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>> No. 18489 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:27 pm
/news/18489 spacer
Counter-terror police are investigating three packages containing explosives found at Heathrow Airport, London City Airport and Waterloo station.

The "small improvised explosive devices" were found in A4 postal bags, the Metropolitan Police said. The Met's Counter Terrorism Command is treating it as a "linked series" and "keeping an open mind regarding motives".

No-one has been hurt, the force added.

The Compass Centre in Heathrow's grounds was evacuated after a package was reported to police at about 09:55 GMT. The device set alight when staff opened the bag.

The IRA are up to their old tricks, the little scamps.
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>> No. 19101 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 4:58 pm
19101 spacer

>Historically Irish were not considered properly white

well I've heard the term potato nigger for the Irish, but if you have ever really been to Ireland, the Irish tend to be white as a ghost. In a skin tone kind of way at least.
>> No. 19113 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 4:35 pm
19113 spacer
> potato nigger
That's Belarus.
>> No. 19114 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:18 pm
19114 spacer
Bog Wog, I believe. Goodness knows what that'll get filtered to, but the second word rhymes with the first.
>> No. 19115 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:35 pm
19115 spacer
I remember when it has casual racism been acceptable around heeere?
>> No. 19116 Anonymous
25th April 2019
Thursday 5:36 pm
19116 spacer
How is that filter ever supposed to work properly?


>> No. 3322 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 5:11 am
/A/3322 spacer
So this is gonna be the thread we post in when we are stoned.

Fuck those /b/ Nazis.
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>> No. 8196 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 10:52 am
8196 spacer

The mere fact I can buy Sativa CBD pills for my chronic (heh) joint paint nowadays means the amount of opiates I take is minimal, but it's an expensive game. I strongly suspect Phizer might put a stop to medicinal use on a large scale in this country, purely because it would interupt their monopoly on the pain relief market.
>> No. 8264 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 5:27 pm
8264 spacer
Now then stonerlads.

I used to smoke a fair bit of weed. Well, to be fair I still do compared to your average person, but I find that these days it's not doing anything good for me, besides bringing on a lot of anxiety. It's been increasingly difficult to get stoned without retreating into my own head and dwelling on unpleasant thoughts.

The obvious solution is "just don't smoke weed then" but honestly, I have practically stopped already. I have maybe a joint every few weeks now, long gone are the smoke weed erry day times. Throughout my early 20s I'd smoke a lot, but for the last three or four years my use has been declining as I find myself enjoying it less and less.

Trouble is I just kind of miss it, and in the social circles I'm a part of, people are much more enthusiastic about a smoking session than, say, going out to the pub. That in itself is a pretty shit situation, but I digress. How do I stop the anxiety getting on top of me and enjoy weed again lads. I've tried acquiring more indica based strains rather than sativa, but even those are pretty heady nowadays. Everyone's mental about this Jamaican girl starscout haze nonsense nowadays and I definitely need something more mellow.

Any of you had similar experience?
>> No. 8265 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 11:52 pm
8265 spacer
Somewhat yes. I got to a point of not really enjoying a smoke unless totally alone. Just toking with the GF brought on uncomfortable thinking and anxiety. After a couple of egged-on situations with mates where my experience quickly switched from the typical stoned fun to needing to be alone in a dark room, I figured weed wasn't suited for me any more and let it go. That was after best part of a decade being a regular, almost daily stoner.

You could consider experimenting with different administration routes - edibles, vapourising, solvent extracts.. "dabbing" is that what it’s called now? These all gave me quite varying experiences.

Perhaps it’s best to consider that, as difficult as it is to accept, for many people puffin’ da ‘erb long term does not seem to be that psychologically sustainable.
>> No. 8267 Anonymous
24th April 2019
Wednesday 9:51 am
8267 spacer

Back in my day it was all Thai stick and squidgy black, which in retrospect turned out to have THC/CBD ratios of close to 50/50. These days, even the supposedly high-CBD strains are more like 80/20, simply because of the insanely high level of THC. The most popular strain around my way seems to be lemon haze, which is a recipe for psychosis at ~19% THC and <0.1% CBD. You could mix in some CBD extract, I suppose.
>> No. 8268 Anonymous
24th April 2019
Wednesday 4:52 pm
8268 spacer

Out of interest what era are you referring to, my smoking days/daze where early mid 90s
Sqidge was everywhere but even back then Thai sticks were spoke of in reverent terms but as something from the past and not available. Maybe just my area?


>> No. 63163 Samefag
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 10:24 am
/iq/63163 spacer
seriously, i'm colourblind. what does this say?


i think i can make out an f
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>> No. 63164 R4GE
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 10:54 am
63164 spacer
It says Fuck You. I'm not colourblind so I don't really know if this would work but can't you put it into an image editor then shift the hues until it gets to a wavelength you can see?
>> No. 63165 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 12:14 pm
63165 spacer
This is the kind of thing your mum sees on Facebook and gets into hysterics over before finally showing you her phone only to leave you wondering if you're really related at all.
>> No. 63166 YubYub
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 2:02 pm
63166 spacer
It took me the longest time to see the number on my first test for colour-blindness. I thought the number they were asking me to look for was going to be printed in a little black font in one of the circles.


>> No. 3485 Anonymous
18th March 2019
Monday 2:14 am
/map/3485 Meetz
Moving to London next week. How about we the schedule the annual inaugural .gs pint meet for next weekend? BE MY FRIEND
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>> No. 3504 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 11:53 am
3504 spacer

There is a board game cafe in Croydon might be something a bit different for you to do together.
>> No. 3505 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 7:05 pm
3505 spacer
I suppose it could work but I was aiming to get away from the pub this time which is precisely what makes this difficult. My thinking was more taking her all the way to Cutty Sark to see Pirates of Penzance as a last ditch option.
>> No. 3506 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 7:05 pm
3506 spacer
Canal pusher upgrading to the Thames.
>> No. 3507 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 10:00 am
3507 spacer
I'd be up for a meet.
>> No. 3508 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 11:27 am
3508 spacer



>> No. 425967 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 2:14 am
/b/425967 spacer
so porn is comming to an end my friends

what are you going to do now
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>> No. 426053 Anonymous
19th April 2019
Friday 7:05 pm
426053 spacer
One of the two main providers owns the majority of the free "tube" sites, and are less than rigorous when it comes to enforcing the copyright of their paid competitors whose content end up uploaded to said sites, so if they want to be competitive they'll have to do more than the bare minimum to get by.
>> No. 426101 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 8:45 pm
426101 spacer
Why the fuck am I paying taxes again? Surely at this point it'd be better to just burn the money.
>> No. 426119 Anonymous
22nd April 2019
Monday 1:18 pm
426119 spacer
If, and only if:

- I can go to a shop and flash my driving licence and buy a porn pass with a minimum of fuss, and
- it doesn't have a stupidly short duration before it expires, and
- they do not store ANY of my personally identifiable information when I purchase it

I will not overly care about this new law.
>> No. 426133 Anonymous
22nd April 2019
Monday 3:35 pm
426133 spacer

The problem is that your third bullet point is the main, if not only, reason this law is being passed at all.

I don't want to make this into one of those posts, but the current Tory line-up is bent as all fuck. Mrs May and her fella have fingers in all kinds of pies, including but not limited to medicinal cannabis. What we have here is pure US style cronyism, disguised under the thinnest veil of moral guardianship.
>> No. 426141 Anonymous
22nd April 2019
Monday 4:34 pm
426141 spacer
So do they have shares in MindGeek then?


images (20).jpg
>> No. 19039 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 10:15 pm
/news/19039 Notre Dame cathedral ablaze
Very sad news. It's home to many priceless artefacts and artworks, including woodwork that dates to the 13th century. It's believed to have started due to the current construction work.

If there's one small, silver lining, it's that we'll probably take extra precautions when renovating the House of Commons.
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>> No. 19087 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 7:02 pm
19087 spacer
Please explain for the benefit of us normies, enlightened schizolad.
>> No. 19090 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 11:47 am
19090 spacer

This plays into US politics they have a hard on for the preservation and promotion of Christian culture and values above and beyond the normal historical value that this gives them a chance to exercise. It is an easy win for him.
>> No. 19091 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 11:50 am
19091 spacer
I think otherlad meant Macron rather than Trump when he said President Frog.
>> No. 19092 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 12:23 pm
19092 spacer

Ah the president OF the frogs, not the president of the frog meme. Gotcha
>> No. 19093 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 12:52 pm
19093 spacer
You might want to think about taking the night off.


>> No. 4779 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 10:59 pm
/boo/4779 spacer
One of the worst things of commuting via the Tube is the smell. Cheap cologne, halitosis, sweat, rotting organic matter, I never got used to it. A couple of month ago I was on the Tube, sandwiched between a Polish worker smelling like rotting kielbasa and a British lady that tried to drown her revolting period smell with cologne, wondering whether to commit suicide or hope for a terrorist attack.

Then I noticed that the person in front of me had no smell. Nothing, no stink, no chemical odour, not even the fresh smell of somebody that just showered. Just nothing. I put on my glasses and started looking at him, and I noticed that he was sitting still as a stone, completely immobile, not reacting to any of the many "distractions" of the commute. He did not even flinch when a young member of the local fauna screamed at 60 decibel next to his ear.

I went on my commute, and forgot about him, but the next days I started noticing other people showing the same characteristics. My enhanced sense of smell, a curse on my life since childhood, allowed me to spot them, but I could not see any of them standing up, or interacting with anything in the coach. I managed to observe some peculiar facts, however:

They always travelled alone. I have never seen more than one of them in a train, except for a special occasion I will talk about later.
They never interacted with anyone or anything.
They never reacted to any phenomena, no matter how dangerous or unpleasant.
Their look and dress were unremarkable, so unremarkable that I had serious difficulties in keeping my gaze on them. A second of distraction was enough to forget about them until I was off the train.
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>> No. 4791 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 5:52 pm
4791 spacer
Ok this is just silly now. I've lost interest.
>> No. 4796 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:41 pm
4796 spacer
We were in an underground depot, softly lit by neon tubes. The architecture was familiar, but every single flat surface was covered with drawings, tribal markings and abstract decorations. Probably those people had a deep phobia of solid colours or a bad case of colourblindness, since there was nothing painted in solid colour anywhere. The effect was garish, but not tasteless.

"There are only two rules here", said the Passenger without turning to face me: "First, do not move or talk, otherwise the locals will notice you."

The Passenger kept walking leisurely, and I found it extremely rude and arrogant. His voice was also buzzing and irritating, like a phone with bad reception. Thinking about phones, I took my Iphone out. No reception, obviously. Not even emergency calls.

"Second, you have only seven stops in each reality. The last stop will be a depot or something similar. If you stay on the train, you will switch to a different reality set."

I stopped to lean on the wall. That was too much, simply too much in a single moment. My brain had just shut down, I could not process anything anymore. My sense saved me again, this time I smelled saliva, sweat, the typical smell of red haired people and old blood. Especially blood. I raised my right knee and kicked hard and low on the back, a perfect back kick. My trainer would have been proud of me. I felt something fragile snap on the knee of my fellow Passenger, I dropped my backpack and stepped ahead to avoid any follow up attack. I turned around, ready to fight, but the fight already ended. My new friend was on the ground, rolled in a ball and clutching a shattered knee, his body thin and frail, his face a broad, squat, ugly mess with a mass of repulsive freckles and a broken nose.

"You sneaky bastard, coming from behind like that!", then I kicked it hard in the shoulder, I wanted to be sure to incapacitate it but I wanted some more answers before stomping him for good.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4797 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:42 pm
4797 spacer
I reached her halfway on some stairs, she did not hear me until it was too late. She turned around and when she noticed me her eyes went round, her mouth and nostrils opening in a mixture of fear and disgust. I did not gave her time to scream. I pushed her down the stairs, hard. She fell down, trying to grab the handrail, but I hit her hard on the hand, then on the head, until she was half unconscious. I tied up her wrists with some electricians zip ties (perfect for this kind of things) and I raped her furiously. She was completely dry, and I had to struggle before I could get inside her. I ripped her dress, I punched her in her most vulnerable places, I did anything possible to get a reaction. She just laid down like a broken doll, looking at me with eyes full of disgust and piety.

When I finished I stood up, unsure on what to do. I gave in to my most bestial urges, but I did not get any pleasure from it. The lady just brought her hands to her ripped dress and took a ceremonial dagger out from a hidden pocket, then she slashed her own throat in a single movement. She could have killed me from the beginning, but she was already so defiled by my presence that she preferred to die.

That was the moment that my humanity dried up and died.

I walked to the platform and took the first train. Seven stops later, and I was in a different reality. In that world, people looked either Russians or Chinese, the coach was like something from the fifties, people smelled bad, drank, smoked and fought without any reason. In the week I spent there, I've seen more than two dozens of brawls and at least one homicide. That place was the first reality where I faced and killed a man in a (more or less) fair fight.

The following reality was even worse. Only my stab proof vest saved me, but it was ruined.

I tried to rest, to meditate, to clear my mind and soul (assuming that I still had it) before departing, and the next reality was less aggressive than that. In that place, people looked like Malay of Filipino, short, stocky, with the tired looks of hard workers. The carriages were incredibly crowded and filthy, but nobody took notice of me except for a local priest that threw some powdered spices at me. Maybe he was trying to exorcise me, in that case he failed.

I strangled him in the link between two carriages, I dumped his body out of the window and went back to my seat. In the following months I stalked and killed several people, I only stopped when the trains started to go empty and the travellers hired armed guards. I left a guard decapitated on a passengers seat, his unfired pistol still in his hand.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4798 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:57 pm
4798 spacer




>> No. 4799 Anonymous
21st April 2019
Sunday 8:20 am
4799 spacer


U wot m8? I am from Brum, not from Wensleydale. Incidentally, I always liked regional cheeses. Any clue on where to find some?


>> No. 18997 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 9:00 am
/news/18997 spacer
Fraudster Darren Carvill stole more than £250,000 from Strood employer Mr Clutch to blow on drugs and prostitutes

A miserable accounts worker – bullied by workmates – ripped off £250,000 from his bosses... and blew it on drugs and escort parties.

Lonely Darren Carvill stole the money while working for national car servicing company "Mr Clutch" at its head office in Strood. In two-days, the 38-year-old took more than £170,000 which he then spent on glamorous parties with high-class hookers and drugs. Carvill claimed that when he realised he would be caught he wanted to "go out with a bang".

What would you do with an embezzled a quarter of a million?
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>> No. 19026 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:15 pm
19026 spacer

I am quite sure that he has a fat little Bitcoin wallet hidden somewhere. As long as you do not put the crypto on an exchange there is no way it can be found and seized.
>> No. 19084 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 11:30 am
19084 spacer

>The place where fraudsters always go wrong is what they spend the cash on. If I were so inclined to nick £170k from my employer, and actually managed it, the last thing I would spunk it on is hookers and blow - that's just asking to get caught.

Yes but what do you do with that money instead to keep a low profile. You can't really put it into a bank account without providing documentation as to where that money came from, you can't have it paid out to you in cash little by little and then travel abroad with a bag full of banknotes, for reasons including that customs will certainly not just let you enter a foreign country with that kind of money in cash without asking questions, and you also can't invest it in property, because you will also have to tell authorities where your £175K came from.

Blowing it all on drugs and hookers, and a few consumer goods, is actually the only way that you will get your money's worth out of it. And if you do it right, it's actually one of the best ways to keep a low profile and not let everybody know that you nicked a six-figure sum from somewhere.
>> No. 19085 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 5:41 pm
19085 spacer
>Blowing it all on drugs and hookers, and a few consumer goods, is actually the only way that you will get your money's worth out of it

Would £170,000 be enough to own a few hookers and become a pimp? I can't imagine they'd seize prostitutes to try and recoup the money.
>> No. 19088 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 9:34 pm
19088 spacer
Being a pimp requires more than money. Pimping is rent seeking, so they need to convince the prostitutes that some or all of what they earn is not theirs after all. Since pimping in the UK is illegal by itself, they can choose any legal or illegal means to do so, be it by charm or coercion. Some cash is great for projecting wealth and a promise of more, but it's like being at the top of a pyramid scheme: as long as the money keeps coming in you can dazzle the newcomers.
>> No. 19089 Anonymous
20th April 2019
Saturday 10:50 pm
19089 spacer

If you read the k/uran it's full of pimping. Underage, non believers, fucking horrible.

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 63141 YubYub
19th April 2019
Friday 12:22 am
63141 spacer
Where do I go from here?
>> No. 63142 Moralfag
19th April 2019
Friday 12:23 am
63142 spacer
What am I doing with my life?
>> No. 63143 Anonymous
19th April 2019
Friday 9:39 am
63143 spacer

You can't stop now. This thread ends when either you or Vorderman are dead.
>> No. 63144 R4GE
19th April 2019
Friday 11:07 am
63144 spacer
Vorderman died when she abandoned Whiteley to the wolves.
>> No. 63145 Ambulancelad
19th April 2019
Friday 2:30 pm
63145 spacer
Take the bank holiday off, kid, you've earnt it.


>> No. 63134 Moralfag
18th April 2019
Thursday 9:22 pm
/iq/63134 spacer
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>> No. 63135 Crabkiller
18th April 2019
Thursday 9:43 pm
63135 spacer
There's no way anyone's going to grass up that absolute hero


>> No. 27073 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 9:13 pm
/g/27073 spacer
This is what Kirtaner has been reduced to for hosting 420chan, what do you think purp?

Not quite a shed, but definitely grim. I'd give him advice, but I'd probably get banned. His mod team is cult like.
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>> No. 27093 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 11:16 pm
27093 spacer
That's a fair whack, but not massive if you're running a business I suppose. Still, that'll be another headache for him if he truly is skint.

I've tried to follow this back and forth today and it seems 4chan's /asp/ has been reporting his Patreon for community violations, not because he streams per se, but because they think he is scamming with the donations. Apparently, someone offered to invest and it was quickly deleted and buried and now in classic 4chan style it's a big deal.

Their thinking is that a mark wanting in on the con would interfere with the con, so it was shut down, but I think it was probably deleted for linking funding 420chan with funding which would probably get him in trouble with Patreon and possibly WWE/UFC.

A few more interesting things will no doubt occur, but I'll leave the updates there. I hope he gets back on his feet and whatnot.
>> No. 27094 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 10:00 am
27094 spacer
Spardot is a horrible, petty, cantankerous person. Looks fade but she'll be a bitch forever.

>420chan gets maybe twice as much traffic as we do
Do you have any stats to back that up? Because from their front page:

>Current Users: 53,211
>Total Posts: 26,443,751
>Active Content: 47.8GB
>Posts made in the last 24 hours: 9,195

Honestly they're massive compared to us. We probably get 0.1% of their posts a day. (Assuming we get ~9 a day).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 27096 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 10:39 am
27096 spacer
I'll play the devil's advocate here a bit. It is also pretty alright to be able to run it out your basement in a situation like his, when shit has hit the fan (let's indeed ignore what had led to such outcome for a while).
No data about the daily average bandwidth usage?
>> No. 27097 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 11:59 am
27097 spacer
Kirtaner is lying out of his arse with that, genuinely. Open a tab on each board and just watch. Their busiest boards, by his own admission, are /wooo/ and /h/ and /wooo/ crawls and goes ages without a post at times. He is counting hits into that data, he must be.
>> No. 27098 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 7:41 pm
27098 spacer
Yeah I agree actually. Those numbers quoted in >>27094 aren't even close to accurate.


>> No. 425307 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 4:02 pm
/b/425307 A picture is worth a thousand words Locked
Anyone seen this before or know where it was taken?
That's evelyn de rotschild poking charlie in the chest btw - seriously, who could get away with this?
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>> No. 425971 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 2:46 am
425971 spacer

You more likely got banned for using 'tactical' where 'strategic' is the correct term.
>> No. 425974 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 3:05 am
425974 spacer

hillary begging.jpg
Seriously though, why was I permanently banned and my post memory-holed for posting this image?

It's no real skin off my nose since I just got a VPN in preparation for the upcoming porn blockage so I'm just curious about what motivated the mod to do it.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 425975 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 3:17 am
425975 spacer
Because you're being a tedious cunt. WTF cares about some email that Hillary wrote to someone else? This is a British site and this bullshit is absolutely nothing to do with us, and you're a tedious cunt.
>> No. 425989 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 11:15 am
425989 spacer
Obviously because the mods are a cadet branch of the Rochchild dynasty and need to keep you shtum so the servers can stay funded.

Or you're a dickhead.
>> No. 425991 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 11:24 am
425991 spacer

Why would Hillary's email address be HDR22 on her own website? I feel like the real conspiracy here is who are HDR 1-21???


>> No. 28349 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 6:58 pm
/emo/28349 Aphantasia: mind-blindness
Hi all. This is the first time I've ever posted in /emo/ since I'm becoming increasingly sure that I may have a condition that's been tentatively dubbed 'aphantasia'. This revelation has actually made me rather upset.

I feel I should stress from the outset that I'm not the sort of person who shops around for psychopathologies or neurological quirks, rashly concluding 'Aha! I must have that!' since it sounds interesting, or vaguely describes some of my behaviour in specific circumstances. I'm not prone to self-diagnosis and would describe myself as quite mentally healthy. But the description of this apparent condition sounds exactly like my ordinary life, and I can't imagine how wonderful the alternative is.

Basically the word 'aphantasia' means the inability to voluntarily create mental images. I don't have a 'mind's eye', I cannot form 'mental pictures'. All my life I have assumed those terms were metaphors for holding concepts and ideas in one's head. It is mind-boggling to me that other people can apparently form actual pictures in their minds that they can then look at, whether they're memories or daydreaming or the result of reading fiction.

I can't summon images of people I've known or places I've been. I can tell you if a picture of something I recognise looks wrong, but not by any form of internal comparison - I would just sort of know. I've had people say to me that the film representation of so-and-so or such-and-such looks wrong, and I've agreed, but not because I have ever been capable of imagining what they look like. I've always just remembered the words from the book, and noticed the disconnect onscreen.

Take a look at this BBC article on the subject:

One of the first sentences is 'Most people can readily conjure images inside their head - known as their mind's eye'. You have no idea how shocking that is to me, the way it's written so curtly and obviously. I never imagined that people other than savants could do this sort of thing at all. There's a semi-official test for aphantasia by a research group at the university of Exeter here:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 28425 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:05 pm
28425 spacer

I meant I was wondering whether many more people listen to him rather than read his books.
>> No. 28426 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:09 pm
28426 spacer

You sound a bit like that guy who was awaiting a lung transport and got banned for being a grumpy cunt. (Although I kind of thought he had the right to be a grumpy cunt, considering.)
>> No. 28427 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:54 pm
28427 spacer

I think that they almost certainly do.
>> No. 28428 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 9:00 pm
28428 spacer
>Also, I do dream in images.
Ah, right. I was wondering about that.

I wonder if dreams are (therefore) a different part of the brain. Dreaming is like being plugged into the Matrix, it replaces your sensory function entirely, which isn't quite the same as conjuring mental images while fully conscious.

Ooh, interesting thought - if you dream and then wake up, you can't imagine what you were just seeing, even though it was a product of your imagination in the first place. Now that's some fuckery.
>> No. 28429 Anonymous
18th April 2019
Thursday 2:52 am
28429 spacer
>if you dream and then wake up, you can't imagine what you were just seeing

I can. Unless I really try and preserve it, the image fades quickly. In some memorable cases, I remember dreams from 15 years ago.


>> No. 63131 Are Moaty
16th April 2019
Tuesday 5:58 am
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>> No. 63133 Crabkiller
17th April 2019
Wednesday 10:09 pm
63133 spacer

It's missing Tommy saying "ya bent bastard."


>> No. 34999 Anonymous
4th February 2015
Wednesday 2:04 am
/x/34999 spacer
Nostalgia thread.
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>> No. 40632 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:43 am
40632 spacer
>> No. 40633 Anonymous
27th March 2018
Tuesday 5:39 pm
40633 spacer

In a heartbeat.
>> No. 40634 Anonymous
27th March 2018
Tuesday 10:46 pm
40634 spacer

Violet Berlin? What happened to her? Oh, she got old.
>> No. 40635 Anonymous
27th March 2018
Tuesday 10:52 pm
40635 spacer
>> No. 40749 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 1:21 pm
40749 spacer



>> No. 27095 Anonymous
17th April 2019
Wednesday 12:43 pm
/g/27095 spacer
Anyone else having problems with Google DNS?

Simply doesn't work for me, at the moment at least.


>> No. 63046 Paedofag
9th April 2019
Tuesday 9:27 am
/iq/63046 spacer
>Waitrose has apologised over "racist" Easter ducks after customers complained that the dark brown one was labelled as "ugly".

>An £8 trio of white, milk and dark chocolate Easter ducklings caused offence among a "small number" of customers for being labelled as "fluffy", "crispy" and "ugly". The complaints centered around the the dark brown one being described as the "ugly" one, with some implying it was racist. rape/

Racist chocolate ducks. What strange bastards we are.
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>> No. 63110 Ambulancelad
13th April 2019
Saturday 3:11 pm
63110 spacer

The olden days were much weirder than you might imagine.
>> No. 63111 Searchfag
13th April 2019
Saturday 3:25 pm
63111 spacer
To be honest, a lot of the issues with īncels stem from the fact that they've been mollycoddled by their parents and are used to having things handed on a plate to them so they struggle when they've got to start looking after themselves. If their parents could organise for them to lie in bed with a lass tied up in a bag then that'd solve some of their problems.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 63120 Moralfag
15th April 2019
Monday 8:10 pm
63120 spacer

Mods = gods. Banning's too good for people who use the word 'chronic masturbator'
>> No. 63121 Moralfag
15th April 2019
Monday 8:41 pm
63121 spacer
That's two words.
>> No. 63132 R4GE
16th April 2019
Tuesday 3:19 pm
63132 spacer

It's a wordfilter.


>> No. 18964 Anonymous
11th April 2019
Thursday 9:19 pm
/news/18964 Assange Arrest
Here's the proper thread. To confuse future generations of .gs users I'm using this photo of his cat that was featured on the Guardian Live Blog.

From the sounds of it he was acting a bit of a tit within the embassy, playing footy indoors and arguing with staff, which didn't help, and while I'm sure he is a bit of a tit, I can't imagine keep sane being couped up like that for so long. However the US have leant on the Ecuadorians for some time now and this whole thing stinks. The shite Trump's coming out with about not knowing a thing about Wikileaks is on another level.
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>> No. 19056 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 5:59 am
19056 spacer

That explains a lot, tbh
>> No. 19057 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 7:33 am
19057 spacer
But you're not calling out a disability benefit fraud. You're seeing someone in a wheelchair and reflexively claiming without further evidence that their claim is a fraud. That's nothing to do with the particular instance at hand, it's straight up prejudice.
>> No. 19058 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:27 am
19058 spacer

I don't think Shaun's really a midget, unless he stood on a box for this photo.
>> No. 19059 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:36 am
19059 spacer


I liked when he called them scamps but I'm not sure it was the word he was looking for.
>> No. 19060 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 8:46 am
19060 spacer
Skanky tramp portmanteau.


>> No. 7502 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 9:51 pm
/£$€¥/7502 Online Trading
Any of you lads have any advice in regards to trading online? I'm a complete novice but I'm interested in it as a bit of a hobby and a way to earn a little bit of extra income. I know there are things like Trading 212 and Plus500 out there, but I'm not sure if they're worthwhile or a bit of a scam.

Any info on what to do and what not to do?
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>> No. 7505 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 11:36 pm
7505 spacer
You're pretty much guaranteed to lose money.

If you want to make a few quid in your spare time, I'd suggest matched betting. By taking advantage of free bets offers from online bookmakers, you can reliably make a few grand. It's pretty tedious and you need to be careful to avoid expensive mistakes, but it is a genuinely profitable opportunity.
>> No. 7506 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 11:51 pm
7506 spacer
This. Also, be aware that gambling is, in general, rigged. The bookies can and will take you for a ride, but if you start winning too much they'll stop taking your money.
>> No. 7507 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 1:05 am
7507 spacer
>I'm a complete novice but I'm interested in it as a bit of a hobby and a way to earn a little bit of extra income.

Oh man, don't even start. If you really want to, do about 2 years of reading first. And only use money you can afford to lose. But my professional advice is don't even start.
>> No. 7508 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 7:05 am
7508 spacer

If you don't have any investments already, I'd recommend setting up a Vanguard S&S ISA and putting a bit of money in there. Their funds are a diverse mixture, so you don't need to do as much thinking. There's a UK personal finance subreddit which is much better at this than me.

I mean, that's if you want to save for a long time. Shove in a bit of money each month, assuming that it'll grow around 5%. For a novice, it does help you feel out your risk level (In 7 months, I've seen my money down 8% and up 14%).

Once you're a bit better read and you're more accustomed to the nature of investing, then you can jump into trading single shares, if you really must.
>> No. 7509 Anonymous
16th April 2019
Tuesday 7:18 am
7509 spacer
Try this, it is safer:


>> No. 63116 YubYub
14th April 2019
Sunday 2:46 pm
/iq/63116 spacer

I donut understand Americans.
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>> No. 63119 Searchfag
15th April 2019
Monday 3:26 pm
63119 spacer
The logic goes like this; "if I have a dumb, melodramatic, overreaction to this popular film trailer then I might become a viral star and make some money". Look how red his eyes are at the beginning of the video, it's clearly not his first take. Maybe he has allergies, but to my mind he's just play-acting. He might even carry that on to his real life too, but I still don't buy that kind of emotion for a bland, tired, space romp like Star Wars. I suppose I don't understand either.

Nice to see he dressed up for the occasion, mind you. I mean come the fuck on, I go to bed in a nicer get up than that and I sleep in my underwear.


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