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>> No. 29418 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 1:00 am
/emo/29418 I'm bored.
The reason for my posting isn't as serious or as dramatic as many here, and I don't mean to seek anything but advice. Essentially I am bored with my life and I don't know what to do.

Ps the Toblerone logo has a bear in it.
In a couple of months I'll be 28. I work within the technology sector, on a graduate programme (I did a post grad slightly late). I earn a decent wage - 37k, made all the better by the cost of living here, and my career prospects are pretty decent, if I apply myself. I have a long term girlfriend of 6 years who earns less but is more settled in her career. I work a 9-5. My hobbies are, in a word, 'indoor', but despite this I'm reasonably healthy.

I've been doing this for a few years now, and after struggling post uni with all sorts of setbacks and tragedy, my very loving, very worrisome parents (or mum) are all very pleased and hopeful I continue as I do.

Notably, in the past 6 months I suffered the loss of a few family members. None of which were close to me, but for some reason this led me into what was a kind of, if not actual, existential crisis. I was on a heavy dose of everything and obsessed with death. I feared the non existence of it. I've worked my way out of that now, but one thing it's made me do is re assess my current life, it's made realise this is all very boring, and that perhaps I wasn't afraid of dying but of not living.

I don't care for the corporate ladder. I don't want to spend my life in an office, I don't care about earning more than I do. I want experiences, I want to learn, I want to contribute to something meaningful and rewarding. The problem is I just don't know what to do. Where to go? My Gf is very settled, she doesn't want to do anything crazy. She listens to me understandingly and can see sense in what I'm saying but at the end of the day all she wants to do is chill on the sofa. Big plans are for another time.

I love learning. I think that is my main stat, my strength. I'm good at learning, I have a broad knowledge but not a deep knowledge of anything. I'm technical. I like the idea of working remotely. But doing what?
I think what I'm going through is almost a universal thing people in more prigiledge societies go through, perhaps even particularly at my age. But I get the impression it's a worry that people either work out of, or eventually hide away.
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>> No. 29419 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 1:18 am
29419 spacer
>I think what I'm going through is almost a universal thing people in more prigiledge societies go through, perhaps even particularly at my age. But I get the impression it's a worry that people either work out of, or eventually hide away.

I think you've nailed it there honestly.

If you're realistic, what are the alternatives? You're always going to have to make money somehow, so unless you find a way to become completely financially independent you're never going to be able to escape that feeling that you're missing out on some other aspects of life by sacrificing your time to work, to the god of mamon.

I think this feeling is particularly acute for those of us who have grown up watching escapist TV shows and reading wonderful things about the outer world on the internet, seeing people's travelling photos on social media and the like. This is pure conjecture, but I suspect the existential angst was much less acute for the generations before us who largely grew up, settled, and died in their hometown; in essence because they would be less painfully aware what they were missing.

I was going to say to a lad in another thread but forgot about it- I think what truly gives people contentment in life is having something to work towards. Financially stable lad thought he was happy because he'd gotten himself a good job and started working out, but that's not really true- The thing that made him feel good was the feeling of progress. His savings account is almost directly analogous to watching an EXP bar slowly fill up, the "security" and "freedom" it offers really has little to do with it.

Throughout your life up until adulthood, settling in with your partner and ending up in that steady work week routine, you've always had a goal you're progressing to. Set yourself a new one.
>> No. 29420 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 5:12 am
29420 spacer
Try meditating in total silence for about 15 minutes a day on the fact that you don't really have any problems.
>> No. 29421 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 7:09 am
29421 spacer
>I want experiences, I want to learn, I want to contribute to something meaningful and rewarding. The problem is I just don't know what to do.

>I love learning. I think that is my main stat, my strength. I'm good at learning, I have a broad knowledge but not a deep knowledge of anything. I'm technical. I like the idea of working remotely. But doing what?

Just try something. It sounds daft and/or blindingly obvious, but figuring out what you want to do with your time is a process of trial and error. Get the course brochure for your local FE college, pick an evening class that sounds interesting and have a go. Whether you love it, hate it or just think it's kind of meh, you'll learn something about your interests and motivations that will help to guide you in a meaningful direction.
>> No. 29422 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 10:21 am
29422 spacer
Well start going on some holidays. Not beach crap, but places that might seem interesting or a bit different, just Easyjet destinations if you want to keep the cost down.
>> No. 29426 Anonymous
14th February 2020
Friday 3:07 am
29426 spacer
To elaborate from a still drunk but less bitchy perspective: the human mind has a tendency to grasp toward the future and chase flashy ephemera, ever seeking, ever grasping. It seems to me that a lot of people fall into the trap of perpetual grasping, when what they should really be doing is taking a step back and living in the eternity of the present moment (hippy-dippy language gradually making more sense the more you meditate). There's a nice Zen saying which goes something like this: "What, at this moment, is lacking?"

Try reading something from Eckhart Tolle or Michael Singer and see if their ideas make sense to you. I'm posting this while drunk so I'm far from a practicing preacher, but hopefully you can orient yourself toward a less superficial and materialistic direction.


>> No. 64897 YubYub
12th February 2020
Wednesday 7:10 pm
/iq/64897 spacer
Imaging getting life coaching off of kerry katona.

What's next, hiring Gary Glitter as a babysitter?
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>> No. 64906 YubYub
13th February 2020
Thursday 4:20 pm
64906 spacer

I remember a simular thing in a buisness advice book (might have been how to win friends and influence people) reading an example of someone who was the best sales person for something like general motors, what his opinion about why he is such a good salesman was and his entire wisdom was he 'maintained eye contact'.
>> No. 64907 Ambulancelad
13th February 2020
Thursday 4:39 pm
64907 spacer

I think some people are just naturally good at things so never have to analyse how or why, but just as often, once something becomes second nature to us, we simply forget. As a cheflad I have excellent knife technique, but people have asked me in the past about it and I've sort of shrugged and said "I just do it a lot, I guess", completely neglecting to explain to them the actual important parts like the claw technique, sharpening your knife, or the mountains of onions I used to practice on at home when I was starting out.

I suppose it's the same as when some poor fucker on here asks us long-cocked lotharios how to meet women and we just tell them to act confident.

Being able to explain your craft to someone new to it and make them feel like it's actually achievable is true mastery.
>> No. 64908 Billbob
13th February 2020
Thursday 5:15 pm
64908 spacer
I haven't read anything by Block, but my girlfriend owns about two dozen of his books so I just naturally assumed he was shite because she has terrible taste.
>> No. 64909 Are Moaty
13th February 2020
Thursday 5:48 pm
64909 spacer

I think his how-to-write books are entertaining. The only thing I've ever read of his fiction is a Cornell Woolrich novel which was unfinished at the time of his death so Lawrence Block finished it. It was good but I don't suppose his doing an impression of another author is representative of his regular novels.
>> No. 64910 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 7:20 pm
64910 spacer


As much as this is true, if anyone ever asks me how I got good at guitar, the answer is genuinely just staying at home in my bedroom and neglecting social contact and hygiene for weeks upon end, and this one beginner dvd.


>> No. 21182 Anonymous
1st February 2020
Saturday 8:03 am
/news/21182 spacer
Plymouth mum fuming at Tesco Valentine's Day cards for children

A Plymouth mum has demanded Tesco removes its Valentine's Day cards for children as it is "weird".

Nicola, who has an eight-year-old son, said she would "punch" anyone in the face who sent her child a Valentine's Day card and was horrified to see a large selection for sale in the Transit Way superstore.

Nicola said she believes Valentine's Day is for adult relationships and believes that it is "an attempt to normalise abnormal relationships with children" and that anyone who sends a child a card "needs locking up".

She said: "There's one that says, 'Daddy loves you lots like jelly tots', that's weird. This is not normal.Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It’s not something that you should involve children in. It’s not something that a normal person would think of sending a child. It’s wrong."

Children sending each other Valentine's Day cards is one step on the road to normalising paedophilia.
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>> No. 21321 Anonymous
12th February 2020
Wednesday 9:52 pm
21321 spacer
>I think there is a fairly new phaenomenon of people feeling depressed after looking at other people's Instagram stories or social media profiles, and not realising that even a person posing at the Grand Canyon usually has a life off-camera that's just as dowdy and boring as fuck as yours.
"Fairly new" being almost as old as Facebook but otherwise correct.
>> No. 21322 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 10:50 am
21322 spacer

I've never really used facebook for much else besides stalking exes.
>> No. 21323 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 12:26 pm
21323 spacer

Your own personal behaviour doesn't constitute a "phenomenon".
>> No. 21324 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 2:34 pm
21324 spacer

Long before Facebook, we had the Christmas round-robin letter.
>> No. 21325 Anonymous
13th February 2020
Thursday 4:36 pm
21325 spacer

Some people still send those out, but it seems to be more middle aged people.


>> No. 13367 Anonymous
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:06 pm
/job/13367 spacer
I've gotten myself promoted to a management position because I did well at interview. My issue is that I've skipped a level in my career and in my current role have been doing technical work where it has not been possible for me to experiment managing apprentices (nor have I received management training).

This will therefore be my first experience in line management and I will be managing people who sit at my current level in a different area. Can any of you provide advice on being a good manager? I'd hate to break someone or have my incompetence exposed.
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>> No. 13368 Anonymous
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:58 pm
13368 spacer
Think of the good and bad qualities you have observed in your own managers over the years. Shape your behaviour accordingly.

Personally, I think the most important quality is to be that manager who just gets things done. People will put up with a range of personalities and management styles so long as they know that if they come to you with anything, it'll get sorted and sorted fast.
>> No. 13369 Anonymous
12th February 2020
Wednesday 11:45 pm
13369 spacer
I've only managed a shop full of spod teenagers, unless you count running a band as a form of management, but I can only say this:

Manage pragmatically.

By that I mean, don't be that cunt who expects people to just try harder because you tell them to, or expect them to deliver deadlines because you said so. That isn't how people work and never will be in a million billion years. What you instead have to do is give tasks to the people who are most likely to do them, you have to give people the jobs they hate the least, that sort of thing. Your job is minimising friction, not cracking the whip.

The best sort of managers are the ones who are good at observing their people and sussing out what their actual strengths and weaknesses are, and working around it with a bit of give and take. The worst sort of managers are the ones who prioritise petty bullshit like reprimanding someone for being five minutes late, over expending their effort on something that actually makes a difference to your team's outcomes.


>> No. 64899 Moralfag
12th February 2020
Wednesday 9:59 pm
/iq/64899 spacer
If I made a site translating BBC articles in to whatever the fuck this is I would go to jail for internet dolphin rape. I checked the domain btw, redirects to
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>> No. 64900 Billbob
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:04 pm
64900 spacer
That's because it's not a joke, that's actually a language some people speak.
>> No. 64901 YubYub
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:08 pm
64901 spacer

It's west african pidgin, the BBC have been providing a news service in the language since 2017 and you missed the greatest news story ever published.
>> No. 64902 Ambulancelad
12th February 2020
Wednesday 10:30 pm
64902 spacer
Fucking idiot!


>> No. 13352 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 4:20 pm
/job/13352 spacer
Any of you lads Teachers?

I'm tempted by the immediate money I can get by selling myself to the profession for one or two years, without really comitting myself to the suicide inducing career for life.

I'm looking to relocate to London and take up training.
Any advice?
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>> No. 13362 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 1:52 am
13362 spacer

>So what is it teachers hate so much about being teachers?

80% of them are dossers and inadequates who can't really cope with the real world. Like OP, they had no real desire to teach, they just fell into it because they had a middling degree and no real plan or ambition for what they want to do in life. Some of them do figure it out and fuck off after a couple of years, but some of them get stuck and become increasingly frustrated and embittered.

The remaining 20% are genuinely passionate about teaching, but they're stuck in a totally dysfunctional environment with a bunch of people who don't really give a shit.

>> No. 13363 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 8:02 am
13363 spacer

I find the career teacher a very weird idea. You go through primary secondary college and university and back to school. It seems like an insidious loop where at no point are you exposed to the 'outside world'. And I mean that in the least snobbish way. But if you have no understanding of what the world is like for people outside the institution how could you possibly prepare people for it?

I probably have a personal bias of hating piss poor teaching and a concern of it fucking peoples futures up. My education at school was shit. The secondary school I was at is being disbanded. And as a personal act of vengeance on my application to colleges one of the teachers wrote the single line statement 'not suitable for A-levels'. I dropped out of IT before GCSE at said school and now work as a developer something I discovered by accident I had a passion and talent for and had to self teach long after formal education. So please OP don't become a teacher unless you actually give a shit about improving Children's chances in life.
>> No. 13364 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 5:06 pm
13364 spacer

Facebook wants me to teach, apparently.
>> No. 13365 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 1:45 am
13365 spacer
OP here.

To fill out my profile a little more, I'm an overqualified bar manager, having worked up from the bar staff job I got at Uni. While I appreciate teaching may be shit, from my perspective I already care for children; just intoxicated ones who somehow still retain the franchise.
I hate my job, replacing it with a higher paying job I may hate equally really isn't much of a problem for me.

Thanks for the advice lads, having talked it over IRL I've decided to still get this application in, but keeping an eye on other opportunities.

I've put up with worse.
>> No. 13366 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 6:16 pm
13366 spacer
Good luck lad - hope it works out for you and you should pursue what makes you tick.

That said, is there nothing else that tickles your fancy?


>> No. 22863 Anonymous
4th June 2019
Tuesday 8:15 pm
/e/22863 Official* Minecraft Server
Thought I'd better make a new thread for this so the link doesn't get buried -

It's vanilla right now, save for GriefProtection, which allows you to claim an area of land that will be secured from damage/grief. I don't know if we need this or if it'll ruin the 'fun' of natural disasters like your house being cunted over by creepers. But for now all you do is do /claim in your house to claim your first area, then subsequent claims or edits will require a golden shovel. It's a whole thing, look it up.

I'm happy to stick other mods in there if we get bored, and please let me know if you encounter performance issues - I'm using some hosting service that might well be shite.
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>> No. 22986 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 1:37 am
22986 spacer
Are Ender Chests vanilla MC? If so, that might be your solution.
>> No. 22987 Anonymous
1st July 2019
Monday 11:41 am
22987 spacer

There is, but you'll need to use a hopper minecart. That can collect the beef and deliver it, maybe run it off a Redstone clock so it delivers periodically.
>> No. 22988 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 10:01 pm
22988 spacer

If you're going to do this please don't do it anywhere near spawn
>> No. 23061 Anonymous
1st October 2019
Tuesday 5:23 pm
23061 spacer
Here are there any backups knocking about for this world? I wouldn't mind taking over hosting it once I've some more time.
Plus I liked my base.
>> No. 23347 Anonymous
11th February 2020
Tuesday 5:36 pm
23347 spacer
Not the OP but I just set up a new server. Been playing a lot of MC of late and figured it'd be best to share the wealth a little. for those interested. The host allows automated tasks so sending out occasional backups should be a doddle.


>> No. 64893 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 5:34 pm
/iq/64893 spacer
Woman, 22, with FOUR breasts due to condition

The dream???
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>> No. 64894 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 6:24 pm
64894 spacer

total recall.jpg
you make me wish I had 4 hands.


>> No. 23317 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 3:35 pm
/e/23317 Modern CRT gaming

Over the past few years I've owned at least one decent example of each of the main types of flat panels, and in each case I've been disappointed at some aspect the image quality, particularly when it comes to the blurriness of motion in games. I've also heard anecdotes of people dragging now-ancient CRT monitors out and being amazed even compared to the latest gaming flat panels. Then I caught the above video. I think Digital Foundry are generally pretty reliable, so it's really had me really thinking.

Anyone here have any recent experience?
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>> No. 23341 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 9:27 pm
23341 spacer
>>23336 & all subsequent posts

This is lovely. When did you pick it up?

I know the DC had some bloody ambitious ideas but I never knew they went this far.

Also, is that a flusher in >>23337?

It looks to big to fit on a cistern. Hmm.
>> No. 23343 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:39 pm
23343 spacer
That's adorable.
>> No. 23344 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 2:40 pm
23344 spacer

>When did you pick it up?
Nah, these are just photos found elsewhere. I did look seriously into buying one a long time ago, back when they were still around for £400 or so, but the shipping was astronomical. Wish I'd paid it now, of course.

Here's a bonus Sega obscurity, from a few years earlier: a shitty Aiwa boombox, that inexplicably included a Megadrive and Mega CD. I've always thought it looked a bit like a rice cooker. Yours for £2,500 on ebay.
>> No. 23345 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:15 pm
23345 spacer
It looks like something straight out of Space Channel 5. I'm surprised there wasn't some kind of tie-in promotion (that I can find, anyway.)
>> No. 23346 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 4:39 pm
23346 spacer

Ah, Space Channel 5. At a time when advertisers and brands were ditching Michael Jackson en masse (in the wake of the paedo accusations), Sega of Japan decided you should be dancing with him.

Questionable judgement.


>> ID: d83f24 No. 15273 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 10:47 pm

ID: d83f24
/shed/15273 spacer
I've noticed the vimeo tags on the feature page don't work anymore. This is annoying as I was going to wish everyone a good week before bed by posting a twee porn music video:
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>> ID: e7a361 No. 15274 Anonymous
10th February 2020
Monday 12:33 pm

ID: e7a361
15274 spacer
Whoa lad, do you mind not posting the lezzers in /sfw?


>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
/fat/3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 5057 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 12:24 am
5057 spacer
As someone who spent a lot of time in skate parks (albeit many, many years ago), the speed and the jumps don't bother me per se. All those fucking trees, though! And the generally uneven terrain and lack of visibility. Jesus. It'd be like riding a vert ramp with metal bars jutting up out of it for no good reason, only blindfolded.
>> No. 5058 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 1:17 am
5058 spacer

Visibility is a lot better in real life, don't forget your eyeline will be 6 feet or more on a mountain bike.

Learning to react to the terrain is the whole point, of course.
>> No. 5059 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 3:46 pm
5059 spacer

the cyclists.jpg
As an impartial arbiter who has never held any interest in cycling, I can confirm that mountain biking looks like an exciting and challenging hobby for fun people while road cycling looks like an exercise in lycra-clad self-flagellation for office workers too dull to find the sort of girlfriend who'll perform all that genital torture they're secretly craving.
>> No. 5060 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 4:10 pm
5060 spacer

Nah m8. If you're reasonably fit, your bike is sorted and you've got a bit of sense, road cycling is gentle and almost effortless. You fall into a groove where your legs keep turning and the miles keep ticking over. It sounds bonkers, but you get to the point where you can go out for a 100 mile ride on a Sunday morning and still have loads of gas left in the tank.

Also roadie birds are much fitter than MTB birds.

>> No. 5061 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 4:27 pm
5061 spacer


Are jules does plenty of MTB too to be fair.

All the proper naughty ones also do track/crit cycling too mind. I'd list some names but it's a bit weird since I know quite a few of them.


>> No. 64884 Billbob
7th February 2020
Friday 10:23 pm
/iq/64884 spacer

will you be here tomorrow?
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>> No. 64887 Searchfag
8th February 2020
Saturday 12:00 pm
64887 spacer
No, I'm talking about the time James Hetfield got a bad papercut
>> No. 64889 Auntiefucker
8th February 2020
Saturday 12:19 pm
64889 spacer




>> No. 64890 Crabkiller
8th February 2020
Saturday 1:08 pm
64890 spacer
True, we'd still have metal, but I reckon it would have gone in a quite different direction for a while at least. The move to thinner strings with higher gain amps and pickups, combined with low slow riffs was a big influence on the sounds of the NWOBHM.

I just wish they'd fucking retire already and let people enjoy their old work in peace.
>> No. 64891 Searchfag
8th February 2020
Saturday 11:41 pm
64891 spacer

>> No. 64892 Anonymous
9th February 2020
Sunday 12:39 am
64892 spacer
It's about 20 years too late for that though, isn't it?


>> No. 5637 Anonymous
12th May 2015
Tuesday 11:26 am
/uni/5637 Collegiate System
There's something I'm not getting at all. So I managed to get accepted to Oxford (postgrad) and after that, I'm supposed to get a college. They just "forward" your application, nothing else to do but I managed to get rejected from the two colleges I chose semi-randomly based on how nice the building looked, and as a foreignlad I'm wondering what's the point of it, besides cheaper accommodation.
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>> No. 5897 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 2:58 pm
5897 spacer

Homeless, eh? Just get yourself some dry shampoo and give your balls a rinse in the public toilets each morning. It's only a couple of months, you dandy.
>> No. 5898 Anonymous
14th September 2015
Monday 8:33 pm
5898 spacer
Flying in from where?
The backpacker's hostel by the station isn't a bad place as far as hostels go. I know a lad who got a room in less than three days of looking just over a fortnight ago, shouldn't be too bad if you're proactive about it.
>> No. 5904 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 11:51 pm
5904 spacer
The very day I posted that, I got an e-mail from the college saying I was given a room from the waitlist. Now I'm happily posting from the hall room and not bitching about how it is 30 minutes to where my lectures are and how the bed is squeaky and how I have to share a bathroom.

This is a good start, even though I'll probably have to spend the year resisting the urge to pee in the sink instead of putting on pants and walking all the way down the corridor.
>> No. 5934 Anonymous
27th September 2015
Sunday 11:43 pm
5934 spacer
Addendum: Apparently they don't give rooms in the nice main college site to graduate students, so I got shipped off to the edge of Norham Gardens. Bit far away from everything.
>> No. 6411 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 11:11 pm
6411 spacer
Well this thread is still here.

I can safely say that after actually going there, being part of a college and graduating I still don't understand its function and can't explain it to anyone.


>> No. 29373 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 12:44 am
/emo/29373 spacer
How do you fucking do it, lads? All I can see is the endless 5/2 cycle stretching out until I die (let's face it, if you're under 40 now there won't be a pension). It doesn't matter if I enjoy the job, it doesn't matter is I change job, it's just the concept of it being like this forever.

Sure, I get a few weeks a year off, but it's nothing compared to the amount of time I will spend at work.

I considered a Ph.D., but it will only delay the inevitable.

God, life is awful. Return me to the fucking void so I don't have to spend most of my waking life working so I can go on to spend most of my waking life working.
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>> No. 29398 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 12:46 am
29398 spacer
But that's the point - we'd all like these things but they aren't realistic, so why not focus on things that are to make it a bit more manageable?

The point was 21k salary in the car at a bad point was a low, but those things helped and also led to preferable outcomes too, but you probably knew that.

There's always two types of responses to these threads: those that have some suggestions and those that just want to say how hopeless it is becuase of X,Y and Z which doesn't really provide any help.
>> No. 29399 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 1:01 am
29399 OP
This is my first reply in the thread.

I don't mind my job at all - good conditions, alright pay (29k rising to 33k in a couple of years), and work I mostly enjoy, or can at least get stuck into enough to speed the 8 hours along. Still, it doesn't change the 5/2 fact.

On the frugality front, I've only just dug myself out of the debt that comes with moving in to somewhere properly for the first time, but am reliably putting away £300+ a month. Still, as has been mentioned before, at the wages I'm at now, I'll not be able to save anywhere near enough to fuck it off for any real length of time.

I also strongly disagree on the fronts of a) it being a "teenage" mindset, and b) that I should make peace with it; I think most people of all ages are dissatisfied with the system as it is (the national lottery is big for a reason), but are in too deep to change it. Kids, mortgage, etc mean you can't just fuck it off. Making space with it is accepting defeat, and I'm not ready to do that.

On the other hand, if the revolution comes tomorrow I'll just be doing a different 5/2, even the most utopian of fully automated gay space luxury communism will require a generation if not more of both the loss of individualism and hard fucking work.

There's no escape from it, and I can see why people take the one in seventeen million chance in the lottery because the appeal is so strong.

Realistically, I'll probably end up taking as much unpaid leave on top of my paid leave as I can per year, and seeing if I can work 9-hour shifts and take every other Friday off.

On the acid front: maybe. I don't think I would ever be in the right mindspace.
>> No. 29400 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 1:30 am
29400 spacer

The dream is to get a job where you can work from home. Once you have one of them you can basically fuck off anywhere your passport will get you in and work from anywhere with an internet connection. I think that's about as close to freedom as any of us will find in this lifetime.

Most jobs of that type are probably freelance gigs; programming and writing, although journalism (which is currently dying in the clickbait gutter) used to be an option - maybe it still is some countries.

I can't name any other professions like this off the top of my head but there have to be a few, maybe try checking out some of those "digital nomad" websites and see if anyone who lives that "lifestyle" (Christ, I hate that word) works in an area that you can maybe shimmy yourself into.
>> No. 29403 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 5:06 am
29403 spacer

I don't mind my job, in fact I enjoy it, and it's almost a hobby itself, but even when I had a more taxing one, my interests outside of work kept me from topping myself.

If you have something you're truly excited to go home and do, work seems trivial.
>> No. 29415 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 8:30 pm
29415 spacer
This is really depressing. I feel like I have no control over my life since last summer. I need to reset.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 40953 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 1:48 pm
40953 spacer

Have you got some kind of reverse annorexia lad?

She's clearly well within the range of completely medically healthy, neither under nor overweight. A few pounds in either direction would tip her into those categories, because on a bird of her physique it's a very narrow zone, but as of that picture she's completely and utterly within what should be the normal weight of a healthy woman.

Chubby starts when there's muffin top. Skinny starts when you can see individual ribs or hollow cheeks. We do have a chubby chaser lad on here who insists they're not what he calls fat until they're clinically morbidly obese; but you appear to have the opposite problem and think anything above holocaust survivor is fat.
>> No. 40954 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 2:26 pm
40954 spacer
She's not chubby, she's perfectly average. Average as in for one's health, not average for society which is the half-arsed point >>40951 is trying to make. She's still probably societally average for a twenty year old which is what she looks like.
>> No. 40955 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 2:55 pm
40955 spacer
He said she's the perfect amount of chubby, amounts of chubby include not at all chubby. To him, not chubby is the perfect amount of chubby and you can all shut up.
>> No. 40956 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 3:31 pm
40956 spacer
>That's barely even healthy, another couple of % fat off her and she'd be starting to approach being dangerously underweight


So still in healthy weight then?

That's the think about healthy weight it is quite close to dangerously underweight, because the drop off between lean and athletic and anorexic is a lot smaller than the gap between overweight and obese in pure numbers of % and kgs.

At a guess her body fat percentage is just in the upper 20 I prefer the lower 20s myself.
>> No. 40957 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
40957 spacer

It's 23.2. I just asked her.


Screenshot_2020-01-16 calcSD - Penis Size Percenti.png
>> No. 29299 Anonymous
16th January 2020
Thursday 9:44 pm
Is this site accurate? I knew I was a bit longer than normal but I was a pencil dick.

If you're worried you're small you might not be.
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>> No. 29387 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 6:13 pm
29387 spacer

>Amongst the "normal vanilla folk" population generally they don't discuss or display their sex toys, you're not being judged for having them you're being judged for talking about them.

Except that's just not true. Vanilla, normal people talk about sex as much as anyone else; their values about it are simply different.

Not being into PVC and pony play is not the same thing as being an uptight prude.
>> No. 29388 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 6:24 pm
29388 spacer

>Vanilla, normal people talk about sex as much as anyone else; their values about it are simply different.

Normal people are just really crap at shagging. It's like someone who claims to like cooking but only knows one recipe. It's like someone who claims to like music but only owns two albums, both of which are compilations. They're not prudish, they're just boring.
>> No. 29404 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 5:11 am
29404 spacer

Fleshlight is the trusted brand here.

Rubber fannies are good, but perhaps require a bit too much maintenance. I have no shame, but it's still a bit offputting to know you have to go to the sink to rinse the jizz out of it when you're done.
>> No. 29413 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 9:17 am
29413 spacer

I use mine in the bath or shower.
>> No. 29414 Anonymous
8th February 2020
Saturday 11:46 am
29414 spacer
I bought a couple from "your friend in Japan" and you do get what you pay for, it seems. The tenga egg things hold up surprisingly well but they're basically just the poshest of posh wanks but I'd avoid any of the novelty ones that promise more than "it's a pleasing hole".

It gets particularly annoying with toys that are closed on one end. You have to turn them inside out to clean properly and that just looks like a nasty prolapse.


>> No. 86935 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:41 pm
/pol/86935 UK election 2019
This man is not going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 89030 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 1:00 pm
89030 spacer
Maybe I'd feel differently IRL but I'd rather have a nosey around those Roman(?) ruins than look at her tits.
>> No. 89034 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:17 pm
89034 spacer

I bet you would.
>> No. 89035 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:24 pm
89035 spacer
That's from the Renaissance lad.
>> No. 89036 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:38 pm
89036 spacer
You're still a bummer.
>> No. 89037 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 7:28 pm
89037 spacer
Takes one to know one.


>> No. 4593 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 7:27 pm
/lab/4593 spacer
Expand all images.
>> No. 4594 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 6:57 pm
4594 spacer


>> No. 4595 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 8:41 pm
4595 spacer
I can't believe she didn't take the chance to auto-tune her vocals. Also forgot to side chain that kick or add the mandatory minimalist breakdown where you go like, off-beat for 16 bars before a reprise.

7/10 promising but needs work. Good hook, had me solidly nodding my head at the first.
>> No. 4596 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 10:51 am
4596 spacer
>> No. 4714 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 7:13 pm
4714 spacer
>> No. 4715 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 7:40 pm
4715 spacer


>> No. 29163 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm
/emo/29163 How to thicken helmet skin?
I want to thicken the skin of my helmet to reduce the sensitivity of my benin. I've been circumcised which has helped to reduce sensitivity a bit but I want to reduce it more.

Would soaking it in surgical spirit every day help? Would it increase my chances of getting dick cancer or something?

What about rubbing it with sandpaper for a few minutes every day?
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>> No. 29347 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 8:49 am
29347 spacer

>> No. 29348 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 8:59 am
29348 spacer
Unless we address whatever underlying psychological problems are at play, here, I'd say this /emo/ thread is counterproductive.
>> No. 29349 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 9:33 am
29349 spacer

>I could last for ages inside a real minge (if I ever get one).

What's the point now that you can't even feel it?
>> No. 29350 Anonymous
28th January 2020
Tuesday 9:51 am
29350 spacer

Don't be silly, of course I can feel it. It's just less sensitive now.
>> No. 29390 Anonymous
6th February 2020
Thursday 6:38 pm
29390 spacer

I've got bad news for you mate. Lasting for a long time in sex has fuck all to do with the physical sensation. You could have a cock made out of wood and she's still going to make a moaning whimper that'll have you spaffing yourself inside out like a 14 year old on his first time.


Screenshot 2019-11-29 at 20.43.34.png
>> No. 20711 Anonymous
29th November 2019
Friday 8:44 pm
/news/20711 fishmongers hall
I wasn't far from what happened today in Central London, but this is quite the detail.
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>> No. 21272 Anonymous
4th February 2020
Tuesday 8:08 pm
21272 spacer
Do you have evidence to back that statement up?
>> No. 21275 Anonymous
4th February 2020
Tuesday 10:01 pm
21275 spacer
Come summer farmers will be absolutely screaming for people to help pick this years crops.
>> No. 21277 Anonymous
4th February 2020
Tuesday 10:58 pm
21277 spacer

What an odd straw man. Why on earth would you possibly draw that conclusion and suggest it is the only other option.

Those 2 concepts are not related please don't reply with a false dilemma stating how they are and how one leads to the other. There are other systems that rehabilitate prisoners more effectively. The choices aren't only our currently flawed system or the American industrial prison complex.
>> No. 21284 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 12:53 pm
21284 spacer
I thought the bloke from November had been fully taking part in the rehabilitation programme that his victims were running, was quoted saying how great it was and changed his life etc.?
>> No. 21285 Anonymous
5th February 2020
Wednesday 1:08 pm
21285 spacer
He had, but that doesn't suit the narrative.


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