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>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
/beat/8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.

Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 12917 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 11:22 pm
12917 spacer
Also, I have no idea what this is but YouTube just recommended it and it's wonderful.

>> No. 12968 Anonymous
2nd October 2021
Saturday 7:04 pm
12968 spacer
>> No. 12975 Anonymous
26th October 2021
Tuesday 12:59 pm
12975 spacer

It feels refreshing to hear a cover like this, different to the Jon Brion version to the degree that they both sound better for it.
>> No. 12981 Anonymous
7th November 2021
Sunday 10:10 am
12981 spacer
I realise this is dangerously close to John Lewis Christmas advert territory.
>> No. 13030 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 11:38 pm
13030 spacer
A group with almost no YouTube views appeared in my recommended videos recently. They're called National Milk Bar (which, as a name, strikes me as uncomfortably similar to Neutral Milk Hotel and British Sea Power), and their version of New Order's True Faith is really good:


worn vinyl.jpg
>> No. 12736 Anonymous
16th March 2021
Tuesday 11:36 pm
/beat/12736 music appreciation
When you discover great new music that you really enjoy, do you listen to it constantly or do you try to listen to it sparingly over a long period so you don't grow tired of it?

I never gave much thought to music listening strategies, but around this time last year I discovered Khruangbin and I spent so much time listening to them from March to September that I kind of immunised my brain from enjoying the music. I'm thinking I should change my ways and spread out my listening so I can savour music for longer; maybe listen to a new album with each new day of the week instead of listening to the same album every day.

On a somewhat related note, how do people enjoy streaming services? I tried spotify but I found myself getting really annoyed at how many crap tracks I had to skip. Is this normal or should I learn to be more open and less finicky when it comes to music?
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>> No. 13025 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 7:13 pm
13025 spacer

You might enjoy some of these.
>> No. 13026 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 7:14 pm
13026 spacer
Unless you have epilepsy in which case don't watch the videos.
>> No. 13027 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 7:56 pm
13027 spacer
Thanks, but that type of stuff doesn't really do anything for me.
Along sort of similar lines though I do like a lot of what Venetian Snares makes.
>> No. 13028 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 9:06 pm
13028 spacer
I heard about Yma Sumac recently. She was a Peruvian opera singer with an amazing vocal range, so I looked up her singing on YouTube, and I found this which is pretty much the maddest shit I have ever heard.

Failing that, I like Laurie Anderson, but you might well know all about Laurie Anderson if you listen to mental shit exclusively.
>> No. 13029 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 10:22 pm
13029 spacer
Not who you're replying to but that is indeed mad, and also fantastic, cheers.


>> No. 70208 R4GE
6th January 2022
Thursday 6:56 pm
/iq/70208 spacer
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>> No. 70209 YubYub
7th January 2022
Friday 12:36 pm
70209 spacer
just imagine being scared of jeff bezos
>> No. 70210 Ambulancelad
7th January 2022
Friday 1:08 pm
70210 spacer

he's become ever so butch recently though and he would use that screeching laugh as a weapon in a fight.


>> No. 415204 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 7:50 pm
/b/415204 spacer
How much of this fair land of ours have you lads actually visited?

I've just been thinking about it and there's so many places in Britain I've never particularly laid my eyes on, especially the scenery and landscapes of Scotland. What are the "hidden gems" here that you would recommend people really should visit at least once in their lives? Unhidden gems too, for that matter.
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>> No. 448816 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 3:21 pm
448816 spacer

Today I went to Tadcaster. It's the closest experience I've had to being in Wonkaville because the town is completely dominated by the relatively huge John Smiths factory, which looms over everything. The town centre felt like a bit of a ghost town, as there were many buildings in a state of disrepair which looked like they'd been boarded up long ago and many shop fronts had window frames made of wood which had long since gone rotten. Outskirts seemed alright though.
>> No. 448818 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 4:58 pm
448818 spacer
Did you have a drink?

A friend of mine introduced me to a rum and coke at a Samuel Smith pub. Because they're insistent on everything, not just the beer, coming from the Old Brewery or businesses associated with it, you get a nice rum and a proper old-fashioned cola rather than Coca-Cola mix in fizzy water. It's absolutely fucking delightful, even if you wouldn't normally drink rum or coke.
>> No. 448819 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 5:09 pm
448819 spacer
It was late morning when I went and the pubs I remember going past weren't open at that time. I did pick up Excession by Iain Banks for 10p in one of the charity shops though.
>> No. 448820 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 5:33 pm
448820 spacer

It is a very odd place.

Me and a couple of mates got a train up there (I think? Can't quite remember) once so we could do a "tour" of all the Sam Smith's pubs. But once we got there we realised quite quickly it was a bit of a Royston Vasey situation, we went in the first pub, which was a really big and quite classy one, and it was full of pensioners politely (and fucking silently) eating lunch. Really odd vibe, like if we said the wrong thing their eyes would all light up and they'd turn to face us in unison, screeching, and descend upon us.

We didn't dare actually get drunk because we knew we'd stick out like a sore thumb, so in the end we just bought a few bottles over the counter and went home.
>> No. 448821 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 5:43 pm
448821 spacer
I know it was a weekday morning but what stuck out to me is that, other than a dimly lit tea room full of pensioners, everything else was polared. Nobody was in the butchers, barbers, hairdressers, opticians, dentists or any of the shops I walked past. The person I was with told me that anybody with any sense locally moved to the likes of Boston Spa, leaving only the dregs in Tadcaster.


>> No. 14217 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 4:21 pm
/job/14217 spacer
How do I know when I've reached the right balance between money and effort?
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>> No. 14221 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 5:36 pm
14221 spacer
That might be the most difficult question in the universe to answer. It's very individual. For me, it's all about what do I first think about when I wake up? Am I already gnashing my teeth about who I might deal with, and thinking strongly of a duvet day? Or am I getting up and at them?

I have considered this a lot recently, and have also reach my limit on what constitutes that balance. I quit my job (without having another one lined up) because I thought the balance was out - I'm quite sure I'll find something else. Time will tell - if I'm queueing up at the foodbank in two months time, I was wrong.
>> No. 14222 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 6:25 pm
14222 spacer
It really depends on what you want. My mum works two days a week, and it pays her bills and has enough left over for the things she enjoys, and enough of a savings account to retire whenever she feels like it. On the other hand, I have a pilot friend who works as much as he's legally allowed, on about 100 grand a year, but because he lives in a giant house, has two posh cars, and so on, he's actually struggling for cash sometimes - and if he lost his job he'd be fucked. If my mum lost hers, she'd basically not notice.
>> No. 14223 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 7:10 pm
14223 spacer

>Is there anything wrong with just being comfortable?

Nothing at all, in fact I think knowing when you are is a very valuable lesson in life.

A great deal of people simply don't know when to step off the hedonic treadmill, and that's what causes them their greatest misery in life. I'm reaching the age that I see a lot of younger colleagues pass through my place of work, and it always gives me this weird mixture of amusement and resentment hearing them say things like "Oh yeah I mean I'm not planning on being here forever, I can't imagine working a place like THIS all my life". It occurs to me that they've not yet been through whatever it is that teaches you that lesson, and that it's going to sting when they realise they are going to end up working somewhere very much like this all their life; because ultimately, most jobs are a lot of the same old shit.

Finding somewhere you've got the right balance of elements to remain happy is vitally important, and sometimes that means making less money. One day you realise there's no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it just goes on and on and on.
>> No. 14224 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 9:05 pm
14224 spacer
The question doesn't work because the two things aren't linear. I have a 'cool' career and as a result I work my arse off and get relatively shit pay for it.

What I've instead found is that as you rise the ranks into management you're increasingly not doing [subject] but back end corporate decision making and reporting. The kind of things that you really don't want to do but have to. That's more work than doing the things you're moderately interested in.
>> No. 14225 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 11:34 pm
14225 spacer
I'm the opposite yet similar. I have a cool "career", but mostly sit on my arse yet get paid significantly more than the SA required amount. I'm not management and really don't want to be because, as you say, you stop doing the job and increasingly start having to do glorified paperwork. (Management should be a transparent shit umbrella, so you see the shit but don't have to deal with it.) I didn't "rise into management", I instead rose the "do the job" side of things, though the two get a little fuzzy at this stage. I'd rather go back to previous work[1], but the money is addictive and it fools me into thinking I'd be a fool to quit.

My opinion for >>14217, it's a balance. Do you have a family, do you have a mortgage, do you have other obligations or aspirations? Have you planned for your retirement financially? Sometimes sacrfices have to be made and needs must, and alternatives matter. If you could live your life and retire happy (this is not a given even if you own your property, c.f. fuel poorness in current pensioners).

So the question of balance is one up to you, with a whole lot of variables attached. And there is no right or wrong answer.

1) I used to work for a family company where I could see the daily take-in. They paid me what they could, I biked to work... I couldn't afford shit. Bit different now.


>> No. 7370 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 10:01 pm
/lit/7370 The Manual: (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way)
Two questions, is this book worth reading even if I don't make music or possibly intend to, ever? And can I get a physical copy that doesn't cost a million quid? I think I've been lulled into only being able to read single paragraphs in a much too large font on a monitor.
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>> No. 7373 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 1:17 pm
7373 spacer
Interesting. I may well visit one of these "Rye Men's" of which you speak.

Come again?
>> No. 7374 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 1:58 pm
7374 spacer

I was watching TOTP2 the other week and it was noticeable how most of the acts from the 60s, 70s and 80s looked like ordinary people rather than actual pop stars, like Alan from down the road could just write a banging tune and then amble on stage one day.
>> No. 7375 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 2:43 pm
7375 spacer
>I think I've been lulled into only being able to read single paragraphs
Isn't this the whole book?
Or this?

But you might not have been serious about that, given that you can't get the whole thing printed if you don't have the whole thing to begin with.
>> No. 7376 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 3:29 pm
7376 spacer

Rymans will give you a 10% discount if you sign up for a business account too, far as I can tell the staff entirely do not care if it's not a real business.
>> No. 7377 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 8:28 pm
7377 spacer
Mullets looked so cool back then.


>> No. 51150 Anonymous
8th October 2013
Tuesday 9:23 pm
/pol/51150 spacer
Young adults in England have scored among the lowest results in the industrialised world in international literacy and numeracy tests.

A major study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows how England's 16 to 24-year-olds are falling behind their Asian and European counterparts. England is 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries.

Unlike other developed countries, the study also showed that young people in England are no better at these tests than older people, in the 55 to 65 age range. When this is weighted with other factors, such as the socio-economic background of people taking the test, it shows that England is the only country in the survey where results are going backwards - with the older cohort better than the younger.

Cue lots of finger pointing and nothing changing.
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>> No. 95164 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 12:10 pm
95164 spacer
It seems like a bit of a leap going from "parents should spend more time with their children and try to instill the importance of education into them" to "parents need to be showered with money so they can give their children the same sort of upbringing a wealthy child gets". There's an awful lot of middle ground and you seem more motivated by tackling the class war than laying the foundations needed to support feckless parents.

I'm not convinced that if you gave parents more money a lot of them would utilise it to spend more money with their kids. Not everyone has the work ethic of Lewis Hamilton's dad.
>> No. 95165 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 12:29 pm
95165 spacer

I'm sorry your parents spent so little time with you.
>> No. 95166 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 1:00 pm
95166 spacer
Remember that back when your dad worked and your mum didn't, she spent her time at home looking after you. Even if she wasn't teaching you differentiation and the capitals of Ceylon and Rhodesia and Siam, she was still giving you pro tips on how to be a big boy. Nowadays, there are plenty of households where both parents work, and not all of those households pay someone else to look after their kids while they're out. And that's before you even get to the massive increase in divorce, where plenty of kids only have one parent to start with. I know a family like that, and the mother doesn't usually work and just takes benefits so she can spend time raising her kids properly, and I applaud this. But the government don't; they call her a parasite and desperately want this to end. So parenting really is on the back-burner these days compared to how it used to be, and it's been that way for decades and many of the lesser-parented children now have kids of their own.

By the way, there is no such thing as intelligence anyway. You can't test for it in a way that isn't bollocks, and it has no real-world evidence that can't be explained by other factors. So it really does all come down to parenting.
>> No. 95167 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 4:09 pm
95167 spacer

This doesn't help join many dots if we don't also have research into how well intelligence correlates with life outcomes.

I know the resident Sun readers won't agree with me in principle, but I feel like it has a lot less to do with it than we'd all like to believe. I know plenty of highly intelligent lads who are all but complete social drop-outs. If there's one thing I have noticed (antirely anecdotally, you understand) that really does corellate with good life outcomes, it's what "crowd" you were in in school. People who fit in with the "popular kid" clique generally have better outcomes regardless if they "deserve" it, I know complete thickos from school who are now complete thickos as adults managing teams at large firms and making loadsadosh.

Most of the people who were bullied or one of the downtrodden outcast kids in some way have exceedingly poor outcomes from what I've seen. Doesn't matter how clever they are, if they don't fit in they never learn the social skills that are just as, if not more important, for obtaining a decent career, partner, etc.

We spend all this time focussing on intelligence but we're overlooking the elephant in the room which is that society generally favours personality, and meritocracy is all but a myth. Hands up if you've got a complete dickhead boss at work who doesn't know his arsehole from his elbow, but brown nosed and schmoozed his way up the ladder? Yeah, I thought so.
>> No. 95168 Anonymous
5th January 2022
Wednesday 8:19 pm
95168 spacer
>This doesn't help join many dots if we don't also have research into how well intelligence correlates with life outcomes.

Luck / fortune / being in the right place, at the right time, plays a far bigger part than most people want to admit. I recommend a book called Fooled By Randomness, but Naseem Nicholas Taleb, which is very focused on this.


>> No. 70206 Samefag
5th January 2022
Wednesday 6:29 pm
/iq/70206 spacer
How much of this is true?

I refuse to believe that chickenley used to be known as cowbob.
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>> No. 70207 YubYub
5th January 2022
Wednesday 6:42 pm
70207 spacer
It's a bit like how people around Lancashire called people from Westhoughton "cowheads" in some eldritch middle English tongue that makes it sound like "coo yeds", which apparently stems from a farmer in the town having a cow gets its head stuck in a fence, but the fence being more valuable than the cow he decided to chop its head off rather than damage the fence to free it.

A bit like it, but not really.


>> No. 70158 YubYub
30th December 2021
Thursday 10:19 pm
/iq/70158 spacer
Something to ponder.
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>> No. 70201 YubYub
4th January 2022
Tuesday 5:37 pm
70201 spacer
The WHO?
>> No. 70202 Ambulancelad
4th January 2022
Tuesday 6:09 pm
70202 spacer
Some randomer, I can't remember where I saw the boast but he was basically describing doing something that would be mildly amusing provided no-one knew about it and they didn't specifically boast about it.

Are you implying that's the only issue with my post?
>> No. 70203 Searchfag
4th January 2022
Tuesday 6:17 pm
70203 spacer
No, they're playing later on.
>> No. 70204 Are Moaty
4th January 2022
Tuesday 6:23 pm
70204 spacer
Operating this site is basically a one-banana problem. The UI is pretty fucking obvious when you think about it. I venture to suggest that your "famous hacker" is an idiot.
>> No. 70205 Crabkiller
4th January 2022
Tuesday 7:48 pm
70205 spacer
If you click "Reply" on a thread on /*/, type your reply, then don't submit it, it will still be in the Reply box when you try to reply to another thread. So perhaps our /boo/ friend just wanted to make a totally blank reply to this thread, and instead gave us a full reply to a different thread.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 36500 Anonymous
25th December 2021
Saturday 7:21 pm
36500 spacer

I just don't see a world in which they're an unhinged deviant and playing three dimensional idpol chess at the same time.
>> No. 36501 Anonymous
25th December 2021
Saturday 7:25 pm
36501 spacer

Then you are very naive. It's barely even one dimensional. It's a plain simple "But but, I belong to [protected group], you have to go easy on me!" plea that wrong 'uns like that have been using since forever.
>> No. 36502 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 8:49 am
36502 spacer
It's a bloke in a dress mate, snakes and ladders is a push.
>> No. 36582 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 12:47 pm
36582 spacer


>> No. 36584 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 7:22 pm
36584 spacer
>Russia, China, Britain, U.S. and France say no one can win nuclear war

>China, Russia, Britain, the United States and France have agreed that a further spread of nuclear arms and a nuclear war should be avoided, according to a joint statement by the five nuclear powers published by the Kremlin on Monday.


>> No. 70187 Are Moaty
3rd January 2022
Monday 11:04 pm
/iq/70187 spacer
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>> No. 70188 Paedofag
3rd January 2022
Monday 11:21 pm
70188 spacer
If he wasn't there and never met this woman, then he can't possibly be considered a "potential defendant", and her contract with Jeff therefore does not apply to him. By invoking it to make himself unsuable, he is effectively admitting his guilt.
>> No. 70189 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 11:32 pm
70189 spacer
That logic makes sense if you assume any and all defendants are always guilty.
>> No. 70190 Billbob
3rd January 2022
Monday 11:56 pm
70190 spacer

No smoke without fire mate
>> No. 70191 R4GE
4th January 2022
Tuesday 12:35 am
70191 spacer

Exactly this. It's hilarious.
>> No. 70200 Auntiefucker
4th January 2022
Tuesday 5:29 pm
70200 spacer

Marina nails it.


>> No. 448152 Anonymous
1st December 2021
Wednesday 12:02 am
/b/448152 Christmas 2021
It's the first of December. It's that time of year again.

Open your advent calendar chocolates, listen to Andrew, put up your tree this weekend, put off the present shopping for at least a fortnight, surviving the Christmas party at work, watching shit on telly.

You know the drill by now, lads.
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>> No. 448754 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 1:52 pm
448754 spacer
What about a plastic one?
>> No. 448756 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 4:58 pm
448756 spacer
I've bought so much reduced party food today that I can't fit it all in my freezer.
>> No. 448770 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 2:56 pm
448770 spacer
You could invite us round for a party.
>> No. 448772 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 3:39 pm
448772 spacer
I bought a new freezer, it turns up Friday. Hoping the shops still have some left by then...
>> No. 448773 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 3:42 pm
448773 spacer
Depends how much you like vegan mini sausage rolls. 49p a pack in Lidl, same for their vegetable spring rolls.


reseach vs prod.png
>> No. 70192 Paedofag
4th January 2022
Tuesday 7:35 am
/iq/70192 spacer
Lads are we scratching at the limits of our reality? We haven't come up with any truly life-changing inventions since the internet.
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>> No. 70193 R4GE
4th January 2022
Tuesday 7:54 am
70193 spacer
Not really, no, there's still an awful lot for us to do, it's just that our current path has lead us down a bit of a dead end. Well, not a dead end, more like a very deep and winding cul-de-sac, where we're almost certainly not going to circle back to exploring other avenues until we've seen what's at the bottom of this one.
>> No. 70194 Moralfag
4th January 2022
Tuesday 8:40 am
70194 spacer

Smart phones smart phones are a truly life changing invention. There turns out you were wrong. Now no one has to accept your premise now.
>> No. 70195 Are Moaty
4th January 2022
Tuesday 9:17 am
70195 spacer
Smartphones never felt particularly revolutionary to me. They did the same shit we already knew how to do in the mid 90s; just condensed in one device.
>> No. 70196 Are Moaty
4th January 2022
Tuesday 1:26 pm
70196 spacer
Of course we have, they're just hidden behind black budgets until after The Third World War.
>> No. 70197 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 2:26 pm
70197 spacer
Machine learning and AI are being hyped as the big revolutionary things. They haven't done anything even remotely worthwhile yet, but the Internet was shit and boring throughout the '90s but it took off eventually.

I also see plenty of devices around me that nobody has yet tried to charge ten times as much for by adding the word "blockchain" at the start, so there's plenty of room for invention there.


>> No. 92282 Anonymous
12th February 2021
Friday 8:11 pm
/pol/92282 spacer
Perhaps the problem with Labour wasn't actually Jeremy Corbyn?
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>> No. 95106 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 4:58 pm
95106 spacer

I know what you're saying. There's a reason they called Milliband the "Millibot"- Their lot just seem completely disconnected from society, like they were grown in vats and learned about human culture through a machine-learning scan of current Twitter trends.

People like to make fun of the "would you have a pint with X politician" metric, but that does really cut to the base of the issue. You can just tell that these people get nervous and sweaty at the mere idea of entering a normal pub full of normal people, because they don't fit in. It's not where they're from. They're fish out of water, so how can they possibly represent Average Daz the Tradesman? He might as well be from Neptune.

The lefty lot aren't much better, sadly, but I think you can at least sense they're a bit more in touch with reality. If they had someone to keep them in check and stop them going off on one about obscure overseas human rights violations every ten minutes I do think they would be able to put up a more convincing front.
>> No. 95107 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 5:14 pm
95107 spacer

I think what you're describing is the result of being under very close and constant scrutiny for your character. We're constantly diverted from policy by media seeking to characterise politicians based on their appearance and mannerisms. It would make sense that a) this would make most human beings seem very unnatural and self-conscious and b) the public has become used to being extremely cruel about inconsequential shite.

I think the current government have done hideously unethical things, but I don't get anything out of making fun of Boris Johnson's weight or hair or whatever.
>> No. 95126 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 7:22 pm
95126 spacer
The cynic in me thinks that the decision to award Tonty Blair a knighthood was a distraction, judging by the inevitable uproar that has occurred.
>> No. 95127 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 9:51 pm
95127 spacer
Sunak got the job because he was a nobody junior minister in the Treasury so it automatically fell to him and everyone assumed he would be gracefully shuffled out after a few months given the responsibility. Then Covid hit.

I suppose you could call a luck a political talent.

>You can just tell that these people get nervous and sweaty at the mere idea of entering a normal pub full of normal people, because they don't fit in.

I'd vote for a socially awkward politician who might be a bit on the spectrum. Someone who brings leaders from around the world to an international event and thinks it's a good idea to run a D&D-style tabletop campaign with them. Someone who doesn't have any SpADS because that would involve talking to people and instead of copping off with one gets molested in a supply cupboard by a frumpy nurse with loose morals.
>> No. 95128 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 9:09 am
95128 spacer

I have a feeling your description was more autobiographical than you intended.


>> No. 2986 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 5:58 pm
/uhu/2986 spacer
I'm replacing a bulb in my cooker hood. The manual says G4, 12V, 10W.
But the one I found says 17W but it's got an equal sign, equating to 1.5W.

I'm assuming the one I found is fine? See picture.
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>> No. 2987 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 6:33 pm
2987 spacer

The much lower wattage is because it's an LED. I replaced my cooker hood bulbs just this week, too - I found these tiny little LED bulbs on Amazon - I thought they were too small, but they fit just great.
>> No. 2988 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 2:22 pm
2988 spacer
So are you saying the bulb in the OP should be fine for the cooker hood?
Thanks for the link but I don't buy from the scum .
>> No. 2989 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 4:20 pm
2989 spacer
There's a slim chance that in a cooker hood they might get too hot to burn out, but it's not too likely and it's not going to damage anything if they do.
>> No. 2990 Anonymous
4th January 2022
Tuesday 2:03 am
2990 spacer

I bought ones similar to those for two light fixtures left and right of the mirror near the front door. The only problem was that the ones I got off eBay were for 12 volts, although they looked identical to 230V ones further up in the search result for a quid more. I installed them and they said their goodbyes with a subdued flash of light and a disturbingly loud bang, and looked pretty charred.

Ten quid well spent.


>> No. 24640 Anonymous
26th December 2020
Saturday 6:58 am
/e/24640 Tabletop / Hobby Thread
Tell us about your guys / campaign / project, etc.
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>> No. 25209 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 12:24 am
25209 spacer
I really enjoy painting individual models but despite liking repetition (autism firmly checked) I don't get much out of re-painting the same mini over and over. Practice makes perfect, so some repetition to learn painting techniques is helpful but I could never play 'Nids for example. I should mention that I'm more of a board game person that likes painting minis than a TTG player. Battle Masters, Heroic Quest or Space Hulk for example, though I've dabbled in Infinity and by rule-of-cool bought minis for other games with limited units to paint.

I love the 40k lore, Eisenhorn is my bible, but these days I'd rather learn something new I didn't know about painting than doing more identical units.
>> No. 25210 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 1:17 am
25210 spacer
Bite the bullet and run a rainbow army where every model is painted in different colours
>> No. 25211 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 1:28 am
25211 spacer
I refuse. I like the idea, but I don't want to face an army against a try hard when I really just want to have a fun time for an hour or three. It's like having a pint with a friend v.s. the weird guy who wants to have a downing contest. Missing the point and not really welcome.
>> No. 25212 Anonymous
21st September 2021
Tuesday 7:34 am
25212 spacer

New edition of Kill Team just came out and this time it actually seems to be good, not just potentially good but let down by some illogical shit.

I wish Kill Team had already been a thing a year or two earlier, because then I wouldn't have got invested in two massive armies, I'd have just had a team for lots of different factions.

Still the repetition has made me into a good painter I suppose. It's just a shame that it's also made me slightly weary of actually painting.
>> No. 25388 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 8:41 pm
25388 spacer
Tempted to get into AoS with a seraphon army. Though I'm worried I'll be too nervous to start painting so they'll be gathering dust under my bed like my 40K orks


>> No. 13014 Anonymous
1st January 2022
Saturday 5:01 pm
/beat/13014 Ancient Greek and Roman themed
I'm looking for music influenced by ancient Greek and Roman themes. I like the more subtle pieces and background music, but most things I've found floating around on YouTube become a bit too "cinematic" or have very hammy crescendos and sound effects.

The following are quite nice:

Expand all images.
>> No. 13015 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 1:55 pm
13015 spacer
I did listen to a bit of this. Then thought it reminded me of the Talos Principle sound track. And then I thought I should replay it. But then I saw I had bought the VR version which I've never played. Then I thought I should set up my VR for the first time in a year or so. But I haven't yet.


bdc blue logo png.jpg
>> No. 443472 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
/b/443472 New Weekend Thread
Alright lads, how's it going?
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>> No. 448743 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 12:10 am
448743 spacer
Out of the blue, she wasn't even on telly when the post was made and let's be honest, there's nothing those freaks love more whinging about more than fat black lasses.
>> No. 448744 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 12:30 am
448744 spacer
If you mean >>448731, then I wrote that post, and I sat through the entire Big Fat Quiz of 2021, which she was on, and I assume the other poster had seen her on that too. She was also on Strictly Come Dancing earlier this year. She is definitely doing the celebrity circuit, while I haven't seen her doing anything not as a celebrity, like presenting her own programmes or telling her own jokes or whatever. She's not offensively bad, but she doesn't contribute anything good either. She might as well not be there.

I have also posted several times in the latest clashes with Marxist Reductionist Poster, however, so you could be right.
>> No. 448745 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 12:35 am
448745 spacer
I'm not reading all that, stop talking to me.
>> No. 448746 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 1:35 am
448746 spacer
>> No. 448753 Anonymous
3rd January 2022
Monday 12:36 pm
448753 spacer
Also she's on Loose Women, and the panel show about black excellence, and Celebrity Masterchef last year. Her star seemed to rise very quickly and out of nowhere, particularly for an older woman.


>> No. 26171 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 8:02 pm
/news/26171 spacer
Millennials throw away 633 meals a year because they don't know how to reheat leftovers

Millennials throw away 633 meals a year because they don't know how to reheat leftovers. Those who took part in the poll said they would rather bin food than re-heat it, admitting good food is going to waste.

Researchers found the amount of food millenials confessed to throwing away adds up to more than 1,700lbs. The poll, conducted by cookware brand Pyrex, found millennials - aged 18 to 34 - waste more than three times as much as people aged above 34 who throw out the equivalent of just 186 plates of a food a year - 225 kilograms or 493 lbs. And the millennial food waste mountain is more than double the average food waste in the UK of 300 plates of food - just over 800 lbs per household.

Almost a quarter of millennials (23%) admitted they do not know how to deal with leftovers. By comparison just six per cent of people aged over 55 said they did not know what to do with leftover food.

A further 18 per cent of millennials said they eat out instead of eating the food they have at home leading to even more waste. Just four per cent of those aged over 55 said the same.

A fifth of millennials (21%) said they create yet more waste because they get bored eating what they already have at home compared to just seven per cent of those aged over 55. One of the other main reasons good food is thrown out is because 38 per cent of people fear they will get sick if they eat it after its 'best by' date.

115 posts and 7 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 36560 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 12:27 pm
36560 spacer
I'm fairly certain if they polled middle-aged people and boomers their results would be even worse due to the heightened brain power on Facebook.
>> No. 36561 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 12:28 pm
36561 spacer
>heightened brain power

Oh, mods! You little scamps!
>> No. 36562 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 1:49 pm
36562 spacer
What did you originally say?
>> No. 36563 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 2:14 pm
36563 spacer
Brain-rot. It wouldn't surprise me if mind worms was filtered as well.
>> No. 36564 Anonymous
2nd January 2022
Sunday 2:15 pm
36564 spacer


>> No. 70119 R4GE
29th December 2021
Wednesday 3:34 am
/iq/70119 spacer
Last post of the year lads
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>> No. 70171 Samefag
31st December 2021
Friday 1:26 pm
70171 spacer
If this is our New Year thread, then Happy New Year everyone.

My partner has stupidly agreed we're spending the evening visiting with in-laws. So on my least favourite day of the year, I actually have to leave the fucking house. 2022 isn't starting well.
>> No. 70179 YubYub
31st December 2021
Friday 10:03 pm
70179 spacer

>> No. 70180 YubYub
1st January 2022
Saturday 12:12 am
70180 spacer
I actually thought OP image was that Bad, BAD Pimblett nugget.

>Twenny pee forra fukkin posh tomater sorse, ah yeh takin the fukkin piss luv?
>> No. 70181 Moralfag
1st January 2022
Saturday 12:22 am
70181 spacer
>> No. 70185 Auntiefucker
1st January 2022
Saturday 3:48 pm
70185 spacer
Thanks. Been humming it all day on the drive back from the in-laws. It's still a great tune.


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