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>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 28893 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 1:08 am
28893 spacer

Barbara Webster, prosecuting, said: “He did not like performing the act and said sorry to the chickens after.”

The court heard a total of 15 chickens died as a result of Waters’ abuse.

He also admitted having intercourse with his pet dog over a four month period, but said the dog "did not like it and growled and bit him".

Some choice quotes in this story. I tried not to laugh but.
>> No. 28940 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:29 am
28940 spacer
>A police officer who scanned a seven pence barcode for carrots instead of the £9.95 barcode for Krispy Kreme donuts that he was buying for colleagues has said it was an honest mistake.

>Pc Simon Read told a misconduct hearing that he did not realise he scanned the carrot barcode twice at the self-service tills at a Tesco Extra in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, on February 10 this year. He accepted that he failed to scan the barcode for the box of 12 donuts while purchasing four items at around 11.30am – the donuts, carrots, a sandwich and a drink – but said this was not done on purpose.

>The Cambridgeshire Police officer, who joined the force in January of this year, said he was buying the sweet treats for colleagues as a “cake fine”. Pc Read said he was buying the carrots for his sergeant who was on a diet, and he thought it “would be funny” for them to be in a Krispy Kreme paper bag. He said he stuck the carrots barcode onto the donut tray, as it would have spoiled the joke if he stuck it on the paper bag.
>> No. 28970 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 6:56 pm
28970 spacer

Broken Britain.
>> No. 29022 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 8:08 pm
29022 spacer

Throw the fucking book at him. The little laminated one they have by the till for scanning bakery items.
>> No. 29027 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 11:00 pm
29027 spacer

I feel police behaving badly warrants a higher level of deserved attention than the usual local news bollocks, this story is too good for this thread.


>> No. 67160 YubYub
2nd November 2020
Monday 12:29 pm
/iq/67160 spacer
>The Covi1984 fear spell is a planned social engineering program intended to bring humanity even deeper into bondage

Sounds pretty convincing to me.
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>> No. 67533 R4GE
25th November 2020
Wednesday 8:52 pm
67533 spacer

Appropriate for Labour then.
>> No. 67535 YubYub
25th November 2020
Wednesday 9:17 pm
67535 spacer

Would still make the sex to and/or with both of them.
>> No. 67536 Crabkiller
26th November 2020
Thursday 7:14 pm
67536 spacer
They've cancelled some of her fines. The magna carta works!
>> No. 67537 Auntiefucker
26th November 2020
Thursday 7:48 pm
67537 spacer

How much does a hairdresser's make? I imagine it's a fair bit as they all seem to charge £40+ per haircut. I suppose she must have enough overhead to actually pay the 17k and this is an elaborate marketing scheme, otherwise her business partners/employees/parents/friends would have rugby tackled her to the ground and stuck a sock in her mouth by now.
>> No. 67538 YubYub
27th November 2020
Friday 8:57 pm
67538 spacer


>> No. 12576 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 1:41 pm
/nom/12576 spacer
Is cultural appropriation even possible when it comes to cooking?
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>> No. 13967 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 8:41 am
13967 spacer
Only ypipo can be racist.
>> No. 13968 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:33 am
13968 spacer
Here's an article about McDonald's chicken that actually matters.
>> No. 13969 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:03 am
13969 spacer
It's because we're racist and dismiss their complaints as whining. There is a deep culture surrounding pasta in Italy. There are rules about which shapes go with which sauces and which ingredients. Spaghetti bolognese particularly annoys them, because what's usually served up is napolitana, and neither are supposed to go with spaghetti.
>> No. 13970 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:15 am
13970 spacer

>Nobody's ever gotten in trouble for making a carbonara while being English

>> No. 13973 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 4:18 pm
13973 spacer
Another article about fast food chicken but it doesn't mention idpol so it's not funny to argue about.


>> No. 12592 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:41 pm
/beat/12592 spacer
Is vinyl worth getting into? I feel like instant streaming/downloading of whatever music you like has cheapened music in a sense, and relegates it to a kind of background noise you listen to while you do something else. I miss the days when I'd sit in front of the stereo and do nothing but listen to a cassette tape or a CD, so on a psychological level I can already see the benefit of vinyl.

On an audiophile level, I once listened to an interview with Steve Vai where he said that vinyl genuinely sounds better for older music that was recorded with analogue tech and has analogue masters, but that it's a totally pointless medium for digital masters. Is this really the case?
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>> No. 12600 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 10:34 am
12600 spacer
You would let Ronald McDonald rape your family and your only intervention would be to Instagram it.
>> No. 12601 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 10:40 am
12601 spacer

I think people just need to stop lying to themselves about perceived levels of privacy.
>> No. 12602 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 12:12 pm
12602 spacer
It might help if companies stopped lying to everyone else about the supposed need for, or even the very fact of, data harvesting.
>> No. 12603 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 12:15 pm
12603 spacer
Hush now and let me install this smart meter.
>> No. 12604 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 1:56 pm
12604 spacer

I'm not saying there's anything inherently wrong with using algorithms to discover stuff, but I want to highlight how important it is to be aware that algorithms aren't perfect, or even necessarily better than browsing a curated selection like a music shop, or even discovering stuff through local scenes.

No library of music is perfect, and algorithms are designed with specific purposes in mind. I think people should use it with awareness of it's limitations.


>> No. 23625 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 9:43 pm
/e/23625 iRacing
At times, difficult to believe this is a game.
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>> No. 24578 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:10 am
24578 spacer
I'm going to bed.
>> No. 24579 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:18 am
24579 spacer
>I guess that's what you get at this price point

Exactly - and it this price point, any wheel is better than using none. I think you have to start getting into the £500++ level before you start to get things that actually feel like a proper car, these are just miles and miles better than using a joystick. I haven't seen a single gearstick anywhere on any simulator that looks or feels like those in a car, so flappy paddles it is.
>> No. 24580 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:37 am
24580 spacer
I didn't go to bed I ordered a "Used - Very Good" T150 from Amazon for £86. It was listed as £120, but at checkout, which I was only looking at to see when the delivery would be, it had a £34 "warehouse discount", which I never knew was a thing because I only use it to watch films really. There was another one left if anyone's interested/their inhibitions are lowered because it's late.
>> No. 24581 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 8:11 am
24581 spacer

Also, if you do have a Costco membership, you can get a tenner off any online order over £100 with the code DEALS10.
>> No. 24582 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 9:20 pm
24582 spacer
My T150 arrived! The previous owner had managed to half demolish the USB connector in such a way that it was too squished together to fit in a socket, but after some prying it just about squeezes its way in. I really don't know how they did that, I don't think I've ever seen someone do that before. All in all though while it's clear I can't drive and my desk is being shaken apart by the minute, I am enjoying it. I think I'll hold off jumping into a public ACC lobby until I can reliably take T1 at... well anywhere. Also the USB is running through the connector on my Logitech keyboard, because it's the most solid one around and it didn't feel at all good jamming it in and yanking it out of my mobo ports, anyway I just like that chimeric combo of brands and hardware so I thought I'd mention it. The force feedback is also highlighting what a thin-wristed little wimp I am.


Copy of 124394703452.jpg
>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
/nom/9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 13925 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 9:16 pm
13925 spacer

Doesn't it depend if you're referencing the province, or the food? And I think at one point he was saying sichuan, not sechsezswean which I can't spell, apparently.

I've no idea but he was very try-hard about the language I feel. You always get that with these travel vlog types. Half of the food looked disgusting and he was just showing off. Only that first noodle dish looked genuinely appetising instead of some weird "look how worldly I am, I'll eat intestines that still taste of shit" flex. Prick.
>> No. 13926 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 9:28 pm
13926 spacer
>I've no idea but he was very try-hard about the language I feel

Well, he has lived in China for seven years, so I'm not surprised he speaks the language somewhat.
>> No. 13927 Anonymous
16th November 2020
Monday 2:04 am
13927 spacer

But he speaks it in the same way Hyacinth Bucket speaks french.
>> No. 13971 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 3:39 pm
13971 spacer
Finely shred and boil a head cabbage, leave to drain.

In a separate pan, fry a large diced onion, 3 large cloves of diced garlic, and 6 rashers of smoked bacon in plenty of butter until the bacon's crispy.

Add 1 teaspoon each of rosemary, thyme and oregano to the bacon and onion, stir well.

Introduce the drained cabbage to the bacon and onion, keep stirring and frying until the cabbage starts to change colour and is well mixed with the other ingredients.

Place in an oven dish, top with a creamy cheese sauce with a hint of dijon mustard (don't mix, just a decent layer), then proceed with how you would make a potato gratin.

You can deglaze the pan with a sweet white wine to add to the cabbage mixture before introducing the sauce and/or swap the trio of herbs for a shredded fennel, which is fried alongside the bacon, onions and garlic at that stage, and 1 tablespoon of tarragon.


>> No. 28933 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 7:42 pm
/news/28933 Diego Maradona: Argentina legend dies aged 60

Not corona wot dun it.
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>> No. 28941 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:53 am
28941 spacer

>There's no such thing as "routine brain surgery"

"Routine" from the perspective of doctors, obviously. If brain surgery is all you do, then fiddling around inside a person's brain is presumably just another day's work.
>> No. 28942 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 11:14 am
28942 spacer
How do you find obscure-as-fuck stuff like this? It has 30 views.
>> No. 28943 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 11:21 am
28943 spacer
He uploaded it.
>> No. 28944 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 11:28 am
28944 spacer

Sort by upload date or filter by date. Also:
>> No. 28960 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 3:36 pm
28960 spacer
I searched for "" on that site and this was the second result:

Doesn't seem very accurate


>> No. 439024 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 10:30 am
/b/439024 spacer
What actually is the point of a washing up bowl?
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>> No. 440328 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 11:47 am
440328 spacer
>> No. 440329 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 12:00 pm
440329 spacer
You've got to build up your resilience levels.
>> No. 440330 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 12:49 pm
440330 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 440331 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 2:27 pm
440331 spacer

I've never understood people who will opt to vomit into a sink, over the toilet, that is the real mental povvo in our society.
>> No. 440332 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 2:33 pm
440332 spacer
Sometimes the toilet's too far away, as I found out when I had norovirus. After the first bout, I don't think I left the area of the bathroom for the next 3 days.


>> No. 13598 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 12:55 pm
/job/13598 Just got 5 people sacked at work (1/3 of the firm). Feels a bit weird.
Hi gents,

Just woke up to a message from a colleague that he'd been suspended with pay, along with 4 other people including me, from our accountancy firm. He's fairly certain we're on the fast track to the sack. Excuse me if I ramble slightly.

We have a slack chat (yes, this is predictable) that I set up a few years ago, and that we got complacent about using in work outside of Microsoft Teams to coordinate, and sometimes vent about our boss. Over the years we became less careful and more vitriolic, and finally I was furloughed on a weekend and didn't go back into the office due to pandemic, leaving my work computer locked and logged on with a slack window open somewhere. Dum dum duhhhm. Everyone on it gets a call from HR warning of suspension, apart from the newest guy who gets terminated.

So, 2 of them are elated. They described it as being in a toxic relationship and suddenly having it ended for you. The 3rd guy was on the ropes with his relationship with our boss, who wasn't happy with his output and has been looking at sacking for a while, while the fourth guy is newly joined, basically trusted that he was being let into something secure, and I now feel very bad about him. We have contacts, we can provide references, so he's going to be able to get something else. Since he was so new he's been terminated for 'rude messages' apparently, officially 'misconduct'. Personally I was already looking for jobs because I've just hit my 2 year and that was my limit.

I'm about to go for a joint and buy a beer and sit watching Star Trek while it all seeps in. I've changed the password and deleted the workspace so nothing more can be collected, if anything was. I hope to god the boss has got some screenshots otherwise I might be tempted to ask for proof and be a dick about it. Anyway, he probably has so he can pass them on to HR. How does one prepare for a meeting where you know that someone you have absolutely no respect for is going to try and make you feel bad for mocking them? Also, if I'm on furlough and the HR lady is calling me on whatsapp, am I under any obligation to answer?

He's literally got 1/3 of his staff on line for the sack. He heard a few weeks ago of a woman who had £250,000 worth of client turnover and was doing the whole thing herself on Xero, so now he thinks "I have a million quid turnover, surely I can do this with 4 people", forgetting that she has dictated the client relationships and records processes from the start, whereas half our clients are builders or mechanics whose idea of good recordkeeping is to make sure that only half the crumpled receipt is covered in splotches. It's all going to end in flames for him, the remaining seniors are leaving as soon as their 2 years are up. Everyone who's been suspended is prodding at the idea of whistleblowing (our boss engages in dodgy practices) now that we have nothing to lose. Also leaving glassdoor reviews.

Anyway, I digress. I've got some jobs to look at now! Feel free to call me a twat for not practising good opsec.
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>> No. 13639 Anonymous
19th November 2020
Thursday 10:07 pm
13639 spacer
Absolutely, but conversely it's pretty pants as a method of authenticating to a bunch of completely unconnected websites. I see the appeal to end users; everyone's logged into their primary gmail all the time anyway why bother remembering passwords when you can just click "continue with Google" and the job's a good 'un? The problems, of course, come when you lose access to that google/facebook/twitter account (or whoever else is providing OAUTH services now) and suddenly you're locked out of a whole range of stuff.

Then again we face a similar problem with sites that use your email address as either a login ID or as a password reset mechanism; a decent authentication system should provide you with multiple methods of access including [login,email],pass [login,email], Authenticator app token, and [login,email], Yubikey (or similar).

Ideally I'd like to see email addresses (and, god help us, mobile phones) removed entirely from authentication systems but it'll never happen as the average user doesn't want to install KeePassXC, buy a YubiKey, and install an authenticator app on their phone.

Big, fat, smelly Whinge well and truly ticked not just for the whinge itself but because this isn't even /g/.
>> No. 13643 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 1:00 pm
13643 spacer
Firstly thanks for all the OpSec advice. I don't think this is a practice I'll be engaging in again.


>Get ahold of your attitude OP. Start taking responcibility for your mistakes, stop stiring shit. Most certainly your boss is a cunt - that's none of your business and doesn't excuse your behaviour.

That you boss? Anyway, absolutely my fault, it was both poor form and poor OpSec. I've acknowledged that in the post. Though as regards poor form, my only regret is that I didn't get to package it all up with a focus on the real tangible issues that he (you) could learn from and fix. I said, and meant, everything I said.

>With this account to go on, it sounds like you're the kind of workplace bully with an infectious negative attitude that draws others into poor worldviews and practices. You seem overly concerned with contending social status' of and with work colleagues.

My mentor had been sexually harassed for a decade by one of the partners. That's not really conducive to the morale. The first day I worked, my colleague went over to the window at lunch and visibly relaxed when he saw the boss walking off. The partners were mocked roundly by everyone, it was really a horrible place and I certainly acted out because of it, I wasn't alone. I'll not shirk my share of the responsibility, but they should take theirs.

>I imagine the smiles you get from these workplace 'friends' are really false camaraderie, self-defence and influence mitigation - they'd rather be away of your crosshair than under it, at the less severe cost of their wellbeing.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13644 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 1:13 pm
13644 spacer
You been searching for jobs then I take it?
>> No. 13645 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 1:29 pm
13645 spacer
On the upside, when the question comes up at interview "why did you leave your last job?" you can answer "my boss was a sex pest and he fired me for helping his victims speak up".
>> No. 13646 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 8:58 pm
13646 spacer
Troublemaking little upstart trying to speak truth to power? Instant reject. Such is the way of human resources.


>> No. 30195 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 12:04 pm
/emo/30195 Incoherent
I can't keep a single coherent thought in my head for more than a matter of seconds unless I'm talking about it to someone, otherwise my head is just a swirling maelstrom of short-term thinking. Even when talking with people I'm not entirely sure it's that much better. Am I just thick or is there something I can do about this so it stops ruining my life? Because I'm becoming rather sick of it.
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>> No. 30208 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:09 am
30208 spacer
My mate with ADHD says I'm the clearest cut case he's ever seen for an undiagnosed adult. We'll be talking on Discord and I'll be replying "uh huh, yip." and he'll prompt me on if I had done whatever I'd paused the game to do and I'll come out with something like "Sorry, I was watching a documentary on Ant colonies on YT, give me a second"

He says he knows when I've "slipped away" by the tone of my replies. He takes ritalin and he does forget to eat quite a lot.
>> No. 30209 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:27 am
30209 spacer
OP here, I'll ring the GP tomorrow. I don't think I'll go all in on attempting to blag a diagnosis for ADHD, even though the idea of forgetting to eat does sound quite nice.

Again, I could just be thick, but day in, day out I have all these thoughts shooting around inside my head and I just end up distracted. Whether I distract myself purposefully or I just end up slip-sliding from one idea to another it's all the same outcome. I've tried "unplugging" before and it doesn't really help. I can quite readily lie in bed looking out of the window with just my own brain for company and only get up when the shame of it becomes too much or a parcel needs signing for. I hope none of this sounds like I'm trying to paint myself as some kind of frustrated genius, because many of these thoughts are "what basic admin needs doing?" and "what should I have for lunch?". I just want to get up in the morning and do what I need to do.
>> No. 30210 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 1:39 am
30210 spacer
>I don't think I'll go all in on attempting to blag a diagnosis for ADHD
> I have all these thoughts shooting around inside my head and I just end up distracted. Whether I distract myself purposefully or I just end up slip-sliding from one idea to another it's all the same outcome.
It's not blagging if you have the condition m8
>> No. 30211 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 5:46 am
30211 spacer

In my experience that applies to Concerta, but not Xenidate. There's no "high" with the latter, and never any feeling to up the dose with either during 8 years of use.
>> No. 30212 Anonymous
25th November 2020
Wednesday 10:14 am
30212 spacer
I have a diagnosis of ADHD - "swirling malestrom" sounds very familiar. I'm not sure why your GP would be eager to steer you down a depression treatment pathway. My GP gave me a 60-second questionnaire to fill out, I handed it back, he said "well you dont have depression" and that was that.

The prescribed medication doesn't work for me - I tried Concerta, Ritalin, and Strattera, but for some reason the only noticeable effect was killing my erections.


>> No. 90725 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 5:49 pm
/pol/90725 spacer
>Mr Johnson also channeled the spirit of Thatcher's 1980s revolution by pledging to save the dream of home ownership for a new generation, with the government underwriting 95 per cent mortgages for around two million first-time buyers.

>The government has yet to give details, but it seems some of the 'stress test' rules imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis could be relaxed to facilitate long-term fixed rate mortgages at 95 per cent of a property's value. The government could instead accept some of the risk through a guarantee scheme - although this would leave the taxpayer on the hook for potentially huge sums.

https://www.If I post a link to this website again I will be

Let's overheat the housing market further by softening the measures brought in as a result of the financial crisis. What could possibly go wrong?
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>> No. 91745 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 2:52 pm
91745 spacer
Now you can get tranny action on the web:
>> No. 91746 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 4:12 pm
91746 spacer
>Cutting down those trees is carbon-negative, because they're being replaced with a far greater number of faster-growing trees that sequester more carbon. Even if we weren't building a big electrically-powered railway that will prevent millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, cutting down those trees and replacing them is good for the climate.
Are you lying or just thick? Those trees won't sequester anything like that much carbon in time, particularly if they just die and get replaced every year because that's cheaper than watering -
although at the time of writing they haven't actually even been replaced. Not to mention the equal threat of biodiversity loss which just planting a load of saplings can't replace.
Nothing else in your post warrants a response.
>> No. 91747 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 4:36 pm
91747 spacer

“The summer of 2018 was the hottest on record in England, with an average of just 35.4mm of rain falling in June, half the usual amount.

“We estimate it would have cost around £2m to water the trees during the drought, so replacing these plants is a much more cost-effective solution, as well as a more ethical use of resources during unprecedented conditions at the height of summer.”

Jog on m8.
>> No. 91748 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 6:48 pm
91748 spacer
Biodiversity? In England? Didn't the sheep-farmers kill everything already? England is just a massive park.
>> No. 91749 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 6:50 pm
91749 spacer
Weird, almost as though what they're doing doesn't work.


>> No. 67438 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 8:28 pm
/iq/67438 spacer

Are the younger generations more immune to the horrors of war, or is he just particularly honest and open about his experiences? He talks about them as if they were one long Call of Duty session.

>I aimed my grenade launcher at him and fired and I watched my round go right in and just nail him right at his feet. It was just *fart noises* guts. It was pretty rad.

>The war was awesome. It was so primal and deep. It felt like ancestors were inside me.

>There's nothing more manly than watching helicopters fly overhead as you shoot a bunch of dudes, or shooting a goddamn missile at a person. That's awesome.

>You know how many times I've gotten laid? A lot. Chicks dig that shit.
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>> No. 67516 Auntiefucker
24th November 2020
Tuesday 2:29 pm
67516 spacer

We're both citing the same study.
>> No. 67517 Moralfag
24th November 2020
Tuesday 2:34 pm
67517 spacer

But which one is correct? There's only one way to find out...
>> No. 67518 Are Moaty
24th November 2020
Tuesday 3:05 pm
67518 spacer
The one in >>67488 is a lot older.
>> No. 67519 Auntiefucker
24th November 2020
Tuesday 3:37 pm
67519 spacer
Why has soldiers going mental gone up in six years when we haven't even done a war in this time? Do we need to keep blowing up brown people to keep them sane?
>> No. 67520 Are Moaty
24th November 2020
Tuesday 5:22 pm
67520 spacer
>Do we need to keep blowing up brown people to keep them sane?


>> No. 41102 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 11:58 pm
/x/41102 spacer
The thinking man's crumpet.
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>> No. 41744 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 2:50 pm
41744 spacer

Can you really call yourself a "thinking man" if you watch the news on CBBC?
>> No. 41745 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 2:55 pm
41745 spacer

How else would you know wot the yoof are thinking? By hanging around them like Adam Buxton?
>> No. 41746 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 11:19 am
41746 spacer
I was young and she's still fit and presumably quite clever.
>> No. 41747 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 2:01 pm
41747 spacer
This is weird.
>> No. 41748 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 4:41 pm
41748 spacer


>> No. 67490 YubYub
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:10 pm
/iq/67490 spacer
Is the typical straight man (ie someone who is exclusively attracted to female women) turned on by the sight of a vagina?

I've always been neutral toward vaginas. They're not ugly or aesthetic; they're simply a hole into which you stick your benis. I like gender benders as well as women though, so I hardly have a straight take on things.
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>> No. 67504 Paedofag
24th November 2020
Tuesday 9:19 am
67504 spacer
I think it depends on the vagina. The same way not ever pair of breast or legs turns me on. In general I am about the total composition. Face i think over rides all other body traits for me. It is the window of emotional expression and personality and those are stronger factors than how a vagina looks.

I don't think I would ever see a vagina and think wow look at that vagina I want her. But then social rules are set up in a way that that doesn't happen maybe there is a woman out there with a perfect one that I would fall in love with just by the look of it I don't know..
>> No. 67505 Are Moaty
24th November 2020
Tuesday 10:33 am
67505 spacer
>because they'd keep bringing it up unprompted
That's unfair, I've rarely seen that. Lassmates who lurk here seem content to lurk here.
>> No. 67506 YubYub
24th November 2020
Tuesday 10:38 am
67506 spacer
We're talking years and years ago here. I have trouble distinguishing between what was posted here 10 years ago and what was posted 10 weeks ago. It might have been why they created /bint/, who knows? My find is too fuzzy to remember.
>> No. 67507 Billbob
24th November 2020
Tuesday 11:11 am
67507 spacer
Oh and there was also that fat lass that pissed in a shower on pictures of Are Si but that might have been Britchan.
>> No. 67508 Billbob
24th November 2020
Tuesday 12:07 pm
67508 spacer

That was here but I am 90% certain it was something posted by her dom and she had no idea what any of this was. Assuming my guess work of who posted it is correct.


>> No. 13939 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 12:21 pm
/nom/13939 Fish
I'm stepping up how much fish I eat but don't really have a clue what I'm doing as I didn't grow up eating much beyond battered cod. Therefore I'm going to ask a couple of stupid questions as I work out how to have fish twice a week.

I assume a can of pilchards on toast is a dinner item and that I warm them up in a saucepan for going on toast? Maybe with eggs?
Similar deal with canned Mackerel?
What other seafoods should I consider?

I googled this but the BBC food article decided to make repeated reference to pilchards being cat food. It's incredibly cheap admittedly.
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>> No. 13950 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:18 pm
13950 spacer

My favourite canned fish is the smoked sprats they sell in Eastern Euro skleps.

I wish you could find them in regular supermarkets.
>> No. 13951 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:56 pm
13951 spacer
So I just pour the can out on some toast and then put it under a grill? I'm having misgivings given the sauce, surely it goes in a pot and is heated?

How do I avoid it stinking up to the house when I cook or do I just bake everything in bags and oiled paper?

Tuna is pricey and the canning process breaks down the omega-3.

I'm not sure how I'd feel about eating fish regularly caught from the Baltic. Isn't it still horribly polluted?
>> No. 13952 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 11:27 pm
13952 spacer

If your fish stinks up the house, you have bought bad fish.

I just put cold mackerel on hot toast, I do not have the time nor inclination to do otherwise. There's not enough sauce in one of those tins to justify using a pan, just stick it under the grill if you must.
>> No. 13953 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 12:50 am
13953 spacer

The kippers I like come in oil, you obviously shake the oil off a bit or drain the liquid from the can before you put them on your toast. If you've got the ones that come in tomato sauce I don't know what to tell you, it's never occurred to me that anyone buys them. I thought they were just filler they use to pad out the shelves.

Presumably just whack the can in some hot water for a bit so they're already warm when you open them?
>> No. 13956 Anonymous
24th November 2020
Tuesday 10:24 am
13956 spacer


The same company that does those cream sauce herrings also have their take on the matjes herring, albeit very salty, and my goodness do they taste like prepared, salted anchovies. You can cook with them the same way, they just need chopping up a bit, and are far more cost effective if that's any concern.

Anchovies as bought at a deli counter in oil w/ flavouring like dill and lemon are delicious though and a completely different experience to the salted, tinned ones.


>> No. 67392 Anonymous
19th November 2020
Thursday 4:39 pm
/iq/67392 spacer
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>> No. 67393 Anonymous
19th November 2020
Thursday 4:56 pm
67393 spacer
Lol they're interdimensional beings made of energy traveling in intelligent plasma ships, you absolute rub. Miss me with this hybrid shit.
>> No. 67409 Auntiefucker
21st November 2020
Saturday 9:30 pm
67409 spacer

Lol no, they're definitely hybrid with brand loyalty.
>> No. 67474 R4GE
23rd November 2020
Monday 5:40 pm
67474 spacer
>> No. 67475 Samefag
23rd November 2020
Monday 5:46 pm
67475 spacer
Is that Michael Gove? He looks different without his glasses.


>> No. 18042 Anonymous
14th February 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
/news/18042 spacer
Shamima Begum: Bring me home, says Bethnal Green girl who left to join Isis

On the day the caliphate suffered a mortal blow the teenage London bride of an Islamic State fighter lifted her veil. Her two infant children were dead; her husband in captivity. Nineteen years old, nine months pregnant, weak and exhausted from her escape across the desert, she nevertheless looked calm and spoke with a collected voice.

“I’m not the same silly little 15-year-old schoolgirl who ran away from Bethnal Green four years ago,” she told me. “And I don’t regret coming here.”

With those words and the act of lifting her niqab, a mystery ended. The girl sitting before me, alone in a teeming Syrian refugee camp of 39,000 people where she is registered as No 28850, was Shamima Begum, the only known survivor of the three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green Academy whose fate has been unknown at home since they fled Britain together in 2015 to join Islamic State.

Ms Begum may have reached comparative safety, yet she chastised herself for leaving the last Isis territory as Kurd forces, backed by the West, closed in.

“I was weak,” she told me of her flight from the battle in Baghuz, with something akin to remorse. “I could not endure the suffering and hardship that staying on the battlefield involved. But I was also frightened that the child I am about to give birth to would die like my other children if I stayed on. So I fled the caliphate. Now all I want to do is come home to Britain.”

Should someone who quite clearly doesn't regret going to join ISIS and is still sympathetic to their plight be allowed back in this country? Then again, she'd already been 'radicalised' by those closest to her in this country.
297 posts and 17 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 26435 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 8:08 pm
26435 spacer
Have cheeky eskimos given up? It seems like they can't be arsed trying to blow people up or run them over in a lorry anymore.
>> No. 26436 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 8:12 pm
26436 spacer

Temporary ceasefire due to corona. Not even joking.
>> No. 26437 Anonymous
17th July 2020
Friday 8:24 pm
26437 spacer

It's funny when someone is too stupid to even realise that they're being mocked. Are you actually Shamima by any chance?
>> No. 26668 Anonymous
29th July 2020
Wednesday 2:46 pm
26668 spacer

There are no public gatherings, limited crowds in cities and shopping centres, and low passenger loads on public transport. Fewer travellers through airports make it even harder to hide in plain sight than it already was, it's just not worth the effort right now.
>> No. 28906 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 4:36 pm
28906 spacer
>Shamima Begum, who left Britain as a schoolgirl to join Islamic State in Syria, remains a serious threat to national security and should be deprived of her UK citizenship, the supreme court has been told.

>Extracts of MI5 assessments of the dangers posed by the return of those who joined Isis were read out at the start of a two-day hearing challenging the decision to revoke Begum’s citizenship and refuse her leave to enter the UK.


>> No. 67424 YubYub
22nd November 2020
Sunday 6:27 pm
Lads, i recently installed tinder to romp back on the horse as they say. I had nary a match for weeks, perhaps one swipe per day and almost all were 4/10s. Out of curiosity i changed settings to MEN SEEKING EVERYONE. Within 2 hours I had 45 swipes. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON LADS. I'm getting a like/swipe every few minutes at the moment.

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>> No. 67465 Billbob
23rd November 2020
Monday 7:27 am
67465 spacer

If you're more of a bumder encourage her to visit r/GrowYourClit. The bigger the clit, the more it's like a dick.
>> No. 67466 YubYub
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:17 am
67466 spacer
Good god.
>> No. 67467 Crabkiller
23rd November 2020
Monday 10:39 am
67467 spacer
Why grow your clitoris?

[/I]Two reasons seem to be of greatest interest: to make it easier to find by the owner or partner and to make it easier to stimulate. Some want to orgasm quicker, some want stronger orgasms, and a few just want to be able to orgasm. Finding that tiny sensitive organ can be a serious matter because about half range from rice grain to small pea size – most of the remainder are no larger than a corn kernel (about ¼ inch). Many women have never seen their clits because they are simply too small and buried under or in other tissue – another reason to enlarge your clit. A few want a “mini-penis” that can be stroked similarly to an intact penis. The good news is you can grow a much larger clitoris and you can do it reasonably quickly.[/I]
>> No. 67468 Ambulancelad
23rd November 2020
Monday 12:02 pm
67468 spacer
Yes, that's probably it. I'm in my late 20s but If I shave clean I'll get ID'd for energy drinks.
>> No. 67469 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 1:13 pm
67469 spacer
Weird to read this after all the discussion on clits. Was thinking you have to present your vag at the bar.


>> No. 30156 Anonymous
17th November 2020
Tuesday 9:11 am
/emo/30156 spacer
I realise this might sound like a non-issue to some, but I genuinely think my libido/how I think of sex/my sexual habits are endangering a great relationship.

I'm currently living with my girlfriend, and we're having sex probably around four times per week. The way we have it, and the frequency, makes me very happy. I wouldn't want to change anything about it.

Yet I'm still finding myself with a constant "itch". Before we got together, I was playing around with Tinder and similar dating apps after having moved to a new city, and I had loads of fun. Before this, I hadn't been with anyone in maybe two or three years, and to jump back into that was a bit overwhelming. It was partly exhausting, partly thrilling.

I really enjoy the pursuit, flirting, getting to know someone, and finally getting to the intimate stages. I'm not hugely proud of this, but there were times I was involved with more than one girl, under the pretence I wasn't (or at least omission of the fact). That was a shit feeling, I told everyone involved, and I've learned to be more upfront and honest, in that respect.

Now, though, I'm in a pretty healthy and mutually supportive relationship. I don't know where the "itch" is coming from. It may be a bit more complicated than just biology. As stupid as it sounds, I think I just enjoy the freedom to see others (and be seen as) a sexual being more than the rutting.

But I'm also aware I'm going down a really stupid path for the sake of feeling desirable(?) or sexually satisfied. I now find myself casually browsing porn, noticing the body language of girls when I'm out, and (even though I'm a bit ashamed of the thought) wondering what I might find if I quietly put myself on one of those dating apps.

I haven't, and I'd like to think I wouldn't, but something obviously needs to be changed here. I'm already thinking I should curb the porn viewing, and try to channel the energy into something else (I'm already exercising a lot).

Have you lads experienced anything like this? I don't want to hurt the feelings of my girlfriend, or imply that sex between us "isn't enough", because that's not the case. I have a feeling this is tied a lot more to the way I came into the relationship (total deprivation to sudden exposure) than the relationship itself.
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>> No. 30190 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 10:20 pm
30190 spacer
> Then again I consider casual sex unfulfilling and recognize that "catching feelings" is a universal recipe for chaos whenever one-side is getting more action. I'm sure you'd feel mighty funny if you're Mrs brought home the Uzbekistan football team.

For what it's worth I'm not the lad suggesting an open relationship as a solution in this thread, I'm merely questioning your, what to me seems like, naivety about people in general.

Coming at my question in >>30188 purely from the perspective of a single person I consider it incredibly naive to assume that anyone that is having casual sex with you isn't also having casual sex with other people (and I also don't see how, unless you don't have sex until after the 10th date and you've met her parents, you can consider the first few times you have sex with someone to be anything other than casual).

In my experience sex comes first, and if you keep on seeing each other you eventually have to make a decision if you're exclusive / moving towards an exclusive relationship or not. The question of "are you seeing anyone else" will inevitably come from one party or the other within a few weeks of seeing each other regularly and that's generally the sign that that party is starting to like you for reasons beyond looks/physicality/sex.

With all that said, however, I often find myself lamenting on this site that I might simply have spent my life around very much the wrong kind of person and/or on the wrong side of many a track.

Such is life. Sage.
>> No. 30191 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 11:15 pm
30191 spacer
There's a difference between casual sex and seeing someone but you won't spell out seeing someone until your months into it. My experience is you will either go on a few dates before sex or be exclusively "casual" for about 5 minutes before its implied that you're seeing each other. I don't know how you could be missing the seeing phase unless you're jumping into things.

I'm a good boy who buys a lass flowers a couple weeks into it though, so by accident I've probably been making clear my intentions.

>With all that said, however, I often find myself lamenting on this site that I might simply have spent my life around very much the wrong kind of person and/or on the wrong side of many a track.

For my part I seem to exclusively shag professional women who make more than me so we're probably different types. I'm Posh Spice to your Ginger.
>> No. 30192 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 11:47 pm
30192 spacer
>The question of "are you seeing anyone else" will inevitably come from one party or the other within a few weeks of seeing each other

Um, lad - that should be on the first couple of dates/hours, not weeks; depends how old you are I guess. If you're in your thirties, probably whether they want to get married, have kids, or not, all that stuff is fair game.
>> No. 30193 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 1:20 am
30193 spacer

It's one of those things where I feel like it's rude to ask directly, but you're definitely expected to interrogate each other as to what your "situation" is by the first date. Do you live alone, with a house share, at home, are you recently separated or long term single, shagging around or just testing the waters, and so on. Or, if you're on the apps, you're meant to do it in the fortnight of idle banter and the the first physical date is just to double check in-person compatibility.

I know a couple of lasses who are perennially single and I keep trying to tell them, it's more than likely because they just won't fucking sleep with a bloke until they're convinced it's a long term thing. I can't explain enough that good sex is a requirement on any right thinking bloke's checklist, and if he has to commit before he even finds out if you're a cowgirl or a dead fish, he's going to look elsewhere.

They say men are clueless but honestly some of my female friends are the most autistic motherfuckers I know when it comes to navigating those stages between single and long term couple.
>> No. 30194 Anonymous
23rd November 2020
Monday 1:46 am
30194 spacer
> There's a difference between casual sex and seeing someone but you won't spell out seeing someone until your months into it. My experience is you will either go on a few dates before sex or be exclusively "casual" for about 5 minutes before its implied that you're seeing each other. I don't know how you could be missing the seeing phase unless you're jumping into things.

If I've not had sex by the end of date 3 I give things up as a lost cause. I usually expect to be up to my nuts in guts within about 4-5 hours of actually meeting a girl physically for the first time. That probably is considered "jumping in" but even in the times where's I've struck out and not hit the bedroom by the end of date three I've never actually had the "are you having sex with / seeing anyone else" talk with anyone. That conversation tends to only come up after a few weeks of regularly seeing someone.

Maybe it's implied that if you're on a date then you're 100% fucking single and celibate and I'm just that unlucky cunt who got burned by a bunch of manipulative bitches and now I'm all bitter and assume that everyone's sucking 37 dicks in every given week. In a row? .

> There's a difference between casual sex and seeing someone but you won't spell out seeing someone until your months into it.

I'm probably being autistic now, but do you, at some point, just stop responding to the 2am texts from the girls in your Little Black Book and slowly morph into monogamy? Is there a certain point where you feel like "this is becoming a relationship" and decide to set your Relationship Status on Facebook. Is it the fact that I don't use face book and don't have a public Relationship Status to set that's causing me all this grief? Christ, if that's the case I really am doomed.

> I know a couple of lasses who are perennially single and I keep trying to tell them, it's more than likely because they just won't fucking sleep with a bloke until they're convinced it's a long term thing. I can't explain enough that good sex is a requirement on any right thinking bloke's checklist, and if he has to commit before he even finds out if you're a cowgirl or a dead fish, he's going to look elsewhere.

I've had to tell lasses this myself. She said she wouldn't have sex with a guy until she was in a long term relationship with and I had to tell her that no bloke is going to get into a long term relationship unless they've had sex with her and know they're compatible. That said, I've known this lass shag a bloke she'd barely met just because she was on holiday and knew she'd never see him again and there were no expectations, so it's double standards in any case.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> No. 438076 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 5:05 pm
/b/438076 Religion
Is anyone here religious? If so, what flavour of religion do you follow? Any benefits/disadvantages to having faith?
62 posts and 4 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 439599 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 11:04 pm
439599 spacer

There's a lot that could be said here. In general I don't measure a large group of people, or an organisation of some kind, by the worst representation of the group. I'm aware that the first things that pop into the mind of many secularists when they hear the word Catholic, is financial corruption, and child rape, but It's not really something that I think about or have experienced. I've been a member of a handful of churches throughout my life, and it just hasn't been relevant to me or anyone I know for that matter.

When I hear and read about these crimes, it disgusts me, the same way I felt disgusted to find out about how China's Xi Jinping has overseen the authoritarian takeover of Hong Kong's laws, and the enslavement of over one million Uyghurs. There's nothing I can really do about these large structures tilting into corruption though, except talking honestly about them when people ask me, and being careful about where I distribute my finances. I haven't given money to the Catholic church for a long time, aside from donating to the soup kitchen, the food bank, and educational Catholic organisations like the Latin Mass Society. Starved from money, which the church is currently experiencing, the upper echelons will either collapse into irrelevance, or be forced to do something about the problems. Pope Francis, as much as I disagree with him in many ways, has moved in strides in this area, and for this very reason. There's a lot of information I'm omitting for the sake of brevity here, this has regularly been a topic of conversation among Catholics within my social circles for quite some time as I'm sure you can imagine. If you'd like to dip your toe into the water, your might be interested in 'Letter to a Suffering Church' by Bishop Robert Barron.

This brings me to the term traditional Catholic, avoiding theological jargon, the simplest way I can put it is like this. The traditional way of practicing the religion has been around for over a millennium and a half (more or less), largely unchanged. The Catholic church has tried to change the tradition considerably since around the 1960s, attempting to make it more progressive and approachable to the wider public. The original way of practicing the faith forces people to learn the Latin, learn the tradition, and actually practice the faith in what I would argue, is the correct way. The newer version turns the priest into the focal point, and well, I could list problems I see with it all day, but I'll just start ranting. I remember in the 80s there were a lot of guitars and pizza in these churches. Felt like more of a social club then a place of worship. Naturally attendance numbers for churches that practice the traditional way seem consistent, even rising slightly in popularity, but the newer way of practicing the mass, has seen dramatic loss of attendance over the decades. In another century I doubt the new version will even exist.
>> No. 439601 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 11:07 pm
439601 spacer
>>439599 You'll have to forgive my bad wording It's getting late and I'm pretty tired.
>> No. 440291 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 10:17 pm
440291 spacer
What do you think about the vow of abstinence clergymen have to take? I have a few friends who considered becoming priests but knew it just wouldn't be possible for them with that expectation, and they feel the church would experience a huge revival if priests were allowed to become family men.
>> No. 440297 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 1:33 pm
440297 Hail Glycon.
Hail Glycon.
>> No. 440300 Anonymous
22nd November 2020
Sunday 11:40 pm
440300 spacer
I'm reading the Bhagavad Gita and I''ve been enjoying it so far. It's full of useful advice and interesting insights on how to conduct yourself in life, presented straightforwardly as a dialogue between a warrior and an avatar of the godhead. I tried reading the Bible but it didn't come across anywhere near as cogent; it was basically a load of fanciful gobbledegook.


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