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>> No. 3840 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/3840 Pensions
The OFT have come out and said that many old (i.e. set up before 2001) pension schemes have high charges and offer savers poor value for money. They've also suggested a cap for auto-enrolment schemes, but it's going to be an almost meaningless gesture as you'd be very hard pressed to find a provider offering auto-enrolment terms with annual management charges greater than 1% anyway.

The pension scheme I'm in at work (contribution: 5% employer, 5% employee gross) has management charges of 0.6%, which I'm alright with as it's less than I'd get if I was investing in collectives through an ISA.

However, I've put the charges and contribution details into Invidion's pension calculator for an idea of what I'd get when I'm 65, 40 years from now, and if my salary increases in line with National Average Earnings and I took the 25% tax-free lump sum I'd be looking at a pension in today's terms of 27.5% of my current salary. If I wanted a pension that would be about two-thirds of what I'm earning now then I'll need to contribute, assuming the employer contribution stays at 5%, 15% gross (12% net) of my salary every year for the next four decades. This does depend on what annuity rates will be like then and I'd also be getting the State Pension, as long as they haven't upped the age you receive it to 80 by then.

If it wasn't for the tax relief and my employer matching my contributions then I doubt I'd bother and I'd look into other ways to support myself while I'm in retirement. What about you lads? What are your thoughts on pensions? In my opinion to have any form of decent retirement income you're at the mercy of your employer offering a good pension scheme.
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>> No. 8727 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 11:22 am
8727 spacer

This sort of thing has happened before. It's not too dissimilar from other bubbles.
>> No. 8728 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 12:15 pm
8728 spacer
TLP coin has been trading for about 3 years now.
>> No. 8733 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 7:22 am
8733 spacer

Wish I'd had the foresight to mine, rather than buy a shitty cheap netbook laptop with no computer power.
>> No. 8734 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 9:08 am
8734 spacer

Fuck the person who thought this was an appropriate take.

>The amount the government has to spend on state benefits will fall by £1.5bn by 2022, partly because of under-65s dying of Covid, forecasts suggest.
>> No. 8745 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 5:12 pm
8745 spacer
I managed to mine Doge in the first weekend, when mining with a laptop CPU was actually possible. Hopefully when the Blockchain syncs I will still be able to access them... Not a life changing amount but still nice to find on an old HDD.


>> No. 443401 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 12:58 am
/b/443401 CHAIR
Chair thread.


>> No. 68577 Paedofag
17th April 2021
Saturday 11:24 pm
/iq/68577 spacer
I warned you, lads, but it's too late. Now they're in league with big Mac.
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>> No. 68579 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 12:49 am
68579 spacer
It's a cracking name for a company though.


>> No. 2907 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:12 pm
/uhu/2907 spacer
What's the heat and water tolerance of your typical bit of hardened Polyfilla / generic brand spackle?

Could it survive regular exposure to hot water?
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>> No. 2910 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 8:55 pm
2910 spacer
I kept some dried polymer clay in water or possibly oil for a few years and it swelled up, went soft, fell apart.
>> No. 2911 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:19 pm
2911 spacer
There is an exterior grade of polyfilla that might be worth a try. Waterproof, think its based on cement, or cement+resin.
>> No. 2912 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:23 pm
2912 spacer

Properly cured polymer clay is basically PVC, which has excellent water resistance but relatively poor resistance to oils. In the uncured or partially-cured state there'll be a lot of filler material and unbound plasticisers that aren't necessarily stable in water.
>> No. 2913 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:41 pm
2913 spacer
Thanks lads. I've double checked and my generic brand stuff is actually "plastic putty". It came with a hardening agent and the label claims it's water resistant. It's also hardened like rock, so I'm happy enough.

I'll let you all know if it melts in about two years time.
>> No. 2915 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 9:45 am
2915 spacer

OP here an update: the plastic putty absolutely did not withstand exposure to regular warm water, and despite hardening like a rock, softened and came away in bits.

I've now been arsed to go to the shop and buy a proper waterproof glue and a caulking gun.

Lesson learned, don't be lazy when it comes to water and heat tolerance.


>> No. 90534 Anonymous
28th September 2020
Monday 5:17 pm
/pol/90534 spacer
How the turntables.
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>> No. 93057 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 11:43 am
93057 spacer
Can you link to these projections please.

I just don't see, for example, the millions of people employed by the airline and aircraft industries finding work in renewable industries. Some yes but a large proportion will be left unemployed if the reduction in flights necessary to combat climate change happens.
I'll say it again, either we short circuit the global economy or accept global economic catastrophe - either way we are boned and does explain the relative lack of action on climate change
>> No. 93058 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 11:51 am
93058 spacer

Not him, but a huge amount of air industry jobs are entry level or minimum wage. Even the bloke responsible for calculating or planning your plane's weight and balance is probably paid less than a McDonald's employee, if they're using a third party handling agent.

And quite frankly, what you described has already happened. Swissport laid off about 70% of ground staff in 2020. There are already pilots delivering your Tesco shop because they got cut loose from their airline. I'm the last person who wants to see the industry die but I don't think it would have the impact you assume it would.
>> No. 93059 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 12:20 pm
93059 spacer
Good points but I was using the airline/aircraft industries as an example.
Factor in the restrictions necessary to reduce climate change, ie personal vehicles, shipping vast amounts of unnecessary shit from china, getting people to accept changes many would see as a reduction in life style, the whole picture in other words = to me us boned.
I hope I'm wrong and that's why I've asked a few times for links to serious studies showing a route map for change without economic melt down. To me the changes required at the pace required are not economically feasible. Simple statements put forward by some such as 'we need to fix the climate first and worry about the economy later' ignore the fact that screwing the economy is just as dangerous to the global population as climate change.
To use a crude example and using the third world as shit tends to effect the third world more than any others - if a third world farmer is starving to death the mechanism of why is largely irrelevant - be it he has been forced off his land by rising sea levels or the market for his product has gone, the poor sod is still staring to death
>> No. 93060 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 12:35 pm
93060 spacer
>> No. 93061 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 2:58 pm
93061 spacer


>> No. 68556 Ambulancelad
15th April 2021
Thursday 8:15 pm
/iq/68556 spacer
Mods are asleep, post Daily Mail

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 68561 Searchfag
15th April 2021
Thursday 8:28 pm
68561 spacer


>> No. 68562 Auntiefucker
15th April 2021
Thursday 8:30 pm
68562 spacer


>> No. 68563 Billbob
15th April 2021
Thursday 8:38 pm
68563 spacer


>> No. 68564 Auntiefucker
15th April 2021
Thursday 9:02 pm
68564 spacer
Truly a newspaper of /IQ/ quality.
>> No. 68565 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 9:22 pm
68565 spacer
Why on earth would anyone object to being force-fed journalism of this quality?


>> No. 14297 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 5:16 pm
/nom/14297 BBQ technology forum
Lads, can someone recommend me a new BBQ?
My old barrel smoker was a right pain to clean so I want a egg/kettle type.

It has to be charcoal and I'm happy to pay for quality. I'd rather get a small, simple one than some huge compensator grill with 8 chimneys that can fit a whole moose.

Any suggestions?
Cheers gents.
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>> No. 14298 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 8:28 pm
14298 spacer

I have a classic Weber (and also the portable/camping version) and absolutely love it; think it is coming up for twenty years old now.
>> No. 14299 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:40 pm
14299 spacer

You certainly can't go wrong with a Weber. I inherited a gas one that has been going for a similar amount of time, even though me and my grandad managed to set the gas pipe on fire one time, a replacement valve was readily available. But gas BBQs are missing the point so that doesn't matter.

I really want a big green egg. From what I can tell they're worthy of the hype, but they'd better be for the price.
>> No. 14302 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 7:08 pm
14302 spacer

I also really want a big green egg; last year Costco had a red copy of them for about half the price so I'm hoping that comes back this year.
>> No. 14303 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 7:42 pm
14303 spacer

Does this exist in the UK, now?
>> No. 14304 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:13 pm
14304 spacer
Only for the past 20+ years or so.


incredulous cat.jpg
>> No. 68549 R4GE
14th April 2021
Wednesday 2:45 am
/iq/68549 spacer
Let's say that you have activated the ability to just feel good no matter your circumstances, by accessing a sense of eternal "presence" or tapping into the timeless ground of being.

What now? Where would one find people who have also unlocked this ability, in order to expand even more on this majestical joy?
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>> No. 68551 YubYub
14th April 2021
Wednesday 2:52 am
68551 spacer
Monks don't know how to have fun.
>> No. 68552 Billbob
14th April 2021
Wednesday 3:08 am
68552 spacer
>> No. 68553 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 5:03 am
68553 spacer
I would assume if you truly felt good/content no matter what, you wouldn't need to ask, you'd just be able to wander about and do whatever you felt like.

Maybe join a hippie commune though.
>> No. 68554 Paedofag
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:52 am
68554 spacer
Other acid heads who have reached such a state of enlightenment they give up the drugs and take up gardening instead.

Welcome home traveller, rest now, for your journey has merely begun.
>> No. 68555 Auntiefucker
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:51 am
68555 spacer
You might want to google rigpa, dzogchen, and mahamudra to see if any of that rings a bell.


>> No. 13778 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:40 am
/job/13778 Corporatese to English dictionary
Can we have a thread for translating the garbled nightmare language you will encounter in various work environments and vacancy ads?

Does "agile" management mean "doing a lot with fuck-all staff and few resources"?
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>> No. 13780 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 9:02 am
13780 spacer
I think it means "we don't care how you do your job unless you do something stupid" or sometimes "you're the manager but you also have to fill in for three non existent team members"
>> No. 13781 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:21 am
13781 spacer
Agile, if it refers to Agile working, is apparently just starting/finishing whenever you want. I have to be available between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm, but outside of that I can just do whatever I want, ostensibly, as long as my timesheet gets filled.

Speaking of timesheets, does anyone find that they absolutely crush any drive to optimize ones workload? Or am I looking at it wrong, and they're really an opportunity to save time by optimizing your work without telling anyone and getting all your work done in 20% of the time?
>> No. 13782 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 11:49 am
13782 spacer

To me it means you have a continuous circular development cycle as opposed to waterfall in how you manage projects. This began in the IT sector because customers are fucking idiots but now everyone does it - you get the skeleton done and then build/hone with feedback. You'll be engaging with clients/stakeholders throughout so relationship management is emphasised as opposed to waterfall process where you get the bloody thing done first and then go out to people.

Having to do everything with fuck-all staff and few resources is just normal management.


>> No. 13772 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 1:12 pm
/job/13772 Looking for a new job
Right, I've been mulling this over for a few weeks and I think it is time for me to start looking for a new job, but I'm a bit stuck at what to look for and I have got a little too comfortable.

I've been working in the same place for just over six years now, at the beginning it was a zero hours thing as I worked full time elsewhere. However, after redundancy from the old job, I got more shifts and worked my way up into a salaried position learning a lot along the way.

It's without a doubt the best job I have had, I like the people I work with (for the most part) and it's sort of degree relevant with it being a arts/culture organisation.

Having said all that, I feel I have hit a bit of a brick wall in regards to progress and pay, and to put it politely, the newish head of the department has no idea what he is doing. It's a technical department and he is essentially a salesman and he seems happier to give work and projects that we could build upon to other people if he can skim some money off in the short term.

The idea of a payrise is out of the window (my colleagues hasn't gone up in 12 years) and the reward for doing a good job and exceeding targets seems to be more work.

Currently, I have built and maintained the entire organisation's inventory, I conduct site visits (often involves driving nationwide, overnights stays etc), I install art exhibitions/museum installs, build and maintain AV equipment, lead on large outdoor cinema events (including delivery, transport, staffing, kit, logistics etc) and I know a bit of Unity (mainly for AR development) and a bit of Blender. Currently, I've ended up managing projects with no support or extra compensation. I'll get TOIL instead of extra pay for working extra hours which would be fine in the short term, but pre-pandemic, I had acrued 3 extra weeks of time off by the beginning of October. This is a general overview, I do a few extra bits here and there too. All of this for £18,270 a year and the age of fucking 30.

My sister is a travel agent and she's on just over £24,000 and she's still getting a payrise despite the industry being decimated.

I'm not saying I'm worth millions, but I can't help but feel I'm worth more than this. At the beginning I could overlook it as there were lots of perks to the arts, but a lot of those are dissapearing and management is a nightmare.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 13774 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 2:57 pm
13774 spacer
You've identified things that are less than satisfactory with your current situation, but without making your other options concrete, you risk slipping back into what you know and are comfortable with.

Big changes in my life (and the confidence to make them) have invariably come from researching my options and determining tangible outcomes that would take my life in the direction I want it to go. I might be a bit strange in this respect, but I've put together loads of long-term plans this way, many just as backups, then take strategic and budgeted steps towards it. If I know I'll need to save for to move home or take a qualification, I'll do that. It's all blocked out in a big spreadsheet.

Sorry to be boring, but I'd saying being diligent is just as important as being daring when it comes to these decisions.
>> No. 13775 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 3:10 pm
13775 spacer
>All of this for £18,270 a year and the age of fucking 30.
>My sister is a travel agent and she's on just over £24,000 and she's still getting a payrise despite the industry being decimated.

Fucking hell, I thought you were looking for serious money but have you considered giving government a go? You can certainly put your practical and project management experience as a selling point and earn 30k+ in a HEO/SEO/G7(at a push) role off the bat.
>> No. 13776 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 3:14 pm
13776 spacer

I'll give those a look. The option of remote working and living away from the cities makes these kind of jobs a lot more appealing.


Agreed. As much as I'm complaining now, I can keep my head down and do my research, I'm just a bit stumped as to how to apply myself. I've fallen into things a lot the past few years.


I don't mean that I'm looking for £24,000 a year, I'd like more than that. I just used it as an example of a job that is much easier and less demanding and is part of an industry that has been hit a lot harder than the arts.
>> No. 13777 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 7:15 pm
13777 spacer
Your problem is that you started basically in manual labour, you've gained tons of skills and moved up to what's essentially a management position gradually and if you were to start again doing the same thing you'd be on a £30-40K contract.

Start looking for another job, just have some imagination in what you're looking for and try to think creatively about how you would fit in, sounds like you're generally going to be looking in the entertainment and events industry so with things starting to open up again now everyones going to be hiring. You probably want to start mooching around for as many different job titles you can think of that sound in any way relevant to what you do "events manager", "PA installer", things like that.

Your CV should be as candid as possible in stating all the roles and responsibilities you currently have.
>> No. 13779 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 8:46 am
13779 spacer
It sounds like you meet a lot of people. Are none of them tempting to jump ship to?
It's a slightly awkward conversation, probably best phrased as seeking new challenges rather than grumbling about your existing salary/employer.
However, if you're there, looking all competent and stuff, that's far better than a blind CV.


>> No. 443275 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 3:03 pm
/b/443275 HAPPY RAMADAN 2021
Lads, it's that time of the year again. Please enjoy your Ramadan responsibly.
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>> No. 443334 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:05 pm
443334 spacer
That was a nice massive meal. The cigarette after the meal even made me a bit lightheaded. A good feeling that I miss.

Stop buying that over priced rubbish from Tescos, and buy from the ethnic shops. Those rice imports are much better.
>> No. 443336 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:27 pm
443336 spacer
My Asian friend swears by Tilda, that's good enough for me.
>> No. 443337 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:36 pm
443337 spacer

>Stop buying that over priced rubbish from Tescos, and buy from the ethnic shops. Those rice imports are much better.

A lot of the rice products in this country look very ethnic but are often american rice with a little indian lad printed on the pack by a british importer. That doesn't mean it's bad (californian and italian grown short grain rice is often better than japanese sushi rice) but I suppose it's worth checking the pack.
>> No. 443338 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 10:05 pm
443338 spacer
Come on lads, it is long grain rice or bust. Leave the useless short grain rice for risottos.
>> No. 443339 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 10:22 pm
443339 spacer
There's a igloo nearby that has a muezzin, so by proxy? Dunno, the lad does a good job and and least it doesn't sound like they used a recording.

I don't want to shill for brands, but I found that what Tesco or whatever supermarket sells in your area on the "ethnic" isle also shows up in local shops. Big Industry, innit? I grew up with the boil-and-strain method for rice, which is unversally acceptableaweful (if only because you can save energy doing it properly), learned about "tahdig" from family. I can make rice palatable, but some rice is so dodgy even a rice cooker couldn't rescue it.


>> No. 3595 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 4:42 pm
/map/3595 spacer
How do you find shared flats in London? I looked online and there seems to be conflicting recommendations with some services even charging a fee.

The overall impression is it's a minefield even with a global pandemic on. I'm not a chancer looking to pay pennies for a palace, when I moved to the London from my parents house I started renting a studio flat for myself, a nice place but not somewhere you can really take a lass back. Cost is what it is but I didn't want to fuck about with nightmare housemates when I was getting serious with my career. Years later and I was planning on buying a house this year but will need to do at least another year of saving on top.

As an aside, it also seems tacitly demanded that I'll need to join board game nights - all the ads from my last look implied this. I mean being social is fine, I'll have a brew and maybe do dinner some nights but is this some kind of filter or code?
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>> No. 3597 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 1:28 am
3597 spacer
I'd prefer to bring a girl back to a studio than a shared house. Just me thought.
>> No. 3598 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 1:52 am
3598 spacer
I'm looking for somewhere there right now.
>> No. 3599 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 11:49 am
3599 spacer
Jesus fuck, Purps. You really should clean your house again.
>> No. 3600 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 5:18 pm
3600 spacer
It depends on how big the studio is. Shagging is doable in a London studio flat but there's not the space for two people to just hang out, it'll get stuffy and you'd better hope you don't need to take a fat ogre shit. Plus the neighbours are universally the sort who enjoy peace and quiet.

So what normally happens is I end up spending my weekends at her place. Particularly if we go anywhere and come back late.

Let us know what you're looking for and when, I suspect my 2 months notice might nix anything. Still, there's some pretty nice places we could get if you fancy clumping in together.
>> No. 3601 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 6:30 pm
3601 spacer
The bedroom looks horrific but the kitchen I could live with. I'm not saying it's great but it only looks like a day or two of not bothering to clean anything.


toilet seat.jpg
>> No. 2898 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:47 am
/uhu/2898 spacer
So toilet seat detached itself. What kind of tool do I need to reattach it? It's some weird ass huge plastic screws.
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>> No. 2903 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 5:27 am
2903 spacer
Check to see if you can see where those bits come out underneath. If you can, get the cheapest thing that'll fit the spacing. If you can't, then you have a top fixing which means you'll need to shop around to find a suitable seat.

Though if you're renting, then it's likely wear and tear which means it's on your landlord to fix it.
>> No. 2904 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 9:19 am
2904 spacer
When this happened to mine there were big plastic thumbscrews on the underside that were fused closed through age/piss and they had to be undone with pliers which managed to chip a sharp piece off the porcelain which fucked my thumb up. Hopefully that knowledge helps.

It's not unreasonable to intend to clean it once it's apart so you can get into all the inaccessible places.
>> No. 2905 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 9:49 am
2905 spacer
We know you have a 'weird ass', that's obviously why it detached, but let's concentrate on the problem at hand please.
>> No. 2906 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 7:30 pm
2906 spacer
Looks like the screws that hold it on are still in place, the seats just broke off completely.
As others have said get a new one, and it's probably just done up with thumbscrews underneath.
>> No. 2914 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 1:43 am
2914 spacer

Thanks. Cleaned it up, got the cheapest one from Argos, and it works just fine now.


>> No. 443207 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 1:56 pm
/b/443207 spacer
I found them in the nearby London park. QR code reader can't read them. WTF is this even?
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>> No. 443213 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 2:37 pm
443213 spacer

Maybe they want an average? I assumed there'd be something viscous on the inside to catch insects but pollen makes as much sense.
>> No. 443219 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 3:55 pm
443219 spacer
>The QR codes will be for an internal index, not just for random phones to read.
But all QR codes can be read? Unless OP just means he thought it was broken when he didn't get a URL.
>> No. 443232 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:09 pm
443232 spacer

>You wouldn't just leave some tubes out to monitor air quality because you will only, at best, be able to determine an average.

They do exactly this at most airports I have access to, they look exactly the same but are a bit smaller. They are labelled explaining they're monitoring air quality, presumably because people kept reporting them as suspicious. I suppose it makes more sense to want an average air quality on a commercial airfield than a london parkland, though.
>> No. 443233 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:17 pm
443233 spacer

The commercial airfield probably has cleaner air than most parks in central London. I'd like to make a more definite statement, but the London Mayor's Office have turned their website black-and-white in tribute to HRH Phil, rendering the official air quality map completely illegible.
>> No. 443236 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:57 pm
443236 spacer
A quick google gave me air quality monitoring:

They use multiple methods for redundancy and to see different spans of time. That still seems a little wrong to me but I suppose it's easier to stick a test tube somewhere for ad hoc look at how bad traffic pollution is on a given street.


>> No. 5540 Anonymous
28th December 2020
Monday 6:58 pm
/fat/5540 spacer
I need to improve my concentration span.
For the past few years I've realised I can't really commit to almost anything. Even things I am interested in like films and games. I used to read a lot. Nowdays, no chance. This is seriously impacting me, I feel completely unsatisfied and aimless. All I do is browse the Internet on my phone. I've deleted all social media on my phone/life but it was never really that. Its just mindless browsing. I do take Sertraline for depression and I'm thinking it could be that, but not too sure.
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>> No. 5688 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 5:26 pm
5688 spacer
You mean the hands that are clearly nowhere near the joystick and buttons?
>> No. 5689 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:29 pm
5689 spacer
>>5688 Just admit it. You'd cum in her, I'd cum in her. We all want to cum in her. Hands or no hands.
>> No. 5690 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:30 pm
5690 spacer
I would, but I wouldn't go far out of my way to.
>> No. 5691 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:55 pm
5691 spacer

I'm not sure if I'd be comfortable ejaculating in a woman who had no hands. I suppose that makes me an ableist bastard.
>> No. 5692 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:02 pm
5692 spacer
Oh not again lads. Please stop.

I have to go now.


>> No. 68542 YubYub
10th April 2021
Saturday 2:49 pm
/iq/68542 spacer
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>> No. 68543 Crabkiller
10th April 2021
Saturday 3:41 pm
68543 spacer
I find the concept of a smoothie tap intriguing.


>> No. 68533 R4GE
9th April 2021
Friday 11:24 am
/iq/68533 spacer

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>> No. 68534 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 1:42 pm
68534 spacer
The other day my partner suggested using the cream version of this for lube. I'm not sure how that would have worked out, especially since it's a numbing agent.
>> No. 68535 YubYub
9th April 2021
Friday 1:44 pm
68535 spacer
N1 m8
>> No. 68537 Auntiefucker
9th April 2021
Friday 1:46 pm
68537 spacer


>> No. 66920 Billbob
12th October 2020
Monday 9:55 am
/iq/66920 spacer
Do you even respect the war if you're not wearing a poppy yet?
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>> No. 68522 Are Moaty
8th April 2021
Thursday 6:24 pm
68522 spacer

Are we sure it wasn't some sort of bird? because it looks like it was some sort of bird that pulled all of the stems out systermatically.
>> No. 68523 Billbob
8th April 2021
Thursday 6:44 pm
68523 spacer
Are lasses prone to vandalism?
>> No. 68524 Ambulancelad
8th April 2021
Thursday 6:51 pm
68524 spacer
A tit you tit
>> No. 68525 YubYub
8th April 2021
Thursday 7:10 pm
68525 spacer
Two tits?
>> No. 68526 Ambulancelad
8th April 2021
Thursday 7:26 pm
68526 spacer

That is the usual number. There are some modern ideas around here about a third tit, but I find the idea obscene.


>> No. 6347 Anonymous
5th April 2021
Monday 10:00 pm
/poof/6347 spacer
Where do people get (lightweight) jackets from these days?

I've had the same one for six years, possibly even seven, but it's looking worn and faded now.
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>> No. 6355 Anonymous
8th April 2021
Thursday 9:05 am
6355 spacer
>his whole career working towards bringing radical socialist change

Before becoming Labour leader what had he actually achieved in that respect?
>> No. 6356 Anonymous
8th April 2021
Thursday 1:36 pm
6356 spacer

That's like asking what an astronaut had actually achieved up to the point of stepping onto the rocket.
>> No. 6357 Anonymous
8th April 2021
Thursday 2:11 pm
6357 spacer

Corbyn has achieved a remarkable amount, and what's interesting in the UK is that figures like Corbyn tend to highlight the ugliest aspects of our political system and media just by existing. The electorate response was not as simple as "lol nope", it took a concentrated campaign to paint eminently sensible and popular policies as tethered to someone who was inept, a security risk, a racist antisemite, a terrorist sympathiser, a communist, a poor dresser, whatever else. Every personality-based and emotional provocative button had to be pushed in a very cynical fashion, and it was so explicit that large sections of society can either no longer ignore it, or have caught onto the game for the very first time. I imagine it was pretty eye opening to the younger generation.

This kind of thing is hard to measure, but what Corbyn and the 2019 version of Labour represented probably isn't going to die, but take a new form. This can go one of many ways, and I think the worst would be to follow in the footsteps of the U.S., where electoral politics becomes increasingly meaningless in terms of economic policy and the public who do bother to vote simply go for whoever makes them feel good -- a comforting Reagan, an angry Trump, an amusing Boris Johnson.
>> No. 6358 Anonymous
8th April 2021
Thursday 2:49 pm
6358 spacer
When it comes to economic policy electoral politics in Britain has been mostly meaningless since the late 1980s. I would specifically date it to when Labour internally agreed to back entry to the European exchange rate mechanism (despite their tiny rump of Eurosceptics winning the argument that it was a terrible idea) because despite the fact it was obviously a terrible idea Labour felt the best way to buy economic credibility with the electorate was to copy the Tories inept economic policy.
(Cynically, perhaps they were right: When the ERM imploded who remembered that Labour's policy was the same?)

2017 is a possible exception where the electorate got a real and viable choice for change (if you only look at the polls and the result) but I find it hard to believe Labour would've actually voted through its own budgets had it won.
>> No. 6359 Anonymous
8th April 2021
Thursday 2:54 pm
6359 spacer


>Corbyn has achieved a remarkable amount

Cheers Jez!


>> No. 27815 Anonymous
10th March 2021
Wednesday 3:26 pm
/g/27815 spacer
Hello guys,

I'm looking for a laptop for like £400-600 and I'm basically retarded and can't make my mind up.

I don't really know why, but for several years I've been relying on a tablet and smartphone at home (plus my work PC in office hours), and I think it's time I actually got a grip on stuff like my ridiculous music collection and just being able to do stuff "properly" online.

I wouldn't be doing anything too intensive, maybe a bit of editing of videos. and if possible I wouldn't mind being able to play like sixth-generation (PS3/360 era) games on it, even just with medium settings.

But yeah, does anything really stand out in that price market? Every time I have a look through Ebuyer or whatever I tend to become ridiculously picky or just overwhelmed by the similarity, in reality I've pretty much always been satisfied with my tech purchases.
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>> No. 27838 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 8:18 am
27838 spacer
> Someone from Currys/PC World said so.

I for one always take my compsci advice from someone who failed their Argos exam.

In all seriousness you might be right, work has me tied into Intel CPUs for various reasons but I did recently (like a year ago) work with a bunch of HP gaming laptops with B&O speakers and top of the line AMD CPUs. We broke a lot of them but none of them due to overheating of the CPU afaik.

However those gaming laptops were basically mobile workstations - like 2" thick and with a power adaptor the size of a brick.

Caveat emptor and all that.
>> No. 27843 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 2:20 am
27843 spacer
Intel's latest are shite, Steve from Gamer's Nexus told me so and I trust him because he looks almost exactly like me.
>> No. 27846 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 3:09 pm
27846 spacer
> compsci
>> No. 27847 Anonymous
5th April 2021
Monday 12:23 pm
27847 spacer
I would have thought their testing methodology would be what put them in the trusted category, rather than his matted locks.
>> No. 27848 Anonymous
5th April 2021
Monday 1:44 pm
27848 spacer
Woah, pal, let's not start saying rude things about Steve's very nice hair. This has been a perfectly civil thread up until now.


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