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>> No. 6781 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 11:17 pm
/£$€¥/6781 spacer
Are there any genuinely wealthy people on .gs? I don't just mean a high paying job or flash car, but those who have assets, own multiple properties, are business owners, and so on.
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>> No. 6827 Anonymous
3rd January 2017
Tuesday 1:20 pm
6827 spacer

Erm..... I fucking well am.
>> No. 6828 Anonymous
3rd January 2017
Tuesday 5:27 pm
6828 spacer
>What the fuck would either of you know about uncontacted tribes? How exactly can reliable data be obtained about communities it is inherently impossible to live amongst?

Decades of research on tribes that do get contacted. Unless the fucking Tellytubbies are out there we can draw conclusions of certain norms. As for your next claim, of course certain tribes learn to be hostile to outsiders (e.g. Sentinelese) but it comes from violent contact with unsavoury types.
>> No. 6829 Anonymous
4th January 2017
Wednesday 9:57 am
6829 spacer

We shall see. Not as much of a drama as it might seem, but we are aiming for a big one, so fuck knows. I will keep thee posted.
>> No. 6830 Anonymous
4th January 2017
Wednesday 10:01 am
6830 spacer


>keep thee posted

Cheers Compo.
>> No. 9338 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 6:58 pm
9338 spacer

Did you get your film made, lad?


>> No. 94260 Anonymous
2nd July 2021
Friday 5:59 pm
/pol/94260 Back to Basics, you say?
I've a funny feeling we're going to need this thread.

This man is not going to be the next Prime Minister, and that is quite awesome.
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>> No. 94423 Anonymous
29th August 2021
Sunday 8:05 pm
94423 spacer
>A statement from clubnight, Pipe, said: "Thanks to all the amazing people, and Michael Gove..."
>> No. 94424 Anonymous
30th August 2021
Monday 12:10 am
94424 spacer

Good to see that Gove is handling his divorce with dignity.

TBH I wouldn't be surprised if this was some sort of guerilla marketing campaign to put people off going to nightclubs.
>> No. 94425 Anonymous
30th August 2021
Monday 4:35 pm
94425 spacer
Apparently he tried to get out of paying the entry fee by saying he's the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

This is his attempt at creating a 'Boris' style public persona, isn't it? GOVEY, WHAT A LEDGE.
>> No. 94426 Anonymous
30th August 2021
Monday 9:45 pm
94426 spacer
There's absolute no way that any reasonable human being wouldn't/shouldn't attempt to get away with skipping a five quid entry fee by using that particular aspect of their arsenal.

"But mate, I'm a knight of the realm, can you give us 2 for a fiver"
>> No. 95828 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 9:18 am
95828 spacer


>> No. 9334 Anonymous
10th May 2022
Tuesday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/9334 spacer
I have the option to open a savings and investment account. I've been offered three different options:

Investment and Savings Account
- Yearly, low standard taxation
- No need to declare every sale / no hassle with income tax return

Fund Account
- Can trade funds
- Can compensate profits against losses in income-tax return
- Usually 30% tax on profits and dividends

Equity Trader
- Trade equities and other securities
- Can compensate profits against losses in income-tax return
- Usually 30% tax on profits and dividends
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>> No. 9335 Anonymous
10th May 2022
Tuesday 10:22 pm
9335 spacer
Who "offered" you these options? It sounds like you just have money and can put it somewhere. In that case, the common advice is that you can't beat the market so you should just spread it out (diversify) as much as possible. For example, a stocks and shares ISA will offer you various stock markets that you can buy one of every share from. If you want to buy one of every share in the FTSE 100, for example, you can put your money there using one of the companies that do it.

When I wanted to do this, finding the companies that do it was actually the hardest part. Vanguard is one, Hargreaves Lansdowne is another, and Legal & General is a third. You can also buy individual shares if you want to from companies like AJ Bell.

I just gave all my money to Vanguard, and none of the bullet points you mentioned ever came up. I invested about £10,000 with them, so if you are much richer than this, you're welcome to ignore my advice. But if you plan to use one of the companies I've mentioned, they will give you lots of reading material to explain what will happen in more detail. It depends on what you want to do, but if you're happy to just passively pile your money into "stock markets in general", then get an ISA and ignore most of what you mention in the OP.
>> No. 9336 Anonymous
10th May 2022
Tuesday 10:32 pm
9336 spacer
1. Equity and fund accounts are the same thing. Platforms can differ on which they're geared towards but I can't think of anywhere you can buy shares in funds but not directly into equities.

2. You mean capital gains tax which is a different beast and I don't see it hitting 30%, in all likelihood you will never have to pay this due to the tax-free allowance and ISA but record keeping isn't hard as platforms keep records. Unless you fuck about with crypto and pictures of monkeys.

3. You're liable to lose money with investing early on as the market is on a downturn, and you can lose it all by panicking or gambling which is what gets people. That said if you can plop your money in a low-cost tracker fund and forget about it then you will beat almost any other form of saving I can think of aside from houses and maybe investing in skills.

I don't know lad, put a little in a credit union, a little in a standard bank savings account and the rest on low-risk investing until you learn the ropes. No need to be all tally-ho.
>> No. 9337 Anonymous
10th May 2022
Tuesday 10:38 pm
9337 spacer

This sounds shady as fuck m8.


>> No. 69588 Paedofag
24th September 2021
Friday 9:18 pm
/iq/69588 spacer
How's the panic buying going, lads?
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>> No. 70923 Searchfag
9th May 2022
Monday 2:37 pm
70923 spacer
>High Street chemists have run out of some hay-fever drugs, as a UK industry-wide shortage hits supplies. Stocks of chlorphenamine maleate, the active ingredient in brands such as Piriton, are limited, Boots says. Pollen counts will remain medium to high across much of the UK this week, the Met Office says.

I hope neither of you were planning on going outside anytime soon.
>> No. 70924 Paedofag
9th May 2022
Monday 3:02 pm
70924 spacer

>I hope neither of you were planning on going outside anytime soon.

No, no, that's the real people world. We can't be out there!
>> No. 70925 Auntiefucker
9th May 2022
Monday 3:10 pm
70925 spacer
Sounds like a perfect opportunity to start selling my hippie remedies made from whatever I have in my kitchen. Hayfever got you down? Just half a pint of my patented horseradish sauce, cumin and fenugreek powder, for the low low price of just £19.99, and I guarantee you will see see results of some sort.
>> No. 70926 YubYub
9th May 2022
Monday 3:22 pm
70926 spacer
Might be a good thing if people with hay-fever die out. Survival of the fittest.
>> No. 70927 R4GE
9th May 2022
Monday 10:53 pm
70927 spacer

Only effects about 1/5 of Hay-fever meds apparently. Any of the types which don't make you drowsy are dandy.


>> No. 415204 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 7:50 pm
/b/415204 spacer
How much of this fair land of ours have you lads actually visited?

I've just been thinking about it and there's so many places in Britain I've never particularly laid my eyes on, especially the scenery and landscapes of Scotland. What are the "hidden gems" here that you would recommend people really should visit at least once in their lives? Unhidden gems too, for that matter.
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>> No. 451347 Anonymous
7th May 2022
Saturday 10:28 pm
451347 spacer
I know the faces are ridiculous, but I don't entirely hate this. It represents workers being killed, and the workers are all memorable, distinct individuals. The killers, meanwhile, look cool but they're all the same, identical copies of each other. It's a shame the expressions are so absurd, because other than that, it's quite a good piece of art. I can certainly see what the artist was going for with it.
>> No. 451349 Anonymous
7th May 2022
Saturday 11:29 pm
451349 spacer


That's a scarily accurate description of my lackluster hometown.

Not far from where you were, you could have taken a delightful stroll down Old Cock Yard to see the garage (or remnants of,) where they found the remains of a suspected Peter Sutcliffe victim.
>> No. 451350 Anonymous
7th May 2022
Saturday 11:38 pm
451350 spacer
See, this is what I never liked about Preston, always so full of themselves.
>> No. 451351 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 12:19 am
451351 spacer
Do you pronounce Aqueduct Street as Ack-ee-dock. My Dad and Grandad did (with tounge somewhat in cheek knowing that it was wrong, but just doing it the local way).
>> No. 451353 Anonymous
8th May 2022
Sunday 12:39 am
451353 spacer
No, I don't think I've ever heard it pronounced like that.


carol_vorderman_countdown_103 (1)_thumb[3].jpg
>> No. 70914 Paedofag
7th May 2022
Saturday 12:50 pm
/iq/70914 spacer
Is counting up to 10 the same as counting down from 10? I think I've fucked my brain up.

Hear me out, right. If you count up to 10 then the last sequence is going from 9 to 10. if you count down from 10 then the last sequence is going from 2 to 1 yet if you set a countdown of 10 on a stopwatch then it doesn't stop at 1, the final bit is going from 1 to 0. That must mean they're not the same. If I count down from 10 and stop at 0 then that's 11 counts but if I count up I only need 10 fingers to count them all. It doesn't make any fucking sense any more.
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>> No. 70916 Billbob
7th May 2022
Saturday 1:05 pm
70916 spacer
How do I count numbers without counting numbers?
>> No. 70917 Searchfag
7th May 2022
Saturday 1:27 pm
70917 spacer
Try counting up from 0 instead, see what happens.
>> No. 70918 Moralfag
7th May 2022
Saturday 1:29 pm
70918 spacer
zero doesn't exist, it was invented by eskimos.
>> No. 70919 Are Moaty
7th May 2022
Saturday 1:31 pm
70919 spacer
Zero is a weird number to say. It's not only two-syllables for a single digit number but when it combines with other numbers it makes a -ty and -dred sound. I don't like zero, it reminds me of myself.
>> No. 70920 Samefag
7th May 2022
Saturday 3:45 pm
70920 spacer
Numbers are just wierd. It's like calling someone wearing glasses a speccy four eyes cunt. They've only got two eyes tho.


>> No. 31692 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 11:09 am
/emo/31692 Helping my dad with "types of" therapy
Somehow my sister has finally managed to bully our dad into getting therapy for the issues he has that marred our childhoods from beginning to end, drove our mum to the bottle and left us half-broken semi-humans with a plethora of our own issues.

To my astonishment, the old man is actually giving it a "serious" go, for the moment at least. He is having EMDR at the moment because apparently a lot of his issues are related to trauma from his own childhood and EMDR is good for that. He doesn't like it and is instinctively hostile to anything that seems like it doesn't have a clear and direct relation to his issues.

He has told me that what he believes he actually needs is "whatever the type of therapy that bloke in The Sopranos has. Proper therapy therapy." I have been tasked with finding out what this type of therapy is called (is it just 'psychoanalysis'?) and arranging it for him.

How do I do this? Pretend money is no object but I understand absolutely nothing about anything. I'm basically Tony's fat idiot son who just wanted to play his PS2.
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>> No. 31696 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 2:25 pm
31696 spacer
No idea if this is what Soprano had but this sounds like exactly the kind of thing my dad would go for based upon the description. I will try and sell him on it and see what happens. Cheers.
>> No. 31697 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 3:37 pm
31697 spacer
I wish I had the stones to tell the NHS I want "whatever type of therapy Tony Soprano" has.
>> No. 31698 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 5:09 pm
31698 spacer
I mean, the thing is, I don't think whatever type of therapy Tony Soprano has is actually very good in real life.

Yanks are obsessed with therapy, which is fitting because they're an entire country of neurotic bastards, and their society is so atomised what better solution than to outsource the conversations you should be able to have with your spouse or close friends to someone you pay by the hour. But I have my hunches that the reason they have this kind of therapy goes hand in hand with their very lucrative medical system. You don't need to actually have any mental health issues to go to a therapist, and if you do, you're very unlikely to be cured by seeing them. It's as much of a fashion statement as a medical treatment, for a certain segment of Yank society, like doing yoga or going to the gym.

What I'm saying is that the type of therapy your dad has in mind from The Sopranos isn't "real proper therapy". I'm sue he and you both know that it's a fictional, idealised version anyway, but even so, I doubt the real life equivalent will be quite what he hopes for either.

Anyway, there are other approaches beyond CBT, but do try keep in mind CBT is used because it has been proven to be effective. It's just a deeply personal thing though, and finding a practitioner who you actually click with and feel like you can trust helps a lot. Some of them are more "proactive" than others, they prompt you more, give you more to think about rather than just letting you talk and nodding. But it's trial and error getting to them.
>> No. 31699 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 6:00 pm
31699 spacer
The evidence shows that the style of therapy doesn't have a significant impact on the outcome. What matters is what's called the "therapeutic alliance" - the degree to which the patient trusts their therapist and they agree on the goals of therapy. There strong diminishing returns, with most of the benefit coming after 12 to 18 sessions of therapy. Those benefits fade over time, but most of the benefit can be restored with a short "top-up" course of two or three sessions.

If I were looking for a therapist for someone, I'd start by talking to them about what they want to achieve through therapy and what expectations or preconceptions they might have. A therapist isn't going to "fix" you, they're just going to give you some tools that you can use to change yourself. Patients who go into the process with positive but realistic expectations tend to do best.

Next, I'd ring around a few different therapists to just get a sense of them as a person. Any good therapist should be happy to chat for a few minutes about their approach to therapy and how they work with patients. You're looking for someone that you think your old man will get on with, but someone who won't take any nonsense. Think of the kind of mate who has always got your back, but isn't afraid to pull you up when you're acting like a twat.

Going purely on first impressions, I think that your dad would benefit most from some no-nonsense CBT. Cognitive Behavoural Therapy done properly doesn't muck about with old traumas or trying to get to the bottom of your issues (whatever that means), it's about figuring out what you're feeling, figuring out how those feelings affect your behaviour and giving you practical tools to change. It's very goal-oriented and tends to work very well for people who are motivated to change but don't really know how. If your dad is the sort of bloke who doesn't have much of an emotional vocabulary and doesn't realise when he's acting in a self-destructive way, he's likely to find a lot of useful stuff in CBT.

As I said, the most important thing in therapy is trust and understanding. If you can get across to your dad that you need to shop around to find someone on the right wavelength, you're halfway there.
>> No. 31700 Anonymous
6th May 2022
Friday 9:43 pm
31700 spacer
Exactly why you think, trypophobia.


Wankel Cycle.jpg
>> No. 70874 Samefag
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:42 pm
/iq/70874 spacer
I've abstained from pornography and wanking for two months and counting now, but I'm still not horny or desperate enough to bang the 5/10 slam pigs I encounter in clubs. How long does it take until my standards are sufficiently lowered?
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>> No. 70907 YubYub
4th May 2022
Wednesday 9:41 pm
70907 spacer

i wouldn't quite call muscles the equivalent of the Generically attractive vanilla blonde woman though, in fairness. it's more of a specific taste, and it seems to attract a rather specific sort of woman. Usually slightly vapid slags, if I'm being honest, from second hand observation- but that's at least a personality, not just beige.

For the generic default attractive male equivalent of that leggy blonde model type, I would say you're looking more at Leo dicaprio when he was young, tom hardy up to a few years ago, that kind of thing. middle of the road, tall but not lanky, handsome but not too rugged or too effete, toned but not too muscular. stands to reason, it's like otherlad with the mcdonalds comparison.

horses for courses Innit. i suppose the truth is that most people are just really fucking boring. i swipe through tinder all day thinking "who the fuck is interested in these fucking geordie shore wankers?" but then I remember there's a thousand equally geordie shore looking lads who think they're the pinnacle of beauty, because they can go to nandos together and order the mild sauce. meanwhile, I only match with mental slags who used to self harm, because I'm the sort of lad who asks where to find knee height boots on an anonymous imageboard.


Back when we were developing these predelictions we were all mainly shagging our cousins. what were early human tribes other than big families? part of our evolved urge is to diversify the genepool, because you know what inbreeding does. The fresh genetic material came mainly from either when we conquered other tribes and raped all their women, or when those tribes fell apart due to disease or starvation etc and we had to take them in. probably worth thinking about for a bit before you start ascribing aesthetic tastes to some kind of biological determinism.
>> No. 70908 Samefag
4th May 2022
Wednesday 9:52 pm
70908 spacer
Why would I even attempt going without porn or wanking if I had a missus?
>> No. 70909 Crabkiller
4th May 2022
Wednesday 10:00 pm
70909 spacer

the same reason you're doing it now, or else the implication here is you think doing this will ultimately help you get one.

i think you've been spending too much time on /r9k/ if so.
>> No. 70910 Anonymous
5th May 2022
Thursday 5:33 pm
70910 spacer
The proof is in the pudding m9. I'm horny enough to be putting myself in a position to get lusted over by slampigsinoffensive looking, slightly portly women, and I'm getting the numbers of birds I want to bang. Things fizzle out when we text, but at least progress is being made.
>> No. 70911 Ambulancelad
5th May 2022
Thursday 5:59 pm
70911 spacer

So what are you going to do when you get with a lass, spaff up her, then it takes you two months of chastity to be able to go back on the hunt?

What are you going to do when you get a girlfriend and paint her interior walls white for the first time in six months, then realise you don't want anything to do with her, but your mind was clouded by having seminal ducts backed up to the point of needing medical intervention?

you're getting into dangerous territory here mate. if i were you i'd make sure your search takes place on fetlife, so when you do find on at least she'll be willing to keep you in a chastity cage and only let you out for a bi-annual prostate milking.


>> No. 15116 Anonymous
5th May 2022
Thursday 8:17 am
/nom/15116 spacer
What should I be having for breakfast?

I know there's a fair bit of propaganda behind cereal.
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>> No. 15117 Anonymous
5th May 2022
Thursday 10:18 am
15117 spacer
In terms of health and fitness? You can't go far wrong with oats or eggs. Oats are quite nutrient dense, high in fibre and protein and will keep you feeling full. Eggs are very nutrient dense and high in protein.

For breakfast, I personally go with:
1) Porridge oats cooked in the microwave with half water, half milk, a chopped banana, ginger and honey
2) Dry oats mixed with cold yoghurt, chopped banana, frozen berries, whey protein powder
3) Two or three eggs, put in boiling water for about five minutes from the fridge so the yolks are still soft, and a couple of slices of toast
4) As a treat, a ham and cheese croissant done in the oven
5) For weekends where I have no plans other than to eat until midday, I'll make a bacon and egg fry-up or thin pancakes with grated cheese and ham

If all else fails or I'm pushed for time, a cup of coffee and a piece of fruit will get me by.
>> No. 15118 Anonymous
5th May 2022
Thursday 11:42 am
15118 spacer
Coffee and a cig has served me well for the best part of the last decade. I started putting on a bit of tub when I switched the fags out for a vape though, so if you want to stay lean stick to the Marlboros, is all I'll say.

Lass I know is a nutritionist and swears by oats. Apparently you should do them with salt and if you want flavour, peanut butter is one of the most nutrient dense things you can have. (Proper peanut butter mind, not the stuff they put in Reeses cups.) She's also an anti-vaxxer and reckons dairy gives you depression, though, so I'm not sure how much of her expertise actually veers into quack territory.

Come to think of it I don't think I've ever met a food/health expert who didn't have at least one slightly mental belief to make you question the rest of their qualification.
>> No. 15119 Anonymous
5th May 2022
Thursday 2:24 pm
15119 spacer

The problem with giving nutritional advice is the same as in public health generally, there's pitfalls in applying population level data to individuals. Biology is so complex and there are so many mechanisms at play that we use blunt statistical tools to say, "this seemed to work this way on average for most people", but of course that's only a first approximation and a lot more needs to be done for the person in front of you.

Another issue is that some people then people make the opposite error, and conclude that if something has adversely affected them and/or a select few cases, then it must not be good for anyone. For example, you have people that swear by meat only diets, when in reality they've probably unknowingly eliminated some allergen that bothers them but most other people can tolerate pretty well.

Understanding this is one of the key differences between being a good and bad practitioner (of anything related to health, dietician, physio, etc.), in my opinion.


>> No. 38186 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 6:21 pm
/news/38186 Boris Becker guilty of four charges under Insolvency Act

>The six-time Grand Slam champion told reporters outside court he would not be commenting on the verdict.

>He was found guilty of transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds from his business account after his bankruptcy, failing to declare a property in Germany, and concealing €825,000 of debt.

>He could face a jail sentence carrying a maximum term of seven years for each count.
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>> No. 38370 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:44 pm
38370 spacer

Private loans are never a good idea. And not just because you may be paying extortionate interest on them. They also tend to ruin friendships if you're in any way close to the would-be lender.

But not being able to repay £1.2m when your net worth at one point used to be 100 million euros is just human tragedy. Not saying it can't happen to the best of us, but to get to a point where you just blew through 100 million and can't repay a loan of 1.5 percent that, interest or no, you're either a cocaine addict with a heavy habit or you simply never should have been allowed to handle your own finances.
>> No. 38371 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 9:44 am
38371 spacer
They're saying he lost £10m by investing in Nigerian oil wells.

Did he not know that all those e-mails from imprisoned Nigerian princes are fake?

But cheap laughs aside, that deal was apparently shilled by one of Becker's aides who was Nigerian. The fact that he invested such a large chunk of his already dwindling fortune in a country with rampant corruption and political instability at all levels shows that he was really out of his depth handling his money.
>> No. 38372 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 9:58 pm
38372 spacer

That does bring up an angle I hadn't considered before actually. If I were to just inherit 50 million quid out of the blue one day off of my long lost great uncle Laurence Cholmondley-Cribbingsworth's vast rural estate, would I know who to turn to and actually be able to trust with investing that money safely?

It's easy for me to talk out of my arse here about hiring a financial adviser and going to an investment broker and what have you, but I think the reality is more likely I'd suddenly become extremely paranoid everyone was out to scam me out of my newfound wealth, because let's face it, a great deal of people would be out to scam me out of my newfound wealth.

I'm sure Hargreaves Landsdown are a very reputable business, but is phoning them up and saying "Hello, yes, I just inherited fifty million quid, what do I do with it?" painting a target on your forehead, the same way taking your car to the garage and saying "I don't know anything about cars, but it's making a funny noise, fix it please?" is?
>> No. 38373 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 10:11 pm
38373 spacer
>painting a target on your forehead

Once you have over a certain amount of money, many of the investment, banking, loan protections that us paupers have fly out the window - in the UK, different banks have different limits, but the one I used to work for was you earn over £300k per year and/or have £3m in liquid assets, you're treated as a professional investor and not so much as a private individual.

So when you're at that level, you go to a thing called a Private Bank, and they look after you. Obviously because you're now a professional investor, they can sell you almost any financial product or investment they like, they don't have to read you all the terms and conditions, you don't have to sign all the papers, or get any of the protections that you or I would get. Target acquired.
>> No. 38374 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 11:10 pm
38374 spacer

I guess there's somewhat of a fine line between recommending a slightly dodgy investment to a large account holder, and investment fraud.

>Obviously because you're now a professional investor

They're sitting ducks because from having rubbed shoulders with their likes both professionally (not a banker) and leisurely, my perception is that there's often plenty of hubris involved there. They think that because they for some reason have (single-digit) millions to their name, investment mistakes don't happen to them. It's normally just daytraders on Wallstreetbets who succumb to the delusion that they're the next Warren Buffet just because a heavily leveraged trade improbably goes their way, but small-time millionaires like that can almost as easily gamble much of it away.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 43010 Anonymous
21st April 2022
Thursday 7:05 pm
43010 spacer

I don't get it.
>> No. 43011 Anonymous
21st April 2022
Thursday 7:29 pm
43011 spacer

I think Jeremy Beadle would work as a joke there.
>> No. 43012 Anonymous
21st April 2022
Thursday 7:56 pm
43012 spacer

Jeremy Beadle's got a tiny cock.

On the other hand, it's massive.
>> No. 43013 Anonymous
22nd April 2022
Friday 12:46 am
43013 spacer
She's got one boob bigger than the other which matches his famous hand position.

It is from an old Bruce Lee joke a friend told me back in 2000.
>> No. 43017 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 4:22 pm
43017 spacer



>> No. 95694 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 1:13 am
/pol/95694 spacer
The Policing Bill has passed.

Some say it's mearly a boring formalisation of Public Nuisance law when it comes to protests, others say that any protest that's too loud is now VERBOTEN.

Given we already have laws about protesting near parliament, ( plenty of old buildings worth preserving near there) and given there was satire about those draconian laws. Given we had no genuine problem with protesting, when people were doing it in a peaceful way. And that it's now nearly as hard as getting an FAC as it is getting a license to demonstrate. Can we roll back some of the "let me shout" laws?

I'm going to make a sign saying "Fried eggs are better than boiled" and wear it with pride. If that falls fowl of the law, the law is broken.
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>> No. 95763 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:18 pm
95763 spacer

I think the properly evil ones do have just as, if not more of a toxic work culture, it's just that they put so much effort into brainwashing their staff we never hear about it.

I always think it's a giant red flag if a company has things like those open plan kitchen areas in the office, pool tables, football tables, and tells you you're "free to take a break whenever you like", because "they value happy, motivated staff!" or some such bollocks. Because you just know, it's not real. It's definitely one of those Lacanian social taboos like Slavoj Zizek always talks about, where there are rules you're allowed to break, and permissions you are absolutely forbidden from actually using.

Just the fact Google has the motto "don't be evil" has always seemed to me self evident proof that they are unquestionably the most evil business in operation today.
>> No. 95764 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:40 pm
95764 spacer

Further to this I would imagine charities and other such good causes attract a lot of narcissist god-complex headcases. Much like if you take a look through the supposedly tolerant, liberal, progressive parts of the internet, you'll invariably find nothing but a cesspit full of bullies and their sycophants, it's just such an easy environment for such people to take advantage of.

I work in the NHS and our department has a truly revoltingly toxic habitual bully, who they (i.e management) simply can't shift. All she has to do is play the victim every time she gets dobbed in, make a bit of noise about bringing in the union, and get a sick note for "stress" for good measure, and they're effectively powerless to sack her. She knows the rules inside out, so she knows exactly what she can get away with.

On a larger scale, when you have a lot of people like that in an organisation, the only way anything ends up getting done is when it boils over into a nasty press expose that requires a big performative house-cleaning to salvage their PR.
>> No. 95765 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 9:41 pm
95765 spacer

>Just the fact Google has the motto "don't be evil" has always seemed to me self evident proof that they are unquestionably the most evil business in operation today.

Good news:

The most famous phrase in Google’s corporate philosophy, “Don’t be evil,” has been almost entirely removed from the technology giant’s code of conduct.

Google, which is now a subsidiary of Alphabet after a corporate restructuring in 2015, previously included the phrase “Don’t be evil” at the very start of its code, and another two times within the first two paragraphs.

The simple language was replaced by vague and less specific wording such as “ethical business conduct”.
>> No. 95766 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 10:48 pm
95766 spacer
I am pretty sure they did this a long while back. Why is it news now?
>> No. 95767 Anonymous
4th May 2022
Wednesday 7:53 am
95767 spacer
It isn't, his post is responding to someone else who hadn't realised it had happened, slowlad.


>> No. 70851 R4GE
29th April 2022
Friday 12:37 am
/iq/70851 Let's try that again
Yorkshire dad says son, 8, 'cried to sleep' after being removed from Bad Boy Chiller Crew gig crowd

Cheers, son's crying. Nice one.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 70871 Billbob
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 6:46 pm
70871 spacer

That'll be a heart-warming tale to tell to his grandkids and/or probation officer.
>> No. 70872 Ambulancelad
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 8:40 pm
70872 spacer
I don't know which one you mean, but a bit of a moot point.
>> No. 70873 Paedofag
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 8:50 pm
70873 spacer

I find this remarkably wholesome.
>> No. 70880 Searchfag
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 11:07 pm
70880 spacer
>> No. 70894 R4GE
4th May 2022
Wednesday 4:43 am
70894 spacer
Paupers have an allergy that means they can't wear shirts when the sun's out.


>> No. 3664 Anonymous
11th March 2022
Friday 9:32 pm
/map/3664 spacer
Is there 'owt to do in London? Preferably something on the cheap side for a date?

I've tried looking online but it's all uninspired and out of date list articles. I'd like somewhere to take the girlfriend but I'm running out of ideas after the not-so-secret underground bar and most of the obvious options can be ruinously expensive.
22 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3687 Anonymous
13th March 2022
Sunday 8:32 am
3687 spacer

>They like it when you make an effort

And maybe, just maybe, in this bid to make an effort, you might ask some other lads on the internet for ideas about things that could make you seem a bit more worldly in That London and impress her a bit.

It's a first date, lad. Chances are you know very little about the lass in question by this stage, that's the point of going on the fucking date. You spod.

Anyway you don't need to lecture me about success with women, I'm the lad who recently renounced my faith in the church of chub. I fancy myself as rather the ladykiller after that.
>> No. 3688 Anonymous
13th March 2022
Sunday 12:33 pm
3688 spacer
OP here, that wasn't me. I've been avoiding this thread as you're clearly a sad-cunt after the chance the browbeat someone rather than to give suggestions that might be useful to me or other people who might look to /map/ for things to do in London.

My girl is foreign and likes theatre, museums, chocolate, is in medical training and might be a workaholic in any other culture but her own. I've been falling for her because we're great together; she makes me laugh, she's caring, she gets giddy when I'm affectionate, when I'm with her I'm more patient and hopefully her work ethic rubs off on me and yes, I want to put my willy in her. Even if it doesn't work out with her I'll obviously need date venues in future won't I, cunt.
>> No. 3689 Anonymous
13th March 2022
Sunday 2:30 pm
3689 spacer

> I can't believe I'm explaining this to (presumably) a functioning adult, but women like it when you take an interest in them. They like it when you make an effort.

Why does this need spelling out.

Even if you're just after a casual shag for the weekend, you're likely not going to get it making no effort at all. Except if the lass is drunk or she just doesn't care or she somehow sees an absolute sex god in you.
>> No. 3690 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 3:19 pm
3690 spacer

>Ride the Emirates Air Line (people who ride the London Eye given this option are proper mugs)

Emirates has been ruined by developments, you end up with a nice view of an industrial estate.

It's not free (£14) but there's a relatively unknown Garden Museum near Lambeth Bridge, you have to deal with 131~ steps on a medieval spiral staircase but the view from its tower is amazing and a real gem that gives a panoramic view along the Thames and on the opposite side towards Canary Wharf. Keep it a secret though because it's only a thin spiral staircase with a rope so if someone is coming down you'll have to turn around.
>> No. 3691 Anonymous
3rd May 2022
Tuesday 12:41 am
3691 spacer
I did this today and can confirm it's pretty good, although there's a fair amount of people smoking crack and shooting heroin down the canals near Camden Market which is a growing trend I've noticed. The Pembroke Castle nearby is pretty good for food when you're done smooching, surprisingly cheap.


>> No. 3042 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 10:32 pm
/uhu/3042 spacer
Do I have to get planning permission to move my fence up to the side of the pavement? It's about 2m tall.

Some of the neighbours have tall fences up against the pavement, some have short fences with hedges over them and some have just tall hedges.
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3044 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 2:07 am
3044 spacer
How will you get your car through the fence?
>> No. 3045 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 9:03 am
3045 spacer
This site says otherwise
I'm lost.
>> No. 3046 Anonymous
8th April 2022
Friday 10:40 am
3046 spacer
If someone said something, you could use the neighbours as an excuse as it set a precedent. Just do it and if someone from the council turns up and is a jobsworth, you can get planning permission retro-actively for an already completed structure. There is a guy on youtube who built a bunker under his house and then asked for PP, because they weren't exactly going to tell him to dig it out.
>> No. 3050 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 7:23 pm
3050 spacer


They could pretty easily tell me to take down a fence but I've done it now anyway. Just 6" bolts holding it up, no sunken concrete like >>3043 said.

Need to put another one up along the side of the driveway and I'm thinking to dig a trench through the concrete inside the top one, stick a hedge there.
>> No. 3051 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 7:41 pm
3051 spacer
Yes, but the worst that can happen is that the council make you move it back.


>> No. 95169 Anonymous
6th January 2022
Thursday 2:04 am
/pol/95169 Angela Rayner
Boris is looking completely lost, Keir is a bit of wet rag and I'm unsure of her connections to the Corybnista loonies. But that said, Boris is over and done now - I like her very much, and she will probably be the next Prime Minister and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 95752 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 2:49 pm
95752 spacer
Can you clarify what you mean by "semi-socialist"? I feel that might shed some light on the answer to your question.
>> No. 95753 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 4:26 pm
95753 spacer

Partially because she's not a proper socialist, and partially because they hate the working class. The crisis for a certain segment of the left in modern times is that they want to represent a working class, just not the working class we actually have.

I don't mind her. It's hard to say I like her, because I suspect she's about as principled as any of them, which is to say not at all. But she's certainly one of the best of a bad bunch.
>> No. 95754 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 4:27 pm
95754 spacer
damned if I know. I went to her website, to see what values she espouses. I am none the wiser. This is about as close as I got:

“From the beginning of my working life I’ve always stood up for working people, first as a Trade Union rep representing care workers and then as a regional union official. Now I use the skills I’ve developed to represent the communities of Ashton, Droylsden and Failsworth.”

It's a remarkably content-free website. Maybe that's best.
>> No. 95755 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 4:46 pm
95755 spacer
It's always sad to see how trade unionists fall into this. Imagine how daft and ineffectual it must all feel.

>> No. 95758 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 5:44 pm
95758 spacer

Phwoar. This Neil Parish story is getting pretty intense.


>> No. 450978 Anonymous
24th April 2022
Sunday 2:34 am
/b/450978 spacer
Today I had a special interest in rabbit meat online then just now on my way back from a restaurant I saw a baby rabbit by itself in the bush
16 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 451216 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 4:40 pm
451216 spacer
That explains why they taste so good.
>> No. 451226 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 10:42 pm
451226 spacer
I've tried rabbit and it has an undesirably strong flavour. Probably an acquired taste.
>> No. 451234 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 11:56 am
451234 spacer
Pardon me, I meant to ask how small of a flock would be able to provide fresh meat daily. If I took a picture of my garden would you be able to tell me if its big enough?
>> No. 451235 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 1:05 pm
451235 spacer

If they go from egg to harvest in ten weeks, then I am guessing ten. Assuming your meat consumption is not such that one bird can't last a week, in which case make it fifteen or twenty. Remember you also get the eggs, which are as good as meat. Meat precursor.

Rather than the dystopian insect and soy protein future vegans and assorted self-flagellating machochistic mentalists want for us, I'd much rather see a world where everyone has the capability of rearing a few chickens in their garden, maybe a pig or something, and a little patch of veg. It would be un-feasible to have everyone growing all their food that way, but it would go a long way to reducing our reliance on absurd shit like shipping stuff from Florida just for you to leave half of it in the fridge and then chuck it out when it goes bad.

Then again that requires everyone to have a garden, which means everyone has to live in some sort of low density suburb, and we know those are the least efficient way of living for transportation and such. Maybe once we all work from home and the city centre dies as a concept; but that's a blinkered middle class pipe dream too, and the only people who believe it will ever happen are naive cunts who don't realise just how much shit goes into the daily running of society, that can't be done remotely, because it requires actually doing things with your hands.

So it's back to square one- Let's just kill half the humans on the planet so the remaining ones can still eat meat and enjoy life. There's no point humanity existing if we're all going to be a set of joyless wankers eating Sarah Millican's Squelchy Fanny Custard.

I need a cig.
>> No. 451236 Anonymous
2nd May 2022
Monday 3:27 pm
451236 spacer
What are you aiming for? Cheaper, tastier, greener, more ethicl, more resilient after armageddon, something to eat all the slugs, avian companionship, bestiality, other?
I don't know anyone who keeps chickens for meat, it's more usually for eggs and because they're fun to have around.
If you're aiming for cheaper, you'll struggle. You're up against some very streamlined competition growing quite specific and un-fun chickens.
Bear in mind you can't legally feed chickens kitchen scraps, and they'll not get what they need from scratching around your garden, so you'll be getting through a fair amount of chicken feed.


>> No. 6294 Anonymous
24th January 2021
Sunday 5:43 pm
/poof/6294 spacer
Where's a good place to get some good boots?
I'm not keen on the ones Clarks have at the moment. Something good and chunky for walking that I can polish and replace the soles on when they wear out.
36 posts and 7 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 6623 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 4:31 pm
6623 spacer
What on earth are you doing that requires and foot and leg protection beyond what's offered by a regular boot and denim combo?
>> No. 6624 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 4:42 pm
6624 spacer
>What on earth are you doing that requires and foot and leg protection beyond what's offered by a regular boot and denim combo?

>>6618 is clearly a cool trendy edgelord like me
>> No. 6625 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 4:42 pm
6625 spacer

Just what I was after, cheers.


Napalm Death pits.
>> No. 6626 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 5:48 pm
6626 spacer
Far right marches.
>> No. 6627 Anonymous
1st May 2022
Sunday 6:40 pm
6627 spacer



>> No. 70322 YubYub
20th January 2022
Thursday 5:40 pm
/iq/70322 spacer
Who do you think is the next celebrity to be revealed to be a carpet-bagger case, therefore rendering all their years of work unbroadcastable, a la Jimmy saville? I think it's Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Seems to have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and he's always so nice and pleasant, he must be hiding the darkness within his heart. Maybe Ashley Banjo too.
33 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 70858 YubYub
29th April 2022
Friday 3:54 pm
70858 spacer
He's always given the vibe of the type of lad in his 20s driving round in a Citroen saxo trying to pick up school girls.
>> No. 70860 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 11:41 pm
70860 spacer
He has excellent taste, and also he's a 64-year-old man whose radio show presumably still regularly has him saying, "Brap brap, hold tight for the mandem ting, fam". So I'm in two minds about whether or not this was foreseeable with hindsight.
>> No. 70861 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:21 am
70861 spacer

100%, but I think he was picking up sixth formers so legally it's alright.


>> No. 70862 YubYub
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:12 pm
70862 spacer
BBC should have tight upper pay constraints for presenters. Let them be a proving ground for new talent but cap pay so they don't get these fuckers staying around for 30 years, they can go idle kids on ad-funded money or not at all.
Who on earth is going to complain?
>> No. 70863 R4GE
30th April 2022
Saturday 12:26 pm
70863 spacer
All companies should have upper pay constraints relative to the lowest paid employee.


>> No. 450741 Anonymous
16th April 2022
Saturday 6:21 pm
/b/450741 is picrel true?
is it true?
35 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 450888 Anonymous
19th April 2022
Tuesday 8:26 pm
450888 spacer
In fairness the other 125 were most likely brown victims of police encounters so don't count as homicides or people.
>> No. 451151 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 8:45 pm
451151 spacer

>American media gave my childhood self an especially skewed idea of what a "normal" house was.
Its a shame that nobody warned you that American television was all lies and propaganda back when you were young and impressionable and being exposed to that type toxic, harmful and intentionally manipulate media. It seems like far too many people go late into their lives before realizing that TV, movies, etc. is all fictional and does not reflect the reality that they live in.
>> No. 451152 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 9:18 pm
451152 spacer
I think the only TV that effected the shagging habits of .gs users was Countdown and Supersize vs Superskinny.
>> No. 451161 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 7:10 am
451161 spacer
>> No. 451164 Anonymous
30th April 2022
Saturday 9:23 am
451164 spacer
Yeah, synchronize yourselves with one of the countdowns.


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