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mystery bike.jpg
>> No. 4650 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 9:52 pm
/mph/4650 spacer
wat is this bike frame style called?
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>> No. 4651 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 10:11 pm
4651 spacer

Technically it's a truss frame by virtue of the extra tube between the seat tube and top tube, but most bike mechanics would recognise it as "a piece of shit". The odd geometry makes it vaguely resemble a full-susser, but serves only to make the frame weaker and heavier.

Take away the extra tube and the kink in the downtube and you're left with a classic step-through frame.
>> No. 4652 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 1:26 am
4652 spacer
A "fashion" frame. It's functional to an extent, but it is needlessly complex, as evidenced by being both a truss frame with a pointless bend and not the convenience of a step through frame.

I'd recommend a tourer frame if you ever expect to carry or tow weight, and any other kind of simple frame if you want to get about. That kind of fancy frame is going to get you from A-to-B and any bike that gets you there is a good bike, but you can make your life easier by getting the proper tool for the job.


>> ID: 40e7ed No. 15886 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 11:49 am

ID: 40e7ed
/shed/15886 spacer
Purp would you feel comfortable giving us some stats about the site? Where us 3 are from, how many visitors, etc. Maybe I'm just a saddo but I find analytics like that interesting.
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>> ID: 6d4190 No. 15888 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 1:57 pm

ID: 6d4190
15888 spacer
>Where us 3 are from
>> ID: cdf663 No. 15889 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 2:24 pm

ID: cdf663
15889 spacer

Yeah, good luck with that. Here's all the places I am, given a quick trawl of some geolocators. Who needs VPN when I'm hidden behind 10 CGNATs ?
Napton on the hill, Pop:1100 maybe?
Great Bolas? Pop:340
Ah, one day maybe I'll have an address to call my own. (Where's my fucking Starlink, Elon?)
Anyway, OP - you may find analytics interesting, but beware the poisoned data.
>> ID: 1304f2 No. 15890 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 2:56 pm

ID: 1304f2
15890 spacer
I had forgotten about sentry. It's dangerous because looking down the list of yank posts makes me want to commit the faux pas of asserting that I know one of them.
>> ID: 0f5aaf No. 15891 Anonymous
1st November 2021
Monday 8:39 pm

ID: 0f5aaf
15891 spacer
I used to do that a load, but nobody ever cared and nobody ever believed. Three of us.
>> ID: 8c0cdb No. 15893 Anonymous
3rd November 2021
Wednesday 2:51 am

ID: 8c0cdb
15893 spacer
That's nice but if your GP won't prescribe CGNAT it's probably for the best.


>> No. 69292 Are Moaty
5th August 2021
Thursday 7:56 pm
/iq/69292 spacer

remember when tv was good?
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>> No. 69311 Samefag
7th August 2021
Saturday 12:41 am
69311 spacer
Yeah. Ayoade is funny, but the taking the piss out of the entire premise has worn thin now and is just obnoxious.

Bring back Dirty Den hamming it up as Lord Boyarde or whatever.
>> No. 69899 YubYub
30th October 2021
Saturday 9:52 pm
69899 spacer
>> No. 69900 Paedofag
30th October 2021
Saturday 11:28 pm
69900 spacer
>> No. 69901 Auntiefucker
30th October 2021
Saturday 11:51 pm
69901 spacer

>> No. 69917 Auntiefucker
2nd November 2021
Tuesday 6:21 pm
69917 spacer
Interceptor is the greatest gameshow that ever aired on British telly, fight me


brexit unicorn.jpg
>> No. 91916 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 1:42 pm
/pol/91916 spacer

Has there been one single actual advantage of Brexit yet?
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>> No. 94921 Anonymous
22nd October 2021
Friday 2:13 pm
94921 spacer

Yeah but you do sound like a right prick, in all honesty.
>> No. 94922 Anonymous
22nd October 2021
Friday 3:18 pm
94922 spacer
Look where you are. That goes without saying.
>> No. 94923 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 6:35 am
94923 spacer
Music gear was my primary concern with Brexit, and there was briefly a rough patch last year when everything went official. There was a dodgy transition for a few months where European retailers were just offloading VAT and customs payments to the customer, payable to the courier at the door.

But a year later, Thomann and DV still manage to undercut UK retailers by 10-20% in a lot of cases. Even on gear made in the UK, they are somehow selling it cheaper than UK shops, and their prices include VAT and customs. A Marshall head, which is made in the UK, costs £1299 at G4M or GAK, but is going for just a shade over £1000 from Ze Germans.

How are they doing this, even with all the supply chain nonsense going on right now? Are they just eating the VAT and customs charges while undercutting the competition just to keep the UK customers? Are the UK retailers relying on people not knowing about the tax/customs exemption in order to charge more? Or did it turn out the Brexit deal wasn't actually all that terrible now we've figured it all out? It seems they have a similar arrangement for Swiss customers too.

(And let's not even think about all the costs and energy wasted transporting these goods from Milton Keynes to Treppendorf then all the way back to Leicester or wherever.)

So yeah, I'm still waiting for Brexit to actually impact my life.
>> No. 94924 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 7:11 am
94924 spacer

Thomann's prices are low because they buy a shitload of the product and pass that wholesale saving onto the customer. It's just something you can't compete with unless you also have a comically large warehouse like they do. The supply chain is irrelevant if you ordered 50,000 amps six years ago and are halfway through selling them. They ARE the supply.

Speaking of Thomann, anytime anyone brings them up I feel compelled to mention how surprised I was that their own brand bass and guitar bags were/are so good. I bought a bass one nearly 20 years ago now and it's still going strong.
>> No. 94946 Anonymous
2nd November 2021
Tuesday 11:37 am
94946 spacer

>Morrisons has backed down after customers complained about its labelling of a chicken meat product as containing "non-EU salt and pepper".

>The supermarket chain's salt-and-pepper chicken crown features the Union Flag on its label, which says that it is "made from British chicken". The label provoked an angry reaction on Twitter, including one accusation of stoking "anti-EU hatred".

>In response, the firm said the wording was "an error for which we apologise. We are changing the packaging immediately," A spokesman for Morrisons said: "It is adhering to packaging regulations rather than making any political point." The supermarket said it would change the packaging and de-emphasise the mention of non-EU salt and pepper, but said it would still have to be included somewhere on the wrapping because of packaging laws. Among the reactions from customers, some pointed out the irony of a soon-to-be US-owned supermarket displaying its British credentials.

>Last month, Morrisons shareholders approved a multi-billion pound takeover offer from US private equity group Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R). The move comes in the midst of a debate in the food retailing industry about firms' increasing tendency to use patriotic imagery on packaging, with trade publication The Grocer identifying it as part of a post-Brexit "culture war".

>However, those who support the trend see the "made in the UK" tag as a sign of quality rather than a political statement.

We must now live in a true halcyon age if this is what people have to complain about.


>> No. 27992 Anonymous
2nd November 2021
Tuesday 12:18 am
/g/27992 Cypherpunks
Just watched a really interesting video about the history of cypherpunks and cryptography. Thought I'd share it with you lads.

What do you think about governments banning cryptography?


>> No. 30898 Anonymous
29th July 2021
Thursday 1:57 pm
/emo/30898 spacer
I never recovered from the end of university. I'm nearly 30 now and have not made a single friend or acquaintane since the day university ended and my established friendship group disintegrated overnight. I do everything alone. I drink alone, I go to the gym alone, my job is remote. I've never been in a serious relationship and likely never will be.

I don't fit in the world, I never had problems socialising or talking to strangers or whatever, but I don't fit in society. It happens around me. Crying now. I don't know what to do. Attempted suicide a few years ago, obviously failed. Nobody knows about it, because there is nobody to know about it.
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>> No. 31198 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 12:02 am
31198 spacer

My birthday is in a couple weeks, as I've been feeling a little blue lately I tried to organise something but have found that I don't really have any friends anymore.

What's the most effective way of making friends in the big city. I don't have any musical talent and I'm struggling to find the kind of volunteering that would make me friends my own age (early 30s). I can have relationships and people seem to enjoy my company but I just can't seem to make friends. My career would be the obvious choice but I tend to build a wall around myself in the office and struggle in a group setting.

Are house shares a good way of making friends or is it a horrible gamble? Do I really have to listen to what they're saying about using bumble for friends or does that just lead to getting myself porked?
>> No. 31199 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 12:33 am
31199 spacer
>> No. 31200 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 12:45 am
31200 spacer
If you go to a pub quiz on your own, you will be surrounded by other weirdos and, more importantly, the quizmaster will most likely be amiable and outgoing and eager to befriend you. He will also be friends with other people, whom you can then befriend too. You might need to do this a few times, but pub quizzes are great so it'll be worth it.
>> No. 31201 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 5:30 pm
31201 spacer
House shares are a very expensive gamble. You could end up with a bunch of likeminded people and forge friendships, or you might live with selfish cunts and realise you're stuck with them for 12 months. I've had it both ways. I wouldn't recommend it as a way to make friends, just because it's so risky and could have you living in a shit environment for a year.
>> No. 31202 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 6:12 pm
31202 spacer
Fuck, well I jumped the gun this afternoon then. Is there anything to watch out for? I'm at least trying to avoid living with just one other housemate.


>> No. 35743 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 8:09 pm
/news/35743 spacer
>NASA alert warns huge solar flare will make 'direct hit' with Earth this weekend

>A major solar flare that erupted from the Sun on Thursday, October 28, will batter the Earth over the weekend. The flare, which experts at NASA have dubbed as a "significant solar flare", has fired off the Sun in one of the strongest storms of the current weather cycle.

>Solar flares are divided into categories according to their strength and the one that was fired off yesterday was an X1-class solar flare predicted to enter the atmosphere on Saturday or Sunday, causing widespread power outages and communication failures. It has already caused a temporary, but strong, radio blackout in parts of South America, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC).

>The one currently headed towards Earth is an X1 flare which despite being the least intense of the X-class flares is likely wreak havoc by interfering with radio and satellite communications.

Any of you Northern-lads going to capture the light-show?
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>> No. 35744 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 8:22 pm
35744 spacer
Should we pack are devices [into Farraday cages]?
>> No. 35745 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 8:38 pm
35745 spacer
Are solar flares visible? I thought they just wiped out all technology worldwide and sent us back to the Stone Age. And that's unlikely to happen, or the news would be shouting about it more. So it's just a question of whether I'll see it and whether my telly will go off. It's likely to be cloudy over the weekend, so I assume there will be no exciting armageddons (armagedda?) this Sunday.

I remember seeing a list of "things that can destroy the world that nobody is talking about", probably around 2014, and I remember thinking a pandemic sounded really boring and I hoped we got a solar flare or the Yellowstone volcano instead. I was right about the pandemic; it was dull as shit. So fingers crossed it's the end of technology instead.
>> No. 35746 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 9:00 pm
35746 spacer
There's a whole hysterical panic from the usual folk that the Earth's magnetic field is low at the moment but really, the 1989 storm was an X15. This is X1.

The aurora borealis is visible. Although since 1989 the threat was obvious and been largely addressed.

>And that's unlikely to happen, or the news would be shouting about it more.

You'd think the BBC would at least have it as their lead story on the science page. That should be a worrying sign in itself.
>> No. 35747 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 9:08 pm
35747 spacer

>Are solar flares visible?

Not without a solar telescope. The Aurora Borealis are caused by charged particles from solar wind interacting with the ionosphere.

The Mirror are hyping this up out of all proportion. There was a moderately large coronal mass ejection yesterday, but nobody will notice other than seafarers, pilots, astronomers and radio nerds. There might be minor disruption to some niche communications systems for a few hours or days, but it won't affect your mobile phone or anything like that. Anyone who relies on the HF systems that are affected by solar flares is trained to deal with them, because they're a frequent occurrence.

Solar weather operates on an 11 year cycle of activity and we're currently at the quietest part of that cycle. This X1 flare is of interest to those handful of people it does affect because it suggests that solar activity might be picking up, but it's completely irrelevant to 99.999% of people. We had a number of flares 10 to 30 times larger than this one during the peak of the solar cycle between 2000 and 2003.
>> No. 35787 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 4:17 pm
35787 spacer
>I thought they just wiped out all technology worldwide

>Anyone who relies on the HF systems that are affected by solar flares is trained to deal with them, because they're a frequent occurrence.

All of this. Those of us who are also secretly radio nerds like solar flares because it enhances propagation - I'll be able to communicate with countries I usually can't reach.


>> No. 5003 Anonymous
6th September 2011
Tuesday 6:40 pm
/101/5003 spacer
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>> No. 32499 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 10:23 pm
32499 spacer
>> No. 32511 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 1:32 pm
32511 spacer
My girlfriend is adamant that people from Hull use words like 'bokkle' instead of bottle and 'cuggle' for hug but I lived there for 25 years and don't think I ever heard them used.
>> No. 32512 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 2:42 pm
32512 spacer
My grandma would say bokkle when we were kids. She would also say kekkle and watter, which my dad would take the piss out of her for, I always assumed it was an in-joke.
>> No. 32513 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 3:22 pm
32513 spacer
The cleaning lady at my work says "lickle". She's from Manchester, though.
>> No. 32514 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 4:00 pm
32514 spacer
My old history teacher was from Cheshire, and he would say "hospickle" and "lickle". Fucked me right off.


>> No. 1531 Anonymous
5th October 2013
Saturday 8:30 am
/uhu/1531 spacer
Do you lads fancy a pumpkin carving contest?

You've got just under four weeks to work on your designs and hone your carving technique.
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>> No. 2471 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 4:13 pm
2471 spacer
what part of "lazy" don't you get?
>> No. 2472 Anonymous
22nd October 2018
Monday 9:00 am
2472 spacer

My mate made a harambe one 2 years ago
>> No. 2981 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 6:57 pm
2981 spacer

Throwing down the gauntlet for this year.
>> No. 2982 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 7:57 pm
2982 spacer
Never carved a pumpkin before, but I've bought one, what's going on? Was I supposed to carve it before the 31st? It's Sunday so we've got time. Doesn't it start rotting the earlier you do it?
>> No. 2983 Anonymous
30th October 2021
Saturday 8:03 pm
2983 spacer
A carved pumpkin will last somewhere around a week, depending on the weather and conditions it is kept in, so you haven't left it too late.

Make sure you toast the seeds and some of the flesh when you scoop it out.


>> No. 69896 YubYub
30th October 2021
Saturday 12:21 am
/iq/69896 spacer

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>> No. 69898 Auntiefucker
30th October 2021
Saturday 12:38 pm
69898 spacer
Don't scare me like that. There's already a thread for Baldwin.


>> No. 69894 Crabkiller
29th October 2021
Friday 9:48 pm
/iq/69894 spacer
I kind of like the gargamel one.


>> No. 14119 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 9:35 am
/job/14119 Microsoft Teams Interview
Good day all.

I have an upcoming interview via Microsoft Teams, I'm frankly new to the whole world of web interviews so I wanted to see if I could get some advice as to how to conduct myself, what I can expect and more importantly how I can be really prepared. The last time I had an interview of any kind was in 2017 so my head was spun for a little bit getting back into the process of preparing my material for this stuff.

I have a work laptop with Teams already on it (it's not a program that I've used before) and a headset, I guess I'll have to do a test call on it to make sure everything sounds and looks okay.

The actual role knowledge is all on me but if anyone can provide some advice on things I should know, who have done this before, would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 14125 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 2:16 pm
14125 spacer
ha, no. I'm not the phantom echoer, that's the two muppets in adjacent cubicles in another building (continent). My audio is peerless.
I suspect the 4 foot separation between speakers and mic helps, as does the carefully arranged anechoic arrangement of crap filling my office.
I have no doubt that Nigel is a poorly endowed prick though.
>> No. 14126 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 2:21 pm
14126 spacer

Either you're causing an echo, or you're causing everyone's audio to be really choppy because of the echo cancellation cutting in and out.

Just buy some headphones, Nige.
>> No. 14127 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 3:05 pm
14127 spacer
I work in a team which includes several engineers who have spent years fighting echo cancellation problems in conferencing systems. If my mic was pissing them off, I would hear about it instantly.
Teams may be wretched in many ways, but on the machines we use, it does echo and background noise cancellation tolerably. That said, my Thinkpad is about to be refreshed by something from Dell, so I imagine it'll all go to crap and I'll have to go back to headsets.
>> No. 14128 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 3:06 pm
14128 spacer
Also, I live on mute, as I'm not a cunt and I often have nothing to say.
>> No. 14129 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 2:19 pm
14129 spacer

Thanks for the tips.


>> No. 35732 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 6:29 am
/news/35732 spacer
Man goes on trial in Germany accused of castrating men on kitchen table

A man has gone on trial in Germany accused of murdering one man and mutilating several others by performing illegal operations on their genitals.

The 66-year-old electrician told a regional court in Munich that he performed the procedures at the men’s request. The defendant, whose name was not released for privacy reasons, claimed he initially offered sexual services on sadomasochistic websites in order to earn money to pay off debts.

Later, the man allegedly began performing operations on his kitchen table in the town of Markt Schwaben, telling his victims he was a trained medical professional, the German news agency dpa reported. The defendant told the court he castrated or partially amputated the genitals of eight men between July 2018 and March 2020. But he denied responsibility for the death of one man, who died several days after a procedure. The dead man’s body was found in a box by police three weeks later.

Why is it always the Germans?
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>> No. 35739 Anonymous
29th October 2021
Friday 1:37 pm
35739 spacer
Roughly the same reason the Japs are such raging perverts, they just manifest differently. Whereas Japan's is rooted in the humiliation and trauma of total defeat by nuclear weaponry, Germany's is more or less pure holocaust guilt self-loathing.


>> No. 4724 Anonymous
4th May 2013
Saturday 3:29 pm
What a tense 24 hours this has been for us Tigers! Prospects for next seasons, any pointers from fellow on who to sign?
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>> No. 8974 Anonymous
24th July 2020
Friday 10:56 pm
8974 spacer

Formed in 1904. It's used as a protest song against the proposed change from Hull City to Hull Tigers.
>> No. 9102 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 5:43 pm
9102 spacer

Do you reckon we'll win League One? It would be the first actual league title since 1966.
>> No. 9129 Anonymous
27th April 2021
Tuesday 8:53 pm
9129 spacer

In the bag, hullfa.g. We should be beating Wigan, and probably Charlton as well with current form. Peterborough have to play Lincoln and Donny, so our nearest neighbours in the league could give us a hand.
>> No. 9765 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 8:44 pm
9765 spacer
Turkish TV tycoon agrees to buy Hull City for £30m - and vows to employ a Turkish coaching staff AND players 'to fly our country's flag in England'

https://www.Please don't ban
>> No. 9766 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 9:03 pm
9766 spacer
Just glad to see the back of the Allams, so I can finally end my boycott of home games. As much as the Allam family has done - and continues to do - for the city, their name change proposal and how they handled the feedback is a massive stain on their reputation that I don't think a lot of people will allow them to recover from.


>> No. 30888 Anonymous
11th July 2021
Sunday 11:52 am
/emo/30888 spacer
I am a 29 year old male, my partner a 29 year old woman. We've been together for 10 years. We lost our virginity to each other. Neither of us have slept with any one else. We both strongly consider each other our life partners.

I've always been more sexually minded than her, my libido is much higher. This has been a problem at certain points of our relationship that I have been happy to bring up. She always responds understandingly and it fixes temporarily.

But recently I've begun to really strongly desire other women. I think it has something to do with me turning 30 next year, despite it being an arbitrary number, really.

This is something I've even brought upto her in the past, during these conversations, and she even seems quite understanding. Recognising that whilst she herself doesn't really care, she respects it's important to me. That said anything beyond a simple recognition seems beyond us. It I were to directly ask "can I sleep with another woman?" she would respond (unsurprisingly) negatively.

I feel kind of stuck, really. What I have with her is absolutely incredible and easily worth never sleeping with someone else. But it eats at me. Not always, but enough. In the shower, during a post sex moment of clarity, when I'm served by a pretty barista, and so on.

What do I do? Like I said, she is actually quite receptive of me bringing this up. And as we age seems to be more and more understanding and calm. But I can see it from her point of view as well and it must feel awful. I've asked her if she feels the same sort of thing and her answer is basically "kind of, but I don't really care". Like I said she's not very sexually orientated anyway, even once a week is a bit of a stretch. Is this something I learn to just live with? I could never cheat on her, it would break my heart and obviously break hers if she found out. But I can't contend with this feeling all my life, surely.
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>> No. 31192 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 12:52 am
31192 spacer

I get the feeling the word "queer" is starting to lose all meaning too. By this point it seems to be just the word you use if you're not really gay or trans or any of that stuff, but you want to fit in with the hip rainbow acronym clique all the same.
>> No. 31193 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 7:55 am
31193 spacer

I'd rather stick my knob in a blender.
>> No. 31194 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 9:09 am
31194 spacer
That's such a cop out. If you're on the soft and the blender's the right size you're in no danger at all.
>> No. 31195 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 3:32 pm
31195 spacer
Haha get a load of micropenis here

Undeniably yes. That's pretty much what the word is treated as; they reclaimed the slur and shared it with anyone who wants to be even more special than L, G, B and T. I don't see how it differs from the + in LGBTQIA+, but I'm sure they would all be scandalised to hear that.
>> No. 31196 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 6:29 pm
31196 Q


>> No. 23386 Anonymous
18th November 2020
Wednesday 8:20 pm
/v/23386 spacer
There was an episode of Bernard's Watch where Bernard had stopped time whilst he was on one of his little escapades, trying to catch a rabbit that was on the loose or something like that, and when he unfroze time several hours later it turned out that the chicken his mum had been roasting was burnt to a crisp because it had continued to cook during all of the hours it was frozen.

This has always stayed with me because I thought it was so fucked up. Imagine you've just got into a red hot bath to relax and next thing you know your tender flesh is peeling away from the bone and congealing around you because, completely unbeknownst to you, you've actually been boiled alive for several hours whilst some little scamp has frozen time so he can be at two different friend's birthday parties at the same time or whatever. Fucked up, I tell you.
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>> No. 24093 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 12:24 pm
24093 spacer

Neutering dogs is largely done for human convenience. Anyone telling you otherwise is misdirecting you in an effort to be responsible about unwanted pup litters, at the expense of the health of the dog.

Neutering has some positive and negative health effects associated with it, but I believe the negative outweigh the positive and I personally wouldn't do it if I had a dog. That comes with the responsibility of supervising the dog, not letting him rut or spend time around females in heat. I'd want to avoid all of the potential problems down the road, especially the joint and bone issues that would seriously inhibit a dogs quality of life.
>> No. 24094 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 1:02 pm
24094 spacer

>That comes with the responsibility of supervising the dog, not letting him rut or spend time around females in heat

Which is one reason why it's strongly recommended to neuter free-range cats. You can supervise a dog if you are a committed dog owner, but you don't know what your cat does when he or she is out and about.

A friend had an unneutered male Rottweil, which one time actually spunked on the sofa pillows after dry humping them for several minutes. Good times.
>> No. 24095 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 1:26 pm
24095 spacer
Sounds like you lads want to leave bollocks on your dogs as an excuse to watch them shagging other dogs.
>> No. 24096 Anonymous
24th October 2021
Sunday 3:23 pm
24096 spacer

The references at the bottom of this article might be of interest. Generally it's bad for the muskuloskeletal system, but take it on balance with the risk that you might end up with a litter of pups you don't know what to do with:
>> No. 24097 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 8:52 am
24097 spacer
Saying rude things in a Cockney accent is not inherently funny and it never has been. Stop posting these fucking videos I swear to God.


>> No. 444219 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 6:30 pm
/b/444219 spacer
I'm off to the corner shop to get some sweets. Do you lads want owt?
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>> No. 447400 Anonymous
27th October 2021
Wednesday 4:37 pm
447400 spacer
I wish I knew British sign language. I bet it's a bastard to keep practice but makes for a nice side gig. Plus if I wanted to be BRILLIANT and deny disabled people access to the news I could just sign 'bollocks' again and again.
>> No. 447402 Anonymous
27th October 2021
Wednesday 5:11 pm
447402 spacer

>I bet it's a bastard to keep practice but makes for a nice side gig

Just make sure you don't fake it.
>> No. 447409 Anonymous
27th October 2021
Wednesday 8:01 pm
447409 spacer
For the benefit of people who don't know, full-on BSL uses movement and facial expressions as well as hand gestures. Non-manual aspects are sign language equivalents to tone and emphasis in spoken language.
>> No. 447415 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 12:56 am
447415 spacer
I think I'm going to order a big fuckoff bag of those things from the OP pic, honestly.
>> No. 447416 Anonymous
28th October 2021
Thursday 2:10 am
447416 spacer
I like the rhubarb and custard ones that look similar, but they're all pink and yellow and green. My parents once got me a kilo box of those from Makro for Christmas.


>> No. 69871 Crabkiller
25th October 2021
Monday 11:44 pm
/iq/69871 spacer


>> No. 14114 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 7:14 pm
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Do you lads keep up with news in your industry at all? I feel like a bit of a dipshit as I've missed huge developments in the NHS and private healthcare/research since COVID-19.

Aside from maybe renewing my FT subscription, is there anything else I can do to keep on top of things?
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>> No. 14115 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 7:58 pm
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What I do is when I'm slacking off at work I go and waste time on the internet. I'm guilty of posting here now that I work from home but in the beforetime I would browse industry websites and various philosophical think pieces about life that I could get away with at work.

I don't see why FT would give you this, do they have a section on it?
>> No. 14116 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 8:43 pm
14116 spacer
My work is very weird, in that it seems to be being run with the explicit aim of making sure nobody ever has to do any work. I come here to complain about the twats who do nothing quite often, but whenever I'm busy, this seems to be a great affront to the corporate philosophy, like I'm not supposed to be doing anything either. Anyway, I have a lot of free time when I'm sitting at a desk doing IT support, and once I've read all the worthwhile stories on the BBC website, I will then migrate to, which has news from the IT world. And that's all I really do, industry-wise. They don't want me going to trade shows and things, because then I wouldn't be at work, playing the glorified receptionist and surreptitiously looking at on my phone.

There are probably people on Twitter you could follow who would keep you abreast of NHS developments, but if you're a brain surgeon or something, I think you just have to read real research and you'll know better than me where they keep that stuff.
>> No. 14117 Anonymous
25th October 2021
Monday 9:28 pm
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If there's some kind of professional registration for your workplace, they'll usually have newsletters and what have you. the IBMS send out a magazine every month to registered scientists.

Also your boss probably gets a shitload of junk-mail magazines that are intended to flog new equipment, but they do have useful things in sometimes, so ask him to pass them on to you instead of putting them straight in the bin.

But overall I don't think you need to bother unless you've got designs on being some kind of top manager exec type who makes decisions and all that. Personally I couldn't give a fuck, I just want to get paid.


>> No. 69863 Billbob
25th October 2021
Monday 1:44 pm
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>> No. 69864 Auntiefucker
25th October 2021
Monday 1:52 pm
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Looks like "I'm better than everyone else because I think my speciality subject is the most important one"-lad doesn't know how to embed YouTube links.
>> No. 69865 R4GE
25th October 2021
Monday 3:20 pm
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>> No. 69866 Moralfag
25th October 2021
Monday 3:24 pm
69866 spacer
Sometimes I, personally, don't want every YouTube link to automatically embed a gigantic video in my post. Doing it for one domain and not the other seems like an ideal compromise, and I will eat your mum's face if you turn every post with ten video links into a full visible playlist that takes a long time to scroll past.


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