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>> No. 4550 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 9:39 pm
/mph/4550 Ford F-150 Lightning
I don't think I have ever been so excited by a model of Ford. The F-150 is the basis of so many different kinds of vehicles and trucks that once you have a viable electric option, everyone will buy them.

I do think my next car will be a Hilux rather than a Ford though the Ranger does look okay - I bet they will take ages to get these in the UK.
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>> No. 4551 Anonymous
19th May 2021
Wednesday 12:41 am
4551 spacer
Yes, excellent mileage and convenient to park. Sign me up.
>> No. 4552 Anonymous
19th May 2021
Wednesday 5:00 pm
4552 spacer
>>4550 That's Biden in the vehicle, right? What's that texture for - some sort of anti-tracking camoflauge? What about the fabric cover on front and back?
>> No. 4553 Anonymous
19th May 2021
Wednesday 6:13 pm
4553 spacer
It's probably the new model OP is referencing. Ford will have obscured the features of the new car so photographers can't reveal its styling before they're ready.
>> No. 4554 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 10:28 am
4554 spacer
It's common for manufacturers to test new models on the road, in disguised camouflage form such as this.


>> No. 443645 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 8:12 pm
/b/443645 spacer
I'd love to spend a day just playing games like I did as a child. Parachute games, tig, bulldog, all sorts. I don't think there's anything like that for adults unless you're into shit like Tough Mudder and that'd mean being surrounded by knobheads.
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>> No. 443646 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 8:45 pm
443646 spacer
I know what you mean. Tick never stopped being fun, I just had to go to secondary school. Consider paintballing, maybe?
>> No. 443647 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 10:51 pm
443647 spacer
I expect a 'gym' or eventspace that facilitated this sort of thing would be very successful, at least for a short, heady time, much like escape rooms.

Be the change you want to see in the world, OP. Hire out a warehouse and charge hipsters £20 to play bulldog.
>> No. 443650 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 1:41 pm
443650 spacer
Iain Lee did this, in parks in London, a couple years back.
>> No. 443794 Anonymous
20th May 2021
Thursday 9:50 am
443794 spacer
Join your local students' union.


>> No. 27916 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 9:50 am
/g/27916 spacer
I'm at a stage where I have the time and resources to think more about the data that's collected about me, what I choose to make available, and how this might impact my life (perhaps all of our lives).

I really enjoy being able to use Google Maps and similar services, but suspect that even with certain features turned off, my location is likely being recorded. I also use Google suite for many things (e-mail, calendar, and so on). I have a mostly blank Facebook profile, but several years worth of use on WhatsApp. I'm vaguely aware that there is probably a tremendous amount of my data between several companies that is being stored and sold for advertisement, or perhaps even other purposes.

The question is: is this something I can avoid through clever personal choices, or can this only be addressed through more collective action and legislation? Am I wasting my time by installing an obscure Linux distribution and nagging my friends to join Diaspora rather than Facebook?

Have any of you found a "sweet spot" of compromise between privacy and practicality?
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>> No. 27917 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 1:45 pm
27917 spacer
Honestly the older I get the less I care. I don't know if I'm just giving up, because I still bristle at the idea of companies having this data on me, but at the same time I feel like they already have nearly two decades of digital information on me, if they were paying any sort of attention. I was not nearly as privacy conscious at 15 as I was at 20-odd, and it's waning again now. The horror of the google maps timeline showing me every location I've ever visited in the last ten or more years is balance by the luxury of being able to go meandering and just have it all recorded for my leisure later. Same goes for being able to search for something like "passport" in my photo archive and a scan of my passport I used three jobs ago showing up. Horrifying, but delightfully convenient. Is that convenience worth the price I pay for it? Almost certainly not, but it's really hard to quit. I suppose that's the point.

Sorry to not help at all, there. I think there's a lot you can do to easily become more infotight, but perhaps a lot of that's negated if you still want to drive on a UK road or carry a mobile phone, or use a debit or credit card.
>> No. 27918 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 2:13 pm
27918 spacer
I tried reading The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. I don't think I've read anything as waffly and tedious in my life. Yeah, I get it Shoshana, your house burned down. You don't need to spend 50+ pages telling me about every single aspect of that.
>> No. 27919 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 3:23 pm
27919 spacer
I, too, have read the book in the picture and I, too, did not enjoy it. I wanted more anger. I wanted it to be more accessible. I wanted it to have been written by Malcolm Gladwell.

Anyway, I try my hardest not to create new profiles for anything. I do not use apps which replace things I already have (I don't walk outside to an unknown location and trust Google to direct me; I take the A-Z with me that I already own). But there is only so much you can do: I try not to use Google websites in a lot of situations, but in those situations, there are often other services which you can't use unless you do a Captcha, for Google, for free, to train their self-driving car software. So Google do own you. But I keep refreshing the Captcha until I do not get a "keep clicking till there are none left" or one of the big pictures split into 16 segments; I refuse to do those and have been known to just try again later if I can't get an acceptable Captcha. But you can't just refuse to use any services they're involved in, because they are the gatekeepers of the entire Internet.
>> No. 27920 Anonymous
18th May 2021
Tuesday 11:44 am
27920 spacer
Every time I try to screw up their Captcha by giving slightly wrong answers, it can tell. What's the point of the training aspect if the machine already knows if my answer is correct?


>> No. 51753 Anonymous
11th November 2013
Monday 11:24 pm
/pol/51753 spacer
Switzerland will hold a vote on whether to introduce a basic income for all adults, in a further sign of growing public activism over pay inequality since the financial crisis. A grassroots committee is calling for all adults in Switzerland to receive an unconditional income of 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,800) per month from the state, with the aim of providing a financial safety net for the population.

Under Swiss law, citizens can organize popular initiatives that allow the channeling of public anger into direct political action. The country usually holds several referenda a year. In March, Swiss voters backed some of the world's strictest controls on executive pay, forcing public companies to give shareholders a binding vote on compensation. A separate proposal to limit monthly executive pay to no more than what the company's lowest-paid staff earn in a year, the so-called 1:12 initiative, faces a popular vote on November 24.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of these. I reckong that if they tried the 1:12 thing over here then the lowest paid members of staff in some large organisations would end up being made redundant and replaced with contractors.
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>> No. 93681 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 6:19 pm
93681 spacer
Our economy needs a balanced and steady rate of inflation, not least to encourage investment and adjust to productivity gains. Mess with that balance either way and bad things will happen that can quickly turn into freefall as public confidence in the pound evaporates.

It's illustrative that one of the few examples of a deliberate price inflation of essentials was shock therapy in the Soviet Union to ensure the country avoided starvation.

>Is it even really relevant if it causes inflation?

If the government gives me £9 and a loaf of bread now costs £10 then I've not gained under UBI. That's a simplified example but it's what the argument is getting at.
>> No. 93682 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 6:30 pm
93682 spacer
Because of their scarcity - the weather also plays a big part in the variability of food prices.
>> No. 93683 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 8:20 pm
93683 spacer

The great economist Abba Lerner actually put forward a similar idea to this, in response to the stagflation of the 70s.
>> No. 93684 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 10:52 pm
93684 spacer
Surely if wage stagnation would arrest inflation then the past 10 years would've proved it, if not been part of a long-trend of multi-decadal deflation. Unless it's all been counteracted by the government giving free money to people with connections and property 'investors'. Oh dear I've made myself angry.
>> No. 93685 Anonymous
17th May 2021
Monday 11:31 pm
93685 spacer

Theoretically, maybe, but it presents a huge co-ordination problem. One of the key catalysts of the Winter of Discontent was the imposition of pay increase controls in an attempt to limit inflation.


>> No. 68772 YubYub
15th May 2021
Saturday 1:03 pm
/iq/68772 spacer
I could have sworn it was "catch the pigeon" but apparently it's "stop that pigeon". Someone is playing tricks on me.
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>> No. 68777 Samefag
15th May 2021
Saturday 3:25 pm
68777 spacer

I dare not check youtube since their latest terms amendment. One of you, venture forth!
>> No. 68784 Samefag
16th May 2021
Sunday 7:53 pm
68784 spacer
Everything is unfolding exactly according the the principles delineated by Yuri Bezmenov in the 80s
>> No. 68785 Auntiefucker
17th May 2021
Monday 12:19 am
68785 spacer

I got about half way through that hoping for a nugget of insight but the dude was clearly struggling with a lot of personal prejudices and dressing it up as received wisdom to pay the rent.
>> No. 68786 YubYub
17th May 2021
Monday 12:45 am
68786 spacer



>> No. 68787 Searchfag
17th May 2021
Monday 1:53 am
68787 spacer
Bezmenov has never passed the smell test for me: He's always presented as having these universal principles of subversion, but he was a relatively low ranking guy (I'm sure I've seen it claimed he was basically just the Soviet version of an RT journalist) in India.
Even if you assume he was mid-ranking and fully informed of the techniques for subverting 70s-80s India, the idea that any of those techniques (except trivial shit like "play opposing groups against each other!" that even your mum knows) applied to then-contemporary western societies, let alone modern extremely-online ones, stretches credulity beyond breaking point.


>> No. 443717 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:24 am
/b/443717 spacer
how else better to start weekend and end ramadan... then to hook up with sexy white babe??? lovely big fat arse on her too... i am blessed!!!
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>> No. 443718 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:41 am
443718 spacer
Pork is haram.
>> No. 443719 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 8:43 am
443719 spacer
yh i know??? why you tell me?
>> No. 443720 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:13 am
443720 spacer
/b/ is a sfw board.
>> No. 443721 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:30 am
443721 spacer
Only because paedos want to lure kids to come here by pretending we're family friendly.
>> No. 443747 Anonymous
16th May 2021
Sunday 5:44 pm
443747 spacer
Post it in /x/, i wanna see what's so tasty.


>> No. 68778 Auntiefucker
15th May 2021
Saturday 9:55 pm
it's 2021 and we still can't post webms
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>> No. 68779 YubYub
15th May 2021
Saturday 10:03 pm
68779 spacer
This is why I support the vote for 16 year olds. People say "well they won't know what they're voting for, they aren't informed", but I've spoken to more middle aged morons than I want to think about who didn't know their arse from a parliament.
>> No. 68780 Billbob
15th May 2021
Saturday 10:21 pm
68780 spacer
We've already had this thread and uncovered that he was exactly right in these opinions for the context of Hartlepool's local politics. Something he is able to talk about as he's not only more informed but also is a real person from the area.

I think it's only right that you now reverse your opinion given young people have, yet again, run their mouths on issues they can't be bothered to understand. Votes for 30 year olds I say. And set a land ownership requirement to disenfranchise the South East of England.
>> No. 68781 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 11:24 pm
68781 spacer

>> No. 68782 Crabkiller
15th May 2021
Saturday 11:28 pm
68782 spacer
What does that have to do with the MP then?
>> No. 68783 YubYub
16th May 2021
Sunday 1:07 pm
68783 spacer

If they can't even be arsed to run your town properly then why would you reward them with your vote for national power?


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 42091 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 8:33 am
42091 spacer
When I said that thing about "pointy elbows" last night I didn't mean to imply that you should stay up all night arguing about whether or not her elbows are, in fact, too pointy. Apologies for the mix up.
>> No. 42092 Anonymous
4th May 2021
Tuesday 9:28 am
42092 spacer
I have no opinions on her elbows but the picture in >>42080 does make her look strangely top-heavy. She's not overweight but none of her body fat seems to be distributed south of her tummy.
>> No. 42093 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:45 pm
42093 spacer


>> No. 42094 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 8:04 pm
42094 spacer

I assume this is fake, but I'm going to have a go on it later nonetheless.

It does look like her boobs, having compared them to the time her left one popped out on a saturday morning kid's TV show, I forget which.
>> No. 42096 Anonymous
15th May 2021
Saturday 5:36 am
42096 spacer


>> ID: 3d511f No. 15785 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:17 pm

ID: 3d511f
/shed/15785 spacer
Take away the sage option. It's causing new, potentially interesting threads, to sink beneath the weight of weekend generals.
We haveve fewer users enough as it is, we don't need to show newcomers that original content isn't welcome here.
It's like we're saging the whole site for fuck sake.
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>> ID: 778c5e No. 15786 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:23 pm

ID: 778c5e
15786 spacer

Real men browse with /*/ and the sage does nothing.
>> ID: 3d511f No. 15787 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:27 pm

ID: 3d511f
15787 spacer

You don't mean to say we're simply not that interesting here?
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15788 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:33 pm

ID: 8c0cdb
15788 spacer
We're three blokes in sheds, but we're interesting enough to each other and that's what counts.
>> ID: 20a6c4 No. 15789 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:37 pm

ID: 20a6c4
15789 spacer
I use /sfw/ just in case the munter thread has been bumped on /x/.
>> ID: 45cd14 No. 15790 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:50 pm

ID: 45cd14
15790 spacer
Indeed. Why would I browse individual boards when the site as a whole gets about 30 posts a day? /map/'s got posts from 2018 on the front page, not exactly warp speed posting over there.


download (7).jpg
>> No. 2919 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 2:11 pm
/uhu/2919 Sit-to-stand desk adjustments
I quite like the position and height of my desk but would like to stand sometimes, so I thought a sit-to-stand solution would be ideal. These can run a bit expensive, though, like the pictured for about 400 GBP.

Do you lads have any good cheap options or DIY solutions for this?
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>> No. 2923 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 6:03 pm
2923 spacer
Please take photos of your progress, and assemble them into a slide show on youtube, accompanied by a Kevin McCleod song.
>> No. 2924 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 6:10 pm
2924 spacer

I honestly can't tell whether this is some sort of cliché I should avoid or a sincere and highly specific request.

I will do my best.
>> No. 2925 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:10 pm
2925 spacer
>The option that I've found to be most effective though, is a stack of leather-bound encyclopaedias.
Be sure to whipe the dust off them from time to time, aey?

Go for it man. I've been considering the same lately. The best i can come up with involves a lot of wooden pegs.
>> No. 2926 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:22 pm
2926 spacer
I'm not sure how it's termed, but a bit of frantic googling to make sure it wasn't something I just dreamt up lead me to these:

>> No. 2927 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 7:38 pm
2927 spacer

That first video is wonderful. How would you sink the beams, simply dig them in a foot, with preservative to resist rotting? Would a metal cap or spike be necessary?


>> No. 23695 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 9:15 pm
/v/23695 Bloods
This feels like a return to classic British comedy that's been absent a few years. Somewhere between PhoneShop and Green Wing. Multicultural London stuff but plenty of dry white humour too.
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>> No. 23724 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 3:16 pm
23724 spacer

2014 is still pretty recent. People still watch TV from 30 - 40 years ago, 6 is nothing.
>> No. 23725 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 3:26 pm
23725 spacer

If it was a human child it would be at primary school and sentient enough to start to at least pretend to get some of the jokes in it.
I assume, I don't have children.
>> No. 23726 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 3:57 pm
23726 spacer
>Who gives a fuck, I care about the quality of his sitcoms, not his political beliefs

Er... >>23711 gives a fuck? He evidently wouldn't have asked otherwise. But don't let that stop you from butting in to loudly tell everyone how little you care.
>> No. 23728 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 2:34 am
23728 spacer

You understand other people are allowed to have opinions, right lad?

In the meantime we will have to wait for otherlad to come back and tell us if he considers the evidence presented sufficient to be ashamed of liking the IT Crowd, though.
>> No. 23730 Anonymous
14th May 2021
Friday 9:58 am
23730 spacer

>You understand other people are allowed to have opinions, right lad?
You understand this is a complete non-sequitor in context, right lad?


>> No. 2130 Anonymous
31st March 2010
Wednesday 11:01 am
/A/2130 Alcoholics
Are there any 'resting actors' out there?

I'm back up to about a litre of whisky a day again. :(
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>> No. 8503 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 7:32 pm
8503 spacer
Thank-you. The latest is that he's apparently stable enough to be moved to another hospital with better liver specialists. We'll find out if that's encouraging news or unbelievably bad news in the next few days.
>> No. 8504 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 1:32 pm
8504 spacer

Jesus Christ. Nobody told me how agonising it is when the booze finally catches up with you. I always imagined an otherwise relatively healthy bloke with a massive gut keeling over.

He's squeezing my hand and begging me to promise to look after his son with tubes up his nose and tubes up his knob and tubes in his arm. I've never seen anyone in such terrible pain.
>> No. 8505 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:17 pm
8505 spacer

Is the prognosis any better?
>> No. 8506 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:26 pm
8506 spacer
Well he's awake (sort of) and breathing by himself which is basically like winning the lottery compared to a few days ago. If he recovers fully I'm going to punch him in his bald head and his big gut for scaring us so badly.

Thanks for asking.
>> No. 8507 Anonymous
13th May 2021
Thursday 2:31 pm
8507 spacer
It's positive you can feel that sort of thing about the situation too. Best of luck to you both.


>> No. 5758 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:09 am
/fat/5758 Anger Management
Anyone know of any decent yoga videos or things of that nature to deal with stress/anger?

I need to cut down on anger because I've been grinding my teeth. My dentist recommended yoga as a solution but all the instructed courses I see are a bit fruity which makes it hard to take seriously (I'm a bit of a prick you see). It's odd because most people think I'm incredibly chill but my calm has always been maintained by short sharp bursts of explosive anger at minor annoyances.
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>> No. 5760 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:15 am
5760 spacer
I'd recommend Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. She doesn't go too heavy on the spirituality side of yoga besides ending everything with a deep breath and a "namaste", but keeps it more about the body and even her easy videos are fairly challenging without being offputtingly so. She also does a good job of organising her videos on her YouTube channel into playlists by mood and length, so you can probably find something to start with.
>> No. 5761 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 9:28 am
5761 spacer
I can vouch for Adrienne too - my partner works out with her every day (though I don't join her despite her urging). As above she doesn't talk about auras or chakras or any other bullshit, just limits it to "feeling good vibes as you stretch" and that sort of stuff, which would probably actually be good for you if you're doing this for anger management.
>> No. 5762 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:10 pm
5762 spacer
Aye same lad. Toothgrinding for me is when I'm 'generally' stressed, or more prone to getting worked up. In those terms I think yoga and meditation/breathing exercises will do you a lot of good from the internal side, and external to that you should benefit from setting and achieving 'life goals' or whatever, so you feel generally happier and more in control.

Also Yoga with Adrienne, my partner likes her, she's quite chill.

And maybe a punching bag.
>> No. 5763 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 4:20 pm
5763 spacer
>And maybe a punching bag.

Great shout.

Yoga is great, do try it, but if it doesn't work out I will say just about any form of challenging exercise will help you to relieve stress.

Lifting weights regularly has been a reliable outlet for me for many years. It may seem silly and macho, but it really does help to channel those emotions into controlled action.

COVID-19 probably renders this one impossible, but sauna was also extremely useful for stress relief in my case. Something about pushing the limits of your tolerance really gets all the frustration out. Evidence shows that sauna use might also be good for helping depression, with the caveat that it'll also lower your sperm count.


1551279889261 (1).jpg
>> No. 68758 Crabkiller
11th May 2021
Tuesday 11:11 pm
/iq/68758 spacer
pull up to my Barratt new build home with my 25 year fixed rate mortage in my grey Audi A3 on finance after a hard days work as deputy assistant head of sales targeting

open the boot and take out my River Island and Superdry bags with the new gear I bought on the way home from work

open the door

yell hello to my wife of 2-years in the kitchen as she is already home from her work as a Team Leader in a call centre

sit down on my leather sofa bought on sale at Sofology (haha I love those adverts, what is that sloth like haha, love sloths me)

put up my feet on the IKEA table

whap on the telly and tune in just in time to see Bradders going through the rules of the final chase with the contestants who made it through before they face Anne Hegarty

perfect timing as my wife comes in with the dinner, another one of Jamie Oliver's cracking 30 minute meals
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 68759 Crabkiller
12th May 2021
Wednesday 12:02 am
68759 spacer
Is he sending it to himself, or are they both called Deano? Wouldn't Smithster get confused knowing two Deanos? Surely they would at least need to distinguish themselves with adjectives. Fat Deano and Gay Deano, for example.
>> No. 68760 Ambulancelad
12th May 2021
Wednesday 2:10 am
68760 spacer
Nonsense, millennial girls don't make you dinner, even from a Jamie Oliver recipe.

God why did I dump the only one that could cook, what was I thinking.
>> No. 68761 Are Moaty
12th May 2021
Wednesday 12:07 pm
68761 spacer
This is copypasta straight from brit/pol/.
>> No. 68762 Billbob
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:03 pm
68762 spacer

No shit.


>> No. 8760 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 10:20 am
/£$€¥/8760 spacer
After expressing a general interest in markets and trading, i was reccomended Apiaryfund & The5ers as risk free funds that teach the basics of FOREX trading before offering you the chance to trade on their behalf.

The first, Apiaryfund, seem very susicious in that it's expensive training program revolves round gaining 'experience points', some of the requirements for which include posting on the community forum, making numerous orders per level and i suspect inviting new members to the program. It reeks of Pyramid/MLM, whereby the system generates low quality market orders for the higher level members to exploit (i don't know if it actually works like that) - they apparently have organised trading sessions where they all do it together.

The second, The5ers I'm losing energy to bother delving into. Though a third of the team is involved in socialnetworking and search engine optimisation, making me think training-customers are a larger part of their business plan than trading profits.

Perhaps i'm cynical - it just feels like unless you know what you're doing, most of the prospective 'traders' will fail to meet the requirements for funding thus lose the value they invested in training.

Does anyone have experience getting into this sort of thing as an interested newbie?
Beyond the obvious "Don't invest what you can't afford to lose", how trade??[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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>> No. 8761 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 10:34 am
8761 spacer
I think I recall there's an Economics Explained video that goes into this. He has a couple of blind spots on certain subjects but does a good job explaining the theory behind most things.

The gist of what I remember is you were pretty much right that it has a bit in common with MLM type stuff, but the reason it works as a market is because currency is an inherently valuable thing in its own right. There's no reason to be the one proverbially left holding the ball when the music stops, because the music will never stop.

Contrast that with crypto, in which it's only valuable as an investment to ultimately exchange back into money- If everyone wanted to cash out, it'd instantly become worthless, because there'd be nobody to sell it to (because it's not a good investment (because there's nobody buying it (because it's not a good investment (because there's nobody to sell it to (because...))))) You get the point.
>> No. 8762 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 10:39 am
8762 spacer
>FOREX trading

On the one hand FOREX is a total mugs game and you're obviously dealing with a scam. On the other, you can't even capitalise 'i' so I'd rather you lose your money.
>> No. 8763 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 11:26 am
8763 spacer
Didn't we already have a thread on FOREX? Oh here it is. >>/news/21381
>> No. 8764 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 12:01 am
8764 spacer
>training-customers are a larger part of their business plan than trading profits

This. Anyone I know that has come up with a sure-fire system to work any markets keeps it to themselves; you have to wonder why all these companies are so into the training angle.


tintin - bf.png
>> No. 21505 Anonymous
10th May 2021
Monday 11:11 pm
/com/21505 Tintin - Breaking Free

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>> No. 21591 Anonymous
10th May 2021
Monday 11:15 pm
21591 spacer


>> No. 21592 Anonymous
10th May 2021
Monday 11:15 pm
21592 spacer


>> No. 21593 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 12:38 am
21593 spacer

Araneus Diadematus.png
You had me excited for a second then because I fucking love Tintin. Only no, it's just some edgy rip-off.
>> No. 21594 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 12:44 am
21594 spacer
Who made this edgy Tintin? Is it one of the cartoonists for Viz? The drawing style looks familiar.
>> No. 21595 Anonymous
11th May 2021
Tuesday 1:05 am
21595 spacer
I actually own a copy of this. It's a classic piece of UK anarchist literature. I'm not saying it's great because of that, but it is interesting.


>> No. 68743 Anonymous
7th May 2021
Friday 9:11 pm
/iq/68743 spacer
I bummed a fox and I liked it. I sucked on his cherry chapstick
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>> No. 68749 YubYub
9th May 2021
Sunday 3:31 pm
68749 spacer
Why did they put so much effort into making a cartoon lioness genuinely sexy? #notfurlad
>> No. 68750 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 7:27 pm
68750 spacer
We've had this conversation a few times and it always seems to be on /iq/. I think Disney probably invented furries.
>> No. 68751 Are Moaty
9th May 2021
Sunday 7:33 pm
68751 spacer

I'm not comfortable discussing Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers on the human-women board. It feels like a step too far.
>> No. 68752 Samefag
9th May 2021
Sunday 9:25 pm
68752 spacer
He probably needed a bit of TLC after polling below that YouTuber, you did a good thing.
>> No. 68757 Billbob
10th May 2021
Monday 7:28 pm
68757 spacer
Poor fella even finished behind the Lib Dems.


>> No. 90436 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 2:30 pm
/pol/90436 spacer
Rishi Sunak is going to be Prime Minister next year and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 93538 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 4:03 pm
93538 spacer
>Surely it has been established that appealing to Twitter extremists is not the way to win an election?
Not really, that appears to still be highly contentious. Going by Corbyn was totally irrelevant to the decisions and the only people whose dislike of him really mattered was the people in the party itself who self-sabotaged because of it.
Honestly it's quite funny watching you all run around trying to make it still his fault that the party's doing worse now. "It must be that the voters lost faith in the party for making him leader to begin with and we need to win them back". No, obviously not. The fact that Johnson is in power now demonstrates the personal merits of the leader are pretty fucking irrelevant.
>> No. 93542 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 5:25 pm
93542 spacer
>you all
I can't speak for the whole country, but I'm the person you replied to. Obviously coronavirus was largely unforeseeable, but it changed the landscape in such a way that if Jeremy Corbyn was still around, he'd do amazingly. That was my point. Everything being done now, he could have stood there and said, "This is exactly what I told you needed to be done!" I'm sure he'd still get it wrong somehow, getting Meghan Markle to design him a brand-new IRA balaclava or something, but it would have been an absolute open goal. I bet Labour are furious they got rid of him when they did, instead of either one year later or one year earlier.
>> No. 93543 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 5:28 pm
93543 spacer
He is technically still around, all his diehard fans are obsessing about him over on you guessed it.
>> No. 93546 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 5:54 pm
93546 spacer
There's a fun line in The Times article about Dodds and Rayner being thrown under the bus.
>One shadow minister said things were “worse than they were under Corbyn”, whose staff at least followed the template of top-down trade union politics

I say this not to contribute to the ongoing continuation of the argument over how much Corbyn should be blamed for the strange death of Labour England, but because I always find it interesting how important (yet underrated) logistics, having a template, etc seems to be in politics. All that stuff is behind the scenes, so it's not surprising it would be neglected by people who're inexperienced and mismanaged by people from the last Labour government. Asking Peter Mandelson to run your spin operations in 2021 is a bit like calling in a guy who once knew how to do a half arsed job soldering broken ZX Spectrums and asking him to unbrick your iPhone 12.
>> No. 93569 Anonymous
10th May 2021
Monday 8:53 am
93569 spacer

I'm keeping a keen eye on Sultana's career, precisely because she's so young.

She's from the generation that has used shit like Twitter and Facebook their entire lives, so the minute she gets near a sniff of power she's either going to be unpersoned in a media frenzy over a meme she posted while she was still at uni, or she's going to make a peculiar turn away from class-based left wing politics because some shadowy higher authority is blackmailing her over said meme she posted in 2012.

>she's BAME

I think the electorate can stomach a darkie, and possibly a woman too, but not both at the same time; and certainly not given the precise nature of Labour's present unpopularity. It's the last thing Labour needs to try get virtue signal votes.


>> No. 13366 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:04 pm
/nom/13366 spacer
Overall, what's your favourite fruit? I have a couple of oranges in the evening with a nice cup of redbush which I find pairs nicely. The sugar content is a little high but they seem durable and hassle free.

Just fishing for some ideas for variation.
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>> No. 13530 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 1:59 pm
13530 spacer

How are you making your black garlic?
>> No. 13531 Anonymous
18th July 2020
Saturday 6:40 pm
13531 spacer

Wrap it in clingfilm, wrap that in foil, bung it in a dehydrator on low for six weeks. Doing it in big batches is the only thing that makes sense else you're running a mostly empty machine. I don't know if I'd do it again.
>> No. 13575 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 5:34 pm
13575 spacer
Does fruit sugar count as carbhydrates, and will eating it interfere with this ketogenesis thing i keep hearing about?
>> No. 13577 Anonymous
1st August 2020
Saturday 6:06 pm
13577 spacer
Yes and no.

The sugar is fruit is bad but there's not a lot of it and the fibre in natural fruit slows digestion down, so a small amount of fruit does raise your blood sugar but less than a glass of orange juice for instance.
>> No. 14343 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 4:49 pm
14343 spacer
Fine, I'll be the one to say it: those nadorcott oranges from Morocco are a bit shit. You might like 'em if you're fond of clementine but I'm not that sort of guy and the combination of excessive pith and seeds frankly annoys me.

As someone who really likes oranges, I feel like I'm the true victim of Brexit. When I can elbow my way through the morons gawping at the fruit isle I might get some blood oranges but beyond that my choices are limited. Sure there are other fruits but non as versatile as an orange.


>> No. 13790 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 3:35 pm
/job/13790 Is this discrimination?
I lost my job this week. I had an extended absence at the beginning of this year, due to long term illness my employer was aware of, but haven't missed a shift in over a month. During my absence, I had two occupational health assessments - the first said I was unfit for work; the second said I was fit to work but only part time and it is also likely I may have more absences due to my long term condition. During all this time I asked for home working, but my manager refused due it being a "waste of time", despite their being open positions on other teams that exclusively WFH.

At my attendance review meeting, the decision maker said that based on my past sickness, and because the OH report says I am likely to be unwell in the future, the business can't support my continued employment, choosing to dismiss me rather than issuing a final written warning. My union rep who was in the meeting was a bit shocked, saying he has never seen an OH report to go against someone, and will consult with his colleagues as to if this is allowed.

TL;DR I feel I have been dismissed due to my disability, but don't know if it was a valid decision.
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>> No. 13795 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:14 pm
13795 spacer
Mmm. Were they aware of your situation? Did you give them the doctor's notes?
>> No. 13796 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:29 pm
13796 spacer
I gave them doctor's notes, and made them aware of my condition in my pre-employment occupational health assessment.
>> No. 13797 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 8:30 pm
13797 spacer
You might be getting to that age where you need to think about investing in a pair of reading glasses.
>> No. 13798 Anonymous
8th May 2021
Saturday 9:58 pm
13798 spacer
Bang out of order OP, and this is why.

>During all this time I asked for home working, but my manager refused due it being a "waste of time", despite their being open positions on other teams that exclusively WFH.

As far as I understand the law, they are obligated to offer you a different role or position first before sacking. If they haven't allowed you the opportunity to do that it should be an open and shut case.

Not that it should really make a difference, but what's your disability? How long have you had off?

What a lot of companies seem to do nowadays is just push their luck with this sort of thing in the hopes you won't have the resources/willpower to fight it, and lean on their "sickness policy" as though anyone having over 10 days off is self-evidently a skiving bastard. It's the sort of thing Capita can get away with when they sack a 21 year old call centre operative for having too many Monday sickies, but if you work somewhere serious enough to have a union and occy health department it shouldn't happen.
>> No. 13799 Anonymous
9th May 2021
Sunday 11:30 am
13799 spacer
So they started issuing you warnings whilst you were doing that?


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