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>> No. 21207 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 5:50 pm
/v/21207 Black Mirror season 3
How has a thread about this not been made yet?

My brains just about managed to survive the first 3 episodes but it's so incredibly fucked up. Episode 2 in particular legitimately 'triggered' me to the point I came close to having a full blown panic attack.

I don't remember any of the stuff in the first two seasons coming close to these new episodes in terms of quality or brutality. Though I suppose the Christmas special was a sign of things to come. I'm guessing now that Netflix have taken it up it's got more resources and Brooker's perhaps taken less of a role in production. Either way his screenwriting abilities seem to just be getting better and better.
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>> No. 22524 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 11:42 pm
22524 spacer
I think BBC 4 already did that.
>> No. 22525 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 12:14 am
22525 spacer
Netflix genuinely has an hours long 4k stream of a fireplace.
>> No. 22526 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 12:19 am
22526 spacer
Would definitely watch it though - I love those BBC4 shows.
>> No. 22527 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 10:02 am
22527 spacer
Hang the DJ was alright.
>> No. 22528 Anonymous
29th December 2018
Saturday 10:12 am
22528 spacer
I watched that after White Christmas and USS Callister and ended up thinking he needs to start coming up with a new plot device.


>> No. 62295 Are Moaty
29th December 2018
Saturday 12:57 am
/iq/62295 spacer
So this medical-care giver that's gender-neutral, because nurses can both be male and female say's to his or her disable..Or should I say differently-abled patient, why do you have a penguin on your head? Don't you know penguins are endangered?
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>> No. 62296 Crabkiller
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:24 am
62296 spacer

1995 mate. 23 years ago.
>> No. 62297 Searchfag
29th December 2018
Saturday 1:27 am
62297 spacer
I don't get your point, but if it's that Stewart Lee doesn't say offensive things, I don't really know what to say to you other than I hope that you and your children go blind, not one of them, in one of their eyes - all of them, in all of their eyes


>> No. 27877 Anonymous
27th December 2018
Thursday 10:59 pm
/emo/27877 spacer
The dad of one of my exes committed suicide on an afternoon a month ago. He hung himself in his shed in the back garden. His body was spotted by a gardener who was working in an adjacent back garden and very suddenly noticed a person dangling in mid-air through the shed's back window. The gardener then jumped over fences and hedges like mad and cut my ex's dad down and tried to resuscitate him, but it was too late, maybe just by a few minutes. The ambulance apparently arrived just moments later but all they could do was pronounce him dead.

What a horrible thing to witness.

Anyway, what my ex and I had was eons ago. We were each other's first love though, and although we were never again on speaking terms due to an immensely hostile breakup, there were times when very old mutual friends thought there was a chance for us to at least be in the same room with each other without shouting angry things at the other person. That all never materialised. Mainly because people like to gossip, but also because some two or three percent of me may still have cared about her, my attempts to then get back in touch with her were met with rejection and her worry that I still secretly wanted to have her back.

Why am I writing all this? Well, like my dad who also killed himself, her dad suffered from lifelong clinical depression. My dad was in and out of treatment until he did manage to take his own life, just like her dad the last couple of years if I understood correctly what our old mutual friends (now much more distant and really just old acquaintances to me) told me about all the recent events. So effectively she is in a similar position now as I am, which is that just like ours, her family is reduced to two people due to incredibly tragic events.

I had made my peace with probably never meeting her again. We live almost 100 miles apart now and it was unhealthy anyway to try to get in touch with somebody who had made it quite clear she wasn't interested. She is married now too, so in any case, there still would have been that to consider. And my main feeling towards her was probably not the hope that we would get back together, but feeling sorry about the way we broke up back in the day, because it was nearly all my fault.

But now I very genuinely just feel sorry for her because I know the kind of horror from first-hand experience that your dad's suicide can inflict on your family.

What do I do? Am I enough of a decent human being if I just keep her in my thoughts and think of what she, and her mum, must be going through at the moment? I'm not religious, so that's the best I can do in that way. Or should I let her know in a more direct way that despite me not being at the funeral or having sent my condolences, I am really quite shaken up for her?
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>> No. 27880 Anonymous
27th December 2018
Thursday 11:57 pm
27880 spacer
She's got enough on her plate right now and at this point you barely know her much less have an exact idea of what she's going through. Unless your cock is a magic wand it's best to leave it at a thought of wishing her the best and getting back to your own business.
>> No. 27881 Anonymous
27th December 2018
Thursday 11:59 pm
27881 spacer
A letter is inherently melodramatic in today's world and reeks of being from one of those people who makes a death all about themselves.
>> No. 27882 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 12:15 am
27882 spacer

My first reaction was indeed that I had no right to just barge into her life, out of nowhere for all intents and purposes, at a moment that was about mourning the tragic death of a very close family member. And not about all of a sudden an old boyfriend making himself noticed, who might entertain the misplaced idea that it was a decent thing to do to express my condolences in writing.

I understand that fully, and that's why I actually didn't send my condolences. But then again part of me is really shaken up about this, both because my own dad killed himself, so it kind of hit close to home, and because I actually really liked her dad back in the day.

This thread is probably going to amount to little more than mental shadow boxing without any real world consequences, but I value your perspectives on the issue, .gs. That's why I posted it.
>> No. 27884 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 1:04 am
27884 spacer
It sounds like you want to contact her to comfort yourself in some way, be it to express something about your own father to her, to talk to her again, or simply to feel better about yourself for sending your condolences to her. This is not a good idea.

If you're 100% sure your condolences will actually console her, then go ahead. If you're just wanting to have a teary together with her about your sad lives, just so you can wallow for a bit with her, then please leave well alone. That's the impression I'm getting from the way you're writing.

The normal, baseline response would be to send a bereavement card to her (her family). If she has any interest in talking to you at that point, then she will.
>> No. 27886 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 1:52 pm
27886 spacer


I'm just kind of caught between the idea that it's a decent thing to do to express your condolences to the family of somebody you used to know on the one hand, and the realisation on the other hand that the door to my ex was shut years ago, and that this is possibly the least appropriate kind of time to reopen that door. If that would ever be a good idea in the first place.


>> ID: 02bce9 No. 11260 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm

ID: 02bce9
/shed/11260 spacer
May we have the maximum image size on /spo/ increased so we can have a .gif thread, please?
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>> ID: 2082fa No. 14724 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 12:55 pm

ID: 2082fa
14724 spacer

>> ID: 2082fa No. 14728 Anonymous
29th September 2018
Saturday 7:29 am

ID: 2082fa
14728 spacer


>> ID: 2082fa No. 14798 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 6:14 pm

ID: 2082fa
14798 spacer

Any chance of getting webms?
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14814 Anonymous
14th December 2018
Friday 7:05 am

ID: 2082fa
14814 spacer


>> ID: 2082fa No. 14817 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 1:36 pm

ID: 2082fa
14817 spacer



>> No. 27865 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 10:32 am
/emo/27865 spacer
I keep having horribly vivid dreams about my ex of maybe five or six years ago now. They're mainly emotional reunions.
I do miss her terribly but can't imagine for a moment she'd be happy about me getting in touch. It wasn't the most pleasant break up, for a number of reasons that were entirely my fault. I'm not even sure how I could go about getting in touch as I've deleted all avenues of communication to prevent my drunk self pestering her. All the same I would like these dreams to stop. It's all very painful.
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>> No. 27866 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 12:11 pm
27866 spacer
It's the last part of getting over someone. Stay strong and maybe find someone else to keep your lonely mind busy.
>> No. 27867 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 12:34 pm
27867 spacer
5 years is the outer limit of hormone induced infatuation affecting your decision making, as it wears off after between 3-5 years and it exists to stop men doing a runner after the baby is born. It's good to be aware of biological mechanisms when dealing with stuff like this, but I think you're probably clear of it's influence despite it sounding a lot like you aren't.

Instead, this seems like guilt becoming an obsession. You need to forgive yourself, regardless of whether she ever does or not, and move on.
>> No. 27868 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 5:01 pm
27868 spacer
I've thrown away anything that would remind me of her but my subconscious still has me quite literally kicking other women out of bed in my sleep. Being a pain in the arse obsessive stalker is the last thing I'd want to do, pushing my problems all over someone else who most likely moved on a long time ago. I don't think I know how to forgive myself.
>> No. 27885 Anonymous
28th December 2018
Friday 3:00 am
27885 spacer
>I don't think I know how to forgive myself.

That, my friend, we cannot help you with. You need to speak to someone qualified to help you break this obsessive cycle of behaviour and to talk about why you feel you can't forgive yourself.

I will say though, forgiving yourself doesn't have a requirement or obligation for other people to respect your decision. It's personal, it's not about pleasing others or even about redemption. It's about being able to live with yourself and be inside your own head and it be a safe space rather than a hostile one.


>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
/g/25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 26982 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 2:54 pm
26982 spacer
Do they take cheque?
>> No. 26983 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 3:08 pm
26983 spacer
How do you find your way within those thousands of samples?
>> No. 26984 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 3:31 pm
26984 spacer


Most sample libraries nowadays come with a nice powerful sample player UI, and lots of metadata so you can quickly find stuff and it's all nicely organised, like Kontakt here. The big players are very good at this, to the point where I could browse a category like "brass, alien, sci fi, fx" and find something specific to all of those.

Even without all that the standard practice for a sample pack is to put everything in very specific nested folders, so even looking at the raw files you could easily find your single short C sharp trumpet note by going Sample Pack>Orchestral>Brass>Trumpet>C#staccatotrumpet.wav, though that's really not neccesary these days since most sample makers will include indexing files for all the common sample player software.
>> No. 26986 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 9:43 pm
26986 spacer
I don't know. Maybe I should check.
>> No. 26987 Anonymous
27th December 2018
Thursday 10:03 am
26987 spacer

Czech yourselves before you wrzech yourselves.


>> No. 16960 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 9:12 pm
/news/16960 Millions would be put at risk in a cashless society, research warns

>A new "Access to Cash" study released on Wednesday warned that the U.K. risks drifting into a cashless society that could handicap those who are poor or in debt, disabled people, rural families and anyone who may be at risk of having their finances controlled by an abuser.

>The report, which surveyed 2,000 people and charities, said: "Many are struggling to participate in our digital society. If we sleepwalk towards a cashless economy, we'll leave millions behind."
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>> No. 17093 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 8:32 pm
17093 spacer

I see a lot of people like you fearing for what might happen, but the reality is we're already there.

If the government wants to track you, they already are, and they have been for decades. It's admittedly made easier by new technology, but if MI5 want to know where I'm spending my cash, they'll sharp find out. Your phone, your face, your fingerprints, it's all easy enough to track even by a private company, let alone the government.

We're long past the point of being able to fly under the radar. I'd be surprised if there wasn't already a social/criminal score tied to my name in a computer in a basement somewhere in London.
>> No. 17097 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 9:47 pm
17097 spacer
I wouldn't say that is precisely what worries me, any debate over direct surveillance was over the day we allowed CCTV everywhere. Now it's just normal and people would be more likely to get mad over not enough data being available.

Instead what worries me is how passive this is all becoming and the danger of interlinking data as a means of social control or even re-personalisation of society. So far we've had a society of increasing anonymity after centuries of every moraliser in the village knowing your business but that's changing and I think this thread is already illustrative of how people will accept things out of simple convenience. Nothing can seemingly be done about it as an individual and indeed, you better be a good boy now or things could get painful for you and everyone who associates with you. I'd probably even have a good score but as a paranoid weirdo who just wants to be left alone it bothers me.
>> No. 17099 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 9:59 pm
17099 spacer

>We're long past the point of being able to fly under the radar. I'd be surprised if there wasn't already a social/criminal score tied to my name in a computer in a basement somewhere in London.

This is pretty much the reality we live in.

China has simply taken it a step further by being quite open about it and admitting to a full-on social scoring system. But that doesn't mean countries like the UK have nothing at all of this sort. It's just kept more hidden from view because obviously it goes against the core principles of a free democratic country as we are led to believe we still live in.
>> No. 17108 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 3:53 pm
17108 spacer
> Maybe we'll never have social credit score
It's already there, think of knobheads offing themselves because of 'likes' - or lack of such - on social media. In less extreme cases, falling into depressive states for the same reason.
The banks have extensive profiles on people. I've seen one - just a casual glance - it wasn't pretty.
Add nosey employers/HRs that sort of vet potential candidates on social media.
It's only about when the gubmint busybodies catch wind properly and make it more formalised.
Many moons ago I paid a visit to one of the local prisons on behalf of the company I'd worked for at that time.
Even if I expected it I was still amazed by the amount of cameras over that place.
Now when I walk through the city I just can't help and notice CCTV everywhere, and I always remind myself of that grim place.
It's ludicrous.
>> No. 17110 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 4:24 pm
17110 spacer

>It's already there, think of knobheads offing themselves because of 'likes' - or lack of such - on social media.

In that case, they weren't going to survive life's harsh realities in the first place.

When I was a lil un, nobody ever really wanted me on their team when we were playing a bit of footie in the neighbourhood playground after school. I was very honestly shit at it, and have been all my life. But that didn't mean I was unaware of the rejection that was going on there.

Was I going to off myself at age ten because of it? No, not really. I also never really thought about offing myself when I applied for jobs and a good few companies declined to even invite me for an interview. I also never considered doing something bad to myself whenever a girlfriend dumped me.

So again, if you can't deal with people not "like"ing you on the Internet, then you are simply unfit for a normal adult life, where rejection will almost be the norm.


>> No. 4139 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:28 am
/mph/4139 spacer

I bought a bargain barge about this time last year and just managed to bluff it through an mot again. Trouble is I think the automatic gearbox wants to pack up. Symptoms started last year.

When you pedal to the metal from speed or a standstill the box will kickdown into a lower gear and the engine revs up but none of that power is transfered to the wheels, even seeming to be actively braking momentum when trying to accelerate from speed.

All forward gears work fine without problem as long as I'm just wafting around but I'm no granddad and not having the ability to power through an overtake is a bit of a pisstake seeing as I'm paying over the odds to run a 3 odd litre straight 6.

The ATF was burnt and dark, that's all now fresh as well as a new filter, problem persists. Is a rebuild in order?
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>> No. 4151 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 10:08 am
4151 spacer

Must be a beemer though, can't think of another 3L straight 6 with a ZF.
>> No. 4152 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 11:40 am
4152 spacer
> 3 odd litre straight 6.
Not 3L. So old Jags?
>> No. 4153 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 12:31 pm
4153 spacer

Ah yes, an old XJ of some sort. I'd guess XJ6 since he said 'barge'.
>> No. 4154 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 4:01 am
4154 spacer

It's an old XJ40 (XJ6)

Thinking about scrapping it now. I have serious adulting to do unfortunately.
>> No. 4250 Anonymous
25th December 2018
Tuesday 11:23 am
4250 spacer
Funny how you too call this type of cars barge.
Nice vehicle. I admit I have a soft spot for them though.


>> No. 422161 Anonymous
22nd November 2018
Thursday 9:49 am
/b/422161 Our fravorite tribesmen are back! and this time they are taking on Jesus

>An American man has been killed by an endangered tribe in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands.

>Fishermen who took the man to North Sentinel island say tribespeople shot him with arrows and left his body on the beach.

>He has been identified as John Allen Chau, a 27 year old from Alabama.

>Contact with the endangered Andaman tribes living in isolation from the world is illegal because of the risks to them from outside disease.

>Estimates say the Sentinelese, who are totally cut off from civilisation, number only between 50 and 150.

>Seven fishermen have been arrested for illegally ferrying the American to the island, police say.

>Local media have reported that Chau may have wanted to meet the tribe to preach Christianity to them.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 423073 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 10:39 pm
423073 spacer
You could probably get people claiming that Santa Claus really existed, if you apply the standard criteria of historical investigation to the likes of Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and whatever else he's based on.

Actually, is Santa Claus the modern equivalent of Jesus? He's effectively only existed in the form we recognise today for c. 150 years and all sorts of bollocks keeps getting added to it to make it seem plausible, to a certain extent.
>> No. 423074 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 11:06 pm
423074 spacer

>You could probably get people claiming that Santa Claus really existed, if you apply the standard criteria of historical investigation to the likes of Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas and whatever else he's based on.

I struggle to see what you mean.
>> No. 423075 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 11:21 pm
423075 spacer
Big bloke. Bushy white beard. Red and white outfit. Delivers presents to the kiddies.
>> No. 423076 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 11:33 pm
423076 spacer

Yeah but everybody knows that's just an OAP (or dolescum) in a costume.
>> No. 423185 Anonymous
24th December 2018
Monday 11:10 pm
423185 spacer


>> No. 12845 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 1:57 pm
/nom/12845 Espresso bollocks
My old man really likes that type of coffee.

I'm thinking about buying him a small semi-auto machine for a birthday gift. There's a wee problem here: I can't figure what exactly I should aim for. Advice on the Net differs: some say the bean quality and the grind uniformity are the things that matter the most, others state that one shouldn't even try to approach espresso without a machine on par with Gaggia Classic / Europiccola, not even mentioning a decent grinder.

Just how important is having a proper coffee hipsterenthusiast endorsed machine? I sense that their advice might be truthful per se but could it be something with diminishing returns compared to a mildly bog standard espresso maker?
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>> No. 12849 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 5:15 pm
12849 spacer
He might. He did all that jazz on his previous job. As far as I can judge it wasn't too much nuisance for him, perhaps even some sort of a rather pleasant ritual.
He has one, I think. It's a good little thing but the coffee it makes is of different kind, despite being brewed by pressure too.
>> No. 12850 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 7:38 pm
12850 spacer

The middle ground option would be a semi-automatic machine with a capsule-compatible portafilter. That gives you the choice between doing everything yourself, or just dropping in a capsule if you can't be arsed with grinding and tamping.

As regards the original question, I think that entry-level machines have improved greatly in recent years. Cheap fully-automatic capsule machines make a perfectly decent espresso, they just lack the level of control that hobbyists want.
>> No. 12851 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 9:23 pm
12851 spacer

>> No. 12858 Anonymous
19th November 2018
Monday 10:08 am
12858 spacer
Instant? Please. Even the Polish method (or Israeli 'kafe bots', whatever the damn name is) yields better results.
>> No. 12899 Anonymous
24th December 2018
Monday 4:04 pm
12899 spacer
Speaking of espresso, are there any decent materials about this magic? What I'm actually interested about is modern 'schools of preparation'.
That Italian Espresso Institute paper said 7 g of ground coffee per one serving. Americans seem to be stuffing at least 14 g, usually 18 to 21 g.


>> No. 7445 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 6:36 pm
/£$€¥/7445 Stock Market, This Is Fine Edition
Are any of you lads caught up in the stock market jitters of the past few weeks?

I am still long on a few S&P500 sector leaders, and naturally I'm not comfortable with the way they have tanked. Got out of all my FTSE100 stocks at the beginning of this summer, and not to my disadvantage, it seems.

So what to do now? Get out of my remaining stocks and cut my losses? Wait for a rebound and then sell the hopefully ensuing bear market rally? Or just hold until this all blows over?
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>> No. 7447 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 7:14 pm
7447 spacer
>cut my losses

Set a limit for losses and always stick to them - chasing / waiting out losses to rebound never, ever works and there is probably better places for your (reduced) money in the meantime.

The Fed is raising rates, Trump is a lunatic and that's before we get into the turmoil that will almost certainly plague the markets for the next five months around Brexit. Are you expecting a miracle?

The only stocks I hold at present are those of the company I work for (which is in FTSE250) - bad form to get out of those while still gainfully employed.

Cash, funds, bonds, hell - horses might be a better place for your money at the moment.
>> No. 7448 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 7:18 pm
7448 spacer
I bought my S&P stocks in May this year when the index started showing signs of recovering from its slump a few weeks earlier. I was right to do so, as it turned out, hoping that strong corporate gains from Trump's tax cuts would offset QE tightening. but I then kind of missed the boat because obviously the S&P has plummeted since the ATH in early October.

Really didn't think we would go from ATH to bear market in just ten weeks.

Glad I made the right call on the FTSE though. My pertaining portfolio would be worth nearly 15 percent less now, i.e. worse than the index's performance. Sold it all near the market high. With Brexit, it's not where you want your money in the foreseeable future.
>> No. 7449 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 8:10 pm
7449 spacer

>chasing / waiting out losses to rebound never, ever works

It depends. In a strong uptrend with the stock of a fundamentally healthy company, against the backdrop of a strong economy and other positive market determinants, an intermittent dip can be waited out. On the other hand, nobody tells you when that strong uptrend will fizzle out and a stock is going significantly lower with no hope of bouncing back to your break even point.
>> No. 7450 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 8:31 pm
7450 spacer
>With Brexit, it's not where you want your money in the foreseeable future.

Value stocks are exceedingly cheap, relative to their fundamentals. I'd expect there to be a cyclical change in 2019 from growth stocks, particularly tech ones, to value stocks performing strongly. If you're prepared to hold then there's bargains to be had.
>> No. 7452 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 10:15 pm
7452 spacer

>Value stocks are exceedingly cheap, relative to their fundamentals

That's a double edged sword though. There are two reasons why stocks can be cheap relative to fundamentals, for example if you take earnings multiples. One is that the market is genuinely oversold due to a sudden panic that just dragged profitable companies down with all the rest of the stocks. That indeed presents a buying opportunity. We had that in many (European) indexes right after the Brexit vote, where the overall picture for the coming months or year was nowhere near as grim as it seemed on the day of the Brexit sell off.

The other possibility, however, is that stocks are cheap relative to current earnings because they are expensive relative to future earnings. That's a huge pitfall right there. A stock may trade at 12 times 2018 earnings at the moment, and that's a decent price earnings ratio, but if your earnings are feared to go down 40 percent in 2019, as they very well might with some stocks if the economic outlook worsens, then suddenly you have a PER for 2019 (at the current stock price) of exactly 20. And as a value investor, that's no sweet spot to get in on. It's very likely that your stock will not have seen its bottom despite a recent slump. Your stock would have to go down another 40 percent to get you the same kind of PER of 12 for 2019 as it does now for 2018.

Having said that, I think markets are at the moment pricing in that there could be a recession. But as markets often do, they tend to exaggerate the actual big picture. At the point where we are at right now, after almost an entire month of ceaseless panic selling and a whole 4th quarter of sizeable overall down movement, there is a good chance we've undershot even the grimmest worst case scenarios for 2019 and beyond. Stocks are really remarkably oversold right now, going by various technical indicators. There is at least some room for short-term speculation to the upside again.


>> No. 40005 Anonymous
5th December 2015
Saturday 3:15 pm
/x/40005 Music Videos to Put a Smile on your Face
It does what it says on the tin. Post music videos that you enjoy in a sexual way.
(0:40 is when it starts)

/beat/ felt like the wrong place for this
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>> No. 40712 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 10:00 pm
40712 spacer
I thought exactly the same actually - there were a couple of slightly fatter ones who looked attractive but most of them had a waste of an arse, very disappointing.
>> No. 40713 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:57 pm
40713 spacer

I feel like if you guys were as comfortable as you claim in your love of fat chicks (of which there is plenty now days) you would be bitching about the fact that girls a exist that aren't.
>> No. 40714 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 12:13 am
40714 spacer

There's nothing wrong with skinny girls, but booty dancing is just pointless unless you've actually got a booty.

>> No. 40715 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 1:37 am
40715 spacer
Thats much better.
>> No. 40716 Anonymous
23rd December 2018
Sunday 9:28 am
40716 spacer
I wasn't making a value judgement of fat or skinnier women being more or less attractive in general. Just that people without arses aren't made attractive by trying to shake them.


>> No. 12807 Anonymous
21st December 2018
Friday 1:54 am
/job/12807 Online Applications
How do I apply for jobs online? What sites should I use and which should I avoid? I don't anything about nothing, man, and I'm just looking to apply for everything and anything.
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>> No. 12820 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 5:48 pm
12820 spacer
How can it be the same site if both coexisted at the same time, it's operated by different people and never shared any code or data.
>> No. 12821 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:26 pm
12821 spacer

How can the hms Trafalgar and the HMS Ark Royal have both been flagship of the British navy when they have both been around at the same time?

I imagine the underlying data and project are the same but one is the updated version of the other.
>> No. 12822 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:44 pm
12822 spacer
So you reckon Monster donated their source code to competitor Adzuna? You think they shared data but forced everyone to reregister, reupload their CVs and repost job ads for the fun of it? They shared data and yet no user was able to see any evidence of this.

Or is it that you don't have a fucking clue but feel entitled to argue anyway using ridiculous analogies?
>> No. 12823 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:51 pm
12823 spacer
>You think they shared data but forced everyone to reregister, reupload their CVs and repost job ads for the fun of it?
It involves the DWP so that is in no way an unreasonable assumption.
>> No. 12824 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:51 pm
12824 spacer
They may be different beasts but they serve the same function. Fuck's sake, lads. You really will argue over anything.


>> No. 420448 Anonymous
20th September 2018
Thursday 5:54 pm
/b/420448 spacer
Right then, you moangy farts.

How do we make great again? You've been whining about the lack of activity so let's have at it.
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>> No. 422556 Anonymous
2nd December 2018
Sunday 9:19 am
422556 spacer
We prefer not to speak of them.
>> No. 423040 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 2:51 am
423040 spacer
>where I ramble incoherently about how deeply in love with ContraPoints I've fallen
ContraPoints the transgendered atheist off YouTube (use to be Nykytyne2)?
>> No. 423047 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:33 pm
423047 spacer
No, the other one.
>> No. 423069 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 8:35 pm
423069 spacer
It needn't be hell with Nykytynell.
>> No. 423126 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 11:01 pm
423126 spacer
Do you lads think some form of collaborative thread on /beat/ would work?

I haven't thought it through yet. Probably something like you post a song and someone recommends you another song they think you'd like based on it; that seems the most straightforward.


>> No. 84342 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 11:29 pm
/pol/84342 spacer
In a string of texts Griffiths called himself “Daddy”, promised money if he received racy images and described perverted and rough sex he claimed to have had with other women.

The shamed Tory wrote:

• “I’m going to need something filthy to put a smile on my face. I want to see you both naked.”

• “Take off the bra and panties… you’ve got Daddy in such a frenzy.”

• “I’m going to bring you to London and do whatever I want to you.”

• “I’m thinking maybe we need a flat for Daddy’s girls. I’m taken by you both. You girls are spectacular.”

Many more messages go into shocking detail about his liking for certain sexual acts and are too disgusting to print in full.
37 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 84710 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 3:05 pm
84710 spacer

I'd really like to know why nobody just says: "OK, I did wrong, I behaved like a pig, I am sorry." All this melodrama with the (probably fake) hospitalisation, mental breakdown and revelation of (GASP!) childhood abuse feel just like deep denial. At least to me. It looks like manning up and admitting your own faults went out of fashion.
>> No. 84711 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 3:26 pm
84711 spacer

I'd respect anyone who would just say "Yeah I cheated on my wife and I'm into 19 year olds, but none of that affects my work, so get over it"

Not entirely sure why we should expect him to apologise at all to anyone but his missu, and that certainly shouldn't be done in public.
>> No. 84712 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 3:30 pm
84712 spacer

BoJo, Trump and Saville have shown the power of brazenness in politics. It probably doesn't say great things about our society, but a lot of people respect someone who just says "I'm an arsehole, I'm not going to change for anyone, deal with it".
>> No. 84713 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 3:33 pm
84713 spacer

I find this works in real life, too. People seem comfortable with a wanker as long as they're self aware and unapologetic about it.

I think it might be because we don't actually believe nice people are nice.
>> No. 84714 Anonymous
22nd December 2018
Saturday 4:22 pm
84714 spacer
I think the effect is probably more on the public at large than at the bubble they're in. I mean be honest, does anyone in the general public actually know who this guy is? It's more the kind of scandal that bothers people in the westminster-media-that-kind-of-thing bubble, the people who actually vaguely know about him. If you appeal beyond them to the general public, the general public will either find out you exist and some of them will be with you, or they'll respond with silence - proving they're not actually outraged at all.

I feel like the UK could do with someone truly Brazen, someone who doesn't equivocate on their nastiness or retreat, a sort of Trump type, just to show that emperor middle-class decency is well and truly in the nude. Perhaps our libel laws are why that's not happened yet.


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22618 Anonymous
18th December 2018
Tuesday 11:28 pm
22618 spacer

Sonic Mania is apparently good, they handed over the licence to the hard core mega drive modders, I believe otherwise they are considered shit.
>> No. 22619 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 4:31 pm
22619 spacer
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is one of the best racing games of all time as far as I'm concerned. Very fleshed out single player with lots of content.

Sonic Generations is good and so are Sonic CD and Sonic Mania. Rest of them range from shit to mediocre.
>> No. 22620 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 7:17 pm
22620 spacer
Epic have launched their own store for games. Every two weeks there is a new freebie offering apparently.

Subnautica free until Dec 28th. After that it's Super Meat Boy.
>> No. 22621 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 7:26 pm
22621 spacer

>> No. 22622 Anonymous
21st December 2018
Friday 10:09 pm
22622 spacer
Seen anything good in the Steam sale?

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes and Overcooked are both less than four quid, if you're looking for something fun for the family.

The Steam Controller is half price.


>> No. 5456 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 3:02 am
/lit/5456 Vurt
This was really good.
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>> No. 6739 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 12:06 pm
6739 spacer
Damning with faint praise, I think it's called.
>> No. 6740 Anonymous
31st January 2018
Wednesday 9:42 pm
6740 Ian Rankin - Rebus books 15, 16, 17, 17.1, 17.2, 18, 19, 21, 22
Fleshmarket Close 2004)
The Naming of the Dead (2006)
Exit Music (2007)
Standing in Another Man's Grave (2012)
Saints of the Shadow Bible (2013)
The Complaints (2009) - Malcolm Fox
The Impossible Dead (2011) - Malcolm Fox
Even Dogs in the Wild (2015)
Rather Be the Devil (2016)

I finished the remaining Rebus novels, as well as the two Fox ones which took place in the chronicity. Malcolm Fox seems like a pointless character, Siobhan is more interesting but rarely develops in any particular fashion. Fox is particularly annoying as he supposedly sticks to the rules and does things by the book as all the other characters are keen to remind him in conversation except he really doesn't, every now and then he'll go against his orders in the most pointless way and achieve nothing at all by it.
The Naming of the Dead stuck out in particular as of all the books it had the most life to it, Rankin seemed energised by the G8 protests and how much he hates Bono. Exit Music and Even Dogs in the Wild had some particularly melancholy moments which I enjoyed.
As the stories progress into the later books (16+) it seems like someone was teaching Rankin about actual organised crime, so they begin to be a bit convoluted in a dull way all to do with buying property and banking investments. Once or twice this is done well but the rest of the time I wasn't terribly impressed. One case in particular was a retrospective thing about how all the gangsters invested in the land around the Scottish Parliament in the pre-2000 referendum and the fallout from that, then later there's a book where they're investing again in the land for the more recent referendum, but when that fails the next book ignores it.
Some odd things in the chronology; Rebus seems to forget his father was dead in one book, and the biography of Big Ger written at the end of one book has been totally forgotten by everyone involved a few books later when someone else proposes writing one.
I'm amused that the early cases sometimes take weeks and months with years in between, then the more recent ones all seem to happen in a matter of days, something that Rankin started doing presumably when he realised Rebus was about to reach the age of retirement and is now getting very old, but wanting to keep writing more books.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 6774 Anonymous
21st May 2018
Monday 10:31 pm
6774 spacer

While I am usually a fan of the memoirs and autobiographies of the users, the junkies, the alcoholics, life's general riff-raff that end up laid up at the lower stratas of society, this one left me not just unfulfilled but also fairly sad that I'd bothered to read it all.

If we can all agree that there is no point in reading (or writing, for that matter) something that you, or at least someone else, can’t learn anything from then we have no choice but to conclude that this is a useless book written by a useless person.

For there is nothing to learn here at all. No musings on the causes, mechanisms, whys, or wherefores of addiction or the visceral drive towards self destruction; about the deepest this book gets (and I paraphrase) is "and then I spent a few years letting gross men I didn't know bundle me into nightclub toilets and give me cocaine before later pulling me onto their laps in taxis while unzipping their fly, but you know how it is, right girls?!?!?".

Even Sarah Hepola's snooze-fest Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget or Burroughs Junior's ungainly, lurching memoir Speed have a comparative ocean of insight and a lot less "My dad was distant and my mother hated me and Kurt Cobain died, and here's a vague description of how I did a lot of dumb shit despite being born with a silver spoon in my mouth without even an attempt at self-contemplation about why I might have done so" when compared to this.

tl;dr - A pointless book by a pointless person, even her beauty columns had more to say about life than this and I'm a heterosexual male whose idea of looking after myself is trying to remember to get my hair cut more than once a year.
>> No. 6795 Anonymous
12th September 2018
Wednesday 12:19 pm
6795 spacer
I've just killed an hour reading a short story from Frederick Forsyth about some poor sod who got blackmailed by a prozzie. Money with Menaces it's called, I think.

I smelt something was up when the protagonist of the story talked back to his blackmailers, even more so when he mounted a shopping run for some components too ordinary to be left without attention.

The moment with the photo he'd removed from his flat before he got visited by a copper is still kind of brilliant.
>> No. 6861 Anonymous
21st December 2018
Friday 9:08 pm
6861 spacer

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the works of Sir Terry. You can tell that Pratchett and Gaiman were challenging themselves to make the other laugh when they were writing it; it's the most fun I've had reading a book in quite some time.


>> ID: e36cd9 No. 10933 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 6:29 pm

ID: e36cd9
/shed/10933 HTTPS
Please make .gs use HTTPS so the three/four letter agencies have it a little more difficult.
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>> ID: 27831a No. 14727 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 1:15 pm

ID: 27831a
14727 spacer
The certificate expired shortly before noon today.
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14787 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 1:15 am

ID: 6e8ac3
14787 spacer
I just noticed its https now and 😍

Really appreciate the work you did for this.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14790 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 10:46 pm

ID: 6e8ac3
14790 spacer
Duly noted, I shall contain myself.
>> ID: 33a0e6 No. 14815 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:33 pm

ID: 33a0e6
14815 spacer

You know that email that Let's Encrypt sends you to let you know the certificate is going to expire, right? Right?

You know, right? Right?

Right, lads? Right?
>> ID: a0932b No. 14816 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:37 pm

ID: a0932b
14816 spacer
We like to let it expire to remind you how secure and private your posts are.


>> No. 4720 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:18 am
/boo/4720 Private Members Clubs
Did my first bit of floor work at the Illuminati front I'm a member of tonight and it went better than I could have predicted. I nailed it, no mistakes, didn't need prompting on any of my spoken parts during the lecture either.

You lads subscribe to any private members clubs? Seems like a lost niche these days, outside of the Golfing community.
Expand all images.
>> No. 4721 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:21 am
4721 spacer
There's a masonlad here, he was very informative when we were trying to understand the whole thing.

Closest thing I've ever been to a secret club was eating ortolan illegally.


>> No. 12576 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 1:41 pm
/nom/12576 spacer
Is cultural appropriation even possible when it comes to cooking?
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>> No. 12894 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 8:02 pm
12894 spacer

Left is a goer, middle likes anal but only occasionally, right won't even give you a blowie unless it's your birthday.
>> No. 12895 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 8:13 pm
12895 spacer
Left looks like she'd be very loose and sloppy, with no firmness to her body whatsoever. She'd drive you up the wall with the inane things she frequently utters.

Middle looks like there's some hidden horror lurking beneath, like she's got a ridiculously hairy muff and it's all matted with discharge because she doesn't believe in washing.

Right is ice cold. She just lies there like a dead fish during sex.
>> No. 12896 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 8:55 pm
12896 spacer
Left has an undiagnosed learning disability and is quick to anger.
Middle is a skinny-fat bloke who grew a vagina to go with those sad tits.
Right has an eating disorder and cutting scars - like shagging a greyhound.

Trust me, I have shit taste in women.
>> No. 12897 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 11:17 pm
12897 spacer

>like shagging a greyhound

Is that good or bad?
>> No. 12898 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 11:35 pm
12898 spacer
Bad, since they are thin and not necessarily well cared for. A plumper dog from a loving family would be a much better shag.


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