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>> No. 28784 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 10:47 pm
/101/28784 spacer
The next round of Marvel films is going to have Natalie Portman as Thor, Goddess of Thunder; a gay superhero; a deaf superhero; a Chinese superhero; etc. etc. It's going to be diverse, in short.

I'm not posting this to moan about that. I'm posting this pre-emptively to moan about all the moaning. It's coming, you can tell. People can't just shut up and watch their fucking kid's films about aliens and magic, whatever gender or colour the people in them happen to be.
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>> No. 28819 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 8:12 pm
28819 spacer
I've seen far, far more "moral imperative etc." about I, Daniel Blake than anything Hollywood has ever made.
>> No. 28820 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 2:27 am
28820 spacer

The problem with Ghostbusters 2016 as an example is that it's pretty difficult to argue that the political agenda didn't get in the way of it being a good film. That film was fucking shit, and it wasn't shit because it had women instead of men. It was fucking shit because they were clearly more bothered about subverting expectations and forecasting shipping than they were about writing a good script or hiring actresses who could actually carry a joke.

At best it made no impact at all and everyone has just forgotten about it, but at worst it's had a negative impact for the people it was trying to help.
>> No. 28821 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 12:39 pm
28821 spacer
If I wanted to watch Ghostbusters but not Ghostbusters then I'd watch Evolution. It's a very underrated film.
>> No. 28822 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 1:42 pm
28822 spacer
>I'm posting this pre-emptively to moan about all the moaning. It's coming, you can tell.
And come it did. Well done, OP.
>> No. 28823 Anonymous
25th July 2019
Thursday 1:47 pm
28823 spacer
I wasn't addressing why it was shit, but I still think you're wrong in your reasoning on that matter. I can't be arsed going through it though, you'll just have to imagine me being all smart and long-winded.

Too hot to talk about Ghostbusters 2016. Too bloody hot.


>> No. 428480 Anonymous
4th July 2019
Thursday 10:50 pm
/b/428480 Ship tracker
Only just discoved this exists

thought you guys would get a kick out of it.
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>> No. 428523 Anonymous
5th July 2019
Friday 8:03 pm
428523 spacer
This is how we do it
It's Friday night, and I feel all right
The cunt-off's here on the West Side

>> No. 429123 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 2:30 am
429123 spacer
Apparently you can watch lightning strikes in real time. I'm not sure how that works.
>> No. 429124 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 3:11 am
429124 spacer
MNlad checking in, can confirm that we use this website all the time. Half the time I can't possibly find where the ship is that I'm supposed to be joining without it.
>> No. 429125 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 8:21 am
429125 spacer

I work in an airport and I genuinely don't understand how people did my job before the plane version of this existed. They must have had to stand staring at the runway with a pair of binoculars and an airband scanner.
>> No. 429135 Anonymous
24th July 2019
Wednesday 2:44 pm
429135 spacer
It's all rather clever.


>> No. 428673 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 5:17 pm
/b/428673 It has begun
Be on the lookout lads.

I think it is today.

The bastards.
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>> No. 428683 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 9:05 pm
428683 spacer

Yeah, if they're making themselves at home in "unnatural" places (human-built places) then odds are there are more of them than there would be in a natural environment.
Still, good to keep it in mind.
>> No. 428684 Anonymous
10th July 2019
Wednesday 11:28 pm
428684 spacer

>Anybody know if I can just fill up the sunken-in patches with playground sand as I repave the areas?

You really want grit sand, which has a coarse texture that provides good stability and drainage. Playground sand is likely to have a finer texture, which could present problems down the line with subsidence or poor drainage. A 25kg bag of grit sand should cost about £2-£3 from your local builder's merchant; coarse sharp sand will do the job, but building sand is too fine. You'll also need some jointing sand for brushing into the gaps in the laid paviors, which is a) kiln dried so it flows easily and b) has very high friction to lock the paviors together. This is a bit more pricey at £4-£6 a bag, but it's worth the extra.
>> No. 428901 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 7:31 pm
428901 spacer
Flying ants: Swarms appear on weather map as 'rain'
>> No. 428912 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 11:28 pm
428912 spacer

Had a few of the nasty buggers on my livingroom curtains this afternoon. Must have got in while I was sitting on my balcony. Bug spray took care of it.

I fully accept that that was not very green of me.
>> No. 429114 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 10:39 pm
429114 spacer
They were out when I came out from work today.


>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
/boo/2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

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>> No. 4727 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 3:04 am
4727 spacer
One of Britain’s top spy chiefs quit after it emerged that he helped a paedophile Catholic priest avoid jail, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Prime Minister Theresa May was last night accused of a cover-up over the scandal as she knew of GCHQ director Robert Hannigan’s connection to the child sex offender when he stood down in 2017. At the time, Mr Hannigan had cited ‘family reasons’, with this crucial link kept secret.

The high-flying civil servant, who was lauded for his role in striking peace in Northern Ireland, stunned Whitehall with his exit after just two years in charge of GCHQ.

This newspaper has learned he stepped down after the National Crime Agency discovered that he helped a close family friend avoid a custodial sentence for possessing 174 child pornography images After Mr Hannigan provided a character reference for Father Edmund Higgins at his 2013 trial, the priest’s eight-month sentence was suspended. The judge said Higgins had ‘struggled with his sexuality’. But Higgins went on to reoffend, and during an NCA probe his links to Mr Hannigan were discovered and No 10 was alerted.

The powerful mandarin gave the reference ‘in good faith’ a year before his appointment as director of the 5,000-strong Government Communications Headquarters, the notoriously secretive eavesdropping agency. After his conviction, Edmund Higgins, who had served at St Elizabeth’s Church in Richmond, South-West London, was defrocked and changed his name to Edmund Black.

With the Prime Minister’s blessing, he was allowed to resign on January 23, 2017, citing family commitments. Anonymous briefings were given to the media that he would be caring for sick relatives. That same year, Mrs May said: ‘The sunlight of transparency acts… as an important check and balance, and helps ensure the highest standards of public life among senior Government representatives.’

Last night Mr Hannigan, who began to train as a priest before joining the civil service, confirmed that Higgins had been a family friend for two decades. But he admitted his ‘judgment was completely wrong’ in providing the character reference. After his conviction, Higgins, who had served at St Elizabeth’s Church in Richmond, South-West London, was defrocked and changed his name to Edmund Black, but continued to offend.

The Mail on Sunday has learned that No 10 was alerted in early 2017 that the NCA was investigating Higgins as part of a major probe into online chatrooms that hosted abuse of babies. His connection to Mr Hannigan was highlighted to figures at the very top of Government, including the Prime Minister.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4728 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 10:07 am
4728 spacer
This was the first thing I read after waking up and I consistently misread it as "spy chef" which was confusing.
>online chatrooms that hosted abuse of babies
>> No. 4729 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 6:05 pm
4729 spacer
It's an incredible story, proper /boo/ shit. WTF would anyone take the risk of appearing / writing a character reference for someone accused of kiddie-fiddling.

Exceptionally poor judgement - which is not what you want in the head of GCHQ, so entirely right that he had to go.
>> No. 4730 Anonymous
24th February 2019
Sunday 7:56 pm
4730 spacer

>> No. 4825 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:57 am
4825 spacer

I don't remember watching this episode of Family Guy.


>> No. 425247 Anonymous
18th March 2019
Monday 1:45 pm
/b/425247 spacer
New mid-week thread.

I've got the feeling I was meant to look something up but I can't remember what and it's bugging me.
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>> No. 429070 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 9:23 pm
429070 spacer
It is too cunting hot.
>> No. 429072 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 10:38 pm
429072 spacer
How do you ask a sexually active woman if she's clean without sounding rude?
>> No. 429074 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 10:53 pm
429074 spacer
Realistically you could buy much more fun with that 3k than New Zealand. Depends on how decent a time the two others are but I'd read you travel diary across the Middle East.

Be sure to buy yourself an acoustic guitar and sing Wonderwall at any hostels you stay in. The other guests will love it.
>> No. 429077 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 12:08 am
429077 spacer

You can't. The closest you can get is something along the lines of "I really respect you and I'd be mortified if you caught anything from me, so before we take the rubber off let's both get tested". It has to be a mutual better-safe-than-sorry thing, but even then you're treading on thin ice.


>Be sure to buy yourself an acoustic guitar and sing Wonderwall at any hostels you stay in. The other guests will love it.

And people wonder why backpackers get murdered.
>> No. 429091 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 6:37 am
429091 spacer

The correct term is mercy killing.


>> No. 429027 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:56 am
/b/429027 spacer
The Royal Family need to come clean over the paternity of 'Prince' George. It's plain to see whom his biological father is.
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>> No. 429052 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:26 pm
429052 spacer

jo swinson.jpg
Jo Swinson, eh?
>> No. 429053 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:31 pm
429053 spacer
I think one of the problems with Jo Swindon is that if I was sleeping with her I'd spend at least half of the time paranoid that I was drunkenly shagging John Henshaw in a wig, but that I was so pissed I couldn't tell.
>> No. 429067 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 8:54 pm
429067 spacer

It's definitely the face of Farron.
>> No. 429069 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 9:08 pm
429069 spacer

>paranoid that I was drunkenly shagging John Henshaw in a wig

And that's a problem how, exactly?
>> No. 429085 Anonymous
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 1:34 am
429085 spacer
I sense a political crisis brewing.


>> No. 63768 Auntiefucker
22nd July 2019
Monday 8:04 pm
/iq/63768 spacer
Help! I'm playing Scrabble against midge ure. I’ve only got 4 letters left, but they mean nothing to me.
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>> No. 63769 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 8:35 pm
63769 spacer
That's such a dad joke and I'm trying not to laugh.
>> No. 63771 Are Moaty
22nd July 2019
Monday 9:12 pm
63771 spacer
>> No. 63772 Auntiefucker
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 12:28 am
63772 spacer
pls explain
>> No. 63773 Searchfag
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 12:43 am
63773 spacer

Say it out loud. I didn't figure it out until I googled it.
>> No. 63774 R4GE
23rd July 2019
Tuesday 12:45 am
63774 spacer

i get it now "oh vienna"


>> No. 415204 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 7:50 pm
/b/415204 spacer
How much of this fair land of ours have you lads actually visited?

I've just been thinking about it and there's so many places in Britain I've never particularly laid my eyes on, especially the scenery and landscapes of Scotland. What are the "hidden gems" here that you would recommend people really should visit at least once in their lives? Unhidden gems too, for that matter.
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>> No. 427999 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 2:17 pm
427999 spacer
I went to Rendlesham forest about a month ago, it was lovely (no aliens, unfortunately). Gonna hopefully be going up to Thetford forest, soon.
>> No. 429054 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:36 pm
429054 spacer
When was the last time you watched the sunrise, lads?
>> No. 429056 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:39 pm
429056 spacer
Last Friday. I couldn't sleep.
>> No. 429064 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 8:34 pm
429064 spacer

It seems funny to me that people associate sunrise with wholesomeness and beauty. To me, they're synonymous with night shifts in shit jobs and horrendous comedowns from cheap speed. I could quite happily never see another sunrise in my life.
>> No. 429066 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 8:53 pm
429066 spacer

>>429054 See it most mornings, as I sleep with the windows open and it wakes me up. I shamble to the window, say good morning to the world, and shut the fucking relentless dawn chorus and light out. Sets me up for the day.
I do like sunrises, though, they're quite nice out here. About the only time they piss me off is when I've worked through the night to hit a deadline, and sunrise is a hint that I'm not going to make it.


>> No. 13206 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 6:31 pm
/job/13206 spacer
I'm trying to work out if I should take a 2 year internship that pays what I'm on now and leads to a career with a fair amount of international travel on higher pay. The downside is my current career track is comfortable and interesting work whilst, with an internship, I will be moving around every 6 months in offices that are will bring greater stress and likely duller work.

I can sum it up as the fact that I like my current job but a brighter career could follow if I move. Any advice on how to jump to a decision on this?
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>> No. 13224 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:48 pm
13224 spacer
It's a bit shit. Depending on whereabouts your actual job is, it might be commutable from somewhere more civilised like Cardiff. Do not ever, under any circumstances, take the M4 westbound between junctions 24 and 26 with less than three days' worth of rations. The congestion never stops.

Where would you be moving from, and why?
>> No. 13225 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:56 pm
13225 spacer
>> No. 13226 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:03 pm
13226 spacer

I once had to go to Newport on the train for reasons. I'm not saying it's a shit place but I did feel relief wash over me as the train pulled out of the station knowing that I was going home.
>> No. 13227 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:04 pm
13227 spacer
I have that feeling any time I leave the south east.
>> No. 13228 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 7:10 pm
13228 spacer
Wales, in a nutshell.


>> No. 84903 Anonymous
9th February 2019
Saturday 2:58 pm
/pol/84903 Turning Point UK
What do you lads think of this? Right wing youth movement, cringeworthy use of memes, roundly mocked by the left. My uni apparently has a chapter, but I've seen no evidence of it existing. Seems very pro-Israel, pro-free market, anti-Corbyn.
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>> No. 84917 Anonymous
10th February 2019
Sunday 2:30 pm
84917 spacer
Any campaign relating to the UK politically is going to be targeted immediately now. US conservatives saw it right away. It's funny but it goes deeper than having a laugh.
>> No. 85241 Anonymous
16th March 2019
Saturday 4:15 pm
85241 spacer
The NZ shooter cited Turning Point's Candace Owens as one of his inspirations. Maybe Turning Point are more dangerous than I initially gave them credit for.
>> No. 85243 Anonymous
16th March 2019
Saturday 4:34 pm
85243 spacer


But you knew that already.
>> No. 86339 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:43 pm
86339 spacer
m8, that's a joke. Nobody takes Candace Owens seriously, so I believe Mr. Tarrant was having a laugh in his manifesto by citing a milquetoast decepticonservative pundit.
>> No. 86340 Anonymous
22nd July 2019
Monday 6:44 pm
86340 spacer
Well worth the bump, mate.


>> No. 27047 Anonymous
12th July 2018
Thursday 2:03 pm
/emo/27047 Where to meet birds
So, I've decided to try and not be that guy, a relationship-less virgin, into my mid-20s, which doesn't leave me with very long. I'm home from uni for the summer and have decided it's time to sort my act out.

The only problem - where to meet women?

I've completed tinder in a 15 mile radius, likewise for Bumble - zero (0) matches. I've messaged pretty much every girl on OKCupid with a match >75%; not one has replied.

What can I do now? The few local schoolfriends I am still in contact with are all male, everyone at my job is male, and all the women I talk to (from uni) are either in a relationship or otherwise not an option.

Going out to clubs doesn't work because a) I don't have anyone to go with, and b) when I try and do anything but stand at the bar drinking in a club (ie dance) I look like a tortoise trying to pilot a motorcycle.

Any ideas?
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>> No. 28760 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 7:47 pm
28760 spacer
I don't know if this'll help as it's not specifically north west but maybe someone else will use it. I've been recommended to a website called BetterHelp by a good friend, apparently it's helped them a lot. You have the option of just chatting online/through the app to a therapist, or scheduling calls or video calls too. As far as I'm aware there's no meeting in person, but it sounds good for people who can't get out to see someone or are perhaps shy and such. Going to give it a try soon myself soon so perhaps I'll post again after actually trying it out, but someone else might benefit from knowing it exists at least.
>> No. 28761 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 9:15 pm
28761 spacer

The Real Job™ might be the best therapy if a) you can muster some eagerness and measured banter with your colleagues, and b) your workplace is welcoming enough to see beyond any personal struggles that you may choose to present briefly and positively (consider the S.T.A.R. method of competence-based interviews, and basically just talk about yourself using that template if asked).

People will be more receptive to a quiet person who appears to be looking forward while struggling, than one who looks backwards while moaning.

I recently became an NHSlad myself, after being dolescum for 15 years. Getting a wage and working with other mad bastards has been the best treatment for chronic depression, and it's cost me fuck-all, cumulatively.
>> No. 28762 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 9:47 pm
28762 spacer
The last job I worked full-time (during a placement year) was a horrible toxic environment full of bullying and 'banter' (you know the kind); I left that place worse than when I went there - the only thing I really learned was how to keep a solid façade. I hope that as my new job isn't in heavy industry in a working-class area, that the people will be better. Still, I'd rather get this sorted sooner rather than later and think that even just a few sessions might set me right, or at least on the right path.

Thanks for the recommendation. I think personally I'd rather talk to someone face-to-face, but if someone else finds it useful then that's good.
>> No. 28765 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 1:46 pm
28765 spacer

>I recently became an NHSlad myself, after being dolescum for 15 years. Getting a wage and working with other mad bastards has been the best treatment for chronic depression, and it's cost me fuck-all, cumulatively.

I'm pretty sure there are departments in the NHS where that's their main hiring criteria. There don't seem to be many people I'd call "normal" at my place.

>I hope that as my new job isn't in heavy industry in a working-class area

Horses for courses I think. I have never been able to stand your average office type environment with fake pleasantries and behind the back gossip. The kind of place you'd describe as rife with bullying and banter is probably where I'd feel more at home; I feel much better if I can just tell someone to fuck off to their face and not get the sack for it.
>> No. 28769 Anonymous
20th July 2019
Saturday 12:56 am
28769 spacer
>I feel much better if I can just tell someone to fuck off to their face and not get the sack for it.

While true at this particular place you wouldn't get the sack, tell it to the wrong people and your time there would suddenly become a lot harder. I'm not one for formalities myself, but there needs to be a clear line. In my office, five people were from the sake intake of apprentices back in the 1980s - they all went to school together, and from there have all worked together since, and have such have each other's back. Two of those people were ostensibly my boss (and my boss's boss), but I found out VERY quickly that raising a grievance with one of their cabal was not a wise move.

All I'd say is be careful what you wish for.

Getting off topic here; I'll probably head to Manchester and pick the best one. I just wish I could switch it all off, tbh.


>> No. 19693 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 12:36 pm
/news/19693 spacer
Govia Thameslink fined £1m over Gatwick Express window death

A rail firm has been fined £1m after a man died leaning out of a train window. Simon Brown, 24, was killed when he hit his head on a steel gantry on the side of the track while on the Gatwick Express in London in August 2016.

In May, Govia Thameslink Railway admitted a health and safety breach because a sign saying not to lean out was not displayed clearly enough.

I can see why the rest of Europe takes the piss out of us for having signs everywhere infantilising us. Fined because someone is stupid enough to stick their head out of a train window, fuck me.
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>> No. 19731 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 4:04 pm
19731 spacer
Hey, that train, I get that train all the time.
>> No. 19732 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 4:34 pm
19732 spacer
That train gets you, too. Really gets you.
>> No. 19733 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:00 pm
19733 spacer
No one gets me that's why I'm like this.
>> No. 19734 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:16 pm
19734 spacer
Sounds like you've gone off the rails.
>> No. 19735 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 5:31 pm
19735 spacer
Just get a siding already.


>> No. 63755 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 11:37 am
/iq/63755 spacer
they should be called "already salted"

this has pissed me off since i was a kid
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>> No. 63756 Searchfag
19th July 2019
Friday 11:53 am
63756 spacer
>> No. 63757 Auntiefucker
19th July 2019
Friday 12:47 pm
63757 spacer,,-199735,00.html

>Because in the old days they weren't. They came unsalted and you had to find the pinch of salt in a twist of paper, fish it out and sprinkle the contents over the crisps. Smith's Crisps were the leading brand and when Walker's came along their main selling point was that they were 'ready salted' and you didn't have to fiddle with the blue bag any more.

It obviously is along the same lines as something that is ready made. You wouldn't substitute it for already made would you?
>> No. 63758 Samefag
19th July 2019
Friday 1:37 pm
63758 spacer
I was going to painstakingly make a post in my gran's accent about how "in't old days you 'ad ter put yer own salt on 'em..."

it kind of baffles me how the idea of selling crisps pre-flavoured was an innovation. surely it too more effort to separately package and include a little bag of salt.


>> No. 63606 YubYub
5th July 2019
Friday 4:54 am
/iq/63606 spacer
Mods are asleep

Post Ossett
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>> No. 63615 Ambulancelad
5th July 2019
Friday 2:10 pm
63615 spacer


>> No. 63616 Auntiefucker
5th July 2019
Friday 3:04 pm
63616 spacer
Not sure how I feel about that photo, the distortion is so uncanny.

Also it was taken in Oss*tt lol
>> No. 63617 Billbob
6th July 2019
Saturday 2:00 am
63617 spacer

2019-07-06 02.00.33.jpg

Only about a tenner above the usual rates
I'd imagine.
>> No. 63753 Anonymous
19th July 2019
Friday 1:23 am
63753 spacer


>> No. 63754 Are Moaty
19th July 2019
Friday 10:07 am
63754 spacer

download (5).jpg


high five.jpg
>> No. 13188 Anonymous
16th July 2019
Tuesday 5:10 pm
/job/13188 spacer
Is it possible to run a BPSS check on yourself? I've been applying for a few jobs in the energy and transport sectors which generally require this level of screening and despite being informed of policies about always getting back to unsuccessful applicants, I'm hearing nothing in return. Maybe this is all par for the course and I'm worrying over nothing but it's making me wonder. I don't have a criminal record and my credit is perfectly stable but I did once have an ex call the police about me and I've no idea if that shows up at all on BPSS.

Does anyone here have experience with background checks?
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>> No. 13198 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 5:23 pm
13198 spacer
Wow, people really are starting to take the three of us seriously if they're advertising directly to us.
>> No. 13199 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 5:30 pm
13199 spacer
BPSS is literally nothing. It's basically a check to make sure that you are who you say you are and you have the right to work in the UK. It doesn't involve anything that isn't a matter of public record.
>> No. 13200 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 6:09 pm
13200 spacer
The correct link is here

Do not use third party services for something you can get from directly - they are almost scam sites.
>> No. 13203 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 8:04 pm
13203 spacer
I have no intention of being dishonest when it comes to screening but I fucked up rather a lot when I was younger. Was a problem drinker for years, smoked weed for a while, even got talked into doing a few 'personal deliveries' over a couple of months. I regret a lot of those years but while it's nothing I could be blackmailed over, I think it would pin me down as someone with a history of irresponsible behaviour so more advanced screening is sadly probably beyond me. Which is ironic because everyone I meet thinks I'm the most buttoned-down techie imaginable, and my current lifestyle is probably the most boring on this entire website.

Thanks for the links everyone.
>> No. 13204 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 8:21 pm
13204 spacer
>and my current lifestyle is probably the most boring on this entire website.
No, lad. I KNOW you're not on my level.


>> No. 28678 Anonymous
27th June 2019
Thursday 10:38 pm
/emo/28678 spacer
I seem to have removed myself completely from my original social background. I come from Shithole Post-industrial Town, UK, where my mum and dad continue to work unhappily. I've run the full gamut of postgraduate degrees and well paid corporate jobs. I've now secured a medical research job abroad.

I guess the effect was predictable enough in hindsight, but I realised recently that I now spend all of my time rubbing shoulders with academics, doctors, lawyers, engineers. And it's not just what they do, either. Their parents are always academics, doctors, lawyers, engineers.

It also goes beyond work. The girls I date, the friends I make at university, the people at my job, they're all thoroughly middle class. I don't think anyone realises how keenly I feel the differences, how painful it can be to notice them, or how much extra effort I've had to put in just to get here.

It's frustrating because it comes up in constantly, sometimes in really tangible ways (they'll always have savings accounts well built from their childhoods, will always have the money to go on expensive trips and eat out, they are not stressing about their next rent payment even when they're short) and sometimes more subtlely (social cues, general levels of comfort, confidence, and optimism, acceptance of status quo worldviews).

People back home don't care to understand what I do or why I moved. At the same time, even my most intimate friends here look at me as though I'm from a different planet when I talk about my life experiences.

I feel like I've achieved everything I wanted but I have no one to truly share it with.
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>> No. 28748 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 5:45 am
28748 spacer
>You have arrested development, either realize it doesn't matter and move past it and adapt to your new culture, or stop dating uptown girls and go back to your industrial town and have a honest sneer.

This is a false dichotomy. It's going to matter because it's a part of me -- you're telling me that my choices are either to never bring it up or go back to my hole and 'sneer' about it. Is it not possible to talk about the first twenty-odd years of my life without making others uncomfortable?

>People who actually don't resent people don't feel like saying "your dad was a fucking orthopedic surgeon".

This is /emo/ and I was venting. I'd never actually say this to her, because I know it would come across that way. What I'm expressing here is that I want her to acknowledge that her life experiences aren't like mine, that there is a world of shit that is invisible to her because she had protections; not that she should feel bad for having a bit of cash and a stable upbringing, and definitely not that it somehow lessens her achievements. Just getting her to acknowledge other life experiences exist would be a start.


Again, I know having a dad with a decently prestigious professional job doesn't make you 'landed gentry' or a member of the elite. It doesn't fully protect your kid from bullying, or a relative getting cancer, or you getting sick, or any of life's other general hardships. It's just that all of those things can and do happen to people who have fuck all, too -- and it's more likely to bring about additional difficulties for that reason.

And again, to repeat myself, I don't want a pity party about how hard I've had it up until now. I just don't like feeling alienated and alone as a result of my success.
>> No. 28750 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 9:34 am
28750 spacer
You seem to really, really want to talk to people about your formative years. That's not very middle class. It's done, survived it. Got buggered senseless at Gordonstoun or one of the minors, played a bit of rugby. Here we are.
It's possible the reason that people seem uncomfortable talking about it is that they'd be slightly uncomfortable with anyone, and your non-pattern-fitting tale is only adding 10% or so.
>> No. 28751 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 11:06 am
28751 spacer
>This is /emo/ and I was venting. I'd never actually say this to her, because I know it would come across that way.

But that's exactly the point it occurred to you. If someone pisses me off I don't immediately think "bloody laplander/coon/chink/white people" because I don't consider race a defining factor, but to you, the job of the person who spunked inside the person who crapped you out is a defining factor. Whether you suppress it or not, you have the thought pattern of a class snob.

>This is a false dichotomy

Well lets look at your options
1. get someone to understand the pain and sadness they have no frame of reference of.
2. stop treating it as something you need.
3. find someone who satisfies that need.

You've tried nothing but 1, and it hasn't worked, your options are to accept that (2) or find someone who treats you how you want to be treated (3) or to keep doing 1 even though it hasn't done anything so far, and will probably damage the relationship.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 28752 Anonymous
11th July 2019
Thursday 11:45 am
28752 spacer
>>28748 I just don't like feeling alienated and alone as a result of my success.

Ah, hang on. You're feeling all middle class, alienated and alone?

Not sure what you were expecting, but reforming the entire middle class into an over-sharing episode of Are Jezza might take a while. No fucker talks to anyone except when so hogwhimperingly drunk that it'll be forgotten in the morning.
>> No. 28758 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 2:09 pm
28758 spacer
I don't quite get the point. Do you actually want to have and be all those things you described?
A fair share of them don't even sound good.
I'd prolly be more sympathetic to you than to your friends. I suspect that has a lot to do with that I'm a near-the-bottom scum lowlife or whatever.

Also have you ever read London's Martin Eden?


>> No. 13040 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 10:43 am
/nom/13040 spacer
They finally invented the ultimate chip.
Expand all images.
>> No. 13041 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 11:37 am
13041 spacer
Are these the Iceland ones? They're full of onions.
>> No. 13042 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:15 pm
13042 spacer
Hash browns are supposed to contain onion.
They're not supposed to contain Maize Starch, though, the bastards. There's no need.
Gits. Nice idea otherwise, although if they look as manky as they do on the bag picture, no great loss.
Hash browns are a bit of a faff to make, but I cheat by using dried onion to soak up some of the water from the potato grating, and they come up nicely.
>> No. 13043 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:41 pm
13043 spacer

>There's no need.

Maize starch is a standard ingredient in battered and breaded products, because it improves crispness. They could take out the maize starch, but it'd make the product worse.
>> No. 13044 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:55 pm
13044 spacer
It comes and goes. Pea starch does much the same* and was evidently cheaper until last year, when Maize made a comeback. Hell, even potato starch makes for a nice crispiness, and they've used it in the product.
* except pea starch doesn't make my mouth blister and mean I'm shitting rusty water for a couple of days. Sage for whining. I'll get by without these lovelies, but I might get some dried onion in.
>> No. 13045 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:58 pm
13045 spacer
Also: These aren't battered or breaded products, where I'd expect to find the bastard stuff. They've snuck it in where it's of marginal benefit.
Unlike Merkin food, not _everything_ in this country gets a healthy dose of subsidised corn products.


>> No. 63730 Crabkiller
16th July 2019
Tuesday 6:36 pm
/iq/63730 spacer
I am not a racist, insists Trump
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>> No. 63742 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 1:37 am
63742 spacer
Piss off m9, /IQ/ is for serious business.
>> No. 63744 YubYub
17th July 2019
Wednesday 2:24 pm
63744 spacer

trump is the herald of the new gods of /iq/

>> No. 63745 YubYub
17th July 2019
Wednesday 2:27 pm
63745 spacer
Apparently the mods of the Old new world order have disabled features in an attempt to stop people finding out the truth!
>> No. 63746 Billbob
17th July 2019
Wednesday 4:38 pm
63746 spacer
Broken Britain
>> No. 63752 Ambulancelad
18th July 2019
Thursday 12:21 pm
63752 spacer

Not. a. racist.


>> No. 427053 Anonymous
24th May 2019
Friday 7:06 pm
/b/427053 spacer
New weekend thread.

How's it going, lads? What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 428800 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 9:20 am
428800 spacer

You only need one minute if you use the buckle end.
>> No. 428814 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 2:58 pm
428814 spacer
Bolt-modded my Model M.

Christ, I liked it before, but now it's like typing on a very clicky, very haptic cloud.
>> No. 428843 Anonymous
15th July 2019
Monday 8:08 pm
428843 spacer
Jealous, but I love you.
>> No. 428900 Anonymous
17th July 2019
Wednesday 5:18 pm
428900 spacer
the Numpad 5 only works if it's pressed hard. Haven't a clue why, but I really don't want to have to dissassemble the whole thing. Percussive maintenance hasn't seemed to work so far.
>> No. 428925 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 10:58 am
428925 spacer
Well fuck me.
I've just found a dirty hack to sort my mic problem out. It's not a hardware problem apparently. Just the noise cancellation gimmick playing silly buggers.
I haven't applied it yet. The fact that the symptoms mentioned in that forum post almost exactly describe my situation means it'll prolly work.


>> No. 63747 Anonymous
18th July 2019
Thursday 7:03 am
/iq/63747 spacer
If Francis Drake were Alive today we'd probably have called him Frankie the duck.


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