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>> No. 3398 Anonymous
14th June 2018
Thursday 8:58 pm
/map/3398 spacer
Today I got a job offer that involves commuting to that London, Hounslow to be precise. It's a job so I can't turn it down but I've personally never had much to do with the city so I'm left horribly confused and would greatly appreciate some insider knowledge if you lads can spare any.

The thing is:
1. Where I'm living now I would get to work in 2.45hrs every morning. Is that good by London commuter standards? I'm thinking that can't be right but looking online I've seen people selling it as 'ideally situated'.

2. I don't have much keeping me where I live now so I could move closer but websites like commutefrom don't make any goddamn sense. Do you have any recommendations for spots I could look at renting somewhere? I've happily done long commutes before using public transport and I'm a big boring lad so the only real consideration I need is somewhere that is not an utter shithole that will depress me.

I've gone through the catalogue and found nothing that exactly deals with this issue but I'm certain I read one years back.
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>> No. 3448 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 11:37 pm
3448 spacer

I was a property guardian in B'ham, the first months were fine, then I ended up with some shitty flatmates and some horrible mold and dampness problems. The company did not give a fuck, the building was due to be sold some months later (it was). I also had a lot of problems in getting the council to take away the trash, I had trash rotting in front of the building for weeks. Cheap, but rather shitty living conditions.
>> No. 3449 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 4:19 am
3449 spacer

I've had good experiences with Global Guardians, they seem to be better at maintenance than some normal rental companies I've been with. The advantage with your typical guardianship is you can fuck off with 30 days notice if it's shit, though I appreciate that's not an ideal solution.

Admittedly even if you do get a good place, it's not for everyone, it's never going to really feel like a home. I'm quite into living in odd spaces, so it suited me fine, but there's plenty of people who think I'm mental when I tell them my ideal living space would be a warehouse or former mechanic's garage.
>> No. 3450 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 11:57 am
3450 spacer

Well, lucky you. The company that arranged my property guardianship was a real pain in the arse, they skimped on everything, they ignored issues with antisocial behavior and drug use by the guardians, and I had to fight to get my deposit back. I guess that working for them would be a nightmare since they had a very high turnover rate. I never spoke with the same person twice.
>> No. 3452 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:22 pm
3452 spacer
>The advantage with your typical guardianship is you can fuck off with 30 days notice if it's shit
As with any periodic tenancy, then. In my experience landlords/letting agents are happy to let a fixed term tenancy lapse into a periodic tenancy after one or two terms. In fact I think I've just ignored the renewal letters so they get the message I won't be paying their pointless fee.
>> No. 3453 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:12 pm
3453 spacer

>As with any periodic tenancy, then.

Sure, but try getting a periodic tenancy right off the bat in London today in a traditional rental agreement, which is what the bloke in question would need.


>> No. 8106 Anonymous
14th May 2018
Monday 7:43 pm
/A/8106 Modafinil
Any thoughts? I started taking it one month ago, I am suffering from serious health problems and I noticed a cognitive decline. Books, movies or games that were simple and enjoyable a couple of years ago have become way too complex and heavy. I was wasting up my life with aimless shitposting and clickbait videos.

I do not have the resources to perform a double blind test, but I am sure that my mental performance improved a lot. The few people that I am still in contact with agreed, and I was able to finish all my assignment quickly.

Any thoughts? I had no side effects, and it is just one pound at day on an "online pharmacy".
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>> No. 8125 Anonymous
7th June 2018
Thursday 1:19 am
8125 spacer

I dabbled with modafinil at Uni.

The first time I used it I was able to make a lot of progress on an essay all through the night, and it was one of my highest scoring essays too. Modafinil can give a push to really get into the research, reading and writing needed for academic work.

However, this was not always the case. There were times where I would take modafinil and just get distracted doing other tasks and I'm fairly certain one my worst essay was also written on modafinil too.

SocialialIy I became more irritable on it, with less patience for others. This meant that seminars were no fun at all on it.

It would always destroy my sleeping pattern (even if I only took half a tablet) and my god, walking home from the uni library after been awake all night and 'coming down' off that stuff damn near gave me panic attacks. I could not handle hearing or seeing other people, I was incredibly anxious and scared, and I believe downers were needed to calm me down when I got home (this was when you could still get etizolam legally).

I must have finished what I had by my third year, and then just stuck to red bulls, coffee and ciggies, if I needed stimulation to help me cram. I felt all the better for not taking modafinil and still got pretty similar marks on my essays. There's not many drugs I'd be happy to never do again, but modafinil is one of them.
>> No. 8206 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 1:14 am
8206 spacer
I've used it regularly (and still do semi regularly) as either modafinil or armodafinil. I'm slightly happer with the latter.

For me, it works like a strong coffee that lasts 8-12 hours without any chance of the jitters. It's no wonder drug and it does not make me more "intelligent" or "smarter". What it does do is allow me to concentrate for longer and be less susceptible to distraction with one major caveat: I need to be motivated to work on the right thing in the first place. It's just as good at sustaining a pointless wiki deep dive on Burmese basket weaving as it is to get work done.

I take 100mg Modafinil or 75mg Armodafinil first thing in the morning and had no trouble sleeping using this approach.

The only downside I've noticed is mild bruxism during the day.
>> No. 8225 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 1:52 am
8225 spacer
I suffer from narcolepsy. Modafinil is what the doctors have prescribed to treat it.

I take 300g a day, every day, just to live like a normal human being. A nap doesn't go a miss. Nine hours sleep a night a must, too.

I don't recommend playing with it. It has bad effects on the heart and can lead to depression. If you don't need it, don't use it.
>> No. 8226 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 2:26 am
8226 spacer
> I take 300g a day
I assume you mean mg? It's a stim, hopefully people know the risks.
>> No. 8227 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 11:58 am
8227 spacer

Can you elaborate about the bad effects on the heart?


>> No. 22504 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 8:10 pm
/e/22504 spacer
I realise this might be a bit blasphemous, but can you lads please recommend a decent PC compatible gamepad? I had a Speedlink one from Maplin, but that was a bit erratic and has now fallen apart.
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>> No. 22515 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:47 am
22515 spacer
As most have said, the Xbox controller is a great way to go, there's native support in most games and it works well on Windows for obvious reasons.

That being said I'm sure a PlayStation controller works too. What I'm trying to say is go for one of the controllers that a company spend millions designing and developing as the sole control input for their console, instead of a MadCatz abomination.
>> No. 22516 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:52 am
22516 spacer
PS4 controllers are actually quite lovely, but I got mine for naff all so that's obviously a factor, and of course you need a bit of third party software to trick games into thinking it's an Xbox one. However, in terms of the hardware itself, I'd say it's the tops.
>> No. 22517 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 12:16 am
22517 spacer

It's a lovely controller but I think the voodoo science I have to do to make it work changes every fortnight or so.
>> No. 22527 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 1:34 am
22527 spacer
The D-pad really can be an issue. It works fine movement controls even if it feels a little spongy, but some games initially designed for Sony consoles, RPGs in particular, use the D-pad like an extra set of four buttons instead. This works reasonably ok since they are physically separated making it easy to hit one direction only. Trying to do the same with an XBox controller, on the other hand, can be pretty torturous if fast and precise actions need to be done using that control scheme.
>> No. 22528 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 11:33 am
22528 spacer
If the d-pad is a concern then a 360 controller is a bad choice. Solid otherwise, though, and should be pretty cheap.

If you play platform games or other games that use the d-pad extensively then a PS4 DualShock 4 or an Xbox One controller are the clear winners, IMO. Their d-pads are tighter than any of the classic controllers were even back when they were new, and even if you've got an old PS2/Saturn/SNES pad knocking around, chances are it's a bit knackered.

The Xbox One controller hooks into Windows using xinput, which is the de facto standard for pad support in PC games, the DS4 used to require fiddly third-party software to emulate this though Steam apparently now does a good job of supporting it natively. DS4s come with a rechargeable battery inside, but the battery life is pretty feeble.

The Steam controller is an interesting design and I don't regret buying one, but I found that it landed in a no man's land between a pointing device and a gamepad, while not being especially competent at either. I've mostly used it for turn-based games where its accuracy isn't such an issue.


>> No. 16095 Anonymous
16th October 2018
Tuesday 4:37 am
/news/16095 spacer
Mother, 46, left paralysed after being 'catapulted' from super-king sized bed during sex with her partner battles for £1m compensation because the divan was an inch-and-a-half lower on one side

A mother-of-four who was left paralysed after falling from a super-king size bed during sex has launched a legal battle for £1million compensation.

Claire Busby, 46, suffered catastrophic spinal injuries when she fell backwards from her recently delivered double-divan in August 2013. Successful business woman Mrs Busby from Maidenhead said she was in bed naked with her then partner when the bizarre tragedy unfolded.

Mrs Busby, who was left tetraplegic and appeared in court in a wheelchair, claims the bed was missing two vital 'glider' feet when delivered, which created a 4cm difference in the height from one side to another. Mrs Busby, who ran a chain of hairdressing and beauty salons is suing Berkshire Bed Company Ltd - trading as Beds Are Uzzz - claiming the bed was 'defective'.

The salon owner said she was 'performing a sexual act' when she toppled over. 'I was positioned kneeling over him,' she explained, to Judge Barry Cotter QC. 'I was kneeling over him and my right hand was touching him, maybe my left hand was touching his leg. I was half way down the bed.'

The claimant said the 'missing gliders' caused a 'slope from head to foot' which caused her to lose balance as she changed position and she 'catapulted' to the floor. At the time she was attempting to 'swing her legs towards the top of the bed', she told the High Court. 'I span around and put my hand down and then I felt as if I was catapulted off the back of the bed,' she said. 'My head hit the floor and I fell to the side and heard a spring in my body snap.'

Her QC, Winston Hunter, said two missing 'gliders' created a hazardous height difference between the bottom end of the left and right divans. 'At its maximum this difference would be 40mm,' he told the judge. This had the effect of creating 'an enhanced, albeit localised, slope at the edge of the mattress', the barrister argued.

Explaining the dynamics of the accident, he went on: 'She had been performing a sex act and, thereafter, she sat up with the intention of swinging her legs forward underneath her - and lying on her back with feet towards the headboard and her head towards the end of the bed. 'Her case is that, having taken the weight off her body through her buttocks, she lay back with the expectation that the mattress would support the weight of her upper torso and her head and shoulders. However, as she placed her weight through her upper body onto the mattress it failed to support her weight, and she continued moving backwards and downwards. The effect of this movement was that her head and upper torso came off the edge of the bed, and she slid to the floor with the weight of her body and legs rotating into a vertical position and forcing the weight of the same through her neck.'

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16438 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:49 pm
16438 spacer
Why are you bothering to share this news with us when you obviously won't read any replies?
>> No. 16439 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 3:54 am
16439 spacer

Why would you reply to someone you think won't read a reply?
>> No. 16440 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:02 am
16440 spacer

Why would you reply to someone who's replying to someone who he thinks won't read a reply?
>> No. 16441 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 5:18 am
16441 spacer

Because I think that the person who is replying to someone who he thinks won't read a reply will probably read my reply.
>> No. 16443 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 9:09 am
16443 spacer

Calm down la


>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
/e/22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 22521 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 11:04 pm
22521 spacer
This Train game?
>> No. 22522 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 11:09 pm
22522 spacer
>> No. 22523 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 11:57 pm
22523 spacer
Diplomacy is the only good boardgame.
>> No. 22524 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:18 am
22524 spacer

Only if your definition of "good" involves six hours of bitter arguments culminating in actual physical violence.
>> No. 22526 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 1:26 am
22526 spacer
After playing "Pandemic: Legacy" to find out what all the fuss was about and having a really good time with it our little group has mostly been playing cooperative games. So far, we've probably sunk the most hours into "Eldritch Horror" (which made Arkham Horror tempting only until we heard it was even more fiddly). It does a pretty good job of keeping everyone involved: each player's turn is less one person making decisions while the others watch and more of a group effort to decide how the team can best achieve the shared goals and divide up tasks. Just beware: the box says "1-8 players", but that is a big fat lie. Unless you literally have all day or play with machine like efficiency any more than 5 isn't really playable.


>> No. 61923 YubYub
9th November 2018
Friday 6:18 pm
/iq/61923 spacer
So that Bounce by the Ounce guy was running in that eletion thing on Tuesday.
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>> No. 61925 Paedofag
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:00 am
61925 spacer

bounce by the ounce
>> No. 61926 Anonymous
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:01 am
61926 spacer

This guy.
>> No. 61927 Crabkiller
10th November 2018
Saturday 12:09 am
61927 spacer

Watch and learn, son.
>> No. 61929 Auntiefucker
10th November 2018
Saturday 1:08 am
61929 spacer

He's at 1:40.
>> No. 61930 Searchfag
10th November 2018
Saturday 1:17 am
61930 spacer

I wish Autoplay still worked.


>> No. 12682 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 12:47 am
/job/12682 spacer
I'm 26, have been working full time for two years and already feel as though I'll be stuck in this career forever and have no idea how I could ever leave it, I want to find something else to do because I never chose this line of work, it was just the only job offer I got out of university, and the idea of changing what I'm doing altogether seems insurmountable. Who would hire me? Why? I don't get how I'm supposed to get anything off the ground.

No I don't know what I want to do. How the hell would I, I haven't done it before.
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>> No. 12700 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 6:11 pm
12700 spacer
What's even going on? What are we getting angry about?
>> No. 12701 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 6:14 pm
12701 spacer

A mod is getting angry because he thinks /lab/paedo's tactics have been taken to a new level by the "Alt Right" who are now making apparently genuine threads that are actually just subtle methods to convert us to right-wing thinking, and that once they find their foothold in here they'll be all over us like "flies on shit".

Personally I think he needs to eat 2mg of Risperdal and sit in a darkened room with no internet for a bit.
>> No. 12702 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 6:18 pm
12702 spacer

He's not a mod.
>> No. 12703 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 8:32 pm
12703 spacer

My apologies.

Someone acting rather proprietorially towards the board is getting angry...
>> No. 12704 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 8:40 pm
12704 spacer
He's not getting angry.


>> No. 16417 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:06 pm
/news/16417 Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America have filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for dropping "boy" from the scout group's name.

The Boy Scouts of America announced in May they would rename the Boy Scouts programme Scouts BSA as they prepare to allow girls as members.

But the Girl Scouts say the change could erode their brand, calling the move "uniquely damaging" to them.

Their lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against trademark breaches.

"Only GSUSA has the right to use the Girl Scouts and Scouts trademarks with leadership development services for girls," papers filed in a Manhattan federal court said.

The switch could "marginalise" the Girl Scouts, the complaint reads. It reportedly says the switch has already caused confusion, with some believing their organisation had merged with the Boy Scouts.
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>> No. 16429 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 8:48 pm
16429 spacer
It's Thursday, so there was probably a mass shooting of some kind in the US.
>> No. 16430 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 10:51 pm
16430 spacer

They just make me think

>Zzzzzz. Another one.
>> No. 16431 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:06 am
16431 spacer

Well maybe if you added some prayers to those thoughts you might actually achieve something!
>> No. 16432 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:23 am
16432 spacer

>Dear Father
>These are getting really boring.
>Can't you get the next one to jazz it up a bit?
>> No. 16434 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 6:08 pm
16434 spacer

The joke was that they happen so often it's nothing major any more.


>> No. 27467 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 7:05 pm
/101/27467 spacer
This abomination.

(And the direct link because I think they might have blocked embeds)

I think this ad has given me PTSD
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>> No. 27469 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 8:11 pm
27469 spacer
Because I've been doing youtube embeds this for the past 20 years of my life and I'll be damned if I'm going start doing it the fancy pants way you kids do things now.
>> No. 27490 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:35 pm
27490 spacer
Jesus fucking christ
>> No. 27491 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:56 pm
27491 spacer
The old embeds are better anyway, because they show the video title, which the new ones don’t. Also you can right click and open them in a private window, in case it’s some manner of dreck you don’t want polluting your YT feeds forever more.
>> No. 27889 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 5:27 pm
27889 1
such a creepy video
>> No. 27890 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 5:38 pm
27890 spacer
Thank you for your contribution.


>> No. 61873 R4GE
5th November 2018
Monday 10:52 pm
/iq/61873 spacer
tfw the nevermind baby is 27 years old now.
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>> No. 61917 R4GE
8th November 2018
Thursday 5:35 pm
61917 spacer


>> No. 61919 YubYub
8th November 2018
Thursday 11:01 pm
61919 spacer
I fucking hate myself for this but I think it's Coldplay, a rush of blood to the head.

I should be banned
>> No. 61920 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 12:59 am
61920 spacer


I think The Wall pixilates more similarly on Adjust>Pixelate.
>> No. 61921 Searchfag
9th November 2018
Friday 12:59 am
61921 spacer

This is the Coldplay one.
>> No. 61922 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:07 am
61922 spacer

The Wall was my 10th idea of what it was.


>> No. 11138 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 2:47 am
/beat/11138 Channel U throwback thread
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>> No. 11275 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 9:54 am
11275 spacer
>> No. 11278 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 9:09 pm
11278 spacer
>> No. 11279 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 8:20 am
11279 spacer
>> No. 11281 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 2:30 pm
11281 spacer
>> No. 11342 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 12:51 am
11342 spacer


id please.png
>> No. 61914 Samefag
8th November 2018
Thursday 1:11 am
/iq/61914 spacer
What does this mean?

ID please?
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>> No. 61915 Are Moaty
8th November 2018
Thursday 1:30 am
61915 spacer


jap strain face.jpg
>> No. 4690 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:04 pm
/fat/4690 spacer
Is dianabol legal for personal use in the uk? If so where can I get some?
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>> No. 4695 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:32 pm
4695 spacer

test enth.png
>Just inject fucking Test-enth and stop being a fucking pussy.

Is this a good price for 10ml 250mg/ml?
>> No. 4696 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:46 pm
4696 spacer
Once you're super yoked make sure to post in /y/.
>> No. 4697 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:18 pm
4697 spacer

Work it out in terms of cycles. You're going to want to run half a gram a week or 250mg e3d. Your cycle will be twelve weeks long, so you're looking at 2ml / week x 12 weeks = 24ml or roughly three bottles of gear. Don't forget your PCT.

PS: I would say don't be the next Moaty but we are in desperate need in one. Do it for us, lad.
>> No. 4698 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 12:23 am
4698 spacer
>I would say don't be the next Moaty but we are in desperate need in one. Do it for us, lad.

Careful now, that's borderline incitement.
>> No. 4699 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 12:25 am
4699 spacer

Then me 'n' Mini Moaty will go on the run together him as him and me as his inciter. Never catch us you piggy scum.


>> No. 61773 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 12:12 pm
/iq/61773 spacer
Poppy outrage seems to be starting earlier each year.
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>> No. 61850 Moralfag
28th October 2018
Sunday 4:00 pm
61850 spacer
fuck off emily you fat cunt
>> No. 61851 Searchfag
28th October 2018
Sunday 4:03 pm
61851 spacer

I think he might actually be a white knight.
>> No. 61888 Crabkiller
7th November 2018
Wednesday 5:48 pm
61888 spacer

Disrespecting are brave boys by pouring bubble bath into a waterfall memorial.
>> No. 61889 Samefag
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:16 pm
61889 spacer

It could have been a moving tribute if only they had dyed it red.
>> No. 61907 Are Moaty
8th November 2018
Thursday 12:02 am
61907 spacer
Or just died.


>> No. 4532 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:19 am
/lab/4532 spacer
It was definitely an alien probe sent to check us out. We're fucked.
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>> No. 4542 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 3:32 pm
4542 spacer

>> No. 4543 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:25 pm
4543 spacer

It's a Tyranid Narwhal scouting the system for life. We are deeply, deeply fucked.
>> No. 4544 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:48 pm
4544 spacer

As someone who only played 2nd Ed, wtf have they done to one of my favourite childhood memories??
>> No. 4546 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:25 pm
4546 spacer


Where do I begin, mate...
>> No. 4547 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:46 pm
4547 spacer

I always thought the spacewolves stuff was a bit OTT even back as a nipper, but a fucking land speeder pulled by wolves? What? Sigh.


>> No. 27685 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 9:20 pm
/emo/27685 spacer
I am trying to refer myself to nhs psychological services but I am scared of mentioning that I have had suicidal thoughts because I will get my driving license taken away and my car is my only connection to the outside world.
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>> No. 27722 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:29 pm
27722 spacer
That's not at all accurate. Mental Health services are under tremendoes strain in the UK, but adult psychology save lives. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I missed an appointment without giving the appropriate notice I would be discharged so I didn't miss any appointments. They bent over backwards to help me, for which I'll forever be grateful.

Also, psychologists don't prescribe medication. Psychiatrists do, and they are very much only concerned with the clinical side of psychology, the treatment of symptoms, etc. Psychology is the cure.
>> No. 27723 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:59 pm
27723 spacer

> I was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I missed an appointment without giving the appropriate notice I would be discharged

> They bent over backwards to help me

Those two statements are entirely opposite to each other.

Mental health payments will miss appointments all the time for reasons ranging from the effects of medication, to staying in bed depressed and miserable, to flat-out self destructive cut off your nose to spite your faced-ness.

Basically they just wanted as many money saving reasons to kick you out of treatment as possible.

It's why I always recommend going private if at all possible for anything psychological or psychiatric. Private doctors don't tend to kick people who are paying them close to a thousand snaps a month out of therapy for missing a few appointments; in fact they'll do a home visit and charge you double for sticking a needle in you if need be.

That's what I call service.
>> No. 27724 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 8:19 pm
27724 spacer

>had crisis team workers tell me that my suicidal thoughts can be abated by having a nice bath.

Welcome to the nice hot bath and a cup of tea club. The transformative power of hot liquid is a running joke amongst the chronically mentally ill. In fairness to the crisis team, they're barely trained and have ridiculous workloads.


The problem is politicians, not healthcare professionals. IME the vast majority of people in the NHS are trying their best, but they just don't have the money to offer a reasonable level of care. The NHS as a whole is underfunded relative to the increases in demand. Mental health represents 23% of the overall burden of disease, but receives just 10% of the NHS budget.

It's still very much a postcode lottery; the quality of care you'll receive is directly proportional to the budget deficit of your local NHS trust. It's a shit situation, but it's the situation we're in.
>> No. 27725 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:28 pm
27725 spacer

I'm definitely not slagging off the hardworking people at the NHS, but as my granny used to say "you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear", and you can't get decent medical care out of an underfunded system which seems to be set up more and more as a money making system for private government contractors (probably all departments are like this, but I only have insider and outsider experience with the NHS so I feel on better ground slagging off the way the "trusts" are run).
>> No. 27726 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 9:31 pm
27726 spacer
Yes, that 9% spent on third party providers really shows how much we're being taken for a ride.


>> No. 16398 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:08 pm
/news/16398 Six times the limit mum causes four-car smash
This is the irredeemable arsehole of an ex-wife who has got the cheek to claim my best mate, best man at my wedding and hardest working man I know, is a bad parent and forced him through the courts to see his own kids by lying about him to social work about how they split up.

She'll still keep custody, despite this, unless she gets the jail. How likely do you think it is that this could warrant a custodial sentence?
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>> No. 16409 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:22 pm
16409 spacer
Four times the limit in England.
>> No. 16411 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:33 pm
16411 spacer

>> No. 16412 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:35 pm
16412 spacer
I could not give a single fuck about you or your mate, you complete bumder.

Imagine bringing your Facebook drama to an anonymous imageboard, the delusion astounds me.
>> No. 16413 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:37 pm
16413 spacer
wont no wot hit im.
>> No. 16415 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 7:49 pm
16415 spacer

A car driven by a drunk Scots bird, innit


>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
/boo/2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

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>> No. 4701 Anonymous
31st October 2018
Wednesday 2:30 am
4701 spacer
I wonder if there is anyone in power who is not being blackmailed?
>> No. 4702 Anonymous
31st October 2018
Wednesday 3:11 am
4702 spacer

Tony Blair.

Or at least his 5th dimension reptilian incarnation.
>> No. 4703 Anonymous
31st October 2018
Wednesday 4:56 pm
4703 spacer

You know, there was a poster who bumped this thread after it had been dead for three weeks who thought he was being inconsiderate just above yourself there. That was two fucking years ago!
>> No. 4704 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 12:28 pm
4704 spacer
Sorry GCHQ, next time I'll make sure not to remind anyone of anything you don't like.
>> No. 4710 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 6:56 pm
4710 spacer

Some people just get cross about necrobumping although I've never minded it myself.


they said i was crazy.jpg
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:27 pm
/boo/4521 PIZZAGATE

I believe him.

I expect the reputation management crew to be here any minute.
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>> No. 4705 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 12:35 pm
4705 spacer
He;s gone all quiet on youtube and disabled all ways to comment there (even on his account page). I think the frighteners might finally have been beaten into him.
>> No. 4706 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:02 pm
4706 spacer

Or he's finally got the help that he so clearly needs.
>> No. 4707 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 3:59 pm
4707 spacer

He's on twitter. He's disabled it repeatedly, so google doesn't find it very easily.
>> No. 4708 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:02 pm
4708 spacer

He first went very quiet in the run up to his court case, which got thrown out. I seem to remember him saying his solicitor told him to shut up and thought maybe Brian continued seeing that as good advice thereafter.
>> No. 4709 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 5:55 pm
4709 spacer
> In my experience they just handcuff you to a wheely bin and kick the fuck out of you.

Paddington Green mob?


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12802 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 8:30 pm
12802 spacer
I don't think I've ever actually had KFC in my life.
>> No. 12803 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 9:42 pm
12803 spacer


You're not missing anything.
>> No. 12804 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:56 am
12804 spacer

I didn't think there was anything wrong with the old ones, the problem wasn't the fries, it was their shite employees not bothering to chuck old stale ones out that had been wilting under the hot lamps for ages. When they're fresh out they're as good as any other.
>> No. 12805 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 2:43 pm
12805 spacer
what in the everliving fuck am i looking at here
>> No. 12806 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 5:49 pm
12806 spacer
Finger licking chicken lung.


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