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>> No. 18914 Anonymous
9th April 2019
Tuesday 5:38 pm
/news/18914 spacer
Department store Debenhams has officially gone into administration after the shop rejected plans by Sports Direct's Mike Asheley to save it.

FTI Consulting has now been appointed as administrators for the chain, whose shops will continue trading for now. Debenhams is expected to close 50 of its 165 stores in the future, but no timescale has been announced yet.

How come it seems like almost every high street shop is either in administration or on the brink of it?
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>> No. 18993 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 2:00 am
18993 spacer

Just ask brexiteers
>> No. 18994 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 4:16 am
18994 spacer

>> No. 18996 Anonymous
13th April 2019
Saturday 8:57 am
18996 spacer
>> No. 19029 Anonymous
15th April 2019
Monday 1:04 am
19029 spacer

mcbain bumders.jpg
>> No. 19413 Anonymous
5th June 2019
Wednesday 9:10 pm
19413 spacer




>> No. 22563 Anonymous ## Mod ##
7th December 2018
Friday 11:41 am
/e/22563 Discord Game Server Stickied
So, lets shift focus a bit. We have a Discord now, so we have a place to organise playing games with each other as well as shitpost. This is permanent invite link, so you can come and go as you please with no hassle.
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>> No. 22858 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 8:54 pm
22858 spacer
It's saying I have a migrated account and to log in with my email address. The only reference to mojang I can find in my emails is a paypal receipt from 2015.
>> No. 22859 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 8:58 pm
22859 spacer
Ok so it came up with a prompt indicating I used someone else's email to log in and my username wasn't one I remembered. And now I'm logged in... somehow.
>> No. 22861 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 9:08 pm
22861 spacer
I'm sure it's sending recovery prompts somewhere, I don't keep track of how many email accounts I've used.
>> No. 22862 Anonymous
4th June 2019
Tuesday 4:10 pm
22862 spacer
Happened to me. I couldn't recover it and ended up having to buy it all over again last year. Absolute shitters.

Having a blast on the new server though.


brachiosaurus tie.png
>> No. 63421 Are Moaty
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:16 am
/iq/63421 spacer

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>> No. 63426 Crabkiller
3rd June 2019
Monday 11:56 am
63426 spacer
Left. You wear your tie at the bottom of your neck, not the top of your chin.
>> No. 63427 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2019
Monday 1:20 pm
63427 spacer

I'm afraid the only reference material I could find of dinosaurs wearing ties was a triceratops. But as we can see in is worn down by the shoulders
>> No. 63428 Ambulancelad
3rd June 2019
Monday 1:26 pm
63428 spacer


I was however able to find an instance of a Brontosaurus wearing Pearl's and a scarf in the other manner which would heavily imply a brachiosaurus would wear a tie like that.
>> No. 63429 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 7:40 pm
63429 spacer
This is the correct answer. Also, the tie knot in the OP is a bit small - Windsor knot ftw.
>> No. 63435 Ambulancelad
4th June 2019
Tuesday 8:17 am
63435 spacer
Hence the word necktie.


>> No. 63430 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:08 pm
/iq/63430 spacer
Let's just have a thread posting old shit we'd almost forgotten about
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>> No. 63431 Are Moaty
3rd June 2019
Monday 10:38 pm
63431 spacer
I don't know about these "drunk Russian people" videos at all. They all seem like such fun.
>> No. 63433 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 11:56 pm
63433 spacer
since you asked
>> No. 63434 Auntiefucker
4th June 2019
Tuesday 12:11 am
63434 spacer


>> No. 427135 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 9:40 pm
/b/427135 spacer
How many of you old boys have dated non-European? What were your experiences? Were there many instances of "cultural misunderstandings"?
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>> No. 427217 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 9:21 pm
427217 spacer

so... you're saying even their ghosts are fat blobs?
>> No. 427218 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 9:36 pm
427218 spacer
Yes, that would be one angle of the jokey .gif Anon posted, Anon.
>> No. 427223 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 1:12 am
427223 spacer

Oh, I just now realised that it's an animated gif.
>> No. 427331 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 10:41 pm
427331 spacer
>couldn't get her head around how we can be amiable to people we don't like, she didn't like that and thought it was dishonest
Ah, that explains the Russian idea of diplomacy.
>> No. 427381 Anonymous
3rd June 2019
Monday 1:54 pm
427381 spacer
What was so odd about the Lithuanian one?


>> No. 8841 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 8:47 am
/spo/8841 spacer
I can attain this physique. How do I become a world champion boxer?
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>> No. 8842 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 9:54 am
8842 spacer
Probably need to go for a few sessions at your local boxing gym.
>> No. 8843 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 10:42 am
8843 spacer
It's quite a shock though - Joshua must wake up this morning gutted about it.
>> No. 8844 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 12:45 pm
8844 spacer
♪ So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory ♪


>> No. 5999 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 6:00 pm
/poof/5999 spacer
What's the difference in fuel efficiency between driving 10 miles on the motorway at 70mph and 80mph?
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>> No. 6003 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:00 pm
6003 spacer
It's all old Jags and Volvos.
>> No. 6004 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:03 pm
6004 spacer
Depends on the car.

My fabia does over 50mpg at 50mph on the motorway.
At 70 it's more like 40-45mpg.

With a 6-speed gearbox it wouldn't drop as quickly when you get above 50.
>> No. 6005 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 12:49 am
6005 spacer
Why did you post this in /poof/, you berk?
>> No. 6006 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 1:13 am
6006 spacer

The question is utterly meaningless without knowing what you are driving. Different engines have different levels where they are most efficient in outputs, different shape vehicles have different wind resistance.

It would be like asking 'at what temperature and how long should I cook?' without mentioning the food.
>> No. 6007 Anonymous
2nd June 2019
Sunday 12:33 pm
6007 spacer


In my current car, there's only about 100rpm difference between 70 and 80 in 6th gear. In my last one it was close to 1000, so significantly different results.

Drive your car in top gear at 70 and 80 then get back to us. Or just post your make, model and year here.


>> No. 86042 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 2:36 pm
/pol/86042 spacer
This woman is going to be the next Chancellor of Germany and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 86049 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:27 pm
86049 spacer

She's German m8, they don't really do flirting - she'd either ask you flat out if you want to have sex, or tell you to piss off.
>> No. 86050 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:29 pm
86050 spacer
I'd go in Baerbock with her, IYKWIM.
>> No. 86053 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:34 pm
86053 spacer

Germans still flirt, they're just not vague about it.
>> No. 86054 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 8:37 pm
86054 spacer

Is there such a thing as non-vague flirting?
>> No. 86058 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 9:29 pm
86058 spacer

Yes, of course there is. "Nice cock, can I suck it?" is quite direct.


>> No. 28595 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 12:18 pm
/emo/28595 Long Term Mental Illness
I'm trying to sort out my thoughts before going to the doctors. I want to find the core problems that keep cropping up for me.
My mental health has never been good (in school it was absolutely terrible) but these days I have enough coping mechanisms that I can make myself feel good enough when I need to. Which I think masks the problems I do have, until I get to a crisis point where I'll suddenly be hit with some clarity. But all it takes after that is the smallest bit of optimism to completely erase what I'd been trying to figure out about my problems, I just can't think of myself as being sick when a lot of people clearly have it worse.

One of the core components is talking to people.
I am ok with it now but it leaves me with a lot of unease, even with people I'd like to consider friends. I think this is quite visible, as people do seem quite reluctant to engage with me. I try to mask my issues as much as possible, and I try to be friendly, but I struggle a lot with banter so I think I seem a bit cold.
It also leaves me quite open to more immature colleagues to target me and make me feel like shit. It's a problem in most jobs just because I constantly feel drained in typical minimum wage, highly social workplaces.
Another thing is a lot of the time in situations I do talk to people I feel a bit of a headrush of a sort. I think due to stress.
And aside from anything else I stumble over my words frequently.

I think I've been coping with this poorly. It's difficult for me to figure out my plans for the future because I always have this specter of social ineptitude over my shoulders (would I even be able to get hired? Will I fit in to any company?), and it saps my motivation. I've been trying hard to improve but it's so insidious I feel like I can't get rid of it.
At least I'm lucky to have finally found a girlfriend that cares about me, she suffers a lot of the same but has had it managed better since high school, so she keeps my hopes up.
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>> No. 28596 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 1:22 pm
28596 spacer
By the sounds of it, you're a bit socially anxious and a bit lacking in confidence. I'm not sure to what extent you're actually clinically ill, rather than just struggling to find your feet.

It might be useful if you can complete these questionnaires and post your scores, as it'll give us a better idea of your problems and their severity.

This comment >>27190 gives a fairly good overview of what your treatment options are for generalised anxiety.
>> No. 28597 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 3:32 pm
28597 spacer

The social anxiety result has given me 'marked social anxiety' in every attempt, and I usually score a little in the depression test.

It's just been ongoing for so many years that it's seriously diminished my life quality by now - I'm still 'finding my feet' and I'm nearly 30.
I'm such a disorganised mess too, chronically indecisive to the point it causes me difficulty oranising myself day to day, planning things, completing things. I think I need to start looking at meds to help me out.
>> No. 28598 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 6:46 pm
28598 spacer
Could be social anxiety, could also be autism (they go hand in hand)? You sound very similar to me, struggling with banter to the extent of coming across as cold/aloof/rude. I struggled with that all my life, and it wasn't until I had a breakdown when I was 19 that I got diagnosed as a sperg (and it's taken 7 years from that point to actually get specialist support for my condition which isn't great).

Might be worth going to your GP and seeing if they can put you on mirtazapine or something to help with the mental health and anxiety.


salt flats1.jpg
>> No. 13129 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:58 pm
/job/13129 spacer
How do you lot take your holidays?
I get 20 days off + the usual bank holidays, though it's actually 19 since my work get everyone to book the same day around Christmas to stop the place being open for 1 day. Why they don't just give it us off and not pay us I don't know.

I've been taking weeks off in even intervals ever since I've started working but I'm starting to think about opting for a few long weekends instead. In the next few years I'll be probably going abroad and a week just won't cut it. I've known some people who never get round to book theirs off and have to have them alloted to them instead. Then there are those who have all their time off over a small period then have the rest of the year with nothing.

I can't imagine how soul grating working 26+ weeks straight with only the usual days off to look forward is.
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>> No. 13136 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 11:13 pm
13136 spacer
I worked at a factory where everyone had to take the same time off. It was like being at school, but I think it worked.

3 weeks in August, a week around Christmas, worked around all the bank holidays so it only worked out at a couple of days, and a week around Easter.

The longest slog was obviously Christmas to Easter, but it wasn't bad, all told.
>> No. 13137 Anonymous
1st June 2019
Saturday 7:42 am
13137 spacer
My workplace is really flexible with holidays, which is one of the main things that make up for the underwhelming pay.

I work bank holidays as a standard working day, so I essentially get an extra 8 holiday days for free, then I buy an extra week's worth by salary sacrifice. On top of that, I can claim my overtime as holidays at time and a half, so I get three days off for working a weekend shift. In the end it works out that I could basically fuck off for nearly two months of the year if I felt so inclined.

I usually book a week off around the start of summer, another week mid-late summer, and another week near the end of the year. I spread the rest around whenever I feel like a long weekend or when I have to stay home to wait for a parcel and the suchlike. If I wake up one day and can't really be arsed, I can just book the afternoon off and work half a day. That's the tricky bit though- Temptation is so strong when you know you have the ability to do so, but you just gradually piss your holidays away for no real benefit, when it really wouldn't have killed you just to stay at work another four hours.


>> No. 3936 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:45 pm
/fat/3936 Fat bastard weight loss thread
Get in here fatlads.

I've made an effort to properly lose weight but have stalled in the last 2 months - and it's starting to creep up. I used to lift weights 3x/week and control the diet, but I can't lift for a while until some medical stuff gets sorted. This has taken a bit of a hit on my progress - or more likely,ive used it an excuse to slack.

What's your story?

P.s. I track calories and weight using my fitness pal.
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>> No. 4792 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 9:47 am
4792 spacer

Look around you m8, that is normal. The thin people are the weirdos.
>> No. 4793 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 10:37 am
4793 spacer

If you look at the statistics, you are normal.
>> No. 4794 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 11:45 am
4794 spacer
Normal people don't look at statistics.
>> No. 4795 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 1:15 pm
4795 spacer
Statistically speaking this is questionable.

Did I already do my "dumb cave person" bit in this thread? Regardless, it's because your brain's still the same organ that had people chasing mammoths off cliffs tens of thousands of years ago, so when it sees two pieces of chicken and chips or a pack choc-ices it's beside itself with joy. It's very difficult to overcome those baser instincts, and we have to artificially train ourselves to do certain "unnatural" things and that's hard. Especially, as it sounds like from the tone of your posts,if you're attempting to do these things on your todd by opting for "staring at a wall and being annoyed" instead of eating. Not to mindlessly parley a meme but perhabs joining something like Slimming World might help, as people often learn better in groups and what you're doing is essentially learning not to overeat.

This is a very smug and presumptuous post I'll probably regret later so I'm ending it here, for all our sakes.
>> No. 4796 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 2:07 pm
4796 spacer
Told you before m8, cut the carbs. Blanket rule. Try it for 3 weeks.


>> No. 63399 R4GE
29th May 2019
Wednesday 6:27 pm
/iq/63399 spacer

Somehow the fountain makes him less threatening
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>> No. 63416 Moralfag
31st May 2019
Friday 6:58 am
63416 spacer
The "give him a shake" at the end is great.
>> No. 63417 Are Moaty
31st May 2019
Friday 8:51 am
63417 spacer
What other repeats from 2016 do you have, internet archive lad?
>> No. 63418 Crabkiller
31st May 2019
Friday 9:24 am
63418 spacer
Have you seen this one lad?
>> No. 63419 YubYub
31st May 2019
Friday 9:43 am
63419 spacer
That's not from 2016.
>> No. 63420 Moralfag
31st May 2019
Friday 12:54 pm
63420 spacer

Awkward Politics Nan is such an inderrated meme.


>> No. 13130 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 11:14 pm
/job/13130 Business business business
This bloke I've known for two years and another bloke who we've both known for about a week want to register a company with all three of us as directors/partners/shareholders. I trust the first bloke and I don't mistrust the second, my only misgivings about him are that he wants me involved despite knowing I can't really contribute anything.
What are the chances I'm being taken for a ride? Am I taking on any dangerous legal responsibilities by signing on as a director/partner or whatever?
I'm not being asked to invest anything other than time and creativity, I think they both know I don't have any liquid assets to speak of anyway.
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>> No. 13131 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 12:05 am
13131 spacer
As a director, you are legally responsible, jointly and severally with the other directors, for the company's actions. This includes, amongst other things, a duty to act in the best interests of the company, which would include staying informed about company business and not standing idly by while your mates run it into the ground. Also bear in mind that if it is a company they want to start, your name and address will appear on the public register for any disgruntled creditor to see.
>> No. 13132 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 3:22 am
13132 spacer
Is it an IPTV company? If you all get caught, you're the fall guy. They'll pay the Tax on your earnings and then liquidate the company at the end of March in the hopes of avoiding an audit.

Telling us what the company will do might help us advise you.
>> No. 13133 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 7:49 am
13133 spacer
It's a company to build an app a bit like uber but done a bit differently.
>> No. 13134 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:11 am
13134 spacer
Looking at that page I'd have a lot of leeway as it takes into account relevant skills when it comes to how responsible you are for it all. I might see if I can talk them into just letting me be a shareholding employee of some sort, I don't want to have my details listed like that.
>> No. 13135 Anonymous
31st May 2019
Friday 8:55 am
13135 spacer
A lot if not most directors give a mailing address, perhaps even the company's address.


>> No. 6989 Anonymous
29th May 2019
Wednesday 12:24 am
/lit/6989 Realm of the Elderlings
This series has had an odd draw on me. I don't recall how I got on to the books, but I started with Assassin's Apprentice almost when it came out, read on with Liveship Traders and the Tawny Man and then it slumbered.

About a year ago I learned that Fitz and the Fool was done, read the trilogy, realised that I'd missed Rain Wild Chronicles and read that and now I'm working my way backwards again through Liveship Traders. I'll have to touch Tawny Man and Farseer again eventually, I think, just for completeness, but the prospect fills me with joy. Re-reading the books with the foreknowledge of what happens and where it goes is a joy in itself, but comparing what I got out of the story when I was basically a teenlad versus what I now realise is going on. I'm gushing, and hence I'm reluctant to touch the confined Tawny and Farseer trilogy again, but outside of Pratchett this is the first time I'm genuinely enjoying re-reading books.

Do you have books you read before, thought done, then touched again and learned something new?
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>> No. 7003 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 12:37 am
7003 spacer
I should've just picked a picture of Tintagliaa random fantasy trope.
>> No. 7004 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 5:54 pm
7004 spacer
> Do you have books you read before, thought done, then touched again and learned something new?
Some of the books I'd been reading as a teenlad, yes.
A casual glance turned into a full-blown re-read once. There were certain moments I just didn't notice back then due to insufficient life experience.
>> No. 7005 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 6:48 pm
7005 spacer
I thought Winston was literally shot until i read it a second time.
>> No. 7006 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:22 pm
7006 spacer

In my head, I can only hear the name Winston in a West Indian accent.
>> No. 7007 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 11:51 pm
7007 spacer



>> No. 85774 Anonymous
22nd May 2019
Wednesday 9:57 am
/pol/85774 Election
It's coming lads. Dawn of a new era.
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>> No. 85892 Anonymous
23rd May 2019
Thursday 10:44 pm
85892 spacer


>There has been a loss of confidence in the two major parties because they currently have shit leaders

Do you really think that's all it is ladm9? Come on now.
>> No. 85893 Anonymous
23rd May 2019
Thursday 11:23 pm
85893 spacer


>> No. 85939 Anonymous
25th May 2019
Saturday 11:41 pm
85939 spacer


>> No. 85940 Anonymous
26th May 2019
Sunday 10:43 pm
85940 spacer
The North East have declared: 2 seats for Brexit Party, 1 for Labour.
>> No. 86028 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 11:12 pm
86028 spacer

Voting intention 28-29 May 2019-01.jpg


>> No. 24194 Raoul
30th May 2019
Thursday 3:49 pm
/zoo/24194 spacer
Is it just me or has China just enacted a Black Mirror storyline?
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>> No. 24211 Fairy
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:40 pm
24211 spacer
>The single number administered by the national government to every citizen is the central detail in the social credit hysteria
Yes, lad. What everyone's complaining about is definitely the single number and not the consequences of having poor "social credit". That's definitely the main point in the arguments about it.
>> No. 24212 Terrorist
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:52 pm
24212 spacer
That's correct, it is, because the consequences of having poor social credit are entirely different if it's a single score administered by the central government.
>> No. 24213 Raoul
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:55 pm
24213 spacer
I, for one, welcome our new sixth form debate club overlords.
>> No. 24214 Fairy
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:57 pm
24214 spacer
It is being administered by the Central government.
>> No. 24215 Aki
30th May 2019
Thursday 9:05 pm
24215 spacer
Just lowering myself to explainin the fundementals for you, when you move past me needing to explain them then we can have a proper discussion.


>> No. 63370 Auntiefucker
28th May 2019
Tuesday 8:15 pm
/iq/63370 spacer

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>> No. 63403 Auntiefucker
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:48 pm
63403 spacer
I'm glad at least that all the outlets that seem to think it's ridiculous are themselves far-right.
>> No. 63404 Paedofag
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:49 pm
63404 spacer
He doesn't look like he works at Furniture Village.
>> No. 63406 Auntiefucker
30th May 2019
Thursday 7:53 pm
63406 spacer
What exactly is wrong with soldiers being on the far right? Wouldn't it help with training them up to kill brown folk?
>> No. 63412 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:20 pm
63412 spacer

because sometimes we want them not to kill and actually protect brown folk and that compromises their abbility to do that, and we don't want them deciding they 'should take matters into their own hands'.

The modern Army is just as much about it's public facing as killing people (they would probably say more if you asked them), they want people who set a good impression of what Britain and the british are like, as they want to defuse hostilities rather than escalate them. They want our boys to be seen as saviours and peace keepers by the natives.
>> No. 63413 Paedofag
30th May 2019
Thursday 8:25 pm
63413 spacer

Because you only want them to kill the brown folks you tell them to, and not burn villages of civilians to keep them from moving to bradford and getting a free flat and a car and a GPS unit from the liberal elite government.

Also there's brown people in our army, so that presents a further issue.


malta flag.jpg
>> No. 3509 Anonymous
26th May 2019
Sunday 12:54 pm
/map/3509 Malta
What do you lads think of Malta as a place to live? Rent for a one bedroom flat on the smaller and less popular island of Gozo is apparently only 300 euros a month. E.g:

Surely there must be hidden fees not mentioned? I can get a work from home job that pays the UK minimum wage and live like a king (by my spartan standards) in Malta without even having to work 5 days a week.
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>> No. 3515 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 12:15 pm
3515 spacer
It's a great place to live, but quiet and in the summer, very very hot indeed. You might get bored with it being so hot. It is indeed quite a cheap place to live.

If you can get work (there are quite a few local internet companies) that isn't tourism based, you'll live okay.

I am half-Maltese and have visited 20+ times - I will probably get a place there when I retire. If you're younger, I would certainly try living there for a month before you fully commit, particularly if you don't have a job.
>> No. 3516 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 4:26 pm
3516 spacer

Can you comment on the womenfolk?
>> No. 3517 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 5:03 pm
3517 spacer

Beautiful when young, but as a previous lad says, they get fat and just wear black all the time. Malta is actually the fattest country in Europe.
>> No. 3518 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 5:18 pm
3518 spacer
>Beautiful when young
Okay dude.
>> No. 3519 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 1:08 am
3519 spacer

The difference between obesity rates in Malta vs the UK is as far as I can tell about 2% I'm not saying that makes the Maltese less fat but we are hardly in a place to be critical.


>> No. 28562 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 2:59 pm
/emo/28562 Office banter
All right, mates, I need some help.

I had a long period of complete social isolation following serious health problems. I've found a pointless office job, in two weeks I will start. My problem is that I have completely lost my "social banter" function. Whenever I am in the middle of people I just want to be somewhere else or to strangle every single one of them. I can find nothing to talk about, and I have no answer for what they tell me. When they share experiences, they are so different from mine that it's like speaking with a creature from another species. Any clue? What are office people bantering about? GoT? Football?
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>> No. 28573 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 6:48 pm
28573 spacer

I had to do online courses on Safeguarding, Inclusiveness and Equality and Diversity to be eligible for the job, so the image is quite representative.
>> No. 28574 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 7:24 pm
28574 spacer

>> No. 28576 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 10:17 pm
28576 spacer

No, no BBC for me.
>> No. 28577 Anonymous
27th May 2019
Monday 11:46 pm
28577 spacer

I mean, you have to do those for any job these days; but that has never stopped anyone making an off colour joke when they know their colleagues will take it as such. Just make sure you don't have any of those Twitter moral guardian types around to spoil it.

I have worked in places where apparently nobody has any sense of humour, but I can't imagine the torture it would be to work there. That's the kind of place I'd simply prefer to be the antisocial cunt who doesn't talk to anyone. They can't sack you for being quiet, but if your colleagues are boring why bother.
>> No. 28586 Anonymous
30th May 2019
Thursday 12:39 am
28586 spacer

It's a common trend in HR, if you cannot fit with the "spirit" of the company you are not "a good cultural fit" and you must be kicked out during the probation time, no matter how skilled you are.


>> No. 63363 Samefag
27th May 2019
Monday 8:50 pm
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Sarah Barrass is the name

Poisoning my kids is the game.
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>> No. 63364 Samefag
27th May 2019
Monday 8:56 pm
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Her FB (if it is the right Sarah Barrass) is full of shit like this.
>> No. 63368 Billbob
28th May 2019
Tuesday 4:26 pm
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No doxing, discuss but don’t link.
>> No. 63369 R4GE
28th May 2019
Tuesday 4:37 pm
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Is searching 'sarah barrass' on facey really being 1337 hackers on toast?


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