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>> No. 23326 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 8:14 pm
/v/23326 Pepe the Frog: Feels Good Man

This is a BBC4 Storyville documentary on the background and evolution of Pepe the Frog. It's done in a very straight, documentary way, but is a fascinating look at what becomes a meme, but also NEET culture and the people who make up 4chan.

I found it interesting.
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>> No. 23354 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:08 pm
23354 spacer
What's next, do you want us to read beyond headlines too?
>> No. 23355 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:14 pm
23355 spacer
I keep hiding this shitheap and it shows up regardless. Brilliant.
>> No. 23356 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:34 pm
23356 spacer
If you're on Firefox the only way to hide threads is to block the element with uBlock. Hiding threads on Firefox has been broken for months now, unfortunately.
>> No. 23357 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:43 pm
23357 spacer
i started this argument before watching (>>23331 and >>23334 were me) and i must say that after watching it does actually explain a lot! so fair enough.

also a song they used early on - living in hell by cobra man - is an absolute banger so thanks for that.
>> No. 23358 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 2:16 pm
23358 spacer
Thank you and goodbye.


>> No. 30141 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 12:59 pm
/emo/30141 spacer
Lads I need a bit of help with a slight domestic.

My partner's family is very, very close. There's only 4 and a dog, and they're the type of family who call each other multiple times a day. My family is not, we're happy with contact every so often, but it's still a loving situation. For context we're a youngish couple.

The problem is we've moved to London. We're in a 4 x 5 meter room with a single bathroom, and they've come to visit. Firstly it was just the mother, who is sleeping on an airbed in the room. I knew I'd have a problem with privacy so I agreed with my partner that she could stay for three days, before getting a hotel room, and then when the Brother comes down he can stay over the one night he's here and then we're golden.

On the third day, I ask my partner about what was happening, as I had got the impression from the Mother that she was staying for the full stay, and my partner replies that she hadn't said anything to her; and that it's only one more night. I also find out the brother is staying for 3 nights. I ask her, paraphrasing, what the fuck- as we'd agreed 3 nights because I wasn't comfortable sharing a room for that long. However, as the room is small, her mother overhears (or possibly listened in, as has happened before), and thinks I'm kicking her out. After a long conversation with my partner about how she was going to ask me for the extra night, I explain to the mother about space, how I'm still getting used to how close their family are, and that she should stay the extra night and then let the brother take her space. I fell on my sword to avoid the awkwardness.

Each member of that family (barring my partner thank god) snore. So loudly, I ended up measuring it: 75 fucking decibels. In a 4 x 5 meter room. I haven't been able to get to sleep until about 3 am about 4 nights now, which is a huge problem as I'm at work for 8am. This morning, I woke up late as I was kept up till 4 am. I see the entire family is in the room, cleaning, putting away clothes, and I freak out. I feel like shit, couldn't really walk straight, and honestly just begin to cry. I keep away from the family, but there's no space to just cry. I end up sitting on the toilet for about 15 minutes.

This issue has become much larger than the actual space, and it's become a family thing; she sees it as me trying to disallow her family from visiting. She says I've made it awkward after talking to her Mother, and that my face this morning made it awkward. Of course they're allowed to visit. I just need some space. For me, it's become an issue because we compromised over something that made me feel uncomfortable, and she ignored it, and didn't consider my feelings. For me, it's natural that anyone who would visit us would have the instinct to stay in a hotel room after a couple of days, for her it's natural that the family would be as close as possible. She and the Brother are staying in a hotel tonight, leaving me alone in the flat. We've never fought in the entire time we've been together, so this is new territory.

Lads what's a way out of this?
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>> No. 30150 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:32 pm
30150 spacer
That's pretty mad to just sleep at the foot of your adult child's bed, that they're sharing with their partner, and then invite your other adult child to do the same thing. I'm clearly maladjusted because my parents are weirdos who hate everyone and try as I might some of that has rubbed off on me, but this seems like an immense intrusion. It's not like you called her mum a "prick" for trying some of your order from the takeaway or punched her brother for not taking his shoes off in the flat.

I really don't have any advice other than to say it's their behavior that's unusual and that I don't think you've acted untoward, especially not after your partner told you her family would be moving onto a hotel. I think that's the crux of the issue. If it's a money issue, IE, a hotel is too pricy, then I've got plenty of sympathy for that, but if that information hasn't been shared with you it's hardly your fault for not considering it.
>> No. 30151 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:36 pm
30151 spacer
I totally agree it is their behaviours thats unusual - also, if it is a money issue, you don't travel - I mean 3 strangers in the same room as you is just weird, however they have lived their life before.

I would tolerate it for one night in an emergency but I think you're beating yourself up too much >>30148 lad.
>> No. 30152 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 8:33 pm
30152 spacer
>The old fashioned Manly Thing To Do would have been to book yourself a hotel.

Fuck that. Every man's home is his castle.

>Is that just me?

No, it really is true what they say that if you want to be someone's lover you've got to "get with" their friends.

And then they have the audacity to view us with suspicion like we're lying about not doing it because we're wrong'uns. I've taken in turn to lying about it and saying that I use a lesbian friend for advice on women because it sounds plausible in a mildly bigoted sort of way.

The reality is we gossip about women on anonymous imageboards and if they ever discovered this secret our lives would become hell because all posts would be attributed to us.
>> No. 30154 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 1:47 am
30154 spacer
Mate a family sticking around that much is weird as hell, don't pretend it's not.
>> No. 30155 Anonymous
9th November 2020
Monday 10:55 am
30155 spacer
That's pretty nuts. Are they paying rent?


>> No. 2823 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 8:06 pm
/uhu/2823 Outdoor heating
Any recommendations? I figure NYE may end up being locked down and then there'll be the rest of winter to sit though, may as well invest in something to keep warm out.
I'm open to high tech stuff or some sort of firepit, anything that works.
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>> No. 2824 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 8:52 pm
2824 spacer
But what about the climate!.
>> No. 2825 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 8:55 pm
2825 spacer
I hear you saying I should nick one from a pub to save on construction costs and to balance out one that would otherwise be running more often.
>> No. 2826 Anonymous
8th November 2020
Sunday 10:04 pm
2826 spacer
In my experience those gas fireplace things work best. You know, like your nan used to have with the three ceramic panels, but on wheels. They kick out more heat than leccy ones and they're not as bad for emissions as just burning wood.

I think they make portable camping ones, I've seen it on that YouTube channel where that madlad Canadian fella sleeps in the back of rental vans for a laugh.


>> No. 67159 Auntiefucker
2nd November 2020
Monday 11:29 am
/iq/67159 spacer
Johnny Depp's the name
Losing libel cases for being called a wife beater's the game
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>> No. 67231 Samefag
7th November 2020
Saturday 3:03 pm
67231 spacer

He has utterly fucked himself, both in terms of the future cases and what the first case exposed, and subsequently his career given the zeitgeist. Personally I would love to be able to spend £19k/month on wine.
>> No. 67232 Paedofag
7th November 2020
Saturday 3:19 pm
67232 spacer
You really have to feel for Depp - all he has left is his millions, friends and family, legions of fans and endless royalties from his previous roles.

I've never got this. Even if Kevin Spacey was in a good movie I'd still go watch it, they should just get all the cancelled celebrities together and make a studio that churns out gritty hits from actors and directors that are looking to knock it out of the park one last time.

It wouldn't even need to apply the usual rules Hollywood abides by so you could have villains who always win and people could smoke without coughing.
>> No. 67264 Billbob
8th November 2020
Sunday 8:12 am
67264 spacer
The thing is we'd all do it in that position. My friend said she'd happily suck Harvey weinstein's cock if it made her a film star.
>> No. 67265 Searchfag
8th November 2020
Sunday 9:41 am
67265 spacer
>> No. 67266 Are Moaty
8th November 2020
Sunday 10:57 am
67266 spacer

Well, thats pretty much how he worked for years. I doubt the problem has gone away overnight.


fuck em.jpg
>> No. 67238 Are Moaty
7th November 2020
Saturday 8:11 pm
/iq/67238 spacer
Has anyone else been enjoying this Corona brouhaha and everything surrounding it?

2020 has legitimately been one of the greatest years of my life. I lost twenty kilos, overcame social anxiety, quit booze and porno, composed loadsa great tunes, and joined two bands. To top it all off, I don't even have to sign in for bennies every fortnight. God bless the Coronavirus, and long may it infect us.
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>> No. 67240 Samefag
7th November 2020
Saturday 8:25 pm
67240 spacer
I have. Didn't have to commute into London once during the last eight months, and have subsequently saved loads of money - would be quite happy if that carried on forever.
>> No. 67241 Moralfag
7th November 2020
Saturday 8:54 pm
67241 spacer
I've been repeatedly cockblocked by the events of 2020 to often comical effect. Like that time I had a Korean student rearing to go but fucking BLM decided to riot on the exact route I had to cross. You're living in cloud cuckoo land to quit porn, I'm having dreams about all sorts of women.

But yeah, saved a load of money, have to wait until my ISA matures in April but I can afford a place of my own now and got a decent promotion before all this started.
>> No. 67242 Moralfag
7th November 2020
Saturday 9:00 pm
67242 spacer
Though the joke is done to death, I've gone from being a curmudgeonly loner to a brave, stoic hero citizen overnight.

I am very happy in my own company, and I've had lots of stuff to do that work was getting in the way of - I've also been doing significantly less work for the same pay, and even ended up with a promotion because the company is begging for people with my sort of skills to help them stay afloat.

Sex life has suffered a bit, but I have no intention of ever quitting porn so that's evened out.

I am going on furlough from Tuesday, though, so I do have a little bit of worry about my job disappearing, but as it stands I'm still better off than many.
>> No. 67244 Samefag
7th November 2020
Saturday 9:11 pm
67244 spacer
well i'm one of the cunts doing the testing and i sincerely think i should get a compensatory year off when it's all over, so I can do the kinds of things everyone else has had the opportunity to do.

you'll all sign my petition i trust?
>> No. 67245 Auntiefucker
7th November 2020
Saturday 9:21 pm
67245 spacer

Ungrateful bastard, I clapped for you on a Tuesday!!


>> No. 6279 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 4:47 pm
/poof/6279 spacer
I'm getting older yet remain single and therefore feel the need to step up my skincare routine. Before I end up spending tens of pounds though I'd like your advice on what you would recommend. Frankly I'm a bit lost and this could really start crowding my bathroom.

So going by google I need to pick up:
1. Specialised face wash
2. Face scrub/exfoliator
3. Moisturising balm (I assume this is different from moisturiser?)
4. One of those sonic wand gizmos
5. Face masks
6. Night cream
7. Toner
8. Stuff to put around tired eyes

It seems like there aren't any kits that cover all of the above on Amazon but I'm aware that products aren't made with mix and match in mind. Also seems like they're putting charcoal in everything now.

/fa/ put together a guide but didn't include any specific product recommendations so I'm still left scratching my head.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 6284 Anonymous
26th September 2020
Saturday 8:33 pm
6284 spacer
It bothers me how much this speech resembles Max Ehrmann's Desiderata poem. It's not so much the content, but how similar their names are too.
>> No. 6285 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 10:58 pm
6285 spacer
>I use a few drops of pure jojoba oil to moisturise.
>It's more effective than any cream/lotion moisturiser I've tried, and cheaper than most.

I picked some of this up recently to see what all the fuss is about. It's okay but seems like people are selling it as a cure for everything when really it's just faintly smelly oil.

There was a suggestion I read that a bit in your hair makes it shine. Well, let me tell you, putting oil in your hair will make it shine but not necessarily in a way you'd want. I might try the suggestion that it's good for shaving but I'm not bloody cooking with it.
>> No. 6286 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 1:44 am
6286 spacer
As a longhair metalhead type for whom my luscious hair has always been my primary pulling technique, I can't recommend Argan oil enough. It's my secret weapon.

A few squirts before you brush or comb and your hair will be lavish like those wierdly erotic shampoo ads with all the little vitamin molecules wierdly floating into the hair.
>> No. 6287 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 3:08 am
6287 spacer
The dapper bloke at my local newsie recommended this. Shall be trying.
>> No. 6288 Anonymous
7th November 2020
Saturday 11:51 am
6288 spacer
I have some argan oil and had to try using different amounts, it always just seems to make my hair greasy, even with the smallest bit. Am I somehow doing something wrong or is my hair just weird? I suppose it's not going to work for everybody.


>> No. 67196 YubYub
6th November 2020
Friday 1:33 pm
/iq/67196 spacer
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>> No. 67197 Anonymous
6th November 2020
Friday 2:30 pm
67197 spacer


>> No. 21682 Anonymous
17th August 2011
Wednesday 12:46 am
/x/21682 spacer
Tranny thread topic moved from >>>/b/238305 as requested.

Discussion and images can continue here instead.
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>> No. 40081 Anonymous
30th December 2015
Wednesday 8:51 am
40081 spacer

>Sort of a longish thing.

That'd be a penis, lad.
>> No. 40082 Anonymous
30th December 2015
Wednesday 11:56 am
40082 spacer

You'll have to be more specific. Forced feminisation is a relatively common fetish. If it involved British performers, then it was probably produced by
>> No. 40083 Anonymous
31st December 2015
Thursday 5:27 pm
40083 spacer

Well I'm more thinking about a free video. I understand it's not going to be as good- but I'm not ready to pay to wank. Cheers lads
>> No. 41717 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 3:31 pm
41717 spacer
Her arms look too manly.
>> No. 41718 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 3:56 pm
41718 spacer
The dead arise.


Screenshot_2019-11-30 Watch Ekoebm live on Chaturb.png
>> No. 1701 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 12:25 am
/y/1701 spacer
Gaylads of, do "femboys" exist in real life, and if so, where does one find them? As far as I'm concerned they're basically unicorns, because in all my many years of megacity living, I've never seen one. I'm starting to think that I should start phasing them out of rotation in my wank bank, because I'll only set myself up for disappointment if I keep getting my rocks off to things that are so rare in reality, that they may as well be imaginary creatures. At least the fursona folk have their costume conventions and what have you.

Regards, someone who's only gay for femboys.
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>> No. 1708 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 11:21 am
1708 spacer
Yeah lad, why don't you just check the public database of potential transgender folk looking for a shag? Why didn't you just think of that? You wazzock.
>> No. 1709 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 11:38 am
1709 spacer
They're plentiful on OKCupid and Tinder, or at least they were back when I was in the dating game. I think on OKCupid you could search the keyword "trans" and it would pull a fair few up. There are probably more of them now.
>> No. 1710 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 12:21 pm
1710 spacer

See, I'm not the OP, but I can understand why trans is not the same as femboy, and it actually annoys me a bit that a lot of the time people seem to view them as interchangeable. I'm even convinced many lads who would make fine femboys get suckered in by the tranny agenda nowadays and become trans, more because it's what they think they should be doing, than because it actually is.

A trans person is, ultimately, a woman, they're going to do womanly things and act all womanly, because a woman is what they want to be. But a femboy isn't. A femboy is a boy, who's feminine. But they're still a boy.

They won't break down in tears after a blowjob because they have deep rooted cock mutilation fantasies they need carrying out in order to feel whole, basically. Trans people are another basket of cats, it's like the type of lad who enjoys dating mental council estate goth lasses- It's worth it sure, but it's a handful.

Anyway, fuck it, I'll stick to furry porn, where it's femboys all the way down.
>> No. 1711 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 8:59 am
1711 spacer

Used to live with a femboy so I never really considered them rare. But now that you've mentioned it I think they lived a lifestyle of people considering them hot shit. Multiple partners. If they wanted rough anonymous sex they would fire up an adult worker account and take their pick of who wanted to pay them. They didn't need the money at all that just gave them what they wanted with no strings.
>> No. 1712 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 12:14 pm
1712 spacer
Unfff, femboys are my kryptonite...


>> No. 439905 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 12:17 pm
/b/439905 spacer
Any Don Juans lived and dated abroad? Tell us about your experiences.
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>> No. 439928 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 6:17 pm
439928 spacer

Horrible advice. How is he going to find a powerful Germanic woman in America? When was the last time you saw a Frenchwoman with massive thighs and an arse capable of driving them?

It's the South of Germany or into Benelaux. Your strong sons will thank me.

Not him but Italians will treat you well if you bother to use Italian and show an interest in their culture. They're one of those nations where you can really flatter the ego with simple effort. Can't say I'd want to live there though because everyone is loud, chatty and corrupt.

Go somewhere nice like Trento or Trieste.
>> No. 439934 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 8:10 pm
439934 spacer
Like half of white Americans are descended from Germans and Germanic peoples, and many look as such (in sort of rural areas at least). And then most German people I meet are tanned and have dark hair and brown eyes, obviously Mr. Hilter really fucked it and put his eggs in the wrong basket.
>> No. 439936 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 8:27 pm
439936 spacer
I'm not convinced Germans were ever particularly "Aryan", it doesn't make a lot of sense given the stereotypical appearances of the countries they share land borders with. That whole propaganda thing was just them larping as scandies.
>> No. 439938 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 9:23 pm
439938 spacer

From what some German friends have told me, Northern Germans were traditionally more the blonde or ginger types with green or blue eyes, whereas people in Bavaria and the Alps usually had darker hair and brown eyes. I guess that was in the old days before people started travelling around.

And it would make sense, after all, the Angles who came to Britain were from Anglia in northern Germany, and their descendants in Britain today are more or less people with lighter skin and hair.


>That whole propaganda thing was just them larping as scandies

Ironically, Hitler himself was notoriously secretive about his own ancestry. He ordered all government propaganda to omit anything more than vague information about his upbringing and family. While all SS and higher government officers who were career minded had to produce family trees going back many generations as proof that they at least had no Jewish ancestry.
>> No. 440081 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 12:06 pm
440081 spacer
Not yet, though there are people in Hamburg, Denver and Idaho Falls I need to visit for reasons


>> No. 90984 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 12:18 am
/pol/90984 spacer
This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, and it's going to be fucking awesome.

*Exclusive: Jimmy saville to relaunch Brexit Party as Reform UK, a new anti-lockdown platform*
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>> No. 91043 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 9:25 pm
91043 spacer

As long as there is sun hitting the surface of this planet, and water in the oceans, there will be life. It won't be necessarily intelligent life, and you might not like what it is, but it will be life. Nature will continue, and absent some kind of truly catastrophic intervention like an asteroid shattering the planet into pieces or the core freezing solid, life on Earth is going to prove exceptionally hard to get rid of now that it's here.

>What we see as mechanisms is just local chaos being defeated by scale minus time.

Agreed, but that is a very difficult concept to sum up and explain. When I say "system" and "mechanism" I don't mean it's actually a loop of a process which always happens and has defined components, but more just a consequence of the way entropy and the universe we occupy works, on the scale of planetary biodiversity.

As inevitably as a car that runs out of fuel will eventually come to a stop, or the ball at the end of a Newton's cradle swings back to its resting position, a human species that destroys and depletes its natural resources will die off. Then, in time, the planet will "recover", as we see in smaller scale in exclusion zones like Chernobyl or Fukushima, and in larger scale like the previous planetary extinction events.

Ultimately a lot comes down to the fact we see our present state of existence as "correct", but the universe doesn't care. The Earth three billion years ago that was just volcanoes and lava lakes was just as correct.
>> No. 91044 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 9:29 pm
91044 spacer
>life on Earth is going to prove exceptionally hard to get rid of now that it's here.
Okay but that's not really a self-balancing ecosystem so much as an infection that's never quite shaken.
>> No. 91051 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:40 pm
91051 spacer

Now you're getting it, yes

Niw take some acid and think about it. It's fractal all the way down.
>> No. 91171 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 9:58 am
91171 spacer
You lads actually raise a decent point. We should all strive to be a bit clearer in our language when we discuss "climate change", "ecosystem", and so on.

I don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that our primary motivation is preventing human suffering, which involves preserving or improving our present means of life.

The problem comes in that we're actually getting sidetracked by describing possible relationships between humans and environment, and people have radically varying ideas of what that should look like.

The main, incontrovertible fact that we should be focusing on is that we are absolutely fucked unless we realistically confront causes of climate change, like fossil fuel use.

Whether you think we should be living in mudhuts or techno-utopia is largely irrelevant to that fact.
>> No. 91172 Anonymous
5th November 2020
Thursday 10:00 am
91172 spacer
Yes, but the minute we stop disagreeing on a topic there's nothing else to be said about it, so it slides out of view and out of mind.


>> No. 13868 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:41 am
/nom/13868 spacer
My gluten-free soy sauce ferment seems to be stuck. It's yellow but hasn't got darker brown the same way the gluten one has. Is there anything I can do? Maybe add a smidgen of the gluten one to get the microbes going? Just leave the lid off for a while? They're all six months old a this point.
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>> No. 13869 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 4:52 pm
13869 spacer
You're making your own soy sauce? That's impressive.
>> No. 13913 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 6:40 pm
13913 spacer
I'm trying to. This one (with wheatflour) is only 5.5 months old and it tastes more like gyoza dipping sauce than plain soy sauce. I put a dollop of it in each of the two non-wheatflour ones with half a bag of gram flour because I didn't read the label before buying it and thought fuck it.
>> No. 13914 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 6:41 pm
13914 spacer

this one*
>> No. 13915 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 8:53 pm
13915 spacer

Looks a bit less grotty now I've finished filtering out the koji gunk.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 30137 Anonymous
21st October 2020
Wednesday 3:35 pm
30137 spacer

Like Timecrimes, or Primer.

I get most of my knowledge on theoretical physics from sci-fi.
>> No. 30138 Anonymous
21st October 2020
Wednesday 3:41 pm
30138 spacer
Going back in time is simply going to another dimension that is further back in time, if you were to change things in that universe and come back to the "present" (this universe) nothing would have changed.
It's not about going back and forth, it's about going sideways.

Sage because wrong thread for this.
>> No. 30139 Anonymous
21st October 2020
Wednesday 3:48 pm
30139 spacer

What about a time machine that reassembles the universe to a previous state with perfect accuracy. Technically it would actually be the future but for all practical purposes you would be in the past.

Fucks sake. I only came here to share my thought on Aardvarks but that was 40 minutes ago.
>> No. 30140 Anonymous
21st October 2020
Wednesday 4:13 pm
30140 spacer

Nonsense. Time is a spatial dimension just like up, down, forwards and backwards. The past and future is happening simultaneously to the present. The beginning meets the end, the outer edge meets the opposite side. It's all connected in a great big moebius strip.
>> No. 30153 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 5:52 pm
30153 spacer
I missed the train to see my dad, my only mate doesn't like me anymore and I can never find trousers that I like.


>> No. 4996 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
/fat/4996 Quitting Smoking
I'm going to attempt to quit smoking and was wondering if any of you had tips or experiences to share? We did have a thread a few years back but it seems to have disappeared from the catalogue, though from what I remember Allen Carr's book was highly recommended.

My stats if they help put things into context:
7 a day on weekdays, 4 on weekends. 9 years of smoking.

The discrepancy on the weekdays is that I have a work routine of smoking during my breaks. There's a question there of what I'm supposed to do if I'm not smoking.
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>> No. 5488 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 5:58 pm
5488 spacer

epic vaper moment.jpg
Bumping this thread since I didn't know if my question warranted a new one on this completely dead board but I'm quitting smoking this weekend. What's your experience with e-cigs? Is there a consensus on which one to get? I have an Aspire (I think) which I sometimes use when reading in bed, but I'm not enamoured with it.

Oh, and you get some truly dreadful results if you look up e-cig "memes".
>> No. 5489 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 6:04 pm
5489 spacer
I'm on my second Aegis mini, they're rugged compared to most others and fit well in a coat pocket. Battery lasts a year of regular use.

If you're really planning to quit; the main thing to do is to buy the liquid in a substantial quantity so you can deliberately taper off the nicotine. If you let yourself run low then you'll end up only being able to buy what the nearest corner shop has in stock and chances are it'll be a ridiculously high nic % that'll set you back months before your re-up arrives. Plus it'll probably taste filthy.
>> No. 5490 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 12:22 am
5490 spacer

I've got... Some kind of thing with a slipstream tank, pretty bog standard stuff. I've gone through a few and ended up with this simply because the bits are cheap and readily available.

Honestly people shit on vaping a lot but I've managed to entirely replace smoking with it. It did takea bit of effort, it wasn't just an overnight cold-turkey switch, but it enabled me to experience first hand how much better you feel without lungs full of tar without giving up the actual habit. After that it was easier and easier to turn down the fags- I never realised just how nasty that hacking, phlegmy morning smoker's cough is until it was gone.

If convincing evidence comes out that vaping is harmful I'm probably fucked, but until then whatever.
>> No. 5491 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 10:11 am
5491 spacer
>I'm quitting smoking this weekend
Why not now?
>> No. 5492 Anonymous
4th November 2020
Wednesday 1:11 pm
5492 spacer
It's my birthday - seemed like a good delimiter.


>> No. 89742 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 7:27 am
/pol/89742 spacer
Is he going to fuck it up even more than Hillary?
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>> No. 91056 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:51 pm
91056 spacer
There are two clear ones to choose from depending on your point of view.
>> No. 91057 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:53 pm
91057 spacer
Mods locked both of them.
>> No. 91059 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:54 pm
91059 spacer
You have a Biden and a Trump thread in /pol/ with the same title. Choose your weapon.
>> No. 91060 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:57 pm
91060 spacer
I offered my unifying supra thread, but my wisdom was not heeded.
>> No. 91061 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:59 pm
91061 spacer
We're all very highly strung about this, let's be honest. By tomorrow morning there will be twelve.


>> No. 91052 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:45 pm
/pol/91052 spacer
I didn't see a thread about the US election so thought I might as well make one.

Y'all ready for this?
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>> No. 91053 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:48 pm
91053 spacer
You penis.


>> No. 28692 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 9:55 pm
/news/28692 Yankpocalypse 2020 Locked
One nice thread for the American election. Which will be nice.
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>> No. 28693 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 10:13 pm
28693 spacer

Thanks for making the third thread about it.


>> No. 24555 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:41 pm
/e/24555 Dwarf fortress deserves a new thread

Toady has been hard at work producing a masterwork.
Look at these screen shots, look at this interface. It's beautiful, i almost cried.
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>> No. 24556 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:42 pm
24556 spacer


>> No. 24557 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:43 pm
24557 spacer


>> No. 24558 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:44 pm
24558 spacer

>> No. 24559 Anonymous
3rd November 2020
Tuesday 4:46 pm
24559 spacer
Planned release date 'is subjective' with regular announcements on steam.


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 24373 Anonymous
18th September 2020
Friday 7:19 pm
24373 spacer

>> No. 24473 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 6:48 am
24473 spacer
Sonic 2 is free on Steam for the next week or so.
>> No. 24491 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 3:33 pm
24491 spacer
I'm almost tempted to pick up the bundle of Mega Drive and Genesis classics but I'm pretty sure I could find them all online.
>> No. 24541 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 5:32 pm
24541 spacer

Ghostbusters Remastered is free on Epic at the moment.
>> No. 24542 Anonymous
2nd November 2020
Monday 9:26 pm
24542 spacer

cheers lad!


>> No. 67148 Paedofag
1st November 2020
Sunday 4:17 pm
/iq/67148 spacer
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>> No. 67153 R4GE
1st November 2020
Sunday 6:52 pm
67153 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 67155 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 9:53 pm
67155 spacer
Hmm. Do women drive with those shoes? It all seems so uncomfortable.
>> No. 67156 Auntiefucker
1st November 2020
Sunday 9:57 pm
67156 spacer

My missus had slip on trainers specifically for driving in and swapped into heels at work.
>> No. 67157 YubYub
1st November 2020
Sunday 10:47 pm
67157 spacer
>My missus had slip on trainers specifically for driving
rip ladmate's wife
>> No. 67158 Crabkiller
2nd November 2020
Monday 1:58 am
67158 spacer

She probably should have waited until she was off the M1 to change back into the heels, really.


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