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>> No. 8419 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 12:51 am
8419 spacer

Just stumbled across this place, ostensibly selling sheepskin rugs. Diving into the categories however there's mimosa hostilis root powder "dye" and some pretty suggestive language. There's also various tree resin incense crystals, including Frankincense and Myrrh.

As an aspiring psychonaut and someone curious, any tips?
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>> No. 8420 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 1:12 am
8420 spacer
>any tips?

DMT is best smoked through a lightbulb style crack pipe
>> No. 8421 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 1:18 am
8421 spacer
I remember years ago coming across a website that sold cacti that got suspcily specific around lophophora, they knew what they were doing.
>> No. 8422 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 3:33 am
8422 spacer
That's extremely over the top cover just to sell some powdered root bark disguised as dye. Surely it'd be easier to just set up shop on the darknet somewhere? Did the UK ever actually ban mimosa hostilis? I remember there used to be tons of "brew your own ayahuasca" kits floating around in headshops.

I've always considered smoking crack off glass to be a very American affection. Most British crackheads I know prefer to smoke from a water pipe furnished from a plastic bottle and some tinfoil over the neck.

Regardless, even if OP were to get relatively mimosa hostilis root bark extract he'd still have to do a basic acid/base extraction in order to get smokable DMT, which is something I wouldn't exactly recommend just doing on a whim.
>> No. 8423 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 3:47 am
8423 spacer
I see where you're going lad, and they're clearly hippies, but that site looks genuine to me.
>> No. 8424 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 7:33 am
8424 spacer

>Did the UK ever actually ban mimosa hostilis?

We banned everything with the Psychoactive Substances Act.


>> No. 8425 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 9:05 am
8425 spacer
>We banned everything with the Psychoactive Substances Act.
Cough medicine and nutmeg are still available.
>> No. 8426 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 9:22 am
8426 spacer

The legislation is an embarrassment. It is the kind of thing that when you point out the flaws politicians would reply "well obviously those don't count.
>> No. 8427 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 9:51 am
8427 spacer

Yes. But I think nobody has bothered to start intercepting root bark shipments because there are so many places selling it from fairly legitimate fronts, like this one.
>> No. 8428 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 10:45 am
8428 spacer
Food and drink and medicinal products are exempted.
>> No. 8429 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 7:41 pm
8429 spacer
And yet medical marijuana is barely legal and incredibly hard to get on the NHS, and holding marijuana in general still carries ridiculous punishments. And what about psilocybin?
>> No. 8430 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 7:54 pm
8430 spacer

The point of the legislation was to be a catch-all for everything there wasn't already a rule about and that could exist, in future.

Since those things were already known about, they are covered by the misuse of drugs act same as they always were.

>> No. 8431 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 8:47 pm
8431 spacer
>to be a catch-all for everything there wasn't already a rule about

Yeah - seems like yesterday everyone was doing bath salts/plant food.
>> No. 8432 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 9:15 pm
8432 spacer
So they're selling stuff you can trip on? I'd like to know how I go about this.

I haven't had any really interesting drug experiences since the heyday of the research chem market.
>> No. 8433 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 10:49 pm
8433 spacer

You can buy it from lots of places that sell organic dyes, often for legitimate reasons. The extraction is a pain in the arse and leaves you with some toxic leftovers to dispose of, I'm told (but may be wrong about that last part). DMT's present in a lot of plants, this rootbark just has a higher concentration.
There's probably a "tek" for doing it, dmt-nexus is the place you want to look.
>> No. 8437 Anonymous
21st July 2020
Tuesday 12:11 am
8437 spacer
Pretty much this. There's tons of guides with varying ways now so if you have the time and privacy it can be a fun science project. Alternatively it's easier to go to a psychedelic festival once a year and stock up for the whole year on quality stuff, but then again that's not going to be happening any time soon.
>> No. 8442 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 1:10 am
8442 spacer
You can spend a weekend in one of the larger cities in Germany (be sure to get there early on Friday) and work your way across Chemists ("Apotheke") shops and ask for "Ratiopharm Hustenstiller" as you've been told it'll help your persistent dry cough. That's pure DXM (mg on the package) which the internet can tell you more about. You can bring those back to the UK no problem.

Additionally (but not in the same visit) ask them for "Vivinox"... "We We Knocks". You're jet lagged and just want some sleep and just want the smallest pack they have because you heard it works. That's Diphenhyrdamine. If they don't have Vivinox, you can sometimes point out that "Emesan" has the same active ingredient and that'll do.

If you're dressed properly, don't appear to be in withdrawal (neither of these are common drugs used in Germany) and particularly if you have an accent they'll be happy to help.

Both are very much abusable, and if you want guaranteed pharmacologically clean supplies this is the recommended way. I no longer indulge in DXM, but fuck Corona. I want my DPH to settle down. As soon as flights open up I'm over there.

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