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>> No. 438848 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 2:23 pm
/b/438848 spacer

Looks like blame-shifting for the handling of COVID-19. Political reasons aside, I'd love to know what's actually happening here.

I recall at least one of you being an NHSlad, though I can't remember what area. Does anyone have any further information on this or insider knowledge of what's going on?
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>> No. 438849 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 4:08 pm
438849 spacer
>I recall at least one of you being an NHSlad, though I can't remember what area. Does anyone have any further information on this or insider knowledge of what's going on?

Fuck off Ed Winchester.
>> No. 438854 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 8:30 pm
438854 spacer
Wait until we get to the "public inquiry" stage.

"Lessons will be learned".
>> No. 438862 Anonymous
8th September 2020
Tuesday 12:22 am
438862 spacer
I'm the NHS lad, in pathology, but I've been trying my best not to pay attention since about July because it's all so horribly depressing. Sorry.


>> No. 10896 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 8:42 am
/nom/10896 spacer
Morning, lads.

I enjoy making my own sauces (mainly curry or for pasta) but I want to step it up a notch. Yesterday I made a delicious cashew nut, Quorn chunk, sweet potato and pea curry in an onion, spring onion, ginger, garlic, chilli pepper, bell pepper, cashew nut, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, nutmeg, honey and plum tomato sauce but I want to add more flavour for a bit more of a kick without making it too hot (I'm mainly cooking for a mild/medium vegetarian audience).

I'd say it's better than stir-in sauces and a lot of the takeaways around here (although that's because they're bland and shite) but I want to be able to produce something on par with a nice restaurant. I don't know if I need to up the grease/unhealthiness or what. Obviously I need to widen the range of ingredients I use, so I'd be grateful for any tips and pointers.
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>> No. 13697 Anonymous
26th August 2020
Wednesday 9:01 pm
13697 spacer

We'll have built the .GS nursing home by then - your families will drop you off one day and you'll all actually come and live with me.

Also, I love this Indonesian tribe/culture where once a year they dig up their dead relatives - I can see that being a thing at the home.
>> No. 13708 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:00 am
13708 spacer

Mushy pea curry might be the most disgusting thing I've read in some time.
>> No. 13709 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 9:10 am
13709 spacer
>>13708 Is that not just a dal, with all the possibilities and horrors that that can entail?
'curry powder' isn't an auspicious start, but might be rescued.
I'm just saying the jury's out, this could go either way, despite how foul it sounds at first.
>> No. 13710 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 10:31 am
13710 spacer
I'd agree it's just a dal - I mean tarka dal is yellow split peas I believe, so it's not too out there.
>> No. 13739 Anonymous
7th September 2020
Monday 12:42 pm
13739 spacer
>just a dal
Waking up at twelve with my cloves again
Feel my mouth explode from madras and vin
Another tarka plate


>> No. 2761 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 1:16 pm
/uhu/2761 Elementary water Lego
Alright lads?

My toilet keeps running and no, I'm not going to catch it. All the tutorials I've looked up don't have this model of valves / sheaths and to make matters worse I can't seem to actually get at the interior components to check the flapper and adjust the float.

Any of you lot familiar with this odd set-up and how to fix it? No parts numbers or owt so I'd be Googling forever it seems.
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>> No. 2772 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:15 pm
2772 spacer
Now this one looks a lot gunkier than the OP - so I would suggest white vinegar / descaling all over it for a start; it could just be a bit dirty/sticking somewhere. You can also get the bleaching tablets which will stop that happening, or the ones which make your water blue when you flush, which also help keep it all cleaner.

Is part A push down only, does it rotate? Is all this the only thing in the cistern, or is there another bit in there?
>> No. 2773 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:17 pm
2773 spacer
Oh and one more thing - is your neighbour an upstairs/downstairs flat-type neighbour, or someone literally next door?
>> No. 2774 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:29 pm
2774 spacer
I managed to get the white cap off but there's just what looks like an overflow pipe out inside it. Not sure how I'm going to get vinegar to stay anywhere on the thing but I can spray it down with it.
Neighbour is the same building, same water connection.
>> No. 2775 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:30 pm
2775 spacer
The main part of the button is to the left of that structure. Oh and part A rotates to adjust the height of the ballcock, which is that white box at the water level of the structure.
>> No. 2776 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:56 pm
2776 spacer
Think I improved the bits that came off with a brief vinegar soak, will do a longer one when I'm home alone. Cheers.


>> No. 90480 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 1:59 am
/pol/90480 This man is going to be the next President and it's going to be awesome
TRUMP 2020
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>> No. 90496 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:11 pm
90496 spacer
Of course Biden will concede, all the Democrats do is rollover for Republicans.
>> No. 90497 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:19 pm
90497 spacer
We don't have a president, though?
>> No. 90498 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:50 pm
90498 spacer
Our president is the American president, we are their most neglected territory.
>> No. 90499 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 9:57 pm
90499 spacer
Concession is a convenience, nothing more. When the electoral votes are counted in the House in January, a final result is declared and stands. If that count doesn't go in Trump's favour, he stops being President on January 20th and there's nothing he can do about it.
>> No. 90500 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 10:27 pm
90500 spacer
Yeah that, their law is pretty clear on this - but when Trump loses, he is going to bitch about it for years.


>> No. 29985 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 11:50 am
/emo/29985 spacer
I’ve been in the habit of checking out of my own life and going along with whatever is happening. I have been turning the tide on that so I’m now in good shape, with good hobbies, and have a decent job that I enjoy. However that’s got me to the point where I now have to confront my relationships, which are pretty bad because I’ve been disingenuous for a long time.

As a result, I am lonely and don’t make much effort with the friends I have or people I know. Over the years I’ve been in the habit of not standing up for myself, of being quiet, and of not expressing how I actually feel. Instead I’ve had an overly agreeable personality and swept any issues under the rug.

This means that my friendships are weird and in order to keep pretending, I end up flaky and unreliable. It’s gotten worse over the years to now where I don’t call or text people and seldom see anyone but my family. Rather than just say what’s wrong, I’ve been an arse and avoided these people or the problem. Maybe it'd magically go away? To acquaintances I likely seem aloof or reserved, which also hinders my chances of being reasonably social. This plays out in my mind a lot, and I end up sad and not doing anything on the internet. I'm currently being asked 'what I did this summer' which you can imagine is thrilling.

Turning it around feels doable, but I am finding it hard just accepting the utter mess that I have made of my social life. I’m curious if you have had experiences like this and how you’ve managed it, or whether there’s something interesting to read on the topic. I had a rough childhood which is the cause for a lot of this. Most of my life has been about survival, so the ideas like 'being honest' and 'if you don't like someone, don't be friends with them' all seem very new.

tl;dr - have you had to grow a pair? What's it like? Is there a book on it?
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>> No. 29986 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 2:38 pm
29986 spacer
What is it exactly you want from these relationships? Because it sounds like you don't care really about these people you just feel like you are supposed to.
>> No. 29987 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 7:06 pm
29987 spacer
Honestly my best mate nowadays is my girlfriend, which sounds a bit sad, but out of any of my friends she's by far the most reliable. Hasn't turned me down on a pint yet, and she always wants to come and see the same films I want to see.

I was in a similar position for a while I suppose, and it caused me a similar level of distress. The hardest thing was figuring out if it's me who isn't putting in enough effort, or if it's them who are constantly just flaking on me and letting me down. I came to the conclusion that it doesn't effectively matter- Either way you're clearly just not as arsed hanging out with each other as you used to be. What difference does it make.

One the whole covid thing is done with I'm hoping to make a bit of a "fresh start" so to speak. I've actually put a lot of things "right" with my life over the course of the crisis, weirdly enough, and it has lifted a lot of the anxieties from my shoulders knowing that I am indeed capable of change instead of just wallowing in a rut. Making some new friends is probably the only thing I'm missing now. A clean slate with no past baggage and such would only be a good thing I think.

In general I don't think it's worth stressing about trying to rekindle friendships that have grown distant. It might be sad to grow apart from someone you considered yourself close to, but you don't have to burn the bridge entirely. At best, it's just kind of forcing things, and it leaves you feeling twice as bitter if things end up stagnating again.
>> No. 29988 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 7:30 pm
29988 spacer

>Honestly my best mate nowadays is my girlfriend, which sounds a bit sad, but out of any of my friends she's by far the most reliable. Hasn't turned me down on a pint yet, and she always wants to come and see the same films I want to see.

This sounds like a great and healthy situation, it honestly sounds sadder that you think this is a problem somehow.
>> No. 29989 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 8:16 pm
29989 spacer

I don't think it's a problem, just that it's generally seen as healthier to have a good mix of social acquaintances as well as a romantic partner. Not putting all your eggs in one basket, sort of thing. If I didn't have any other mates and we broke up (not that I foresee that happening), it'd be devastating.


>> No. 66544 YubYub
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:00 pm
/iq/66544 spacer
britain needs to import more codswollers and boomerangs and pugwall should be on tv every weekend
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>> No. 66561 YubYub
5th September 2020
Saturday 7:27 pm
66561 spacer

Lamington Cake is the only other thing that Aussies rave about. Looks disgusting, but then I'm really not a fan of dried coconut in any context.

I kind of get the natural resources angle, but then we don't have a bunch of national industries which regularly need access to those raw materials.

The only thing we could do with Australia is sort out freedom of movement between us and them - seems like a pretty good place to retire (or work as a student) and I know there is a healthy amount of them that come here to work in their twenties. But I dunno, it's not going to be game changing to our trade numbers, or replace any of the freedom of movement we're losing.

Also, he does seem like a cock, even by Australian standards.
>> No. 66562 Searchfag
5th September 2020
Saturday 7:44 pm
66562 spacer


What about the pie floater?
>> No. 66566 Paedofag
6th September 2020
Sunday 12:09 am
66566 spacer
Lammos aren't half-bad. The trick is it's all about getting a good vanilla sponge but really you're just making a Victoria spongecake for upside-down people (obviously the lid of our a cake would fly away).


Personally I think there's potential just because we've never really given it a good chance in recent history. We do still have a manufacturing industry after all and Australian mining runs from the cities finance.

And they can grow tea which is a huge plus.
>> No. 66567 R4GE
6th September 2020
Sunday 12:47 am
66567 spacer

fuckin yes make it a sargent

thas only 2 things tha'l survive t'comet comin of doom

yorkshire an straya
>> No. 66568 R4GE
6th September 2020
Sunday 2:12 am
66568 spacer

The man knows his onions.


>> No. 5175 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:00 pm
/fat/5175 spacer
I'm relatively new to weight training. How much would you need to lift to have a body similar to Mac's? I know the aim is to continually increase the amount you can lift but I've genuinely no idea when looking at various physiques how much they'd roughly be able to and it'd be nice to have a mental benchmark to be working towards.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 5477 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 11:06 pm
5477 spacer

>and you're just taking advantage.

What do you think the 19 year old girl shagging a 40 year old bloke just because he has a nice BMW and some money is doing?
>> No. 5478 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 11:33 pm
5478 spacer

Hypergamy ladm7
>> No. 5479 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 1:09 am
5479 spacer


>I am a committed hedonist so my feelings might be alien to you

Not at all. Been there and done it, found it boring.
>> No. 5480 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 1:09 am
5480 spacer

Fuck off out of here with that shite.
>> No. 5481 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 1:25 am
5481 spacer
I knew his lot were around today. You can smell them if you've got the nose for it.


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 66402 Ambulancelad
25th August 2020
Tuesday 10:07 pm
66402 spacer
>> No. 66403 Moralfag
25th August 2020
Tuesday 10:14 pm
66403 spacer
I believe they use saline and silicone these days.
>> No. 66563 Samefag
5th September 2020
Saturday 8:01 pm
66563 spacer

>> No. 66564 R4GE
5th September 2020
Saturday 8:01 pm
66564 spacer

>> No. 66565 Ambulancelad
5th September 2020
Saturday 8:02 pm
66565 spacer



>> No. 90047 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 8:20 pm
/pol/90047 spacer
What have those sneaky fucking Russians been up to?
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>> No. 90474 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 5:05 pm
90474 spacer
Another Novichok poisoning.
>> No. 90475 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:15 am
90475 spacer
Heard a lad say earlier the Ruskies have won the cold war by pretending to have given up. A long long game.
>> No. 90476 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 1:15 am
90476 spacer

The mistake evidently is that the west assumed it to be an ideological battle, whereas it is just one of pure dominance of great powers. Russia is by no means in a position to control but that isn't their current goal. Their current goal is to make others positions untenable. It is a zero sum where weakening their opponent gains them strength.
>> No. 90477 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 10:47 am
90477 spacer
I think that former kipper candidate and pompous youtube loser, who I won't name, put a video out recently (that a mate sent to me), which was just loads of clips of that so-called ex-KGB dude going on about some batshit cultural subversion because of Commies. The entire conspiracy is as implausible as they come and basically adds fuel to that stupid Frankfurt School conspiracy theory which seems to think folks like Adorno were issuing instructions to spies within the state itself, rather than being rambling, a bit boring, but nonetheless fairly accurate at how modern capitalism is shaping social and productive relations. It's always handy to divert away from this basic truth and make it seem like a conspiracy to people who have never and will never bother to read Walter Benjamin.
>> No. 90478 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:47 pm
90478 spacer

The cold war did end, but Putin leveraged the Russian intelligence and security apparatus to establish himself as gangster-in-chief. Putin's Russia has no ideology, it's just a tinpot oligarchy built on strongman populism.


>> No. 438076 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 5:05 pm
/b/438076 Religion
Is anyone here religious? If so, what flavour of religion do you follow? Any benefits/disadvantages to having faith?
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>> No. 438144 Anonymous
27th July 2020
Monday 6:05 pm
438144 spacer
> Of the early aviation pioneers, only Blériot had any formal education in engineering

Alberto Santos-Dumont would like a word.
>> No. 438146 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 12:06 am
438146 spacer

>According to the results, religiously active people are typically happier and more “civically engaged” – meaning they are more likely to do things such as vote in elections or join community groups – than adults who either do not practise a religion or do not actively participate in one.

I don't buy it.
>> No. 438147 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 1:22 am
438147 spacer


What interests me is that there were, as far as I'm aware, pre-Christian astronomers who understood perfectly well how the solar system really worked. Civilisations like the Egyptians were mad boffs at stars, and I would have no trouble accepting they knew what was really going on, but we can't really tell what they thought because so much of it is muddled up with the various celestial bodies having fights and eating each other and giving birth what have you.

I like to contemplate what it would be like, if you were a 5th century Byzantine intellectual, and everyone thought you were a nutter conspiracy theorist because you keep banging on about how the ancient societies were actually right about astronomy instead of the up to date Christian model, and how the Church operates a vast cover-up to keep everyone thinking the Earth is the centre of the universe. You'd be fucking seething wouldn't you.
>> No. 438149 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 10:28 am
438149 spacer

A lot of the knowledge that sparked the renaissance and modern age was hidden in libraries in the Arab world during the mediaeval period. Even philosophers like Plato had been completely forgotten in Christian Europe. It was mainly the Spanish reconquista driving the Arabs out of southern Spain which gave Christians access to Arab books and scrolls which were partly original works of Arab natural scientists and partly translations of Greek originals. It reintroduced Europeans to a whole wealth of information and ancient science that had eluded them for centuries.
>> No. 438785 Anonymous
5th September 2020
Saturday 12:53 am
438785 spacer

Falun Gong


>> No. 66486 Are Moaty
30th August 2020
Sunday 5:33 pm
/iq/66486 spacer

the gays are running a train!

i'd definitely like a ride!
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>> No. 66510 Ambulancelad
31st August 2020
Monday 7:14 pm
66510 spacer
There were LGBTQIA+ folk on those trains too.
>> No. 66514 Are Moaty
31st August 2020
Monday 8:30 pm
66514 spacer
Maybe because the problems facing those communities are kind of different. It's about visibility. I think an all-disabled train would work because they similarly face the problems of visiblity and acceptance - for Black and Jewish people, I'd say their cultural struggles are more about overcoming stereotypes. If this makes sense.
>> No. 66518 Ambulancelad
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 4:32 am
66518 spacer
the king of sin
my sin
>> No. 66531 Crabkiller
3rd September 2020
Thursday 5:58 pm
66531 spacer
Here we bloody go. PC gone mad!

Why are they shoving it down our throats?

Where's the straight train?
>> No. 66543 Samefag
4th September 2020
Friday 10:20 pm
66543 spacer

Most trains are straight trains. It's the bent ones that are the problem.


>> No. 66337 Paedofag
22nd August 2020
Saturday 7:00 pm
/iq/66337 spacer

I've haven't felt this out of touch in a long time.
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>> No. 66538 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 10:32 pm
66538 spacer

There were worse problems than a poorly-placed clock - BL made an entire training film about how their cars were complete deathtraps.

>> No. 66539 Paedofag
4th September 2020
Friday 1:09 pm
66539 spacer

Fucking wendy. the moral of this story is clear lads.
>> No. 66540 Paedofag
4th September 2020
Friday 8:24 pm
66540 spacer

Women: know your limits.

>> No. 66541 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 9:09 pm
66541 spacer
Oh come on, that video is hilarious, and for the later sixties, fairly unsexist.
>> No. 66542 Paedofag
4th September 2020
Friday 9:19 pm
66542 spacer

At least they broke up the actual maritime issues with a bit of casual dolphin rape, like an amuse-bouche between courses.


>> No. 415204 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 7:50 pm
/b/415204 spacer
How much of this fair land of ours have you lads actually visited?

I've just been thinking about it and there's so many places in Britain I've never particularly laid my eyes on, especially the scenery and landscapes of Scotland. What are the "hidden gems" here that you would recommend people really should visit at least once in their lives? Unhidden gems too, for that matter.
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>> No. 438735 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 9:58 am
438735 spacer

The lakes are lovely but will also be ram packed at the minute. Lancashire is very nice, but as you're from The Other Place it's probably too close to home and also your bitter rivalry will ruin the experience.

Scotland is personally my idea of a lovely place with a lovely drive, basically the whole fucking lot of it, but the North Coast 500 route is full of the sorts of locations you describe, and the drive is, of course, spectacular.

I'm not up on how friendly Scottish people are to us dragging our viruses across the border and wandering about small towns at the moment, but if it's all okay, then that's what I'd be doing.
>> No. 438736 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 10:08 am
438736 spacer

My missus lived there for the best part of her childhood so she has a bit of the accent, I could get her to do all the talking to conceal our Englishness.

Any particular recommendations? More seriously, I'll leave it til next year if the Scots are still taking the 'rona a bit more seriously than we are down here, but it'd be good to know.
>> No. 438776 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 8:34 am
438776 spacer
Would a holiday home be a decent investment? By this I mean buying on a holiday park rather than an actual house where someone could live. It's my last day in Cornwall and these are for sale where I'm staying:-

They're leasehold, with about 960 years left on the lease, and there will be costs like cleaning and site fees but properties similar to the one listed for £40k were being let out for over a grand per week this summer, albeit with refurbished kitchens and bathrooms. I can't imagine there's much potential for the resale value to go up but it seems like a decent investment unless I'm missing a fairly obvious catch.
>> No. 438777 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 10:22 am
438777 spacer
Walking in the Yorkshire Wolds in mid-Spring is an absolute joy. Disused railway tracks, chalk hills, dales and glacial valleys. A properly underrated part of the country.
Please come visit unless you're from West Yorkshire or a Southerner.
>> No. 438778 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 11:42 am
438778 spacer

Too flat, no trees, it's shite. I'd rather walk along the canal in Dewsbury.

Absolute Humberfag cope, jesus.


>> No. 5452 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 9:57 pm
/fat/5452 spacer
Is there any real benefit to using toothpaste or is it purely a placebo?

If I brushed my teeth after giving the toothbrush a quick rinse instead, possibly using mouthwash afterwards, would I notice any difference?
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>> No. 5461 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 11:00 am
5461 spacer
I posted in that thread that my tips had also gone see-through, but I brush at least once a day. I wouldn't consider my mouth a disaster area like that OP's.
>> No. 5462 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 11:55 am
5462 spacer
>I can smell when my breath is a bit "off" way before any other method like licking the back of your hand.

A woman once sucked my finger seductively and when I got it back it smelled like tonsil stones.
>> No. 5463 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 9:01 pm
5463 spacer


You shouldn't use mouthwash (or even rinse with water) immediately after brushing: it is better if the toothpaste stays on your teeth for a while.
>> No. 5464 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 9:05 am
5464 spacer
When should you use mouthwash?
>> No. 5465 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 9:09 am
5465 spacer

I use it to rinse the bits of food out of my teeth after a meal. Brushing your teeth after everything you eat is definitely a bit psychopathic, but most tooth decay is meant to start off from the bits of carbohydrate stuck to your teeth, which breaks down into sugar because of your mouth enzymes. Mouthwash feels like a good compromise, or a bit of sugar free chewing gum if you're out.


Dash Cam.png
>> No. 4468 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 2:50 am
/mph/4468 Dash Cam Grassers

Should dash cam uses report traffic crime? Is 1984 becoming more and more true as the years go by? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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>> No. 4471 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 9:02 am
4471 spacer
I've been intending to get a dash cam, particularly as I had a lorry drive into me and claim it was my fault a few years back, but I haven't got round to it it.

Uploading footage online for the sake of it is a bit weird though.
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:45 pm
4472 spacer
The lycra-clad vigilante who shopped stationary Guy Ritchie texting behind the wheel: Road safety warrior prides himself on having caught 358 drivers breaking the law in one year and being responsible for 574 points and £35,400 in fines

Imagine spending your life being this much of a snitch.
>> No. 4473 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 8:34 pm
4473 spacer
My dash cam's card deliberately only has an hour of storage space, such that I can never become of these twats who uploads shit to UK ROAD RAGE DASHCAM ACCIDENTS FUNNY 2021 COMPILATION #64 UK.

That said, SHITTING PEUGEOT is a quote I use very frequently.
>> No. 4496 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 10:28 am
4496 spacer
Alternately, he might encourage the offenders to not to do it again.
>> No. 4497 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 8:53 pm
4497 spacer

Some people try shit on because they think they can get away with it. When it turns out that they didn't, they are less likely to reflect on their incursion as they are apt to find the fucking cunt wot snitched on 'em and make their life hell.


>> No. 7464 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 3:15 am
/£$€¥/7464 spacer
I've come to seek some very serious financial advice. I'm in my mid thirties but I've never borrowed a penny from an official institution. I'm not quite a pikey but I'm not that far removed if I'm being honest. I've grown up in a culture of working for cash and buying things for cash. Debt is a dirty word in my family and I've always lived within my means.

I've been quite frugal over the years and have managed to put together about 90k in savings. My employment history is sketchy at best and although I've been working since I left school, there are some serious gaps in the official records when it comes to my income.

For the past six months I've been self employed with about 80k a year coming in. All declared and above board.

I've always assumed that I couldn't get a mortgage and I'm still doubtful but I thought it might be worth asking some strangers whether I'm right.

My current overheads are pretty low and at a push I can save a good few grand a month after tax and rent etc. That means I could potentially have a lot more in the bank in the near future.

I desperately want to own a house and I know I could buy something tiny in a shit place with the money I have but I've recently been wondering what I could get if a bank would lend me a big chunk. I don't want anything fancy but it would be nice to have some space in a nice area.

As I said I know nothing about debt so my main questions are do I have any chance of getting a mortgage with only 6 months of official financial stability (and no credit history), and if so, how much would they lend me with 90ish as a deposit?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 7970 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 11:50 am
7970 spacer
I'm decently well off but it have a presumably atrocious credit rating due to my callousness and/or stupidity in my early 20s. I'm actually kind of scared to even look.

I've always heard that the best way to rebuild your credit is by doing stuff like having a credit card and paying it off every month. But I've also heard it's better to actually be slightly in debt and paying it off, because then you're seen as a desirable (ie profitable) customer. Where's the truth in all that?

Not wanting to hijack the thread but what should I be looking to do if I'm aiming for a mortgage in the next three to four years and I've got a couple of defaults in the past, but haven't touched credit since?
>> No. 7971 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
7971 spacer
I recommend as a place, for when you want to look and understand how the ratings work.

Different lenders want different things is the answer - you need some record of lending, but there are lenders who want people who pay everything off and keep no debt, and there are others looking for people who are happy to carry debt (and capable of paying it off) - just depends on their own risk appetite.
>> No. 7972 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 12:53 am
7972 spacer
I started thinking that I could cheat the system by paying any credit card purchases off right away. Then, of course, I found out that if you pay it off too often in a given month you equally look sloppy with money. A more cynical man might think this is all an elaborate scam to get people into debt - thereby making the balance sheets look better than they are while creating social control.

I've spent my whole life ignoring pretences and thumbing my nose at authority but now look at me. And I'm only just starting to learn how mortgages do horrible things to people. The banks will probably have me in a dress by the end of the month. Then when I finally do own a home I'll become a petty neighbourhood tyrant in a myopic quest to protect my 'investment' over all else.
>> No. 7973 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 1:53 am
7973 spacer
>The banks will probably have me in a dress by the end of the month.

Can't say I've ever heard or thought of that, but will definitely suggest it at work tomorrow.
>> No. 7974 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 2:23 am
7974 spacer

As mentioned upthread, you can get a free credit rating and personalised advice on how to improve it at the link below.


>> No. 13517 Anonymous
29th August 2020
Saturday 10:11 pm
/job/13517 spacer
How long do agencies probably keep records of previous employees for?

I want to apply for a job with an agency I left under a cloud 18 years ago. Could they still have me in their records?
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>> No. 13524 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 12:38 am
13524 spacer
Oh don't leave us hanging like that.

>> No. 13525 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 9:21 pm
13525 spacer

I slept with the receptionist's wife (the receptionist was male, extremely popular, and he kept working there for at least five years after I left).
>> No. 13526 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 4:07 pm
13526 spacer
Chances are they don't have the details and nobody from the last time still works there.
>> No. 13527 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 7:49 pm
13527 spacer
I wouldn't say nobody from 18 years ago is still there. It could be very likely that the middle aged business support type is still there.
>> No. 13528 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 9:08 pm
13528 spacer
If they've been there that long, they'll probably see you for the massive ledge you are.


>> No. 2836 Anonymous
29th August 2020
Saturday 3:28 pm
/eco/2836 spacer
I've got a temperature-controlled grow-light setup in the shed as I want to be able to start off seedlings in a controlled setting but can't fit it in the house. Not growing weed, but I'm worried people will think I am (there's no way to safely hide the light/heat without creating a fire hazard or looking like I'm trying to hide something) and I don't fancy having to replace all my doors if the police get sus. Should I call up 101 and ask them politely to fuck off in advance?
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>> No. 2869 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 9:16 am
2869 spacer
Thanks, that's all I really needed to know. The neighbours actively don't give a fuck.
>> No. 2870 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 10:30 am
2870 spacer

Several lads on the uk420 forums who actually were growing cannabis have written about their experience of getting busted. The common description is "the police knocked on the door, they were polite but firm, they took my plants and growlights but didn't trash the place, I got a summons to the Magistrates court and ended up with a £250 fine". It's clearly not a particularly high priority for anyone.
>> No. 2871 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 10:58 am
2871 spacer
No you're right, obviously the way the police work is that after they have inspected a grow site to see a person is growing tomatoes, if the next day their helicopter picks up a heat signature from the same address they'll immediately assume it's cannabis and send a squad to raid it. FFS.
>> No. 2872 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 12:42 pm
2872 spacer
My brother got busted many many years ago - similar experience. I was more gutted about the fact he had borrowed all my (high quality) lighting gear and they took it.
>> No. 2873 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 4:31 am
2873 spacer

utopians are big fans of a stupified populace of state dependent serfs


>> No. 438737 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 9:53 pm
/b/438737 Elon Musk is 3 moves ahead on the 4D chessboard

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>> No. 438756 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 1:36 am
438756 spacer
How can this be worse than pretending a car driving inside a tunnel is revolutionary?
>> No. 438758 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 5:26 pm
438758 spacer
I can forgive him that one - LA traffic (and traffic/road congestion in the US generally) has to be seen to be believed. The clue with that one was that he gave it all away, doesn't really believe in it. This project is just a bit nuts.
>> No. 438763 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:35 pm
438763 spacer

LA is a properly mental city. It's just miles and miles and miles of perfectly rectangular grid. It's a wonder anybody can get anywhere, but then it's also a wonder people can't just avoid the traffic by taking exactly the same route two or three blocks over and then correcting at the end.

I bet there have been all sorts of interesting studies into how the traffic works.
>> No. 438764 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:41 pm
438764 spacer
I've driven in LA rush hour traffic and yes, it's slow and of large proportions, but I don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. The major problem is that our septic cousins have no idea to drive.

I remember having debates on several occasions with yanks, and they can't seem to understand that if you leave a gap for people to merge in, traffic flows smoother. They always said "but I want to get there first!" without understanding that if everyone wants to get there first, nobody's getting there any faster.

My Yank friend was shouting at me, terrified, when I saw someone wanting to change lanes coming up to a red light, so I stopped leaving 2 car lengths for him to come across. My friend was absolutely convinced someone was going to slam into the back of me, without understanding that the people behind me can't see what's in front, so how is leaving a gap any different to there being cars there? As a result, the fella got into my lane (and actually looked back out of his car in amazement that someone let him in), and he didn't have to force his way across when the lights went green.
>> No. 438766 Anonymous
2nd September 2020
Wednesday 12:16 am
438766 spacer

The telling thing I find is when there is ever a video of a pedestrian getting hit by a car on reedit they lose their minds talking about how they deserve it. Even when the car is driving on the wrong side of the street at high speed they will downvote an idea of sense that the car driver reckless or that being able to cross a road is a basic human right. No concept of anything other than 'car go VROOOM!'


>> No. 12494 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 9:39 pm
/beat/12494 Erick Morillo

Goodnight sweet prince.


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