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>> No. 23181 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 6:43 pm
/v/23181 spacer
What's worth watching on the telly these days?
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>> No. 23232 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 12:53 am
23232 spacer
Is that one of the Blackout Krew? It got more catchy as it went on.
>> No. 23239 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 1:38 am
23239 spacer
Taskmaster is back with an excellent lineup: Johnny Vegas, Daisy May Cooper, Katherine Parkinson, Richard Herring and some other bloke. Daisy May's big pregnant belly is giving me the horn.

>> No. 23240 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 9:22 am
23240 spacer
They are really promoting this show heavily - doesn't seem funny enough to justify it though. It's just watchable Dave, like Scrapheap Challenge.
>> No. 23241 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 9:34 am
23241 spacer
Taskmaster depends heavily on the line-up. I thought last night was quite poor and that fat lass was painfully unfunny. I LOVE DRINKING WINE! ISN'T ALCOHOL GREAT? ALCOHOL, YEAH!
>> No. 23242 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 11:03 am
23242 spacer
It wasn't the best, but a big improvement over last series. I thought Baddiel and Brand sucked the energy out.


>> No. 66957 Crabkiller
15th October 2020
Thursday 10:31 pm
/iq/66957 spacer
£152pp for three nights 'near hull' seems a tad excessive.
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>> No. 66959 R4GE
15th October 2020
Thursday 10:46 pm
66959 spacer
I love this.

Christmas Fantasy (end November) in Butlins Skegness must be code for something.
>> No. 66960 Auntiefucker
16th October 2020
Friday 12:28 am
66960 spacer
How did you find my holiday ad?

In any case, the Lower Holderness region is sickeningly flat and beautifully desolate. It's hard to describe the Holderness plain unless you've lived here.
>> No. 66961 Anonymous
16th October 2020
Friday 1:18 am
66961 spacer

Made all the more bleak by the fact that it won't exist by the end of the century - everything up to the Wolds will just get swallowed by the sea.


The proles do seem to love a hot tub. I've never seen the appeal of having a bath in the garden.
>> No. 66962 Billbob
16th October 2020
Friday 1:58 am
66962 spacer

A bath that everyone shares where the water is hardly ever changed. It's spunk soup, or worse. Hot tubs are disgusting things in any context, let alone your own back garden.
>> No. 66963 Are Moaty
16th October 2020
Friday 7:40 am
66963 spacer
It's fucking weird. Just about everything east of Hull, barring possibly roos, feels incredibly backwater.


>> No. 27047 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 2:03 pm
/emo/27047 Where to meet birds
So, I've decided to try and not be that guy, a relationship-less virgin, into my mid-20s, which doesn't leave me with very long. I'm home from uni for the summer and have decided it's time to sort my act out.

The only problem - where to meet women?

I've completed tinder in a 15 mile radius, likewise for Bumble - zero (0) matches. I've messaged pretty much every girl on OKCupid with a match >75%; not one has replied.

What can I do now? The few local schoolfriends I am still in contact with are all male, everyone at my job is male, and all the women I talk to (from uni) are either in a relationship or otherwise not an option.

Going out to clubs doesn't work because a) I don't have anyone to go with, and b) when I try and do anything but stand at the bar drinking in a club (ie dance) I look like a tortoise trying to pilot a motorcycle.

Any ideas?
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>> No. 30088 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 12:26 am
30088 spacer
>much of the abrasiveness some people have can merely be attributed to needing a good shagging

>> No. 30089 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 1:07 am
30089 spacer

You're absolutely right, but more than that, I think it's the ability to enjoy a good shagging. Throughout my life I've had one or two lasses with wierd sexual hang-up that really made sex quite tedious, and I think it really coincided with the more melancholy or bitter aspects of their personality. Same probably goes for men of course.

It's not just getting laid. It's knowing that everyone else gets a feeling of wellbeing from a decent shag, that they're just too shy, or self conscious, or narcissistic or whatever to get it too.
>> No. 30090 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 1:31 am
30090 spacer

On the other hand, mental birds are the best in bed. We all know that you should Consider if you are truly mentally and emotionally capable of supporting a partner with their own mental health issues, but it's sorely tempting.
>> No. 30093 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 4:51 pm
30093 spacer
This thread has convinced me to just stick with my current relationship even if it is questionable. Dating sounds awful, especially nowadays. I honestly think I'd just be alone at this point if I was single again.
>> No. 30097 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 7:04 pm
30097 spacer


>> No. 90612 Anonymous
3rd October 2020
Saturday 6:57 pm
/pol/90612 Political Compass Thread
A little while back I mentioned that I was interested in seeing where .gs sits on a political compass. I was surprised by the last poll I did on age so thought this could be an interesting exercise in procrastinating on things that I actually need to do tonight.

I've conducted a look over the many, many compasses that could be used and thought this recent British-centric option would be good and not too long:

It does remove the Authoritarian/Libertarian part but looking at the about page there's a fair reason for it in reflecting current societal divides and the authors sit on opposing ends. This includes asking about your social attitudes more generally. Look, the important thing is that we all do the same quiz and it's only 46 yes/no questions.

You'll need to print screen your result.
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>> No. 90710 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 7:46 pm
90710 spacer

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, but that's mainly because I was distracted by Kate Andrews. She could privatise my vital infrastructure IYKWIM.
>> No. 90711 Anonymous
4th October 2020
Sunday 9:12 pm
90711 spacer
I said no because I'm asexual but I bet it doesn't account for that at all.
>> No. 90762 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 2:15 pm
90762 spacer
>Transgender women will still be allowed to play women’s rugby at all non-international levels of the game in England for the foreseeable future, the Guardian can reveal, after the Rugby Football Union decided that more evidence was needed before implementing any ban.

>The RFU’s position is sharply at odds with World Rugby, which last week ruled that trans women could no longer play elite women’s rugby after a major review of the latest science concluded that the risk of “significant injury” was “too great’”. However, the RFU’s view, which is understood to be supported by several other countries, is that more work is needed to assess whether there are safe ways to allow trans women to keep playing the sport they love.

>Last week World Rugby became the first international sports body to ban trans women from the women’s game following an eight-month review. It concluded that it was not possible to balance inclusivity with safety and fairness ‘in light of growing evidence that the testosterone suppression required by previous transgender regulations did not significantly impact muscle mass, strength or power”. World Rugby said that biological males, whose puberty and development is influenced by androgens/testosterone, are “stronger by 25% to 50%, are 30% more powerful, 40% heavier, and about 15% faster than biological females. That combination of mass, strength, power and speed means that in a direct physical contest, cis women in all these domains will be at significant risk of injury.”
>> No. 90763 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 3:16 pm
90763 spacer
Fuck off, this is not 'the trans thread' now.
>> No. 90764 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 3:23 pm
90764 spacer

Most of the thread being about transport says otherwise.


>> No. 2809 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 5:33 pm
/uhu/2809 power tools
I often dither over buying power tools, because I worry about how much they cost, and how many times I'll actually use it. Often though, one comes along which saves me so much time, even for a "quick" job, that the manual version makes no sense whatsoever anymore.

I like to use old fire doors to make desks - I have other wooden desks and shelves that in the past I have sanded by hand, but today I took delivery of a random orbital sander - LIFE CHANGING. I'm never manually sanding a worktop or shelf ever again.

Everyone should have a decent drill at least - whats your (new) favourite power tool?
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>> No. 2818 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 6:41 pm
2818 spacer

I have a chunky one, like you say, about a small drill - actually probably closer to a hot glue gun in size than anything else. The one I have is quite nice and is powerful enough to pull dodgy old screws out of hardwood and such, and it can take some bolts out too if they haven't been too torqued.

I like the idea of the ones you mention (I think I first saw them talked about here actually), but worry that it might struggle to deal with some of the more robust applications. If I spent all day doing electronics stuff I'd be all over the Wowstick, though.
>> No. 2819 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 6:59 pm
2819 spacer
Probably a bit basic but I really enjoy using the skillsaw. It makes big things into many smaller things. Bzzzt.
>> No. 2820 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 7:59 pm
2820 spacer
>If I spent all day doing electronics stuff I'd be all over the Wowstick, though.

I do. You're right, I need one right now. Thank you!!
>> No. 2821 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 10:15 pm
2821 spacer

honk portable vacuum cleaner.jpg
>It makes big things into many smaller things. Bzzzt.

If we're getting into the territory of things fun to use then I can recommend a portable vacuum cleaner that is shaped like and sounds like a raygun. Probably only powerful enough for cleaning the keyboard but I had to put it away to stop myself from playing with it.
>> No. 2822 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 1:07 pm
2822 spacer
Mate, I'm having one too. Only worry is if it will have enough torque for handling over-tight screws.
Hope you enjoy your commission from BIG WOWSTICK


Screenshot_2020-10-14 Researchers At Large Hadron .png
>> No. 66952 Are Moaty
14th October 2020
Wednesday 4:05 am
/iq/66952 spacer

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>> No. 66953 Paedofag
14th October 2020
Wednesday 10:08 am
66953 spacer
That's all we need.
>> No. 66954 Ambulancelad
14th October 2020
Wednesday 10:15 am
66954 spacer
Sodding hell, now I need to go routing around the garage for my crowbar.
>> No. 66955 YubYub
14th October 2020
Wednesday 10:38 am
66955 spacer
Why is this reposted article from 2015 doing the rounds again?
>> No. 66956 Anonymous
14th October 2020
Wednesday 11:00 am
66956 spacer

SCP-lad might be onto something. I'm sure we all look back with fond memories to 2015 where the biggest fear when you left the house was bumping into an irate Jeremy Clarkson.


stevie wonder taking pic.jpg
>> No. 66928 Searchfag
12th October 2020
Monday 2:36 pm
/iq/66928 spacer
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>> No. 66933 Crabkiller
12th October 2020
Monday 7:07 pm
66933 spacer
Boring, non-/iq/ answer: he has a small amount of residual vision (light and darkness, fuzzy silhouettes in high-contrast environments) but has fantastically good adaptive skills, thanks in large part to his education at the Michigan School for the Blind. One of his former classmates is George Wurtzel, who is almost entirely blind and a world-renowned woodworker.

"I can't believe he's blind" is a complement to Wonder's skills; on that note, I give you Ryo Kawamura, the world's best blind striker.

>> No. 66935 Billbob
12th October 2020
Monday 11:05 pm
66935 spacer
I've seen him playing darts.
>> No. 66936 Anonymous
12th October 2020
Monday 11:17 pm
66936 spacer

>> No. 66950 YubYub
13th October 2020
Tuesday 11:30 pm
66950 spacer

This is the best Stevie Wonder.
>> No. 66951 Auntiefucker
13th October 2020
Tuesday 11:55 pm
66951 spacer

One of the greatest bridges in pop history:


>> No. 66941 YubYub
13th October 2020
Tuesday 7:26 pm
/iq/66941 spacer
It's official: there's too many darkies on the television.
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>> No. 66945 R4GE
13th October 2020
Tuesday 7:48 pm
66945 spacer
But then we end up with this:
>> No. 66946 YubYub
13th October 2020
Tuesday 7:51 pm
66946 spacer
I know I'm late to the party, I am old, but having grown up completely surrounded by television and that kind of media influence, until my late twenties; this year (perhaps exacerbated by lockdown?) is the year I have totally stopped watching the BBC. Once per month, there might be something on BBC4 I like, and if I slump on the sofa light night, I might watch a small sample of outdoor survival / cookery show tat (not BBC obvs), but literally once per month to both now. Sort of blows my mind.

I used to be a very strong advocate for the license fee and the BBC, but not anymore.
>> No. 66947 Paedofag
13th October 2020
Tuesday 8:00 pm
66947 spacer
I think trying to get 1/1 pairity with the populace in all industries is insane, but so is making lists like this. I'd imagine it's easier to make it as an actor in Manchester and London than Cornwall and Llandudno, and oh, look, we have plenty of BME telly people. Anyway, lovely bit of racebaiting by The Paper That Shall Not Be Named, definitely what the country needs in this time of crisis.
>> No. 66948 Are Moaty
13th October 2020
Tuesday 8:08 pm
66948 spacer
The Grauniad?
>> No. 66949 Billbob
13th October 2020
Tuesday 8:38 pm
66949 spacer

The problem is more subtle than that. BME people aren't evenly distributed around the country, so most BME people live in places with a disproportionately high number of BME people; conversely, most white people live in places with above-average numbers of white people.

It's impossible to simultaneously represent the lived experience of someone who grew up in St Helens (98.8% white) and someone who grew up in Leicester (50.4% white). No matter what level of representation you choose, a lot of people are going to feel slighted.


61ytwXSPd L._SL1500_.jpg
>> No. 428025 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:52 pm
/b/428025 spacer
My other half has squeezed all of the washing up liquid into a Kilner bottle.

Lads, I don't get it. I really don't get it. I mean, I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago but every now and then something happens that leaves me utterly flummoxed beyond all comprehension. Is 'WITH NOTHING TO SAY BECAUSE I AM A CUNT' still wordfiltered? I mean, she's moved it from one bottle... to another bottle. It doesn't even pour that well so you always end up using more than you intended to. I doubt anyone in the entire history of humankind has ever thought "washing up liquid in a glass bottle, nice." It's bright yellow and she also pours the cooking oil into a Kilner bottle, which she doesn't store too far away from it, so I can almost certainly guarantee at some point in the future she'll end up frying food in washing up liquid. The lid is also a faff. Just... why? Why, lads?

Can you lads please reassure me that your lasses do stupid shit like this?
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>> No. 439506 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 7:18 pm
439506 spacer
How is this the first mention of Mr Biffo I've seen on .gs over the past decade?
>> No. 439507 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 7:32 pm
439507 spacer
People have definitely posted Digitiser videos on here before.
>> No. 439508 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 8:48 pm
439508 spacer

I've probably posted about Octav1us doing something sexy on Digi.

The hardest I have ever laughed at anything is the Garden of Nivvin game from Episode 4 of Digitiser The Show. Skip to 29:50 and buckle up. Every time you think it's reached a new nadir, it just keeps going horrifically wrong.

>> No. 439518 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 6:48 am
439518 spacer

I had seen this when it came out but had forgotten/blanked out most of it.

No wonder Gannon is the way that he is.
>> No. 439547 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 1:40 pm
439547 spacer
I wasn't even aware Digitiser had continued on the Internet, let alone have a YouTube channel.


>> No. 66934 Crabkiller
12th October 2020
Monday 10:29 pm
/iq/66934 spacer

The post-silurian industrial civilisation never ended; lizard brains never went extinct. they consciously started themselves on a new lines of evolution, after discovering the maximum iq available to the number of connections available within a certain volume, but understood that a higher density iq was possible with the passage of time, hence their "regression" into what we now know as birds. Apes are merely the caretakers assigned to bring about the non fossil-fuel based industrustrial civislisation of the ancestors of the birds, the silurians or whatever you call them; the new qwolrd order.
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>> No. 66937 R4GE
12th October 2020
Monday 11:48 pm
66937 spacer
I agree with this. Birds are awesome.
Sad fuckers complain about "nutters" feeding the birds, but they all understand and know this evolutionary truth - we are on the wrong path. Humans have dreamed of flying for thousands and thousands of years, and a bird just picks it up naturally. Who's the fool?
>> No. 66938 Billbob
13th October 2020
Tuesday 12:04 am
66938 spacer
>> No. 66939 Anonymous
13th October 2020
Tuesday 12:08 am
66939 spacer
>> No. 66940 Auntiefucker
13th October 2020
Tuesday 12:23 am
66940 spacer
I wondet how well this line of reasoning will go with the Universal Credit lot.


>> No. 3840 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/3840 Pensions
The OFT have come out and said that many old (i.e. set up before 2001) pension schemes have high charges and offer savers poor value for money. They've also suggested a cap for auto-enrolment schemes, but it's going to be an almost meaningless gesture as you'd be very hard pressed to find a provider offering auto-enrolment terms with annual management charges greater than 1% anyway.

The pension scheme I'm in at work (contribution: 5% employer, 5% employee gross) has management charges of 0.6%, which I'm alright with as it's less than I'd get if I was investing in collectives through an ISA.

However, I've put the charges and contribution details into Invidion's pension calculator for an idea of what I'd get when I'm 65, 40 years from now, and if my salary increases in line with National Average Earnings and I took the 25% tax-free lump sum I'd be looking at a pension in today's terms of 27.5% of my current salary. If I wanted a pension that would be about two-thirds of what I'm earning now then I'll need to contribute, assuming the employer contribution stays at 5%, 15% gross (12% net) of my salary every year for the next four decades. This does depend on what annuity rates will be like then and I'd also be getting the State Pension, as long as they haven't upped the age you receive it to 80 by then.

If it wasn't for the tax relief and my employer matching my contributions then I doubt I'd bother and I'd look into other ways to support myself while I'm in retirement. What about you lads? What are your thoughts on pensions? In my opinion to have any form of decent retirement income you're at the mercy of your employer offering a good pension scheme.
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>> No. 7965 Anonymous
6th August 2020
Thursday 5:50 pm
7965 spacer
FAANG stocks are booming at the moment and will for a while - I am out of gold and back into them right now.
>> No. 7975 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 1:31 pm
7975 spacer
The Court of Appeal have rejected the challenge from WASPI to be compensated for the female State Pension age increasing from 60.
>> No. 8006 Anonymous
12th October 2020
Monday 12:45 pm
8006 spacer
Got my annual pension statement today. Apparently my pot could be worth £105,000 at retirement, which will provide me with a whopping £220 per month.
>> No. 8007 Anonymous
12th October 2020
Monday 2:05 pm
8007 spacer
You'd only have to live to 107 to be in the black, off that.
>> No. 8008 Anonymous
12th October 2020
Monday 2:12 pm
8008 spacer
The assumptions used by providers are known to be overly pessimistic so I'm taking them with a pinch of salt. That said, the 'safe withdrawal rate' of 4% would only be £350 per month.


>> No. 439466 Anonymous
8th October 2020
Thursday 8:31 pm
/b/439466 spacer
Why do you still come here? What is it like now? Is there still an IRC? purple, how come you havnt died of old age yet?
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>> No. 439519 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:53 am
439519 spacer
The mix of decent moderation and the general quality of posts. It's something I haven't found anywhere else.
I'm sure there are other nationalities here but the site actually feels, well British.
Sure the site isn't the fastest in the world for posts but I like it the way it is now.
>> No. 439520 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:25 am
439520 spacer

I come here for the Mods slow descent into madness. It is like a mix of East Enders and the Stanford Prison experiment.
>> No. 439521 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 2:14 pm
439521 spacer
In what way?
>> No. 439522 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:03 pm
439522 spacer
Its just part of the routine.
Been around since Britchan fell, and it sort of feels like home.
I got a tad upset when I thought .GS was done for a couple of months back.
>> No. 439529 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:58 pm
439529 spacer
I come here because the mods make an actual effort to weed out all the cunts and wronguns.


>> No. 13854 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 12:36 pm
/nom/13854 spacer
Sometimes humanity goes too far.
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>> No. 13867 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 7:08 pm
13867 spacer
Fat bastard.
>> No. 13870 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:23 pm
13870 spacer

I remember having one of these one Xmas eve. It was as shite as you'd expect.
>> No. 13871 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:45 pm
13871 spacer

Could be worse.
>> No. 13872 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 9:28 pm
13872 spacer
"If you want a vision of the future of ready meals, imagine Peter Andre suppressing his raging boner with a mallet - forever." - George Orwell.
>> No. 13873 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:00 pm
13873 spacer

>imagine Peter Andre suppressing his raging boner with a mallet

I can wank to that.


ARE Nigel.png
>> No. 23234 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 7:58 pm
/v/23234 Grange Hill
I made this picture ages ago and forgot about it.

If any one is interested all the Grange Hill episodes since the early 1990's are available on Youtube. Highlights include Kevin getting high on LSD in 1995 (Series 18) and the Wayne vs Alec & Sean rivalry in 1998 (Series 21).

Would love to hear your Grange Hill memories.
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>> No. 23235 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 8:13 pm
23235 spacer


>> No. 7978 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 7:50 pm
/£$€¥/7978 Crypto Currencies
Any interest in a general crypto currency thread? The old Bitcoin one dates back to 2013 and things have moved on a bit since then. I got interested in them earlier in the year and have invested a few grand now, have just been picking up some coins here and there when the prices dip. I'd previously dabbled in funds and shares but was looking for something a bit less dull and with a higher risk/reward ratio.

There are some interesting projects using blockchain technologies that sound like they have potential, I think the Bank of England and the EU are working on their own crypto-currencies and China has one nearly ready to launch. It will be interesting to see where things go over the next few years, one hot topic lately has been decentralised finance (de-fi) where all sorts of financial products can be offered using blockchain tech removing banks etc. from the process entirely. This seems like one of the major benefits to me, carrrying out transactions peer-to-peer without involving any third parties although all exchanges these days require you to provide ID so it's not exactly untraceable, and there is no-one that can help if you lose your private keys or get your coins stolen.
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>> No. 8001 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 8:11 pm
8001 spacer
I understand it, on a surface level. Yes, it's like a shit Neuromancer.
>> No. 8002 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 11:49 pm
8002 spacer

One of the funnier bits of bitcoin history.
>> No. 8003 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:49 am
8003 spacer

Interesting as I just saw an article published just this mornng suggesting that MtGox were holding large sums of BTC from the Silk Road. Sounds perfectly plausible to me.


I know a couple of people who lost bitcoins in the hack if they were ever to be returned they would become fairly rich, I believe the Japanese authorities set a final deadliine recently of October 15th for submissions to the rehabilitation plan but this shit has been dragging on for many years now so who knows what might happen.
>> No. 8004 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 10:58 am
8004 spacer

If you enjoy speculation about the identity of Satoshi you might like this 3 part documentary - a you tuber does quite a bit of research into it. The name he comes up with is not one I hear mentioned often, and it's not Hal Finney although he does get a mention.

>> No. 8005 Anonymous
11th October 2020
Sunday 5:12 pm
8005 spacer

Three part documentaries that could be three paragraph articles can fuck right off into /101.

Sorry lad, I'm sure you mean well.


oligarch trees.jpg
>> No. 2874 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 9:30 pm
/eco/2874 spacer
I stumbled upon this little oligarch enclave while taking a walk. Landscape gardening pros, how much do you reckon it costs to keep these trees so well manicured?
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>> No. 2875 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 9:37 pm
2875 spacer
If you're in one of those placess, cost ceases to matter. it's funnny, even asking the question marks as you fun :)
>> No. 2876 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 9:43 pm
2876 spacer

I was thinking of getting into the landscape gardening game and making fat stacks of cash off of ostentatious oligarchs. Seems like a pretty cosy job.


>> No. 28340 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 3:48 pm
/news/28340 North Korea news
That is a fucking big missile.
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>> No. 28342 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 3:59 pm
28342 spacer
A quid says it's made of papier mache.
>> No. 28343 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 4:06 pm
28343 spacer

I believe the Russians tried to build a TEL like that - the rocket is fine, its the transporter that doesn't work at that size.
>> No. 28344 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 5:37 pm
28344 spacer
>>28342 fiver says it's made of pixels
>> No. 28346 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 8:05 pm
28346 spacer
Does it really matter? The people they most want to blow up are an M6 motorway away and they can't get them off the ground regardless. And for the record I WANT them to hit Washington DC, I just don't think they ever will.
>> No. 28347 Anonymous
10th October 2020
Saturday 8:55 pm
28347 spacer

The transporter is definitely real. China got into quite a lot of bother for selling the Norks half a dozen massive "logging trucks".


>> No. 66337 Paedofag
22nd August 2020
Saturday 7:00 pm
/iq/66337 spacer

I've haven't felt this out of touch in a long time.
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>> No. 66540 Paedofag
4th September 2020
Friday 8:24 pm
66540 spacer

Women: know your limits.

>> No. 66541 Anonymous
4th September 2020
Friday 9:09 pm
66541 spacer
Oh come on, that video is hilarious, and for the later sixties, fairly unsexist.
>> No. 66542 Paedofag
4th September 2020
Friday 9:19 pm
66542 spacer

At least they broke up the actual maritime issues with a bit of casual dolphin rape, like an amuse-bouche between courses.
>> No. 66915 Billbob
9th October 2020
Friday 4:46 pm
66915 spacer
I wanted to hate it but it's really good.
>> No. 66916 Are Moaty
9th October 2020
Friday 4:53 pm
66916 spacer


>> No. 5484 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:13 am
/fat/5484 Chin-ups for breakfast
I've been doing one set of chin-ups every morning. I just pump out as many reps as possible, but without pushing it too hard and getting to the point I'm gritting my teeth and grunting.

Two weeks ago I could barely do one rep. Now I'm up to four. I want to get up to twenty eventually.
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>> No. 5485 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 12:43 am
5485 spacer
Why would you post that picture? I hope you never get up to twenty.
>> No. 5486 Anonymous
9th October 2020
Friday 12:45 am
5486 spacer

I did 5 this morning, fuck you.


>> No. 66911 Paedofag
7th October 2020
Wednesday 8:53 pm
/iq/66911 spacer
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>> No. 66912 Anonymous
7th October 2020
Wednesday 8:59 pm
66912 spacer
What sort of audience enjoys that bit being dragged out for almost 4 minutes?
>> No. 66913 Auntiefucker
7th October 2020
Wednesday 11:39 pm
66913 spacer

Literally children.
>> No. 66914 Are Moaty
8th October 2020
Thursday 5:09 pm
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