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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 2407 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:36 am
2407 spacer
I like star wars.
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>> No. 2408 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:37 am
2408 spacer

>> No. 2409 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:37 am
2409 spacer

>> No. 2410 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:39 am
2410 spacer

>> No. 2411 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:41 am
2411 spacer

>> No. 2412 Anonymous
30th May 2010
Sunday 2:43 am
2412 spacer

Sorry for the Star Wars picture dump. I know some one will appreciate them.

>> No. 2301 Anonymous
15th April 2010
Thursday 6:57 pm
2301 spacer
Does anyone know how to make the mosaics that invader does in terms of what materials to use and what sort of glue works best on concrete and redbrick.
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>> No. 2307 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 10:37 am
2307 spacer
>>Where abouts are you trying this?

My idea is basically to try to 'interact' in a way that is sort of a homage. I have a few of his locations in mind, in London and abroad.

I would of course post pics if I did it right.
>> No. 2308 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 12:17 pm
2308 spacer
There was a guy about ten years ago who went around putting up little earth ships shooting at the invaders.
>> No. 2309 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 1:58 pm
2309 spacer
Oh, there's one of these on my front door!
I never realised that there were more of these
>> No. 2310 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 3:15 pm
2310 spacer
Newcastle have alot from the 2007 (I guess) spank the monkey exhibition in the Baltic. Manchester has a few, but the council have started taking them down. So there are a few loose tiles on the floor where they were.
>> No. 2405 Anonymous
28th May 2010
Friday 11:20 pm
2405 spacer
I remember reading about how to do this in some wannabe anarchist 'cookbook', notably one less dangerous and misleading than the original 60s one made by the CIA.

Here it is, cba to try and find it for free, it'll be out there somewhere.

>> No. 2343 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 4:29 am
2343 spacer
I'm really struggling to get down the layout for an image I want to work on-
Any tips on manually drawing the golden spiral?
Perhaps some particular x/y ratio?
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>> No. 2384 Anonymous
25th May 2010
Tuesday 12:07 am
2384 spacer


I did lots of shit, but have no photos of the complete finished thing yet on this laptop
>> No. 2385 Anonymous
25th May 2010
Tuesday 12:08 am
2385 spacer
I like that one very much.
>> No. 2386 Anonymous
25th May 2010
Tuesday 12:09 am
2386 spacer

>> No. 2387 Anonymous
25th May 2010
Tuesday 12:11 am
2387 spacer


Even had some lad named 'box' draw me a piece using a ratio I projected and stuff, looked alright
>> No. 2388 Anonymous
25th May 2010
Tuesday 12:19 am
2388 spacer

photo stave.jpg

See if you can find this on the internet somewhere, people should of done it before

>> No. 2341 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 12:12 am
2341 spacer
I hate myself for using this picture to start this, but it reminded me of my interest.

Can you post pictures and posters done in the "style" my example is, I have no knowledge of what it is other than probably early screen print based.

Also, other pictures and posters with very limited colour schemes or very stylized
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>> No. 2354 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 2:42 pm
2354 spacer


>> No. 2356 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 2:43 pm
2356 spacer


>> No. 2358 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 5:24 pm
2358 spacer
It's known as high contrast.
>> No. 2360 Anonymous
22nd May 2010
Saturday 2:15 pm
2360 spacer
You might find some things you like in these two threads: >>2098 >>371
>> No. 2502 Anonymous
29th June 2010
Tuesday 10:54 am
2502 spacer

love that style too

>> No. 2329 Anonymous
11th May 2010
Tuesday 3:25 pm
2329 spacer
Oh my this board is slow; time for a miscellaneous picture thread.
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>> No. 2339 Anonymous
20th May 2010
Thursday 6:22 pm
2339 spacer


>> No. 2340 Anonymous
20th May 2010
Thursday 10:12 pm
2340 spacer

That's fucking awesome.
>> No. 2351 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 2:22 pm
2351 spacer

There is more like that:
>> No. 2357 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 2:44 pm
2357 spacer

What have these got to do with Russia, really? They're just random shoops of paintings.
>> No. 2359 Anonymous
21st May 2010
Friday 10:42 pm
2359 spacer

They were shooped by Russians.

>> No. 371 Anonymous
2nd April 2009
Thursday 9:57 am
371 spacer
Cultural Revolution imagery may be a tired studenty meme these days, but I really do like this collection of newspaper masthead art from the time. I found them here (there are sometimes translations in the comments): http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldtasty/sets/13655/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldtasty/sets/38213/
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>> No. 477 Anonymous
5th April 2009
Sunday 9:23 pm
477 spacer
And where, for that matter, is the cock-bone?
>> No. 478 Anonymous
7th April 2009
Tuesday 6:46 pm
478 spacer
Connected to the balls-bone?
>> No. 1110 Anonymous
10th August 2009
Monday 3:23 pm
1110 spacer
I looked at these again today. I love them, still.
>> No. 1112 Anonymous
11th August 2009
Tuesday 2:57 am
1112 spacer
You have to remember they are asian.
>> No. 2305 Anonymous
17th April 2010
Saturday 9:34 am
2305 spacer
I got some of these stick in my room from when i went to china earlier this year. Got a big a3 poster of one, really sweet. The pic thats it's from isnt here though.

hi ET ;)

Picture 2.png
>> No. 2278 Anonymous
3rd April 2010
Saturday 5:08 pm
2278 ummmm - I'm not sure what to make of this


"Two Goodyear Blimps float above the arena like the airships that often transmit live sporting events via television broadcast. Four air hostesses tend to each blimp. The only sound is soft ambient music, which suggests the hum of the engines. In the middle of each cabin interior sits a white-clothed table, its top decorated with an abstract centerpiece sculpted from Vaseline and surrounded by clusters of grapes. In one blimp the grapes are green, in the other they are purple."
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>> No. 2279 Anonymous
3rd April 2010
Saturday 8:18 pm
2279 spacer
Sounds dreadful
>> No. 2280 Anonymous
3rd April 2010
Saturday 11:20 pm
2280 spacer
Sounds like the sort of art which makes me want to recreate John Duncan's "Blind Date"

brett anderson.jpg
>> No. 2271 Anonymous
31st March 2010
Wednesday 6:03 pm
2271 You are british
So you should like Suede and Pulp. In Poland anyone knows that bands :(
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>> No. 2274 Anonymous
1st April 2010
Thursday 10:24 am
2274 spacer
Oh, it's not just music, it's ART. Cretin.
>> No. 2275 Anonymous
1st April 2010
Thursday 3:13 pm
2275 spacer

/beat/. Cretin.
>> No. 2277 Anonymous
3rd April 2010
Saturday 9:03 am
2277 spacer
Suede are quite big in Australia also, for some reason..
>> No. 2282 Anonymous
4th April 2010
Sunday 9:17 pm
2282 spacer

So is incest and wifebeating though.
>> No. 2294 Anonymous
14th April 2010
Wednesday 6:23 pm
2294 spacer

Recurring themes in the music of Brett Anderson.

>> No. 2025 Anonymous
23rd January 2010
Saturday 3:26 am
2025 spacer
Because I know people 'like' Banksy.


Real film, looks pretty good. Alot of well known street artists on this.
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>> No. 2039 Anonymous
24th January 2010
Sunday 3:52 pm
2039 spacer

>> No. 2041 Anonymous
25th January 2010
Monday 1:38 pm
2041 spacer
It looks fascinating, I can't wait to see it.

I know it's fashionable now to hate Banksy, but can you honestly remember a time that anyone in this country was interested in an artist that wasn't put on a pedestal by Charles Saatchi?
>> No. 2049 Anonymous
26th January 2010
Tuesday 1:35 am
2049 BINGO

This is exactly right!
>> No. 2246 Anonymous
10th March 2010
Wednesday 3:27 pm
2246 spacer
I've watched a few graffiti films, always incessantly boring. I'll wait for torrents.
>> No. 2247 Anonymous
14th March 2010
Sunday 5:41 pm
2247 spacer
Yes I think you raise an excellent point.

>> No. 2238 Anonymous
7th March 2010
Sunday 10:30 am
2238 spacer

>If you have ever photographed a high contrast scene, you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. Photomatix offers two ways to solve this problem:

>-HDR Tone Mapping: Reveal highlight and shadow details in an HDR image created from multiple exposures.
>-Exposure Fusion: Merge differently exposed photographs into one image with increased dynamic range.

That sounds splendid but why do I find the results so unsettling?
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>> No. 2242 Anonymous
7th March 2010
Sunday 2:49 pm
2242 spacer
I love the saturation in HDR images. There's something awesome about them.
>> No. 2243 Anonymous
7th March 2010
Sunday 7:26 pm
2243 spacer

Only a couple of years late on this OP. The problem is that the technique, once established, became quickly overused and abused by beginner photographers who have no concept of subtlety when it comes to processing, and thus you end up with all these unrealistic alien-world photos. When done properly, however, it is difficult to even tell if the shot is HDR - pic related.
>> No. 2244 Anonymous
9th March 2010
Tuesday 1:39 am
2244 spacer
The unsubtle, glaring vistas make good backgrounds though.
>> No. 2245 Anonymous
9th March 2010
Tuesday 10:32 pm
2245 spacer
It is horribly over-used. It's this generation's lens flare effect.
>> No. 2250 Anonymous
16th March 2010
Tuesday 4:17 pm
2250 spacer
Awww god damn it, I'm still using lens flare, I just can't keep up with the y00f these days.

>> No. 2227 Anonymous
28th February 2010
Sunday 8:29 pm
2227 spacer
This frog – or DFA 18, Triton (2001/7) to give it its proper title – is the creation of Brandon Ballengée, an environmental artist who says his work "attempts to blur the already ambiguous boundaries between environmental art and ecological research". Over the past six years he has been studying global species decline and he has become a field observer for the United States Geological Survey's North American Reporting Centre for Amphibian Malformation. Ballengée developed a chemical process that makes skin and other tissue transparent while leaving bones and cartilage stained with colours.


The image comes from this book. Wow.
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>> No. 2232 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 4:09 pm
2232 spacer


>> No. 2233 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 4:16 pm
2233 spacer

>> No. 2234 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 4:24 pm
2234 spacer


>> No. 2236 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 5:10 pm
2236 spacer


>> No. 2237 Anonymous
5th March 2010
Friday 5:11 pm
2237 spacer
Nice detailed one here but my connection's too slow to post it in the thread: http://www.rigb.org/assets/uploads/images/DEFORMEDFROG2.jpg

>> No. 2098 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 6:07 am
2098 Jossot
I happened upon a website hosting smallish scans of an early 20th century French anarchist art magazine called L'Assiette au beurre http://www.assietteaubeurre.org/. The art of Gustave-Henri Jossot (1866-1951) particularly stood out. He seems to have been an interesting character - starting out as an anarchist atheist in France and then moving to Tunisia and converting to Islam.

All the following pictures have captions. You can read them properly at the http://www.assietteaubeurre.org/ website. They were originally published 1901-1907.
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>> No. 2192 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 7:42 am
2192 spacer


>> No. 2193 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 7:42 am
2193 spacer


>> No. 2194 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 7:42 am
2194 spacer


>> No. 2195 Anonymous
18th February 2010
Thursday 7:43 am
2195 spacer


>> No. 2196 Anonymous
19th February 2010
Friday 12:23 am
2196 spacer
Some of these are great, thanks.

Damien hirst mother and child cow crop.jpg
>> No. 1701 Anonymous
11th November 2009
Wednesday 3:14 pm
1701 spacer
How do we define art? Apparently Damien Hirsts' cow cut in half is art; however obscure it may appear. What's the most obscure piece of art you've ever come across?
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>> No. 2080 Anonymous
31st January 2010
Sunday 3:19 am
2080 spacer

If I step on this can, will it explode ?
>> No. 2093 Anonymous
14th February 2010
Sunday 4:27 am
2093 spacer
>>1701 I once heard Brian Sewell define art as anything which is produced by someone who calls themselves an artist. The emperor is indeed naked but who are we to judge his fashion sense ?

Personally, I don't like any art where I can't see any sense of craft or craftman's skill. I don't think a concept is enough. You need to back it up with years spent perfecting your skill. This doesn't mean I don't like modern art, but I don't like things like "a pile of bricks" or "unmade bed" which I have the skills to produce myself, even though I didn't come up with the concept.
>> No. 2094 Anonymous
14th February 2010
Sunday 2:38 pm
2094 spacer
The term "art" is too diffuse these days. I agree though, with our world of production lines and copy-pasting, I find the most beauty in skillfully handmade unique objects.
>> No. 2095 Anonymous
14th February 2010
Sunday 5:46 pm
2095 spacer

I agree. While I am often tickled by some of these modern 'concepts' they are just that - concepts. If you had simply written down what you were going to do I think I'd have gotten just as much out of the idea.
>> No. 2096 Anonymous
17th February 2010
Wednesday 10:26 am
2096 spacer
>>1701 Obscure? perhaps almost everything in the Tate Modern

One of these days I'm going to tape out a squre metre in there and place a small plaque on the floor next to it just to see how long it takes for them to remove my obviously post-modern artwork that is representative of the emptyness of existance and the futility of it al

>> No. 1909 Anonymous
28th December 2009
Monday 2:53 pm
1909 interesting
Leonardo is thought to have used the golden ratio, a geometric proportion regarded as the key to creating aesthetically pleasing art, when painting the Mona Lisa. The Dutch painter Mondrian used it in his abstract compositions, as did Salvador Dali in his masterpiece The Sacrament of the Last Supper.

Now a US academic believes he has discovered the reason why it pleases the eye. According to Adrian Bejan, professor of mechanical engineering at Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, the human eye is capable of interpreting an image featuring the golden ratio faster than any other.

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>> No. 2085 Anonymous
5th February 2010
Friday 6:46 pm
2085 spacer
Maybe you could work out the sequence of, say, a birds wing in flight and translate it into notes. Sort of... holistic music.
>> No. 2086 Anonymous
6th February 2010
Saturday 1:50 am
2086 spacer

I am researching and practising this atm, hopefully I should have a book out in may.
>> No. 2087 Anonymous
6th February 2010
Saturday 12:55 pm
2087 spacer
I use it all the time in architecture.

Well, 1:1.6
>> No. 2088 Anonymous
6th February 2010
Saturday 7:18 pm
2088 spacer

You bastard, that was my PhD idea. You will have to let us know more about the book.
>> No. 2090 Anonymous
8th February 2010
Monday 2:33 am
2090 spacer

Yeah sure, my idea is playing alot on Plato's world of forms and ideals as well, its only going to be a self published book though.

Still do a PhD in it, if I get any interesting research I will share.

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