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>> No. 7978 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 7:50 pm
/£$€¥/7978 Crypto Currencies
Any interest in a general crypto currency thread? The old Bitcoin one dates back to 2013 and things have moved on a bit since then. I got interested in them earlier in the year and have invested a few grand now, have just been picking up some coins here and there when the prices dip. I'd previously dabbled in funds and shares but was looking for something a bit less dull and with a higher risk/reward ratio.

There are some interesting projects using blockchain technologies that sound like they have potential, I think the Bank of England and the EU are working on their own crypto-currencies and China has one nearly ready to launch. It will be interesting to see where things go over the next few years, one hot topic lately has been decentralised finance (de-fi) where all sorts of financial products can be offered using blockchain tech removing banks etc. from the process entirely. This seems like one of the major benefits to me, carrrying out transactions peer-to-peer without involving any third parties although all exchanges these days require you to provide ID so it's not exactly untraceable, and there is no-one that can help if you lose your private keys or get your coins stolen.
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>> No. 8202 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 6:02 pm
8202 spacer

Am I the only one who thinks he's a bit naive to think that his HDD is in any way serviceable any more? First off it ends up in a drawer because he spilled a drink on his laptop, then he chucks it out, presumably it goes in the big chompy-crushy bin lorry with all the other waste. Whatever arrived at the landfill site has now been sat there for seven or eight years suffering wind, rain, and other shite being thrown thrown on top of it.

I've had hard drives completely stop working from a 12" drop onto a tiled floor, I have no idea how he thinks his is going to be in any way recoverable after the near decade of torturous abuse it's received.
>> No. 8203 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 6:17 pm
8203 spacer

>I've had hard drives completely stop working

I think if you had a BTC wallet with 7.5k coins on it, you'd have tried a couple more data recovery techniques than you did at the time. I'm not saying his HDD is definitely preserved, but it's not inconceivable that a wallet would survive on even a shattered platter.
>> No. 8205 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 8:51 pm
8205 spacer
> but it's not inconceivable that a wallet would survive on even a shattered platter.

It's not, but it's within the realms of the very unlikely. Assuming that the superblock/MFT is almost definitely corrupted and given that wallet.dat is just a btree type Berkeley DB file, the only way to search for the data you want (the keys) is if you remember the blockchain address you had the coins in and to brute-force search for that pattern as the key in a KV pair - across the entire disk (or whatever parts are readable). In other you'd better hope that the file was small enough to be stored in sequential sectors or you're going to be SOL and you'd better hope against hope that the disk wasn't protected via Bitlocker or LUKS as if even one byte is corrupted you'll be unable to read all the other logically sequential bytes thanks to the wonders of Cipher Block Chaining.
>> No. 8206 Anonymous
14th January 2021
Thursday 8:57 pm
8206 spacer

This is why I defragment all of my storage media multiple times per day.
>> No. 8207 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 1:18 am
8207 spacer
Forgot your IYKWIM.


>> No. 59246 YubYub
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
/iq/59246 spacer
>A homeless man who stole a purse and a phone from victims of the Manchester Arena attack has admitted theft.

>Chris Parker, 33, was initially dubbed a hero after claiming he comforted a seriously injured girl. CCTV footage played to Manchester Crown Court showed him wandering between stricken victims. He kept returning to injured Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter lay dying nearby, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to steal her purse.

I don't get why bleeding heart do-gooders bleat on about the homeless. They're all scratters who are on the streets through choice, usually because they choose not to stay in a hostel as they know they wouldn't be allowed to do drugs there.
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>> No. 67845 Searchfag
13th January 2021
Wednesday 10:58 pm
67845 spacer

>> No. 67846 Crabkiller
13th January 2021
Wednesday 11:07 pm
67846 spacer

Thanks Nelson but how will you inject them without needles?
>> No. 67847 Paedofag
13th January 2021
Wednesday 11:11 pm
67847 spacer

You could put the vaccine into sweets, like haliborange.
>> No. 67848 Are Moaty
14th January 2021
Thursday 12:28 am
67848 spacer

Up the arse.
>> No. 67849 Moralfag
15th January 2021
Friday 12:26 am
67849 spacer


Turns out we can replace them with a load of Filipinos instead.


>> No. 7189 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 7:58 pm
/lit/7189 spacer
What are some "good" detective noir books, /lit/? I'm talking real classic, atmospheric ones with cheesy plots that you read for fun, nothing actually literary. Even le Carré would be too intellectual.
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>> No. 7190 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 8:16 pm
7190 spacer
Not particularly atmospheric, but you may enjoy the 'nursery crime' books by Jasper Fforde (>>7169).
>> No. 7191 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 8:37 pm
7191 spacer
John P. Marquand has a fair few books that I'd say fit that bill.
>> No. 7192 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 9:03 pm
7192 spacer
Raymond Chandler. The Big Sleep is a classic.
>> No. 7193 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 10:05 pm
7193 spacer
I'll take a wild guess at L.A. Confidential, although I've not read it, but the film is excellent.


>> No. 67653 Samefag
10th December 2020
Thursday 9:49 pm
/iq/67653 spacer
If I'd known no deal Brexit means we'll all be eating chips on toast I'd have voted for it years ago.
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>> No. 67835 Billbob
13th January 2021
Wednesday 2:59 pm
67835 spacer
The truth. I'm not picking sides, but when you point out that people should stop exaggerating when criticising the Tories, or anyone else considered the other, and should instead stick to the facts you get accused of defending them.

There's all sorts of valid reasons to criticise them for without having to make shit up.
>> No. 67836 Searchfag
13th January 2021
Wednesday 3:53 pm
67836 spacer

You don't suddenly have to pay retail for bulk orders of bread and apples just because you don't usually order them if you're a catering firm. The economies of scale are, if anything, more favourable on a pallet of bananas than they are mince or lasagne sheets.
>> No. 67837 Moralfag
13th January 2021
Wednesday 5:11 pm
67837 spacer
I heard Michael Gove eats babies
>> No. 67838 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 5:19 pm
67838 spacer

You missed the point. I'm saying your post (X) doesn't preclude corruption (Y), not that X = Y. The corruption is an entirely separate point that is being argued on other grounds, and nothing you said as far as I can tell is an argument against corruption, just that the companies might have had a hard time as well.
>> No. 67839 Crabkiller
13th January 2021
Wednesday 5:36 pm
67839 spacer
So you're adding 2 and 2 together and getting 5? Gotcha.


>> No. 29163 Anonymous
1st January 2020
Wednesday 8:49 pm
/emo/29163 How to thicken helmet skin? Locked
I want to thicken the skin of my helmet to reduce the sensitivity of my benin. I've been circumcised which has helped to reduce sensitivity a bit but I want to reduce it more.

Would soaking it in surgical spirit every day help? Would it increase my chances of getting dick cancer or something?

What about rubbing it with sandpaper for a few minutes every day?
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>> No. 30181 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 8:28 pm
30181 spacer

Sorry to burst your bubble, but sanding your cock down to a nub doesn't warrant sectioning these days because it's not immediately life-threatening. Even before the pandemic, psychiatric inpatient units were working on a one-in, one-out basis and most units were routinely having to discharge actively suicidal patients to make room for even more suicidal patients.
>> No. 30182 Anonymous
19th November 2020
Thursday 2:56 am
30182 spacer
Another casualty of covid. RIP OP's knob.

We could always delete it and ban him if he comes back, but then we wouldn't be able to call him an arsehole in longform.
>> No. 30342 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 1:58 pm
30342 OP
I still can't coom properly. It just sprays or dribbles out instead of getting a full pumping action. Strange. It'll probably never be right again.
>> No. 30343 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 2:07 pm
30343 spacer
Can we ban him yet?
>> No. 30344 Anonymous
13th January 2021
Wednesday 2:51 pm
30344 spacer
Heaven preserve. This isn't your blog. Unless you need help or advice with something, I'm going to lock this.


>> No. 4526 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 10:31 am
/mph/4526 spacer
Is it true that own brand petrol from supermarkets gives you poorer fuel economy than say something from Esso or Texaco?
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>> No. 4534 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:48 pm
4534 spacer

She needs premium, dude! Premiuuuuuum!
>> No. 4535 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:52 pm
4535 spacer
I imagined that'd be the case, though the US octane scale is slightly different to ours - their '87' is our 95, meaning that it was still asking for our 98/100. Either way, I put the good shit in anyway since I only ever run it on unleaded if I really want to put my foot down or can't find LPG close. I fill it up at the Costco where it's the same price as normal fuel everywhere else.

It seems to understand fuel delivery somewhat as the MPG figures on the dash seem a bit lower when I'm on LPG, but that might just be confirmation bias as I'm not always staring at it. It does get confused though, since it's usually only running on LPG under heavy drain conditions (startup and heavy acceleration), it thinks half a tank of fuel will only get me about 20 miles.
>> No. 4536 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 3:53 pm
4536 spacer
s/running on LPG/running on unleaded/

Fuck's sake. Time to get off here and focus.
>> No. 4537 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 6:37 pm
4537 spacer
To me, it doesn't make much sense.

Supermarkets sell the product as cheap as possible to get people into the shop itself.
On the other hand, Shell/BP/Esso etc. have wafer-thin margins in urban areas and so whilst their prices are higher they make the product itself as low-quality as they can get away with because they need every last penny to turn a profit.

The premium fuels definitely have extra additives which might clean your engine, and the higher octane etc. might give better economy depending on your engine, but I don't believe that there is any difference at all between regular fuels.

However it is worth remembering that as fuel pumps measure volume, during a cold snap you can cram just a little bit more fuel by weight into the tank for the same price, but also I have heard that the refiners tweak the blends very slightly through the seasons to counteract this, as well as to control evaporation.
>> No. 4538 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 6:44 pm
4538 spacer

don't bother with redex, nowadays it's just kerosene with some red dye in since people get a bit antsy about some of the spicier chemicals that could be in there.
Get some of the cleaners sold by Forte instead, it's sold as a "trade use only" product, but it's easy enough to find online, and it gets well recommended by a lot of people in the trade who claim it can get cars through an MOT after failing emission checks.


>> No. 67794 Samefag
11th January 2021
Monday 11:27 pm
/iq/67794 spacer
Bring back Constipation!!
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>> No. 67804 Are Moaty
12th January 2021
Tuesday 6:35 pm
67804 spacer
Sounds like they’re just lacking moral fibre.


>> No. 33915 Anonymous
26th May 2014
Monday 12:52 pm
/x/33915 Plus sized girls
I have a fetish for them. Not just fat, but big, heavy girls with big knockers. My GF looks a lot like her, I am so lucky to have found a GF that satisfies my fetish!
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>> No. 41830 Anonymous
21st December 2020
Monday 12:49 pm
41830 spacer


>> No. 41974 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 4:50 pm
41974 spacer


>> No. 41975 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 5:07 pm
41975 spacer
Looks like Guru Larry and Courtney Love got into a transporter accident.
>> No. 41976 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 5:17 pm
41976 spacer
No it can't be him. I refuse to believe Timpson would allow it.
>> No. 41977 Anonymous
12th January 2021
Tuesday 5:25 pm
41977 spacer
I thought it was Matt Lucas dressed up at first.


maxresdefault (1).jpg
>> No. 441550 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 12:57 pm
/b/441550 spacer
So there's a fiery British preacher on Chicago radio

I'm wondering if that guy is syndicated from Britain or he lives here in the states
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>> No. 441569 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:05 pm
441569 spacer
I don't know what xis name is
>> No. 441573 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:26 pm
441573 spacer
We're going to need more clues.
>> No. 441574 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:30 pm
441574 spacer

The clues are there.
>> No. 441586 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 11:04 pm
441586 spacer
the radio station is in the low 90's on FM
>> No. 441588 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 11:06 pm
441588 spacer
Well, given that the range of broadcast FM is about 40 miles, it's unlikely we'll have heard that station in the UK.


>> ID: 9cd0ed No. 14494 Anonymous
26th February 2018
Monday 7:46 pm

ID: 9cd0ed
/shed/14494 spacer
Where does The Wall allow us to enter from these days?

Asking for travel and VPN reasons.
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>> ID: acd590 No. 15632 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 5:52 pm

ID: acd590
15632 spacer
Is he still around? I always found his ever more subtle attempts at introducing his 'ideas' to be amusing.
>> ID: a36a7b No. 15633 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 5:55 pm

ID: a36a7b
15633 spacer

Pretty sure it was him the other day arguing about when the "magic responsibility switch" or whatever it was goes off in people's heads.
>> ID: 74120c No. 15635 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 6:19 pm

ID: 74120c
15635 spacer
No, that was me. I just want kids to be tried as adults, and for capital punishment to be brought back. How does that make me a seppo?
>> ID: 8468c3 No. 15641 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 7:28 pm

ID: 8468c3
15641 spacer
>It's not worth walling the whole of the US
I couldn't disagree more.
>> ID: 364fb1 No. 15643 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 7:48 pm

ID: 364fb1
15643 spacer
I agree - there are far fewer US posters than you think, it's the yoof who have adopted their speaking/posting habits most of the time.


>> No. 24710 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 10:54 am
/e/24710 VR
Just got an Oculus Rift S and they're on sale, so I'm looking for good VR games. I don't have a huge play area, so at the moment I'm limited to games where you can play them seated. So far I've got Boneworks, Half Life Alyx, Beat Saber, and Until You Fall. Any recommendations?
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>> No. 24746 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 4:12 pm
24746 spacer

"I have PSVR, so I cant play Alyx and I am very jealous" should have been the end of that sentence.
>> No. 24747 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 5:56 pm
24747 spacer
I'm >>24712 and from what little I have played of SkVR I found archery to be near impossible. You can't draw the bow properly without smashing the controller into your face. Annoyingly as well the lefty swap option in Bethesda VR games renders it completely unplayable by swapping movement and menu controls so I have to play righty mode which isn't ideal. Either way I'm a pretty good shot with my right hand, now.

Borderlands 2 VR's lefty swap just changes the aiming hand but leaves movement controls where they should be (left analogue stick to move/strafe and right to turn).
>> No. 24748 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 6:45 pm
24748 spacer
Playing on the Playstation as a lefty I found it to be ok. I couldn't really do the archery well until I got the eagle eye perk, and the move controller tracking is a bit gubbed, so you end up with your characters hands down by its knees during key moments of combat.

Blood & Truth was pretty fun too, being that it's like a Guy Ritchie movie with a Paul Verhoeven bodycount.

I really enjoyed the flying and combat of Iron Man VR despite the heinous loading times.

If you told me 5 years ago that there would be consumer VR systems and they'd not be utterly shite, I wouldn't have believed you. I think that the platform has a lot of potential and as more people buy it, more AAA titles may eventually be released.
>> No. 24750 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 12:27 am
24750 spacer
I do wish Fallout 4 VR had come to PSVR.
>> No. 24751 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:45 am
24751 spacer

It barely runs on a decent PC (I rarely get 80FPS); it'd probably be a PowerPoint slideshow on PS4.

Oddly enough, Skyrim VR runs perfectly fine, and it's practically the same game, so I have no idea how they fucked Fallout 4 VR. Also, not including the DLC for... reasons? Thankfully they can be fairly easily added in, but many of them run like (even more like) shit even with unofficial patches.


>> No. 19373 Anonymous
2nd March 2011
Wednesday 7:12 pm
/x/19373 free thread.
I just wanted an excuse to post her. So then I thought-


i.e. images you couldn't think to categorise in another thread but really want more people to see.
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>> No. 41969 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:47 pm
41969 spacer
No, I just assume someone who runs an imageboard would research these things. And is also a nonce.
>> No. 41970 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:49 pm
41970 spacer

British law is sufficiently broad that almost any image of a child can be considered indecent if someone is perving over it. On one level it makes sense - there's something obviously unsavoury about having a load of pictures of kids if they're not your kids - but it's also slightly Kafkaesque. The mods have no choice but to be extremely cautious.
>> No. 41971 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:51 pm
41971 spacer

I should say that I'm not a carpet-bagger, I just work in IT.

That hasn't really helped my case, has it?
>> No. 41972 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 10:22 pm
41972 spacer
16 for sex, 18 for porn. You may remember that page 3 girls used to be 16 up until...sometime between the late-90s and mid-00s when they last changed around the sex offences.

My excuse is that I did law degree for moments just like these.
>> No. 41973 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 10:42 pm
41973 spacer

The law is 16 for shagging, but 18 for porn, as I'm sure we all know. But the law on 'exploitative sexual images' is broad enough that any image of someone underage can be classed as exploitative in the right context, and posting it on a board designated for porn fits right in that category.

It's a very real thing and people really do report you to the feds for it - it doesn't happen often here (largely because of our currently discussed 'overmoderation'), but whenever it does it's usually for an image that absolutely nobody thought was sexual, but it's a child so the choice is delete it or get booted off our hosting service.

It's definitely an odd law when tested to its extremes (labelled stick figures and so on) but it's not up to us to challenge the letter of the law, not if we want the site to remain alive, anyway.

My excuse is that I moderate a website with occasional peado encroachers, which I understand is probably not a great alibi.


>> No. 67781 Crabkiller
10th January 2021
Sunday 11:01 am
/iq/67781 spacer


>> No. 441527 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 6:39 am
/b/441527 spacer
got this gpu
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>> No. 441528 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:29 am
441528 spacer


>> No. 5484 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:13 am
/fat/5484 Chin-ups for breakfast
I've been doing one set of chin-ups every morning. I just pump out as many reps as possible, but without pushing it too hard and getting to the point I'm gritting my teeth and grunting.

Two weeks ago I could barely do one rep. Now I'm up to four. I want to get up to twenty eventually.
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>> No. 5485 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:43 am
5485 spacer
Why would you post that picture? I hope you never get up to twenty.
>> No. 5486 Anonymous
9th October 2020
Friday 12:45 am
5486 spacer

I did 5 this morning, fuck you.
>> No. 5523 Anonymous
8th December 2020
Tuesday 3:03 am
5523 spacer
6 now
>> No. 5588 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 7:16 pm
5588 spacer
Down to 3 after stuffing myself over xmas.
>> No. 5589 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 9:18 pm
5589 spacer
Still can't get up to 20? It has been months, lad.


>> No. 30335 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 1:52 pm
/emo/30335 Is this self pity? How would I address that?
Having acted a general idiot and perhaps cunt, I feel I've alienated myself from an online community. This wouldn't be a major problem except that I have no other community on or offline and I've come to regard this one with familiarity.

For most of my adult life I've sheltered myself from society, for sake of this inclination toward public embarrassment. I don't lose control of myself or conciously engage in destructive behaviour - rather I become comfortable in the situation and behave less inhibited. Mild doses of SSRIs have made this behaviour more apparant in the past.

I feel as though living as reserved as I usually do may be a problem. I don't often have fun nor engage with other people reguarly.
I want to be responsibly sociable. But as any whining coward, I immidiately turn to excuses. The risk of feeling this useless again is great - What's worse is that people see it and judge, casting the character as cement in society.

I fool myself with delusions of gandure that I might one day own a cottage and garden to offer a wife or partner, but then this happens again and I realise like the Artillary Man there is a gulf between my dreams and power.

A few times through life I've witnessed these sort of confidence trickster type people who roll in, create a buzz and a following, achieve a goal then roll out again leaving only destruction and those who don't follow. I can see how i idolise this sort of behaviour and desperately want to replicate it.
To run from place to place seems fundamentally dishonest - to disallow people to witness your mistakes and only return when you're made capable and impressive. All you'd really be learning is to run from critisism and get out before the game is up.

I don't really know what this post is meant for, except to perpetuate a myth of character. And I tell myself I hate that.
I guess all i need to do is find a ballance between introversion and extroversion.
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>> No. 30336 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:07 pm
30336 spacer
>I feel I've alienated myself from an online community

It'll blow over. I've felt like that before and it's the recency of it that stings. Give it a little while and see how you feel upon reflection.

Next time try not to have such a teary about getting banned for posting pictures of Greta on /x/.
>> No. 30337 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:19 pm
30337 spacer
Without meaning to sound like I'm marking your homework, there's lots of different threads here, and I think you might be equivocating a bit between ideas that aren't strictly related.

Are you really aiming to replicate the "confidence trickster" behaviour? It sounds like you're aware of the value of honesty in and of itself. You're imagining a wife or partner, but that relationship will be hollow unless you allow them to see your flaws.

It sounds like you're struggling a lot with the problem of "being seen" and your self-image. This isn't an easy thing to figure out for anyone, but I find the more you can turn to your own objective merits and achievements, and be up-front about your limitations, the more people will respect you for who you are.

I'm sure you have qualities as an individual that others value, and your recognition that you might have misbehaved in the past is a good sign that you don't want to harm others. In short, don't give up on yourself as a person and do your very best not to make yourself a better person in your own eyes.
>> No. 30338 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 2:20 pm
30338 spacer

Do your very best to make yourself a better person in your own eyes.

I accidentally negated the last bit and can't delete my post. What a silly sausage.


>> No. 436810 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:10 am
/b/436810 spacer
Are most people in a relationship happy?

I seem to have a number of friends who like to portray themselves as being in a perfect relationship when the reality tends to be markedly different. Do people stay in an unhappy relationship because they find it preferable to being alone or they find the breakup itself too much hassle; you have to unwind yourself financially from someone, you may be accustomed to the lifestyle supported by two incomes, there may be kids involved, you may feel there's social stigma involved in a failed relationship or you simply lack the balls to do initiate it. Do a lot of people just settle?

I'd be interested to know your thoughts.
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>> No. 441516 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:23 pm
441516 spacer
I do live on my own as it happens but even when I were a kid and lived with my parents I was expected to cook for myself and do my own washing, and usually the rest of the family's laundry and washing up and tea making. I think living on your own can help, but teaching those sort of skills is possible whilst living at home.

Funny story, the day before I moved out for uni, my dad had this 20 minute top of his lungs screaming session at me about how I was an ungrateful little shit and I was deliberately sabotaging his coffee by making it taste like shit. When I pointed out that a) I don't drink coffee so I have no idea what it's supposed to taste like, b) in the previous six years he'd not once pointed out that it didn't taste good so how the fuck was I supposed to know, and c) if he wanted coffee how he liked it he shouldn't scream at me to make it every 30 minutes whilst I'm trying to do school work and make it himself, he reiterated that I was doing it deliberately and should have been more grateful (for what, I'm not sure). I don't have a bad relationship with my parents, and that incident has never been mentioned again, but it was just such a fucking weird thing to happen.
>> No. 441517 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:41 pm
441517 spacer

I suspect that was your emotionally-constipated dad's way of saying "I love you son and I'm going to miss you".
>> No. 441518 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:45 pm
441518 spacer
That's what she tells you. It's all part of their full time findom lifestyle.
>> No. 441519 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:53 pm
441519 spacer

>but it was just such a fucking weird thing to happen.

How do you bugger up coffee though? Contrary to what hipsters will have you believe, it's not sorcery to be able to make a pleasant tasting cup of coffee.

Agree with your general point though, that your parents can already teach you life skills while you are still living with them. I remember my mum teaching me how to use the washing machine and dryer when I was about 15, when she got tired of me always wanting to wear things that she hadn't had the time to put in the wash. Also, my mum is still of the generation where a wife was expected to have good cooking skills, and I learned a lot from her, like how to fry a steak so that it's still juicy inside, or how to cook vegetables just right.

My dad wasn't around long enough to teach me the "lad" stuff like fixing electrical appliances or repainting a garden fence, but I eventually picked those skills up myself in adulthood.
>> No. 441520 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 1:08 pm
441520 spacer

Maybe his dad's a hipster?


>> No. 7993 Anonymous
9th October 2020
Friday 1:17 pm
/£$€¥/7993 spacer
I've made the classic mistake of telling people I invest my money. Just my retired parents but I've been asked if I can help start them on doing something with their retirement savings (not their workplace pensions) which I've found out today is "not doing anything" (!)

Of course, I'm going to need to get them talking to a financial adviser but I should make sure I'm clued up myself. Since their retirement they've noticeably slowed down and will probably need me to explain things, make sure they're not getting doing anything stupid and help them manage more and more as time goes on. Any idea on where to start with specifically investing in retirement? It's going to be quite different to how I manage my money now (1. buy high 2. scream) but looking over a few guides from investor platforms I'm unsure on advice around bonds as they're not exactly the stellar investments they once were and putting a big chunk in an annuity scares me.

Just think, soon they might even have a free parker pen DEM CROSSWORDS WNT KNW WOT HIT 'EM
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>> No. 8019 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 6:38 am
8019 spacer
I just stuff all of my money into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and gold. I own a little bit of land, and I'm still paying of some property. Perhaps I'll but more land in a decade. Fuck getting rich in the short term, preserving wealth in the long term is the safest way to go considering all of the shit that has happened recently. I don't trust central banks with how much money they've just miraculously printed into the economy. The only thing keeping stocks up right now are pension funds I reckon. It's a zombie economy, and It's going to collapse. Pack rice. And tea.
>> No. 8020 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 7:54 am
8020 spacer
>The only thing keeping stocks up right now are pension funds I reckon. It's a zombie economy, and It's going to collapse.

People have been saying this just about every time investing has been brought up over the past 10 years on here.
>> No. 8021 Anonymous
29th October 2020
Thursday 8:46 am
8021 spacer
Every investment forum in the past 100 years has people like him. You can afford that worldview if you already have property and gold.
>> No. 8166 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 6:13 pm
8166 spacer
So what's the deal with TSLA?
>> No. 8167 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 6:15 pm
8167 spacer
Also ETFs (like Global x and ARK) look like they have pretty good yield and spread risk across a portfolio of emerging tech companies.

They tend to be organized around a theme (electric cars, robotics, next gen internet, medicine etc)


>> No. 90480 Anonymous
6th September 2020
Sunday 1:59 am
/pol/90480 This man is going to be the next President and it's going to be awesome
TRUMP 2020
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>> No. 91911 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 12:39 am
91911 spacer
He has just posted a video, conceding.
>> No. 91912 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 12:45 am
91912 spacer
The mentalists are claiming it is a deepfake, and that the deep state has won.
>> No. 91913 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 12:48 am
91913 spacer
His lawyer, not the mad mayor one, a proper one, just told him he could get nicked if he leans in on an attempted coup.
>> No. 91914 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 10:13 am
91914 spacer
Alright, now it's over can we get a /yank/ meta-board alongside /*/ and /sfw/ so I never have to think about Seppos again.
>> No. 91915 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 2:29 pm
91915 spacer

I think it's called /zoo/, if that still exists. I'd vote that all Yank business go in there anyhow.


>> No. 29789 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 9:44 am
/news/29789 spacer
>Four boys and a girl have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder after a 13-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Reading. Oliver Stephens, known as Olly, was pronounced dead at Bugs Bottom fields, Emmer Green, on Sunday. The five teenagers, all aged 13 or 14, remain in custody, according to Thames Valley Police.

A 13 year old girl paying for her boyfriend to get stabbed to be taught a lesson after he was mad about her sending nudes to other people. I'm pretty sure at that age I was still playing with Pokémon.
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>> No. 29914 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 9:49 pm
29914 spacer
They can't clap if they can't see their own hands, around your end?
>> No. 29921 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 10:52 pm
29921 spacer
No. We fear the foxes.
>> No. 29923 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 11:08 pm
29923 spacer

smug post-transfer fox.png

As you should. This year is ARE YEAR. Again.

Sometimes I forget everyone here is too intellectual to follow the footy.
>> No. 29926 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 11:27 pm
29926 spacer

Not me.
>> No. 29928 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 12:40 am
29928 spacer
ManU will win it on goal difference. Thanks to all their penalties.


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