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>> No. 3584 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 1:03 am
/map/3584 spacer
I’ve been saving up to buy a place of my own but, living in London, there’s no way I can actually afford anything in the city. Well, anything that isn’t just a lease on a place that costs as much as a four bed anywhere else or a 40k parking space.

Now that working from home is a permanent possibility I can and probably should look at places in the rest of country. Just so long as there’s a direct train to London. It gets complicated when you factor in the lockdown though as my understanding is that you probably want to try living somewhere before you buy which would certainly be a task at the best of times.

Do you lads have any suggestions or tips to help narrow down a search?

I don’t fancy moving back to my hometown and studied in student towns so I’m open to suggestions on areas I can look to live. Would say I have about 25k saved so far but not averse to saving up more (I’m factoring my parents vague offer of money as just covering cost of moving). What I’m looking for is a decent flat for 1 in a city where I can meet someone and where I don’t need a car – living in London I’ve neglected ever sorting the licence but could should pull my finger out.

So far I have:

Edinburgh seems popular here going by past threads but I’m unsure if they’ll do independence or I’ll get shit anyway for being English.

Inverness has the problems of above but is much cheaper where you get breathtaking scenery because you essentially live in Iceland. Its adventurous anyway.

Liverpool I've enjoyed when visiting and have mates in the North West but the market looks altogether quite shifty on the leases they offer. Cheap though.
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>> No. 3585 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 3:45 am
3585 spacer
I'd go out West from London, depending on how far you want to be from it. You'll end up at Bristol, which isn't a bad place at all, but you have Gloucester, Oxford, Reading to choose from, all sort of on the way.

Inverness sounds absolutely lovely, but it's truly at the arse end of the country. You had better like a) being on your own and b) paying for a lot of flights.

Edinburgh is a really great city but has many of the same problems as London.
>> No. 3586 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 4:35 am
3586 spacer
I live in Reading. It's a nice place but rather devoid of character and history, and I couldn't imagine spending my whole life here. As you say it gets better the further West you go and Gloucestershire (which I greatly miss) is gorgeous and full of friendly people. Although I'd add the caveat that Bristol may well not be your thing - rents are high and the town's full of druggies.
>> No. 3587 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 8:40 am
3587 spacer
Liverpool is rammed with investment flats on dodgy leaseholds as you've probably seen, but a terraced house in a reasonable area or possibly a flat in one of the old Georgian terraces is likely within your budget.

If you're willing to compromise a bit on location, Warrington might be worth thinking about - it's a fairly dull commuter town, but you've got direct trains to Liverpool, Manchester and London.


>> No. 67112 Auntiefucker
29th October 2020
Thursday 11:29 am
/iq/67112 spacer
Did you know that antisemites refuse to cover their noses when wearing masks? They believe they're saying to the world "look at me with my normal sized nose, I'm not trying to disguise who I am."
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>> No. 67128 Searchfag
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:21 pm
67128 spacer
I bet that's the same shirt as in the OP picture but he doesn't separate his whites so colours have run into it in the wash over time.
>> No. 67129 Moralfag
29th October 2020
Thursday 9:07 pm
67129 spacer
>he doesn't separate his whites so colours have run into it
He's anti-racist, remember.
>> No. 67132 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 2:52 pm
67132 spacer

FRAME WIDTH LOOKS adequate. Length to bend looks ok. Judging by the image size of his lenses he doesn't have a particularly large prescription. By Prentice's rule, the unwanted prism would be low. Even so over time he would adapt to the unwanted prism from decentration and no longer have asthenopic headaches. Based on your analysis of Corbyn's choice of eyewear, I can deduce that you're a highly promiscuous butch homosexual tory-voter. I mean, presumably the response you're hoping for is "my arse, you stud please ride me".
>> No. 67133 Searchfag
31st October 2020
Saturday 5:58 pm
67133 spacer


10/10 for this extraordinarily specific combination of ophthalmology and shitposting.

I should probably ask your opinion on the fresnel/stroke debate.
>> No. 67140 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 12:23 am
67140 spacer
can i get free stuff or is it because i can't get free stuff because the joos

jessica, new forest


>> No. 2130 Anonymous
31st March 2010
Wednesday 11:01 am
/A/2130 Alcoholics
Are there any 'resting actors' out there?

I'm back up to about a litre of whisky a day again. :(
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>> No. 8471 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 9:42 pm
8471 spacer
See the weird thing is I have had a strain of weed that did that before, I realised and stopped smoking it, so I don't know if it's an indica vs sativa thing or some bollocks, I'm not one of these hipster weed apothecary types.

It mostly just makes my brain go from 200/mph to some kind of normal person speed, which is very nice. Maybe there is some residual anxiety, but it's certainly not as bad as the epic fucking shit fits I have off it. Is there not some kind of option to trade in my drugs budget for just a nice functioning brain that does the emotions thing properly?

Anyway, while I have ordered my poison, it won't be here for a few days, so here's hoping a brief patch of cold turkey will help me to start fresh with better habits. Like not smoking during the work day. Fucking WFH, it's a curse for potheads I tell you.
>> No. 8472 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 10:32 pm
8472 spacer

>I hallucinate etc under high stress

Have you told your GP about this? Those symptoms should result in an immediate referral to the Early Intervention in Psychosis team.
>> No. 8473 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 11:56 pm
8473 spacer
I told the mental health assessment team that, it's very infrequent and I've always had it so they didn't seem too fussed. Just wasn't quite anchored properly to the planet at birth somehow. Is it that unusual?
>> No. 8474 Anonymous
15th October 2020
Thursday 10:25 pm
8474 spacer
Counting back the years, I've always loved being off my tits. At times it wasn't alcohol but that has been the drug of choice to make the voices shut the fuck up and let my mind get some rest since I was 14. That's more than 25 years back, so no doubt my brain and body adapted. "Plan 50" seems tempting. Just spend what I earned until I turn approximately 50 and then end it. Exit bag sounds good.
>> No. 8475 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 7:37 pm
8475 spacer


>> No. 5062 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 4:01 pm
/boo/5062 spacer
>How corporations can delete your existence

>Let’s call her Laura. In September, Laura was out in Leeds City Centre, buying some bits, when her card was declined. Funny, she thought. She definitely wasn’t in the red. But these things happen, so she left the shop, tinting crimson, and dashed towards the nearest cashpoint. But her card wouldn’t work at the cashpoint either. She tried another one. With the same result. Laura opened the banking app on her phone. It said only ‘error’, then automatically closed. She finally abandoned her shopping and went into the nearest branch of Santander. There, the counter assistant seemed just as mystified. After about an hour of waiting, though, Laura was called through into the manager’s office.

>“I’m going to read a statement out for you,” the manager said. “But I’m not going to be able to answer any of your questions after that. We have locked your bank account. We can’t give you any more information. We might be in touch in future with more information. But we don’t know when that might be.”

>Could she have her money? No. But how was she supposed to get home? After all, she lived eight miles outside of Leeds, and now she had no bus fare. Apparently, this was not the bank’s business. This low-rent version of The Trial went on for another three weeks. Frequently, Laura would phone up Santander customer services. She’d be put on hold for ages. Then the phone would just go dead. She wrote to Santander to complain. They wrote back: they weren’t interested in her complaint and wouldn’t be taking it any further. Meanwhile, her rent, standing orders and Direct Debits stacked up, the late fees and penalties mushroomed around them, as life tumbled towards chaos.

>Nearly a month on, she received a letter from Santander: Under the terms and conditions… we can withdraw banking facilities at any time, and in line with company policy we don’t give further details.

>The account had been closed. Without apparent irony, the balance had been appended as a cheque.

Reading that was quite unsettling. What is going to be the impact of unpersoning in a society that is increasingly cashless and driven by online transactions?
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>> No. 5076 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
5076 spacer
>They tied together two of my company accounts and a personal one

They're totally allowed to do that, unless those company accounts are Limited Company accounts. You just didn't read the T&Cs. In the context of an individual person, account means nothing. A limited company is like a person in its own right, separate from you.

Don't keep your nazi contributions in any bank account, or any financial institution or electronic money company that talks to CIFAS (protip: everyone does). That includes PayPal. I bet in this Laura Towler case it was PayPal donations that did her.
>> No. 5079 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:22 pm
5079 spacer
And you lot say crypto has no valid use cases.

Bitcoin, the Nazi bank.
>> No. 5080 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:24 pm
5080 spacer
Should opt to be paid in gay wedding cakes and sell those on. Let's see bankers put that in their pipe and smoke it.
>> No. 5081 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:28 pm
5081 spacer
>>5076 They are indeed limited companies. They apologised. I didn't ask for the accounts to be linked in any way - the second company's account details suddenly became accessed from the first company's login page, along with my personal account. And then they did the cross-payment thing.
The same two people had login rights for both accounts, but combining companies did seem like a dodgy optimisation.
>> No. 5083 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 6:45 pm
5083 spacer
If that's the case, then you should complain to the Financial Ombudsman - again, banks don't want the grief of dealing with regulators, so a complaint to them will almost always find in your favour if you have an actual case. It takes about 90 days, but if they've genuinely fucked up and cost you money, you will get it back.


>> No. 28624 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 12:49 pm
/news/28624 Sean Connery

The best Bond.
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>> No. 28625 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 12:53 pm
28625 spacer
Was it covid wot done it, or just old age?
>> No. 28626 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 12:54 pm
28626 spacer
>> No. 28628 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 1:24 pm
28628 spacer

>> No. 28629 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 1:31 pm
28629 spacer

The only Bond ever worthy of that name.

>> No. 28630 Anonymous
31st October 2020
Saturday 1:47 pm
28630 spacer



>> No. 28551 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 3:52 pm
/news/28551 Potential ITZ
Attempted hijacking of oil tanker reported off Isle of Wight.

Police dealing with incident involving Liberian-registered vessel south of Sandown.
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>> No. 28583 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 12:28 am
28583 spacer
If you ever post this shite again I'll kill and eat you.
>> No. 28584 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 7:48 am
28584 spacer
He's just saying it as it is. The voice of reason.
>> No. 28585 Anonymous
28th October 2020
Wednesday 3:34 pm
28585 spacer

I watch this when I need cheering up.
>> No. 28609 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 6:24 pm
28609 spacer
I use this one for the same purpose.

>> No. 28610 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 7:23 pm
28610 spacer
Have some fresh hot Davidson.


>> No. 2623 Anonymous
4th October 2016
Tuesday 7:55 pm
/eco/2623 What in the good Lords name is this?
How's it going lads?

Just a quick one, I've got a young pear tree in my yard, noticed today some yellow/brown patches on some of the leaves, turned them over to find these hideous spikey growths on the back of them.

Does anyone happen to know what it is?
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>> No. 2634 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 1:32 am
2634 spacer

The symbiotic life cycle is weird, makes you understand better the weird thoughts the Greeks had about where animals came from when you consider how obsessed they were with figs.

I'm personally more fascinated by the variants of parasitic wasp. Particularly the ones that subvert the natural cycle of plants by excreating chemicals turning the seeds and fruit into an armoured shell for them to live in. (If you've ever seen an oak tree drop those spikey wooden balls with their acorns. That is what those are).
>> No. 2635 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 3:38 am
2635 spacer

I think we can all agree that wasps are proper wrong'uns.
>> No. 2636 Anonymous
6th October 2016
Thursday 8:29 am
2636 spacer

>> No. 2880 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 4:17 pm
2880 spacer
My pear tree has the same. I worked out it's some kind of fungus. The spores are released in autumn and colonise fir trees nearby where the survive the winter, and then re-infect your pear tree when new leaves grow in spring. The thing to do is to break the cycle by pulling off the spores now before they can blow back into the fir trees.
>> No. 2881 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 5:07 pm
2881 spacer
It's Gymnosporangium sabinae, "pear rust". >>2629 was fairly close.


>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
/e/22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 24519 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 6:08 pm
24519 spacer

>The PS1 was a plasticky piece of shit, I still have one.

It can't be that plasticky then. Apart from the dodgy laser pick-ups in the early units, it was a fantastically solid and reliable machine.
>> No. 24521 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:50 pm
24521 spacer
I do. White plastic has a habit of yellowing extremely quickly over time and nothing is really able to prevent it that is practical for a sitting room.

I probably wont buy one for that reason alone, I don't particularly want a giant manky beige box under my TV a few years from now.

They can give me a shout when they release a black model, It'll probably have some games by then too I can sink my teeth into.
>> No. 24523 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 12:13 am
24523 spacer
>White plastic has a habit of yellowing extremely quickly over time
That's mainly an ABS thing. I'm not sure what they're making these things out of, but I'd be surprised if they used something that yellows that quickly.
>> No. 24524 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 10:10 am
24524 spacer
>>24523 Painting works OK at a tolerable manufacturing cost, but since all gamers live in dingy hovels with no sunlight, UV yellowing isn't really anything the manufacturers worry about.
>> No. 24532 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 4:44 pm
24532 spacer
Plastics have improved hugely over the past few decades. White plastics still have a tendency to yellow a bit over time but it's barely a problem now compared to how it was in the 80s and 90s.
Yellow PS5s might be something that vintage tech collectors 50 years from now will be worrying about, but it's not really a concern for the usual lifespan of a console.


>> No. 24177 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 9:58 am
/e/24177 new graphics card
I'm in the market for a new graphics card - I believe that the RTX 2060 family is the one to go for, but would appreciate any advice/experience - there seem to be millions of versions, all with pretty small variations. Pictured is the ASUS one I am thinking of.

Don't want to spend much more than 500 quid.

What would you buy in this price range?
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>> No. 24527 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 11:27 am
24527 spacer
Wish I could delete posts again so I don't have look at how I said "right this minute" twice in one post like a mook.
>> No. 24528 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 12:35 pm
24528 spacer
>All this is to say in a few months a new card in your price bracket might be out and well worth the cost.

Do you mean to say from the new generation, the RTX 30 and Big Navi? OK, but aren't the decent mid-range cards from the new gen supposed to be the RTX 3070 and the RX 6800 which have already been announced and are retailing at £500-600?
>> No. 24529 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:10 pm
24529 spacer

There will definitely be an RTX 3060 and an RX 6600, they'll both be competing around the £300 mark, but don't expect to see them before Christmas.

The 5600XT and the RTX 2060 are both perfectly decent cards, they'll perform very well at 1080p for the foreseeable future, but you'll get a lot more for your money if you can wait a couple of months.
>> No. 24530 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:11 pm
24530 spacer
It's more or less certain that Nvidia will be selling a 3060 at some point in the near future and Big Navi will likely be getting lower end cards too, though the timing on that could be some way off as the 5700s came out in July of last year and it wasn't until December of that year and January of this year that the 5500 and 5600 came out respectively. Nvidia had a similar lag between its 2080 launch and the 2060.

If you get yourself a new card though, it plays everything you want it to play and you can start doing that ASAP rather than in three months, then who cares about the extra 25FPS you probably won't even be able to see on whatever monitor you have. I feel like I gave poor advice earlier because ultimately you could end up waiting for newer, better gear forever.
>> No. 24531 Anonymous
30th October 2020
Friday 1:40 pm
24531 spacer
>Okay, so you likely can't even find the new GPUs or the soon-to-launch GPUs in stock. Why not just pick up a previous generation card on sale? It's a nice thought, but the problem is that most previous generation GPUs are overpriced now. Again, blame COVID-19, but just about every mid-range or higher GPU has seen prices increase over the past few months.

I was right. Oh well.


>> No. 7993 Anonymous
9th October 2020
Friday 1:17 pm
/£$€¥/7993 spacer
I've made the classic mistake of telling people I invest my money. Just my retired parents but I've been asked if I can help start them on doing something with their retirement savings (not their workplace pensions) which I've found out today is "not doing anything" (!)

Of course, I'm going to need to get them talking to a financial adviser but I should make sure I'm clued up myself. Since their retirement they've noticeably slowed down and will probably need me to explain things, make sure they're not getting doing anything stupid and help them manage more and more as time goes on. Any idea on where to start with specifically investing in retirement? It's going to be quite different to how I manage my money now (1. buy high 2. scream) but looking over a few guides from investor platforms I'm unsure on advice around bonds as they're not exactly the stellar investments they once were and putting a big chunk in an annuity scares me.

Just think, soon they might even have a free parker pen DEM CROSSWORDS WNT KNW WOT HIT 'EM
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>> No. 8017 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 10:16 pm
8017 spacer
>My HSBC FTSE 250 tracker is the worst

Gave me a chuckle as I'm in that too. Oh what I silly time for me to invest some more money last month just before the FTSE shit the bed - how I laughed heartily as I slipped into the red.

Are you also the lad who mentioned FB WHEB Sustainability? I saw it while poking around and gave it a punt. Been fairly stable that one.
>> No. 8018 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 10:50 pm
8018 spacer
>Are you also the lad who mentioned FB WHEB Sustainability?

Think that must be otherlad. My only fairly stable ones over the past year, that have done well, are Fundsmith.
>> No. 8019 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 6:38 am
8019 spacer
I just stuff all of my money into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and gold. I own a little bit of land, and I'm still paying of some property. Perhaps I'll but more land in a decade. Fuck getting rich in the short term, preserving wealth in the long term is the safest way to go considering all of the shit that has happened recently. I don't trust central banks with how much money they've just miraculously printed into the economy. The only thing keeping stocks up right now are pension funds I reckon. It's a zombie economy, and It's going to collapse. Pack rice. And tea.
>> No. 8020 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 7:54 am
8020 spacer
>The only thing keeping stocks up right now are pension funds I reckon. It's a zombie economy, and It's going to collapse.

People have been saying this just about every time investing has been brought up over the past 10 years on here.
>> No. 8021 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:46 am
8021 spacer
Every investment forum in the past 100 years has people like him. You can afford that worldview if you already have property and gold.


return to monke.jpg
>> No. 439880 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 10:27 am
/b/439880 /uni/? /boo/?
Ancient latin seems such a beautifully abstract language compared to English - why don't we speak it?
My understanding of peoples personal ethics feels vastly improved when I investigate the etymology of their words - even if they don't know that root meaning themselves.

Check this out: optimism and optimise in English have two significantly different meanings - the latin root 'optimus' apparently means 'best' or 'very good', which makes as much sense, if not more, in both applications of the English.

It's like our language is encoded with morality. 'cult' is bad but 'culture' is good, despite both meaning 'to grow'. The language is no longer a tool but a purpose. Is this what Orwell meant when he said that thing about languages restricting thought?

Could it be that by going far enough back we can find a language that simply exists as a single limitless expression, conveying every possible meaning at once but solely applicable to exactly both the hearer and speakers intentions?

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>> No. 439892 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:06 pm
439892 spacer
>Could it be that by going far enough back we can find a language that simply exists as a single limitless expression, conveying every possible meaning at once but solely applicable to exactly both the hearer and speakers intentions?

This got me thinking. Is nigger/nigga the only word in the English language that can mean a multitude of things depending on who's saying it and what kind of tone and pronunciation they employ?
>> No. 439893 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:07 pm
439893 spacer
>> No. 439894 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:08 pm
439894 spacer

Americans are really a different breed. Regular people there are often just as nice or annoying as people back home, if a bit easily excited. But you will experience that American customer service is about as revolting as "American nice" gets. That kind of poorly masked, insincere, exuberant and at the same time emotionally vapid frozen smile with which Murrikins will sell you anything from a hire car to a burger menu just makes you feel strangely violated. I prefer an awkward chat with the disinterested girl at the till in my local shop who can't be arsed to keep eye contact to that kind of Barbie-doll, push-button friendliness any day.
>> No. 439895 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:23 pm
439895 spacer
Isn't this why Walmart failed in German? Or am I thinking of something else? It isn't just customer service too. When I went driving around some of the states, the weird empty smile I would get genuinely scared me. It was like being in a horror film.
>> No. 439896 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:53 pm
439896 spacer

I think they failed in Germany because of labour laws mainly. Wal-Mart is one of those American companies that set up shop in a country first, and ask questions later, and hope that their lawyers will sort things out (Uber is another one). They have actively contributed to the erosion of worker's rights in over a dozen countries that way, by winning court cases and lobbying legislation. Germany traditionally has very tight labour laws and strong unions, and Wal-Mart failed with its usual approach. At some point they just decided to cut their losses and retreat, because as a company basically founded by a family of Arkansas hillbillies, it did not compute to them that they had to follow a host country's rules and couldn't push their own rules on them.


>> No. 23247 Anonymous
24th October 2020
Saturday 2:46 am
/v/23247 Borat 2
Borat 2 is frighteningly good. And also frightening.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius.

I commend it to you all.
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>> No. 23321 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 9:55 am
23321 spacer
They were obviously shown pictures you dumbo. You can't identify someone from their name alone, do you not know what identify means?
>> No. 23322 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 10:07 am
23322 spacer
The appearance of "Borat" is far more recognisable than that of "Sacha Baron Cohen" so it's hardly an effective test.
>> No. 23323 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 11:11 am
23323 spacer
You do know that Borat is Sacha Baron Cohen wearing a wig and moustache? They are the same person?
>> No. 23324 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 11:15 am
23324 spacer
Point stands.
>> No. 23325 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 11:25 am
23325 spacer
Cohen is barely recognisable as the same dude as Borat without the moustache, hair, and silly expression.


>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
/beat/8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.

Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 12362 Anonymous
28th April 2020
Tuesday 2:48 am
12362 spacer

>Papa Roach has a cult following in Latin America or something

They're still massive in Germany.

>> No. 12388 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 1:25 pm
12388 spacer
Probably the highlight of the last series of Black Mirror, which I realise is damning it with faint praise.
>> No. 12389 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:21 pm
12389 spacer
They've now uploaded a non-live version.
>> No. 12465 Anonymous
10th August 2020
Monday 5:24 pm
12465 spacer
>> No. 12558 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 10:13 am
12558 spacer
Sounds a little too airy and the bridge is a little weird, but i'm glad to hear it covered.
I'm waiting for a dark EDM mix with some tasteful bass drops.


>> No. 67096 Moralfag
26th October 2020
Monday 2:12 am
/iq/67096 spacer
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>> No. 67098 Anonymous
26th October 2020
Monday 3:30 am
67098 spacer
It's like capitalism is intentionally recruiting for ISIS.
>> No. 67099 YubYub
26th October 2020
Monday 9:30 am
67099 spacer

The targets of these compilation roasts appear to be administering a more subtle take on what HowToBasic is doing - or at least I hope they are.
>> No. 67100 YubYub
26th October 2020
Monday 10:20 am
67100 spacer

At 15.4M subscribers, I doubt they care and are laughing all the way to the bank.

Also, they do cast themselves as a comedy channel, so.
>> No. 67101 YubYub
26th October 2020
Monday 10:47 am
67101 spacer

The point is, the attention these Life Hacks channels are getting from the people taking the piss out of them is simutaneously driving traffic towards them and potentially getting some of that traffic to consider the content through the lens of Poe's Law.
>> No. 67102 Moralfag
26th October 2020
Monday 11:05 am
67102 spacer


>> No. 41014 Anonymous
11th April 2020
Saturday 3:53 pm
/x/41014 spacer
Diamonds in the rough.
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>> No. 41268 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 2:31 pm
41268 spacer
I think he's just in the middle of shouting something, probably "FUCK OFF PAPS LIVE ROUNDS!", which is fair enough all things considered.
>> No. 41269 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 2:51 pm
41269 spacer
Where is he now, do you think?
>> No. 41270 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 6:15 pm
41270 spacer

What on earth is that chap with the G36 up top doing? That's definitely not how you're meant to hold a weapon you're intending to use unless you want to hurt yourself.
>> No. 41271 Anonymous
20th June 2020
Saturday 7:16 pm
41271 spacer

he's looking 'hard' for the camera obviously
>> No. 41619 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 10:27 pm
41619 spacer



>> No. 33915 Anonymous
26th May 2014
Monday 12:52 pm
/x/33915 Plus sized girls
I have a fetish for them. Not just fat, but big, heavy girls with big knockers. My GF looks a lot like her, I am so lucky to have found a GF that satisfies my fetish!
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>> No. 41592 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 8:26 pm
41592 spacer

>> No. 41593 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 8:29 pm
41593 spacer

Report page.jpg
For what?
>> No. 41594 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 8:34 pm
41594 spacer

fat + jailbait
>> No. 41595 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 8:42 pm
41595 spacer

This is the fat thread. As for the other, I'll have to take your word for it.
>> No. 41617 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 10:27 pm
41617 spacer



>> No. 66992 YubYub
21st October 2020
Wednesday 4:33 pm
/iq/66992 spacer
The pope likes benders, shocker.

2020 is weird.
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>> No. 67059 Billbob
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:32 pm
67059 spacer
Don't let him find out about the Mesoamerican flood myths. He might just think Jesus teleported and warned the Tlapanec people about it.
>> No. 67080 Paedofag
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:46 am
67080 spacer

I read it as "Blenders" at first and wondered what they hell you two were on about.
>> No. 67088 Auntiefucker
25th October 2020
Sunday 2:40 pm
67088 spacer
>>67059 >>67052

I'm well aware of the existence of stories existing before and after the composition of the Jewish bible. You're assuming things so that you can gloat, you shallow fuckers.
>> No. 67089 Ambulancelad
25th October 2020
Sunday 4:26 pm
67089 spacer
>>67052 doens't say you weren't aware of them.
>> No. 67095 R4GE
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:43 pm
67095 spacer
I don't read those posts as gloating - they're simply showing how intellectually shallow your belief is, like most TradCats.


a great bunch of lads.jpg
>> No. 28523 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 12:38 pm
/news/28523 spacer
In December it'll be 10 years since the so-called Arab Spring started.

What did it actually achieve? Apart from toppling Gaddafi, Mubarak and probably a few others I'm quite clueless about it.
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>> No. 28541 Anonymous
24th October 2020
Saturday 5:03 pm
28541 spacer

>In so many countries the revolutions, as most revolutions tend to, were either crushed or became the oppressors

Revolutions devour their children, as an old saying goes. Many revolutions in history were followed by oppressive or totalitarian regimes because they seized the opportunity of filling the power vacuum after the old elites were deposed. It was that way in the French revolution, in Russia, and places like Cuba or indeed even the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Almost all of those revolutions began with the highest aspirations of liberty and equality, but they just ended up swapping out one corrupt elite for another corrupt elite. Because what you need to run a country isn't idealists who don't know much else besides the fact that they want the old regime gone. You need realists with power instincts and the will to usurp that power. Who then tend to be just as corrupt and oppressive as the old regime.
>> No. 28542 Anonymous
24th October 2020
Saturday 10:50 pm
28542 spacer

Obama / Clinton / Blair fucked up North Africa. Gaddafi always used the threat of being able to hold back the influx of North African Islamic mentalists rather than the ability to gain weapons. Bombama thought he could liberate the people, in the same way that the left could liberate Iran from the Shah. It all fucked up leading to a power vacuum and a militant brigade of ISIS moving from Syria, moving in to dominate North Africa and co-ordinating efforts with people smugglers to infiltrate Europe via Italy (Lampedusa) or wait for countries to accept them as ' refugees'.
>> No. 28543 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 12:00 am
28543 spacer
What's going on in this photo, white middle class kids plus some boomers LARPing as refugees??
>> No. 28544 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 1:47 am
28544 spacer
It's an invasion m8. Send them all back to Oxford-bongo-land.
>> No. 28545 Anonymous
25th October 2020
Sunday 7:50 am
28545 spacer
It's an Amsterdam canal cruise.


>> No. 67077 Moralfag
24th October 2020
Saturday 11:46 pm
/iq/67077 BLACK CAN CREW


>> No. 67053 Moralfag
23rd October 2020
Friday 7:22 pm
/iq/67053 spacer

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>> No. 67057 Auntiefucker
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:03 pm
67057 spacer
No u
>> No. 67058 Paedofag
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:27 pm
67058 spacer
Milk snatcher is already taken. What will Boris be called?

Looks, lads, it's a shitty format, but you lot seem too uptight for a Friday. Is the lockdown circuit breaker getting to you?
>> No. 67060 Billbob
23rd October 2020
Friday 10:33 pm
67060 spacer
'54, I just set myself up for a brilliant joke, you daftie.
>> No. 67061 Ambulancelad
23rd October 2020
Friday 11:07 pm
67061 spacer


>What will Boris be called?

>> No. 67072 Are Moaty
24th October 2020
Saturday 3:29 pm
67072 spacer
Not to get too serious in the designated silly zone, but I think MPs like Ben Bradley are a portent of doom in one way or another. He's openly talking about "cultural marxism" and "crack dens" in a way that reminds me of one of those blokes who works in the same office as you or is mates with your dad or whatever, who just starts talking complete shit and you ignore it for a while until you look at him and say "what the fuck are you talking about" and he never really has an answer but you just wanted him to stop talking so it doesn't matter. Only he's an MP now, so no one is ever going to do that to him ever again. In fact he's got researchers to feed him more nonsense whenever he likes, he can do softball interviews with toady journos who'll be bowled over by his tell it like it is attitude and still he'll cry fowl whenever he's pulled up on anything he says.

Back to the portent of doom thing; he's either the going to hasten the end times for the nation at large or be voter repellent for anyone with a nerve system that extends north of their brainstem, constantly making the Tories look half-mad and repeatedly undermining them. I'm not confident of either outcome, but I look at America and I think "fuck" which about sums up my feelings on the matter.

There are plenty of other Tory MPs like this, but Bradley's the one hitting the headlines right now.


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