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>> No. 6948 Anonymous
12th May 2017
Friday 9:31 am
/£$€¥/6948 spacer
Is it possible to set up a direct debit to a family member? And no I don't mean a standing order.
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>> No. 6965 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 6:41 pm
6965 spacer
Wasn't the government keen on everyone having access to at least a basic bank account, regardless of their standing? Do these count?
>> No. 6968 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 6:49 pm
6968 spacer
They're not banks.
>> No. 6969 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 7:16 pm
6969 spacer
They're useful for situations where you might not trust the person using them, or the situation you're using them in.
For example some parents give them to teenage children for spending money, you can top it up with just however much you want them to have. They're good if you're travelling and are afraid of losing a card, there's less hassle than losing your main credit card. They're also useful for buying viagra from dodgy websites if you're into that sort of thing.
>> No. 7482 Anonymous
11th March 2019
Monday 10:16 am
7482 spacer
Some banks allow standing orders to count too instead of direct debits. If you've got a pension, chucking a few quid in there by DD would work.
>> No. 7485 Anonymous
11th March 2019
Monday 10:43 am
7485 spacer
I'd hope he's not still stuck on this almost 2 years later.


>> No. 26816 Anonymous
19th November 2018
Monday 4:00 pm
/g/26816 Best Cartridge under £40?
Alright lads, picture is my Numark GrooveTool cartridge. It's alright, but nothing special.

I'm looking for another cartridge, under about £40. I've seen the Ortofon OM-5E or OM-1S, which seem like the best deals. Is there anything else better in that price range?

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>> No. 27059 Anonymous
8th March 2019
Friday 7:14 pm
27059 spacer

You need to adjust your tonearm for the new cartridge. There's probably too much vertical tracking force and too much overhang with the new cart.
>> No. 27060 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 1:32 pm
27060 spacer
VTF and alignment are fine, I hadn't though much about overhang. I'll see if that helps, but I swear it used to sound OK and now it doesn't. Maybe I just didn't notice it.
>> No. 27061 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 1:47 pm
27061 spacer

I'm almost certain you've checked already, but if two different cartridges sound the same, my instinct that the problem is somewhere else, half unplugged cable, dodgy amp, bad wiring, that sort of thing.
>> No. 27062 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 6:39 pm
27062 spacer
Two different styli sound the same - the original cartridge isn't great sounding anyway but there's definitely a lot more treble there.
>> No. 27063 Anonymous
11th March 2019
Monday 2:37 am
27063 spacer

Turns out it's my amplifier's phono stage. It's a Denon from the 90s and that means capacitor leakage.


Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 14.46.04.png
>> No. 424260 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 2:46 pm
/b/424260 spacer

Lads, this might be actual science at work.
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>> No. 424611 Anonymous
27th February 2019
Wednesday 7:01 pm
424611 spacer
It was the former, yes. However, I do actually like Cross.
>> No. 424613 Anonymous
27th February 2019
Wednesday 7:28 pm
424613 spacer
If they have trouble with your accent, just give them a quick ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER DO YOU SPEAK IT and see how they respond.
>> No. 424935 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 10:44 pm
424935 spacer
why is the southeast made out of pizza?
>> No. 424965 Anonymous
10th March 2019
Sunday 12:22 pm
424965 spacer
The streets are paved with ham and pineapple down here lad.
>> No. 424966 Anonymous
10th March 2019
Sunday 12:26 pm
424966 spacer
Italian immigration innit. That's how they build their cities.


download (1).jpg
>> No. 11632 Anonymous
4th March 2019
Monday 2:28 pm
/beat/11632 spacer
Goodnight sweet prince
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>> No. 11648 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 5:24 pm
11648 spacer
Yeah, most recent first and infinite scroll only. Forgive me if I don't scroll through 20k comments to settle the most pointless disagreement ever.
>> No. 11650 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 5:36 pm
11650 spacer


>Forgive me if I don't scroll through 20k comments to settle the most pointless disagreement ever.

No worries, m4t.
>> No. 11651 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 1:13 am
11651 spacer
>> No. 11652 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 12:13 pm
11652 spacer
Oh my, that's some of the nicest things I have ever heard him say.
>> No. 11653 Anonymous
9th March 2019
Saturday 2:57 pm
11653 spacer

It would only follow that the two were good friends. Keith Flint was always seen by some as the Johnny Rotten of his time.

But yeah, you have to respect that he appears genuinely moved. Kind of makes you forget the things he reportedly said about Donald Trump.


>> No. 14071 Anonymous
26th November 2017
Sunday 1:32 pm
/news/14071 spacer

>Self-taught rocket scientist plans launch to test flat Earth theory

>‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, 61, plans to reach an altitude of 1,800ft over California in his home-made steam-powered rocket

>Science is littered with tales of visionaries who paid for pioneering research to prove their theories, and this weekend “Mad” Mike Hughes is hoping to join them. He plans to launch a homemade rocket in California as part of a bid to eventually prove that the Earth is flat.

>Hughes has spent $20,000 (£15,000) building the steam-powered rocket in his spare time, and will be livestreaming the launch over the internet. The self-described daredevil says he switched his focus to rockets after twice breaking his back doing stunt jumps in cars.

>“I don’t believe in science,” declared the 61-year-old. “I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air. But that’s not science, that’s just a formula.”

>‘Mad’ Mike
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>> No. 15062 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 7:37 pm
15062 spacer
I'm going to leave it there, just for you. Can post it again, if you like?
>> No. 15064 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 7:44 pm
15064 spacer
Post it again! Post it again!
>> No. 15079 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 11:09 pm
15079 spacer

Well? Aren't there rules about not taking money off the vulnerable?
>> No. 18511 Anonymous
7th March 2019
Thursday 7:46 pm
18511 spacer

If you haven't watched Behind The Curve on Netflix then I recommend it; here's one of the flat earther experiments proving the curvature of the planet.
>> No. 18512 Anonymous
8th March 2019
Friday 12:51 pm
18512 spacer
Why that white bastard has flown so far away from the Earth?


Screenshot_2019-03-07 Christopher Ryan on Twitter .png
>> No. 62680 Auntiefucker
7th March 2019
Thursday 8:38 am
/iq/62680 spacer


alex jones third eye.jpg
>> No. 4731 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 7:52 am
/boo/4731 spacer

Who are they? It's people who are psychically and genetically available to interface in this incredibly diverse universe, with all these dimensions above and below and all around us, with consciousnesses. And the truth is, all energy is never destroyed, it all continues on. The truth is our bodies, this is a fact, are a communal hive organism of all of our ancestors and all of their race memories. But not in just some compressed epigenetic system, it's beyond that, it's an electrochemical antenna (they've proven this), that connects to higher and lower dimensions. So our body suit, because our predecessors wouldn't put us in this position without giving us a bodysuit that is them. Our families are loving us, they are holding us, they are wrapped all round us, their strength, their will, their bad, their good, their sins, the good things they did, the battles they won, the battles they lost, the woman they loved, the man they loved, it's all in us, all these people. It is why we are able to look into so many things and have so many different experiences. And so all the shamans, all the ancient religions, everybody says: there are the good ones and there are the bad ones, and people are interfacing . So you say, where does it begin? From the Tibetans, to the Meso-Americans, to the Egyptians, to the Druids, to every ancient society, describes the same thing. There are bad things that look like elves that have horns, when they show you who they really are. And there are good things, but they don't contact you unless you contact them, and then they are almost not concerned with what you are doing. I never bought into this or looked into it, but then I began to think about what did I hear when I was a kid, what did I see, what was coming out in government documents, what was being admitted? When I read all these books about World War Two and the Nazis and Hitler obsessed with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans and what they were able to do without drugs and interface with this and all the rituals they would do and how they would believe that beyond the ether, like Skull and Bones which is a German death Cult, they would do rituals and take drugs to talk to the goddesses, and they are just appearing as sexy beautiful women. It is whatever you want as these spirit guides, because lower entities will come in and violate your free will. God and his angels which are below him, will not get involved in your everyday life. They will not manipulate your free will unless you ask them in. The Devil masquerades as an angel of light. So we are on this planet, the third dimension, which is a launch pad to all the other dimensions below and above. The third dimension, all the mathematics shows, is the primal sea of where all this happens, and the earth is like an egg, and we have got all this potentiality and God will send down a transmission for a larger plan, but evil is willing to come in- and what does it say? Demoralise, get rid of children, don't have kids, humans are bad, we will be better once you are all gone. And it is because it is their operational mission, for whatever reason that we will understand later what is going on. So the Nazis, via the deep literature, they believed they were basically seancing and being possessed by entities. It was before the Nazis, for whatever reason it was the Germans that this happened to, and the Swiss. They didn't discover LSD in the thirties. These people were running with the psychology departments, they were interfacing with the occult, they were involved in all this crazy stuff and it was all about their power and how great they were going to be- and the Germans were seduced. They were seduced because they had high IQ's, but more than that they were psychically connected to each other and would work like robots. The Chinese and the EU want robots to replace us because they will follow orders. And the Chinese are very conscious when they are conscious, but they are also very robotic. But the Germans are just as robotic. So this entity system picked Germans as its attempt, even in World War One and World War Two, and it was manipulating the Brits as well, and offering them technologies, but two different paths. One was social control, also there is stuff with the Brits. The other was high tech weapons, systems inter-dimensional, with the Germans. So whoever these players are, you can dial into it, but it is very dangerous. They are manipulating the German arm vs the British arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army. And so when you study it, the globalists go to these events and they take bigger and bigger doses of drugs, they do electroshock. If you go back to the owners Time life books didnt work just in the 20s and 30s in LSD and other hallucinogens, and apothecaries, they were doing electroshock, they would have people turn their heart off to try and communicate with these things, to try to be dominant and get that. So you go back thousands of years, Merlin the archetype, or these magicians, or these wizards, are taking drugs in these temples and interfacing with these palantirs, these crystal balls, which aren't really crystal balls it is their psychic focus of an inter-dimensional connection while they are on drugs looking in the glass to then be able to see the future and understand what is happening to give them temporal power over this planet. But like the Bible tells you, any pharmacy (?) or any of that always leads to d
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4735 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 12:38 pm
4735 spacer
That whole episode was fucking nuts and it was pretty funny to see Joe struggle with Alex. I don't think anyone can ever be prepared for him, absolutely mental.
>> No. 4736 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 1:27 pm
4736 spacer

>> No. 4737 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 10:48 am
4737 spacer
>They are manipulating the German arm vs the British arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army.

He actually says
"They are manipulating the British arm vs the German arm. And then they've got the Chinese arm, that is almost seen as though they are a robot army."

>> No. 4738 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:52 pm
4738 spacer

>> No. 4739 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 9:05 pm
4739 spacer

>> No. 423374 Anonymous
4th January 2019
Friday 10:04 pm
/b/423374 spacer
New weekend thread. First weekend of the year edition.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 424746 Anonymous
5th March 2019
Tuesday 6:05 pm
424746 spacer

Around Wakefield.
>> No. 424758 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:23 pm
424758 spacer
Can we do something about there being a midweek thread and two separate weekend threads?

I was sceptical about the need to break a general 'how's your week going' thread into week and weekend, but three just seems too much.
>> No. 424759 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:32 pm
424759 spacer
Stop using this weekend thread and post in the new weekend thread? Only on weekends, obviously.
>> No. 424760 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:32 pm
424760 spacer

You've bumped the old one, for a start.

ATTN ALL: please continue your slandering of Wakefield etc in the new Bangers and Mash weekend thread. As you were.
>> No. 424761 Anonymous
6th March 2019
Wednesday 7:35 pm
424761 spacer
He seems a bit one note, if you'll excuse the pun.


>> No. 2497 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 7:12 pm
/uhu/2497 spacer
Lads, what is the best product to use when sticking pictures and posters to walls? Something that ideally won't leave marks. I'm just thinking of finally doing a bit of light decorating in my tiny rented flat where a blank magnolia wall is a bit of an eyesore. The contract has that "any marks on the walls and we'll charge you for repainting" clause but I suspect these guys might actually enforce that.

I used to use white-tack but back when I was still a student I noticed it left marks. There's a range of competing alternatives but I noticed some variation in the reviews overall.
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>> No. 2498 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 7:13 pm
2498 spacer


>> No. 2499 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 7:38 pm
2499 spacer
Seems a bit much doesn't it? I've got to one day get the posters down with damaging the underlying paintwork.
>> No. 2500 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 7:59 pm
2500 spacer
Paint the poster magnolia once you're done. Either that or stick a new and unblemished wall over the existing wall.
>> No. 2501 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 8:00 pm
2501 spacer
Those command strip things you can get are really good. Except they cost a fortune.
>> No. 2502 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 9:53 pm
2502 spacer

Yep. They're the only thing that will reliably stick up a poster without damaging the paintwork.


>> No. 15319 Anonymous
29th October 2013
Tuesday 10:52 pm
/v/15319 Hidden Gems?
I found this bad boy on netflix, I watched for the tits stayed for the rest of the film. Brilliantly funny and touching. Anyone got any other hidden gems?
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>> No. 21709 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 10:51 pm
21709 spacer

I can't work out whether I liked this or not.

It's not something I'd watch again in a hurry.
>> No. 21710 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:13 pm
21710 spacer
What does that mean?
>> No. 21711 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 11:32 pm
21711 spacer
Treat yourself to Headhunters the film of the jonesbo book. Also I rarely enjoy horror films, but I liked REC.
>> No. 21712 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 11:05 am
21712 spacer
I started reading Headhunters and was bored stiff by the end of the first chapter. Something about the narrator being an arrogant prick art dealer is all I remember.
>> No. 22577 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 9:49 pm
22577 spacer

An answer to the question: what if Me, Myself & Irene was a hard-hitting drama.


>> No. 12981 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 8:19 pm
/nom/12981 spacer
Is there such a thing as a website or app that generates dish ideas based on ingredients that you enter?

Which is to say, you can tell it what you currently have in your kitchen and it'll pop out with a recommendation (and let you know what ingredients of yours will work as a facsimile, or cross out those that are non essential, etc.).

I've tried Supercook, but there's no 'fuzziness' there. Only strictly the ingredients you have.
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>> No. 12982 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:01 pm
12982 spacer
I want the same thing lad. Closest I've found is the 'Dinner Spinner' by
>> No. 12983 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:03 pm
12983 spacer
Oh. That I look closer, I think it is based on the same technology. Sorry.
>> No. 12984 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:06 pm
12984 spacer is that but it's pretty americanised so might not be that useful to you.

It'd make a great app, but I'm not sure that exists.
>> No. 12985 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 3:31 pm
12985 spacer

All recipes lets you search with an ingredient search. I didn't have to use Dinner Spinner.


>> No. 1691 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 9:21 pm

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>> No. 1696 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 10:00 pm
1696 spacer
I don't want to hark back to the (sadly deleted) thread in /emo/ about the dude who wanted to "stamp out" his gayness - but my view is similar to that expressed there - who cares?

>I can never go skinny dipping or to a nude beach or one of them old man saunas
Regardless of knob size, I'm just not doing any of these things.
>> No. 1697 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 10:06 pm
1697 spacer

>but my view is similar to that expressed there - who cares?

You're exactly right. I know I shouldn't care. I know that I have no reason to care. I successfully don't give a fuck about much of my life and the way I am, I'm old enough to have gotten over everything that's ever bothered me about myself - except this. It's not ruining my life or anything, I'm just annoyed that I do still definitely care that someone might see my knob and think it's small. I realise how ridiculous that is and yet it still pervades.

My best guess is that it has something to do with me being fat as a teenager, I used to hide my body at all costs, so perhaps this is just a small part (hurhur) of that complex that I've clung onto.

Them old man saunas are great, though.
>> No. 1698 Anonymous
11th February 2019
Monday 12:01 am
1698 spacer

I'm not transphobic but.png
I refuse to believe that thing is worn in day to day affairs. I mean what the fuck, you'll have someone's eye out if you wear that to the office.

I believe they call it 'blood dick' on the continent, a cock that undergoes a good deal of inflation when aroused or even in warm weather. Measure yourself and then compare it to the national average and you'll notice most men are like this.

>But I can never go skinny dipping or to a nude beach or one of them old man saunas without feeling a little inadequate.

Listen, lad. When your get your kit off with a lass for the first time do you really think her chief concern is the size of your cock or really, anything at all going on with your body? Same principle will apply in other naked situations. All else fails "I've got a few stone to swing it in with"/"I may be hung like a tic-tac bitten in half but I can eat pussy" will do as a confident retort to your mates banter.

>Perhaps a lot of these lads are half fluffed because they think similar things to me

Bottom-right quite clearly has something going on. I imagine being in a room naked with a lass studying your cock will lead to some confusion downstairs.
>> No. 1699 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 6:31 pm
1699 spacer
Some of these lads appear to have semis.
>> No. 1700 Anonymous
3rd March 2019
Sunday 12:20 am
1700 spacer
Commiserations to your other half.


>> No. 27050 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 8:25 pm
/g/27050 timewarp question
Evening, chaps...
I'm running a piece of equipment from a win98SE box in a VM (trying to run it under win7 tells me to fuck off and ask the manufacturer for some new software. Hah...)
It all mostly works, but there are some buttons that would be really useful if they worked - and they don't.
In the pic, there should be some buttons with arrows, rendered where I've skilfully drawn yellow triangles. Clearly, other buttons exist and work fine.
Anyone care to guess what I need to drag in from the machine that this stuff is installed on (and works, but is spectacularly inconvenient to use).
I just copied the installed directory across, no install discs or anything crazy like that.
Also, FML.
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>> No. 27053 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:32 pm
27053 spacer
>it was probably built using an old, old, old version of QT
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that that's not Qt. Also, it's Qt, not QT.
>> No. 27054 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:39 pm
27054 spacer
Yeah, it has the feel of VB about it.
>> No. 27055 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:48 pm
27055 spacer
My money's on one of the DLLs that go with it. COMCTL and COMDLG come to mind.

OP, give this a whirl and see what it flags up.
>> No. 27056 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:50 pm
27056 spacer
Ah, that looks very promising, I'll have a go!
Machine's rocking along at the moment, I'll not disturb it until it's finished...
>> No. 27057 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 10:10 pm
27057 spacer
Might be worth a try running wine on a linux VM, or even Dosbox.


>> No. 4280 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 9:53 pm
/mph/4280 spacer

I only really watch Wheeler Dealers on the late night channels, so hadn't realised in latest versions he had left the show. And beef with the shouty fat man?

He and James May probably need to do something together.


>> No. 40731 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 5:53 pm
/x/40731 spacer
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>> No. 40742 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 9:23 pm
40742 spacer
Well I never thought today would end with me making threads in /y/ but there you go.
>> No. 40743 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 9:57 pm
40743 spacer

You've done great things for us today, lad.
>> No. 40744 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 3:38 pm
40744 spacer
Too old

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 40745 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 1:34 pm
40745 spacer
That picture reminds me of the time I opened up a can of Surstromming.
>> No. 40746 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 4:47 pm
40746 spacer



>> No. 2492 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 8:29 pm
/uhu/2492 Uhulads
I pretty much haven't touched my guitar in over ten years. I decided to try and get back into playing it again, but give it a bit of attention first, strip it down and clean and check everythings set right.

The neck was never quite right since I bought it, the fretboard was about half a mm higher at the 24th fret than where it met the body. I decided to take it off and refit it, I think the body hasn't been machined quite level, or probably just a chip of wood stuck in there.

Soooo... I unscrewed it, and well, the one screw just came straight out with no resistance at all. Pic related.
There's about quarter to half an inch of the screw left in the body, so I can't get the neck off. Bugger.

Anyone got any suggestions?
There's a few routes I can think of. I've got some crappy screw extractors, but with just a hand drill I think it'll be impossible to get it to bite into the broken surface of the screw. I could just drill it out, but I'd probably do a really good job of fucking the whole thing up completely.

I'm thinking of going out and buying a pillar drill instead, it'll be useful in future anyway. Anyone with a bit of experience in this matter able to give me some pointers about what's the best drill I can get for £100-300? Axminster seems to have some decent stuff.I'm expecting the cheap clarke and silverline type stuff at places like machinemart and toolstation to be crap. And a brand fartool crops up on ebay a lot which is still probably shite but maybe better value.
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>> No. 2493 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 8:59 pm
2493 spacer
>Anyone got any suggestions?

It's not as big a worry as you might think. If you balls it up, you can just drill out a bigger hole and plug it with a dowel - that'd be the proper fix if the wood had stripped and the screw was no longer holding.

If you're going to have a go with the screw extractor, I'd suggest using a punch to make a small indent in the centre of the remaining screw, then a drill bit to make a small concave divot. This will give the extractor more surface to grip and stop it from wandering. Securely clamping the guitar body down will make the job far easier. If you're worried about slipping and damaging the guitar finish, you can make a protector by drilling an oversized hole in a piece of hardboard and holding it in place with masking tape.

>Anyone with a bit of experience in this matter able to give me some pointers about what's the best drill I can get for £100-300?

Axminster are usually a safe bet. Within that budget, I'd be inclined to get a second-hand machine. Good single-phase machines usually get snapped up quickly, but you can get a real bargain if you're willing to overlook a bit of surface rust.
>> No. 2494 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 10:50 am
2494 spacer
Was the intonation and action alright to begin with?

You probably didn't actually need to go fucking around with it. Fretboards are designed to have a certain amount of tension/relief in order to account for the scale length, bridge height, all those sorts of things. It's not uncommon to have a slight gap at the neck joint.

Could be wrong but just my two penneth, whenever I've tried to "fix" something like that on one of my guitars I've usually just made it worse.
>> No. 2495 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 11:09 am
2495 spacer
The clearance issue caused the strings to rattle against the last fret, even though it came out of the factory with the last fret filed very low, and even after I backed the truss rod off more than I should need to.
When I bought it I didn't know enough to take it back to the shop, and by the time I learnt enough it was too late.
It's not a valuable enough guitar to worry about, they're less than £200 new, so I'm happy to fuck around with this.
It's been sat in a bag in a damp house for so long that the pickups have actually gone rusty.

Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 2496 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 12:00 pm
2496 spacer

I think OP was probably moving in the right direction before the screw snapped. Most bolt-on guitars will end up with a shim in the neck pocket at some point to adjust the neck angle. Buzz only on the high frets even with the truss rod slack is a dead giveaway that the neck angle is wrong. Before CNC and micro-tilt adjusters came in, most Fender guitars were shimmed from the factory to fine-tune the neck angle; Taylor shim every guitar they build as a routine part of their neck angle setup.


>> No. 62656 YubYub
27th February 2019
Wednesday 6:40 pm
/iq/62656 spacer
Now I like India and I like laplanderstan, but which is better? There's only one way to find out....

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>> No. 62667 Auntiefucker
28th February 2019
Thursday 8:21 pm
62667 spacer

China controls parts of Kashmir so I think they might.
>> No. 62668 Ambulancelad
28th February 2019
Thursday 9:05 pm
62668 spacer

Indian Randy quaid.
>> No. 62677 Billbob
1st March 2019
Friday 11:18 pm
62677 spacer
I like that all this very serious news is revolving around a man with such a silly moustache, it's like something out of Father Ted or the IT Crowd without the transphobic undertones.
>> No. 62678 Samefag
2nd March 2019
Saturday 7:03 am
62678 spacer

It looks like he's been worked over right good too, but everyone's still just laughing at his tash. War is hell
>> No. 62679 Billbob
2nd March 2019
Saturday 11:36 am
62679 spacer

The Times of India reported that a mob of locals kicked his head in; the Laplanderstani military may have saved his life.


>> No. 28205 Anonymous
28th February 2019
Thursday 2:55 am
/emo/28205 spacer
I am very drunk, I hate how I only feel things whilst I am drunk. I know it's a problem. I love you .gs.
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>> No. 28220 Anonymous
2nd March 2019
Saturday 2:22 am
28220 spacer
We love you too bro.


>> No. 11618 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 12:54 pm
/beat/11618 Just want more of this
It's a garden variety progressive/deep house yet I rather like these tracks and the mildly melancholic route the melody takes.
Many of them come from Enhanced Music label or Colorize. Not all; there's still a noticeable amount of upbeat 'summer' tracks (I've scouted a few filesharing services for compilations already).

Can you lads help me find more?
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>> No. 11622 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 1:35 pm
11622 spacer
Is it just me or were literally none of these embedded correctly?
>> No. 11626 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:32 pm
11626 spacer
> Is it just me
>> No. 11629 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:53 pm
11629 spacer

>> No. 11630 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:54 pm
11630 spacer
How did you attempt to embed them?
>> No. 11631 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 3:55 pm
11631 OP
Sorry lads, my fault. Forgot I have to put the video id only within the yt tags. Pasted the whole link instead.


>> No. 10694 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 5:48 pm
/beat/10694 spacer
What radio stations do you listen to?

I hop between Virgin, Radio X and Magic.
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>> No. 11094 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 3:53 pm
11094 spacer

I love this post. Brought back memories of a particularly shitty stint working in an Amazon warehouse. Ours fostered quite a toxic environment, and I spent most of my time moving around junk I can't imagine anyone seriously wants to buy. I don't blame you for a second for knocking back a few to get through your shift, but I really hope you're in a better position now.
>> No. 11624 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:14 pm
11624 spacer
This is cool
>> No. 11625 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:30 pm
11625 spacer
and that's how I ended up listening to a hard rock station in the Seychelles. Thanks, m7.
>> No. 11627 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:36 pm
11627 spacer

Amazing, thanks for sharing
>> No. 11628 Anonymous
1st March 2019
Friday 2:46 pm
11628 spacer
Holy hell. Cheers mate, I travel a lot this is a god send.


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