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sler cucker.jpg
>> No. 13078 Anonymous
29th September 2019
Sunday 3:34 pm
/nom/13078 Slow Cooker Curry
What am I doing wrong, lads? Every slow cooker curry I make turns out more like a watery broth; there's absolutely no thickness to the sauce and it just doesn't... taste like a curry. It has all the flavours but it doesn't quite mesh right.

My process is:
Fry chicken pieces with onions, carrots, and broccoli until browned off.
Put in slow cooker with box of passata, 4 or 5 heaped tablespoons of madras curry powder, and a whole chilli. Sprinkle Oxo cube in too.
Give it a mix, put the lid on, low for 8 hours or high for 6.

Add chopped coriander, leave for 5 mins with lid off, serve.

Every time, as I say, it's just far, far too watery. The most recent batch I froze individual portions of just have no sauce at all. What do?

Thanks lads.
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>> No. 13139 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 11:57 pm
13139 spacer
> Most curries aren't made with cream, though.

Most curries aren't made with broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots either.
>> No. 13140 Anonymous
25th November 2019
Monday 12:02 am
13140 spacer
They could be. Curries are a countable noun but have no minimum mass requirement whereas a curry is a countable noun so you could divide a small amount of one curry into a very large number of curries and outnumber the amount of other curries, making your own curries the majority of what all curries are.
Probably more effort than it's worth.
>> No. 13141 Anonymous
25th November 2019
Monday 12:38 am
13141 spacer
This isn’t even a curry, it’s a spicy stew.
>> No. 13142 Anonymous
25th November 2019
Monday 12:53 am
13142 spacer

What's the difference?
>> No. 13143 Anonymous
25th November 2019
Monday 12:59 am
13143 spacer

You need to let shit reduce before you get all that good shit sticking to your chickens/lambs.

At the very least, when you first start, try to let it reduce (leave the top open on medium to high flame, and then use your pressure/slow cooker wizardry.

People in poor places don't even have your tech, but they do it faster and better than you. Find out why.

Please keep me posted. I need this information. I need all information. I think I need to work for the fucking Doughnut. Hire me please. I need to be paid in alcohol though.


>> No. 64357 Paedofag
24th November 2019
Sunday 3:01 pm
/iq/64357 spacer
well, looks like it's another tory government this xmas.
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>> No. 64371 Ambulancelad
24th November 2019
Sunday 7:14 pm
64371 spacer
The whole "anti-Semitism" narrative took off some time after Corbyn spoke about what's happening to Palestine and a little further still after Israel openly admitted that they use accusations of anti-Semitism as a weapon against anyone who's anti-Zionist. There's also incontrovertible evidence of Israel meddling in British politics in other ways.
>> No. 64373 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 7:22 pm
64373 spacer
Not gonna lie, I'm finding it really hard to justify voting for Corbyn after he's said women affected by the State Pension increase will get tens of thousands in compo.

I'm either voting Yorkshire party or spoling my ballot now.
>> No. 64376 YubYub
24th November 2019
Sunday 7:55 pm
64376 spacer
How does that even affect you?
>> No. 64377 Auntiefucker
24th November 2019
Sunday 7:58 pm
64377 spacer

Probably hates his mam and doesn't want her to get any money.
>> No. 64378 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 8:10 pm
64378 spacer
It doesn't directly, but it's rewarding idiots.


Frankie Frazer.jpg
>> No. 64339 Anonymous
20th November 2019
Wednesday 11:56 pm
/iq/64339 spacer
>Frankie Fraser was born on Cornwall Road in Waterloo, London. His mother was of Irish and Norwegian ancestry, while his father was half Native-American

>his father was half Native-American

i knew it
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>> No. 64340 R4GE
21st November 2019
Thursday 4:33 pm
64340 spacer
probably where he got his sadistic streak
>> No. 64341 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 4:41 pm
64341 spacer
Aye, those Cornish are fucking monsters.
>> No. 64356 Are Moaty
24th November 2019
Sunday 12:40 pm
64356 spacer
I think you mean half Indian m8. The Singhs got to the New World before everyone else and Walmart didn't like their monopoly on corner shops so they wiped them out. Some of the bloodiest battles in history were fought over the right to serve the local populace with dodgy off-brand tarka daal in a can.


>> No. 12212 Anonymous
17th November 2019
Sunday 4:55 am
/beat/12212 spacer
I recently watched that Ray Charles biopic with Jamie Fox, and I enjoyed it so much that I got inspired to compose some music the next day and obtain his entire discography. Much to my chagrin, I realised that 90% of his songs are about meeting women, relationships with women, women leaving him, him leaving women, anything along those lines, etc.

Do people in regular society genuinely enjoy listening to songs about these topics? When they hear something like "baaaaaaabbbby yooouuuu leffffft meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" does it really send shivers down their spines? I personally can't think of anything more boring than writing a song about love, romance, or relationships.
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>> No. 12216 Anonymous
17th November 2019
Sunday 8:34 pm
12216 spacer

women witcher.jpg
So in other words women are responsible?
>> No. 12217 Anonymous
17th November 2019
Sunday 10:31 pm
12217 spacer
I see you lads have never talked to someone in a new relationship.
>> No. 12218 Anonymous
19th November 2019
Tuesday 7:26 am
12218 spacer
Most of the music I listen to is about pirates.
>> No. 12219 Anonymous
19th November 2019
Tuesday 8:18 am
12219 spacer
Does your playlist consist of the excellent Captain Dread by Dreadzone?

>> No. 12220 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 11:33 am
12220 spacer
yo..... this shit kind of slaps.... imma get pusha t on this

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 23358 Anonymous
24th December 2011
Saturday 7:06 pm
/x/23358 spacer
I know there are other Rose-buds on here. Show yourselves.
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>> No. 40877 Anonymous
23rd November 2019
Saturday 11:45 am
40877 spacer
>born 1986

too old

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 40878 Anonymous
23rd November 2019
Saturday 1:31 pm
40878 spacer
coming up to the 8th anniversary of the oldest rose thread on the internet

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 40879 Anonymous
23rd November 2019
Saturday 11:50 pm
40879 spacer
why is everyone banned?
>> No. 40880 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 12:00 am
40880 spacer
Almost a sad enough bastard to get into Rose-posting now. Call it pride, call it arrogance, but something won't quite let me give in. Thank fuck.
>> No. 40881 Anonymous
24th November 2019
Sunday 12:03 am
40881 spacer

Shit grammar, I'm guessing, and judging by yours you'd know that from your two ban messages.


>> No. 64342 Are Moaty
22nd November 2019
Friday 7:36 pm
/iq/64342 'Pregnancy'...9 letters!
Talk about a moral dilemma lads...I can't stand this bitch's Corbyn-bashing antics, but by god I'd love to guzzle milk from those swollen teats
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>> No. 64351 Paedofag
23rd November 2019
Saturday 9:48 am
64351 spacer
Already loved her, but even more for the Corbyn bashing antics.
>> No. 64352 Crabkiller
23rd November 2019
Saturday 4:55 pm
64352 spacer
She does look fantastic.
>> No. 64353 Billbob
23rd November 2019
Saturday 5:35 pm
64353 spacer
The child is a Russian asset.
>> No. 64354 Auntiefucker
23rd November 2019
Saturday 8:19 pm
64354 spacer
Your mum is a Russian asset.
>> No. 64355 Searchfag
23rd November 2019
Saturday 8:40 pm
64355 spacer
cyka blyad, idi na hui


>> No. 64345 Auntiefucker
22nd November 2019
Friday 8:59 pm
/iq/64345 spacer
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>> No. 64346 Billbob
22nd November 2019
Friday 9:08 pm
64346 spacer
ok boomer
>> No. 64350 Auntiefucker
23rd November 2019
Saturday 9:33 am
64350 spacer


>> No. 4597 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 12:59 am
/lab/4597 spacer
Not really sure where else to post this, so going to have a punt there.

My mother wants to do one of those home DNA testing kits (23 and me etc). Beyond pricing (which I don't really give too much of a shit about) are there any real distinctions between the companies offering these services?

While my 70-odd year old mum doesn't really need to worry about getting profiled for online advertising or whatever I'd prefer to not hand her genetic material over to a company who openly sells it for profit, and I'd rather a company that does honest comparisons rather than "we'll just choose a random genetic group for that 3% we can't recognise from our database" type shenanigans.

Thanks in advance for any advice lads.
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>> No. 4608 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:43 pm
4608 spacer
After getting one of the analysis done, could you immediately ask for your data to be deleted by GDPR?
>> No. 4609 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:55 pm
4609 spacer
How would you ever verify how successful that was? They may well say "yes, we've deleted it" but they could have already shared it.
>> No. 4610 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 4:58 pm
4610 spacer

Legally yes, but there's no guarantee that they won't just illegally transfer the data offshore. The GDPR gives you strong protections against companies with something to lose, but a lot of the DNA testing startups are offering tests at below cost; their business model wholly depends on being able to sell user data.
>> No. 4611 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 7:33 pm
4611 spacer
Couldn't a customer avert these potential dangers by giving an alternate name? Is that legal?

>you'd probably also have called me a mentalist.
Aren't you still carrying that phone?

So the more expensive companies might be more trustworthy, from an economic perspective.
Do businesses have to publish data on their affiliations and transaction history?
>> No. 4612 Anonymous
22nd November 2019
Friday 7:40 pm
4612 spacer

>Aren't you still carrying that phone?

Yes, but I don't use facebook.

I'm sure in 20 years I'll have my genome sequenced but hopefully it'll be on a little encrypted card and cyberjackers will try and torture me for the keys.


>> No. 87443 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 10:19 am
/pol/87443 spacer
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>> No. 87444 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 11:46 am
87444 spacer
>> No. 87445 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 12:03 pm
87445 spacer
>> No. 87455 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 4:45 pm
87455 spacer
>> No. 87468 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 8:10 pm
87468 spacer
welcome to 2019 bladm9
>> No. 87475 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 10:30 pm
87475 spacer
Genuinely didn't realise this wasn't on /iq/ until this post.


>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
/news/15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 20666 Anonymous
20th November 2019
Wednesday 8:28 pm
20666 spacer


>Whites can be black if they wish, says lecturers' union

I guess Eminem's career wasn't in vain then.
>> No. 20671 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 6:36 am
20671 spacer

Or that of Elvis, I suppose.
>> No. 20672 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 7:53 am
20672 spacer
>I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley
>To do black music so selfishly
>And use it to get myself wealthy

Credit to Eminem for having some self-awareness.
>> No. 20673 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 5:10 pm
20673 spacer

I was pointing that out to >>20666 with the idea that this isn't a particularly new phenomenon.
>> No. 20674 Anonymous
21st November 2019
Thursday 7:16 pm
20674 spacer

Ah, this brings back loads of teenlad memories.


>> No. 27254 Anonymous
17th September 2019
Tuesday 9:58 pm
/g/27254 Bluetooth keyboard/mouse dropping out
Alright lads. Here's the situation. I bought a fancy Microsoft Surface Ergonomic bluetooth keyboard, and every time I step away for more than ~5 minutes it does this thing where I have to press a key and then wait for 1-3 seconds. During this time the system is completely locked - whatever's on screen freezes in place and any sound or music stops.

This happens under Linux as well as Windows.

I've looked in power settings in Windows for dongle and mouse and switched it to never sleep wherever possible.

I've looked for others with the same problem, found a handful. Nobody had a solution.

As it happens, I've been given a Surface mouse for free. It also seems to suffer the same problem. My next step would be to buy another bluetooth dongle, but I'm broke and I'd rather not spend the money if can avoid it.

Is there an easy way of pinging bluetooth devices? Or any other way of keeping a bluetooth device awake? I don't mind charging batteries if it'll fix the problem.
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>> No. 27261 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 2:47 am
27261 spacer
Yeah Bluetooth threads belong in /101/, surely.
>> No. 27262 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 3:33 am
27262 spacer
>Save yourself bother now and buy a wired keyboard and mouse.
Seconding both this advice and the sentiment. The only time I've ever had trouble with a wired connection was when I tried a stupidly long PS/2 cable, which was hilarious but entirely understandable.
>> No. 27263 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 9:57 am
27263 spacer
Please, lads. I'm asking for help with one very specific fault, not general observations about bluetooth's reliability.
>> No. 27264 Anonymous
18th September 2019
Wednesday 10:52 am
27264 spacer
You've had the best advice you're going to get. I'm not sure what else there is to say.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 27297 Anonymous
20th November 2019
Wednesday 8:05 pm
27297 spacer

I've probably missed the boat on this one, apologies for necroposting, will be sure to sage etc.

> During this time the system is completely locked - whatever's on screen freezes in place and any sound or music stops.
This sounds like an issue with the Bluetooth Stack or possibly a very badly behaved driver. (I'm assuming here that the lock-up only happens during the 1-3 seconds that the device is waking up, if so there's potentially some idiotic while loop blocking all other I/O, although given the number of different busses involved I still find that .... weird to say the least).

> Is there an easy way of pinging bluetooth devices? Or any other way of keeping a bluetooth device awake? I don't mind charging batteries if it'll fix the problem.

On linux you can use lp2ping. I'm not sure if there's a windows port, but you might get it to run under WSL if you're using Windows 10. You might also want to dig out the technical specification document for your keyboard and see if there's a vendor specific HCI command for setting its sleep timeout or what have you.


>> No. 4831 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 1:51 am
/boo/4831 Aliens
The Area 51 thing was a massive wet fart, but it got me nostalgic for the old days where it wasn't all about chemtrails, Jews being behind 9/11, and flat-earth nonsense. Back then it was believable, grounded stuff like flying saucers and men in black. So let's talk about aliens.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you believe we are visited by aliens? Have you ever seen or encountered any aliens? Does the government know about aliens but cover it up? Did aliens visit and influence our ancestors in the past? Are aliens friendly, benign, or threatening?

Aliens are a very compelling subject. Why is the classic description of a grey so fundamentally creepy? Why have aliens and the things that surround them, UFOs, men in black, become such an ingrained part of modern folklore? Why have they fallen into the background in modern times, to be replaced with anti-intellectual/anti-science conspiracy theories for home schooling bible-bashing wierdos? Is this paradigm shift representative of the cultural era we have moved into?

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4840 Anonymous
19th October 2019
Saturday 6:20 pm
4840 spacer

>and they wouldn't be some sinister uniform civilisation but lots of divergent personalities with mundane objectives.

I don't know about that. I know it's a very Sci-Fi thing to say, but they could all share a consciousness or be the last surviving community on a planet that worships a cult like figure obsessed with blue planets or anything really. You're probably right that they need to be curious and social, but even then, I don't think it's impossible to end up with some sort of intelligent fungus with legs that just wants to eat every tree they can find.
>> No. 4841 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 5:35 pm
4841 spacer
Fermi's paradox ensures that there are others out there but first the distances could be too big, especially if there is no warp drive and everyone is limited to lightspeed.

Second, the universe is not Sid Meier's Civilization, not everyone spawned at the same time. Human civilization started 20.000 years ago, but we started acting as civilized, technological people only in the last 150 years. There is a good chance that if we met the Aliens they would be as incomprehensible to us as a network engineer with a bionic hand would be incomprehensible to an ancient Egyptian farmer.
>> No. 4842 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 5:39 pm
4842 spacer

The spirit of your analogy isn't wrong but ancient Egyptians used prostheses. They'd get the gist of it even if impressed by how well it works.
>> No. 4843 Anonymous
20th October 2019
Sunday 5:57 pm
4843 spacer
>Do you believe in aliens?
Yes. Because of the vastness of the Universe.

>Do you believe we are visited by aliens?
No evidence.

>Have you ever seen or encountered any aliens?

>Does the government know about aliens but cover it up?
No evidence.

>Did aliens visit and influence our ancestors in the past? Are aliens friendly, benign, or threatening?
If we were visited by intelligent life, I think they would harvest the resources of our planet and subjugate us. Much like in the past when humans with superior technology met those who were primitive (see the new world).
>> No. 4844 Anonymous
19th November 2019
Tuesday 7:58 am
4844 spacer
I've never really spoken about this to anyone before, I'm not 100% saying it was an alien or anything but I think this is the right place to tell this story.

In 2013 I fucked up a quite important exam and needed to get away for a few days. A mate of mine was going down to Cornwall camping with some hippie friends of his and I agreed to tag along. There was a big permanent Ghegnis Khan style tent at the campsite with a stove in it etc and we basically would just sit up all night in there drinking and chatting or (when it wasn't raining) we would do like a fire outside.

On the last night before we went home we ran out of firewood and so I went over to the next campsite over to borrow some wood. We'd spoken to the people who were staying there quite a bit and knew they wouldn't mind. There were these long holes in the ground between the campsites and it was really dark so I can't really say for sure but Worf was there.


gnome chomsky.jpg
>> No. 64329 Ambulancelad
18th November 2019
Monday 3:48 pm
/iq/64329 spacer
holy shit he's starting to look like an actual gnome
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>> No. 64331 YubYub
18th November 2019
Monday 6:49 pm
64331 spacer
Julian Assange isn't looking well.
>> No. 64332 Paedofag
18th November 2019
Monday 7:56 pm
64332 spacer
He looks like some kids have found his gold.
>> No. 64333 Moralfag
18th November 2019
Monday 8:25 pm
64333 spacer
It's gonna happen to us all lads.
>> No. 64334 Anonymous
18th November 2019
Monday 10:01 pm
64334 spacer
Already has lad.
>> No. 64335 YubYub
19th November 2019
Tuesday 12:27 am
64335 spacer
As a lanky, hook-nosed metalhead now, i'm going to pretty much look like saruman when I'm old.

I'm going to embrace it and wander around town centres in a robe, muttering cryptic shit at passers by.


>> No. 64322 Samefag
17th November 2019
Sunday 1:11 am
/iq/64322 spacer
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>> No. 64323 Paedofag
17th November 2019
Sunday 9:08 am
64323 spacer
Why would you link a version that doesn't have the video?

or even the updated version?


>> No. 24088 Fairy
21st March 2018
Wednesday 7:46 pm
/zoo/24088 spacer
It's official, it's dead.
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>> No. 24129 Cockernay
3rd June 2018
Sunday 12:34 am
24129 spacer


I'll really miss it. It kind of felt like an international version of this place. Just cosy discussions without any boring shitposts and memes.

Kohlchan has now emerged as the successor but it's just KC 2.0 with all of the same problems.

I guess I should find better things to do than waste time on imageboards.
>> No. 24225 Fairy
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:51 pm
24225 spacer
I know I'm replying to fucking old posts, but I think this really presents just what a plague 4chan and /pol/ are. People have been going to Krautchan for years, but in the last few years or so it's become truly unbearable, like so many other places.
>> No. 24265 Fairy
9th October 2019
Wednesday 10:28 pm
24265 spacer
Kohlchan is down now, rumour says it's due to cloudfare removing them for ties to this shooting in Germany. Could be bullshit, but...
>> No. 24266 Wastelander
10th October 2019
Thursday 1:54 pm
24266 spacer
Yeah, probably. The same shit's going to happen to big chan sooner or later.

I'm not too arsed.
>> No. 24286 Redneck
16th November 2019
Saturday 11:18 pm
24286 spacer
Up and down and up and down
You spin me right round, Casey
Right round like a record, Casey
Right round round round


>> No. 59246 YubYub
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
/iq/59246 spacer
>A homeless man who stole a purse and a phone from victims of the Manchester Arena attack has admitted theft.

>Chris Parker, 33, was initially dubbed a hero after claiming he comforted a seriously injured girl. CCTV footage played to Manchester Crown Court showed him wandering between stricken victims. He kept returning to injured Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter lay dying nearby, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to steal her purse.

I don't get why bleeding heart do-gooders bleat on about the homeless. They're all scratters who are on the streets through choice, usually because they choose not to stay in a hostel as they know they wouldn't be allowed to do drugs there.
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>> No. 62860 Moralfag
25th March 2019
Monday 4:47 pm
62860 spacer
That's all well and good, but the overwhelming majority of homeless people placed in temporary accommodation are the 'hidden homeless' who have been priced out of where they live.

Oh, well. At least we're not Americans.

>Twisted police officer who fed homeless man dog poo sandwich keeps job
>> No. 62864 Auntiefucker
25th March 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
62864 spacer
We need to glass that entire damned continent and I mean the Covenant kind not to pint kind.
>> No. 64315 YubYub
13th November 2019
Wednesday 5:58 pm
64315 spacer

Couple ‘Murdered Homeless Woman And Dumped Her Body In Bins So They Could Spend Her Benefits’

Imagine getting killed by grand day out era Wallace.
>> No. 64318 Auntiefucker
14th November 2019
Thursday 10:23 pm
64318 spacer

Imagine that bloke's neck pain after a windy day.
>> No. 64319 Are Moaty
15th November 2019
Friday 6:58 am
64319 spacer

Ohhhhhhh gromit, lad.


>> No. 64252 Searchfag
6th November 2019
Wednesday 7:11 pm
/iq/64252 spacer
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>> No. 64255 Billbob
6th November 2019
Wednesday 11:34 pm
64255 spacer
Love to tell racists they're only racist because they learned it from foreigners
>> No. 64256 Searchfag
7th November 2019
Thursday 5:23 pm
64256 spacer
>eyes up some bird
>"we'll get to that later"

did people have sex back in those days?
>> No. 64257 YubYub
7th November 2019
Thursday 6:13 pm
64257 spacer

>> No. 64258 R4GE
7th November 2019
Thursday 6:49 pm
64258 spacer

>> No. 64317 Anonymous
14th November 2019
Thursday 1:37 am
64317 spacer



>> No. 63363 Samefag
27th May 2019
Monday 8:50 pm
/iq/63363 spacer
Sarah Barrass is the name

Poisoning my kids is the game.
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>> No. 64310 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 8:39 pm
64310 spacer
I don't get it. So she murdered a couple, locked herself in her room with the rest and called the police? What does that achieve?
>> No. 64311 Paedofag
12th November 2019
Tuesday 8:39 pm
64311 spacer
>The children believed and even told officers at the scene that their father was dead, having died in the second world war.

Even as a council estate nipper, I'd have known this was bullshit. What the fucking fuck?
>> No. 64312 Samefag
12th November 2019
Tuesday 9:27 pm
64312 spacer
I don't want to cast aspersions, but I think she might have been completely fucking mental. Potentially not even psychopathic, just nuttier than big horner shit.

Maybe they don't put The World at War on Yesterday as much anymore?
>> No. 64313 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 10:00 pm
64313 spacer
Nobody takes kids seriously any way. What would you say to that? "No, you little bastard, where's you dad?"
>> No. 64316 Ambulancelad
13th November 2019
Wednesday 9:20 pm
64316 spacer
As reported, the two of them felt their children would be "better off dead than in care". Incredibly warped.


>> No. 431971 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 9:52 pm
/b/431971 Tea
This "WW2 Training Film for US Soldiers | How to Behave in Britain | 1943" film says the ration of two ounces of tea per person a week (about four cups) was significantly less than what people wanted.
How much tea do you/we actually drink?
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>> No. 431994 Anonymous
8th November 2019
Friday 1:03 am
431994 spacer
That was meant to link to about 1:26:15 with Champion Jack Dupree.
>> No. 431995 Anonymous
8th November 2019
Friday 1:05 am
431995 spacer
These threads keep planting the seed in my mind of making a nice cup of tea. Awful big coincidence that all the tea brands are doing discounts at the moment ahead of Christmas. Are we being targeted by Big Mug?

>How much tea do you/we actually drink?

4 cups if I'm at home all day (assuming my late night cup of rooibos counts as tea).
On work days I just have a coffee at 11.

>I do think our track record in the 20th century was considerably better than others

This being the same time we ruled 23% of the Earth's population? At home we were obviously better but that is awfully easy when you're dealing with limited numbers of exotic foreigners.

To go further with this dickery, the classic historical example is with Japan's Racial Equality Proposal during the formation of the League of Nations. Britain was ambivalent, France was supportive (because of their cultural chauvinism) but, once it was clarified to be only among member nations, the principle opponent was the US and Australia that feared Japanese immigration. So it was ultimately very easy for Britain and Canada to try to play mediators given we had very little skin in the game aside from ensuring Australia stayed a dominion.

Obviously one way to end dolphin rape is therefore to kick out all the fuzzy-wuzzies as our grandparents generation may have suggested after a few too many sherries at Christmas. Unless there's a war on in which case they can stay for tea.
>> No. 431996 Anonymous
8th November 2019
Friday 3:02 pm
431996 spacer

A huge number of black jazz musicians went on tour to Europe and never came back. There's undoubtedly a lot of dolphin rape over here, but it's in a completely different league to the systematic, institutionalised dolphin rape that black Americans had to endure.
>> No. 432047 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 10:22 pm
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I've just made some.

It is delicious.

Tea is the only reliable thing in all our lives.
>> No. 432051 Anonymous
13th November 2019
Wednesday 4:53 pm
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Just discovered tulsi tea which is lovely if hard to locate.


>> No. 40874 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 12:48 pm
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>> No. 40875 Anonymous
12th November 2019
Tuesday 7:37 pm
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It was already fixed you heathen


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