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>> No. 63478 Billbob
18th June 2019
Tuesday 7:33 am
/iq/63478 spacer

this has to be a wind-up
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>> No. 63479 Ambulancelad
18th June 2019
Tuesday 8:26 am
63479 spacer
You'd need a pretty long crank arm.
>> No. 63481 Are Moaty
18th June 2019
Tuesday 3:17 pm
63481 spacer

Good for her. I hope as an unwitting poster child she is use to inspire people off their arses rather that to justify peoples obesity to themselves.

The language and focus of the definately tips towards the latter. The newspaper clippings of 'Smashing body sterotype'/'showing body diversity' is code for "I'm not thin, I can't be thin, thin people are different from us, I hate them and think they are priviliaged, it's time we took power", I hope this story ends in her getting too thin for them (as she innevitably realises her weight is a hinderance to on her progress) and them resenting her for not really being 'true fat', rather then her breaking her leg because of her weight, and people having a sneer because what she has come to represent.


>> No. 4253 Anonymous
18th February 2019
Monday 6:32 pm
/mph/4253 Car and bike official weekend thread but also weekdays
Okay might as well try and be polite and keep the oil out of the other megathreads.

Welcome to the motor one. In an attempt to actually get people to post in it, tell me about the car you really want and could feasibly afford. Right now I'm really thinking a lot about a big square 80s Merc as we've been talking about them. Even a Lada would be fun as fuck.
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>> No. 4350 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:45 pm
4350 spacer

Some say these were designed just like Saab used to design their planes.
>> No. 4351 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:16 pm
4351 spacer

They really were - tremendous vehicles.

Picture related, my first proper car.
>> No. 4352 Anonymous
17th June 2019
Monday 1:41 pm
4352 spacer
It's sort of rare. I wouldn't ever recall about it if I hadn't a 9000 parked nearby, with the 'on sale' sign.
I think it's been carrying that sign for about two years now, perhaps three. Not a bad car visually; I haven't been inside or driven it to form my own opinion fully though.
>> No. 4353 Anonymous
17th June 2019
Monday 11:52 pm
4353 spacer
9000's were okay to drive, but they're a bit big. The 900 light pressure turbos were a lot more fun.
>> No. 4354 Anonymous
18th June 2019
Tuesday 10:26 am
4354 spacer

That's alright, I fancy barges.
Speaking of which I can't help but post this.


>> No. 27801 Anonymous
29th November 2018
Thursday 6:15 pm
/emo/27801 spacer
I met a girl on holiday and we clicked earlier this year, I think she is great and we had lots of great sex (exactly the kind I'm into).

We kept in touch and she discussed coming here to see me, even though she lives across the world and wants to carry this on until one of us can make a move to be with the other in a few short years. We skype and message all day every day but obviously the distance is a bit bonkers.

Meanwhile I also met another girl at work who is great but is very boring at the old sex, likes me to slowly grind into her and doesn't like oral sex, anal or anything beyond really vanilla stuff.

Both are attractive, both are lovely, both are really interested, girl from work is probably slightly more conventionally attractive. More importantly, she is also here with me and available now.

What do I do? Do I take the easy route and take the girl who si attractive and be grateful because she's here and there's a realistically good relationship there or do I try and get something to work with the person who is closer to my soulmate but lives across the world and I would somehow only see once or twice a year for the next few years at least whilst we work something out?

Help lads, decision needs to be made soon.

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>> No. 28668 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 7:57 pm
28668 spacer

Lads - I come with an overdue update. I probably also need a sense check. Vitriol, disappointment or even just some pat on the back and a 'you made your bed' would be nice, even appreciated.

I took the cowards option by the way. I am heartless, I lack courage and I went with both. I'm disappointed in myself and sometimes feel a rush of guilt to the head, but then it subsides. I let the girl come and see me from holiday and manufactured some distance between me and the girl here so we didn't see each other that much.

Holiday girl came to visit, we hung out, it was a great fun and when holiday girl went to see friends elsewhere in the country, I would drop by with other girl to say hello and that was it.

Holiday girl went home, I had one very close shave where they caught wind of each other but I managed to diffuse it.

I carried on speaking and hanging out with both, one in person, one over the internet when she returned and acted like nothing was up.

Now is the time again for holiday girl to visit if we are realistically likely to keep this going. She is still, and always will be my ideal, but again I am no closer to being with her in any consistent capacity in person, although we vaguely talk about making a move to where she is.

The other girl can't understand my reluctance to make substantial plans, but she's lovely, getting better to be around and is actually nice.

I have to bin one off, commit to a plan with one this week, if I say no to holiday girl visiting it's over, if I say yes, I obviously have to say goodbye to the girl here. They both have unending patience for my sometimes Jekyll and Hyde attitude to life and them which comes from me having to balance them both. I can't pull off another visit without the other clocking on something is up. Time is up, the decision has to come.
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>> No. 28669 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 8:36 pm
28669 spacer
b) - but don't out with the non-holiday girl, you wouldn't be sniffing around holiday girl if you liked her enough, and compromising on that will rapidly breed resentment and what-if-onlys.
>> No. 28670 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 8:42 pm
28670 spacer

So you're saying sack them both off and be alone? I may as well take the chance with one of em.
>> No. 28671 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 8:42 pm
28671 spacer

Definitely B), career before fanny until you're at least 35. Unless you can find a good job opportunity wherever holiday girl lives? Then you get your cake and eat it.

But like the other chap says, you'll likely only ever see non-holiday as a compromise and that'll fizzle out anyway.

You sound young enough (and indecisive enough) that you'll have forgotten both of these girls in a handful of years. Please don't chuck anything away for either of them.
>> No. 28672 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:32 pm
28672 spacer
That's exactly what I'm saying. Secretly you don't like either of them, otherwise you wouldn't be having such a quandary over it all.

When you find someone you really like, trust me, you'll know. Career is more important.


>> No. 63473 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 9:46 pm
/iq/63473 spacer
If I could be friends with any of the 'friends' from friends it would be Courtney Cox.
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>> No. 63475 Crabkiller
16th June 2019
Sunday 9:58 pm
63475 spacer
yeah we know you're fond of cox
>> No. 63476 Moralfag
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:30 pm
63476 spacer
That's a might old picture though.


>> No. 63290 Crabkiller
14th May 2019
Tuesday 7:00 am
/iq/63290 spacer
Jeremy's the name.

Having people kill themselves after they fail one of my lie detector tests is the game.
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>> No. 63468 Paedofag
16th June 2019
Sunday 3:24 pm
63468 spacer
In what way does "celebrity panel/debate show" describe Jeremy Kyle?
>> No. 63469 Ambulancelad
16th June 2019
Sunday 4:08 pm
63469 spacer
Have you seen the standard of celebrities on itv these days? They're literally just members of the public.
>> No. 63470 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:13 pm
63470 spacer
So basically, instead of Jeremy Kyle, it's exactly the same show but with "celebrities" running the circus.
>> No. 63471 Ambulancelad
16th June 2019
Sunday 5:40 pm
63471 spacer

We'll have gone from watching Scarlett Moffatt passing judgement on the week's TV to watching Scarlett Moffatt passing judgement on a pair of dolescum accusing one another of being unfaithful.
>> No. 63472 Auntiefucker
16th June 2019
Sunday 8:37 pm
63472 spacer

Can you really not figure out which part of that picture describes a Jeremy Kyle style show, or are you being contrarian for the sake of it?


happy fathers day 2.jpg
>> No. 427629 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:24 am
/b/427629 happy fathers day
I didnt remember too.
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>> No. 427630 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 10:32 am
427630 spacer
At least Fritzl was interested either way, ya know?
>> No. 427631 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 12:25 pm
427631 spacer
Thanks lad.
>> No. 427634 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 2:12 pm
427634 spacer

Austrians are an odd bunch.


>> No. 23869 Gasthief
24th August 2016
Wednesday 4:19 pm
/zoo/23869 spacer
GLORY to Ukraine!
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>> No. 24179 Raoul
28th February 2019
Thursday 7:15 pm
24179 spacer
хохол на хуй.
>> No. 24191 Gasthief
1st April 2019
Monday 11:09 am
24191 spacer
The results of the 1st round presidential elections are... interesting.
>> No. 24221 Gasthief
11th June 2019
Tuesday 12:24 am
24221 spacer
Geroyam Glory
>> No. 24222 Cockernay
14th June 2019
Friday 3:08 am
24222 spacer
How is life on the Ukraine right now? Does the new government look any better than the last?
>> No. 24223 Gasthief
16th June 2019
Sunday 1:04 pm
24223 spacer
It hasn't massively devolved since the last major devolution in 2013-2015. Yet.
Since the last presidential elections (which, frankly, at least somewhat look like a large-scale psyop) it's all hanging by a thin thread. Feels like it's about to crash down once again.


>> No. 28619 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 7:02 pm
/emo/28619 spacer
I've been at university as an undergrad for way too long. During that time I've changed course, and repeated various years multiple times. Uni have been very supportive, offering me multiple chances to try again and again, but my mental health has been rapidly deteriorating over this period. I'm on my final chance at taking this year, and I have so much outstanding work they're unlikely to let me do the work over summer. My mental illness is pretty crippling, rendering me unable to do anything, let alone academic work. So in a week's time, I'm likely to be told my time is up.

How do people come to terms with failing uni? Going in there was so much pressure put on me, I was the first of my family to go to uni, I was going to get a good degree and have a £50k salary. But it looks like I'm not going to live up to my family's expectations. I'm in the process of applying for jobs and benefits, the Jobcentre have been surprisingly helpful. I feel I'm maybe not cut out for uni, at least while I battle my demons, but it's hard to come to terms with the fact that I'll forever be known to my loved ones as the child that failed uni. The only thing I was good at growing up was academia, but I don't even have that anymore. I feel like I've completely lost my identity.
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>> No. 28623 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:21 pm
28623 spacer
>How do people come to terms with failing uni?

I failed my Masters and had a similar experience of losing my identity as an academic. Don't worry, soon as you get a career you will have that label to live within and nobody will give a shit about school.

Obviously remember that leaving uni won't magic away your problems though. One of my uni mates dropped out of his undergraduate degree, fell into a decent job in banking but that slipped through his fingers because he still had the same issues.

>I am now a civil servant, earning shitty wages

There's no need to repeat yourself.
>> No. 28624 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:41 pm
28624 spacer
>There's no need to repeat yourself.
I thought that too until I met cunts who don't know how to use a computer and are senior, earn ridiculous amounts with a very fat pensions and redundancy packages...
>> No. 28651 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 5:20 pm
28651 spacer
I'm in my mid 30s. The only one of my mates making reliably over £30k dropped out of uni and has plodded his way up the ladder as an accountant.

Failing uni feels huge when you're in the midst of it, but it's nothing like as big a deal to anyone else as it is to you.
>> No. 28656 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 6:54 pm
28656 spacer

>There's no need to repeat yourself.

My mate's a civil servant and he's on 80k a year.
>> No. 28667 Anonymous
16th June 2019
Sunday 11:55 am
28667 spacer
>The only one of my mates making reliably over £30k dropped out of uni and has plodded his way up the ladder as an accountant.

I'm 30 and I'm the only one of my mates from school/college earning over £30k, possibly even £25k. I do have a degree but I ended up taking an entry level admin job on £12k and working my way up, doing industry qualifications (which are far more valuable than my degree) as I went.

I guess it's all relative. My parents never earned much more than £20k (I think my Dad peaked somewhere around £22k, my Mum a bit less) and we were better off than most of my friends so, when I was growing up, I saw earning more than £20k as 'making it' whereas some people would have gone to university with six-figure starting salaries in mind.


>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
/beat/8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)

Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)

Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)

I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 11779 Anonymous
20th May 2019
Monday 2:56 am
11779 spacer

>> No. 11789 Anonymous
21st May 2019
Tuesday 2:09 am
11789 spacer

>> No. 11921 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 9:39 am
11921 spacer
Gaiola das Popozudas - Vem Cristiano

>> No. 11927 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 12:24 pm
11927 spacer
Adele: J'ai peur parfois

>> No. 11929 Anonymous
15th June 2019
Saturday 8:44 pm
11929 spacer

What a wonderful range of styles this woman has.


denver with victims.jpg
>> No. 63366 YubYub
27th May 2019
Monday 11:35 pm
/iq/63366 spacer
>Denver, the last dinosaur
>He's my friend and a whole lot more
>Denver, the last dinosaur
>Shows me a world I never saw before

"He's my friend and a whole lot more", "Shows me a world I never saw before"

Denver Fucked those children I'm sure of it. The clues were there in plain sight lads. We just chose not to see them.
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>> No. 63397 Ambulancelad
29th May 2019
Wednesday 4:03 pm
63397 spacer

And you know what they say about any hole don't you.
>> No. 63462 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 11:41 am
63462 spacer
Are you the lad who had me in an hour long fit of laughter with your David Dickinson post back in 2012 or 13?
>> No. 63463 Paedofag
14th June 2019
Friday 1:07 pm
63463 spacer

As the resident furfag, I can assure you that cloaca is the ultimate form of boi pussy.
>> No. 63464 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 1:42 pm
63464 spacer
You poor deluded fool.

Sexy snail bois are the hottest thing in 2019
>> No. 63465 Moralfag
14th June 2019
Friday 3:11 pm
63465 spacer

I don't think that was me, But that's a very telling surname.


>> No. 62249 YubYub
25th December 2018
Tuesday 12:13 am
/iq/62249 spacer

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>> No. 62426 Anonymous
7th January 2019
Monday 4:45 pm
62426 spacer

Is the one sat down the person alleging Spacey touched him? I'm not buying it.
>> No. 62427 Samefag
8th January 2019
Tuesday 4:11 pm
62427 spacer

The perfect crime.
>> No. 62432 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 7:06 pm
62432 spacer

>The actor states in a motion obtained by that the teenager 'claimed he was a 23-year-old student studying business at Wake Forest University' after he 'sought out a friend for the specific purpose of introducing him to [Spacey].'

>It goes on to state that the teen 'welcomed drinks from [Spacey], let [Spacey] put his arm around him near the piano while they did sing-a-longs and even left the bar to smoke with [Spacey].' That behavior, combined with the fact that the teen gave Spacey his number, suggests 'mutual and consensual flirting' states the motion.

>At no point does Spacey deny groping the young man.

>The motion states that once Spacey began to grope his accuser the teen 'did not object to the alleged touching, he did not ask [Spacey] to stop and he did not remove himself from the situation.' In the initial filing the accuser said that this was because he froze, and suggested his lack of an erection as proof he was not enjoying the sex act.

Is an erection proof one way or another whether an assault occurred?
>> No. 63460 Crabkiller
14th June 2019
Friday 6:46 am
63460 spacer
Cuba Gooding Jr charged with forcible touching after incident in New York

I've watched the video and I can't see where the 'forcible touching' is. Do I need to go on some form of awareness course or is the accuser just trying it on?
>> No. 63461 Anonymous
14th June 2019
Friday 7:04 am
63461 spacer
Well yes his Lawyer agrees.

>Video from Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in Manhattan showed no criminality on Gooding’s part, lawyer Mark Heller told the Associated Press. “There is not the slightest scintilla of inappropriate conduct on his part,” Heller said.

>After reviewing the security video, Heller said he was hesitant to let Gooding surrender but decided to go through with it. He said he was surprised police and prosecutors were moving forward with the case.


>> No. 63440 Are Moaty
11th June 2019
Tuesday 7:44 pm
/iq/63440 spacer
More women are in the workforce than ever before. I can't help but think this is a bad thing.

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 63455 Are Moaty
12th June 2019
Wednesday 3:02 pm
63455 spacer
Lad you turned up for a winge of no value and they have gone 'lol I trolled you' when people told you they don't care. Are you sure you wouldn't be happier in the other place?
>> No. 63456 Are Moaty
12th June 2019
Wednesday 3:07 pm
63456 spacer
I'm sorry you take /iq/ so seriously. *in my I.R.A. voice* So it is YOU who would be happier in the other place.
>> No. 63457 R4GE
12th June 2019
Wednesday 4:57 pm
63457 spacer

Most people can tell the difference between not taking things too seriously and shitting your own pants 'for a laugh'. You are embarrassing yourself now.
>> No. 63458 Moralfag
13th June 2019
Thursday 10:36 pm
63458 spacer

edited for OP's benefit
>> No. 63459 Crabkiller
13th June 2019
Thursday 11:08 pm
63459 spacer
But then who will make the tea?

It's an odd paradox that I've read before. How has the working class women fared from rise of opportunities? They work in jobs caring for the sprogs of career women and dream of becoming a footballers wife to escape having to work.


>> No. 11852 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 6:00 am
/beat/11852 Index of first four big beat threads.
I have made this for myself because I'm hazy about what songs I've posted before or not and the threads are difficult to load.
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>> No. 11883 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 6:11 am
11883 spacer
Japanese Breakfast - Road Head (Official Video) -
Jennifer Lopez - Ni Tú Ni Yo (Official Video) ft. Gente de Zona -
Jerk it out -The caesars -
Jimmy Cliff Wild World -
Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out -
John Zorn - A Dreamers Christmas -
joji - in tongues (FULL EP VISUAL) -
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Ellis Island -
Kano - Sleep Tight -
Kurt Cobain - Across the Universe (HD) -
Kylie & Gente de Zona - Stop me From falling -
L'Imperatrice - Dreaming of You [ft. Isaac Delusion] -
Laibach - Across the Universe (Official video), 1989 -
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 11884 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 6:11 am
11884 spacer
Phoenix #2772 - RollerBlade -
Pop Life -
Protocol - She Waits For Me -
Protomartyr - A Private Understanding (Official Video) -
Proverbs ch 1 / ch 2 / ch 23 v1-8 / ch 30 / ch 31 (Scots language) -
Purity Ring - Lofticries -
Rainbow - Stargazer (with lyrics) -
Rare Silk - Storm ( 1985 ) -
Rather Be - Vintage Western / "Westworld" Saloon - Style Clean Bandit Cover ft. Ada Pasternak -
Richard Dawson - Beggar -
Ryan Leslie - You're Not My Girl (Big Jacks' Call Me Mix) -
SALEM - Better Off Alone (Atari Teenage Riot Remix) -
secret film of my sister on the toilet -
Self Esteem - Your Wife -
Seventeen Evergreen - Music Is The Wine -
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 11885 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 6:12 am
11885 spacer
The Rippingtons - Stories of the painted desert -
The Rippingtons - Weekend In Monaco -
The Robert DeCormier Singers -- Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (1967) -
The Shaggs ~ Philosophy of the World (full album 1969) -
The Stranglers - Always The Sun (Video) -
The Unthanks - King of Rome (live at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2012) -
Thursday in the Danger Room (instrumental version) -
Tinariwen (+IO:I) - Ténéré Tàqqàl (what has become of the Ténéré) -
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Natty Parade -
Tom Waits - Hold On -
Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup - God's Away On Business -
Transatlantic Skank (feat. Lady Chann) -
Tricky Meets Sotuh Rakkas Crew - Numb -
Tricky meets South Rakkas Crew - Joseph -
TS7 Feat. T DOT - Raise Your Glasses -
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 11891 Anonymous
12th June 2019
Wednesday 11:09 pm
11891 spacer
Doing God's work, lad. Thank you for this!
>> No. 11897 Anonymous
13th June 2019
Thursday 1:16 am
11897 spacer
Agreed, You're actions make the rest of our lives better.


>> No. 19454 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 11:22 am
/news/19454 Peter Bright is a kiddy fiddler
Also known as DrPizza, which will soon get the QAnon lot frothing at the gash.
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>> No. 19466 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 9:41 pm
19466 spacer

Maybe you will get unlucky too, punk.
>> No. 19467 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 11:37 pm
19467 spacer
I'm unlucky, but I don't want to abuse children so I don't think this'll happen to me.
>> No. 19468 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 11:46 pm
19468 spacer

>Well I hope there aren't that many people who actually pimp out their children to paedos for real.

We all assume this, and then it turns out that there was an entire villiage somewhere that they use children's arses for barter exchange, and it seems incredible that that was happening.
>> No. 19469 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 11:17 am
19469 spacer

I'll bet paedolad's been there.
>> No. 19470 Anonymous
11th June 2019
Tuesday 12:11 pm
19470 spacer

>Pitcairn's 47 inhabitants, almost all of whom are interrelated

Looks like everybody has been bonking everybody anyhow.

Kind of sounds like the rural Kentucky of the Pacific.


>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
/e/22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 22890 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 7:21 pm
22890 spacer
I'm aware America has had those problems and surely still does to one extent or another, but there's no way you can defend the statement "almost anywhere in the world has better internet infrastructure than the States" when they're posting top 10 average speeds.

And who cares if half of America can't buy it? That stills leaves a market much bigger than the entirety of other countries they've deemed worth entering. I also don't think Google is betting even 1% of their success on the likes of Stadia. Game streaming has been on the cards for years and with all their datacentres and fibre they may as well toss their hat in the ring.
>> No. 22892 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 7:33 pm
22892 spacer

I can defend it, because my whole point was that average speeds have nothing to do with the average consumer experience. Most Yanks I know have shite internet and constantly moan about it.

With regards to Google I will admit I am just wishfully thinking that they will over-reach and collapse, before they get their slimy corporate hands on the blueprints for actual T-800s and start selling them to hipsters.
>> No. 22893 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 7:40 pm
22893 spacer
Most yanks I know have gigabit connections and are constantly raving about it.
>> No. 22894 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 9:07 pm
22894 spacer
What about the Yanks you don't know?
>> No. 22895 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 9:52 pm
22895 spacer
They have gigabit connections too, but don't rave about them.


>> No. 22816 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:49 pm
/v/22816 Catch-22
This is the most excited I've been about an upcoming TV series in a while.

It starts on Channel 4 on 20th June but it's already out in America; the reviews I've seen of it have been very positive.
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>> No. 22817 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 4:11 pm
22817 spacer
That man's face looks like CGI.
>> No. 22818 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 7:54 am
22818 spacer
I thought it was an advert for a computer game.

Play as Yossarian and kill Nazis with your bare hands. Or whatever he does in the book, I haven't read it.
>> No. 22819 Anonymous
10th June 2019
Monday 8:14 am
22819 spacer
He's usually either trying to get out of bombing raids or trying to get his end away.


>> No. 63436 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 6:31 pm
So what did you lads get are Liz for her big day?
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>> No. 63437 Billbob
8th June 2019
Saturday 6:32 pm
63437 spacer
A big trump in the face
>> No. 63438 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 9:10 am
63438 spacer
We are not amused.
>> No. 63439 Billbob
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:13 pm
63439 spacer
but we are somewhat bemused.


>> No. 16455 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:11 am
/v/16455 Game of Thrones
Are you all just going to pretend this isn't happening?

I assume everyone's already illegally downloaded last nights episode? If so you'll definitely understand my next question...


I'm reckoning Cersei at a daring 50/1.
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>> No. 22806 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 1:19 am
22806 spacer
>fast travel
Even Season 6-lad should be aware of this, given the way Varys teleports between Essos, Dorne, and Essos again in the finale.
>> No. 22812 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 7:36 pm
22812 spacer
I've only just seen this. Better than anything from the recent seasons.
>> No. 22813 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 7:59 pm
22813 spacer
Dreadful. Borderline racist.
>> No. 22814 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 9:21 pm
22814 spacer

Don't commit your hate crimes here!
>> No. 22815 Anonymous
9th June 2019
Sunday 12:32 am
22815 spacer

hey whos the nark?


>> No. 22839 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 8:14 pm
/e/22839 spacer
Allo .gs. I'm going to buy a Nintendo 64 for someone as a gift. I want it to connect to a Sony XF9005 TV.

I'm aware I'll need something like an A/V to HDMI converter, but I know these things can look shite if you don't do it right. Obviously it doesn't need to be crystal, but a good picture and sound would be nice. Is there a smart way of connecting it?

After having a Google I realise there are some interesting custom kits out there, like, but that's a bit above my effort threshold at the moment. Any other recommendations?
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>> No. 22840 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 8:19 pm
22840 spacer
Does your telly not have a composite video input? It'd seem to make more sense to just use that.
>> No. 22841 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 9:49 pm
22841 spacer

The coloured cables, you mean? As long as they haven't been removed in the most recent generation of flat screens... Even searching on specs websites hasn't made this entirely clear.

It's not my television so I can't check physically, unfortunately.
>> No. 22842 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 9:53 pm
22842 spacer
They do specific ones aimed at the retro gamer. So long as you get one of those I don't think you can go far wrong, they usually also do stuff like compensate for frame delay, which is apparently a thing because analogue TVs at the time worked differently with the frame rate. You might have mixed results with a general purpose one.

When I was into retro games a few years ago the thing to get was called a Framemeister, but I'd imagine it has all moved on a bit now.
>> No. 22843 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 10:03 pm
22843 spacer
The model you specified does have a composite video input.
>> No. 22875 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 5:16 pm
22875 spacer
I'm going to start this by saying that it's going to look like absolute arse unless you pay a lot of money. It looking blurry and shitty might all be part of the fun, but if you're interested in why your childhood memories are going to look like a smudgy mess on that TV then read on, I guess.

Converting old analogue signals to HD digital ones is just massively more difficult than you'd imagine. Upscaling a DVD to make it look "ok" on a 4K set requires a lot of post-processing, and the end result isn't ever great. All modern sets that have analogue inputs are tuned to this use case - they will process the fuck out of composite video in an attempt to make DVD/TV look passable.

Unfortunately, this means that the situation is significantly worse for retro games. The aforementioned post-processing tends to add hundreds of milliseconds of latency, which makes anything other than turn-based games pretty much unplayable. This can sometimes be fixed to some degree by enabling "game mode" on the TV, and that may be good enough if you're just messing around and don't care how things look. It doesn't address the issue of scan conversion and upscaling, i.e. how to take a ~320x240 analogue signal and turn it into a 3840x2160 digital signal, in 16ms or less. The Framemeister >>22842 mentioned does a good job of upscaling, and the OSSC is also great, but neither of these are the kind of thing you'd give as a gift.

To make matters worse, an un-modded N64 doesn't output anything better than s-video, and that TV doesn't seem to have anything other than composite. That'll be composite "240p", and most consumer sets make a right fucking mess of upscaling this. Early 3D games get a particularly hard time of this as the aliasing (jaggies on polygon edges) tend to be much more noticeable than in 2D art.

>I'm aware I'll need something like an A/V to HDMI converter
There are no cheap composite to HDMI converters that are worth buying; they are simply the same chip (very likely worse, in fact) that's in that Sony TV.

Getting an N64 to look anything other than absolute shite on a modern set is really pretty hard. I'll almost always go with the original hardware for nostalgia purposes, but for N64, I'll go for an emulator-loaded laptop every time (not least because of the framerate increases).


>> No. 21207 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 5:50 pm
/v/21207 Black Mirror season 3
How has a thread about this not been made yet?

My brains just about managed to survive the first 3 episodes but it's so incredibly fucked up. Episode 2 in particular legitimately 'triggered' me to the point I came close to having a full blown panic attack.

I don't remember any of the stuff in the first two seasons coming close to these new episodes in terms of quality or brutality. Though I suppose the Christmas special was a sign of things to come. I'm guessing now that Netflix have taken it up it's got more resources and Brooker's perhaps taken less of a role in production. Either way his screenwriting abilities seem to just be getting better and better.
30 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 22807 Anonymous
5th June 2019
Wednesday 10:32 pm
22807 spacer
Watched the first episode of the new series. Meh.
>> No. 22808 Anonymous
6th June 2019
Thursday 11:33 pm
22808 spacer
Smithereens. Best one of the series, but it wasn't anything special.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. Shit. Utter shit. I did kind of like Miley Cyrus covering Nine Inch Nails at the end, though.
>> No. 22809 Anonymous
7th June 2019
Friday 11:58 pm
22809 spacer
This isn't the first time i've attempted to extol the virtues of Miley Cyrus and it likely wont be the last. But the girl is ridiculously talented if you venture beyond the radio friendly pap. She's done an awful lot of side work and covers etc that really show off her pipes. But people just think of Wrecking Ball and twerking.
>> No. 22810 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 3:38 am
22810 spacer
I liked all 3. Much better than last season.
>> No. 22811 Anonymous
8th June 2019
Saturday 3:35 pm
22811 spacer
It's my current guilty pleasure.


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