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>> No. 16184 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 1:09 am
/news/16184 spacer
Manchester Evening News: Aldi refused to sell alcohol to this 66-year-old because his 26-year-old daughter was with him.

"I wanted to take this up because of the offence caused to my daughter. I'm not bothered about me, but I'm fuming about what they did to her.

"What I want from the is a public apology and for them to review their policy.

"I'd also like them to give my daughter a £50 gift token or something like it, to say sorry."
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>> No. 16261 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 4:41 pm
16261 spacer




Sorry, I thought I'd dropped into /IQ/ for a minute.

Normal service will resume shortly.
>> No. 16262 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 4:48 pm
16262 spacer
> Your post reeks of unstable paranoia.
I thought it reeked of cunt-off-instigator.
>> No. 16263 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 5:04 pm
16263 spacer
>Did you have a nice Thursday?

I spent it bickering over whether one of the blokes from Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! should have been served at Aldi with a bunch of strangers on Britain's number five forum for shed enthusiasts.
>> No. 16264 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 6:48 pm
16264 spacer

Oh fuck, I've been had haven't I?

Trolled 2 tears, fair play.
>> No. 16271 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 12:11 pm
16271 spacer




>> No. 51150 Anonymous
8th October 2013
Tuesday 9:23 pm
/pol/51150 spacer
Young adults in England have scored among the lowest results in the industrialised world in international literacy and numeracy tests.

A major study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows how England's 16 to 24-year-olds are falling behind their Asian and European counterparts. England is 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries.

Unlike other developed countries, the study also showed that young people in England are no better at these tests than older people, in the 55 to 65 age range. When this is weighted with other factors, such as the socio-economic background of people taking the test, it shows that England is the only country in the survey where results are going backwards - with the older cohort better than the younger.

Cue lots of finger pointing and nothing changing.
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>> No. 84440 Anonymous
11th September 2018
Tuesday 10:29 pm
84440 spacer
One in four graduates in England and Northern Ireland are working in jobs for which they are overqualified and do not require a degree, according to a major international education report.

The study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development found that while graduate unemployment rates in the UK are among the lowest in the world, students are more likely to end up in non-graduate jobs associated with lower incomes.

Andreas Schleicher, the OECD’s director of education and skills, said too many young people emerging from university were ending up in low-paid, non-graduate jobs in the UK because they lacked the basic numeracy and literacy skills that should be expected from a university education.

Schleicher said: “What we see is that a lot of people in the UK get a university degree but end up in a job that does not require that degree. When you test the skills of those people you actually see that those people don’t have the kind of skills that would be associated with a university degree.”
>> No. 84441 Anonymous
12th September 2018
Wednesday 4:31 am
84441 spacer


Totally unsurprising to anyone who has worked in academia or recruitment. Blair's goal of 50% participation in higher education led to a drastic lowering of standards in the lower recesses of the university league tables. A polytechnic or an FE college doesn't suddenly become an institute of higher education just because you call it that. A kid who got two Ds at A-level just isn't going to benefit from another three years of education, but there are plenty of "universities" who will happily take £27k in fees from them. It's cargo cult education for a cargo cult society.
>> No. 84442 Anonymous
12th September 2018
Wednesday 6:00 am
84442 spacer
Well if our graduate employment rates are among the highest in the world, is it really a surprise that many of them are in positions where they are overqualifed? I've met graduates before who would rather live off the dole for half a year than get a lousy job because they feel it's beneath them. If these people are swallowing their pride then that's fine with me. Also I'd agree with >>84441 since there are clearly a lot of graduates who not only didn't require their education but didn't get a very good one in the first place.
>> No. 84443 Anonymous
12th September 2018
Wednesday 10:05 am
84443 spacer

>> No. 84518 Anonymous
26th October 2018
Friday 6:26 am
84518 spacer
Thousands of children with special educational needs and disabilities are waiting for a school place or are being educated at home, and many more are excluded, prompting fears that schools in England are becoming less inclusive.

According to Guardian analysis of Department for Education statistics, just under 4,500 pupils with statutory rights to special needs support were awaiting suitable provision or being home-schooled at the start of the year.

Campaigners say the real figure is far higher because the DfE data does not include Send pupils who don’t have a special needs statement or an education health and care plan, documents that guaranteetheir statutory rights to additional support. More than 1.2 million children, or about 15% or all students in England have some kind of special educational need, but only about 253,000 have special educational needs statements or education health and care plans.

There is also growing concern that children with special needs are particularly vulnerable to being taken off the rolls by schools that are under pressure, both financially because of budget cuts and academically to improve their exam results.

“We are not sure to what degree off-rolling takes place, but the target-driven education system we have means teachers and headteachers don’t want difficult children on their rolls,” said one local government analyst. Pupils get excluded on tenuous grounds, or teachers will tell parents at open days, ‘you shouldn’t send your child here – they will get a better education at a school down the road.’ It’s subtle, but we know it happens.”


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22426 Anonymous
31st August 2018
Friday 8:28 am
22426 spacer
Cheers for the heads up, grabbed a copy.
>> No. 22427 Anonymous
31st August 2018
Friday 5:17 pm
22427 spacer

Sick, I'll reinstall my copy in the vain hopes of playing that multiplayer DLC I never got chance to play because the game was already dead.

And crush noobs with my fully kitted out deathmatch character
>> No. 22483 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 7:54 pm
22483 spacer
Shadow Warrior 2 is free on GOG for a couple of days.
>> No. 22486 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 9:08 pm
22486 spacer
First decent Humble Bundle in a while.
>> No. 22487 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 10:49 pm
22487 spacer
Metro 2033 is free on Steam for 24 Hours


>> ID: e36cd9 No. 10933 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 6:29 pm

ID: e36cd9
/shed/10933 HTTPS
Please make .gs use HTTPS so the three/four letter agencies have it a little more difficult.
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>> ID: 4c52ec No. 14388 Anonymous
28th December 2017
Thursday 12:19 pm

ID: 4c52ec
14388 spacer

Come on, lad. Let's not make .gs even more autistically insular than it already is.
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14389 Anonymous
28th December 2017
Thursday 1:39 pm

ID: 4260c9
14389 spacer
It's the Christmas cunt-off and is fairly friendly by our standards.

But agree entirely, obvs.
>> ID: 27831a No. 14727 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 1:15 pm

ID: 27831a
14727 spacer
The certificate expired shortly before noon today.
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14787 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 1:15 am

ID: 6e8ac3
14787 spacer
I just noticed its https now and 😍

Really appreciate the work you did for this.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> ID: 6e8ac3 No. 14790 Anonymous
25th October 2018
Thursday 10:46 pm

ID: 6e8ac3
14790 spacer
Duly noted, I shall contain myself.


>> No. 61771 YubYub
24th October 2018
Wednesday 7:48 pm
/iq/61771 spacer
>Newcastle University student Ed Farmer died after an Agricultural Society initiation event in December 2016. The 20-year-old's death was caused by cardiorespiratory arrest through alcohol poisoning due to the consumption of "excessive amounts of alcohol". The coroner report showed excess fluid in Mr Farmer's lungs and a starvation of oxygen to the brain.

>Members of the Agricultural Society were invited to the bar crawl. They were told to bring a 70cl bottle of spirits, money, a Metro ticket, swimming goggles, a Kinder Egg and lubrication, according to Coroner Karen Dilks.

>The group headed to a number of pubs and bars across Newcastle including The Three Bulls Head Pub, where they purchased 100 trebles shared between just 40 of them. This happened again at at least one other bar. At Beyond Bar later, the freshers had between four and six drinks each.

>The initiation went back to the Chairman's house in Jesmond where they then drank vodka from a pig's head and crawled to the garage to have their heads shaved. Ed was included in this ritual, and CCTV footage shows earlier in the evening he had been unable to walk and had to be carried. He was carried off the Metro at West Jesmond and driven to the house on Sanderson Road.

>Other activities that night included apple-bobbing in a container of urine and alcohol, and the passing round of food such as chicken's feet and raw potato before they got on the Metro. First year students were given wine mixed with milk to drink.

>Student Guy Barker revealed in the inquest that only male students were invited on the bar crawl. They were made to eat "foul tasting stuff like pots of mustard". Barker agreed the main aim of the event was to drink large amounts of alcohol. After leaving The Three Bulls Head, students went down an alley to drink from their own alcohol bottles.

Has banter gone too far?
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>> No. 61775 YubYub
25th October 2018
Thursday 7:31 pm
61775 spacer
I started uni back in 2006 and I definitely remember a few top lads who were obsessed with getting naked in front of each other any opportunity they got and doing tip top things like uploading pictures of their shits to Facebook.
>> No. 61776 Moralfag
25th October 2018
Thursday 7:41 pm
61776 spacer
Were they Hooray Henrys?
>> No. 61779 Paedofag
25th October 2018
Thursday 8:00 pm
61779 spacer

Now that I think about it, I actually remember a friend of mine telling me about the university rugby team, and the weird things they'd do in the locker room for top bants. The one example that I'll never forget was that apparently one of them would stick a scotch egg on the end of their knob and the others would have to eat it.

Each to their own, I suppose, but I much preferred spending my uni years either at the bottom of a K hole or shagging obscene posh birds who I managed to score just by being a bit northern. I think that pure innocent experience would have been marred somewhat by eating a raw potato then going on the Metro, let alone the piss or the heart attack.
>> No. 61780 Auntiefucker
25th October 2018
Thursday 8:25 pm
61780 spacer
This was the rugby lot, too. Always up for a bit of homoerotic bants.

Not poshos. Lower middle class at best.
>> No. 61783 Auntiefucker
25th October 2018
Thursday 9:04 pm
61783 spacer

I've always found something quite tragic about rugby lads. It's 2018, just come out already. You don't have to spend all your leisure time doing weird homoerotic rituals and wrestling in a field. Get on Grindr and get yourself some cock.


Clown head.jpg
>> No. 27469 Anonymous
3rd October 2018
Wednesday 9:32 pm
/emo/27469 spacer
I was a complete atheist until I had a spontaneous religious experience in 2016. I have some unusual ideas about God that have been developing exponentially and are now hanging over my mind all the time. I can’t go into the ins and outs of all of them, but I have formulated a new interpretation of the Trinity, I believe that God looks like a small, blue-green elf with enormous eyes, I believe that he has a phenomenal sense of humour and is a sexual pervert, and I also believe that the purpose of human life is to develop a romantic relationship with God (that it's possible to communicate with him intimately all the time). There has also been a massive physiological change in my life where I am no longer capable of feeling disgust. I used to feel disgust all the time. But now I find it indistinguishable from excitement.

I know this sounds mental. I really understand that these are completely unorthodox beliefs and that I have no evidence for any of them, but I can only tell you that I have never experienced anything more real than these revelations. “Real life” is completely muted in comparison to my new inner life. The love that I receive when communicating with God is more profound than anything I have experienced before.

Is this a mental problem if I am otherwise functional? Is it mental to become religious out of nowhere? During the experience in 2016 God emerged out of my living room in the form of this green bearded elf and I completely lost the ability to speak. I was just tapping my chest to communicate that I felt his love and sat there gaping like a goldfish. Just this summer I had another experience (of lesser intensity) where I spontaneously “received” another one of God’s names (I received the first one in 2016) and had a very uncomfortable experience of being exposed to God’s sexuality. I understand that both of these events could be seen as psychosis. But they were completely anomalous and it’s not a regular thing for me to lose touch with reality. The only unusual experiences I have now occur when I am writing for a long time about God – I get this very profound feeling of excitement that spreads like a flame inside my body, and I also “sense” that God is in the room, like he is grinning at me in the corner, or standing right next to me.

I just feel so distanced from other people because I am so desperate to talk about this. It’s been difficult for me to make friends at university because I feel like this is the most important thing in my life and I have to keep it a secret. Apart from going to my lectures I am alone most of the time. I haven’t told my parents about it, or any of my friends from home. I find that I can’t even really mention God in a general way without people getting uncomfortable. But I really want to talk it through with someone or I think I might explode. The university offers a counselling service, but I am worried about a counsellor thinking I am a nutjob. In a way I feel I need to talk to a religious authority, but It’s possible that a priest will think I’m a nutjob too, and going to hell for blasphemy on top of that. I am really happy that my conversion happened but it has made me very lonely.

Sorry for going on. It feels good to type it all out.
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>> No. 27481 Anonymous
3rd October 2018
Wednesday 11:52 pm
27481 spacer

Sorry if this sounds glib but I feel like you ought to become a beloved sci-fi author now.
>> No. 27482 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 12:00 am
27482 spacer
William Blake used to go to Peckham Rye to commune and be inspired by the angels residing in the trees.

This experience could lead to some interesting things for OP.
>> No. 27494 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 2:55 pm
27494 spacer

>Is this a mental problem if I am otherwise functional?

No. Examples of becoming dysfunctional would be: not recognising that your experience is individual and engaging in repeated attempts to convince others of the veracity or importance to them of your concept of god; becoming unable to enjoy life or feel that participating in it is worthwhile unless you are spending most of your time communicating or engaging with your god (e.g. through your writing), especially if you stop doing 'normal' things that 'normal' people do like sleeping/eating/bathing/holding down some sort of job/putting the bins out etc.; finding that your concept of your god makes you feel so distanced from people that you stop interacting with them or begin physically isolating yourself from society, especially for long periods of time.

Whether this develops into full-blown psychotic obsession or entirely the opposite is largely down to how it's managed and how you respond to it. I'm struggling to walk the line between pathologising you and just accepting that people can have weird experiences that otherwise don't affect their ability to live a full and reasonably well-adjusted life. I would suggest that for as long as you seem to have a handle on the notion that this perception is true to you but might not, and should not, be to anyone else and that doesn't piss you off too much or, again, interfere with your ability to behave like a sane person then it's your life to live. I would hold off on approaching any mental health professionals with it, though.

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, there might be people who agree with you: I seem to recall some trope that circulates through communities of psychedelic drug users that believe reality has been revealed to them as being controlled by little machine elves or something like that. Maybe they saw one aspect of your god?
>> No. 27495 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 6:50 pm
27495 spacer

Fetishistic as in, it has strong sexual overtones.

Anyway like I said before I wouldn't be worried about the general "wierd" belief system it seems to have given you. Not to sound dramatic though, it would worry me a bit that these experiences happened seemingly at random and without warning, you are potentially at danger of having one of these episodes in the middle of work or at the wheel of a vehicle or something. That could go very badly indeed.

For that reason alone I think it might be worth, if not talking to a GP, maybe speaking to some sort of confidential counselling service or something like that. It's not the fact you've discovered God or that you're a nutter, because I wouldn't call you one any more than myself. It's purely that you want to be sure you don't put yourself at risk with an episode at the controls of a forklift or some shit.
>> No. 27564 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 9:07 pm
27564 spacer
>>27469very interesting
hundreds of years ago people had a natural acceptance of god and spiritual entities as a routine part of life which were unexceptional, and could poll their short-term memory, one imagines, for god's most recent pronouncement, and converse with god at certain times and understand him to be everyones minds working together; much of what is written is by people who do not divulge all that which they know.
Do you think the colours represent sadness and gratitude, blue and green?
Do not fear your experiences but do not burden others with them by telling them that you fear them/fear they represent insanity, present them as if they were bemusing and fascinating.
You will find people who can conceive that you are not insane will not opine as to what your experiences mean, in order to avoid altering your perceptions of them? There is shame in the religious for rational reasons. Take the Pig Destroyer attitude - if you fear something being a secret, shout it loudly from the heavens so that noone beleives.
Sometimes we loudly proclaim things to be the case knowing we will be called insane or liars in order that what we know to be the truth will be disbeleived. Or am I insane?

Do you think it possible the earth has one leader and it is not whom you might imagine, or that there could be a trinity or mathematical structure/set of interconnected people who together represent the mind of god in its fundamental mode of resonance, and everyone else is a harmonic resonating about that group or single person?
I am him, the devil! have a nice day. I'll claim. Or some. Or so it seems, the strangest mystery, oh right, or some, or so it seems i have you m It seems with "or so" as silent, ; or some, or so it seems, the strangest mystery.


>> No. 5841 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 6:09 pm
/poof/5841 spacer
I need a new pair of laces for my work shoes. Should I get coloured laces instead of black ones or would I look like a bit of a twat?
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>> No. 5853 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 9:19 am
5853 spacer
Socks too. Why is nobody wearing socks any more and wearing short trousers to show off their ankles like it's some kind of Victorian protest? Looks daft as all hell.
>> No. 5854 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 7:52 pm
5854 spacer
I get bad foot odour and quite like wearing short running socks. They never smell and are comfortable around the ankles. I'm quite odd in some ways, I also wear a Fitbit just because I like it yet I smoke 15 cigarettes a day.
>> No. 5855 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 7:54 pm
5855 spacer

But without socks the foot odour just lives directly on your feet and in your shoes.
>> No. 5856 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 8:00 pm
5856 spacer
Just as nature intended.
>> No. 5857 Anonymous
24th October 2018
Wednesday 8:13 pm
5857 spacer

You can buy low socks that just go over the feet, but not the ankles.


>> No. 7388 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 12:08 pm
/£$€¥/7388 Budgeting
What's the best method for budgeting?

I'm aware that I'm drifting a bit through life and not paying close enough attention to my personal finances. I could do with a system so I can analyse what is being spent and where that I can also use to plan ahead for annual bills and the like. I'm assuming the best thing to start with would be putting my bank statements on a spreadsheet.
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>> No. 7392 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 6:01 pm
7392 spacer
>Free trial too

How much does it cost thereafter?
>> No. 7393 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 7:21 pm
7393 spacer
MoneySavingExpert have a useful spreadsheet template.
>> No. 7395 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 8:54 pm
7395 spacer
Why not dust off some of those old C++ skills and code your own spreadsheet?
>> No. 7396 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 9:26 pm
7396 spacer
Why reinvent the wheel?
>> No. 7397 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 10:28 pm
7397 spacer
I was just giving OOP some pointers!

Thanks for playing


Screenshot_2018-09-30 all boards.png
>> ID: 2415ed No. 14729 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 2:50 pm

ID: 2415ed
/shed/14729 ?
What's this thing I keep accidently opening while posting?
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>> ID: ede5e0 No. 14752 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 6:59 am

ID: ede5e0
14752 spacer
You're losing your edge.
>> ID: cea6e3 No. 14783 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 8:45 pm

ID: cea6e3
14783 spacer
>> ID: cea6e3 No. 14784 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 8:49 pm

ID: cea6e3
14784 spacer
Sentry is getting my location wrong by well over 400 miles.
>> ID: 2082fa No. 14785 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 9:04 pm

ID: 2082fa
14785 spacer
I don't think the sentry even picks up where I am.
>> ID: 173e15 No. 14786 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 9:53 pm

ID: 173e15
14786 spacer

It looks like you're using EE which has always seemed to confuse sentry (or rather the whois that sentry pulls from). It doesn't look like it's giving you a location at all to me, which it usually does if it doesn't have any regional data.

For the first time in a long while, it's accurate for me. Usually it thinks I'm in Glasgow.


tumblr_oyr4ffeylC1r7h611o8_1280 (1).jpg
>> No. 1652 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 8:24 am
/y/1652 I'm only gay for cartoon men
You're welcome.
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>> No. 1678 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 9:26 pm
1678 spacer
I like femboys but I don't like the cock, so if you make it bigger there's more for me to dislike. It's a confused view for sure, but it's my own.
>> No. 1680 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 12:20 am
1680 spacer
during my wet dreams last night every time I was about to have sex with a women it turned out she had cock I blame you fuckers.
>> No. 1681 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 2:26 am
1681 spacer


>> No. 1682 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 6:55 am
1682 spacer

Any resemblence to real people -living or dead -is.jpg
Oh right I forgot I was uploading these.
>> No. 1683 Anonymous
23rd October 2018
Tuesday 6:56 am
1683 spacer



>> No. 1531 Anonymous
5th October 2013
Saturday 8:30 am
/uhu/1531 spacer
Do you lads fancy a pumpkin carving contest?

You've got just under four weeks to work on your designs and hone your carving technique.
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>> No. 2468 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 1:44 pm
2468 spacer

1 rVwicojch6CTSE-pVK7kNw.jpg
That time of the year again lads.

Winner can annoy purps into making the winner the /uhu/ banner and get one free shitpost.
>> No. 2469 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 2:05 pm
2469 spacer

I made a very small OwO pumpkin this year as I was feeling lazy. Any candle in it goes out almost immediately due to it not being big enough and it's already starting to crumple.
>> No. 2470 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 2:58 pm
2470 spacer
Apparently cutting the hole from the bottom of the pumpkin and carving it from there rather than the top helps them last longer and not fall in on themselves, as does coating the insides in lemon juice after hollowing them out. Also, if you put cinnamon on the sides after when you go to put a candle in it it'll smell like the flat of that girlfriend that left you.
>> No. 2471 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 4:13 pm
2471 spacer
what part of "lazy" don't you get?
>> No. 2472 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:00 am
2472 spacer

My mate made a harambe one 2 years ago


>> No. 16120 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:55 pm
/news/16120 spacer
Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for abusing vulnerable girls

Twenty members of a “vile and wicked” grooming gang have been convicted of trafficking, drugging and raping vulnerable girls in a harrowing campaign of abuse across West Yorkshire. It can now be reported that the ringleader of the group, 35-year-old Amere Singh Dhaliwal, was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of 54 offences, including countless rapes of children.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the crimes against 15 girls far exceeded anything he had previously seen. The gang’s “persistent and prolonged” offending, he said, was “at the top of the scale” of severity.

Details of the case, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution, can be disclosed after a judge agreed to lift reporting restrictions on Friday, following a legal challenge by media groups including the Guardian. One of the trials had previously almost collapsed when the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson filmed defendants in a live Facebook video outside Leeds crown court.

Jurors in the three trials heard how the men, mostly from Huddersfield, plied girls as young as 11 with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them in car parks, hotels, takeaways, snooker halls, on moors and by reservoirs across the region.

Fifteen severely vulnerable girls fell victim to the gang between 2004 and 2011. One girl, aged 11 or 12 at the time, was abducted from a care home and supplied ecstasy before being made to perform sex acts, Leeds crown court heard. Many of the victims described how they were plied with drink and drugs at house parties then raped “one by one” by the men, who used plastic bags as condoms.

Dhaliwal was at the heart of the group, who referred to each other using nicknames including “Dracula,” “Beastie” and “Chiller” in monikers that were used in the three trials.

The girls were deliberately targeted for their vulnerabilities. All had troubled home lives, including one whose mother was unable to care for her due to drink and drug addictions.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16177 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 9:55 am
16177 spacer
It's funny how, reading about Edge of the City, the UAF only got involved after the BNP started promoting the documentary in advance of its broadcast and calling it a "party political broadcast". The way you've written it is to suggest well-meaning people were allowing the BNP to exploit it by pre-emptively campaigning against it, when the BNP were exploiting it anyway.
>> No. 16178 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 10:06 am
16178 spacer
Oh, we're on to semantics. Fantastic.
>> No. 16179 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 11:55 am
16179 spacer
No, as I said, >>16175 is arguing that 'banning discussion of controversial topics allows the far-right to gain ground', and I'm undermining that facile premise by pointing out they have their facts wrong.
>> No. 16180 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 12:19 pm
16180 spacer
Channel 4 made clear that they did not delay broadcast because of the BNP bandwagoning. It was due to lobbying from the likes of UAF and eventually the police. It's semantics due to your interpretation twisting what was said solely to suit the point being made.

You're being incredibly myopic by only focussing on the documentary. The BNP were making a lot of noise about child grooming for the better part of a decade before the Rotherham scandal was unveiled. It was barely discussed in the meantime and it's exactly this what the far-right look to exploit; it gives them unwarranted credibility. It is exactly the same tactics Tommy Robinson is disingenuously using over Huddersfield. You do not give these people the opportunity to paint themselves as victims.
>> No. 16181 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 3:51 pm
16181 spacer

>is arguing that 'banning discussion of controversial topics allows the far-right to gain ground', and I'm undermining that facile premise

Details of this particular example aside, this is EXACTLY how grassroots movements build. People become far more interested in politics, and entrenched in their views, when they feel they're being suppressed. It adds a lot of momentum.


>> No. 22470 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 8:13 pm
/v/22470 Killing Eve
This is a very good show, even though I bet none of you watched it because the oversaturation of ads the Beeb put out annoyed you.
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>> No. 22471 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 8:38 pm
22471 spacer
> because the oversaturation of ads the Beeb put out annoyed you.
>> No. 22472 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 9:27 pm
22472 spacer
I thought it was better than Bodyguard.
>> No. 22473 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 11:12 am
22473 spacer
I really liked this and found it really funny. Not sure how much I have to add beyond that. I'd certainly recommended it to the rest of the Mansfield Massive.


fuck vegetables.jpg
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
/101/25338 Terrible product/marketing photos
Nothing can so easily send me into apoplectic rage and simultaneous fits of laughter as non-nonsensical photographs in advertising and marketing. I couldn't decide where this thread belongs best as it's both irritating and entertaining at the same time.

Lidl has some brilliant examples, for instance this picture of a woman who is clearly off her tits on some research chems and is seeing hallucinations of vegetables flying around her head.
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>> No. 27760 Anonymous
15th October 2018
Monday 12:04 am
27760 spacer
Needs more Lithuanian to look like any modern building site. Black women and old dudes are the last thing you'll find there.
>> No. 27763 Anonymous
15th October 2018
Monday 1:55 am
27763 spacer

Look at how clean their PPE is, they're obviously management.
>> No. 27764 Anonymous
15th October 2018
Monday 2:06 am
27764 spacer
They fact that they even have their PPE on and so clean means they're probably Management. Cunts.
>> No. 27819 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 1:40 am
27819 spacer

This advert has come with baffling clip-art every time I've seen it.
>> No. 27820 Anonymous
21st October 2018
Sunday 1:41 am
27820 spacer

Although it taught me you oughtn't pelt apples at ice-skaters because that's what happened in the top image from the looks of it.


john smith.jpg
>> No. 61763 Are Moaty
20th October 2018
Saturday 9:51 pm
/iq/61763 that's waycist Locked
When your sky wizard says a girl becomes a woman at puberty, you can't have sex until marraige but it's ok to own slave girls and do what you want with them

What possibly could go wrong.....
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>> No. 61764 Samefag
20th October 2018
Saturday 10:10 pm
61764 spacer
Lad. >>/news/16120


>> No. 421268 Anonymous
16th October 2018
Tuesday 11:06 pm
/b/421268 spacer
A m8 of mine delivers food in London and he wants to protect himself from youths after his steed.

He already has a massive chain and padlock but apparently it's not as effective of a weapon as it seems because of the recovery time after each defensive action when faced by multiple youths. What's his best option for an innocuous tool that he can attach to his scooter that would come in handy in an emergency?
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>> No. 421331 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 6:58 pm
421331 spacer

There was a moratorium on pursuing motorcycle riders after the death of Henry Hicks in 2014. That policy ended in 2017 after the four officers who pursued Hicks were cleared of gross misconduct.
>> No. 421332 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 7:42 pm
421332 spacer
I see, thanks.

I actually saw this on Police Interceptors, where they halted the pursuit when the rider chucked his helmet.
>> No. 421333 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 7:45 pm
421333 spacer
Police Interceptors is like the moon landings: all filmed in a television studio. Broadcasting footage of genuine criminals would be against their "human" "rights".
>> No. 421334 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 11:45 am
421334 spacer
>bright pink scooter with yellow polkadots.

And the horn just goes "BLOBBYBLOOBBYBLOBBBY!!" really loudly.
>> No. 421337 Anonymous
20th October 2018
Saturday 1:47 pm
421337 spacer




iceball earth.jpg
>> No. 4477 Anonymous
16th October 2018
Tuesday 5:24 am
/lab/4477 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 4510 Anonymous
17th October 2018
Wednesday 6:29 pm
4510 spacer

Well lets look at what you've actually claimed and go from there...

>The laughably incompetent assassins of the world's most nefarious security state (completely subverting our rather bloated GCHQ) - run simultaneously by a decentralised "Wild East" oligarchy and the iron will of that modern day Napoleon, Putin -

>The laughably incompetent assassins of the world's most nefarious security state (completely subverting our rather bloated GCHQ)

GCHQ is not omnipotent and this isn't a group of eskimo teenagers plotting a jihad on Facebook. The Russian agents understand how to use secure methods of communication. It would be like claiming that 9/11 couldn’t happen because the US air force exists.

>run simultaneously by a decentralised "Wild East" oligarchy and the iron will of that modern day Napoleon, Putin -

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to claim here, it is almost like you are trying to say the attack couldn't have happened because it is impossible for the Russian state to exist and operate even though it plainly does as we see it every day. Those 2 ideas are not as contradictory as you think that is basically how the Roman Empire operated for hundreds of years.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4511 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:15 pm
4511 spacer
Is that name of the .gs intelligence agency? The PKB?
>> No. 4512 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 6:06 pm
4512 spacer
Quite Knowledgeable Lads.
>> No. 4513 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:20 pm
4513 spacer
Not MI3? Mansfield Intelligence, 3 members
>> No. 4514 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:41 pm
4514 spacer



>> No. 16109 Anonymous
17th October 2018
Wednesday 10:41 pm
/news/16109 spacer
What do you make of this?

Amber Alert issued for 13-year-old Wisconsin girl after parents found dead
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>> No. 16138 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 7:58 pm
16138 spacer

or was it daddy?
>> No. 16139 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:03 pm
16139 spacer
Websleuths are on their fifth thread about it, closing the first four after about 55 pages. They seem to be censoring anyone saying Jayme might have done it though. I don't know how a 13-year-old could be such a ninja at hiding if she did.
>> No. 16140 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:06 pm
16140 spacer


They did make a song about her.
>> No. 16141 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:15 pm
16141 spacer

The door was kicked in. She probably wouldn't kick the door in herself, to fake evidence, before scarpering. The police arrived four minutes after the 911 call.
>> No. 16142 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 8:17 pm
16142 spacer
There was a case where Joseph Edward Duncan III broke into a house, killed the mother, father and older brother, and made off with the two youngest kids.


>> No. 27547 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 3:03 am
/emo/27547 spacer
I'm afraid to sleep lads. I keep havimg nightmares.
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>> No. 27548 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:32 am
27548 spacer
Sorry to hear that lad.

Do you have any idea if there's a trigger behind them? I had some pretty brutal ones and I found that a few simple CBT sessions really cleared them up.
>> No. 27550 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 3:41 pm
27550 spacer
I've suffered from night terrors for years and they are usually induced by times of stress. I have abnormal stress responses anyway, so I think the nightmares are an extension of that. I've been given a few different medications over the years to help me have a dreamless sleep, with differing success. Therapy is by far the best method of combating the mechanisms which induce nightmares.

If you're really in a bind though, high doses of Diazepam and even small doses of Amitriptyline have helped me.
>> No. 27551 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 7:53 pm
27551 spacer
What kind of nightmares? I'm normally entertained by the horror film type ones and more bothered by dreams of losing my flat or one where I've been on holiday for a week and just realised I've left the cat no food.


>> No. 4667 Anonymous
18th October 2018
Thursday 6:25 pm
/fat/4667 Car Emissions
I know it sounds terribly dramatic, but would getting some kind of face mask be a good idea for traveling around in vehicle dense enviroments? I had to spend several hours walking along packed roads today and I felt like shit; I got a ache at the base of my skull and I could taste and smell the acrid smog the whole time. Smog's not the right word because you can't even see it, but by heck it's there.
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>> No. 4684 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 12:20 pm
4684 spacer
I sometimes use a mask I purchased for this very purpose from the Cambridge Mask Company.

One noticeable difference while wearing it out and about is that people are unable to see you smile at them. So if you catch someone's eye and want to be friendly, or bump into someone and want to look apologetic, you can't. It's quite dramatic how being bereft of that single facial expression can suddenly make you a social outcast, quite apart from wearing something odd in the first place.
>> No. 4685 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 2:25 pm
4685 spacer
u wot m8. Hijab's would cover the mask, so OP-lad wouldn't need to be self-conscious about his mask. Hijab's are the most socially acceptable way of covering your face that I could think of, hence the suggestion.
>> No. 4686 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 2:32 pm
4686 spacer
Oh look, the flagbearer for the perpetually offended brigade has arrived.
>> No. 4687 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 2:43 pm
4687 spacer
Fuck you granddad.
>> No. 4688 Anonymous ## Mod ##
19th October 2018
Friday 2:55 pm
4688 spacer
Stop being twats in /fat/...s.


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