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>> No. 3322 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 5:11 am
3322 spacer
So this is gonna be the thread we post in when we are stoned.

Fuck those /b/ Nazis.
Expand all images.
>> No. 3323 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 1:09 pm
3323 spacer
Good call. I'll be posting later.
>> No. 3324 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 5:15 pm
3324 spacer
burning one right now lads.
>> No. 3325 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 11:19 pm
3325 spacer
I don't see why not. One left
>> No. 3326 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 3:25 am
3326 spacer
Got everything I need for a few more right here. Watching Misfits, going to get drink and sandwich, and going to wake up at 7am for my 10am tomorrow, so I get 2 hours to doze.

Safe lads, have a good one.
>> No. 3327 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 8:46 am
3327 spacer
Made some lovely stereotypical brownies yesterday. Gonna chomp on them before Arcade Fire on Wednesday; it'll be a good night.
>> No. 3328 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 3:36 pm
3328 spacer
guys.. guys i just found out The active ingredient in Chinese Bird's nest soup is saliva.
I mean... wowh.
*tokes away*
>> No. 3329 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 6:48 pm
3329 spacer

Soup has "active ingredients" ? I thought it was just soup
>> No. 3330 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 7:16 pm
3330 spacer
I font understand it either, I'm still all Wowh saliva, Wowh active ingredients and at the same time I'm craving chinese as well now
>> No. 3331 Anonymous
7th December 2010
Tuesday 10:56 pm
3331 spacer
Soup is pretty active mate
>> No. 3334 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 1:21 pm
3334 spacer
can we have a rolling competition? ive always wanted to see how others roll across the world and see their endeavours... ratemyspliff.com?
>> No. 3335 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 2:56 pm
3335 spacer

What, just taking pictures and whatnot? Smokability won't be a factor then, I'm guessing.

Rolling's so satisfying :)
>> No. 3336 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 6:36 pm
3336 spacer
well like, its not a joint if you cant you smoke it.. I do love skining up... im rather artistic with my roaches....
ill upload some in a mo'.
>> No. 3337 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 6:40 pm
3337 the how do you roll thread.
so these first two are mine, the roach is a tight clockwise spiral - im proud of how tidy my rolling is.
>> No. 3338 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 6:41 pm
3338 and the roach
sorry about the quality - phone camera.
>> No. 3339 Anonymous
9th December 2010
Thursday 10:36 pm
3339 spacer
I don't think I could roll one that looked that neat but still smoked well. I'd feel a bit ashamed with how messy they are compared to that.
>> No. 3340 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 3:40 am
3340 spacer
~I have to appluad your roach to joint ratio, and a very smooth roll. What was your skin method? I enjoy the 2 skin/another skins' gum combo...
>> No. 3341 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 9:45 am
3341 spacer
its easy to do, just use as least movement as possible...
aaah i can roll a three small small skin which is simmilar to that: the one above is one single large OCB and some rizla card.
I have become almost zen with the rolling, using as few movements as possible the roll is more of a fold and im usually done in less then 30 seconds from fresh rizla to sitting on the side waiting for my cup of tea.
i fucking love skining up me.
>> No. 3342 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 2:59 pm
3342 spacer

I use a much looser roach; just some torn up flyer. I find unless you're using hash, hot rocks obviously aren't a problem.
A nice soft rolling tobacco makes for a lovely smooth toke, and it's not all loose and flaking apart as you would expect from straights.
The damp quality of the tobacco also means when the green's very dry and powdery, it sticks to it.
I like to put the tobacco and ground weed onto a flat surface then mix it up with a card, so none of the powder is lost sticking to my fingers, and it also gives you a much better mix, canoe/side-burning is never a problem like this.
Lastly, I never twist the end unless I'm pre-rolling for some occasion. It just compacts the tip and doesn't light so evenly.
>> No. 3343 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:10 pm
3343 spacer

awesome. so do you use dove tails at all? ive always done the mix on a board, its hard to imagine some one not.

today I ran out of OCB's - and - it being a nightmare to get outside - I decided to document my three small skin rolling technique.

you will need three rizla, a piece of roach, and the usual substances.
>> No. 3344 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:11 pm
3344 spacer

lick one of them down the fold and split like so
>> No. 3345 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:12 pm
3345 spacer

stick them together like the picture on the left.
>> No. 3346 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:13 pm
3346 spacer

and add the spare as illustrated, this can take a little practice.
>> No. 3347 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:14 pm
3347 spacer

add a new fold in the shape you wish to achive, never more then half way up the far side.
>> No. 3348 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:15 pm
3348 spacer

make your roach, however you like, ive gone clockwise again.
>> No. 3349 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 8:17 pm
3349 spacer

roll and fold and lick. jumped forward a bit for fear of the rath of the mods.

its not pretty but its a pretty easy way skining up when you have no large rizla laying about.
>> No. 3350 Anonymous
10th December 2010
Friday 9:17 pm
3350 spacer
What do you mean by dovetails? I'm pretty sure multi-posting's okay, it's not spam. I have a different method for smaller skins but I'll wait until I have anything to put in them first.
>> No. 3351 Anonymous
13th December 2010
Monday 4:01 pm
3351 spacer
>> No. 3354 Anonymous
13th December 2010
Monday 10:15 pm
3354 spacer
>> No. 3356 Anonymous
14th December 2010
Tuesday 12:08 pm
3356 spacer
How the fuck do you smoke a blunt? It wont stay lit whenever ive tried. They havnt 'canoed', they just go out and leave a big black bit on the end thats burnt on the outside but still usable on the inside. Ive been picking them apart and eating whatever i can but it tastes like fucking ash.
I dont want to smoke with tobacco because it makes me sick as hell.
>> No. 3357 Anonymous
14th December 2010
Tuesday 12:20 pm
3357 spacer
Are you using a blunt wrap? Normal papers burn way to fast for a weed only joint.
>> No. 3358 Anonymous
15th December 2010
Wednesday 6:02 am
3358 spacer
Do you have a decent grinder? I never had a problem with even cheap-o cig papers: roll it fairly thin (I end up around half to 3/4 cig thick at the roach end, around cig-thick at the other), continuously smoke (it's not one to leave on for five minutes and then come back to without re-lighting) and you should be golden.
>> No. 3359 Anonymous
16th December 2010
Thursday 4:30 pm
3359 spacer
Doing it wrong lad.
>> No. 3360 Anonymous
16th December 2010
Thursday 7:45 pm
3360 spacer
Lads, I have a problem. I can't roll joints outside because of the wind and whenever I do try it, it becomes as loose as a northern girl on the lash. How do you guys roll up when you're outside?
>> No. 3361 Anonymous
17th December 2010
Friday 12:16 am
3361 spacer
Have you tried facing away from the wind to give cover?
>> No. 3362 Anonymous
17th December 2010
Friday 8:16 am
3362 spacer
this sounds crazy when i type it out but I lay the rizla in my right hand, make the mix in my left, kinda... put my hands together so the rizla is on the bottom and sorta make a bowl with my hand with the rizla and mix in it... then I sort out the placement of the mix and then.. roll it..
>> No. 3363 Anonymous
17th December 2010
Friday 11:05 am
3363 spacer

If you want to do a tight roll, just roll it tightly; try to keep the roach inside while you roll the two sides of the rizla around the mix, compacting it and making it thinner. Roll the near edge down as far as possible, quite evenly down the joint, then awkwardly shuffle your fingers and thumbs until you can roll the rest of the rizla around the mix. It should happen quite easily.

*Calling this out as a terrible explaination.
>> No. 3364 Anonymous
17th December 2010
Friday 10:49 pm
3364 spacer

How likely is this to work if I add an eighth and split it between two people?

Smoked a lot of weed, but never tried any edibles.

This seemed like by far the easiest option. (See pic)
>> No. 3365 Anonymous
18th December 2010
Saturday 1:08 am
3365 spacer
it would work, but not very well and would be wasteful. you should make cannabutter:

and cook with that to get the highest/most out of your weed.
>> No. 3369 Anonymous
19th December 2010
Sunday 4:22 pm
3369 spacer
I had chunk of hash about a year ago (random cheap-ish stuff, so I didn't feel like I was risking much were it to go wrong). Using a similar recipe to the one in your picture (3ts each of sugar, chocolate powder, milk, flour, 2ts of butter and egg, prepared in the microwave like yours), though I dissolved the hash in the butter first (bowl with butter/hash floating in a pan with boiling water for around 15 minutes with frequent stirring).

The result was… ok, I guess. I wouldn't waste good stuff on it.
>> No. 3370 Anonymous
20th December 2010
Monday 10:09 am
3370 spacer
dovetails are a way of skinning up that requires no roach, it creates like a little box at the roach end... i cant find any pictures of it online and have only seen it done like 4 times... i need to learn how to do it as its pretty dammed impressive.
sorry it took so long - I was moving house.
>> No. 3371 Anonymous
20th December 2010
Monday 11:43 pm
3371 spacer
For hash a backrolled moroccan filter is the only way. accept no substitutes.
>> No. 3372 Anonymous
21st December 2010
Tuesday 4:39 pm
3372 spacer
care to do some instructions on how?
>> No. 3373 Anonymous
25th December 2010
Saturday 6:50 pm
3373 spacer
smoking for santa!
>> No. 3374 Anonymous
27th December 2010
Monday 4:47 pm
3374 spacer

im smoking for His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Elect of God.
Jah. Rastafari.
pic related: its him and a rather stoned looking churchill.
>> No. 3375 Anonymous
28th December 2010
Tuesday 1:47 am
3375 spacer
I'm about to smoke a pretty standard joint, I was hoping if someone can recommend me a nice film to watch while stoned?
>> No. 3376 Anonymous
29th December 2010
Wednesday 3:15 am
3376 spacer

>> No. 3377 Anonymous
29th December 2010
Wednesday 1:41 pm
3377 spacer

'A Scanner Darkly'.
>> No. 3378 Anonymous
29th December 2010
Wednesday 5:38 pm
3378 spacer
Reefer Madness
>> No. 3379 Anonymous
1st January 2011
Saturday 7:37 am
3379 spacer

We've got through about 7g tonight, still going.
>> No. 3381 Anonymous
2nd January 2011
Sunday 4:17 pm
3381 spacer

That's not 'soap', is it? If it is, repent - for your own sake.
>> No. 3382 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 12:56 pm
3382 spacer
Fuck off
>> No. 3383 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 3:35 pm
3383 spacer

You can see the bits of tractor tyre in it when you enlarge the picture. Eeeh. Kids today.
>> No. 3384 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 10:36 pm
3384 spacer
oh man. Anyone know some good music to lsiten to while stoned. Shit im listening to EVE music now and its blowing my mind.
>> No. 3386 Anonymous
4th January 2011
Tuesday 7:56 pm
3386 spacer
bolt thrower. sleep. electric wizard. kyuss. shit like that man.
>> No. 3387 Anonymous
4th January 2011
Tuesday 10:26 pm
3387 spacer
I listened to pink floyd, the classic. Holy christ the whole time i was thinking of a huge conspiracy theory. It actually scared me a bit.

I was in bed with my eyes closed listening to The Dark Side of the Moon and i was watching a film play in my head. Then i thought "what if this is subliminal messaging?" All of the songs have different parts. They generally start with a slow heart beat sound that gets you 'in sync' (is that spelt right?) then it starts with the flowy stuff to make sure youre really hooked in, then it comes out with this window of suggestive sounds and shit. Brainwashing with these instrumental bars of sound, then it cuts out and the normal song is back.

I thought "who would have enough money for the research to make this possible? It cant be pink floyd or their record company. IT must be something higher".

Basically i came to the conclusion that The New World Order are trying to brainwash us by implanting subliminal messages, using ground breaking bands as a front. We are more susceptible to it while stoned.

The New World Order are producing and distributing weed and allowing illegally grown weed to go under the radar so their brainwashing can reach more people. Cash for them and they have millions of sleeping agents (excuse the bad terminology) ready to do their bidding at the click of their fingers.

I mean, i cant believe that Pink Floyd constructed these songs themselves. The album leads you through a story. The begining of Time seems too well timed, it forces you to 'wake up' and come out of your high so you can get up and think about what just happened. Then by the time the chiming clocks are over you've started to drift back into another high and that familiar heart beat baseline comes in to draw you back in.

They couldnt have done it themselves. There must be something greater behind it.

The worst part for me was during The Great Gig in the Sky (i think, at least). The one where theres a lnog section of a presumably black woman singing OOOOs and AAAAHs wuite nicely but then she starts screaming the song in a horrible way. The whole time i think i must have been fucking my bedsheets but as soon as she made the wailing sounds i was shitting myself though fear. All i could think was "shes missed her chance to climax and now shes trying to fake it. Its telling me how horrible porn is and how disgusting we human are' and stuff like that. I dont know how that ties in with The New World Order bit.

Anyeway, im pretty scared to listen to the album again now. I know its unlikely that there are no music based conspiracies.. but i want to believe. Besides, it would make an interesting modern RPG game.
>> No. 3388 Anonymous
5th January 2011
Wednesday 12:10 am
3388 spacer
Bro. You must be sooooo high.

I'm not reading all that shit. I got up to the bit where you were listening to dark side of the moon and then I got bored.
>> No. 3390 Anonymous
6th January 2011
Thursday 6:43 pm
3390 spacer
i always like a bit of the stone roses or the world of twist when having a smoke, then when im off to bed, nothing beats a little bit of the orb.
>> No. 3391 Anonymous
7th January 2011
Friday 6:04 pm
3391 spacer
Anyone ever been to Amsterdam and got any good Hotel recommendations? Group of lads, so don't care too much about quality. No hostels.
>> No. 3392 Anonymous
7th January 2011
Friday 6:06 pm
3392 spacer
Kid Cudi is great when high.

Try - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ceBDlxtKg0

Or - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Deeyrmw9jyQ (really 90s)
>> No. 3393 Anonymous
7th January 2011
Friday 9:14 pm
3393 spacer
Mate just have a look online. asking for hotels in a big city is like going to a supermarket and asking for a packet of cheese.

You're going to end up with gorganzola if you carry on like that.
>> No. 3394 Anonymous
7th January 2011
Friday 10:43 pm
3394 spacer

Fair point, mostly just laziness on my part I suppose.
>> No. 3395 Anonymous
8th January 2011
Saturday 1:36 am
3395 spacer
try this when high.

>> No. 3408 Anonymous
12th January 2011
Wednesday 1:39 am
3408 spacer
I'm in love with Mary Jane.
>> No. 3409 Anonymous
12th January 2011
Wednesday 1:07 pm
3409 spacer
"she likes to spread her love and turn your head arou-rou-rou-roundddd"
>> No. 3410 Anonymous
13th January 2011
Thursday 3:53 am
3410 spacer
Thanks for that, I had a great night with that in the background.
>> No. 3424 Anonymous
18th January 2011
Tuesday 8:29 pm
3424 spacer
Tonight is pseudo-intellectual hip-hop and Liszt night.


>> No. 3426 Anonymous
22nd January 2011
Saturday 1:40 am
3426 spacer
Enjoying the Liszt.

(Cudi is great whilst high)
>> No. 3468 Anonymous
16th February 2011
Wednesday 1:12 pm
3468 spacer

currently high and listening to this. in fact just as i type this it ended. i'm gonna go watch 24.
>> No. 3473 Anonymous
19th February 2011
Saturday 7:50 pm
3473 spacer
Hello from surreyfags!
>> No. 3474 Anonymous
20th February 2011
Sunday 10:22 am
3474 spacer
ahoy there!
another surryfag here :)
>> No. 3496 Anonymous
1st March 2011
Tuesday 12:38 am
3496 spacer
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face...

With stars to fill my dream.

I am a traveller of all time and space...

To be where I have been.

>> No. 3497 Anonymous
1st March 2011
Tuesday 8:24 pm
3497 spacer

>> No. 3519 Anonymous
14th March 2011
Monday 1:07 am
3519 spacer
Well I gotta say it's dissapointing to see this thread not have moved since the last time I posted here blazed out of my mind.

You all need to go watch Terminator by the way, it's motherfucking awesome. And preferably read Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" immediately after.
>> No. 3520 Anonymous
14th March 2011
Monday 10:42 am
3520 spacer

get stoned and watch all 3 of these movies. they are scary enough sober.
>> No. 3521 Anonymous
14th March 2011
Monday 12:42 pm
3521 spacer


I advise anyone not to get stoned and watch this film alone in a dark room
>> No. 3536 Anonymous
18th March 2011
Friday 1:39 am
3536 spacer

Quick question, how does anyone function whilst high? This fucking message took me to much energy.
>> No. 3543 Anonymous
21st March 2011
Monday 10:10 pm
3543 spacer

Forgive me for being presumptuous (however you spell that), but do you smoke up often?

It's like anything, you get used to it the more experiene you have. I know the first few times I got high I just sat there spacing the fuck out, usually before throwing up. I know what you mean in that case.
>> No. 3545 Anonymous
22nd March 2011
Tuesday 3:25 pm
3545 spacer
>> No. 3556 Anonymous
23rd March 2011
Wednesday 8:34 pm
3556 spacer

I literally only just got the 'we got green' line from the Supergrass song Feel Alright.
>> No. 3584 Anonymous
2nd April 2011
Saturday 3:08 am
3584 spacer

The homeless guy begging for change from the film Walk Hard also stars in the same role in UHF.
>> No. 3589 Anonymous
3rd April 2011
Sunday 3:39 am
3589 spacer
Oh shit, of course!
>> No. 3624 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 9:47 pm
3624 spacer

So someone on 420chan said it would be good to microwave some weed in a glass of milk for a minute and a half.
Any thoughts? I'm just about to drink it.
>> No. 3625 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 10:20 pm
3625 spacer

I put nesquick in it and definitely felt something.
>> No. 3649 Anonymous
13th April 2011
Wednesday 8:45 pm
3649 spacer

Some Purp Kush from Amsterdam, just got back.
>> No. 3651 Anonymous
13th April 2011
Wednesday 11:26 pm
3651 spacer
How is it?
>> No. 3655 Anonymous
14th April 2011
Thursday 3:22 pm
3655 spacer
I read somewhere that weed in the microwave destroys the THC or something. Dunno if it's true or not.
>> No. 3656 Anonymous
14th April 2011
Thursday 3:47 pm
3656 spacer
Time to use science! Seperate two joints of the same stash, microwave one, and the other is the control. See if the high changes.
>> No. 3657 Anonymous
14th April 2011
Thursday 6:21 pm
3657 spacer
Back to /lab/ /boo/ with your madness lad!
>> No. 3658 Anonymous
14th April 2011
Thursday 7:30 pm
3658 spacer
nah m8 it was good

I recommend this if you want something to do with your stalks!
>> No. 3659 Anonymous
14th April 2011
Thursday 8:18 pm
3659 spacer
Thats not very scientific, you need it to be double blind, and have a decent ammount of people.
>> No. 3667 Anonymous
15th April 2011
Friday 3:58 pm
3667 spacer

rubbish. Smoke them both and see if you get as stoned as just smoking one of them. You don't need to be blind if you roll them the same way.
>> No. 3674 Anonymous
15th April 2011
Friday 10:10 pm
3674 spacer

You need someone else to make the joints, from the same 8th. They should know which one is which, but you shouldn't. You should take them on consecutive days, and attempt to rate you highness quantitatively.
This should be repeated a minimum of five times. Avoid trying to guess which joint you smoked.

Do a statistical test, 10% significance should be appropriate if you are using a scale of 1-10.
>> No. 3686 Anonymous
17th April 2011
Sunday 3:13 pm
3686 spacer

Getting someone else to make them is a good idea but don't smoke them on consecutive days. Smoke them with about a 5min break or back to back if they aren't strong enough. Then draw a picture about how you're feeling. With crayons.
>> No. 3925 Anonymous
3rd July 2011
Sunday 11:20 pm
3925 spacer
Thought this thread needed a bump.

Anyway, I find myself listening to Master of Puppets for the first time in years. It's really a good album, I know a lot of people hate it because it's so cliche by now... But still.

Probably some psychological shit to analyse there. I dunno. I overthink things while I'm high. And I am quite.

Let this thread have life! Or don't tell me, nobody here gets stoned anymore?
>> No. 3929 Anonymous
4th July 2011
Monday 1:47 am
3929 spacer

I think like a stoned person without being high. It's a bit ridiculous, really.

But I love being stoned because I never get depressed when I'm baked.
>> No. 3930 Anonymous
4th July 2011
Monday 2:41 am
3930 spacer

>> No. 3932 Anonymous
4th July 2011
Monday 10:19 pm
3932 spacer
I think I have greater empathy when I am high, I keep on imagining what my life would be like as other people, from people in Somalia (I was watching Black Hawk Down) to posh Eton kids.
>> No. 3933 Anonymous
4th July 2011
Monday 11:30 pm
3933 spacer
Mildly stoned listening to old swing music.

>> No. 3934 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 2:05 am
3934 spacer
Anyone here supporting CLEAR?

I don't really care for single issue party politics but at least they're getting in edgeways everywhere they see misinformation.
>> No. 3935 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 2:11 am
3935 spacer
I think it's pretty fortunate we live in a time with anesthesia and the Internet.


Duh duh duh duh Buh buh
>> No. 3936 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 8:03 am
3936 spacer
>> No. 3937 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 1:45 pm
3937 spacer
Nah lads, you've gotta give this a try.

>> No. 3938 Anonymous
6th July 2011
Wednesday 5:59 pm
3938 spacer

Bong first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7J6xlGnvPw
>> No. 3957 Anonymous
15th July 2011
Friday 8:26 pm
3957 spacer
I advise you all to listen to this song next time you're really high. I mean really high, so that you're experiencing everything as some kind of profound revelation.

It's great.

>> No. 3958 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 12:08 am
3958 spacer

Why, past self. It's a good job you stopped by, your advice is most wise.

I find myself listening to a link I posted only a day earlier.

(Sage for kinda pointless post, but I've already typed it so...)
>> No. 3959 Anonymous
19th July 2011
Tuesday 1:47 pm
3959 spacer

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land

Proceeds the Weedian, Nazareth

Creedsmen roll out across the dying dawn
Sacred Israel Holy Mountain Zion
Sun beams down on to the Sandsea reigns
Caravan migrates through deep sandscape

Lungsmen unearth the creed of Hasheeshian
Procession of the Weed Priests to cross the sands
Desert Legion Smoke-Covenant is complete
Herb bails re-tied onto backs of beasts

Arise ...the Son of the God of Israel
Jordan River flows on evermore
Bathe in glow of sunlight's beating rays
They feel so lost and burned through our days

Stoner Caravan emerge from sand sea
Earthling inserts to chalice the Green Cutchie
Groundation soul finds trust upon smoking hose
Assembled Creedsmen rises prayer-filled smoke
Raise up seer's Holy Prophecy
Lets down on years of sun now feeds
Seed of Eden fall on them ten fold
Onward Caravan prepare new bong

Weed-Priests...rite (indecipherable?)
Judgment soon come to Mankind
Green Herbsmen serve rightful king
Hemp seed Caravan carries

The molten fire flowed up toward Zion
Flight of the Nazarene to seek the Cheribum
Rides out Believer with the spliff aflame
Marijuanaut escapes Earth to cultivate

Grow-Room is church temple of the new stoner breed.
Chants loud robed priest down on to the freedom seed.
Burnt offering redeems, completes smoked deliverance.
Caravans stoned deliverance.
The Caravan holds to Eastern Creed, now smokes believer.
The Chronicle of the Sensimillian.

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land
Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke.... Jerusalem

>> No. 3960 Anonymous
26th July 2011
Tuesday 12:47 am
3960 spacer
the note is not what it seems, look out to the east for it grows stronger and hungrier
>> No. 3963 Anonymous
27th July 2011
Wednesday 4:35 pm
3963 spacer

worst quarter ever.jpg
Is it just me that'd be mad if I paid for a quarter and got this?

>> No. 3988 Anonymous
4th August 2011
Thursday 1:47 am
3988 spacer
>> No. 4010 Anonymous
12th August 2011
Friday 10:46 am
4010 spacer
So, quite high, and about to set off to a festival.

Life is good. I fucking hate trains though.
>> No. 4011 Anonymous
12th August 2011
Friday 2:34 pm
4011 spacer

Why so? I hate the pressure of having to get all your shit ready for your stop, especially if it's packed, but I find the journey itself incredibly relaxing. I've had both baked and drunk train journeys before and I enjoyed them immensely. I did start singing to myself when I was drunk though...but I was the only one in the carriage and it wasn't loud, so it's probably ok.
>> No. 4014 Anonymous
13th August 2011
Saturday 12:45 am
4014 spacer
Well I'm currently baked as fuck and listening to Miles Davis.
I feel like I'm in Cowboy Bebop.
>> No. 4015 Anonymous
14th August 2011
Sunday 6:43 pm
4015 spacer

If the trains were relatively quiet then I would agree with you.

However when they are as incredibly busy as they were both ways of this journey... That's why I hate trains. Plus not being able to smoke for hours, which normally isn't a problem, but when I'm as stressed as I am travelling by rail it's a nightmare.

That and I had some very, very good bud with me, so was naturally paranoid.
>> No. 4048 Anonymous
1st September 2011
Thursday 11:09 pm
4048 spacer

Nice new summary of an NHS report.
>> No. 4049 Anonymous
2nd September 2011
Friday 4:18 am
4049 spacer
Do you think we'll see any steps towards legalising cannabis in our lifetime?
>> No. 4050 Anonymous
2nd September 2011
Friday 1:10 pm
4050 spacer
Baby steps, but if history has taught us anything then people, for whatever reason, reverse their position on cannabis when they turn 40 so I wouldn't hold my breath for the oft-foretold "generational shift".
>> No. 4051 Anonymous
3rd September 2011
Saturday 9:25 am
4051 spacer

Fair comment, but I think that the deciding factor may be the superabundance of home growing operations - in short, the potential revenue.
>> No. 4052 Anonymous
3rd September 2011
Saturday 2:51 pm
4052 spacer
I don't like train journeys while baked, I get a bit paranoid as to whether people are staring at me and secretly laughing, although I just stick my headphones in and pretend I am an alien viewing human landscapes and interaction. The worst is when you had done an all night session and taking the train home in the morning when all the functioning members of society are on their way to work and giving your red eyes judgmental stares.
>> No. 4055 Anonymous
6th September 2011
Tuesday 11:52 am
4055 spacer
It pisses me off when it starts raining, right as you're trying to have a nice casual spliff.

Fuck it. I think I'll just sit here and listen to Metallica all day. Their early stuff, obviously. Metallica are my default bands when I can't decide between crazy shit like Coroner and Voivod for some reason, just fuck that and put on good old Metlicker.
>> No. 4065 Anonymous
8th September 2011
Thursday 5:40 pm
4065 spacer
TRIP blunts by juicy - fucking lovely, best blunt I've ever had...

Also got some watermelon ones at a shop I saw in Ramsgate, looking forward to trying these out.

And 3 roach books for £1? Lovely, sorted for roach until I die.
>> No. 4066 Anonymous
9th September 2011
Friday 1:16 am
4066 spacer
I'm really really high right now. Everything is fucked up.
>> No. 4073 Anonymous
9th September 2011
Friday 8:45 pm
4073 spacer

Good on you chap.

I aim to be also. Which probably means I need to get off my arse and roll a spliff. And then watch Cube.
>> No. 4074 Anonymous
9th September 2011
Friday 11:22 pm
4074 spacer
Holy shit. Scariest situation ever. I am at my parents house since I am poor.

Post >>4073 is mine, so obviously I was skinning up.

Fucking parents walk through the door. Pissed out of their heads, shouting about shit.

Holy fuck. Crazy rush to a) finish rolling and b) fucking tidy up all the fucking gange and shit motherfuck. Put everything away, and greet the parents nonchalantly because I totally wasn't just rolling a joint.

Anyway still somked up and watched the movie. Good times.
>> No. 4075 Anonymous
10th September 2011
Saturday 3:19 pm
4075 spacer
What the fuck? Unless you're worried your parents would kick you out for smoking in their house, I'm wondering what your problem is.
>> No. 4076 Anonymous
10th September 2011
Saturday 5:02 pm
4076 spacer

What else would it be?
>> No. 4077 Anonymous
10th September 2011
Saturday 6:33 pm
4077 spacer

Yeah I'd have most certainly been kicked out. I have very intolerant folks.

It was like a flashback to being a teenager about to get caught smoking for the first time or something.
>> No. 4078 Anonymous
10th September 2011
Saturday 11:25 pm
4078 spacer
Caring what his parents thought.
>> No. 4119 Anonymous
20th September 2011
Tuesday 9:54 pm
4119 spacer

the film reminds me of a dinosor when i grow up i want to be a hippo :)
>> No. 4120 Anonymous
20th September 2011
Tuesday 11:33 pm
4120 spacer
I wish I lived your life.
>> No. 4158 Anonymous
22nd October 2011
Saturday 2:15 pm
4158 spacer
Holy shit. I never realised Lord Of The Rings was so interesting.

I've just realised I've spent the last hour reading about Morgoth and Sauron. There's a picture on Sauron on the LOTR wiki from the First Age, when he still had a normal human appearance. I mean woah, that's cool.
>> No. 4159 Anonymous
23rd October 2011
Sunday 2:53 am
4159 spacer

The creation song sequence will interest you more.
>> No. 4177 Anonymous
7th November 2011
Monday 7:16 pm
4177 spacer
I like this.
>> No. 4178 Anonymous
7th November 2011
Monday 8:55 pm
4178 spacer

I like how he just gets crowned king, and then is just like "And now a song."

I wish that instead, after his solemn speech, Gimli and Legolas would jump up to play the bass and drums, while Aragorn whips out an electric guitar as Gandalf's pyrotechnics erupt from the stage.
>> No. 4181 Anonymous
8th November 2011
Tuesday 3:19 pm
4181 spacer
Reading this high, my mind went off into some tangent about Gimli and Legolas being some sort of Drum & Bass duo act, peforming in dinghy clubs in Bristol all sniffed up.
>> No. 4188 Anonymous
15th November 2011
Tuesday 4:11 pm
4188 spacer
Everybody who read the above post imagined Gimli as a drummer
>> No. 4192 Anonymous
18th November 2011
Friday 12:05 am
4192 spacer

I imagined them performing 'all by yourself'. Legolas manages to ape the original perfectly.
>> No. 4197 Anonymous
20th November 2011
Sunday 1:40 pm
4197 spacer
It was an oath but Quenya is a very melodic language, a lot of it is like singing, reminds me of Farsi. And I was wondering, how does one keep a small tenbag of weed fresh, I have it in a plastic baggy but I need to keep it till Friday and I don't want it drying out. Suggestions?
>> No. 4198 Anonymous
20th November 2011
Sunday 8:47 pm
4198 spacer

Put it into a vacuum.
>> No. 4199 Anonymous
20th November 2011
Sunday 9:16 pm
4199 spacer

Smoke it and buy more?

I empathise with you however, I have very scant contacts when it comes to acquiring bud and thus have to make it last. I find simply sealing it up in a multitude of bags suffices, though I've heard mad tales of freezing ganja to keep it fresh and so on.
>> No. 4200 Anonymous
23rd November 2011
Wednesday 5:40 pm
4200 spacer
Can't do that, I very luckily ran into a dealer on my road but I was so pissed I got his number down wrong and have no weed till I find him again. I'm also a poor cunt so I just wrapped it in a few bags and I heard freezing it can make the THC crystals harden and then break off. Nothing wrong with weed that's a bit dry though.
>> No. 4203 Anonymous
27th November 2011
Sunday 4:58 am
4203 spacer
Got some wacky chiesel from a dealer just the other day.

It tastes, smells and smokes like the stuff I had in Dam.

I'm very happy.

>> No. 4205 Anonymous
27th November 2011
Sunday 11:33 pm
4205 spacer
My mate happened to find a 20s next to his mum's handbag this morning. (Sounds like we're just the kind of people from Jeremy Kyle I know, but I assure you, it's completely different. We're respectable individuals.)

Naturally, we're disposing of it in a safe and perfectly legal manner.
>> No. 4206 Anonymous
28th November 2011
Monday 8:15 pm
4206 spacer
Got some lovely Thai Stick! The real deal, import! ;D
>> No. 4213 Anonymous
1st December 2011
Thursday 12:57 am
4213 spacer
Getting some nice Dutch powerplant in from Amsterdam courtesy of the "deep web". £6 a gram!
>> No. 4214 Anonymous
1st December 2011
Thursday 4:29 pm
4214 spacer
How much is postage and packaging?
>> No. 4216 Anonymous
2nd December 2011
Friday 1:45 pm
4216 spacer
chisel is the slang for cocaine, not cannabis.

also "FAT BONG RIP" - are you Californian or something m8?

I'm gonna go chuff sum puff in a bit
>> No. 4217 Anonymous
2nd December 2011
Friday 6:08 pm
4217 Lemsip Black Market
Didn't think it was worth a new thread...

Last Sunday as I was on my way to the laundrette
looking a bit like a homeless person (huge backpack, couldn't be arsed with shoes so wearing flip flops and none to sober over all) two chaps walked up to me, opened a plastic bag with a box of lemsip in there asking me if I wanted to buy it. Busy road near a pub with people milling around, so I doubt they were trying to mug me or anything.

Was that some code for drugs I don't know about, is there a roaring trade in counterfeit lemsip or were they just two disturbed individuals?

Anyone have any insight?
>> No. 4222 Anonymous
3rd December 2011
Saturday 10:45 pm
4222 spacer
Right lads, I need your help. What are some suitable replacements for tobacco in a spliff, I've ran out and I'm too broke to go buy a packet of fags. Do you think it would be allright if I ripped up bits of Rizla and rolled it with that, or is it just a stupid idea?
>> No. 4223 Anonymous
3rd December 2011
Saturday 11:43 pm
4223 spacer


Christ, I'd rather go pick up ends on the pavement and use that then smoke a spliff consisting of paper. Terrible idea.

With your obvious disregard for health why not just use a can?
>> No. 4226 Anonymous
4th December 2011
Sunday 1:08 am
4226 spacer

They might have thought you were looking a bit peaky so they tried to middle man you some medicine...


I've gone and scraped up bits of tobacco that had fallen inside the pocket of the jacket I keep cigarettes in but it had lots of hairs and some of the tobacco was very dark with age. Hopefully it won't taste bad enough to make me vomit.

I'm terrible at making things, last time I tried to make a pipe, I ended up wasting a full scores. I should learn though, Youtube makes it look dead easy.
>> No. 4230 Anonymous
4th December 2011
Sunday 5:11 am
4230 spacer

Why do you even roll it with tobacco anyway? It's disgusting.
>> No. 4234 Anonymous
5th December 2011
Monday 3:10 pm
4234 spacer
Agreed. Ruining perfectly good weed by sprinkling with brown toxic death shavings is tantamount to treason.
>> No. 4237 Anonymous
5th December 2011
Monday 10:20 pm
4237 spacer

Whenever I've made a joint out of weed only, it had tasted awful, kept on going out so I had to light it up again, didn't get me very high and it's pretty expensive. I would have thought that a joint made out of weed only would get me just as high as a 2 joints made with tobacco, but this wasn't the case for me, might be a placebo, I dunno or perhaps my joints weren't thin enough.

I don't like tobacco though, I would smoke it with those herbal blend things but I'm not really bothered to order them, it's far easier to get a couple fags off of someone when I do smoke a spliff.
>> No. 4238 Anonymous
6th December 2011
Tuesday 12:56 am
4238 spacer

I like to stuff an entire twentybag into a Rizla slim king size paper, roll it up and smoke the entire thing in half an hour.
>> No. 4258 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 9:07 pm
4258 spacer
Fag baccy in spliffs tastes awful to me. I smoke rollies myself, and it makes me feel sick for some reason. Because it's unfiltered I guess. Hand rolling baccy like GV, AL, whatever, is fine though... Had a spliff made with lambert... was nearly spewing.
>> No. 4259 Anonymous
10th December 2011
Saturday 2:04 am
4259 spacer
joints > blunts, if you don't like baccy, smoke bongs.
>> No. 4263 Anonymous
11th December 2011
Sunday 3:04 am
4263 spacer

Soz weedmaster.
>> No. 4270 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 7:13 pm
4270 spacer
Hello weed people.

I tried weed for the first time(s) a couple of nights ago and last night. Smoked 3 joints between 3 people the first night, and 1 between 4 last night.

I should preface this by saying I have never smoked before, so I'm new to this lark.

Basically I really didn't feel anything much. The first night I felt slightly more chilled than usual, and my head felt very slightly funny, but that's about it.

Seeing as how people bang on about weed a lot, I'm pretty sure I wasn't high in the slightest and I'm doing something wrong. I was inhaling the smoke, but not particularly deeply - I didn't take it all the way down into my lungs, that felt a bit funny and made me cough a lot when I tried it, but I could breathe the smoke out of my nose, which the people who I was smoking with said indicated I was doing it right.

So weedlads, advice for a newchap on how to smoke properly and actually get high would be appreciated.
>> No. 4271 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 7:24 pm
4271 spacer
You have to take it down, you will cough the first few times thats normal, have fun.
>> No. 4272 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 7:33 pm
4272 spacer

You need to inhale it into your lungs, which is counter-intuitive at first because your lungs are saying "wtf that isn't air" so you'll have to overcome that instinct somehow. Oh and ignore people who "bang on about weed a lot" - they're generally fucking terrible people. Don't become one of them.
>> No. 4273 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 7:43 pm
4273 spacer

Could be complete bollocks but Ive heard that holding it in doesn't actually make much difference as you absorb all the THC within the first few seconds or something. Like I say that may well be bullshit as from experience it does seem like it gets you more fucked up.


I'd say either smoke more or better gear, or if you want to get stupidly stoned use a bong.
>> No. 4275 Anonymous
12th December 2011
Monday 10:02 pm
4275 spacer
Alright, cheers lads. I'll give it a go.
>> No. 4277 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 2:05 am
4277 spacer
Try a french inhale. That way you will definitely get it into your lungs. If you inhale fully, the coughing will stop after a few puffs. If you don't half ass it the smoke will go down far easier, it's when you keep it in your throat that you'll start coughing.

You can breathe smoke out of your nose without inhaling properly, by the way.
>> No. 4279 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 1:50 pm
4279 spacer
I tend to take a drag then continue to breath in normally afterwards, that seems to ensure that I get the hit of the whole fruit.
>> No. 4280 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 3:52 pm
4280 spacer
I've never tried weed, but I dreamt I had a whole bag of it the other night. I'd already enjoyed a joint by the time I realised that it didn't look like weed at all, but rather fern clippings. I tripped up my inexperienced imagination in my own dream.
>> No. 4281 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 4:21 pm
4281 spacer
Soap bar! Aint had any in yeaarrs I never thought I'd be saying this but I'm sick of skunk can I have my squiggy back please?
>> No. 4282 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 4:25 pm
4282 spacer
I was once told that it has more to do with lack of oxygen while holding your breath than it does the bud.
>> No. 4283 Anonymous
14th December 2011
Wednesday 4:31 pm
4283 spacer
Tell me about it.
Skunk was rare and could only get rocky, now rocky is rare and can only get skunk.
Saying that though, last time I tried rocky I felt like a panic attack was coming on.
>> No. 4286 Anonymous
16th December 2011
Friday 9:35 pm
4286 spacer
Don't think I've seen soap bar since ~2002.

Not all that bothered, actually. The little bits of plastic bag used to worry me a bit, I mean what the fuck else was in that shit?
>> No. 4320 Anonymous
20th December 2011
Tuesday 5:03 pm
4320 spacer
thats re-press by the sounds of it.
>> No. 4321 Anonymous
20th December 2011
Tuesday 6:13 pm
4321 spacer
>> No. 4323 Anonymous
22nd December 2011
Thursday 5:34 pm
4323 spacer

Only a few days ago I was thinking how attitudes to different types of canna have changed.
When I started smoking in the early 90's everyone wanted solid, herbal was looked down upon, only to be smoked in the event of a solid drought - the opposite appears to be true these days.
Annoyingly, at least in the area I live in, all solid is deemed as soapbar, irrespective if it is quality resin or manky soap.

Thai sticks - are they still brought into this country in any quantity?
>> No. 4326 Anonymous
22nd December 2011
Thursday 6:29 pm
4326 spacer
What in the name of Christ is a 'French inhale'?
>> No. 4327 Anonymous
22nd December 2011
Thursday 7:37 pm
4327 spacer
>> No. 4329 Anonymous
22nd December 2011
Thursday 8:51 pm
4329 spacer
I think a big part of it was when you ended up buying grass, it would have been a quarter to a third bits of stem, leaves and fuck knows what else manner of green matter. It generally tended to be the stuff that wasn't pressed, into hash, just leftovers. Either that or the grower wanted to get rid of it sharpish and didn't want to go through sieving and pressing it.

The past 10 years or so has seen the growth of "skunk" and other high yield high THC rich strains come through. Especially with the boom of home hydroponic growers. I remember a few years back a mate getting some solid for me for him come back with some lovely moroccan gold, for under a tenner an eighth. All because his dealer didn't have a clue what it was and "nobody wants soapbar anymore".
>> No. 4335 Anonymous
23rd December 2011
Friday 11:08 pm
4335 spacer
Not worth a new thread, but why whenever I do MDMA does my stomach try and get it back up after a certain while? I'll sort of heave for a minute or so, and even if I don't throw up, (which I've only done once out of the six times its happened), I feel fine and dandy from there onwards.

To be honest it's a bit scary thinking about it.
>> No. 4339 Anonymous
24th December 2011
Saturday 5:13 pm
4339 spacer
Anyone else spending their christmas nice and toasted?

I had fun getting home last night; as all journeys when you are stoned, it was like a quest to fucking Mordor. Two busses through the city centre, where the police were out in force and the drunken chavs even more so, and a huge detour to avoid a muddy field, but finally I got home, and don't have to worry about a thing for at least three days.

I forsee beer, ganja and videogames. It shall be fun.
>> No. 4340 Anonymous
25th December 2011
Sunday 2:32 pm
4340 spacer
I know what you mean, MDMA does that to me sometimes, but I think for me it's the sensation of coming up that makes me feel queasy. It could be having a strange effect on your digestive system?
>> No. 4343 Anonymous
26th December 2011
Monday 7:24 pm
4343 spacer
Making me throw up when first coming up is usually a sign of a good batch of pills.
>> No. 4344 Anonymous
26th December 2011
Monday 7:28 pm
4344 spacer


Same thing used to happen to me when I did it. Only ever used to do it outside, but it permanently put me off ever doing it indoors in case I threw up. I'd vomit occasionally, probably wasting a good tenner's worth in the process, but ordinarily I'd distract myself by sticking my head in a bassbin.

Then I grew up and realised there was more to life than intoxication.
>> No. 4348 Anonymous
27th December 2011
Tuesday 12:32 pm
4348 spacer


>Then I grew up and realised there was more to life than intoxication.

Phft, get a load of this guy.
>> No. 4349 Anonymous
27th December 2011
Tuesday 11:05 pm
4349 spacer


I wish i could find a picture of my 18 inch spliff.
>> No. 4351 Anonymous
27th December 2011
Tuesday 11:13 pm
4351 spacer

I tried something like that once, it was shit, it kept on going out, I needed another guy to hold it and I couldn't really pull on it properly. Perhaps me and my friends rolled it wrong, but it just seems like a terrible waste of weed to me.
>> No. 4352 Anonymous
27th December 2011
Tuesday 11:18 pm
4352 spacer

Ours went ok we used rizla wraps. Didn't "beach" or anything. Took 3 hours to smoke it though, mainly because we all fell asleep for an hour half-way through...

Only thing i found it with, was you had to be careful how it was held, because despite doubly reinforcing the roach end, it still could barely support its weight.
>> No. 4355 Anonymous
1st January 2012
Sunday 7:55 pm
4355 spacer
I think my mind becomes way too open when I'm baked.

The other night I figured out time travel (it's to do with our 4th dimensional shape, maaan. It's like, paradoxes can happen when your 4d shape allows you to exist in both timespaces at once...), and a while ago I concluded that we are all immortal due to the nature of quantum mechanics and individual perception of conciousness.

By contrast, most of my mates just giggle at shit that isn't funny and find Pink Floyd slightly more appealing than normal.

I need some psychedellics.
>> No. 4356 Anonymous
1st January 2012
Sunday 11:00 pm
4356 spacer

Yeah, I do this when I'm sober. It's shit. Imagine having those thoughts all the time. I've got like 100 drafts on my phone of various vague concepts written in shorthand that I can barely decipher a few weeks later. Problem is I can't elaborate on any of them because I'm a student and so everyone will just discard me as an absolute twat and not the blatant reincarnation of Marcus Aurelius that I am ;)
>> No. 4358 Anonymous
2nd January 2012
Monday 11:50 am
4358 spacer

>a while ago I concluded that we are all immortal due to the nature of quantum mechanics

Funnily enough, this is a real thing and is called Quantum Suicide.
>> No. 4359 Anonymous
2nd January 2012
Monday 7:27 pm
4359 spacer

Well holy shit. BRB, Wikipedia.
>> No. 4416 Anonymous
21st January 2012
Saturday 1:08 am
4416 spacer
Fuck's sake lads, every cunt is dry. I hate times like this, I was intent on spending the evening chilled and high, not sober and bored.

... Am I desperate enough to crush up stalks?
>> No. 4417 Anonymous
21st January 2012
Saturday 4:40 pm
4417 spacer
Will probably give you a bit of a headache. Just take it as an opportunity for a tolerance break, that's what I tell myself everytime I can't get any bud for any reason. If you really want you could do a little research into a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa.
>> No. 4418 Anonymous
21st January 2012
Saturday 8:04 pm
4418 spacer
Put the stalks into vodka as soon as you've stripped them. It removes the urge to smoke those extra carcinogens and the thc in there might dissolve into the vodka
>> No. 4419 Anonymous
21st January 2012
Saturday 8:24 pm
4419 spacer

before you go that far, turn your keyboard upside down and give it a shake. If you separate the lint from the weed, you can get yourself a couple of economical spliffs out of it.
>> No. 4423 Anonymous
22nd January 2012
Sunday 8:13 pm
4423 spacer
I've tried weed three times, the first time I was 16 and had a couple tokes, but was scared of having a "whitey"
Second time I had a joint, no real effect on me, and was definitely inhaling.
Third time was the same as the third.
>> No. 4424 Anonymous
22nd January 2012
Sunday 8:34 pm
4424 spacer
Have you ever had a hangover? Whities are far less unpleasant and far shorter lasting than them. Half an hour at most maybe, fresh air sorts you out. I've not had one in 8 years now.
Of course if you didn't enjoy the effects you got enough to take the risk then it doesn't really matter, no need to force yourself.
>> No. 4425 Anonymous
22nd January 2012
Sunday 10:39 pm
4425 spacer
On the flipside of that, though, I'd rather go to work hungover than go to work still half baked, as I have been after a few particularly late smoking sessions. That wierd perspective shift makes work feel quite edgy, wheras a hangover just makes you slightly groggy.

I've whitied a couple of times (quite memorably in the middle of a mates living room once), but only ever when mixing with alcohol. Felt perfectly fine afterwards both times.
>> No. 4426 Anonymous
23rd January 2012
Monday 2:03 pm
4426 spacer
I've been smoking since I was 15 or so, (so 5 years now), and the first few times I smoked I just didn't get high for some reason. I'm still not sure if it was because I was inhaling wrongly, or not at all (it really does take some time to learn how to do it properly, it doesn't come naturally to most people, its almost like overcoming a gag reflex), then one night with some mates I got *really* high when I wasn't expecting it, and from there onwards it 'worked'. Its quite a common thing, I know plenty of people who don't get high the first few times.
>> No. 4441 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 7:37 pm
4441 spacer
I've heard a theory that for first time weed smokers, their cannabinoid receptors need to "wake up" so to speak so they can handle all this incoming THC, meaning people don't get high their first few times. Could be bullshit. But as long as you inhale it properly you will get high sooner or later.
>> No. 4448 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 11:13 pm
4448 spacer
The first time I smoked I just felt weird, spend a lot of time staring into a mirror and constantly felt like I needed to pee with nothing coming out when I tried. It was very much uphill afterwards , but it was a unique experience never to be repeated even remotely in subsequent smoking sessions. There's definitely something to the theory that the body needs to get used to making use of it.

Sadly, that also lends some credence to the idea that smoking, even once, may have a lasting impact on you. No telling if it's for better or worse, of course.
>> No. 4451 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 12:17 pm
4451 spacer
I only started to get the needing to wee thing about 6 or so years of smoking. I put it down to paranoia.
Don't smoke much these days.
>> No. 4460 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 6:16 pm
4460 spacer
Aww man I am blazed as fuck. This African Swazi shit is killing me.
>> No. 4462 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 6:26 pm
4462 spacer
IIRC whities are caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar. So have a can of coke with your spliff and you're golden.

There's an element of that to any drug. People have got to learn the mindspace before they can tune in. IMO it's psychological.
>> No. 4465 Anonymous
25th January 2012
Wednesday 10:08 pm
4465 spacer
I haven't eaten anything in the past 24 hours, and after smoking a few spliffs with a m8, I got dizzier and dizzier till I fainted when I tried to stand up. Never happened to me before in my life. It's definitely the drop in blood sugar.

Good to hear - ordered an oz myself.
>> No. 4467 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 12:35 am
4467 spacer

Seemed awfully cheap, but good I see. Sounds like a bargain, I may have to try it out.
>> No. 4468 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 11:52 am
4468 spacer


Could a whitey occur due to the tobacco in the spliff? Honestly, I can hoon a bong till the cows come home but you give me a spliff in the morning I'll whitey every time. Odd and a little embarrassing.
>> No. 4469 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 1:12 pm
4469 spacer

It is good stuff, makes you very mellow and relaxed, happy and then you have strange dreams..
>> No. 4471 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 6:43 pm
4471 spacer
Classic whitey would surprise me, but if you're not used to nicotine that can do a real number on you. Try finding lighter tobacco and roasting that as much as possible before rolling.
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 7:11 pm
4472 spacer
Are the spliffs you're smoking using fag baccy? Because that'll make me whitey everytime and I'm pretty used to smoking straight cigarrettes anyway. Try a lighter rolling tobacco, Drum Gold is nice imo. Either that or you're just taking too big hits considering you're not used to nicotine. Try rolling really thin spliffs with just a spine of tobacco.
>> No. 4496 Anonymous
29th January 2012
Sunday 8:33 pm
4496 spacer
>IIRC whities are caused by a sudden drop in blood sugar. So have a can of coke with your spliff and you're golden.

i'd always thought this, but then sometimes i've whitied having a few beers with my splif or having some skittles or something which should really keep my blood sugar high shouldn't it? It feels very much to me like a blood pressure thing, like suddenly there's not enough pressure to pump oxygenated blood to my head so I pass out and fall over. I get it after I work out sometimes too, if I don't do a lengthy cool-down jog I find i'm alright for a about 5 mins and then, usually while i'm in the shower, i'll start blacking out and be forced to get on my hands and knees to maintain consciousness.
>> No. 4497 Anonymous
29th January 2012
Sunday 10:07 pm
4497 spacer
> sometimes i've whitied having a few beers with my splif
Alcohol can really fuck over your blood sugar which might go some way towards explaining that one. It's not purely blood pressure either, since lying down does little to alleviate the problem in my experience. The kind of sugar available also has an impact: skittles are a good start, but if in doubt pop a dextroenergy or drink some lucozade: you want something that really whacks you hard with the sugar stick, not just something high in sugar.
>> No. 4506 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 2:30 pm
4506 spacer

>> No. 4509 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 10:17 pm
4509 spacer
Well it's been a productive day at work in the music business, time to have a spliff and find out if Duke Nukem Forever is as terrible as everyone said it was. It was only like three quid on steam.

Sorry, just thought this thread needed getting a bit back on track, let's not worry about trivial things.
>> No. 4510 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 10:19 pm
4510 spacer

Also Paul Merton is fucking ace, I reccommend you all watch his surreal comedy show from the 90s on 4OD.
>> No. 4532 Anonymous
11th February 2012
Saturday 6:52 pm
4532 spacer
I always forget to bump this thread. It's a terrible habit.
>> No. 4533 Anonymous
11th February 2012
Saturday 8:05 pm
4533 spacer
It's rubbish. Although to be fair it's so jerky I've only played up to the bit past the crane in the construction yard.

OTOH I got duke3d working under dosbox and it's great fun.
>> No. 4534 Anonymous
15th February 2012
Wednesday 1:27 am
4534 spacer
I'd hoped that DNF would be amusingly awful, that's all I really wanted, anything else was a bonus. When I played it I didn't really have any feeling either way, positive or negative. It was mediocre. The only interesting thing about it was the review coverage, which consisted of equally nonplussed journalists. It wasn't that they didn't care about Duke 3D, just that the game was so fundamentally unremarkable.

Sad, really. After all these years, at least let me hate it.
>> No. 4634 Anonymous
3rd March 2012
Saturday 3:00 am
4634 spacer
Damn it bump.
>> No. 4683 Anonymous
15th March 2012
Thursday 12:30 am
4683 spacer
It keeps going on sale on Steam. Is it worth the 6 quid whatever?
>> No. 4684 Anonymous
15th March 2012
Thursday 1:14 pm
4684 spacer
It's a reasonably competent shooter but really nothing special (unless you're one of those people that really gets into drawing stuff on the in-game white board). Six quid sounds about right (maybe a touch high) for it; just don't go in expecting anything particularly note worthy.
>> No. 4687 Anonymous
17th March 2012
Saturday 1:47 pm
4687 spacer
Yeah, I'd agree. I'd say it's worth a punt if you can get it for a fiver or so.
>> No. 4688 Anonymous
18th March 2012
Sunday 2:20 pm
4688 spacer
Got nicely baked, then pissed, then baked again last night.

Was good, anyone else go out saturday?
>> No. 4689 Anonymous
19th March 2012
Monday 10:42 pm
4689 spacer
>anyone else go out saturday?
I did. It was a mates missus' birthday so we went bowling (I won, which I put solely down to lots of Wii Sports bowling at christmas) and then on to the pub. Ended up thoroughly trashed and barely able to stagger home.

I gave her a copy of Camus' The Outsider as a present, which seemed to go down well. A bit surprised she hadn't read it already given that she's a postgrad lit student.

(Boring post, but you asked. Might have a spliff in a bit, I guess that's /A/ enough to justify it?)
>> No. 4697 Anonymous
24th March 2012
Saturday 10:50 am
4697 spacer
Camus is one of my favourite authors. The Plague would probably make it into my top 10 list. In fact it definitely would, easily.
>> No. 4700 Anonymous
26th March 2012
Monday 8:09 pm
4700 spacer
So, I find a great way to enjoy a Monday evening is to have a cup of tea and a spliff as soon as you get in from work.

I feel very British. (Not in a patriotic way, I just do. It's weird.)
>> No. 4701 Anonymous
26th March 2012
Monday 8:53 pm
4701 spacer

A spliff after a hard days work is always more rewarding.
>> No. 4703 Anonymous
30th March 2012
Friday 3:34 am
4703 spacer

I decided to continue this theory for every night of the week. So far the results are positive.
>> No. 4710 Anonymous
6th April 2012
Friday 3:31 am
4710 spacer

I'm completely stoned, and just listened to In Rainbows with my best pal. His first time listening to it ever, we both had it in headphones, synchronised on separate ipods. pic related is what he drew.
>> No. 4711 Anonymous
6th April 2012
Friday 3:41 am
4711 spacer
Oh hey is that an Xbox controller

What were you playing?
>> No. 4780 Anonymous
20th April 2012
Friday 7:19 pm
4780 spacer

20/4 LADS

get in
>> No. 4781 Anonymous
20th April 2012
Friday 9:50 pm
4781 spacer

>> No. 4794 Anonymous
23rd April 2012
Monday 12:33 am
4794 spacer
Anyone go to the 420 Hyde Park event? Wanted to go but lack money meant otherwise. The police seemed to have kept their cool in regards to arresting people.

>> No. 4796 Anonymous
23rd April 2012
Monday 5:33 pm
4796 spacer

It's been my experience that the police in this country give less and less of a fuck about drugs. Hopefully we'll end up with some sort of de facto legalisation, where the police and the public just bypass the government and get on with it.
>> No. 4797 Anonymous
23rd April 2012
Monday 9:46 pm
4797 spacer

I think it's because the police just can't be bothered to go through the fuss of arresting and charging, basically spoiling someone's life, unless they absolutely deserve it for being such a bad member of their community.

So if you're some verbally abusive criminal-looking chav in Lonsdales with a tenbag in the pockets you're more likely to find yourself nicked than if you're a polite, respectful gentleman wearing a suit with a tenbag in the pockets.

Of course, there does exist the Judge Dredd copper as well.
>> No. 4798 Anonymous
23rd April 2012
Monday 11:12 pm
4798 spacer
I can't see this ever happening when drug users could instead become a highly exploitable demographic for a spot-fining and points system or some other kind of poorly disguised tax on freedom of mind.
>> No. 4799 Anonymous
24th April 2012
Tuesday 12:46 am
4799 spacer

I was in hospital the other week under police supervision, in a little room with a couple of officers. I'd put a joint in my bag and after several hours of waiting to be reviewed my a couple of guys, I asked if I could go out for a smoke. They said they'd have to come with me, so because I'd been up for about 20 hours I thought I'd say
"Is there any chance I could go out for a smoke?"
"Yeah, we'll have to go with you though."
"Oh. Are you sure? I'm not going to run away."
"Sorry, no."
"Alright, do you reckon you could stand inside and just keep an eye on me? Or just be out of smelling distance or something?" (I'd been drunk earlier and I'd been up for a while which is...no excuse)
"Sorry? ...have you got cannabis on you?"
"No, I just know a guy who lives around the corner. SO LET'S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!"

Anyway I had my joint after they drove me home and I went to bed at 12am.

Just fuck man. I was pretty much locked in a room with two officers and asked if I could have a joint. They'd both been talking to me in a chatty way before but, maybe I just didn't give it enough time, as soon as this came up everything seemed to go cold.

Bad times.
>> No. 4800 Anonymous
24th April 2012
Tuesday 8:19 am
4800 spacer
Quality. Shouldn't have got funny with them though and just gone outside and sparked it anyway... kept your eyes on a drainhole incase they try to jump you, that sort of thing.
>> No. 4801 Anonymous
24th April 2012
Tuesday 3:02 pm
4801 spacer

Yeah, that would have made a lot more sense. However I don't think I would have enjoyed it that much, keeping eyes out and then walking back into a small room with two officers stinking of weed.

Oh well. Live and learn.
>> No. 4803 Anonymous
26th April 2012
Thursday 12:13 pm
4803 spacer
Hahahaha. You mentalist.
>> No. 4804 Anonymous
26th April 2012
Thursday 11:06 pm
4804 spacer
I think that's perfectly normal. Don't ever change.
>> No. 4805 Anonymous
26th April 2012
Thursday 11:14 pm
4805 spacer

When I want to take weed out with me I hollow out a smoke onto a tray, set aside half of the tobacco for when I run out of fags, break down about an equal amount of weed which I then mix with half of the tobacco and stuff back inside the cigarette after grinding. Then obv I put them in my pack and tear the filter off when I want to get high, leaving a small bit of paper to hold onto. The tobacco masks the smell pretty well and it just looks like a slightly worn cigarette.

Now I never have to do anything sober ever again.
>> No. 4806 Anonymous
27th April 2012
Friday 1:54 pm
4806 spacer
How about fuck that and just get high in the safety of your garden. It's what a respectable member of society should do.
>> No. 4816 Anonymous
28th April 2012
Saturday 2:54 pm
4816 spacer
I've done weed 3 times now and every time I feel like I'm gonna die.

I don't think this is normal.
>> No. 4817 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 12:48 am
4817 spacer
Apparently not, but rest assured that you aren't the only person who can't seem to make weed "work" for them.

It's okay though - I remedy this through a hearty appreciation of every other chemical I can get my hands on, as those actually seem to affect me in the desirable ways they're supposed to. Come join me, the water's lovely.
>> No. 4818 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 2:51 am
4818 spacer
not a fan of solid really, but I got 5g for a tenner from a mate so can't complain really isit
>> No. 4819 Anonymous
30th April 2012
Monday 12:33 pm
4819 spacer


I had this problem, I'd get extremely anxious and want to leave the room. I sorted this out by smoking a lot more weed, you'll soon get over it.

Maybe have a couple of hoons alone with a movie or to ease a hangover? See where that takes you.
>> No. 4826 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 8:11 pm
4826 spacer

I used to love the stuff in high school, had many a great time. I got to the age of about 18/19 and it started making me more and more paranoid. Ridiculously so. Couldn't make eye contact with my own mates. Hash, weed, skunk all did it to me.
Had to give it up. Tried some again last year (about 7 or 8 years since i last smoked some) and it still fucked me up. Tried watching Shrek but just got way inside my own head and then got scared as hell at the thought of leaving the house to buy chips.

So no, smoking weed does not agree with everyone. I've met a fair few people the same as me so your not alone mate.
>> No. 4827 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 1:35 pm
4827 spacer
>done weed

>> No. 4850 Anonymous
15th May 2012
Tuesday 4:00 pm
4850 spacer
That's certainly one of the pitfalls of weed, but it's nothing personal. When people have bad associations of an experience, they expect to have problems which becomes a self-forfilling prophecy. It's like a karmic whirlpool which you automatically start out in whenever you stone up again. Like saving your only savegame in a really bad place and then taking about 20 reloads just to avoid dying long enough to find some health packs. You know what I mean.

Point is, this is just one of the many traps along the weed/psychedelic path and can happen to anyone. Just learn how to climb back out and try not to fall in again.
>> No. 4885 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 7:04 pm
4885 spacer
Reccommend me a movie chaps.

Preferably not one of the typical stoner movies as a) I've seen most of them and b) find most of them terribly cringeworthy. No WONDER some people simply don't like a stoner.

Bonus points if it's on Netflix or easily viewable online.

Cheers lads. In return I wish you all happy smoking this fine evening.
>> No. 4886 Anonymous
27th May 2012
Sunday 7:27 pm
4886 spacer

>> No. 4895 Anonymous
31st May 2012
Thursday 5:24 pm
4895 spacer

Grandma's Boy is cringeworthy but scenes from it (the ghost scene in particular) made me laugh hard even when I was sober.
>> No. 4899 Anonymous
1st June 2012
Friday 5:49 pm
4899 spacer

Cheers, I'll keep those in mind later on tonight. I ended up watching 1984 as it happens, love that bloody film.
>> No. 4904 Anonymous
11th June 2012
Monday 10:13 am
4904 spacer
>> No. 4905 Anonymous
12th June 2012
Tuesday 1:04 am
4905 spacer

Yeah I just remembered the original point of this thread.

Well I'm high. Uhm. I have several packets of doritos and some orange Club biscuits laid out on the desk. No idea what to post about. Probably going to find some terrible exploitation-esque film to amuse myself.

What Tarantino does with films is brilliant, by the way. Typical b-movie characters and storylines made on such a tight interpersonal dramatic level that it becomes high art cinema. It is for this reason I think what you may consider utterly worthless films like Hobo With A Shotgun as actually important- It's a subversion of that.

But then I am high. I'm probably looking at it a bit too deeply.
>> No. 4906 Anonymous
12th June 2012
Tuesday 2:38 am
4906 spacer

I read this thinking I had written it...then I reread and saw that they weren't purple club biscuits.

Oh well...I really enjoyed Machete, Hobo With a Shotgun, etc...also had a great time with Mr. No Legs.
Watch the trailer on youtube.
>> No. 4907 Anonymous
12th June 2012
Tuesday 10:44 pm
4907 spacer
Jesus fuck. I'm at home again due to summer holidays from uni, skinning up for first time since back. Behind my house is a small grassy area which the houses circle around. Nobody there so I thought would be suitable spot to smoke (Can't have parents knowing).

Half way through the joint and neighbor comes running out the back of his house shouting at me and how the smoke was going to drift and gets his kids high. I just dabbed the joint out, walked off swiftly while he continued raving and smoked the rest in the park.

The guy doesn't know me thankfully, but he shit me up. Not a good situation as the high is kicking in. Some fucking morons out there.
>> No. 4908 Anonymous
13th June 2012
Wednesday 1:47 pm
4908 spacer
If you see him again, ask him how he knew what it smelled like. Then ask politely how his wife is and reel off some rubbish about it causing smokers to be permanently infertile or something.
>> No. 4909 Anonymous
13th June 2012
Wednesday 1:52 pm
4909 spacer

Sit back, watch Katt Williams, grab a bag of pombears and stop giving a fuck.
>> No. 4910 Anonymous
13th June 2012
Wednesday 11:38 pm
4910 spacer
One thing lads.


>> No. 4931 Anonymous
14th June 2012
Thursday 9:47 pm
4931 spacer
Sorry, another thing.

Acid Witch.

>> No. 4934 Anonymous
16th June 2012
Saturday 10:00 pm
4934 spacer
Got up at about 4.

Got high all "day" and watched movies.

Life is good.
>> No. 4936 Anonymous
18th June 2012
Monday 12:11 pm
4936 spacer
Noice. Like the bubbles.

Stoner boners.

>> No. 4984 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 12:34 am
4984 spacer
Gentlemen why is this thread so dead.
>> No. 4986 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 10:00 am
4986 spacer
It's not very conducive to conversation and usually I'm too stoned to remember to post in it.
>> No. 4987 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 11:08 pm
4987 spacer
Gents, recently getting stoned simply isn't doing it for me as it once did. I see why they call it a gateway drug now- As I become more accustomed and acclimatised to the effects of weed, I find myself yearning for more "powerful" drugs.

When I first started smoking a couple of years ago I remember after a few spliffs, I would be practically tripping. Watching a Horizon documentary about relativity or something would make me think on such abstract levels, I could swear I was actually a time traveller.

Nowadays it basically just lengthens my attention span. I don't remember the last time I watched a movie sober but I'm no longer feeling that deep, reflective, philosophical haze descending over my mind that I used to when viewing a film stoned.

I'm bored. What do? If I could get hold of acid or if any of my mates were even willing to try it I wouldn't hesitate. But sadly that isn't the case.
>> No. 4988 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 2:21 am
4988 spacer


Take a break mate, I suppose. I know it's not the answer you want to hear, it's not advice I can adhere too. My flatmate and I get through an draw a night and I'm practically sober when going to bed.

My night feels a bit incomplete if I dont have a joint, I can drink till the cows come home but if there's no weed it just feels... disappointing.

Possibly switch up smoking methods? when I'm lucky enough to have weed to myself I love nothing more than ripping a massive bong, so huge that I panic when breathing in.
>> No. 4989 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 2:28 am
4989 spacer
Everyone can get ahold of acid. Just Depends Where you look.
>> No. 4990 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 2:40 am
4990 spacer


Silly fucking frustrating thing to say. One can't imagine the hassle of acquiring acid when you're not in with the pshytrance crowd.
>> No. 4991 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 3:19 am
4991 spacer
You don't need to be in with the psytrance crowd, a lot of crews put parties on facebook, do a bit of searching and voila, pretty much every drug you could want on a plate.
P.S we're not that bad really ):
>> No. 4992 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 3:56 am
4992 spacer
1) Chill out.
2) Read the capitalised letters.
3) Sssh.
>> No. 4994 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 4:15 am
4994 spacer
Okay so basically what >>4989 is trying to say is "DW" meaning "Deep Web" or in other words, Silk Road. Google that.
>> No. 4995 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 8:42 am
4995 spacer


Sorry lads, I was absolutely shit faced, got aggy and was in no state to pick out subtleties. Silk Road requires far too much technical know-how for a pleb like myself.
>> No. 5000 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 1:16 pm
5000 spacer

baby owl petted.jpg
But it is the best way to get anything when you live out in the boonies or in social seclusion. Anything. There are guides around. It's always an option, that's all I'm saying.

And It's ok, have a hug.
>> No. 5003 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 2:58 pm
5003 spacer
>Deep Web
I wish people would stop saying this when they mean "shit on Tor or I2P".
>> No. 5005 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 9:30 pm
5005 spacer

Allow me to share with you the tip of the century, a bite-size piece of knowledge that millions have died in the pursuit of:

If you are completely dependant on something to do something illegal, you don't start fucking blabbering about what that thing is UNLESS you do it in a way that only people who already know what it is can do anything about it.

The difference between saying "Deep Web" and "Tor" is that saying "Deep Web" means that every Chavvy Chucklefuck and his Council Estate Crew won't get to learn about it and talk about it so much it gets attention from the wrong people.
>> No. 5006 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 9:46 pm
5006 spacer

You're paranoid.
>> No. 5008 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 12:13 am
5008 spacer
Yeeeees, but with good reason.
>> No. 5009 Anonymous
25th July 2012
Wednesday 1:34 am
5009 spacer
No, lad, you misunderstand. Using "Deep Web" to mean "Tor" is like referring to your 1989 Austin Shitcan as a "keyboard".
>> No. 5010 Anonymous
27th July 2012
Friday 5:16 am
5010 spacer

Do you have a problem with my 1989 Austin Shitcan?
>> No. 5019 Anonymous
31st July 2012
Tuesday 2:14 pm
5019 spacer

Just wanted to hark back to the original tone of the first post so I could say I am so fucking high right now.
pic sort of related but not.
>> No. 5020 Anonymous
31st July 2012
Tuesday 2:29 pm
5020 spacer
I never knew Gordon was so camp.
>> No. 5038 Anonymous
13th August 2012
Monday 4:12 pm
5038 spacer
Just got back from the Dam. Great city, treated me well as always.

2g x Diesel-Cheese cross.
1g x Twizzla (indica-y hash unsure of specifics but a very nice smoke, not too tweaky.)
2g x Kush/sativa cross (very strong, mild paranoia with this one.)
2 x space cakes. 1 cupcake with 0.5g moroccan polm and another with 0.3g heavier indica based hash. The 0.3g actually seemed considerably stronger than the 0.5g. Both were good highs, long and strong like all good edibles.

All in all crammed a lot into a long weekend including one night out on the lash clubbing in the Leidseplein area.
>> No. 5039 Anonymous
13th August 2012
Monday 4:12 pm
5039 spacer

Forgot my obligatory 420 girl.
>> No. 5044 Anonymous
13th August 2012
Monday 11:31 pm
5044 spacer
Ugh all my mates are off to Amsterdam in September, well pissed off that I can't go.

What are the actual chances of them running some kind of defacto or otherwise legalisation here? I'm sure it'd simply solve all the problems. Of everything. Ever.
>> No. 5045 Anonymous
14th August 2012
Tuesday 7:32 pm
5045 spacer
By September? Yeah just ask nicely and I can see that happening.
>> No. 5048 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 11:54 am
5048 spacer

No, you mong. I meant just in general. I want a realistic idea of the chances of it ever happening, since we seem to be seeing a trend towards it in even the deep, dark ultra conservative lands across the pond.

It's a very unlikely occurrence in the near future sure, but don't take away my hope, maaaan.
>> No. 5049 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 12:01 pm
5049 spacer

In the future it is a 100% certainty that there will eventually be no laws against cannabis in this area of land.
>> No. 5050 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 12:28 pm
5050 spacer

Well thanks for that.

Shall we next discuss existentialism? You do seem to enjoy answers with no inherent value.
>> No. 5051 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 1:18 pm
5051 spacer

Their inherent value is in pointing out the vagueness of the questions.
>> No. 5052 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 4:46 pm
5052 spacer

Huh, so let me get this straight... You're complaining about vague questions... In a stoner thread.

Nothing to see here.
>> No. 5053 Anonymous
15th August 2012
Wednesday 4:56 pm
5053 spacer

Have some posts been deleted? I can't see anyone complaining.
>> No. 5353 Anonymous
5th December 2012
Wednesday 2:29 am
5353 spacer

61vt47hZ aL._AA1500_.jpg
Friend just bought me this as an early xmas present, ear to ear grins.
>> No. 5358 Anonymous
5th December 2012
Wednesday 5:26 pm
5358 spacer
That was nice of them. Why do you need two grinders and so many roaches?
It's all a little excessive.
>> No. 5359 Anonymous
7th December 2012
Friday 2:16 am
5359 spacer

Who knows, some gift box on amazon.
My grinder is broken atm though, screen got f'd up and I haven't replaced.
Was some metal, 3 tier jobby from Camden so shit build quality anyway.
>> No. 5386 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 10:36 pm
5386 spacer

It's that time again.

Friday night and I'm too poor to see friends, working in the morning, sat in a darkened room on the internet smoking weed.

Somebody give me some interesting, mentally stimulating shit to learn about so I don't get into that introspective, self-degrading frame of mind.
>> No. 5387 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 10:57 pm
5387 spacer
>> No. 5388 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 11:01 pm
5388 spacer
http://www.sivatherium.nar od.ru/library/Ramjet/01_en.htm
It's not obvious what you're into.
>> No. 5389 Anonymous
15th December 2012
Saturday 9:31 pm
5389 spacer

That bizarre Russian art is right up my street. The hell is with that? As well as the odd evolutionary history thing. Some great links there friend.
>> No. 5390 Anonymous
15th December 2012
Saturday 9:46 pm
5390 spacer
I've had supernature in my links for ages, I've no idea where I found it.
There's tonnes of speculative biology if it interests you.
http://www.sivatherium.nar od.ru/library/Dixon_3/01_en.htm
http://www.sivatherium.nar od.ru/library/Dixon_2/01_en.htm
www.sivatherium.na rod.ru/library/Dixon/main_en.htm
>> No. 5397 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 3:48 am
5397 spacer
Some INCREDIBLY nice stuff in North East London/Essex at the moment, very merry christmas I think.
>> No. 5454 Anonymous
18th January 2013
Friday 8:10 pm
5454 spacer

i chuckled.jpg
>> No. 5570 Anonymous
15th March 2013
Friday 8:17 pm
5570 spacer

Oh snap dead thread?
Got this at the moment, another 5g or so sitting around but the nugs aren't as nice.
>> No. 5580 Anonymous
16th March 2013
Saturday 12:23 am
5580 spacer

Around and round the dachshund goes. Where it stops, nobody knows!
>> No. 5581 Anonymous
16th March 2013
Saturday 12:27 am
5581 spacer
I'm jealous.


It's probably for the best.
>> No. 5602 Anonymous
17th March 2013
Sunday 7:06 pm
5602 spacer
>> No. 5616 Anonymous
18th March 2013
Monday 4:24 am
5616 spacer

Good god I'm way too stoned, how do I sober up?
>> No. 5618 Anonymous
18th March 2013
Monday 3:10 pm
5618 spacer

If you smoke more your tolerance will go up, so smoke more and you'll sober up.
>> No. 5619 Anonymous
18th March 2013
Monday 6:17 pm
5619 spacer
Not got any advice for >>5616. I did see this earlier though:
Worth a look for the title image alone.
>> No. 5625 Anonymous
19th March 2013
Tuesday 4:56 pm
5625 spacer

Can't find it on youtube even though I'd viewed it there before - but Mr Nice was a good movie, had Rhys Ifans playing Howard Marks.
He's just the king of British weed smuggling.
>> No. 5626 Anonymous
19th March 2013
Tuesday 5:06 pm
5626 spacer
Saw it in the cinema and thought it was a bit shit tbh. Not helped by two young lads obliviously chatting over the top of it, when they weren't taking smoke breaks out the fire exit, pair of cunts.
>> No. 5627 Anonymous
19th March 2013
Tuesday 5:15 pm
5627 spacer

Pricks, Rhys Ifans was born for that role.

>> No. 5629 Anonymous
21st March 2013
Thursday 1:46 am
5629 spacer

threatened owls.gif
>> No. 5643 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 3:07 pm
5643 spacer

got a roach1.jpg
Anyone got a roach?

Just had 10 packs of these delivered owing to me preferring them over RAW and Rizla Blues after just one pack.
>> No. 5644 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 3:37 pm
5644 spacer
I'm using the same IBM keyboard on a very similar wooden desk, you made me do a slightly confused double-take there.
>> No. 5645 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 4:46 pm
5645 spacer

My bastard cat jumped in the window and knocked my water over, which ruined my Microsoft Ergonomic 4000.

Stuck with this delightful keyboard that clicks and clacks so pleasantly and am not really that upset.
>> No. 5646 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 4:48 pm
5646 spacer
That desk actually looks almost exactly like mine too. Ikea?
>> No. 5647 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 4:49 pm
5647 spacer
I use one of those too, when not at this one. Oh dear.
>> No. 5658 Anonymous
27th March 2013
Wednesday 8:53 pm
5658 spacer


Ikea Galant.
>> No. 5659 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 4:19 pm
5659 spacer

>> No. 5660 Anonymous
28th March 2013
Thursday 6:21 pm
5660 spacer

20130318_011331 smaller.jpg
Had an ounce of this recently, down to this last bud. It doesn't look amazing to the naked eye, but I reckon it looks pretty sweet on camera.
>> No. 5661 Anonymous
29th March 2013
Friday 3:46 am
5661 spacer

Technically I'm not stoned but goddamn ketamine toilet geisha leave me alone.
>> No. 5671 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 4:40 pm
5671 spacer
>> No. 5672 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 4:56 pm
5672 spacer
I queried the maker of this post on what he meant by toilet geisha, here was his description:

"I can't find a good picture of it, but when the toilet lid is brown or black, those little lines at the sides are hairclips, the entire seat/lid bit are the buns of hair, the hinges are eyes and her white face and gaping mouth is the toilet bowl. It always appears to me like this when I go the toilet on ket."

Drugs, kids. Not even once.
>> No. 5673 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 10:23 pm
5673 spacer

Toilets do always seem to look particularly fucked up while on ket. I can't say I've ever seen one as a geisha, though.
>> No. 5674 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 11:07 pm
5674 spacer


Don't be afraid little druggyman, just sit on my face and shit in my mouth.
>> No. 5675 Anonymous
7th April 2013
Sunday 11:11 pm
5675 spacer
I am not dangling my testicles anywhere near that thing
>> No. 5731 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 12:21 pm
5731 spacer
>> No. 5733 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 12:23 pm
5733 spacer
>> No. 5735 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 3:52 pm
5735 spacer

>> No. 5747 Anonymous
27th April 2013
Saturday 9:29 am
5747 spacer

Remains of a score, was huge.
Called caramella, fucking lovely.
>> No. 5765 Anonymous
30th April 2013
Tuesday 11:35 pm
5765 spacer

Kettle crisps are like little chips of crack.
>> No. 5798 Anonymous
15th May 2013
Wednesday 12:13 am
5798 spacer
Humanity is the awkward adolescent stage between animal and machine.
>> No. 5809 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 2:40 am
5809 spacer

I like this .gif
>> No. 5810 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 3:49 am
5810 spacer

Have you seen this strobe illusion?

>> No. 5825 Anonymous
6th June 2013
Thursday 8:48 pm
5825 spacer
>> No. 5827 Anonymous
6th June 2013
Thursday 9:23 pm
5827 spacer
>> No. 5828 Anonymous
7th June 2013
Friday 11:34 pm
5828 spacer
Two incredible videos! and i'm not even a stoner.
>> No. 5829 Anonymous
8th June 2013
Saturday 1:33 am
5829 spacer

Looks like yer dad, tokes like Bob Marley.
>> No. 5914 Anonymous
3rd August 2013
Saturday 3:00 pm
5914 spacer
>> No. 5932 Anonymous
9th August 2013
Friday 12:42 pm
5932 spacer
Just rolled a 50/50 mix of ed rosenthal super bud and tobacco, I smoked about .3 of this stuff last night and it was euphoric, very uplifting, very social, happy and really fucking creative high.

I love this stuff but its not good for me noggin.
>> No. 5933 Anonymous
9th August 2013
Friday 4:59 pm
5933 spacer
Alright, so I don't have a proper grinder so I use my coffee grinder and obviously I always end up with a bit at the bottom.

When I want a coffee I generally just chuck a load of beans in and grind it and the remnants of the weed get mixed in it, is there a way I can use this in the coffee to get (slightly) high? Apologies if this is a stupid question. Just popping the weed/coffee mixture in as usual doesn't do anything. Seems like a waste of good weed though.
>> No. 5934 Anonymous
9th August 2013
Friday 5:21 pm
5934 spacer

Speedballing with weed and coffee? Hardcore.
Yes, if you mix milk into the liquid before straining the weed and coffee beans out, you might get very very slightly high.
>> No. 5935 Anonymous
9th August 2013
Friday 5:27 pm
5935 spacer

>Yes, if you mix milk into the liquid

Wait, what liquid? The coffee maker I have uses pressure to make an espresso, and I add water to make it an Americano.

Do you mean put milk into the espresso bit (Which will be coffee/weed mixture) before adding water?
>> No. 5938 Anonymous
10th August 2013
Saturday 3:32 pm
5938 spacer

I would recomend simmering in full fat milk (Jersey/Guernsey milk is very fatty) at the lowest heat possible for 3-4 hours.

If you have regular milk and some cream that will work too as a mix, then just make a latte with a shot/couple shots of espresso!
>> No. 5939 Anonymous
10th August 2013
Saturday 3:33 pm
5939 spacer
Actually, just make Chai I think it will compliment the stone allot more but has a little bit of mild caffeine.

>> No. 5940 Anonymous
10th August 2013
Saturday 4:32 pm
5940 spacer
>you might get very very slightly high.
My experience with eating hash and weed is that there's a bigger threshold dose than you'd think - eating a small amount (like the powdered dregs of a grinder) just won't do anything at all. It also takes fucking ages to come on, I remember waiting for two or three hours wondering whether anything was going to happen and then whoosh, suddenly buzzing away. The risk of double-dosing is obvious and tolerance and body size have a massive impact too so getting the dose right is really pretty tricky.

I've met a lot of people over the years who've had bad experiences with eating weed and the common thread is that they weren't ready for the intensity - they thought it'd be a mild high, like smoking it but just longer lasting, whereas when you eat a hash brownie or two and the effect kicks in it's much more like a "real" drug like ecstasy or acid. Most regular weed smokers will smoke a spliff and then go drive to a job or whatever, but you absolutely do not want to do that after coming up on weed cakes.

Personally I had a few good experiences as a youngster, one particularly awful experience (which had nothing to do with the drug and everything to do with my own irresponsible and shameful behaviour), but these days I'd have no interest in eating anything with THC in it. It's too much of a commitment.
>> No. 5941 Anonymous
10th August 2013
Saturday 5:29 pm
5941 spacer
Yes the fat content is the key part - THC is not water soluble, treat with great suspicion people who say that they "ate raw hash and got high" - it just doesn't work like that. Alcohol and fat are the only things THC will dissolve in, not water.
>> No. 5946 Anonymous
11th August 2013
Sunday 3:21 pm
5946 spacer
>>5941 Eating about 0.2g of medium quality hashish gives a decent buzz to someone with no tolerance.
To increase cannabinoid concentration in weed, try heating it to decarboxylation temperature. Google it. It is the reason we heat the bud before making cannabutter.
>> No. 5955 Anonymous
15th August 2013
Thursday 1:12 am
5955 A ode to beans and weed
I've got fucking beans, my nigga, I don't give a shit.
I've got fucking beans, my nigga, I'm gonna smoke a spliff.
I've got fucking beans, my nigga, I am the shit.
I've got fucking beans, my nigga, I'm gonna take a shit.
>> No. 6003 Anonymous
28th August 2013
Wednesday 6:09 pm
6003 spacer
I do love smoking weed, but I just wish it didn't look so obvious that I had been getting high when I do. One joint and I have a face like a smacked arse and I look like I'm wasting into the furniture.
>> No. 6020 Anonymous
2nd September 2013
Monday 9:45 pm
6020 spacer

Just bought an ounce, it's pretty shit quality, but it was cheap as fuck and will do me.
>> No. 6033 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 8:37 pm
6033 spacer

What weights are use lads getting in your £20 bags? I'm getting stitched up with 1.6 at best, probably 1.4 most of the time, but beggars can't be choosers. It's good weed but terrible, terrible weights in London town.
>> No. 6034 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 9:19 pm
6034 spacer

Grow your own - it's not hard. Yorkshire logic.
>> No. 6035 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 9:31 pm
6035 spacer

It is and comes with too many complications. Not to mention I'm incredibly paranoid.
>> No. 6036 Anonymous
14th September 2013
Saturday 9:57 pm
6036 spacer

I'm a policeman. And I'm coming to get you, druggy bastard.
>> No. 6188 Anonymous
2nd October 2013
Wednesday 11:54 pm
6188 spacer

Like 2-2.8s, but it's a very old hook up I've been going to for a number of years.
>> No. 6194 Anonymous
3rd October 2013
Thursday 6:17 am
6194 spacer
Why don't you smoke weed, it's good?
>> No. 6315 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:24 pm
6315 spacer
The eagle has landed.
>> No. 6316 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 11:50 pm
6316 spacer
Oh shit I'm stoned too, I forgot.
>> No. 6317 Anonymous
16th November 2013
Saturday 4:03 am
6317 spacer
420 blayze it
>> No. 6341 Anonymous
26th November 2013
Tuesday 1:30 pm
6341 spacer
The first decree is to legalize marijuana.
The tyranny and the bullshit's gone on too long.
You old fuckin' shrivs who blocked it's legalization,
you're banished from the land!
>> No. 6382 Anonymous
5th December 2013
Thursday 9:20 pm
6382 Sage
Since the demise of SR I've been taking a break from my beloved sensimilla, hoping a newcomer would arise and gain my trust.

Two days before Sheep turned scammer, I registered an account there and was in the process of vetting sellers via forum reviews. Thank fuck my step-dad got diagnosed with arse cancer before I placed an order.

Had to go keep him company for a few days. Mainly so my mum didn't freak out as she couldn't take leave from work. His cancer probably saved me £100 (minus petrol / Ginsters pies for the journey to see him). Although I would have gladly forfeited it in exchange for my mothers lover not rotting to death from the inside out over this forthcoming festive period.

Not sure where to go next. Just moved to a new area so no local contacts. I've been buying from SR over the last two years so all previous contacts have been lost.

SR v.2 smells fishy and BMR has just closed it's doors. Any other tor market places that seem legit? Anyone have experience / stories of buying online via recommended vendors on safeorscam.com.

Advice would be much appreciated. Not looking for IRL hook-ups, just accounts of recent interweb wins.

Sage for rambling.
>> No. 6399 Anonymous
24th December 2013
Tuesday 5:57 pm
6399 spacer

The new SR did seem fishy at first but many of the original vendors are back. I've ordered a few times and everything works as expected. I just try and make sure that if they do suddenly turn scam they can only take a few pence off me as that is what I aim to leave in my account after each purchase. And sorry to hear about your step-dad, does he partake in the herb? It would be recommended if he's starting chemo. Perhaps, if he's willing and it's financially viable, consider a course of cannabis oil (purchased from SR) to try and help treat the cancer. I'd hate to sound like a snake oil salesman but from what I've read on the subject over the years (scientific and anecdotal) I honestly think there is something to it.
>> No. 6400 Anonymous
24th December 2013
Tuesday 10:17 pm
6400 spacer

Favourite stoning track of the day:

>> No. 6402 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 4:09 am
6402 spacer
Good lord.
>> No. 6403 Anonymous
3rd January 2014
Friday 10:14 pm
6403 spacer


>> No. 6404 Anonymous
3rd January 2014
Friday 11:23 pm
6404 spacer
Ey ma bredda. Where one find da URL for dis here SRv2?

I'ma researcher-man seen.

Bless rudeboi.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 6406 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 1:58 am
6406 spacer

>> No. 6407 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 7:15 am
6407 spacer
I wish they would release dogeroad, but it looks like the people behinf it might have cold feet.
>> No. 6408 Anonymous
11th January 2014
Saturday 9:08 am
6408 spacer
Well, bit the bullet and have successfully scored off both the reincarnated Silkroad and Pandora. Currently awaiting a bag of loveliness from a chap who goes by the name Dragonpuff. Happy days.

Thanks for the tip about the oil. I've been researching cannabis as a treatment ever since I heard about his arse cancer.

Despite the old git being a life long hater of plants not sanctioned by ARE OVERLORDS, I managed to convince him to have a go. I bought the oil from a lad called Cornetto. I was also planning on growing my own so I could make the oil myself and guarantee purity.

However, he decided to consult his doctor first who freaked out. So instead, he is now on a trial pharmaceutical that has moderate success on stage 1 cancer. He has stage 4.

Really frustrating as all the research I've read has suggested cannabis being the most likely treatment that would actually keep him alive and active. I say me, like I know what the fuck I'm reading. I mean my wife who has two science degrees and a masters in statistics. But hey, what the fuck do scientists know? Especially when they haven't got the backing of the pharmaceutical industry and the UN. Sage for paranoia. And more ramblings.
>> No. 6409 Anonymous
11th January 2014
Saturday 1:30 pm
6409 spacer

You should probably not mention who you're buying what from where, especially when you describe your father and wife in such detail in the same post.
>> No. 6410 Anonymous
11th January 2014
Saturday 4:32 pm
6410 spacer


Good point, unfortunately I've cleared my cookies so am unable to edit my post. That said, I'd be flabbergasted if the bad men in silly hats turned up at my door over an eighth. I'll be more cautious in future...
>> No. 6422 Anonymous
13th January 2014
Monday 6:02 pm
6422 spacer

That's a frustrating situation. It's a shame that some doctors are still of the reefer madness mind state, when they'll happily hand out opioid and benzo medications.

Getting the oil is probably the hardest part of the process so if you have it you're off to a good start. I can only recommend getting those cannabinoids ingested as soon as possible, starting with a rice-grain sized amount daily and increasing the dose as much as can be tolerated. He'll likely get very stoned and sleep a lot, but sleep is what you want and is a good sign the oil is working. I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 6440 Anonymous
1st February 2014
Saturday 10:59 pm
6440 spacer

Can I repost this image?
>> No. 6682 Anonymous
26th April 2014
Saturday 5:51 pm
6682 spacer
Just got some Tangerine Dream, this shit is smooth and mellow as fuck.

>> No. 6735 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 4:34 pm
6735 spacer

I'm learning to roll, any advice would be welcome. Pic related is probably my best effort so far, the paper is pretty tight without any folds but it's a bit shorter and fatter than I usually see people smoke. Filter tip is just a rolled up bit of cardboard, is it worth buying perforated roach cards?
>> No. 6736 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 5:59 pm
6736 spacer
Since people were talking about edible cannabis earlier in the thread, anyone heard about the cannabis pizzas you can buy in Vancouver?

Got me thinking, would it literally be a case of sprinkling a few bits over the cheese topping as you would basil or do you actually need to bake the stuff into the dough for it to work?
>> No. 6737 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 6:44 pm
6737 spacer
>>6735 Buy proper roach paper or use the card inside of the rizla packet. If you do rip card for the roach, singe the torn edge to remove the fluffy bits on the end, it collects tar and gets nasty and gunky.

Also once the joint is rolled tap it roach first several times to compact the joint, poking sticks down the end can compact it too tightly and leads to a tough draw.

Also experiment with different types of roach to see what you like. A fat s-roach can lead to a nice draw and leads you to roll fatter joints, a skinny long roach means a tougher draw but also means the smoke cools a bit (in my opinion) and means you don't singe your lips or fingers towards the end.

Also twist on the end of the joint like you have just makes it annoying to light. Only really helps if you're storing it and down want it falling apart.

Looks like a good start though :) appearance isn't everything in a joint. You'll find what you like over time and notice that you'll have your own little rituals and tricks over time as will your friends. I like to take a good 20-30 minutes to roll a nice smoke.
>> No. 6738 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 7:40 pm
6738 spacer
Cheers for the reply. Can you buy suitable filter tips at newsagents, off-licenses etc. or is it more of a specialist thing?

My mate always rolls them super-thin and long. It's good for a social smoke as it lasts ages and is quite tokable but it doesn't seem to get me as high.

I usually push down the end with the long flint mechanism from a clipper but I might try without doing so. Also with the twist, yeah I know what you mean about lighting it but I'd rather keep the stuff inside.
>> No. 6739 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 9:18 pm
6739 spacer
>>6738 you can get hemp roach books from head shops or online. Its all chemical free etc. I don't know how much difference it makes but smoking through card covered in ink doesn't seem too healthy. It's fine to poke down with a pokey thing but, like I say, you get your own preferences over the years.

>> No. 6740 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 9:37 pm
6740 spacer

THC is soluble in fat and alcohol but not water, so most recipes that use cannabis involve gently heating the cannabis in oil or butter before adding it to the food. For a pizza, I'd heat the cannabis in olive oil and drizzle it on top, or incorporate the oil into the sauce.
>> No. 6741 Anonymous
13th June 2014
Friday 12:57 am
6741 spacer

This is how I roll, I usually attatch two rizla silvers together lengthways and roll it in a slim cone. I like them, and they last for ages. But I love to smoke a packed fattie.

Roach seriously defines the shape of your roll; long and thin or short and skinny both immediately reflect in the result. Another thing to consider is the amount you pack in. If the contents end up twice as thick as the roach, you're gonna have a bad roll, because the roach is effectively useless for grip on that side.

I fucking love the art of rolling, and think that really, truly, the spliffs you like the most are the ones you roll yourself. keep doing it, and the rituals and satisfaction become equal to the smoke sometimes. you'll get good if you keep doing it, and your rolling will evolve into a masterpiece that you can replicate again and again.
>> No. 6742 Anonymous
13th June 2014
Friday 3:09 am
6742 spacer
Well I just spent two hours listening to Feeder.

Don't like mixing alcohol and weed, it either smooths my buzz or flatlines it into a state where I'm no doubt having a headache and not getting up till noon tomorrow.

On subject, I wish I could roll even tobacco. I think I have the basic roll until its circular motion down, but I can't even make a cig.
>> No. 6743 Anonymous
13th June 2014
Friday 3:24 pm
6743 spacer
Just practice. Buy a couple of packets of rizla and use the same baccy over and over until you get something smokeable.
>> No. 6744 Anonymous
13th June 2014
Friday 4:20 pm
6744 spacer
>you'll get good if you keep doing it
I've met a number of people who were regular weed smokers and must've skinned up a thousand times who still rolled horrible saggy messy spliffs. Some people are just cack-handed.
>> No. 6745 Anonymous
13th June 2014
Friday 5:02 pm
6745 spacer
It's difficult to learn when you're stoned. Plus they probably only care about rolling something that is smokeable, if you actually put a little bit of effort into learning you can get good.
>> No. 6746 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 12:06 am
6746 spacer

Amnesia is the devil.
>> No. 6747 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 12:11 am
6747 spacer

Did you double team your twin with your dwarf brother?
>> No. 6748 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 12:15 am
6748 spacer

I just learned that Corgi's are like the ditto of dog breeding, no wonder the queen loves them so much.
>> No. 6749 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 12:37 am
6749 spacer
I didn't realise they are herding dogs. It's funny to think something so small can order cattle around.
>> No. 6750 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 12:40 am
6750 spacer

They probably think they're far away wolves.
>> No. 6751 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 9:11 am
6751 spacer
>>6749 >>6750
Thank you for making me snort my milk up my nose.

Corgis are ace.
>> No. 6752 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 6:41 pm
6752 spacer

Corgi Doge.jpg

Honestly one of the best breeds.
>> No. 6753 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 7:10 pm
6753 spacer
420 blaze it

>> No. 6754 Anonymous
14th June 2014
Saturday 9:06 pm
6754 spacer

See, I'm one of those embittered staunchly-pro-cats-hates-dogs-will-die-alone-and-unloved types to make up for the fact that I don't care about football but even I have to admit that Corgis are just brilliant.
>> No. 6768 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 4:36 pm
6768 spacer
I made this thread 4 years ago.

Every time I see it, I cringe a little.
>> No. 6769 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 5:19 pm
6769 spacer
We all do mate. We all do.
>> No. 6770 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 5:49 pm
6770 spacer
Nothing wrong with this thread.

I made a thread about 5 years ago on the other place's text boards. It was continuing to today until moot became an absolute wanker and shut down the text boards. I'm not gonna forget that shit moot, you have angered all the VIPPERS.

There are a lot of posts in those threads (it spanned multiple threads) that I cringe when I see, but there are others that have fond memories. It was one of the anchors in my life that thread.
>> No. 6771 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 5:51 pm
6771 spacer
> shut down the text boards?
u wot fella?
>> No. 6772 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 7:29 pm
6772 spacer

4 years ago I had such massive crush on a guy I'd try to get close to him just to smell his hair.

4 years ago me has 4 years ago you beat by a light year.
>> No. 6773 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 7:34 pm
6773 spacer
I really can't remember if it was me but I think I was the one who made the "goodnight sweet prince" with Fabio Capello in a speedo thread in /spo/.

I don't even follow the footy. Can't exactly verify it with a mod whether I made the thread since I've changed ISPs since.
>> No. 6774 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 7:34 pm
6774 spacer

Smell good?
>> No. 6775 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 8:08 pm
6775 spacer
Try posting there.
>> No. 6776 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 1:52 am
6776 spacer
Self-awareness is a super thing. If you aren't looking back at yourself about two years ago and thinking WHAT A WANKER I WAS, then you aren't growing.
>> No. 6777 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 2:05 am
6777 spacer
I do this, but I also look at myself right now and think what a wanker I am.
>> No. 6778 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 2:08 am
6778 spacer

Like a meadow made of dreams and angel's feathers.


Thank. Fugging. Christ.
>> No. 6779 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 2:15 am
6779 spacer
I had a discussion with a mate who was confused with the way his life was going about this exact thing even down to the numbers of years.

Another mate thought about getting a tattoo and I told him to hold off for about two years and still see if he wanted it. He didn't get one after the two years. Wish I could have said the same to my brother, he got a tattoo out of the blue. It's not a tribal tattoo or a foreign language tattoo but it is a quote tattoo which is almost equally as bad.
>> No. 6780 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 10:09 pm
6780 spacer

I'm so high right now. I have no ideas. Prole in order.
>> No. 6781 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 11:50 pm
6781 spacer
Close to 420 posts, lads.

I don't even partake in the substance; just letting you know.
>> No. 6837 Anonymous
16th July 2014
Wednesday 11:55 pm
6837 spacer

Quite shocked when I watched this, not just by the content but by the fact that Vice seems to have stopped hiring hipsters to do their reporting.

>> No. 6838 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 8:56 am
6838 spacer

I hope that cop feels like the cunt he is.
>> No. 6840 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 9:18 am
6840 spacer
I've always maintained that America is a 3rd world country in disguise. I hope that lad and others like him get the proper pardon and compensation they deserve.
>> No. 6841 Anonymous
19th July 2014
Saturday 12:47 am
6841 spacer
After partaking in what is experimentally the best bud every, I've decided to start a gile named 'High Thinking' and its offspring 'HT part deux'. Come tomorrow I shall finally know if my I am truly divine or if I should never touch the stuff again, man.

you can tell me already, you know you want to

it started with a genuinely killer idea but generated into LOOK BUGS
>> No. 6842 Anonymous
19th July 2014
Saturday 12:57 am
6842 spacer
>Jesse was sentenced to "informal probation," wherein if he kept out of trouble for six months and did 20 hours of community service, his record would be wiped clean.
>> No. 6843 Anonymous
19th July 2014
Saturday 10:26 am
6843 spacer
>After partaking in what is experimentally the best bud every, I've decided to start a gile
Best bud every, eh? What the fuck is a gile, anyway?
>> No. 6844 Anonymous
19th July 2014
Saturday 10:40 am
6844 spacer


I believe it's a type of spring-roll eaten chiefly in Maine.
>> No. 6845 Anonymous
19th July 2014
Saturday 9:55 pm
6845 spacer

I had a massive bowl of ice cream about an hour and was genuinely freaked out because afterwards when I put my hand on my stomach it felt freezing, as if I could feel it in my stomach through all my layers of meat and sinew.

I just figured out it's because I had had the bowl on my stomach as I ate.
>> No. 6935 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 6:48 pm
6935 spacer

This is a Corgi puppy and I am having a bad day and going to blaze it with my new best friend in approx 14 minutes.

I hope you are all doing well.
>> No. 6936 Anonymous
23rd September 2014
Tuesday 3:38 am
6936 spacer
honestly think this guy may be a wizard

>> No. 6957 Anonymous
31st October 2014
Friday 11:57 pm
6957 spacer
>> No. 6958 Anonymous
1st November 2014
Saturday 3:18 pm
6958 spacer

It's not just you, lad.
>> No. 7112 Anonymous
25th December 2014
Thursday 7:54 pm
7112 spacer

Woke up at 6am, wrapped up warm then headed down to my local beach for a big, pure, festive spliff. Hoards of fucking dog walkers everywhere. Get the fuck off my beach. This ain't the summer holidays. Still sparked that bad boy up and stunk up the whole bay.

Chilled with the wife till midday then spent the afternoon with the in-laws. Had Christmas diner down the pub. Not sure I'd do that again. Very weird crowd. Didn't bring a cheeky one and couldn't drink as I was driving.

Anyhow, back home now with a 5g bag of AK47. Nice one Santa! Hope all my fellow g/A/nja heads are having a chilled one this Christmas.
>> No. 7113 Anonymous
26th December 2014
Friday 7:28 pm
7113 spacer
It wouldn't be Christmas without a spliff.
>> No. 7114 Anonymous
28th December 2014
Sunday 12:40 am
7114 spacer
> Hope all my fellow g/A/nja heads are having a chilled one this Christmas.

I wish... I'm no regular smoker and that's bitten me in the arse this year because I missed the writing on the wall. Both usually reliable contacts are sold out, third wants silly money because demand is through the roof right now (fair play to him, he's not a mate so I wouldn't expect him to be a hero). Bah humbug.
>> No. 7133 Anonymous
14th January 2015
Wednesday 3:59 am
7133 spacer
>> No. 7142 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 5:47 pm
7142 spacer

Have any of you /A/bsolute lads got some solid advice for me?

I've been out of the weed game for many years, the only time in the past 5-6 years that I've had a proper smoke has been the odd occasional trip to Amsterdam. Needless to say I used to have some connections but these days I dont see those folks and I'm pretty sure most of them arent really in that line of work anyway. So my question is, whats the best way to meet people who sell. I'm talking small volumes, minimal hassle, no sketchy hanging out around parks asking kids if they are selling. Y'know.... what's the best way to meet a reliable, safe dealer.
>> No. 7145 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 6:24 pm
7145 spacer

I haven't bought cannabis off a dealer face-to-face in 2+ years. I mainly buy from growers in Spain, Canada and the US. That said, having a local hookup would come in handy when the postman lets me down.

If you don't mind using the internet to purchase illegal substances:

>Learn how to buy/use bitcoins.

>Learn how to use Tor.

>Lurk shitty Reddit subs.

Possibly related: k5zq47j6wd3wdvjq.onion
>> No. 7147 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 6:24 am
7147 spacer
>> No. 7148 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 6:30 am
7148 spacer
How did you get in touch with the growers?
>> No. 7149 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 6:39 am
7149 spacer
Is home growing out of the question?
>> No. 7150 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 4:22 pm
7150 spacer

I gave you all the information you need. Once you've got some Bitcoins, pop open Tor and visit that .onion site. Search for Mendosa or FeelGood.

Google if you get stuck or confused. Plenty of tutorials disguised as news stories. Also deepdotweb.com. The first time I managed to buy weed off the internet I felt like a wizard. I also get a chuckle knowing that half of royal mail employees are unwitting drug mules. Welcome to the future lad.
>> No. 7151 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 4:54 pm
7151 spacer
I think he was referring to how you said growers and not retailers. The stuff could have been imported to the places it was sent to you from, you don't know that the people who sold you it grew it.
>> No. 7152 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 5:15 pm
7152 spacer

The people I mentioned claim to be the growers. You can generally tell the difference between homegrown and commercial buds. Plus Mendosa sells for under £6 a gram delivered. I doubt she's reselling at that price point. But you are correct. I am basically taking their word for it. As long as it burns cleanly and smoothly in a pure spliff, I'm happy.

If you want to be 100% sure where the flowers come from, grow your own. In that case, see icmag.com/ic/
>> No. 7153 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:28 pm
7153 spacer
hahaah, what a load of fucking wanky effort just to buy some fucking weed.

Move to NL, here you can buy it in any town, a short stroll away, and pay with your fucking card. I have weed purchases on my bank statement.

Don't bother with any of that bitcoin and internet guff, seriously.
>> No. 7154 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:32 pm
7154 spacer
Alright mate, good plan. Do you mind if I live on your settee for a bit while I pick up the language and find a job?
>> No. 7155 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:47 pm
7155 spacer
I came here with a hostel for 2 days and speaking shit all Dutch (but with a job lined up). It's not that hard.

If I did have a spare room, I don't think I'd have the balls to sub-let it to a .gs poster, unfortunately. I'd be scared of the positive Bisto loads, they might steal my bike, come from Mauns-feld, mistake me for their Auntie, try and urinate in my rectum. It's a dangerous minefield I'd rather avoid.
>> No. 7156 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:51 pm
7156 spacer

Is there some kind of syndrome where every teenlad who moves to the Netherlands thinks they're the first person in the world to discover decriminalised weed. Jesus wept.
>> No. 7157 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:56 pm
7157 spacer
Bloody emigrants, they come over there, don't speak the language, and do nothing but drugs all day.
>> No. 7158 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 10:58 pm
7158 spacer
I'm just saying it's a whole lot less fucking effort than faffing about with bitcoin on hidden Tor sites to smoke a joint.

I smoked weed every day back in blighty, had dealers at uni that would be at your door in 5 minutes if you were lucky, which is similarly a small amount of effort. You're fucked if they're feeling lazy on a Sunday, though.

Here I smoke up maybe once every 2 weeks and it's a far more pleasurable experience strolling to the coffeeshop versus ringing up some dodgy bloke and handing him a twenty.

I digress, anyway, Silk Road and the likes are basically a waste of time unless you have absolutely no other opportunity. Moving abroad is literally easier.
>> No. 7159 Anonymous
2nd February 2015
Monday 11:33 pm
7159 spacer

Calm down and have a spliff lad. And besides, my wife would leave me if I suggested we move to the Netherlands and live near a coffeeshop just so I could have a quick and convenient spliff whenever I fancied. Not when royal mail brings me weed from all over the world whenever I want. And for less than £6 a gram. Admittedly I have to wait 3-7 days for mine to arrive, so I stock up.
>> No. 7160 Anonymous
3rd February 2015
Tuesday 7:53 am
7160 spacer
Thanks this will be useful for the festival season, dancing crystals are like hens' teeth round here
>> No. 7161 Anonymous
3rd February 2015
Tuesday 9:11 am
7161 spacer

> I digress, anyway, Silk Road and the likes are basically a waste of time unless you have absolutely no other opportunity. Moving abroad is literally easier.

For weed I agree - it's not as though weed is very hard to come by unless you live right in the back end of beyond, but for certain other drugs it's an absolute boon. I do disagree about the difficulty though - pretty sure I could teach my nan to use Agora. If you can handle online banking you can figure it out.
>> No. 7230 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 11:41 am
7230 spacer
I made this thread 5 fucking years ago... I was 17... Jesus. That's quite depressing actually.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 7232 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 12:56 pm
7232 spacer
Then OP should be banned, with an expiry date of December 2011.
>> No. 7233 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 1:13 pm
7233 spacer
Anyone tried these synthetic cannabinoid things? Spice or whatever?
>> No. 7237 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 5:55 pm
7237 spacer

Aren't they all dead and gone and banned now? I did smoke the entire original Spice range when it first came out some eight years ago.
>> No. 7238 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 9:47 pm
7238 spacer
I don't know if the originals are banned but there's a bunch of synthetic cannabinoids that are still for sale.
>> No. 7239 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 1:32 pm
7239 spacer
Spice was meant to proper fuck you up. I'd stay well away personally.
>> No. 7240 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 2:46 pm
7240 spacer
Most weed is sprayed these days with shit to make it more potent - which is why home-grown never fucks you up the same way you average 20-bag from your friendly local dealer will. I've only smoked pure synthetic cannabinoids once, and found it a horrible experience. Not comparable to actual weed (even sprayed weed) at all. I've seen friends become truly addicted and fucked up on Spice and its ilk - personally I would never recommend them to anyone, and neither would they. I'd suggest you stay away.
>> No. 7241 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 4:16 pm
7241 spacer
>I've seen friends become truly addicted and fucked up on Spice and its ilk
I hate to be nosy but can you elaborate a bit? Addicted as in withdrawal symptoms, or what?
>> No. 7242 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 5:22 pm
7242 spacer
Yep, the whole works. Completely dependent - smoking every hour, wouldn't be able to function until he''d smoked in the morning, and the friend I am thinking of used to get the shakes a lot if he hadn't smoked for a few hours. It also destroyed his short-term memory and significantly worsened his depression - he was a complete shut-in, just smoked his Spice and sat in his room. These days he's cut all synthetic cannabinoids out, only smokes his own homegrown and has moved to the countryside where he raises dogs for a living and is far happier. He doesn't like talking about the time he spent on Spice but he will give a very flat disapproval to anyone asking him if they should try it.
>> No. 7243 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 7:25 pm
7243 spacer
God, that sounds horrible.

Thanks for posting it, anyway.
>> No. 7244 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 2:49 pm
7244 spacer
Looks like Evolution is gone. Along with their communities bitcoins. Hope none of my fellow ganja-heads lost any money. Well, looks like I'll be heading back to Agora. Until they rob everyone.

>> No. 7245 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 10:35 pm
7245 spacer

To be fair I think everyone paying attention knew Evolution was a scam from the start. I certainly remember enough warnings about it when it first cropped up. I think Agora is about as close to legit as any of the markets. It's definitely the longest lived and seems to be reasonably competently run. Unlike the other markets its security isn't like a block of Swiss cheese. Allegedly.
>> No. 7246 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 10:51 pm
7246 spacer
Why doesn't someone make a market in a way that means they can't possibly run off with the proceeds? Surely that would engender trust and bring more customers.
>> No. 7247 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 10:57 pm
7247 spacer
That exists, it's called multisig transactions. Apparently they're more of a nuisance so most people don't bother.
>> No. 7248 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 12:52 am
7248 spacer
Aw, man.
>> No. 7249 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 1:43 am
7249 spacer
Aside from diversity of choice and quality, is there any point getting weed off the dark web? It seems so much more expensive.
>> No. 7250 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 2:21 pm
7250 spacer

For me itz mainly about the diversity of choice and quality. And I only order from abroad so I usually pay about half what the UK dealers charge.

Not that I've got much choice in the matter. I've been buying off the darkweb for so long I've lost contact with my old dealers. And I've moved area. Doesn't help I don't socialise with any other stoners. I generally find them intolerable. And haphazardly approaching teenagers for drugs at my age would land me up on the register.
>> No. 7251 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 6:03 pm
7251 spacer


Just stumbled across this. The origins of Evolution Marketplace. Bit of a long read.

>> No. 7252 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 8:21 pm
7252 spacer
I've been reading their articles for over four hours now. It's worse than wikipedia.
>> No. 7641 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 12:55 am
7641 spacer

Spice is really shit. Smoke weed if you want to get high. Or asphyxiate yourself whilst masturbating. I personally prefer smoking weed.


Sorry for the bump OP. Last time I did, you got banned.
>> No. 7642 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 2:32 pm
7642 spacer
I've tried three different synthetic cannabinoids since asking that. The first was some fancy-tinfoil-packeted shite like you see in the Vice video, no idea of the chemical/s in it but it made me anxious, made my heart race like I was on amphetamines, and was generally a horrible substitute for weed. The second was 5F-AKB-48, which did more or less the same. The third has been NM-2201, which I quite like; I have a couple of spliffs of it before bed and it sends me off nice and mellow.

From everything I've read, there's a massive range of responses to the different synthetic cannabinoids. Finding dependable, relevant information is borderline impossible, because different people respond differently to each of the synthetic variants.

I'm not suggesting anyone should take this stuff and I'd go for a lump of hash over any of the synthetics every time, but hash isn't readily available to me, and I'm not fucking about with TOR/dark markets when I've got smoke that I quite like that's legal and a fraction of the price of weed.

The one thing I will say, though, is that >>7240 seems to be on the money about street weed; a couple of times recently smoking with friends I felt pretty sure their stuff had been sprayed with synthetics. Might have been my head playing tricks on me but it had that same anxiety and same crazily pounding heartrate/weirdly tingling body thing which you don't get from homegrown or good bud.

I wish they'd just let us grow a few plants in our homes so I didn't have to go through all this fucking nonsense. I don't want to break the law. I don't want to fund organised crime, or the dodgy Chinese chemical factories who are kicking out god only knows what with utter disregard for the human consequences. I just want a relaxing smoke at the end of a day, for fuck's sake.
>> No. 7643 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 8:48 pm
7643 spacer
There's been a bit of low-level hoohah on Facebook and the like from my more weed-invested friends about various police forces recently stating that they don't give much of a shit about people growing a few plants for home use or just having a spliff in their back gardens, I'm surprised you've not seen them. It seems that the plod are finally coming round to agreeing with you and the rest of us sensible folk on this one, which should cheer you up.

>> No. 7644 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 10:33 pm
7644 spacer

It's piss-easy to run a covert grow in a wardrobe if you do your research. As long as you don't have any evidence to suggest that you're dealing (scales, baggies etc) then a few plants would only result in a small fine or community order on a first offence. The courts seem to view it like speeding - it's too widespread to clamp down on, so they just give you a slap on the wrists if you're not completely taking the piss.
>> No. 7645 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 1:39 am
7645 spacer
>a slap on the wrist
Good luck finding a job.
>> No. 7646 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 2:39 am
7646 spacer
> The one thing I will say, though, is that >>7240 seems to be on the money about street weed; a couple of times recently smoking with friends I felt pretty sure their stuff had been sprayed with synthetics.

I'm not saying that >>7240 is wrong, because I haven't smoked weed regularly in a long old time. That said, going back some 18-20 years there was a rash of weed in NW London which was sold as "purple Haze".

Everyone (I knew) who smoked it claimed that it definitely wasn't "just weed" and had probably been sprayed with something. Some of the older heads (I was just a kid at the time, doing basic running) claimed it felt like PCP which, never having smoked PCP before, felt to me about as trustworthy as those claims about people putting opium hash in cannabis resin to make it more addictive (or heroin in Ecstasy or whatever version of the scare story was rolled out for your generation).

I never did find out exactly what was on that weed, or if there was anything sprayed on it at all - but concerns and stories about sprayed weed have probably been around since at least the 60s. (That weed really did knock you for six though, even in comparison to the skunk going around in the late 90s; it once caused me to spend about 30 minutes on the floor laughing until I almost turned blue over something that wasn't even funny.)

n.b. I realise that there probably a dozen or so strains called purple Haze that have been developed over the years, including the current/most recent and available one. However, I also know that "purple Rain" is a common synonym for PCP in the states.

Slang names for drugs always end up with confusion over exactly what it is you're buying; does anyone else remember when ketamine was sold as "rock mesc[aline]"?. I feel old.

Sage for rambling tangential nonsense.
>> No. 7647 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 10:26 am
7647 spacer

Employers aren't allowed to ask if you have a criminal record or if you've ever been in jail, the box you tick saying "No." is all they're allowed to do. The only way they would find out is if they did a full disclosure, because you had applied for a job working with vulnerable people or something.

Even then, a drugs charge isn't going to affect your chances unless it's a council position or it shows a pattern of repeat offending, so being honest isn't a deal breaker necessarily. I have a qualification in "Interview and Shortlist Management" (Yeah, I know...) and used to do interviews for a few different companies and services and I was told to use my discretion by the employer.

FYI, employers are people who take drugs to and in the majority of cases it doesn't prevent you from doing your job and doing it well that you once got caught growing weed.

The UK isn't a Right-Wing Christian theocracy, unlike places like the US, where things like this make a difference NO MATTER the job. Here, it will stop you being a councillor or another public servant, Police, etc, but that is it.
>> No. 7648 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 6:24 pm
7648 spacer
>The UK isn't a Right-Wing Christian theocracy, unlike places like the US, where things like this make a difference NO MATTER the job
I think you're painting with a bit of a broad brush there. The US is a huge country. While there are pockets of it that resemble what you describe, there are also parts where it's not just law enforcement stating the obvious and saying that going after small time weed growers and consumers is a waste of time, it's state legislatures. By and large employers in those states couldn't give any less of a fuck as long as you turn up to work sober.
>> No. 7672 Anonymous
22nd August 2015
Saturday 6:42 pm
7672 spacer

>> No. 7816 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 3:42 am
7816 spacer
Well, it's been a long while. But perhaps it's time to talk about the basics again. Wish my supply was more reliable.
>> No. 7817 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 3:40 pm
7817 spacer

If it makes you feel any better, my promoting of the virtues of darknet weed have backfired recentley. A vendor ran off with my money and 2 packages failed to arrive - probably stolen by the postman filling in for the lad who normally covers my round.

On the upside, I'm currently smoking from a nice bag of Spanish indoor grown Dancehall - £35 for 5g's! And providing the postman doesn't rob me again, I should have some purple Kush arriving in the morning.
>> No. 7818 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 4:00 pm
7818 spacer
It's hard to find a good, reliable, fast delivery dealer who always has good quality in and won't rip you off. I've had the same bloke for a couple of years now, and me and the Mrs treasure him so much we give him presents at Christmas like you used to do with the milkman, paperboy etc back in the day.
>> No. 7819 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 4:20 pm
7819 spacer

You're doing God's work, mate.
>> No. 7873 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:43 pm
7873 spacer
Now that is what I like to hear.
>> No. 7892 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 8:27 pm
7892 spacer
When you go shopping do you use a pr0xy in front of your access point or do you do it on a laptop on free library wifi or something? also i'm amazed parcelforce dont shop your address to the 5-0... i would live in fear of that i think.

bump for solid advice from an experienced ladm8 (or the po-po)
>> No. 7895 Anonymous
25th May 2016
Wednesday 12:41 pm
7895 spacer

I just use the standard Tor browser (torproject.org/download) installed on my main laptop and connected through my home wifi. I make sure Javascript is disabled through the about:config screen. If I was the paranoid type, I'd buy a second hand wifi dongle and a mobile broadband simcard with cash and use a dedicated laptop running Tails (tails.boum.org).

Unless you are selling, or buying large amounts, I wouldn't worry too much. The only thing I would say is that Tor is probably compromised so assume everything you do on there is being spied on by YMCA lad – so no searching for bomb making instructions or extremist Eskimo material etc. And always PGP any personal details like your address (gpg4usb.org is easy to use).

I've been buying small amounts of weed / shrooms / lsd / mdma since the original Silkroad launched and have never had any problems with the police.

As for the post, I've had two orders go missing – not sure if the postman stole them or the vendor didn't send them. I've had an order mistakenly delivered to my neighbours house. I've had to collect an order from the local sorting office because the stamp fell off en route and I had to pay a delivery / admin fee. I've also had an ounce of weed from Mexico confiscated by customs – all that happened was they sent me a note telling me they had my package and I was potentially a very naughty boy – no knock at the door by the po-po or follow-up of any kind. I've probably ordered 200+ times over the years so not too shabby.

Nowadays I mainly order from UK and Spanish vendors and avoid having things shipped from countries like the Netherlands and Canada. My main concern is Darknet markets running off with my Bitcoins. Needless to say, never leave Bitcoins sitting in your market wallet!

If you want to find out more, checkout the links in the sidebar @ reddit.com/r/darknetmarkets (I'd ignore most of the reviews as itz 99% shills). Also checkout deepdotweb.com.
>> No. 7896 Anonymous
25th May 2016
Wednesday 12:45 pm
7896 spacer

Cheers for this post ladm8. With the psychoactive ban closing down all the RC vendors I think I'll have to start using the darknet markets. Weed is no trouble, but almost anything else is just too much hassle to get the old fashioned way these days.

I'm certainly the paranoid type, but I think it stands to reason that Da Fedz are going to be after the sellers, rather than the guys ordering a few grams of shoobs on occasion.
>> No. 7897 Anonymous
25th May 2016
Wednesday 8:49 pm
7897 spacer
Getting some free Shivapuri national park stuff next week. Post YouTube and similar for me to watch.
>> No. 7901 Anonymous
6th June 2016
Monday 6:54 pm
7901 spacer

Last one before bed.
>> No. 7919 Anonymous
20th November 2016
Sunday 5:34 am
7919 spacer


I'm stoned and I listen to Souvlaki Space Station every night
>> No. 7983 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 10:39 pm
7983 spacer
So... I tried weed yesterday for the first time. Ended with a trip to the A&E...

I smoked one. Just one blunt thing. Fast forward 10 minutes and really bad sweating. I was convinced I was having a heart attack. Felt like my whole body was shutting down. I become slow and just felt like blacking out. Dry mouth, nausea, etc.

Doctors and nurses laughed at me and said I was fine. I took a cab home and slept. Woke up today feeling fine but still a bit weird.

What the fuck happened?
>> No. 7984 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 11:03 pm
7984 spacer

A panic attack.
>> No. 7985 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 11:18 pm
7985 spacer
That's it? If I were to try it again, what should I do differently?
>> No. 7986 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 11:21 pm
7986 spacer
Don't smoke a whole blunt to yourself for a start. Just have a few puffs.
>> No. 7987 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 12:16 am
7987 spacer

Yeah, you have no frame of reference and had no one to guide you through it so you panicked. Come to us first if you don't have friends to do it with. In future when you feel nauseated eat something sweet, as cannabis lowers your blood sugar, and when you feel hungry eat something with high carb content.

Modern strains are so ridiculously strong that a couple of puffs is enough. Smoke one blunt over a full night and you'll have a much smoother experience. A 5mg diazepam, for either a) what you just experienced as an emergency or b) when you're finished for the night, is highly recommended so you don't have an anxiety dream and wake up in the middle of the night with the room spinning feeling like the Devil is pulling out your soul through your kneecaps.
>> No. 7988 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 12:20 am
7988 spacer
> That's it?

Panic attacks are no laughing matter, people think it's something akin to "Ooh I had such a panic this morning when I couldn't find my keys" but in reality it's your body dropping feet first into fight or flight mode leaving you feeling like either you're going insane (depersonalization and derealization) and/or going to die. The really fun bit is that the symptoms are practically identical to a heart attack and can only be told apart via an ECG.

But yeah, follow >>7986's advice next time. Just have a puff and then wait for a bit, if you feel ok or don't feel it too much have another puff and so on. Weed tolerance is extremely rapid so the difference between what people who've been smoking for years and someone who hasn't smoked before / hasn't smoked in months can handle is massive. I don't smoke very often so when I do smoke I'm really fairly baked in two or three puffs.
>> No. 7999 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 10:26 am
7999 spacer
Weed is shit and for kids and *other* people anyway. Leave it alone. It's not enjoyable, it's just an indicator of being a tryhard cunt.
>> No. 8000 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 10:50 am
8000 spacer
A bit like your post.
>> No. 8001 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 11:01 am
8001 spacer
sick burn cuz
>> No. 8002 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 11:27 am
8002 spacer
Whinge bitterly about "other" people some more.
>> No. 8003 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 11:43 am
8003 spacer
Ok, they're uneducated, uncivilised, come from and produce broken families and generally make anywhere they inhabit worse.
>> No. 8004 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 12:19 pm
8004 spacer
A bit like you're making this thread worse.
>> No. 8005 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 12:23 pm
8005 spacer
I have no qualms about making things worse for druggy cunts.
>> No. 8006 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:09 pm
8006 spacer
Are you here from the fifties?
>> No. 8009 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:17 pm
8009 spacer
I fucking wish.
>> No. 8010 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:27 pm
8010 spacer
You are Peter Hitchens (fresh off the Mail on Sunday's Xmas piss up) and I claim my five pounds.
>> No. 8011 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:44 pm
8011 spacer
Then what causes you to have such reactionary views toward people who use drugs?
>> No. 8016 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 10:37 pm
8016 spacer
Exposure to them I guess.
>> No. 8126 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 12:53 pm
8126 spacer
Bumping in response to some of the latest developments with the two kids.

I'm curious if this is a natural softening of media opinion towards the cause after positive results in other countries, or if some PR wizardry is going on behind the scenes. Given the amount of money to be made in a potential future industry, I don't think it too outlandish that strings are being pulled behind the scenes. And if the blues are in power during this, then plenty of connected people will have advance notice of legislative efforts.

Any of you /boo/lads got an opinion?
>> No. 8127 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 1:38 pm
8127 spacer
Ooh you're onto something. Britain's new post-brexit strategy for economic growth: To be Europe's weed tourism destination.

Or it's just WH working an angle to run for leader next time.
>> No. 8128 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 2:08 pm
8128 spacer

Honestly, I think this is barely a conspiracy. We absolutely know that politicians tell their friends and benefactors what's happening behind the scenes, and it'd be no shock at all to discover that if/when the law is changed and it's announced, there are already well connected businessmen with warehouses full of grow lights just waiting to go.

As long as it ends up cheaper than on dream market I couldn't give a toss, though.
>> No. 8129 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 2:37 pm
8129 spacer
You can't introduce the Psychoactive Substances Bill one year and turn around and legalise recreational weed two years later. They might relax the rules a little bit for serious and genuine medical cases but that's about it.
>> No. 8130 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 5:35 pm
8130 spacer

Alfie Dingley's family fell arse-first into a perfectly engineered grassroots campaign. The pro-legalisation mob jumped on first, seeing it as an ideal sob story to push their cause. That created a secondary wave of sentimental populist support - the chavs need some sick kiddie to weep over now that Alfie Evans is dead. Tabloid editors don't care about the cannabis angle (they don't care about anything, they're a nihilistic void of indescribable depravity), but they know that they can spin two or three weeks worth of headlines out of a sob story. Moral crusades make their readers feel virtuous for buying the paper, which is good for brand loyalty.

Javid has granted the Dingley family a special license and called for a "review" on cannabis legislation, which is the standard political strategy for kicking the can down the road. It doesn't commit him to actually do anything, but he can pretend that he might do something for however long it takes for public interest to die off.

Hague's comments are a welcome distraction from the raging shitstorm that the government are facing on all fronts. He's well-known enough that his comments attract attention, but as a life peer he's very well protected if his comments miss the mark and provoke a backlash. He's also an ideal vessel to feel out the opinion of the Tory broadsheets and their readership; legalising or decriminalising cannabis could be a useful option post-Brexit to free up police and customs resources and boost the treasury. It wouldn't be popular among the Tory faithful, but that might be a price worth paying if Brexit goes tits up. I'm not necessarily saying that his comments were orchestrated by the party, but he has earned a few brownie points at the very least.
>> No. 8132 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 6:39 pm
8132 spacer
I've always thought that the tax benefits of legalising cannabis are massively over-estimated.
What you gain in tax, you lose in overall productivity because (with a few outliers) everyone who becomes a heavy user also becomes a massive waste of space.

I'm all for decriminalisation, and I do think that very occasional use is harmless or even good for you in some ways. But people who've smoked for too long, even once they've stopped, are just different, and in my experience drag everyone else around them down.
>> No. 8133 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:26 pm
8133 spacer

Isn’t that just people?
>> No. 8134 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 7:51 pm
8134 spacer

As a stoner myself (ex-420 smoke weed erry day dickhead, currently just an occasional joint with mates) I definitely agree that it changes a person and I think the full legalisation "but tax!" lot are a set of bellends.

I wouldn't say it's necessarily always a negative change, it's just a change. You can clean up your act after being an alcoholic and it's like it's like turning over a new leaf. But once you've been a pothead, you're a pothead. You're more prone to use the word dude and let people get away with things non-stoners would get angry about. You like Pink Floyd more than the average person.

What I'm saying is we need proper research, long term studies. That can't happen while it's fully illegal.
>> No. 8135 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 10:06 pm
8135 spacer

There's very little evidence to suggest that decriminalisation or legalisation leads to a significant long-term increase in the number of users. Possession of small quantities of cannabis is legal in Portugal and the Netherlands, but both countries have a lower rate of cannabis use than the UK. There was a small increase in drug use after decriminalisation in Portugal, but rates of drug use are now lower among 16-25 year olds than before decriminalisation.

Anecdotally, it seems that decriminalisation (as part of a broader shift from criminalisation to medicalisation of drug use) removes a lot of the cachet and mystique of drug use for young people. I've spoken to a lot of young people from the Netherlands, many of whom see drug use as being a bit boring and old-fashioned.
>> No. 8136 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 11:14 pm
8136 spacer
> You can clean up your act after being an alcoholic and it's like it's like turning over a new leaf.

Bollocks to that. From me and from every alcoholic in recovery who still goes to meetings day after day because even after ten years they still want a bloody drink.

> But once you've been a pothead, you're a pothead.

Well it's certainly fucked whatever meager intelligence you were born with, anyway.
>> No. 8137 Anonymous
19th June 2018
Tuesday 11:41 pm
8137 spacer
Just because you think it changed you negatively doesn't mean that others feel the same way. I fear your comments about alcoholism give you away as a twat. Also, nobody actually calls it pot.
>> No. 8194 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 9:49 am
8194 spacer
I've been out of this game for a good few years now, but I'm back. I'm surprised at how much the subculture has changed. I guess this is partly down to growing global legalisation and decriminalization.

Quality has improved and the choice of product has improved massively. It's so nice to be able to choose wether to get a buzzy sativa or more stoney indica.

I really don't like amnesia and silver haze, because they make me very anxious. However I do like some sativa such as JH and tangie but without a wide choice its hard to get one which works for me.

The other thing which has changed in recent times is the rise of portable vaporizers. I tried a volcano once in Amsterdam in 2003 but that was quite an exotic experience and not something I could have ever afforded at the time.
I now have a few of my own, butane and battery powered. My god are they efficient. I used to blow through a Q in a week or two. If I only use my Vapcap M i can make a Q last at least 3 months now.
>> No. 8195 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 9:52 am
8195 spacer
I forgot to mention concentrates.

I've not tried anything like this yet but dabbing and oil pens is a whole new world which didn't exist 10 years ago.

Weed has come a long way since my extended T-break.
>> No. 8196 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 10:52 am
8196 spacer

The mere fact I can buy Sativa CBD pills for my chronic (heh) joint paint nowadays means the amount of opiates I take is minimal, but it's an expensive game. I strongly suspect Phizer might put a stop to medicinal use on a large scale in this country, purely because it would interupt their monopoly on the pain relief market.
>> No. 8264 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 5:27 pm
8264 spacer
Now then stonerlads.

I used to smoke a fair bit of weed. Well, to be fair I still do compared to your average person, but I find that these days it's not doing anything good for me, besides bringing on a lot of anxiety. It's been increasingly difficult to get stoned without retreating into my own head and dwelling on unpleasant thoughts.

The obvious solution is "just don't smoke weed then" but honestly, I have practically stopped already. I have maybe a joint every few weeks now, long gone are the smoke weed erry day times. Throughout my early 20s I'd smoke a lot, but for the last three or four years my use has been declining as I find myself enjoying it less and less.

Trouble is I just kind of miss it, and in the social circles I'm a part of, people are much more enthusiastic about a smoking session than, say, going out to the pub. That in itself is a pretty shit situation, but I digress. How do I stop the anxiety getting on top of me and enjoy weed again lads. I've tried acquiring more indica based strains rather than sativa, but even those are pretty heady nowadays. Everyone's mental about this Jamaican girl starscout haze nonsense nowadays and I definitely need something more mellow.

Any of you had similar experience?
>> No. 8265 Anonymous
23rd April 2019
Tuesday 11:52 pm
8265 spacer
Somewhat yes. I got to a point of not really enjoying a smoke unless totally alone. Just toking with the GF brought on uncomfortable thinking and anxiety. After a couple of egged-on situations with mates where my experience quickly switched from the typical stoned fun to needing to be alone in a dark room, I figured weed wasn't suited for me any more and let it go. That was after best part of a decade being a regular, almost daily stoner.

You could consider experimenting with different administration routes - edibles, vapourising, solvent extracts.. "dabbing" is that what it’s called now? These all gave me quite varying experiences.

Perhaps it’s best to consider that, as difficult as it is to accept, for many people puffin’ da ‘erb long term does not seem to be that psychologically sustainable.
>> No. 8267 Anonymous
24th April 2019
Wednesday 9:51 am
8267 spacer

Back in my day it was all Thai stick and squidgy black, which in retrospect turned out to have THC/CBD ratios of close to 50/50. These days, even the supposedly high-CBD strains are more like 80/20, simply because of the insanely high level of THC. The most popular strain around my way seems to be lemon haze, which is a recipe for psychosis at ~19% THC and <0.1% CBD. You could mix in some CBD extract, I suppose.
>> No. 8268 Anonymous
24th April 2019
Wednesday 4:52 pm
8268 spacer

Out of interest what era are you referring to, my smoking days/daze where early mid 90s
Sqidge was everywhere but even back then Thai sticks were spoke of in reverent terms but as something from the past and not available. Maybe just my area?
>> No. 8531 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 12:40 am
8531 spacer
This is the closest thing to an /A/ general so fuck you I'm posting here.

Let's say I've got loads of codeine that were given as a prescription to someone who doesn't want them. You can get high on this stuff aye? What's the best way to go about it? I'm guessing you don't really want to just swallow eight at once. It's actual codeine phosphate, 15mg, not the daft paracetamol stuff.

I'm not really bothered if it's a good or bad idea, I'm just a bit bored lately and like to try things to see what the craic is.
>> No. 8532 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 1:42 am
8532 spacer
It's fucking weird seeing this cringey thread I made over a decade ago. Christ.
>> No. 8533 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 2:19 am
8533 spacer

It's served us well, we didn't even need a Mk.II.

Wonder how many of the posters ITT still smoke though, or if we've all grown out of it.
>> No. 8534 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 9:08 am
8534 spacer

Tragically all dead of a weed overdose, as is tradition. RIP.
>> No. 8535 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 11:48 am
8535 spacer
I'm only 30 but I still smoke daily and have done since before this thread. It's getting to the point where I'm questioning how much damage has been done and how much there is left to be done.

Phosphate is basically the pure stuff, so you don't need to fuck around with cold water extraction. You could pop them all and be safe. LD50 is 800mg, liver stops processing around 500mg, and you get a decent feeling around 100mg. So it's really up to you as to what kind of buzz you want and whether it's a one off for a few mild experiences.

Fuck me, just remembering how I learned to do CWE off either here or britchan when I was 16.
>> No. 8536 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 12:05 am
8536 spacer

Cheers fam, good to know. Guess I can just neck a few and see what it does without worrying. I've just popped four, so I'll expect that to be quite mild, and if it's not unpleasant I'll add another two or another four and see what it's like next time.

Oh, and I'm generally not the addictive type but I'm curious how strong the addictive potential is with this stuff? I'm not intending to over do it, but I do have quite a lot (several boxes) to hand.
>> No. 8547 Anonymous
17th February 2022
Thursday 2:29 pm
8547 spacer
I’m going to be very high from tomorrow lunchtime until sometime ne t week. Recommend interesting, and unusual, YouTube documentaries and porn.
>> No. 8548 Anonymous
17th February 2022
Thursday 6:14 pm
8548 spacer
There's a great porn game free on steam called "FarmD"

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