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>> No. 6075 Anonymous
5th January 2020
Sunday 12:39 pm
/poof/6075 spacer
Do I need to buy relatively expensive facial scrubs or will clay do the job just as well?
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>> No. 6082 Anonymous
5th January 2020
Sunday 4:47 pm
6082 spacer
A dirty brush is a useless brush.
>> No. 6176 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 4:43 pm
6176 spacer
Today I've given my face a good scrub and now I'm sat with a nose pore strip on. I should do this more often; I feel quite refreshed.
>> No. 6177 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 5:13 pm
6177 spacer
For a little while now I haven't been washing very thoroughly. I've been scrubbing my body with a brush each day but the soap remains dry. Today I found a number of dense, dark blackheads in both creases of my nose. Quite deep, some leaving a noticable hole after extraction. They were really firm.
>> No. 6183 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 8:02 pm
6183 spacer
Those might not be blackheads and you shouldn't be picking at your spots anyway.

>> No. 6185 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 9:58 pm
6185 spacer
Yeah, these were definitely blackheads - no smaller than 1mm in diameter which, when coming out of your face, is pretty big. But yeah I'll definitely stop touching those 'sebaceous filaments' now that you mention it. Thanks!


>> No. 436938 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 7:11 pm
/b/436938 spacer
I think shopping at Lidl and Aldi is the ultimate intelligence test.

Anyone who uses the packing station behind the checkouts has instantly lost.
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>> No. 437231 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 1:33 pm
437231 spacer
They really need to construct the Nando's trough >>/nom/9514.
>> No. 437410 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 7:47 am
437410 spacer
>- The ones that try to pack everything at the till and do so extremely slowly. holding everyone else up like the selfish cunts they are.

This irritates me whenever it happens, it's worse that the checkout instructions are on a massive fucking banner behind them and the checkout is designed so that you do not have room to pack properly yet you have these literal brainlets are so ignorant that they completely ignore it and take 3-4 minutes.

You can see the checkout person calling them a cunt with their eyes staring at them, unable to say anything. The one time I told one of these mouth breathers trying to pack a literal full trolleys worth of shopping into bags that the instructions were behind them they looked up at it and then kept doing what they were doing. Ignorant, selfish cunts.
>> No. 437414 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 1:12 pm
437414 spacer
I'm middle class and I prefer KFC over Nando's.
>> No. 437416 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 1:38 pm
437416 spacer
Nandos getting a lot of hate consistently, why?

It's no fine dining but if you want something where you know you don't need to book, know you can turn up casually, quickly run off when you're done because you've already paid and want some relatively tasty chicken with a selection of easy going sides I don't see the problem to the extent everybody else does.

Yes there are lots of teenagers in there eating on first dates but it probably suits their budget and level fo relaxation.
>> No. 437417 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 1:51 pm
437417 spacer
We've got an entire thread dedicated to it. We don't need to retread old ground.


>> No. 437408 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 2:49 am
/b/437408 Jizz lobbing
I reckon the last time I had a wank was a few days before Halloween 2019. I thought about doing nofap November and haven't wanked since. No spunk has exited my Japseye since.

How do I entertain the ladies with my full chubby in lockdown lads.
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>> No. 437411 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 8:44 am
437411 spacer
Set up a load of webcams, probably 100 would do it, and try to film the resulting dribble from enough angles that you can stitch together a decent bullet-time slo-mo epic. Then delete it.

The fuck are you asking? I'm assuming this is more low quality pasta from elsewhere.
>> No. 437412 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 9:52 am
437412 spacer
I recorded myself jizzing once with the slow motion mode on my phone. My knob is apparently a natural performer as I jizzed harder and farther than I ever had before - I heard it hit the ceiling.

It was so inpressive I did actually show it to a couple of girls, I wasn't even really interested in them, it was just such a good video.
>> No. 437413 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:46 am
437413 spacer
Sand down your bell end.
>> No. 437415 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 1:33 pm
437415 spacer

You need to find some use for it. That will impress the ladies.


>> No. 29754 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:03 pm
/emo/29754 spacer
Is the practice of meditation, in the pursuit of "enlightenment" a kind of self-induced schizophrenia? I started meditating last year and I've come to view the vast majority of problems people complain about as a kind of melodramatic form of mental scaffolding that they shackle themselves with just to give their brains something to do. If I hadn't learned acceptance through my meditative practices, I'd be annoyed at how whiny everyone is.
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>> No. 29757 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 12:12 am
29757 spacer
If you go deep into it of course. There''s a reason there are whole schools of thought about the correct way to progress in terms of a serious practice. I think for most people who do a little bit of mindfullness or whatever it won't be an issue but if you're deep diving you're gonna run into some legitimate and challenging weirdness.

I think there's probably other lads on here that would be able to elucidate a bit better, I only paddle in the shallow end for my own purposes. But I mean you're basically fundamentally fucking with your own internal thought processes and nervous system, so yeah it can be serious fucking business if you're not careful.
>> No. 29765 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 10:55 am
29765 spacer
A while back I read an article somewhere discussing the practices of certain organisations running courses on meditation.
In particular in the UK there have been a few places running hotels in the theme of Tibetan monasteries, where people can pay a couple of grand, they get a few lectures in meditation from some old guru-type, and then they are locked up for a week just being let out an hour a day for food and exercise in silence.

Large numbers of people going on those courses are suffering from serious psychotic breaks and having to be sectioned, because they've been dumped right in the deep end without the sort of one-on-one support and guidance that you would get in a real monastery.

>the vast majority of problems people complain about as a kind of melodramatic form of mental scaffolding
I'm a dabbler in mindfulness at most, but even at the level I'm at its made me see this in people
>> No. 29767 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 1:23 pm
29767 spacer

Part of me thinks it's hilarious and the type of relive my gap yah hipster wanker who'd pay for that deserves sectioning to begin with.

I'm not sure what the other part of me thinks. I've never meditated, I've just taken loads of psychedelic drugs over the years.


>> No. 437285 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 11:25 pm
/b/437285 Twitter
Twitter are fact checking. Does this mean that the moon split religion gets silenced. Or the people that say there's 105 genders need evidence. Asking for Jordan Peterson.
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>> No. 437301 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 8:41 am
437301 spacer
>It's proven that the moon hasn't been split

Isn't that how we got the moon in the first place? Another planet crashing into Earth and breaking up.
>> No. 437302 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 8:43 am
437302 spacer

Mother Earth had a miscarriage.
>> No. 437303 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 12:13 pm
437303 spacer

>Nanook points out the splitting of the moon. Anonymous 16th-century watercolor from a Falnama, a Persian book of prophecy. Nanook is the veiled figure on the right.

I love how they covered his face with a cloth.
>> No. 437306 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 12:58 pm
437306 spacer
I love the people in the background nonchalantly hiding behind some suspicious rocks. I also love the guy on the right who has sleeves that are far too long for some reason.
I love everything about this picture.
>> No. 437409 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 3:05 am
437409 spacer

That's to hide his oppressive white face, if you look he got set on fire so all clever people can say mislums are brown. And it's racist to object to him saying it's ok to beat your wife for disobedience because he got burned. And went brown.


>> No. 29680 Anonymous
22nd May 2020
Friday 11:06 pm
/emo/29680 Social Distancing and a love Life
Can any of you lads able to recommend some imaginative ways to do dating with social distancing in effect. I reckon that with the recent loosening of restrictions you can maybe sit in a park and not look at one-another but is that the best you can do?

I decided to put this in /emo/ because I live alone and honestly I'm feeling a bit lonely at this point. There's online dating but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do, can conversations keep flowing when you're not doing much all day? How does it even work?
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>> No. 29752 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 10:35 pm
29752 spacer
Fuck sake, after 3 weeks of wasting time on dating apps I'm there but the thunder and lightning started up today. Any ideas on how I can make a convincing date tomorrow in Central London? It's not fair.
>> No. 29753 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 10:55 pm
29753 spacer
>Social distancing is for shops and that, not for prospective shags.
>> No. 29755 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:57 pm
29755 spacer
You can still arse piss and socially distance.
>> No. 29756 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 12:07 am
29756 spacer
Go for a walk somewhere. Along the river maybe or see some of the sites etc. Central is a bit of a shit place to wander around but fuck knows atm. Hyde park? Regents park?
>> No. 29764 Anonymous
7th June 2020
Sunday 2:00 am
29764 spacer
That would be lovely but my predicament is its going to piss it down.

>Central is a bit of a shit place to wander around

There's plenty of parks and a stroll along the Thames is quite nice.


>> No. 65574 YubYub
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 8:57 pm
/iq/65574 ARE MADDY
Lads, there's still hope.
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>> No. 65584 Samefag
6th June 2020
Saturday 7:29 pm
65584 spacer
11 million quid of taxpayer money spent on this. 112,853 children go missing in the UK each year.
So if it's 11 million per kid, and over a million kids missing, no wonder there's not enough police funds.
Fuck off lefties, you've been rumbled.
>> No. 65585 Searchfag
6th June 2020
Saturday 7:33 pm
65585 spacer
It's actually why Rotherham happened. We realised we simply didn't have the resources to deal with this sort of thing anymore so it's easier just to ignore the problem and hope it either goes away or gets resolved by itself.
>> No. 65587 Paedofag
6th June 2020
Saturday 7:53 pm
65587 spacer
Not just rotherham lad. It's all over. can't say much but I know a good friend who's joined the police. On probation in a West Yorkshire town right now. tells me if people knew what was happening in regards to cse there'd be chaos. Told friend about Maggie Oliver and Jon Wedger (wants to pursue career in abuse / rape investigations) and it's put them off a bit.
>> No. 65588 Auntiefucker
6th June 2020
Saturday 9:38 pm
65588 spacer


We'd never be able to guess.
>> No. 65589 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 10:52 pm
65589 spacer

rife lad, rife



>> No. 65560 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 12:57 pm
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>> No. 65561 YubYub
31st May 2020
Sunday 1:17 pm
65561 spacer
>> No. 65564 Searchfag
31st May 2020
Sunday 1:59 pm
65564 spacer

I'm on my way...
>> No. 65565 Searchfag
31st May 2020
Sunday 3:53 pm
65565 spacer
Fuck he's just a half inch of nose away from being the perfect real life Mr Burns.
>> No. 65586 Paedofag
6th June 2020
Saturday 7:34 pm
65586 spacer
Dint know are moaty was a butch lesbian


Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 14.36.03.png
>> No. 29715 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 2:39 pm
/emo/29715 Coronavirus has done a number on me
I was fine with it at first, moved back with the parents away from my cramped London flat, found some weird novelty in it but coronavirus has started to take its toll on me. Has this happened to anybody else?

My job I was moving to abroad got canned because they shut their borders, I've no idea what the future looks like,my girlfriend I don't really think I love wants to move in together but I just don't think it's for me, I can't go to the job I want, I can't even go travelling, I'm just stuck in my job. I have one at least, I get it, but I just want the gym back, my office with a huge monitor back, haircuts and being able to get a plane anywhere.

It's just worn me down, feels a bit relentless and whilst it's helped me have a good think about my life I've hit my limit. Any coping strategies you lads are employing?
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>> No. 29746 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 6:33 pm
29746 spacer
>Thank you mate - really appreciate this post.

No worries, was probably helpful for me to post it as well.

In terms of meditation guides it's kind of hard to say, think you probably just need to try a few things and see what works for you. Lots of people have told me like that headspace app has worked for them and there's a million guided meditation things on youtube.

Personally I've worked out my own little routine that starts of just counting breaths and then if I start to feel settled I do some other breathing stuff and that's about it. When I first started trying to get into a proper practice I found going to a drop in group session was really useful just in terms of doing it in a group and being forced into a longer meditation than I'd do myself. Obviously not an option atm though. My main thing is to try and go into it with the right intention as in to try not to see it as a chore or a thing you HAVE to do, but rather as 10/15/20 time for yourself where you're allowed to not worry and stress about stuff. Which is easier said than done obviously.

And as I said in the previous post I've fallen out the habit myself so am a bit of a hypocrite. I think trying to maintain the habit can be the hardest thing, for me at least. But when I do I feel a bit better in my head.

>I was probably just hoping somebody would chime in and say 'yeah same, it fucking sucks you're not alone.'

You're not, and I'd imagine there are plenty of other lads on here who are feeling the same but might not even feel up to typing up a post. And just anecdotally speaking to mates irl lots of people are having a hard time in all sorts of ways.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 29747 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 9:19 pm
29747 spacer
I think I've kept sane because I've just been too busy with work to worry. I'm not actually getting much done at home but then nothing focuses the mind like a deadline.

Maybe you can try keeping yourself busy with an online course. The sense of progress and just generally keeping yourself occupied is something I've found helpful throughout my life. That said, I think everyone has been getting those moments though where you just want to get out the house and live your life again.

Seconding the good nights sleep. As my commute has been cut right down I've been able to get much more sleep than I used to. It makes a world of difference.
>> No. 29749 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 10:54 am
29749 spacer
You're not alone.

If you don't want to try headspace then there's this:

Which I made into podcast form for ease:
>> No. 29750 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:22 am
29750 spacer
Also because you're missing the gym, you can try this site which tailors exercises according to what equipment you have

Or the NHS site
>> No. 29751 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 4:57 pm
29751 spacer
I actually managed to do 15 minutes for the first time in a few weeks and feel more chill. Might try another 15 once it gets dark if I haven't got half pissed first.

Do any of you bodhisattva lads have any tips for maintaining the habit? I often keep it up for a few weeks and then inevitably just let it slip, I mean I guess it's just self discipline really isn't it? It just often feels a lot easier to crack a beer.


>> No. 12398 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 1:31 am
/beat/12398 spacer
What's your opinion of Spotify and its premium version?

I used to run the free version with adblock years ago but then forgot about it because everything is on youtube or otherwise downloadable. Now it seems like everyone has an account so I'm wondering if I'm missing something.
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>> No. 12410 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:36 am
12410 spacer

>artists don't get a great deal out of it

Spotify pay out about 70% of their revenues as royalties, but the majority of their users don't pay a subscription and bring in absolutely piffling amounts of money. There's absolutely no reason to feel guilty about paying for Spotify.
>> No. 12411 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:39 am
12411 spacer

>They haven't exactly got a monopoly, they're fighting off competition from amazon music, apple music, youtube/google, and a few others.

Sure, just like BP don't have a monopoly on oil, there's a dozen other evil megacorps to shaft you in their place. I get that they're providing people with exactly what they want, so I'm not faulting anyone for using what they're offering. I'd just encourage anyone who's serious about music to think about being more direct with how they obtain their collection.

I say it's harmful overall because as shite as the way the old music industry was, at least you had artists focusing on being artists. You got a big fuckoff loan from some executive who directly reamed your arsehole in person and made you their bitch. Nowadays musicians are dividing their time between being youtubers, teachers, gigging, and commodifying their whole life on social media in order to scrape a living; every one of those companies wants a share of your arsehole, and none of them has a big enough cock to get you off.

Anyway whatever. Thank fuck I have a real job instead.
>> No. 12412 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 11:50 am
12412 spacer
Mods need to get a grip on this giant advert of a wesbite. Big Streaming have now also moved in it seems.
>> No. 12413 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 12:13 pm
12413 spacer

>The algorithms are pretty good although I miss having radio presenters to throw in something completely off the wall sometimes.

I swear they used to generate a playlist that was basically this, but it doesn't seem to exist now.
>> No. 12414 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 12:36 pm
12414 spacer
>Big Streaming

Which streaming service has Malcolm in the Middle?


>> No. 2831 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 2:23 pm
/eco/2831 spacer
Someone is offering a free compost bin but it doesn't have the front flap.

I can't find the flap for sale anywhere. Is it worth collecting the bin and fashioning a makeshift front flap? Or will the bin fail to function then?
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>> No. 2832 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 2:57 pm
2832 spacer
Sure - a bit of wood cut to fit and tied around will be completely fine. Should last a decade or so.
I might be tempted by a few more 2" diameter holes in the sides, if you live somewhere moist, or I think you'll get slime rather than compost.


>> No. 23173 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 1:08 pm
/v/23173 Our Alan
>The podcast will unveil a "more reflective Alan" as he tries to attract a young and diverse audience.

Always knew he was one of us. .gs revival imminent?


>> No. 29701 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 1:49 pm
/emo/29701 Thank you
Thank you /fags for being there. I want to thank every single contributor for being just like every other cunt you come across. I wouldn't change it for the world.
I've had serious MH issues this last year and it's been bad. But you lot have carried on chatting shit about rinsing pasta. We have one unifying attribute. Our God.

Our Moaty who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name
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>> No. 29707 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 8:06 pm
29707 spacer
You didn't miss much.
>> No. 29708 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 9:36 pm
29708 spacer

I, for one, found it hilarious and I don't really even like pasta.
>> No. 29709 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 12:07 am
29709 spacer

It is easy to laugh when you don't care what a monster diluted sauce lad is.
>> No. 29710 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 1:45 am
29710 spacer
It has been 10 years lad, let it go.
>> No. 29748 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 8:56 am
29748 spacer


>> No. 23810 Anonymous
31st December 2011
Saturday 10:22 pm
/x/23810 Guilty Would
Since this image wasn't that well received in The Ginger Thread, and by the recommendation of some lad in /b/: this is the "Guilty Would" thread.

Post women which aren't generically attractive, but which (for whatever reason) you'd shag the heck out of given the chance.
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>> No. 41064 Anonymous
3rd May 2020
Sunday 11:17 am
41064 spacer
Is the reason hefty lasses paint massive eyebrows on because regular sized ones make the rest of their head look massive?
>> No. 41186 Anonymous
25th May 2020
Monday 10:12 pm
41186 spacer

The first time I've found an outie belly button attractive. I feel very confused.
>> No. 41213 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 9:40 pm
41213 spacer

She was kind of hot for a kid napping, blood drinking, occult reptilian.
>> No. 41214 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 11:56 pm
41214 spacer
Her face looks like one David Firth photoshopped together from composites.
>> No. 41215 Anonymous
5th June 2020
Friday 12:07 am
41215 spacer

I had many wanks to her in 2008. Couldn't see myself voting for Clinton but in the word of the notorious swinger Kissinger 'Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac'.

There's probably a thread there but I imagine it would just end up with the usual picks.


>> No. 25323 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 4:26 pm
/news/25323 bad toad man?

I have a lot of questions.
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>> No. 25330 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 6:31 pm
25330 spacer
Wait until the media gets wind of his scene with Kara Price, they'll lock him up and throw away the key.
>> No. 25331 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 7:00 pm
25331 spacer

I imagine that when fucking a variety of stunningly beautiful men and women all day long is your 9-5, you have to push the boat out a bit compared to the average person in your leisure time.
>> No. 25332 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 7:30 pm
25332 spacer

Perhaps, but 5-MeO-DMT is a notoriously un-fun drug. Something more akin to a near death experience, but without any of the enjoyable bits.
>> No. 25335 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 8:59 pm
25335 spacer

I was never that impressed with that scene. It was decent, but certainly did not live up to the hype. It felt far too controlled to be truly exciting, there was certainly a lot more convincingly dark scenes coming out of sites like meatholes.
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
4th June 2020
Thursday 9:47 pm
25338 spacer

Meatholes was a bit different to anything that's come before or since and a lot of people in the industry consider Khan Tusion to be a total psychopath. He did make fantastic porn, though.


>> No. 29163 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm
/emo/29163 How to thicken helmet skin?
I want to thicken the skin of my helmet to reduce the sensitivity of my benin. I've been circumcised which has helped to reduce sensitivity a bit but I want to reduce it more.

Would soaking it in surgical spirit every day help? Would it increase my chances of getting dick cancer or something?

What about rubbing it with sandpaper for a few minutes every day?
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>> No. 29687 Anonymous
28th May 2020
Thursday 10:15 am
29687 spacer

Nah, next thing up is self-circumcision. I'm developing a device that will cut off the skin exactly where I want.
>> No. 29734 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 1:46 pm
29734 spacer
I put nettles under my foreskin once. It wasn't as interesting as I expected. Infact it hurt, a lot.
Toothpaste is an interesting one, especicially when it mingles with your pre-cum and seeps down your urethra.
>> No. 29740 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 6:29 pm
29740 spacer
Want me to post you a bhut jolokia when I've got a few grown later in the year?
>> No. 29743 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 8:37 pm
29743 spacer
By that time, OP will be slamming his mangled dick in a door to flatten it enough to appeal to tapeworms, or something similarly daft.
Either that's a well-written prank page, or maybe it _is_ what OP wants.
>> No. 29744 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 10:56 pm
29744 spacer

You are Will Kellogg and I claim my five pounds.


>> No. 13375 Anonymous
31st May 2020
Sunday 7:58 pm
/nom/13375 Indian Takeaway
What's your go to order when you get an Indian? I'm quite partial to a chicken tikka phal and a shami kebab myself.
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>> No. 13392 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 4:20 pm
13392 spacer
The trick with Brick Lane is to get some local knowledge, find a good place, and only ever go there. My favourite is a place called the Muhib - yellow decor outside, bring your own wine, about half-way up before you get to the nightclub bit.
>> No. 13393 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 10:22 pm
13393 spacer
>You're giving me foul memories of living in Stoke.
I moved from Lichfield to (near) stoke a couple of years back, and my biggest regret has been moving away from the greatest indian takeaway I've ever found. They rented this tiny ktichen in the back of a "local" pub (standing room maybe about 1m wide by 4m long), but it was the best I've ever had, even better than some of the award winning places in the Birmingham Balti belt.

Around Stoke, so far the best I've found is a restaurant in Newcastle with a takeaway service, called koh-i-noor
>> No. 13394 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 10:57 pm
13394 spacer

I can't vouch for takeaways but I know some OK Indian restaurants in Stoke and Newcastle. There was one I used to go to on the approach to Newcastle called Basmati that was particularly good. I used to go there just for their "lamb stuffed pepper" starter which was proper ace.
>> No. 13402 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 5:29 pm
13402 spacer
While we're at it:

Sanam is the best restaurant on the Curry Mile. Get the biryani. Everyone says it's Mughli but they're wrong. MyLahore is also pretty good to say it looks like a knockoff McDonalds.

Al-Jazeera, which shares the same logo as the news station, does a great afghan chicken over rice.
>> No. 13403 Anonymous
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 5:42 pm
13403 spacer
This is some good intel seeing as I'm thinking of going there for my 30th, cheers lad.


hitler in coach.jpg
>> No. 65568 R4GE
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 9:59 pm
/iq/65568 spacer
what temperature do beer cans burn at?

i put one in a bonfire today and it disappeared.
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>> No. 65569 Searchfag
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 10:55 pm
65569 spacer

>Beer can
>> No. 65570 YubYub
3rd June 2020
Wednesday 12:41 am
65570 spacer

Depends if it is made out of aluminium or steel.


>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
/b/430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 437335 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 7:23 pm
437335 spacer

The integration of immigrant communities, face to face interaction that enabled people to see that brown folk aren't so different after all, that sort of thing.

I'm not saying you've deliberately understood me, but I did make the disclaimer I probably haven't articulated the argument all too well. I just don't think telling people (especially on the internet) that their subjective viewpoint is wrong has ever really got anyone anywhere.
>> No. 437340 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 8:15 pm
437340 spacer
A lot of people in America like watching Fox News, not because they think it's accurate but because the sentiment agrees with their prejudices and they prefer to have that reinforced. People care more about feeling right than accuracy and Fox better than anyone else know their audience and how to pander to them.

On the racist front I'd say the issue is that these people don't think they're being racist. It's the "legitimate concerns." If people call them racist then it's easy to rationalise this as not being a credible claim because it's come from some easily triggered Rotherham enabling hand-wringing do-gooder lefty snowflake who hates our country and cries dolphin rape at everyone and everything, to the point the word racist has been watered down and almost lost all meaning.
>> No. 437343 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 10:11 pm
437343 spacer
Third chap here.

My own viewpoint on this is that as a society we've put a great deal of time and energy into teaching people how to be politically correct "you can't use that word it's racist", but far too little effort into solving the underlying issues such as segregation and inequality. We've essentially taught entire generations of people how to hide their prejudices from other people, rather than proving that some of their prejudices are incorrect and working to lessen any truths underlying other negative prejudices.

I was going to make an anecdote about how you could find plenty of posh white hipster students wearing #BLM tshirts, who would still cross over to the other side of the road if they saw a group of black guys walking towards them, but then I remembered that they would anyway because of social distancing
>> No. 437351 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 12:32 pm
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>> No. 437354 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 2:35 pm
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Aye, society's better at teaching people what to think than how to think.


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>> No. 2723 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 10:05 pm
/uhu/2723 spacer
My toaster's got a think layer of crumbs inside it. Would it be ok to take it out the back a give it a good hose? As long as I let it dry for a couple of days before using it again what would be the problem?
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>> No. 2726 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 11:29 pm
2726 spacer

The layer of compacted crumb is above that.
>> No. 2727 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 1:15 am
2727 spacer
Just give it a quick rinse like you would with some pasta.
>> No. 2728 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 3:18 am
2728 spacer
Tapwater tends to leave mineral residues that can cause short circuits. I'd suggest having a go at it with the crevice tool on your hoover first. You could sluice it out with isopropyl alcohol, but since COVID it'd be cheaper to buy a new toaster than a big bottle of IPA.
>> No. 2729 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 4:32 am
2729 spacer
Blast it out with compressed air?
>> No. 2730 Anonymous
2nd June 2020
Tuesday 10:26 am
2730 spacer
Sod these lot, OP. Just take it with you next time you bath and give it a good soak. Could even have toast while you're soaking.


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