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>> No. 3572 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 7:13 pm
3572 Origin of the Beginning
Installations with over 30.000 timber elements each !


>> No. 3128 Anonymous
29th January 2012
Sunday 6:40 pm
3128 INSANE hand drawings ▼
by Juan Francisco CASAS!

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>> No. 3129 Anonymous
29th January 2012
Sunday 8:23 pm
3129 spacer
He's going to be well pissed when he finds out about cameras
>> No. 3131 Anonymous
29th January 2012
Sunday 9:14 pm
3131 spacer


Jon Sorensen trans065.jpg
>> No. 3115 Anonymous
20th January 2012
Friday 5:46 pm
3115 Brilliant sci-fi blog
From one of the concept artists on Moon:


Look at this dump of Alien special effects pieces and such, it's beautiful:


Vintage film miniatures give me so many nerd boners.
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>> No. 3119 Anonymous
23rd January 2012
Monday 11:31 pm
3119 spacer
That's quite a nice way of putting it. I've seen it in props for other films, too. SFX students tend to make far more colourful spaceships, copper tones and suchlike. A trick of the trade for the pros, maybe?
>> No. 3120 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 3:25 am
3120 spacer


It's really all due to the art direction. A lot of the classic sci-fi was made in a relatively brief period so the aesthetics of grungy, cyberpunk looking technology are carried around.

Modern SFX draw from different inspirations and such, you can see a few trends across major film and game releases recently - just compare Avatar and Halo for example.

On a wee tangent here, the Avatar spacecraft was actually really well designed and a good bit of hardcore sci-fi sensibility. Shame it was wasted on SUCH A BORING FUCKING FILM.
>> No. 3122 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 3:36 am
3122 spacer


This is cool too.
>> No. 3123 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 3:58 pm
3123 spacer

May I also recommend the work of Peter Konig? He was the main artistic driving force behind Splice and Hellgate: London, although he's worked on some other well-known projects too. I'm pleased to see he's now working for Valve.
Point of interest: Most of these sculptures are hand made from found objects & super sculpey then imported to a computer using a 3D scanner before being animated. I especially like the one with a moth for a head.
>> No. 3124 Anonymous
24th January 2012
Tuesday 4:05 pm
3124 spacer

C1_stabby_grender_080828 copy.jpg
He's also an owner or director of some sort for the company Massive Black, their portfolio's pretty fun to browse through

>> No. 3109 Anonymous
16th January 2012
Monday 9:13 pm
3109 Metropolis II by Chris Burden !
“metropolis II” is a hude noisy and chaotic city model, inspired directly from LA…

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>> No. 3110 Anonymous
16th January 2012
Monday 11:20 pm
3110 spacer
Delightful. I love shit like this, it makes my inner autistic wet in the genital region.

I specifically flew to Hamburg for a weekend just so I could see this wonder of modern autism. I genuinely wept when I entered.

>> No. 3117 Anonymous
23rd January 2012
Monday 1:53 pm
3117 spacer
Jesus Christ. That's amazing.

>> No. 2925 Anonymous
5th August 2011
Friday 11:20 pm
2925 spacer
Explain art to me. I've seen books and so on that treat as a medium of philosophy and so on equal to novels, but I don't see how that can be so.
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>> No. 2941 Anonymous
13th October 2011
Thursday 2:02 am
2941 spacer

That's not even close to correct, though. There are entire musical styles dedicated to escaping repetition, and that definition pretty much rules out half of all popular classical music, too.
>> No. 2965 Anonymous
29th October 2011
Saturday 11:58 pm
2965 spacer

You're clearly new to Britain.
>> No. 2966 Anonymous
29th October 2011
Saturday 11:58 pm
2966 spacer

You're clearly new to Britain.
>> No. 3103 Anonymous
13th January 2012
Friday 6:10 am
3103 spacer
All you need to know about art is that if it's not some form of skillfully painted or sculpted piece of work with a classical or religious theme, lovely naked ladies (NO PUBES) are a bonus, then it's basically rubbish.
>> No. 3111 Anonymous
17th January 2012
Tuesday 11:43 am
3111 spacer
fuck me
its Jay Cartwright
as i live and breathe!

Picture 099.jpg
>> No. 597 Anonymous
24th April 2009
Friday 8:19 pm
597 spacer
Take a load off...
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>> No. 3098 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 5:10 am
3098 spacer

Take a load off Fanny, take a load for free;
Take a load off Fanny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.
>> No. 3099 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 5:10 am
3099 spacer

Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog.
He said, "I will fix your rack, if you'll take Jack, my dog."
I said, "Wait a minute, Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man."
He said, "That's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can."
>> No. 3100 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 5:11 am
3100 spacer

Take a load off Fanny, take a load for free;
Take a load off Fanny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.
>> No. 3101 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 5:12 am
3101 spacer

Catch a cannon ball now, t'take me down the line
My bag is sinkin' low and I do believe it's time.
To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she's the only one.
Who sent me here with her regards for everyone.
>> No. 3102 Anonymous
6th January 2012
Friday 5:14 am
3102 spacer

Take a load off Fanny, take a load for free;
Take a load off Fanny, And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me.

Ambras Innenhof01.jpg
>> No. 3076 Anonymous
28th December 2011
Wednesday 2:00 am
3076 Life of Sgraffito
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>> No. 3093 Anonymous
4th January 2012
Wednesday 8:55 pm
3093 spacer


>> No. 3044 Anonymous
15th December 2011
Thursday 8:08 am
3044 spacer
I stumbled upon this work of art. Enjoy.

Anything similar you have found?

(Please no anti-art rubbish, thanks.)
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>> No. 3047 Anonymous
22nd December 2011
Thursday 11:21 pm
3047 spacer

Nice find. Know anything about the artist?
>> No. 3071 Anonymous
27th December 2011
Tuesday 9:15 pm
3071 spacer

Tsang Cheung-Shing.

>> No. 3048 Anonymous
23rd December 2011
Friday 4:15 pm
3048 art?
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>> No. 3049 Anonymous
26th December 2011
Monday 11:47 am
3049 spacer


>> No. 3046 Anonymous
18th December 2011
Sunday 11:10 am
3046 Sculpture + Robotics + New Media
By Christiaan Zwanikken


Lincoln Cathedral.jpg
>> No. 2969 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 9:59 pm
2969 spacer
Will buildings of such wonder and beauty ever be built again?
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>> No. 2974 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 10:09 pm
2974 spacer

And the modern age puts the following 'piece of art' next to the cathedral.
>> No. 2975 Anonymous
2nd November 2011
Wednesday 10:14 pm
2975 spacer

>23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."
>> No. 2976 Anonymous
3rd November 2011
Thursday 11:55 pm
2976 spacer
The alcoves to the left and right of the main front doors of the cathedral are pretty great to get pissed in.
>> No. 2979 Anonymous
4th November 2011
Friday 6:47 pm
2979 spacer
>> No. 3036 Anonymous
4th December 2011
Sunday 11:58 pm
3036 spacer

Actually the CIA heavily influenced modern art, communists always prefered socialist realism.

>> No. 2980 Anonymous
16th November 2011
Wednesday 4:17 am
2980 3D Thread
First 'finished' render here, I want to properly finish the thing later but I got a bit tired of it so moved on to something new. Looking to add a kickstand and rotate the steering arrangement together, later.

Any other of you lot dabble in modelling?
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>> No. 2990 Anonymous
17th November 2011
Thursday 10:06 am
2990 spacer

Noice, but engines don't work that way. It sure looks pretty though.
>> No. 2991 Anonymous
17th November 2011
Thursday 12:53 pm
2991 spacer
>> No. 2992 Anonymous
17th November 2011
Thursday 6:26 pm
2992 spacer

scan0004 (2).jpg

I gave up trying to figure out what goes where and how. I know there's a few bits missing and the proportions got messed up somewhere along the lines, but I wouldn't mind some pointers.


LOL xD so randum
>> No. 2993 Anonymous
17th November 2011
Thursday 6:27 pm
2993 spacer


And another. There's wires and things that are obviously missing, but like fuck I'm going to fix it any time soon.

>> No. 2662 Anonymous
11th October 2010
Monday 9:56 pm
2662 spacer
How can I get better at art on the cheap?

It feels like I want to express myself in any way possible, but I'm pretty horrible at it, to be honest.
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>> No. 2666 Anonymous
12th October 2010
Tuesday 4:56 pm
2666 spacer
Sit down with a pencil and draw people. I couldn't afford to go to a still life class (Which is fucking amazing and the #1 thing you can do to improve as an artist), so what I did was just sit in a busy public area and draw the people that went past. It was a great way to improve.
>> No. 2695 Anonymous
18th October 2010
Monday 8:15 pm
2695 spacer
Buy old junk from tips super cheap. Try and find a local arts recycling project, tons of free junk; The one near me makes you pay £10 a year for membership to go in and take whatever you want. Hm, use Tesco or similar packs of cheap printing paper to do 100's of cheap drawings for about £4-6 depending on how many pens or pencils you use, for all the repetitive practice involved in getting better at drawing. Steal from construction sites at night. If you have friends with office jobs ask them to keep an ear open for old technologiezz (monitors/computers/photocopiers/desks) and stuff that gets thrown out, a lot of places replace every few years and just send the old and perfectly working stuff off to tips. Read reviews and essays about art and artists free online, learn why you're make shit and everyone else isn't, and such (tate has a new video archive online which is quite good so far). Getting more skill sets just involves grabbing a book from the library or online and doing what it tells you a few times, then a few more hundred times till you mastered it. Drawing, just like the guy above said. If you go to busy libraries, over ground train stations, coffee shops, and etc, you'll find people who sit still for very long periods of time.
Depends on how you 'express your self' really. Also for more technical stuff you can usually sign up for night school, get a few lessons and access to all their equipment for very cheap. I use to do this when I was into printmaking, can't even comprehend how much a big press would be but I went to all three of the local colleges, but they might let you repeat the same ones again -I dunno, I'm not confrontational enough to let them realise I just wanted their print materials.
>> No. 2751 Anonymous
4th January 2011
Tuesday 2:23 pm
2751 spacer
I shouldn't reply. There's no point. But I'm passionate about the topic. The simple fact is that without excellent instruction you will NEVER PROGRESS. Why? Because art, and the methods of it, are as elaborate as mathematics.

For example, the following transpired on 5 June 2035
[scene: the beach]
<Young Boy> Hello, Mr! You look really smart. you must be a scientist!
<Einstein> I am. As a matter of fact I'm Einstein clone 3281, my boy.
<Young Boy> Wow, how can I become a great scientist like you?
<Einstein> It's very simple. All you need is a sheet of paper and pencils.
<Young Boy> And elite education, membership in government research circles, and access to private cutting-edge research are of no use?
<Einstein> No use. All you need is pencils and paper.
>> No. 2752 Anonymous
4th January 2011
Tuesday 4:26 pm
2752 spacer

Good job there. It was about time >>2662 abandoned his thinly disguised plan to become Einstein.

And all you pillocks giving him sensible tips as to how he can build upon his interest in art should be ashamed of yourselves.
>> No. 2931 Anonymous
27th August 2011
Saturday 10:40 pm
2931 spacer
Yeah, studying light (by studying I obviously mean studying by sketching) will bring insight to all of your work. You could spend 3 years drawing different sized boxes in different levels of light and you'd only improve.

>> No. 2800 Anonymous
8th February 2011
Tuesday 6:09 pm
2800 spacer
Letters are just drawn shapes that we learn to use to signify events and emotions, right?

Can letters (and therefore words) be art? And I don't mean 'super god looking graffiti style' letters. I mean handwriting.
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>> No. 2824 Anonymous
4th March 2011
Friday 4:48 pm
2824 spacer
Letters can definitely be considered art - however we usually don't think it of the ones we're most familiar with. In Western societies, people find characters from Oriental scripts pleasing, and turn them into tattoos and such. In China, the reverse is true - they make merchandise (graphic t-shirts, for example) with text in the Latin alphabet, often without any idea what it means, so you end up with children's clothes shops stocking shirts with "fuck" and "i love racism" on them.
>> No. 2828 Anonymous
12th March 2011
Saturday 1:58 pm
2828 spacer

From a Fine art perspective (hurf student):

Letters, words, phrases ect. are all symbols/placeholders used by societies for emotional and intellectual response, and are thus an extremely valid vehicle to utilise, particularly in contemporary art which places dissemination of concept at a much higher level to aesthetic form (words and phrases are great for their malleablity). Not to say that the presentation of the words doesn't have a profound effect on how the message is conveyed (because it does, and has huge potential to change the whole peice).

In the end, the general response to "is x and x art?" is that anything can be art as long as it is scrutinised, deconstructed and conpared as art. The movement towards conceptualisation and installation has only reinforced this idea and semiotics has become a staple of the intellectual process of desconstruction.

In terms of whether typography can be classed as "good art" though is wholly dependant on how you decide to tackle the concept. calligraphy - adding curly loops onto things itself is fairly shallow, as is fonts ect. it's an artform, but it isn't necessarily art. To forgo the message implied in the actual text to alone look at the aesthetic in which it is presented is ridiculous; you need to scrutinise the entire peice and the aesthetic presentation needs to have a meaningful relationship with the diction of the text involved otherwise it's simply needless pretention of the INT THAT GUD espousers.

If you want to explore the possibilities of using text in art, remember to look at the big picture. Marrying the concepts together (aesthetic, diction and implication) has the potential to make incredibly powerful statements very elegantly.
>> No. 2921 Anonymous
30th July 2011
Saturday 4:59 pm
2921 spacer
>implying art is not on every key he pressed to make the post.

fucking idiot.
>> No. 2922 Anonymous
30th July 2011
Saturday 5:01 pm
2922 spacer


Fucking stop this you little cunt.
>> No. 2923 Anonymous
31st July 2011
Sunday 10:54 pm
2923 spacer
Gentlemen, please. Not this sort of thing on /art/. It's a nice quiet little neighbourhood.

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