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>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
/beat/8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.

Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 12242 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 10:04 pm
12242 spacer

Can't tell if this is an example of a gem or a shite one but the arrangement is really rather bad.
>> No. 12243 Anonymous
22nd December 2019
Sunday 10:34 pm
12243 spacer

That cover is dog shit.

It does nothing new to the song creatively. It just sounds like a crapper version.

I feel sad for Weird Al. Weezer can drag themselves through the dirt (in fact I've been lead to believe from their self loathing previous work that they like to) that's fine. But there is no need to take it out on Al, Toto and US, just to try cash in on a meme.
>> No. 12244 Anonymous
23rd December 2019
Monday 12:35 am
12244 spacer

Given that Brian Wilson was arguably the greatest pop arranger of all time, the question is whether anyone should bother covering his work. The main artistic justification for recording a cover is to reveal a new perspective on the original composition, but can anyone credibly claim that they listened to God Only Knows and thought aha, I know what Brian Wilson missed when he arranged and recorded that?

>> No. 12288 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 9:21 pm
12288 spacer
NSFW video.

>> No. 12289 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:27 pm
12289 spacer

>The main artistic justification for recording a cover is to reveal a new perspective on the original composition

In this case the artistic justification is to pick a song that will get a lot of likes and shares from hipsters who want to hear Pet Sounds with a saxophone.


>> No. 64991 Moralfag
21st February 2020
Friday 9:53 pm
/iq/64991 spacer
is it wrong to be sexually attracted to a potato?
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>> No. 64993 Auntiefucker
21st February 2020
Friday 9:56 pm
64993 spacer

No. There's a chance that one might be the next leader of the Labour Party.
>> No. 64994 Auntiefucker
21st February 2020
Friday 10:20 pm
64994 spacer


>> No. 64998 YubYub
22nd February 2020
Saturday 1:08 am
64998 spacer

>> No. 64999 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 3:25 am
64999 spacer

The BFG's looking well lush like
>> No. 65000 Are Moaty
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:07 pm
65000 spacer


>> No. 21372 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:12 pm
/news/21372 Could this be Britain's worst toilet?
A locksmith has discovered Britain's worst TOILET - after breaking into a house inhabited by squatters.
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>> No. 21373 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:14 pm
21373 spacer
No, there's just no way that's the worst in Britain.
>> No. 21374 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:21 pm
21374 spacer
> He said that a number of drug addicts had been living inside the building - letting it fall into a shocking state of disrepair.

>But no room was worse than the toilet - with a vomit-inducing picture appearing to show mounds of faeces bulging from the loo

I guess you really have to be a full-on drug addict to not care that the heaps of unflushed shit in your toilet bowl will only turn into even bigger heaps of unflushed shit by you continuing to shit on top of them.
>> No. 21375 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:37 pm
21375 spacer
And you'd be wrong.
>> No. 21376 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:43 pm
21376 spacer
Indeed. If you're a career for people with severe mental health issues, scenes like the OP are not uncommon. At least they had the decency to shit in the bowl.
>> No. 21377 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 8:40 pm
21377 spacer

I sometimes go to a small supermarket that's next door to an NHS care home for the mentally ill. It's not a doors-locked secure unit, the inhabitants are free to leave during the day. One time, I was getting out of my car in the supermarket's car park in the dark, and suddenly I saw a man crouched in the space next to me with his shell suit trousers down, having a poo. Not something that's extremely out of the ordinary around that NHS home, you get far worse unusual behaviour when they go shopping in the supermarket, but what poolad did was that he inadvertently shat down the back of the whole left leg of his track pants, and then just pulled them up and walked off and into the supermarket. And he obviously had diarrhea, so the leg was covered from top to bottom.

Didn't seem to make any difference to him, but he stank up half the supermarket, and then ended up in front of me at the queue. I almost literally threw up. But poolad either didn't seem to notice, or he just didn't care. Amd he really didn't seem drunk or anything like that. While supermarket staff were actually trying to mask the smell by getting air fresheners off the shelves and spraying them liberally up and down the aisles where he had been.


>> No. 27371 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 8:32 pm
/g/27371 pi-hole
I recently installed this on my home network. I've never really experimented with adblockers before.

It is absolutely brilliant, easy to install, works perfectly. For the past week I have been browsing all my normal (news and other) sites with almost no adverts whatsoever on all the computers in my house, with nothing other than a DNS server change.

I commend it to you all.
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>> No. 27397 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:07 am
27397 spacer
Is this about Li-Fi? I haven't watched this video but I read an article about it the other day so I presume that's what this is.

It said it was more secure than Wi-Fi because the latter broadcasts outside your walls. Li-Fi is secure just by shutting your curtains. Or you can isolate it to your desk lamp, etc.
>> No. 27398 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:07 am
27398 spacer
AIUI, they're not transferable. If you buy a Tesla with a paid premium feature, sell that car and buy another Tesla, neither vehicle will have the feature. In order for both cars in that situation to have the feature, it will need to have been paid for three times.
>> No. 27400 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:17 am
27400 spacer

Technically yes but not really. It's about silently transmitting voice commands to devices via laser.
>> No. 27402 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 10:48 am
27402 spacer
My answer would have been no. I can only presume you're never going to have a Li-Fi device that uses a microphone to receive light. I realise you understand this.
>> No. 27403 Anonymous
22nd February 2020
Saturday 4:39 pm
27403 spacer
> In order for both cars in that situation to have the feature, it will need to have been paid for three times.

Fuck spaceX, that musk's got the gig sorted right there.


>> No. 64320 Searchfag
16th November 2019
Saturday 10:48 pm
/iq/64320 spacer
>On claims he was sweating, he said: "I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don't sweat or I didn't sweat at the time," he said, blaming it on "an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War". He said he had only started to be able to sweat again "in the recent past".

Andrew's the name, not paedoing sweating's the game!
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>> No. 64968 YubYub
21st February 2020
Friday 7:27 pm
64968 spacer


>> No. 64980 Paedofag
21st February 2020
Friday 8:38 pm
64980 spacer
I don't get why its a US school bus.
>> No. 64984 Paedofag
21st February 2020
Friday 8:42 pm
64984 spacer
>> No. 64995 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 11:58 pm
64995 spacer
They can have Andrew when they give us that one that knocked that boy over, the rest of the old Oregon Country, that island in the Indian Ocean, a sweet trade deall that doesn't involve accepting shit food, and also agree to take Piers Morgan off our hands.
>> No. 64997 R4GE
22nd February 2020
Saturday 12:23 am
64997 spacer


>> No. 4629 Anonymous
19th January 2020
Sunday 12:45 pm
/lab/4629 GS guide to fighting climate change
The problem of climate change can sometimes seem insurmountable. However, there are little things you can do which can have a big impact.

Easy mode
-If you have a workplace pension, consider changing your fund preferences into one that looks after the environment
-Use public transport over the car
-Have meat free Mondays, become a 'flexitarian'
-Switch to a renewable energy tariff. This way your energy only comes from renewable sources. There's one I've found called Octopus Energy which is quite competitive price wise.
-Grow your own veg/fruit
-Reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle (on waste/plastic)

-Cycle or walk to work
-Become vegetarian
-Insulate your house or upgrade to an environmentally friendly boiler
-Limit air travel to only a few holidays per year and don't fly long haul
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4780 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 4:40 pm
4780 spacer

Can you recommended any oat milk brands?
>> No. 4781 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 5:10 pm
4781 spacer

It's piss-easy to make - one cup of rolled oats, three cups of water, blend for 30-40 seconds and strain through a coffee filter or a fine sieve. Add salt and/or sugar to taste. If it has a claggy porridge texture, you've blended for too long.
>> No. 4782 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 6:29 pm
4782 spacer

I like Partly the best, and it seems most people do because it keeps selling out at the local Sainsbury's. There's a 'full fat' version that's the best imo. I suppose the benefit to buying it is they add minerals to make it an actual milk substitute, if your diet would otherwise be lacking (as it probably would be if you're vegan).
>> No. 4788 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 9:02 pm
4788 spacer
How important is vermiculite?

Saw it on here
>> No. 4789 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 10:38 pm
4789 spacer

It acts as a water reservoir, so it'll help prevent the soil from getting either too wet or too dry. It's not necessary, but it'll improve your chances of success.


kacey poster.jpg
>> No. 64967 YubYub
21st February 2020
Friday 7:23 pm
/iq/64967 spacer
what would happen if you got an illegal image tattooed?

could they force you have it lasered off?
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>> No. 64985 R4GE
21st February 2020
Friday 8:44 pm
64985 spacer

Yeah I'm aware that downloading an image (insanely) constitutes creation of an image because you are (tenuously) creating a copy of said image. I do wonder how that filters down to charcoal drawings and tattoos though.

Afaik there have been no successful prostitutions for illegal tattoos to test the waters but please inform me if I'm out of the loop.
>> No. 64986 Samefag
21st February 2020
Friday 9:07 pm
64986 spacer
I'm reasonably sure drawings are explicitly illegal and a tattoo would very likely be treated as same.
>> No. 64987 Searchfag
21st February 2020
Friday 9:16 pm
64987 spacer

But what happens after you've been prosecuted? Surely forcing you to laser it off and alter your body would be a human rights violation or something.
>> No. 64989 Are Moaty
21st February 2020
Friday 9:18 pm
64989 spacer

>> No. 64990 Searchfag
21st February 2020
Friday 9:20 pm
64990 spacer
In the scenario I describe they're not forcing you to do anything.


a misery of estate agents.jpg
>> No. 22678 Anonymous
10th May 2016
Tuesday 4:44 pm
/101/22678 Estate/ Letting Agents
How is there not a thousand post long /101/ thread on these fuckers yet.

I'm currently having the privileged of negotiating a letting contract with them. Which they are insistent they cannot change. But it doesn't matter that my wishes for use of the property and that I informed them of originally are contradictory with because 'they just won't enforce that bit it's just legally required we put that in there' (it isn't).

This is a deal on a property where we should be moving in in 4 days they gave us the 40 page contract last night and insisted we should be signing by the end of the night that makes reference to agreeing we have seen documents they are yet to provided us with.

Oh yes and they want £150 of fees for providing this standardized contract that they seem incapable of understanding amending, or are being deliberately obtuse as to the implications of 12 months down the line and about £500 more just because.
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>> No. 22694 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 6:51 pm
22694 spacer

I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters, but it has to be said that when you look at it, a great deal of the property market and the people who make money off it are completely parasitic and unnecessary.
>> No. 22695 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:57 pm
22695 spacer
>> No. 22724 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 6:53 pm
22724 spacer
>I'm not quite one of the hard-line "all property is theft" nutters

Then you deserve to get shafted.
>> No. 22728 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 11:11 pm
22728 spacer

Solidarity in action.
>> No. 29581 Anonymous
21st February 2020
Friday 5:32 pm
29581 spacer
I'm currently having to deal with a new form of agent induced missery, they are insisting on a background check and that both me and the other party have worked in our current job for OVER a year before we have even looked at the property.

At a certain point I got tired of their bullshit and made a point of telling them I'm walking away on the hopes it will discourage this as industry practice.


>> No. 27047 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 2:03 pm
/emo/27047 Where to meet birds
So, I've decided to try and not be that guy, a relationship-less virgin, into my mid-20s, which doesn't leave me with very long. I'm home from uni for the summer and have decided it's time to sort my act out.

The only problem - where to meet women?

I've completed tinder in a 15 mile radius, likewise for Bumble - zero (0) matches. I've messaged pretty much every girl on OKCupid with a match >75%; not one has replied.

What can I do now? The few local schoolfriends I am still in contact with are all male, everyone at my job is male, and all the women I talk to (from uni) are either in a relationship or otherwise not an option.

Going out to clubs doesn't work because a) I don't have anyone to go with, and b) when I try and do anything but stand at the bar drinking in a club (ie dance) I look like a tortoise trying to pilot a motorcycle.

Any ideas?
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>> No. 29064 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 12:41 pm
29064 spacer

>I find them quite addictive

Yep, so do lots of people, including lassies. Part of their business strategy is to subtly encourage time wasters who are basically just there for attention- They'd kill their own business if everyone found a match straight away.

From your perspective you really need to learn to identify those ones. After a while it's not difficult; what is difficult is the willpower nit to waste your time trying to chat them up because you don't have many other matches to work with. The fact you're starting to feel nonplussed and indifferent is a great asset here.

The golden rule still holds true. It's a numbers game- When you find one you click with, you KNOW you click, and it's usually just entirely by accident that you strike up a conversation as if you've known each other for years right at the start. Don't waste your time with those pointless back and forth where you know they're not putting in their fair share of the effort.

Also just gonna come out and say it- Birds are fucking shit at online dating too. They're used to getting all the attention hounded by dozens of men so they rarely put in the effort that's required to find and meet someone they would actually connect with. This self sabotage leads to a vicious cycle. Keep ot in mind when you're dealing with them.
>> No. 29065 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 12:51 pm
29065 spacer
>Also just gonna come out and say it- Birds are fucking shit at online dating too.

I think this is a lesson that men need to learn, quickly, when they enter the world of dating. Women have just as many problems with the dating scene as men do (both online and offline)- for sure they get more attention off the bat, but not the kind of attention you or I would relish. You need female friends (real ones) to learn and see this first-hand.

Also, when in the online dating scene - you need to know that you're frequently working with a group of people. I'm old and married, which is why the first twenty minutes of meeting with a single, female friend who is online dating, is often spent with me filtering their latest matches (and contributing to how they reply).

I would totally agree that a) its a numbers game and b) don't waste time trying to force it; if someone is an effort to talk to online, they'll most likely be ten times that in real life. Focus on the people you click with, it's obvious when it happens.
>> No. 29066 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 2:02 pm
29066 OP
Hinge seems more serious from what I've seen. I'll give it a go, but I feel my lack of experience will cripple me.
>> No. 29074 Anonymous
11th November 2019
Monday 7:28 pm
29074 spacer
You have nothing to lose but time and hope.
>> No. 29441 Anonymous
19th February 2020
Wednesday 10:17 pm
29441 spacer
Jesus Christ. Every time a date seems to have gone well I get some variation on "I've actually just realised I'm not in a good place for dating!". It's like a miniature emotional roller coaster every time.
I've been at it for months now. It's a colossal waste of time. I'm becoming bitter.


>> No. 29432 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 1:52 pm
/emo/29432 Please Help
Please help lads, I feel I've lost control of my life.

I'm in a bit of a strange rut where I'm not massively happy, I have trouble focusing on things and I'm getting unfairly envious of friends and colleagues.

I have a job that I really enjoy for the most part, but sadly due to the sector, pays very badly for what I actually do. I don't feel that I have the focus, confidence or capacity in my current state to begin applying myself to other pursuits and I wouldn't even begin to know where to look.

Outside of work I do very little. My partner is a full time student (post-grad and she's older than me) so on top of doing all of the household stuff whilst she focuses on work, it also means that our household income is quite low due to her not working. This is where I get a bit jealous of others who are off doing interesting things or buying houses (I have about £20,000 saved for a deposit but cant get a mortgage on my sole income) as both of them work. I realise that it is unfair for me to feel this way, but I can't help but feel this way.

I struggle to find much enjoyment in things so other than work, domestic bits and cooking, I tend to spend a lot of my time sat drinking and watching YouTube videos/listening to music and getting all nostalgic when my partner is in bed.

Whilst not a huge drinker (only beers, not spirits) I have noticed that I have become consistent. Even if it is only two or three cans a night sometimes, I haven't had a day free or alcohol in five weeks. It hit me the other day that it could be a concerning amount. At what point is too much?

The shittier part of me losing control is a few blips I have had with escorts. Now and again I work away, and since October I have used them four times. No idea why, I didn't really enjoy the experiences, and felt awful afterwards for doing something like this against my partner. I have no idea what has come over me.

Sometimes I'm okay, sometimes I get angry and punch myself for no reason, sometimes I want to end it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 29433 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 1:58 pm
29433 spacer
You've got depression mate. See your GP.
>> No. 29434 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 4:17 pm
29434 spacer

>The shittier part of me losing control is a few blips I have had with escorts. Now and again I work away, and since October I have used them four times. No idea why, I didn't really enjoy the experiences, and felt awful afterwards for doing something like this against my partner. I have no idea what has come over me.

I assume you feel understimulated, lie the people who electrocute themselves in an otherwise empty room, and this makes life interesting. Or you want to be seen as the bad guy either by yourself or by others. Or because it gives an out from your relationship that is easier to processes than you just aren't satisfied.
>> No. 29440 Anonymous
19th February 2020
Wednesday 8:25 pm
29440 spacer

>Or because it gives an out from your relationship that is easier to processes than you just aren't satisfied.

How do you mean?


>> No. 64527 YubYub
23rd December 2019
Monday 3:18 pm
/iq/64527 spacer
Caroline Flack's the name!

Giving my boyfriend a whack's the game!
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>> No. 64952 Crabkiller
16th February 2020
Sunday 7:28 am
64952 spacer
Her 'team' are blaming the CPS for wanting to go ahead with the domestic abuse trial despite the fact her boyfriend didn't want it to. I think they only confirmed it was definitely going to court yesterday.
>> No. 64962 Billbob
18th February 2020
Tuesday 9:20 pm
64962 spacer
This is such a tragic case and serves mostly to draw attention to how toxic vapid celebrity culture is and detrimental to the mental health of those involved, and so obviously we will collectively move away from such idol worship as a society.
>> No. 64963 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 9:36 pm
64963 spacer

The CPS moves forward with domestic abuse cases even when the victim doesn't want to prosecute as a matter of policy these days. It's because of that coercive control bollocks.
>> No. 64965 YubYub
18th February 2020
Tuesday 10:18 pm
64965 spacer
And they were right to do so in this case. The police were called, there was clearly an altercation and some bloodshed. The fact the "victim" no longer wants to press charges is par for the course in these kind of domestic violence incidents.

If there is independent evidence that leads the CPS/police to believe there has been a crime committed and therefore a chance of prosecution, the charges are laid. Often in domestic violence cases, the victim "changes their mind".

The police/CPS have done their job perfectly in this case. The press have not. It is utterly wrong to argue the merits of what has happened on this point.
>> No. 64966 Billbob
18th February 2020
Tuesday 10:23 pm
64966 spacer

I saw a bit on Auntie Beeb earlier where they roundly laid the blame for Flack's codeine cocktail on social media trolls without a hint of self awareness. I didn't follow the news coverage and I accept the beeb probably weren't responsible themselves but I don't think anyone in their right mind could argue that internet trolls were the main bulk of the bullies in this scenario.


>> No. 21528 Anonymous
30th March 2016
Wednesday 3:42 pm
/e/21528 spacer
Any of you lads want an Xbox-One Closed MP Beta code for Doom? Got it from buying Wolfenstein on the 360 but I don't own an X1 so have at it.

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>> No. 23306 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:36 pm
23306 spacer

>The bias is obvious I don't know why I tried to engage the people here like they were reasoned adults rather than entitled fanboys crying over nothing but I won't make the mistake of talking to people here like they matter again.

I was pretty neutral on you until this. Feel free to fuck off if that's how you feel, I haven't read anything further up in the topic. Just saw this.

Was going to castigate >>23305 for being a bit mean but you invited it.

Stop being a spaz and lighten up.
>> No. 23307 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 8:52 pm
23307 spacer
Fuck me, it's a mediocre reboot of a mediocre '90s FPS. Stop pushing this shite to the top of /*/.
>> No. 23308 Anonymous
23rd January 2020
Thursday 10:09 pm
23308 spacer

Blame Purp for the Sage implementation. The most popular thread on news is premised on the replacement of some old shutters in Huddersfield, it doesn't reeeaaallly matter. Threads get derailed and rerailed, the joy is in the experience.

Fuck, forgot to post this from the internet caf. Bye lads.
>> No. 23348 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:25 pm
23348 spacer
Just realised it was me that posted this originally almost 4 years ago.

Wonder if anyone took the code.
>> No. 23349 Anonymous
18th February 2020
Tuesday 8:42 pm
23349 spacer
I don't need to try redeeming it to know someone definitely took the code, mate.


>> No. 12277 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:20 pm
/beat/12277 spacer
Moody piano samples in instrumental hip hop make me very happy. Can anyone point me to any more music like this?

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>> No. 12278 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:47 pm
12278 spacer
Every other track on this stream.

>> No. 12279 Anonymous
17th February 2020
Monday 11:32 am
12279 spacer

I like that channel, but it's more sedate than what I'm looking for.

Another one which hit the right spot:

>> No. 12280 Anonymous
17th February 2020
Monday 6:12 pm
12280 spacer


>> No. 29401 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 3:47 am
/emo/29401 spacer
How comfortable do you feel opening up about your emotions?

I read something a little while back that has been playing on my mind ever since. In essence, it postulated that males generally aren't stunted emotionally as is often made out; women tend to be the 'gatekeepers' on the expression of feelings, in part because they tend to need a lot more emotional maintenence. The problem arises that men and women have different emotional needs, which means that male emotions can be largely alien to them and they can struggle to relate to it so they attribute little value to it. The end result is that men can feel very wary about exposing their true feelings and frailties around women, especially those they are romantically linked to.

The upshot of this is that men in long-term straight relationships are the ones who end up having to bottle up their emotions. They're likely to be spending less time with male friends (or even free time alone spent on hobbies) to simply let off steam and unwind; instead a lot of this time is dealing with the maintenance of dealing with their partner's emotional baggage, which I've seen dubbed as emotional labour, so tending to their own emotions constructively has to be packed away and put to one side. Sure, the woman might say that she wants her man to open up now and then but this often means in the narrow way that is acceptable to her, ideally so that it can be related to her own emotional needs and used to nourish them, whereby anything outside of this is at risk of being dismissed. Even worse, if you express the wrong emotions then she may start to think less of you and devalue your masculinity; you are expected to be her rock and for the family unit at all times.

I realise that this may come across as myopic, hopefully not like an MRA edgelord as I've feared as this isn't my intention whatsoever, but it has hit close to home ever since I read it. Perhaps that's just a reflection on the relationships I have been in more than anything else.
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>> No. 29410 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 7:01 pm
29410 spacer
>I feel slightly snide mentioning it, but women experience about twice the rate of mental illness compared to men. If male ways of communicating and coping are so phlegmatic, why are we psychologically healthier overall than women? Why do we uncritically accept the idea that men should communicate more like women, while the inverse suggestion would be completely taboo?

The issue here is that the figure of women experiencing twice the rate of mental illness is hard to verify objectively. It's heavily influenced by differences in the self-reporting of symptoms between men and women, as well as societies pre-conceptions about mental illnesses in the genders (for example the 100-year-old prejudiced trope of diagnosing any women with the slightest nervous cough with hysteria still hasn't entirely gone away.)

If you look at the drastically higher suicide rates in men than in women, that's a good hint that diagnosed or self-reported rates of mental illness aren't the whole picture.
>> No. 29411 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 7:17 pm
29411 spacer
>toxic masculinity

In my opinion the topic of so-called toxic masculinity shouldn't be anywhere near the discussion of male mental health. The phrase "man up" is gravely misunderstood, in my eyes; it isn't used to punish men for showing emotional fragility and is meant more as a prompt for action.

There's certainly aspects of lad culture in particular which are negative but I wouldn't say that it is significantly worse for male mental health than the way women actually treat male expressions of emotion, which itself differs from the way women have been conditioned to think they want to respond to male expressions of emotion. For example, I've had no issue with opening up about my feelings with my male mates, even if we'd never explicitly state that's what we're doing, but I've certainly been in relationships where I've had to be guarded about how I'm feeling or had to expend a fair amount of brain power contorting my emotions into a form that she'll be receptive to even if it doesn't accurately reflect what's going on in my mind, with the impression that my emotional needs are secondary to hers.
>> No. 29412 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 1:58 am
29412 spacer

>If you look at the drastically higher suicide rates in men than in women, that's a good hint that diagnosed or self-reported rates of mental illness aren't the whole picture.

Women are four times more likely to attempt suicide, but they're far less likely to die as a result. Make your own joke.
>> No. 29430 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 7:37 am
29430 spacer
I tried talking to my girlfriend last night about how I'm feeling like I have anhedonia and am just going through the motions with things, which could be a sign of depression. However, before I'd really got anywhere she immediately turned it around into "so what have I done wrong?" and made it all about her so I never had the chance to say anything of what I wanted to talk about.
>> No. 29431 Anonymous
17th February 2020
Monday 5:24 pm
29431 spacer

>I have anhedonia

I am of the opinion as someone who has had this, that if this isn't a result of some sort of drug withdrawl, you probably have lost sight of your own needs and wants somewhere along the way. you need a way of cutting loose, what that is for you personally I don't know, but you need to find your indulgence.

One of the things that surpised me, when I finally found the thing that I needed for me to be me and happy how profoundly unsupportive my now ex was of it.

I hate to go full MGTOW but I've found that the women I know do a lot of choosing about what they want in life, be it carears or partners (this part to an absurd degree now thanks to online dating), and men I know get by taking what they can get to survive, and just doing the things that makes their situation 'not worse'. I bring up the comparison only because men are broad brush stroke painted as having the power in society and honestly everything I've seen suggests the oppersite, they get by on what they can get.


>> No. 64895 Samefag
12th February 2020
Wednesday 1:53 pm
/iq/64895 spacer

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>> No. 64896 Are Moaty
12th February 2020
Wednesday 4:38 pm
64896 spacer
Starting to think this Trump fellow isn't to be trusted...
>> No. 64927 Ambulancelad
14th February 2020
Friday 10:05 pm
64927 spacer
I like Roger Stone. He's basically a proper pantomime villain.
>> No. 64961 YubYub
16th February 2020
Sunday 6:22 pm
64961 spacer


>> No. 4996 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
/fat/4996 Quitting Smoking
I'm going to attempt to quit smoking and was wondering if any of you had tips or experiences to share? We did have a thread a few years back but it seems to have disappeared from the catalogue, though from what I remember Allen Carr's book was highly recommended.

My stats if they help put things into context:
7 a day on weekdays, 4 on weekends. 9 years of smoking.

The discrepancy on the weekdays is that I have a work routine of smoking during my breaks. There's a question there of what I'm supposed to do if I'm not smoking.
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>> No. 5087 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 12:30 pm
5087 spacer

It's worth bearing in mind that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking according to Public Health England, so even if you're vaping like a steam train you've gained most of the health benefits of quitting smoking. Quitting vaping is a bonus, but the important thing is staying off the fags.
>> No. 5088 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 2:19 pm
5088 spacer
I stopped smoking about the time of this thread starting. I was wheezing away with a chest infection outside in the cold and rain puffing away furiously on a pipe and I had a 'what the fuck am I doing?' Moment.

I am definitely still getting the itch but the fact that i was pretentious enough to smoke aromatic pipe tobacco means I'd have to go out my way to acquire more helps.

Might resort to vaping but for now I am alright.
>> No. 5089 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:08 pm
5089 spacer
Alan Carr's book is really working so far. I'm not even sure there is much "method" to it, what has really hit home is a section early-on where he just highlights the whole absurdity of it in terms other than health.

The example that if the shop doesn't have your brand you will still buy a shit brand that tastes awful to you is something I've never thought about. Made me feel like one those people who crack open the fag bins for ends.
>> No. 5090 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 5:27 pm
5090 spacer
Not sure there is much of a method to it - it's just pleasant repetition of things you already know and agree to. It's a clever book, but there isn't a great deal to it.
>> No. 5091 Anonymous
16th February 2020
Sunday 6:19 pm
5091 spacer

Vaping is more or less the same thing as smoking flavoured pipe tobacco, honestly. Even the way the inhale feels is far less like a cigarette and more like a good wide bowled pipe.

You'd probably take a shine to it if you tried. Maybe get some zero-nicotine flavours to try.


>> No. 64953 Samefag
16th February 2020
Sunday 10:27 am
/iq/64953 spacer
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>> No. 64956 R4GE
16th February 2020
Sunday 10:51 am
64956 spacer
We reddit now?
>> No. 64957 R4GE
16th February 2020
Sunday 11:11 am
64957 spacer

This was on twitter before reddit.

Also, please fuck off.
>> No. 64958 Auntiefucker
16th February 2020
Sunday 11:36 am
64958 spacer

Just look at all those tears over Caroline Flack.
>> No. 64959 YubYub
16th February 2020
Sunday 11:42 am
64959 spacer
Piles. 1.

The poor bastard.
>> No. 64960 YubYub
16th February 2020
Sunday 12:21 pm
64960 spacer
In those days they used to shove a leech up your bum to nibble it off.


you're fat.jpg
>> No. 5065 Anonymous
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:51 am
/fat/5065 TFW fat
I'm fat and I need to lose maybe 4 stone. What's the easiest way of doing it?
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>> No. 5080 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 4:53 pm
5080 spacer

I've been eating carbs so I don't think it's that. It looks like my body is going into fat burning mode and softening up my fat stores.
>> No. 5081 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 7:35 pm
5081 spacer
Ketosis is when your breath smells of pear drops/a bit like arse. You can get little urine testing strips that will actually tell you when you are in ketosis.
>> No. 5082 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 7:46 pm
5082 spacer

>little urine testing strips that will actually tell you when you are in ketosis.

They won't. They don't work, at least not in the context of a keto diet. They are designed for diabetics to monitor their levels of acetoacetate, which is nothing to do with nutritional ketosis.
>> No. 5083 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 10:54 pm
5083 spacer
>fat burning mode
So is this not the same thing as ketosis?

Can you burn fat without being in ketosis? What's the difference?
>> No. 5084 Anonymous
15th February 2020
Saturday 11:19 pm
5084 spacer

Ketosis is your body using fat for all of its energy.

Fat burning is still using carbohydrates for energy as per usual, but you east fewer calories than you use so still convert some of your stored fat into energy.

The practical difference is that by replacing dietary carbs (sugars) with fat, you feel fuller quicker and thus dieting is easier. There's anecdotal evidence that in keto you lose weight faster, but that's not necessarily a good thing depending on how fast you're losing weight anyway.


>> No. 64828 Billbob
26th January 2020
Sunday 10:57 pm
/iq/64828 spacer
Anyone else keep getting youtube recommend videos of little girls dancing?

I'm not complaining, just wondering.
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>> No. 64918 Are Moaty
14th February 2020
Friday 2:30 am
64918 spacer

You are Michael Towers from Animeleague and I claim my £5
>> No. 64924 Anonymous
14th February 2020
Friday 7:24 pm
64924 spacer
>> No. 64925 Moralfag
14th February 2020
Friday 7:28 pm
64925 spacer

>> No. 64926 Moralfag
14th February 2020
Friday 9:26 pm
64926 spacer
Damn I remember trains like that - they all stank of smoke though.
>> No. 64931 Crabkiller
15th February 2020
Saturday 4:40 pm
64931 spacer

8:40 - a wild Andy Kershaw appears.


>> No. 64911 Crabkiller
13th February 2020
Thursday 9:30 pm
/iq/64911 ITT: we ask those questions scientists never bothered to answer...
I'll start...

Dogs, if their smell is so great why do they sleep with their nose tucked up next to their arse? 🤔
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>> No. 64921 Anonymous
14th February 2020
Friday 2:32 pm
64921 spacer
Why don't they make those dog biscuits that clean your teeth for humans?
>> No. 64922 YubYub
14th February 2020
Friday 3:06 pm
64922 spacer

That isn't true.
>> No. 64923 YubYub
14th February 2020
Friday 3:11 pm
64923 spacer
But Big Al says so.
>> No. 64928 Paedofag
14th February 2020
Friday 10:07 pm
64928 spacer

Aye, that's it. I'm glad i'm not the only one.
>> No. 64930 Crabkiller
15th February 2020
Saturday 1:12 am
64930 spacer
Why the fuck are you donces sniffing their feet?


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