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>> No. 25502 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 12:25 am
/e/25502 Elden Ring
It's the first time in a while, but all three of us seem to be playing this one. Let's have a thread where we talk about it while it's still fresh and new, before everyone knows all of it and it's all old hat.

Did any of you notice that your fireplace waifu will give you some new story tidbits each new bonfi grace-place you visit?
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>> No. 25607 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:43 pm
25607 spacer

I can't remember how it's actually spelled, but whenever my brain can't be arsed figuring a word out it goes to the next nearest thing, so I was calling him Dragune Placideaux and pronouncing it in an over the top French voice.
>> No. 25608 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 2:20 pm
25608 spacer
Procrastionation complete. I checked the wiki to see if I missed any graces, managed to fuck up the Jar Bairn questline, fed the final deathroot, got all remembrances. I'm sure I missed an area here or there and once again the boss soul weapons are a bit meh (for melee characters) so I skipped the mausoleums but after 160hrs I thought it might be time to NG+. I'm one of those people that moaned about STR being a bit shit in this game and I stand by that, but since Mrs Death Stranding letes you respec so easily (it's honestly a good system, I expected to get a pile of runes but instead it shows your original build and then lets you ratched up the stats until it matches your current level) so I respecced into a RoB/Uchigatana dex/arc bleed build, did it the meme way and beat the Elden Beast.

The ending honestly felt like a damp squib. It's not like previous games had grand fireworks for the endings, but in this instance the endings weren't about what the player but what we did for characters in the game which which clashes quite harshly with From's quest system and story telling: I'm not really invested enough in any of them to care who takes the throne. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but "this guy you accidentally helped now is special!" wasn't it.
>> No. 25609 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 3:25 pm
25609 spacer

This is part of why I think the criticism of the questlines in this game is totally fair.

Fromsoft simps defend it as being obscure and therefore rewarding, but the fact is there's just really no meat on the bones here. Even the most involved of the questlines has maybe a dozen or so lines of dialogue. You're never making "decisions" on who to help and who to ignore, you don't have any attachment or investment in any of them, hell I wouldn't even know their names if I hadn't looked them all up on the wiki later. It was just "that guy with the hat", "that chick from the castle".

There may as well have been an ending for prawn guy or turtle pope.
>> No. 25610 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 5:00 am
25610 spacer
Prawn guy as an anti poop knight ending would've been neat. Not a nice person, but one you might meet down the pub.
>> No. 25623 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 10:52 pm
25623 spacer
I dipped my hand into online play after learning that you can't get invaded unless you use that item or play co-op with another player. I can see blood stains, read messages, yet still play in peace that no Giant Dad equivalent is going to invade, hile the window to invade before boss fights is tiny. Two steps forward, one step back. I can play online and request help, but I don't have to play hollow while playing just to avoid unwanted PvP.

That's such a marked changed that I now (on my second play through) enable online play by default, I don't worry about invasions but for areas or bosses I need help (trying a caster magic build) I can take advantage of the feature.


>> No. 62754 Ambulancelad
20th March 2019
Wednesday 10:47 pm
/iq/62754 spacer
>A neo-Nazi terror suspect entered a "Miss Hitler" beauty contest in a bid to attract new members to a far-right extremist group, a court has heard. Alice Cutter is alleged to have won the competition organised by National Action after taking on the nickname Buchenwald Princess in reference to the Nazi death camp.

To be fair, I'd have voted for her. I'd preserve the future of the white race with her, IYKWIM.
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>> No. 70720 Samefag
7th April 2022
Thursday 3:13 pm
70720 spacer
My girlfriend is aware I post here, but I don't think she can remember the name of the site. She hasn't brought it up in years but just called it "that forum you go on" when she did. Unless that's all a ruse, but I imagine she'd find this place far too tedious to try and keep tabs on me.

Anyway, the OP is literally objectifiying are Alice. I'm not sure what otherlad's girlfriend is getting her knickers in a twist for. You probably need to explain to her what /iq/ is all about.
>> No. 70721 Billbob
7th April 2022
Thursday 3:15 pm
70721 spacer
Is it really any different to a 'live, laugh, love' though? Which would be more disconcerting to find tattooed on a woman's arse, SS or 'dogs leave paw prints on ur heart'?
>> No. 70722 YubYub
7th April 2022
Thursday 3:22 pm
70722 spacer
I was going to read all eight paragraphs of your post, but what people say does not directly correlate with what they think, so I guess there's no point.
>> No. 70723 Crabkiller
7th April 2022
Thursday 3:36 pm
70723 spacer
>language and humour do not explicitly have a bearing on how you actually perceive a person/people in general.
What a crock of shit. Words don't mean anything? You can just say anything and if people believe their eyes and ears that's their problem? You sound like a bloody cabinet minister. And stop trying to relitigate arguments you had with your girlfriend with me, you sicko.
>> No. 70724 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 4:49 pm
70724 spacer
Whoops, I got mixed up with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air/noncing thread in which the lad who got uncomfortable with being pursued by a saggy cougar.

I absolutely get a kick out of her seeing .gs, it's quite interesting as it's a source of many of our discussions since it's a perspective she rarely sees, and I actually get scrutinised on my deepest darkest shitposting which allows for some self awareness. Letting your lass spectate .gs is certainly a pastime I'd suggest.

She mostly gets it. Certainly more than >>70723

I don't know if you're just exerting your IQ in my direction, but pretend I prefaced that post with "I sincerely believe this and am speaking at face value".

Yeah, this is why you get trolled easily. The sheer fact that trolling can exist and that the motivation of needling one individual can cause someone to express views they don't actually hold, so taking those views at face value is irrational unless someone is emphatically standing by them when questioned.

You don't remember search/storm do you? That's why you fail. You've still got some afterbirth on you mate.


>> No. 449877 Anonymous
5th March 2022
Saturday 8:13 pm
/b/449877 Hedge porn

"the largest amount of data gathered on hedge porn to date"

Tell your stories, lads. I never found any in an actual hedge, but I did find a soggy Razzle in an abandoned building once.
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>> No. 450452 Anonymous
6th April 2022
Wednesday 10:42 am
450452 spacer
Not sure who's more of a coward; the person who decided not to be around the police while holding stolen goods or the one who's too afraid to go outside during light rioting.
>> No. 450453 Anonymous
6th April 2022
Wednesday 2:29 pm
450453 spacer
This. Professional stuff lost it's splendour years ago.
>> No. 450455 Anonymous
6th April 2022
Wednesday 5:44 pm
450455 spacer
You'll notice I didn't call him a coward.
>> No. 450479 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 12:22 pm
450479 spacer
I'm not built like a brick shithouse but I've been in enough fights to know how to handle myself. That wasn't really my concern though, riots aren't that dangerous for a bystander - those involved are too busy smashing and looting things to be provoking fights with random strangers. I was more worried about landing a criminal record just because some overzealous copper noticed a lone, unmasked individual holding a bottle of stolen booze and saw an opportunity to make an arrest.
>> No. 450481 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 12:58 pm
450481 spacer
That's true, you didn't use the word "coward".
>you pissed your pants


>> No. 38183 Anonymous
5th April 2022
Tuesday 12:05 pm
/news/38183 spacer
>New Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like “Union,” “Restrooms,” “Pay Raise,” and “Plantation”

>Amazon will block and flag employee posts on a planned internal messaging app that contain keywords pertaining to labor unions, according to internal company documents reviewed by The Intercept. An automatic word monitor would also block a variety of terms that could represent potential critiques of Amazon’s working conditions, like “slave labor,” “prison,” and “plantation,” as well as “restrooms” — presumably related to reports of Amazon employees relieving themselves in bottles to meet punishing quotas.
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>> No. 38184 Anonymous
5th April 2022
Tuesday 12:58 pm
38184 spacer
Wouldn't such consorship encourage underground networks to develop? Amazon would then require an intelligence branch of its own to monitor out of work activity (or is that covered by Human Resources?)
>> No. 38185 Anonymous
5th April 2022
Tuesday 2:41 pm
38185 spacer

>Amazon would then require an intelligence branch of its own to monitor out of work activity

Companies like Wal-Mart have pretty much already implemented something like that, where they have a phone number where employees can snitch on each other about any behaviour that is against company statutes. Which also include a ban on romantic relationships between employees, both off and on the job.

Fucking puritans.


>> No. 9224 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 8:19 pm
/£$€¥/9224 spacer
>The Treasury has asked the Royal Mint to create a non-fungible token, or NFT, as it attempts to show Britain is at the cutting edge for new technologies by launching its own cryptoasset.

>It said the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, had asked the 1,136-year-old institution to create the NFT – a type of unique digital asset stored on a blockchain, the same decentralised ledger of transactions used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin – so it could be issued by the summer. The Treasury’s announcement did not specify what image or object the Royal Mint’s NFT would confer ownership of, whether more would be created, nor whether NFTs would be used to generate funds for the exchequer. A Treasury spokesman said more details would be announced “soon”.

>The decision to launch an NFT is likely to raise eyebrows at a time when more than a million people in Britain are expected to fall into poverty this year after Sunak did not do more in his spring statement to cushion the poorest in society from soaring living costs as inflation hits the highest level in three decades. The rise of NFTs has also led to a spate of scams and have become a target for hackers, losing consumers vast sums.

>Sunak said it was his ambition to make the UK a global hub for cryptoasset technology through close oversight of the emerging sector. “We want to see the businesses of tomorrow – and the jobs they create – here in the UK, and by regulating effectively we can give them the confidence they need to think and invest long term.” The government said it intends to legislate to bring stablecoins – digital assets usually pegged to a fiat currency such as the pound or the dollar – into its regulatory regime, meaning issuers and services providers offering such products in the UK would need to follow rules set by UK authorities.

Are we about to get rugged?


>> No. 448954 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 11:40 am
/b/448954 spacer
New weekday thread: hump day edition.
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>> No. 450293 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 4:58 pm
450293 spacer
Supply chain, isn't it
>> No. 450294 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 10:31 pm
450294 spacer
I went to a second screening on flu-camp today and had to tell an attractive Spanish nurse that I'm not sexually active at the moment. She gave me a talk about contraceptives and where to get spermicidal lube 'if I do become sexually active'.

Didn't really set out to be reminded of what it feels like to be a younglad today.
>> No. 450295 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 10:35 pm
450295 spacer
Anyone else adding a few to their electricity meter readings to get some electricity tomorrow at today's prices? Those poor people with smart meters won't be able to do this.
>> No. 450296 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 11:14 pm
450296 spacer
I got a nice email from my energy supplier saying they weren't going to raise it for another 15 days and if I was worried, encouraging me to change to a cheaper supplier.
>> No. 450385 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 2:54 am
450385 spacer
I can’t sleep so I watched the film Legend. They really put some vile sentiments into the mouth of Frances Kray, so much so I’m convinced I’m misinterpreting the film or else it’s one of the repellent things I’ve ever watched. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope so.


>> No. 37942 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:37 pm
/news/37942 spacer
'They took everything from me' - Father Ted creator breaks down on Northern Irish talkshow

The creator of Father Ted broke down on a late night Northern Irish talk show while discussing the impact his involvement in trans discourse has had on he and his family. Graham Linehan became emotional during a virtual interview with Stephen Nolan on Nolan Live today, stating, "They took everything from me. They took my family."

He said on the show: "Before this, all I was doing you know [was] writing comedy and playing board games and being silly on the internet, and then I just said 'Hang on a sec, stop calling these women terfs, stop sending them abuse, let them speak' and for that they just destroyed me."

The comedian and writer confirmed the breakup of his marriage following strain from financial insecurity due to loss of work.

When Mr Nolan prompted Mr Linehan about whether he truly felt destroyed, he responded with: "No, because the one thing about this that keeps me going is that I know I'm right. I know I'm right. When you open up a newspaper and see words, as I have many times, about sexual offenders who have suddenly decided they're women and the words 'her penis' comes up, well every time I see something like that I just think 'Well I'm right and everyone else is wrong'." He continued: "It's a very strange position for me to be in, it's the opposite position to one I've been in for my whole life. Sex is important, women are real, women's language is important, women need words like 'woman' to describe themselves, these are all just basic things."
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>> No. 38174 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 5:20 pm
38174 spacer
Ah right well I'm not interested in her politics I just want a blowie.
>> No. 38175 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 8:32 pm
38175 spacer


Just too much of everything.

She was very pretty and natural when she was about 18-22, in a way that put many real women to shame, but nowadays, she's really more a glorified drag queen.
>> No. 38176 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 9:03 pm
38176 spacer

I'm not calling you a carpet-bagger, but I'm not not calling you a carpet-bagger.
>> No. 38177 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:10 pm
38177 spacer

Save it for the lad who's frolicking over Greta.
>> No. 38178 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 12:36 am
38178 spacer
If women can have penises then why do evangelist christian korean youtubers go through all the bother to have their johnsons inverted? Do the ones who want to have the surgery suffer from ingrained heteronormative oppression and gender stereotyping? If not, does it become an aesthetic choice like a woman getting surgically enhanced boobs or a man getting jaw surgery?

My best guess is that they think they'll be able to snag someone 100% straight instead of one of those weirdo evangelist christian korean youtuber chasers, but the neo-vagina technology isn't there yet so they often end up alienating both groups.


>> No. 8925 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 9:22 pm
/£$€¥/8925 spacer
What's the best hedge against a global recession or a decade of stagflation following covid, outside of the property that we can't afford or REITs?

I'm hatching an idea that it might be investments in transportation infrastructure to address supply bottlenecks - China being capable of mass producing the low-end consumer goods that will keep people spending even as prices rise (aside from cars that are fucked). My other idea might be the space sector as an area of new economic growth using something like SSIT to balance out declines elsewhere.
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>> No. 8926 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 9:52 pm
8926 spacer
Hard drugs.
>> No. 9186 Anonymous
21st February 2022
Monday 7:06 pm
9186 This seems like the inflation thread.
I thought I was on the upper limit of what the company would pay me but I just got a 15% raise and barely had to ask for it.

The only downside is that the senior management suddenly want everyone back in the office 2 days a week so they can feel important again. The office is noisy and unproductive so I'll get less work done.

Wages up, productivity down.
>> No. 9187 Anonymous
22nd February 2022
Tuesday 7:59 am
9187 spacer

I am genuinely interested in both ideas, investorlad. How would you go about investing in the space sector, in particular?


Without meaning to shit up a thread about interesting investments and inflation, I feel compelled to point out that the big "return to the office" is not about productivity, it's about control. People who spend enough time away from the office might get the idea into their head that spending more time with family is important, or that they can make more friends outside of work, or that they can afford to be more ambitious with their time.

As always, it's a power struggle, and I will also add that if working from home were permanent, then we should expect to see companies making ever increasing use of surveillance technology to make sure people aren't doing any of the above, i.e. blockers on certain websites, activity monitors, obligatory sign-on times and "stand-up" meetings.

Microsoft Teams already has a feature that records your mouse movements and any periods of inactivity, supposedly so that it can mark you as "away" when necessary, but it's not hard to imagine how this data could be used for monitoring.
>> No. 9188 Anonymous
22nd February 2022
Tuesday 10:30 am
9188 spacer
> it's not hard to imagine how this data could be used for monitoring

It actively is used for monitoring. Microsoft are quite open about that fact when they speak to enterprise/corporate IT environments. There are much worse tools out there already, though, that actively spy on workers; start with googling "desk occupancy sensor" for a start and go down the rabbit hole.

Protip: The moving images, animations on continuously running videos on a website such as ArsTechnica fool it and a) continually activate Teams and b) disable the screensaver. Use this information as you will (and saves buying one of those devices that jiggle the mouse for you).
>> No. 9223 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:26 pm
9223 spacer
>The 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields inverted for the first time since 2019 on Thursday, sending a possible warning signal that a recession could be on the horizon. The bond market phenomenon means the rate of the 2-year note is now higher than the 10-year note yield.

>This part of the yield curve is the most closely watched and typically given the most credence by investors that the economy could be heading for a downturn when it inverts. The 2-year to 10-year spread was last in negative territory in 2019, before pandemic lockdowns sent the global economy into a steep recession in early 2020. When the curve inverts, “there has been a better than two-thirds chance of a recession at some point in the next year and a greater than 98% chance of a recession at some point in the next two years,” according to Bespoke.

>In general, a simple way to look at the importance of the yield curve is to think about what it means for a bank. The yield curve measures the spread between a bank’s cost of money versus what it will make by lending it out or investing it over a longer period of time. If banks can’t make money, lending slows and so does economic activity. While the yield curve has sent somewhat reliable signals about pending recessions, there is often a long time lag and analysts say there needs to be corroborating evidence before investors need to fear a recession is around the corner.

It's not a sure-thing but you might want to hope for a good rice harvest this year. My guess is the market will still bump following the end of the Russo-Ukrainian War but that things will start coming undone as we get into winter.


>> No. 4998 Anonymous
27th August 2013
Tuesday 12:41 am
/spo/4998 Wrestling thread
Here's your wrestling thread. I expect lots of YouTube videos of botches and Cena hating... I would also like more stories along the lines of how Orton shat in a handbag.

Pic is Dean Ambrose at czw getting sawed... Just like real wraslin' should.
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>> No. 9856 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 8:20 pm
9856 spacer
Wrestlemania tonight and tomorrow. Also the NXT show that airs right now (might have finished by now). That's at least 10 hours of WWE over this weekend, not factoring in Hall Of Fame induction. I haven't been following WWE so much recently, just the stuff they share on Facebook, but I'm liking this Cameron Grimes fella. Gimmick is he got rich from Gamestop stocks and crypto. Fucking stupid premise for a wrestler, but I dig it.
>> No. 9857 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 12:00 am
9857 .
The funny thing about Grimes' gimmick is, that it's true. He really did make a ton of cash by buying Gamestop stock and Bitcoin
>> No. 9858 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 12:01 am
9858 spacer
The funny thing is it's true, he really did make a ton of cash by buying Gamestop stock and Bitcoin.
>> No. 9859 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 2:31 am
9859 spacer
Funny thing, it's true, he made a tonne of cash buying GME and Bitcoin.
>> No. 9860 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 6:37 am
9860 spacer
It's true, he made a ton of cash buying GME and Bitcoin.


>> No. 70647 Searchfag
31st March 2022
Thursday 8:06 pm
/iq/70647 spacer
Hankey's the name, pankey's the game.
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>> No. 70648 R4GE
1st April 2022
Friday 1:19 pm
70648 spacer
Maybe the devil really was in charge all along.
>> No. 70649 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 1:53 pm
70649 spacer
Wrong'uns, the lot of them. Just copy the world rankings onto the sex offenders register.
>> No. 70650 Billbob
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:31 pm
70650 spacer
Why does every iq thread have to be about carpet-baggers?


>> No. 5420 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 11:43 am
/boo/5420 spacer
For the past two weeks, WhatsApp Web has been refusing to connect to the phone despite it having worked perfectly well for ages before. Now this. Is it the CIA?
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>> No. 5421 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 4:23 pm
5421 spacer
Delete it completely, then reinstall everything from scratch. Any updates will be there, and all your problems will be solved. Unless you're just really into privacy on a broader level, in which case use Signal or Telegram instead.


>> No. 5493 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 11:44 am
/fat/5493 spacer
Similar to /emo/, I think we need a minor ailments thread for queries and issues that don't really warrant one of their own.
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>> No. 6087 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 4:13 pm
6087 spacer

Psychopharmacology is basically educated guesswork, but the obvious option is to just try 10mg and see how you go.

Has anything changed in your life that might have triggered a worsening of your symptoms?
>> No. 6088 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 4:21 pm
6088 spacer
Not that I know of. I even had a psychiatrist tell me he was amazingly happy with my progress just a few weeks ago. All the fears and obsessions I felt I had gotten over, have just slowly come back. They are bad enough as they are, let alone when you feel you've rid of them, and tasted happiness/normality.
>> No. 6089 Anonymous
16th March 2022
Wednesday 5:36 pm
6089 spacer
Not escitalopram specifically, but I've been on many different antidepressants, and find with some the benefit of them dwindles over time. Not sure if this is due to difficulties in life or just tolerance to the drug, but if you feel it's not working there are shitloads of alternatives out there that might work.
>> No. 6100 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 9:20 am
6100 spacer
Think I might have the old peptic ulcer lads - had to leave work on Wednesday because I was burping furiously from the morning which developed into nausea in the afternoon, eventually managed to vomit properly in the evening, after which point my arse immediately decided it needed a piss and I felt a bit better, but it's been a baseline since then of getting gassy when I'm moving and having maybe 1 proper meal a day due to reduced appetite. Now the lass wants to go for a birthday pubcrawl and while I relish the idea of walking several miles and consuming half pints of water on the route, I'm not sure I should just stay in my wanking den.

But a few people have had a stomach bug at work recently so I'm unsure, should probably get a GP appointment right? Looks like ulcers are bacterial infection anyway so should be antibiotics either way. Chances of dying if I don't go to the hospital today?
>> No. 6101 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 11:32 am
6101 spacer
I fucked up my toenail again. Had it treated a few years ago after it'd been ingrowing for a long time.. slowly got used to cutting it across and never below the edge but it had started becoming uncomfortable again recently. I got frustrated and cut deep into the groove, can't even pull out the nail section as it's still connected somewhere. It bled a bit and the pain is sharper than usual, but It's not pus-y(?) anymore, which is a plus .. but i'm gonna pay for it.


>> No. 5894 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 6:16 pm
/fat/5894 spacer
Can SSRI withdrawal (Citalopram 10mg) symptoms appear after even 2 months from stopping?

After a death in the family I went a bit loopy for a while, I was having constant panic attacks and intrusive thoughts about my own mortality.

I took Citalopram 10mg for 2 years, I stopped it 5 weeks ago after a quick ish taper (every other day for a few weeks, then every 3 days for a few weeks, then pretty quick).

Initially I felt a bit irritable, but otherwise great, I was feeling motivated and energised, and these intrusive and obsessional thoughts, as the doc put them, were no where to be seen.

Now 5-6 weeks later they are returning, and frankly I am scared. I'm also getting consistent headaches, like I feel very de-hydrated, even though I'm drinking a lot.
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>> No. 5932 Anonymous
20th October 2021
Wednesday 4:21 pm
5932 spacer
Well thanks for your input and I'm glad to hear it's working for you. If you don't mind a more personal question, how has this drug impacted your sex life? SSRis seem to mess that area of my life up big time. What I've done is booked a consultation with a psychiatrist via I can't stand waiting. The GP told me I was set to be waiting years otherwise.
>> No. 5933 Anonymous
20th October 2021
Wednesday 5:04 pm
5933 spacer
SSRIs were a double edged sword with regards to sex life. It took literally hours to cum. The ladies appreciated the stamina, but if I wanted to wank it might take 4 hours to reach climax. My current cocktail (fluoxetine, olanzapine, buproprion, lithium) has my sex life back to relatively normal. I know there's variation between people, but for me I haven't got the sexual numbness I had with drugs like sertraline/citalopram, and I can easily get it up which I couldn't on the other SSRIs.
>> No. 6091 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 12:57 pm
6091 spacer

Well, it's been another 6 months and he's still wrecked. Can't eat or sleep, has no energy and has pain all over his body. He now weighs 6 stone and only leaves his bed to go to the bathroom. The doctor agrees it's probably nervous system damage caused by taking olanzapine for 8 years.

The drug is absolute poison.
>> No. 6092 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:31 am
6092 spacer
That sounds awful, my heart goes out to you and your pa.

Not great to hear because olanzapine is essentially the one drug that consistently and effectively stabilises one of my loved ones. Before that, everything up to and including lithium either didn't make any positive impact or actively made things worse.
>> No. 6094 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 10:41 pm
6094 spacer

it will kill them in the long run


>> No. 9148 Anonymous
25th May 2021
Tuesday 9:26 am
/spo/9148 spacer
I've been thinking about it and I'm fairly certain that football's coming home.

England have such an abundance of riches that Southgate has had to delay naming his provisional squad.
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>> No. 9772 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 3:11 pm
9772 spacer
I had misread it multiple times as him going to prison for ten years rather than ten weeks. Someone mentioned it at work and I was roundly mocked. It's still a bit absurd, but nowhere near as bad as I thought.
>> No. 9773 Anonymous
4th November 2021
Thursday 7:04 pm
9773 spacer

It is still absurd, and deeply illiberal.
>> No. 9779 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 10:30 am
9779 spacer
You know as well as I do that prison is the best place for him if football makes him that angry.
>> No. 9843 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 5:55 pm
9843 spacer

>A teenager has been jailed for six weeks for racially abusing Marcus Rashford on Twitter after the Euro 2020 final, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said. Justin Lee Price, 19, of Worcester, was sentenced on Wednesday at Kidderminster magistrates court, in Worcester.
>> No. 9844 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 8:02 pm
9844 spacer
Good. Throw away the key.


>> No. 442884 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 12:43 am
/b/442884 Hypotheticals
I sometimes play out hypothetical scenarios in my head and what I'd do. I thought it would make for an interesting thread if I started listing them and getting some solutions, it might even be a learning experience as there's usually things I don't have an answer to.

So my first go:

If you broke one of your legs, how fucked would you be? How about both? That's not a threat. I was thinking about it the other night and how, frankly, I'd probably give breaking my legs a miss. My main problem is that I live up a few flights of stairs with no disabled access so I'd be trapped. I assume you can ask a delivery driver to come upstairs if you explain your position, so I wouldn't starve, but if both my legs are broken there's getting home from the hospital or going back as the legs heal.

I'd probably have to move out and live with my parents for at least a year. Do removal companies offer a service where they will pack your things up even if you don't organise? I don't much fancy my family finding my fleshlight.
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>> No. 450263 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 9:02 pm
450263 spacer
I know my address from 20 years ago, so I assume I would write a letter there (my parents still live there now). The letter would probably tell me which girl I fancied at the time, because it was a secret and I would never tell anyone such a thing. I might even rate the other girls from my class in my own personal order of attractiveness. I still have a class photo from 20 years ago, so I can use that. I also have a class photo from 19 years ago, so I could name the kids who will join my class in a few months next school year, if I have that long. I'm communicating via time-travelling letter so I assume I do.

A Facebook friend from primary school had her account hacked a few years ago, and started posting spam, and then sent me a message saying sorry for all the spam and please add her new account and delete the old one. This really happened, and it had probably been about 20 years at the time since I last saw her, so I tested her veracity by asking her who our primary school teacher was in a specific year. I can't imagine a spammer or hacker having access to that information, and she knew, so I used that as confirmation that it was really Hannah (who, in the year in question, was ranked second in the most-fancied-girls-in-my-class list).
>> No. 450269 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 12:12 am
450269 spacer
>I might even rate the other girls from my class in my own personal order of attractiveness

How would a ranking of girls in order of chub help your younger self, have you always had the same sexual preference in your school girls?
>> No. 450270 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 12:15 am
450270 spacer
>it had probably been about 20 years at the time since I last saw her, so I tested her veracity
Why not simply not have people you have no real connection to on Facebook?
>> No. 450271 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 12:29 am
450271 spacer

The more I reflect on this story the worse it sounds. I suspect your parents will have the police on the telephone once they find someone is claiming to be their son from the future while sending crude messages ranking school girls, sharing porn bush locations and begging him to invest in special internet coins.

Things will only get worse when the police look at the yellow dots under a microscope.
>> No. 450272 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 1:14 am
450272 spacer
I devised a ranking at the time and never shared it with anyone, and still remember it now. It would confirm my identity to my past self.

If I limited myself to interactions with people I actually speak to regularly, I'd never speak to anyone. You'd be surprised how often I have rekindled friendships with people after a decade of not speaking to them. Twice!


>> No. 14353 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:06 pm
/job/14353 spacer
If you were a senior manager how would you boost workplace synergies, comradery and sense of belonging? Say you had to plan quarterly away days, what activities would work?

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>> No. 14368 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 5:47 pm
14368 spacer
Unionisation & decimation.
>> No. 14369 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 6:02 pm
14369 spacer

>"Give yourself permission to relax."

The only appropriate response to that is a massive fart.
>> No. 14370 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 5:33 pm
14370 spacer
One hour wanking sessions every day.
>> No. 14371 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 7:27 pm
14371 spacer
Unfortunately you've transformed your office into the Children of God cult.
>> No. 14372 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 8:06 pm
14372 spacer
Daily Two Minutes Hate with films of rival companies.

>> No. 448866 Anonymous
8th January 2022
Saturday 9:09 am
/b/448866 New Weekend Thread
How's it going, lads?

What are you up to this weekend?
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>> No. 450251 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 10:17 am
450251 spacer
I'd suggest separating them into airtight containers with a month or two's worth in each, that way you're not exposing the whole lot to the humidity in the air every time you take one out.
It's not just the pennies being saved but also your time and energy thinking about whether or not you need more of the things.
>> No. 450253 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 2:03 pm
450253 spacer
They will likely outlast your Dishwasher.
>> No. 450256 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 10:38 am
450256 spacer
Just seen what I can only describe as a Mythical Arse lads.
>> No. 450257 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 12:40 pm
450257 spacer
An arse so good you forgot what day it is, remarkable.
>> No. 450258 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 4:10 pm
450258 spacer
You keep away from that Unicorn, Furrylad. I won't warn you again.


>> No. 9831 Anonymous
20th March 2022
Sunday 2:56 pm
/spo/9831 new F1 season
Actually dying to see if these cars produce better racing.
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>> No. 9838 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 10:35 am
9838 spacer
>> No. 9839 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 11:56 am
9839 spacer

I can't wait to find out that the Saudis are hiding their own "Funky Boy" bioweapon.

>> No. 9840 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 11:56 am
9840 spacer
It's not like America waited for the 9/11 fires to stop burning before resuming normal sporting events.
>> No. 9841 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 12:04 pm
9841 spacer

Indeed, they were absolutely busting to go to Afghanistan.
>> No. 9842 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 6:24 pm
9842 spacer
It's not exactly the festival feeling you want from an Grand Prix weekend, is it? Possibility of a missile strike, murderer for a host, the track tries to kill a young driver and you're not even allowed to neck a member of the same sex to relieve a little tension.


>> No. 450050 Anonymous
18th March 2022
Friday 1:39 pm
/b/450050 spacer
You know, I think it's time this place got some newer idents.

Any suggestions, lads?
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>> No. 450204 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 12:33 am
450204 spacer
Oh come off, she's hot but no need to be so obsessive.
>> No. 450208 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 9:40 am
450208 spacer
You clearly misunderstand what's happening here.
>> No. 450209 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 10:22 am
450209 spacer

Meme forcing is a proud tradition here lad.
>> No. 450210 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 10:58 am
450210 spacer
I wouldn't call it forcing. More a healthy appreciation of Vorderman.
>> No. 450220 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 6:07 pm
450220 spacer
That comment was out of Vorder.


>> No. 15052 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 12:51 am
/nom/15052 spacer
Something's going wrong with my baking trays causing the non-stick to flake off. It's very annoying as I only bought my recent one a couple months ago and already it's chipping. Any tips to avoid dying of cancer? I'm getting mixed messages on leaving the tray to cool down when I pull it from the oven.
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>> No. 15057 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 4:53 am
15057 spacer
Mine are non-stick but I still use banking paper so I don't have to clean them. It's the best way.

It's scrubbing off the dried on crap that fucks them. Non-stick is a con on anything but saucepans honestly.
>> No. 15058 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 8:38 am
15058 spacer
Non-stick coatings are made from a plastic called PTFE. It is almost completely inert below about 250°C and is widely used in medical devices and the chemicals industry for this reason - it just doesn't want to react with anything. Unfortunately it's also very soft and the non-stick properties mean that it's difficult to adhere it to metal.

It's totally harmless unless you massively overheat it, but it's also inherently fragile. Avoid using metal implements or scourers.
>> No. 15059 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 9:54 am
15059 spacer
Top points for a plumber or sparky that can tell us what PTFE stands for.
>> No. 15060 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 1:33 pm
15060 spacer

It stands for Teflon m8

polytetrafluroethelene or summat innit
>> No. 15061 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 5:45 pm
15061 spacer
Put The Fucker on Everything


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