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>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
/spo/4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.
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>> No. 8846 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 1:18 pm
8846 spacer

trying not to laugh.png
>> No. 8847 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 1:46 pm
8847 spacer
Didn't everyone learn this sort of thing was an awful idea about five years ago?
>> No. 8848 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 1:51 pm
8848 spacer

You'd have thought so.
>> No. 8849 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 3:02 pm
8849 spacer

What does it refer to? Hillsborough?
>> No. 8850 Anonymous
2nd July 2019
Tuesday 5:35 pm
8850 spacer


>> No. 7541 Anonymous
4th June 2019
Tuesday 7:03 am
/£$€¥/7541 spacer
One of the UK's most high profile stock-pickers has suspended trading in his largest fund as rising numbers of investors ask for their money back. Neil Woodford said after "an increased level of redemptions", investors would not be allowed to "redeem, purchase or transfer shares" in the fund.

Investors have withdrawn about £560m from the fund over the past four weeks. However, it was a request from Kent County Council to withdraw £250m that led to the suspension.

At its peak, the Woodford Equity Income fund managed £10.2bn worth of assets, such as local authority pension funds. However, it now manages £3.7bn, according to the financial services and research firm Morningstar. Mr Woodford's firm, Woodford Investment Management, is also the biggest investor in Kier Group, the construction and services group which on Monday warned on profits, sending its shares crashing 41%.

"But he hasn't got anything on!" the whole town cried out at last. The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, "This procession has got to go on." So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn't there at all.
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>> No. 7601 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 8:03 am
7601 spacer
I've been in on a meeting with members of Woodford's team. They've confirmed that:-

• The fund is unlikely to open for two to three months at least. It'll take that long to raise the amount required fairly and when they do re-open chances are there will be a dilution levy, i.e. an exit charge for people taking their money out.

• The stocks they've sold so far have been at a profit to the price they bought it for. They're very hopeful that one of the unquoted stocks now held in Patient Capital Trust is going to earn them a handsome profit in the near future.

• They are not going to waive their management fees. They're going to have further internal meetings on this but it's highly unlikely as they don't generate enough income from elsewhere (Patient Capital Trust charges a performance fee rather than a management fee so they've been running it at a loss for a while due to underperformance) and they're already in the middle of cost cutting measures. If they cut off their primary source of revenue for c. three months they'd probably go under.

• When the fund re-opens they're going to hold more FTSE 100 stocks. They doubled down that their view is right to focus on undervalued stocks such as domestic facing housebuilders rather than global facing stocks such as Unilever with ridiculous price-earnings ratios. They're contrarian investors so periods of underperformance should be expected.

• They believe they're the victims of an orchestrated negative media campaign, with negative coverage of them for well over a year. They repeatedly mentioned this largely being the fault of the media - overblowing the issue so that investors would panic and applying pressure so that backers like St James's Place would drop them. They even went a bit tinfoil and said there seems to be a coincidental number of occurrences between negative coverage of Woodford and the stocks they've picked being shorted. They seemed more convinced that Woodford have ran a poor PR campaign rather than running the fund poorly.
>> No. 7602 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 12:20 pm
7602 spacer
Cracking work!
>> No. 7604 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 9:11 pm
7604 spacer
Financial Conduct Authority boss Andrew Bailey said fund rules may need amending in the wake of the Woodford fund suspension. In a letter penned for the Financial Times, Bailey said the suspension of the £3.7 billion fund last Monday had raised important questions about the UK’s regulatory approach towards investment in illiquid assets.

Bailey stressed financial markets should support investment in firms that contribute to economic growth and create jobs, which in turn foster innovation. However, he noted that these businesses can often be illiquid and not all will succeed.

‘We need appropriate rules around investments in illiquid securities to protect investors,’ Bailey wrote. ‘I believe there should be limits on the share of illiquid investments held in collective investment schemes whose shares are typically bought and sold freely and frequently.’

There already are limits on the number of illiquid assets collective investments can hold. It's reassuring to see the FCA are on the ball, as usual.
>> No. 7606 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 11:47 am
7606 spacer
He's said this week:-

• The fund is highly unlikely to re-open before the October Brexit deadline. This is a) in case everything goes to shit with Brexit and b) he's still convinced his stocks will come good and he sees a Brexit resolution as the inflection point, so he doesn't want to sell stocks right before they shoot up.

• When it re-opens he will never handle institutional money again after being burned by the likes of Kent County Council. His main ire was directed at St James's Place, as they released a research paper saying his hit rate is actually better than ever before phoning him a few days later to say they were dropping him due to negative media coverage.

He also had a little cry and said this is the toughest time of his life.
>> No. 7608 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 10:41 pm
7608 spacer

As expected...

Neil Woodford's flagship equity income fund to stay locked


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22979 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 10:03 am
22979 spacer
I like Last Year at Marienbad and The Seventh Seal but I probably wouldn't recommend them to other people unless they had a just-above-threshold dose of something psychedelic (including sleep deprivation) to watch them on.
>> No. 22980 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 10:13 am
22980 spacer
Citizen Kane is a boring load of old wank, I don't care if it had groundbreaking camerawork or whatever.

Shh child.
>> No. 22982 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:08 pm
22982 spacer
I'm going to stick my neck out and say Half Life never aged all that well.

It was remarkably influential game that led us into more "cinematic" storytelling, but I am often forced to wonder if that was even a good thing. Look where that influence led us over the next decade. From a gameplay perspective, it was also one of the games that pushed us towards "realism" where there is an overabundance of hitscan enemies and no real way of mitigating damage. This is what pushed us towards the Halo style model of regenerating shield/health, and ultimately, to boring cover shooters.

The older I get the more I can't escape the idea that Doom was not only one of the first but arguably always one of the best first person shooters. Its gameplay is so incredibly well balanced in all sorts of ways, that were certainly happy accidents rather than intentional, but I think all shooters should learn their lessons from it.

Where Half Life was great was in level design, atmosphere and environmental storytelling, but I think Half Life 2 surpasses it. Black Mesa infuriates me because they have messed with the formula to make it even more unforgiving- You have lower ammo caps and seem to take far more damage than the original; which only exacerbates what I think are already weaknesses in the first game.
>> No. 22984 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:34 pm
22984 spacer

Yes imagine the idea that the films on the top of the poll that didn't just come out and get the hollywood hype train behind them might actually be good.

>Citizen Kane is a boring load of old wank, I don't care if it had groundbreaking camerawork

It is the film I mentioned that tends to get the most heat firstly because people feel it is over praised, and also the subject matter and tone, the others I mentioned (even Seven Samurai) have comic relief moments Citizen Kane is dry as bone. I love it as a character piece though. I think you are supposed to come away sincerely saying 'the tragedy of the man' and I do.
>> No. 22985 Anonymous
30th June 2019
Sunday 4:41 pm
22985 spacer
You can say that again.


>> No. 427901 Anonymous
23rd June 2019
Sunday 8:43 pm
/b/427901 spacer
Has anyone ever attempted to make a foodstuff that is 100% useful to your body where none of it will be shat out the other end?
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>> No. 428028 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 11:16 pm
428028 spacer
Like some kind of weaponised cloak sweat?
>> No. 428041 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 8:39 am
428041 spacer
>>428028 In all this rain, what with constantly going in & out, I've been seriously considering a cloak or poncho or something. I'm sure I spend more than 10 minutes a day wrestling my arms in & out of coats.
Problem is, it's a fucking cloak. Surely there's some alternative. At the moment, I'm tending to just wear a big hat, but that's not ideal either.
>> No. 428042 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 9:17 am
428042 spacer
How is it you find putting a coat on so difficult?
>> No. 428139 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 2:35 pm
428139 spacer

There's nothing wrong with a cloak. Pitch yourself into the cup of tea!
>> No. 428185 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 5:27 pm
428185 spacer
What about the health benefits of Kefir? Or is that bunk too?


>> No. 63572 Moralfag
27th June 2019
Thursday 8:58 pm
/iq/63572 spacer

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>> No. 63579 Ambulancelad
28th June 2019
Friday 5:49 am
63579 spacer

bet his postman loves him
>> No. 63580 Crabkiller
28th June 2019
Friday 8:16 am
63580 spacer

How could Pat have been in the US army? He's from the lake district
>> No. 63581 Moralfag
28th June 2019
Friday 8:32 am
63581 spacer

Exactly. Fucking Seppos.
>> No. 63588 Paedofag
29th June 2019
Saturday 8:49 am
63588 spacer

I thought it was referencing jacob's ladder until the end
>> No. 63589 Paedofag
29th June 2019
Saturday 9:33 am
63589 spacer
I've seen this thread three or four times, and only now I realise I misread it as "man posts dog poo in his letterbox for two years".

I thought they might have just let him get away with it due to his advanced years.


>> No. 27163 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 9:42 pm
/g/27163 Newbie Dev
I've been asked to develop a mobile app at work. I've never done mobile dev and this will be by some margin the most substantial thing I've written.

I'm currently leaning towards React Native (Expo) but I'm hearing many good things about Flutter. I'm a bit wary that Flutter is AFAICT nowhere in the UK in terms of job postings. If this project goes well I reckon I'd stand a good chance of doubling or tripling my salary even by taking a junior role. I know if I can pick up one I could certainly pick up the other, but I think having the professional experience is highly valued. Does anyone with their ear to the ground have any input as I hadn't even heard of Flutter before I started researching. Maybe Flutter will be more popular 1-2 years down the line, but maybe it's hard to predict.

On a related note: in any IT job, how common is it for you to spend an entire day or days researching new tech for a new product or project? I could perhaps be recording my research better but it's easy to feel like nothing has been done.
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>> No. 27165 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 7:41 pm
27165 spacer


Disgusting language.
>> No. 27166 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 7:54 pm
27166 spacer
>the market for JS frameworks has exploded in the last few years as front-end development has become a respectable engineering art; they are two a penny now and the source of much geek arguments.
One of the reasons I've tried to stay focused on back-end development is that it takes more than just the passing of a weekend to render my knowledge out of date.
>> No. 27167 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 9:18 pm
27167 spacer
Rule of thumb: go with whatever's newer / flashier. They'll just get you to refactor the code for the next framework of the week a few versions down the line anyway.

t. disgruntled dev
>> No. 27168 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 4:23 am
27168 spacer
Depending on the use-case, it might make more sense to develop a Progressive Web App rather than a native app. With modern web APIs, you can provide an icon on the home screen, offline functionality and push notifications with a web app. You can fully leverage your existing web development skills and tooling, you don't really have to worry about cross-platform issues and you can deliver a more streamlined onboarding process.
>> No. 27169 Anonymous
29th June 2019
Saturday 4:41 am
27169 spacer
I think I just knocked off two lines on Tech Buzzword Bingo. Just need "cloud-native" for a full house.


>> No. 11963 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 7:13 pm
/beat/11963 Songs with weird time signatures?
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man, That Will Find You (Official Video)

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst

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>> No. 11964 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 7:18 pm
11964 spacer
These have tempo shifts if it counts

MF DOOM ft. MF Grimm - Tick, Tick..

King Geedorah - No Snakes Alive (Music Video)

>> No. 11965 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 7:48 pm
11965 spacer
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel


Screenshot_2019-06-21 My eBay Purchase history.png
>> No. 63511 Crabkiller
21st June 2019
Friday 5:48 pm
/iq/63511 spacer
can hermes send parcels back through time now?
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>> No. 63557 YubYub
26th June 2019
Wednesday 9:22 pm
63557 spacer
Out of interest, is she bottle fed or do you manually pump her?
>> No. 63575 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 10:44 pm
63575 spacer
Biathlon sounds like a neat way of encouraging cold-climate combat training under the guise of a sport and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that's how it came about.

It looks like cracking fun too.
>> No. 63577 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 12:17 am
63577 spacer

Yup, it's military training turned sport.

I've always wanted to see urban biathlon - a combination of moped racing and 25m rapid fire pistol. If we're going to be plagued with gang violence, we might as well get an Olympic medal out of it.
>> No. 63578 YubYub
28th June 2019
Friday 5:42 am
63578 spacer

>>63557 bottle m8 once tried filling a s16 got a hernia
>> No. 63582 YubYub
28th June 2019
Friday 5:04 pm
63582 spacer
Ghetto Olympics huh?


>> No. 83382 Anonymous
27th August 2017
Sunday 9:19 am
/pol/83382 spacer
Beleagured Theresa May 'to quit as Prime Minister on August 30, 2019 in a bid to stop a leadership challenge' - as she tries to calm rivals with a prosecco party at Chequers

Theresa May is said to have revealed the date she will quit as Prime Minister - giving herself two years to see Brexit through first.

She has chosen Friday August 30th 2019 as the day she will step down from 10 Downing Street, it has been reported.

It comes amid a major charm offensive by Mrs May in a bid to win the support of her MPs and avoid an awkward leadership challenge.

This man is going to become Prime Minister on 1st September 2019 and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 86297 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
86297 spacer
Is there any reason why Scots seem to hate Bojo more than the other candidates? Apart from the Old Etonian thing, I mean.
>> No. 86298 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 7:23 pm
86298 spacer
Because he's obviously going to win making the others at least doubly irrelevant.
>> No. 86299 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 7:27 pm
86299 spacer
It's just the standard Sweaty chip on shoulder mentality.
>> No. 86316 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 10:19 pm
86316 spacer
Sweet fucking Jesus one of these cunts will be PM.
>> No. 86317 Anonymous
28th June 2019
Friday 6:44 am
86317 spacer
>>86316 not for long. I think the only way Boris will be able to not deliver Brexit will be to force a losing GE.


>> No. 63558 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 8:37 am
/iq/63558 spacer
is this racist?
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>> No. 63561 Crabkiller
27th June 2019
Thursday 9:56 am
63561 spacer
Leave Kanye alone
>> No. 63562 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 4:56 pm
63562 spacer

That particular cat has "British" in its pedigree name, so yes, it is automatically racist
>> No. 63563 Auntiefucker
27th June 2019
Thursday 5:13 pm
63563 spacer

You ever notice that when a cat has short hair its British but when it has long hair they call it Scottish?
>> No. 63564 Paedofag
27th June 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
63564 spacer
At least it's not a Maine Coon.
>> No. 63565 R4GE
27th June 2019
Thursday 6:02 pm
63565 spacer
Short people aren't a race. Why, they aren't even human.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 22922 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 2:52 pm
22922 spacer
Also this is shockingly far ahead for pre order, it's close enough to a year to not matter.
It looks like it has excellent single player and no multiplayer, and therefore, expect to see it in CEX for under a tenner on the playstation 4 a few years and 75p a few years after that.

I don't think you and I are typical consumers though, I just started playing the uncharted games because I could get the first 3 for under a fiver. but I am honestly disconnected enough from the hype to not care about the differance between a game that came out now and 10 years ago.
>> No. 22944 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 1:57 pm
22944 spacer
RPS are being rather bitchy about it too:

I’ve got some exciting news for everyone who’s paying £50 for a game that doesn’t exist yet, over a year before it will be finished! Banks!

This is a pretty big deal, and an RPS exclusive, but we’ve discovered that instead of spending money on things you can’t have for literally no reason, you can instead put your money into something called a “bank”. These are big shops that look after money for you, and as a special treat for letting them do so, they add a little bit of extra money when you ask for it back! Not as much as they used to in the olden days, admittedly, but still.

It gets better! Because of banks there’s something called “inflation”. This has nothing to do with balloons, but everything to do with money being worth less as time goes on. So in a year’s time, £50 won’t be as much money as it is today! Not only can you make your money get bigger in a bank, but you can also buy the game for what’s essentially a cheaper price by buying it after the game is finished!

Expect to see this story ripped off across the gaming media, but you’ll know where you saw it first.

>> No. 22945 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 2:08 pm
22945 spacer
Entertainment journalist in impulse purchase discovery SHOCKER.

What a navel-gazing twat. It's not as if the same gaming media hyping up disappointing triple-AAA titles in the first place played a part in the recent thirst for competently developed games, surely.
>> No. 22946 Anonymous
24th June 2019
Monday 2:28 pm
22946 spacer

RPS have long since jumped the shark. It used to be a place of witty and somewhat cynical independent journalism, but it sold out and succumbed to clickbait and controversy courting several years ago. The closest it gets to its old self are trash articles like this one, that try to sound pithy and clever, but instead just sound like a 22 year old media studies graduate wrote them.

What happened is all their good writers left, except for John Walker, who was always by far the worst one. When he had more influence he wanted to hire more women, which is fair enough; the problem is all the women who applied were clearly shit. So now half the writers are shit, because it's more important that they have a vagina than be able to write entertainingly.
>> No. 22950 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 12:15 am
22950 spacer
I've been playing CKII tonight, and I was beginning to get irritated that half my vassals were angling for a civil war just because I was an emperor with absolute power, but then I realised they really had no reason to care about my imperial ambitions hundreds of miles away from their lands, and that Roman emperors, depending on the era, spent half their time fighting people within their borders.

Still wish the entire northern half of my empire would die and I could completely restructure it stop them kicking off ever again.


>> No. 5761 Anonymous
8th October 2014
Wednesday 9:35 pm
/lit/5761 spacer
Evening, Mumsnet lads.

I'm running low on ideas of what to read to my son [7]. We're working our way through the Mr Gum books and if I can't think of something when we're finished my other half will probably subject him to Enid Blyton. We've read The Hobbit and all of Ronald Dahl's books for children but I don't know where to go next, possibly Harry Potter (although I've never read them so I don't know what they're like) or maybe something by Terry Deary as he's obsessed with ancient Egypt. Goosebumps?

I'd be grateful for any tips. Any books you were particularly fond of from your childhood?
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>> No. 6977 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 2:23 pm
6977 spacer
>> No. 6978 Anonymous
27th April 2019
Saturday 3:20 pm
6978 spacer
>Parents spend more on outfits than they do on novels
That's not really surprising. Clothes are expensive, books are not.
>> No. 6986 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 9:13 am
6986 spacer
A quarter of parents are using digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to read bedtime stories to their children, a survey suggests. Two thirds said that they gave their children time on smartphones, tablets or television before they went sleep instead of a bedtime story

Some parenting websites extol the use of Alexa at bedtime. They say that, as well as allowing it to read a story to your child, you can ask it to sing to them, dim the lights, create white noise and respond to them from another room if they wake.

The survey showed that half of parents aimed to share a story with their child every night but barely more than a quarter did. Nearly a third said that work or commuting stopped them getting home in time and a fifth said they were too busy. For parents who did read stories with their child at night more than half said that they would choose to use an app or YouTube for the task. More than two fifths of children younger than 11 own a tablet and one in eight owns a tablet and a smartphone.
>> No. 7017 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 8:33 pm
7017 spacer

Are there any decent British comics these days? I'm going to trial The Phoenix for my daughter, but I can't think of any others. The Beano seems to have gone to shit and almost everything else is magazines for about a fiver with a load of tat attached to it.
>> No. 7018 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 8:50 pm
7018 spacer
Get down the jumble sale and get some old annuals.


>> No. 6796 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 12:37 am
/lit/6796 spacer
What features of book covers are a tip-off it's going to automatically be a terrible book? I think good-looking people, models and six-packs.
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>> No. 6938 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 12:33 pm
6938 spacer


>> No. 7010 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 5:09 pm
7010 spacer

I found this
>> No. 7011 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 5:20 pm
7011 spacer

Why's this one on there? This the most beautiful imagery the Western World has produced, from cave paintings to baroque cathedrals it was all leading to this one vision of absolute purity and satisfaction.
>> No. 7015 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 12:51 pm
7015 spacer
Posting Chuck Tingle is cheating.
>> No. 7016 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 8:32 pm
7016 spacer
Pounded In The Butt By A Britfags Poster's Contention That Including My Books About Being Pounded In The Butt In A List Of Humorous Book Titles Is Cheating.


>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14513 Anonymous
25th March 2018
Sunday 11:56 am

ID: 4260c9
/shed/14513 a little YubYub
ladm9s I'm going to be doing a little bit of YubYub this afternoon, so if you see the odd server unavailable, 404, do not be alarmed.
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>> ID: 2d2275 No. 14972 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 10:07 am

ID: 2d2275
14972 spacer


Excellent idea.
>> ID: 2d2275 No. 14973 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 10:09 am

ID: 2d2275
14973 spacer

Actually, I don't know that I needed to delete that post after screenshotting it.
>> ID: bc7d8b No. 14999 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 1:20 am

ID: bc7d8b
14999 spacer
Got myself a new 4k screen. Might have to make the images bigger again lads.
>> ID: 717116 No. 15000 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 4:00 am

ID: 717116
15000 spacer

Have we finally reached a point where we can fit Narkiss's fanny on a screen without zooming out?
>> ID: bc7d8b No. 15001 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 6:45 pm

ID: bc7d8b
15001 spacer
Let's hope so.


>> No. 7008 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 4:43 pm
/lit/7008 spacer
Have you ever read a book where someone's attempt at a local detail was wrong and threw you out of it? I was reading pic related and for the UK bits, the South African author had been busy name-dropping Eastenders and things, then there was a bit in a hospital and she said it had Laura Ashley couches. In any hospital I've been the seating just has to be waterproof. Laura Ashley would definitely look out of place, unless private hospitals are different or something.
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>> No. 7012 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 6:17 pm
7012 spacer

Olaf Stapledon tries to imagine the history of humanity over the next two billion years but many reviews recommend you skip the first four chapters or so because of how laughably inaccurate his account of the near future is; the book was published in 1930.

France and Britain end up in a catastrophic war, with Germany seen as the main peacebroker of Europe. Nuclear power is discovered but it is then all the research is promptly destroyed so it can never be used as a weapon of war, so First Man ends up building a religion and rituals around coal powered aeroplanes until everything goes to shit when they run out of sources of energy.
>> No. 7014 Anonymous
26th June 2019
Wednesday 12:47 pm
7014 spacer

>First Man ends up building a religion and rituals around coal powered aeroplanes until everything goes to shit when they run out of sources of energy.
>laughably inaccurate


>> No. 19504 Anonymous
19th June 2019
Wednesday 11:19 am
/news/19504 Instagram couple beg for £9k holiday

Instagram couple beg for £9k holiday while mum funds their lifestyle with two jobs

Because neither of them have a job - instead relying on Catalin's mother to fund their lifestyle by working two jobs - they have turned to the public for financial support.

On a GoFundMe page they have set their sights high, asking for €10,000 (£8,907) to embark on the trip.

According to Catalin and Elena the adventure is worthy of external funding because of the positive impact it would have on their Instagram followers.

"We could write a long text about mental health or global warming," they explain on the fundraising page.

"We could tell you about following your dreams, or how important stepping out of your comfort zone is."

"We could tell you how beautiful traveling is, and it’s benefits, or the fact that most news don’t match reality."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 19569 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 4:51 pm
19569 spacer
He's not being quite as entertaining as this now is he?

>> No. 19570 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 4:57 pm
19570 spacer

or this
>> No. 19572 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 7:00 pm
19572 spacer

This picture just puts in a nutshell so many things about modern-day life that I deeply despise with all my heart.
>> No. 19576 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:19 pm
19576 spacer
>What moment? The moment you're stuck on a crowded Tube carriage with some wanker acting weird? If ever there's a moment to stare at your phone, it's then.

As was pointed out on the place I took this from, 'they said after taking a picture with an iPhoneX they bought with the money his mum had to work a second job to earn'
>> No. 19577 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:22 pm
19577 spacer

That is wonderfully charming. That would totally make my day.


>> No. 19567 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 4:46 pm
/news/19567 spacer
He doesn't seem to feel very sorry for the family.

Expand all images.
>> No. 19571 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 6:05 pm
19571 spacer
Imagine getting bummed to death.
>> No. 19573 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 7:09 pm
19573 spacer

I seem to remember Barrymore implying the bumming might have been post-mortem by a pathologist but my grandma happened to be friends with the mother of that pathologist and he reckons he didn't do any bum-raping.
>> No. 19574 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 7:33 pm
19574 spacer


>> No. 19575 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 8:48 pm
19575 spacer


>> No. 51150 Anonymous
8th October 2013
Tuesday 9:23 pm
/pol/51150 spacer
Young adults in England have scored among the lowest results in the industrialised world in international literacy and numeracy tests.

A major study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows how England's 16 to 24-year-olds are falling behind their Asian and European counterparts. England is 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries.

Unlike other developed countries, the study also showed that young people in England are no better at these tests than older people, in the 55 to 65 age range. When this is weighted with other factors, such as the socio-economic background of people taking the test, it shows that England is the only country in the survey where results are going backwards - with the older cohort better than the younger.

Cue lots of finger pointing and nothing changing.
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>> No. 85833 Anonymous
23rd May 2019
Thursday 7:45 am
85833 spacer
>Most families do not choose to send their children to their nearest school, shows the biggest ever study of state secondary school choices in England. More than 60% opt for a school that is further away - usually because it is higher achieving.

>"Contrary to a widely-held belief, only a minority of parents choose their local school as their first option," say researchers.

>It also debunks the idea that richer families are more engaged with choices. Despite any assumptions about the "sharp elbows" of middle-class families, there was no significant difference in behaviour between wealthier and more disadvantaged parents.

>Both were similarly engaged in using choices to seek more desirable school places for their children. Parents in poorer areas were more likely to opt for schools further away - with researchers suggesting this was because richer families were more likely to live close to high-performing schools.
>> No. 86300 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 3:11 pm
86300 spacer
This is more a personal observation than anything, but a few months ago when I watched that 'They Will Not Grow Old' documentary by Peter Jackson, I couldn't help but notice just how articulate all the old WWI vets were. They certainly didn't sound as though they were upper-crust or anything, they just sounded like regular blokes from across England and Scotland; only one or two of them sounded like officers.

Now, these were old men, so they've had a lifetime of experience to become more nuanced in their speech, but for me, it put to bed this silly notion that we're 'more' educated nowadays than we used to be because of technology. You'd think with all the text people read on a daily basis because of their phones, they'd be more literate, but it's the opposite.
>> No. 86301 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 3:35 pm
86301 spacer
There are a lot of things that could have effected why the Tommies in those interviews sounded the way they did though. It's possible the researchers at the time thought the working class ones with inpenetrable regional accents weren't telly material, or that all of them died at the age of 40 from being so poor and smelly. I haven't seen the film though I might be way off on both ideas.

I definitely think literacy is taking a hit though, or at least the levels of quality literacy. Undoubtably more people can read and write than ever before, but not everyone's secretly a *NAME OF FAMOUS AUTHOR*. Sorry, I don't know many books.

Oh, Sara Pascoe, she did a book.
>> No. 86302 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 5:42 pm
86302 spacer

I think it's sort of more that the way people spoke back then was more polite and proper; or at least, it bloody well was if you were going to be on the film. That will have been a big deal for gentlemen of their generation, and I imagine they'd have asked for their Sunday best and treated it like a formal occasion.

I don't think it necessarily has to do with education in terms of intellect, but certainly education in terms of how to conduct and present oneself. We've almost entirely retired that concept these days. Nowadays people might read and write more than ever before, technically, but most of them don't spend their time on a board like this for anoraks and shed enthusiasts. The quality of their reading material counts for far more than the quantity, because 90% of online communication is utter dreck.

I will type more words now because I have just obtained a mechanical keyboard and I am enjoying the noises it makes. They are pleasant, but I feel the trend towards them recently is a bit overrated. If my old one hadn't have broken I don't think I would have consciously "upgraded" to a mechanical one at any point soon.
>> No. 86303 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 6:04 pm
86303 spacer
>I don't think it necessarily has to do with education in terms of intellect, but certainly education in terms of how to conduct and present oneself.

This. Back then people seemed to have a greater sense of pride or, more accurately, a greater sense of shame. I'm not entirely sure when picking up your children from school wearing pyjamas, slippers and a dressing gown became a thing but I'd wager it coincided with an increase in people having no sense of shame.


>> No. 24088 Fairy
21st March 2018
Wednesday 7:46 pm
/zoo/24088 spacer
It's official, it's dead.
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>> No. 24125 Cockernay
14th April 2018
Saturday 7:17 pm
24125 spacer

krautchan culture.png
Good riddance. KC became an unbearable place to browse before it died.
>> No. 24127 Grockle
2nd June 2018
Saturday 9:29 pm
24127 spacer

>> No. 24128 Cockernay
2nd June 2018
Saturday 11:14 pm
24128 spacer
As an /A/ poster, KC was a refuge for some of the more niche troubles like the over-the-counter options in DE (particularly DPH and DXM). The rest of that place, though... good riddance.
>> No. 24129 Cockernay
3rd June 2018
Sunday 12:34 am
24129 spacer


I'll really miss it. It kind of felt like an international version of this place. Just cosy discussions without any boring shitposts and memes.

Kohlchan has now emerged as the successor but it's just KC 2.0 with all of the same problems.

I guess I should find better things to do than waste time on imageboards.
>> No. 24225 Fairy
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:51 pm
24225 spacer
I know I'm replying to fucking old posts, but I think this really presents just what a plague 4chan and /pol/ are. People have been going to Krautchan for years, but in the last few years or so it's become truly unbearable, like so many other places.


>> No. 24134 Pornstar
9th July 2018
Monday 5:33 pm
/zoo/24134 Br*ts
Never in human history has there been a nation so manipulative, pathetic and evil as the British Empire. It survived only because of its vast navy and “keeping the balance of power”, weakening the continental states then shifting their attention to more conspicuous, “real” threats like Napoleon.

Don’t forget it couldn’t have made it without constantly allying with other nations either, it could never do things alone against other formal Western powers.

Also it has precipitated much of the world’s problems, the ones we face now such as a perpetual war in the Middle East, screwing up the EU, destabilizing regimes all
across 3rd world countries, making countries poorer than what they already are, something we Americans do tol (don’t get me wrong) but you were the first.

Your nation should’ve been destroyed, that is the only logical conclusion that any good person can make of your twisted, psychopathic history.
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>> No. 24217 Britfag
6th June 2019
Thursday 6:43 am
24217 spacer

Yes lad, well done. You really trolled us good and proper.
>> No. 24218 Dubya
6th June 2019
Thursday 8:00 am
24218 spacer
Ah yes, the sarcasm. I expected this.
>> No. 24219 Cockernay
6th June 2019
Thursday 3:18 pm
24219 spacer
Nanny Gub'mint won't let us buy guns, we have to have our fun somehow.
>> No. 24220 Britfag
6th June 2019
Thursday 6:28 pm
24220 spacer
The penis is mightier than the sword, and all that.
>> No. 24224 Fairy
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:37 pm
24224 spacer
To be honest, on other imageboards, this sort of sentiment is now far more common than it was five years ago; so I usually just expect people to be genuine when they complain about us (though I've found the manner in which they do it laced with a lot of cognitive dissonance).


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