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>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 444565 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 12:47 pm
444565 spacer

It's a 14'' Lenovo IdeaPad 3i.


It was £349 when I bought it, they must have adjusted the price a little.

I've got standard warranty, which naturally doesn't cover accidental damage caused by the user. And no insurance.

Curry's say on their web site that labour is £60 for computer repairs, and for that kind of money, I don't think it's worth doing it myself, with an uncertain outcome.
>> No. 444566 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 12:54 pm
444566 spacer

Sorry, wrong link. The one above has an AMD CPU, mine has an Intel CPU, hence the model designation "3i".


(Firefox still doesn't let you delete posts)
>> No. 444567 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 1:44 pm
444567 spacer
I'm well into the latter half of my twenties and I've only just realised the reason I stumble over my words so often is not just that I have a fish fillet for a tongue, but also that I try to speak at a hundred miles an hour, especially if I'm reading something out loud.

>(Firefox still doesn't let you delete posts)
Just do what I do and never be wrong ever. It's easy once you know how.
>> No. 444568 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 2:05 pm
444568 spacer

That's totally fixable as a DIY job. Pure water isn't really conductive - it's the dissolved minerals that make it conduct electricity. When the water evaporates the minerals are left behind on the PCB, which can cause the kind of erratic behaviour you describe.

Remove the keyboard and wash the PCB thoroughly with a toothbrush and a generous amount of isopropanol. Take care when removing the keyboard to avoid snagging the flat-flex cables connecting it to the motherboard. Pay particular attention to any areas on the board with lots of closely-spaced solder joints (the controller chip, the flat-flex connector) and don't forget to clean the tip of the flat-flex.
>> No. 444569 Anonymous
16th June 2021
Wednesday 2:21 pm
444569 spacer

From what I've been able to gather online, it'd really be a bit of a do, in that you have to melt off dozens of plastic weld spots in order to get the actual keyboard out.


As I understand it, too many things can go wrong for the hobbying layperson. Also, the finished job will probably look like kind of a hackjob, which isn't great if I ever have to send the laptop back in for other faults which might be covered by the warranty. If I let Curry's fix it, then it will not affect the warranty in any way.

bdc blue logo png.jpg
>> No. 443472 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
443472 New Weekend Thread
Alright lads, how's it going?
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>> No. 444548 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 5:06 pm
444548 spacer
>And yeah, lengthy essays are pointless, but there's a big difference that and 2-3 sentence paragraphs. If you can't communicate with that basic level of nuance that an extra sentence allows, then surely you can't actually get anywhere. Is that meant to be the point?

This fundamentally misunderstands what internet arguments provide imo. There's a time and a place for it but lengthy essays that confer information to the readers are valuable and its a sign of quality. I'm unsure if I've encountered a massive essay of text that wasn't at least somewhat informative without being immediately apparent as word soup.

I can see these technicalities start to pop up from people who think that you can 'win' internet arguments. Maybe on the same logic as using sassy one-liners.
>> No. 444549 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 5:46 pm
444549 spacer
I'm not sure if 'entitlement' is the right word. There's an expectation that someone stating a position in this environment would address scrutiny, maybe because wasting someones time or mental energy is the essence of trolling.

IMO lengthy essays written by people who aren't good at it are a waste of time, they're often just attempts to convert someone, or premised on the underlying assumption that the writer is correct, which defies the fundamental aspects of balanced writing that I've been taught. They can be great if written well, but relatively few are.

It's definitely linking in to the framing of 'winning' internet arguments. These engagements seem often adversarial or masturbatory, whereas if they were cooperative it would be, well, much nicer.
>> No. 444550 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 6:14 pm
444550 spacer
>There's an expectation that someone stating a position in this environment would address scrutiny
That's the thing though. You can just sense from the tone they're going to keep going as everything turns in to essay-like endless posts of >quoting each other. I'm positive that a lot of people genuinely believe they're "winning" internet debates on the basis of their intellectual arguments, not realising they're just brow-beating people into not bothering to respond.
>> No. 444551 Anonymous
14th June 2021
Monday 6:15 pm
444551 spacer

>It's definitely linking in to the framing of 'winning' internet arguments. These engagements seem often adversarial or masturbatory, whereas if they were cooperative it would be, well, much nicer.

I think there's a half-truth we have to accept somewhere along the lines here. Two people are going to feel an irresistible need to 'win' the internet argument which just isn't possible and they will both get into a cunt-off spiral as a result, that's just a fact of internet discussion. They should be mocked for breaking standards, inventing bullshit rules or in general trying to be in a position where they can win but the game doesn't have an end until you get tired.

The actual quality though is for the outside reader who is picking things up or at least being entertained. In a way purple is exploiting us, he's paying the server bill and running the site allegedly but he does so for his own twisted thrills.
>> No. 444554 Anonymous
15th June 2021
Tuesday 1:04 am
444554 spacer
There's a sub-rudgewick you might all enjoy called The Motte which is dedicated to cunting off debating without resorting to any cheap tactics, bad faith positions or logical fallacies.

It's hard to tell if there's any political bias at play there, which is a healthy sign in my opinion; but it might just be because when you actually debate sensibly nobody ever ends up winning and everyone just gets bored before anyone takes the prize. It's also filled with exactly the sort of people you'd expect on a sub with that concept, but on the other hand... I am one of them, and so are you lot.

>> No. 444487 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 6:17 pm
444487 What's a good hobby?
Are there any good hobbies you can suggest I take up for the weekends. Something that gets me out the house and meeting interesting women people. I don't mean board games at the pub, I mean proper hobbies that I can get into.

We've had this discussion before but it was 2014 and our lives have changed a lot since then... For some more than others...
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>> No. 444498 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 9:21 pm
444498 spacer

>> No. 444500 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 9:46 pm
444500 spacer
Learn an instrument. Learn the drums and you'll have no shortage of bands desperate to have you aboard.
>> No. 444501 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 9:47 pm
444501 spacer
Bourbons used to be so different...
>> No. 444504 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 11:20 pm
444504 spacer


Bring Back Bashing
>> No. 444506 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 11:29 pm
444506 spacer
Get yourself into a pole fitness night, you'll be swarming in flexible fanny.

Annotation 2021-06-12 021312.jpg
>> No. 444477 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 2:13 am
444477 spacer
Why do they typically make prune juice instead of plum juice, but nobody makes raisin juice instead of grape juice?
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>> No. 444479 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 8:43 am
444479 spacer
Nice juicy pair of plums you've got there lad.
>> No. 444481 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 11:04 am
444481 spacer
Love a plum me. Gods own fruit.
>> No. 444482 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 3:01 pm
444482 spacer

They've been a bit shit this year, at least supermarket ones. Either bitter even when soft and overripe, or never ripening and flavourless.
>> No. 444509 Anonymous
13th June 2021
Sunday 8:54 am
444509 spacer
>>444482 did you see a country of origin? Supply chains are all over the place, you might be getting super early forced britplums, sewage encrusted ones from Morocco, or something that's been in a ripener's cold store for two years and really needed shifting. Not long to this year's glorious crop of Brit. plums though. Assuming we actually have orchards and pickers.

>> No. 444380 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 12:43 pm
444380 spacer
Are we classist and ableist?
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>> No. 444470 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 8:56 pm
444470 spacer

>It is classist, since command of language and literacy has always been used as a tool of class rule.

I would say it has been more a tool of class distinction. Whether you like it or not, proper spelling or lack thereof almost unmistakably signifies you as a member of a particular social class. It is rare that somebody from the upper middle class or upper class makes the same kind of spelling mistakes and with similar frequency as somebody who grew up on the rough side of North London.

> And it is ableist, since some people can't maintain as high a standard of literacy as others thanks to some condition

While I don't think your wrong, I believe that seven times out of ten, people are just plain lazy and/or never tried hard to master proper spelling. Expecting somebody who is capable to make an effort isn't necessarily the same as mocking somebody for their innate inability.
>> No. 444471 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 9:16 pm
444471 spacer


Tut tut.
>> No. 444472 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 9:21 pm
444472 spacer

Well done, you. You've found a spelling mistake.

Now go outside and play with it.
>> No. 444476 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 12:29 am
444476 spacer
Maybe you'd find your sense of humour if you joined them.

>Whether you like it or not, proper spelling or lack thereof almost unmistakably signifies you as a member of a particular social class

'Whether you like it or not' is not an argument. Do you have proof, or even indication, beyond your opinion?
>> No. 444480 Anonymous
12th June 2021
Saturday 10:19 am
444480 spacer

> Do you have proof, or even indication, beyond your opinion?

You haven't spent much time on .gs, have you.

>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 443553 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 6:20 pm
443553 spacer
>it looks like the physical damage to Shell HQ was very limited in the first place
Cost of £15,000 apparently. The broken windows last week were valued at £160,000.

>But on the other hand, what are you saying with a verdict like that. Will you have the right to just randomly go into a service station and vandalise it, and possibly assault the lad behind the till because his employer pollutes the Earth? Can you drag somebody out of a combustion engine car at an intersection and do the same to them because they're part of the problem?
No, obviously not. What absurd hyperbole.

>I don't think that's the right way to protest against unequal wealth distribution
Too right. Hilarious as it is, it didn't go far enough to actually address the issue.
>> No. 443554 Anonymous
2nd May 2021
Sunday 6:31 pm
443554 spacer
>I mean, the damage was effectively zero, after a good clean and polish anyway, but I don't think that's the right way to protest against unequal wealth distribution.
Indeed. Slashing the tyres would have made far more sense; more costly, more menacing, not so debased.

As for the earlier part of your post I don't see how this case set any new precedent. If a jury doesn't want to convict someone then they don't have to, and whilst I can't think of any examples off the top of my head this can't be the first time a jury has sided with a more sympathetic defendant over the prosecution, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.
>> No. 443913 Anonymous
26th May 2021
Wednesday 2:50 pm
443913 spacer
>Shell forced to slash global emissions after landmark court ruling

>Shell ordered to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 in landmark ruling
>> No. 444440 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 12:59 pm
444440 spacer
>Records of Priti Patel’s contact with police over XR protest deleted in ‘IT glitch’, court hears
This is a joke. The Hertfordshire Police chief has destroyed evidence to protect Priti Patel.
>> No. 444442 Anonymous
11th June 2021
Friday 1:05 pm
444442 spacer
She probably sent him images of her RIGHT PRIME ARSE to make him do her bidding.

>> No. 444219 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 6:30 pm
444219 spacer
I'm off to the corner shop to get some sweets. Do you lads want owt?
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>> No. 444397 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 4:30 pm
444397 spacer
>Is it some specific type of leaf or what?
My guess is it's smoked in some way. Though I've only ever smoked it when people on council estates in Byker have offered me 50g for a tenner. What a time to be alive.
>> No. 444398 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 4:42 pm
444398 spacer

A good shag is always worth the money.
>> No. 444400 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 4:57 pm
444400 spacer
20 Chunghwa please.
>> No. 444408 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 7:39 pm
444408 spacer


I miss them lad.
>> No. 444412 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 10:29 pm
444412 spacer
> European Drum is barrel-cured in the Netherlands using a centuries-old process.

So it's down to the curing process and blend of tobacco types https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum_(tobacco)

>> No. 444266 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 2:32 pm
444266 spacer
Does anyone fancy playing key worker Top Trumps?

Now we can definitively say who is more important out of soldiers, nurses and football players.
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>> No. 444369 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 8:59 pm
444369 spacer
I used to collect Top Trumps, and each set comes with a special card. If you send 10 special cards to Top Trumps HQ, you get a Top Trumps Top Trumps set. It was very underwhelming.
>> No. 444370 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 9:07 pm
444370 spacer

Does the Top Trumps Top Trumps set come with a special card?
>> No. 444373 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 11:00 pm
444373 spacer
When was this? They never did this in the 1990s when I had Le Mans Cars and Road Cars and one of the fantasy ones, possibly Goblins & Faeriefolk. I had loads, and I imagine I still do if my parents haven't thrown them away.
>> No. 444374 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 5:50 am
444374 spacer

The best top trumps aren't even made by Top Trumps anyway.
>> No. 444383 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 1:36 pm
444383 spacer
Don't think so.
This would have been about 2002. They actually advertised that the prize was a gunmetal Top Trumps case, but I guess that got replaced by Top Trumps Top Trumps by the time I had enough special cards.

>> No. 444242 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 11:33 am
444242 spacer
Do you think England should go back to using the old pendragon flag it had before the Normans came and fucked everything up?
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>> No. 444365 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 6:50 pm
444365 spacer

I put it to you that it is in fact you who is the teary bumder.
>> No. 444366 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 7:25 pm
444366 spacer
I'll teary in your bumder
>> No. 444367 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 8:04 pm
444367 spacer

Revenge lad is back! He's been analysing all our posts and basically we're fucking stupid.

Click here to find out how.
>> No. 444368 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 8:35 pm
444368 spacer
I think you're giving revengelad too much credit.
>> No. 444413 Anonymous
10th June 2021
Thursday 10:37 pm
444413 spacer

Few posters even consider the possibility of shit posters from other message boards.

And yet across the gulf of space minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded our website with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us.

>> No. 444214 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 6:05 pm
444214 spacer
Lads, I've just opened my packet of mozzarella sticks and there were 13 in there rather than the 12 there's supposed to be.

I thought I'd share my outrageous good fortune with you in the hope that my good luck rubs off on you. If it does, let me know.
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>> No. 444304 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 7:54 pm
444304 spacer
Fuck off Ronald.
>> No. 444305 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 7:56 pm
444305 spacer
What's snobby about humous? It's just smashed up chickpeas.
>> No. 444308 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 8:40 pm
444308 spacer
>Infantilisation polari
I agree completely, but what really sets this post apart is the fact that it reads like a crossword clue.
>> No. 444323 Anonymous
8th June 2021
Tuesday 9:46 pm
444323 spacer
Is calling it your 'packing up' really only a thing in Hull, or are you just psychic?
>> No. 444340 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 3:32 am
444340 spacer
It's where I'm from originally and it was used there, but I doubt it's the only place.

>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 444133 Anonymous
5th June 2021
Saturday 11:30 pm
444133 spacer

>if you get caught speeding in your dreams, does that count in real life?

I can only imagine police forces are actively, desperately working on it.
>> No. 444134 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 1:35 am
444134 spacer


>> No. 444204 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 4:16 pm
444204 spacer
There was a new show on the Las Vegas strip where the audience watched a person be tortured and killed, which I attended and had mixed feelings about, but the majority of the world seemed generally okay with the show existing. The production company that ran the show was owned by Donald Trump, who was lauded as a genius for its inception.
>> No. 444205 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 4:17 pm
444205 spacer

long live the new flesh.jpg
>> No. 444364 Anonymous
9th June 2021
Wednesday 6:25 pm
444364 spacer
Irl, I woke up at half 4 for some reason, and couldn't get back to sleep so put some episodes of The Thick of It on as I often do in these sort of situations. Then later fell asleep with my headphones on.

So in the dream, I was at a some kind of casual rehearsal or recital of the show taking place in a small marquee, but with different actors. Everyone was just sitting around on stools, the audience weren't really separate. In fact there might not have been any other audience but me.

Since I was actually hearing the real show, they had the voices of the original cast. The scene they performed is from early in S4E1, where they have a meeting discussing the announcement of the app thing. Glen was played by a woman with a fake beard stuck on.

download (7).jpg
>> No. 444178 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 10:21 am
444178 spacer
I was born in the UK, but my grandparents were dirty foreigners. I want to get some documents showing their respective countries of origin, and that they then married in the UK.

I'm abroad at the moment, so can't just ask at my local authority to dig through census records or marriage certificates in person. What would be my best option? Should I be looking at hiring a lawyer, or trying a website like Ancestry.com?
Expand all images.
>> No. 444179 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 10:29 am
444179 spacer
Can't you just call, post, or e-mail to your local authority?
>> No. 444195 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 3:22 pm
444195 spacer

download (8).jpg

You're absolutely right. I must have been having a brainfart, there. They have an online service where I can order the certificates I need.
>> No. 444197 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 3:30 pm
444197 spacer
Images like this are why we need UBI.

>> No. 444137 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:31 am
444137 spacer
I'm gonna need some advice, here.
I think I've been knocked up by my middle-aged laplander neighbour - which obviously isn't great. However, I don't have the best of reasons to get an abortion funded by the NHS. So what can I do?
20 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 444171 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 9:37 pm
444171 spacer
just got back in from putting up a load of 8 foot fenceposts in concrete. Ran out of ballast, got 1.5 holes still to fill. And that'll be the first of four sides done. I fucking hate fencing. But I love my new nailgun, that thing's death from above.
May as well derail this inepto-troll.
>> No. 444172 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:13 pm
444172 spacer
Is this from the same poster who makes the threads about being Asian and fucking white girls' pussies? Some sort of alt-right LARPer trying to stoke tension within the site's race relations.
>> No. 444173 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:21 pm
444173 spacer

Probably because they come from the other place and live on a diet of Daily Mail links that tell them Britain is under Sharia law, and expect us to get supremely triggered thinking about Big Ahmed pounding our precious white wimmin.

All it does is make me vaguely lament the fact I've never bagged a Polar lass myself. Well, I did have a mixed race bird once, but she was too pale to really tell if you didn't know her.
>> No. 444174 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 11:31 pm
444174 spacer

Probably. That's basically all they do now on the Other Place, try to race bait each other all day.


My second girlfriend was Indian. On reflection, she wasn't any different to any other lass I've ever been with, but at the time she was such a contrast to my first girlfriend who was boring and shit in bed, so during and for a while after our relationship I was convinced that forrun lasses specifically were the secret sauce, that they were all kinky, submissive sex fiends who were having some sort of revelation at the end of your white knob.

Turns out most women just like a good rodgering, regardless of the cultural background they may or may not have, and with the added benefit of not having to talk to all four of their grandparents and often extended family every time you go to their house.

except eastern european lasses and catholic irish lasses. fucking hell they're another level
>> No. 444183 Anonymous
7th June 2021
Monday 11:05 am
444183 spacer

Sir. It doesn't matter how many middle aged Asian gentlemen you say have "scrambled your bussy" I an not referring you for an abortion, because you are not pregnant.

>> No. 442970 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 7:44 pm
442970 spacer
If you could start your life over again from the very beginning what would you do differently?
43 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 443083 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:58 pm
443083 spacer

I think like this too - I'm mostly a hermit anyway and I will often drive for hours just to relax. A house in the middle of nowhere would suit me just fine. The only thing stopping me at the minute is that I still need to be physically present at work most of the time, so as much as I do like driving a long commute would probably get old. Having said that we have pilots that live three or four hours away from their base even though they're not supposed to.

On the other hand though, there's plenty to like about being ten minutes drive from a burger at all times. I think I'd definitely miss takeaway delivery and same-day amazon. Though maybe those are two vices better left out of my reach.
>> No. 443084 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 2:19 pm
443084 spacer

Not cold enough.
>> No. 443378 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 8:16 am
443378 spacer
I think I'd have encouraged my parents to get me into more after school clubs, ones that would be useful in later life. Martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, things like that.
>> No. 443874 Anonymous
25th May 2021
Tuesday 6:43 am
443874 spacer
Act retarded, autistic deaf and anti-social.
>> No. 444136 Anonymous
6th June 2021
Sunday 2:13 am
444136 spacer

Lift weights, fight don't fright, stop marxism.

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