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Figure 5_ The pay-rise premium for employees who c.png
>> No. 13326 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:12 am
/job/13326 spacer
Remember, lads. If you want a decent pay rise you'll most likely have to change jobs.
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>> No. 13332 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:13 pm
13332 spacer
This strategy worked for me. Did it twice in the past 18 months, and clearly things weren't working. Got 20% going into the first, 10% out of there and into the second, and 25% out of there and into somewhere decent. Throw in the raise I received in the job I had before that, and in two years my pay has gone up 65%.
>> No. 13333 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 8:39 pm
13333 spacer
That'll learn you for trying to help people.
>> No. 13334 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 9:03 pm
13334 spacer
As someone who worked in the NHS in a very much not frontline area, pay is a perennial problem. Management would wonder why the we were always suffering the same old problems that were getting us constantly slated. The thought that pay points were pathetic compared to the market and therefore the only people suitably qualified that were applying were internal candidates. Anyone that was actually competent was leaving.
>> No. 13335 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 9:18 pm
13335 spacer
Yeah, in our line of work you can easily change jobs every few years without it hurting your CV at all - improving it even. The problem comes as you get older, have families, and don't feel like jumping on the recruitment merry-go-round every two years.
>> No. 13337 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 11:39 pm
13337 spacer
Thanks. Between 2010 and 2015 my pay only went up from £15,000 to £20,000 but since then it has more than doubled. It's amazing what difference a bit of experience and self belief can do.


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 64003 Are Moaty
18th August 2019
Sunday 8:47 pm
64003 spacer

No-one who's had proper sex with a woman puts that much effort into typing a dirty fantasy on a pokey little imageboard.

Now ask me about my theory of why Ed Sheeran is obviously a virgin...the logic on that one is even more sound!
>> No. 64004 Crabkiller
18th August 2019
Sunday 8:57 pm
64004 spacer

The fact you read that as a fantasy rather than psychological trauma is a bit telling.

And Eds a virgin because he's fucking minging
>> No. 64005 Samefag
19th August 2019
Monday 10:25 am
64005 spacer

No, he's a virgin because he did an entire song about losing his virginity. Everyone knows that only lads who haven't actually had sex go on about how they're definitely not virgins, like Jay off the Inbetweeners.
>> No. 64016 Samefag
24th August 2019
Saturday 3:06 am
64016 spacer
i'm a pedo but i'd would definitely consider having sex with her
>> No. 64520 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 8:18 pm
64520 spacer

Last vorderman of the year, lads.


>> No. 429121 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 1:36 am
/b/429121 spacer
New mid-week thread.

Sitting on my balcony, enjoying the balmy nighttime temperatures, having a few Stellas. Celebrating the fact that I get to do this at 01:30 am on a Wednesday morning at the moment.

Ah, temporary unemployment.

Before you lads lose your shit get all finger pointy at me, my next tenure as an office slave is already as good as secure and will begin in a few weeks' time.
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>> No. 431883 Anonymous
2nd November 2019
Saturday 12:55 am
431883 spacer

Exactly my point.

I've been considering renting the available space next to us just so I put some wallpaper up and get a sofa or something.
>> No. 431943 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 8:24 pm
431943 spacer
Just missed a call from work. They're either going to be asking me to come in to cover someone, or if I want to take tomorrow's shift off as holiday, as I have fuckloads of accrued and I can't get paid all of it that I don't take.

I'm scared to call back in case it's the former. I won't go in but I'll feel bad for turning down double time pay.
>> No. 431950 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:03 pm
431950 spacer

They won't ask you if you want to take holiday mate.
>> No. 431952 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 11:08 pm
431952 spacer

They will, and they did. Off tomorrow now.
>> No. 432958 Anonymous
21st December 2019
Saturday 5:32 pm
432958 spacer
There was a fella at my old workplace who hadn't taken a single day of holiday off in 2-3 years, so they pretty much forced him to have a couple of weeks off around the end of the year.


>> No. 64516 YubYub
20th December 2019
Friday 2:41 pm
/iq/64516 spacer
image search: "Ewa Minge"
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>> No. 64517 YubYub
20th December 2019
Friday 2:45 pm
64517 spacer
nah ur arite m8


>> No. 88718 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 12:22 pm
/pol/88718 spacer
In all seriousness, how do I get reach the revolving door where you move from one plum job to another even if you've been an abject failure in your previous roles?
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>> No. 88719 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 12:34 pm
88719 spacer
He was chief cashier at the Bank for ages (his signature is still on a lot of bank notes), and then Deputy. I think that more than qualifies him to be governor.

The FCA didn't do a fantastic job over RBS, but then their hands are slightly tied by the fact its a zombie bank. I disagree with the Woodford criticism.

There aren't many better people out there - Mark Carney has been a genuinely great governor and is well respected in the City - Bailey will probably keep a lower profile, but again, no bad thing in a central banker.

A much better, more interesting question might be - how do I get a job at the Bank of England when they don't pay anything near the market rate.
>> No. 88720 Anonymous
20th December 2019
Friday 12:47 pm
88720 spacer
>The FCA didn't do a fantastic job over RBS, but then their hands are slightly tied by the fact its a zombie bank.

Nicky Morgan had to threaten him with contempt over his refusal to publish their report on RBS unredacted.

The FCA were also asleep at the wheel over final salary transfers, which led to the mess over British Steel, and ignored warnings about mini bonds which included specific ones over the now collapsed London Capital & Finance.


>> No. 27326 Anonymous
18th December 2019
Wednesday 9:55 pm
/g/27326 spacer

When I was a kid the future was exciting. Now it's almost here I'm shitting it.


>> No. 64458 Crabkiller
14th December 2019
Saturday 11:14 pm
/iq/64458 cure your lose asshole thread
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>> No. 64487 Are Moaty
16th December 2019
Monday 1:02 pm
64487 spacer
>> No. 64488 Searchfag
16th December 2019
Monday 4:03 pm
64488 spacer
He has made a career of debunking faith healers and mediums as charlatans. I find that improbable. If he is, it's almost certainly part of some act.
>> No. 64490 Anonymous
16th December 2019
Monday 5:41 pm
64490 spacer
He often prefaces his shows by saying precisely the opposite - that he has no supernatural powers and it's all misdirection and what not. Also not buying it.
>> No. 64491 R4GE
16th December 2019
Monday 5:52 pm
64491 spacer
he is a homosexual
>> No. 64492 R4GE
16th December 2019
Monday 7:20 pm
64492 spacer

He might be misdirecting his feelings.


patrick stewart.jpg
>> No. 64440 Are Moaty
4th December 2019
Wednesday 11:59 pm
/iq/64440 last post
of the night lad5
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>> No. 64441 Ambulancelad
5th December 2019
Thursday 12:08 am
64441 spacer
Fuck off I'm still participating in very very important debates m7
>> No. 64442 R4GE
5th December 2019
Thursday 7:08 am
64442 spacer

She looks like that terrifying gender neutral woman.
>> No. 64470 YubYub
16th December 2019
Monday 12:18 am
64470 spacer

sneaky sneaky

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 64471 R4GE
16th December 2019
Monday 12:31 am
64471 spacer
It's been a while.
>> No. 64489 YubYub
16th December 2019
Monday 4:11 pm
64489 spacer
How very dare you, it's disrespectful to post this without a Smokester in it.


>> No. 64454 Auntiefucker
11th December 2019
Wednesday 11:35 pm
/iq/64454 spacer

another legend gone
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>> No. 64467 Are Moaty
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:23 pm
64467 spacer
david used to live close to me he was a legendary pisshead god bless him


egg man thinking.jpg
>> No. 4603 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 7:33 pm
/lab/4603 spacer
As I understand it Aspect's experiment doesn't completely rule out hidden variables it just means that if they exist they must be non-local.

What's so bad about that? Maybe the hidden variables simply exist outside of spacetime. That's a lot more reasonable than observation "creating reality" or bazillions of parallel universes.
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>> No. 4615 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:46 am
4615 spacer
Why, because in one timeline you were able to discover a way to live forever? Death is always certain.
>> No. 4616 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:58 am
4616 spacer

Not him but yeah, that's how infinity works. There's a universe where you'll still be alive in 60000 years.
>> No. 4617 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 11:32 am
4617 spacer
I don't get this "decision" thing -why do we as humans think we are so important that the creation of infinite universes hinges on the decisions that we make?
>> No. 4618 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 1:23 pm
4618 spacer
Based on half remembered popular science I read when I was 13, I think it's more that any time an outcome is undetermined, when the result is observed, all outcomes happen in different universes, and this includes our thought processes and decision making.
>> No. 4619 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 6:54 pm
4619 spacer


That's not how infinity works. There are infinite numbers between the integrals 3 and 4, but none of them are 5.

With infinite probability you're assuming that you can reduce the problem to something akin to "if you play the lottery infinite times, you'll win the lottery infinite times". However, without a guaranteed source of entropy we can't assume that infinite universes would be in any way different to our own.


>> No. 83097 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:59 pm
/pol/83097 spacer

I challenge anyone to read this and still oppose the need for radical social change.
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>> No. 87953 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 12:59 pm
87953 spacer
I'm sure people will stop calling Tory voters cunts when they stop being cunts.
>> No. 88107 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 9:18 pm
88107 spacer

>that calling anyone who votes Conservative a rude name is a good idea.

Self-perceived moral superiority. And how dare you doubt my view point.
>> No. 88504 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 2:27 am
88504 spacer

The ones I always remember getting right up my fucking nose are the ones that contradict with what is by definition 'rationalism'.

I remember for a long time them being full on 'fat shaming by doctors is real, healthy at every size, intesectionalists unite' thankfully that situation has at least improved.

Mind you wikipedia can't even state the correct date for when the first bomberman game was released without someone editing it back to the wrong one so I'm not sure what standard you can realistically expect from a site that contains debatable topics and anyone can edit.
>> No. 88511 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 10:10 am
88511 spacer
Wikipedia's problem is that most people who know better would prefer to disparage Wikipedia rather than spending that same effort engaging in the editing process (which by the way needn't start and definitely doesn't end with pressing the edit button).

And there's no way Wikipedia doesn't state the correct date since there are a bunch of different dates given depending on where you look with different reasoning behind them. You're unhappy that one info box doesn't contain your preferred date.
>> No. 88515 Anonymous
15th December 2019
Sunday 12:54 pm
88515 spacer

The edit war is based on the fact that hudsonsoft US nintendo team released a statement say 30 years of bomberman in 2015. This issue is that is the date that bomber man came out in the US, on the NES. The game was actually released 2 years earlier on the MSX (and inbetween multiple other systems) everywhere but in the US (although rebranded as Eric and the floaters in Europe because glorifying terrorism was considered a moral concern). There are paragraphs of people arguing quite logically and rightly that 1983 is clearly the date on the edit page, as they bloody owned the game before 85. But then US yards change it back to 85 because that's what the statement they've over generalised says that none of them have ever justified.

What makes this weirder is that the first game of the series is rightfully labelled on its page the 1983 game because you can't argue it first came out on a port when it is a clearly and objectively defined in a way the franchise wasn't at that point.


>> No. 63566 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 7:08 pm
/iq/63566 spacer
When I am watching the weather forecast I like it to be presented by Abbie dewhirst. She is a tip top weather girl.

(・∀・)(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)(ㆁωㆁ)(✯ᴗ✯)(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(^∇^)ノ♪
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>> No. 64448 Crabkiller
8th December 2019
Sunday 12:21 pm
64448 spacer
>> No. 64451 Billbob
8th December 2019
Sunday 11:18 pm
64451 spacer
Genuinely thought them plant things were people dressed up as weird plant monsters for a min.
>> No. 64455 R4GE
12th December 2019
Thursday 9:45 pm
64455 spacer

Not sure she belongs, non-weather-woman and all, but Victoria Fritz of BBC business definitely deserves a mention somewhere.
>> No. 64456 Auntiefucker
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:10 pm
64456 spacer
Lucy Martin's stump would be just the right shape to milk my prostate.

>> No. 64457 Ambulancelad
13th December 2019
Friday 4:08 am
64457 spacer
Not even on IQ


>> No. 88131 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:12 pm
/pol/88131 2019 General Election results
This man is going to remain as Prime Minister of the UK, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 88141 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:30 pm
88141 spacer

>> No. 88145 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:34 pm
88145 spacer



>> No. 86042 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 2:36 pm
/pol/86042 spacer
This woman is going to be the next Chancellor of Germany and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 86058 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 9:29 pm
86058 spacer

Yes, of course there is. "Nice cock, can I suck it?" is quite direct.
>> No. 87053 Anonymous
1st November 2019
Friday 7:08 pm
87053 Ursula von devil Leyen
This woman is going to fuck Britain in the arse.
>> No. 87856 Anonymous
7th December 2019
Saturday 8:55 pm
87856 spacer

I'd let her nibble on my sausage IYKWIM
>> No. 87857 Anonymous
7th December 2019
Saturday 8:58 pm
87857 spacer

>> No. 88112 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 9:38 pm
88112 spacer

Ah, Google says she's a member of the German Green Party.

She looks like she's capable of proper filth, but she'll probably insist on biodegradable condoms and sustainably sourced wooden butt plugs.


Jacob Rees Mogg.png
>> No. 88100 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 8:45 pm
/pol/88100 spacer
Who would have thought that good ol' Moggy had an affluent career as an actor before turning to politics

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>> No. 88101 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 8:51 pm
88101 spacer
I wonder where he'll be tomorrow morning in the pecking order. If Boris survives the night, there will be a government reshuffle for sure. Will both survive the night?


>> No. 22960 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 4:39 pm
/v/22960 Ghostbusters: Afterlife

This looks fucking brilliant, ladm8s
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>> No. 22990 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 12:17 pm
22990 spacer
>Robocop has a legitimate claim to being the best film ever made
Sorry, what? Are you trolling? It's not even in IMDB's top 250.
>> No. 22991 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 12:50 pm
22991 spacer
It's no Starship Troopers.
>> No. 22992 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 3:42 pm
22992 spacer
As we all know, the I in IMDB stands for "infallible."
Let him enjoy his shooty shooty cyborg film.
>> No. 22993 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 6:13 pm
22993 spacer
I agree with them. It's a fucking fantastic film. Keen satire dressed up as a "shooty shooty cyborg film".
>> No. 22994 Anonymous
12th December 2019
Thursday 10:50 am
22994 spacer
I'm by no means arguing that it isn't a fantastic film. Just that it isn't one of the best ever made.


>> No. 27176 Anonymous
26th July 2019
Friday 4:27 pm
/g/27176 spacer
how to remove empty parts of these mpg files?

only the blue parts of the files were available in the torrent, the red parts are all zeroes

i can do it manually in hxden but it's a pain in the arse, is there a program that can do it automatically?
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>> No. 27182 Anonymous
29th July 2019
Monday 11:16 am
27182 OP
it's ok now, i downloaded them from another place

they're jana model videos
>> No. 27322 Anonymous
6th December 2019
Friday 2:13 am
27322 spacer
I wrote this in python. It works but it's a slow as fuck.

Adjust the 3 constants at the top accordingly.

import sys src = r'' output = r'' blockSize = 1024 * 1024 with open(src, 'rb') as inFile, open(output, 'wb') as outFile: nZeroes = 0 eof = False while not eof: inByte = if not inByte: eof = True elif inByte == b'\x00': nZeroes = (nZeroes + 1) % blockSize else: for _ in range(nZeroes): outFile.write(b'\x00') nZeroes = 0 outFile.write(inByte) for _ in range(nZeroes): outFile.write(b'\x00')

>> No. 27323 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 4:21 pm
27323 spacer

how to speed up code?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27324 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 4:32 pm
27324 spacer
With grease
>> No. 27325 Anonymous
11th December 2019
Wednesday 5:28 pm
27325 spacer
pip install grease

import grease


>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
/e/22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 23171 Anonymous
28th November 2019
Thursday 2:45 am
23171 spacer

A personal family favourite and quite difficult to find at reasonable price.
It's a bit similar to Monopoly, but with a tile aspect that means rather than buying property you get property by chance (collect 3 tiles of the same animal from the dispenser) based on Chinese zodiac it's relatively fun until late game when all the tiles are gone and one fucker, Me, has every tile someone else needs, and needs to be overtaken, or baited into a deal to sell them.
>> No. 23179 Anonymous
8th December 2019
Sunday 7:51 pm
23179 spacer

Fuck this game. Seriously.
>> No. 23180 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 11:33 am
23180 spacer
How about some suggestions for travel-friendly 2-player games?
>> No. 23181 Anonymous
9th December 2019
Monday 1:21 pm
23181 spacer
Handie under a blanket.
>> No. 23182 Anonymous
10th December 2019
Tuesday 11:31 pm
23182 spacer
Travel friendly as in can be played on the go or as in packs down into a tiny box for easy transport?


>> No. 64365 Are Moaty
24th November 2019
Sunday 6:25 pm
/iq/64365 spacer
Is it false advertising to have a show called '4 rooms with Sarah beeny' when she wears this thick black jacket that hides her norks?
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>> No. 64375 Moralfag
24th November 2019
Sunday 7:34 pm
64375 spacer
If the show was called "4 Rooms with Sarah Beeny and Her Sizable Norks" you might have a case, but as it stands, no.
>> No. 64379 Auntiefucker
24th November 2019
Sunday 8:23 pm
64379 spacer

The sizeable norkss goes without saying, it's like having to mention Crufts features dogs. When you've got Beeny, you expect booby!
>> No. 64452 Crabkiller
9th December 2019
Monday 6:16 pm
64452 spacer



>> No. 64444 Are Moaty
7th December 2019
Saturday 9:06 pm
/iq/64444 spacer
I didn't quite get the David Mitchel one but the rest are absolutely spot on.

Any other comedy gems from our /iq/ boys? We've a little Lemmy following here, if i remember rightly.
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>> No. 64445 Billbob
7th December 2019
Saturday 10:52 pm
64445 spacer
An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: L6afmK6OiddOx-5O)
Learn More
>> No. 64446 Ambulancelad
8th December 2019
Sunday 12:02 am
64446 spacer
>(Playback ID: L6afmK6OiddOx-5O)
Classic sketch that.
>> No. 64447 Paedofag
8th December 2019
Sunday 11:01 am
64447 spacer
>> No. 64449 Samefag
8th December 2019
Sunday 12:38 pm
64449 spacer
Thanks for that. I obviously fucked up the YT tag.


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