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>> No. 5174 Anonymous
1st February 2015
Sunday 1:19 pm
5174 spacer
I know I am probably very late to the party, but the Google Cultural Institute is mind-boggling. It's a remarkable collection of material, not just art but also architecture, world heritage sites, biographies, historical events, documents, photographs, etc.. It's honestly a bit overwhelming to look at, as a cross-section of human culture. I encourage anyone to spend a bit of time looking at it.


I thought it might be nice if to share custom libraries or especially interesting finds in this thread.

>> No. 5057 Anonymous
20th September 2014
Saturday 4:26 pm
5057 Blueprints and concepts
A mixture of knowledge, finesse and interesting ideas.
Share what you have, .gs.
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>> No. 5077 Anonymous
22nd September 2014
Monday 10:37 pm
5077 spacer

The term you're looking for is "naval architecture".

Ships are traditionally constructed from the ground-up. First the keel is laid, which acts as the backbone of the boat. Then ribs or bulkheads are added, creating a framework which can be clad and decked.

The process of drawing out a ship's lines is done by cutting the vessel into numerous imaginary sections in three planes - vertically across the width (the body plan), vertically along the length (the sheer plan) and horizontally along the length (the waterline plan). Drawing lines the traditional way is as much art as science. Small fishing boats and ferries were often designed by sailors themselves, using traditional designs that were handed down by word-of-mouth.

Drawing lines was traditionally done by eye, based on known characteristics of various hull forms - a hull with a deep and round belly is stable but slow, long tapering lines make a boat fast but limits cargo capacity and so on. As our understanding of hydrodynamics improved, we learned more theoretically rigorous ways of designing a hull form; Computer simulation and CAD is now the norm amongst commercial and racing architects, but many designers of pleasure craft still do things with pencil and paper.

Bulkheads can be cut directly from the body plan; Lofting involves tabulations of measurements from all three plans. The main difficulty involved in lofting comes from the complexity of the mathematics required to describe space curves (curved planes in three dimensions). A diverse range of lofting techniques evolved to allow parts to be accurately drawn and cut using simpler methods; Nonetheless, a skilled loftsman may still need several weeks to loft a round hull.

Lofting a smooth hull precisely is enormously difficult, so many boats designed to be constructed by amateurs are designed with a multi-chined hull, built with hard edges and simple curves. Popular modern examples include the Mirror and Optimist dinghies and many yachts designed by Steve Roberts; Traditional examples include scows and junks.

Modern boat builders can take advantage of newer materials (plywood, fibreglass, epoxy) and modern methods (stitch-and-glue construction) to build excellent boats simply and quickly. It is now completely feasible to build a good dinghy in a few weekends, or a small ocean-going yacht in a year or two of evenings and weekends. Some very simple designs like the Puddleduck Racer can be built in less than five days and for just a couple of hundred pounds fully rigged. Architects like John Welsford specialise in designing tough, adventurous yachts that can be built by inexperienced amateurs; His Fafnir and Swaggie designs are masterful examples of economy. Traditional clinker or carvel construction is vastly more laborious and tends to produce heavier and less efficient hulls.
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>> No. 5078 Anonymous
22nd September 2014
Monday 10:44 pm
5078 spacer
>With that said, if you're interested in sailing, you can buy a good second-hand boat for astonishingly little money. A competent racing dinghy can be had for as little as £500

Dinghy sailing is a ludicrously economical hobby. A dinghy like a Kestrel is often around £300 with its trolley. Club fees can be a few quid but nothing extortionate.
>> No. 5079 Anonymous
22nd September 2014
Monday 10:47 pm
5079 spacer
See e.g. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Miracle-dinghy-/221550700433?pt=UK_Sporting_Goods_Sailing_Boats_ET&hash=item3395736791

This Miracle is £250 with 14 hours remaining. Dinghies often sell for so cheap that they'll be bought on ebay just so they can be cannibalised for parts.

If you want to get into sailing you should do a few RYA courses. It's not a hobby you can really just get into by yourself, a few days of training will save you a lot of bother and danger to yourself and others.

For what it's worth I fucking hate sailing I just know this shit because my dad tried to get me into it (bless him).
>> No. 5081 Anonymous
22nd September 2014
Monday 11:14 pm
5081 spacer


Yep, the rocket cross sections I posted are all hand drawn.

Here's some vintage fashion design.
>> No. 5144 Anonymous
11th January 2015
Sunday 4:51 am
5144 spacer
What's happened to your dad?

>> No. 567 Anonymous
13th April 2009
Monday 2:36 pm
567 spacer
I took this with my phone
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>> No. 4633 Anonymous
23rd January 2014
Thursday 1:18 am
4633 spacer
I'd rather not have been reminded that once upon a time I made that post.
>> No. 5045 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:19 am
5045 spacer
I'm in the middle of fucking nowhere and k just walked two miles and spent two hours utterly confounded as to why my star photos weren't coming out. So fucking annoyed, then I got fucked off and walked home.

Realised I had a maximum F stop rather than minimum.

I want to cry.
>> No. 5046 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:25 am
5046 spacer
Five years ago I was in love and carefree. Now I am alone and careless.
>> No. 5047 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:38 am
5047 spacer
Thanks for the update.
>> No. 5048 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:45 am
5048 spacer
Better than being in love and careless, which is how I ended up alone and carefree.

>> No. 682 Anonymous
15th June 2009
Monday 2:21 pm
682 spacer
Nudes, post 'em here.
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>> No. 2719 Anonymous
5th November 2010
Friday 11:24 pm
2719 spacer
My favourite nude in all art is the one in John Duncan's 'Blind Date':

>> No. 2852 Anonymous
21st April 2011
Thursday 2:29 pm
2852 spacer
>> No. 4031 Anonymous
30th May 2012
Wednesday 1:36 pm
4031 spacer
>> No. 4568 Anonymous
26th September 2013
Thursday 10:51 am
4568 spacer

This thread is awfully bland and kitsch, could you have been more tacky? Have some real nudity
>> No. 5023 Anonymous
17th August 2014
Sunday 7:08 pm
5023 spacer

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Art Painting 34.jpg

>> No. 4937 Anonymous
14th July 2014
Monday 3:22 am
Here is my fucking art. Look it. Look.
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>> No. 4941 Anonymous
14th July 2014
Monday 1:18 pm
4941 spacer
I think this is quite good - a lot more passionate and real than more 'sophisticated' art - reminds me of Nick Blinko's work.
>> No. 4942 Anonymous
14th July 2014
Monday 4:55 pm
4942 spacer
Reminds me of Bronson's stuff.
>> No. 4943 Anonymous
14th July 2014
Monday 5:42 pm
4943 spacer

Where's the manuscript?
>> No. 4944 Anonymous
15th July 2014
Tuesday 9:46 pm
4944 spacer
me too. I like it but not that much. It's OK
>> No. 5022 Anonymous
14th August 2014
Thursday 12:45 pm
5022 spacer
OP's favourite film confirmed as Donnie Darko.

>> No. 4884 Anonymous
18th June 2014
Wednesday 12:21 pm
4884 spacer
this thread has been going on 4chans /gd/ for a over a week now.

Ok /gd/ lets play a game! Here are the rules:

1.You can modify this image as you please, but dont make the changes too big, you should still be able to tell its the smae images few steps apart. (you see the connection between version 1 and version 3, but version 15 should already be very different, well thats the point!)

2. Keep the format 1000*1000px (if this goes well, ill make a gif of the progress)

3. You can go as many times as youd like, just make sure you dont post two versions in a row, there always has to somebody elses version in between.

4. have fun!
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>> No. 4927 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 1:55 am
4927 spacer


>> No. 4928 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 1:57 am
4928 spacer
Would probably buy if it had more Bruce.
>> No. 4929 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 2:29 am
4929 spacer

>> No. 4930 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 4:15 am
4930 spacer

>> No. 4936 Anonymous
11th July 2014
Friday 8:51 pm
4936 spacer


>> No. 4651 Anonymous
17th February 2014
Monday 9:56 pm
4651 MS Paint Art Work Thread
Open MS Paint and draw something, anything.

I call this piece 'Trash Talk'. Badum tish.
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>> No. 4652 Anonymous
17th February 2014
Monday 10:48 pm
4652 spacer

The circle of .gs life
>> No. 4931 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 7:31 pm
4931 spacer


>> No. 4932 Anonymous
29th June 2014
Sunday 8:31 pm
4932 spacer

The Amphibious Drifter.jpg

>> No. 4933 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 1:23 am
4933 spacer

a picture.png

>> No. 4934 Anonymous
30th June 2014
Monday 1:24 am
4934 spacer
>>4933 here
'fraid I didn't have access to paint, so I used the next best thing: Krita, a program I have no idea how to use properly.

>> No. 4819 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:42 am
4819 spacer
I'm less surprised to discover that this is a thing than by how many people seem to think Godzilla would have any chance at all.
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>> No. 4854 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:45 am
4854 spacer


>> No. 4855 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:45 am
4855 spacer


>> No. 4856 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:45 am
4856 spacer


>> No. 4857 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:45 am
4857 spacer


>> No. 4858 Anonymous
16th May 2014
Friday 4:45 am
4858 spacer


007 5x7.jpg
>> No. 3135 Anonymous
31st January 2012
Tuesday 9:35 am
3135 dark art and such
We post dark and occult art
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>> No. 3417 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 1:07 pm
3417 spacer


>> No. 3419 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 1:07 pm
3419 spacer


>> No. 3421 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 1:08 pm
3421 spacer


>> No. 3515 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 5:49 pm
3515 spacer


>> No. 4817 Anonymous
13th May 2014
Tuesday 2:07 pm
4817 spacer

I guess Giger is chilling here with Böcklin now.

bruce cut out3.jpg
>> No. 2198 Anonymous
22nd February 2010
Monday 6:54 pm
2198 spacer
Could any of you kind lads turn this image from colour in to black and white? And/Or make it transparent?
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>> No. 4756 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 2:02 pm
4756 spacer

You've visited 4chan.

Maybe OP isn't into heavy metal. Or maybe they can't play any instruments. Or maybe making an image greyscale was 100% of the final grade. I know he got the image eventually, but then they found out and he got done for plagiarism.
>> No. 4757 Anonymous
25th April 2014
Friday 2:39 pm
4757 spacer

I still chuckled. Ohhh, does spoiler text even show up in /art? Stealth mode!
>> No. 4766 Anonymous
27th April 2014
Sunday 5:43 pm
4766 spacer
OP here should come clean, I was like 16 and in 6th form and it was for a media bit of course work. Fucked up the course work like, but got in to uni in the end (in case anyone was wondering)
>> No. 4767 Anonymous
27th April 2014
Sunday 5:49 pm
4767 spacer
>> No. 4810 Anonymous
7th May 2014
Wednesday 4:42 pm
4810 spacer
>>4767 which uni? Staffordshire. (not doing a heavy metal course unfortunately)

>> No. 4772 Anonymous
30th April 2014
Wednesday 8:23 am
4772 spacer
MOST IMPORTANTLY Anyone have any unfinished work that they need some ideas on?

if not:
Magical Environments
Clever Techie Environments
Abstract Patterns with a recognizable geometric theme.
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>> No. 4774 Anonymous
30th April 2014
Wednesday 8:55 am
4774 spacer
What? It's not even nine on a weekday, what the hell did you expect there'd be?
>> No. 4775 Anonymous
30th April 2014
Wednesday 9:07 am
4775 spacer
You let him down. Shame on you.
>> No. 4776 Anonymous
30th April 2014
Wednesday 12:09 pm
4776 spacer
>this board is dead as fuck.
The slow pace would've been immediately obvious, had you taken the second or two to take in your surroundings.

What a wanker.
>> No. 4806 Anonymous
6th May 2014
Tuesday 11:51 pm
4806 spacer
Put it in my favorites so i could revisit. doesn't look like any new posts about op though
>> No. 4807 Anonymous
7th May 2014
Wednesday 12:01 am
4807 spacer

That is because you were a bellend and made a thread without contributing anything.

>> No. 4636 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 1:45 am
4636 spacer
The room in my new house is incredibly bland. There needs to be something on the walls.

Deciding what to put on them has put me in a bit of a dilemma.

Am I too old for posters? I feel at 21 I am, but then I feel too young for 'serious' framed things as well. Especially when said exhibits wouldn't really display my real taste, just a pretend grownup one.

Nor am I a fan of the middle ground of framing my juvenile interests. I want it to look casual, not like I'm such a hardcore fan of x that I have it framed. Especially when x is probably going to be some anime theme or similar. Before you say, mai waifu type things won't be going up.

Strangely I'd quite like some posters that look worn out, creased and crinkled, like they're second hand posters, it would give the room that well-worn look. I do the same with trainers. I walk around the garden in them for a few days before I wear them in public. I'm not sure how much of this is out of personal taste or insecurity, but that's another topic.

Anyway as I've typed this post I've decided I'm probably taking it too seriously, and will stick whatever I think looks nice up. Poster, print or otherwise. But I suppose its worth asking, anyone ever thought the same?
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>> No. 4789 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 9:56 pm
4789 spacer

The futurama bit looks ace because it's so neatly done. If the rest was arranged in a tidier way (not sure how though) it'd all look just as good. Frames make it all look nicer too, but they get pricey.
>> No. 4790 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 10:29 pm
4790 spacer
My bedroom at home still has posters I put up when I was 15 or so. My girlfriend made me take down the Ian Watson one though, just so happened to be on the same poster as Dave Mustaine.

In my first term of uni I spent a while buying some really nice posters, had this really cool Jimi Hendrix one with loads of colour and a picture of a dark pool room which I really liked. When I came back for second term the cleaners had removed them...
>> No. 4791 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 10:38 pm
4791 spacer

Ian Watkins, lad.

Christ, it was bad enough people though H from Steps had done a noncing without poor Ian Watson getting hassle.
>> No. 4792 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 10:41 pm
4792 spacer
Wait, Ian Watson is a nonce too?
>> No. 4793 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 10:54 pm
4793 spacer

Have you suffered a recent head trauma or is your spell checker fucking you over?

herring gull.jpg
>> No. 4715 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 11:08 am
4715 Draw a Bird Day 2014
Happy Draw a Bird Day fellow britfa.gs!
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>> No. 4729 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 10:45 pm
4729 spacer


>> No. 4730 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 10:51 pm
4730 spacer


That was with a mouse. This is with a tablet.

I need a lot of practice with my tablet.
>> No. 4731 Anonymous
8th April 2014
Tuesday 11:37 pm
4731 spacer
At first glance I thought that was some sort of sexy Cthulhu. I've been awake far too long.
>> No. 4732 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 8:16 am
4732 spacer
What exactly is birds?
>> No. 4740 Anonymous
21st April 2014
Monday 8:31 pm
4740 spacer
Shit powdered custard.

>> No. 4634 Anonymous
23rd January 2014
Thursday 2:54 am
4634 spacer
In Dubai they have this garden which is just filled to the brim with flowers. It's absolutely bursting with them. I've never really enjoyed gardens but I thought that they were really quite interesting.

Do gardens count as art?
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>> No. 4635 Anonymous
23rd January 2014
Thursday 2:55 am
4635 spacer

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