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>> No. 28694 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 10:26 pm
/emo/28694 spacer
My girlfriend is deep in a manic depressive episode and has come to the conclusion that she should end her life in the near future once she has 'a few things in place'. I think mainly financial and childcare type things as she has a child in primary school. There have been ups and downs before but in the past she was adamant that no matter how bad it got she would never consider suicide.

She is still sending me messages but has made it quite clear that we probably shouldn't be together anymore - 'find someone better than me etc.'

She has struggled for a while and is under a crisis team but won't reach out to them and is also refusing to take her meds. I think she has only told me about her intentions so far.

What the fuck am I supposed to do? I've been there and talked her out of dark times before, but this seems pretty final.

I've kept this to myself for the last day or so because we're still communicating and it's something at least. I know the first name of her nurse in the crisis team and also can get in touch with a relative she is close to if need be. I think it would cause a lot of pain to her and her family if they knew.
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>> No. 28698 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 11:08 pm
28698 spacer

It's reasonable to hope there's a more discreet path to take, but ultimately, somebody who is suicidal isn't in their right mind and they are unpredictable. It will cause alarm and she'll be pissed off, especially at you if she knows it was you, but they need to know, someone in this state of mind needs people in physical proximity who can support them and stop them doing anything daft.

I had a mate top himself earlier on this year. He had two kids with an awful bitch of an ex who was half the cause of it; but after all has been said and done it's those kids who will grow up without a dad who will suffer the most. He attempted it a couple of times before he succeeded, and we thought he'd come through the worst of it when it happened. The trouble is you can't take your eye off someone for two minutes in case they decide to string themselves up; never mind when their closest friends live a substantial distance away and couldn't reasonably be there for them if they wanted to.

You might think it would do more harm than good to get her family involved, but if she goes ahead and does it anyway you'll forever regret not doing something.
>> No. 28699 Anonymous
3rd July 2019
Wednesday 11:54 pm
28699 spacer
She has a medical problem and needs treatment. The nature of that medical problem means that she's unlikely to seek treatment of her own volition right now. Making sure she gets treatment is the moral equivalent of giving CPR to someone who has just gone into cardiac arrest - it's not technically consensual, but it could save their life and it's your duty to do so.

Contact the crisis team and let them know that she's off her meds and is actively suicidal. If you get a message that really worries you or the messages stop abruptly, call 999 and ask for an ambulance. She might not thank you for it right now, but doing nothing might play on your conscience for the rest of your life.
>> No. 28700 Anonymous
4th July 2019
Thursday 1:20 pm
28700 spacer
Well, I've called up the crisis team. It seems like they'll follow up with her but due to data protection and whatnot I have no further involvement. The lady on the phone was almost nonchalant asking whether it was self-harm or suivide she was threatening and how soon she might do it. Quite surreal, really.

I've also told her cousin and sent a few screenshots of messages. She's fucking fuming at me now.

I'm worried that she will lie and be deceptive when dealing with the people I've told.
>> No. 29650 Anonymous
8th May 2020
Friday 7:39 pm
29650 spacer

Feels a bit strange coming back to this thread after almost a year.

I've stuck with her and there have been some good times. Lately it seems a lot of bad times - medication changes, work changes, lifestyle changes, virus and lockdown shite.

Some of the ways her behaviour manifests borders on the abusive - stopping me from leaving a room, hiding keys, keeping me awake. I think a lot of this is rooted in self-hatred and being close to rock bottom - frustration with the world and with herself that gets directed outwards. She apologises and I've been close to walking out numerous times. What I struggle with is how accountable I can hold her for her own actions. Is she in control?

I'm not perfect by any means and often times don't support her enough (if anyone could?). Lately there have been very few positive days and she is so sensitive that I have been careful about what I say or do around her. Yesterday I tried to end things - after a lot of tears and pleading she agreed to stay elsewhere overnight and give me space for a few days. This morning at 7am she woke me up and I let her in. She hadn't slept and the place 'wasn't suitable'. After talking it out a lot I think we're going to take it a little slowly and see if things improve.

Part of me feels like I've just given in, the other part is maybe optimistic. I'm not sure I can see my future with her but she is certain that hers is with me.

This is more of a vent than anything else, I guess. If anyone has advice it would be welcome.
>> No. 29670 Anonymous
18th May 2020
Monday 2:10 am
29670 spacer
>medication changes
This implies she's taking medication at least, so that sounds like an improvement from where you were last year. Honestly, though, from what you've mentioned I'm equally concerned about your own mental wellbeing.

>Some of the ways her behaviour manifests borders on the abusive - stopping me from leaving a room, hiding keys, keeping me awake
It's hard to offer advice because there's so much potential variability here - "stopping me leaving a room" might just be an arm on the door handle for a minute or two while you're having a minor disagreement, "hiding keys" can be a petulant game and "keeping you awake" could just be irritating "are you still awake? Wow, I can't sleep. I'm just wide awake over here" etc. If, however, there are substantial physical altercations, or if she's regularly preventing you from leaving the house with the front door/car keys, or regularly and deliberately denying you proper rest, then these are serious matters and are unquestionably abusive.

We have a significant problem in this country recognising that significant numbers of men are the target of various forms of domestic abuse. If you look up examples of domestic abuse online, it is genuinely shocking how many of them use gendered pronouns, such that the man is the abuser and the woman the victim. Prepare yourself for this, and then go read, and see if any of it fits. There are also hotlines specifically for men:
Give them a go.


>> No. 65386 Moralfag
15th May 2020
Friday 10:12 pm
/iq/65386 spacer
>A police officer has suffered a concussion after being hit in the head with an egg.

>Essex Police said the officer, who was wearing his cap and uniform at the time, was walking back to his vehicle in Melbourne Avenue in Chelmsford when he was hit. The officer went to hospital after the incident, which took place on Saturday 9 May at about 1.45pm, but did not require time off work. The incident is now being treated as assault of an emergency worker.

>The force is searching for anyone who witnessed the attack to come forward with information. They are particularly interested in talking to anyone with CCTV footage of the incident. A spokeswoman for Essex Police said: "No arrested have been made, we are appealing for any witness that could help us with the investigation."

I hope they finally crack down on online eggstremism following this.
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>> No. 65404 Paedofag
17th May 2020
Sunday 12:44 am
65404 spacer

>I think a Victorian now would think them a huge waste of time.

Yes, after they'd stopped freaking out when someone showed them a smartphone, and after they'd worn their genitals down to a bloody nub when someone showed them PornHub.
>> No. 65405 Crabkiller
17th May 2020
Sunday 3:02 am
65405 spacer

You mean like how libraries famously killed bookshops?
>> No. 65406 Anonymous
17th May 2020
Sunday 11:40 am
65406 spacer

Public libraries came into existence when most people just couldn't afford books at all - the alternative to using the library wasn't buying a book, it was just not reading at all. Libraries made books cheaper to publish and print, because they increased demand and improved the economies of scale of the publishing industry; by increasing the overall market and reducing marginal costs, they were ultimately beneficial to the book trade.

Broadband is extremely sensitive to economies of scale, because the cost of running a national network is mostly fixed regardless of how many customers you have. A free network creates a death spiral for commercial providers - the more customers switch to the free network, the more you have to charge your remaining customers to maintain your network, so the more attractive the free option becomes.
>> No. 65407 Samefag
17th May 2020
Sunday 12:37 pm
65407 spacer
In the UK we have the kind of weird situation where we have openreach providing the infrastructure but doesn't sell direct to consumers, BT owns openreach but by law have to pay them the same as anyone else, and anyone else can set up a business reselling openreach connections.
Then you have 1 big competitor to that ecosystem in the form of virgin cable, then lots of start-ups who are installing their own fibre infrastructure to homes. I can see both of these really starting to struggle to remain competitive in a few years once openreach FTTH starts progressing far.

Really at the end of the day how a government owned free broadband network would impact things, depends on exactly where in the ecosystem the "free" part would sit. It would make most sense to take over the openreach and virgin infrastructure, and then allow existing ISPs to re-sell to consumers with just a small charge to cover their own costs.
>> No. 65408 Searchfag
17th May 2020
Sunday 1:11 pm
65408 spacer

The situation is complicated by the fact that you can pick and choose how much Openreach infrastructure you use. The big players install their own equipment right up to the street cabinet, because it works out cheaper than renting it. This is an important part of keeping the broadband market competitive, because it gives broadband providers a certain degree of leeway to circumvent Openreach if they're dragging their heels on investing in new technology. That certainly wasn't the case under the bad old days of the GPO.


>> No. 20473 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:00 pm
/v/20473 Star Trek
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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>> No. 23131 Anonymous
11th April 2020
Saturday 1:11 am
23131 spacer
I think my relationship with my ex started to fail when we ran out of TAS TNG ENT and DS9 to watch and moved on to VOY. She doesn't like when yell at TV shows and I yelled a lot during VOY, and STD.

Maybe things would be different if we had picked TOS instead, but that was going to be the reward for making it through VOY, I guess it would have been borrowed time, watching both Voyager and Picard would have ruined it eventually.
>> No. 23156 Anonymous
16th May 2020
Saturday 9:53 am
23156 spacer
A new New Trek has been announced:

The premise is ST:D Pine and Spock go off exploring, because "these iconic characters have a deep history in Star Trek canon," which may be true for Spock, but Pine? Pine was just the guy whose face got melted in the pilot and couldn't be bothered doing morse code.

Can you blame me for being cynical if Kurtzmann is still at the helm with some of the same team who worked with him on Picard? ST:D and ST:P were atrocious to the point they'd practically wink at the camera and hint there was something original and Trekky about the plot just to rub it in, so I aren't really holding my breath they'd be able to actually make a good episodic series.
>> No. 23157 Anonymous
16th May 2020
Saturday 12:18 pm
23157 spacer

Back to 4Chan.png
>but Pine? Pine was just the guy whose face got melted in the pilot and couldn't be bothered doing morse code.

Pike was the captain in the pilot and survived the episode unharmed. Nobody here is watching this rubbish anymore and you will notice from the lack of Star Wars threads that it's not the place to circlejerk endlessly.

I'd even hazard that 'online discussion' is what keeps all this going. There's no other way to explain it.
>> No. 23158 Anonymous
16th May 2020
Saturday 1:01 pm
23158 spacer

Could nae give a shite.
>> No. 23159 Anonymous
17th May 2020
Sunday 8:32 am
23159 spacer
It is amazing how quickly they were able to burn through our good will. From being excited that star trek was comming back. History will forever be tained by this. And like the star wars prequels before in 20 years you will get a bunch retards insisting these new shows are some how as good or better. As the song goes "if you tolerate this then your children will be next".


>> No. 23155 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 11:02 pm
/v/23155 spacer

Just a nice watch.


>> No. 65384 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 10:48 am
/iq/65384 spacer

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>> No. 65385 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 5:05 pm
65385 spacer
u wot ladwd40?


>> No. 436073 Anonymous
10th April 2020
Friday 11:54 pm
/b/436073 spacer
Right, the mice are taking the piss now. I knew this would happen once all the food dried up and spring comes about. The one I have visiting has not only ignored my traps (with peanut butter and garibaldi no less!) but just came back 15 minutes after I told him to piss off.

Maybe as I've reused traps they now smell of death. Maybe I need to go further and burn my flat down. What works for you lads?
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>> No. 436924 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 11:28 am
436924 spacer

These pics are aproximately two weeks apart, perhaps less. There are some beautiful dunes across it now, carved out by the wind.
The beach itself is the best I've ever seen it with an actual landscape rather than combed daily. There's a whole layer of broken down crustacean shells glittering across the surface, whereas usually it'd just be flat sand.
This is all from occasional heavy wind across the bay; it's not even unusual weather. It's really given me a perspecitve of how humans change and maintain their environments.

The council have just started digging it out - by the rate they're going it'll take another 10 days. It was a nice change, glad I got to experience it.
>> No. 436926 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 1:31 pm
436926 spacer

How are you getting along, OP?
>> No. 436937 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 6:56 pm
436937 spacer
Haven't seen any since I made this thread. Maybe the mouse browses .gs and got the message.
>> No. 436972 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 9:34 am
436972 spacer

I thought we were m8s, pretty underhanded of you to come on here and moan about me. I've got my own flat above a Chinese now, practically got the run of the place. I wish you all the best. Cunt.
>> No. 436986 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 1:29 pm
436986 spacer
One of the rats died in my garden this morning. So maybe the fightback is ON!


>> No. 24851 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
/news/24851 spacer
Buzzfeed to close UK news operation

Online media firm Buzzfeed is to close its UK and Australian news operations. The US company, which set up its London office in 2013, said the decision had been made "both for economic and strategic reasons".

Buzzfeed said it would be focusing on news that "hits big in the United States during this difficult period". Some staff will stay on to cover social news, celebrity and investigations for US readers, but it is thought about 10 jobs are affected

Is this a sign the standard of journalism may improve in this country, that people don't want clickbait and endless listicles?
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>> No. 24876 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 12:26 am
24876 spacer
>this country's very future rests on removing the influence of Rupert Murdoch
I can get behind that.
>> No. 24877 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 5:18 am
24877 spacer

>Any collateral damage is acceptable.

What's happening now will only enhance the powers of figures like Murdoch. News Corporation is a loss-making venture, but Murdoch doesn't need to turn a profit on news - he doesn't really mind the fact that it has lost around a billion dollars a year over the past few years, because it's cross-subsidised by the rest of his media empire. It's effectively a strategic investment in buying influence.

That's the reality of an unprofitable news industry. Comment is cheaper than reporting and there's always someone willing to bankroll propaganda.
>> No. 24878 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 7:45 am
24878 spacer

Murdoch is a capitalist, he doesn't control what his papers do or say.
>> No. 24879 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 7:54 am
24879 spacer

He says otherwise.
>> No. 24880 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 9:27 am
24880 spacer
He's not selling Kitskats and beholden to a market that won't eat shit-flavoured ones mate, he's influencing public opinion and there's more money to be made in that than just by telling people what they want to hear.


>> No. 436962 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 2:13 am
/b/436962 Night
Odd post but I've been having a ponder as summer approaches. I'm a night person, but I just don't think there's enough of it about.

For the vast majority of the year in the UK we don't get true "astronomical night", only twilight. No doubt compounded by light pollution, it makes the nights feel a lot shorter than the infinite abyss I seem to remember as a kid, sneakily reading under the covers for seemingly forever and yet feeling rested when I had to get up for school at 7am. Now I probably bob off about 4am and struggle to roll into work for 10.

I feel it acutely if I go to a nightclub and hang about for some cheesy chips afterwards; the streetlights start turning off as you stumble home and you go to bed in near daylight. I feel increasingly robbed of a quiet, almost stationary period to reflect and meditate without burden, a time where in fiction whole stories happen by moonlight. Things like social media always being there with digital breadcrumbs at any hour probably don't help.

Maybe it's just part of how "time flies" as you get older, a phenomenon mostly caused by our brains choosing to remember novel experiences over routine events.

Enjoy the night anyway, lads.
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>> No. 436963 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 2:31 am
436963 spacer
I've always been a night person. I like the feeling of being alone, the serenity. Reading and playing gameboy with one of those light attachments when I was a kid, and going on long drunk/stoned/twisted rambles under the cover of darkness as a teenlad and throughout my early-mid 20s.

I actually rather like summer nights. That twilight effect where you get the sense we're just on the shores of real dark, the planet just letting the gentle waves of the night lap across its feet. The late sunset and sunrise where it's effectively night already, but you can still see the blue hues on the distant horizon, and really grasp the sense of our position in space.

There's this one cunt of a bird who starts singing about 3-3.30 every morning. It always makes my heart sink. Sometimes I hear another bird start up in response, and I like to imagine he's going "THE FUCK UP DAVE, NOT YET. HOW MANY BASTARD TIMES?"
>> No. 436964 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 3:01 am
436964 spacer
>For the vast majority of the year in the UK we don't get true "astronomical night", only twilight
8-10 weeks between May and July isn't exactly "the vast majority of the year".
>> No. 436965 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 4:50 am
436965 spacer
I was just thinking about how desperately I miss low-pressure sodium street lights. The old orange street lights only produce a single wavelength of light, so they effectively make everything monochrome. You can't perceive colour when there's only a single colour of light. Newer high-pressure sodium and LED lights are much more similar to daylight, which causes far more light pollution and undermines the psychological difference between day and night.

Sometimes I sit on my windowsill at night, having a smoke and just thinking about things, but it doesn't feel like night any more. When I was younger, the night had a beautiful sepia glow that seemed to melt into the darkness, but now my street is lit with piercingly bright cool white LEDs. The magic has gone, the sense of otherworldliness isn't there, the night has just become a continuation of the day.

>> No. 436968 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 5:47 am
436968 spacer
Have you ever tried being a morning person? I get great joy of sleeping at about 9/9.30 and being awake for 5/5.30. That to me is incredibly peaceful and much less depressing than the night.
>> No. 436971 Anonymous
15th May 2020
Friday 9:07 am
436971 spacer

I love people like you because you make my night time much more peaceful, you're all tucked away in bed nice and cosy while I'm out for my first daily walk.


>> No. 7872 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 1:03 pm
/£$€¥/7872 spacer
If I receive a marketing email which starts with "The global market for robots is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 26% until 2025." then it's most likely to be bollocks, right?
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>> No. 7873 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 11:00 pm
7873 spacer
Yes. If it's from an unsolicited email it is a scam.

You can get around >10% at high risk doing ForEx, you can certainly make 20-odd percent if you gamble right, but like all gambles you can also lose all of it. These kinds of gains are for short term gamblers. Sure, you can bet big and if you hit it big you can say I told you so but for the most part you'd need someone who is incredibly well versed in a particular industry to second guess it.

If you don't expect to make enough profit to pay a personal accountant (hey they can be cheap around £150) every year, don't bother.


>> No. 23625 Anonymous
4th May 2020
Monday 9:43 pm
/e/23625 iRacing
At times, difficult to believe this is a game.
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>> No. 23681 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 1:57 pm
23681 spacer
Sounds like you've got the drive for it.
>> No. 23691 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 4:26 pm
23691 spacer
Bought a wheel. It's not for me, think I'm sending it back.
>> No. 23695 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 5:48 pm
23695 spacer
Had a similar experience. Bought a G27 thinking I'd get into sim racing, but after 15 or so hours in Assetto Corsa I just got bored of it. Driving without feeling the g-forces and sense of danger is pretty boring, so I think to make it exciting in a video game you need to really amp up the sensation of speed and go the arcade route like Midnight Club or the futuristic route like F-Zero.
>> No. 23697 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 6:28 pm
23697 spacer

I somewhat agree, Assetto Corsa either doesn't represent speed very well, or probably more accurately represents it too well - 60mph on a track looks and feels nothing like 60mph on a street, and that makes it much harder to judge the speed you should be going around a corner. I imagine everyone's first turn in AC ends up going very badly indeed. Widening the FOV helps a bit, but that's not the best solution in the world, even though AC has fantastic tools to align the camera when you do.

I bet VR fixes a lot of this, but like you say, you still don't feel the forces which is a huge part of it for, me, especially when braking. The best game I've played on a wheel so far is Grid, which I think has a good balance between arcadey and realism - the driving does match up with my real life experiences on a track, it's just turned up to 11 in terms of excitement and speed. I'm currently downloading the 100GB(!) of Dirt 2.0, I have high hopes for rallying on a wheel like this.

For a motorsport nerd like me, I do still see value in it, I honestly feel like my driving technique is improving from playing it, in a way that perhaps I wouldn't get just from a controller - the wheel does really react realistically to the forces put upon the car, and having 1:1 steering input is spot on. But now we're talking about me being a fucking sadact trying to shave seconds of his time at the nordschleife, which I appreciate isn't for everyone, it's barely a game at that point.

Also probably my favourite arcadey racing game is Forza Horizon 4, but the steering wheel coding in that game is absolutely fucking dogshit, due to the way each car has their own steering rack ratios but doesn't adapt your wheel's range of motion for it.

All in all I like it, but I'm really, really into driving and track days and shit, so my review is about as useful as a pilot telling you to buy a £300 sim yoke.
>> No. 23698 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 7:55 pm
23698 spacer

Here's a handy calculator for choosing the most accurate FOV setting in all major racing sims to match your particular monitor setup.


>> No. 65378 Moralfag
8th May 2020
Friday 10:20 am
/iq/65378 spacer
This is the theme tune to Tom & Jerry Kids:

This is the theme tune to the chipmunks:

How the fuck did they get away with this?
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>> No. 65383 Crabkiller
14th May 2020
Thursday 11:14 am
65383 spacer
I'l be honest, I don't hear it.


>> No. 436387 Anonymous
25th April 2020
Saturday 2:08 pm
/b/436387 spacer
Anyone into Warhammer 40k?
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>> No. 436525 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 12:15 am
436525 spacer

Kill Team is kind of weird. You'd expect it to have lots of customisation and individuality for each unit, but it's literally the same units and stats as the full game, and you're restricted to the same weapons etc that unit can have in the full game. So it's just like playing a very small game of 40K, with a single squad of your most basic troops, except each guy moves and fires individually.

Some people really like it but it just seems a bit too simple for me, like there must be something I'm just completely missing and can't fathom.
>> No. 436528 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 3:48 am
436528 spacer

I like the rules but the lack of customisation isn't great. I suppose they don't want people getting too invested in it as it's really a gateway to the big game. I'd love to get some people together for a consistent Necromunda group as I love the setting and the rules are far more in depth, with multiple editions to chose from.

I've never been a huge fan of big games though and 40k for me tops out around 1000pts before it gets obnoxious (and expensive).
>> No. 436529 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 3:53 am
436529 spacer

Infinity looks pretty good although I've yet to find anyone to give it a shot with, and the website is a little confusing. From what I saw when I glanced over the rules I liked how line of sight is handled, as I think it's done poorly in GW games. Dynamically posed models and true line of sight just doesn't make sense.
>> No. 436536 Anonymous
30th April 2020
Thursday 2:59 pm
436536 spacer
I used to love playing Necromunda because it was just good, quick fun and a good thing for 2 or 3 people to pit against one another in.It was surprisingly easy and fun to make scenery blocks for with little bits of chipboard/ply, mesh, tubing, bog rolls, wood glue and paint.

I remember one person I used to regularly play it with was one of those that would endlessly argue the toss about the rules and somehow ended up one time calculating that his #attack modifiers for every gang member meant everybody had about 5 shots a turn. Not played it since about 2004, it was a good laugh.

Never been into the tabletop though, it was prohibitively expensive and my painting skills are less than terrible, that was limited to reading my older brothers' old copies White Dwarf. I discovered 2nd ed. AD+D by 2001 and found it more fun than the Necromunda.
Fair play if you're into it though.
>> No. 436908 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 9:33 pm
436908 spacer
I still love the books, I have read almost everything from Black Library. I used to play the game, but it was many years ago and I do not have the army anymore. Maybe someday I will buy an army from one of those Chinese painting sweatshops and start to play again. They can sell you a fully customized professional quality army for less than the price of a brand new one.


>> No. 4966 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 10:30 am
/boo/4966 spacer
Is it just me or have online companies recently (post covid) taken a bold step forward in what data they feel entitled to? I've had both my dating profile and skype suddenly decide they need to verify my mobile number for 'security reasons' in order to continue functioning. It feels like the thin end of the wedge in both erasing our anonymity and in collectivism of all our data for advertising purposes. (Phone numbers nowadays being a good proxy for unique identifies).
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>> No. 4971 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
4971 spacer

If my entire business model was built off of targeted advertising the possibility that one day I might have to have a court battle and might lose 2% of the revenue that 100% comes from that source would be just part of the cost of doing business.

Companies have systematically broken the rules for less.
>> No. 4972 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 11:47 am
4972 spacer

Additionally to this there are plenty of work arounds. Like the company that handles the security is another entity, which later dissolves and when the assets are stripped that data can be used without having to conform to the originally agreed terms.
>> No. 4973 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 12:35 pm
4973 spacer
pay as you go simm 99p dont buy it on your credit card
>> No. 4974 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 12:57 pm
4974 spacer
Facebook even stood up in court and said that it would be "economically impossible" for them to comply with GDPR.
>> No. 4975 Anonymous
13th May 2020
Wednesday 2:54 pm
4975 spacer

I've done that in the past, but there is currently a gobal crisis that makes it more difficult for people to cash buy a sim card which feeds into the conspiracy, of why now is the perfect time for them to act.


>> No. 89731 Anonymous
12th May 2020
Tuesday 1:19 pm
/pol/89731 How election betting even works?
If I wanted to bet on US elections, how do I do that?

I see there are like hundred betting sites with various promotions

How do I make the most free money by predicting that Trump will lose?
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>> No. 89732 Anonymous
12th May 2020
Tuesday 2:10 pm
89732 spacer
Before the virus came along, I thought he was a shoo in for the election because Americans, stupid etc. Now I'm quite sure that at the current rate of "progress", he is absolutely toast.
>> No. 89734 Anonymous
12th May 2020
Tuesday 3:58 pm
89734 spacer
What do you mean how does it work? You put a bet on it just like anything else. Go to a bookie's website.


>> No. 86935 Anonymous
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:41 pm
/pol/86935 UK election 2019
This man is not going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 89034 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:17 pm
89034 spacer

I bet you would.
>> No. 89035 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:24 pm
89035 spacer
That's from the Renaissance lad.
>> No. 89036 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 2:38 pm
89036 spacer
You're still a bummer.
>> No. 89037 Anonymous
7th February 2020
Friday 7:28 pm
89037 spacer
Takes one to know one.
>> No. 89712 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 2:17 pm
89712 spacer


What did you mean by this.


>> No. 4809 Anonymous
16th April 2020
Thursday 11:22 pm
/lab/4809 spacer
Anybody watching this series?
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>> No. 4810 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 4:59 pm
4810 spacer
>> No. 4811 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 6:00 pm
4811 spacer
I have vaguely positive feelings about Mr Caroll, but that's about the extent of my opinion.
>> No. 4812 Anonymous
17th April 2020
Friday 6:01 pm
4812 spacer
II'm interested to see how this'll get twisted into admiring girls that are too young.
>> No. 4820 Anonymous
7th May 2020
Thursday 9:50 pm
4820 spacer
I have asked the science man a question that he will answer in his next video.
>> No. 4821 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 8:15 am
4821 spacer

Screenshot_2020-05-11 The Biggest Ideas in the Uni.png

He tries to answer my question starting about 30:50 and ends up blabbing about Wittgenstein. Very unsatisfactory.


>> No. 2721 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:19 pm
/uhu/2721 desktop cnc
I've been eyeing a purchase of these for about ten years and in that time, the market has evolved greatly. I don't need to make large parts, I don't want a 3d printer, I do want something good.

eBay has kits that come from China for about 120 quid. I know these will be quite bad, but how bad? Do I really need to spend a grand on a Stepcraft?
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>> No. 2722 Anonymous
11th May 2020
Monday 12:51 am
2722 spacer
>eBay has kits that come from China for about 120 quid. I know these will be quite bad, but how bad?

They're pretty toy-like. They'll make light cuts in wood and plastic, maybe engrave aluminium, but that's your lot - they just don't have the power or the rigidity for more serious work.

The essential question is what sort of parts you want to make. If you need to produce complex parts in metal that are beyond the capacity of a three-axis machine, you'll either need to order them from eMachineShop or get into lost PLA casting. If you're producing very thin metal parts, photochemical etching is cheaper, easier and will produce better results. If you're producing relatively simple parts, hand tools and a bit of practice might be more than sufficient.

If I could only have one machine tool, I'd take a lathe any day of the week - it's the only way of producing parts with accurate rotational symmetry and it's easily adaptable to basic three-axis milling. Something like a Unimat SL is really a universal tool for model engineering and the like. Others might choose an SLA printer or a laser cutter based on their particular needs.

It's also worth looking up your nearest hackspace - not many have CNC routers, but most have a decently powerful laser cutter and an assortment of basic manual machine tools.


>> No. 436806 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:43 am
/b/436806 5G

In 1992, scientists found a way to integrate an eyeball with microwaves.
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>> No. 436809 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 10:50 am
436809 spacer
Boil your head lad.
>> No. 436841 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 8:29 pm
436841 spacer
Couldn't they use the Riemann method like everyone else?


>> No. 2704 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:48 am
/uhu/2704 spacer
Lads. How in the name of shitting fuck are you supposed to get the bulb out of this thing? It seems like it's permanently attached and I'm not going to pull it out of the ceiling as I'd like to keep my deposit.
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>> No. 2716 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:50 pm
2716 spacer
My particular unit has three of these clips, and they are so stiff I can't even manually push them up.

My unit looks like a standard halogen type bulb, and as I say has three clips. I've been hunting too and found nothing yet.
>> No. 2717 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 3:54 pm
2717 spacer

It's very odd, I've been completely unable to find anything with three clips. It must be ancient.
>> No. 2718 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 4:02 pm
2718 spacer

I'm reasonably certain it's an older version of a Click FlameGuard housing, and in that case the bezel partially obscuring the bulb just needs to be unscrewed, but if it's been on there for a long time or subjected to heat (halogen bulb so it has) then it might be seized.

So you just need to unscrew it, or try to.
>> No. 2719 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 5:02 pm
2719 spacer
I have these in my bathroom. I went into the attic to replace the bulbs. Those brackets that hold the bulbs are fiddly.
>> No. 2720 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 8:28 pm
2720 spacer
Unfortunately as I live in a flat - no attic to do that with.

That's an interesting link, the blue tape looks convincing. I'll squirt some WD40 onto the gap and leave it for a bit and see what happens, thanks.


>> No. 7867 Anonymous
9th May 2020
Saturday 4:04 pm
/£$€¥/7867 spacer
I plan on making the move from investing in funds to buying shares directly. This being because it seems impossible to find funds that invest in the UK (not companies "based" here) and also avoid a tech bubble in big data. I've sold everything in one under-performing fund and now have £2k to go about doing this.

As this will be my first proper trade I thought I'd see what you lot reckon ahead of next week:

I'd like to own a house one day but don't make much money so I'm trying to be smarter with what I save using long-term investments. At the same time, I like my money to be about more than returns so I started out looking at UK firms with significant operations outside of London which provide jobs.

My plan is to split 2k 50:50 between Sainsburys and Clipper Logistics. My underlying theory being that post-Covid-19 will see growth trends away from large metropolitan cities over the next 5-10 years. Clipper Logistics handles deliveries for retail and could capitalise on this quite well if the trend is true but they also have good general ideas on things like the growth of shared warehousing. Sainsbury's has been declining in recent years but still seems like a solid defensive investment with good growth in groceries and banking.

What do you reckon? It's probably in the 'wuss bets' area but seems like a nice start.
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>> No. 7868 Anonymous
9th May 2020
Saturday 5:54 pm
7868 spacer
I'm not questioning your logic or financial experience, but bear in mind that markets (and the world in general) are highly unpredictable. When you pump your money into the shares of only two companies you're increasing your exposure to this inherent risk. By all means go for it but treat that money like you would if you'd budgeted it for a casino, i.e. a profit would be lovely and that's the aim but it's not the end of the world if you lose everything. Being sanguine is a quality you'll have to acquire if you plan on investing in individual enterprises.
>> No. 7869 Anonymous
9th May 2020
Saturday 6:34 pm
7869 spacer
>I'd like to own a house one day but don't make much money so I'm trying to be smarter with what I save using long-term investments

You'd be better putting more effort into increasing your income.
>> No. 7870 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:37 am
7870 spacer
You' know what, fuck it. Trying to do interesting things is already turning into far too much work. I'll just stick with my funds and probably even move to a FTSE DD so I don't have to think and if it all go wrong I'll have more important things to worry about.

The next phase of my plan involved shares in FirstGroup and foray into the Eurozone with Atlantia. This would be followed by looking into the telepresence to try and tack the winds of shifting economic geography. Actual fruition would be getting nearer to the 25 year mark which would better suit risky retirement planning.

Yeah, you're right. It looks weird because my strategy is to minimise the impact of trading costs with 1k moves but then there's probably too much risk to be doing that.

By "much money" I mean that I have a nice career I enjoy doing but it's in Central bastard London so every month I look into what owning property involves (within a reasonable commute) and get crushed. Going up the career ladder doesn't solve the problem because my dad isn't an investment banker.

Probably not even worth seriously thinking about this until a few years down the line. Once I'm settled down with a Mrs I'd only have to move if I've bought a place for myself anyway.
>> No. 7871 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:52 am
7871 spacer


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