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Subject   (new thread)
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wilheim earth.png
>> No. 4055 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 1:12 pm
4055 spacer
Once the Wilheim Scream has been pointed out to you, you hear it in everything.
You will now see this image of the Earth. Look for the circled cloud formation.
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>> No. 4393 Anonymous
27th December 2012
Thursday 11:44 am
4393 spacer

>> No. 4394 Anonymous
27th December 2012
Thursday 4:10 pm
4394 spacer
Slight difference - one is deliberate, the other consequential.

The Wilhelm scream gets used everywhere as an in-joke among sound designers and directors, while the Blue Marble turns up everywhere because despite its quality you don't have to pay for it.
>> No. 4395 Anonymous
27th December 2012
Thursday 5:05 pm
4395 spacer
It was in Monsters vs Aliens today.
>> No. 4396 Anonymous
27th December 2012
Thursday 5:08 pm
4396 spacer
The consequences are the same.

Isn't it usually?
>> No. 4397 Anonymous
27th December 2012
Thursday 5:16 pm
4397 spacer
I've not heard it before.

>> No. 849 Anonymous
7th July 2009
Tuesday 7:57 pm
849 spacer
Wallpaper thread please?
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>> No. 4382 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 7:49 pm
4382 spacer
Sorry for the dregs of minor American cities towards the end - I didn't want to leave them out since they're quite pretty. I have left out some of the crappier ones, though.
>> No. 4383 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 7:53 pm
4383 spacer

They aren't mine. A (now ex) Google employee was posting them on the Other Place's /wg/ a month or two ago, and had made them using the maps developer tools. Apparently he got fired for it. He was making them on request, and each took around 10-15 minutes or so.
>> No. 4384 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 8:52 pm
4384 spacer
They're splendid - thanks.
>> No. 4385 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 9:20 pm
4385 spacer

That seems odd, he was fired because he used the tools to produce this kind of stuff? Didn't think Google would be that tight about this, unless I'm missing something about the images. Aren't they just certain aspects of the map over a black background?
>> No. 4389 Anonymous
23rd December 2012
Sunday 10:38 pm
4389 spacer

I think they breached some regulation - some sort of copyright or something like that. He mentioned something about them containing information that shouldn't be available to the general public, too, although they're far too small a resolution for anyone to make anything out like that.

>> No. 4067 Anonymous
12th August 2012
Sunday 12:48 pm
4067 Favourite artlads
List your favourite painters/illustrators/print makers
Please no Manga/anime/graphic novels

Mine are (in no specific order)
Francisco Goya (Spanish)
Vasily Vereshchagin (Russian)
Lovis Corinth (German)
Ilya Repin (Russian)
Egon Schiele (Austrian)
Albrecht Durer (German)
Giovanni Piranesi (Italian)
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>> No. 4102 Anonymous
14th August 2012
Tuesday 1:52 pm
4102 spacer
Any particular reason for this obnoxious post?
>> No. 4103 Anonymous
14th August 2012
Tuesday 2:00 pm
4103 spacer

C. M. Coolidge
>> No. 4105 Anonymous
14th August 2012
Tuesday 3:37 pm
4105 spacer
Shit, sorry man
>> No. 4138 Anonymous
2nd October 2012
Tuesday 1:02 pm
4138 spacer

It is a shit start to a thread though.
>> No. 4284 Anonymous
16th November 2012
Friday 7:33 pm
4284 spacer
Wyndham Lewis, for all I hate his guts, his art is sublime and terrifying.

>> No. 4049 Anonymous
19th July 2012
Thursday 1:09 am
4049 spacer
I'd love to try my hand at sculpture, especially with clay and stone. I'm a bit of a wannabe fine artist, so I'm looking to make human figures on a tiny scale. However, I have no idea how I'd get started with such a hobby.

Do you Britfa.gs have any insight into this?
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>> No. 4059 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 9:06 pm
4059 spacer
Thank you for the advice so far, lads. I will look into the products mentioned. Just out of curiosity, though, on what scale would I need to work to use natural materials?
>> No. 4060 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 9:41 pm
4060 spacer
It depends what sort of detail you want. Natural materials are much harder to work with in that respect.
>> No. 4061 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 10:15 pm
4061 spacer

Again, human bodies, mainly. As much detail as I could possibly get there. I can mainly see myself making at least or bigger-than lifesize sections of the human body. Hands, heads or feet for example.
>> No. 4062 Anonymous
23rd July 2012
Monday 11:44 pm
4062 spacer


Yes, but human bodies can have different levels of detail. Modern statues are often made in clay then cast in some variety of concrete to look like stone, and aren't terribly detailed. On the opposite end of the spectrum are things like this which are mostly made from a number of different chemicals similar to latex and silicone. There's a lot of fibreglass in there too for structure.

The statue-style thing is the most likely contender.
>> No. 4063 Anonymous
24th July 2012
Tuesday 2:43 am
4063 spacer

There are a couple of things you need to think about as well as scale: do you want to sculpt in the final material, or is the sculpt going to be used to make a mould?

(Some variety) of clay is good for human sized bits. You can get most of the important lines and creases and a good imitation of skin texture in it. I'm only experienced in using clay for masters though, then moulding it before it dries and discarding the original sculpt.

>> No. 4044 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 2:15 am
4044 spacer
I just won an A2 painting of my choice, so naturally I decided I want a portrait of myself looking very important, and also with an African lion by my side.

I was sure I can't have been the first one to consider something like this, but I can't find a single example of a portrait of someone posing with an African lion.

If any of you guys know of one, can you please post it here? Or even with any other animal, really.
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>> No. 4045 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 9:34 am
4045 spacer

Britannia_Lion_and Ship_Painting.jpg
Like lady Britannia, only more manly?
>> No. 4046 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 1:02 pm
4046 spacer

I think a portrait similar to this George Stubbs piece will be more eye catching, though of course you should have the artist pain you in place of the horse, on all fours, wide eyed with anguish.

Perhaps having either you or the lion smoking a cheroot.
>> No. 4047 Anonymous
11th July 2012
Wednesday 1:33 pm
4047 spacer
How about if he's punching the lion in the face?
>> No. 4054 Anonymous
20th July 2012
Friday 3:23 am
4054 spacer
If you really want to look important you should have the portrait of yourself sitting atop a lion whilst one hand rests on an a globe and the other holds aloft a mighty sabre.
>> No. 4056 Anonymous
21st July 2012
Saturday 5:24 pm
4056 spacer


st georges cross.jpg
>> No. 3982 Anonymous
1st May 2012
Tuesday 12:47 am
3982 Drawfags report in
Hey can ask all of you chaps to do me a favour? Take 10 minutes to draw me the following photo.

I'd like you to draw me an English Bullterrier wearing Crusader chain-mail armour holding a sword and shield or a St. Georges cross flag.

Thank you.
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>> No. 3986 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 3:03 pm
3986 spacer

Oh boy, here we go again.
>> No. 3987 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 4:08 pm
3987 spacer

will this do?
>> No. 3988 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 7:30 pm
3988 spacer

here u go bruv
>> No. 3989 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 3:51 pm
3989 spacer
This is all part of the renewed attempts at forcing Si as a meme etc?
>> No. 3990 Anonymous
3rd May 2012
Thursday 5:15 pm
3990 spacer

As a kid my older cousin drew me a picture like it and I lost it.

yeah cheers...

>> No. 2015 Anonymous
17th January 2010
Sunday 10:33 pm
2015 spacer
ITT: Obscure video games with interesting cover artwork
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>> No. 3134 Anonymous
30th January 2012
Monday 2:46 am
3134 spacer
was required for uni course.
>> No. 3513 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 3:52 pm
3513 spacer
Fortune favours the bold! Good for you mate. The real hardware is always nicer than emulator, in my opinion anyway.
>> No. 3514 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 3:54 pm
3514 spacer
I trust they paid for it, then.
>> No. 3573 Anonymous
2nd February 2012
Thursday 5:22 am
3573 spacer
I needed a mac for the course and they offered a large discount.
>> No. 3984 Anonymous
2nd May 2012
Wednesday 3:19 am
3984 spacer

Not exactly great art, but the cover appeals to me.

Loving the Roger Dean video game art.

>> No. 479 Anonymous
7th April 2009
Tuesday 6:54 pm
479 Syd Mead
Concept art for US Steel, Philips, Blade Runner and some others.
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>> No. 561 Anonymous
10th April 2009
Friday 12:30 pm
561 spacer
Do you have a name for this? I would really love a higher res version to use as wallpaper.
>> No. 563 Anonymous
10th April 2009
Friday 6:05 pm
563 spacer

Seconded, Syd Mead's work is fantastic.
>> No. 565 Anonymous
11th April 2009
Saturday 6:21 pm
565 spacer
Ah, it may not actually be by Mead. I got it from here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kielbryant/2251508135/in/set-72157603903308389/
I think it might be Star Wars concept art for Coruscant by Doug Chiang. I think the guy put it in his Syd Mead set to make the point that it is heavily influenced by Syd Mead.
If it's Star Wars there must be higher res versions out there. I'm not on my own computer atm so i'll leave you guys to search for better versions.
>> No. 566 Anonymous
11th April 2009
Saturday 9:58 pm
566 spacer
you might get a high quality version of >>555 in scans of the Art Of Star Wars books such as those found in http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/1616789/6976998/
>> No. 3981 Anonymous
26th April 2012
Thursday 11:53 pm
3981 spacer

>> No. 3956 Anonymous
10th April 2012
Tuesday 5:34 pm
3956 A request.
I need a primary source for a project I'm doing. It's about the economy of Renaissance Venice (1250-1600), and I've been thinking I could use a painting or a sketch, or any sort of artwork from that time. It doesn't have to be very good, it just has to represent the economy or trade in some way. So perhaps a busy canal, a bustling market, etc. It also has to be from that time period.

This is a lot harder than it seems to find on the net, and I was hoping on the offchance someone had any ideas?

This Canaletto would be perfect, but unfortunately it is out of the time period.
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>> No. 3957 Anonymous
10th April 2012
Tuesday 5:38 pm
3957 spacer
Try looking for some guidebooks to the Louvre, they've a shitload of renaissance art.

>> No. 3955 Anonymous
1st April 2012
Sunday 6:37 pm
3955 2012, fin, et suite



>> No. 3948 Anonymous
21st March 2012
Wednesday 11:44 pm
3948 ARRRRRRRRT shows in your area
This board is a little dead, here's an idea!
Post local or interesting art exhibitions/shows/events whatever here, on the off chance someone nearby is interested.
I'll start with something I plan to see tomorrow;
> "Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III"
> Somerset House, London
> 21 March – 1 July 2012
> Courtyard Rooms, South Wing
> Free Admission
> Kokoro means 'heart' in Japanese; it is the 'feeling', the 'inner meaning' that underpins the Japanese approach not only to art, but to Japanese life as a whole. It is what makes Japan quintessentially Japanese. With this selection of paintings by Irezumi master Horiyoshi III and photographs by Alex 'Kofuu' Reinke and Matti 'Senju' Seldhom, we hope to make you 'feel' Kokoro; leading you on a journey where the typical japanese nature and legends take life in silk paintings and photographs.

>Internationally renowned tattoo artist Horiyoshi III is a great supporter of traditional japanese culture, history and craftsmanship but yet he embraced the modern western world, observed it, understood it and changed his art, evolving but keeping it japanese; this is ultimately the power and essence of Kokoro. It is a spirit that knows no time or physical limits.


Your turn.
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>> No. 3949 Anonymous
22nd March 2012
Thursday 8:12 am
3949 spacer
That's very interesting. Especially considering how tattoos are thought of in Japan.
>> No. 3950 Anonymous
22nd March 2012
Thursday 7:25 pm
3950 spacer

st lukes 09 exterior 1 credit matthew weinreb.jpg
Well, wasn't that exciting. Hoped it'd be more like photos in OP, something a little interesting visually, Instead I was treated to two rooms with a couple of silk hangings , which were pretty nice on their own but also quite cliche due to resembling all that manga/jap tattoo/stuff you'd draw on your pencil case vibe. Highlights, an abstract zen piece shoved above a fireplace and a little porcelain figure of a volumptious, heavily tattooed woman, bound up with a big grin on her face.
Also Somerset House has the greatest bogs in all London.

Also went to the Royal Academy to see a Hawksmoor exhibition, which again is tiny, just a little space on a ramp, mostly anecdotes and quotes from famous figures about his architecture, some paintings, photos, maps, plans. Nothing to write home about, so I've written about it here.
>> No. 3951 Anonymous
22nd March 2012
Thursday 7:26 pm
3951 spacer
>Especially considering how tattoos are thought of in Japan.
Would you care to enlighten me?
>> No. 3953 Anonymous
29th March 2012
Thursday 8:35 pm
3953 spacer
It's a sort of cultural taboo. They're frowned upon at best, and generally associated with the Yakuza. It makes the "embrace of the modern western world" a lot more tangible.
>> No. 3954 Anonymous
29th March 2012
Thursday 10:18 pm
3954 spacer
Those who do practice the traditional forms of tattooing tend to keep it behind closed doors, and it tends to be aged, highly-regarded "masters" of the hand-poking technique that do it. The style and method are different and distinct, and regarded differently (eg. with a lot more of a spiritual aspect to the process) to the Western style of tattooing. This article covers the fluctuations in cultural opinion of tattooing in Japan pretty well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irezumi

The Triumph of Death.jpg
>> No. 3037 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 7:49 pm
3037 Biblical or Deathly, hellish art works
I'll post a few but what I'm really hoping for is a bit of guidance from you lads.

I've recently become deeply interested in the depiction of Biblical concepts as actual beings. I'm reading John Milton's Paradise Lost at the moment and am nearing the end of it, I read Milton, a poem by William Blake, before it.

I know the art work I've attached isn't really anything to do with those works of literature but ah, I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm not to bright you see (sob story ect)

But yes, what I'm hoping is that one of you could point me in the right direction for more good stuff like the above and attached. The art works I'll be posting are just a few I've found on google image searches so I don't really know about them, I just like them. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks lads
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>> No. 3041 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 7:53 pm
3041 spacer

Satan Holds Court in Hell by Gustave Doré.jpg

>> No. 3042 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 7:54 pm
3042 spacer


>> No. 3043 Anonymous
9th December 2011
Friday 7:57 pm
3043 spacer

This is my favourite portion of The Triumph of Death, I've tried digging up more information on Death as a being but I've had little luck on the internet. The whole fucking net is swamped with fucking deviant art drawings by 14 year old kids.
>> No. 3045 Anonymous
16th December 2011
Friday 6:36 pm
3045 spacer
You need to check out Bosch. His stuff is often really surreal but it's very close to that first image you posted.

John Martin you've already got, but just fyi, there's an exhibition at the Tate running until 15th Jan of his stuff. I've not gone but my dad said it was breathtaking, and that you just can't get any real feel for these kinds of works until you see them towering over you.
>> No. 3952 Anonymous
25th March 2012
Sunday 11:30 pm
3952 spacer

Fucksake, I should check this board more often, I missed that and the Tate is real close to me.


Moaning out the way, thanks for the recommendation.

>> No. 3125 Anonymous
26th January 2012
Thursday 9:22 pm
3125 spacer

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>> No. 3715 Anonymous
24th February 2012
Friday 12:29 am
3715 spacer
m8 i cum from devon and bridport is shitehole full of scallies and preggo bitches innit
>> No. 3824 Anonymous
5th March 2012
Monday 2:13 am
3824 spacer

Based on that post, I'm never ever going to Devon.
>> No. 3844 Anonymous
6th March 2012
Tuesday 2:55 pm
3844 spacer

Mmmm, preggo bitches. I'm there.

>> No. 3112 Anonymous
20th January 2012
Friday 12:19 am
3112 Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982)
Archive of early concept drawings! from cars and guns to costumes!!

Expand all images.
>> No. 3113 Anonymous
20th January 2012
Friday 3:20 pm
3113 spacer
>> No. 3714 Anonymous
22nd February 2012
Wednesday 7:29 pm
3714 spacer

>> No. 3716 Anonymous
24th February 2012
Friday 1:43 pm
3716 spacer

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