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>> No. 441558 Anonymous
11th January 2021
Monday 8:46 pm
441558 spacer
New midweek thread: chip butty edition.

Is it even midweek? The days have all blurred into one and lost all sense of meaning.
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>> No. 446498 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 7:38 pm
446498 spacer

Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 18.47.08.png
>> No. 446502 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:06 pm
446502 spacer
I lost 7kg and seem to have stalled. Still eating 1500 cals according to the food app, must be the exercise apps overestimating how many I burn.
Unless the water retention caused by the creatine course I started is doing it.
>> No. 446503 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:15 pm
446503 spacer

Just make sure you don't go much lower than 1500 calories, as you will be entering crash diet territory, especially if it's accompanied by rigorous exercise.
>> No. 446504 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 9:22 pm
446504 spacer
That's a bunch of bollocks from women's magazines. Dreadful.
>> No. 446505 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 10:40 pm
446505 spacer
Realistically it's more like 2-3,000 calories most days but that's adjusting for the exercise. Net 1,500 you might call it.

>> No. 446187 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 8:52 pm
446187 Confession thread
It’s been years since we’ve had one of these and I’m sure the pandemic, lockdowns and Brexit have given us all plenty of opportunities for sin, so let’s share.
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>> No. 446328 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 7:59 pm
446328 spacer
>a minimum wage just for people who work (directly or indirectly) for the federal government doesn't cover all that many people
You'd be surprised how many it would cover, but the main reason this exists is that it's entirely within the power of the executive and doesn't require legislation to be dragged through a Congress that is probably the least productive it's ever been.
>> No. 446494 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 6:29 pm
446494 spacer
I've recently worked out I quite enjoy dressing a bit more girly.
Not unusual, but i'm a 35 year old bloke with a ZZ Top beard.
>> No. 446495 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 6:31 pm
446495 spacer

Define “a bit”? You mean you are actually cross dressing or is it just emo eyeliner etc?
>> No. 446497 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 7:12 pm
446497 spacer
According to the missus I've started dressing like teenage girl. Skinny jeans, plaid shirts etc. Probably having a midlife moment.
>> No. 446501 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:46 pm
446501 spacer

>Skinny jeans, plaid shirts etc.

That's just how every mid twenties bearded man dressed five years ago, I think you'll be fine.

>> No. 425684 Anonymous
5th April 2019
Friday 11:36 pm
425684 spacer
So am I the only one who is getting a bit annoyed by this whole Greta Thunberg cult, or am I just too much of a cold hearted cynic that the world would be better off without?

I don't doubt the legitimate concern of her generation over climate change, after all it will fall to them to sort out the utter fucking mess that we have left the planet in, but all the awards that she is now being showered with are IMO just middle aged and old people's guilt over their own failure to save the planet's climate despite having had decades of prior warning, and who lost their way and succumbed to high carbon footprint consumerism somewhere between 1990s road protest villages and today's school runs in a 4x4. None of it feels sincere or genuine, it's more like, yeah, just take all these awards and shut the hell up already.

And parents whose children now protest every Friday or so are now engaging in pissing matches on twitter and Instagram to show off which one of their kids gets the most involved. As one commenter said, nothing good has ever come of a youth protest movement that was applauded by parents.
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>> No. 446488 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 8:29 pm
446488 spacer
There's an episode of Mythbusters I was referred to recently where they checked whether reflective screens on your car windshield work to keep the inside cooler. None of my colleagues here bother with it, but from my time in a much much hotter climate I knew it to be a lifesaver. I don't remember whether it was Fahrenheit or proper units, but either way they measured a 10 degree lowering of temperature when using a screen. That's substantial, and that's just a flimsy sheet with a kind-of shiny coating. (Admittedly in a car, not a house)

As to whether it's going to provide air-conditioning level of climate control, half of the answer there is probably that people should learn to not expect that, at least in their homes. There was a piece on NPR over here on the wrong side of the pond recently when Europe was having heatwaves, and they were focusing on Germans in Berlin whose only option was to go to the local fountain to feel a bit cooler, and who seemed to universally despise the American concept of air-con in every building, even going as far as to say they they get poorly every time they visit the US from either temperature fluctuations between indoors and out, or just the recirculated air.

I'm curious what you and the other constructionlad think of these early concepts of 3D printed homes.
>> No. 446490 Anonymous
25th September 2021
Saturday 9:11 pm
446490 spacer
>you'd be better off buying a better designed house. Even one that is larger
booooooooooo rub it in you bastard
>> No. 446491 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 12:39 am
446491 spacer

That's what your mum says when I spunk on her back.
>> No. 446499 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:10 pm
446499 spacer
>>446488 early concepts of 3D printed homes.

They're early. Horribly energy intensive, the ones using extruded concrete are using too much, and concrete's not ideal. They need to add bricks / breeze blocks to get costs and performance better.
Also, the insertion of facilities all looks really ad-hoc and rushed and manual.
However, give it time. Thing is, it's up against pre-fab, where whole walls will be trucked in, with all services pre-fitted. Bolt them up, join the services, fill the gaps and test for compliance. If walls can be fabbed in factories, they'll be so much better than those thrown up by shit builders.
It's interesting times, but I bet progress will be slow. Expect the current horrors to continue for a while yet.
>> No. 446500 Anonymous
26th September 2021
Sunday 8:35 pm
446500 spacer

The Chatham House report is quite interesting.

bdc blue logo png.jpg
>> No. 443472 Anonymous
24th April 2021
Saturday 7:58 pm
443472 New Weekend Thread
Alright lads, how's it going?
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>> No. 446315 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 12:55 pm
446315 spacer
Oh, I see. Silly gibes aside it's fine if sim racing is your only thing, but next weekend I'll probably be wasting time on entirely new thing.
>> No. 446320 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 1:22 pm
446320 spacer
Ah he's full on - racing twice a week in leagues or championships or what have you.
>> No. 446323 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 3:05 pm
446323 spacer
I caught some of the Emmys last night. Surely nominating The Mandalorian for an award for "outstanding casting" is just trolling? Disney spent the entirety of the airing period of the last season publicly distancing themselves from Gina Carano for being a Trump loonie, but pretending it was for anything other than her being a Trump loonie.
>> No. 446324 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 3:12 pm
446324 spacer
Why would that be relevant?
>> No. 446326 Anonymous
20th September 2021
Monday 6:22 pm
446326 spacer

Space Bostonian was great, Boba Fett was good and Meth Chicken has good pathos.

>Disney spent the entirety of the airing period of the last season publicly distancing themselves from Gina Carano for being a Trump loonie, but pretending it was for anything other than her being a Trump loonie.

I know it's the Emmys but there's no reason to be a faggot about it.

>> No. 426868 Anonymous
16th May 2019
Thursday 5:49 pm
426868 Dream Thread Mk. II
Fitter when she was fat edition.

You know the drill lads. Here are a few helpful links in order to help you further your proficiency at dreaming, and hopefully elevate the quality of discussion about our nocturnal adventures:



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>> No. 445751 Anonymous
18th August 2021
Wednesday 9:45 am
445751 spacer
I woke up to the feeling of something crawling on my arm, which turned out to be a spider.
>> No. 445781 Anonymous
19th August 2021
Thursday 5:28 pm
445781 spacer
I was selling some retro games to CEX, and the girl who served me was the typical mosher/goth/emo type, dyed purple hair, pale and spotty, heavy eyeliner. Anyway, I got £83 for my games which was alright, and then she asked if I was free in the evening. I met up with her after she finished work, and she said "you're either gonna cum up my arse, or I'll cum up yours", and I cheated on my gf with her.
>> No. 446057 Anonymous
9th September 2021
Thursday 9:23 am
446057 spacer
I was at my dentist's to have one or two cavities taken care of. He then suddenly handed me a written estimate that said it would cost over £10,000 which I had to pay myself. I said, "Oh you're having a fucking laugh!" and left.
>> No. 446237 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 11:30 pm
446237 spacer
Last night I had my first experience with sleep paralysis.
Must have just drifted off then woke up soon after but I couldn't move. The strange part was I could hear a noise, similar to music being played through earphones rather loud and it was getting closer.
Felt like 10 seconds before I could move and the noise suddenly went.
>> No. 446242 Anonymous
18th September 2021
Saturday 5:26 am
446242 spacer
I keep having a dream that my girlfriend and I break up, she sleeps with someone else and then we get back together. It's happened so often I'm finding it hard to know for certain that this didn't happen, but I can't plausibly think when this would have happened.

>> No. 446191 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 9:15 pm
446191 spacer
Had the pleasure of meeting Sir Clive Sinclair at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
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>> No. 446204 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 2:09 am
446204 spacer
The ZX80 and ZX81 were steps along the way to Sinclair's goal of having a reasonably functional colour computer for under £100. The original ZX Spectrum was the result of that. Markedly better than the previous two, but still notably limited compared to others on the market. You can definitely see why Sugar went in. He had been building his business on the idea that cheap doesn't have to be crap, and the strides that Sinclair Research was making made it clear they were at some point going to be able to deliver something that fit that pattern in the home computer space, and that was borne out in the 1986 sale of those assets to Amstrad.

For the best part of three decades, Sir Clive really was years ahead of his time. Adjusted for inflation, that £100 price point is now £360, which is in the range of budget laptops.
>> No. 446205 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 2:27 am
446205 spacer

>the 1986 sale of those assets to Amstrad

I agree - there's a very strong link between Amstrad/Sugar and Sinclair at that time. I believe the Sinclair purchase actually taught Sugar a great deal about the technology market - a year later, he was producing very cheap word processors and very early PC clones, such as the one picture here, which is also the first PC I ever owned.
>> No. 446208 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 10:19 am
446208 spacer

I guess you always get what you pay for. You can buy a cheap car, which will mean you will own a car, but just don't expect much for your limited amount of money.

You can always design products to a price point, and that was always a large part of Sugar's success. And it can help democratise the market for a product because you are making that type of product available to the masses who can't afford the more high-end variants. But in the end, it's not always a good idea to buy cheap, as a consumer. Even with a small budget.
>> No. 446214 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 1:43 pm
446214 spacer

I'd almost forgotten about the loading screens.
(For those of you not used to waiting, the game starts at 3:27)
>> No. 446215 Anonymous
17th September 2021
Friday 4:07 pm
446215 spacer

This is really good too - a working model of the original calculator, with code.

>> No. 442884 Anonymous
23rd March 2021
Tuesday 12:43 am
442884 Hypotheticals
I sometimes play out hypothetical scenarios in my head and what I'd do. I thought it would make for an interesting thread if I started listing them and getting some solutions, it might even be a learning experience as there's usually things I don't have an answer to.

So my first go:

If you broke one of your legs, how fucked would you be? How about both? That's not a threat. I was thinking about it the other night and how, frankly, I'd probably give breaking my legs a miss. My main problem is that I live up a few flights of stairs with no disabled access so I'd be trapped. I assume you can ask a delivery driver to come upstairs if you explain your position, so I wouldn't starve, but if both my legs are broken there's getting home from the hospital or going back as the legs heal.

I'd probably have to move out and live with my parents for at least a year. Do removal companies offer a service where they will pack your things up even if you don't organise? I don't much fancy my family finding my fleshlight.
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>> No. 446151 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 11:15 am
446151 spacer
>pretty much hypothetical in reality

It absolutely isn't. I work in a bank and get all the same training; I've also worked in an AML/KYC department of a very well known ecommerce site. In that role I was, briefly, personally liable for any financial crime on that site - they chuck the fucking book at you if you mess around.

Look at some of the fines banks have had recently (eg HSBC).
>> No. 446152 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 1:39 pm
446152 spacer

KYC, "know your customer", is indeed an important part of AML regulation. In short, you have to not only establish and store personal info on your customer as to their identity and their motivation to spend or keep money with you, but if your customer is a business or a corporation, you also have to work out who owns that company, and who are the beneficiaries of its profits.

And then if you believe you have spotted suspicious activity in dealing with that client, you have to report the attempted money laundering or militant daft woggery financing behind your client's back to UKFIU, who will take it from there. Failure to secretly report suspicious activity can result in substantial fines either against your employer or you as an employee.

It means a lot of additional paperwork, and the larger your company, the more you have to have organisational structures in place that do nothing else all day. As a small business, you will get away with either doing it all yourself or naming one of your four or five employees who will be responsible on top of their usual daily work. But I guess it's for a common good, because any ease of money laundering promotes organised crime, it means lost tax revenue, and it's an unfair advantage towards competitors who stay within the law.
>> No. 446162 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 10:42 pm
446162 spacer

Are you telling me Paddy Power has an MI5 dossier on ever Stever, Daz and Gaz who bets there?
>> No. 446163 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 11:09 pm
446163 spacer
>> No. 446166 Anonymous
15th September 2021
Wednesday 11:51 pm
446166 spacer

Not really. But they keep your name and personal info, and keep tabs on how much money you win or lose.

I'm not sure online casinoes are a good way to launder money though. At least not for the end consumer. The risk of losing large chunks of your illegal money is just too high.

"Real" casinoes, on the other hand, have always been a great way for organised crime to launder its proceeds. Especially in places like pre-revolution Cuba, with a corrupt military government looking the other way and the Mafia itself owning and operating dozens of casinoes up and down the island. There were lorry loads of cash money flown in from the U.S. to be laundered and turned into legitimate profits.

>> No. 445290 Anonymous
28th July 2021
Wednesday 7:42 am
445290 spacer
Imagine living here.
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>> No. 445867 Anonymous
21st August 2021
Saturday 8:37 pm
445867 spacer
They're just very far away. They're in Mansfield, after all.
>> No. 446104 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 12:49 pm
446104 spacer
Young people can buy houses if they 'don't go out drinking', says 22-year-old Stockport landlord

A 22-year-old landlord and student from Stockport says there’s no reason young people can’t buy houses — so long as they don’t ‘go out drinking’ and ‘make the most out of living at home’.

Josh Parrott bought his first house when he was just 19, using money he saved up from two jobs he did between school lessons. He rented out the £115,000 house while paying rent to his parents, saving enough to buy another one for £140,000, aged 21. Josh did a £20,000 revamp and saved money by doing most of the labour himself after work, increasing the value by £60,000. He plans to move in soon and is already on the search for his third property. The businessman plans to own ten properties — renting out nine — by the time he is 30, buying one a year so he can finally put his feet up and work when he fancies.

With grand plans on a property empire, Josh has some advice for other people in his position. He said there’s no reason young people can't afford to buy homes — but admits his mates said he was "boring" when he said no to drinks or buying new clothes.

"There’s no reason people my age can’t buy houses,” said the trainee mortgage advisor from Stockport. “You just have to get past the mindset that there are certain things you do at certain ages. It wasn’t about being super bright or anything. You just need to make the most out of living at home: it’s nothing like as expensive as renting privately or through an agency. I just didn’t blow money on going out drinking and I spent almost nothing on cclothes. My mates all said I was being boring. And I don't have the expense of kids yet or anything.

“I was given a Ford Fiesta, which I kept, whereas a lot of my friends are buying expensive cars like Mercedes on finance schemes. I mean they're nice cars but I was able to put-away up to £1,200 a month by the time I went full-time. I could have spent that by going out on the town. Working at an estate agent is a great job for young people and it doesn't require any qualifications."

>> No. 446106 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 1:13 pm
446106 spacer
>He also had a cleaning job at the locksmith company owned by his parents Glenn, 55, and Anne Millen, 53, while he did his A-levels.
I don't even have a witty comment, I just knew if I went looking I'd find it.
>> No. 446107 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 1:25 pm
446107 spacer
The whole thing is bollocks. Apparently his £14,000 salary when he went full-time means you can buy a £115,000 house with an £11,000 deposit.

If he started working part-time for the estate agents in 2015, had a cleaning job with his parents for a few years, went full-time in 2018 and was putting away £1,200 per month then only being able to save £11,000 for a deposit by the time he bought a house the following year is actually pretty poor going.
>> No. 446116 Anonymous
14th September 2021
Tuesday 5:04 pm
446116 spacer
Bet he's a virgin, though.

>> No. 445754 Anonymous
18th August 2021
Wednesday 1:24 pm
445754 spacer
This man is not going to be on the next episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, and it's going to be fucking shit.
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>> No. 445852 Anonymous
21st August 2021
Saturday 2:28 am
445852 spacer
Not even guilty would. Personality is a boner killer.
>> No. 445890 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 8:05 pm
445890 spacer
I just had a YouTube video recommended to me called "comedian sean lock Last video" (sic) and it's almost like he knew he had a few days to live, and people would want to see a video with that title a week or so after filming it, so he recorded this as a sneaky way to promote a charity. What an absolute legend if that's what he did.

>> No. 445893 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 9:01 pm
445893 spacer
That video was filmed last year, genius.
>> No. 445896 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 9:25 pm
445896 spacer
He looks pretty ill in it either way. Maybe he just planned further ahead than I thought.
>> No. 446045 Anonymous
6th September 2021
Monday 11:54 pm
446045 spacer
15 Storeys High is on iPlayer, presumably in tribute to its deceased creator. It's honestly pretty funny, but difficult to watch somehow. It's too avant-garde and strange for me. It's like a marginally more structured, and funnier, version of Chris Morris's Jam.

>> No. 430053 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 8:53 am
430053 Literal "what are you feeling right now" thread
Shamelessly stealing the very excellent idea from >>/101/28964

Here is a place to post utterly inane observations about your current state of being.


I like birds but starlings are a massive noisy pain in the arse.
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>> No. 445724 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 5:13 pm
445724 spacer
That's an absolutely excellent example of the genre.
>> No. 445727 Anonymous
16th August 2021
Monday 5:59 pm
445727 spacer

"It's a pity people coudnae just come in, gie you £40 and piss off" is peak grumpy landlord.
>> No. 445976 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 8:14 am
445976 spacer
Years and years ago there was hysteria about deep vein thrombosis and it was always in the news but you never hear about it at all these days.
>> No. 445978 Anonymous
31st August 2021
Tuesday 1:05 pm
445978 spacer
I fully agree with this sentiment. 90% of the public are cunts when they've had a drink, which is an increase on 85% when they haven't.

Honestly nothing better than turning the telly and music off and sitting down with a pint without any shoes on after putting up with knobheads for 12 hours solid.

Never worked in a club before, but I can imagine that your dealings with the public are primarily serving booze and then people having blazing rows over the change from a fiver because they can't understand pound a pint doesn't extend to expensive brandies, but with none of the in-between of the mind numbing, inane shite people insist on sharing every single day that you get in a pub, just pulling pints and telling thickos they don't understand promotions.
>> No. 445984 Anonymous
1st September 2021
Wednesday 1:06 pm
445984 spacer

That's just because none of us are flying in planes anymore...

>> No. 445958 Anonymous
30th August 2021
Monday 7:08 pm
445958 AWOOGA
We are all awooga on this fine day.
Expand all images.
>> No. 445959 Anonymous
30th August 2021
Monday 7:26 pm
445959 spacer
Awonga, you say?


61ytwXSPd L._SL1500_.jpg
>> No. 428025 Anonymous
25th June 2019
Tuesday 10:52 pm
428025 spacer
My other half has squeezed all of the washing up liquid into a Kilner bottle.

Lads, I don't get it. I really don't get it. I mean, I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago but every now and then something happens that leaves me utterly flummoxed beyond all comprehension. Is 'WITH NOTHING TO SAY BECAUSE I AM A CUNT' still wordfiltered? I mean, she's moved it from one bottle... to another bottle. It doesn't even pour that well so you always end up using more than you intended to. I doubt anyone in the entire history of humankind has ever thought "washing up liquid in a glass bottle, nice." It's bright yellow and she also pours the cooking oil into a Kilner bottle, which she doesn't store too far away from it, so I can almost certainly guarantee at some point in the future she'll end up frying food in washing up liquid. The lid is also a faff. Just... why? Why, lads?

Can you lads please reassure me that your lasses do stupid shit like this?
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>> No. 445689 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 11:49 am
445689 spacer
My girlfriend bought a revolving spice rack but she insists on having it right in the corner of the kitchen, meaning you can't actually turn it unless you pick up the rack and move it elsewhere. We've also got more spice jars than will fit in the rack so there's at least a dozen of them lined up on the wall next to it.
>> No. 445690 Anonymous
15th August 2021
Sunday 12:17 pm
445690 spacer
That's strange, I don't remember writing this post.

And the bloody revolving spice rack came with its own bottles, which have really awkward lids which never feel quite flush with the groove.
>> No. 445920 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 10:32 am
445920 spacer
Is there any real point to air freshener or is it closer to snake oil with the whole "nose blind" scaremongering advertising campaigns? I think I've only really been to one house that had a bad smell to it and that's because my friend is a bit of a slob.
>> No. 445921 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 11:08 am
445921 spacer
Plug-in and continuous 'fresheners' are far fouler than any house I've ever been in. Nasty fucking things.
>> No. 445923 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 2:40 pm
445923 spacer

It's all bollocks. I find a strong "pleasant" smell just as offensive as a strong unpleasant one. Ideally you want a room to just be smell neutral.

I throw the windows open for a couple of hours every week to let air circulate through, and occasionally go around with a squirt of febreeze after I've tidied up. If I don't do anything the whole flat starts to smell of cooking because we don't have an extractor in the kitchen, but you shouldn't need to do much more than that.

If you smoke in the house and have carpets you're fighting a losing battle, so just don't bother. Only smoke in rooms that have laminate or finished wood flooring, there's less for the smell to stick to then.

>> No. 445900 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 10:31 pm
445900 spacer
Speaking purely hypothetically, if you were feeling suicidal but didn't want to go through with killing yourself could you pay for a hitman to do it at a completely unexpected time?
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>> No. 445910 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 11:34 pm
445910 spacer
Would they agree to it, though? I can't imagine any hitman worth his salt would agree to be paid in that way. Some estates take years to be distributed.
>> No. 445911 Anonymous
23rd August 2021
Monday 11:59 pm
445911 spacer
>a completely unexpected time

Wouldn't you be expecting it given you just jumped through all the hoops to book it? Your last days would be abject terror as you jump at every noise, you eventually calm down only to have your death by piano wire flash into your mind followed by the sound the hitman cursing under his breath.

Plus there's plenty of ways you can get a hitman for free. Piss off the Italian mafia for instance.
>> No. 445913 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 1:05 am
445913 spacer
Like all things, it's only a crime if you get caught. With hitmen, there is an expectation that they won't get caught. Doctors, meanwhile, are more likely in my opinion to not disappear into the shadows once you die.
>> No. 445915 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 2:31 am
445915 spacer

>> No. 445916 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 7:40 am
445916 spacer
We need to find the next Harold Shipman?

>> No. 436938 Anonymous
14th May 2020
Thursday 7:11 pm
436938 spacer
I think shopping at Lidl and Aldi is the ultimate intelligence test.

Anyone who uses the packing station behind the checkouts has instantly lost.
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>> No. 445389 Anonymous
31st July 2021
Saturday 3:36 pm
445389 spacer
I buy a very small amount from Aldi. I never get a trolley or even a basket, so I only buy what I can hold in my hands. Once I've paid for it, I just pick it all up again and walk out. I do still feel a bit like I'm being rushed, but quite frankly, checkmate, atheists.
>> No. 445629 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 2:04 am
445629 spacer
Mum says speed of Aldi cashier left her 'crying and shaking' as food piled high

A Teesside mum says she has been left traumatised by the "aggressive approach" of an Aldi cashier and the "ferocious" speed of the supermarket's conveyor belts.

Nicola Fuller was minding her own business, completing her weekly shop with her three young children, when she became embroiled in tense confrontation with a "disgracefully rude" staff member. She claims the worker refused to slow his scanning even as food fell from the packing area onto the floor "like a slot machine", leaving customers in the Guisborough store "gawping".

The 35-year-old mum maintains that she was loading her shopping "as quickly as possible", but that the worker was taking no prisoners, and "continuously scanning" and "piling the food high". Soon "huge towers" of groceries loomed perilously over the edge of the packing area, as she "frantically reached" to place each item in her bags. "He could see my struggle and when a tin finally fell, I began crying and shaking" she explained.

>> No. 445630 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 2:09 am
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My estimation of journalists has increased lately, with a few stories I've seen of reporters either bravely investigating ugly truths at great personal risk or working really hard to uncover scoops nobody else knows about, but it's all been undone by the fact someone was paid to write that story. Journalists are losers, all of them.
>> No. 445631 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 2:10 am
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>> No. 445636 Anonymous
14th August 2021
Saturday 9:35 am
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Local newspapers are pretty much on their arse these days.

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