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>> No. 12187 Anonymous
13th October 2019
Sunday 12:16 pm
/beat/12187 spacer
The name of the sampled instrument in these tracks is called a Rhodes piano, right?

It sounds amazing when it's paired with hip hop drums. I'd happily listen to albums of just this alone.
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>> No. 12191 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 4:40 am
12191 spacer
Yep, it's a Rhodes piano. Probably best known in recent years from the intro to Portishead's Roads. You might enjoy Miles Davis' landmark album In A Silent Way, which heavily features the Rhodes.

>> No. 12192 Anonymous
21st October 2019
Monday 12:46 pm
12192 spacer
I used to leave GTA2 on the menu screen just to listen to that track. It is indeed funky as all shit.

You can get a reasonable approximation of it in most DAWs by putting some sort of generic hammond-style organ plugin through a fuzz and rolling off all the top end.
>> No. 12193 Anonymous
22nd October 2019
Tuesday 12:45 am
12193 spacer

I have listened to and loved this album before, though I didn't make the specific instrument connection. It's a beautiful bit of jazz, but the itch I'm trying to scratch with this thread is more like hip hop drums over simple samples.

Another example:

>> No. 12194 Anonymous
22nd October 2019
Tuesday 12:50 am
12194 spacer
And just because Portishead was a great shout too:

>> No. 12210 Anonymous
3rd November 2019
Sunday 8:19 pm
12210 spacer
Another pitch perfect example of what I mean:


>> No. 64234 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 8:21 am
/iq/64234 spacer
is this fake?
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>> No. 64235 Auntiefucker
1st November 2019
Friday 5:00 pm
64235 spacer
looks more like something from a computer game than real life. why would the TLAs put the 8chan logo on there?
>> No. 64236 Moralfag
1st November 2019
Friday 6:33 pm
64236 spacer
probably a halloween prank

don't get worried if you visited /hebe/
>> No. 64243 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 9:00 pm
64243 spacer

I did a google reverse image search and found a Deep Dot Web one which looks awfully similar and seems legit.


>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
/e/22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 23125 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 9:11 pm
23125 spacer

What are some good co-operative board games? I was thinking of getting Pandemic but wasn't sure what else to try.
>> No. 23126 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 10:27 pm
23126 spacer

I've honestly thought about starting a board game thread here for the better part of a decade, so good on you. I've got maybe 80 of the bastards now.

Ticket to ride is such a beautiful in its simplicity game. But I've never had a game that didn't involve some level of verbal abuse. There is a perfect sweet spot for tension where some cunt builds the route someone else needs and has been planning for 10 turns (Usually I am that cunt).


Oh man I like that game and I've had my copy for 10 years, but the flaw that Italy is obviously handicapped is obvious to everyone. By no means the best game ever if best even means anything in the capacity of having fun. It certainly isn't for everyone.


The problem with co-op games I find is that they can easily lead to one player telling everyone else how to play. Which is a problem that mostly can't be solved. Hanabi is a cute game in terms of not outstanding its welcome, and not feeling tense. The 'Forbidden X' games are a good game for drumming up tension on quite a light rule set.

Played Robinson Crusoe the other week which is quite heave on the rules for a co op but is a rewarding puzzle to solve. And for the orientalism loving gamer>>22519 the co op game of choice is 'ghost stories'.
>> No. 23132 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 11:24 pm
23132 Kensington
I remember this very fondly.
>> No. 23133 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 11:27 pm
23133 spacer
> The problem with co-op games I find is that they can easily lead to one player telling everyone else how to play.

Indeed, Pandemic is particularly vulnerable to this if a more experienced player doesn't know how to keep their gob shut guide the game experience without being overbearing for the other players. Other than that it's pretty great.

Eldritch Horror is also genuinely good fun if you use the companion app to take some of the faff away. The major sticking point is that each game takes 2h+ easily and while I find time flies while playing the duration alone may put some people off. If you're playing in a casual pub meet, you may also struggle to find a table large enough for both the game and everyone's pints to safely co-exist.

We gave the Fallout co-op game a shot, but it got really repetitive really quickly. Even if you like the Fallout series, I'd avoid it or buy it second hand.

Star Realms Frontiers is a co-op capable pack for Star Realms, a deck builder with oodles of intercompatible expansions. The base game is normally played 1v1 but the "Frontiers" version has rules and a set of missions for 1-4 player to take on cooperatively. If you've played a deck builder before you'll feel instantly at home, if not it won't take more than a few turns to get the basic hang of it. It's fast to setup and pack away and each game shouldn't take more than 20-30 minutes. While the expansions are technically intercompatible, if you play the missions using Command expansion decks you'll have basically no challenge.

Legendary Encounters: Aliens sorry, "Legendary Encounters - An ALIEN Deck Building Game" is a purely co-operative deck builder which commits strongly to its theme. You play through scenarios resembling the three original movies on a provided playing mat. It plays well and has a support mechanic where other players can help you with resources on your turn that helps to keep everyone engaged in their down time. Unless you're some kind of card savant or have a lot of practice, however, it's quite fiddly to setup particularly the first time you open the box. On the plus side, you can generally mix-and-match Legendary Encounters games and, true to theme, there are a special rules to combine this one with "Legendary Encounters: Predator". I'd generally only recommend this one if you think you'll play more than one game in a row, otherwise you'll spend near as much time setting up and packing up as you do playing.

Still card based but basically the opposite of a deck builder is the Dresden Files co-op card game. Each player picks a character (one player has to be Harry Dresden), draws their initial hand and then basically never draws again making cards valuable resources. The players are faced with two rows of cards rach consisting of enemies to fight, cases to solve, obstacles to overcome or advantages to take and have cards for dealing with each of those four things. Using a shared resource pool, players take turns either spend resource to use one of their cards or replenish the pool by discarding. The end goal is that they must have more solved cases than enemies remain alive once they run out of cards. There are some dice rolls during the game and a "show down" at the very end where dice rolls can help bring the players over the line if they didn't quite get there. The game doesn't take much space, is fairly quick to setup and consistently takes very close to 30 minutes. You don't need to know anything about the "Dresden Files" series to enjoy the game, but some familiarity adds more colour to the characters and their abilities.
>> No. 23142 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 2:14 am
23142 spacer
If you like co-operative games and can get a regular group together, it's also worth looking into "legacy" games. They turn into simple role playing games very quickly, but do require a group of 3-4 people that can commit to regular play at least once a week (otherwise we delve into D&D style want to but never get to).

Pandemic: Legacy requires 12-24 play sessions of ~1h each, and a couple of games of Pandemic to understand the premise to get started. It's shlock writing, but really fun to play through and leaves you with a playable board at the end if you ignore or peel of stickers. It's Pandemic with a story, basically.

Aeon's End: Legacy is a deck builder, but you get to evolve the cards you get to chose from as you progress through the story as well as building the characters you play. It has cosmetic issues if you made certain choices, so it's not perfect, but it's still very much worth playing through. It's also got decent rules for replaying scenarios as well as selling a "reset" pack that lets you start from scratch; but that pack is half the cost of the base game so yeesh.

Tales of Arabian Nights is technically competitive, but those mechanics seem perfunctory and it's more like co-op story telling with training wheels. It's like a giant choose-your-own-adventure book, and if you ditch the win conditions and instead set yourself a time limit you each get to build a character that goes on an adventure (and experiences various strokes of luck or misadventures). If your group is at all RP capable, it's really good fun.


The Law of the Playground.png
>> No. 431858 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 8:14 pm
/b/431858 The Law of the Playground

Watch the video to get an idea of what this thread is about.

My contribution: At school people would say “You've dropped your gay card”, if you looked down that meant you were gay.
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>> No. 431859 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 9:13 pm
431859 spacer

I don't know why it was so funny, but one person would get slightly stuck in a doorway, or fall over, the word would be shouted and then a huge rolling maul would occur. I'm laughing just thinking about it, I don't know why - always funny.
>> No. 431864 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 6:44 am
431864 spacer
Did you watch gayssaywhat last night?
>> No. 431881 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 9:55 pm
431881 spacer
I was too busy doing updoc.
>> No. 431882 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 10:04 pm
431882 spacer
What is updoc?


>> No. 64230 Samefag
30th October 2019
Wednesday 10:58 pm
/iq/64230 spacer
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>> No. 64238 Are Moaty
1st November 2019
Friday 8:04 pm
64238 spacer
>> No. 64239 Searchfag
1st November 2019
Friday 8:07 pm
64239 spacer
Agreed, they're the Horse equivalent of wearing skintight chinos, a cardigan and loafers with no socks.
>> No. 64240 YubYub
1st November 2019
Friday 8:07 pm
64240 spacer
It isn't intentional.
>> No. 64241 Auntiefucker
1st November 2019
Friday 8:14 pm
64241 spacer
>> No. 64242 Are Moaty
1st November 2019
Friday 8:28 pm
64242 spacer
Red shoes, always the way.


>> No. 86042 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 2:36 pm
/pol/86042 spacer
This woman is going to be the next Chancellor of Germany and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 86050 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:29 pm
86050 spacer
I'd go in Baerbock with her, IYKWIM.
>> No. 86053 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:34 pm
86053 spacer

Germans still flirt, they're just not vague about it.
>> No. 86054 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:37 pm
86054 spacer

Is there such a thing as non-vague flirting?
>> No. 86058 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 9:29 pm
86058 spacer

Yes, of course there is. "Nice cock, can I suck it?" is quite direct.
>> No. 87053 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 7:08 pm
87053 Ursula von devil Leyen
This woman is going to fuck Britain in the arse.


>> No. 20508 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 2:58 pm
/news/20508 spacer
Emergency services are awaiting the arrival of a cherry picker to recover a man stuck 270ft up a chimney.

Police were first called at 2.22am to reports of a man trapped on the top of Dixon’s Chimney in Carlisle, Cumbria. His condition is not known but he has now been trapped upside down at the top of the structure for around 11 hours

Someone send for Dibnah!
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>> No. 20552 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 7:22 pm
20552 spacer

You really won't let it lie will you. If it wasn't notable to you, you wouldn't never have noted it. But you did, so it was.

Either way, my point hardly hinged on you. Please go away.
>> No. 20553 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 7:31 pm
20553 spacer

It's hard to take it when your carefully projected reality is questioned, I understand.
>> No. 20554 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 11:14 pm
20554 spacer

Oh I get what's happening now. Never mind.
>> No. 20555 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 11:16 pm
20555 spacer

You've come up with a new projection? Well done, only took most of a day.
>> No. 20556 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 12:51 am
20556 spacer

>only took most of a day.

I was on a 12 hour shift mate, didn't have time to check in here.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 20303 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 11:05 pm
20303 spacer

Still nothing wrong with backing up your claim by showing the knife. You're already in for armed robbery anyway, regardless of whether or not you actually have a knife. I think there have been court cases where somebody got done for armed robbery just for poking his index finger through his coat pocket and saying he had a gun.

So why not present your weapon to the poor lad you're robbing so he'll at least know you're not a pretentious cunt.

And besides, why say you've got a knife. If you're bullshitting anyway, why not say you've got a gun in your coat pocket. Would convince me more than the prospect of getting grazed by an imaginary knife across the counter.
>> No. 20364 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 6:10 pm
20364 spacer
>A Russian man has launched a lawsuit against Apple, claiming an iPhone app turned him gay.
>> No. 20365 Anonymous
4th October 2019
Friday 7:01 pm
20365 spacer
> In a suit filed on 20 September, it is claimed a crypto-currency called "GayCoin" was delivered via a smartphone app, rather than the Bitcoin he had ordered.
> According to the complaint, the GayCoin crypto-currency arrived with a note saying: "Don't judge until you try".
> "I thought, in truth, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try same-sex relationships," the complainant wrote.
>> No. 20383 Anonymous
6th October 2019
Sunday 2:47 pm
20383 spacer
The truth is, he must have already taken it up the arse many times whilst in prison. Straight blokes s rayona don't receive donations in gay coins.
Once a petooh, always a petooh.
>> No. 20533 Anonymous
31st October 2019
Thursday 12:56 am
20533 spacer
>A man has been fined for being drunk and disorderly in Workington.

>Troy Berwick, of Thwaite Bank, Northside, admitted the offence, which took place on October 6 at Washington Street. West Cumbria Magistrates Court was told that Berwick had been part of a group of males shouting in the street at around 4am. When approached by police, Berwick began flexing his muscles and shouting, "I'm a big lad". He was unsteady on his feet and continued shouting when asked to quieten down. Berwick told police, "you won't arrest me" but was then arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

>He told magistrates: "I've stopped drinking now. I'm getting into bad habits." Berwick was fined £280 and must also pay £85 costs and a £32 surcharge to fund victim services.

Sends a shiver down my spine just thinking about all the biglads flexing on our streets.


>> No. 12203 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 10:49 pm
/beat/12203 spacer
Recently Pitchfork did their '200 best albums of the 2010s'

It got me to wondering what are some of the albums you two have found cracking over the last decade. Have you made any memories to them?
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>> No. 12205 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 11:48 pm
12205 spacer

To take this immediately into the weeb-zone, N-qia make the perfect albums for long train journeys. I've spent many hours staring out of train windows over the past 10 years to this:

I still do but it depends on what you're doing. I like to listen to albums when I'm working or travelling which I think really give you an experience that is missing from flicking around tracks.
>> No. 12206 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 5:19 pm
12206 spacer

Well, I'm officially old. I don't think I recognised more than handful of albums off that list and I've not listened to a single one (except perhaps Lady Gaga via simple osmosis).

The only album I really remember liking from the last 10 years was Chase and Status' "No more idols", and I guess the second La Roux album was alright, sort of.

Most of the music I've discovered since '09 has been older 2000-2009 era stuff that was either a genre I wasn't interested in at the time or so obscure that no one my peer circle had discovered it.

If it's true that people forever listen to the music of their youth, then my youth ended in 2009. RIP.
>> No. 12207 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 7:55 pm
12207 spacer

There's only a few on that list I know I've definitely listened to: PJ Harvey, Daft Punk, Todd Terje, Courtney Barnett, Grimes only Visions as everything after that hasn't been to my taste and Fiona Apple.

I haven't discovered much new music in the past fifteen years or so. That said, this came straight to mind for best albums of the past decade; there will be more but for the rest I'd have to check when they were actually released.
>> No. 12208 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:49 pm
12208 spacer
They rank Good Kid, M.A.A.D City below To Pimp a Butterfly, so it's not like the list has a shred of credibility.
>> No. 12209 Anonymous
30th October 2019
Wednesday 9:11 pm
12209 spacer
I'll tell you in 20 years. Right now, I'd probably say Stretch Music by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Your Queen is a Reptile by Sons of Kemet, Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides by SOPHIE and Racine Carrée by Stromae, but I'll probably disagree with myself shortly. If I can slip in an EP, I'll add search result by umru.


>> No. 4633 Anonymous
1st August 2010
Sunday 2:24 pm
/nom/4633 spacer
Look at this fucking thing, /nom/. Gaze upon it.

Fucking yum.

(It's five or six inches in diameter, in case the scale isn't obvious.)
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>> No. 13102 Anonymous
18th October 2019
Friday 10:01 pm
13102 spacer
I'm still alive and my arse is behaving. I am immune!

This must be what being a superhero feels like.
>> No. 13130 Anonymous
30th October 2019
Wednesday 7:21 pm
13130 spacer

Getting a bit late in the year but wish me luck chums.
>> No. 13131 Anonymous
30th October 2019
Wednesday 7:24 pm
13131 spacer
There are some good groups on the social network where you can post ones you're not sure about and they'll help ID them.
>> No. 13132 Anonymous
30th October 2019
Wednesday 7:40 pm
13132 spacer
What's a social network?
>> No. 13133 Anonymous
30th October 2019
Wednesday 7:41 pm
13133 spacer

They're going 24/7


>> ID: 50b72e No. 15096 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 9:08 am

ID: 50b72e
/shed/15096 spacer
Is there any info on how many people post here?

I'm sure for whatever reason we won't get told the unique numbers but I do wonder if it's me and about three others and then a fourth person, which is me posting responses to posts I forgot I'd made.
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>> ID: 2c8217 No. 15109 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:49 pm

ID: 2c8217
15109 spacer
The ones where the two people who (sometimes, not that often) maintain the code come from.
>> ID: 523c63 No. 15111 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:55 pm

ID: 523c63
15111 spacer
>> ID: 523c63 No. 15113 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 9:05 pm

ID: 523c63
15113 spacer
Nah, the other was never me. It was for the lad who had a TV career.
>> ID: d004e2 No. 15114 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 9:08 pm

ID: d004e2
15114 spacer
>> ID: 291c4b No. 15115 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 10:13 pm

ID: 291c4b
15115 spacer
I remember the numbers being mentioned a while back, could've been years, but it was around 100 then so that sounds about right. Tried to post this in London the other night btw but someone's been playing silly buggers and the IP was banned.


>> No. 24267 Cowboy
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 8:39 pm
/zoo/24267 UK.. I've come back, and I need your help
I am a 24 year old American who has never had a job because I am a socially anxious diagnosed autist with no frens and my father keeps breathing down my neck to get one.. I've tried my hardest to find and get one but no one cares. And I would do other things like go to university but I'm a disorderly idiot at that and I can't do the military either because I don't want to fight for Israel plus I'd fail at that because I'm physically weak. I would create a business but I lack fuck all for that as well.

What do I do, UK? I'm so fucked...
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>> No. 24280 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 7:46 pm
24280 spacer

Well good for you mate. In 99% of cases it's going to be a waste of time though.

On a good day walking around a big town you might be able to hand out 30 CVs. On the internet you can put in probably a hundred applications in the same amount of time.

If you need a job and you need one sooner rather than later, it's simply not an efficient investment of effort to waste an afternoon giving your CVs to people who are going to put them straight in the bin. It's actively harmful to your prospects, like a hunter wasting more energy chasing his prey than he will gain from catching it.

Last time I was on the dole they told us to do it, and I almost got kicked out for arguing the toss with the Karen looking bint running the course.
>> No. 24282 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:02 pm
24282 spacer
Yeah, but handing in CVs you could get an interview for a job that hasn't been advertised or at least one that hasn't been advertised some place where candidates are machine gunning in applications. The competition would be much less stiff.

If you're sending 100 applications a day there's a very good chance you're doing it wrong anyway.
>> No. 24283 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:14 pm
24283 spacer

Nah, that's very much doing it right; at least for entry level jobs, which sounds like the sort of advice this thread pertains to. Usually a job that hasn't been advertised is something much more specialised, so while there might be less competition it's less likely you'd actually be qualified for it. That's not just a needle in a haystack, it's a diamond ring of exactly your size in a cornfield.

There's a myth about copy/pasting applications meaning you'll get binned every time. It's got a grain of truth to it, but not quite. Nowadays, applications are scanned by software multiple times before they even make it to a person; if you have the right keywords and structure in there that the software looks for you've won half the battle.

Wasting your time writing up a fresh application from scratch for every shite call centre job is a waste of time thanks to the same principle as the hunter analogy.
>> No. 24284 Cockernay
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:52 pm
24284 spacer
Not him, but if I got handed a paper CV that someone had brought in in person I'd pay it much more attention that the dozens of electronic applications I had to process that day. You're probably right about the numbers game but I think you hit a point where you've applied to all the potential jobs you can online - pounding the pavements is a perfectly good decision at some stage. Not least to get you out the house for a bit.
>> No. 24285 Fairy
29th October 2019
Tuesday 9:15 pm
24285 spacer
I think if you have a confident personality, and can pitch yourself well in a couple of sentences, turning up in person like that can really work. Most people (particularly those who are jobless) don't have that kind of personality though.


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 23129 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 2:44 pm
23129 spacer

Screenshot_2019-10-28 Save 78% on Assetto Corsa Ul.png
Assetto Corsa is only £13 on Steam, with all the DLC, right now. It's easily the most entertaining driving sim I've played and there are seemingly endless amounts of DLC for it, I can't recommend it enough.
>> No. 23130 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 7:21 pm
23130 spacer
I meant to say "endless amounts of mods for it", as you can see the DLC is definitively finite.
>> No. 23131 Anonymous
28th October 2019
Monday 11:20 pm
23131 spacer
Interesting - I like a driving SIM and have seen the reviews of I and considered it in the past. I have a Logitech wheel/pedals and one of those driving seats to go with.

Why is it so good? I like Project Cars very much indeed, but with the wheel it's almost too easy once you've practiced enough.
>> No. 23134 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 12:21 am
23134 spacer
A couple of years ago I bought a wheel and pedals and thought I'd get into multiplayer racing in Assetto Corsa. Played it for maybe 15 hours total but eventually got bored of it and realised I'm not really into racing sims. I played the shit out of the old GT and Forza games but I was never one to autistically shave milliseconds off my laptimes or engage in the tedium of going around the same track over and over to learn the best racing lines, which is a necessity if you want to be competitive online.

I ended up selling the wheel and pedals, bought an old MS Sidewinder joystick because force feedback in joysticks went the way of the dodo for some reason, and had a blast blasting people in Il-2. Going pew-pew in the air or in space is a more fun thing to simulate than driving around a race track.
>> No. 23135 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:11 am
23135 spacer
The variety of tracks and the range of cars to drive is what I like most about it. It's definitely more of a sim than Project Cars, although the graphics aren't quite up to the same level. As I, eventually, mentioned it has a modding scene that's second to none. If you have a "local" racetrack that you've always thought "damn, I wish that was in a game for once", someone's probably at least working on adding it. Not that the base game's barren or anything, especially with all the DLC, there's just loads going on beyond that.

>but I was never one to autistically shave milliseconds off my laptimes or engage in the tedium of going around the same track over and over to learn the best racing lines
Oh. Okay.

Il-2's ace too though. I've never managed to get a Sturmovik into space, but maybe I never tried hard enough.


peter jackson without beard.png
>> No. 64226 Anonymous
26th October 2019
Saturday 8:58 pm
/iq/64226 spacer
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>> No. 64227 YubYub
27th October 2019
Sunday 12:15 pm
64227 spacer
I kindof liked that film. It has some funny parts, despite itself. Wasn't it the college project of a now famous director?

>> No. 64228 Samefag
27th October 2019
Sunday 5:42 pm
64228 spacer
Ten points to Gryffindor!


Copy of 124394703452.jpg
>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
/nom/9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 13125 Anonymous
26th October 2019
Saturday 10:26 pm
13125 spacer
>> No. 13126 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 10:13 am
13126 spacer
hot chips dipped in chocolate spread
>> No. 13127 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 10:18 am
13127 spacer

Mate. I'm going to blow your mind.
>> No. 13128 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 11:23 am
13128 spacer
Never had gammon with pineapple, but it must be the original root cause of the pizza topping, and so therefore delicious.


>> No. 11138 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 2:47 am
/beat/11138 Channel U throwback thread
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>> No. 11342 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 12:51 am
11342 spacer
>> No. 11406 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 1:16 pm
11406 spacer
All of his punctuation errors are a bit upsetting but anyway.
>> No. 11407 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 5:09 pm
11407 spacer


The official video is Vimeo only and it was a pretty innovative stop-motion one.
>> No. 12068 Anonymous
4th August 2019
Sunday 9:19 am
12068 spacer

>> No. 12201 Anonymous
27th October 2019
Sunday 2:30 am
12201 spacer
Its a long shot but does anyone remember a track that had a british and an american MC, it was called hospitality

cant remember either of their names and searching channel u hospitality comes up blank.


>> No. 6943 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 12:03 pm
/lit/6943 spacer
How do I go about writing a book?

I've got a loose idea in my head an undercover officer infiltrates a group, possibly someone like the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, only for it descend into a farce as it turns out 90% of the members are undercover officers who don't want to blow their cover. So far the end result in my head is that the organisation ends up gaining lots of members because the officers make the group seem much larger than it would be otherwise and they're so adept at bureaucracy that they run the group far more efficiently than it would otherwise be. This is the point where you tell me this idea has already been done and far better than I could ever hope to write it. but I'm not entirely sure where to go from here.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 7060 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 12:04 pm
7060 spacer

G K Chestertons The Man Who Was Thursaday might be worth a read. It sounds essentially the same but the ending - more a mystery around who's undercover and who's not, and a bit of talk about anarchy. It's pretty short. Might be helpful.

I've always wondered about writing; whether you should have something to say that your characters revolve around or if it should be nothing more than a story. I can see both aproaches being boring for a reader.

How well does screen writing theory translate through books? The anatomy of a story kind of thing?
>> No. 7061 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 1:52 pm
7061 spacer
It's the same basic theory but the way most screenwriters phrase it all makes me cringe.
>> No. 7062 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 2:22 pm
7062 spacer
I've never seen anybody reference Chesterton outside of the early Deus Ex fandom but I welcome it. It's like he stepped in from an alternate dimension where Arthur Conan Doyle wasn't insufferably dull.

>How well does screen writing theory translate through books? The anatomy of a story kind of thing?
Screen writing theory is (with the exception of modernist filmmakers - you know the ones) largely based on classic literary structure. Joseph Campbell constructed the model of the "monomyth" or "hero's journey" that has been so ubiquitous throughout the ages that it's difficult to shake it when watching film or engaging with formulaic prose once you're aware. That's not to say it's tacky or overdone, just overly reliant on plot linearity rather than individual character exposition to flesh out the book/film universe.
>> No. 7063 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 6:32 pm
7063 spacer
You have to chat bare shit in the visual arts, it's the only way.
>> No. 7064 Anonymous
26th October 2019
Saturday 1:27 pm
7064 spacer
> I've never seen anybody reference Chesterton outside of the early Deus Ex fandom
Not who you're responding to but DX was how I got exposed to Chesterton's work.
There's something else I'd read written by him, something that was quite profound and even more so given that it was written a hundred years ago. Can't fucking recall what.
Sage for veering off-topic.


>> No. 13073 Anonymous
28th September 2019
Saturday 11:59 am
/nom/13073 Hot sauces and chili jams
Any of you lads had any experience with making your own hot sauce or chili jams? If not, do you have any favourites?

I'm about to harvest my chili plant and retire it for the winter. I'll probably cook up a few batches and bottle them for the next couple of months.

My proposed mix is as follows:

- 3 x Scotch bonnet
- 3 x jalapeno (grilled)
- 1 x bell pepper (roasted)
- Handful of roasted plum tomatoes
- Half an onion (grilled)
- Some garlic
- Some ginger
- A few carrots (roasted)
- Salt
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>> No. 13076 Anonymous
29th September 2019
Sunday 12:11 pm
13076 spacer
Sounds delicious - I like the roasted plum tomatoes.
>> No. 13077 Anonymous
29th September 2019
Sunday 2:56 pm
13077 spacer
It turned out alright, I suppose. Less yield than I'd expected mostly due to not being able to liquefy it as much as I anticipated. Not sure if I just didn't add enough liquid or what.
>> No. 13081 Anonymous
29th September 2019
Sunday 7:01 pm
13081 spacer
Are you a hård man, OP?
>> No. 13084 Anonymous
30th September 2019
Monday 6:27 pm
13084 spacer
Bit late, but this guy has a lot of good guides to making chilli sauces. You might want to look at making a fermented sauce too. They're "easy" in one sense of the word, although you might face certain problems with that route.
>> No. 13124 Anonymous
26th October 2019
Saturday 12:46 pm
13124 spacer
12x random chilli pepper I was sent. Look like Trinidad Scorpions but it's hard to be sure.
Half a mug of dried sichuan peppers
2x Garlic cloves
Roasted on a low temperature for a bit then took the sichuan peppers out when they started to smoke. Turned up the temperature and continued roasting until the chillies started to blacken a little.
.5 cup light soy sauce
1x cup of rice vinegar
1.5 shots of lime juice
1x teaspoon of cayenne pepper
.5 test tube of dried chipotle
1x teaspoon salt
1x tablespoon MSG
Peeled the now soft garlic & removed the chilli pepper stalks, blended all the ingredients together as homogeneously as possible. Brought to a boil then simmered for the remainder of 30 minutes while fairly constantly stirring.

It's cooling now. I can see subsidence is a problem as it keeps separating so will need shaking/stirring before serving but it's really delicious.


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 13116 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 6:37 pm
13116 spacer
>Burger King seem to have gone right downhill.
For me the end of Burger King as something I'd look forwards to as a treat was when they changed their fries. They used to be delicious and crunchy, now they're just the bog standard soggy, tasteless chips you'd get in any canteen in the land. I only eat one these days if I'm on the road and hungry enough not to wait to find something better. Once or twice a year, if that.

>Definitely not worth the £7.50 it cost.
The difference in price vs. McDonalds is quite pronounced these days. You don't get much change back from a tenner, which is enough to buy proper food from a pub.
>> No. 13119 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 7:18 pm
13119 spacer
A Big Mac and fries is £1.99. If you're paying £7.50 for a meal in McDonalds you're a fucking mug.
>> No. 13120 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 8:09 pm
13120 spacer
Yeah, but Big Macs are shite.
>> No. 13121 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 9:52 pm
13121 spacer

>Big Mac and fries is £1.99

Is it? I thought a Big Mac was about three quid now?


Incorrect. They're actually really nice.
>> No. 13122 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 11:59 pm
13122 spacer



>> No. 4253 Anonymous
18th February 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
/mph/4253 Car and bike official weekend thread but also weekdays
Okay might as well try and be polite and keep the oil out of the other megathreads.

Welcome to the motor one. In an attempt to actually get people to post in it, tell me about the car you really want and could feasibly afford. Right now I'm really thinking a lot about a big square 80s Merc as we've been talking about them. Even a Lada would be fun as fuck.
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>> No. 4414 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 9:40 am
4414 spacer
Well the power steering packed in on my way to work this morning. I know because of the little steering wheel on the dashboard, and suddenly having to wrestle the fucking thing around even the slightest bend.

Doesn't feel very safe anyway. How likely is it gonna cost me a fortune to get fixed?
>> No. 4415 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 10:37 am
4415 spacer
What car do you have?
>> No. 4416 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 12:07 pm
4416 spacer
Might just be a belt snapped.
>> No. 4417 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 12:45 pm
4417 spacer

2010 Fox.


It works for a bit when I first start the engine, then dies when I start actually steering. Electronic problem maybe?
>> No. 4418 Anonymous
25th October 2019
Friday 9:22 pm
4418 spacer
looks like it's electric

Taking the bumper off to get to it sounds like a bunch of no fun...
Still, £300 or so for a new pump is hopefully not a showstopper if jiggling the connectors doesn't fix it


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