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>> No. 33975 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 9:55 pm
/news/33975 South African woman gives birth to 10 babies

>A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies in what would be a new world record.

>Gosiame Thamara Sithole's husband says they were astonished by decuplets after scans only showed eight in the womb.
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>> No. 34456 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 6:53 pm
34456 spacer
How much compo did the victims of Savile get?
>> No. 34457 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 7:27 pm
34457 spacer

>> No. 34458 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 8:12 pm
34458 spacer
That was the first thought that popped into my head too, but then wouldn't it come up on google?
>> No. 34459 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 8:33 pm
34459 spacer

>a Jimmy Saville impersonator

Those have always been very thin on the ground.

I once saw a Gary Glitter tribute act in Benidorm at an all-inclusive hotel with my parents as a younglad, but I can't imagine he gets a lot of work nowadays.
>> No. 34460 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 8:46 pm
34460 spacer
Some of the details will have been confidential, and some of the complainers might have thought twice about literally taking money away from charities.


>> No. 94290 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 12:49 am
/pol/94290 On the way to Madina Masjid
Batley hey

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>> No. 94291 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 1:23 am
94291 spacer
He doesn't sound very glad at all.
>> No. 94292 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 2:33 am
94292 spacer
Apparently half 2 is the perfect time for my neighbour to start screaming at the top of his lungs that one of his children is a bastard who is bang out of order.
>> No. 94293 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 9:17 am
94293 spacer
I hope you shouted to him that he's a bastard who is bang out of order for shouting at half two.
>> No. 94294 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 9:39 am
94294 spacer
No, but I've been very noisy this morning. Having the radio on, loudly shutting cupboard doors. That'll tell him.
>> No. 94295 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 9:48 am
94295 spacer

You should spend a half hour at 8am yelling at the top of your voice directly at the shared wall "I can't believe that my neighbour and his son are such bastards. *pause* They are both bang out of order!"


twitter screencap.jpg
>> No. 69147 Paedofag
5th July 2021
Monday 1:55 pm
/iq/69147 spacer
shit, how do they know?
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>> No. 69148 Ambulancelad
5th July 2021
Monday 2:47 pm
69148 spacer
Could probably smell hammers.
>> No. 69149 Anonymous
5th July 2021
Monday 3:14 pm
69149 spacer
>Toxic culture in Britain's kitchens
So, mould then?
>> No. 69150 Searchfag
5th July 2021
Monday 3:26 pm
69150 spacer
Maybe he's talking about his own clan?
>> No. 69151 YubYub
5th July 2021
Monday 3:35 pm
69151 spacer

Nominative Determinism strikes again


>> No. 30156 Anonymous
17th November 2020
Tuesday 9:11 am
/emo/30156 spacer
I realise this might sound like a non-issue to some, but I genuinely think my libido/how I think of sex/my sexual habits are endangering a great relationship.

I'm currently living with my girlfriend, and we're having sex probably around four times per week. The way we have it, and the frequency, makes me very happy. I wouldn't want to change anything about it.

Yet I'm still finding myself with a constant "itch". Before we got together, I was playing around with Tinder and similar dating apps after having moved to a new city, and I had loads of fun. Before this, I hadn't been with anyone in maybe two or three years, and to jump back into that was a bit overwhelming. It was partly exhausting, partly thrilling.

I really enjoy the pursuit, flirting, getting to know someone, and finally getting to the intimate stages. I'm not hugely proud of this, but there were times I was involved with more than one girl, under the pretence I wasn't (or at least omission of the fact). That was a shit feeling, I told everyone involved, and I've learned to be more upfront and honest, in that respect.

Now, though, I'm in a pretty healthy and mutually supportive relationship. I don't know where the "itch" is coming from. It may be a bit more complicated than just biology. As stupid as it sounds, I think I just enjoy the freedom to see others (and be seen as) a sexual being more than the rutting.

But I'm also aware I'm going down a really stupid path for the sake of feeling desirable(?) or sexually satisfied. I now find myself casually browsing porn, noticing the body language of girls when I'm out, and (even though I'm a bit ashamed of the thought) wondering what I might find if I quietly put myself on one of those dating apps.

I haven't, and I'd like to think I wouldn't, but something obviously needs to be changed here. I'm already thinking I should curb the porn viewing, and try to channel the energy into something else (I'm already exercising a lot).

Have you lads experienced anything like this? I don't want to hurt the feelings of my girlfriend, or imply that sex between us "isn't enough", because that's not the case. I have a feeling this is tied a lot more to the way I came into the relationship (total deprivation to sudden exposure) than the relationship itself.
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>> No. 30334 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 9:43 pm
30334 spacer

As wonderful as our chemistry is when she's here, she has expressed absolutely zero interest in sexting or phone sex, and even less in sending pictures or anything to keep me occupied.

I kind of understand, it's not my favourite thing, either. I will maybe bring it up with her when she returns.
>> No. 30884 Anonymous
3rd July 2021
Saturday 8:22 pm
30884 spacer

download (15).jpg
An unfortunate continuation of this rather controversial /emo/ thread of mine, then.

I haven't done anything, but my girlfriend has gone home again. She'll typically go back for a few weeks each year over Easter, Summer, and/or over Christmas to spend time with her mother (who is otherwise alone). Things were pretty tense before she left, as we were both under quite a bit of stress.

After several weeks by myself, I'm going out of my mind with sexual need. I'm channelling it into work and exercise. I have done very strenuous training every day throughout June, sometimes twice a day.

I swear women must have some sort of sixth sense for this sort of thing, because out of nowhere an old flame in another city just casually text me tonight with an offer to go and visit, offering the spare bed at hers if I ever "need a break".

What a seed to plant in my head. Not that I should need to justify my needs, but I do still think it goes beyond just being horny - feeling attractive and physically wanted seems to be bound up with my sense of security in relationships, maybe even my general confidence. Another significant factor I haven't mentioned is that "taking care of myself" really just doesn't cut it for me. Even extended sessions with lots of stimulation leave me feeling pretty drained and unhappy. It gets the physical need off my back, but the emotional and psychological need persists.

What would make this much easier is if I had any indication at all that my girlfriend still saw me as a sexual being, even when I'm not physically there to express it. I have no idea how she just switches this off or ignores it when we're apart for ages. In her own words, it just doesn't bother her unless she's in that particular stage of her cycle. The result, of course, is that she never initiates and has no reason to think about it unless I bring it up. How do you even bring up such a topic without making it sound like getting me to orgasm is another chore to be handled, even at a distance? Biology is ridiculous.

I'm afraid my conscience still won't let me go through with anything like this, at least not without horrible guilt. At the same time, I don't want to be in this pitiful position of asking my girlfriend for more sexual attention.
>> No. 30885 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 1:38 am
30885 spacer
This is probably bad advice, but you could try withholding sex yourself. Any time she's 'in that stage of her cycle' you can tell her sorry babe I'm not in the mood. Eventually she'll get to a point where she's begging you to do her and complaining about her needs, and then you can acquiesce - and thenceforth throw that in her face any time you ask for sex and she objects. Not that she is currently objecting, from the sounds of it, but having her ask you for sex at least once might soothe your conscience about seeming like a chore to her.

Whereas if you try it and it turns out she never has the desire to have sex with you again, it's an indicator that you might want to consider whether or not to remain in the relationship.
>> No. 30886 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 2:25 am
30886 spacer
Sounds like wanking before you make any decision is a good idea. An ex of mine misunderstood a text of mine and flat out said "I'd be up for a fuck", it took me a week or two to get that out of my head, despite having my prolific needs met. If the offer's there now, it'll be there again, if not her then someone else.

You could potentially split the difference with phone sex on adultwork, but then some people would equate that will sex in terms of cheating, or might have hangups about sex work.

If you think you might be polyamorous and not just horny, then it might be worth trying to gently mention it, but you'd need to educate yourself on the subject first to get an idea of the reality vs the fantasy, but it is worth investigating provided you don't put pressure on it.
>> No. 30887 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 2:33 am
30887 spacer

Unconventional advice, perhaps, but I'd suggest you do it. Go stay with the old flame. See if you cave in, or if the guilt keeps you off it.

Your anxiety probably stems from the guilt, the feeling you're a shit boyfriend. Chances are you're not. I was in a similar situation just before the Rona broke out. Went on a night out with an old flame of mine and we stayed in a hotel, we were pretty obviously supposed to fuck. And you know what, I wanted to. This girl was some of the best sex I've ever had the first time around. But I just couldn't. I couldn't be bothered with that whole dance of chancing the right moment to make my move, figuring out where to slide in the dirty little joke that progresses into flirting and snogging, etc.

I both regret the fact that I didn't, but I also have the peace of mind to know that in reality, I'm too old for the life of secret affairs and flings. My sex life at home might not be everything I want it to be, but much like my vague ambitions of a more in depth exercise routine, or doing more to proactively look after my car, I'm happy enough in life that I'm not going to act on any of them. They're just background niggles that come to the surface when I'm bored and depressed, if they were really big problems I'd do something about it.

>> No. 27942 Anonymous
3rd July 2021
Saturday 12:00 am
1. Take a picture of a pile of Lego.
2. Let the app scan and figure out how many bricks you have in the pile and what you can build.
3. Build the stuff.

This might be the single best application of machine learning/vision I have ever seen.
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>> No. 27943 Anonymous
3rd July 2021
Saturday 6:47 pm
27943 spacer

I saw a video showing this, and I wonder how good it actually is. I have seen people on social media going wild about it, a few people with clips of the app working, but not very many people saying "I made this with it!"
For example this is the only person I found where they built the thing. They bodged a different window piece to fit the instructions, which is still pretty impressive to be honest.


>> No. 59246 YubYub
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 7:40 pm
/iq/59246 spacer
>A homeless man who stole a purse and a phone from victims of the Manchester Arena attack has admitted theft.

>Chris Parker, 33, was initially dubbed a hero after claiming he comforted a seriously injured girl. CCTV footage played to Manchester Crown Court showed him wandering between stricken victims. He kept returning to injured Pauline Healey, whose granddaughter lay dying nearby, before leaning over her and taking her handbag to steal her purse.

I don't get why bleeding heart do-gooders bleat on about the homeless. They're all scratters who are on the streets through choice, usually because they choose not to stay in a hostel as they know they wouldn't be allowed to do drugs there.
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>> No. 67848 Are Moaty
14th January 2021
Thursday 12:28 am
67848 spacer

Up the arse.
>> No. 67849 Moralfag
15th January 2021
Friday 12:26 am
67849 spacer


Turns out we can replace them with a load of Filipinos instead.
>> No. 69103 Anonymous
3rd July 2021
Saturday 9:21 am
69103 spacer
>Councils in England are spending five times more on housing homeless people in B&Bs than they were a decade ago, as the numbers of people needing to be put up in temporary accommodation soars, analysis of official figures shows.

>Shortage of suitable housing means councils spent £142m on B&Bs in 2019-20, up from £27m in 2010, according to the Local Government Association (LGA). Over the same period, the numbers of people housed annually in B&Bs rose from 2,310 to 10,510 – a 350% increase.

Imagine going to stay in a B&B and it's full of tramps.
>> No. 69104 Are Moaty
3rd July 2021
Saturday 9:27 am
69104 spacer
>We routinely hear from people trapped in B&Bs, where the rooms are so crowded they must share a bed with their children
Amazing. Even in North Korean concentration camps where they send "three generation" prisoners, they give them two rooms per family.
>> No. 69105 YubYub
3rd July 2021
Saturday 2:05 pm
69105 spacer
Don't have to imagine anything, there's a load of B&Bs on a street near me and they're all packed with druggies. It really started during the pandemic when I assume the owners had to accept them to stay afloat unlike the nearby hotels. I imagine it's no end of fun.

The asylum seekers have their own B&B that's a little further down and off on a side street. I guess because they need to have their own space.

The enemies of capitalism must be reformed, lad. We cannot let their crimes against the people stand.


>> No. 68192 YubYub
8th March 2021
Monday 9:45 am
/iq/68192 spacer
My money is on Princess Michael of Kent.
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>> No. 69098 Anonymous
2nd July 2021
Friday 3:38 pm
69098 spacer


Could be worse tbh
>> No. 69099 Moralfag
2nd July 2021
Friday 3:41 pm
69099 spacer
Which one of them is fucking the sculptor (or wants to)?
It's shit.
>> No. 69100 Moralfag
2nd July 2021
Friday 4:13 pm
69100 spacer
I don't know what you're all complaining about. They've captured David bowie's likeness very well.
>> No. 69101 Billbob
2nd July 2021
Friday 4:21 pm
69101 spacer
Did they call him a carpetbagger or a carpet-bagger though?
>> No. 69102 Searchfag
2nd July 2021
Friday 5:37 pm
69102 spacer

It's not hard to guess which one was hidden round the back out of sight.


>> No. 92607 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 3:26 pm
/pol/92607 spacer
You know it's local election time when councillors you've never heard of start creeping out of the woodwork again.
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>> No. 94234 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 7:25 am
94234 spacer
What exactly is it dogwhistling? I'd think the India-laplanderstan disputes, but that's mentioned directly underneath the image so that can't be the dogwhistle, it's just a whistle.
>> No. 94235 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 7:31 am
94235 spacer

Overall the tone that leaflet gives off, to me, is that it takes the Asian/Muslim vote for gtanted on the basis that the other guys are racist. I'd feel pretty patronised if I were a brown.

It's the same losing strategy that has cost them the white working class vote, funnily enough. Tenner bet the same justifications will come out afterwards too, except instead of xenophobic white van men it'll be anti-semitic imams.
>> No. 94236 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 9:35 am
94236 spacer

But Modi is pretty openly an enemy to Muslims and Johnson genuinely does want to sidle up close to him, the most recent evidence being him delaying putting India on the red list so long because he wanted to visit. Him being shown shaking hands with a brown man doesn't scream "racist" but him shaking hands with someone who's making discriminatory laws against Muslims might be a reminder to Muslims that he wants to get closer to that same person.

Not that I have high hopes for Labour either way. I'm not really sure what the point is here.
>> No. 94237 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 1:01 pm
94237 spacer

Ah the Zac Goldsmith playbook. Both parties have really done a shameful thing in playing up Hindu and laplanderstani nationalism for votes and I'm sure it will all end well if we play the 'your surname means you're on our side' politics. Because when has that ever go awry in the entire history of the world.

Plus Islam is a backwards belief system that has no place in a modern society like all religion and India is a fair-weather friend at best with a society too dysfunctional to be a viable focus for British trade.
>> No. 94249 Anonymous
2nd July 2021
Friday 6:45 am
94249 spacer

323 votes in it. The Tories could have won that if they actually bothered campaigning rather than just leaving Galloway and Labour to throw muck at each other.


download (13).jpg
>> No. 7289 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 8:05 pm
/lit/7289 Work/life/writing balance
Do you lads have any tips on undertaking big writing projects? I have a couple of non-fiction books I'd really like to work on, aiming for a popularisation of some medical and historical research I've done over the years. I have the credentials to show I can write about it, and one or two pieces aimed at broader audiences online (as well as my scientific publications).

The thing is, I'm also working full-time and am fully pushing ahead with my 'proper' career. I also like to stay healthy and would also like if my human relationships don't crumble during this process.

What I mean is, I have the discipline to get up early, get to the gym, get to work, log off at five, get a little bit of study for future professional exams in, squeeze in three square meals around all this, but then my brain is mush. My weekends are spent generally ensuring I don't live in a shit-tip. I'm not sure I see how I can get in solid writing time without sacrificing sleep, relaxation, health, or one of my other big timesinks. Something has to give.

Writing was easy when I was a student and had the hours to put into it. Are grants or book deals given to no-namers like me? Or should I just save a load of money to take the time off work and write? Have any of you lads achieved a big publication, and if so, how?
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>> No. 7294 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 3:31 pm
7294 spacer

If he has the relevant expertise and can put some nice sample chapters together he may very well get a book deal. Non-fiction at least has the advantage that you don't have to complete the whole thing in advance to sell it.
>> No. 7295 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 6:14 pm
7295 spacer

The average advance for a new author is around £6,000. The majority of books don't sell enough copies to recoup that advance. I don't know how long it takes to write a book, but £6,000 undoubtedly works out to a piss-poor hourly rate.

If you want to earn a living from writing, learn to write commercial copy. There's still (just about) some money in advertising.
>> No. 7296 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 6:44 pm
7296 spacer

I hope you're not a proof reader.
>> No. 7297 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 8:11 pm
7297 spacer
Just to point out that nowhere in the OP's post did they mention they're trying to pursue a career in writing.
>> No. 7298 Anonymous
1st July 2021
Thursday 12:38 pm
7298 spacer

OP here. Thanks, yes. In fact I was trying to draw attention to a problem that's sort of the inverse: how do you fit in writing around a normal life? I'm not aiming for writing to be my main career, so I'm thinking about how I can best make the time for writing something publishable as a passion project. I suppose I may well find out through trial and error if I can put together some sample chapters (or adapt previous writing).

The points about the practicalities of getting a book deal are appreciated, though. I welcome any views you all have.


>> No. 16120 Anonymous
19th October 2018
Friday 5:55 pm
/news/16120 spacer
Huddersfield grooming gang jailed for abusing vulnerable girls

Twenty members of a “vile and wicked” grooming gang have been convicted of trafficking, drugging and raping vulnerable girls in a harrowing campaign of abuse across West Yorkshire. It can now be reported that the ringleader of the group, 35-year-old Amere Singh Dhaliwal, was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 18 years after being found guilty of 54 offences, including countless rapes of children.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the crimes against 15 girls far exceeded anything he had previously seen. The gang’s “persistent and prolonged” offending, he said, was “at the top of the scale” of severity.

Details of the case, believed to be Britain’s single biggest grooming prosecution, can be disclosed after a judge agreed to lift reporting restrictions on Friday, following a legal challenge by media groups including the Guardian. One of the trials had previously almost collapsed when the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson filmed defendants in a live Facebook video outside Leeds crown court.

Jurors in the three trials heard how the men, mostly from Huddersfield, plied girls as young as 11 with alcohol and drugs before sexually abusing them in car parks, hotels, takeaways, snooker halls, on moors and by reservoirs across the region.

Fifteen severely vulnerable girls fell victim to the gang between 2004 and 2011. One girl, aged 11 or 12 at the time, was abducted from a care home and supplied ecstasy before being made to perform sex acts, Leeds crown court heard. Many of the victims described how they were plied with drink and drugs at house parties then raped “one by one” by the men, who used plastic bags as condoms.

Dhaliwal was at the heart of the group, who referred to each other using nicknames including “Dracula,” “Beastie” and “Chiller” in monikers that were used in the three trials.

The girls were deliberately targeted for their vulnerabilities. All had troubled home lives, including one whose mother was unable to care for her due to drink and drug addictions.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 34358 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 10:57 pm
34358 spacer
Is this why everyone in the Middle East/Eurasia hates the Kurds?
>> No. 34359 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 11:05 pm
34359 spacer
Is it a uniquely Hull thing that, for a while in the 2000s, anyone brown was immediately labelled a Kosovan?
>> No. 34360 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 11:09 pm
34360 spacer
It was the same in the East Midlands. No idea how it started considering there's not all that many of them.
>> No. 34375 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 5:24 pm
34375 spacer
>No idea how it started considering there's not all that many of them

That's pretty much the same as what happened in Hull. At the turn of the century Hull was around 98% white British, with the largest minority being Chinese people at 0.3% (749 people). Over the next five years or so around 3,000 Iraqi Kurd asylum seekers were sent to Hull, generally referred to as "fucking Kosovans".

>"People were not friendly from the beginning," he remembers. "They would shout, 'Hey, Kosovan, why don't you go back to your own country?' I thought there was something wrong with this place.
>> No. 34376 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 5:33 pm
34376 spacer

>I thought there was something wrong with this place

He wasn't wrong.


>> No. 69086 Paedofag
29th June 2021
Tuesday 6:54 am
/iq/69086 spacer
If Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon then who filmed him descending from the lunar module?
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>> No. 69087 YubYub
29th June 2021
Tuesday 7:23 am
69087 spacer
His wife, she got out to ask for directions.
>> No. 69088 Moralfag
29th June 2021
Tuesday 3:57 pm
69088 spacer
I assume the lander had a selfie stick. You'd want to know if the lander sustained damage before you got out.
>> No. 69089 Auntiefucker
29th June 2021
Tuesday 3:59 pm
69089 spacer

Buzz aldrin deliberately stopped the door from shutting while they pissed about on the moon, just in case.
>> No. 69090 Ambulancelad
29th June 2021
Tuesday 4:55 pm
69090 spacer

It's amazing how ignorant we once were of the danger of human spaceflight.
>> No. 69091 Moralfag
30th June 2021
Wednesday 2:49 pm
69091 spacer


>> No. 5758 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:09 am
/fat/5758 Anger Management
Anyone know of any decent yoga videos or things of that nature to deal with stress/anger?

I need to cut down on anger because I've been grinding my teeth. My dentist recommended yoga as a solution but all the instructed courses I see are a bit fruity which makes it hard to take seriously (I'm a bit of a prick you see). It's odd because most people think I'm incredibly chill but my calm has always been maintained by short sharp bursts of explosive anger at minor annoyances.
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>> No. 5807 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 12:57 am
5807 spacer
>You're just choking it down and forcing yourself to remain composed, instead of conclusively addressing anything.

To an extent, you're right, but what you're actually doing with the breathing exercises is making sure the sick never reaches your mouth. You might feel sick, but the exercises help you see that it's coming and deal with it, rather than just vomit randomly over the nearest person.
>> No. 5808 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:21 am
5808 spacer
Well, I recall watching this many years ago.

Iirc, the gist was about anger being at least partly due to incorrect expectations.

For example, you may have an expectation that your colleagues will have a basic level of competence. But as many people have found out, that's not always the case. And if you can't change that, then one has to learn to accept it to some extent.

So I think my point was that anger isn't necessarily some infallible righteous force, with external causes that must be rectified in order to quell the anger - but something that can be lessened by internal things. And maybe yoga etc could help.
>> No. 5809 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:43 am
5809 spacer
What you're describing there is really the backbone of cognitive behavioural therapy. Which works as long as you actually subscribe to it.
>> No. 5810 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:00 pm
5810 spacer
And as everybody knows, the only devices it's possible to watch YouTube on in 2021 are a phone and a personal computer.
>> No. 5811 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 2:10 pm
5811 spacer
Well the weight of a smart TV mounted to your head might be uncomfortable.


>> No. 4594 Anonymous
26th June 2021
Saturday 8:43 pm
/mph/4594 spacer
I'm in my 30s and I don't know how to drive. Never had any interest in cars and never learnt to ride a bicycle either. Living in the city my attitude has made sense given running a car here would be ruinously expensive and I also don't have any friends or family who can teach me.

However, I'd now like to learn to drive as it opens the door to not living in the city and would be handy for work. So do I just dial the number of an intensive driving place and say "Yes hello, I would like one driving please" or should I take some extra steps? Should I learn how a car works or pass a theory test before I ever get behind a wheel?
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>> No. 4606 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 11:47 am
4606 spacer

I think he got away with it because it's a pickup truck - the transmission is overbuilt and there's very little weight over the rear wheels. I doubt you'd be so lucky in a car, particularly FWD.
>> No. 4607 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 11:48 am
4607 spacer

Also the drive shaft acts like a torsion bar to limit the peak torque.
>> No. 4608 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 1:54 pm
4608 spacer
What happened is that the wheels lost traction instantly so it's not putting as much torque onto the engine as you'd think. Most of the brunt is taken up by the clutch which would be burning up very quickly while you do this.
If you tried this in a FWD a side effect would be that you would completely lose steering and go into a spin.
>> No. 4609 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 11:15 pm
4609 spacer
To cross this over with homeownership:

Should I learn to drive before I even think about buying a home? At the moment I invest all my savings in funds, I've tried different categories to keep the money split up but in my mind it's all for property and I'm therefore reluctant to take anything out once it goes in. In fact I can't, because I look at the total on my screen and feel proud of myself - I get invested in that number.

I already have about 23k together but probably want to get that to 27k by around January/February to buy a 10% on a 200k home with all the additional bullshit. I mean, it's not that much to learn but it does add up and there's the temptation I'd need to avoid to then buy a car. Perhaps I should instead buy the home so I have more flexibility with savings and live somewhere more car friendly - even if it means a nuisance in moving costs and getting somewhere more central (thereby smaller).
>> No. 4610 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 12:53 am
4610 spacer
I'm aiming for the house first, but that's because I work somewhere where houses are cheap, so I can buy a house right by work and just never see my friends again for several months. Cars have all manner of running costs too, so if you like watching your bank balance go up, it will go up much more slowly once you have to pay for insurance, and petrol, and parking, and an MOT, and so on and so forth.

And if you're looking at buying a house, please remember that banks will only lend you a certain multiple of your annual income. The deposit is pointless if it doesn't make up the rest of the house price. My own numbers are around £28,000pa with about £30,000 in the bank, so I can't buy a £600,000 house with a 5% deposit because banks will only lend me £28,000 x 4.5, or perhaps x 5.5 now. Assuming I can get the x5.5, that's £28,000x5.5 = £154,000, plus the £30,000 I have, so the most expensive house I can buy would cost £184,000. I'm sorry if you know all this already.


>> No. 444745 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 12:57 pm
/b/444745 Should being northern be a protected characteristic?
We were genocided by the Normans, we were unfairly rocked by Thatcher's policies, and even now we're on the lower rungs of society compared to the south. I feel like we are a forgotten minority, and as such should have the necessary protections.
2 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 444748 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 2:10 pm
444748 spacer
Well, that would be patently nonsense because we are in fact the superior race in all respects. It would be most undignified for us to cower behind that victim politics tripe.

What we should do however, is secede from the union immediately, and take control of our borders, before any more bloody offcome'duns get in and take up more of our affordable housing.
>> No. 444750 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 2:32 pm
444750 spacer
So the solution is obvious: flood your town with ethnics to secure government investment.
>> No. 444752 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 3:34 pm
444752 spacer
What you really need to do is catch rare ethnics like in Pokémon. That's what they do in London. Your local council will be flooded with financially ruinous pet projects in no time that can employ thousands of consultants for decades.
>> No. 444753 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 3:56 pm
444753 spacer
I'm not sure I agree with this. I've been to Dewsbury.
>> No. 444757 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 8:39 pm
444757 spacer
Steve Coogan makes a case in the first episode of The Trip for the north having just as much claim to a national identity as Wales, based on cultural distinction from the south. He's mostly doing it to wind Rob Brydon up, but he makes a half-decent case.

This lad gets it.


>> No. 2960 Anonymous
26th June 2021
Saturday 4:57 pm
/eco/2960 spacer
Is this horsetail? I have a considerable carpet of it thats sprang up in a few days, it's pretty impressive and I quite like it, but if its going to choke out anything else (I want wild growth) then I suppose I should do something.
20 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 2981 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 4:21 pm
2981 spacer

It's here, and it's forked off. They forgot to put the control desk on the truck, so that's coming in a couple of days.
>> No. 2982 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 5:06 pm
2982 spacer
That looks very serious indeed - but I have to ask - why do you need it? What will it power?
>> No. 2983 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 5:11 pm
2983 spacer
It makes lightning-sized current surges. Lots of power, but only for a short time, few tens of microseconds. It all runs off a standard kettle lead.
It's one of the things I do for a day job when I'm not shitposting - make stuff that handles lightning and other current surges. I've just lost access to one that my customer uses, and this came up at auction for a (relative) song.
>> No. 2984 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 5:37 pm
2984 spacer

That's really interesting. I have a 10 metre antenna in my garden at the moment, and have been worrying about lightning provisions - I've had it up for about 3 months and haven't died so far, but I'm about to go to the gym and there is a large thunderstorm due in an hour.

I have one of these on the coax, outside and it is attached to a 5ft copper earthing rod; I believe the idea is that if my antenna is struck, that little barrel on the right of the picture pops out and cuts the cable; do these things actually work? I wish I could borrow your device to test it.
>> No. 2985 Anonymous
28th June 2021
Monday 7:02 pm
2985 spacer

The ARRL did a series of articles on lightning protection you might want to check out.


>> No. 23811 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 3:12 pm
/v/23811 spacer
I just lost an hour of my life watching a Japanese tv show where a guy travels the world filming cats:

Can you name any other programmes like this, a simple and relaxing concept?
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>> No. 23812 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 8:37 pm
23812 spacer
I don't really do telly, but there's loads of gentle stuff on YouTube.

>> No. 23813 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 9:33 pm
23813 spacer
They're building a drum. The auto-generated subtitles are ok, but it's mostly some with passion for their craft doing their thing.
>> No. 23814 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 10:05 pm
23814 spacer

Time spent enjoyably is never time wasted.
>> No. 23815 Anonymous
27th June 2021
Sunday 10:07 pm
23815 spacer

Not sure how that post number got inserted there, but it was meant for >>23811 - fuckin waste of time.


>> No. 34246 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 9:09 pm
/news/34246 Goodnight Sweet Prince
You mad fucking bastard.
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>> No. 34252 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 11:26 am
34252 spacer
I don't understand why anyone would want to do him in?
>> No. 34253 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 3:08 pm
34253 spacer
They didn't - that stuff was all in his head, and a cover for his mad tax-dodging crypto-ramping lifestyle of recent years. He topped himself because he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail.
>> No. 34269 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 7:42 pm
34269 spacer
Somewhat satirical interview with John McAfee and Jena Friedman, 2019.

>> No. 34270 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 7:59 pm
34270 spacer

OMG Jena Friedman is tremendous.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 34280 Anonymous
25th June 2021
Friday 12:45 am
34280 spacer

Given his track record of literally getting away with murder, I would be only mildly surprised if he turns up in Uzbekistan and the Spanish police exhume the remains of a tramp who bore a striking resemblance to McAfee.


>> No. 7287 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 10:22 pm
/lit/7287 spacer
I've spent about an hour watching Michael Rosen videos on YouTube. I'm not really sure why, but it was pleasant.
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>> No. 7288 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 10:35 pm
7288 spacer
He's a good storyteller in the oral tradition, one of the very few good enough at it to make a living from it. It's not something you see a lot of these days.


>> No. 34254 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 3:57 pm
/news/34254 spacer

>Bogus Social Media Outrage Is Making Authors Change Lines in Their Books Now

>The silly idea that a fictional character’s statements reflect an author’s actual beliefs is spreading.

>A few days later a Twitter user posted a passage from Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue, a popular gay romance novel published in 2019, in which a supporting character who is the president of the United States complains, “Well, my UN ambassador fucked up his one job and said something idiotic about Israel, and now I have to call Netanyahu and personally apologize.” This, one user insists, “normalizes the genocide & war crimes done by Israel that will always be backed up & unashamedly supported by America.”

I understand that I am feeding into this right now. However, I think this is still important to discuss as 'twitter user said something' is an incredibly popular story template, and the problem is that these opinions are plausible, if not sincere.

So what if it's only a few random twitter users referred to in this article? The problem is that these twitter users are everywhere, and indistinguishable from 'normal' people with 'normal' talking points. Many of them likely are sincere, fuelled by the belief that they're doing what's best for people.

The media presents these as real opinions, and they become real. As you can see from the Netanyahu quote above, the foundation of this is moral outrage and the insistence that the offended party is moral, and is thus 'correct', as how could that suggestion be bad if it's highlighting the woe of others? Similar to the 'boys and girls' drama in the other thread - the woman in that said that "We're not saying people have to use these terms, but we think people in an educational environment should be challenging their use".

IE, we're not forcing you, we're just saying that there's a moral/intellectual imperative and you're a bad or stupid person if you disagree.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 34257 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 4:15 pm
34257 spacer
Thanks for trying, I struggle to articulate this concept despite thinking about it a lot. I need to speak to someone very smart and very patient and then come back. Maybe I should have posted a different image!

In summary, I think people are presenting strawmen for whatever reason (moral, intellectual, trolling), then people are arguing with those strawmen, and in doing so they create real opposition with their arguments, so the strawman becomes a real man and everyone gets a little bit more divided. Whether it's sincere or not doesn't matter, the final product is a divisive argument either way.

>On the topic of authors revising their work once they have read criticism of it, well, that's their prerogative isn't it.

Yeah, it is true. One of the things that concerns me is that prospective authors are seeing this and just sacking off writing. Amateur writers are being written off because they never fail enough, comfortably enough, to keep trying and improve. I also don't like the idea that they'd compromise challenging work to appease people, or rather that they may have to for their work to stand any chance of exposure.
>> No. 34258 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 4:21 pm
34258 spacer
>One of the things that concerns me is that prospective authors are seeing this and just sacking off writing
Are they?
>> No. 34262 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 5:00 pm
34262 spacer
At least 4. Personally I've only spoken to one person who's said that, a student who wanted to write YA trans oriented literature, so slightly different. In the linked thread there are a few people saying it tho.

Granted it may not be as much of a problem as they/I imagine, but it apparently is for some.
>> No. 34263 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 5:06 pm
34263 spacer
I wonder what all the posts that were Comment deleted by user after getting downvoted have to say.
>> No. 34274 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 8:51 pm
34274 spacer
I read your whole post and I enjoyed doing so. I didn't get angry at any grammatical errors or word choices, which I almost always do with everything else, including many posts here. You're a damn hero and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

But I don't really have much else to add, sadly. Yes, it's annoying. Everything is political now and everything is polarised. It's the culture war. We know. Everyone can see it, but there's nothing anyone can do. And for all these outspoken militants, there are ten times as many people who absolutely do not care. They could have read this person's book, but if it becomes part of The Culture War, they will shy away instinctively and that will be bad.


NEET commando.jpg
>> No. 13906 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 7:42 pm
/job/13906 spacer
My "work coach" is trying to get me to sign up to a "Job Entry Targeted Support" scheme where I'll have to jump through even more hoops to get my bennies. How do I convince them that I don't need to take part in this scheme?

Feel free to use this thread to share general tips for staying on the dole with the most minimal of hassle from The Man.

Gentleman of Leisure
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>> No. 13907 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 8:04 pm
13907 spacer
If I'm not mistaken those schemes actually don't effect whether or not you receive any benefits. Assuming of course you're looking for work off your own back, and you are, aren't you, Anon?
>> No. 13908 Anonymous
22nd June 2021
Tuesday 9:37 pm
13908 spacer
JETS is voluntary, so unless your claimant commitment specifically mentions going on courses or schemes that are recommended to you, then you just need a plausible reason why you think it's unsuitable for your needs.

It helps if you've got something else that sounds like a plan, whether that's a sector you're trying to get into or a course you'd like to go on. It doesn't have to be a great plan, but having something you can vaguely make progress towards is a useful distraction technique.

The Work and Health Programme is mandatory and can involve you being referred to JETS, but only if you've been claiming benefits for more than 24 months.

If you're serious about scrounging, get intimately familiar with the the Advice for Decision Making documents. They are in effect the rulebook for the benefit system. Quoting a paragraph from them can cut through a massive amount of bullshit if you aren't arsey about it. Get to know the mandatory reconsideration process, because it's your first line of defence if your Work Coach starts making up their own rules.


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