when there is by whatever turn of events new evidence to convict them after all. So why drag an innocent person into it, just so you'll have somebody to pin a crime on. The latter is the way a lot of law enforcement in the U.S. functioned for decades, especially in rural areas or urban areas with many minorities. It's only now with DNA sequencing being abundantly available that many of these prisoners are exonerated, some of them having spent three or four decades locked up for something they never did. Is that the way our justice system should function here in the UK?

>because women never ever lie, and sometimes even goes as far as saying that false convictions are a price worth paying for the overall good.

Two things there though; both men and women have lied egregiously about all sorts of crimes in court since time began. Why should it be impossible for somebody to make up rape charges for whatever motive, if just to damage somebody's reputation or to exact revenge.

Also, I don't know if Sweden still does this, but for a while, men (and only men) accused of rape got their written criminal charges mailed to them in a distinctive red envelope which was only used by authorities for this purpose. It goes without saying that if somebody saw you receive a red envelope like that, your reputation as such either on your street or in your block of flats was ruined beyond repair. I remember reading that one of the politicians who came up with this measure was asked if that wasn't fraught with problems, especially if either somebody was mailed such an envelope by sheer mistake, or if their rape charges were later found by a court to be completely unfounded, and they said that that was ok, because men needed to acknowledge their "collective guilt" in facilitating a climate of rape culture in Sweden.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 38773 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 1:03 pm
38773 spacer

>There's not a court in the world that would convict a man of rape if both parties agree that verbal consent was provided during the act but the woman later regretted it. You're talking absolute bollocks.

You're misunderstanding my point. Yes, obviously, regret after the fact doesn't constitute a lack of consent. If you were to bring a case like that before a court, it'd get thrown out in less than five minutes. But the point isn't if somebody says they consented but later regretted it, but if somebody consented, to the point that you could reasonably assume they meant it during that moment, but later that person says in court that they never did.

As Swedish rape law stands, the doors are wide open for that to happen. Even if somebody told you to fuck their brains out loud and clear, you could still be at their mercy because they could very simply end up telling a court that that never happened, and that you bonked them against their will.
>> No. 38775 Anonymous
18th June 2022
Saturday 2:43 pm
38775 spacer
What a surprise, the first case study I found involves the accused presumably pleading not guilty but having admitted to conduct that's now illegal.

Just don't admit to doing sketchy shit. Especially if you haven't done sketchy shit. It's not hard and your screeching that women are empowered to have any man they sleep with carted off to prison is absolutely bizarre.

Spend less time on r/thesissify or wherever the fuck you're getting this nonsense from.


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