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>> No. 2882 Anonymous
18th May 2011
Wednesday 7:26 pm
2882 spacer
Does anyone know a good way to cheaply print large scale b/w images suitable for paste ups?
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>> No. 2883 Anonymous
18th May 2011
Wednesday 7:45 pm
2883 spacer

Print onto A4, then spray glue them onto paperboard and cut out with a sharpie.
>> No. 2884 Anonymous
18th May 2011
Wednesday 9:07 pm
2884 spacer
That'll work, thanks.

Do you know of any other techniques? I remember seeing Shepard Fairy with a big ream of paper at a photocopier in Exit Through the Gift Shop.
>> No. 2915 Anonymous
14th July 2011
Thursday 3:08 pm
2915 spacer

There's a free online service for turning images into large sizes suitable for printing off as A4. Gives them that comic style dot print effect. If you look on google you will be sure to find it. Others will likely have fun with it too.
>> No. 2920 Anonymous
27th July 2011
Wednesday 1:59 am
2920 spacer
And it can be found at http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/

>> No. 2907 Anonymous
3rd July 2011
Sunday 7:39 pm
2907 spacer
Would you buy something that you knew was a forgery?
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>> No. 2911 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 12:11 am
2911 spacer
In no way does that image make sense.
>> No. 2912 Anonymous
11th July 2011
Monday 2:20 am
2912 spacer

If you know it is a forgery then it is a "replica" or "reproduction". It's really only a forgery if it is sold under dishonest circumstances.

And yes I would quite happily if it was what I wanted.
>> No. 2914 Anonymous
14th July 2011
Thursday 3:06 pm
2914 spacer

There's a few art pieces I'd love to have but would have to hope for a reproduction to get my hands on them, so yes.
>> No. 2917 Anonymous
15th July 2011
Friday 4:25 pm
2917 spacer
I have admired a probable forgery of El Greco's 'Allegory' at close quarters. All the beauty and information of the original was also in the forgery.
>> No. 2919 Anonymous
17th July 2011
Sunday 10:18 pm
2919 spacer
There was an exhibition of forgeries in London a while ago, I never got to visit, but it did seem far more interesting to look at the forgeries, and the stories behind the forgeries, than to look at the original artworks themselves.

>> No. 2902 Anonymous
20th June 2011
Monday 5:39 am
2902 spacer
Out of shear boredom lads, I did this.
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>> No. 2904 Anonymous
20th June 2011
Monday 4:53 pm
2904 spacer

>> No. 2905 Anonymous
23rd June 2011
Thursday 7:20 am
2905 spacer

Congratulations, you've discovered the fine art of SFW Porn. Hours of fun await.
>> No. 2906 Anonymous
2nd July 2011
Saturday 1:48 pm
2906 spacer
Oh wow, that's fantastic.
Well... Obviously it's not of great cultural value, but it did make me laugh.
Thanks, OP.
>> No. 2909 Anonymous
5th July 2011
Tuesday 12:17 am
2909 spacer
I'm sure everyone on Earth has seen this already, but just in case...
>> No. 2913 Anonymous
13th July 2011
Wednesday 1:13 pm
2913 spacer
HAhaha, thanks for posting that. A good chuckle.

>> No. 2755 Anonymous
21st January 2011
Friday 9:50 pm
2755 spacer
Hey art. Im not sure how you guys feel about graffiti of any sort but ive been doing it for a while now and feel ive hit a creative brick wall.
Infact, if you could poke holes in the picture ive attached id be more than grateful. Im really in need of some constructive criticism so i can improve. If you could refrain from "Lol ur shit give up" id appreciate that too.

(It hasnt any colour because im too poor to afford the type of pen required to make it look as good as possible)
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>> No. 2897 Anonymous
9th June 2011
Thursday 11:45 am
2897 spacer


>> No. 2898 Anonymous
9th June 2011
Thursday 11:45 am
2898 spacer


>> No. 2899 Anonymous
9th June 2011
Thursday 11:46 am
2899 spacer


>> No. 2900 Anonymous
9th June 2011
Thursday 7:44 pm
2900 spacer


>> No. 2901 Anonymous
9th June 2011
Thursday 7:49 pm
2901 spacer
>>2898 is much preferable to your other ones, it actually has a slightly more distinctive style to it. Keep on at it.

Немного Полония.jpg
>> No. 2877 Anonymous
16th May 2011
Monday 11:58 pm
2877 spacer
Just here to inform you lads that we’re having some Russian films club in >>/zoo/11999 and, if you are interested, you are welcomed to join.
If you’re not, just ignore this filthy ads.
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>> No. 2880 Anonymous
17th May 2011
Tuesday 6:28 pm
2880 spacer
Does your food lack taste and spice?
A bit of Polonium will be my advice!
>> No. 2885 Anonymous
21st May 2011
Saturday 6:38 pm
2885 spacer

It rhymes in english too? Crazy.
>> No. 2886 Anonymous
23rd May 2011
Monday 1:12 am
2886 spacer
>>2885 I made it to.
>> No. 2887 Anonymous
29th May 2011
Sunday 7:53 am
2887 spacer
This girl is starring on man introducing something in her food. Upward wrote:" Are the food without spiced and concord?"
Bellow is wrote:"Just add a bit of pollonium"
>> No. 2891 Anonymous
7th June 2011
Tuesday 6:45 pm
2891 spacer

I prefer >>2880's rendering, to be quite honest. Thanks though!

>> No. 2873 Anonymous
10th May 2011
Tuesday 3:06 am
2873 spacer
I am interested in learning how to draw like a vorticist for my own pleasure. My question is: how can one learn to create cubist/vorticist/etc. works?
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>> No. 2874 Anonymous
10th May 2011
Tuesday 8:41 am
2874 spacer
Forget everything you know about Art. Take a Technical Drawing course.
>> No. 2875 Anonymous
10th May 2011
Tuesday 10:23 am
2875 spacer
This is an actual art form? I've done these for years absent mindedly, I've done hundreds. How odd. I have no art background at all, I just doodle geometric shapes in this sort of manner....
>> No. 2876 Anonymous
10th May 2011
Tuesday 10:01 pm
2876 spacer

I asked a friend and he told me that there are different courses and different software that I can learn. Which course/program do you suggest?

>> No. 2847 Anonymous
15th April 2011
Friday 10:49 am
2847 spacer
Any of you lads make stencils? I made this the other day for my girlfriends birthday. Yet to spray it and stuff though.
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>> No. 2860 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 6:36 pm
2860 spacer

It's not difficult to take your finger off the shift key either.
>> No. 2861 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 6:49 pm
2861 spacer
You realise this is an anonymous imageboard, and that i dont give a flying fuck, right?
>> No. 2862 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 6:52 pm
2862 spacer
14 year old alert!
>> No. 2863 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 7:26 pm
2863 spacer

You couldn't tell that from the OP?
>> No. 2864 Anonymous
4th May 2011
Wednesday 7:28 pm
2864 spacer


>> No. 2821 Anonymous
26th February 2011
Saturday 3:19 am
2821 spacer
If life imitates art, who inspires Gaddafi?

"Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.'' - Jean Rostand.

The same could be said for God himself. Inspiration is often said to be divine but, who inspires the inspired?
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>> No. 2843 Anonymous
8th April 2011
Friday 10:33 am
2843 spacer

Semi-wrong. Side arms are generally only used if you are out of ammo for main weapon. Bayonet would be useable though.

I know this from years of playing call of duty.
>> No. 2844 Anonymous
8th April 2011
Friday 2:44 pm
2844 spacer
Well, my objection was that people don't burst like that, entry wounds are tiny, exit wounds are the enormous ones.

Aside from that, both the image and the OP are quite pretentious and more than a little bit shit.
>> No. 2845 Anonymous
9th April 2011
Saturday 7:47 pm
2845 spacer

A mocking tone is hard to convey so I'll let you off for taking me seriously.
>> No. 2846 Anonymous
9th April 2011
Saturday 7:59 pm
2846 spacer
Call of duty isn't realistic you madman.
>> No. 2889 Anonymous
2nd June 2011
Thursday 5:47 pm
2889 spacer
I think the post above yours also applies to what you said.

>> No. 2831 Anonymous
15th March 2011
Tuesday 10:14 pm
2831 spacer
Hi, I'd like to purchase an SLR to take b/w photos that I'll be developing myself, I've had a small bit of experience in the darkroom, and I've got a Canon EOS 350d that I'm familiar with, but the last time I used a film SLR was when I was about 12.

What sort of camera should I look for? I flicked through a photography magazine and they appeared to have one for about £80. Would it ever be at all possible to use the lenses from my digital camera on a film one?
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>> No. 2841 Anonymous
1st April 2011
Friday 12:31 pm
2841 spacer

If you want something modern and more or less compatible with your 350d Canon made loads EOS film bodies, but these only work with EF mount lenses and not EF-S apparently, but EF lenses will work on both.

If you want something a bit less electronic then canon, nikon, pentax and olympus kit from the 70s and 80s is usually relatively cheap and well built, and can be better than the modern kit in some ways IMO.

Personally I like pentax kit since everything uses the same mount (including their DSLRs) and it supports M42 screwmount lenses if you're into that sort of thing.
>> No. 2842 Anonymous
7th April 2011
Thursday 6:59 pm
2842 spacer
Yeah, since I posted this thread I ended up buying a Canon Rebel 2000 (the american name, no idea what it was released in the UK under), It's a real shame I can't use my EF-S lenses because I love my 10mm lens; I'll keep a lookout on ebay for one.

>> No. 2827 Anonymous
10th March 2011
Thursday 11:05 pm
2827 spacer
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>> No. 2829 Anonymous
15th March 2011
Tuesday 8:44 pm
2829 spacer
Interesting, I rather like it, although I'm not sure I'd want to have it put up anywhere, bit weird.

Some of the remind me of a creepier version of Chris Riddell's work

>> No. 2814 Anonymous
17th February 2011
Thursday 11:52 pm
2814 spacer
I have a feeling that most of you will have seen this already
But I think it's pretty cool anyway.
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>> No. 2819 Anonymous
18th February 2011
Friday 11:16 am
2819 spacer

It seems like an interesting idea, It must have been hell getting the copyright sorted; but the fact it mentions including user's work makes me shudder that it might turn into Deviantart or Flickr.

Picture 1.png
>> No. 2515 Anonymous
6th July 2010
Tuesday 8:09 pm
2515 Glitch Art
Has anyone else here tried to create their own glitch art using text editing software?

Here's something I made earlier.
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>> No. 2793 Anonymous
28th January 2011
Friday 9:30 pm
2793 spacer

No seriously, I must be a retard. I've tried with 2 different photos, each time only editing a tiny bit in different places. It just refuses to re-open once I've fiddled with it and tried to re-open in photoshop.
>> No. 2794 Anonymous
28th January 2011
Friday 10:07 pm
2794 spacer


>> No. 2795 Anonymous
29th January 2011
Saturday 12:44 pm
2795 spacer

It's incredibly fussy tbh, it's taken me hours to get a system that works for me, and it appears that it doesn't work for everyone. I'd mess around with different file types and editors until hopefully you'll be able to find something that works.
>> No. 2809 Anonymous
14th February 2011
Monday 11:33 pm
2809 spacer
I like this topic. It reminds me of videos like these:

>> No. 2810 Anonymous
14th February 2011
Monday 11:52 pm
2810 spacer

I appreciate this. I'd like to know how it's done at some point in the future.


>> No. 3 Anonymous
16th January 2009
Friday 11:27 pm
3 Photography Thread
ITT: Pictures you have taken yourself
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>> No. 2747 Anonymous
18th December 2010
Saturday 7:29 pm
2747 spacer

Adventures in old Pentax glass. This is from a 50mm 1.7, wide open and fungus had got to it.

I quite like this myself.
>> No. 2748 Anonymous
18th December 2010
Saturday 7:31 pm
2748 spacer


And this is on an M 50mm 1.4 which I bought for myself. I overexposed but luckily the RAW data managed to save a bit from the whites.

Just a shot from the zoo.
>> No. 2749 Anonymous
18th December 2010
Saturday 7:34 pm
2749 spacer


And a final one from the zoo. I need to get out for more interesting subjects. Anyway this was through a glass pane, but I like the colours, although of course they get knocked out a bit uploading to here due to some obscure formatting rule or jpeg compression bullshit I don't know.
>> No. 2753 Anonymous
8th January 2011
Saturday 9:21 pm
2753 spacer
I really like that one.
>> No. 2789 Anonymous
28th January 2011
Friday 11:41 am
2789 spacer

One of the ones I'm more proud of.

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