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>> No. 28477 Anonymous
31st March 2019
Sunday 3:52 pm
/101/28477 spacer
Using a single opening quote plastered in "popping"colours over an actual quote, like some pea-for-brains heard the phrase "Quote, unquote" and thought to themselves "Well if that one means quote, then why do I need an unquote if the paragraph obviously ends?"
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>> No. 28478 Anonymous
31st March 2019
Sunday 7:17 pm
28478 spacer

I feel like that ought to have some consequences like forgetting to close a bold tag, but I can't think how. Everything is now a quotation forever.


>> No. 425195 Anonymous
17th March 2019
Sunday 12:08 pm
/b/425195 thinking
What is the best thing you have learnt from this, or similar, sites?

I guess one should ask the worst, too.
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>> No. 425357 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:30 pm
425357 spacer

Just listen to Necro's "Dead Body Disposal" for a basic recap.
>> No. 425359 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:50 pm
425359 spacer

I moved into student housing my second semester, and we had our own subnet server on which we could share folders. I downloaded ludicrous amounts of music, but also stand up comedy and other material off other people's folders. There was an American studentlad living in the same building who had plenty of George Carlin and Chris Rock audio stand up material in his folder, and that was pretty much the first time I heard of either of the two. Movies in decent quality were few and far between around the subnet, and this being the days of 100 Mbit intranet bandwidth shared by up to 255 users, file transfers could be slow at peak times. But with our own T2 line to the outside world and file sharing clients slowly gaining a following, you had all the movies you wanted at your disposal off the Internet. Well, until student housing informed us of new copyright guidelines that both commanded server admins to block most HTTP ports used for filesharing, and meant that we had to sign agreements that we would not use the subnet server or the Internet connection to violate copyright laws regarding films and music. And that was kind of when all the fun stopped. By then I was just a month away from moving out, but it kind of ruined the fun for everybody else. Enforcement of the new rules was hit and miss I was told, but you could risk losing all user privileges.

Self sage for derailing the thread. Do talk more about what you've learnt on here.
>> No. 425360 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 9:26 pm
425360 spacer
Walk quietly among other men but know their power for they are your enemies; quietly crush them as you work diligently through the night. Pay attention to the man behind the curtain for he is your ally. Drink deeply and lustfully from the foamy draught of evil. Do it to the other guy before he does it to you. Generally just be bad to the bone.

Thanks ladm8s
>> No. 425549 Anonymous
31st March 2019
Sunday 10:04 am
425549 spacer
>A few people have commented, unprompted, about how they enjoy a particular sort of post I sometimes make, and it's such an amazing feeling to have someone complement you completely blindly like that.
Yeah. It's embarrassing how much that perks me up.
>> No. 425552 Anonymous
31st March 2019
Sunday 10:44 am
425552 spacer

I've said it before but Datalounge has a "WW" (wit and wisdom) button you can click to like someone's post, and it sends them a push notification, but doesn't publicly say how many likes a post got. It's a lovely feature.


>> No. 425438 Anonymous
27th March 2019
Wednesday 3:33 pm
/b/425438 spacer
A neighbour installed a fence between our houses. A survey shows that it's on our land. They refuse to remove it. Are we legally allowed to remove it?
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>> No. 425481 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 9:23 pm
425481 spacer
I agree with these, lads. Dickheads are always solved by the application of immediate and maximum force. No point in being a lawyer about it because that's what they feed off.

Not that I'd tell you to commit arson or anything.
>> No. 425489 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 3:01 pm
425489 spacer
They're first generation devout Christians, so I doubt they'd do anything like that.
>> No. 425520 Anonymous
30th March 2019
Saturday 2:01 pm
425520 spacer
I can see both sides of this debate, and, well...

Nope, I don't have anything to contribute. I just wanted to let you know that I can see both sides of this debate.
>> No. 425521 Anonymous
30th March 2019
Saturday 2:13 pm
425521 spacer

Would you say you're on the fence?
>> No. 425524 Anonymous
30th March 2019
Saturday 2:22 pm
425524 spacer
>I can see both sides of this debate
So clearly the fence isn't that much of an obstruction.


>> No. 62879 Moralfag
26th March 2019
Tuesday 8:01 pm
/iq/62879 spacer

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>> No. 62880 Samefag
26th March 2019
Tuesday 8:38 pm
62880 spacer

I'm just gonna share my youtube suggestions after that played.
>> No. 62881 Crabkiller
26th March 2019
Tuesday 8:53 pm
62881 spacer

Nice to see Dan Erlewine getting promoted, that guy is a genius.
>> No. 62885 Billbob
27th March 2019
Wednesday 3:42 am
62885 spacer

slipknot's drug problems are really getting out of hand.
>> No. 62893 R4GE
27th March 2019
Wednesday 11:58 pm
62893 spacer
I thought it was Devin Townsend.
>> No. 62923 Auntiefucker
29th March 2019
Friday 1:49 pm
62923 spacer
It's actually the drummer and saxophoist from this band.


>> No. 85368 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 10:09 pm
/pol/85368 How accurate is this article?
I'm not British, sorry about that. Is this editorial at all within the realm of reality or is it just character assassination?

“She was dealt a bad hand.” “She took a poisoned chalice.” From a great distance, it is possible to feel sorry for British Prime Minister Theresa May. She seems so dignified. She seems to be trying so hard. The circles beneath her eyes have grown so much deeper since she became prime minister back in 2016, following the surprise result of the Brexit referendum, the resignation of her hapless predecessor, David Cameron, and an ugly leadership squabble, during which several of her male colleagues metaphorically stabbed one another in the back. Since then, she has always seemed to outsiders the sensible person in the room, the adult who knows what she is doing, the sane person in a madhouse.

Alas, she is not any of those things. She is not sensible, she does not know what she is doing, and, increasingly, she doesn’t seem to be entirely sane either. Outside of Westminster, the extent of May’s responsibility for this crisis might not be fully appreciated. But in truth, almost everything about Brexit — from the nature of the deal she negotiated to the divisions in her party and her country — is very much her fault. The latest development — European leaders have told her that the United Kingdom can have a Brexit extension until May 22, if May can get her withdrawal agreement passed in Parliament, but must crash out of all of its trading arrangements on April 12 if not — underlines this bitter truth. She is not to be pitied: She is the worst prime minister in living memory, presiding over a crisis of her own creation.

The list of her mistakes is not short. She did not have to trigger Article 50, the legal mechanism for leaving the European Union, before making a plan on how to do so: That decision set a two-year clock ticking and has resulted in the cliff edge the country would have reached on the 29th of this month if an extension had not been granted. She did not have to call an unnecessary parliamentary election in 2017, one which resulted in the loss of her majority and forced her to rely on a small, radical, Protestant Northern Irish political party, as well as the extreme anti-European faction within her own party, in order to stay in power.

But her errors go even deeper. In fact, all of the events of the past two years have been shaped by a decision she made, by herself, following bad advice, at the very beginning of this process. Remember that the British did not vote for any particular form of Brexit: Thanks to Cameron’s simplistic, open-ended referendum question, they chose to “Leave” the European Union but did not express any view on what should happen next. When she took office, May could have observed that the vote was very close, that Britain’s commercial and political ties to Europe were strong, and that it would make sense for the United Kingdom to stay within the single market, the pan-European free-trade zone that Britain itself did so much to create — or at the very least within a customs union.

Instead, she chose to leave both of those institutions, a decision that immediately triggered the problem of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which was eliminated thanks to E.U. trade treaties but will, if customs barriers are put in place, need to be built back. Her decision also created potential problems for anyone who trades with Britain or works with Britain — and for Brits who trade and work in Europe. But she was not sorry: She accompanied her decision with a speech that called “a citizen of the world” nothing more than “a citizen of nowhere” and immediately alienated a large part of the country.

She went on to alienate almost everyone else. Until this week, nearly three years after the referendum, she made no effort to reach across the aisle and include opposition parties in the planning for this momentous national change. Although the E.U. has been entirely transparent about its negotiating goals from the beginning, she kept hers secret. She tried, and failed, to prevent parliamentary scrutiny of her deal. She does not respond to pleas, advice, suggestions. Columnist Matthew Parris has described her as “the Death Star of modern British politics,” a black void that sucks in people and ideas and never provides a response.
Her secrecy and incompetence have created ill will in Europe, and real anger in the House of Commons, some of whose members have belatedly tried to take control of the Brexit process. They have begged her to try a series of votes, to try to find one version of an exit plan that could pass the entire chamber. John Bercow, speaker of the House of Commons, produced a decree from 1604 in an attempt to prevent yet another vote on her deal, after two had already failed. But she seems to take none of it in. On Wednesday evening, she made a bizarre, crypto-populist appeal, over the heads of Britain’s elected representatives, to the nation: “You the public have had enough,” she declared. “You are tired of the infighting. You are tired of the political games and the procedural rows” — as if the political games and procedural rows were not all entirely her fault. “It is high time we made a decision,” she said — as if she were not the one preventing Parliament from doing exactly that.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 85478 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 10:32 pm
85478 spacer

>Huel powders

I think you'll find yourself opting for long pig pretty quickly. That stuff is like drinking someone else's puke.
>> No. 85479 Anonymous
28th March 2019
Thursday 10:37 pm
85479 spacer

It doesn't really taste like anything to me, even with the flavouring powders. I'd get bored of it, not disgusted.
>> No. 85480 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 12:48 pm
85480 spacer

Hope your hiding behind a VPN, if the rozzers see your comment you rapidly won't have a firearms license
>> No. 85481 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 12:48 pm
85481 spacer

Hope your hiding behind a VPN, if the rozzers see your comment you rapidly won't have a firearms license
>> No. 85482 Anonymous
29th March 2019
Friday 12:51 pm
85482 spacer

I don't have one anyway. This is the internet, mate.


Johan Vansummeren 2011 Paris Roubaix Cycle oCvgoET.jpg
>> No. 3294 Anonymous
13th May 2011
Friday 11:27 am
/spo/3294 spacer
Anyone watching the cycling?
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>> No. 8801 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 2:34 pm
8801 spacer
Oh, yeah, I can't think of a single way in which a woman could get her fanny smashed in a hockey match, not a one.
>> No. 8802 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:04 pm
8802 spacer
Hockey lasses don't spend hours bashing their sticks against their tuppence.
>> No. 8803 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:59 pm
8803 spacer

I'm good friends with a yank cyclist woman who recently had fanny surgery to reduce the size of her flaps. They were causing serious problems for her racing and training on the bike, it sounded awful.

I had always thought that was exactly why women's saddles often have a huge cutaway in them, but apparently that only helps so much. I can't really imagine the saddle that solves this issue, though, I don't think it can really exist, due to the way pro riders are positioned on their bikes.
>> No. 8804 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:06 pm
8804 spacer


It depends on the size of your flaps. Most women get on just fine with an ISM Adamo or a Bontrager Hilo, even in a hyper-aggressive TT position. Most male cyclists use a saddle with a fairly substantial cutaway or dip these days, because it takes the pressure off your taint and eliminates the risk of numb cock.

If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off. There's only so much you can do to avoid friction if the inside of your bibshorts look like a butcher's bin.
>> No. 8805 Anonymous
27th March 2019
Wednesday 12:04 am
8805 spacer

>If you've got a minge like a dropped kebab, all bets are off.

That was her issue, she was quite candid about her meaty flaps.

My missus is a cyclist too and her much neater fadge has no issue at all, she doesn't even have a cutout, it's just a solid Fizik jobbie.


>> No. 5977 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 9:52 pm
/poof/5977 spacer
Dropped my watch in the loo last night. Fished it out quickly enough, but later spotted some condensation. Put it in a Tupperware type container with the crown out and the mother of all silica gel bags in the window where it would get direct sunlight for a few hours. There was still some there. Moved the box to a radiator for a few hours. It's still not done, but the bag and the container now have a slightly nasty smell like something was burnt.

If it doesn't clear up overnight, what do I do and roughly how much lighter is my wallet likely to be?

Pic is not the actual watch, obviously.
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>> No. 5988 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:25 am
5988 spacer
Rice just doesn't do a great job of absorbing moisture from air.
Just get some silica gel, you can get a huge bag for a few quid. That will absorb humidity down to a few percent RH, and it will get the watch bone dry.
>> No. 5989 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:42 am
5989 spacer
You clearly haven't seen your mum on heat.
>> No. 5990 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 8:14 am
5990 spacer
From where?
>> No. 5991 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:58 pm
5991 spacer
>> No. 5992 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 8:41 pm
5992 spacer
Still not quite done, though that might be because it looks like when I left it there this morning I forgot to take the crown back out. Doesn't look like there's much moisture left though. Can't imagine that the silica pack the size of my hand is anywhere near saturated yet.


>> No. 85439 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 10:11 pm
/pol/85439 spacer

This is a nice site. I feel like I should probably be moaning about the welfare state a bit more, but the rest I am fine with.
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>> No. 85442 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 10:50 pm
85442 spacer
I thought it a bit off that the UN wasn't on that but as it turns out we've forgotten to pay our subscription.

Anyone fancy chucking £20 in before they send the bailiffs round?
>> No. 85444 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 10:58 pm
85444 spacer
I know we're all just LARPing here, but it's odd how many of us are top tax bracket. Maybe we should start a prize fund for POTY.
>> No. 85452 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 5:43 pm
85452 spacer

I don't know, we do have a lot of arseholes. I've noticed that having too much money is often a big contributing factor towards being an arsehole, so it kind of makes sense.
>> No. 85453 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 6:25 pm
85453 spacer

I was an arsehole long before I had money, though.
>> No. 85454 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 7:31 pm
85454 spacer
I'd be nicer if I had money.


>> No. 18426 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 7:04 am
/news/18426 spacer
Strictly's Stacey Dooley SLAMMED by MP for her Comic Relief work

Strictly Come Dancing champion and TV documentary maker Stacey Dooley has been slammed by Labour MP David Lammy, who has criticised her for her trip to Uganda for Comic Relief.

The 31-year-old investigative reporter had travelled to Africa to film a documentary for the charity but the MP for Tottenham has accused Stacey of perpetuating "tired and unhelpful stereotypes".

Stacey had shared pictures on her social media from Uganda, with one snap showing her posing with a young child while another showed her during filming ahead of Red Nose Day.

Mr Lammy, who has been the MP for the north London borough since 2010, said on Twitter that Stacey was reinforcing unhelpful stereotypes about Africa. He said: "The world does not need any more white saviours. As I've said before, this just perpetuates tired and unhelpful stereotypes. Let's instead promote voices from across the continent of Africa and have serious debate."

Mr Lammy said his issue was not personal with Stacey and that he does not question her "good motives". Instead, he said he had a problem with 'British celebrities' being flown out to Africa by Comic Relief to make films which send "a distorted image" of the continent and perpetuate "an old idea from the colonial era".

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 18794 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:23 pm
18794 spacer


I can't wait to hear your tales of that peado den
>> No. 18795 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:46 pm
18795 spacer
>> No. 18796 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 7:53 pm
18796 spacer

Now you have to start to plan how you (we) subvert the system you have been placed in.
>> No. 18797 Anonymous
25th March 2019
Monday 8:03 pm
18797 spacer


I meant what I said.
>> No. 18798 Anonymous
26th March 2019
Tuesday 4:21 pm
18798 spacer

>I must have come off as a bumder, at least.

Might come in handy if a female coworker ever accuses you of sexual harassment.

"No, boss, when I said I liked her firm buttocks, what I meant was I wished mine looked like that!"


>> No. 59246 YubYub
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
/iq/59246 spacer
>A homeless man who stole a purse and a phone from victims of the Manchester Arena attack has admitted theft.

>Chris Parker, 33, was initially dubbed a hero after claiming he comforted a seriously injured girl. CCTV footage played to Manchester Crown Court showed him wandering between stricken victims. He kept returning to injured Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter lay dying nearby, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to steal her purse.

I don't get why bleeding heart do-gooders bleat on about the homeless. They're all scratters who are on the streets through choice, usually because they choose not to stay in a hostel as they know they wouldn't be allowed to do drugs there.
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>> No. 62857 Ambulancelad
25th March 2019
Monday 2:20 pm
62857 spacer
A very real hazard of not being able to just Airbnb the place for five times the long-term rate
>> No. 62858 R4GE
25th March 2019
Monday 2:49 pm
62858 spacer

What's the hazard?
>> No. 62859 YubYub
25th March 2019
Monday 4:10 pm
62859 spacer

A significant proportion of homeless people - particularly long-term homeless people - have significant social care needs. They might have issues with drug or alcohol dependency, they might have chronic mental health issues, they might have behavioural issues, often they have all of the above. Some homeless people just need somewhere to live, but some are difficult to house. If you really set your mind to it, you can make a newly-refurbished flat into a completely uninhabitable shithole in a matter of days. That's the reason for the risk premium - there are a lot of tenants that landlords are simply unwilling to accommodate at market rents.
>> No. 62860 Moralfag
25th March 2019
Monday 4:47 pm
62860 spacer
That's all well and good, but the overwhelming majority of homeless people placed in temporary accommodation are the 'hidden homeless' who have been priced out of where they live.

Oh, well. At least we're not Americans.

>Twisted police officer who fed homeless man dog poo sandwich keeps job
>> No. 62864 Auntiefucker
25th March 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
62864 spacer
We need to glass that entire damned continent and I mean the Covenant kind not to pint kind.


Tesco Custard Cream Spread.jpg
>> No. 62795 Samefag
22nd March 2019
Friday 5:09 pm
/iq/62795 spacer
>Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should
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>> No. 62813 Billbob
23rd March 2019
Saturday 12:44 am
62813 spacer
I am interested in understanding the appeal of eating icing.

Also, could anyone experienced in enjoying buttercream and the gritty stuff on top of carrot cakes please enlighten me as to the reasons for their existence.
>> No. 62814 Moralfag
23rd March 2019
Saturday 1:16 am
62814 spacer

It's carbs and fat combined, the two things our cavemen brains crave more than anything, and reward us for eating it with huge hits of dopamine. It's not that difficult to understand.
>> No. 62815 Searchfag
23rd March 2019
Saturday 1:32 am
62815 spacer
But the pathway to pleasure is more easily obtained via more pleasurable textures and accessible methods.

You can get yer liver to metabolise your own cannabinoids by gorging on chocolate, or opioids by swigging some habanero tabasco, for example.

You can't even get cuffed for it!
>> No. 62816 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 2:25 am
62816 spacer
>blueberry muffin flavour milk

That sounds amazing. Is it a nice bluey-marpley colour? I'd love to be disappointed by that.
>> No. 62844 Are Moaty
24th March 2019
Sunday 6:50 pm
62844 spacer
Inspired by this thread, I tried some banana flavour milk because I've seen it in the shop for months. It's so sickly sweet it's essentially undrinkable on its own. I'll try it with some cereal tomorrow.


>> No. 4741 Anonymous
21st March 2019
Thursday 2:30 pm
/boo/4741 The reason Art is so expensive is it is a tool for tax evasion
Rich people buy art at charity auctions for lower then it's appraised value.

let it 'appriciate' for a while and get it reapraised

Then they donate it to a charity for auction.

They then get to mark that as a charitable contribution which means they can off set it against their tax, and they get the value it was appraised at not the auction price.

Art is bought by next rich person at charity aution for 'less than it is worth'.


Art is usually unique so they can say it is priced whatever they want even if it is a scribble as long as it has an artist name they have massaged to mean something it can have a multi million price tag.

Pic related this painting is worth 300 million and I don't think it is purely because someone likes it that much.
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>> No. 4754 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:10 pm
4754 spacer

You people don't even know the meaning of the word "heresy", you probably don't even realise the Custodes are Eldar!
>> No. 4755 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:36 pm
4755 spacer

how art money laundering.jpg
Is this screencap from the other place accurate?
>> No. 4756 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 5:46 pm
4756 spacer
It's certainly horrendously antisemitic.
>> No. 4757 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 6:16 pm
4757 spacer
That's unfair on antisemites.
>> No. 4758 Anonymous
24th March 2019
Sunday 6:22 pm
4758 spacer
For one, a write-off reduces your taxable income, not the final bill.


african ministry of silly walks.jpg
>> No. 24180 Cowboy
2nd March 2019
Saturday 10:25 am
/zoo/24180 Filename
post your best filenames here
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>> No. 24185 Raoul
2nd March 2019
Saturday 3:59 pm
24185 spacer
Also .gs truncates filenames so never mind.
>> No. 24186 Fairy
2nd March 2019
Saturday 4:33 pm
24186 spacer

It isn't even a cardigan either.
>> No. 24187 Cockernay
2nd March 2019
Saturday 6:24 pm
24187 spacer
>I miss Camsy

Cracking one out to Philip May just isn't the same.
>> No. 24189 Dubya
23rd March 2019
Saturday 10:10 pm
24189 spacer
that filename sucks
>> No. 24190 Raoul
23rd March 2019
Saturday 10:45 pm
24190 spacer

I have exactly that cardigan. Uniqlo, pure wool, very cozy.


>> No. 62830 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 3:57 pm
/iq/62830 spacer

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>> No. 62836 YubYub
23rd March 2019
Saturday 8:41 pm
62836 spacer
It's the younger, asian version of Topsy from king of the hill.


>> No. 62789 Samefag
22nd March 2019
Friday 11:21 am
/iq/62789 spacer

Seriously, what's going to happen to him in prison?
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>> No. 62821 Are Moaty
23rd March 2019
Saturday 8:33 am
62821 spacer

Probably multiple factors. The judge in the video states that he was not found to have any mental health problems, but to me the fact that someone is capable of a murder without feeling regret is in itself a dysfunctional state of mind.

It could also just be plain ignorance and callousness. People generally, but especially young people (moreso males), can be senselessly violent. It may really be a case of not being fully emotionally aware of what he's done. You can't force someone to value human life.
>> No. 62827 Searchfag
23rd March 2019
Saturday 10:51 am
62827 spacer
I'm aware of that, but psycho teenagers usually at least go around glassing people outside Spoons at 2 am or get a bit stabby with other teenagers. Kidnapping, assaulting and murdering a 6 year-old girl is on a completely different level though, to me at least it presents something far more pathological than your typical callous teenage bastard.
>> No. 62828 YubYub
23rd March 2019
Saturday 11:34 am
62828 spacer
Yes, that's why your use of the term 'psycho' is flippant. A true psychopath is more than just someone quick to anger.
>> No. 62829 R4GE
23rd March 2019
Saturday 11:51 am
62829 spacer
Where do you think we are right now?
>> No. 62833 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 7:23 pm
62833 spacer

At Brendan Fraser's funeral?


>> No. 2503 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 5:39 pm
/uhu/2503 spacer
Is it ok to use these flexible pipes to connect the mains water to a cold water tank in the loft?
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>> No. 2504 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 6:10 pm
2504 spacer
>> No. 2505 Anonymous
22nd March 2019
Friday 8:41 pm
2505 spacer

>> No. 2506 Anonymous
23rd March 2019
Saturday 12:32 am
2506 spacer

No, you should use straight PVCU pipes, using myriad elbow joints to create a climbing frame of pipework which will eventually fail and micturate upon your archive of Knave and Fiesta mags, soft lad.


>> ID: 870de0 No. 14903 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 12:45 pm

ID: 870de0
/shed/14903 spacer
Met with this, today. Just thought I'd let someone know.
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>> ID: 3fe111 No. 14907 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 5:11 pm

ID: 3fe111
14907 spacer
OK Mumroon!
>> ID: 0c61fe No. 14908 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 7:36 pm

ID: 0c61fe
14908 spacer

>> ID: d004e2 No. 14909 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 7:47 pm

ID: d004e2
14909 spacer
Ah sorry lad, I cleaned up the list and couldn't remember which was which. Ping me somehow with the IP.

All sorted, sorry lads.
>> ID: ca324b No. 14910 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:33 pm

ID: ca324b
14910 spacer

If only there were some way of knowing when the certificate was about to expire ...
>> ID: d004e2 No. 14911 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:35 pm

ID: d004e2
14911 spacer
Like I read emails.


flockdraw goblin.png
>> No. 425340 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 8:05 am
/b/425340 spacer
Hypothetically speaking, would it be legal to download the video of the Christchurch shooting?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 425341 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 9:28 am
425341 spacer
I could give you the answer but the lack of honesty of your post sickens me.

I don't know why people think saying stupid phrases before what they intend somehow removes culpability.
>> No. 425342 Anonymous
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:35 am
425342 spacer
Not sure why you would want to, but why would it be illegal? There are death and shock videos all over the web. We are not in the dark ages of the video nasty era anymore.


>> No. 11284 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 9:06 pm
/beat/11284 spacer
Lads, I've been listening to a fair bit of Father John Misty and it's got me thinking. Is it possible to use algorithms to create music?

It's probably reflective of the slightly bland middle of the road music I seem to have settled into but literally every single song of his sounds like I've heard it before; even on the first listen to a track it's got that warm familiarity and pangs of nostalgia. Now I'm not saying the man has been created using artificial intelligence and manufactured music or imitating other artists is nothing new, but if someone turned around and said that all of his output had been cultivated in a lab with the aim of creating music with widespread appeal then I wouldn't blink an eye. I know the likes of Spotify use algorithms to recommend music they think people will like, but I'm not aware of algorithms being used to create music they think people will like.
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>> No. 11706 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 9:57 pm
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Most bands I know have moved to Facebook, which isn't a great music platform either, but it's there, and at least it has a strong system for setting events etc.
>> No. 11707 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 10:12 pm
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The tattoo on her leg is a portrait of a person in an oval frame. The thing is she didn't get it finished, before starting on another tattoo on her arm. So she has 3 unfinished tattoos on her body.
>> No. 11708 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 10:21 pm
11708 spacer

She sounds like just the right amount of mental slag.
>> No. 11709 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 10:54 pm
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>I didn't figure out for a long time that girls are just as interested in you as you are in them

I thought about this when we were talking about internet virgins a few days ago. I fondly remember the time I "went out" (to a bowling alley ffs) with a girl around 17 and we had a long long chat, and she talked about boys and stuff - and me. It never went anywhere (because I didn't know how to close the deal, nor did she) but it was very formative in that I realised what you're talking about it. A proper OH GOODNESS ME moment.
>> No. 11710 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 11:19 pm
11710 spacer

It's slightly distressing how many of these moments there were for me. I still did alright, but I'm pretty sure I would still be a virgin now if I didn't happen to meet a few girls who were willing to make the first move. That's really what got me started. It wasn't even like I was nervous or scared of these girls, just oblivious, and under the assumption that it was a one way feeling.

What a weird thing, though. Oblivious to their hints, yet still constantly horny and wanking for England.

And now that I think about it, accidentally playing hard to get would have made them want me even more. Fucks sake.


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>> No. 4565 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 3:16 pm
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General relativity = quantum mechanics. Mind blown.
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>> No. 4566 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:26 pm
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So spacetime is made out of a tapestry of quantum entanglements?
>> No. 4567 Anonymous
19th March 2019
Tuesday 6:11 pm
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