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>> No. 3584 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 1:03 am
/map/3584 spacer
I’ve been saving up to buy a place of my own but, living in London, there’s no way I can actually afford anything in the city. Well, anything that isn’t just a lease on a place that costs as much as a four bed anywhere else or a 40k parking space.

Now that working from home is a permanent possibility I can and probably should look at places in the rest of country. Just so long as there’s a direct train to London. It gets complicated when you factor in the lockdown though as my understanding is that you probably want to try living somewhere before you buy which would certainly be a task at the best of times.

Do you lads have any suggestions or tips to help narrow down a search?

I don’t fancy moving back to my hometown and studied in student towns so I’m open to suggestions on areas I can look to live. Would say I have about 25k saved so far but not averse to saving up more (I’m factoring my parents vague offer of money as just covering cost of moving). What I’m looking for is a decent flat for 1 in a city where I can meet someone and where I don’t need a car – living in London I’ve neglected ever sorting the licence but could should pull my finger out.

So far I have:

Edinburgh seems popular here going by past threads but I’m unsure if they’ll do independence or I’ll get shit anyway for being English.

Inverness has the problems of above but is much cheaper where you get breathtaking scenery because you essentially live in Iceland. Its adventurous anyway.

Liverpool I've enjoyed when visiting and have mates in the North West but the market looks altogether quite shifty on the leases they offer. Cheap though.
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>> No. 3590 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 9:51 am
3590 spacer
visit, rent, buy.
>> No. 3591 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 10:33 am
3591 spacer
By buying rushing into a property you could end up wasting far more than six month's rent.
>> No. 3592 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 3:07 am
3592 spacer
>just buy a property that thereby saves thousands of pounds and doesn't lock me in a 6 month contract

You're often locked in for longer when you own a place and need to sell it - don't believe any of the hype about how long it takes to sell a house, end-to-end; 6 months is pretty good.
>> No. 3593 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:59 pm
3593 spacer
I don't think its possible to accurately judge anywhere at the minute. Take Cardiff for example, in OP's list - one of its stand out 'traits' is the atmosphere, big events/weekends, clubbing etc. Right now that is nowhere to be seen. You would get an almightily shit impression of the place if you booked a city centre flat for 2 weeks at the moment. But it goes for anywhere.
>> No. 3594 Anonymous
11th February 2021
Thursday 4:18 am
3594 spacer
Were it not for the you-know-what, last Sunday would have been one of the best weekends of the year. The best day out I've had was when Ireland were in town in 2019. Even in defeat, their travelling fans know how to have a good time.


>> No. 2864 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 6:27 pm
/uhu/2864 spacer
Lads. Something happened to two of the carpet tiles in my current flat, and I'd like to replace them rather than lose my deposit. I carefully took one up and found no manufacturer identification, just the number '50718' printed on the back. Googling "50718" "carpet tile" gets me sweet fuck all.

I'd rather not alert the landlord of this, so before I go asking for new carpet tiles from them, can anyone help me ID this?

Thanks lads. Thads.
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>> No. 2868 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 8:58 pm
2868 spacer
>Something happened to two of the carpet tiles in my current flat,

Care to elaborate?
>> No. 2869 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:28 pm
2869 spacer
I don't know exactly, but my best guess is my office chair wheel got stuck and tore a chunk of the threading out. Either way, there's inch-wide black patch of missing carpet. Unfotunately that was right on the boundary of two tiles.
>> No. 2870 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:39 pm
2870 spacer
Fair enough. To be honest I think I was hoping for some sort of amusing and elaborate wanking/shitting/murder incident or something. I hope you get it sorted anyways ladm8.
>> No. 2871 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:47 pm
2871 spacer
My bad. I realise on second reading that my OP makes it sound quite intriguing when in reality it was just because I don't know what happened.
>> No. 2872 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 10:08 pm
2872 spacer
I was imagining he had set them on fire.


>> No. 31004 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 7:35 pm
/news/31004 spacer
YouTube robbery 'prank' ends in fatal shooting

A 20-year-old has been shot dead allegedly taking part in a "prank" robbery being filmed for YouTube.

Witnesses told police Timothy Wilks and a friend had approached a group of people outside a family trampoline park in Nashville, holding large knives. Mr Wilks was then shot by a 23-year-old, who told police he had had no idea it had been a "prank" and had been acting in self-defence.

Mr Wilks's friend told officers the "prank" had been for a YouTube video.
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>> No. 31083 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 10:20 pm
31083 spacer

It was one of the flight attendants, who was one of few people who weren't buckled up in their seat at that moment.

The flight was between two islands in Hawaii, where that plane was in daily operation. There was a documentary about it on TV once, and they said that because the plane was serving those short-distance routes several times a day, it did many more takeoffs and landings than other planes, and that therefore the structural wear and tear was much greater than anybody had considered.
>> No. 31086 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 10:41 pm
31086 spacer


It was specifically corrosion in the epoxy seal on the fuselage that caused the initial failure. Stress was put into the rivets instead, which caused microcracks in the fuselage. This was missed due to hurried and lax safety checks by the airline.

The FAA concluded it was just that which caused the explosion, but I still favour the fluid hammer theory.
>> No. 31091 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 12:45 am
31091 spacer

How fast would that music be if this clip was played at regular speed? Crikey.
>> No. 31093 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 2:01 am
31093 spacer

Five million BPM.

If the whole ten minute video was played back at actual speed, it'd be over in 0.015 seconds. If you played it on a loop, you'd miss at least twenty repeats every time you blinked.
>> No. 31120 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 8:26 pm
31120 spacer

Music to do cake to.


>> No. 6342 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 1:26 am
/poof/6342 spacer
Either of you two bought joggers/trousers online recently for sitting at home and taking the bins out? I recently got some on the Debenhams sale that fell apart at the crotch and I'm trying to find a replacement only it seems everywhere either has bad stitching, are slim fit, or otherwise aren't suited to winter.

It didn't used to be this hard but now it is. It's not that I'm a fat bastard either, I have some summer bottoms that are fine and some joggers that are just a bit uncomfortable.
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>> No. 6343 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 1:33 am
6343 spacer
Needle, thread and some old fabric of a similar colour. S'not hard to repair, just run 2 parallel backstitches about 1cm from the tear.
>> No. 6344 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 8:59 am
6344 spacer
Buying clothes online is an absolute ballache, however you can can 100% (man made) cotton joggers for cheap as fuck from the likes of TK Maxx and Sports Direct.

You can also buy organic cotton ones from elsewhere online. They are the comfiest at home trousers I've ever bought. Tracksuit trousers are also surprisingly warm and very comfortable.
>> No. 6345 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 11:13 am
6345 spacer

Because he.png
>> No. 6346 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 11:30 am
6346 spacer
I was going to post a gif but couldn't find a good enough one.


>> No. 92213 Anonymous
6th February 2021
Saturday 11:45 am
/pol/92213 spacer
Boris Johnson planning NHS England overhaul, leaked paper shows

Boris Johnson is planning a radical overhaul of NHS England, as he reverses controversial privatisation policies introduced by David Cameron, a leaked document suggests. According to the draft white paper, the government is planning to reduce the role of the private sector in NHS England and give the health secretary greater control.

NHS commissioners would not be required to put contracts out to tender, which can draw competition from competing health groups. Instead, a new policy would leave the NHS and local authorities to run services and encourage them to work together more effectively. The health secretary would also take more direct control over NHS England, with the plans putting emphasis on reducing bureaucracy and improving integration between the different departments of the NHS.
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>> No. 92240 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 7:05 am
92240 spacer
There is a strong electoral case for this though: One recognised tendency in British politics has always been that when people are sick of the Tories, nice middle class Tory types will vote Liberal and help Labour get in that way. At every election where Labour has taken power except 1997 the Liberals have also gained votes. (Up 0.9% in 1923, 5.8% in 1929, 2.3% in 1945, 5.3% in 1964, 11.8% in 1974, and down 1% in 1997.)
1997 leaves the question: Did Labour win Liberals, or Tories? Was there a "Tories go Liberal, Liberals go Labour" effect, or did Labour win over Tories while Liberals stuck to Ashdown?

But then in 2001 and 2005 things go all weirdy wobbly with the Lib Dems running to the left of Labour on all sorts of issues and even the Conservatives having a pop at it on tuition fees (opportunism, but they still did it!). Then 2010 happened and we all know how that went.

Anyway, it's a shame our Labour party didn't follow the trajectory of New Zealand: Labour there did Thatcherism from 1984-90, got it all out of their system and caused untold social harm in the process, sold off the trains and the planes despite promising they wouldn't. People were sufficiently upset (about the social harm, not the vehicles) that Labour feared coming third in the 1990 election, so were overjoyed when they merely went down to the biggest defeat of a sitting government in their nation's history.
Then in they came back to power in 1999 and mixed the electorally useful parts of Blairism (mostly late-TV era campaign techniques) with policies like renationalising the trains and the planes, creating a state owned bank, abolishing workfare, creating tax credits but branding them properly so people actually know what on earth they are, calling the Iraq war illegal, and more.
In part as a result of delivering a government that most people can basically agree was alright within living memory, NZ Labour returned to govt in 2017. Unlike UK Labour, which is spiraling the plughole like a discount Lloyd George Liberal.
>> No. 92258 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 1:36 am
92258 spacer
>Why were Deloitte offered untendered contracts to provide services that the NHS could have easily provided?

Because the idea the NHS is set up to do any of thesr things is wrong in the first place.
>> No. 92265 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 3:22 pm
92265 spacer

>The NHS isn't set up to do medical testing or medical surveillance on the British Public but some rando consulting firm is.

u wot 8?
>> No. 92266 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 3:45 pm
92266 spacer
>at you fully think it is 100% okay to hate specific groups of people, as long as they're the groups you've been told deserve it because of their privilege rank according to identity politics. That is your brain on liberalism.

That sounds so completely bonkers to me, I hate to go full no true scotsman, but that violates the very core pricipals of liberalism.

I accept that the term liberal has probably been co-opted by a paticular type of arsehole, and that arsehole considers classical liberals to be closet racists and sexists but usually those people self identify as left first rather than liberal.
>> No. 92270 Anonymous
9th February 2021
Tuesday 9:12 am
92270 spacer

Yeah, this one was all those things you usually associate with a radical twitter leftie, except socialism was the bit she objected to.

That's what was so vexing and why I found her so repulsive. I can tolerate and to some extent understand those sorts when they eanestly believe it's all part of one big package to make society fairer overall, but this one specifically and consciously wanted neo-liberal capitalism as it exists today to carry on as normal, just with more women and minorities in the 1%.


Screenshot 2020-12-16 225804.jpg
>> No. 23449 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:00 pm
/v/23449 What are you watching right now?
I suppose we need a /v/ equivalent of the /e/ and /beat/ threads.

I've started watching Life on Mars again, but this time in HD on Netflix, and have only just realised it was filmed on... film. That or transferred to film and re-digitised for Netflix. The version Netflix has is absolutely covered in dust marks.
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>> No. 23499 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:00 pm
23499 spacer

Amidala was meant to be young teens too in the first one wasn't she?

Mind you I suppose it's tradition after the twincest in the originals.
>> No. 23500 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:15 pm
23500 spacer
Amidala didn't kidnap Anakin and spend a decade grooming him to become the king of Naboo, in fairness. Indeed from what I recall the two basically seemed incompatible in every way and she was simply the first woman Anakin had seen who wasn't his mum. Why do you think C3PO was so heavily queer coded? Because that robot was literally coded queer. Think about it.
>> No. 23501 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:43 pm
23501 spacer
I'm intrigued by your theory of the prequal trilogy being the story of Anakin's repressed homosexuality and his lashing out at the world. The dots all join up so well from the monastic anti-sexual repression of the Jedi to Palpatine being a bit of a noncey old man.

As for the Twilight Zone episode I just put it down to being a bad episode. There's different attitudes of the time at work but you can also see reflections of classic fairytale themes involving Prince Charming rescuing the Cinderella - and which young girls probably like (not that I would know of course). It might've been a stronger story if the original draft was in a half-hour format as I suspect what we have is two half-formed ideas stuck together.
>> No. 23502 Anonymous
17th January 2021
Sunday 1:49 pm
23502 spacer
>spend a decade grooming him
Neither of which is implied in the plot summary, if you read the same one I did. Maybe you just wish there was noncery in it because that's what they were all like back then. Only a matter of time before fuckin' Rod Serling is exposed as worse than Jim'll eh.
>> No. 23572 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 6:10 pm
23572 spacer
Watching the Amazon show The Man In The High Castle, which has little to do with the original book other than setting and character names (although they don't match their book counterparts).

The most interesting thing is it was clearly edited as in Internet TV Show. Each episode is a) designed to be watched quite closely together -- there are no re-establishing shots, you get about 10 seconds of the last episode usually before it continues completely dry; and b) the intro sequence is the best part of 90 seconds long, which seems to be like it was intended to be skipped.

The intro sequence does need an award for slowest human performance of a song, though. Christ it drags. Also it's the Dad's Army intro, complete with triangle-headed lines moving across a map.


>> No. 441738 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 7:54 pm
/b/441738 spacer
Where does the stereotype originate from that British\English woman are so ugly? It seems like usually stereotypes have some underlying reasoning or origin such as poor cooking or how mountain-people are sheep shaggers but this one makes no sense.

We're even rated as having the most attractive men.
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>> No. 442135 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 9:27 pm
442135 spacer

Hamburg is fun, there's loads of things you can do, but you probably won't experience it with your (female) friend the same way you would on a lads night out like we did.

Make sure you eat a shrimp sandwich. That's sort of their local specialty. Ask your friend about it.
>> No. 442136 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 9:40 pm
442136 spacer
>> No. 442137 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 9:46 pm
442137 spacer

Well I assumed you've got a lass in Hamburg who wants to have a shag.
>> No. 442139 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 1:17 pm
442139 spacer
If you're shagging men you can't say it's being "lewd", there's too much testosterone involved for words like that.
>> No. 442141 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 2:45 pm
442141 spacer

Wasn't the definition of illegal homosexual sex in the old days that you were engaging in "lewd acts" with a person of your own gender?


>> No. 27748 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 1:08 am
/g/27748 spacer
Do either of you two feel like we've reached a kind of technological end point? It feels like the internet was the last great technology to truly alter the way people live their lives, and from here we're justing making sleeker or faster versions of what we already have. That Frankie Fukushima fella said we (or at least the west) reached the end of history in the sense that we've settled on a "final", least worst political system. In a certain sense it feels like we've reached an end of technology too, and that we shouldn't expect there to be any more technology that can truly revolutionise life.

If you put it in schizo "dude reality is a simulation lmao" terms, then you could say that we've begun to scratch at the walls that are the limits of the simulation.

I googled the topic and it seems certain people who are more qualified to provide opinions have reached similar conclusions.

> The notion that our 21st-century world is one of accelerating advances is so dominant that it seems churlish to challenge it. Almost every week we read about ‘new hopes’ for cancer sufferers, developments in the lab that might lead to new cures, talk of a new era of space tourism and super-jets that can fly round the world in a few hours. Yet a moment’s thought tells us that this vision of unparalleled innovation can’t be right, that many of these breathless reports of progress are in fact mere hype, speculation – even fantasy.
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>> No. 27755 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 10:11 am
27755 spacer
We are on the edge of being able to inject virus that can reprogram your DNA sequence, reusable rockets that will make space travel affordable and augmented reality adoption is only a question of marketing it right and you think we already reached the end of history? were you dropped on your head as a baby.
>> No. 27756 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 3:31 pm
27756 spacer
>Again, this "advance" just lets us maintain the normal better.

This really depends on what the "normal" means, for you. If the normal is just "able to produce a vaccine", then yes in a very broad sense, you're right, but the speed at which the vaccine was made was dependant on plenty of technology and processes that did not exist just a few years ago; mRNA vaccines were tested in animals from the 1990s, there was a lot of excitement and companies being built around it for human use in the 2000s and 2010s, but nothing really came to fruition until 2020.

Other recent biotech breakthroughs include CRISPR. Though the acronym strictly refers to understanding a pattern in DNA, it's usually used synonymously with Cas9 or CRISPR-Cas9, a new technology allowing us to edit genes within organisms.

I would say that, based on CRISPR alone, we are going to see some pretty wild and unexpected advances.
>> No. 27757 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 3:47 pm
27757 spacer
>if the normal is just "able to produce a vaccine", then yes in a very broad sense, you're right
I mean that the ability to produce the vaccine means we go back to "business as usual" faster. All these advances are just used to maintain the more general status quo.
>> No. 27758 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 5:51 pm
27758 spacer
>>27756 pretty wild and unexpected advances.

Some of which will be advances in inconvenient directions, but yes.

If we can get some advances in small scale, low energy water treatment so I can properly go unabomber (without the actual bombing bit), that would be a blessing.
>> No. 27782 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 2:00 am
27782 spacer
You seem to be searching for some great shift when the reason we are where we are is because we have collectively tried to suit our desires.


>> No. 7464 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 3:15 am
/£$€¥/7464 spacer
I've come to seek some very serious financial advice. I'm in my mid thirties but I've never borrowed a penny from an official institution. I'm not quite a pikey but I'm not that far removed if I'm being honest. I've grown up in a culture of working for cash and buying things for cash. Debt is a dirty word in my family and I've always lived within my means.

I've been quite frugal over the years and have managed to put together about 90k in savings. My employment history is sketchy at best and although I've been working since I left school, there are some serious gaps in the official records when it comes to my income.

For the past six months I've been self employed with about 80k a year coming in. All declared and above board.

I've always assumed that I couldn't get a mortgage and I'm still doubtful but I thought it might be worth asking some strangers whether I'm right.

My current overheads are pretty low and at a push I can save a good few grand a month after tax and rent etc. That means I could potentially have a lot more in the bank in the near future.

I desperately want to own a house and I know I could buy something tiny in a shit place with the money I have but I've recently been wondering what I could get if a bank would lend me a big chunk. I don't want anything fancy but it would be nice to have some space in a nice area.

As I said I know nothing about debt so my main questions are do I have any chance of getting a mortgage with only 6 months of official financial stability (and no credit history), and if so, how much would they lend me with 90ish as a deposit?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 7972 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 12:53 am
7972 spacer
I started thinking that I could cheat the system by paying any credit card purchases off right away. Then, of course, I found out that if you pay it off too often in a given month you equally look sloppy with money. A more cynical man might think this is all an elaborate scam to get people into debt - thereby making the balance sheets look better than they are while creating social control.

I've spent my whole life ignoring pretences and thumbing my nose at authority but now look at me. And I'm only just starting to learn how mortgages do horrible things to people. The banks will probably have me in a dress by the end of the month. Then when I finally do own a home I'll become a petty neighbourhood tyrant in a myopic quest to protect my 'investment' over all else.
>> No. 7973 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 1:53 am
7973 spacer
>The banks will probably have me in a dress by the end of the month.

Can't say I've ever heard or thought of that, but will definitely suggest it at work tomorrow.
>> No. 7974 Anonymous
3rd September 2020
Thursday 2:23 am
7974 spacer

As mentioned upthread, you can get a free credit rating and personalised advice on how to improve it at the link below.
>> No. 8422 Anonymous
5th February 2021
Friday 10:47 am
8422 spacer
On Experian they have a new boost feature:

You give them access to your bank and they say they can boost your score by sharing the payment details. Unless they find it's bad in which case they won't. Anyone else find that a bit creepy, giving big data access to your bank history and then expecting it's scoring to be accepted when it only shows the good?
>> No. 8432 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 1:45 am
8432 spacer


>> No. 67978 Are Moaty
5th February 2021
Friday 7:39 pm
/iq/67978 spacer
Why does life suck so much

Am I doing something wrong??
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>> No. 67996 Samefag
6th February 2021
Saturday 6:55 am
67996 spacer
Back2/emo/ carpet-bagger
>> No. 67997 Paedofag
6th February 2021
Saturday 12:40 pm
67997 spacer
Why do birds suddenly appear?
>> No. 67998 Are Moaty
6th February 2021
Saturday 1:43 pm
67998 spacer


when i was
>> No. 68007 R4GE
7th February 2021
Sunday 4:31 pm
68007 spacer
oh thanks i hadn't seen that /mu/ meme for nigh on 10 years. ffs
>> No. 68008 Crabkiller
7th February 2021
Sunday 7:33 pm
68008 spacer
I didn't want to say, but seeing it actually made me feel a bit warm. It was so long ago, a simpler time, and it's been so long because no-one uses it any more, which is perfect.


>> No. 442040 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 1:42 pm
/b/442040 spacer
Apart from the pusher, do you think there's any active serial killers at large in this country?

Does modern policing and surveillance mean that it's highly unlikely anyone would be able to murder lots of people over a prolonged period of time, unless they go completely under the radar like Shipman?
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>> No. 442119 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 2:16 pm
442119 spacer
Shipman was atypical of a multiple murderer. The vast majority of serial killers have a sexual motive to their crimes.
>> No. 442120 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 2:19 pm
442120 spacer

Not to be That Contrarian Lad, but looking at the statistics more as I got older has really diminished my interest in the subject. War/crime related to the economy and other forms institutionally-embedded violence kills far more people than the work of individual murderers.

Even psychologically it seems like a bit of a dead-end in terms of research, as by now I think the patterns of the garden variety American spree shooter or serial killer are fairly well understood.

I think the interest you describe is more based on the human drama of it, which in my opinion is absolutely the wrong way to look at people who are largely repeating traumas.
>> No. 442122 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 2:31 pm
442122 spacer

Women in particular are raised to feed off drama.
>> No. 442130 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 6:10 pm
442130 spacer

>Even psychologically it seems like a bit of a dead-end in terms of research, as by now I think the patterns of the garden variety American spree shooter or serial killer are fairly well understood.

>I think the interest you describe is more based on the human drama of it

It's the media, innit. If it bleeds, it leads, every time. Any story of a spree shooter or some sexually abnormal serial rapist or murderer is tabloid gold and gets milked for every last drop.
>> No. 442132 Anonymous
7th February 2021
Sunday 6:51 pm
442132 spacer

I mean yeah, but you evidently had enough interest in the subject to look into it in such a level of detail. That it turned out to be a bit disappointing and mundane under the surface just is what it is, really, you know?

My fascination has always been with war, because it's so impersonal and formalised, almost. Industrialised slaughter where humans just throw themselves in the grinder. It's chilling.


>> No. 27703 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 9:23 pm
/g/27703 spacer
Ok so this might be a long one, not sure yet...

(Before I go any further I'll make it clear that this could just as easily be a mental health question as a technology one. I really don't know anymore and this is basically the last time I'm going to ask before I throw myself on the mercy of the NHS. I don't think I'm wrong but I wouldn't, would I?)

Let's say there's a massively successful tech company whose name begins with G (From hereon "Big G"). Let's say Big G also owns a successful video-sharing platform. I spend a lot of time on this video sharing platform just listening to music and watching clips of TV programmes from back in the day. Occasionally, while using this service, I will be reminded of a show I loved so much that I use a completely unrelated internet-based service to download the entirety of it, it doesn't matter what the show is but let's just pretend for the sake of argument it's Friends.

I NEVER use Big G's services on my computer and I NEVER torrent on my phone. As far as Big G can tell I probably don't even have a computer. I'm not more or less likely to discuss Friends on chat/messenger platforms on my phone than I am for shows I'm not actually ever going to download (let's say it's Everybody Loves Raymond) but still might watch clips of on Big G's video platform.

Furthermore I always use a vpn on my computer and I don't ever bother with one on my phone. Further, furthermore, I'm a Linux user on the desktop. Not because I especially care about free software and/or privacy, I just genuinely find it a better, friendlier-to-the-user OS than the various alternatives. I don't run Linux on my phone because I have a life and stuff and just use an OS made by Big G (technically it's still Linux but not really). I have NEVER(!!!!!!) logged in to anything related to Big G on my actual computers.

Big G can probably tell there are more devices on my network than I ever actually use their services with but they shouldn't(?) be able to tell what those devices are. It might be a a Raspberry Pi with an external drive stuffed with pirated shows but it could just as easily be a phone used by another resident who doesn't use Big G's email service for all they know.

And yet... whatever show I've just torrented. The next day Big G will start recommending me clips of it. Any show. It's literally like they're watching me.

How do they do this?
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>> No. 27777 Anonymous
5th February 2021
Friday 9:43 pm
27777 spacer

There's a claim that only 25 percent of fortune 500 CEOs are bald. There's also research to suggest that bald men are perceived as more commanding or suitable for leadership, but perception is arguably not that important if you've already proved your ability as most C suites have.
>> No. 27778 Anonymous
6th February 2021
Saturday 9:46 am
27778 spacer
Something about high-testosterone males being more likely to lose their hair early, high-testosterone also driving men to be more competitive/ruthless so likely to rise to the top quicker.
>> No. 27779 Anonymous
6th February 2021
Saturday 10:00 am
27779 spacer
I read that it's a myth that high testosterone is linked to baldness. Yes testosterone is the trigger, but it's genetics that make you at risk for hair loss, no matter if your testosterone is high or average.
>> No. 27780 Anonymous
6th February 2021
Saturday 10:41 am
27780 spacer

That's the most recent science I've heard too.

I have never bought into the bald men having more confidence, it's more that confident men are more likely to make the decision to shave their head rather than cling on. This idea is supported by a quick google of the various baldness related forums that exist mostly so men can post pictures of their bald spots and say "WHAT SHOULD I DO?!".

I feel bad for anyone who is that stressed or depressed about such a common trait in men.
>> No. 27781 Anonymous
6th February 2021
Saturday 11:50 am
27781 spacer
It would make sense in that people like Trump and Musk are the other extreme, they're highly confident but they're also narcissists.


>> No. 5456 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 3:02 am
/lit/5456 Vurt
This was really good.
309 posts and 123 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 7194 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 11:16 pm
7194 Breakfast of Champions
I'm not sure what I made of this. It wasn't unpleasant to read, although Vonnegut's faux-naïf writing style wore thin at times. It's largely a meandering stream of consciousness, but most of the commentary within it is rather tame by today's standards.
>> No. 7195 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 12:37 am
7195 spacer
I enjoyed Vonnegut a lot more when I was a sullen teenlad who thought being reductionist was insightful. His books are quirky and he's eminently a very good writer with a powerful imagination since I've always found myself becoming trapped within a few pages. But under it all, there isn't a whole lot and his style can grate in excess.
>> No. 7196 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 12:56 am
7196 spacer

This is quite good.
>> No. 7200 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 9:00 pm
7200 spacer

It never really went anywhere. It was an interesting premise but it just sort of petered out.
>> No. 7201 Anonymous
5th February 2021
Friday 9:15 am
7201 spacer

Very much enjoyed this. British appeasement and German rearmament. Reccomends.


>> No. 84456 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 8:38 pm
/pol/84456 Ban anonymous accounts, Angela Rayner tells social media firms

>The shadow education secretary, speaking at a Labour party conference event, said social media firms should take greater responsibility for their users and noted in particular that Facebook seemed to have indicated that politicians should accept a higher level of abuse.

>Rayner, at a fringe event organised by the Guardian, conceded that insisting on real names wouldn’t stop abuse, but “it would certainly help a little bit. I think they should do more – they do have a responsibility for online.”

I... kind of like Angela Rayner, but this is a truly awful idea that seems to have had absolutely no thought put into its implementation or wider affects on freedom of expression. Technically almost every single account commenting on The Guardian is an "anonymous" social media account because why would you use a real name for such a thing.

I really hope this doesn't gain any kind of traction.
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>> No. 92208 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 8:39 pm
92208 spacer


Get on your knees and grovel, you worthless maggot.
>> No. 92209 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 10:25 pm
92209 spacer

Fuck me this is even more disappointing than the whole Keith Starmer premiership.

I saw her kneeling in her New Rock boots and tights though. Very sexy. I'm not saying I want her to literally stand on my testicles and smash them into oblivion, but I'm in the same postcode.
>> No. 92210 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 10:46 pm
92210 spacer
You don't want to come between Rayner and her footwear.
>> No. 92211 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 10:59 pm
92211 spacer
This picture has brought up some not entirely unpleasant teenage memories. I wonder if she listens to Bad Religion.
>> No. 92212 Anonymous
5th February 2021
Friday 9:09 am
92212 spacer

She's the council estate goth lass of our collective dreams, even if she doesn't have big jugs any more.


>> No. 21381 Anonymous
23rd February 2020
Sunday 3:04 pm
/news/21381 spacer
Young, Welsh and Pretty Minted: The 20-year-old online trader who makes up to £200,000 a year

So the BBC are promoting 'Wolves of Instagram' forex trading bullshit merchants now.
37 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 30937 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 6:49 pm
30937 spacer
>What also happens frequently is that they deposit the cash into some offshore account in a country with lax money laundering laws, and then wire it to your bank account in Britain.

A few years back the government decided to overhaul companies, making it cheap and easy to set up your own company, in the name of Mrs Stalin Knobhole of Turkmenistan and keep all your money laundering in the good old British Isles.
>> No. 30938 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 9:39 pm
30938 spacer

Why do you think so many Russian oligarchs or their family members have moved to Britain.
>> No. 30939 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 10:04 pm
30939 spacer
It says lots have but doesn't give any examples.
>> No. 30940 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 12:43 pm
30940 spacer

They haven't but London property is the best investment tool around. Gives out much better rates than any other and is considered quite secure thanks to the aiding and abetting of the fucked housing situation by central government and the boomers.
>> No. 30943 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 11:02 pm
30943 spacer

The London property market is absolutely bonkers these days. Your only way to profit from it as an average person who isn't minted is if you or your parents bought a house in Croydon in the 90s and you now sell it to move out to the country. Depending on your expectations, you could have over £250K left over in cash after you've bought your new place.


>> No. 427901 Anonymous
23rd June 2019
Sunday 8:43 pm
/b/427901 spacer
Has anyone ever attempted to make a foodstuff that is 100% useful to your body where none of it will be shat out the other end?
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>> No. 438696 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 4:30 am
438696 spacer
Seriously hoping they steal our ideas for a tap that produces custard then. We should probably have patented that one.
>> No. 438697 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 10:02 am
438697 spacer
The person who posted about a soup tap on a week or so before that thread would have a strong counter-claim to the idea.
>> No. 438698 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 10:26 am
438698 spacer
Who are we kidding, like the Chinese care about patents.
>> No. 438699 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 10:39 am
438699 spacer
I wonder if we'll be able to buy autism fart bombs on AliExpress.
>> No. 442048 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 9:10 pm
442048 spacer
>Faecal transplants could help patients with a dangerous form of skin cancer respond to immunotherapy, research suggests.

Poo science!


seinfeld fuck this.gif
>> No. 441753 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 2:22 am
/b/441753 spacer
I installed tinder and got some matches with my bedroom selfie during my initial swiping spree, but now it seems like way more trouble than it's worth. I don't want to keep swiping incessantly every day just to continue getting matches. Plus, the vast majority of the attractive women are only attractive in the physical sense, and there is a palpable feeling of there being "nothing there", or an unsettling black chasm behind their eyes.

Is there a better way to meet women without having an IRL social life?
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>> No. 442035 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 9:32 pm
442035 spacer
>might as well punch yourself in the face.

Oh is this the blood thing? I'd get on Tinder lickety-split if I saw Andrew W. K. on there looking for a support bubble. I've got a big tub of Vanish Oxy Action here doing not much at all because I wear darks mostly.
>> No. 442039 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 11:26 pm
442039 spacer
Found a lass I used to work with that I fancied the pants off on bumble. Cue me spending an inordinate amount of time trying to sell myself with her in mind on my profile and realising I don't really have any pictures.

Let's hope the algorithm hides me as I'm liable to make a fool of myself.

Numbers game lad. Numbers game. I find you will get weeks where all your matches come in and then you can be disappointed in a whole new way as all the good ones bin you before you meet.

Tinder is still completely wank though but for different reasons - it's all people trying to get you to follow them on Instagram. Disgusting app.
>> No. 442041 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 2:47 pm
442041 spacer
>it's all people trying to get you to follow them on Instagram.

So they can get you to buy their Onlyfans or follow pay for a private snapchat account. It's some fairly impressive SEO optimisation.
>> No. 442042 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 2:50 pm
442042 spacer

>SEO optimisation

They'll be laughing all the way to the ATM machine.
>> No. 442043 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 3:02 pm
442043 spacer
You can blame the tosspot "consultant" my company brought in to teach about SEO. he kept on saying SEO optimisation to the point that I completed that saying in a Pavlovian response. I really should hold myself to a better standard, otherwise I'll end up using more superfluous words.


>> No. 8350 Anonymous
30th January 2021
Saturday 8:07 pm
/£$€¥/8350 Ethical Money
Any of you lads with Triodos Bank? How is it?

I've been thinking about how to not indirectly invest in killing the planet (or cartels), so thinking about switching away from HSBC. From looking it around, it seems that Triodos is the only explicitly 'ethical' bank in the UK; Nationwide and Co-op are just 'not-unethical'. It has a £3 monthly fee, though.

I've also switched my pension fund to UK renewable infrastructure funds, though at present there's so little money in it's not a huge deal.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 8366 Anonymous
31st January 2021
Sunday 6:59 pm
8366 spacer
Have you considered COOP bank?
>> No. 8377 Anonymous
1st February 2021
Monday 10:43 am
8377 spacer
Yes, from what I gather though,
> Nationwide and Co-op are just 'not-unethical'

I'm not averse to either of them - it's a massive improvement over HSBC for each.
>> No. 8379 Anonymous
1st February 2021
Monday 11:10 am
8379 spacer
The biggest drawback I've found with Tdos is that the debit cards fall apart after a year or two. Not in a catastrophic way, you can just see the plastic layers slowly coming apart.

The customer service is excellent, no long queues or endless robot voice loops: right away they put you through to a knowledgeable human being with useful decision-making powers. That alone would make them worthwhile, to me.
>> No. 8406 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 11:26 am
8406 spacer
If I have a credit card with HSBC and switch to Triodos, I assume the credit card becomes void?
>> No. 8407 Anonymous
4th February 2021
Thursday 12:42 pm
8407 spacer
I saw they said the card is made out of corn, but that's not a huge issue really as I tend to pay for everything on my amex and pay that off at the end of the month, so the debit doesn't get much action.


picture of flowers.jpg
>> No. 442005 Anonymous
2nd February 2021
Tuesday 1:43 pm
/b/442005 spacer
How often do you buy your lass flowers?

I fell into a once a month thing years ago (making it still a bit random on when) and it seems to work really well for me. But I suspect I'm a bit of an outlier here and in reality it becomes an expectation where I'm forking over £10-15 for dying leaves.
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 442022 Anonymous
2nd February 2021
Tuesday 5:03 pm
442022 spacer
How often does she buy you flowers?
>> No. 442024 Anonymous
2nd February 2021
Tuesday 6:05 pm
442024 spacer
I got a kilo bag of self raising the other day because the Mrs needed it for baking.
>> No. 442026 Anonymous
2nd February 2021
Tuesday 6:17 pm
442026 spacer
similar i bought her some raisins for baking and snacking
>> No. 442027 Anonymous
2nd February 2021
Tuesday 7:19 pm
442027 spacer
I see what you did there.
>> No. 442032 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 8:57 pm
442032 spacer
>implying i have a lass

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 24783 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 4:41 pm
/e/24783 - 26 days until new release, ooaah!
It looks cool as fuck and very handy, but after basic research on component costs it looks like the eBlaztr mobile gaming case costs in excess of £1,000.

£770~ on CPU, Graphics and Monitor;
£300~ guess on motherboard and misc components;

Total product cost at £1,775.

Be it known that i have next to zero experience building computers, much less of the markets.

5 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 24789 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 5:20 pm
24789 spacer
I don't entirely understand it. It's not especially small and while an all-in-one PC-monitor set up is quite nice, it's not that amazing. It's an ITX motherboard so it doesn't seem much different to the ITX PC I'm using to send this message right now. Indeed I have the same GPU, SSD (same brand and capacity no less) and RAM, but it cost me quite a bit less than £1,775. However, it is worth noting I bought a lot of this before the prices got shot to the Moon by COVID. Also I don't know how easy to come by ITX pre-builds are either.

If you're interested in small PCs this YouTube channel has a lot of videos, although he's a bit of an elitist and don't get tricked into thinking you need a PC the size of a postage stamp with a watercooled CPU and GPU:
>> No. 24790 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 5:34 pm
24790 spacer

>he's a bit of an elitist

TBH I'm just jealous that he's better than me at Apex Legends and has big sexy muscles.
>> No. 24791 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 6:06 pm
24791 spacer

It just looks like a version of the shite HP Compaq Pro 6300 All In One I use for work, only after Xzibit got his hands on it. And judging by my current gaming laptop, it probably weighs four times as much as that.
>> No. 24792 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 6:10 pm
24792 spacer

Looks like a compost bin.

Not a criticism.
>> No. 24793 Anonymous
3rd February 2021
Wednesday 6:32 pm
24793 spacer
Looks to me like a tombola drum.


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