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>> No. 5493 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 11:44 am
/fat/5493 spacer
Similar to /emo/, I think we need a minor ailments thread for queries and issues that don't really warrant one of their own.
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>> No. 5795 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 9:49 am
5795 spacer
A nice hot bath and it'd pop out of its own accord.
>> No. 5796 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 10:01 am
5796 spacer
Don't, it's a ploy to pop them.
>> No. 5797 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 11:15 am
5797 spacer
Gravity and 10 seconds of not being poked in will do the job. Default position is out.
>> No. 5798 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 12:00 pm
5798 spacer
Where's the guarantee that the movement of my pelvis won't result in any crushing?
>> No. 5799 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 5:52 pm
5799 spacer
If bits of your pelvis are moving relative to others, you should probably get that seen to rather than fiddling with your balls.
Just tuck'em in. Or don't. You're wildly overthinking this. It's neither as risky or as satisfying as you seem to be imagining.
Surely, in this day & age, there are youtube guides.


>> No. 13820 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 11:48 am
/job/13820 spacer
After so long working from home, as much of a luxury as it's been, I'm beginning to realise constant locked-inside office work isn't really good for my mental health -- nor is it fulfilling or what I envisioned myself doing.

Are outdoor research jobs just the stuff of stock pictures? A fantasy peddled to university students to trick them into getting behind another desk, just using slightly different software?

If not, what are these jobs? Someone has to be out collecting data outside, right? How much shit do you have to eat in a particular career before someone allows you to do the more desirable 'field work'?

My field, broadly, is in pharma/medical research for what it's worth.
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>> No. 13821 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 12:00 pm
13821 spacer
There's serious money to be made in bats.

See if anything takes your fancy here:
>> No. 13822 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:41 pm
13822 spacer
Slightly related. YouTube's been recommending me loads of behind the scenes Breaking Bad videos for reasons far beyond my comprehension, but that made me realise that special effects seems right up my street. I have a degree in electronic engineering, but the vast, vast majority of jobs out there for EE are just coding. I don't mind coding, but I like making shit.

I guess the problem is it's a brutally difficult industry to break into.
>> No. 13823 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 1:57 pm
13823 spacer
The problems with field jobs is that everyone wants one and they're often poorly paid with little career prospect. Plus you're probably just thinking that because the weather is lovely at the minute.

On civil service jobs you find these by searching the two operations professions. Just brace yourself on the pay.
>> No. 13824 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 2:17 pm
13824 spacer
Just become a bin manwaste management technician.
>> No. 13834 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 3:40 pm
13834 spacer
I'm an Environmental Scientist at a University -doing field science within academia or for a consultancy is a very competitive field. There's also a surplus of volunteers to contend with.
From what I've seen, quite a bit of focus and cash is directed towards bats and newts, but I think you need specialist qualifications (BIG NEWT controls the market).

Maybe try working for a water company? I used to do site ops, it's a great combination of out doors working and problem solving/engineering. Being called out to a trunk main burst at 23:00 on Xmas Eve is always a possibility though.


>> No. 12277 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:20 pm
/beat/12277 spacer
Moody piano samples in instrumental hip hop make me very happy. Can anyone point me to any more music like this?

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>> No. 12278 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:47 pm
12278 spacer
Every other track on this stream.

>> No. 12279 Anonymous
17th February 2020
Monday 11:32 am
12279 spacer

I like that channel, but it's more sedate than what I'm looking for.

Another one which hit the right spot:

>> No. 12280 Anonymous
17th February 2020
Monday 6:12 pm
12280 spacer
>> No. 12845 Anonymous
31st May 2021
Monday 3:24 pm
12845 spacer


>> No. 12542 Anonymous
20th October 2020
Tuesday 10:21 pm
/beat/12542 Don't Worry Be Happy
I thought it would be nice to have a collection of our music for anyone needing cheering up. What do you lads suggest? Any reason why?

Across the Universe is my helpful reminder that whatever is bothering me doesn't really matter and I shouldn't let it. The song has actually helped me deliver projects before just by putting me into the right frame of mind for it and was a companion during a time when nothing was going right for me. The film is also a favourite with a similar message about life.
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>> No. 12549 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 7:08 pm
12549 spacer
>> No. 12577 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 11:08 pm
12577 spacer

The older you get the more you seem to appreciate Prince.
>> No. 12578 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 11:50 pm
12578 spacer

On February 12, 1983 the ship Marine Electric was carrying a load of coal from Norfolk, Virginia to a power station in Somerset, Massachusetts. The worst storm in forty years blew up that night and the ship sank at about four o'clock in the morning on February 13. The ship's chief mate, 59-year-old Robert M. "Bob" Cusick, was trapped under the deckhouse as the ship went down. His snorkeling experience helped him avoid panic and swim to the surface, but he had to spend the night alone, up to his neck in water, clinging to a partially deflated lifeboat, and in water barely above freezing and air much colder. Huge waves washed over him, and each time he was not sure that he would ever reach the surface again to breathe. Battling hypothermia, he was tempted to allow himself to fall unconscious and let go of the lifeboat. Just then he remembered the concluding stanzas of "The Mary Ellen Carter".

He started to sing it and soon was alternately shouting out "Rise again, rise again" and holding his breath as the waves washed over him. At seven o'clock that morning a Coast Guard helicopter spotted him and pulled him to safety. Only three men of the thirty-three who had been aboard survived the wreck. After his ordeal, Cusick wrote a letter to Stan Rogers telling him what had happened and how the song helped save his life. In response, Cusick was invited to attend what turned out to be the second-to-last concert Rogers ever performed. Cusick told his story in the documentary about Rogers, One Warm Line.
>> No. 12580 Anonymous
13th November 2020
Friday 12:21 am
12580 spacer
>> No. 12844 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 9:27 pm
12844 spacer
I am going through a few days where I just can't listen to this song enough, and it fills me with positivity. I possibly remember it from my childhood as well, and I think several people here are roughly my age so maybe you'll get the nostalgic hit of day-brightening, unhatable Londonbeat:


>> No. 33826 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 2:30 pm
/news/33826 Monsieur Moaty
A manhunt is under way in south-west France for a heavily armed former soldier who opened fire on police.

Helicopters, dog teams and more than 200 officers are searching for the man around the town of Le Lardin-Saint-Lazare in the Dordogne region.

Reports say the unnamed man is around 30 years old, has a history of domestic violence, and is armed with a high-calibre weapon.

The local government has urged residents to stay indoors.

"The man went overnight to his ex-partner's home. A dispute took place there, which led to the intervention of gendarmes and that is when the suspect shot at them. He then fled to woods nearby," prefect of Dordogne Frédéric Périssat told BFM television.

Mr Périssat added that the man is within a four sq km (1.5 sq mile) "hilly, wooded area" cordoned off by police.
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>> No. 33827 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 3:04 pm
33827 spacer
Nos douves?
>> No. 33831 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 5:17 pm
33831 spacer
There was a guy in Belgium doing this recently too. He got a gun, said he was going to kill the head of coronavirus research or something like that, and set off to find and kill him. The guy was taken to a secret location and is now being guarded by police, I think.
>> No. 33832 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 5:52 pm
33832 spacer

>the man is within a four sq km (1.5 sq mile) "hilly, wooded area"

That seems to me a small enough area that a chopper's FLIR would find him in minutes?
>> No. 33833 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 6:45 pm
33833 spacer

Happened after lunch so the chopper pilot's already had a glass of red wine.
>> No. 33835 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 8:06 pm
33835 spacer

I am on le way. I 'ave un bouteille du vin and un canne à pêche.


>> No. 27266 Anonymous
28th August 2020
Friday 5:21 pm
/news/27266 Corona thread #3 Locked
Right, now that the last corona thread is over 1,700 posts long, maybe it's time for a new one.

How long do you think it will be until we're fully back to normal?
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>> No. 33819 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 8:57 pm
33819 spacer
I feel ripped off that we didn't get to see that. Ordinarily that might be a nasty thing to wish on someone, but he went and got covid anyway so it's not even like wishing him harm - it's just wishing that harm he was going to bring on himself anyway had happened in the most absurd way possible.
>> No. 33820 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 9:44 pm
33820 spacer

>I'm still trying to get over Cummings claim that the PM wanted to be injected with Covid-19 on television.


>boasting about how many COVID patient hands he had shaken

It's all starting to make (slightly more) sense.
>> No. 33821 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 11:43 pm
33821 spacer

I hear he has at least 6
>> No. 33822 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 12:43 am
33822 spacer
> If we're to compare to to the Blitz
You can have a lot of fun with such comparisons; thank you for suggesting this. In my head, thousands of people would go and stand on the beach with pitchforks every weekend in 1940, to show the brave British spirit, and get shot to pieces by Messerschmitts every single time. The Daily Mail would write an article entitled, "WE WELCOME THE GREAT EXCELLENT VIRUS", and complaining about this would get you denounced as a nit-picking fusspot. We would all have big bonfires every night, and our cities would get bombed to shit in a gallant act of defiance. In the end, among the smouldering ruins of the heart of the British Empire, Alan Turing would invent the atom bomb all on his own, it would be named "the Great British Boris Banger", and we'd win the war anyway.

>cyberbullying about poo
They still gang-rape women and throw acid on their daughters, though. It'll be a while before I consider India to be a nice place.
>> No. 33830 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 4:29 pm
33830 spacer


>> No. 23810 Anonymous
31st December 2011
Saturday 10:22 pm
/x/23810 Guilty Would
Since this image wasn't that well received in The Ginger Thread, and by the recommendation of some lad in /b/: this is the "Guilty Would" thread.

Post women which aren't generically attractive, but which (for whatever reason) you'd shag the heck out of given the chance.
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>> No. 42095 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 3:13 am
42095 spacer

>> No. 42110 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 8:27 pm
42110 spacer
Stop derailing the thread. If you have a problem about how difficult life is for you, having to call people by the right pronouns, take it to Parler.
>> No. 42138 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 9:20 pm
42138 spacer

I also want to a sex in Shami. The brain is a sex organ and her's is stonking huge.

And I want to get the huge boner off the top of this board.
>> No. 42139 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 9:42 pm
42139 spacer


I no longer want to do a sex in Shami after she sold her soul for a peerage. I would do a sex in Charlotte Leslie since she lost her seat.
>> No. 42140 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 10:19 pm
42140 spacer
Really, this is the best you can do?


>> No. 3223 Anonymous
18th February 2013
Monday 7:58 pm
/£$€¥/3223 Bitcoins
Have any of you bought Bitcoins or spoken to anybody that has?

The underlying principle of removing the role of the banking industry from transactions (or at least limiting its influence) seems noble but it stinks of a giant scam IMO.
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>> No. 8803 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 4:28 pm
8803 spacer
The coins are, the kit might not be. Unless they bought the miners on credit.
>> No. 8804 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 4:28 pm
8804 spacer

The bitcoin is undeniably the proceed of a crime, but is there any way to prove the hardware is?

Is this just one of those nasty little laws that means once you're proven to be a money-making criminal, anything purchased by you after the date of the proven crime becomes state property?
>> No. 8805 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:31 pm
8805 spacer

>Is this just one of those nasty little laws that means once you're proven to be a money-making criminal, anything purchased by you after the date of the proven crime becomes state property?

Not quite, but the courts do have fairly broad powers. In this case, after conviction the court could issue a confiscation order for the coins, or if they aren't recoverable other assets equivalent to the amount believed to be earned through criminal behaviour.

You don't necessarily have to be convicted of a crime to be subject to an unexplained wealth order, only reasonably suspected of having been involved in or connected to organised crime. An unexplained wealth order essentially reverses the burden of proof - if you can't show that you made your money legitimately, the court can confiscate it.

To be fair, the courts do use these powers quite sparingly and every case I've seen has involved utterly blatant criminality.
>> No. 8807 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 5:59 pm
8807 spacer
Bitcoin is a
1. Penny stock pump and dump that can be traded off exchanges
2. A currency that is difficult to counterfeit
3. A credit for internets
>> No. 8809 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 8:45 pm
8809 spacer
As always, laws are not self-enforcing, so the police would likely just seize it anyway and leave the crims to sue to get it back.


>> No. 41065 Anonymous
5th May 2020
Tuesday 7:36 pm
/x/41065 Sex Toys
I was wondering if we could get a sex toy thread going as there's not much keeping my hands busy on weekends. Open for recommendations on all sorts.

Personally, I was thinking of picking up a fleshlight but I have no idea on where/how to start. Buying a good one that is. It didn't feel right to ask on a sfw board like /g/ so my options were limited in seeking recommendations.
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>> No. 42133 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 9:22 pm
42133 spacer
>The sky's the limit, if you have the budget they'll build it for you.
Customs would like a word with you.
>> No. 42134 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 1:27 am
42134 spacer
The picture in the OP looks reminiscent one of those suctiony "blowjob simulators". Have either of you tried one of those? I didn't get on with a fleshlight when I owned one, but the thought of having something I can plug in and enjoy hands-free is quite appealing.
>> No. 42135 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 1:38 am
42135 spacer

I had one of those onahole things. It was one based off a JAV stars genitalia. It even had the doctor who moulded the thing proudly displayed on the box -

I tried to tell people my experience about it on here and got a ban for 'shilling' an obscure japanese sex toy, as if the tendrils (tentacles) of the japanese adult toy industry go that deep.

Well it felt great while fucking but for some reason on climax I felt very... over-stimulated. Like I was pissing my pants.
>> No. 42136 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 8:59 am
42136 spacer

This does nothing to make it appealing.
>> No. 42137 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:45 pm
42137 spacer

I'm aware there are legal limts but the ones I'm aware of are quite sane. Did you have a bad experience with them?


>> No. 4573 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 2:20 pm
/mph/4573 Yamaha Motoroid

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>> No. 4576 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:50 pm
4576 spacer
I don't really understand how you're supposed to sit on it. I'm only about 60% sure I know which direction it's supposed to go.
>> No. 4577 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:57 pm
4577 spacer
I think it's got a special fender around your bum to make it more aerodynamic
>> No. 4578 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:04 pm
4578 spacer
I think they've taken a leaf out of the book of those people who won't make their clothes in certain sizes because it would be uncool if fat people could wear them and have made a motorbike only skinny people can ride.
>> No. 4579 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:08 pm
4579 spacer
I'm more of a classic bike person. I love that concept bikes like these exist, but living with that thing would be a fucking nightmare.

I'm obviously a boring fart, but I just want something that still looks cool with a couple of pannier bags and a top box.
>> No. 4580 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 7:15 pm
4580 spacer

This one could work with drone-panniers that follow it around.


>> No. 33809 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:31 pm
/news/33809 Sandwell Bitcoin mine found stealing electricity

Detectives said they were tipped off about lots of people visiting the unit throughout the day and a police drone picked up a lot of heat coming from the building.

Sgt Jennifer Griffin said, given the signs, they had expected to find a cannabis farm.

"It had all the hallmarks of a cannabis cultivation set-up and I believe it is only the second such crypto mine we have encountered in the West Midlands," she said.
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>> No. 33812 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:47 pm
33812 spacer
Do you read any of the threads on /*/ or is this a write-only forum for you?
>> No. 33813 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:50 pm
33813 spacer
Yeah dad you told us.


>> No. 68979 Moralfag
28th May 2021
Friday 10:23 pm
/iq/68979 Pozz and cherishz/love and cherishz-the-smart-pouch-that-leads-to-less-screen-time?ref=discovery_category

I saw this on Kickstarter and immediately thought of you lads.
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>> No. 68990 Billbob
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:33 am
68990 spacer
>>68988 it's a loaded term.
>> No. 68991 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:36 am
68991 spacer

Back in the day we were taken over by rabid Harry Potter fanfic writers.
>> No. 68992 YubYub
29th May 2021
Saturday 3:18 pm
68992 spacer
I get it lads. It's pronounced 'pause' in an American accent. It's for septics. We aren't the target market because we don't have any problems with mobile phone addiction in our youth.
>> No. 68993 Searchfag
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:22 pm
68993 spacer

beefy sunday lunch loads.png
Achievement unlocked: Give each member of your family at least one beefy load during sunday lunch
>> No. 68994 Searchfag
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:26 pm
68994 spacer
I'll wean your kiddies off computer games by gamifying everything else they do in the house.

Nice one.


>> No. 7273 Anonymous
26th May 2021
Wednesday 6:51 pm
/lit/7273 spacer
Do you think you'll ever write your memoirs?

My girlfriend is interested in genealogy and has come across a number of relatives who've left their memoirs for future generations to read. I suppose it could be a bit of a family heirloom and allow future generations to learn something about your life rather than just having a line on the census to go on or the local news article about the time you dropped a brick on a bunch of crabs.

Then again, I'm not sure how much I could write about spending my days shitposting on the internet.
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>> No. 7282 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 5:19 pm
7282 spacer
Is your girlfriend extremely posh? This strikes me as something you only do if you have a family library to store it in.
>> No. 7283 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:15 pm
7283 spacer
The thought of a family library is very appealing, though i wouldn't want to have to move it. Books are heavy, yo.
>> No. 7284 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:25 pm
7284 spacer

You don't need to move your library when it's in the country pile that's been in your family for eighteen generations.

Books are fucking heavy, though. The only ones of mine I've kept are all big cooking hardbacks and my notebooks from my previous life as a cheflad. That's just one medium sized box and it weighs about as much as I do. I just think it's simply impossible to have a substantial book collection if you ever plan to move.
>> No. 7285 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:38 pm
7285 spacer
I think her grandad was loaded but he remarried when her grandma died and all of the money went to his second wife's kids. I believe his memoir is the only one she has a physical copy of, which is largely about how he was stationed in India during the Second World War and spent most of it having a lovely time mountaineering. She recently got in contact with her second cousin once removed, or whatever the fuck it is, whose family have been in Canada for several generations and they sent over a digital copy of their father's memoirs.
>> No. 7286 Anonymous
29th May 2021
Saturday 6:02 am
7286 spacer

You could always write a memoir and cookery book at the same time.


>> No. 68971 Ambulancelad
25th May 2021
Tuesday 6:51 am
/iq/68971 Nuke Dukem
Looks like it's time for me to go super!
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>> No. 68977 R4GE
28th May 2021
Friday 10:15 pm
68977 spacer

Apparently Duke Nukem was a character on Captain Planet. I don't remember the character's names from watching it in the early 1990's.

We got Duke Nukem 3D in about 1996 and I've had no idea until now.
>> No. 68978 R4GE
28th May 2021
Friday 10:23 pm
68978 spacer
>> No. 68987 Billbob
29th May 2021
Saturday 12:14 am
68987 spacer
He's pretty fucking cocky for a protagonist from a dead franchise.


>> No. 33442 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 4:56 pm
/news/33442 spacer
ITV has cancelled plans to show the final episode of Noel Clarke’s primetime drama Viewpoint after the Guardian published detailed allegations of sexual harassment against the show’s star.

The five-part big budget thriller has been running every night this week at 9pm on ITV, but the conclusion of the story will no longer be shown on the broadcaster’s main channel on Friday night due to the “very serious nature” of the allegations raised by women who have worked with the actor and director.

The decision to pull the finale of a drama series from a mainstream television channel for off-screen reasons at the last minute is highly unusual. The broadcaster said the final episode would be made briefly available on its ITV Hub streaming service for viewers who wanted to see how the story concluded.

Taking it off the air but still letting you stream it is a bit of a head scratcher.
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>> No. 33445 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:19 pm
33445 spacer
>sexual harassment
I know they say the allegations are very serious, but they were always going to say that. Sexual harassment can be a lot of things. The fact that he has been completely #cancelled overnight, and a TV programme he's in has now been thrown into the Well of Problematicity, certainly unsettles me. If he's a mad serial rapist, I guess it's up to ITV, although I'd at least let the series end before banishing him forever. If he just made some banter about boobies to a Vorderman-shaped colleague, then I would definitely, definitely let the series end before shitcanning him.
>> No. 33446 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:32 pm
33446 spacer
He, allegedly, has a thing for getting young women who are trying to break into the industry to have 'naked auditions' whilst secretly filming it.
>> No. 33447 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 7:56 pm
33447 spacer
There are twenty women alleging he's done shit so horrible he'd have been sacked years ago for any one of these incidents in any other line of work. Auditioning someone in the nude and secretly filming it is obviously something that's quite hard to bring about in most other jobs, but I don't think it's actually that shocking that he's lost work and his reputation is in the pits. This piece has all the alegations and they are damning and frequently corroborated:

However, it's not until the end of that piece that something very telling happens. The writers explain Clarke had his mate call some of these women, telling one “If you want that sit down at any point with Noel, whether it’s with lawyers there or me there, whatever you want, for him to apologise, I know he will, he will do that.”. That's from Clarke's business partner Jason Maza who also told the woman Clarke had spent an "insane" amount on private eyes, and you don't do these things if you're confident you can hold your hands up and say wasn't me, guv in complete honesty. This seems like some really in depth journalism and The Guardian would be out of in court and out of print by next week if it was baseless.

He's a petite Weinstein, seemingly. Leveraging power for sexual sexual favours and shutting down dissent by the same means. Fuck him, I hope he spills hot tea all down his best shirt and it burns his nipples off.
>> No. 33449 Anonymous
30th April 2021
Friday 9:07 pm
33449 spacer
I hate how they say "harrassment" to rhythm with "embarrassment". I can't be the only one.

It's started to sound that way when I read it now. Fuck you BBC Radio 4.
>> No. 33776 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 10:10 pm
33776 spacer



>> No. 27921 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 1:35 am
/g/27921 spacer
I'm at a bit of a loss. I've got the standard problem mobile phones get where it now struggles to accept charge from the USB port having bought the phone in December 2018. Same problem exists when using another charger. Following tips online I've tried cleaning the lint out using the teeth on a plastic comb, it's got a lot of fluff out but no change. Can't remove the battery because we live in the future. Any tips you can give?

I'd rather not have to buy a new phone but its a necessity so I can't send it off to be repaired.
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>> No. 27932 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 6:16 pm
27932 spacer
Plus they can shoot lightning out of either end.
>> No. 27935 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 6:04 pm
27935 spacer
It turns out there was a massive chunk of fluff in one corner and that eventually shot out with some force. Now my phone is turbocharging again which is something it hasn't done since shortly after I got it.

The lessons are:
1. A plastic comb works so no need to buy toothpicks. Don't use metal obviously.
2. You really do have to spend a good half hour at least digging into it. I only managed to get it out just before I was due to buy a new phone assuming the port was broken.

I'm confused as to why you don't just buy a standard dust cover you remove when you want to charge it.
>> No. 27936 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 6:08 pm
27936 spacer

>I'm confused as to why you don't just buy a standard dust cover you remove when you want to charge it.

Not him, but the constant plugging and unplugging of the cable is another factor in port damage, with Micro USB perhaps the most common form of failure, I think USB C is a lot better, but still not immune. So it both protects against dust permanently and also greatly reduces the wear on the port itself.

I don't use them myself as I have 1500 spare usb cables and I don't want to be tied down to one or two special ones, but it's still a good idea.

Also RE: cleaning the port, a can of compressed air is very useful.
>> No. 27937 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 8:22 pm
27937 spacer

Also the magnetic connector reduces the risk of breaking your USB port or pinging your phone across the room if you trip over the charging cable.

Apple used to have magnetic charger connectors on their laptops for this reason, but they abandoned it in their incessant quest for thinness.
>> No. 27938 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 8:26 pm
27938 spacer
Yeah, I charge it at bedside, in the car and at my desk. If I have to connect elsewhere ever, I just unplug the widget.
The benefit over a dust cover is that you just have to lob the cable in the right direction and it clamps on and connects. It also allowed you to connect micro-USB either way up, but that's lost now USB-C has unfucked the design. And yes, connectors fail - these both reduce the number of couplings from daily to annual, and tear free if something stupid (like the dog) happens and the cable gets yanked, avoiding connector damage or the phone being launched across the room. Mine also have tasteful and not-too-bright blue LEDs in the cable ends, so I can find it in the dark on the bedroom floor.
There's no way I'd ever bother with putting a dust cover back on. This cable plays to my idleness, and I'm fine with that.


>> No. 8778 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 3:46 am
/£$€¥/8778 spacer
One mark to rule them all, one mark to bind them, one mark to being them all and in the darkness bind them.

A mark to unite the saboteurs, a mark to own them with debt, to own them by owning it and depending on it to own anything.
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>> No. 8780 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 3:37 pm
8780 spacer

I want my gold thanks.
>> No. 8781 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 3:47 pm
8781 spacer

I have to say, UK bank notes are really beautifully designed.

US dollars look like prop money from a Wild West film.
>> No. 8782 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 3:54 pm
8782 spacer

The yellow 100 with random photoshop styles as an overlay is particularly ugly.
>> No. 8783 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 4:42 pm
8783 spacer
It really is hideous, it's like they opened paint and just took the eraser to the old design. I just don't get it.
>> No. 8808 Anonymous
28th May 2021
Friday 6:01 pm
8808 spacer
It is supposed to look like ancient evil dead inscriptions to give it that official flavor.


>> No. 8784 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 6:01 pm
/£$€¥/8784 Recovery Stocks
I'm feeling guilty about taking the piss out of Cineworld - particularly as their parallel meme stock, AMC is booming today.

What shall we invest in for the recovery ladm9s?
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>> No. 8786 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 6:56 pm
8786 spacer
Do you know what, I think those are fantastic choices.

Surprised Greggs isn't in the OP list.
>> No. 8787 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:04 pm
8787 spacer
Airlines - no, really. Jet2, Ryanair, probably TUI.

Hospitality suppliers, though I don't know who is floated and who isn't.

Craft beer companies. Nobody drinks craft beer without anyone to see them do it.
>> No. 8788 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:32 pm
8788 spacer
Of all the airlines out there, Jet2 are the one that stick out for me and I don't know why. Tell me why you think they're good, please?
>> No. 8789 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:53 pm
8789 spacer
National Express, Wetherspoons, Kier Group, John Wood Group.

The share price of Drax has rocketed since the sharp fall from last year. I don't know if there's any other power generation companies that may be worth looking at now.
>> No. 8790 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 8:02 pm
8790 spacer

They are the only UK airline identified by the CAA to have refunded all of their customers money during the pandemic without significant delay, and indeed are one of the only UK airlines with the means and reserve funds to actually refund all customers without dipping into other customer deposits like other airlines have been doing. That alone has generated a huge amount of good faith for customers and potential customers - I'm willing to bet the reason Jet2 sticks out to you is because you've seen or heard people talking about how well they've been treated by them, customer service wise.

They are the only airline that chose to postpone any operation until the 23rd of June, the date at which the government said flying was "definitely" ok. They're genuinely out to create a good experience for the customer, to the extent of them rather losing a month or two of revenue if it meant not risking having to cancel peoples holidays on extremely short notice. And people remember that sort of thing, I think they have earned a LOT of customer loyalty from the way they have handled things, in contrast to other airlines. Can you imagine any other airline that actually puts the customer first as a legitimate business model? BA tries to, but for what they charge it's mostly a facade.

On top of that they're just an airline with huge potential, running parallel but separate airline and package holiday businesses means there's built in risk aversion, plus plenty of opportunity to upsell.

They also own all their own planes - throughout the pandemic they have been able to sit and happily pay ground fees and basically not much else, whereas everyone else owes banks a fuckload of money for wet and dry lease planes on top of that. If they didn't already have money in the coffers they have more than three billion in assets. They also used to be Dart Group which included the haulage firm Fowler Welch, but the sale of that has basically paid for the losses incurred in the pandemic.

All in all they're an airline that bends over backwards to be a Nice Experience, and the contrast between that and being herded onto a Ryanair I think is something that passengers notice.

I'm not saying Jet2 stock will make you a millionaire anytime soon, but I don't see how it's not going to go up once they've got passengers again.


>> No. 27676 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 12:19 am
/g/27676 spacer
Lads, help me out with some troubleshooting as I'm at a bit of a loss. I've not been able to get to a professional repair place for months and when I tried a local place a few months back they told me to fuck off because of Covid.

Laptop seems to be suffering from some mysterious process causing it to often slow to a crawl and then sometimes it will freeze, fan runs into overdrive and I have to unplug it and put it away for the battery to discharge.

Assumed initially that it was poor internal cooling causing it to overheat so I cleaned the inside and later bought an external cooling pad but no joy. Speccy does not show anything unusual on temperature when it slows.

Nothing unusual on task manager, have done a reset to see if any apps were causing it, issue seems to be system-wide from testing different apps. Disabled dogshit Lenovo plugin.

I guess I will have to buy myself a new laptop soon which is annoying as I'm looking to get a mortgage in the new year and want to show my life as boring. Plus if I can fix it but still buy another laptop then I can give this to my mum who will just use it for facebook.
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>> No. 27686 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 8:56 am
27686 spacer
Is there no warranty or what have you? Have you tried bitching really hard about it to customer support? Looks like a newish laptop so I'm sorry if that's not an option.
>> No. 27695 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:15 am
27695 spacer
>7gb dual channel
>> No. 27696 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:29 am
27696 spacer
Gig for GPU m8
>> No. 27697 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 2:01 am
27697 spacer
Ah, so the system shares a pool of memory. Fair enough, never had a Laptop with an APU in it before.
>> No. 27933 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 7:31 pm
27933 spacer
In case anyone was wondering: the issue was with the power setting, I ran it on high-performance and that meant that both graphics cards were running despite common sense.


download (6).jpg
>> No. 27929 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 1:58 pm
/g/27929 spacer
I have a spare busted monitor with a nice crack in the middle.

I understand that these days, buying a new one is cheaper than repairing. Still, it feels so wasteful to just throw it away.

Is there anything cool I can do with it, other than just dumping it? Failing a lack of entertaining or fun options, is there a way I should responsibly recycle it?
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>> No. 27930 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 2:13 pm
27930 spacer
use the backlight as a lamp, or stick an acetate of the outside world on it and have a fake window.
>> No. 27931 Anonymous
27th May 2021
Thursday 2:44 pm
27931 spacer
I just put a 23 inch LG monitor on gumtree for a fiver, and now someone's offering to pay for a courier to Leeds to have it delivered, which makes me feel like I've mugged myself off.

I got it for a tenner a few years ago off some dude who didn't want it because there was a pixel-wide green line 3/4 across the screen going down the entire way, presumably all dead pixels. Didn't bother me much. Then it started buzzing in the bottom left and flickering, found the problem required soldering, gave up.

Presumably this guy has a soldering iron and some experience with this. I mean, it's a good condition Flatron monitor.

Shall I just say I dropped it when getting it out of storage and try fixing it myself?


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