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>> No. 92429 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 7:35 pm
/pol/92429 spacer
This woman is going to be the next president of the United States and it's going to be fucking awesome mediocre.
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>> No. 92430 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 7:39 pm
92430 spacer

I appreciate that America is a bit of an easy target now with Biden in charge, but I wouldn't wish this much misery on them.
>> No. 92431 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:13 am
92431 spacer

The racism here seems a little less casual than our usual. Are you sure you two are here legally?
>> No. 92432 Anonymous
22nd February 2021
Monday 12:33 am
92432 spacer

It's not racism, we hate her because ACAB.


>> No. 442324 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 7:57 pm
/b/442324 spacer
Does anybody understand what his documentaries are actually saying?

He seems to grab random things from history and make up a clever sounding narrative that "explains" them. It's just documentary porn with nice video clips and music.
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>> No. 442345 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 11:27 am
442345 spacer
People have decided this lockdown is a great opportunity to recycle topics we've gone over again and again.
>> No. 442348 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:27 pm
442348 spacer
But this was an illusion which served not to set us free, but to make us weird and paranoid like Richard Nixon.
>> No. 442354 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 5:09 pm
442354 spacer
>if one simply aggregates vibrancy from tangible factors then the resulting figure will be worthy of suspicion with some ropey assumptions about how to weight those factors.

That's ultimately going to be shaped by policy of the day and the relative levels of oversight (including of course public transparency) but I'm sure you can see why a regional standard would be a broadly good thing. These days you really can't address knotty problems like loneliness or drug use using one or two metrics because effective solutions require coordinated government action across multiple factors and agencies that necessitate an overarching framework.

I suppose ARE ADAM would play some Brian Eno over this post and argue "approaching the world like a man left alone with a tape measure only creates a simulacrum" but I don't see how else you can try to solve complex problems or track returns on investment in public goods. We do have complex problems that have been solved very well in this context, the London Olympics being a good example where from start to finish its was simulacrum'ed to death to ensure the underground didn't break or we end up like Greece after their Olympics with no plan beyond the closing ceremony to deliver benefits.

>did we see a gigantic expansion of the vibrancy of our rural communities under Blair?

I don't know from personal experience as I was 9 when Major left office. It's difficult to find metrics on this because the public sector has only really just started on doing end-of-life policy assessment and over the period there are much more sexy topics for academics to study like militant daft woggery prevention strategies.

If you have nothing better to do on a Sunday there have been tomes written on how we should address complex problems in recent years and something society in general has really only just started to approach:
>> No. 442355 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 5:25 pm
442355 spacer

If this is the mandella effect both you and I skipped the same universe. fortunately I've found a portal back >>/v/23506.
>> No. 442356 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:20 pm
442356 spacer

In my timeline it was spelled Mandela.


>> No. 4831 Anonymous
14th November 2020
Saturday 8:59 am
/lab/4831 spacer
6 / 2(1 + 2) = 6 / 2 + 4 = 3 + 4 = 7
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>> No. 4854 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 12:10 pm
4854 spacer

Sharp calculator is superior.
>> No. 4855 Anonymous
15th November 2020
Sunday 1:04 pm
4855 spacer

I won't disagree with you. HP stopped making really great calculators about twenty years ago when they moved all the manufacturing to China. On the plus side, they are much cheaper now.

I have an ageing HP20S which is really good, it works fine, but the power button is gone so I have to hold a load of buttons down to get it alive and have to wait for it to time-out to switch off, so it eats batteries more than it did originally. Sad times.
>> No. 4882 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:02 pm
4882 spacer
The answer is 1. End of. No discussion allowed.
>> No. 4884 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:16 pm
4884 spacer

Seeing as this thread has been necro-bumped, I'll mention that a) the HP Prime is damned cool apart from the weird viewing angles on the screen and b) SwissMicros make obsessively perfect re-creations of the classic HP calculators with modern components.
>> No. 4885 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 6:18 pm
4885 spacer
> SwissMicros

Goodness me - thank you. I never knew about this.


>> No. 5597 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 8:52 pm
/fat/5597 spacer
Wat are you giving up for Lent?

I'm giving up caffeine, crisps, chocolate and sweets in general. On the first day I had an incredible headache from going cold-turkey with the caffeine but it's all gone now. I've got a pack of pickled onion monster munch put away for Easter Sunday.
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>> No. 5657 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 4:19 pm
5657 spacer
Your reading comprehension needs work, lad.
>> No. 5658 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 4:27 pm
5658 spacer
I'll take it as read that nobody is giving up pedantry for Lent then
>> No. 5660 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 4:45 pm
5660 spacer

"You know who thinks suffering builds character? black people who grow up to be criminals."
>> No. 5661 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 5:04 pm
5661 spacer
Is English your first language?
>> No. 5663 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 5:09 pm
5663 spacer
Fine, whatever.


Gym equipment.jpg
>> No. 5603 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 10:00 pm
/fat/5603 spacer
What kind of gym has this equipment, and where can i find one?
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>> No. 5608 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 10:33 pm
5608 spacer
Specialist pornographers?
>> No. 5609 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 10:48 pm
5609 spacer
I wouldn't mind seeing a vaulting horse on ultimate surrender. Maybe have some kind of death match battle on the ropes followed by aerial shagging.
>> No. 5610 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 11:43 pm
5610 spacer

Most large scale leisure centre complexes have some sort of acrobatics related cubs that would have this stuff. They are usually really weird if you've never been in one before as you walk passed different rooms where people are training different skills and sports, you half expect to open the wrong door and find Q teaching people to using an umbrella to shoot crash dummies.

> where can i find one?
They are almost always state run so I would recommend checking council websites for leisure centres, if there is a sport stadium nearby and it seems to be more general rather than devoted to a sports team off the telly that is probably the place.
>> No. 5611 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 5:27 am
5611 spacer

>> No. 5648 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:48 pm
5648 spacer
Hey it's the gym cupboard at my school. Or perhaps every school.


kot draw.jpg
>> No. 442290 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 10:57 pm
/b/442290 spacer
Just wondering, how much is an eighth nowadays?

It was £7.50 last time I bought one back in the 90s.
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>> No. 442317 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:02 pm
442317 spacer

I still have a Charlie White business card from Leeds somewhere. It had a picture of a horse on it.

I worked with a chap who occupied/maintained grow houses as a side gig/place to live, the sheer amount of them was staggering, and that was just one bloke telling me what he knew from one operation.

Yorkshire is definitely a centre for many drugs, I am from Newcastle and I noticed that drugs up here are still more expensive than Leeds despite the scottish connections. So much so that buying a few grams of coke at street price in Leeds/Bradford then taking a trip back home could prove usefully lucrative. It wasn't bad stuff either, it was good fishscale at £60 a gram. If one was inclined one could have made some serious money just selling on to people they knew. Not that I did that.
>> No. 442319 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:08 pm
442319 spacer

I always enjoyed how charmingly uncreative dealers are with their names. Mine was called Greeny.

Sarf Leeds folk will no doubt know of the big hench back guy who goes by Major, who used to just poach people on Morley high street.
>> No. 442320 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 12:24 am
442320 spacer

Tea isn't grown in Yorkshire though.
>> No. 442336 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 11:47 pm
442336 spacer

My mate Dave grows it hydroponic in his shed in Barnsley. It's proper good.

He's considering using his tabby cat to make some Yorkshire-style Civet Coffee to take advantage of post-brexit pro-business incentives.
>> No. 442346 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:11 pm
442346 spacer


You wonder how people first got the idea to have a brew from coffee beans shat out by an animal. It must have started as some kind of dare between coffee plantation workers. Or some practical joke.

And it's not even highly regarded in coffee expert circles:

>Within the coffee industry, kopi luwak is widely regarded as a gimmick or novelty item. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) states that there is a "general consensus within the industry ... it just tastes bad".


>> No. 8487 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:31 am
/A/8487 spacer
What are the best ways to mitigate that "drained" feeling you get after MDMA? I'm sure there's a neuroscientific explanation involving serotonin receptors or summat, but I've tried tryptophan supplements in the past and it didn't feel like they did anything.
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>> No. 8488 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:42 am
8488 spacer

A bacon sandwich, lots of water, and a bracing walk. Also the acceptance that you're on a comedown and there's not much but rest and time that can solve it.

5-HTP is mentioned a lot too, but in much the same way as regular tryptophan, I can't imagine it actually doing anything until your seratonin has sorted itself out anyway.
>> No. 8489 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:56 am
8489 spacer
A solid multi-vitamin also helps. You're a biochemical engine, give it all it needs in all the places you can so it can fix the bits you destabilised.
>> No. 8490 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 9:04 am
8490 spacer
A banana.
>> No. 8491 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 9:20 am
8491 spacer
As >>8488 says, you've just got to give your brain time to recover. MDMA floods your brain with serotonin (which is the entire point), but your brain sees that as a potentially life-threatening crisis. It can't clear the serotonin out because the MDMA is both inhibiting re-uptake of serotonin and pretending to be serotonin; once your liver starts clearing the MDMA out of your system, your brain's normal mechanisms for regulating serotonin goes into overdrive. It'll eventually return to a normal equilibrium, but there's not really anything you can do to speed up that process.

You can whack a couple of valium up your arse and sleep it off, but that can be a bit of a slippery slope.


>> No. 29115 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 6:57 pm
/emo/29115 Last two fights I've been in have left me feeling emasculated
Aight lads. tldr; was in a position to win 2 seperate fights, odds in my favour, and bitched out both times.

I'm a 6' skinnyfit guy in my late 20's, no formal fighting experience, who has generally dealt with their childhood anger issues and now smokes a lot of weed. This has left me generally placid and kind of slow to anger.

Fight 1

I was heading along a bridge after a night out, had just smoked a joint that my mate had to roll for me, as I couldn't do it standing up. This is extremely rare. Suffice to say I was quite fucked.

3 radgies heading my way on the side of the pavement, two girls and a guy. The lad was slightly taller than me and quite lanky. They started shouting at me, I took my earphones out and they were proper having a go and walking purposefully towards me. I backed off a bit and then the guy charged me.

He was about 10 metres away, so I had time to think. I was still quite confused. I waited til he got close as he was clearly going for a high punch, and then ducked, picked him up at the waist, and threw him over the barrier into the road. The girls then kind of ran towards me and started pushing me, and I just ignored the guy on the floor, ran across the other side, and started jogging down the bridge and rang the police.

I was on the phone to them, one girl caught me up and held me by the collar and told me not to call the police. I should have nutted her. She was maybe 16 though, but I feel I should have nutted her. I pushed her away and jogged again, but it gave the lad time to catch up. I did the exact same move again, but onto the pavement this time and much weaker. Both the girls grabbed me, he came over and punched me in the face.

I was sparked for a second, but still just confused. Ran again, eventually some driver pulled over and opened the door and I got in.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30423 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:42 am
30423 spacer
Why do you need to do all this?
>> No. 30424 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 1:49 am
30424 spacer
Do all what? The venting is under the assumption that it's on /emo/ so there's a bit of leeway for being like that. I'm uncomfortable with several elements of what happened tonight. I've tried to approach some constructively, and the rest of it is just wondering what other people would have thought was enough.
>> No. 30425 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:42 am
30425 spacer
It just sounds like you obsessed over it and cried because of the shock. I do think you have some issues that maybe need discussing given how far you say you would go but it might just be the adrenalin rushing in your head and you wouldn't have actually threatened to kill a petty thief.

I think if anything you need to learn to calm down. Why does any of this bother you? Petty criminals are scum but twats are twats, it's a stranger bike and you screaming like a banshee because you can't control your emotions isn't a good luck or helpful.
>> No. 30426 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:43 am
30426 spacer
Apologies lads, it was clearly my bedtime long before I wrote that.
>> No. 30427 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 2:59 am
30427 spacer

>I think this indicates that I have some unaddressed anger issues.

I don't think it's anger issues. You seem very emotionally conflicted about these events, which indicates to me you are placing a lot of importance on them.

It's worth asking why you feel this need to be the hard man in order to feel good. Was your dad mean to you about being a skinny lad as a kid? Did you get beaten up at school and want to prove to yourself you're not a wimp? Do you just have a small willy?

I would suggest you find something else to validate you in terms of masculinity. I've never been in a proper fight myself, and if I was I'd probably get my arse kicked, but I've always told myself the fact I haven't must mean I look like someone who isn't worth messing with. Considering some of the places I've lived, I don't think I'm entirely lying to myself either.

You need to work out what insecurity is causing you to feel like this.


>> No. 24812 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 5:58 pm
/e/24812 Headphones
Just a little question - are there any reasonably priced adapters that can add bluetooth/wireless functionality to headphones? I.e. a setup that would be something like a USB dongle in my PC and a rechargeable receiver you plug the headphone jack from the headphones into. Had a look on ebay, and most of the items are rather vaguely described or don't do as I want.

I could just get a set of wireless headphones or an m-f extender cable, but I quite like the headphones I have, so don't see a need for pointless waste, and would generally benefit from being able to use my headphones while hoovering etc.

Do any of you have experience with the sort of adapter I'm after? If so, any recommendations?
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>> No. 24813 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:05 pm
24813 spacer
I have a AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Receiver

for the car. That allows me to stream bluetooth content from my phone to my car stereo. It has a battery although I just leave it powered from a USB slot in the car.

I don't think it's particularly heavy but slighty bulky. If your headphones have a headband, then you could perhaps attach it somehow although it would be a bit janky and look mental. Else that could go in the pocket and cable up to the headphones.
>> No. 24814 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:23 pm
24814 spacer
Yeah you could probably just get a cheap car stereo bluetooth dongle off eBay, then use a female/female coupler to hook your headphones up to it.
>> No. 24815 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:25 pm
24815 spacer
Cheers fella. Reviews seem to be fairly good, and the unit looks to be of better quality than most of the shite I saw on ebay. Will definitely be factoring this into purchases in the near future.

Listings for the unit you linked on ebay are all just above the £15 mark, which seems to imply that some cheeky bastards are effectively letting you piggyback off their Prime accounts to get delivery. Last two things I ordered off ebay came in Amazon packaging with a gift note and no invoice. Cheeky cunts.
>> No. 24816 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:13 pm
24816 spacer

>Last two things I ordered off ebay came in Amazon packaging with a gift note and no invoice. Cheeky cunts.

I had that happen recently, I really felt like I'd been had, even though I was only paying about £1 more than if I'd bothered to check amazon first and order it there myself. I'm obviously turning into a grumpy old man though, because I reported them to eBay, as it's against their rules. I can't imagine anything will come of it but it still felt like mild revenge.
>> No. 24817 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 12:03 am
24817 spacer
Disgusting. You, I mean.


download (3).jpg
>> No. 30416 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:12 pm
/emo/30416 spacer
I feel like I've made that typical adult life tradeoff. I have a nice place to live, a tolerable job, and a kind partner, which is more than many of us get in one life. The sacrifice, though, is I've given up a lot of connection with my peers -- especially male friends who I could just spend hours watching shit films or playing computer games with. The kind of mates who you could do absolutely fuckall with and still have a great time, because it was all about humour and rapport. The ones who you share a history with, to the point where you know exactly why the other is laughing without them having to say what they find funny.

I used to have this, but the little group was dismantled by drama, divergent life paths, and maybe a bit of apathy. To be honest, it was also a deliberate move on my part; the risk if you keep hanging around people you share a history with is that you never give yourself as much scope to change as a person. At least, that's how I've always felt.

I resented that burden of playing the group comedian when I was in my late teens, but now I'm beginning to miss it. Don't get me wrong, the decision was worth it. I have a proper life now. It might be part nostalgia, as well, since all those friendships could often be a pain in the arse. But there are times when the girlfriend goes out, and I've already ticked everything else off my to-do list that day, when I really wish I could just knock back some cheap bottles of beer and take the piss out of Star Trek: TNG with someone, or sit in the car with them and make crap jokes and shoot the shit about life over junk food.

Tl;dr: I feel like I want mates, but actual people are fucking hard to deal with.
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>> No. 30417 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:29 pm
30417 spacer
I know what you mean but can offer no solution. Everything I've read just says that this is part of being a Proper Adult™.

Like you've noticed, changing circumstances are important for growth and if you try to hang onto things then everyone else will grow up around you whilst you sit in arrested development in your manky lads flat. The good times of being a young adult, like being a child, just pass. If not when you settle into a career then certainly when you have children and just lack the time or otherwise always have a reason to put off socialising when you don't feel it. I suppose this is what neighbours and work colleagues are good for but modern societies atomisation isn't configured to support that much as I think men need that escape of being in a pack of lads to actualise.

I myself have maybe 2 people I consider to be proper mates at this point on the level you describe but we've moved to other ends of the country so we never get to see each other (especially at the moment). The maddening thing is women seem much less prone to this and can't understand how this happens for lads but like I said I'm not sure how to fix that.

>take the piss out of Star Trek: TNG

How dare you.
>> No. 30418 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 3:31 pm
30418 spacer

I'm in a similar position. About a fortnight ago, I had the place to myself so I had a Skype call with a mate as we both watched Evil Dead 2 and got drunk. It was the happiest I had felt in years. Take from that what you will, all I'll say ia that having a 'proper' life isn't all that is cracked up to be.
>> No. 30419 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:23 pm
30419 spacer
>shoot the shit and eat junk food in a car

Sounds horrible.
>> No. 30420 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:34 pm
30420 spacer
For me this actually only happened when I decided to knock smoking weed on the head. Kind of a double whammy of bitterness there, because not only was it drifting away from my friend group, but the fact I was only part of that group at all because I was another body who would reliably have some weed on them. As the otherlad mentioned above, women don't have this problem, something keeps them in touch; stoners have a similar thing, because they need to keep the circle active or else supply might dry up.

I try not to take it too personally mind. Travelling miles to sit in someone's house is more than I can be arsed with most of the time, so I don't blame them for not being arsed. My most reliable mate when it came to actually hanging out playing videogames etc died a couple of years ago, and most of my old mates don't drink so inviting them out to meet in town is a non-starter.

It's a shit hand to be dealt but I think it is something you just have to come to terms with. You can make new friends as an adult but I don't think you ever realistically get to that level of closeness where you'll have them come round and sleep on the sofa every other week so you can get trashed watching Arnie films together. I suppose you just have to be thankful you had that once, whereas a lot of people will have been lonely spergs who missed that boat and will never had it.

Also, take up Warhammer. It blagged my head a bit, but it truly seems as if nothing gives grown men the excuse to socialise without alcohol like playing with toy soldiers.
>> No. 30421 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 7:39 pm
30421 spacer

>How dare you.

I only mock it from a place of genuine affection. I not-so-secretly want to live on the Enterprise-D.


>> No. 92424 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 4:05 pm
/pol/92424 spacer
I dislike how populism has evolved as a term since 2016. What brought this feeling on was how the wikipedia page has changed in recent history having landed on it today:
Compared to 2015:

The term seems to be increasingly used very much in the pejorative and as a diagnosis for people being misled rather than as a genuine label for social change without necessarily revolution. This might just be a reaction to recent history and intellectuals doing their usual business of tracing everything back to Rome but I do believe that the negativity of populism may be used to suppress grassroots or common societies based on delivering improvements or maintaining the common wellbeing. Left-wing populism has certainly failed to take proper root recently and the polarisation of the term may stop it ever being the case - in an American context that would certainly be welcomed by the Democratic establishment but a setback for the working class.

Under my own lens I'd label mutual organisations, unions and farmers markets as populist. Equally movements to redress imbalances of power or even just impose regulatory standards could be considered as populist - Occupy Wallstreet starting as a rage against the moral hazard of bail outs would certainly not be left-wing. It's a very dangerous and nebulous term but one that I think represents an unspoken enforcement of the social contract as people interpret it distinct from power relationships.

Anyway, I found it weird that they replaced 'Il Quarto Stato' with an Occupy Wall Street sign.
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>> No. 92425 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 4:32 pm
92425 spacer
I just hit on a quote from Frank Furedi that summarises some of this perfectly:

>Political psychology has often served as a medium for diseasing the demos, and by implication democracy itself. In the nineteenth century, psychologists developed theories of the crowed, which stressed the irrational and destructive behaviour of the urban mobs.
>In the current era, citizens supporting so-called populist parties are diagnosed as possessing toxic authoritarian personalities...Psychologies contribution to the silent war against democracy has been in serving to de-politicise and medicalise the behaviour of its target. Views that inspire and motivate popular movements are dismissed as the outcome of psychological pathologies - narcissism, irrationalism, deluded fantasy - rather than legitimate political responses to public problems.

In a Marxist critique of Adam Curtis on Youtube of all places.
>> No. 92426 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:18 pm
92426 spacer
Yeah, I agree. I can sum it up more succinctly: "Populist" is now an establishmentarian dogwhistle that means "thick povvos who can't be trusted to vote how they were meant to".

The problem is, in my opinion, that both left and right wing populism tend to feature some nationalist rhetoric, whether in the form of straight up xenophobia, or just a more vague labour protectionism. As far as the establishment are concerned, that cannot be tolerated. No matter which way you slice it, the interests of the lower classes are at odds with the interests of a globalist ruling class, and a great amount of political discourse is devoted to obscuring and diverting attention away from that fundamental conflict.


>> No. 5591 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 5:47 pm
/fat/5591 spacer
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>> No. 5593 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 9:48 am
5593 spacer
>> No. 5594 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 10:06 am
5594 spacer

U wot?
>> No. 5595 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 10:22 am
5595 spacer

I don't say effect, I say affect.
>> No. 5596 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 10:44 am
5596 spacer
If the colouring of the bumper plates is standard, he's lifting a good 140kg there. An impressive squat no matter what way you slice it, especially seeing as they look on the lighter side of bodyweight scale.
>> No. 5623 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 5:57 pm
5623 spacer
Retard strength is well documented.


>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
/beat/8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)

Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)

Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)

I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 12672 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 2:05 am
12672 spacer
I've been really into Yat-Kha, a Russian band who do Tuvan traditional folk/rock GpQkYxING4I
>> No. 12686 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 7:06 pm
12686 spacer

It has been a week since I found this. I am unable to listen to anything but.

City Pop seems to be really fucking sound. Cheesy, funky, 80's. It's vapid but self aware. I'll stop before I go full Bateman. I will happily write a few paragraphs about exactly why you should enjoy this, if anyone will read.

My particular favourites are:

00:00: Plastic Love - reminds me of the girl who lives in the clubs, has endless energy, and would love you back if you could just keep up with her. But you can't, and she'll always want to stay out and do coke instead of enjoying a mug of horlicks in the bath.
32:41: 告白本人 - Not sure what song she ripped off, but it's got a great chorus.
37:40:​ 真夜中のドア - Sounds like it was made yesterday by a futurefunk band.
42:58​ Oh No, Oh Yes - Think she's channelling Mariah Carey here, but less mental.

Those are a few of the hits. I hope someone finds as much joy in this as I have. I've never danced more.
>> No. 12687 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 8:25 pm
12687 spacer

Plastic Love is phenomenal.
>> No. 12688 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 9:26 pm
12688 spacer
City pop is the shit.
>> No. 12689 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 2:56 pm
12689 spacer

I've been enjoying this, it very much opens as a beep-boop kind of song but you will end up listening to it on repeat. The lyrics are just:
>You and I in solitude. Same here. Trying to change, trying to forget.

It give me a sad regret though over all the things I didn't do in my 20s before I got a career and that. Travelling as an end in itself seems wasteful but I feel like I missed out on living abroad at some point. Maybe it's just that I haven't been out of the country in nearly 10 years.


>> No. 68117 YubYub
19th February 2021
Friday 9:06 pm
/iq/68117 spacer
Can vagine bleach penis?
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>> No. 68130 Paedofag
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:38 am
68130 spacer

Honestly it is a farce. The other day someone from the GP phoned me to ask me to give a urine sample to 'test if it contained blood' you wouldn't need to test that, I can see it, I conveyed this information over the phone. But still we had to go through the farce of pretending no one can see the blood floating sample until they waved the little test stick in it.

Had a finger shoved right up my arse the other week by a urologist who seemed to run out of other ideas to draw this out so stepped up their game to humiliation.

Everyone keeps wanting to shove a camera up my dick whilst I am awake which I am directly refusing. I'd rate the first time it happened as one of the worst experiences of my life. I don't want to draw the parallel too close with sexual assault as I was obviously conscenting. But it was a deeply unpleasant and painful violation of the self.

Met a cute irish student doctor in ultrasound the other week though, so there is that. I impressed and confused the shit out of her with my usual organ arrangement.

Apparently no one looks at my medical records because every time I meet a new doctor I have to inform them of what is already known.
>> No. 68131 YubYub
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:43 am
68131 spacer

Usual = unusual. I'd blame autocorrect but that one might be on me.
>> No. 68132 YubYub
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:49 am
68132 spacer

I shove stuff up my dickhole for fun.
>> No. 68133 Samefag
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:57 am
68133 spacer

Good for you. Not really the point though is it.
>> No. 68134 Paedofag
20th February 2021
Saturday 11:43 am
68134 spacer

No wonder you you bleed from there.


>> No. 29826 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 11:25 pm
/news/29826 spacer
So what's all this about Americans rioting then? How come there's no American SWP representatives hanging around?
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>> No. 31334 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 8:14 pm
31334 spacer
>just paranoid delusion

Sort yourself out mate.
>> No. 31335 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 11:41 pm
31335 spacer


>Has he gone off his rocker?

Joe Biden has always been kind of the uncrowned king of legendary gaffes. It's almost odd that he hasn't had any noteworthy ones in the last couple of months.
>> No. 31336 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 11:45 pm
31336 spacer
I think the one telling the American people that a 2k cheque is in the mail is still paying dividends.
>> No. 31346 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 5:18 pm
31346 spacer

He's not exactly been super visible this past year.

I for one can't wait for his Fireside Chats which will almost certainly be Cassetteboy remixes produced at gunpoint.
>> No. 31347 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 12:09 am
31347 spacer

>Though there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Republicans nationally have made election law changes a priority this year.

>Overall, lawmakers in 33 states have proposed more than 165 bills that would restrict voting, according to an updated analysis of election bills by the Brennan Center for Justice. That's more than four times as many bills of this kind that had been introduced at this point last year.

>Meanwhile, Democrats responded on Wednesday by criticizing the commission as a coordinated effort of "voter suppression."

>"Republicans are using the lies they told about election integrity to launch a coordinated effort to roll back voting rights nationwide," said Jessica Post, president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, in a news release.

As predictable as this was, the mind still boggles.


>> No. 8485 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 11:16 pm
/£$€¥/8485 Silver Bullet Housing Policy
Policy Exchange say they've cracked it:

>Many parts of Britain suffer from an acute housing shortage, manifested in enormous gaps between prices and construction costs. Previous schemes aiming to resolve this issue have often failed, because the homeowners who make up two thirds of the British public have generally seen development as placing large burdens on them without any corresponding benefits. We need a scheme that creates more good homes and better places in a way that shares the benefits with existing residents and communities, so they may become enthusiastic advocates of building rather than vigorous opponents. We propose that residents of a street should be able to agree by a high majority on new strict rules for designs to make better use of their plots. A street of suburban bungalows, for example, could agree on the right to create Georgian-style terraces. In many cases, an adopted ‘street plan’ would greatly increase the value of residents’ homes, giving them strong reasons to agree on it.

>These proposals will foster gentle intensification within about half a mile of existing transport and town centres, creating better and greener places with more customers to support struggling local high streets. More people will be able to live in neighbourhoods that pass the ‘pint of milk test’, living in walking distance of somewhere they can buy a pint of milk, along with other essential social infrastructure. Older residents can agree to permit the creation of generously-sized and stair-free new homes that will meet their needs in retirement for decades to come, with supported living options as they age. Our modelling suggests that, even with extensive constraints and extremely conservative assumptions about build cost and aversion to change, this policy could create a further 110,000 homes each year for the next 15 years above current estimates, all with the consent of the existing residents, and none requiring a single inch of greenfield or greenbelt land. On streets that agree to allow typical forms of gentle intensification, the average participating homeowner would make £900,000, while the local authority would get an average of £79,000 for every new property delivered. The boom would mean an extra £34bn spent on construction each year, and it may generate as much as 0.5pp extra annual GDP growth.

>Our proposals include limits on the development rights that streets can allow themselves, designed to minimise impact on neighbouring streets: light plane rules, rules stopping ‘garden grabbing’, rules on height, and rules restricting how much onstreet parking new residents could use. Redevelopment of listed and pre-1918 properties would be prohibited, as would development in National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Each scheme will need to ensure that residents who wish to return are rehoused in a high-quality home for the interim period of the construction on the original plot; the large economic potential should make it easy to fund such provision. We suggest reforms to ensure generous provision of social infrastructure, including schools, buses and GP surgeries, so that the needs of any new residents are met without placing pressure on existing communities. We propose Capital Gains Tax (CGT) be levied on the value uplift resulting from a street vote, and its revenues hypothecated to local authorities, as well as Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) being partly redirected, temporarily, also to local authorities.

>Modelling indicates that these measures would generate huge revenues for both local authorities and the Treasury, providing plentiful resources to improve services for the whole community. Revenues would also be hypothecated to the street for regreening and public space improvements. A net-zero whole life carbon condition would be imposed on all redevelopment of homes through street votes. Since existing housing stock is often poorly insulated and normally heated through gas, redeveloping into net-zero homes would constitute a huge improvement in environmental standards. Denser settlement patterns would support a shift away from car dependency. As future governments phase out gas boilers, street votes could provide the funds for existing homeowners to pay the costs of insulating and re-plumbing their homes to adapt them for heat pumps. ?>Unlocking community support for development could arrest the steep fall in homeownership among younger generations. It could yield beautiful and popular streets in the best traditions of British urbanism. It could relieve pressure on greenbelts for a generation to come. And it could generate an economic boom built on outdoor jobs that would reinvigorate the economy after Covid-19, just as the 1930s housing boom pulled Britain out of the Great Depression.

How will it all go wrong?
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>> No. 8530 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 6:02 pm
8530 spacer

It's a representative sample - the age, ethnicity, educational background, employment status and geographic distribution of the survey participants match the national averages as closely as possible.

The ONS collect some fairly comprehensive data on wealth.
>> No. 8531 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 6:07 pm
8531 spacer

Fucking hell. If as a median salary income earner I am in the top 10% of households, the UK must be a damn sight bleaker and more Dickensian than I previously thought.
>> No. 8532 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 6:53 pm
8532 spacer
>If as a median salary income earner I am in the top 10% of households

>> No. 8533 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 7:59 pm
8533 spacer

>>8524 said:
>A household income of £59k puts you in the top 10% of households by income.

So me in a houseshare on a median salary with a couple other middle class people puts me in the top 10% of households by income? That doesn't sound right to me.

I'm a bit of a thicko tho innit?
>> No. 8534 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 9:45 pm
8534 spacer
seems credible to me. 3 reasonable earners should put you well ahead of most households, why would you think otherwise?


>> No. 68105 Moralfag
18th February 2021
Thursday 5:24 pm
/iq/68105 spacer

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>> No. 68111 Moralfag
19th February 2021
Friday 10:00 am
68111 spacer
For fuck's sake lad, this is /sfw/.
>> No. 68112 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:04 am
68112 spacer
There was nothing wrong with that picture, just a nice playful girl (she was sticking her tongue out after all) who had had a PVA glue related accident.
>> No. 68114 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 11:18 am
68114 spacer
Additional: I can understand your concerns about discouraging drinking glue, but this is an over eighteen site and I therefore don't think there is any risk of influencing children and it is clear that drinking it wasn't the intention as most of it wasn't even in her mouth.
>> No. 68115 Samefag
19th February 2021
Friday 1:58 pm
68115 spacer

I think we all know what her intentions with that pva glue was IYKWIM
>> No. 68116 Billbob
19th February 2021
Friday 2:31 pm
68116 spacer
It's not really that shocking when you think about it. PVA means polyvinyl. It's a plastic. It will act like plastic.


>> No. 68108 Crabkiller
19th February 2021
Friday 2:32 am
/iq/68108 spacer

Expand all images.
>> No. 68109 Paedofag
19th February 2021
Friday 3:16 am
68109 spacer
No, I don't like it.
>> No. 68113 Searchfag
19th February 2021
Friday 11:09 am
68113 spacer


>> No. 40763 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 9:49 pm
/x/40763 Women of Brexit
A thread for nice looking lasses who are in favour of Brexit. No one cares which side you are on so let's not have a scrap about it. Just pics of Brexit lasses.
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>> No. 40858 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 12:54 pm
40858 spacer

I'd rule her with my feelings iykwim
>> No. 41986 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 5:34 pm
41986 spacer

Maggie VandenBerghe
>> No. 41996 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 11:38 pm
41996 spacer

Olivia Utley.
>> No. 41997 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 12:17 am
41997 spacer
Good old nepotism.
>> No. 41998 Anonymous
19th February 2021
Friday 3:17 am
41998 spacer
I like her shoes.


61ytwXSPd L._SL1500_.jpg
>> No. 428025 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:52 pm
/b/428025 spacer
My other half has squeezed all of the washing up liquid into a Kilner bottle.

Lads, I don't get it. I really don't get it. I mean, I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago but every now and then something happens that leaves me utterly flummoxed beyond all comprehension. Is 'WITH NOTHING TO SAY BECAUSE I AM A CUNT' still wordfiltered? I mean, she's moved it from one bottle... to another bottle. It doesn't even pour that well so you always end up using more than you intended to. I doubt anyone in the entire history of humankind has ever thought "washing up liquid in a glass bottle, nice." It's bright yellow and she also pours the cooking oil into a Kilner bottle, which she doesn't store too far away from it, so I can almost certainly guarantee at some point in the future she'll end up frying food in washing up liquid. The lid is also a faff. Just... why? Why, lads?

Can you lads please reassure me that your lasses do stupid shit like this?
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>> No. 442285 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 6:26 pm
442285 spacer
I always ask for a hot-buttered lasagne just to be sure.
>> No. 442286 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 8:35 pm
442286 spacer

If you're not eating hot buttered Frey Bentos pies in big white hot, buttered, toastedfloury baps is life even really worth bothering with?
>> No. 442287 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 9:34 pm
442287 spacer
It doesn't matter if it's an abnormal way of having toast, it's the better way of having toast. Toast is toast once it's toasted, whether it cools or not.
>> No. 442288 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 9:51 pm
442288 spacer
Might as well just eat stale bread to save on energy then.
>> No. 442289 Anonymous
18th February 2021
Thursday 10:27 pm
442289 spacer
If you're not going to engage seriously with toast discourse then don't even bother.


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