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>> No. 9845 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 6:39 pm
/spo/9845 Qatar 2022
The Septics, Iran and the ultimate winner out of Wales, Scotland and Ukraine.

I don't think we could have asked for a better group, for entertainment value.
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>> No. 9874 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 12:51 pm
9874 spacer
They're at the World Cup because they topped their group. They finished two points ahead of South Korea and in the other group Saudi Arabia finished one point above Japan.

Considering the tournament is in Qatar don't be surprised if one of the Middle Eastern teams end up being dark horses.
>> No. 9875 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 1:06 pm
9875 spacer
Yeah, and Wales and Iran too, we go home with three points.

I think he's just confused by the name, for whatever reason. They probably just replied "Islamic Republic of Iran" when the FIFA bods asked for an official name.
>> No. 9876 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 1:42 pm
9876 spacer
Welsh football fans don't hate England. A lot of us have spent our whole lives supporting England in international tournaments, because what else are we going to do?
>> No. 9877 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 2:21 pm
9877 spacer

>what else are we going to do?

Do what the Scottish do and cheer for anyone but England?
>> No. 9878 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 2:30 pm
9878 spacer
A lot of us are fans of premier league clubs, it would be a bit hypocritical to support them and cheer ABE. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely a good number of Welsh people who will do exactly that (and I would bet near 100% of people do that in Rugby terms), but for football its different somehow.


>> No. 451884 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 2:28 am
/b/451884 Fuck the Recursive Bible!
Have any of you ever spent so much time with fundamentalists that you started thinking characters from the Bible decided to read the Bible itself to figure out what they had to do next? FUCK THE RECURSIVE BIBLE! Also, days were less than 24 hours long in the distant past, "red" was sometimes used in the Bible to describe brown objects, and most Bible-thumpers might secretly be porn addicts.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 451896 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 5:05 pm
451896 spacer
Timestamps are often stored and communicated alongside their time zone.
>> No. 451897 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 5:20 pm
451897 spacer

Yep. There's also a system to synchronise everyone's clocks.

If you need really accurate timekeeping (usually for finance or distributed database applications) you'll use a GPS-disciplined atomic clock.
>> No. 451898 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 5:46 pm
451898 spacer
>>451897 If you need really accurate timekeeping

Nah, if you need really accurate distributed time (because your experiment is hundreds of kilometers across and you care about times in the nanosecond range or less), you want something like white rabbit - accurate to ns, precise to ps,
glorious madness. None of this pissing about with time zones - is the time at your head the same as the time at your toes? Light takes a while to get there, does time?
>> No. 451901 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 9:05 am
451901 spacer
Why hasn't this Q-drop tier spam been reported yet? It's being spammed all over the shop.
>> No. 451902 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 9:49 am
451902 spacer


>> No. 9865 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:13 pm
/spo/9865 IRON MIKE
Mike Tyson, pigeon fancier.

I was surprised to find the baddest boxing bastard fancied pigeons.
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>> No. 9866 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:31 pm
9866 spacer
Pigeons are straight gangsta.

>> No. 9867 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:36 pm
9867 spacer
Well I've got something that's going to blow your fucking mind


Copy of 124394703452.jpg
>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
/nom/9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 15149 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 12:27 pm
15149 spacer
Got a tin of snails for £1.70. What can I do with them? Was thinking butter and garlic and parsley, but that seems a bit pedestrian.
>> No. 15150 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 12:41 pm
15150 spacer
Throw them at your local conservative HQ.
>> No. 15168 Anonymous
2nd June 2022
Thursday 9:36 am
15168 Dumplings
Egg/flour dough. Maybe a some turmeric for colour. Knead, might need a tiny splash of water to come together. Knead some more until you have a non-sticky tennis ball of dough. When your arms are tired, let it sit for a pint or two.

Have some flour handy and start flattening that ball. Use your hands to make a disc, then start rolling it out. Use a bottle if you don't have a bin. Keep rubbing in flour so it doesn't stick. And keep rolling until it's about as thin as a q-tips stick. If in doubt and you run out of space, cut it in half and deal with that part later. Once rolled out, find a beer can, rip off the tab, and use the business end to stencil out dough circles.

Minced meat (not that Christmas shit), actual meat. Pork/beef mix is best, at least 20% fat and ideally more. Add hatever cheap spice you can: salt, MSG, "mixed herbs", whatever. Take a ball of meat, about the size of... you've done arts and crafts and wrapped a present. A 1" ball or so, put that on a dough disk and wrap the dough around it. Work the dough more than the filling. Seal the edges, you can do fancy hand crimping, use a fork, or just accept you're making soup.

Boil them in salty water (how much salt? As much as you can stomach) for about 15-20 minutes.

Goes well with anything.
>> No. 15172 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 4:29 pm
15172 spacer

My Nigerian neighbours cook this every weekend. It smells lovely out in the garden.


>> No. 71046 Samefag
4th June 2022
Saturday 10:39 pm
/iq/71046 toilets


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>> No. 71049 Auntiefucker
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:00 pm
71049 spacer
That's one of the most well-known "fun facts" on the entire Internet. But from the germs angle: you never heard about Romans with asthma, did you? Perhaps it's a good thing to give yourself the occasional spruce with a stranger's faeces.
>> No. 71050 R4GE
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:27 pm
71050 spacer


did ambulancelad survive?
Am I getting a hefty love and cherishloadz?
i saw the chair years ago
purpz is boris johnson
>> No. 71052 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:01 am
71052 spacer
Going by the picture they apparently made water flow uphill though.
>> No. 71053 Anonymous
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:09 am
71053 spacer


Are you a blackm7 because that'ts the type of logic and voodoo that blacks believe in.
>> No. 71054 Moralfag
5th June 2022
Sunday 12:09 am
71054 spacer


>> No. 36631 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 8:22 am
/news/36631 spacer
Pensioner blames £3 M&S tuna and sweetcorn sandwich for 'terrible tummy ache'

https://www.hullPlease don't ban

That's it. That's literally it. A pensioner ate a sandwich and got tummy ache. It's never dull in Hull.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 38037 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 8:30 pm
38037 spacer

He's at it again.

>A Yorkshire burger van owner has promoted his business on Mother’s Day by featuring missing tot Madeleine McCann and her mum.

>The Otley Burger Company in Boroughgate, Leeds, wrote: “With burgers this good, you’ll leave your kids at home. What’s the worst that could happen [sic] Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.”
>> No. 38038 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 8:44 pm
38038 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 38279 Anonymous
23rd April 2022
Saturday 9:02 am
38279 spacer

Mum furious as son's Toby Carvery foot-long hot dog looks like 'ET's finger'
>> No. 38640 Anonymous
3rd June 2022
Friday 8:55 pm
38640 spacer
Dublin man goes to Lidl for milk and comes out with remote control forklift
>> No. 38647 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 1:40 am
38647 spacer

The thing that makes this the perfect fit for this thread is that not only is it just "we asked people what they bought in the middle aisle", they probably had to overlook what was actually in the middle aisle to do it.


>> No. 9863 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 12:11 am
/spo/9863 spacer
>Champions League Final: Harrowing accounts of post-match violence spark debate

>A week has gone by but the stadium "fiasco" remains a hot issue in France, with new and harrowing accounts about the breakdown in law and order when the match had come to an end.

>Among Liverpool fans whose translated testimony has been circulating widely on social media is UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett, who said he had "never been so scared in my life … as when I came out of that ground on Saturday night. At least when you are in a cage it is one against one," the mixed martial artist said.

>"There were groups of 30 men, running around in big packs. Some of them had weapons: machetes, knives, bars and bats. People were being pinned to the floor and having their watches taken. I saw people having their handbags taken off them, when [the thieves] would pull the bag from them and then slice the [strap] with a knife."

Why is it that whenever absolutely anything goes wrong at a sporting event it's pinned on English fans? It looks like the Olympics in Paris will be a laugh.
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>> No. 9864 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 1:30 am
9864 spacer
The problems before the match were a fairly straightforward last-minute logistical cockup. A partial strike on the RER meant that most of the Liverpool fans came to the stadium via Ligne D rather than Ligne B. The plan was to redirect most of these fans to the main approach on the Avenue du Stade de France, but this plan wasn't carried out by the municipal police. The overwhelming number of fans at the secondary approach on Avenue du Président Wilson created several severe bottlenecks well before the fans actually reached the stadium gates.

By the time the situation became clear, there was no viable plan to redirect the crowd to alternative gates and it was primarily a case of preventing a dangerous stampede or crush. If we're being charitable, the problems broadly stem from the last-minute change of venue, UEFA's failure to fully appraise the suitability of the Stade de France and the bureaucratic complexities of France's multi-layered policing system.

As regards the trouble after the match, the Stade de France is in Saint-Denis, which is bandit country. There's nowhere in Britain that even begins to compare with the lawlessness and mayhem of the banlieues défavorisées. The police don't enforce the law there, they just try to stop the shit from spilling out. Liverpool Football Club failed to communicate this to their fans, but I'm not sure they would have fully appreciated the gravity of the situation.


>> No. 71032 Paedofag
1st June 2022
Wednesday 11:45 pm
/iq/71032 spacer
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>> No. 71033 Billbob
2nd June 2022
Thursday 12:30 am
71033 spacer
Walk your fucking dog. Take care of your dog, deal with its needs. Like a hamster wheel a running cage can work, but if you cannot build one yourself... learn to handle your dog!
>> No. 71035 YubYub
2nd June 2022
Thursday 7:08 pm
71035 spacer

the electric ones should be fucking banned


>> No. 71024 Auntiefucker
1st June 2022
Wednesday 11:48 am
/iq/71024 spacer
Welby's the name,
Saying we should forgive diddlers' is the game.
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>> No. 71025 Auntiefucker
1st June 2022
Wednesday 12:36 pm
71025 spacer
I thought forgiveness could only be given if one repents?
>> No. 71026 Auntiefucker
1st June 2022
Wednesday 1:05 pm
71026 spacer
He does repent. Prince Andrew has to sit with a doddery old lady all day who sits on a throne that will never be his. Also, he can't go out committing statutory rapes on the reg any more. He is almost certainly incredibly remorseful.
>> No. 71029 Anonymous
1st June 2022
Wednesday 2:10 pm
71029 spacer
Church Of England is a joke. So are the kiddy fiddling idolaters in the Vatican. Only weird evangelical churches that play Christian rock while shunning gays are what the REAL Jesus Christ would sanction.
>> No. 71030 Billbob
1st June 2022
Wednesday 2:15 pm
71030 spacer
Yeah but do they havt funny hats with fishes on and a pimping stick with a wolf(?) trying to rim a goat?


>> No. 95927 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:27 pm
/pol/95927 spacer

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>> No. 95928 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 1:27 am
95928 spacer
Can't decide whether I should spend me £650 on a new guitar or a gender bending prostitute.
>> No. 95929 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 2:27 pm
95929 spacer

Why not both? Get a sensibly priced Classic Vibe Squier, then get your dirtbox wrecked by a chick with a dick.
>> No. 95930 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 9:18 pm
95930 spacer

If you adopt a pet Ukranian, you could push it to PRS SE money and have money left over for the prozzie.

I got one last year (a PRS I mean, not a ladyboy prozzie) and after dropping some new pickups in (reproductions of the ones what Jimmy Page had in his Les Paul, allegedly) I can comfortably say it'll be the last guitar I ever buy*. Feels nicer than some top end Gibsons I've tried over the last few years, and you don't have to be reminded it's a knock-off every time you look at the headstock like with a Squier/Epiphone.

(*It definitely won't, but you know what I mean. It could be, if I had anything else to spend my disposable income on, like a social life or a family)
>> No. 95931 Anonymous
28th May 2022
Saturday 12:05 am
95931 spacer
Why not get the guitar and roger yourself with the neck.
>> No. 95932 Anonymous
29th May 2022
Sunday 3:57 pm
95932 spacer
If I get myself a Ukrainian then I don't need the prozzie.

I already have three good electrics so this is more of a bout of mindless consumerism and chasing after the "one" than any genuine need.

I'm sure PRS's are great but I can't get over the bird inlays most of them have.


>> No. 4741 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 2:34 pm
/mph/4741 spacer
It seems that "luxury" cars are now quite common. Lots of young guys own Mercs and BMWs, anyone with a pulse seems able to buy a Chelsea tractor for the school run. So what actually stands out as a sign of wealth or quality in terms of cars nowadays? Is it all just about the age of the model? Something more unusual like Teslas or other electric vehicles? Carbon fibre road bicycles?
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>> No. 4759 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:39 am
4759 spacer

Reading the "Fairytale" it sounds like the owners are a bit soft in the head but that makes sense to me as why someone would run such a place, in Hull, for decades.
>> No. 4760 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:07 am
4760 spacer
I think that page was written in the mid-noughties, when everything was a bit more lolrandum.
>> No. 4761 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 12:29 pm
4761 spacer

A date on the music.html page suggests it was last updated in 2001.
>> No. 4762 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:26 pm
4762 spacer

The site supports HTTPS, so someone is actively maintaining it.
>> No. 4763 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 11:42 am
4763 spacer

Nuisance 3.0?


>> No. 6478 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 3:31 am
/uni/6478 Transitioning from student to teacher
I am an academic, and I'm about to take on my first PhD student. I'm bricking it a little bit, so I wanted to reach out to you lads.

Those of you with advanced degrees, I'd love to hear how your student-supervisor relationship was during your studies.

My own PhD supervisor was a bit blunt, but I was lucky that he is/was a very principled bloke. There were a few opportunities for him to drop me, and I fucking *know* that he wanted to for at least some of our time together, but he stuck with me, and I'm a reasonably successful scientist now because of it. We had very little personal connection due to differences in personalities (me being a bit of a lad, him being so posh that his speaking voice was almost unintelligible), but there were a few occasions where we socialised outside of work over a pint and got on just fine. Overall, I lucked out on the PhD supervisor front as he is a great scientist who exercised a fuckload of patience with me.

I have quite a lot of experience mentoring students indirectly as a postdoc, but this is my first time ever having someone whose career - and therefore life - is intrinsically linked to my guidance. I don't want to fuck it up.

Any thoughts? Tips? Stories from postgrad?

This can also be a general /job/ thread for managing people. I did /uni/ it because the academic student-supervisor relationship is a little different to the workforce, since academia isn't exactly the real world, especially in more niche fields.
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>> No. 6479 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 9:22 am
6479 spacer
It sounds as though your own supervisor did you right despite your differences and you're able to appreciate the good he did and are mentally preparing yourself to do the same for someone else. While someone else may be able to offer you advice, my impression here is that you're already capable and this post is mostly just normal jitters from starting a new role; you're already well capable of it.
>> No. 6480 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 10:20 pm
6480 spacer
Thanks, lad, your optimism is appreciated.

My PhD supervisor wasn't all bad, we just never clicked on a personal level, and I'm old enough now to realise that most of my issues as a student were my own self-doubt cemented by the low self-esteem working class tendency to find a million reasons why any failures - real or potential - were not my fault. One of the most powerful things he did on that front was outright call me out for being quick to blame my poor secondary education every time I encountered something new or outside of my comfort zone.

I'm hoping that by the time the lad starts, I've got a more concrete idea of how I'd like him to spend his time. The challenge is going to be allowing him to learn, rather than just jumping in and doing stuff for him myself.

It's going to be fun, and he's a mature-ish student so he's a lot more likely to be taking things seriously.
>> No. 6481 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 10:37 pm
6481 spacer

It's not optimism for the sake of optimism; the way you've talked about it sounds to me like you've got a good grasp of the context and what will be important.
>> No. 6482 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 10:33 am
6482 spacer
I had two supervisors - one of which had done a postdoc in Sweden.
He brought back the concept of a Fika break - he'd encourage his research group to meet for coffee and cake at 3pm. It was 15 minutes, and he'd stop us from talking about work (so it didn't turn into another lab meeting). He genuinely cared about our wellbeing and making sure we didn't get isolated.

Looking back, it was such a good idea, and probably seriously helped me not go mad. I would suspect his PhD students probably had a better success rate, and lower drop-out rates, than the average.


>> No. 28996 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 3:49 pm
/news/28996 spacer
Fewer people believe the BBC to be an impartial broadcaster than ever before, with the corporation’s news output falling below Sky, ITV/STV, Channel 5, and Channel 4 in the latest Ofcom report.

According to Ofcom’s BBC Performance Tracker, only 54% of UK adults agree that the BBC provides news that is impartial. However, separate research comparing the BBC to other UK broadcasters found that 58% of people thought the corporation was impartial. This is compared to Sky’s 69%, Channel 4’s 66%, ITV/STV’s 63%, and Channel 5’s 61%.

Perception of the trustworthiness of the BBC’s news output also varied across the socio-economic spectrum. The Ofcom report found that 60% of people in the higher AB socio-economic group thought the corporation was impartial, compared to just 49% in the lower CD group.

Younger audiences are treating BBC services such as iPlayer as an afterthought, according to a warning from Ofcom, as the media regulator revealed that people aged 16-34 spend less than an hour a day consuming BBC content.

This age group has reduced its use of the BBC by 22% in three years, according to Ofcom’s annual appraisal of the corporation’s performance. People in the age bracket are drifting away from traditional broadcast channels such as BBC One and instinctively heading towards YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, rather than the corporation’s online services. As a result younger audiences tend to only use iPlayer “when they know what they want to watch, rather than as a destination to browse for new content”.

The loyalty of older and wealthier BBC viewers is draining away as the corporation desperately tries to attract younger audiences, a report from the media regulator has revealed. Ofcom also said yesterday that the corporation was out of touch with large swathes of licence fee payers around the UK, as its audience continues to fall.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 38512 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 5:47 pm
38512 spacer
Don't worry, they'll probably be back in a few years.

I've probably said here before that if they had completely free rein, the BBC's broadcast channels would only contain live and topical content. The way people consume media has changed massively this century, and the BBC would rather not have linear channels when they could just put all their content online and let people have at it. As >>36671 points out, they had to fight just to get the four-week catch-up they started out with, let alone being able to retain an entire series as it aired.
>> No. 38513 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 6:30 pm
38513 spacer
I can't believe one of my favourite TV channels is being taken off air, despite being home to some of the cleverest and most intellectually stimulating content in all of broadcast media. And they're also getting rid of BBC Four.
>> No. 38514 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:59 pm
38514 spacer
If BBC Four isn't a proper channel anymore, staying hotels will be much more dull. You'll have to watch the typical shite like Gogglebox, instead of a documentary about the history of vaginas in classical art you'd otherwise never have bothered with.
>> No. 38516 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 3:16 am
38516 spacer
I wanted BBC 3 back for years so I'm very sorry. If I knew Meet the Khans, a show in which a barely literate man hurtles towards dementia like a spacecraft on reentry as his wife accepts self-respect really does have a price tag, would cost us the entirety of BBC 4, I would have reconsidered my position.
>> No. 38517 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 6:43 am
38517 spacer

Mate, you can get unlimited 5G for £16 a month.


>> No. 5907 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 6:50 pm
/poof/5907 Watches
I was sure we had a wristwatch thread, but maybe the topic just came up elsewhere. A relative of mine has just offered to get me a watch for Chrimbo, with a budget of up to 120 quid-ish. I'm in over my head so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I've narrowed down my options but only slightly.

First option is a fitness watch. I bought a £20 quid Fitbit knockoff a year ago that inevitably broke and whose heart monitor was a bit shit, but is the extra Fitbit functionality worth paying four times the price? I actually quite liked the look of it, but I wouldn't feel great wearing it on a date.

Next option is just a classic Casio digital watch, but will I look like a complete tryhard arse wearing one? I have no idea what the fashion protocol is here. And I suspect that women would be rather put off by it. Which is a vain concern admittedly, but vanity has to be at least a small factor in this decision somewhere.

Lastly, and probably my preferred option, is just a classic analogue. Absolutely nothing that has gold on it, and nothing that's the size of a dinner plate and adorned with lots of pointless doodads that clutter the face. I like silver, white and black minimalist styles that don't look too feminine if that helps - pic related is my sort of style, although the face is a bit large for my liking. Does anyone know of any decent brands in the £100 range? I'm getting good at identfying the Chinese knockoffs with vaguely-European sounding names, but it's a lot to sift through. If there's a British manufacturer in this range than all the better.

Apologies for having an unhelpfully large scope, I'm under a bit of time pressure since they want to order it this weekend. Any help is greatly apppreciated.
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>> No. 6672 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 9:42 pm
6672 spacer

Christopher Ward are starting to stock older models with the newer logo.
>> No. 6673 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:02 pm
6673 spacer

200 metres water resistance sounds like a bold claim for a watch that was less than five quid. Then again, for that kind of money, who cares.
>> No. 6674 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:25 pm
6674 spacer
As is 'Japan Movement'.
>> No. 6675 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:45 pm
6675 spacer

It's like a hipster Garmin. Bonkers.
>> No. 6680 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 9:50 pm
6680 spacer
TK Maxx have a Mondaine smart watch for £150, although it's not my cup of tea.


>> No. 32916 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 1:08 am
/101/32916 Dating Moans
I thought we should just make a thread to moan and talk about the dating scene. There seems like 2 of us who are now on the arse-end of it in our 30s so I thought we could at least serve as a warning for others.

My moan is that a lass has just set a date for next Tuesday. I understand people are busy but I'm cynical enough that I'll let you know when she inevitably backs out for putting it too far into the future.
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>> No. 33181 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 9:49 pm
33181 spacer
You're thinking about it from the perspective of an absence and not instead a world of choice. Even in Mexico there's vast differences between states.
>> No. 33182 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 10:09 pm
33182 spacer

It's all a bit of a swings and roundabouts thing when it comes to the difference between nice countries and shitholes, though. You might sit here thinking "why the fuck would somebody move to Britain and not New Zealand or Canada or Switzerland Germany, they must have really loved Doctor Who as a kid", but there are as many downsides to those countries as to our own. The reasons people chose to move to a place are often entirely pragmatic, not desire based.
>> No. 33183 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 1:14 am
33183 spacer

>The perception of infinite choice has made us less tolerant of the flaws that make us human.

Exactly. And I'm not sure people are ready to accept them the way they did in our grandparents' generation, where people stayed together for many decades and just lived with the fact that whoever they were with may have been an absolute git in certain areas, but was in the greater scheme of things a good and decent person to be with.

My nan grew up in a Yorkshire village and married somebody from three towns over. It was more or less what everybody did. Back in them days, you had very limited choice, more often than not as a young person there were realistically two or three potential partners for you where you lived, and that was it. You then almost inevitably ended up marrying one of them. And I can't say my grandparents ever seemed greatly unhappy with each other. My nan even forgave my grandad after he had a few affairs.
>> No. 33184 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 12:21 am
33184 spacer
If you put away the rose-tinted glasses though you soon see that such a world is fucking horrible. The problem isn't with the selection but that people are bad at knowing what they want in a partner and what really matters in general.

Start with the man in the mirror and embrace that fat lass who liked you on Hinge. Give her a shot. It's what otherlad did and look at how happy he is. If she's horrible then you leave her and try someone else, maybe having grown a little from the journey or at least having had some fun.
>> No. 33226 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 3:44 pm
33226 spacer
>what do your parents do?
Every time. I didn't notice before. Class lad is always right.


>> No. 6676 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 9:58 am
/poof/6676 spacer
Has anyone invented an all-purpose goop that makes a serviceable skin moisturiser, hair gel, leave-in conditioner, and deodorant?

If we can combine hair and body washes, why not other things?
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>> No. 6677 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 10:15 am
6677 spacer
Hail to thee, blithe wompom!
>> No. 6678 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:32 am
6678 spacer
Hippies believe that coconut oil is exactly such a product, but it just makes them greasy.
>> No. 6679 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:02 pm
6679 spacer
3-in-one oil, what's that all about?


>> No. 95867 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 5:51 pm
/pol/95867 spacer
This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 95876 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 10:41 pm
95876 spacer
God I wish we had AV over here. I don't know much about Aussie politics but by the sounds of what I heard on the radio, it at least makes elections a lot more interesting. None of this endless hung parliament gerrymandering shite like we get over here.
>> No. 95877 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:09 pm
95877 spacer
One thing I have found out, and like, about Aussie politics during my passing interest with this election is that they have a ban on politicians employing spouses and relatives. It never occured to me you could just stop it like that. I'd never have to hear about £60,000 a year of public money being laundered through some oafish MP's missus.
>> No. 95878 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 11:26 pm
95878 spacer

What I find, being from Yorkshire, real Aussies will speak their mind. Call you a cunt until you put in the yakka. Metro Melbos fucked it.
>> No. 95879 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:43 am
95879 spacer
ABC coverage was available to stream on YouTube. You'll see the legend that is Antony Green talking through the numbers from time to time. He's like John Curtice but less academic and more techy.

A couple of years ago I met him and he described how it all works. The AEC decides in advance who the top two candidates are going to be. Ballots are counted at polling station, and they initially report the first preference totals and the two-candidate preference totals. If it turns out they guessed wrong or there's a closer run for second place than expected, then they stop reporting 2CP and just report out the full count, which takes longer as they need to wait for all the stations to count each round individually. They were waiting days for a result in 2016 because the AEC got a lot of their 2CP calls wrong, and so both sides were stuck in the 60s with a dozen full counts to do.

Green's evaluation of the UK going to AV was that we would need to be prepared to give up election night if we insisted on bringing all the ballot papers to count centres and only putting out numbers when complete rounds of counting were completed. He's able to make projections after a few hours only because numbers are available for individual locations.
>> No. 95904 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 5:14 am
95904 spacer

>7 seats in doubt

Count faster you lazy fucking convicts.


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 14993 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 12:26 am
14993 spacer
Is Leeds Live a newspaper? Is that review likely to have been printed on actual paper? This would be the final insult to trees if so, to know your brethren were felled to accommodate a manchild's blog post about McDonald's.

(Obviously I am very sorry if the shite journalist in question happens to post here).
>> No. 14994 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 12:36 am
14994 spacer
A lot of local newspapers have fallen under the 'Live' umbrella, e.g. the Hull Daily Mail is Hull Live online, the Birmingham Mail is Birmingham Live online, the Stoke Sentinel is Stoke Live online, etc.

They're all owned by Reach, who also own The Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Express and OK Magazine, amongst others, which is why you'll constantly see stories regurgitated from one of the local papers they own into the nationals and vice versa.

Actually, looking into it, I think Leeds Live are completely separate and are just looking to piggyback off the Live branding.
>> No. 15145 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:29 pm
15145 spacer
McDonald's drive-thru in Leyland blocked by angry man who refused to wait for sausage and egg McMuffins

The stalemate began at around 9.30am shortly after the customer, Stuart Yates, 55, drove up to the restaurant on Churchill Way and requested the two breakfast meals.

He said: “A week ago I got made to wait in the car park for over 15 minutes. A lad spotted me and said ‘oh, it’s him again’, because last time I complained. They said go and wait in the car park… I said ‘I’m not going anywhere until I get my food’.”

The drive-thru lane has been closed and police have been called to the scene.
>> No. 15146 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 9:55 pm
15146 spacer

"I want breakfast".
>> No. 15147 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 10:10 pm
15147 spacer
After blocking the drive-thru for two hours and being moved on by the police he went home and ordered a couple of Big Macs through Uber Eats.


>> No. 451674 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:28 pm
/b/451674 Ironic photograph Locked
Post your reaction to this image

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 451675 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:47 pm
451675 spacer
A thread died for this.


>> No. 451186 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 10:19 pm
You knows it.
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>> No. 451651 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 12:58 am
451651 spacer

>another man who doesn't really believe women have to deal with even half the shit they complain about

No, you're still missing the point. I absolutely believe her. I just don't think it's a big deal.

If you'd ever been in a relationship with one, you'd be well aware half the shit they complain about is bollocks.
>> No. 451652 Anonymous
21st May 2022
Saturday 1:49 am
451652 spacer

>you'd be well aware half the shit they complain about is bollocks.

Maybe your testicles are just subpar then.
>> No. 451665 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:36 am
451665 spacer
>women really do absolutely feel like their life is in danger whenever they see a willy they weren't expecting

So do guys when they see a knife they weren't expecting. More men die from knife violence than women from rape. I'm not counting numbers here.
>> No. 451667 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:29 am
451667 spacer
Go and threaten someone with a knife then, if it's the same. See if you get in more trouble, less trouble, or the same amount of trouble.
>> No. 451668 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 1:49 am
451668 spacer
Even Arr Greenandpleasant is making jokes along the lines of "I wish he'd shown me instead, I could do with $250k".

When even Rudgwick turbo-lefties are making light of it, I think it's probably worth picking another issue to show off how much of a woman respecter you are.


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