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>> No. 2601 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 12:44 pm
/uhu/2601 CFLs
Right then. The ceiling lights above me are these weird fittings for expensive lamps. I want to replace them with LED lamps. I'm familiar with the socket from butterfly CFLs (like you'd fit in the ceiling of a toilet) but haven't seen them like this before, and half the lamps I find online are for horizontal fittings rather than vertical (so light coming out of the side rather than beaming down). I've drawn a blank on plug-and-play LED replacements, but that'd save me a lot of hassle if they exist - it's a G24q-2, I'm after 8W actual or so at around 3000K.

Failing that, is the ballast for these contained in the fitting shown in the image, or is it really going to be sealed in the ceiling? I've had the ceiling rose off to check and there's nothing accessible.

Cheers sparklads.
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>> No. 2602 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 1:52 pm
2602 spacer
It's really easy to change the ceiling fittings to a more normal type if you can't find the bulbs. The ceiling fittings themselves are about 3 quid and are piss easy to fit/replace. Might be a better option for you.
>> No. 2603 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 2:42 pm
2603 spacer
If there are inaccessible ballasts in the ceiling then the sockets aren't really the issue.
>> No. 2604 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 10:03 pm
2604 spacer
If there are only two wires in that cable from the rose to the holder, the ballast's in the holder and you just need to replace it with something simple.


giphy (2).gif
>> No. 7729 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 12:41 pm
/£$€¥/7729 spacer
I recently applied for a freelance job, and was asked whether I'd like to contract myself as a limited company or via an umbrella company.

I understand the differences in a very basic sense, and as this is a six month contract, I'm leaning towards umbrella for simplicity's sake. At the same time, I'm not sure I'm fully comfortable with someone taking my cash for doing a bit of paperwork.

On the other hand, I don't know everything involved in setting up a limited company, what additional costs and benefits there are to doing so. It might also be a nice opportunity to learn about the process.

Can anyone break it down in straightforward, non-jargon terms?
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>> No. 7735 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 10:18 pm
7735 spacer
Umbrella company, until you start getting long term contracts and get the hang of the paperwork.
>> No. 7736 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 11:31 pm
7736 spacer
Seconding this bit about HMRC, they are not known for their sense of humour or their laid back approach to life. For the first year you might want to get your accounts dealt with by a professional who can set you up with proper spreadsheets etc. and advise you on potential hazards and gotchas.
>> No. 7737 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 8:46 am
7737 spacer

Thanks, I read about this. I'm still not sure how the HMRC distinguish between being contracted for a full-time service and being employed, exactly. What puts you in one category or the other?
>> No. 7738 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 10:08 am
7738 spacer

There's an assessment tool at the link below; the questions asked should give you some idea of what criteria HMRC will apply. The fundamental question is whether you're providing a service for a client or supplying labour. Are you expected to keep particular hours? Could you send someone else equally qualified in your place? If you bugger something up, would you be expected to fix it at your own cost?
>> No. 7739 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 11:08 am
7739 spacer

Took the questionnaire and it seems IR35 doesn't apply to me, but there's always the chance HMRC would disagree with my answers.

Appreciate the advice on this one, both, I think I'll see how these six months go with an umbrella company. If I like the work and I get an extension or another contract, I'll register myself as a limited company.


>> No. 29001 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 1:28 am
/101/29001 Shit neighbours
Fuck me, the dolescum that live in the "affordable housing" block (see: corporate slumlords) next to me insist on being as loud and obnoxious as possible next to an open window that then reverbs around the close well into the early hours of the morning. It wouldn't be an issue if this wasn't the fourth night this week they'd done it and the countless of several weeks on the trot.

They've had the police called on them for noise disturbances to no avail and doubtlessly have been reported to the housing association (£££) more than once but is there anything that I, personally, can do to stop it? I've asked them nicely countless times (through my window with the blinds closed at night, naturally) only to be met with profanity and increased noise disturbance. I may have snapped at a particularly bad day today and screamed for them to shut the fuck up but it didn't seem to do much except likely irk my neighbours further. And yes, my intended recipients definitely heard.

FWIW affordable housing is great but underclasses that are content being underclasses taking up flats more proactive people could use fucks me off to no end.
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>> No. 29002 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 4:36 am
29002 spacer
Tip the police off that the house is being used to sell drugs. Scum like that always have drugs anyway so the rozzers are bound to find something nickable.

Bear in mind that snitches get stitches and now you've screamed at them they'll probably blame you for anything like that. I know it's obvious advice but keep your head down, save what you can and fight tooth and nail for a better job that lets you move far, far away.
>> No. 29003 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 6:29 am
29003 spacer
Is this the first time you've actually had to encounter the great unwashed? Your options are either to join in with them or do what everyone else in the country does by getting as far away from them as possible. You will not change their behaviour.
>> No. 29004 Anonymous
20th September 2019
Friday 9:36 am
29004 spacer
I find I'm okay with it if I just think of it as an ongoing drama that I catch snippets of.


>> No. 28995 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 1:47 pm
/101/28995 Bluetooth
Did you know that bluetooth is named after King Harald 'Bluetooth' of Denmark. Supposedly because he succeeded in getting the tribes of Denmark to communicate with each other and unite with each other? This in spite of the fact that a meaningful modern "kingdom" as we would understand the term didn't really emerge until another 50 years or so after his death and in fact he simply consolidated the Jutland peninsula? When I try to make my computer and my speakers communicate with each other I can tell.

Also he was ovethrown and forced into exile by his own son for being so crap. The son, Sveyn Forkbeard, would later go on to conquer, and become king of, England (which actually was a real kingdom already). Bluetooth has been giving me shit for over a thousand years.
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>> No. 28996 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 3:47 pm
28996 spacer
Just plug stuff in, lol.


>> No. 40763 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 9:49 pm
/x/40763 Women of Brexit
A thread for nice looking lasses who are in favour of Brexit. No one cares which side you are on so let's not have a scrap about it. Just pics of Brexit lasses.
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>> No. 40850 Anonymous
5th September 2019
Thursday 11:31 pm
40850 spacer


>> No. 40851 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:13 am
40851 spacer

I'm mates with her irl. This is surreal seeing her in a .gs seat sniffing thread.
>> No. 40852 Anonymous
7th September 2019
Saturday 11:57 am
40852 spacer

Ooh la de dah! Cut the high horse crap and get to the point, what does her seat smell like?
>> No. 40857 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 3:25 am
40857 spacer

Madeline Grant
>> No. 40858 Anonymous
19th September 2019
Thursday 12:54 pm
40858 spacer

I'd rule her with my feelings iykwim


>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
/g/25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 26986 Anonymous
26th December 2018
Wednesday 9:43 pm
26986 spacer
I don't know. Maybe I should check.
>> No. 26987 Anonymous
27th December 2018
Thursday 10:03 am
26987 spacer

Czech yourselves before you wrzech yourselves.
>> No. 27265 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 7:17 pm
27265 spacer

Hey lads, I'm in a similar position to OP but have procrastinated on a decision for about a year now. It's just so bloody difficult to make a choice on what you want when it comes to a new best friend. I was looking at a V-series the other-day but upon closer inspection I suspect the build-quality is absolute toffee:

My criteria has shifted around but generally:
>Budget is £500-£1000 depending on what it can do
>Weight isn't a problem, this is going to be an effective desktop/tv due to lack of space in the flat
>Something sturdy that will last me years and years if anything
>My benchmark was finally getting to play GTA V but a laptop able to play it in decent quality appears still out of reach

I really should make a choice now as my current laptop is starting to BSD more and more.
>> No. 27266 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 10:52 pm
27266 spacer

>My benchmark was finally getting to play GTA V but a laptop able to play it in decent quality appears still out of reach

Not any more. At the low end of your budget, a machine with a Ryzen 5 2500U will run GTA V on medium settings at 720p at about 50fps, while still being reasonably portable. At the high end of your price range, you could have something with an i5 and a GTX 1650, which will give you decent frame rates at 1080p on very high settings.
>> No. 27267 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 11:25 pm
27267 spacer
Your budget will definitely stretch to something GTAV-capable, my laptop runs that and it's only worth ~£500. I picked an Inspiron 15 7577, which doesn't look like the usual "gamer laptop" with rainbow LED and go-faster plastic tacky embarrassment. By all accounts it has a quiet cooling system by gaming laptop standards, but it's still too loud for me when it gets going. When a game like GTAV is running you'd better have headphones or some way of moving the thing into an adjacent room.

Can you really not squeeze in a decent desktop? And then grab a second-hand chromebook or something dirt cheap for when you're out and about? Gaming laptops are inherently a significant compromise, don't go there unless you really have to.


>> No. 27254 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 9:58 pm
/g/27254 Bluetooth keyboard/mouse dropping out
Alright lads. Here's the situation. I bought a fancy Microsoft Surface Ergonomic bluetooth keyboard, and every time I step away for more than ~5 minutes it does this thing where I have to press a key and then wait for 1-3 seconds. During this time the system is completely locked - whatever's on screen freezes in place and any sound or music stops.

This happens under Linux as well as Windows.

I've looked in power settings in Windows for dongle and mouse and switched it to never sleep wherever possible.

I've looked for others with the same problem, found a handful. Nobody had a solution.

As it happens, I've been given a Surface mouse for free. It also seems to suffer the same problem. My next step would be to buy another bluetooth dongle, but I'm broke and I'd rather not spend the money if can avoid it.

Is there an easy way of pinging bluetooth devices? Or any other way of keeping a bluetooth device awake? I don't mind charging batteries if it'll fix the problem.
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>> No. 27260 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 2:47 am
27260 spacer

Get the fuck off /g/
>> No. 27261 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 2:47 am
27261 spacer
Yeah Bluetooth threads belong in /101/, surely.
>> No. 27262 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 3:33 am
27262 spacer
>Save yourself bother now and buy a wired keyboard and mouse.
Seconding both this advice and the sentiment. The only time I've ever had trouble with a wired connection was when I tried a stupidly long PS/2 cable, which was hilarious but entirely understandable.
>> No. 27263 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 9:57 am
27263 spacer
Please, lads. I'm asking for help with one very specific fault, not general observations about bluetooth's reliability.
>> No. 27264 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 10:52 am
27264 spacer
You've had the best advice you're going to get. I'm not sure what else there is to say.

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 12164 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 11:34 pm
/beat/12164 spacer
Can we have a nerdcore thread please?
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>> No. 12173 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:11 am
12173 spacer
>> No. 12174 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:15 am
12174 spacer
I'm unshakable, I'm on the right road.
My goal? Writing the unbreakable code.
>> No. 12175 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:21 am
12175 spacer
Up up down down lef tright left right

Then B A Start - the screen goes white

It's the cracker, the YTCracker, the game genie

8 bits with the 8 inch weenie
>> No. 12176 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 12:24 am
12176 spacer
This is for all the DnB headz. Some real culture.
>> No. 12177 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 2:35 am
12177 spacer

DnB is the pinnacle of musical expression and nobody can convince me otherwise.


>> No. 20195 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 1:25 pm
/news/20195 spacer
This is just sounded so incredible I had to post it. According to this the NHS defines a 'never event' as mistakes "so serious they should never happen".

They happened 621 times in the past year.

I know the NHS is being failed, but fucking hell.
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>> No. 20238 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 11:59 am
20238 spacer
> We have some sort of IT system for midwives called Badgernet.
Prolly a reference to an old joke about a pregnancy test.
>> No. 20242 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 5:17 pm
20242 spacer
BadgerNet is software named and written by a private sector company.
>> No. 20243 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 7:58 pm
20243 spacer
>The goal is that they never happen.
Unlike all those other, lesser mistakes that they are perfectly OK to let happen?
>> No. 20246 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 8:18 pm
20246 spacer
Let's hope they don't make a mistake while removing that stick from your arse, eh lad?
>> No. 20248 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 8:39 pm
20248 spacer

How do you still not understand this?

Have you not ever had a job with a company big enough to have HR and safety reporting?


>> No. 64088 R4GE
17th September 2019
Tuesday 12:23 pm
/iq/64088 spacer
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>> No. 64089 YubYub
17th September 2019
Tuesday 2:51 pm
64089 spacer
N1 m8 bare advice


>> No. 20099 Anonymous
11th September 2019
Wednesday 2:18 pm
/news/20099 spacer
Fireman Sam axed by fire chiefs for being 'outdated' and not 'inclusive' enough

Fire chiefs have axed much-loved children’s TV character Fireman Sam for being “outdated” and not “inclusive” enough.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service dropped the 32-year-old character, who is white and male, from promotional material after residents complained he “doesn’t reflect the fire service today.” Fireman Sam will be replaced by three new characters created in-house: fire extinguisher shaped Freddy, Filbert and Penelope.

Les Britzman, the service's Chief Fire Officer, told Good Morning Britain he was trying to increase female recruitment to the service.

I don't give a fuck about 'PC gawn mad' or the hypocrisy of replacing one white male fireman mascot with another. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that the new mascot is PURE FUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL.
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>> No. 20218 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 10:55 pm
20218 spacer

I've heard some bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in my time, but the idea that the Jews have been plotting to replace a cartoon Welsh carpet-bagger with a boggle-eyed fire extinguisher takes the cake.
>> No. 20219 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:00 pm
20219 spacer
Next time don't wait a whole day for me to bait the motherfucker out.
>> No. 20221 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:16 pm
20221 spacer

It's almost as if that was the point.


Well, sorry, but you got the wrong guy. Don't pat yourself on the back so soon.

I fully expected a ban for a post like that, but steady on modlads. Can't you tell blatant facetiousness any more?
>> No. 20222 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 11:45 pm
20222 spacer
1) A "permanent" ban is the easiest thing to click thanks to the mod UI, I asked about changing this a few times over the years but nothing came of it.
2) You got around it in minutes so who cares?
>> No. 20225 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 12:54 am
20225 spacer

>A "permanent" ban is the easiest thing to click thanks to the mod UI

That feels intentional.


>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
/job/4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 12783 Anonymous
8th December 2018
Saturday 10:12 am
12783 spacer

No problem, if I stay 2 days without taking 'prol and 'mide I am unable to walk 20 meters without gasping for air.
>> No. 13283 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 6:23 am
13283 spacer
How long is a "month's notice"?
Is it 28 days/4 weeks or if I hand my notice in on the 5th, I'm expected to be there till the 5th the next month?
>> No. 13285 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 6:42 am
13285 spacer
Write the date you want to leave on your notice as 28 days from the day you hand it in. Let them argue if they want to.
>> No. 13287 Anonymous
16th September 2019
Monday 10:28 am
13287 spacer

Most likely a working month, so four weeks. If they meant a calendar month everyone would just wait until February to quit.


>> No. 64069 Billbob
13th September 2019
Friday 12:59 pm
/iq/64069 spacer
Don't forget to oil your shredder.
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>> No. 64080 Moralfag
15th September 2019
Sunday 1:38 pm
64080 spacer

Sorry Redditlad, should I have ended my post with an /s?
>> No. 64081 Auntiefucker
15th September 2019
Sunday 1:49 pm
64081 spacer
>> No. 64083 Are Moaty
15th September 2019
Sunday 8:49 pm
64083 spacer

your mum has a stinky shredder slot.
>> No. 64084 Crabkiller
16th September 2019
Monday 1:58 am
64084 spacer
>> No. 64085 R4GE
16th September 2019
Monday 10:26 am
64085 spacer

no m8 you should have been funnier


>> No. 63931 Moralfag
15th August 2019
Thursday 10:12 pm
/iq/63931 spacer
Someone was paid, most likely a fair bit of money, to come up with the idea of tackling knife crime by messages on fried chicken boxes.
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>> No. 63998 Anonymous
18th August 2019
Sunday 8:08 am
63998 spacer

The poverty line has stayed the same. The cost of living has increased. Looking at one graph in isolation doesn't prove anything.

I'm not a hand wringing guardian type, I'm the type who fully understands darkies do the stabbing and eat fuckloads of fried chicken. But their problems are cultural as well as political and economic. It does nobody any good to try and blame one thing and one thing alone, because it makes them feel uncomfortable exploring the impact of other factors.

Left wingers don't want to admit black people might need a sitting down and telling how to raise their kids not to be thugs. Right wing people don't want to admit their economic policies are clearly and obviously worsening the situation. Politicians in general don't want to admit they've been steadfastly ignoring any and all opportunity to deal with issues like this at the core of our society for fucking decades.
>> No. 63999 R4GE
18th August 2019
Sunday 9:25 am
63999 spacer
People like the "one neat trick that solves complex societal problem" rather than the nuanced incremental changes, or at least the media do because it's easier to get their heads around and report on a radical quick fix.

Politicians also love something that can be condensed into a sound bite. At the current time, unsurprisingly, most of the noise is about A Levels and university admissions; Labour want students to apply to university after they have their results because they claim that poorer students are most likely to have their grades predicted too low and will end up accepting an unconditional offer from a 'lesser' university than they would be admitted to based on their actual grades.

This appears to be a good thing but in isolation it is an oversimplification of a wider and more complex issue. We should also be asking why teachers in disadvantaged areas are much more likely to under-predict the grades of their students; the Sutton trust found that they tend to have the greatest misconceptions about Oxbridge and are far less likely to encourage pupils to study there. Are they more jaded and does this rub off into their teaching? Do they have much less belief and optimism for their students? Are they less engaged with their students, perhaps due to larger class sizes and more disruptive children, so they don't actually know them well enough to predict their grades with as much accuracy? If we want to emulate the likes of Finland then it's clear that we need to be almost halving class sizes. We should also be asking whether students from poorer backgrounds are given even support to understand how important where you study actually is and that a degree from the university of Manchester is far more valuable than a degree from Manchester met. We should be asking whether we have too many 'lesser' institutions and if some of these should be converted into polys. We should be asking why so many universities are making unconditional offers in the first place. We should be asking whether too many students are going to university. You get the idea, otherwise you're just papering over the cracks.
>> No. 64075 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 4:13 pm
64075 spacer
Targeting chicken shops was racist, they said.

>Man dies after Lewisham chicken shop fight

>A man has died after a fight at a chicken shop in London.
>The Met said two men suffered stab wounds and head injuries in a fight in Downham Way, Lewisham, at about 23:55 BST on Friday.
>> No. 64076 YubYub
14th September 2019
Saturday 8:05 pm
64076 spacer
Wasn't someone else stabbed to death in a KFC in London the other day?
>> No. 64082 YubYub
15th September 2019
Sunday 6:48 pm
64082 spacer

But was this chicken shop participating in #knifefree?

It might well have saved somebody's life.


>> No. 6963 Anonymous
14th April 2019
Sunday 7:43 pm
/lit/6963 Books by women
It's dawned on me that, other than a novel written by a former work colleague, I haven't read a book written by a woman in over a decade. This hasn't been a conscious decision, it's just that the books I've tended to gravitate towards happen to have been written by men. However I feel I should make a conscious effort to read some, even if it's just to gain a different perspective on things.

Where should I start? Virginia Woolf? Jane Austen? Fleur Jaeggy? Dorothy Parker? Arundhati Roy? Olga Tokarczuk? Stella Gibbons?
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>> No. 7027 Anonymous
7th August 2019
Wednesday 10:01 pm
7027 spacer

I've finally finished my first book written by a woman since starting this thread, if a collection of short stories counts.

I don't think terse gothic horror is for me. I will report back when I get around to reading something else.
>> No. 7045 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 3:16 am
7045 spacer
Alice Munro is a favorite of mine.
>> No. 7046 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:07 pm
7046 spacer
Pride and Prejudice is an easy, thoroughly enjoyable read.
>> No. 7047 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 11:27 pm
7047 spacer

Just read books you indoctrinated wallop
>> No. 7048 Anonymous
15th September 2019
Sunday 10:07 am
7048 spacer


Room in Brooklyn.jpg
>> No. 7726 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 8:14 pm
/£$€¥/7726 spacer
I received an email from my letting agency on Friday asking if I would like to renew my rental agreement for another year. I'm happy to do this and having looked around this place is still the best deal for me. My flat is a real gem and I was lucky to stumble across it.

Now, correct me if I'm overthinking this, but there's something on my mind following this sentence:
>If you would like to renew, please confirm to us in writing and we will discuss with your Landlord the terms under which they would also be happy to have you extend.

I'd like to continue paying what I am now because I'm a civil servant and our wages don't exactly follow inflation. The problem is that the flat on the ground-floor is currently advertised at a roughly 7% higher rent than what I'm paying and therefore getting close to my unaffordable mark.

How much groveling should I do in my response to try and get the landlord to agree to another year on the same rent? I've never lived in a place for longer than a year before so forgive the stupid question. I'm a good boy who always pays his rent on time and is never a bother to anyone so it could be justified on top of cutting out the faff.
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>> No. 7727 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 8:55 pm
7727 spacer
Unless you can point out something the landlord does not already know, then I don't see what difference any grovelling will make.
>> No. 7728 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 9:30 pm
7728 spacer
It's a dance. You say you want to renew, they come back with a mostly reasonable figure and you go from there - it isn't usually a hassle.


>> ID: b90f68 No. 15036 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 12:10 am

ID: b90f68
/shed/15036 spacer
That manner of posting is rightly unnacceptable, but you modsods better not have given him one of your piss-takingly long bans, by which I mean anything over an hour.
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>> ID: cad645 No. 15037 Anonymous
14th September 2019
Saturday 10:08 am

ID: cad645
15037 spacer
Posting like that directly affects all other readers, and breeds further disease.

Personally they should be banned for as long as it takes a person to learn how to write. Two years?


>> No. 19143 Anonymous
29th April 2019
Monday 10:14 pm
/news/19143 spacer
Rape victims among those to be asked to hand phones to police

Victims of crimes, including those alleging rape, are to be asked to hand their phones over to police - or risk prosecutions not going ahead.

Consent forms asking for permission to access information including emails, messages and photographs have been rolled out in England and Wales. It comes after a number of rape and serious sexual assault cases collapsed when crucial evidence emerged.

Victim Support said the move could stop victims coming forward. But police and prosecutors say the forms can plug a gap in the law which says complainants and witnesses cannot be forced to disclose relevant content from phones, laptops, tablets or smart watches.

Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill said such digital information would only be looked at where it forms a "reasonable" line of inquiry, with material going before a court only if it meets stringent rules.

This seems like a worrying turn of events and the unintended consequence of the political pressure to increase the number of rape convictions spearheaded by Alison Saunders.
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>> No. 20173 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:28 pm
20173 spacer
>> No. 20174 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:45 pm
20174 spacer

So if a bird sodomises someone with a strap-on, it's not rape? If a bloke bum fucks you, it's not rape?

Blimey, you learn something new every day. I think we need a hashtag to sort this injustice out.
>> No. 20175 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:48 pm
20175 spacer
Reading comprehension not your strong point, is it?
>> No. 20176 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 5:53 pm
20176 spacer

>Blimey, you learn something new every day

With the exception of the lads who make all those bold claims in the first place.
>> No. 20177 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 11:32 pm
20177 spacer

It should be noted that my post was intended to express shock and surprise, not disagreement or smart-arsery.


Not sure what claims you're on about.


>> No. 64049 R4GE
6th September 2019
Friday 3:06 pm
I didn't even know R Kelly was in hospital, but there you go.
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>> No. 64050 Paedofag
6th September 2019
Friday 3:21 pm
64050 spacer
>> No. 64070 Auntiefucker
13th September 2019
Friday 8:37 pm
64070 spacer

>> No. 64071 Ambulancelad
13th September 2019
Friday 9:36 pm
64071 spacer


>> No. 13264 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 1:57 pm
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During my current job and my last job, I've been made to feel like the second choice candidate, despite eventually getting the position.

The first instance, I only heard about them considering another candidate until a couple of months in. They decided on somewhere else shortly after the interview, and I had to re-interview to get in. Tried not to take it personally and all that, it was a big step up for me after all.

This job really took the piss, though. I interviewed for a 100% position, which was eventually split between myself and another person 50%... the other half went to a closely-related family member of one of the interviewers, no less.

They didn't make me interview twice, but the other one ended up taking on the more simple and immediate tasks leaving me in the wind for months about what my job role actually was.

Is there something I'm doing wrong, here? Is it an indication of something? Is it just that hiring is often a process of elimination rather than selection?
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>> No. 13265 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 2:35 pm
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Is there something I'm doing wrong, here?

Nothing I can see, the first story is just the fact of life these people have no prior relationship with you, I'm sure you are lovely but then I'm sure the other 50+ people who applied are lovely too. That's just life you are as mundane as the rest of us

The second is just bullshit nepotism, the last job I interview for it got into a farce by the end because they didn't want to admit I was the better candidate on paper but they wanted to hire someone else because they were the mate of the guy he'd be closely working with presumably because the likes of their bosses boss would be wholly unamused.
>> No. 13266 Anonymous
13th September 2019
Friday 6:54 pm
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For my career break I came second in a job interview. I later learnt that the admin head only wanted to hire women, something I've mentioned on /job/ before, so I lost out to someone who turned out to be useless but possessed a vagina. However, I impressed other people at the interview so that when someone went off on long-term sick I was hired on a temporary contract, which was eventually made permanent.

I'm now in a managerial position so I'm responsible for recruitment in my department. There's been occasions where there's been a dearth of suitable candidates. There's been other occasions where I've had to choose one from a number of strong candidates when any one of them would have absolutely walked it at on a different occasion, some of whom I've contacted when we've had a vacancy at a later date. You can try your absolute best but you can't control who you are up against. That's life.

There's no guarantee that an employer has a decent hiring process. For some reason the recruitment for the graduate scheme at work is done by the admin head and she is as thick as pig shit, which most likely explains why four out of the last five graduates recruited have turned out to be a mistake.


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