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>> No. 8117 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 8:22 am
/£$€¥/8117 spacer
Several lads here seem to have a grasp of investments and so on. Do any of you have a regular income outside "earner income"? What kind of category does it fall into, and how did you come into it?

I had a nice image, but brian isn't playing ball today. It's a list of different (very broad) types of income:
1 Earner income : work a job
2 Profit income : buy and sell
3 Interest income: lending money
4 Dividend income: owning stock
5 Rental income: renting out property
6 Capital gains : assets increase in value
7 Royalties: others use your work
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>> No. 8847 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 4:48 pm
8847 spacer
I'm not. The price was depressed due to the coup but now things are progressing again it's ticked back up.
>> No. 8848 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 4:57 pm
8848 spacer
In that case, no. Please don't invest in mining in Africa.
>> No. 8849 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 5:08 pm
8849 spacer
Why not? We need lithium.
>> No. 8850 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 5:13 pm
8850 spacer
I have never really had good results with punts on mining companies; they're just a crapshoot.
>> No. 8851 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 5:28 pm
8851 spacer
This one was a speculative punt during the coup but I expect the price could go up substantially if the feasibility study into the mine goes well. I'll probably hold onto it for the rest of the year and then move it into something more stable.


>> No. 8707 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 1:40 pm
/£$€¥/8707 spacer
What are reasonable investments outside of your usual stocks and shares, collective funds and buy-to-let?

I've been told that buying a row of garages can be a nice little earner.
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>> No. 8711 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 9:26 pm
8711 spacer
I've toyed with the idea of buying a holiday home, but one on a dedicated holiday park rather than buying up a potential home in a touristy location.

Obviously you'd have to give the holiday park their cut and buy into the likes of their cleaning services, but you'd be getting about a grand a week during the summer holidays.
>> No. 8713 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 1:57 am
8713 spacer
Rental yield on BTL is fucking terrible, the reason it continues to get people doing it is because every wanker on this island dreams of having a property empire.
>> No. 8714 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 7:27 am
8714 spacer
>outside of... funds

>outside of... buy-to-let

Fucking hell, lads. It wasn't exactly a long OP.
>> No. 8843 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 12:37 pm
8843 spacer
Is commercial property a good idea? I wouldn't want to be a proper residential landlord but I wouldn't mind owning a high street unit with a flat above it, like this:
>> No. 8844 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 1:06 pm
8844 spacer
Like what?


>> No. 30729 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 2:50 pm
/emo/30729 spacer
I think everyone I ever talk to under 50 and above the age of 10 has developed a disease where they are such a pedant they strip the joy out of everything and focus on arguing some minor point. Everything is about technically correct arguing the point, never the concept presented or advancing the conversation in a positive way.

I've seen friends talk their way out of hanging out with each other because they got caught on some minor point of what we were going to do when we met up so the event never got organised. The law of Triviality seems to poison everything, and is probably the reason only egotists seem to make society advance.
I couldn't decide if this was a /101/ or belonged here I felt here suited better.
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>> No. 30798 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 8:57 am
30798 spacer
>Most people don't really have a coherent ideological position
There is no such thing. Rather, if there are, they're held by fundamentalists or the mentally ill. Or both (see Nick Land). Anyone who maintains an unmalleable belief system, or claims to have a coherent one without also being omniscient, is a moron.
>> No. 30799 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 9:07 am
30799 spacer
>You on the other hand lad completely miss the point. And verried wildly into a tangent because of your own lack of comprehension that anything could be any different. You seem to have forgotten that it is possible to have communication with another human being that isn't an endless cunt off. Quite seriously does upping the ante on who can be more right on a topic actually make you happy?

OP, I hope you see the irony here. You are being combative, hostile, and reading them in bad faith.

They may have misunderstood, but you pin that entirely as their fault and an example of what you're saying, rather than anything else. You're essentially inviting the behaviour you moan about with this way of talking/approaching.

The pedantry you're talking about is rooted in the trivial, but their comment was about war, which is quite meaty.
>> No. 30801 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 10:05 am
30801 spacer


I feel like you quoted only that part because 3 sentences later it would be self evident that I was self aware of my action and therefore you would have no point to drag me into the undertow.

I'm not reading them in bad faith at all I assume them to have forgotten how to have a different sort of conversation, one that is playful. If you want to argue a logic trap about the position of my post you have the rest of the website for that level of debate.

I would much rather we talk about how we could achieve that instead of how I fall short of the ideal.
>> No. 30802 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 10:08 am
30802 spacer
>therefore you would have no point to drag me into the undertow.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. You seem to have a view that everyone is posting simply to attack you. I have no intention of 'dragging you down'...come on dude.
>> No. 30803 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 10:57 am
30803 spacer

It's an interesting position and one I think is probably true that we self select for argument and debate. I sort of wonder if conversation with strangers could be more helpful. Maybe my approach is wrong. Maybe if I ask people could you help me make x, or how do I go about x I might get somewhere.

Part of what inspired this theead is half this website and half that I have friends who live right round the corner who never seem to suggest to do anything shoot down most of my ideas that aren't perfect and then get a bit passive aggressive that we don't do anything. I've essentially become acutely aware these people are unintentionally toxic but if they are, we probably all are and I am determined to find a solution to this problem that isn't becoming one of those bordering on a cultists types that just talks about positivity.


Yes you beat me I am a terrible person, can we move on.


>> No. 3181 Anonymous
25th March 2011
Friday 8:06 am
/spo/3181 Vroom
F1 2011.

Red Bull look boss, as usual.

Mclaren looked shite in testing (but as of now as fast in practice at the first gp)

Ferrari look about the same.

Tyres probably key to the whole deal this year.

Anyone else watching?
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>> No. 9173 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 6:52 pm
9173 spacer

How and for what reason? Surely they're not using new, shite eco compounds like they all do with road tyres now? (RIP AD08's)
>> No. 9174 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 7:31 pm
9174 spacer

Formula 1 Management specifically ask Pirelli to provide tyres that rapidly lose performance as they wear, to force teams to take pit stops and think about tyre strategy. That's quite a tough job, particularly given the huge differences between tracks and the fact that the teams will try to push the tyres to their limit. The high sidewalls of the tyres combined with the very high cornering forces mean that the tyre carcass is placed under immense stress.

Pirelli are perfectly capable of making a super-grippy, super-tough tyre that will always last the whole race distance, but they aren't allowed to. They're specifically tasked with making a tyre that is difficult to manage, which inevitably creates the risk of tyre failure. Baku has a lot of very high-speed corners that put the most stress on tyres, but we also saw a spate of tyre failures at the similarly fast Silverstone last year.
>> No. 9175 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:04 pm
9175 spacer

Why is F1 simultaneously the most boring and most interesting motorsport? It's bizarre. I assume the reason they want forced pit stops is so that cars actually trade positions sometimes?
>> No. 9176 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 12:38 am
9176 spacer
It's also worth noting that Pirelli issue guidance on how to use the tyres which the teams routinely ignore. Such as "inflate them to the correct pressure or they'll come apart under load".
>> No. 9178 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 3:31 pm
9178 spacer
"This is a marathon, not a sprint."

— Lewis Hamilton, before immediately sending it up the escape road at turn 1.


download (7).jpg
>> No. 444178 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 10:21 am
/b/444178 spacer
I was born in the UK, but my grandparents were dirty foreigners. I want to get some documents showing their respective countries of origin, and that they then married in the UK.

I'm abroad at the moment, so can't just ask at my local authority to dig through census records or marriage certificates in person. What would be my best option? Should I be looking at hiring a lawyer, or trying a website like
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>> No. 444179 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 10:29 am
444179 spacer
Can't you just call, post, or e-mail to your local authority?
>> No. 444195 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 3:22 pm
444195 spacer

download (8).jpg

You're absolutely right. I must have been having a brainfart, there. They have an online service where I can order the certificates I need.
>> No. 444197 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 3:30 pm
444197 spacer
Images like this are why we need UBI.


>> No. 5003 Anonymous
6th September 2011
Tuesday 6:40 pm
/101/5003 spacer
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>> No. 31868 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 2:57 am
31868 spacer

The only time I've ever felt truly uncomfortable and in danger for a sustained period of time was when I went to Texas and rented a car there. Despite the roads being massive and my rental "car" being bigger than some flats I've lived in, the sheer brazen stupidity, and lack of regard for basic road safety was absolutely staggering. I noticed a lot of people seemed to like to sit in the middle lane going not quite fast enough, while eating an entire fucking meal and gently drifting into other lanes.
>> No. 31869 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 4:49 am
31869 spacer
You're describing my commute. The sides of the motorway are littered with chunks of bumpers, and even entire wheels sometimes. If I have to go to work during rush hour, I can pretty much guarantee there's going to be or have been an accident on the 7 mile stretch of motorway. Car accidents are so commonplace here in the US that it's led to a completely blasé attitude towards them over here, which is a cultural difference that I still haven't gotten used to.
>> No. 31870 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 2:16 pm
31870 spacer
When I drove in the US, I found Alabama to be perfectly fine (although half the cars were complete fucking death traps with parts hanging off or gaffer taped on at best). California, however, was full of the worst self-absorbed me-me-me cunts imaginable.

Anyway, why is this in the Vimp Toe thread?
>> No. 31871 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 2:27 pm
31871 spacer
>Anyway, why is this in the Vimp Toe thread?
Because this is /101/. Why wouldn't it be?
>> No. 31873 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 2:55 pm
31873 spacer
My mistake, lads, I just saw pink and burberry.


>> No. 68338 Paedofag
25th March 2021
Thursday 8:24 am
/iq/68338 spacer
About 15 years ago it wasn't uncommon to hear the saying "[person] is in a little boat, all on their own."

You just don't hear it anymore.
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>> No. 69012 YubYub
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:27 pm
69012 spacer

>> No. 69013 R4GE
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:31 pm
69013 spacer
Turd burglar.
>> No. 69014 Auntiefucker
3rd June 2021
Thursday 6:45 pm
69014 spacer

Tank-topped bumboy!
>> No. 69015 R4GE
3rd June 2021
Thursday 7:23 pm
69015 spacer
yellow-bellied popinjay
>> No. 69035 YubYub
7th June 2021
Monday 1:23 pm
69035 spacer

I saved it until working hours for the thrill of this post being grounds for immediate dismissal.


>> No. 444137 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:31 am
/b/444137 spacer
I'm gonna need some advice, here.
I think I've been knocked up by my middle-aged laplander neighbour - which obviously isn't great. However, I don't have the best of reasons to get an abortion funded by the NHS. So what can I do?
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>> No. 444171 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:37 pm
444171 spacer
just got back in from putting up a load of 8 foot fenceposts in concrete. Ran out of ballast, got 1.5 holes still to fill. And that'll be the first of four sides done. I fucking hate fencing. But I love my new nailgun, that thing's death from above.
May as well derail this inepto-troll.
>> No. 444172 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:13 pm
444172 spacer
Is this from the same poster who makes the threads about being Asian and fucking white girls' pussies? Some sort of alt-right LARPer trying to stoke tension within the site's race relations.
>> No. 444173 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:21 pm
444173 spacer

Probably because they come from the other place and live on a diet of Daily Mail links that tell them Britain is under Sharia law, and expect us to get supremely triggered thinking about Big Ahmed pounding our precious white wimmin.

All it does is make me vaguely lament the fact I've never bagged a Polar lass myself. Well, I did have a mixed race bird once, but she was too pale to really tell if you didn't know her.
>> No. 444174 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:31 pm
444174 spacer

Probably. That's basically all they do now on the Other Place, try to race bait each other all day.


My second girlfriend was Indian. On reflection, she wasn't any different to any other lass I've ever been with, but at the time she was such a contrast to my first girlfriend who was boring and shit in bed, so during and for a while after our relationship I was convinced that forrun lasses specifically were the secret sauce, that they were all kinky, submissive sex fiends who were having some sort of revelation at the end of your white knob.

Turns out most women just like a good rodgering, regardless of the cultural background they may or may not have, and with the added benefit of not having to talk to all four of their grandparents and often extended family every time you go to their house.

except eastern european lasses and catholic irish lasses. fucking hell they're another level
>> No. 444183 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 11:05 am
444183 spacer

Sir. It doesn't matter how many middle aged Asian gentlemen you say have "scrambled your bussy" I an not referring you for an abortion, because you are not pregnant.


>> No. 33896 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:32 pm
/news/33896 spacer
Stop letting Meghan name the babies! Goddamn it! Argh! What if this child winds up as an actual royal through a sequence of only moderately implausible coincidences?

"Lilibet" was a nickname for the Queen Mother, because someone, possibly the Queen or maybe Prince Charles, could not pronounce "Elizabeth". It is not, nor has it ever been, a real name that you should give to a baby. And Meghan has previous form for this. If you want a child called Archie, put the full name on the birth certificate then shorten little Archibald's name. Don't actually christen the child by a shortened name. You'll sound like an imbecile. Surely Harry understands the importance of children having REAL names? Why doesn't he speak up?
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>> No. 33900 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:52 pm
33900 spacer
Can we marry off a royal to a Japanese prince and then quietly just nick their royal family?
We could go back to having a quiet, dignified, distant sort of royalty actually capable of generating faint interest on the rare occasions they come up. No more boring gossip about people who you don't really know who they are because they're not the Queen, the queen's husband, or the heir apparent. (if only because we would no longer speak the language that all of that gossip is happening in.)
>> No. 33901 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:59 pm
33901 spacer
Stop being racist, it's part of their culture as Americans to give their children utterly daft names.
>> No. 33902 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:04 pm
33902 spacer
A bit
>> No. 33903 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:19 pm
33903 spacer
Couple decide to name baby after great-grandmother's nickname? Outrageous!

Get a life.
>> No. 33904 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 12:12 am
33904 spacer
Here's a solution: we exterminate every single member of the aristocracy and anyone related to them by marriage.


>> No. 2934 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 3:54 pm
/uhu/2934 spacer
Shedlads, I'm out of my depth.
I need to glue some perspex parts together, so was looking at some acrylic cement to get a strong, airtight join.
But I wonder, will poly cement do the same job? I already have loads of that from my little toy soldiers. I don't have any spare material to test it on annoyingly.
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>> No. 2935 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 5:42 pm
2935 spacer

You'll need a proper acrylic cement, unless you don't mind the glue causing the perspex to get cloudy. Otherwise you could use superglue to do the job. Poly cement won't do it though.


>> No. 8829 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 12:43 pm
/£$€¥/8829 spacer
>A group of the world's richest nations reached a landmark deal on Saturday to close cross-border tax loopholes used by some of the world's biggest companies.

>The Group of Seven said it would back a minimum global corporation tax rate of at least 15%, and put in place measures to ensure taxes were paid in the countries where businesses operate. "After years of discussion, G7 finance ministers have reached a historic agreement to reform the global tax system to make it fit for the global digital age," British finance minister Rishi Sunak told reporters.

>The accord, which could form the basis of a global pact next month, is aimed at ending a decades-long "race to the bottom" in which countries have competed to attract corporate giants with ultra-low tax rates and exemptions. That has in turn cost their public coffers hundreds of billions of dollars - a shortfall they now need to recoup all the more urgently to pay for the huge cost of propping up economies ravaged by the coronavirus crisis.

>Ministers met face-to-face in London for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a copy of the final agreement seen by Reuters, the G7 ministers said they would "commit to a global minimum tax of at least 15% on a country by country basis". "We commit to reaching an equitable solution on the allocation of taxing rights, with market countries awarded taxing rights on at least 20% of profit exceeding a 10% margin for the largest and most profitable multinational enterprises," the text added.

>The ministers also agreed to move towards making companies declare their environmental impact in a more standard way so investors can decided more easily whether to fund them, a key goal for Britain. Rich nations have struggled for years to agree a way to raise more revenue from large multinationals such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, which often book profits in jurisdictions where they pay little or no tax. U.S. President Joe Biden's administration gave the stalled talks fresh impetus by proposing a minimum global corporation tax rate of 15%, above the level in countries such as Ireland but below the lowest level in the G7.

Well there goes the Irish economy.
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>> No. 8838 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 5:21 pm
8838 spacer
But how will this be bad for the Irish economy? Ireland isn't in the G7. Neither is Luxembourg. I don't see the flag of Liechtenstein in your picture either, and I doubt any of those people are the finance minister for the Cayman Islands. Tax havens, for now at least, will be entirely unaffected.
>> No. 8841 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 5:47 pm
8841 spacer
The G7 has the heft to direct what happens in the global economy and particularly when rest of the G20 get on board with it. That's why it meets.

If the G7 creates a system to ensure that 20% is paid in the market then the advantages offered to service multinationals in locating in tax havens disappears. Specifically the likes of Big Tech.
>> No. 8842 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 4:26 pm
8842 spacer
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


>> No. 68997 Crabkiller
30th May 2021
Sunday 8:33 pm
/iq/68997 spacer

Bounce by the ounce guy has his own yt channel.
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>> No. 69029 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 10:56 pm
69029 spacer
The first time I heard of Cameo was a girlfriend showing me that Ice T had wished her a happy birthday. Only he pronounced her name wrong. This wasn't a £20 lark but instead his fee currently sits at £377.50.

I just don't know sometimes. Maybe I should just be a gigantic twat on youtube and retire the next day to a mansion made of shiny Pokémon cards.
>> No. 69030 Searchfag
6th June 2021
Sunday 1:10 am
69030 spacer
I think it's £75 for a 30-second message from Nidge El Fridge. I paid £25 for a snooker message from competing website Memmo, and the target really enjoyed it. It's certainly a laugh unless you look too closely at some of the worse celebrities, begging you to pay their bills for them and offering to do literally anything for £50. That's undeniably depressing. Almost as depressing as when someone off Love Island thinks they're worth £800.
>> No. 69032 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 8:52 am
69032 spacer
What do you reckon, is £75 too much to have a go at trolling Nige getting him to say some pro-EU stuff. maybe if the three of us put in £25 each
>> No. 69033 Moralfag
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:19 am
69033 spacer
We should get him to read out some gs memes. He'd definitely be in favour of a fisherman's breakfast.
>> No. 69034 YubYub
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:23 am
69034 spacer

Anyone you see on the telly has always been a whore who will just do or say anything for money. You just haven't realised it until now.

You think superhero movies and sci fi movies are great because you see the finished product. Imagine the dumb shit you have to do and say on a half built bright green set to a man wearing a gimp suit covered in ping pong balls who you have been reliable assured is a triple headed xanax from the noggydon cluster. Anyone who had dignity would presume the whole thing to be a prank and refuse. Those are your heroes your heroes are whores.


>> No. 442970 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 7:44 pm
/b/442970 spacer
If you could start your life over again from the very beginning what would you do differently?
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>> No. 443083 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:58 pm
443083 spacer

I think like this too - I'm mostly a hermit anyway and I will often drive for hours just to relax. A house in the middle of nowhere would suit me just fine. The only thing stopping me at the minute is that I still need to be physically present at work most of the time, so as much as I do like driving a long commute would probably get old. Having said that we have pilots that live three or four hours away from their base even though they're not supposed to.

On the other hand though, there's plenty to like about being ten minutes drive from a burger at all times. I think I'd definitely miss takeaway delivery and same-day amazon. Though maybe those are two vices better left out of my reach.
>> No. 443084 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 2:19 pm
443084 spacer

Not cold enough.
>> No. 443378 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 8:16 am
443378 spacer
I think I'd have encouraged my parents to get me into more after school clubs, ones that would be useful in later life. Martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, things like that.
>> No. 443874 Anonymous
25th May 2021
Tuesday 6:43 am
443874 spacer
Act retarded, autistic deaf and anti-social.
>> No. 444136 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 2:13 am
444136 spacer

Lift weights, fight don't fright, stop marxism.


>> No. 443977 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:25 pm
/b/443977 spacer
Lads, I've had a brilliant idea.

If you're self-employed then you can claim mileage of 45p per mile from HMRC. Drive for an hour at 70mph then that's a whopping £31.50 an hour you're getting paid. Do that seven hours a day, five days a week and you're getting paid the equivalent of £57,330.

I haven't thought this through yet, but I'd fucking drive around the country for that kind of money.
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>> No. 444081 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 11:38 am
444081 spacer
If I'm taking a director's salary under the NI threshold, can I use rounding to tack an extra 3 or 4 pence onto my salary to push me over the threshold tax-free?

Also have you got any jobs going at yours?
>> No. 444086 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 9:19 pm
444086 spacer

Pension contributions are a business expense. Plain and simple. They reduce your profit and thus your taxable income as a business.
>> No. 444087 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 9:59 pm
444087 spacer

Yes, but if you claim it as a business expense you can't also claim tax relief, because you didn't pay tax on it in the first place. HMRC aren't completely daft.
>> No. 444130 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 8:55 pm
444130 spacer

That is correct.

Problem is that a lot of people don't know that difference between a business expense and a tax relief.

A friend started a one-man computer repair service as a younglad, but his grasp of accounting and very basic tax law was quite tentative. He told me he was going to use his car for his business because he "could write everything off". But then when I asked him what he meant by that, he just said, "I don't know, I guess it means I get money back for what my car costs me". He was a trained painter and decorator, and they probably didn't teach him the finer points of running your own business, but he was really not prepared at all. We sort of lost contact a while later, but I think his business didn't last very long.
>> No. 444132 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 10:24 pm
444132 spacer

Are you a socialist by any chance.


>> No. 8814 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 8:15 pm
/£$€¥/8814 spacer
Mods are asleep, post budgets. Don't forget to comment on budgets and suggest budgetary improvements.

Some explainers for mine:
-Savings go off budget.
-I budget an £800~ fund for 'circumstances' i.e. odd unexpected costs.
-10% of my budget is for dating but in reality, I get two takeaways and then the rest goes into savings.
-Christmas seems excessive but I'm putting £100 because it's a round number I can put into an investment fund.

I don't really take holidays because I'm saving for a home but if I'm visiting my parents then I'll just raid my dating budget. I'll probably start letting it accrue soon rather than it going into savings so I can see the world/mates or so otherwise be ready for the massive amounts of money relationships can drain.
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>> No. 8835 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 4:24 pm
8835 spacer

This isn't the future we were promised.jpg
I do wonder if there's some formula for working this out in terms of pension contributions v. return on investment. It's probably exists but I'm stupid and lazy.

The tax savings would be the main benefit in salary sacrifice but the opportunity cost and time preference etc. seems pretty steep along with locking you into a particular retirement where taking it early can carry some outrageous costs. We're all going to take early retirement in some form and likely won't be making large contributions near the end once we have to work part-time, a significant sum of money for your 60s therefore seems like a rational thing to hold. I'm not working at 75 no matter what robotic exoskeleton you give me, society can get fucked.
>> No. 8836 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 4:48 pm
8836 spacer

>locking you into a particular retirement where taking it early can carry some outrageous costs

You can start taking out money from the age of 55 without penalty and with a reasonable amount of flexibility.

If you don't yet own a home, maxing out your Lifetime ISA allowance is a complete no-brainer.
>> No. 8837 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 5:05 pm
8837 spacer
Honestly, if I was taking home £4600 a month after tax, I'd probably put a lot of it into my pension too. It's a fucking shitton.
>> No. 8839 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 5:38 pm
8839 spacer
Depends on your workplace pension. I'm on a defined-benefit so my pension has a 5% reduction on every year I take below state pension age.

>If you don't yet own a home, maxing out your Lifetime ISA allowance is a complete no-brainer.

Yes, we all do this but really that 1k bonus is a drop in the ocean. I would reservations if it's the entirety of your pension plan.
>> No. 8840 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 5:39 pm
8840 spacer
Let's say you have £10,000 spare to invest. If you put it in an ISA then that's £10,000. If you put that into a pension then basic rate tax relief will gross that up to £12,500 and if you're a higher rate taxpayer you can claim a tax refund of a further £2,500 to make the net cost to you £7,500.

If we assume no growth and you took it out the following tax year then with the ISA you'd get your £10,000 back. With the pension if we assume it was 25% tax-free and 75% at a marginal rate of 20% then you'd receive £10,625 back so that's an immediate net uplift of 6.25% for the basic rate taxpayer and for the higher rate taxpayer a whopping 41.67%. Most higher rate taxpayers are basic rate taxpayers in retirement and many also have their personal allowance to take advantage of as well.

Let's say you leave it and it grows by 10%. The £10,000 in the ISA grows by £1,000 to £11,000. The £12,500 in the pension grows by £1,250 to £13,750. You've achieved further growth of £250 just by choosing a pension over the ISA; again if we assume 25% tax-free and 75% at basic rate tax then that £250 additional growth becomes being £212.50 net better off. You can see how this could add up over the years.


>> No. 423230 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:35 am
/b/423230 ITT: Your life changes forever.
Stare into the face of Seinfinity, and you will know truth. Only through the magic of Seinfinity can one hope to gain true knowledge of the universe. The secrets of all existence lie within this thread.
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>> No. 444124 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 6:13 am
444124 spacer


I fancied Judith something rotten. Is that better or worse than fancying Jenny?
>> No. 444126 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 8:30 am
444126 spacer
I saw Jenny at the theatre. Can't remember what the play was but there was a q&a after and God she's fucking posh.
>> No. 444127 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 10:55 am
444127 spacer

I met Maxine Peake in the audience at the Royal Exchange a few years ago. I think it was a Daniel Kitson show. This will probably sound bonkers, but she had this other-worldly aura about her, like she was a Greek statue brought to life. I wasn't starstruck, it took me a minute to even recognise her, she just seemed to move with unnatural poise and elegance.
>> No. 444128 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 11:10 am
444128 spacer

It's called Charisma lad.
>> No. 444129 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 11:18 am
444129 spacer
Her in Shameless was a hell of a woman.


>> No. 444025 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 6:10 pm
/b/444025 spacer
What would you say is the thing you do that keeps you sane, such as fishing or drawing? How much time do you think you get to spend on this activity?

My go-to has been that I go for long walks where I'll listen to an audiobook, probably 8 hours a week. Since Covid I've also come to appreciate going to the supermarket as a good reason to get out of my flat and investing my money which gives a feeling of progress and something to look at which probably takes 4 hours of my week.

I wanted to do a full time budget but I really have no idea on how much is spent on the internet - probably a lot more than I realise.
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>> No. 444111 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 7:08 pm
444111 spacer
No, it shows them almost at the other side. It doesn't show them when they emerge, and immediately flop and writhe and tan.
>> No. 444113 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 7:15 pm
444113 spacer
That seems obvious.
>> No. 444114 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 7:17 pm
444114 spacer
I liked the manga and all, but i don't get what's so creepy about it. Just some weird idea about spelunking.
>> No. 444115 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 7:20 pm
444115 spacer
This story's horror factor is based on the psychological aspect of compulsion. As the holes are "made for them", the people feel the irresistible need to enter, despite knowing the result being death. Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud describes this feeling as "death drive", unconscious instincts that seeks to destroy the individual; for instance, having the thought of jumping off a cliff when near one. This feeling is also known as "call of the void".

The psychological aspect of this story thus drives its horror. Essentially, it is the story's characters killing themselves - something inherent within them causes a deep urge to destroy their own self. As there are no evil forces/enemies presented in this story, it emphasizes the internal psychological factor - that is, it is possible for people to actually have a desire to harm themselves (such in the case of mentally disturbed persons, and those unable to control their instincts and unconscious, similar to all those that enter the holes in the story). As such, the story comes to explores the innate human instincts of curiosity and destruction (which is also present in Ito's other works) which can, invariably, be the end of themselves.

i rote this myself
>> No. 444116 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 7:44 pm
444116 spacer
I've always preferred the Kierkegaard interpretation that the sensation is the realisation of free will in itself. The unsettling idea that you could jump and it's well within your capability to do so. It creates a generalised fear not of any hole but of the intensity of life and the terror of real choice.

It reminds me of that story on Joe Rogan from the cave diver facing death. Well worse a listen:


>> No. 13825 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:59 pm
/job/13825 Character reference
I am starting a new job, and I was requested a name as a reference for a BPSS (Verifile). In their words:

" You will be asked to provide a character reference. This individual must have known you for a minimum of 3 years, and must have a job title from the attached list. Please provide the referees work email address, as Verifile are unable to accept a personal one.

As an immigrant worker, I do not have the social network as a native. I do not know anyone with those requisites. How can I get out of this mess?
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>> No. 13868 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 8:51 pm
13868 spacer
>John Major hasn't got a modem.
Is that one of those football chants?
>> No. 13869 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 10:33 pm
13869 spacer
He's got no modem,
He's got no mode-emmmmm,
John major,
He's got no modem.
>> No. 13870 Anonymous
3rd June 2021
Thursday 11:55 pm
13870 spacer
A mate of mine met his wife on a Star Wars fan forum in the late nineties, when he was about 10 and she was about 40.
>> No. 13871 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 12:03 am
13871 spacer
That went from lovely to very uncomfortable so fast I've got whiplash.
>> No. 13872 Anonymous
4th June 2021
Friday 12:09 am
13872 spacer

I think >>13863 is spot on. Up until the late 2000s the bulk of the people who made up the Internet's society and culture tended to be the more nerdy technical, creative and alternative types who found each other and formed communities here in a way which couldn't happen IRL since they were too geographically dispersed.

Back then even if half the country was online a lot of people saw the internet as a thing you used to read websites, send email and maybe even buy stuff if you were feeling brave. They used it but didn't really participate in it.

Actually publishing content took a bit of effort to set up a blog and maybe write some basic HTML. It wasn't that hard but it did have the effect of filtering out a lot of low effort stuff.
The average person couldn't be arsed to do all that just to share their opinions on the latest celebrity gossip and last night's episode of Eastenders when they could have he same conversations at work or with their IRL friends. You had to have something you felt was actually worth sharing with the wider community for it to be worth the effort.

I think things started going downhill around the late 2000s to early 2010s.
My current theory is that the combination of modern social media like FB and Twitter combined with the proliferation of easy to use smartphones and tablets gave the great hoards of normies both the means and the motivation to colonize the internet.

Social media (especially sites like FB which were mostly an online extension of existing communities IRL at the time) was both great source of the kind of IRL gossip and drama that certain types of people (who previously thought the internet was for sad nerds) are obsessed with and very easy to actively engage with.

The link to smartphones and tablets is a bit more tenuous but I suspect their proliferation exposed the internet to a large section of users who are, to put it politely "not good at computers" and wouldn't use the internet unless they had to if a computer was the only option.


toyota mr2.jpg
>> No. 4523 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 11:03 pm
/mph/4523 spacer
Should I spend some of my saved up dole money on a Toyota MR2 for around £2000? It seems like the ultimate sporty(ish) yet reliable car that you can get for £2000 or less. The only other car I can think of that can compete with it is the MX5 but it seems like they're getting more expensive because of the meme tax.

Are there any other cars I could consider if I want something sporty and reliable and don't need it to be particularly practical? I could possible stretch my budget to £4000 if it's a particularly badass car.
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>> No. 4589 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:56 am
4589 spacer

It's certainly better than no patch. That looks pretty watertight but there's only one way to find out.

I think if the price is right and the rest of the car is solid it's worth it. There's apparently a bloke in swansea who will reskin your soft top for £300, if that makes a difference.

You can always ask him if he minds you attacking it with a hose when you view it. If he says no then he knows it's fucked.

These roofs are 20 odd years old and have likely been folded up and down thousansds of times, I certainly didn't see any without some holes or gaps in them in my price bracket.
>> No. 4590 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:28 pm
4590 spacer
>They're a doddle to work

In theory, when you have to battle rounded off fasteners, engine bolts and crank case fasteners welded in situ via alu corrosion, exhaust studs and front mudguard bolts snapping off, cross threaded fasteners etc ......
>> No. 4591 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 3:30 pm
4591 spacer

All part of the fun. Nothing more satisfying than extracting a seized bolt, apart from maybe drilling it out in a blind rage when you fail to extract it.
>> No. 4592 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 6:04 pm
4592 spacer

In the broader scheme of things, fucked fasteners are pretty easy to deal with. You'll find the same sort of problems on an old car - a bike might be more exposed to the elements, but it probably won't have done tens of thousands of miles of winter motoring.
>> No. 4593 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 7:29 pm
4593 spacer
fucked fasteners are pretty easy to deal with

Not when the fastener has snapped off with a remainder stuck in an aluminium casing, actually it can be a complete nightmare and can turn a simple job into a pain in the arse.
'just' drilling out a fastner isnt 'just', you might get lucky with a hand held drill but most dont and a badly installed helicoil can be rage inducing


>> No. 5721 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:20 pm
/fat/5721 The No Sugar Thread
I think I might try cutting processed sugar from my diet. How hard can it be. Do you two have any tips on this and have you tried it before?

I might go slow and start with lowering my intake because I don't much fancy having flu-like symptoms at the moment. It seems like I'll also need to be really careful on what I buy because the devil's flour gets in everything.
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>> No. 5789 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 1:19 am
5789 spacer
Extra magnesium is great. You can also get it by having a bath with Epsom salts. Feels good man.
>> No. 5790 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 4:35 pm
5790 spacer
Keto supplements are bollocks. I looked at the back and the highest %RDA was 17% - ended up getting two magnesium and zinc bottles for £4.99.

The zinc is probably just an added bonus but I hear it makes you spunk more.
>> No. 5791 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:26 pm
5791 spacer
Reading the %RDA of magnesium is meaningless if you don't check what its made of.
Magnesium oxide is cheap so most tablets use it, but only something like 10% of whats in the tablet actually gets absorbed into your body. Magnesium citrate is a better choice.
Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) is good and is well absorbed, but tends not to get used in supplements partly because it's meant to be easier to overdose on, but I've added a pinch to a glass of water every day for years with no issues, just enough to bring the water up to the same sort of level as is in san pellegrino spring water.
>> No. 5792 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:55 pm
5792 spacer
I bought a ketone meter - about 40 quid on Amazon - the test strips are a little pricey, but when I was experimenting with low-carb at the beginning of the year I found the feedback invaluable; I know what proper ketosis feels like now, and can repeat it.
>> No. 5800 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 6:37 pm
5800 spacer
Cauliflower rice is fantastic. It feels similar enough to real rice and does just as good of a job at being a neutral sauce absorber for the stir-fries and curry-esque dishes I always make.

Worth the cost of getting a cheap food processor (I tried using a cheese grater but the little cauliflower bits fly around everywhere).


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