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>> No. 84342 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 11:29 pm
/pol/84342 spacer
In a string of texts Griffiths called himself “Daddy”, promised money if he received racy images and described perverted and rough sex he claimed to have had with other women.

The shamed Tory wrote:

• “I’m going to need something filthy to put a smile on my face. I want to see you both naked.”

• “Take off the bra and panties… you’ve got Daddy in such a frenzy.”

• “I’m going to bring you to London and do whatever I want to you.”

• “I’m thinking maybe we need a flat for Daddy’s girls. I’m taken by you both. You girls are spectacular.”

Many more messages go into shocking detail about his liking for certain sexual acts and are too disgusting to print in full.
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>> No. 86701 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 7:28 pm
86701 spacer
A Conservative MP who sent sexual messages to two barmaids has been cleared of wrongdoing by the parliamentary standards watchdog.

Andrew Griffiths, 48, resigned as small business minister last July after the messages were published in a newspaper. The watchdog said it found no evidence he sent them while he would have been engaged in parliamentary activities. Allegations he breached the House of Commons Code of Conduct were not upheld, it added.
>> No. 86722 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 12:06 am
86722 spacer
Disgraceful. I'll never be voting Tory again after this.
>> No. 86735 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 3:13 pm
86735 spacer
It's as though we expect MPs not to be human. Embarrassing, sure, but is it really in the public interest? Perhaps the sexual development our culture is going through might help to address such issues.

>I suppose in your eyes doing those videos for money means that she's asking for it for whatever follows next.
It certianly means they're likely to be receptive to similar offers.
>> No. 86736 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 5:37 pm
86736 spacer

It all reaks to me of someone trying to make a quick buck by selling out to the papers. They probably could have networked their way into something quite lucrative if they had keeped their mouth shut. Instead they've probably got themselves blacked balled from the biggest opportunity of their life and any others where discretion is expected, but they are probably too stupid to realise it.
>> No. 86748 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 7:10 pm
86748 spacer
Reeks, not reaks. Wreak is a word but not the same one.


>> No. 28911 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 4:53 am
/emo/28911 spacer
Life could be really beautiful, if not for the combination of being coerced into work on the threat of poverty and having little control over what we really do there.

I feel like I've spent most of my life trying to crack this problem, how to live happily when such a system exists, or how to escape it altogether.

My method so far has been to train and educate myself into better, "freer" forms of employment, and it's worked out to some extent. But I still often feel immense money pressures, and an underlying feeling something is deeply wrong. There's a deep sense of insecurity, of running on a treadmill, one that prevents any kind of true happiness or contentedness.

I've read someone here mention the Buddhist "the glass is already broken" type of mindset, and I understand that not all things are perfect and stable, and why this realisation would help. But this aspect of life is entirely artificial, work and resource allocation don't need to take this form. It's an unnecessary kind of suffering. If we do accept suffering and precariousness, surely it should only be the truly necessary and unavoidable?

Anyway, I feel like I've tried multiple avenues to liberate myself. I've been in higher education and training for years, in an attempt to get into tolerable work, especially the kind of thing where I help others ("Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life"). While I'm grateful to have found semi-fulfilling work, I still feel suffocated. I've looked into frugal living and "financial independence"/FIRE. I've even tentatively tried political activism and collective organisation.

These are all ongoing projects, but I suspect the only way to truly get yourself out of the rat race is to either abandon it entirely, or to own enough capital that you have others make your money for you.

I want to open myself up to different methods, though. How have others navigated this problem?

Even on .gs a post will spring up that poses a novel new solution. The lad doing remote tech support, for example. We also seem to have an improbably high number of wealthy lads, here.
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>> No. 28926 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 9:39 pm
28926 spacer
I'm sure you've watched enough Big Clive videos between you to bodge some kind of matter replicator. Once you've done that we're twelve months at most from being post-resource scarcity, the only issue then might be everyone having too many kids, but we should able to get off the planet quicker once the food and fuel issue it sorted. Actually no, we'd still be dependent on fossil fuels so maybe we're still knackered, but you'd have to check with GreenLad about that, I only really know about wild speculation.
>> No. 28927 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 11:53 pm
28927 spacer
I suppose it would depend on how energy efficient your matter reassembler is. If you can create structures with more potential energy than your matter machine takes to assemble them, you're sorted.

Sage because this is emo.
>> No. 28928 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 12:19 am
28928 spacer

>I want to open myself up to different methods, though. How have others navigated this problem?

The people I work with are pretty decent and my job is interesting, varied and valued. Hard days happen but you laugh it off with your mates which, even as an introvert, might be what you're missing. People are social animals defining themselves by those around them - Alasdair MacIntyre and all that.

I dunno, it looks like everyone has their own answer to this which is fair enough. I'm a lazy bastard so it probably helps that I have the expertise to slack off and still manage a decent enough job with the occasional bout of effort when absolutely necessary.

I've also been doing a fair bit of shagging this year.
>> No. 28929 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 6:00 pm
28929 spacer
> Appreciating what is good in your life can help you no matter what your station. But let's say, hypothetically, I'm already a highly emotionally developed (for lack of a better term) person, that I am appreciating what happiness there is in my life, but I'm still both extremely ambitious for myself and angry at the injustices that occur as a result of the current system. What then? What if I really am just searching for pragmatic solutions to a real world problem, and I've got the emotional side more or less sorted?

No idea lad, not going to lie.
Just one thing I've just recalled.
A Russian ex-con told me once. He'd been doing porridge for several years and that made him realise how little a human being actually needed for happiness.
'Tea and some sweets', as he'd put it. And not being bothered.

Sage because I'm not really answering your question.
>> No. 28930 Anonymous
10th September 2019
Tuesday 6:42 pm
28930 spacer

Simple, lad- We just invent a matter reassembler that reaassembles all its matter from the raw material of CO2.

Then we sterilise everyone.


>> No. 2773 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:50 pm
/eco/2773 spacer
Can i grow brambles from seed laden fox poo? Grind up some rabit droppings from the same environment as fertaliser and growth medium, and mix it with the assumed nutrient rich fecal matter? I imagine the feeds would be fermented, activated or some shit after going through the foxes
How would i actually do this? How do you go about testing chemical conditions within the soils? How do i know what brambles need?
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>> No. 2774 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 4:18 pm
2774 spacer
How is it that you have more access to fox and rabbit droppings than soil?
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:11 pm
2775 spacer
My limited understanding is that soil is vastly decomposed matter like leaves, grasses and whatever happens to fall. So it makes sense that you could grow from processed grasses like rabbit droppings, plus the blackberry nutrient and seed that have passed through the fox. It'd be nice to test whether that snapshot of the ecosystem sustains itself.

It's more an introduction to botany and ecology than actually growing, but having blackberries next year would be a welcome result.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 5:23 pm
2776 spacer
I'm still not sure I understand what you actually have in mind.
Rabbit droppings would make a perfectly fine manure if you had some way of gathering them in vast quantities, you're definitely better off just buying some compost or finding the manure of larger herbivores. Not a great idea to trespass on farmland but if there's a stables anywhere near you, the horses will regularly shit on the road and you can gather it up with a bag for free.

Most brambles are very hardy, you'll have noticed they tend to grow all over the place wild, but in their case
>Seed often does not germinate until the second year after shedding. Seeds have a hard seed coat and a chilling requirement to overcome. Plants take three years to flower from seed.
you're not going to get blackberries by next year. Unless you wait until spring and buy a young one. You could buy two and give one rabbit manure to see if it makes any difference to the growth if you're that keen on experimenting.

Don't play about with fox shit though, even if you were to sterilise it, it would smell fucking awful all the time.
>> No. 2777 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 7:26 pm
2777 spacer
Just cut a few stalks off a living bramble and stick them in water and they'll hopefully take root.


>> No. 6043 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 1:49 pm
/poof/6043 spacer
Is there any man-grooming technique/product that you were skeptical of, that has made a positive difference to your look?
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>> No. 6050 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 11:19 am
6050 spacer

Plastic microbeads are bad, but you can get grainy bits made from apricot stones or rice.
>> No. 6051 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 11:43 am
6051 spacer
I'm not rubbing rice on my face. I don't want to turn Chinese.
>> No. 6053 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:21 pm
6053 spacer
May be a smart move post-no-deal though.
>> No. 6054 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 3:43 pm
6054 spacer

Washingup liquid readily cuts through facial grease. Squeeky clean!
>> No. 6055 Anonymous
9th September 2019
Monday 4:27 pm
6055 spacer
You're better off using it as shampoo.


>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
/fat/3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 4842 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 11:05 am
4842 spacer

A lot of what you're saying echoes my own fatlad story.

It took me a long time to realise that I'm just not the type of person who can 'willpower' myself into doing something, and I'm not the sort of person who can do moderation. I can too easily convince myself that the two pizzas tonight will somehow launch me into a new diet tomorrow, and do the same the next day, and the next, etc until I've effectively forgotten that I want to lose weight for another week or so.

The inability to moderate is the easy bit, if you start thinking of food as addiction, which it definitely is for me. You can't just have 'a little bit' of crack, so similarly I stopped allowing myself to have 'just one' bag of crisps or whatever, because it's never, ever just one bag. One cheat is basically failure in my mind and an easy way to convince myself the attempt at a diet is over, and that's not even getting into the actual chemical addictive properties of high carb/fat snack foods.

So my method, as shaky as it was, was to wait for one of those rare moments of actual determined focus on losing weight (I suspect you're in one now too) and jump on it. Try to eat well, 'proper food', but cut out junk entirely. Eat as much as I can for the first week or two, as long as it's whole food, or at least not crisps, sweets, and takeaways. Then as I get used to that, I'd start counting the calories. It's all about getting into a routine, and being honest with yourself that the first couple of weeks will be hell and you'll feel fucking useless and powerless, but you're definitely not. You can definitely eat properly for a day, then two days, then three, then a week, then a month.

I also found improving my mental state and general living helped. Apparently people who exercise regularly crave fewer junk foods, and I find that to be true - even just purposely walking once a day puts me in a fitness mindset and I find it easier to resist my trigger foods. Keeping my house tidy, keeping on top of errands and chores, these were all things I wasn't doing while sitting on my arse eating 5000 calories so when I started doing them, my whole mindset slowly and subtley changed. I felt less like a piece of shit who deserved to wallow, and more like a normal person who happened to have put on a load of weight, and I think, even just typing it now, I realise that's the key to it for me. Whenever I've felt worthless, useless, pointless, it's oh so easy to allow yourself to abuse your body, because why the fuck not?

I'm sorry for the rambling, but I know exactly where you're coming from. My only practical advice would be to take one day at a time, and try to think about what might actually make you accountable. For me it was simply proving that I could fight my own shitty brain, it might be something else for you, but like the otherlad says, long term thinking is needed.
>> No. 4843 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 1:17 pm
4843 spacer
> Keeping my house tidy, keeping on top of errands and chores, these were all things I wasn't doing while sitting on my arse eating 5000 calories so when I started doing them, my whole mindset slowly and subtley changed.

This worked for me too somehow, despite for a bit different situation.
Regarding being a lard arse back in the day, I did will-power myself out of it. Mostly by cutting out junk food entirely, my only sort of exercise at that time was walking.
Sage because I didn't have a BMI of 39, so can't really advise you in any way, mate.
>> No. 4844 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 11:37 am
4844 spacer
>wait for one of those rare moments of actual determined focus on losing weight

Unfortunately I can never make it past the two week mark. I think that's the point where you can really keep the habit up, but I always slip after a few days. I think that's the worst thing - I spend hours a day intensely hating myself for how much of a disgusting fat cunt I let myself once again become, but somehow cannot channel that into, well, losing weight.
>> No. 4845 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 2:50 pm
4845 spacer

Different lad here, feel a bit apprehensive giving this advice as I'm not sure it's the right thing, but when I need to focus on a goal I often set my environment up so that the only real outlet I have is working towards that end.

When I noticed computer games were becoming a timesink from real life activities, I sold my consoles. When I realised I'd get drunk on my own as a way to cope with anxiety, I stopped buying alcohol to keep in the house. When I noticed I was getting frustrated and developing nervous tics, I placed trainers and kit next to the door so I could go to the gym immediately.

Don't know how well this would work for your compliance problem, but I think there's a lot to be said for structuring your choices in such a way that you have only a few good options.
>> No. 4846 Anonymous
8th September 2019
Sunday 10:46 pm
4846 spacer

Do you think you could set yourself a challenge of sorts? Like, go veggie for a month, or something like that. Changing your diet, but also deciding to just try to eat differently than you usually do, not necessarily better than you usually do, just different - might be enough to trick yourself into getting into a new habit?

I realise it's hard, but the more you resign yourself to never being able to hack it, you truly never will. You've done it before, you objectively can do it again.


>> No. 84895 Anonymous
9th February 2019
Saturday 8:13 am
/pol/84895 spacer
Jimmy Saville: My new Brexit party stands ready to defend democracy

'Thousands of Tory party members' to defect to Jimmy Saville's Brexit Party as it gets official approval

Rebel Labour MPs set to quit party and form centre group
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>> No. 86684 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:42 pm
86684 spacer
Good on her.
>> No. 86686 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:33 pm
86686 spacer
Yet another Tigger joins the Lib Dems. Angela Smith has made the jump. No, me neither.
>> No. 86687 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:38 pm
86687 spacer
Are there any left?
>> No. 86688 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:03 pm
86688 spacer
I think there are three or four Tiggers and about five of The Independents.
>> No. 86689 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:12 pm
86689 spacer
They're down to five. I can only assume that they've got a whole bunch of photos of various combinations of members so they can put one on the front page every time someone leaves.


>> No. 12143 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 10:13 pm
/beat/12143 spacer
Evening, /beat/. We're going to play a little game.

This is how it works: Someone posts a song. The other two of us reply with a song that we think they'll like based on that track and [optional] also post another song for others to respond to.
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>> No. 12157 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 1:40 pm
12157 spacer
I think you would like:


I would like something like:

>> No. 12158 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 2:32 pm
12158 spacer
I think you would like:

I would like something like:

>> No. 12159 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 6:16 pm
12159 spacer
Anyone know songs with female vocals like this? ANY EGGERS?

>> No. 12160 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:47 pm
12160 spacer
I heard something that sounded very similar vocally on 6 Music a week or two ago, but I can't remember what.

Anyway, here's Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett:

Any excuse to recommend Starcadian.

Try Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12162 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:48 pm
12162 spacer

That's the only songs of theirs I know, but maybe some of their other stuff is more upbeat.


>> No. 5566 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 3:25 pm
/art/5566 spacer
I need to do some reproductions of some religious artwork for someone, but all they have is poor quality home inkjet printer versions, they'll look rubbish when I blow them up.

Does anyone have any clue who painted these images and perhaps where I might be able to find some hi-res copies? I'm really struggling.
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>> No. 5569 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 4:15 pm
5569 spacer
As far as I can tell, the first one at least was produced for Fratelli Bonella which is a publisher of religious art based in Milan. They could also just be one of the thousands of people selling shitty prints.
I had quite a thorough look for it and all I've learned is that Catholics do not give a fuck about crediting their artists. Maybe it's idolatry.
In your shoes I'd just look for the highest resolution images I can on google (or take some better photos of the ones you have), blow them up in photoshop, apply some filters to make them look roughly like they were painted at that resolution then get them printed somewhere decent.
>> No. 5570 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 6:27 pm
5570 spacer
What's the budget for the project? The lads in Dafen Village will paint you a reproduction in oils for about £50.
>> No. 5571 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 6:31 pm
5571 spacer
Seems like a waste if they'll do a reproduction of the Mona Lisa for the same price.
>> No. 5572 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:33 pm
5572 spacer
I think the Mona Lisa is over hyped. Don't get me wrong it is fine, but a portrait of a woman with unnaturally smooth skin and body shape and flat hair has always seemed unremarkable to me outside of historical context, even compared to painters of a relatively similar period.

I'd much rather comission a copy of Vigo the Carpathian myself.
>> No. 5573 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:36 pm
5573 spacer
Seems like a waste if they'll do a reproduction of the Vigo the Carpathian for the same price.


>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
/beat/8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.

Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 11923 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 11:36 am
11923 spacer

>> No. 11928 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 12:27 pm
11928 spacer
Adam Sky Vs Mark Stewart - We Are All Prostitutes

>> No. 12032 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 7:04 pm
12032 spacer
>> No. 12111 Anonymous
17th August 2019
Saturday 6:21 pm
12111 spacer
>> No. 12161 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:32 pm
12161 spacer
Because I'm still 13.


supergran more like superBLAM.jpg
>> No. 64051 YubYub
7th September 2019
Saturday 7:26 pm
/iq/64051 spacer

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>> No. 64052 Auntiefucker
7th September 2019
Saturday 7:31 pm
64052 spacer


>> No. 64053 Samefag
7th September 2019
Saturday 7:33 pm
64053 spacer
His wife must be delighted though.
>> No. 64054 Are Moaty
7th September 2019
Saturday 7:58 pm
64054 spacer
Honestly, that sounds like a pretty metal way of having your ashes scattered. I'm surprised that there isn't a formal programme in the United States for this that cuts out the middle man.

I'll say right now that if the Royal Navy fancies testing Trident then they can strap my dead body to missile. Use the 6k to sail out a few loved ones to watch the fireworks.


>> No. 429058 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
/b/429058 The absolute state of Britain
Why is Britain so heavily mocked by the internet, particularly the fringe right? Almost every right-leaning discussion space features torrents of comments all finding newer ways to attack Britain especially with regards to free speech and grooming gangs.

What do you suppose the problem could be? Are they all delusional or lying? Are they speaking uncomfortable truths?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 429756 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:11 pm
429756 spacer

>I genuinely don't think I could tell you anything that happened in Germany between the Romans and the 20th century, apart from Martin Luther King and the odd composer

Germany had a very chequered history even before the 20th century. It's really fascinating when you read about it, because for much of the second millennium AD, it consisted of a multitude of small kingdoms, duchies, and counties which together made up the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, but were very distinct from each other and each had their own aristocratic rulers, which were also frequently at war with each other, such as during the Thirty Years' War in the 1600s. This German system of regional rivalry was called Kleinstaaterei, literally "smallstatery". The aristocratic regional rulers and their families had absolute power over their subjects, and it was not uncommon for them to own entire towns or villages and everything in them. Unlike the eventually emerging British system of constitutional monarchy, Germany held on to that kind of post-mediaeval feudal system much longer than most other European nations, until its class of aristocracy and nobility formally lost all its privileges for good in 1919 following Germany's WWI defeat, after which Germany became a constitutional democracy for the first time in its history. This long adherence to quasi-feudalism is also cited as one reason why Germany was a bit late to the party with industrialisation, as many of its citizens lived in agricultural serfdom to a local lord far longer than people in Britain, often into the early 1800s. There was no social mobility, and for a long time, as a serf, you effectively had to have permission from your lord to even travel outside the land that he owned.

In Britain, on the other hand, geographical and social mobility emerged much sooner, which counts as one reason why industrialisation was able to take hold by the mid-1800s, because the masses of labour that you needed for industrial manufacturing were much more readily available.
>> No. 429757 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:17 pm
429757 spacer
>Wasn't the industrial revolution more of a British-led thing? I'm probably incredibly ignorant here.

It most certainly was, but a British lead part of wider European history.

There are times in history where the great cultural shifts are really lead by one nation the 18th and 19th shifts are that time for Britain.

>I genuinely don't think I could tell you anything that happened in Germany between the Romans and the 20th century

It gets a bit fuzzy as 'Germany' is a modern concept

The Holy Roman Empire is obviously a big deal and they were as into the crusades as we were. The Teutonic kinghts and Prussia were a significant player in their history but they were more heavily focused in what is now Poland and Lithuania.

speaking of the Baltic states one of the other key events that you've all missed was the Battle of Vienna which represents the high point and beginning of collapse of the Ottoman Empire essentially it was the key make or break stand for the Holy Roman Empire, which is noted for when Polish winged hussars arrived halfway though and attacked the Ottomans from the rear with the sun behind them which is where the charge at helms deep is believed to be based on in Lord of the Rings.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 429759 Anonymous
21st August 2019
Wednesday 2:43 pm
429759 spacer

>It gets a bit fuzzy as 'Germany' is a modern concept

That's certainly true. As I said, there was the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation on the one hand, and all the regional rulers ultimately had to answer to the German Emperor, but the people and those regional rulers didn't consider themselves German, at least not as much as they saw themselves as Prussian, Hessian, or Bavarian. In its own way it was probably similar to the Scottish or Welsh today insisting on their own identity, but if you follow historical accounts, it was still much stronger than that in Germany.

It wasn't until the revolution of the late 1840s in Germany that the idea of a truly unified, as well as democratic Germany began to take hold, propagated mainly by young university students, as well as artists, authors and novelists of the German Romantic movement. The German Revolution of 1848 which embodied these ideals ultimately failed and the old powers were reinstated, but following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, Germany was finally unified as such for the first time, with Berlin as the capital. Which was no accident, because even within the new German Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia was the dominant force. Germany itself wasn't just turned into one homogenous territory in 1871, and still remained divided up into regional kingdoms, but the German emperor had much greater power over them than previously.
>> No. 430167 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 5:55 am
430167 spacer
The main thing that's worth knowing about the continent in much more recent history is what occurred in 1870. The Franco-Prussian war shifted the continental balance of power from France, to Germany, and this had truly profound effects. France had been in hot water for a while and Bismarck took advantage of France's obvious internal strife so as to attempt a unification of the Germanic peoples. Britain was certainly powerful, but we've rarely ever had any true aspirations for holding land on the continent, and France had stopped all that after Napoleon; which was why Britain and France were finally able to put to rest their ancient bugbears (well, on the battlefield, at least).

In my opinion, the conditions that set the stage of WWI, WWII and the eventual rise of America as the world's dominant power truly began with the Franco-Prussian war. The timeline of it is almost immediate. Germany went from a power that was almost deleted by Napoleon, to one suddenly capable of matching France, Britain, Austria, Russia, what have you in industrial and military might. And the French were mighty pissed off over the Franco-Prussian war...

I'm not making any moral judgements, I frankly get annoyed when people start getting all moral over the colonial era (this kind of moralising is very common on certain places I'm sure I don't need to name); but it IS interesting from a purely historical standpoint. The world certainly wouldn't look the same if France had actually beaten back the Germans (and perhaps, hypothetically, there'd have been no world wars).
>> No. 430318 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 4:39 pm
430318 spacer

>The Franco-Prussian war shifted the continental balance of power from France, to Germany, and this had truly profound effects

France never really recovered after the demise of Napoleon's leadership. The Napoleonic Wars not only weakened France due to the internal power vacuum that ensued when he was gone, but also, the emerging powers of nationalist Germany and Austro-Hungaria certainly didn't make things on the Continent much easier for the French. The defeat in the Franco-Prussian War 1871 was then not really a shock to anyone in that respect, but certainly cemented what was going to be a crucial point in the already steady decline of France's dominance over Europe, which lasted into the early 20th century and at least until Germany was defeated in WWI.

>The world certainly wouldn't look the same if France had actually beaten back the Germans (and perhaps, hypothetically, there'd have been no world wars

There were always struggles for dominance over continental Europe, and if Germany had been defeated in the Franco-Prussian War, maybe France itself would have started a multi-national conflict of its own, perhaps instigated by radical forces wanting to reinstate quasi-Napoleonic rule over Europe. Somebody would have started a war sooner or later either way.

WWII also probably would have happened anyway, with or without Hitler at the helm. Germany was one of the world's hardest hit countries by the 1929 stock market crash and the ensuing Great Depression, because foreign investment and loans from American banks were really the crucial backbone in allowing Germany to prosper in the 1920s. Once all those banks and investment firms had taken a beating when financial markets fell off a cliff around 1929-1930, it spelled vast unemployment for Germans, more so than for most other European countries. And radicals, any radical, will always have the easiest time getting the masses behind them when those masses are down and out of a job. If it hadn't been for Hitler, then very likely it would not have meant that Germany wasn't in danger of being taken over by other like-minded radical reactionary forces. Who at some point probably would have tried to restore Germany's former hegemonial power in just the same way. Maybe without killing six million Jews and dreaming of Lebensraum in Russia, because that was mainly Hitler's hobby horse, but still, a war was likely either way.


Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 20.39.08.png
>> No. 2585 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 8:40 pm
/uhu/2585 spacer
My bathroom sink keeps getting blocked, and pouring that unblocker thing into it just works for like a week.

I'm wondering if there could be too much stuff in the pipes. What kind of tool should I get to open this?
2 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2588 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 8:48 pm
2588 spacer

Pipe wrench.
>> No. 2589 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 9:06 pm
2589 spacer
Use a kitchen towel for grip.
>> No. 2590 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 12:49 am
2590 spacer
use a blow torch to soften it up a bit

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 2595 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 10:04 pm
2595 spacer
You'll want a mole wrench, or if it's too big even for that, a chain wrench.

If you can find it, there's a drain cleaner called One Shot which is 90% sulphuric acid. I wouldn't be surprised if it's been taken off the market in certain places, what with all the acid attacks - if you get this on your skin you will be seriously hurt. It will likely get rid of your bathroom blockage, but you need to be very sure that your drains are PVC/ABS plastic as it will eat metal. Don't get any of it outside the sink as it'll rip the surface off ceramics as well as metal. Don't go plunging directly afterwards or you risk getting a melted face.

Even with that stuff, you'll likely find exactly the problem you've described: after a month the blockage will come back. The fact of the matter is that nothing in a bottle will ever compare to a professional drain cleaner with a rooter. Don't go with your regular plumber, go with the specialists.
>> No. 2599 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:42 am
2599 spacer
You'll likely find an old straw or something down there. Make sure you put a bucket or towel down to catch any fetid water that spills when you open it.


>> No. 430247 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 9:17 pm
/b/430247 Bum
Does anyone have experience of sleeping rough or even just a bit of hardcore camping? Seems things have gone that way so any tips and advice would be much appriciated.
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>> No. 430273 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:39 pm
430273 spacer
The advice in >>430253 is excellent, and shows that, despite the best efforts of the austerity crew, there does still exist a safety net to prevent homelessness.

I'd also recommend OP gets down to the Job Centre. No joke. For all their faults, which are many, they will help you get some advance cash on Universal Credit or JSA and they will put you in touch with people who can sort out your Housing Benefit and make sure you stay housed.

I have worked in the Job Centre and I know they have what seem like hard rules (needing an address and a bank account) but these can and will be bent if someone is facing homelessness. Just tell them your situation and then play the game: turning up on time, hitting your head against their slow, poorly-designed web interface, and being well-behaved; I know that all their systems are basically designed to frustrate those who use them, but you have to go through the motions if you want that cash.
>> No. 430286 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 7:10 pm
430286 spacer

In case you haven't left yet - don't. You're only entitled to housing support from the local authority where you normally live, or have a "substantial local connection". If you turn up in a random area, the council have no legal obligation to help you. You'll still get support from charitable organisations, but you'll find it much harder to access permanent housing; there's a good chance that the council will just buy you a coach ticket to send you back to wherever you came from.
>> No. 430295 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 11:28 pm
430295 spacer
>the council will just buy you a coach ticket to send you back to wherever you came from.

I am absolutely disgusted that the people I pay to (pay others to ) empty my bins are just a bunch of lowbrow sectarians.
>> No. 430301 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:31 am
430301 spacer
Alright, I'm now deeply embarrassed by this thread's existence. I'd like to apologise for wasting everyone's time and thank them for all the earnest advice they provided.
>> No. 430308 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:36 am
430308 spacer
I've heard it best to sleep during the day and move at night, to help preserve body heat. I once overheard a tramp advising another to sleep atop a cliff because, apparently, the cliff funnels the wind upwards and away from you - maybe that was just local knowledge.

Tell us the story. What happened?


>> No. 2591 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 3:14 pm
/uhu/2591 Decent screwdriver set
I know we've got some skilled techies and DIY folks here, I'd appreciate some advice on this one.

I have been through literally hundreds of mini screwdrivers over the years. Some last for ages and some are junk from the get go. Irritatingly some of the ones I've spent a little extra on are the same old shit, maybe in a tarted up case. I don't want this. I don't mind paying a fair bit of cash to avoid it. Not hundreds, but well into the double digits.

Same question aimed at regular screwdrivers too, if anyone has any input.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2593 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 4:58 pm
2593 spacer
I have one of the iFixit cases - bit of extra dollar, but worth it.
>> No. 2594 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 7:04 pm
2594 spacer

Wiha or Wera. Made in Germany, top quality, they'll last you forever. Xiaomi sell a set of Wiha-made driver bits that's currently on sale for a ludicrous price, which is ideal for use with a power handle like the Wowstick or the ES121. I also have a Wera Kraftform Micro set for deeply recessed screws.
>> No. 2596 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 10:24 pm
2596 spacer
Thanks all. Went with >>2594's suggestion. I tend to assume that such "sales" are just the regular price really, but if you say this is a good price then I'll give it a go, it's cheap enough for me not to care too much anyway. Cheers mate.

Might pick up a wowstick too. They're absurdly cheap, though, can they really be any good? How much torque can you get out of a couple of AAAs?
>> No. 2597 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 11:57 pm
2597 spacer

>They're absurdly cheap, though, can they really be any good? How much torque can you get out of a couple of AAAs?

The motor only does about 3nM, so it'll struggle with anything that you'd need a full-size screwdriver for. The clutch mechanism means you can just use it as a manual screwdriver for the first/last half a turn. It's an absolute godsend for phone or laptop repair where you're dealing with dozens of tiny screws, but it's not an essential tool by any means and I wouldn't bother if you don't do a lot of that sort of thing.
>> No. 2598 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 10:46 am
2598 spacer
>The clutch mechanism means you can just use it as a manual screwdriver for the first/last half a turn.
This is what I was concerned about, but that sounds like a good solution. I spend a lot of time inside computers of one kind or another so it'll probably be a good investment.

Thanks again.


>> No. 22461 Anonymous
22nd September 2018
Saturday 3:37 pm
/e/22461 Dead Companies Tell No Tales
Telltale Games is laying off most of its staff, canceling upcoming games

>"Today Telltale Games made the difficult decision to begin a majority studio closure following a year marked by insurmountable challenges," Telltale said in a statement. "Telltale will issue further comments regarding its product portfolio in the coming weeks."

RIP The Walking Dead Final Season.

What I think has probably happened here is they've overstretched themselves and people have become burnt out with the genre, there was a telltale game for every franchise going a few years ago. I bitter loss if you were invested in anything they've yet to finish though.
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>> No. 23041 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 8:05 pm
23041 spacer

I noticed that Telltale was having a Steam sale and was like, what?

But after looking it up, it seems a holding company that purchased the assets to Telltale is relaunching it on a smaller scale. Positive news, although of course it could go either way from here on:

Some former employees have been a bit scathing for some reason, but it doesn't sound justified:
>> No. 23043 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 9:02 am
23043 spacer

They're being offered contracts with terms that are shit even for the game industry, where they'll be independent contractors and not entitled to any workplace benefits or a modicum of job security.
>> No. 23044 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 11:45 am
23044 spacer
>contracts with terms that are shit even for the game industry
Citation please?
>> No. 23045 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 10:18 pm
23045 spacer

Literally in the link two posts up:

>Ottilie said that some workers from the original Telltale Games will be offered freelance roles, with full-time positions possible in the future.

I'd be a bit insulted if the company I worked for shut down, someone else bought the corpse then offered me temporary, day to day work. It's not a great offer.
>> No. 23046 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 9:54 am
23046 spacer
No it isn't, but that doesn't make it "shit even for the game industry".


>> No. 430168 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 7:08 am
/b/430168 spacer
When was the last time you committed a random act of kindness and what was it?
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>> No. 430278 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 3:50 pm
430278 spacer
It's only Sophie Condren, mate. How did you miss the discussion on /iq/ about how much fluff is on her muff?
>> No. 430279 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 4:01 pm
430279 spacer

>> No. 430281 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 5:02 pm
430281 spacer

I see .gs wasted no time getting in touch.
>> No. 430282 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 6:12 pm
430282 spacer

>> No. 430284 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 6:18 pm
430284 spacer
I hope that bastard would return me my beloved DeLorean.


>> No. 429895 Anonymous
26th August 2019
Monday 10:05 am
/b/429895 spacer
Any of you lads find British suburbia deathly boring?

Life can't all be action film stunts and fast-paced living, but the thought of returning to my suburban hometown from London fills me with dread. Even when I go back to visit family for a week or so I get bored almost instantly.

Nothing ever changes, small town mentality takes over, what the neighbour bought for their new car becomes the topic of conversation and there's not much to do. I don't mean in the sense that 'there's no vegan cafe that makes food out of recycled compost' things to do, I mean there's literally nothing to do really that I haven't done a million times before. People at home mock how their mortgage on a three bed semi is less than my monthly rent but what they don't understand is that's because nobody wants to live there. I know that I'm being as annoying by sneering at them.

I know I'll have to relent and move back one day as I can't afford to live in London forever but I don't know how to get past this mental block. I could move abroad, but I guess their suburbias are the same too.

Any of you lads in a similar boat? What are your plans? How did you get over it? Or more practically, how do I sneer at the idea less?

Pic related: The kind of place I imagine when I say this.
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>> No. 430268 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 1:04 pm
430268 spacer
Do you know how much emissions diesel trains pump out? I sincerely hope you're sticking to electrified lines.
>> No. 430269 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:10 pm
430269 spacer

Do you know how much of a zealous bore you sound like?
>> No. 430270 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:14 pm
430270 spacer

Almost as though that's deliberate or something.
>> No. 430274 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:44 pm
430274 spacer

If there was supposed to be a nod and a wink of sarcasm I assure you it was lost in the crap delivery.
>> No. 430275 Anonymous
6th September 2019
Friday 2:53 pm
430275 spacer
Stick yourself to some electrified lines.


>> No. 28675 Anonymous
23rd June 2019
Sunday 1:49 pm
/emo/28675 spacer
I keep running up against a wall in my relationships with others, romantic and platonic, and a recent talk with my girlfriend made this clear.

In short: I internalised the fact that I am very much alone in the world from a very young age. A degree of emotional independence might be healthy, but I take it much too far. I struggle with the idea that anyone really has my back or wants to (or even can) support me. I have a lot of confidence in myself, not so much in others.

I could examine every little reason for and aspect of that, but I don't feel like I need to. I think it's a typical story: boy in a shite industrial town, hard-working but depressed parents. Lots of toxic relationships and traumatic experiences. Didn't or couldn't have much faith in the adults around me. Truthfully, for a long time I did not have anyone, so handled it by keeping things to myself. I'm sure this can be pathologised as avoidant personality or disordered attachment or whatever label you like, but that kind of analysis doesn't really interest me much.

The other side of the coin is that I'm also pretty bright, emotionally expressive, and sociable. I have a lot of interests and have mixed with many kinds of people. I like talking to and sharing life with others. I have built a very good life for myself in another location and am loving meeting people here.

The result is that I have a lot of friends and enjoy the companionship, but as soon as something rubs me the wrong way or I feel that people are no longer an "ally", the switch flips and I quite literally feel nothing for them but a very cold sense of distance. The best way I can describe it is anger, but viewed through a telescope.

I sometimes feel as though the same sensitivity and awareness that makes me so good at gabbing and becoming close with people is the exact same sensitivity which will put me on high alert if anyone indicates they might hurt me or let me down.

This understandably upsets and confuses people, especially girls I've become involved with. I really hate this. I hate hurting others. And to be quite honest, it doesn't seem fair to open up and unleash my "issues" on people, even if they want to know and help. Treating friends and partners like therapists is rarely a good idea.

I want to handle this responsibly. I don't see any romance in "damaged but charming" or any other stereotypee. Money is a bit tight for proper therapy right now, and I've found most therapists woefully inept in dealing with young men in particular. I know at least one of you will suggest CBT, and I won't reject it out of hand but it seems like an extremely dry and mechanical process. I have my reservations about it. So, what do I do?
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>> No. 28677 Anonymous
23rd June 2019
Sunday 4:18 pm
28677 spacer
You might want to read up on attachment theory.
>> No. 28895 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 5:49 pm
28895 spacer
I feel like I'm becoming cold as fuck.

I haven't seen my girlfriend for three weeks, some friends for four months, and my family for nearly a year. Yet I don't miss any of them, or even really feel their absence. In some cases, I even feel rather grateful for the time apart.
>> No. 28896 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 6:16 pm
28896 spacer
Ah shite, a lot of what you lads have said in this thread is ringing true for me and I've recently decided a hermit life is best for me. However, honestly it's great so far and I remember wanting this back when I was a kid, I guess I forgot.
>> No. 28897 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 6:51 pm
28897 spacer
I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. My parents were quite emotionally unstable and needy, so I grew up trying to be a sort of parent to my own parents. For many years I didn't like hugging people, because mum only ever hugged me when she needed a hug, never when she thought I needed a hug. My home life wasn't abusive or especially neglectful, but there was always a pallor of gloom and dread hanging over everything.

I grew up treading on eggshells, always trying to reassure and appease my parents, so in my adult life I tend to keep people at a distance to avoid the sheer effort of what I thought intimacy meant. For me, the key insight was realising that healthy relationships can survive some amount of conflict. It's OK to have a disagreement, it's even OK to have a blazing row occasionally, it's OK to vent about my shitty day or get a bit arsey about the state of the kitchen sink. Subconsciously, the fear of being abandoned by my moody and unreliable parents had stifled my ability to express my own emotional needs in adult relationships.

I'm not sure it's something I'll ever "get over", but being consciously aware of this tendency allows me to deal with things in a healthier and more mature way. I still tend to be guarded and keep people at arm's length, I still tend to smooth things over rather than argue things out, but I can remind myself to be a bit more assertive about my own needs, a bit less fearful about being abandoned and a bit more open about my personal experiences.

I can second the recommendation of >>28677 and would also suggest reading up on transactional analysis, which is a practical application of attachment theory.
>> No. 28900 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 10:07 pm
28900 spacer
Assuming that in long-term they all die, such self-sufficiency - if that's it - might be beneficial.
Sage because now I slightly feel 'cold as fuck'.
Myself, I surely appreciate the distance and the need to retreat into my shell periodically.


>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
/spo/4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.
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>> No. 8850 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 5:35 pm
8850 spacer
>> No. 8853 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 12:26 pm
8853 spacer

Monkey chants = a sign of respect.
>> No. 8854 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 12:49 pm
8854 spacer

streaching fat eyes.jpg

They didn't even bother with the 'fat eyes' explaination of what they really meant how disapointing
>> No. 8855 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 12:54 pm
8855 spacer
I think their explanation is even better.

>Please consider this attitude of Italian fans as a form of respect for the fact they are afraid of you for the goals you might score against their teams and not because they hate you or they are racist.

We're making monkey chants at you because we respect you so much and hope that they will put you off as they're usually associated with dolphin rape, but we're not doing it to be racist. No siree.
>> No. 8856 Anonymous
4th September 2019
Wednesday 1:57 pm
8856 spacer
Stupid fucking greaseballs.


>> No. 2770 Anonymous
3rd September 2019
Tuesday 6:59 pm
/eco/2770 spacer
Can someone please point me towards the British version of this guy?



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