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>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 441727 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 1:45 pm
441727 spacer

Is it the overt offensiveness that you enjoyed? I've been rewatching comedies of that era and it's the first one I've just given up on. Airplane! and Naked Gun, Hot Shots, all the spoofy or Zucker et al ones, they're still holding up great to me. It just felt like it hadn't aged well. Were there any moments early on that stood out to you?
>> No. 441730 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 2:16 pm
441730 spacer
I think with the Police Academy films a large part of it is nostalgia. They're extremely naff so I can't imagine anyone would enjoy watching them unless they saw them as a child; they used to be on ITV all the time in the 90s. Everyone likes funny sound effects guy.


When it comes to dumb 80s comedies See No Evil, Hear No Evil is very unappreciated, in my opinion.
>> No. 441828 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 6:25 pm
441828 spacer
The Iranian (?) lady who shot up YouTube was so cool and hot.
>> No. 441832 Anonymous
24th January 2021
Sunday 12:55 pm
441832 spacer

Police Academy was funny the first two or three movies, but after that, it just became painful to watch. They were milking a franchise for every last drop whose potential was quite limited from the word go and which should have been discontinued after part 3 or thereabouts.

There were plenty of slapstick comedies in the early to mid-80s that were in a similar vein, like Spies Like Us or Stripes. They were all funny in their own way, but thankfully they attempted no sequels. Even Beverly Hills Cop II was pretty tepid, although Eddie Murphy was probably the funniest comedian of his time.
>> No. 441865 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 1:25 pm
441865 spacer
I'm trying not to be a hair-trigger maniac with no self-control, but it does feel like the only other option to allow awful shit-houses to be rude, contemptuous and faintly cruel for seemingly no reason.

>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 441860 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 10:21 am
441860 spacer

handbags at dawn.png
>> No. 441861 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 10:23 am
441861 spacer

>> No. 441862 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 10:27 am
441862 spacer
> breathing
That's what the nose is for.
>> No. 441863 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 11:00 am
441863 spacer

You can still type on here with your mouth closed.
>> No. 441864 Anonymous
25th January 2021
Monday 11:19 am
441864 spacer
That's uncanny. You should post this in /boo/.

>> No. 441775 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 8:08 pm
441775 spacer
There's nothing like a bowl of oatmeal with raspberries.
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>> No. 441822 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 1:21 am
441822 spacer
I am right with you. If it's in there, my default option is a few cloves, whatever the amount the recipe says, whether its lockdown, covid or growing older I don't care now. Maybe psychologically the pandemic has turned me scared of vampire bats or something. I love garlic and I'm proud. I think I'm basically up to half a bulb whenever I'm cooking a meal for us. I might need help.
>> No. 441823 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 1:25 am
441823 spacer

>I might need help

Let's start Garlicoholics Anonymous together.
>> No. 441825 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 11:00 am
441825 spacer
I used to really like garlic so I started putting it in more food. But then I suddenly became aware that it causes my face to inflame and gives me sinus pain. Now I don't ever eat it.
>> No. 441826 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 11:22 am
441826 spacer
Quitter. You need more garlic to build up your tolerance to it.
>> No. 441827 Anonymous
23rd January 2021
Saturday 12:15 pm
441827 spacer

He's still trying to resist Big Garlic.

We all know how it will end for him.

seinfeld fuck this.gif
>> No. 441753 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 2:22 am
441753 spacer
I installed tinder and got some matches with my bedroom selfie during my initial swiping spree, but now it seems like way more trouble than it's worth. I don't want to keep swiping incessantly every day just to continue getting matches. Plus, the vast majority of the attractive women are only attractive in the physical sense, and there is a palpable feeling of there being "nothing there", or an unsettling black chasm behind their eyes.

Is there a better way to meet women without having an IRL social life?
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>> No. 441780 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 8:34 pm
441780 spacer
>Is there a better way to meet women without having an IRL social life?
There's Hinge. I don't have to do the account churn thing there.
>> No. 441782 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 8:59 pm
441782 spacer
You lads have confused me again. There's nothing you can do with a lass at the moment but go for a walk in the cold and screw - right? Have all those empty shops been converted in American style speakeasys and I'm simply not cool enough to know about it?
>> No. 441787 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 9:30 pm
441787 spacer

No, you're absolutely right. It's the main reason I'm barely putting any effort into tinder at all the moment; basically if I hadn't gotten blind drunk over the "Black Friday" weekend and bought a year of Tinder Gold at a ridiculous discount I would have deleted my account by now.

I happen to be in a relatively comfortable position where I can basically have all the sex I want with someone who I know is taking the same Covid precautions that I am. If I wasn't, and I was in a total sexual drought since the beginning of last year I would probably be risking things a lot more and actually meeting up with the kind of mental slag lass who wants to hook up with a total stranger in the middle of a global pandemic.
>> No. 441794 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 10:09 am
441794 spacer
Honestly lads, just have a wank and wait. I know someone who had Covid, you don't want this. Blood from the face apparently.
>> No. 441801 Anonymous
22nd January 2021
Friday 2:02 pm
441801 spacer

>Blood from the face apparently.

For £300, I wouldn't mind a bit of blood from my face.

But you're right, wank and wait. You younglads think the world is going to end if you go a year without shagging. I was once like that, but let me assure you, it won't.

>> No. 441738 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 7:54 pm
441738 spacer
Where does the stereotype originate from that British\English woman are so ugly? It seems like usually stereotypes have some underlying reasoning or origin such as poor cooking or how mountain-people are sheep shaggers but this one makes no sense.

We're even rated as having the most attractive men.
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>> No. 441745 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 10:17 pm
441745 spacer
This happens once you hit central europe and is also true for some eastern european countries, average attractiveness just shoots up, not just the women either, even the blokes are models. And, have to say OP I've never heard anyone claim the UK has the hottest people.
>> No. 441746 Anonymous
20th January 2021
Wednesday 11:37 pm
441746 spacer

>This happens once you hit central europe
>average attractiveness just shoots up

Yes and no. I've also been to Germany, and their women didn't strike me as broadly attractive as Czech girls.

Also though, German women are a nightmare to talk to when you try to chat with them in a pub. They just do not do small talk. On the plus side, if they have a boyfriend, they'll come right out with it. It can even be the very first thing they tell you.

German efficiency. No time wasted turning you down politely.
>> No. 441757 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 10:26 am
441757 spacer
Just a holiday, or did you live there? And where? What's dating like in Germany?
>> No. 441758 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 11:03 am
441758 spacer

I doubt it started with this but the shitrag winter tradition of publishing loads of pictures of cold, fat women in skimpy clothing can't help.
>> No. 441759 Anonymous
21st January 2021
Thursday 11:04 am
441759 spacer

Just visiting. I have a good friend who lives there, and I got to sample Hamburg's night life on a few occasions.

>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 441432 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 4:54 pm
441432 spacer

I did get a girlfriend in the middle of a war against what I think were aliens later in the dream. However, I think by that point I'd stopped looking exactly like Saddam Hussein. Shout out to my imaginary gf for remaining very professional during a firefight, I think that kind of maturity was what I liked best about her.
>> No. 441472 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 12:34 pm
441472 spacer
I had a dream that I was at a birthday party with loads of people, probably a hundred, and nobody was wearing a mask, and I thought, even if I don't get sick, they're going to trace me and tell me to go into quarantine. So I told people I was going home, and if anybody asked them, I was never there.


> which used to mean

And that's the keyword. Used to. Like I said, capitalism at its beginning in the 19th century should not serve as a blueprint for how a modern market economy should function. Capitalism as well as most countries' economic policy has evolved from that, it has largely left its scandalous days behind it, and it shows the world over that you can have capitalism and at the same time the little people can prosper. While socialists still dream of the world revolution that never happened a hundred years ago, all the while rejecting the Soviet Union as a key example of how socialism turns out in practice.
>> No. 441494 Anonymous
8th January 2021
Friday 11:11 am
441494 spacer
You criticise socialists for not embracing the Soviet Union as a shining example of their ideology, but don't do the same for capitalists who may be reluctant to cheer for Pinochet, or Putin, or Trump.
>> No. 441674 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:04 am
441674 spacer
I can only remember fragments of it. We found an old post somewhere online from Charlie Brooker saying Krautchan is better than here. This place was bought out by Indians. You could get a mint and hazelnut flavour Bounty, which came in dark green packaging.
>> No. 441675 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 10:47 am
441675 spacer
Being driven down a rocky, bumpy path with lots of small jumps between two spatially-incompatible fields by a super cocky land rover driver, culminating in a massive jump off a dirt ramp. I was instantly teleported out of the land rover as it tilted in the air, landed on its roof, and presumably crushed the driver. I woke up before I could find out.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
>> No. 441550 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 12:57 pm
441550 spacer
So there's a fiery British preacher on Chicago radio

I'm wondering if that guy is syndicated from Britain or he lives here in the states
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>> No. 441569 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:05 pm
441569 spacer
I don't know what xis name is
>> No. 441573 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:26 pm
441573 spacer
We're going to need more clues.
>> No. 441574 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 10:30 pm
441574 spacer

The clues are there.
>> No. 441586 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 11:04 pm
441586 spacer
the radio station is in the low 90's on FM
>> No. 441588 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 11:06 pm
441588 spacer
Well, given that the range of broadcast FM is about 40 miles, it's unlikely we'll have heard that station in the UK.

>> No. 441527 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 6:39 am
441527 spacer
got this gpu
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>> No. 441528 Anonymous
10th January 2021
Sunday 9:29 am
441528 spacer

>> No. 436810 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:10 am
436810 spacer
Are most people in a relationship happy?

I seem to have a number of friends who like to portray themselves as being in a perfect relationship when the reality tends to be markedly different. Do people stay in an unhappy relationship because they find it preferable to being alone or they find the breakup itself too much hassle; you have to unwind yourself financially from someone, you may be accustomed to the lifestyle supported by two incomes, there may be kids involved, you may feel there's social stigma involved in a failed relationship or you simply lack the balls to do initiate it. Do a lot of people just settle?

I'd be interested to know your thoughts.
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>> No. 441516 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:23 pm
441516 spacer
I do live on my own as it happens but even when I were a kid and lived with my parents I was expected to cook for myself and do my own washing, and usually the rest of the family's laundry and washing up and tea making. I think living on your own can help, but teaching those sort of skills is possible whilst living at home.

Funny story, the day before I moved out for uni, my dad had this 20 minute top of his lungs screaming session at me about how I was an ungrateful little shit and I was deliberately sabotaging his coffee by making it taste like shit. When I pointed out that a) I don't drink coffee so I have no idea what it's supposed to taste like, b) in the previous six years he'd not once pointed out that it didn't taste good so how the fuck was I supposed to know, and c) if he wanted coffee how he liked it he shouldn't scream at me to make it every 30 minutes whilst I'm trying to do school work and make it himself, he reiterated that I was doing it deliberately and should have been more grateful (for what, I'm not sure). I don't have a bad relationship with my parents, and that incident has never been mentioned again, but it was just such a fucking weird thing to happen.
>> No. 441517 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:41 pm
441517 spacer

I suspect that was your emotionally-constipated dad's way of saying "I love you son and I'm going to miss you".
>> No. 441518 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:45 pm
441518 spacer
That's what she tells you. It's all part of their full time findom lifestyle.
>> No. 441519 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 12:53 pm
441519 spacer

>but it was just such a fucking weird thing to happen.

How do you bugger up coffee though? Contrary to what hipsters will have you believe, it's not sorcery to be able to make a pleasant tasting cup of coffee.

Agree with your general point though, that your parents can already teach you life skills while you are still living with them. I remember my mum teaching me how to use the washing machine and dryer when I was about 15, when she got tired of me always wanting to wear things that she hadn't had the time to put in the wash. Also, my mum is still of the generation where a wife was expected to have good cooking skills, and I learned a lot from her, like how to fry a steak so that it's still juicy inside, or how to cook vegetables just right.

My dad wasn't around long enough to teach me the "lad" stuff like fixing electrical appliances or repainting a garden fence, but I eventually picked those skills up myself in adulthood.
>> No. 441520 Anonymous
9th January 2021
Saturday 1:08 pm
441520 spacer

Maybe his dad's a hipster?

>> No. 441416 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 2:04 pm
441416 spacer
[b]Lockdown: Clap for Carers to return as Clap for Heroes[\b]

Clap for Carers is to return under a new name of Clap for Heroes, the initiative's founder has said. The weekly applause for front-line NHS staff and other key workers ran for 10 weeks during the UK's first coronavirus lockdown last spring. Founder Annemarie Plas tweeted that it would return at 20:00 GMT on Thursday.


28 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 441474 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 1:00 pm
441474 spacer

I've indicated the Clap for Carers period on the graph of UK covid cases in red. As you can see, rate of increase in cases levels off as clap participation rose from March through April. This levelled of April 7 following Clap for Boris and then greatly declined.

Nobody has been clapping during the spear and as you can see, the number of cases are astounding. Nobody has clapped for Boris since April of last year to the detriment of the Public Health of the UK.
We basically have a Reverse Tinkerbell effect here and you all need to clap for Boris on your doorstep at least once a day.

Now, I'm no scientist, but if I were I would probably suggest trying to clap daily instead of just on Thursdays in order to see if it's possible to ramp up the ameliorative effects of clapping on covid spread.

Determining a mechanism is also important. One may speculate that the force of hands slapping together is effectively destroying the virus better than soap and water which is admittedly a lot softer than a good hard British clap.
It remains to be seen whether the latest abominable mutant super skunk UK strain of virus is susceptible to clapping but we can only hope and pray and clap
>> No. 441488 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 8:06 pm
441488 spacer

I didn't hear a single clap. The founder of the clap has deleted her Tweet and distanced herself from the clap after loads of NHS staff responded saying they'd rather have a pay rise instead.
>> No. 441489 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 9:06 pm
441489 spacer

>distanced herself from the clap

She'd have been better off seeing a doctor for some antibiotics, ironically enough.
>> No. 441490 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 9:46 pm
441490 spacer
Good. I hope she realises how stupid her bollocks was/is.

"There are other channels to protest..." You can fuck off.
>> No. 441491 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 10:31 pm
441491 spacer
My favourite part of her statement is saying she doesn't have the authority to cancel it, when she decided she had the authority to bring it back in the first place despite no demand for it whatsoever.

>> No. 438151 Anonymous
28th July 2020
Tuesday 11:47 am
438151 The New Adventures of Mid-Week
Now that all the excitement has died down I thought it time we redo the mid-week thread. What are you two up-to?

I've organised a date for the weekend but have come to realise that I'd better keep something of a conversation going unless I want to be stood up. This is going to be tedious. I might want to think about doing some work today as well.
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>> No. 441295 Anonymous
2nd January 2021
Saturday 8:04 pm
441295 spacer

> but if it's something soft like MDF

Probably best to use solid hardwood as a backdrop for steel tip darts, if you really want something durable. Some good 18mm pine wood should do.
>> No. 441296 Anonymous
2nd January 2021
Saturday 8:40 pm
441296 spacer


Sort it out m8.
>> No. 441300 Anonymous
2nd January 2021
Saturday 9:02 pm
441300 spacer

I stand corrected. I somehow thought pine was hardwood.

Go on then. English oak. Or something.
>> No. 441302 Anonymous
2nd January 2021
Saturday 9:15 pm
441302 spacer

Oak's nice.
>> No. 441478 Anonymous
7th January 2021
Thursday 1:59 pm
441478 spacer
Going through my Arduino parts bin again here at the moment, looking for something to throw together to kill the boredom of being stuck at home.

I've got several ATtiny microcontrollers and an ESP32 dev board, as well as temperature sensors, a gyroscope/accelerometer, PIR sensors, two miniature TFT colour displays, a whole bag of assorted resistors and capacitors, a few LEDs, and miscellaneous parts like transistors and MOSFETs, and a 1.5'' paper cone speaker with a 3W amplifier.

I could make a burglar alarm with the PIR sensor and the speaker and the amp, the only question would be the whole point of it, when there are days at the moment where I don't leave my flat at all.

>> No. 440348 Anonymous
1st December 2020
Tuesday 6:28 am
440348 Christmas 2020
It's the first of December. It's that time of year again.

Open your advent calendar chocolates, listen to Andrew, put up your tree this weekend, put off the present shopping for at least a fortnight, surviving the Christmas party at work, watching shit on telly.

You know the drill by now, lads.
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>> No. 441347 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 4:17 pm
441347 spacer
I'm not saying he's an angel but you're still putting a lot of effort into this.
>> No. 441348 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 4:22 pm
441348 spacer
Remember, lad. He's not the angry one.
>> No. 441349 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 4:27 pm
441349 spacer

I think it's clear we're all angry, it's just one of us is angry because he's outed himself as a mental hat woman aficionado.
>> No. 441350 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 5:20 pm
441350 spacer
Christ this takes me back, I've not seen a cunt off as caustic (and funny) as this in years.
>> No. 441352 Anonymous
3rd January 2021
Sunday 5:43 pm
441352 spacer
It is the season, after all.

>> No. 441135 Anonymous
31st December 2020
Thursday 12:01 am
441135 spacer
Right, now that we've almost made it, what are your hopes, dreams, and aspirations for 2021?
12 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 441217 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 1:02 pm
441217 spacer
I want to start an album, and get it about half done. I don't care about the musical quality or if anyone else likes it -- as long as what I make amuses me, I'll be satisfied.

I was considering making losing weight my resolution, but fuck it, my mental health's still too iffy (and food is a real crutch). Next year.
>> No. 441218 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 1:43 pm
441218 spacer
Does anyone know what the average dry seed yield of a mustard plant is? I'm tempted to grow one to make my own mustard but I'm not sure how many I'd need for it to be worthwhile.
>> No. 441222 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 3:01 pm
441222 spacer
>Does anyone know what the average dry seed yield of a mustard plant is?
African or European?
>> No. 441230 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 6:03 pm
441230 spacer

Are you suggestin' mustard plants migrate?
>> No. 441273 Anonymous
2nd January 2021
Saturday 3:53 am
441273 spacer
I want to win money in a Kaggle competition. The analytics ones are probably the best shout, but the only one available right now is just a terrible ML challenge in disguise.

>> No. 441097 Anonymous
30th December 2020
Wednesday 5:57 pm
441097 spacer
Which brands are actually worth the additional cost?
49 posts and 9 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 441212 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 11:31 am
441212 spacer
>Happy New Decade

You'll be needing the "Resting Actors" thread.
>> No. 441214 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 12:06 pm
441214 spacer
I guess I'll tell you about a subject I know about... mountaineering.

Specifically moutaineering coats... North Face summit series. A lot of north face stuff has become just overpriced branded 'streetwear' clothing. But the summit series is one of about 5 brands that makes outdoor clothing you would want to wear whilst facing off death on top of an Alp, and of they are the best value and probably the only one you might find on a normal high street. Arc'teryx is actually the best mountaineering clothing brand but they cost twice as much as anyone of the other real brands and everyone else was already charging way more than you would think these things should cost. The others are Rab, mammut, and the uncreatively named mountain equipment and mountain hardware.

Anyone else selling you clothes that look similar are usually of dubious quality or practicality.
>> No. 441216 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 1:00 pm
441216 spacer
I think brand-name tea is worth the additional cost. I switched to Lidl's generic tea for a while when I was unemployed and proper skint, but if you buy commercial-brand tea in bags or leaf, then the little bit of extra cost is absolutely worth it.

I was a real tea snob though for a while. There was a small Indian tea shop in my old neighbourhood where you could buy loose leaf and where they had about 25 different black and green tea flavours in boxes behind the counter. Always smelled delicious when you walked in. If you didn't mind paying up to £7 for 125g of their finest Earl Grey, it was your kind of place.
>> No. 441224 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 4:51 pm
441224 spacer


Echoing this sentiment for motorcycle clothing. Fashion trends will regularly cycle in and out of moto-looking aesthetics, but it should go without saying that their protective value is virtually zero. It sounds obvious, but sometimes even clothing manufacturers will deliberately blur the line between fashion and riding leathers (Barbour, Belstaff, and Schott spring to mind).

There is a growing market for motorcycle gear that looks more like every day clothing and a lot of little leaps forward have been made in achieving decently protective gear that it doesn't feel odd to wear off-bike. Knox is a good place to start. The YouTube channel "FortNine" also has some very good videos on safety ratings and clothing recommendations that meet a decent standard.
>> No. 441226 Anonymous
1st January 2021
Friday 5:14 pm
441226 spacer

If I can add to your list Buffalo and Montane - their pile and Pertex smocks and salopettes are phenomenally good in extreme weather. Not cheap, not attractive, but virtually indestructible.


Co-op 99 > *.

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