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>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 443343 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 11:58 pm
443343 spacer

>> No. 443344 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 12:28 am
443344 spacer
You make it sound like Johnson is going anywhere.

>If she reads this piece, she’ll likely strike out unnecessary adverbs and send a late-night email asking for a better-written, shorter version — “It could come back marked TL;DR with dead-eyed emojis,” officials said.

We need to get people reading books again.
>> No. 443346 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 12:47 am
443346 spacer

I'd open up her pork markets IYKWIM.
>> No. 443347 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 12:47 am
443347 spacer
Who's looking forward to World War Three?

>> No. 443350 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 1:15 am
443350 spacer
>So is this an invasion force? It could be, but analysts say a big invasion is unlikely


Russian doctrine since Chechnya has become small and smart that emphasises speed and overwhelmingly firepower (and electronics) for limited operations. There's not much in the way of modern equipment to go around so a massive push into Ukraine will be a disorganised bloodbath against dug-in defenders while conversely there's no need to beef up security for a Ukrainian attack anytime soon.

The real reason I suspect is sabre rattling for concessions because Russia's occupation is pulling the country deeper and deeper into crisis. Including in access to water for Crimea:

>> No. 443102 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 12:12 pm
443102 spacer
Requiescat in pace
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>> No. 443340 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 11:06 pm
443340 spacer
Seems hypocritical to mock people for missing television when the last time this site went down you were all at a loss.
>> No. 443341 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 11:17 pm
443341 spacer

Not the best of them. But... timing.
>> No. 443345 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 12:44 am
443345 spacer
I wasn't posting here then. I'm new. And, same as for the fans of Masterchef, there's always Pornhub.
>> No. 443348 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 12:49 am
443348 spacer
Does PornHub have any half-decent cookery content?
>> No. 443349 Anonymous
14th April 2021
Wednesday 1:13 am
443349 spacer

Rule 34.


>> No. 443275 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 3:03 pm
443275 HAPPY RAMADAN 2021
Lads, it's that time of the year again. Please enjoy your Ramadan responsibly.
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>> No. 443334 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:05 pm
443334 spacer
That was a nice massive meal. The cigarette after the meal even made me a bit lightheaded. A good feeling that I miss.

Stop buying that over priced rubbish from Tescos, and buy from the ethnic shops. Those rice imports are much better.
>> No. 443336 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:27 pm
443336 spacer
My Asian friend swears by Tilda, that's good enough for me.
>> No. 443337 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 9:36 pm
443337 spacer

>Stop buying that over priced rubbish from Tescos, and buy from the ethnic shops. Those rice imports are much better.

A lot of the rice products in this country look very ethnic but are often american rice with a little indian lad printed on the pack by a british importer. That doesn't mean it's bad (californian and italian grown short grain rice is often better than japanese sushi rice) but I suppose it's worth checking the pack.
>> No. 443338 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 10:05 pm
443338 spacer
Come on lads, it is long grain rice or bust. Leave the useless short grain rice for risottos.
>> No. 443339 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 10:22 pm
443339 spacer
There's a igloo nearby that has a muezzin, so by proxy? Dunno, the lad does a good job and and least it doesn't sound like they used a recording.

I don't want to shill for brands, but I found that what Tesco or whatever supermarket sells in your area on the "ethnic" isle also shows up in local shops. Big Industry, innit? I grew up with the boil-and-strain method for rice, which is unversally acceptableaweful (if only because you can save energy doing it properly), learned about "tahdig" from family. I can make rice palatable, but some rice is so dodgy even a rice cooker couldn't rescue it.

>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 443322 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 4:00 pm
443322 spacer

>The seaweed milk should come in a glass bottle.

The environmental benefit of re-usable glass bottles is really marginal. They require much more energy to manufacture than plastic bottles and further energy is consumed by transporting and washing the used bottles. Glass bottles only win out if the re-use rate is substantially higher and/or the energy use is substantially lower than the current industry average. PET bottles are remarkably efficient if the bottles are recycled, but the best option might actually be Tetra-Pak cartons depending on how you interpret the data.

FWIW, I think that the panic over plastics is largely unwarranted and based mainly on the visibility of discarded plastics rather than the actual impact on the environment. We know that atmospheric CO2 is having truly catastrophic effects, but the evidence for substantial harms due to plastic pollution is really very weak beyond the obvious factor of larger marine animals becoming entangled in discarded fishing gear. I keep seeing people freak out about OMG THERE ARE MICROPLASTICS EVERYWHERE, but we don't really have any good evidence to suggest that microplastics are harmful to human health or have seriously negative impacts on the marine ecosystem.



>> No. 443323 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 4:02 pm
443323 spacer

No one. It just seems like spurious bullshit, Aspartamine might be cancerous (even though multiple sudies have shown it not to be), bread might be bad for you (even though we have eaten it for generation and have started living to a hundred despite eating it), it is the worst kind of fear of the unknown reasoning when there is no proof at all that it is dangerous to them.
>> No. 443324 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 4:12 pm
443324 spacer
>I keep seeing people freak out about OMG THERE ARE MICROPLASTICS EVERYWHERE, but we don't really have any good evidence to suggest that microplastics are harmful to human health or have seriously negative impacts on the marine ecosystem.

There is scientific inquiry into certain plastics affecting hormone levels in people, it is considered one of the probable causes of the obesity epidemic.
>> No. 443325 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 7:02 pm
443325 spacer
>I keep seeing people freak out about OMG THERE ARE MICROPLASTICS EVERYWHERE, but we don't really have any good evidence to suggest that microplastics are harmful to human health or have seriously negative impacts on the marine ecosystem.

In the same way as we kept using asbestos and leaded petrol for decades after we knew there was a problem. Microplastics are orders of magnitude less harmful than those but evidence is slowly building up of the wide range of potential harms they can cause.
We're kind of fucked if we do nothing for 30 years and then entire ocean food chains collapse, not to mention the possibility of widespread health problems caused by increased ingestion of microplastics exposing us to more toxins and carcinogens.
>> No. 443326 Anonymous
13th April 2021
Tuesday 7:39 pm
443326 spacer
>In the same way as we kept using asbestos and <s>leaded</s> petrol for decades after we knew there was a problem.

>> No. 443207 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 1:56 pm
443207 spacer
I found them in the nearby London park. QR code reader can't read them. WTF is this even?
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>> No. 443213 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 2:37 pm
443213 spacer

Maybe they want an average? I assumed there'd be something viscous on the inside to catch insects but pollen makes as much sense.
>> No. 443219 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 3:55 pm
443219 spacer
>The QR codes will be for an internal index, not just for random phones to read.
But all QR codes can be read? Unless OP just means he thought it was broken when he didn't get a URL.
>> No. 443232 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:09 pm
443232 spacer

>You wouldn't just leave some tubes out to monitor air quality because you will only, at best, be able to determine an average.

They do exactly this at most airports I have access to, they look exactly the same but are a bit smaller. They are labelled explaining they're monitoring air quality, presumably because people kept reporting them as suspicious. I suppose it makes more sense to want an average air quality on a commercial airfield than a london parkland, though.
>> No. 443233 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 6:17 pm
443233 spacer

The commercial airfield probably has cleaner air than most parks in central London. I'd like to make a more definite statement, but the London Mayor's Office have turned their website black-and-white in tribute to HRH Phil, rendering the official air quality map completely illegible.
>> No. 443236 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:57 pm
443236 spacer
A quick google gave me air quality monitoring:

They use multiple methods for redundancy and to see different spans of time. That still seems a little wrong to me but I suppose it's easier to stick a test tube somewhere for ad hoc look at how bad traffic pollution is on a given street.

>> No. 439651 Anonymous
17th October 2020
Saturday 4:48 pm
439651 spacer
New weekend thread, gloom and doom edition.

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>> No. 443013 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 10:12 pm
443013 spacer
I got a blister on my heel from rollerblading the other day. I then took a hot bath last night and it popped all on its own, probably from the expansion of the fluid inside it in the hot water.

It has now turned into an angry looking minor skin infection nearly the size of a pound coin. I've just dressed it again with alcoholic hand sanitiser and a firmly applied large band aid, hopefully it's not going to get more serious.
>> No. 443015 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 10:34 pm
443015 spacer
I tried out bumble after hearing I could just set up a profile and be hands-off while I wait for the inevitable lack of message, but it turns out I still need to swipe through women individually. It's just as horrifically tedious as tinder.

There should be hookup app like grindr (I only use it for traps so "no homo" as they say) but for straight people. Having all your local options laid out in a grid makes so much more sense than swiping through them one by one.
>> No. 443018 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 11:39 pm
443018 spacer
The Godzilla movies they've been making these days really haven't failed to disappoint at all.

I just swipe them all fairly passively unless it's a monster. If I don't reply to some woman then she can go cry into her Harry Potter book or go travelling. I will always give them attention if they go through the trouble to actually send a message that isn't 'hi'

>I only use it for traps so "no homo" as they say

Riiiiight. But a hookup app isn't going to work because that's not what women want and it would immediately be swamped with horny dudes. Fetlife might be what you're looking for.
>> No. 443113 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 1:41 pm
443113 spacer
No internet since 9am, I'm going to have to call the sods, aren't I?
>> No. 443114 Anonymous
9th April 2021
Friday 1:43 pm
443114 spacer
It's just started working again. I posted this, picked up my phone and the little yellow warning sign on my laptop went away. Please, I'm not mentally healthy enough to handle these kinds of coincidences.

>> No. 442970 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 7:44 pm
442970 spacer
If you could start your life over again from the very beginning what would you do differently?
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>> No. 443072 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 2:04 am
443072 spacer

The catch is if you're outside the cities, you might as well be living in the middle of the Sahara. It's a lifestyle some people are just fine with but I'd imagine for most Brits, a bit if a shock to the system to have to plan for a two hour long journey basically any time you go anywhere.
>> No. 443081 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:43 pm
443081 spacer

I really like the sound of that though. Stockpile and get loads in and not have to venture anywhere for weeks if you don't want to. Just hang out in your big house and wait for the cold.

Maybe I have a romanticised view of the country though and driving doesn't bother me. My parents are 140 miles away and the closest friend to me is 40 miles so most things aren't around the corner.
>> No. 443082 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:56 pm
443082 spacer
Just move to somewhere like Roos if you want to be in the middle of nowhere.

>> No. 443083 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 1:58 pm
443083 spacer

I think like this too - I'm mostly a hermit anyway and I will often drive for hours just to relax. A house in the middle of nowhere would suit me just fine. The only thing stopping me at the minute is that I still need to be physically present at work most of the time, so as much as I do like driving a long commute would probably get old. Having said that we have pilots that live three or four hours away from their base even though they're not supposed to.

On the other hand though, there's plenty to like about being ten minutes drive from a burger at all times. I think I'd definitely miss takeaway delivery and same-day amazon. Though maybe those are two vices better left out of my reach.
>> No. 443084 Anonymous
7th April 2021
Wednesday 2:19 pm
443084 spacer

Not cold enough.

>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 443055 Anonymous
4th April 2021
Sunday 8:46 pm
443055 spacer

I've known a lot of dealers, and I tend to find the sketchy ones don't last long, because if you can't even hide your sketchiness from your customers, you're likely going to get yourself nicked or robbed pretty quickly. The younger lads who talk like they're in a film I tended to avoid too, for similar reasons.

I suppose as a cheflad though, I had already worked with a lot of the guys I knew, or at least worked with someone who had worked with them. It was all very cosy.
>> No. 443056 Anonymous
4th April 2021
Sunday 8:50 pm
443056 spacer

I've bought eighths of Black Leb and Thai Stick off some lovely lads, but in my (non-Bitcoin-based) drug buying days, coke dealers ran the full gamut from "deeply unpleasant" to "genuine psychopath".

Also home delivery seems like an absurd luxury to those of us who spent hours in a pub car park waiting for someone who was perpetually "just five minutes away".
>> No. 443057 Anonymous
4th April 2021
Sunday 10:21 pm
443057 spacer
If I was some teenage girl stuck in some hellish county-lines nightmare existence, I would be shit-scared of being sent out to deliver drugs to every meth addict who insisted on buying their drugs specifically from a woman.
>> No. 443058 Anonymous
4th April 2021
Sunday 10:34 pm
443058 spacer

I don't think hellish county-lines exist here, nor do meth addicts.
>> No. 443059 Anonymous
5th April 2021
Monday 7:21 am
443059 spacer

Meth is a gay drug in this country, but we definitely have a huge county lines problem.

>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 442868 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 6:40 pm
442868 spacer
I was aboard some sort of rescue helicopter in the Scottish Highlands, and the pilot told me their mission was to pick up covid-19 patients from remote farmsteads that were somehow dotted between the hills and had no roads going to them. The sign for the helicopter was apparently that a house where they had a covid patient had a red light bulb glowing on top of the chimney. I then commented that it was a lot to ask of people to climb up their chimney to install a red light bulb just to announce that they had a covid case.
>> No. 442869 Anonymous
21st March 2021
Sunday 6:47 pm
442869 spacer
How are they getting covid all the way out in the sticks like that? From the light bulb distributors I bet. All the while they're getting bungs from their mates in the government.
>> No. 442880 Anonymous
22nd March 2021
Monday 1:18 pm
442880 spacer

Big Light Bulb at work.

Shameless cunts.
>> No. 443035 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 9:36 pm
443035 spacer
Has anybody had dreams about being in public and being called out for not wearing a mask?

I used to have dreams occasionally about being naked somewhere in public and people were pointing at me, but somehow, those kinds of dreams are now getting replaced in my head with dreams of being caught maskless in Asda or on a train.
>> No. 443036 Anonymous
3rd April 2021
Saturday 9:48 pm
443036 spacer
I had a dream this morning where I was very stressfully trying to explain to my father who Leonid Brezhnev was, despite not really knowing anything about the man myself. Very, very odd.

>> No. 439673 Anonymous
18th October 2020
Sunday 11:07 am
439673 spacer
When did your life peak?
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>> No. 439731 Anonymous
20th October 2020
Tuesday 7:41 pm
439731 spacer

>how many women are really going to latch on to an otherwise undesirable man just because he has a big thick cock?

Skinny wierdo with a massive cock here: Not many. There are some size queens who'll go for it, but the thing is they have to know you have a massive cock, so of course, you have to warm them up far enough to be receptive to a shag before you can use your endowment as leverage in the first place. It's a catch 22.

My pet theory is that he has a belting sense of humour. My experience has always supported the idea that if you can make a girl laugh, you can probably get in her pants, so combine that with a bit of the "important and powerful" factor and it's no surprise he can pull.

I mean look at Bozza. He's loaded, but he's also some kind of mutant albino ape that was mistakenly sent to Eton.
>> No. 439732 Anonymous
20th October 2020
Tuesday 8:03 pm
439732 spacer

>My pet theory is that he has a belting sense of humour.

As someone who has been unfortunate enough to witness his piss-poor attempt at standup, I think you need a new theory.

>> No. 439733 Anonymous
20th October 2020
Tuesday 8:15 pm
439733 spacer

This is an unfair test, I'm funny enough in normal conversation to trick girls into sleeping with me, but I'd similarly fucking bomb on stage, it's a totally different thing, I'd be awful.

The fact that he's up there at all proves at least a couple of people have said the universally dull line "you should do stand up!". The only difference is because he's got a politicians ego, he actually listened.
>> No. 443007 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 6:40 pm
443007 spacer
I know a guy (some people would describe us as best friends, but I'm uncomfortable calling him a friend at all; that's how awful he is) and he has this skill. I've seen him do it. It's not even about approaching women; they approach him. He says there are lots of tricks involving body language, and where to stand in the room, and so on, but he is a compulsive liar and mentally unwell and I certainly haven't learnt any of these tips from him, so I suspect his seduction powers come down entirely to what I think he has: hoe-dar. It's like gaydar for hoes. His catastrophic insecurity and spiritual weakness have the upside of letting him sense those things in other people. Sometimes he has claimed, outlandishly, that he can seduce anyone, and when I pick a random stranger, the response is invariably, "No, not her. How about her over there? Look at all her tattoos and piercings. I bet she's fantastic." Because he can see that she is the sort who responds well to his twattery, while most women despise him.

Hoe-dar: it's gaydar for hoes. Feel free to share this concept with your friends.
>> No. 443008 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 6:42 pm
443008 spacer

kaiji episode 14 life.jpg
FUCK the only reason I replied to this thread at all is so I can post the incredibly depressing image that describes my life perfectly, and then I forgot to add it. It's unrelated to what I just said, but it describes how I feel about my life peaking, absolutely perfectly.

anime 69.png
>> No. 442978 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 10:55 pm
442978 3 website questions
1) What does the autism checkbox do when creating a thread?
2) What does the recycle link do on posts? Does it edit or delete? I don't want to delete my post by mistake.
3) Why is there no meta board for us to discuss about this website's operations?
Expand all images.
>> No. 442979 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 11:05 pm
442979 spacer
1) The box's name changes every time, but it always means "sage". My box right now says "Whinge".
2) Dunno
3) Have you been banned from 4chan too? Piss off. This is a comfy(ish) place, and 4chan's /qa/ board is the absolute worst board on the site and should be deleted. You clearly come from there, and this is why you need to piss off.
>> No. 442980 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 11:19 pm
442980 spacer

1) it sages
2) It is a broken delete post button mostly, but also a report button.
3) /iq/ is for any meaningful conversations about this website. Shed is for trying to see if you can get entire nations range banned because you took 'the wrong side' in an argument.

play nice, people need to learn. I'm tired of it just being only you an me fighting all the time searchfag.
>> No. 442982 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 1:44 am
442982 spacer
This site uses some "unusual" terms but all the controls should be in a reasonably familiar place. You can tick to sage (mine is "Sageru" right now, firmly ticked).

You cannot delete your posts without a very clear interstitial message popping up informing you of what you're about to do, no need to be concerned there. I'm an /A/ poster and kind of relied on that feature, saved passwords broke recently.

Any sensible topic is fair game, though try to keep them to the relevant boards. I assume most people use /sfw/ or /*/, so it's more like a post tag than anything else.

gay shit.gif
>> No. 442973 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 9:58 pm
442973 Morris Dancing
Morris dancing thread

Only morris dancers are permitted to post in this thread, the rest are encouraged not to butt in.

>> No. 442884 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 12:43 am
442884 Hypotheticals
I sometimes play out hypothetical scenarios in my head and what I'd do. I thought it would make for an interesting thread if I started listing them and getting some solutions, it might even be a learning experience as there's usually things I don't have an answer to.

So my first go:

If you broke one of your legs, how fucked would you be? How about both? That's not a threat. I was thinking about it the other night and how, frankly, I'd probably give breaking my legs a miss. My main problem is that I live up a few flights of stairs with no disabled access so I'd be trapped. I assume you can ask a delivery driver to come upstairs if you explain your position, so I wouldn't starve, but if both my legs are broken there's getting home from the hospital or going back as the legs heal.

I'd probably have to move out and live with my parents for at least a year. Do removal companies offer a service where they will pack your things up even if you don't organise? I don't much fancy my family finding my fleshlight.
10 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 442961 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 1:52 pm
442961 spacer
Sorry to further derail, but I've always remembered the impractical advice of renting a convertible, top down, then rig some sort of device to decapitate you after supergluing your hand to your head. Piano wire along the road at head height was suggested but I don't see how that wouldn't also tear your arm off, ruining the effect.

Ultimately the goal is to be driving down the street with your decapitated head being held in your hand.
>> No. 442962 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 1:55 pm
442962 spacer

That's a bash.org quote that someone's turned into a car thing for whatever reason autophiles do what they do.
>> No. 442963 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 2:19 pm
442963 spacer
Ahh, yeah I couldn't remember where I'd read it. Odd punt on the autophile thing but all I remembered was an element of speed had to be involved. Forgot it was from falling.
>> No. 442964 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 3:59 pm
442964 spacer
I watched this mad film once where this young lad who's an enbalmer rigs up an elaborate machine so he can take out most of his organs and begin to preserve himself before this mechanical arm swings around to cut off his arm and behead him. It was magnificently grim.
>> No. 442976 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 10:39 pm
442976 spacer
There's an episode of The Simpsons where Snake tries to decapitate Homer using wire when he's driving. Instead, it cuts off Milhouse's dad's arm. I assume that's what you're thinking of, because it's certainly what I thought of.

>> No. 442863 Anonymous
19th March 2021
Friday 7:17 pm
442863 hateful snp speech
Just for a laugh, so to speak. With the new hate speech laws passed in jock-aye-the-noow lan.
This summer when the Edinbrough festival starts. Would it not be possible for people to turn up to every event and then as soon as any act cross over the new hate speech guide lines. Totally do a number on these bunch of Smeghead.
IRL Trolling...

Just a stray thought I had

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